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Boring day, dragging out some of this, some of that.....here's another obscurity for you from the land of Argentina, who brought us the great Los Natas (you remember Los Natas don't you? one of the great stoner rock bands of all time, on whom I did an extensive multiple part post THAT NONE OF YOU DOWNLOADED, grrrrrr)......anyway, the comparison to Los Natas is obvious here, also Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age......they DO sing in Spanish, I know that is a turn off to some of ya, myself and my homeboy Brian are both huge fans of non-English language (the music HAS to do the talking if the lyrics are in a language you can't understand!), don't miss this one (like you did Los Natas, I posted about 20 or so Los Natas albums (their whole catalogue), I think this one album is the complete works of Santoro, so I implore you to give this a listen.

On this 1999 release, the Santoro lineup was vocalist Jose "El Toppo" Armetta, guitarist Sergio Chotsourian, bassist Gonzalo "Crudo" Villagra, an drummer Gonzalo Espejo. They might not be the most imaginative stoner band ever (hell, maybe they are, too, if I was ambitious enough to translate the lyrics), but they sound great, as I said, very reminiscent of their countrymen Los Natas (seriously, one of my twenty favorite bands of all time in any genre, that's why it amazed me no one bit on it), and the Kyuss/QOTSA comparison is quite accurate as well.

If I am wrong and they DID issue any material after this one, I'd LOVE to hear it......maybe John N or stoner rock kingpin Mark Eveligh (where have YOU been, Mark? Hope all is well) or even my amigo Jose or one of the Spanish all-star blogging team knows something about it.....anyway LISTEN TO THIS it is really good stoner rock, and for what else could one ask?

SANTORO-01 Ya No Hay/02 Germinal/03 Turblorna/04 Me Sangra/05 Cain Y Abel/06 Tutankamon/07 Hay Market/08 Astraliano/09 Aquavulva/10 Marlon Brandon/11 Un Vaso/12 Super 8 Volante

Again, I am HIGHLY recommending this one.....don't contact me in 2 years asking for a re-up, get it NOW, you
will like this one! 

The Cars Part 3

I went back to the "C" shelf to see just how much material I have for the rest of The Cars post, as we move
on to live/rare stuff and GOOD LORD there is a lot.....I know I did part 2 only this morning, but I need to get moving on this, a LOT LOT LOT of stuff here, if you hate the Cars, you are temporarily at least in the complete wrong place.

I think I'll put up about half of it here, and at it'll take at least one or two more posts to wrap it.....time was, when it was fairly hard to catch quality boots of this band, much like their early 80's cousins The Pretenders, but in recent years there has been an absolute deluge of them, and I have a load of them.

But, to that end, let's start off this chapter with NON-live stuff, it's more than interesting, some of it is quite wonderful.

First up, I have a full length album of demo material from the first classic album. The entire album is recreated, in order, completely with demo versions (most of which are VERY good), and as a bonus, there are demo versions of five tracks that never made an album. Fascinating stuff.

I have an EP simple entitled "Alternate Versions", for the life of me I don't remember who gave me this one, but again, six tracks from the first two albums, very, very good stuff to listen to as well. This was one band whose demos and alternates EASILLY could have replaced the final product in some cases, a testamony to their skill/musicianship.

Another EP simply titled "Live/Rare" contains but 4 tracks, with a bit of overlap too, "They Won't See You" also appears on the demo disc above, but a demo "Moving In Stereo"/"All Mixed Up" and a couple of live tracks fill it out nicely.

"The Candy-O Monitor Mixes", naturally, contains different mixes of the stuff from THAT album, and this
one as well adds on a couple of non-LP tracks "That's It" and "Slip Away".

For the hell of it, and just because I happen to have it, I'm going to put up a Ric Ocasek solo effort, "Troublizing".....it's not awful or anything, but he misses the context of the Cars.....The Cars, like their godfathers Roxy Music, were a BAND in the truest sense of the word, as no one member EVER dominated the sound, it was ALWAYS an even distribution, and this is a bit TOO much Ocasek, however, certainly interesting and listenable.

I seem to have about twelve (by my loose count) live boots, so if I pop a pair of those up this evening, the next two parts can be 5/5 and finito!.....so let me tease this thing with a couple of the older boots I have. The first disc I have is from 1977, before the band broke.....it contains a pair of shows, both from their Boston home, one from the Rathskeller (April 77), and a very short set (4 songs) from Boston U (March 77), which includes two tunes ("Cool Fool" and "Strawberry Moonlight") that you certainly don't hear every day.

Wrapping up this post is a fairly straight forward show from Toronto's El Mocambo, a good performance, in particular the set closing "You're all I've Got Tonight", but no unusual song selections or anythng, just a fine concert recording.

OK, that's TWO Cars posts for today, maybe I'll get to the next part tomorrow, or maybe I won't....you never know what I might feel like doing. But please let me know what you think of this series, as The Cars seem to be quite popular here (the "regular" studio albums have had quite a bit of traffic)

I don't know if I'm going to put up anything more this evening or not, if not, likely see you tomorrow, but I AM quite bored so I might get around to a few more gems, we'll just have to see!

1ST ALBUM DEMOS-01 Good Times Roll (Live)/02 My best Friend's Girl (Demo)/03 Just What I Needed (Demo)/04 I'm In Touch With Your World (Demo)/05 Don't Cha Stop (Demo)/06 You're All I've Got Tonight (Demo)/07 Bye Bye Love (Demo)/08 Moving In Stereo (Demo)/09 All Mixed Up (Demo)/10 They Won't See You (Demo)/11 Take What You Want (Demo)/12 Wake Me Up (Demo)/13 You just Can't Push Me (Demo)/14 Hotel Queenie (Demo)

ALTERNATE VERSIONS EP-01 Moving In Stereo/02 Let the Good Times Roll/03 You're All I've Got Tonight/04 Candy-O/05 Best Friend's Girl/06 Just What I Needed

RARE/LIVE EP-01 Moving In Stereo/All Mixed Up (Demo)/12 Good Times Roll (Live)/13 Just What I
Needed (Live)/14 They Won't See You (Unreleased Demo)

CANDY-O MONITOR MIXES-01 Let's Go/02 Since I held You/03 It's All I Can Do/04 Double Life/05 Shoo Be Doo/06 Candy-O/07 Nightspots/08 You Can't Hold On Too Long/09 Lust For Kicks/10 Got a Lot On My Head/11 Dangerous Type/12 That's It/13 Slip Away

TROUBLIZING (OCASEK)-01  The Next Right Moment/02 Hang On Tight/03 Crashland Consequence/04 Troublizing/05 Not Shocked/06 Situation/07 Fix On You/08 People We Know/09 Here We Go/10 Society Chance/11 Asia Minor

LIVE BOSTON THE RATHSKELLER 4/77-01 Just What I Needed/02 I'm In Touch With Your World/03 Strawberry Moonlight/04 Lover and a Holiday/05 Bye Bye Love/06 Wake Me Up/07 Cool Fool/08 Looking To See You/09 Don't Cha Stop/10 You're All I've Got Tonight/LIVE AT BOSTON U 3/77 11 Just What I Needed/12 I'm In Touch With Your World/13 Cool Fool/14 Strawberry Moonlight/15 (Emcee)

LIVE AT THE EL MOCAMBO TORONTO 9/14/78-01 Good Times Roll/02 Bye Bye Love/03
Nightspots/04 My best Friends Girl/05 Moving In Stereo/06 Since I Held You/07 Take What You Want/08 They Won't See You/09 Don't Cha Stop/10 Just What I Needed/11 Candy-O/12 You're all I've Got Tonight

Remember I still have about ten or so live albums to go, so stay tuned......

Links will be up within the hour!

A concert from, well, LAST NIGHT!?!

From that there one band whose name I try not to mention too much coz I hear they're snippy about this
kind of thing, you know who I mean, they are not so much on the radio, head to the internet if you want their stuff.......anyway, here is a show recorded LAST NIGHT, Heiniken Music Hall Amsterdam (5/21/16).....this is in FLAC, and from what I've heard sounds fine. I also have Friday night's show (the first of the tour), but am having trouble with the file, if/when I get it open I'll put it up as well.....thanks to Jon S for this, you cannot say we aren't current on the musical trends of the world, now can ya? If interested, I might suggest you hurry up, not sure, but this one may not be around long, just sayin'

HEINEKEN MUSIC HALL 5/21/16-01 Intro/Burn the Witch/02 Daydreaming/03 Decks Dark/04 Desert Island Disk/05 Full Stop/06 Lucky/07 There There/08 Lotus Flower/09 All I Need/10 Talk Show Host/11 Identikit/12 The Numbers/13 Present Tense/14 Seperator/15 Nude/16 The National Anthem-Hunting Bears/17 Everything In It's Right Place/18 Encore Break 1/19 Give Up the Ghost/20 How To Disappear Completely/21 Karma Police/22 Bloom/23 Street Spirit/24 Encore Break 2/25 Bodysnatchers/26 Idiotique/Outro

This has evidently already been posted to Dime a Dozen who are famous for expedient postings such as this......I guess we are #2 here, we'll live with that!

Submissions such as this are as good as gold, please everyone take a cue from Jon S to make this blog all that it can be! By the way, these files are enormous, the total length of the show is about 2.5 hours, and as advised before it is FLAC......Dime a Dozen always requests that 1) you do not convert this to a lossy format and 2) NEVER sell these......seems like a reasonable thing to ask, so please comply.

Good news also, I got the 5/20/16 show to unwrap (FINALLY!) so look for it maybe a little later today, or possibly tomorrow!

And a concert from last Friday as well....

Had a little trouble with opening this file, finally got it......don't need too much detail here, the previous post was the second show of the tour (5/21/16), this one is the FIRST show of the tour (5/20/16)....same band obviously.......again, FLAC files, and they are HUGE, thus, the multiple parts to the download, but easilly worth your while.....thanks again to Jon S for this submission!

01. intro - Burn The Witch/02. Daydreaming/03. Decks Dark/04. Desert Ireland Disk/05. Ful Stop//06. Morning Mr Magpie/07. There There/08. The Daily Mail/09. My Iron Lung/10. Videotape/11. Identikit/
12. The Numbers/13. The Gloaming/14. Lotus Flower/15. Everything In Its Right Place/16. Idioteque/17. Bodysnatchers18. encore break 1/19. Bloom/20. Present Tense/21. Paranoid Android/22. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief/23. Weird Fishes/24. encore break 2/25. You And Whose Army and Thom saying "thank you"/26. Reckoner and outro

A different enough set list that a big fan of this band (I am one) would likely want both, nearly 2.5 hours in length, I have NOT split it into disc sized nuggets, you can do with it as you wish.....this also was first posted on Dime a Dozen, who always post in FLAC and always request two things.....don't sell this, and don't convert to a lossy format.....so I will pass that along to you......thanks to Jon S for this, again, and thanks to EVERYONE for the MOUNTAIN of guest submissions I have received of late.....it's great and i WILL get to them all!

Links in a few minutes!

The finale of the PJ Harvey deluge

(Soctt)-Man, when Jon S said he had "some" PJ Harvey stuff, he wasn't kidding.....this HUGE post finishes
off his PJ material, I guess, and it is a monster, with live shows, singles, more recent albums, etc.....PJ Harvey was one artist with whom I was not as familiar as maybe I "should have been", but Lordy be, I certainly am familiar now.......lots of great stuff in these posts, too, glad that before I left this planet I got to get familiar with her! Thanks Jon S, an absolutely epic submission (the whole series of posts).

A massive final PJ Harvey post to bring it all to a close. Uh Huh Her is a kind of dividing line in her career. It took two years to record, and PJ plays all the instruments and produces. It still sounds like a continuation of what has come before but really it is the end. White Chalk introduces new instrumentation and PJ sings in a different voice, a higher register, which continues into Let England Shake. For me, it took some real getting used to over time. LES is a great record, an award winning one but it wasn't an immediately enjoyable one for a longtime fan like myself. I appreciate it but I don't know if I'll ever love it.

Also included here is a John Peel compilation of various performances throughout PJ Harvey's career. And, then there are the singles. All of them with their b-sides. This was a great find for me at the time. 

Lastly, there are the live shows. 2004 was a great time for live PJ, with the performances being energetic and the set lists varied but career comprehensive. (I only have a few DVDs of the Let England Shake era performances. The shows are primarily songs from that album and don't really expand upon the album tracks so no shows really to share.)

The last show posted here is from 2009 and it is a must for any fan. PJ solo, playing her favorite songs from her career. Hope someone got something out of this. I enjoyed putting it all together.

Uh Huh Her

01 The Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth/02 Shame/03 Who the Fuck?/04 Pocket Knife/05 The Letter/06 The Slow Drug/07 No Child of Mine/08 Cat on the Wall/09 You Come Through/10 It's You/11 The End/12 The Desperate Kingdom of Love/13 Seagulls/14 The Darker Days of Me & Him

White Chalk

01 The Devil/02 Dear Darkness/03 Grow Grow Grow/04 When Under Ether/05 White Chalk/06 Broken Harp/07 Silence/08 To Talk To You/09 The Piano/10 Before Departure/11 The Mountain

Let England Shake
01 Let England Shake/02 The Last Living Rose/03 The Glorious Land/04 The Words That Maketh Murder/05 All and Everyone/06 On Battleship Hill/07 England/08 In the Dark Places/09 Bitter Branches/10 Hanging in the Wire/11 Written on the Forehead/12 The Colour of the Earth

The Peel Sessions 1991-2004

01 Oh My Lover/02 Victory/03 Sheela-Na-Gig/04 Water/05 Naked Cousin/06 Wang Dang Doodle/07 Losing Ground/08 Snake/09 That Was My Veil/10 This Wicked Tongue/11 Beautiful Feeling/12 You Come Through

The Singles

01 50 Ft Queenie/02 Reeling/03 Man-Size (Demo)/04 Hook (Demo)

01 A Perfect Day Elise (Album Version)/02 The Bay/03 Instrumental #3/04 A Perfect Day Elise/05 The Northwood/06 Sweeter Than Anything

01 A Place Called Home/02 As Close as This/03 My Own Private Revolution

01 Black Hearted Love/02 Within A Month/03 False Fire

01 C'mon Billy/02 Darling Be There/03 Maniac/04 One Time Too Many

01 Down by the Water/02 Lying in the Sun/03 Somebody's Down, Somebody's Name

01 Dress/02 Water (Demo)/03 Dry (Demo)

01 Good Fortune (Album Version)/02 66 Promises/03 Memphis/04 Good Fortune/05 30

01 Man-Size/02 Wang Dang Doodle/03 Daddy

01 Red Right Hand

01 Send His Love To Me/02 Long Time Coming (Evening Session Version)/03 Harder/04 Water (Live From Glastonbury)/05 Hook (Live From Glastonbury)06 Water (Live From Glastonbury)

01 Shame/02 97 Degrees

01 Sheela-Na-Gig/02 Hair/03 Joe

01 That Was My Veil/02 Losing Ground/03 Civil War Correspondent (Global Communications Mix)/04 Who Will Love Me Now?

01 The Devil/02 Liverpool Tide

01 The Glorious Land/02 The Nightingale

01 The Letter/02 The Falling/03 The Letter (Album Version)/04 The Phone Song/05 Bows and Arrows

01 The Piano/02 Heaven

01 The Wind (Album Version)/02 Nina in Ecstasy/03 The Faster I Breathe, the Further I Go (4-Track Version)/04 The Wind/05 Rebecca/06 Instrumental #2

01 The Words That Maketh Murder/02 The Guns Called Me Back Again

01 This is Love/02 You Said Something/03 A Place Called Home (Taken from Lamacq Live)

01 You Come Through/02 Angel/03 You Come Through (Album Version)/04 Stone/05 Who the Fuck (4-Track Demo Version)

Moscow 6/15/04

01 Uh Huh Her/02 Meet Ze Monta/03 The Letter/04 Big Exit05 Who The Fuck?/06 Dress/07 Fountain/08 Evol/09 A Perfect Day Elise/10 Shame/11 Plants & Rags/12 Good Fortune/13 Dowm By The River/14 My Beautiful Leah/15 Taut/16 Harder/17 Cat On The Wall/18 The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore/19 The Dancer/20 The Pocket Knife/21 Victory/22 There Will Never Be A Better Time/23 To Bring You My Love

Le Zenith, Paris 6/30/04

01 Uh Huh Her/02 Meet Ze Monsta/03 The Letter/04 Big Exit-Who The Fuck?/05 Dress/06 Evol/07 A Perfect Day Elise/08 Shame/09 Victory/10 You Come Through/11 The Darkest Day Of Me And Him/12 Good Fortune/13 Down By The Water/14 Taut/15 Harder/16 Cat On The Wall/17 The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore/18 Mystery Of Love/19 My Friends Have/20 Rid Of Me/21 To Bring You My Love

Eurockéennes Festival, France 7/3/04

01 Uh Huh Her/02 The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore/03 Who the Fuck?/04 The Letter/05 Dress/06 Evol/07 A Perfect Day Elise/08 Victory/09 You Come Through/10 The Darker Days of Me & Him/11 Down by the Water/12 The Life & Death of Mr. Badmouth/13 Good Fortune/14 Meet Ze Monsta/15 Cat on the Wall/16 Harder/17 Taut/18 Big Exit

Camp Bestival, Dorset 7/25/09

01 To Bring You My Love/02 Send His Love To Me/03 The Devil/04 White Chalk/05 The Last Living Rose/06 Dress/07 Angelene/08 My Beautiful Leah/09 Nina In Ecstasy/10 Electric Light/11 Shame/12 Snake/13 Big Exit/14 Down By The Water/15 Grow Grow Grow/16 The Mountain/17 Silence/18 Let England Shake/19 C'mon Billy/20 The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

Jonder with fab Japanese rock

(Scott)-As I have pointed out so many times, I am a sucker for non-english language rock, not sure why, I just happen to love it, the music really MUST do the talking when the vocals and lyrics make no sense to me, I guess.....anyway, I was not previously familiar with this EP from High Rise, presented by longtime blog friend Jonder......this will probably be first on my playlist Tuesday morning, but I trust his judgement, and , as I said, the genre is right up my alley......so here ya go, enjoy, and don't be scared off by the Japanese vocals....expand your horizons!

(Link in comments section)


I'm no expert on Japanese rock, but I have a few records that I dearly love.  As Scott wrote, don't let a language barrier prevent you from enjoying great music.   Gruff Rhys of the Super Furry Animals was once asked if SFA's Welsh language songs could appeal to listeners who don't speak the language, and he replied,  "If I listen to a Nirvana record I don't understand most of their lyrics... I just understand the frustration and the passion in his voice." 

Do words mean much in Japanese songs like "Pinhead Cranberry Dance" (by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant), the Boredoms'"JB Dick and Tin Turner Pussy Badsmell" or "The Head That Controls Both Right and Left Sides Eats Meats and Slobbers Even Today" by Bleach?  No -- let the music do the talking!  Boredoms, Bleach, and TMGE are on the way, but we begin with the universal language of rock:  the almighty guitar riff.

The group High Rise formed in Tokyo in 1982.  They were first called Psychedelic Speed Freaks, which describes their music well.  They took the name High Rise from a J.G. Ballard novel, and they pared down to a power trio for their second album.  The band is most frequently compared to Blue Cheer.  Guitarist Munehiro Narita works that wah-wah pedal!  Bassist Ahahito Nanjo's vocals are kept low in the mix. Hot and tasty riffs are the main course, so grab this platter and dig in.

Disallow is a 1996 EP (reissued in the US in 1999).  Some folks hear a free jazz influence, and High Rise improvised the EP's last track.  They toured America in 2000 and broke up not long afterward.  Look up "Psychedelic Speed Freaks" for some High Rise live videos. 

The Cars Part 4

Bringing you another batch of Cars boots, for the most part quite fine sound quality on them, so see what
you think......as with my boots in general I try to focus mostly on the band's prime years, in other words, I have for the most part avoided the post-"Panorama' era stuff. Another handful tomorrow will finish these up, and I think then the next mega-multi-part opus will be one of my VERY faves Talking Heads, and be forewarned......I have a LOT of stuff from them. A LOT. A WHOLE LOT!

First up for today we have The Cars performing a good set from 1978, Brighton England, The University of Susex.....nothing unusual in the set list, just a fired up set of tracks from the first two albums.....this (1978) is just about when the band became a sensation, and they really do put out on this (I assume their first trip abroad, could be wrong about that).

Next I have a set from 9/22/78, at The Palladium in NYC.....again, the setlist plays it fairly safe, as the band was getting "big", and they were playing what the people wanted. A couple of "Panorama" tunes work their way into the set list.....now, a little confusing, but on this same CD, thanks to the miracle of MP3, I ALSO have a show from Central park, four years later, 5/17/82...interesting to compare the two shows back to back for certain, imo by the time of the 1982 set, they sounded a lot more slick and weary (who could blame them?) Compare, for best example, the 1978 version of "Misfit Kid" that closes the first show, and the version of the same song which opens the 1982 show.....draw your own conclusions, I just find it interesting myself. Remember, both of these shows are in one file and will fit on one Cd should you desire to do so.

From Cleveland Ohio's Agora Ballroom, 7/18/78, we have a set with a somewhat varied setlist, "Take What You Want" was rarely peformed live back then, the same with "Hotel Queenie", as well as closing the set with a seemingly impromptu "Something Else"....good set.

Our next show comes from San Francisco's Old Waldorf, 8/19/78.....similar to the Cleveland show, with two "rarely performed live" tracks mentioned above also make an appearance, as does "I'm in Touch With Your World" which seems to me they didn't perform live that much.

There is also something here called "The Cars Unlocked, Live Performances 1979-87"....as best as I can
recall, this was a DVD I borrowed from the public library and separated the audio onto CD. Various dates/locales, obviously, but does include a live version of "Tonight She Comes" which is welcome.

OK, that'll do it for the Cars for today.....in the next couple of days, sometime, I'll finish these up.....I know I've been posting a lot of stuff in a short time frame, so don't overlook stuff like Brian's tremendous Bowie covers project, and the Radiohead shows which were recorded on the last couple of nights as I type this.....I just need something to focus my energies on right now, and this blog is what I am doing that with currently.

BRIGHTON ENGLAND 1978-01 Just What I Needed/02 Good Times Roll/03 I'm In Touch With Your World/04 Best Friend's Girl/05 Moving in Stereo/06 All mixed Up/07 Night Spots/08 Bye Bye Love/09 Don't Cha Stop/10 You're All I've Got Tonight

THE PALLADIUM NYC 9/22/78-01 Intro/02 Good Times Roll/03 Bye Bye Love/04 Night Spots/05 best Friend's Girl/06 Moving In Stereo/07 Since I Held You/08 Just What I Needed/09 Gimme Some Slack/10 Candy-O/11 Don't Cha Stop/12 You're All I've Got Tonight/13 Misfit Kid/CENTRAL PARK NYC 5/17/82-14 Misfit Kid/15 best Friend's Girl/16 Just What I Needed/17 Gimme Some Slack/18 Candy-O/19 Good Times Roll/20 You're all I've Got Tonight

CLEVELAND 7/18/78-01 Intro/02 Good Times Roll/03 Bye Bye Love/04 Night Spots/05 I'm in Touch
With Your World/06 Best Friend's Girl/07 Moving In Stereo/08 All Mixed Up/09 Take What You Want/10 Don't Cha Stop/11 You're All Ive Got Tonight/12 Just What I Needed/13 Hotel Queenie/14 Something Else

SAN FRANCISCO 8/19/78-01 Good Times Roll/02 Bye Bye Love/03 Nightspots/04 I'm In Touch With Your World/05 Best Friend's Girl/06 Moving In Stereo/07 All Mixed Up/08 Don't Cha Stop/09 You're all I've Got Tonight/10 Just What I Needed/11 Take What You Want/12 Hotel Queenie

CARS UNLOCKED-01 Magic/02 Let's Go/03 Touch and Go/04 Drive/05 Best Friend's Girl/06 Tonight She Comes/07 Moving In Stereo/08 You Might Think/09 Just What I Needed/10 Good Times Roll/11 Hello Again/12 Double Trouble/13 Nightspots/14 Heartbeat City

Late note: something is wrong with my fucking disc "Unlocked", so it won't be available at once......if I can get the bastard to work, I'll add it, but it's held me up enough......see comments for the rest of the discs, and IF I get the cocksucker working, I'll add it....if not, there is still a "Part 5" yet to come!

Later note: Finally got the bitch to work......hope you enjoy it as much fucking trouble as it was!

John N presents Lesbians on Ecstasy redux!

(Scott) John N, the always amazing link machine, sends the rest of the Lesbians on Ecstasy collection (see
the debut CD a few days ago)......that guy never fails to amaze....anyway, of, course, haven't listened to these yet, I'll get to em tomorrow, but meantime, THANKS for helping make this blog what it is, John N!....He (John N) also sent me a metric shit tonne of Lee Michaels (see also a few days ago) which I will put up in the next few days...had no clue the fucking guy had so much stuff, hell, it may suck, I don't know, but that is hardly the point around here.....I love it when ANYONE shares ANYTHING, your Mama TOLD YOU that sharing is the way to go, and she was RIGHT as always!

GIGGLES IN THE DARK-01 Revolt (Le Tigre Remix)/02 Tell Me Does She Love the Bass (A Scream Club Remix)/03 The 'Vegetarian Waving A Rainbow Flag Made of Raw Meat' Principle/04 Queens of Hanson Brothers Noise Mix (DJ Ai Noise Mix)/05 Tell Me Does She Love the Bass (The Jealous Mix By Sean Kosa)/06 Summer Luv 'Everything Was Slo-Mo'/07 Bitchsy (Kids on TV Remix)/08 Summer Luv (The Jody 'The Warlock' Bleyle Remix)/09 Manipulate (Katastrophe Remix) 10 A Queen's Struggle (The Poetica Remix)

WE KNOW YOU KNOW-01 Sisters On the Struggle/02 Sedition/03 The Cold Touch of Leather/04 Victoria's Secret/05 We Won't Give it back/06 Party Time (A Womyn's Luv)/07 Is This Way?/08 Alone In Madness/09 It's Practically Freedom/10 Mortified

The Cars part 5, OUT!

The last batch of Cars boots that I have, hope you've been enjoying them....we're into the point now in which the band was more mainstream, thusly, IMO, not as eccentric, nor as good.....still a listenable bunch of tunes, and still entertaining live, but there is on this band, NO ARGUEMENT, I don't think, as to their artistic peak, "The Cars" and "Candy-O", both 5 star classics......after that, pretty much another "new wave rock band", albeit one that could come up with a winning tune every now and again.

So with that, the remainder of my live Cars stuff, not nearly as engaging as the earlier ones, but so be it...up first is a 1979 set from Los Angeles. Heavy on "Candy-O" stuff, including an unusual set opener, "Got a Lot On My head", which works quite well. "Take What You Want" appears once again, I'm not sure why they thought it was such a good tune to perform live, as they did quite often, but we'd REALLY be splitting hairs there.

From 1980 comes a Tokyo show, again with a somewhat odd show opener ("Misfit Kid"), as the "Panorama" tracks begin to creep into the setlist (actually I quite like the live version of "Panorama", arguably superior to the studio take....."Getting Through" closes the show, in my opinion another somewhat odd choice.

Houston Texas is the scene for a 1984 set, by now, the novelty was LONG gone and this was a "hit machine" so to speak....lots of stuff from "Shake It Up" and "heartbeat City", and not really, in my opinion, to that great of an effect....see what you think, but to me stuff like "Hello Again", "Drive", and "You might Think" were just markedly inferior to ANY track on the first two albums. A version of "Jimmy Jimmy", and a not so great one, turns up in the setlist as well.

Now we come to 1987, the University of Missouri, and this is not, for my money, a good set at all, this is a
band that was about at the end of the line, and it sounds like it. One positive: a lively show opening version of "Tonight She Comes" (WHY it was never on an album I'll never know, I thought it was one of their best, if not their best, post-"Candy-O" tunes).

Another set from the same year, this from Grand Rapids Michigan, has an almost identical setlist to the Missouri show, and, to me, further documents their decline......at least they open with "Tonight She Comes" again.

The 1979 release, "Supergroups In Concert", IS a pretty good set, not sure, exactly, what it is from, but there are several fairly interesting interview segments and the performances are pretty spot-on.....I recommend this one over anything else from today's post.

So there you are....The Cars......background music for my junior and senior years in high school, timed thier career PERFECTLY as opposed to Roxy Music, as we've discussed before, likely THE representative band of 78-80, the ultra-hip music fans adored them, as did music critics, and, as a bonus they sounded great on the radio and program directors loved them as well......as a whole, their career was a line straight downhill after the first 2 (well, 3) albums, but make no mistake there were highlights after that, and, really, how many groups make two undeniably classic albums anyway.....a few, but not THAT many.

At the end of the day, they done damn fine.

LOS ANGELES 1979-01 Got a Lot on My head/02 Good Times Roll/03 Let's Go/04 Night Spots/05 Since I held You/06 Double Life/07 Moving In Stereo/08 Candy-O/09 Don't Cha Stop/10 Bye Bye Love/11 All Mixed Up/12 Take What You Want/13 You're All I've Got Tonight/14 Just What I Needed/15 Dangerous Type

TOKYO 1980-01 Misfit Kid/02 Best Friend's Girl/03 Moving In Stereo/04 Just What I Needed/05 Gimme Some Slack/06 Candy-O/07 Good Times Roll/08 Bye Bye Love/09 You're All I've Got Tonight/10 Panorama/11 Don't Tell me No/12 Double Life/13 Getting Through

HOUSTON 1984-01 Hello Again/02 It's Not the Night/03 Touch and Go/04 Candy-O/05 Good Times
Roll/06 Jimmy Jimmy/07 Moving In Stereo/08 Just What I Needed/09 Dream Away/10 Drive/11 You might Think/12 Best Friend's Girl/13 Magic/14 Let's Go/15 Heartbeat City/16 You're All I've Got Tonight

GRAND RAPIDS 1987-01 Tonight She Comes/02 Touch and Go/03 Double Trouble/04 You Are the Girl/05 Everything You Say/06 Since You're Gone/07 Fine line/08 Let's Go/09 Strap Me In/10 Candy-O/11 Moving In Stereo/12 Dangerous Type/13 Drive/14 Best Friend's Girl/15 Good Times Roll/16 You Might Think/17 Hello Again/18 Just What I Needed

U OF MISSOURI 1987-01 Tonight She Comes/02 Touch and Go/03 Double Trouble/04 You Are the
girl/05 Everything You Say/06 Since You're Gone/07 Nightspots/08 Strap Me In/09 Let's Go/10 Candy-O/11 Moving In Stereo/12 Dangerous Type/13 Drive/14 Hello Again/15 Just What I Needed/16 Best Friend's Girl/17 Good Times Roll/18 You Might Think

SUPERGROUPS IN CONCERT-01 ABC Intro/02 Got a Lot On My Head/03 Good Times Roll/04 Ric Ocasek Talks About "Let's Go"/05 Let's Go/06 Night Spots/07 Since I Held You/08 Elliot Easton Talks About the Cars Sound/09 Double Life/10 Moving In Stereo/11 Candy-0/12 Don't Cha Stop/13 Ric Ocasek Talks About 70's Music/14 Bye Bye Love/15 All Mixed Up/16 Take What You Want/17 Ric Ocasek Talks About "You're All I've Got Tonight"/18 You're All I've Got Tonight/19 Just What I Needed/20 Dangerous Type/21 ABC Outro

More Japanese rock from Jonder

(Scott)-this one I know, and it is worth your while......Used to have this one, actually maybe I still do, but PLEASE don't let the Japanese language scare you away from this one.....really, really, great stuff, AND, I strongly suggest you read the book in the bonus section on the Jap Rock scene, it's really tremendous as well!

Bleach (known in the US as Bleach 03 or Bleachmobile) is a different kind of trio: they are "Three Girls from Okinawa" as the title of their compilation album describes them.  Bleach sound nothing like High Rise or those three girls from Osaka, Shonen Knife.   Bleach combine spazzy punk, thrash metal breakdowns and funky riffs.  All three members sing, and bassist Miya unleashes some guttural screams worthy of Cannibal Corpse.  You can see the band's virtuosity in these live performances:  youtu.be/pFX0A7jSzTU  and youtu.be/Ibns1U6vg7w

The first Bleach album came out in 2000, and they announced their breakup in 2009 upon the release of their fifth album, Bleachstone.  Their self-titled album came out in Japan in 2003, and was reissued in the US in 2005.  It ends with a hidden track that doesn't begin until 3:00.  

There is a bonus in the comments section for those who are interested in reading a well-researched history of Japan's rock scene in the 1960's and 1970's, written by a famous Drude from Liverpool. 

01 Kuropen Bigaku Tenshi-Chan to Kangaemashita (My Sweet Angel and I)/02 Sun-Dance--Moon-Dance/03 
Canary Teikoku No Gyakushuu (Canary Empire Strikes Back)/04 Chousen (Challenge)/05 Raiko-Kareki Ni Hana Wa Sakanai (Lightning-Flowers Don't Bloom)/06 Nils/07 He (Hips)/08 Howling/09 Arigato Gozaimasu (Thank You Very Much)/10 Taiyou (Sun)/11 Untitled Track

King George Discovery

Here's a fine piece of fairly obscure psych/soul from Sweden, 1968, with American King George Clemens on guitar/vocals......Clemens was a friend of Jimi Hendrix, and apparently learned a trick or two from him.....plenty of heavy fuzz and hard riffing.....this is a damn fine album, the Swedish backing band is/was really nothing special, but this is Clemens' album.....fans of Hendrix, Cream, even Love and Blue Cheer ought to check this one out immediately.......beyond highly recommended!

PEACE OF MIND-01 Keep On Trying/02 It Ain't Me/03 Love Emotions/04 Light My Fire/05 Try Your Luck/06 Dis Funky Rock

Jon S presents This Is Iggy Pop

(Scott)-A little while back I posted a few of Iggy's earlier solo albums, and stated my lack of knowledge
post-"New Values".....a LOT of  people shared their opinions on this topic, and now Jon S checks in with his.......I still haven't heard this material, but I should in the next couple of days......thanks Jon S, and anyone else with any post-1980 or so Iggy stuff is welcome to check in......

Scott, if you look at the comments for your recent Iggy Pop post, you'll notice there are others who feel the same as I do about Zombie Birdhouse. In some senses, I could even say its my favorite; its certainly like nothing else he has done. Here is the deluxe version with live versions of the album along with other "classic" tracks. 

Included here is Live In San Francisco 1981, both in video form (360p - slightly higher grade can be found on youtube - but this is worth a watch as this is Iggy at his Iggiest) and separate mp3s. With him is a volatile band that rocks the shit out of every track. This tour was to promote Party but it was just before Zombie Birdhouse and one can sense where his head was at at the time.

You didn't mention the new album - Post Pop Depression - and I don't know if you've heard it, so here it is, along with a great recording of a recent show. The band is really smokin' and along with tracks from the new one are songs from The Idiot and Lust For Life.

Some of Iggy at his best -

Zombie Birdhouse

01 Run Like A Villain/02 The Villagers/03 Angry Hills/04 Life Of Work/05 The Ballad Of Cookie McBride/06 Ordinary Bummer/07 Eat Or Be Eaten/08 Bulldozer/09 Platonic/10 The Horse Song/11 Watching The News/12 Street Crazies/13 Pain & Suffering/14 The Villagers (Live)/15 Fall In Love With Me (Live)/16 Ordinary Bummer (Live)/17 The Horse Song (Live)/18 Angry Hills (Live)/19 Bulldozer (Live)/20 The Ballad Of Cookie McBride (Live)/21 Platonic (Live)/22 Life Of Work (Live)/23 Kill City (Live)/24 Loose (Live)/25 Search & Destroy (Live)/26 Run Like A Villain (Live)/27 Bang Bang (Live)/28 Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (Live)/29 Eat Or Be Eaten (Live)/30 Sixteen (Live)/31 Street Crazies (Live)

San Francisco 1981

01 Some Weird Sin/02 Houston Is Hot Tonight03 TV Eye/04 1969/05 Rock & Roll Party/06 Bang Bang/07 Dum Dum Boys/08 Eggs on Plate/09 I'm A Conservative/10 I Need More/11 Lust for Life/12 Pumpin' for Jill

video      http://www118.zippyshare.com/v/hmFnB8OG/file.html

Post Pop Depression

01 Break Into Your Heart/02 Gardenia/03 American Valhalla/04 In The Lobby/05 Sunday/06 Vulture/07 German Days/08 Chocolate Drops/09 Paraguay

Denver 4/2/16

01 - intro -/02 Lust for Life/03 Sister Midnight/04 American Valhalla/05 Sixteen/06 In the Lobby07 Some Weird Sin/08 Funtime/09 Tonight/10 Sunday/11 German Days/12 Mass Production/13 Nightclubbing/14 The Passenger/15 China Girl/16 - encore -/17 Break Into Your Heart/18 Fall in Love With Me/19 Repo Man/20 Baby/21 Chocolate Drops/22 Paraguay/23 Success/

Part 3 of Jonder's Japanese rock extravaganza!

(Scott)-This one I am FAIRLY familiar with (though not as familiar as I was with the great Bleach 03),
Boredoms.....they come at the recommendation of Kurt D Cobain, for me that's pretty much enough!

Boredoms formed in Osaka in 1986.  At the band's mid-90's peak, they were on a US major label, collaborated with Sonic Youth and Ween, and played Lollapalooza at the request of Kurt Cobain.  Boredoms began to explore psychedelia and Krautrock at the end of the 90's.  Vision Creation Newsun consists of nine hypnotic tracks that build and fade, with symbols for song titles (kinda like Hairway To Steven).  There is also a Vision Creation Newsun EP, a box set, and a four volume series of Vision Creation Newsun remix albums called Rebore, featuring UNKLE and other DJ's reconstructing the album.  

The album itself is a showcase for Seiichi Yamamoto's spiraling guitar patterns and the dual drummer rhythms of Yoshimi P-We and Kazuya Nishimura.  Boredoms vocalist Yamatsuka Eye is not overly obtrusive or abrasive here:  he chants and handles turntables, sampler, vocoder, and synthesizer.   

Vision Creation Newsun is far more musically accomplished than the lo-fi sound collages and scatological gibberish of early Boredoms records such as Soul Discharge and Chocolate Synthesizer.  Vision Creation Newsun is a beautiful album that hearkens back to classic psychedelia and motorik while pointing the way toward the new century's massive drum ensemble performances of Boadrum.

Vision Creation Newsun-9 tracks, all untitled

Rebore Volume 0: Vision Recreation 01 7/02 77/03 777/04 7777/05 77777/06 777777/07 7777777/ (gotta love the track titles on this one!)

From John N, a BUNCH of Lee Michaels stuff

(Scott) A while ago I posted Lee Michaels' first disc, which I love, and, once again, confessed to knowing
very little about the remainder of his output. Well, linkmeister John N was having none of that, and, generous soul that he is (THAT is no joke, believe me!) sends his entire discography......again, I cannot go into detail here, as these albums have not fallen upon these ears yet, but, once again, they WILL. Thanks to John N for these links, and thanks to everyone who contributes, I LOVE the contributions, they are awesome, and I hope they continue forever......I will keep posting every day, multiple posts, as long as my friends continue to send me fab material!

CARNIVAL OF LIFE-01 Hello/02 Another One/03 Streetcar/04 Love/05 Carnival of Love/06 Why/07
Tomorrow/08 Sounding the Sleeping/09 My Friends

RECITAL-01 If I Lose You/02 Time is Over/03 No part of It/04 Fell In Love Today/05 Blind/06 Grocery Soldier/07 What Can he Do/08 Basic Knowledge/09 Gonna Leave/10 The War/11 Spare Change

BARREL-01 Mad Dog/02 What Now America/03 Ummmmm My Lady/04 Thumbs/05 When Johnny Comes 
Marching Home/06 Murder In My Heart (For the judge)/07 Day of Change/08 Think I'll Cry/09 Games/10 
Didn't Know What I Had/11 As Long As I Can

5TH-01 Keep The Circle Turning/02 You Are What You Do/03 Willie & the Hand Jive/04 Didn't Have to Happen/05 Rock me Baby/06 Do You Know What I Mean/07 Ya Ya/08 Can I Get a Witness/09 Oak Fire/10 I Don't Want Her

SPACE AND FIRST TAKES-01 Own Special Way (As Long As)/02 First names/03 Hold Onto Freedom/04 
Space and First Take

LIVE-01 Hole Onto Freedom/02 Stormy Monday/03 Mad Dog/04 My Lady/05 Thumbs/06 Day of Change/07 Drum Solo/08 War/09 Forty Reasons/10 Oak Fire/11 Heighty Hi/12 Rock me baby

NICE DAY FOR SOMETHING- 01 Your Breath Is Bleeding/02 Same Old Song/03 So hard/04 High Wind/05 Olson Arries at Two Fifty Five/06 The Other Day (The Other Way)/07 Rock & Roll Community/08 Went Saw Mama/09 Nothing Matters (But It Doesn't Matter)

TAILFACE-01 Met a Toucan/02 Politician/03 Slow Dancin' Rotunda/04 Roochie Toochie Loochie/05 Drink the Water/06 Lovely Lisa/07 Garbage Gourmet

THE COLLECTION-01 Hello/02 Carnival of Life/03 Sounding the Sleeping/04 If I Lose You/05 The War/06 Grocery Soldier/07 Goodbye, Goodbye/08 Heighty Hi/09 Stormy Monday/10 Mad Dog/11 Murder In My heart For the Judge/12 Thumbs/13 Ummmmm My Lady/14 Do You know What I Mean/15
Keep the Circle Turning/16 Rock Me Baby/17 Can I Get a Witness/18 Hold Onto Freedom

My OWN Japanese rock contribution, Hideki Ishima

Long, long ago, I did a post on the totally incredible Flower Travellin' Band, I'm sure the links are long dead, but that was a bad ass fucking band, I'm telling ya......what i've NOT posted (I don't think) is this album, "One Day" from their guitar whiz, Hideki Ishima....pretty fine stuff here, his solo album ca. 1973.....he was also a sitar ace as well, also mastering the "sitarla", a sitar/guitar hybrid of his own invention.....he's been in several bands since the Flower Travellin' Band went on hiatus, this is (I think) his lone solo effort.....it's pretty decent, please give it a listen. This is something of a lesser-known effort, but if by some chance you either were a fan of/or checked out my post on The Flower Travellin' band, you may possibly enjoy this minor gem.....may as well give it a spin while we are in this Japanese Rock-groove!

ONE DAY-01 We're Just Tryin' My Way/02 Artificial Flowers/03 Lady Bird/04 Night Mare/05 Unbalance/06 Depending By the Time/07 Trash Blues

Jonder's Japanese Rock series, part 4

(Scott)-Forgive me for taking a day off from posting on Thursday? I'll still hit well over EIGHTY posts in the
merry merry month of May, so I can at least get one day's indulgence, can't I? And of course, I couldn't get anywhere NEAR that number without my wonderful team of contributors, you know the list by now, but I have some guest submissions to lead off the Memorial Day weekend, perhaps a thing or two of my own (I've got one I'm DYING to put up if I can find the CD, just heard it on IPOD today and forgot how fab it was)....

Anyway, let us begin with part 4/4 of Jonder's fantastic japanese rock series.......just FYI, the very FIRST album I posted on this blog (SO long ago) was "Thee Michelle Gun Elephant".....so, here is Jonder, telling you about part IV of his latest submission.....MANY thanks to him for these (Links in Comments section)

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant's name came from a mishearing of the Damned's album title Machine Gun Etiquette (just as Radio Birdman misheard "radio burning up above" -- a Chuck Berry lyric quoted by the Stooges).   

TMGE were Tokyo college kids who started playing in 1991, influenced by punk and garage rock. The great Futoshi Abe (who died in 2009) combined classic Detroit axemen (Ron Asheton, James Williamson, Wayne Kramer and Fred "Sonic" Smith) with influences from surf, spy films, Link Wray, and the Pirates' Mick Green (who made a single with TMGE).  

TMGE vocalist Yusuke Chiba has an incredible raw-throated sound, and sings in a word salad of Japanese and English.   TMGE drummer Kazuyuki Kuhara later played reggae and ska, and Chiba now sings for rock balladeers the Midnight Bankrobbers.

2000's Gear Blues was their breakthrough to a US audience hungry for more Japanese punk/garage bands like Guitar Wolf.  TMGE's attitude was always more serious than Guitar Wolf, despite the elephantine name and song titles like "Satanic Boom Boom Head",  Here are Gear Blues and my favorite, the ominous Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter.  I added a top-notch cover version of "Soda Pressing" by British punks The Boys.  

TMGE broke up in 2003.  Check out the manic brilliance of "God Jazz Time" from their final concert, beautifully filmed for the DVD Burning Motors Go Last Heaven.  They were definitely "big in Japan":  youtu.be/2a67-mvGTQo


   GEAR BLUES-01 West Cabaret Drive/02 Smokin Billy/03 Satanic Boom Boom Head/04 Dog Way/05 Free
    Devil Jam/06 Killer Beach/07 Brian Down/08 Hotel Bronco/09 Give the Gallon/10 G.W.D/11 Ash/12 Soul
    Wrap/13 Boiled Oil/14 Danny Go/15 Jenny

    RODEO TANDEM BEAT SPECTER-01 Citroen No Koduku (The Loneliness of the Citroen/02 Alligator
    Night/03  Abakarta Sekai (The World Exposed)/04 God Jazz Time/05  Baby Stardust/06 Rita/07

    Mona Lisa /08 Beat Specter Buchanon/09 Turkey/10 Break Hazureta Orenu Shinzu (My Heart With it's Brakes     Broken Loose)/11 Margaret/12 Bird Land Cindy/13 Beat Specter Garcia/14 The Redhead Kelly

I have much more TMGE , if anyone's interested.   And I'd love to hear more Japanese bands:  share 'em if you got 'em!

From Jon S: "And You may Ask Yourself"....

(Scott) yes, I have been referring to my upcoming Talking Heads multi-part extravaganza, as usual, with a
band of which I REALLY love, I want to make sure I get it just right......Jon S provides some Talking Heads related stuff, as you can read about below, but most notable to me is one of my faves, David Byrne/brian Eno's fab "My Life In the Bush of Ghosts" (posted here long long ago) which would be worth the proce of admission for the amazing "America Is Waiting".......lotsa more worthwhile stuff here for you to get into before MY Talking Heads post knocks your ears off!
Scott, you've been threatening/promising a Talking Heads mega-post so allow me to offer a prelude. David Byrne solo, a few things with St. Vincent, 2 Eno collaborations, and a classic Talking Heads show on video.

David Byrne
The Catherine Wheel

01 Light Bath/02 His Wife Refused/03 Ade/04 Walking/05 Two Soldiers/06 Under The Mountain/07 Dinosaur/08 The Red House/09 Wheezing/10 Eggs In A Briar Patch/11 Poison/12 Cloud Chamber/13 Black Flag/14 My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)/15 Combat/16 Leg Bells/17 The Blue Flame/18 Big Business/19 Dense Beasts/20 Five Golden Sections/21 What A Day That Was/22 Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)/23 Light Bath

David Byrne/Brian Eno
My Life In The Bush of Ghosts

01 American Is Waiting/02 Mea Culpa/03 Regiment/04 Help Me Somebody/05 The Jezebel Spirit/06 Very, Very Hungry/07 Moonlight In Glory/08 The Carrier/09 A Secret Life/10 Come With Us/11 Mountain Of Needles/12 Pitch To Voltage/13 Two Against Three/14 Vocal Outtakes/15 New Feet/16 Defiant/17 Number 8 Mix/18 Solo Guitar With Tin Foil

David Byrne/Brian Eno
Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

01 Home/02 My Big Nurse/03 I Feel My Stuff/04 Everything That Happens/05 Life Is Long/06 The River/07 Strange Overtones/08 Wanted For Life/09 One Fine Day/10 Poor Boy/11 The Lighthouse

David Byrne/St. Vincent
Love This Giant

01 Who/02 Weekend In The Dust/03 Dinner For Two/04 Ice Age/05 I Am An Ape/06 The Forest Awakes/07 I Should Watch TV/08 Lazarus/09 Optimist/10 Lightning/11 The One Who Broke Your Heart/12 Outside Of Space & Time

David Byrne/St. Vincent
Brass Tactics (EP)

01 Cissus/02 I Should Watch Tv (M. Stine Remix)/03 Lightning (Kent Rockafeller Remix)/04 Marrow (Live)/05 Road To Nowhere (Live)

David Byrne/St. Vincent
Album De La Semaine 2013 (Live)

01 Who/02 Weekend In The Dust/03 Strange Overtones/04 I Am An Ape/05 Marrow/06 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)/07 The Forest Awakes/08 Like Humans Do/09 Lightning/10 Wild, Wild Life/11 Cheerleader/12 I Should Watch TV/13 The Northern Lights/14 The One Who Broke Your Heart/15 Cruel/16 Burning Down The House/17 The Party/18 The Road To Nowhere

And, a bonus live St. Vincent show 

(if you don't know or don't like St. Vincent, do yourself a favor and at the very least listen to the monster performance of "Your Lips Are Red")

St. Vincent
Glastonbury 6/29/14

01 Rattlesnake/02 Digital Witness/03 Cruel/04 Marrow/05 Every Tear Disappears/06 Surgeon/07 Cheerleader/08 Prince Johnny/09 Regret/10 Birth in Reverse/11 Huey Newton/12 Bring Me Your Loves/13 Your Lips Are Red

Videos -

Talking Heads - Live in Rome 1980.mkv

David Byrne - Sessions At West 54th (November 15, 1997).mkv

David Byrne & St. Vincent  - Live NPR Music, Strathmore Music Center 10/30/12

Jack Bond fills a request

(Scott)-Jack Bond responds to a request from Jonder for Murahacibu "Live"...thanks 10000000 times over
for this, and it gives me the opportunity to point out a few things about my beloved contributions to the blog.....first off, if you have links or text or anything, it is FAR better to email them to me at csgmiller@sbcglobal.net  than to place them in the comments......when they are placed in the comments, hardly anyone will see them......if you email them to me, I can make a post of them and the whole audience will see them....just trying to help everyone's submissions to get MAXIMUM exposure...in regards to a question Jack poses, other people's links are FINE because I download them, convert them to MY links....usually it's not an issue, but there is one tool who makes a huge deal out of it, little he can say if I convert them to "my" links......in other words, don't give it a thought!

Anyway, as requested by Jonder, here is Murahachibu "Live" ....sorry no track list as the songs names are in Japanese letters that my computer can't reproduce, and I cannot find English translations for them (and too bad, often they are quite a hoot).....anyway, here is the album, anxious to hear it myself, link (MY link) in comments section!

One from ME....The Holograms

This is the one I was attempting to find the CD for.....it came up on my IPOD today at work and I was amazed at how great it was......first of all, I am unsure if they ever released anything else, but if not "Night of 1000 Ex-Boyfriends" stands on it's own as a semi-classic. From 2005, the Holograms were Sammi  on bass/vocals, Emi on drums, and Jenz on guitar. Something like a trashy cross between Sleater Kinney and The Go Go's,  this is a sweet slab of chicks doing some awesome power pop/punk/garage rock, and this one is a MUST hear/have. Every tune will flip yer wig, "Scene Whore" and "Death Boy" are nothing but great, but the obvious standout here is "Your Ex Is Turning Tricks Again", filled with insightful lyrics like "she's got fleas and ticks again", "Smokin' ice for kicks again", and of course, "she needs clothes, her car needs gas, and her pimp says 'Go and sell that ass'"......tremendous tune, and a tremendous album. Hope y'all dig it!

NIGHT OF 1000 EX BOYFRIENDS-01 Are You Ready For It/02 Drunk Dial/03 Scene Whore/04 One Time Only/05 Your Ex is Turning Tricks Again/06 Head in the Sand/07 Death Boy/08 Weekend Bender/09 Domestic Bliss/10 Monogamy/11 The Ghost

Brian's got a Q-U-E-E-N post

Something tells me to be cautious with this one. They seem like one of those nice old English bands who will DMCA you out of existence if you post their stuff. So, they shall be referred to as Q. First up, we have a concert that I had to dig in the dustiest corner of the Internet to find.....

The Freddie Mercury Tribute concert was a big event of my adolescence. I was born after Woodstock and The Concert For Bangladesh, I was too young to give a shit about Live Aid, so this was it for me. And it was that time when Q's star rose again after Freddie's death due to that one song being in a comedy....you know the one...

I don't want to talk about the gig much, cuz I'll use names that attract too much attention. For a long time, all I had was my cassettes of this show that I'd recorded off the radio. That was until I came across this Italian bootleg. It seems to be an audio dupe of the TV feed, but it's good quality. I always wondered why this wasn't released, and after hearing the whole thing I know why. There's feedback spikes and audio dropouts throughout the show. This happens even at the show's ultimate moment: Bowie and Annie Lennox's "Under Pressure". I've always read that Wembley Stadium can be nightmarish for sound. It's not horrible by any means, but there's a few spikes.

This is the whole show, with only a few exceptions. I took out You Too's track cuz it was just one of those piped-in ZooTV tour performances they were always doing. Also includes several things cut from broadcast (Spinal Tap, Bob Geldof), as well as some things cut from videotape and DVD releases (RP's "Innuendo"). Go to the wiki page and give it a read -

One more thing I wanna say about this concert: this should've been it. The finale. The group's later reformations with Paul Rodgers (ugh) and Adam Lambert (aaggh!) did nothing but besmirch the legend. Freddie was it, there's no replacing him. This would've been a good finale....Liza's "Champions" not withstanding. There's plenty of overblown moments, like GNR's reggae breakdown in the middle of "Knockin'", but is a great show. Now on to the cool covers comp I made to go along with this....

Regarding this covers comp, I want to address something. You'll notice that there are three specific Q songs that are not here. And it's because I'm utterly fucking sick of them!!! They have saturated classic rock radio for decades, to the point where they're no more emotionally moving to me than a rendition of "I'm A Little Teapot". Also, they seem to be the only songs that other people judge Q by, and that's not fair. I'm not meaning to shit on them if you like them, but I just didn't want to include them. 

No write up this time, guys. Just roll with it - you always seem too.