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The PJ Harvey avalanche continues!

I hope you guys don't mind the heavy number of posts of late, my apologies if it's a bit excessive, I'm just
trying to keep my thoughts off of......well, life, and this is something that I do enjoy doing and, at least, I hope, brings a small bit of enjoyment to a few other people on our planet.

First up for this evening, another Jon S. contribution, as he continues to educate me on PJ Harvey, with whom I was fairly unfamilar.....now that I'm back at work (I work out of a pickup truck all day), I can at least spend all day listening to music, so I'm getting acquainted with some of the new (to me) submissions....anyway, thanks to Jon S. (and everyone ELSE who contributes, I LOVE guest contributions) for all of your work, hope you and John N, Jonder, Brian, and ANYONE else continue to send stuff in to share with the masses.

Is This Desire? (1998) and Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea (2000) are, maybe, the most interesting of PJ Harvey's albums. Is This Desire? is like the culmination, a distillation, of everything that came before. Stories is new and different, and no PJ Harvey album after it sounds like anything she'd done. The shows from this time are absolutely fantastic as well. 

Is This Desire?
01 Angelene/02 The Sky Lit Up/03 The Wind/04 My Beautiful Leah/05 A Perfect Day Elise/06 Catherine/07 Electric Light/08 The Garden/09 Joy/10 The River/11 No Girl So Sweet/12 Is This Desire ?

The Black Sessions
01 Is This Desire?/02 Joy/03 Joe/04 Civil War Correspondent/05 Taut/06 Electric Light/07 A Perfect Day Elise/08 The Wind/09 Hook/10 Meet Ze Monsta/11 The Sky Lit Up/12 My Beautiful Leah/13 Missed/14 50ft Queenie/15 Heela/16 Down By The Water

La Route Du Rock, St. Malo 8/16/98
01 i think i'm a mother/02 joy/03 joe/04 civil war correspondent/05 taut/06 a perfect day elise/07 the wind/08 meet ze monsta/09 the sky lit up/10 catherine/11 missed/12 snake/13 heela/14 to bring you my love

Avalon Ballroom, Boston 11/2/98

01 Catherine/02 Rope Bridge Crossing/03 Civil War Correspondent/04 Taut/05 Joy/06 Electric Light/07 A Perfect Day Elise/08 Hook/09 Meet Ze Monsta/10 My Beautiful Leah/11 City of No Sun/12 Angelene/13 Missed/14 Joe/15 Snake/16 Heela/17 Is This Desire?/18 The Garden/19 The Sky Lit Up/20 To Bring You My Love

Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea

01 Big Exit/02 Good Fortune/03 A Place Called Home/04 One Line/05 Beautiful Feeling/06 The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore/07 The Mess We're In/08 You Said Something/09 Kamikaze/10 This Is Love/11 Horses in My Dreams/12 We Float

Cardiff, Wales 10/26/00

01 This Wicked Tongue/02 The Whore's Hustle And The Hustlers Whore/03 Send His Love To Me/04 Good Fortune/05 A Place Called Home/06 Hair/07 One Line/08 Man-Size/09 Big Exit/10 Kamikaze/11 This Is Love/12 Dry/13 Somebody's Down, Somebody's Name/14 This Mess We're In/15 30

The Paradiso, Amsterdam 2/801

01 good fortune/02 the whore's hustle and the hustlers whore/03 one line/04 beautiful feeling/05 this wicked tongue/06 dry/07 big exit/08 nickel under the foot/09 legs/10 down by the water/11 somebody's down, somebody's name/12 angelene/13 man-size/14 horses in my dreams

Shepherd's Bush Empire, London 2/13/01

01 This Wicked Tongue/02 This Is Love/03 Good Fortune/04 Send His Love To Me/05 Hair/06 A Place Called Home/07 One Line/08 Angelene/09 You Said Something/10 The Sky Lit Up/11 Dry/12 30/13 The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore/14 Kamikaze/15 Big Exit/16 Horses in My Dreams/17 Man-Size/18 Down by the Water/19 Somebody's Down Somebody's Name/20 Rid of Me/21 Sheela-Na-Gig

Olympia, Paris 2/26/01

01 rid of me/02 this wicked tongue/03 this is love/04 good fortune/05 send his love to me/06 hair/07 a place called home/08 one line/09 30/10 man-size/11 angelene/12 the whore's hustle and the hustler's whore/13 dry/14 kamikaze/15 big exit/16 horses in my dreams/17 sheela-na-gig/18 down by the water/19 somebody's down, somebody's name/20 this mess we're in/21 c'mon billy/22 you said something/23 the sky lit up/24 nickel under the foot

Hamburg, Germany 3/2/01

01 This Mess We're In/02 The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore/03 Man Sized/04 Good Fortune/05 Send His Love To Me/06 Hair/07 The Sky Lit Up/08 Somebody's Down Somebody's Name/09 Rid Of Me/10 This Is Love/11 Down By The Water/12 30/13 One Line/14 Kamikaze/15 Big Exit/16 Horses In My Dreams/17 This Wicked Tongue/18 Sheela-Na-Gig/19 Nickel Under The Foot

Wishbone Ash

Not a HUGE favorite of mine, somewhat (understandably) forgotten, but in dragging out these albums after
years of not hearing them, they have their moments.

Formed in the UK in the early 1970's, Wishbone Ash were guitarists/vocalists Andy Powell and Ted Turner (apparently, they were one of the first bands to utilize twin lead guitars from what I read, not sure that really sounds right but whatever), bassist/vocalist Martin Turner, and drummer Steve Upton.

Fairly standard (for the era) hard rock with some jazz/classical influences thrown in there, the self titled debut (1970) is no masterpiece, but "Blind Eye" (Uriah Heep, a somewhat similar, and lesser, band, had a song by the same title) and "Queen of Torture" are decent generic stuff, the long tracks on side two go on (and on) a bit too long.

1971 saw the release of "Pilgrimage", sold fairly well, personally I don't like it much, more accoustic and folkish than the debut, which to me was not a great idea.....even LEADING OFF the album with an instrumental jazz piece.....I know people who love this album. I am not among them.

MUCH better, in fact what I consider their best studio effort is 1972's "Argus".....kind of pretentiously dated (in a good way) with it's themes of knights and swords and dragons and dungeons, etc, but they really do bring all the elements of their sound together nicely, skillfully blending bluesy hard rock and the prog/folk stuff that failed on "Pilgrimage"....."Time Was" and "Throw Down the Sword" are quite interesting, and as a whole, this is a quite good, 3-star album. This CD version contains, also, the contents of the 1972 EP "Live From Memphis"

"Wishbone Four" is not great either, another effort with far too much emphasis on the acoustic/folk
stuff....there are a pair of good tunes here ("Doctor" and "So Many Things To Say") but not really much here.

This band was a hard touring outfit with a reputation of being much better live than onstage, they were one of the classic second- or third-listed bands on the bill, opening for Deep Purple among others....obviously I never saw them, but the two disc "Live Dates' is a good one, one of the overlooked "Double Live" albums from the era of "double live" albums.....interesting to compare the versions of many (most) of the tracks here with their studio versions, in general the live efforts sound MUCH more inspired and energetic. Probably could have been pared down to a single album, but that's not how the 70's usually worked.

OK, after 1974 they made 1,563 albums with 1,482 lineups.....don't think I've ever heard a note off of any of them and can't really say I want to, I'm quite sure we all had the general idea by now.....anyway, if you love you some post-1974 Wishbone Ash and feel they have been slandered here, well, life can be so hard.

WISHBONE ASH-01 Blind Eye/02 Lady Whiskey/03 Errors of My Way/04 Queen of Torture/05 Handy/06 Phoenix

PILGRIMAGE-01 Vas Dis/02 The Pilgrim/03 Jail Bait/04 Alone/05 Lullaby/06 Valediction/07 Where Were You Tomorrow/08 Jail Bait (Live)

ARGUS-01 Time Was/02 Sometime World/03 Blowin' Free/04 The King Will Come/05 Leaf and
Stream/06 Warrior/07 Throw Down the Sword/08 Jail bait (Live)/09 The Pilgrim (Live)/10 Phoenix (Live)/11 No Easy Road

WISHBONE FOUR-01 So Many Things to Say/02 Ballad of the Beacon/03 No Easy Road/04 Everybody Needs a Friend/05 Doctor/06 Sorrel/07 Sing Out the Song/08 Rock N Roll Widow

LIVE DATES DISC 1-01 The King Will Come/02 Warrior/03 Throw Down the Sword/04 Rock n Roll Widow/05 Ballad of the Beacon/06 Baby What You Want Me To Do/07 Phoenix

LIVE DATES DISC 2-01 The Pilgrim/02 Blowin' Free/03 Jail Bait/04 Lady Whiskey/05 Phoenix

The UP

These guys were pals with the MC5, the White Panthers, et al, but never recorded an album..."Killer UP!" is
a collection of their singles, some demos, and some live tracks from the Agora Ballroom in Columbus Ohio (I grew up at the Agora, which still stands although it is now called Newport Auditorium, just saw Sleater Kinney there in December)....the sound quality here is a bit rough to say the least, but the raw energy is amazing.....I think they first came to the notice of many (me at least) with a couple of tracks on the "Michigan Mixture" compilation (I think i posted it once, some of the most acid damaged music ever put to wax), their sound is somewhat like Blue Cheer, with the political savvy of the MC5, witness "Free John Now" and "Prayer For John Sinclair".....lots of good stuff here, "Just Like an Aborigine" and a version of "Train Kept a Rollin'" (I wonder if we could get enough versions of THAT one for a comp album?) that makes Aerosmith's sound like Bread.

Highly recommended......highly, highly recommended

01 Just Like an Aborigine (Mix 1)/02 Do the Sun Dance/03 Free John Now (Mix 3)/04 Come On/05 C'mom and Swim/06 Hassan I Sahba/07 Sisters, Sisters (Sisters Rising)/08 Together/09 Train Kept a Rollin'/10 Just Like an Aborigine (Mix 2)/11 I Don't Need You/12 Never Say Die/13 Free John Now (Mix 1)/14 Prayer For John Sinclair

The Trashmen

Perhaps the ultimate one-hit wonder, this is certainly more of a curiosity than anything else......surf music from
Minnesota? Well, one never knows.......I thought the Wikipedia blurb on the history of the song was fairly interesting, so let's just copy/paste that.

The Rivingtons followed up their 1962 Billboard Hot 100 hit "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" with the similar "The Bird's the Word" in 1963. The Trashmen had not heard this version but saw a band called The Sorensen Brothers playing it.[2] They decided to play the song that night at their own gig. During this first performance, drummer and vocalist Steve Wahrer stopped playing and ad-libbed the "Surfin' Bird" middle section.[2] Despite not knowing "The Bird's the Word" was a Rivingtons song, the similarity to "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" was obvious and The Trashmen added the chorus to the end of their new track.
A local disc jockey, Bill Diehl, was at the gig and convinced the band to record the track.[2] It was recorded at Kay Bank Studios in Minneapolis. Diehl entered it into a local battle of the bands competition and it won. It was then sent to a battle of the bands competition in Chicago where it also won.[2] This led to the group being signed to Garrett Records with the single being quickly released. It reportedly sold 30,000 copies in its first weekend[2] before going on to national success, reaching #4 on the BillboardHot 100. Wahrer was originally credited as the song's writer, but that was changed to the Rivingtons (Al Frazier, Carl White, Sonny Harris, and Turner Wilson Jr.) after the group successfully sued The Trashmen for plagiarism. There is apparently no truth to the urban legend which circulated in the late 1960s that the song had been written by Leonard Bernstein to show his disdain for rock'n'roll by proving that any song could become a hit.
Covered, of course, by the Cramps and the Ramones, "Surfin' Bird", like it or not, is certainly a piece of Americana......the rest of the album, while moderately interesting, is mostly filler.

SURFIN BIRD-01 Surfin Bird/02 King of the Surf/03 Henrietta/04 Miserlou/05 Malaguena/06 It's So Easy/07 Tube City/08 My Woodie/09 Bird Bath/10 Kuk/11 Money/12 Sleeper/13 Surfin Biird (demo)/14 Bird Dance Beat/15 Walkin My Baby/16 Dancin With Santa


Forgot to put this one with the Rory Gallagher overdose, this one is also pretty much an overlooked semi-gem
, Gallagher's pre-solo career band. The band released a pair of albums, "Taste" (1969) and "On the Boards" (1970), neither of which I have but I do have "The Best of Taste" which culls the better (I assume) cuts from both albums.

The trio lineup was Gallagher, of course, on guitar/vocals, Richard McCracken on bass, and John Wilson on drums. Gallagher played some saxaphone also on some of the tracks from "On the Boards", which could be described as "perhaps not the greatest of ideas", however, we can overlook that as we still get the earliest seeds of Gallagher's guitar brilliance (one of the best, for my money, I know many do not agree).....I'm not a fan of the jazzy experiments, although they aren't wretched, but this is Rory Gallagher, and of course we are talking about blues-rock guitar and vocals (I think he was much more than competent as a singer as well).

Some of the highlights: perhaps their best number "Blister on the Moon", the very cool "Dual Carriage Way Pain" (you can tell it's Rory from the first note), the constant-tempo changing "Born on the Wrong Side of Time", the rollicking "Eat My Words", the slower blues with some excellent soloing "Railway and Gun", oh, hell, if you liked any of the Gallagher posts I did recently, all of it is pretty damn good, Gallagher dominates the band's sound, it's easy to see why he decided the trio format wasn't form him, he was much more comfortable as a solo artist.

I recommend this one to anyone that was/is a fan of Rory Gallagher (obviously I am, why else would I have so much of his stuff? Well, never mind, I have a LOT of stuff I DON'T like that much also), but a classic hard blues rocker in his infancy here is well worth hearing, in fact worth hearing several times

BEST OF TASTE-01 Blister on the Moon/02 Leavin' Blues/03 Sugar Mama/05 Same Old Story/06 Catfish/07 What's Goin' On/08 Railway and Gun/09 Morning Sun/10 Eat My Words/11 I'll Remember/12 I'm Movin' On/13 If the Day Was Any Longer/14 If I Don't Sing, I'll Cry/15 Born on the Wrong Side of Time/16 Dual Carriage Way Pain/17 Too Much Too Bad/18 If It Happened Before, It'll  Happen Again/19 Hail

3 for Thursday....Great Guest Submission #1

(Scott)-Three great guest submissions tonight from 3 of our best guests (ALL of our guest posters are great,
don't get me wrong), including one who's been away for a spell....anyway, let's start with Jon S. who has been sending absolutely stunning posts on a near daily basis for a while now, and this one is no exception.....great stuff from Sly & the Family Stone. One of my Dad's faves, I vividly recall him seeing them live and being greatly disappointed in the fact that Sly was "almost too coked up to stand, let alone sing".....anyway, they were great at times, their Woodstock set was (check the movie) energetic, and "There's a Riot Goin' On" is one of the classic albums of the era. Hadn't listened to much of Sly's stuff of late, thanks Jon S. for re-orienting me with them. Good stuff here!

There's only one cure for the blues, yellows, pinks and purples, so get up out of your chair and dance! SLY! AND THE FAMILY STONE!! Boom shaka-laka-laka Boom shaka-laka-laka!!!!

A Whole New Thing

01 Underdog/02 If This Room Could Talk/03 Run, Run, Run/04 Turn Me Loose/05 Let Me Hear It From You/06 Advice/07 I Cannot Make It/08 Trip To Your Heart/09 I Hate To Love Her/10 Bad Risk/11 That Kind Of Person12 Dog/13 Underdog (Single Version)/14 Let Me Hear It From You (Single Version)/15 Only One Way Out Of This Mess/16 What Would I Do/17 You Better Help Yourself (Instrumental)

Dance To The Music

01 Dance To The Music/02 Higher/03 I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)/04 Dance To The Medley-Music Is Alive-Dance In-Music Lover/05 Ride The Rhythm/06 Color Me True/07 Are You Ready/08 Don't Burn Baby/09 I'll Never Fall In Love Again/10 Dance To The Music (Single Version)/11 Higher (Single Version)/12 Soul Clappin'/13 We Love All/14 I Can't Turn You Loose/15 Never Do Your Woman Wrong (Instrumental)


01 Dynamite!/02 Chicken/03 Plastic Jim/04 Fun/05 Into My Own Thing/06 Harmony/07 Life/08 Love City/09 I'm
An Animal/10 M'Lady/11 Jane Is A Groupee/12 Dynamite! (Single Version)/13 Seven More Days/14 Pressure/15 Sorrow (Instrumental)


01 Stand!/02 Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey/03 I Want To Take You Higher/04 Somebody's Watching You/05 Sing A Simple Song/06 Everyday People/07 Sex Machine/08 You Can Make It If You Try/09 Stand! (Single Version)/10 I Want To Take You Higher (Single Version)/11 You Can Make It If You Try (Single Version)/12 Soul Clappin' II/13 My Brain (Zig-Zag) (Instrumental)

Greatest Hits

01 I Want To Take You Higher/02 Everybody Is A Star/03 Stand!/04 Life/05 Fun/06 You Can Make It If You Try/07 Dance To The Music/08 Everyday People/09 Hot Fun In The Summertime/10 M'Lady11 Sing A Simple Song/12 Thank You

There's A Riot Goin' On

01 Luv N' Haight/02 Just Like A Baby/03 Poet/04 Family Affair/05 Africa Talks To You ('The Asphalt Jungle')/06 There's A Riot Goin' On/07 Brave & Strong/08 (You Caught Me) Smilin'/09 Time/10 Spaced Cowboy/11 Runnin' Away/12 Thank You For Talkin' To Me, Africa/13 Runnin' Away (Single Version)/14 My Gorilla Is My Butler (Instrumental)(Previously Unreleased)/15 Do You Know What _ (Instrumental)(Previously Unreleased)/16 That's Pretty Clean (Instrumental)(Previously Unreleased)


01 In Time/02 If You Want Me To Stay/03 Let Me Have It All/04 Frisky/05 Thankful N Thoughtful/06 Skin Im In/07 I
Dont Know (Satisfaction)/08 Keep On Dancin'/09 Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will  Be)/10 If It Were Left Up To Me/11 Babies Makin' Babies/12 Let Me Have It All (Unreleased Alternate Mix)/13 Frisky (Unreleased Alternate Mix)/14 Skin Im In (Unreleased Alternate Mix)/15 Keep On Dancin (Unreleased Alternate Mix)/16 Babies Makin Babies (Unreleased Alternate Mix)

Small Talk

01 Small Talk/02 Say You Will/03 Mother Beautiful/04 Time For Livin/05 Cant Strain My Brain/06 Loose Booty/07 Holdin On/08 Wishful Thinkin/09 Better Thee Than Me/10 Livin While Im Livin/11 This Is Love/12 Crossword Puzzle (Unreleased Early Version)/13 Time For Livin (Unreleased Alternate Version)/14 Loose Booty (Unreleased Alternate Version)/15 Positive (Unreleased Instrumental)


01 M'Lady/02 Sing A Simple Song/03 You Can Make It If You Try/04 Everyday People/05 Dance To The Music/06 MEDLEY Music Lover-Higher/07 I Want To Take You Higher/08 Love City/09 Stand!

3 for Thursday, Great Guest Submission #2

(Scott)-Well, Brian (king of ALL cover projects) started a world-wide trend with his fab Bowie covers
project, which is still going strong with LOTS of traffic, one of the all time great posts, no joke. Anyway, last week Jon S. submitted the band Shearwater covering the entire "Lodger" album live onstage (it is REALLY good too, I was unfamiliar with this band but check it out, it supplements Brians massive project quite well)....now, hot on the heels of that comes a Jonder submission, the Chicago band Disappears (never heard of them either, but you know THAT is the stuff I love, PLUS Jonder refers to them as one of his faves, and his taste is nearly as impeccable as my own) performing the entire "Low" album, also in concert.....I hope there are more of these out there, in particular, "Heroes" would at least complete the trilogy.....I mean it'd be damn near
impossible to do "Ziggy" or "Aladdin Sane" as a cover project (for ANYONE), but I think "Heroes" would be workable (for some reason Talking Heads comes to mind, if they still existed. BTW, HUGE Talking Heads multi-part feature coming soon, be ready for this one, one of my favorite bands of all time!

Link in Comments section, thanks again to Jonder for this and all of his other wonderful submissions, they help make the blog what it "is".

3 for Thursday...Great Guest Submission #3

(Scott)-Now, here's a name we haven't heard for a while, Cliff from the UK, my personal reggae "go to
guy"....his been out of action for a while, he promises some more of his great reggae stuff soon, but, for now, in response to the multi-part Rory Gallagher post, Cliff submits some excellent material, including the ORIGINAL two albums from Taste (see yesterday, I have only the "Greatest Hits")

But that's not all....he also shares with us (Taste) live at the isle of Wight, he claims it's "one of the best live albums ever made", and he has good judgement as well, so it will probably the first thing I listen to tomorrow morning...and as another bonus, "Meeting With the G-Man", featuring Gallagher fronting his post-Taste crew, live from the Paradisso Club in Amsterdam, 1993. 

Thanks Cliff, been worried about ya buddy! Stay healthy, and when you are ready, be sure and get us some more of that fab reggae that you deliver like NO ONE else can!

TASTE-01 Blister on the Moon/02 Leavin' Blues/03 Sugar Mama/04 Hail/05 Born on the Wrong Side of
Time/06 Dual Carriageway Pain/07 Same Old Story/08 Catfish/09 I'm Moving On

ON THE BOARDS-01 What's Going On/02 Railway and Gun/03 It happened Before, It'll happen Again/04 If the Day Was Any Longer/05 Morning Sun/06 Eat My Words/07 On the Boards/08 If I Don't Sing I'll Cry/09 See Here/10 I'll Remember

LIVE AT THE ISLE OF WIGHT-01 What's Going On/02 Sugar Mama/03 Morning Sun/04 Sinner Boy/05 I Feel So Good/06 Catfish

MEETING WITH THE G-MAN-01 Continental Op/02 Moonchild/03 Mean Disposition/04 The Loop/05 Don't Start Me Talkin'/06 Ghost Blues/07 Messin' With the Kid/08 La Bamba

And one from me...The Grodeck Whipperjenny

Here's an obscurity for you (again, I REALLY TRULY hope no one finds all of the posting I've been doing lately to be excessive, it won't go on forever)....from Cincinnati, 1971 we have soul/psych rockers the Grodeck Whipperjenny. This is their sole release, and is nothing if not interesting......vocalist/guitarist Ken Poole, vocalist Mary Ellen Bell, bassist Michael Moore, drummer Jimmy Madison, and keyboardist/trombonist (!) Dave Matthews were all jazz musicians by trade, and if you didn't know that you'd have easilly guessed by the jazzy rocking grooves here.

Check out, however, that stinging fuzz guitar on "Sitting Here on a Tongue"......the hard and heavy stomper "Put Your Thing On Me"......the rockin'"Why can't I go Back".....and the way trippy "Evidence for the Existence of the Unconscious".

Wonderfully dated, and quite unique, this is one unknown album of the early 70's you'' NOT wish to miss, it's quite a find!

01 Sitting Here on a Tongue/02 Wonder If/03 Why Can't I Go back/04 Conclusions/05 You're Too young/06 Put Your Thing On Me/07 Inside Or Outside/08 Evidence For the Existence of the Unconscious

A variety of stuff for your weekend....from me and some guesters!

Jon S. must sit up nights compiling all these mega-awesome huge posts.....today he throws me a curveball
worthy of vintage Bret Saberhagen with a band called Protomartyr......I don't know them, he claims i "should", so lets take a look around for a bit of info......

OK, haven't listened yet, but sounds great....recent punk/post punk (from Detroit! always a good sign!)...the singer is compared to Ian Curtis and Mark E Smith, so how bad can this be? I know I'll be listening on Saturday......please listen also and offer up comments, one thing we like to do here is EXPOSE LESSER KNOWN GOOD BANDS!


Do you know Protomartyr? If not, you should. 

No Passion All Technique

01 In My Sphere/02 Machinist Man/03 Hot Wheel City/04 Three Swallows/05 Free Supper/06 Jumbo's/07 Ypsilanti/08 Too Many Jewels/09 (Don't You) Call Me Out My Name/10 Feral Cats/11 How He Lived After He Died/12 Wine Of Ape/13 Principalities

Under Color of Official Right

01 Maidenhead/02 Ain't So Simple/03 Want Remover/04 Trust Me Billy/05 Pagans/06 What the Wall Said/07 Tarpeian Rock/08 Bad Advice/09 Son of Dis/10 Scum, Rise!/11 I Stare at Floors/12 Come & See/13 Violent/14 I'll Take That Applause

The Agent Intellect

01 The Devil in His Youth/02 Cowards Starve/03 I Forgive You/04 Boyce or Boice/05 Pontiac 87/06 Uncle Mother's/07 Dope Cloud/08 The Hermit/09 Clandestine Time/10 Why Does It Shake?/11 Ellen/12 Feast of Stephen

Ad Hoc Car Wash, Brooklyn NY 10/17/15

01 The Devil In His Youth/02 Cowards Starve/03 I Forgive You/04 Ain't So Simple/05 Want Remover/06 Scum, Rise!/07 Pontiac 87/08 The Hermit/09 Clandestine Time/10 Why Does It Shake?

Terminal Gods

John N sends me the latest album from Terminal Gods, with whom I am only slightly familiar with...I did check out the Bandcamp link, and they really do rock it hard....sort of post punk/alt, I guess, but this (2016) album is not a bad listen at all, I recommend you give it a spin, and thanks to Link Machine John N for this one, should liven up yer weekend!

WAVE-FORM-01 Shockwave/02 Changing the Guard/03 Monolith/04 Movement/05 Connection & Rupture/06 Discovery/07 Electric Eyes/08 Cold Life/09 Heyday

Again, listen and spread the word....this band could use a bit of pub, I found them quite rocking!

Link in comments!

So, anyone up for some Kurt Vonnegut?

There are other things to do but listen to music, burnout......I am presenting here a partial collection of works
from my favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut Jr......if you are unfamiliar with him (?) I really don't know how to describe him.....hilarious, ironic, satirical, touching.....fans of Vonnegut may wish to check out the audiobooks here (there are a few) and there are also a few PDF files if you be old school and like to actually read.

My fave, of course, is "Slaughterhouse Five", in which Billy Pilgrim jumps about in time, of course living through the bombing of Dresden as Vonnegut himself did (it's a somewhat recurring theme)......but he was no "one book wonder", not by any means...."Cat's Cradle"....."Sirens of Titan"......"Breakfast of Champions"....to me, hands down the greatest author of the 20th century. He passed away a few years ago.

He is missed.

Here is what is here:

"Welcome to the Monkey House" (audio book)
"Breakfast of Champions" (audio book)
"Hocus Pocus" (audio book)
"Slaughterhouse Five" (audio book)
The PDF package-"Breakfast Of Champions","Cat's Cradle", "Mother Night", "Next Door", "Player Piano", "Slapstick (Or Lonesome No More)", "Slaughterhouse Five", "The Sirens of Titan"

OK guys, prove your intellectual side......this is GREAT
reading material, some of the best fiction EVER created. this is not what I ALWAYS do, but I do like to change things up on occasion......I will watch the traffic CAREFULLY on this one, as I have many authors that I love (Tom Robbins, Bill James, Margaret Atwood, George Orwell, Chuck Palahulnik, Dan Simmons, and LOTS more....lets see if this is a literary crowd or not. If not, no big deal, literature has always been important to me (GOD I wish I was a great writer)....if this meets with little interest, I'll file it away with "bad ideas"......but I hope a few of you are at least semi-thrilled!

Links in comment section

Fifty Foot Hose

So here's another psych/experimental curiosity...from San Francisco, ca. 1967, they were somewhat ahead of the curve, fusing standard rock n roll with avant garde "noise"....I really enjoy this album on occasion, you will also, in the right frame of mind.

The band was comprised of bassist Louis Marchesci, guitarist David Blossom, vocalist Nancy Blossom, drummer Kim Kimsey, and guitarist Larry Evans.

The band released but this one album"Cauldron", but what an album it is.....wonderfully dated jazzy-psych rock, with wonderful electronic sound effects, sort of pre-Pink Floyd, maybe,

This is a good, dated period piece, ahead of it's time, I think you will like it or at the very least be amused by it....I know I play it now and then, if you are unfamiliar, perhaps you will as well. Don't sell this one short!

BTW, this is a CD edition with bonus tracks....

CAULDRON-01 And After/02 If Not This Time/03 Opus 777/04 The Things That Concern You/05 Opus 11/06 Red the Sign Post/07 For Paula/08 Rose/09 Fantasy/10 God Bless the Child/11 Cauldron/12 If Not This Time/13 Red the Sign Post/14 Fly Free/15 Desire/16 Bad Trip

Totally groovy man, you don't want to miss this one!

Link on comments section

The Doors Part 10 (Of MANY)

So, the next part of the Doors onslaught is kind of interesting, this is a three disc effort featuring various
television appearances from the band, thus the name "Television Skies".....it's no "future classic" by any means, but it is worth listening to, and these are (mostly) some rarely heard tracks.....I wonder which will last longer? My marriage or this Doors series? Place yer bets!

DISC 1- 01 Wake Up/The End (The Rock Scene, Toronto, 9/14/67)/02 People Are Strange (Ed Sullivan, 9/17/67)/03 Light My Fire (Ed Sullivan 9/17/67)/04 People Are Strange (Murray the K Show 9/22/67)/05 Moonlight Drive (Jonathon Winters Show 12/27/67)/06 Light My Fire (Jonathon Winters Show (12/27/67) (FUN FACT: Jonathon Winters came outta my hometown (Springfield Ohio), and went to the same high school as myself (Springfield South, Go Wildcats)...oh, you don't care? Fuck off!)/07 When the Music's Over (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)/08/08 Five to One (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)/09 Spanish Caravan (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)/10 Back Door Man (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)/11 Wake Up/Light My Fire (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)/12  The Unknown Soldier (Roundhouse London 6/9/68)

DISC 2-01 Alabama Song/Back Door Man (Gladsaxe Denmark 9/16/68)/02 The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat (Gladsaxe Denmark 9/16/68)/03 Love Me Two Times (Gladsaxe Denmark 9/16/68)/04 When the Music's Over (Gladsaxe Denmark 9/16/68)/05 The Unknown Soldier (Gladsaxe Denmark 9/16/68)/06 Wild Child (Smothers Brothers 12/4/68)/07 Touch Me (Smothers Brothers 12/4/68)

DISC 3-01 Tell All The People (WNET NY, 4/28/69)/02 Alabama Song/Back Door Man (WNET NY, 4/28/69)/03 Wishful, Sinful (WNET 4/28/69)/04 Build Me a Woman (WNET NY 4/28/69)/05 The Soft Parade (WNET NY 4/28/69)/06 Crawling King Snake (Doors Workshop, LA, Fall 1970)/07 Tightrope Ride (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/08 In the Eye of the Sun (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/09 I'm Horny, I'm Stoned (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/10 Love Me Two Times (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/11 Verdillac (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/ 12 Ships W Sails (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/13 Good Rockin' (Breman West Germany 5/2/72)/14 The Mosquito (Dick Cavett 8/25/72)

The Cars (part 1)

Long ago, I posted a bunch of WAY cool Cars rarities (don't worry, they will turn up here as well), but
never did I post their original albums.....I think it'll be ok to do so now, after all, these are 30 year old discs....

I liked The Cars, one of my best friends HATED them....."They are ripping off Roxy Music!", he would say....now, he and I both LOVED Roxy Music, BUT......the Cars didn't "rip them off"......The Cars took the basic Roxy sound/concept, tightened it up and made it far more accessible, and took it to the bank. How do you blame someone for THAT? My Junior year of high school, one could literally not turn around without hearing a track from "The Cars" or "Candy-O", and for good reason.....they were two of the greatest albums of the late 1970's......

So, in this part, we'll focus on the studio efforts (with thorough critique, coz I was really into the first three albums), and we'll follow that up (whenever I feel like it) with a slew of boots, demos, alt versions....if you missed em the first time, and this is a band you enjoy, PLEASE don't miss that stuff at least, some of it is quite rare and you will be SORRY if in 2019 you are asking me to reup the links (by now you should know I won't do it)

OK, here's how this will work.....thanks to John N, we have "The Elektra Years", with the original LP's as they were originally released.....the first file contains "The Cars", "Candy-O", and "Panorama", one file/one disc, a wonderful way to package this. The next file will contain the (lesser, but still OK) "Shake It Up", "Heartbeat City" and (ugh) "Door To Door"...anyway, it's a neat little package of six LP's into two files, I'll have some comps with some rarities next, then on to MY stash of Cars rarities, which will freak you out!

OK..."The Cars" came out, as I said, my junior year of high school....YES, they did wear the Roxy Music influence on their sleeves, but Roxy were YEARS ahead of their time, the Cars were RIGHT ON TIME....man, that first album.....really, every track is a classic....."Just What I Needed", "Best Friend's Girl" and (MY faves) "You're All I've Got Tonight" and "Bye Bye Love".....but there is not ONE dog on this total 5-star effort

"Candy-O" came out a yar or so later....it is DAMN NEAR as good....still Roxy derivative, down to the
Vargas cover art, but loaded with great songs, not a loser here either....."Let's Go", "Double Life", "Lust For Kicks", "The Dangerous Type", "Since I Held You"......oh fuck it, it's all great too.....Roxy fans (Roxy was MY favorite band of all so I can make this statement), GET THE FUCK OVER IT...the Cars nicked Roxy's groove and took it to the bank, they were, for a while, the ultimate "hip" band, AND dominated commercially.....

Unfortunately, they had no more "classic" material in them....."Panorama" is "just" OK, I do enjoy the (oh, irony, the Roxy-like) title track, "Touch and Go", and a few others, but these Cars were running out of gas. "Shake it Up" continues the trend downward, the title track is (just) OK, and though a lot of people like "Heartbeat City" ("Drive", "You might Think", etc) there was nothing original here, either....the less said about "Door to Door" the better IMO (note: they would release another phenominal single, "Tonight She Comes", which wasn't on any of there LP's but will appear on one of the comps.

OK, The Cars were a great band for a couple of albums at least.......they headed toward suckville later on, but still had a knack for a hook or two.....I'll never argue that they WERE derivative of Roxy Music, but, honestly, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG with being derivative of one of the greatest bands of all time? The Cars did it up right, and the first 2.5 albums still sound phenominal. What more could you ask for?

So, pay attention to how these are bundled, it's not exactly the norm, but I'm sure you'll get it.....wait until the next couple of posts when we get to the GREAT stuff (lives stuff, alternate mixes, you will love it!)

THE CARS-01 Good Times Roll/02 Best Friends Girl/03 Just What I Needed/04 I'm In Touch With Your World/05 Don't Cha Stop/06 You're All Ive Got Tonight/07 Bye Bye Love/08 Moving In Stereo/09 All Mixed Up

CANDY-O-10 Let's Go/11 Since I Held You/12 It's All I can Do/13 Double Life/14 Shoo Be Doo/15 Candy-O/16 Night Spots/17 You can't Hold On Too Long/18 Lust For kicks/19 Got a Lot On My Head/20 Dangerous Type

PANORAMA-21 Panorama/22 Touch and Go/23 Gimme Some Slack/24 Don't Tell Me No/25 Getting Through/26 Misfit Kid/27 Down Boys/28 You Wear Those Eyes/29 Running to You/30 Up and Down

(Understand, these three albums are in ONE file, albeit in two parts!....same for the NEXT three albums!)

SHAKE IT UP-01 Since You're Gone/02 Shake It Up/03 I'm Not the One/04 Victim of Love/05
Cruiser/06 A Dream Away/07 This Could be Love/08 Think It Over/09 Maybe Baby

HEARTBEAT CITY-10 Hello Again/11 Looking For Love/12 Magic/13 Drive/14 Stranger Eyes/15 You Might Think/16 It's Not the Night/17 Why Can't I have You/18 I Refuse/19 Heartbeat City

DOOR TO DOOR-20 Leave or Stay/21 You Are the Girl/22 Double Trouble/23 Fine Line/24 Everything You Say/25 Tato Wayo Wayo/26 Strap Me In/27 Coming Up You/28 Wound Up On You/29 Go Away/30 Door To Door

Again, these last three discs are in ONE FILE, which is split into TWO PARTS......it's easy if you think about it!

Lee Michaels

Keeping variety at the forefront as is my custom, allow me to present another of my late father's faves, Lee Michaels...this is his self titled debut LP (a tasty vinyl rip at that), which rocks like a mofo even with the total absence of guitars......what we is Michaels assaulting the keyboard as if it raped his sister, accompanied bu his enormous drummer Frosty.......this is a GODDAMN GOOD album, if you don't believe me please check this and tell me I'm wrong.......Notably, the skull crushing version of "Stormy Monday", also the fab "Who Could Want More"......there are other gems here, (honestly Frosty's drum histrionics get to be a bit much at times), AND AS A BONUS, I stuck his only hit single, the charming "Do You know What I Mean" on the end of it (always loved Genya Raven's cover of that one, for whatever that is worth)

Like Mommy and Daddy and The Black Diamond Heavies, Michaels proved that one can rock HARD without guitars, screeching keyboards, throbbing drums, and tortured vocals can rock just as hard! Good album if you are not familiar with it!

LEE MICHAELS-01 Tell Me How Do You Feel-(Don't Want No) Woman-My Friends-Frosty's-Think I'll Go Back/02 Stormy Monday/03 Who Could Want More/04 Want My baby/05 Heighty Hi/06 Do You Know What I Mean

Good album, vinyl rip, a fave of my Pop's....for what more could one possible ask?

The Cars, Part 2

How to do this, how to do this? Well, yesterday, we posted the studio efforts of The Cars, from the debut (5 stars) through "Door to Door" (1 star).....like I did with Elvis Costello, I want to get through all of the commercially available stuff before I get into my stack of smoking hot rarities, bootlegs, etc.......you literally will not believe your own ears (I posted them YEARS ago, unless you've been "with me" forever, likely you have no memory of them. If you're a Cars fan, though.......this stuff is going to bash your skull.

First, though, I wanted to get through these. Another submission form the Link Machine John N, who also sent me the albums for yesterday's post as well and helped me to decide to do this post in the first place (the one from "years ago" was ONLY rarities, this post will give a much better overview. How I've changed over the years!).

Before I start the anthologies, I forgot (at least I WANTED to) that the band reunited in 2011 (sans bassist Benjamin Orr who had passed away from pancreatic cancer) to create "Move Like This".....after a 14 year layoff, they might likely have come up with something better than this, no question it was time to move these Cars to the scrapheap.......bad album, but I vowed to present the entire picture as best as I could, so here it is if you want it (why you would, I don't know, but......)

OK, the Anthology.....the two disc "Just What I Needed" contains a bunch of stuff culled from the albums posted yesterday, however, the Cars were a simply over-the-top singles band, so an anthology plays as wonderfully as some of the albums (they were rare in that they were a great album band AND a great singles band, aside from being an outstanding live act). This WOULD be quite redundant, had they not stacked the discs with some cool stuff.....to wit:

Disc 1 contains three previously unreleased tracks ("Take Me Now", "Cool Fool", and "Slipaway"), none a classic but still cool to hear. The disc also contains the original demo version of "Night Spots", and a pair of B-Sides, "That's It" and "Don't Go to Pieces", the latter being from the "Panorama" era and would have sounded fine on that album.

The second of the two discs also contains some goodies:  A pair of unreleased covers: a goofy take on "The
Little Black Egg", and Bowie/Iggy's "Funtime". Also included is the B-Side "Breakaway", a pair of demos ("Leave Or Stay" and "Ta Ta Wayo Wayo".......also an important inclusion is the fantastic single, "Tonight She Comes" which was heard only on a previously released "Greatest Hits" affair....I've always thought it was one of their better numbers.

Again, today I find myself thinking of my friend who hated this band so much, as they were "ripping off Roxy Music"......again, Roxy was my favorite band ever, The Cars took the Roxy sound/concept, updated it, and delivered it RIGHT AT THE EXACT TIME the market demanded it........to discredit The Cars for such market savvy and understanding of the musical trends is unbelievably naive and shortsighted, JMO.

MOVE LIKE THIS-01 Blue Tip/02 Too late/03 Keep On Knocking/04 Soon/05 Sad Song/06 Free/07 Drag On Forever/08 Take Another Look/09 It's Only/10 Hits Me

JUST WHAT I NEEDED DISC 1-01 Just What I Needed/02 My Best Friend's Girl/03 Good Times Roll/04 You're All I've Got Tonight/05 Don't Cha Stop/06 Moving In Stereo/07 Take Me Now (previously unreleased)/08 Cool Fool (previously unreleased)/09 Let's Go/10 Candy-O/11 Dangerous Type/12 Double Life/13 Got a Lot On My Head/14 It's All I Can Do/15 Night Spots (original demo version)/16 Slipaway (previously unreleased)/17 That's It (B Side)/18 Panorama/19 Gimme Some Slack/20 Don't Go to Pieces

JUST WHAT I NEEDED DISC 2-01 Touch and Go/02 Don't Tell me No/03 Shake it Up/04 Since You're
Gone/05 I'm not the One/06 Cruiser/07 The Little Black Egg (previously unreleased)/08 Funtime (previously unreleased)/09 You Might Think/10 Drive/11 Magic/12 Hello Again/13 Why Can't I Have You/14 Breakaway (B Side)/15 Tonight She Comes/16 You Are the Girl/17 Strap Me In/18 Door To Door/19 Leave Or Stay (1977 demo version)/20 Ta Ta Wayo Wayo (1977 demo version)

OK, a few odds and ends for you to investigate and keep you Cars fans busy until (either later today or tomorrow) when I begin putting up the treasure trove of live shows and other surprises!

Lesbians on Ecstasy

From Montreal Canada, this band was part of the Le Tigre circle of gay/lesbian bands that circulated in the early 2000's. They made a couple of other discs that I've never been able to locate, this is their debut and worth a listen. It's kind of electropunk, ala Le Tigre, with a lot of references to various other performers...."Parachute Clubbing" is a take on Parachute Club's "Rise Up" for example, "Pleasure Principal" is a response to Rough Trade's "High School Confidential", there are also references to stuff by Melissa Etheridge and KD Lang.....most notable, however, is "Bitchsy", which was used on the TV series "Queer as Folk" during the 2005 season of that show.....the song makes reference to "All Women Are Bitches" by Fifth Column.

I don't recall where I got this one from, but it's not too bad, if you like Le Tigre and stuff like that. I have no idea what their subsequent albums sound like, my best guess is that perhaps a bit of the novelty wears off, but that is just a guess.....after all, Le Tigre released a handful of great and intelligent albums exploring the bands sexuality, perhaps this band could, as well.

LESBIANS ON ECSTASY-01 Intro/02 Parachute Clubbing/03 Tell me Does She Love the Bass/04 Pleasure Principle/05 Kundtant Kroving/06 Bitchsy/07 Closer to the Dark/08 Queens of Noise (Bring Da Bunny)/09 Revolt/10 Summer Luv/11 Manipulation/12 Superdyke! (live)


Straight outta Barcelos Portugal comes Killimanjaro, who cranked out (at least) a pair of good old-fashioned power trio hard rock.....almost impossible to find any information on them, except that this album (self titled debut) came out in 2011, the follow up "Hook", which I don't have and haven't heard, came out in 2014....some fairly nondescript vocals here (English), but some fairly speedy guitars and bass, in particular on the title track instrumental. Really all of it is worth a listen, I wonder if they grew any on album #2, but for now, this one is certainly listenable.

KILLIMANJARO-01 Prayer/02 Uncle Pope/03 Burning/04 Empty/05 I'll Go By Foot/06 Killimanjaro/07 Everything Can Be a Lie

Malignus Youth

This one is fairly rare, the self titled debut EP from Malingus Youth who hailed from Sierra Vista Arizona. Fast tempo'd hard core punk, I know they released at least one full length (read about it) on which they flesh out their sound with more complex song structures and vocal trade offs, but here we have the raw skin and bones of their minimalistic sound. The band consisted of guitarist/vocalist James Martin, vocalist Octavio Olaje, bassist/vocalist Tom Shelden, and drummer/vocalist Mike Armenta....I think I picked this up when seeing them play in a bar in Arizona year ago, was amazed that they actually had further releases......anyone (maybe in AZ?) have a copy of one of them?

As for this one, speedy, pounding songs that recall maybe The Ramones (only faster!) and a vocal style that is perhaps not unlike Jello Biafra's faster rants in the Dead Kennedys ("Drug Me", for example).......hey, it's rare, it's interesting, and if you don't like it I'd say it is less than ten minutes in total length!

MALIGNUS YOUTH-01 Malignus Youth/02 I Think I Know/03 Go Ahead/04 Again/05 So This Is Life/06 In These Thoughts/07 Power Trip/08 The Only Unknown