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Richard & Linda Thompson "Shoot Out the Lights"

This is one of my favorite of all albums, I was never a fan of the type of celtic/folkish stuff that Richard Thompson did with Fairport Convention....however, here is the skinny....."Shoot Out the Lights" is one of the greatest albums ever released, any genre, an era, period.

This is an absolutely brilliant statement about the diffiuclties of marriage and of love, but to describe it in such terms is to underrate it tremendously.......I am NOT a fan, in particular, of Richard's previous work, making it all the more stunning that this album would EASILLY rank as one of my top 20 releases, ever, by anyone.

What, really, can I say? The songwriting is brilliant.....Richards guitar work is beyond incredible, as are Linda's vocals....."Walking on a Wire", "The Back Street Slide", the title track, "Did She Jump or Was She Pushed?", and, in particular for me, "The Wall of Death" are stone cold classics, not exactly "rock n roll" classics, but classics of MUSIC, among the greatest ever recorded....you'll have to just pop this on and listen to it when you get the chance, this is an album I place with "Forever Changes", "Nevermind", "The Clash", "Blonde on Blonde"...........are you getting the idea? This is an INCREDIBLE, brilliant album, even though outside my realm of general listenership, I still fined it amazing on each aned EVERY single listen.....what more can I say? Hurry up before you die without hearing this piece of brilliance.

SHOOT OUT THE LIGHTS-01 Don't Renege On Our Love/02 Walking on a Wire/03 man In Need/04 Just the Motion/05 Shoot Out the Lights/06 Back Street Slide/07 Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed?/08 Wall of Death/09 Living In Luxury (bonus track)

This is one of the greatest albums ever recorded, please do not show it disrespect......sometimes I put up shit for us to laugh at, The Shaggs or Nimoy, or whatever, this is the opposite end of the spectrum......you guys know that the Big Guy has around 200000 CD's, right? Well, this is without question on of my ten favorites......does that intrigue you? It's not a "rocker", but it's just so fucking BRILLIANT that I can't imagine not naming it as one of my VERY favorites


From Long Island, this was yet another of those forgotten early 1970's bands that did so much to bridge the gap between eras, leaving in it's wake this one fantastic psych/prog LP that likely you have not heard, but without question should.

Valhalla were guitarist Don Krantz, bassist Rick Ambrose, drummer Eddie Livingstone, percussionist/vocalist  Bob Huling, and vocalist/keyboardist Mark Mangold. Although this is (in my eyes at least) a fairly forgotten effort, I think you'd better give it a listen if you are up for some Procol Harum/Deep Purple-type keyboard driven psychedelia.......this is a fine album, and if it's forgotten by 90 percent of the world (more than that, I'd assume), well, that ain't MY problem.......

VALHALLA-01 hard Times/02 Conceit/03 ladies In Waiting/04 I'm Not Askin'/05 Deacon/06 Heads Are Free/07 Roof Top Man/08 JBT/09 Conversation/10 Overseas Symphony

Did I ever Mention how much I'd love to eat/fuck Drew Barrymore?

Maybe I have, and maybe I haven't,but while I have been so hard at work putting these great pieces
of literature for you all, I can't help but think about Drew showing up at my home with flat tire or needing a cell phone or something.......I know lotsa people don't like her, and OH FUCKING WELL.....I would chew the crotch out of that woman's jeans, just to get to the target, nad then I'd flip her over and chew the asshole out just cause I LOVE ME SOME DREW BARRYMORE.......she iis, for, me, one of those "Anytime, anyplace" godesses, and I would just like Drew to understand right now,at this moment, that ANYtime she needs a good fucking, a good round of oral, or just someone to serve her every need, i am here!! Drew you are too gorgeous for the written word my love.

For pictures of my beloved Mistress, please look here and appreciate the religious experience


Cream, Part 2

OK, we're gonna get on to "CREAM", not just Cream......known for their monster jams on the stage, seen
live I will bet this was an thrilling experience, on record, it no question has it's moments, however, it can at times be damn near unbearabale, also.....Baker, in particular, but the other two were guilty as well as they went on and on and on and on ins some of the longest free-form jams you'll ever hear. Some people will consider this sacreligious myself, I DO like a lot of the music of Cream, but the nexis of their career was their onstage wrok, so shouldn't they be evaluated for that as well? So, I have a bunch of this stuff, a lot of overlap here that I'm not going to try to seperate, if dates/locales are not spelled out, not much I can do, so you may wind up with identical versions of a tune or two......mea culpa.

The early efforts gave us a preview of what we were in  for, "Live Cream" and "Live Cream 2" have some moments, in particular "NSU" and "Sleepy Time Time" from the first one, and "Tales of Brave Ulysses" on two, their great blues-pop stuff could really come to life sometimes, when they didn't try to slip a 20 minute jam  in the middle of it ("Sweet Wine")......still, these albums are recommended, early-on (1967-8) and are full of good moments that WAY outnumber the bad.

OK, next up, prepare for some doubling up, don't know how else to lay this one out there....this is the four-disc box set "Those Were the Days".......it duplicates most of Fresh, Disraeli, Wheels (studio cuts), and "Goodbye" (studio cuts) on the first two discs.....I am uncluding them for the single-only releases, the alternated takes, the demos, and etc, not wishing to reprogram, that is not my favored way of doing things unless I REALLY have to. The second two discs here are loaded with more Live stuff, explosive and boring both, and, disappointingly, many of the tracks here are ALSO from sources we have already touched upon.....the reason to have this would be there are also some live tracks that are available only here....this could EASILLY be pared down to a 1-Disc "Best of Cream" by eliminataing all the duplicate material, someone want to do that for me as a project? Just SO MUCH stuff in their career was pressed MANY times......

MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better is the fine BBC sessions, all fresh, new material and also stacked with
interviews from the broadcasts......I will include that one today as well.....a bit more leary, I am, about posting the 2005 Royal Albert Hall reunion set, you know I generally hate this stuff, but I hadn't heard it and I wanted to know if they would try to duplicate thier old sound, or try to (gag) modernize it.......feel free to judge for yourself, you can take them as you see fit.

I will wrap this up tomorrow with some fine and rare bootlegs and maybe another rarity or two, we shall see then.....for now, here's the goods, sorry about all the duplications but I don't usually like to reprogram work that is presented as it was intended to be heard, even if it's stupid (remember that idiotic UFO box set? GEEEEZ).......ok, comment away, don't forget that i do LOVE listening to Cream sometimes, I just think the memory of them is a bit clouded, thier thin studio catalouge and their tendency to wander and ramble on stage (I know it was thier "thing", but in my view it costed them a point or two.

Some little harder to find stuff tomorrow, though, so check those out.

LIVE CREAM-01 NSU/02 Sleepy Time Time/03 Sweet Wine/04 Rollin and Tumblin/05 Hey Lawdy Mama (Studio)

LIVE CREAM VOLUME 2-01 Deserted Cities of the Heart/02 White Room/03 Politician/04 Tales of Brave Ulysses/05 Sunshine of Your Love/06 Steppin Out

THOSE WERE THE DAYS DISC 1-01 Wrapping Paper (non-LP Single) (tracks 2-12 from "Fresh")02 I Feel Free/03 NSU/04 Sleepy Time Time/05 Dreaming/06 Sweet Wine/07 Spoonful/08 Cat's Squirrel/09 Four Until Late/10 Rollin and Tumblin/11 I'm So Glad/12 Toad/13 Lawdy Mama (Previously unreleased studio outtake)/(14-24 taken from Disraeli Gears)-14 Strange Brew/15 Sunshine of Your Love/16 World of pain/17 Dance the Night Away/18 Blue Condition/20 SWLABR/21 We're Going
Wrong/22 Outside Woman Blues/23 Take It Back/14 Mother's Lament

THOSE WERE THE DAYS DISC 2-(Tracks 1-10 taken from Wheels of Fire studio album) 01 White Room/02 Sitting On Top of the World/03 Passing the Time/04 As You Said/05 Pressed Rat and Warthog/06 Politician/07 Those Were the Days/08 Born Under a Bad Sign/09 Deserted Cities of the Heart/10 Anyone For Tennis (unreleased  Single) (Tracks 11-13 Taken from "Goodbye") 11 Badge/12 Doin That Scrapyard Thing/13 What a Bringdown/14 The Coffee Song (single)/15 Lawdy Mama (version 2)/16 You Make Me Feel (demo)/17 We're Going Wrong (demo)/18 Hey Now Princess (demo)/19 Swlabr (demo)/20 Weird of Hermiston (demo)/21 The Clearout-demo/22 Falstaff Beer CommercaiTHOSE 

 THOSE WERE THE DAYS DISC 3  (LIVE RECORDINGS) -NSU (previously unrelelased)/02 Sleepy Time Time/03 Rollin and Tumblin/04 Crossroads/05 Spoonful/06 Tales of Brave Ulysses/07 Sunshine of Your Love/08 Sweet Wine

THOSE WERE THE DAYS DISC 4-(Live Recordings)-01 White Room/02 Politician/03 I'm So Glad/04 Sitting On Top of the World/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad (previously unreleased EXTENDED version)/08 Deserted Cities of the Heart/09 Sunshine of your Love (Recorded for Glen Campbell TV Show)

BBC SESSIONS-01 Sweet Wine/02 Clapton Interview/03 Wrapping paper/04 Rollin and Tumblin/05 Steppin Out/06 Crossroads/07 Cat's Squirrel/08 Traintime/09 I'm So Glad/10 Lawdy Mama/11 Clapton Interview 2/12 I Feel Free/13 NSU/14 Four Until late/15 Strange Brew/16 Clapton Interview 3/17 Tales of Brave Ulysses/18We're Going Wrong/19 Clapton Interview 4/20 Born Under a bad Sign/21 Outside Woman Blues/22Take it Back/23 Sunshine of Your Love/24 Politician/25 SWLABR/26 Steppin Out

ROYAL ALBERT HALL 2005-DISC 1-01 I'm So Glad/02 Spoonful/03 outside Woman Blues/04 Pressed
Rat and Warthog/05 Sleepy Time Time/06 NSU/07 Badge/08 Politician/09 Sweet Wine/10 Rollin andTumblin/11 Stormy Monday/12 Deserted Series of the Heart

ROYAL ALBERT 2005 DISC 2-01 Born Under a Bad Sign/02 We're Going Wrong/03 Crossroads/04 White Room/05 Toad/06 Sunshine of Your Love/07 Sleepy Time Time

Again, likely take a while to get these links up, there are many and they are FLAC, so, do the math...

And, joy of joys, I located a special "interviews" disc to go with the Albert Hall set.......see cmments section of Part 2......this post has been a pain in my ass, but let's due it up RIGHT!

Some submissions from outside on a Monday........

Didn't post over the weekend, sorry, sometimes I just need a break for a day or two, even being
retired (LOOKING for a damn job though, I am so damn bored)......I have a few submissions and odds and ends I think I'll put up for today, let us see what you think.

First, I recieved a very nice email from David Dietze of the band Marytre, whom I did a post on a year or so ago, they are quite good, Nirvana-style grunge stuff, (what ever could be wrong with THAT?).....anyway, they have a new single/video out and they as that I share it with you, which I am certainly glad to do......if you check it, be sure and go back and check their album which (I assume) is still available. This is a YouTube link, the song is called "That Much Is Certain", these seem like (from the email chats I've had with them etc), like a bunch of great guys, and I do love me some Nirvana-style grunge every day of the week.....



Next up I received a submission from a band called Kiss Is Kill for thier new album "Imposter Syndrome",  they are a sort of techno-metal outfit, I HAVE checked this out and it is not bad at all, you can access their new album as follows:

use thier bandcamp link


and then use code 


as with all start up type bands, it's imperative that we listen to them......if we like them we SAY SO and share them, if we don't care for them, we be honest about that as well.......I think this is a decent band, kind of remind me maybe of Chemlab or something like that, do you have nothing better to do than to review a free album? it does rock out hard, too trust me


And as great as it always is to hear from my brother Dave Sez, here are a couple of links I've posted before from Linton Kwesi Johnson, in case my blog has gained some new reggae fans thanks to the greatness of contributor Cliff.........remember these are from the great Dave Sez, so issue thanks to the proper party......




Dave Sez is without a doubt the greatest human being on the planet when it comes to his generosity!


I have a couple more soundtrack links from Brian that I'll put up later tonight or tomorrow, for those whom have asked about Brian and his blog, I will just say he is taking some time away from it and we will see what happens. That's really all I can or need to say about that, he's a good friend and a great contributor, hopefully we will see some of his work again soon (I will say that "Swans" thing was nothing short of EPIC)

Anyway, I'll probably post again later this evening, not sure what we'll go with, I just found some Soviet Punk, maybe that, or maybe some total other direction.......I DO try to keep it fresh and varied, but do me this favor and check Marytre and Kiss Is Kill, they are out there JUST WANTING TO BE HEARD BY YOUR EARS.........I want up and comers to contribute here, and I will continue to post whatever they wish to send me........PLEASE give them a listen and submit your (HONEST) critique of them.

Trojan Tribute to the Beatles

Since my friend Cliff has veered us in a slight reggae direction, I thought maybe some of you might
enjoy this one.....not from my collection (it's in there NOW) I found this on the Bay, listened to it yesterday and found it to be great.......what we have here is three discs of Beatles tunes, reworked by some various giants and semi giants of reggae.......somewhat "gimmicky", I suppose, but, I will tell you I enjoyed this thoroughly, actually listened to all three discs, lets see what YOU think........

OK, I wish Cliff was sitting beside me right now to feed me information, I am, admittedly, FAR from a reggae expert, but I thik I know my Beatles shit pretty well, and some of these tunes transfer in a pretty awesome manner.......btw that is how we know GREAT music, to a degree, it can be interpreted so many different ways and STILL sound great, that is what this set is about.

The programming is kind of odd, in that quite a few times the same song will appear back-to-back by different artists, in general, one version is vocal, the other a dub/instrumental, which is for emphasis as is done in standard reggae/dub........for me it works......Disc 1, for example, has back to back versions of "Yesterday" (by Joe White and by the Flame All Stars), "You Won't See Me" (by Ernest Ranglin and by Ernie Smith), and "Hey Jude" (by John Holt and by The Dynamites").......personally, I really liked the Crystalites'"Lady Madonna" and BB Seaton's "Eleanor Rigby", but PLEASE give this a shot if unfamiliar (as I was), I find it quite remarkable.

On disc 2 the "back to back" thing stops, and there is some GREAT shit on here.....there is some "post-Beatles" stuff here (Wings, Lennon/Ono stuff, etc), but the theme holds together nonetheless, I like Anonymously Yours' take on "Get Back", Sharon Forrester's take on "Here Comes the Sun", and Byron Lee and the Dragonaires awesome take on "Live and Let Die"........this will be like entering another world for you if you are not familiar with this stuff (as I wasn't), but, really, this is an innovative, entertaining, and damned unique three-disc set.

The third disc is the most "out there", so to speak, leading off with The Black Beatles "Reggae and Shout", the legendary Desmond Dekker taking on "Blackbird", and a fine "My Sweet Lord" by Freddie Notes & the Rudies whom I had never heard of until I played this track.

OK, you obviously get the idea here......if you like the Beatles OR reggae, this is gonna be fun for you, as it was for me (I happen to like both), if not, hell, I'll get some death metal or something up in the next few days for ya, capice?

DISC 1-GLEN ADAMS-I Wanna Hold Your hand/02 PAT KELLY-Hard Days Night/03 BYRON
LEE & THE DRAGONIARES-And I Love Her/04 THE NOW GENERATION-You Never Know (I'll Be Back)/05 JOE WHITE-Yesterday/06 THE FLAME ALL STARS-Yesterday (Instrumental)/07 WILLIE LINDO-Norwegian Wood/08 ERNEST RANGLIN-You Won't See Me (instrumental)/09 ERNIE SMITH -You Won't See Me/10 JOE WHITE-If I Needed Somebody/11 BB SEATON-Eleanor Rigby/12 DON CARLOS-Hello Goodbye/13 THE CRYSTALITES-Lady Madonna/14 JOHN HOLT-Hey Jude/15 THE DYNAMITES-Hey jude (Instrumental)/16 KEN LAZARUS-Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da/17 THE PARAGONS/ROSALYN SWEAT-Blackbird

DISC 2-01 JOHN HOLT-I Will/02 ANONYMOUSLY YOURS-Get Back/03 MARCIA GRIFFITHS-Don't Let Me Down (instrumental)/04 THE HARRY J ALL STARS-Don't Let Me Down/05 THE MAYTALS-Give Peace a Chance/06 THE BLUES BUSTERS-Something/07 SHARON FORRESTER-Here Comes the Sun/08 DOBBY DOBSON-Carry That Weight/09 NICKY THOMAS-Let It Be//10 THE UPSETTERS (FEATURING THE SOULETTES)-Let It Be/11 KEITH LYNN & THE SPM'S & BYRON LEE & THE DRAGONAIRES-My Sweet Lord/12 JOHN HOLT-Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/13 KEN BOOTHE-My Love/14 BYRON LEE & THE DRAGONAIRES-Live and Let Die/15 THE TECHNIQUES-World Without Love/16 KING KOUCHI & THE TECHNIQUES-Show Me Your Motion (World Without Love Version)/17 KEN LAZARUS-Come and Get It

DISC 03-01 THE BLACK BEATLES-Reggae and Shout/02 ALTON ELLIS-And I Love Her/03
 DANDY LIVINGSTONE-Yesterday/04 JACKIE ROBINSON- In My Life/05 THE PIONEER ALL STARS-In My Life/06 RICO RODRIGUEZ/THE RUDIES-Hey Jude/07 JOYCE BOND-Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da/08 DESMOND DEKKER-Blackbird/ 09 THE ISREALITES- Come Together/10 SUSAN CADOGAN-Something-11 DAWN PENN-Here Comes the Sun/12 NICKY THOMAS-Isn't It a Pity!/13 FREDDIE NOTES & THE RUDIES-My Sweet Lord/14 TT ROSS-Imagine/15 DEL DAVIS-A World Without Love/16 THE JOHNNY ARTHEY ORCHESTRA- A World Without Love

OK, lovers, this is a bit different from the stuff I USUALLY post, but as you know i STRIVE to be different......this is a real kick ass set, maybe some of you won't agree, but it is what it is......this is one that needs to be heard by fans of (I can't believe I'm saying this) The Beatles OR reggae........so, here you go, and I expect you hosers to comment on it as well!


Thought before I hit the bed I'd throw up another under appreciated late-60's psych gem, this time from Kak from San Francisco, Kak were bassist/singer Joseph Damrell, guitarist/singer Gary Lee Yoder, guitarist/singer Dehner E  Patten, and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Lockheed.

This is NOT a classic, what it is is a forgotten album that would remind one of Moby Grape (especially) or the Grateful Dead.......it's a piece of lost 60's psych that a lot of folks have never heard, so, why might I not just throw it up tonight before I go to bed? May as well, I suppose......if you like this kind of late-60's Dead/Grape influenced psych, you'll love this, if not, well, there's always tomorrow.........give this a shot, it's nearly TOTALLY forgotten, let's see if you think that is deserved or not.....

KAK-01 Hco96758/02 Everything's Changing/03 Electric Sailor /04 Disbelievin'/05 I've Got Time/06  Flowing By/07 Bryte N Clear Day/08 Triuloegy/09 Lemonade Kid

Yes, I know there is an extended version with ten or so "bonus" tracks, but, get this, THIS IS THE ONE I HAVE, so here's what you're getting.......if one of you folks have the "deluxe" edition, please share it with us and we'll ALL be thrilled!

Do not forget May 1 is my birthday......

Of course I'd love you bad girls to entice me, but let's be realistic........I'd love it if some of the minions would post-Up something different/unusual that we could share with the world, but. If not, just a "happy 53d" would really make me happy........Of course if any of you fine female readers would like to come sit on my face, that would be great as well.....Of course you know that's just my retarded sense of humor, but please...if you have something awesome to contribute on this, my birthday week, I hope you truly will do so!
See ya tomorrow and you know I love all you guys and ((especially) gals....have a great Tuesday and I will talk to you tomorrow sometime....love you Ll as Lways .

Cream Part 5

This post has been a royal pain in the ass, from having to convert FLAC files to tiny slivers, to accidently
deleting post text TWICE and having to write it over, to thinking it was DONE just as I found cache of alubms rare enough, that I felt it was necessary to post.......but, anyway, hope you cream fans DO enjoy it, there is some rare and quality stuff here, and it's not been all THAT bad!

OK, last post........we have two practically ancient issues, 1966's "Live at Klooks", and 1967's "Live at Ricky Tick's, both sound like they were recorded in front of 50 people, and maybe were, good early version of their standards.

Next up, a 2 disc set of 1966 of outtakes and remasters, both discs (1 is from BBC recordings) are chalk full of interesting gems, interviews and etc. Cream fans, enjoy, others (I am quickly becoming "others" after this post!), flee!

From 1968, we have a wonderful, 2 disc "Live at the Fillmore", by now they were indulging in the LOOOOOOOONG stuff, the 17 minute "NSU" that opens the set is a highlight for me.....

From Waltham Mass, 1967, another double disc chock full of extended versions of our favorites......it's a fine effort, as are these others, should this be up your alley.

The road goes on forever, but the setlist remains the same, on 1967's "Grande ballroom, Detroit", (remember when I said I couldn't find the other disc of this one.....well, found it!)

A Couple of European releases up next.......singles discs, these, first......"England, Oct. Nov. 1967", followed by "Stockholm Sweden, 1967".......again, set lists so similar I'll wait till I list them below.....

The Backbay Theater (Winterland) gives us two more discs of extended slam-o, jam-o matics, the firt disc
has but THREE tracks! Anyway, I'm aiming for completeness here, can'twait to see how many of you actually download ALL of these (I guess I DID at one time or another).

To top this off, two discs from "The Final USA Tour", two discs of remasters from "California Days"......if there's anything I've omitted and I'm sure there is, feel free to add it, Cream had an enormous collection of music both legit, and bootleg, I'm not sure you'd wanna listen back to back to all of em, but here they are, just in case here are the set lists for this post, hope you enjoyed this one A LOT MORE than I did compiling it.

1966 LIVE AT KLOOKS-01 Stepping Out/02 Sweet Wine/03 Meet Me In the Bottom/04 NSU/05 Hey Lawdy mama/06 Sleepy Time Time/07 Crossroads/09 Stepping Out/10 Traintime/11 Toad/12 I'm So Glad

1967 LIVE AT RICKY TICK-01 Sunshine of Your Love/02 Hey Lawdy Mama/03 Sweet Wine/04 Rollin and Tumblin/05 Spoonful/06 Sitting On Top of the World/07 Toad

 CD 1-OUTTAKES AND ALTERNATES 1966 RAYRIK STUDIOS-01 Beauty Queen/02 Coffee Song/03 You Make Me Feel/04 Wrapping paper/05 Wrapping Paper/06 Cat's Squirrel/07 Cat's Squirrel/08 I Feel Free/09 I Feel Free/10 I Feel Free/11 Sweet Wine/12 Sweet Wine/13 Sweet Wine/14 Sweet Wine/15 Sleepy Time Time/16 Four Until Late/17 Rollin and Tumblin/18 Toad/19 I'm So Glad/20 Intro/21 Wrapping Paper/22 Intro/23 Stepping Out/24 Intro/25 Traintime/26 I'm So Glad

CD 2-OUTTAKES THE BBC-01 Interview/02 I Feel Free/03 NSU/04 Intro/05 Sweet Wine/06 Outro/07
Sleepy Time Time/08 Intro/09 Cat's Squirrel/10 Four Until Late/11 I'm So Glad/12 Rollin and Tumblin/13 Toad/14 Traintime/15 La La Song/16 Singalong/17 Tuba Tube/18 Spike's Theme/19 Blue Moon/20 Polonaise Jam/21 Bararelhouse Blues/22 White Room/23 Falstaff Beer/24 Falstaff Bee5/25 Interview/26 Born Under a Bad Sign/27 Anyone For Tennis/28 Pressed Rat And Warthog/29 Politician/30 White Room/31 On Top of the World

FILLMORE THEATER 3/3/68 DISC 1-01 NSU/02 Politician/03 Shunshine of Your Love/04 I'm So Glad/05 Stepping Out

FILLMORE THEATER 3/3/68 DISC 02-01 Tales of Brave Ulysses/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 NSU/04 Lawdy Mama/05 Sweet Wine/06 Spoonful/07 Sleepy Time Time/08 Stepping Out

BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY-WALTHAM MA 9/10/67 DISC 1-01 Tales of Brave Ulysses/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 NSU/04 Sitting On Top  of the World

BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY WALTHAM MA 9/10 /67 DISC 2-01 Stepping Out/02 Traintime/04 Spoonful/05 Sweet Wine/06 Tales of Brave Ulysses/07 Sunshine of Your Love/08 Toad

GRANDE BALLROOM DETROIT OCT 1967 DISC 1-01 Tales of Braave Ulysses/02 NSU/03 Sitting On Top of the World/04 Sweet Wine/05 Rollin and Tumblin

GRANDE BALLROOM DETROIT OCT 1967 DISC 2-01 Spoonful/02 Stepping Out/03 Traintime/04 Toad/05 I'm So Glad

LIVE IN EUROPE 1967-01 Tales of Brave Ulysess/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 We're Going Wrong/04 Spoonful/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad/08 I'm So Glad

STOCKHOLM SWEDEN 11/14/67-01 Introduction/02 Tales of Brave Ulysses/03 Sunshine of Your Love/04 Sleepy Time Time/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad/08 I'm So Glad/09 Spoonful

BACKBAY THEATER WINTERLAND DISC 1-01 Sunshine of Your Love/02 Spoonful/03 Sleeepy
Time Time

BACKBAY THEATER WINTERLAND DISC 2-01 Traintime/02 Toad/03 Sunshine of Your Love/04 We're Going Wrong/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad

FINAL US TOUR DISC 1-01 White Room/02 Politician/03 Crossroads/04 Sunshine of Your Love/05 Spoonful/06 Deserted Cities of the Heart/07 Passing the Time/08 I'm So Glad

FINAL US TOUR DISC 2-01 White Room/02 Politician/03 Sunshine of Your Love/04 Traintime/05 Toad/06 Spoonful

CALIFORNIA DAYS DISC 1-01 Spoonful/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 Rollin and Tumblin/04 Steppin Out/05 Toad/06 I'm So Glad/06 Sunshine of Your Love/07 Sunshine of Your Love/08 Sunshine of Your Love

CALIFORNIA DAYS DISC 2-01 Tales of Brave Ulysses/02 Sunshine of
Your Love/03 I'm So Glad/04 Sitting On Top of the World/05 Stepping Out/06 Traintime/07 Toad

And that is that........comments? I have a few but  I'll keep em to myelf!

Soviet Punk Anthology 1980-91

Found on the Bay and presented pretty much for the variety/novelty/curiosity/weirdness factors,
here is a 36-track set, the title pretty much says it all.....no one here I was previously familiar with, and, to be quite honest, nothing that really floored me or anything. The vocals are pretty much hilarious for the most part, they really DO sound like Boris and Natasha from Bullwinkle, and the music runs the spectrum, some metal/grunge-type stuff here as well......not going to point out any "favorite" tracks or anything, because, really, I didn't have any, and it's going to take me long enough to type the whole list anyway.......you know already if you are interested in this, it's "better" than the Soviet METAL comp I posted a while back, at least it's more amusing to listen to. Take it or leave it, up to thou! The titles are thoughtfully translated to English thankfully, adding to the unintentional humor factor ("Have Fun, Old Woman", "Walking On Broken Bottles", "Strange Drunken Boy").....oh lighten up, you know it's pretty funny if you listen to it.

If you are seriously interested, these are basically sequenced fairly chronologically, the first disc spanning 1980-88, the second covering 1988-91, and for this I give the producer props, I often dislike the haphazard sequencing on comps of this type.

By the way I forgot to split the damn RAR into discs, generally I do, but I haven't even burned this one to disc yet, so there ya be........just follow the numbers below and you will be fine!

Propeller-Punker/03 FUTBOL-Dedication To Port #33/04 KOPLI OTELL-Veteran/05 AQUARIUM-Ashes/06 GENERATOR M-Divergent/07 ZOOPARK-Suburban Blues/08 DK-Comrade, Believe!/09 OSAKOND-Monitus/10 KINO-Anarchy/11 PRODIGOV NURKENA-Strange Drunken Boy/12 ANONUEUMNE AK-Mia/13 ANTIS-Kada Kada/14 RETSEPI-Mashin Imedi Kverba/15 AVTOMATICHESKI UDOVLETVORITELI-Summer (Live)/16 VENNASKOND-Par Korgel/17 BRIGADNYI PODRAJAD-Dengi/18 J.M.K.E.-Hello Perestroika

SOVIET PUNK ANTHOLOGY 1980-91 DISC 2-01 IGRY-I Am No One/02 GRASCHDANSKAJA OBORONA-2nd Echelon/03 NAC DILON APSEDIES-Ringolds/04 CHUDO JUDO-Quasimodo/05 OBJEKT NASMASHEK-Punk Rock/06 ANNA VANNA KAPEC-Unknown Title/07 JANKA-By the Team Rails/08 JUGO-ZAPAAD-Walking on Broken Bottles/09 VOPLI VIDOPLJAROYA-Ugaga/10 NAIVE-Tanka-Punka/11 ASCARIDARIDA-Our namea, Ascaridaarida/12 O.M.O.N.-Perversions/13 DISTEMPER-Me and Raj/14 NARASNAJA JUNCAT-Moron/15 ROCK n ROLL & KOBA-Have Fun Old Woman/16 NARODNOJE OPOLCHENIE-Resident/17 VABANK-At the Dacha/18 OUTRO

The Groke

I apologize to whomever sent me this, I seem to have lost the information, no big thing though as this is also available for streaming on Bandcamp. From Finland comes The Groke, who, are a competent, workmanlike "stoner rock" band, I use the quote marks because I think that is a terminology, ala "grunge" or "glitter" which it is about time to file away in the dictionary of history.

Not that there's anything wrong with the disc, I just (as an absolute lover of the genre) think that it is unlikely that any new ground is going to be broken in it.......just like punk, or grunge, or glitter/glam, or whatever........if you see what I'm trying to say........I guess we just have to wait for the next "scene" that grabs us.......nonetheless, I DO still enjoy decent new stuff in ALL the above mentioned genres, The Groke are no exception.....perfectly competent stoner stuff ala maybe Kyuss or Queens of the Stone Age.........the album is Monstrorum Historia, and titles like "Astronomy Divine" and "Tequila Sunset"/"Tequila Moonrise" certainly suggest that they might have just heard a QOTSA album or two in thier day.

They previously were known as "Madhatter" and released an EP "A Touch of Red" in 2012 before changing their moniker to The Groke. Made up of guitarists Jesse Heikkinen and Juho Tormala, keyboardist Joonas Karjalainen, bassist Petri Henell, and drummer Micah Heinonen, pretty simple, if you are a fan of the genre you will find this worth a listen

MONSTRORUM HISTORIA-01 Monstrorum/02 Parasite/03 Astronomy Divine/04 Delirium/05 Tequila Sunset/06 Blind Eyes/07 Another Strange Me/08 Racontuer/09 Ain't Worth a Dime/10 End of the Fear/11 Tequila Moonrise


Had forgotten all about this one, we used to play the shit out of it. Assembeled by the San Francisco punk mag, "Maximum Rock n Roll" (actually still have a few old copies around here somewhere, would be a great scan I oughta do at some point.......btw anyone have any scans of classic Trouser Press, New York Rocker, or Creem, ca. early 1980's.......man that shit was GREAT, definitely one area in which 1980 was FAR better than today), this was intended to raise money for anti-nuke causes.....don't know, truthfully, how THAT ever worked out, but for a 22 year old in 1984 (ah, irony), this was a political bombshell that also rocked like a mofo, with folks like the Dead Kennedys, Crass, Cheetah Chrome & the Motherfuckers and many more, obviously this was not a GOP fundraiser.....a good portion of the planet is represented here, also, as this is a 60-track mammoth release on 2 discs, I'm cheating, I have a vinyl rip but it sounds like shit because by vinyl copy went through such punishment before I did the rip, I figured maybe finding a fresh digital copy might be better for blogging purposes. The "P.E.A.C.E." on the title stood for Peace, Energy, Action, Cooperation, Evolution.......actually in 2014 this works on a couple of levels because the arrogant pretentiousness of most of this work is quite dated and amusing, besides the fact that there is some great hardcore stuff here, and, as said before, from LOTS of corners of the world.

So, to touch on a highlight or two, the first disc (the "peace" disc) we get leftist representation from, among others, Japan (GISM), Italy (Wretched), Sweden (Mob 47), and of course Crass from the UK (trying to recall if I've ever done a Crass post, I don't think I have, they were certainly interesting at the very least), among a slew of USA bands such as the Dicks, The Offenders, ODFX and others.

The second disc, the "war" disc, includes a few well known bands such as the Dead Kennedys, Butthole Surfers, the UK Subs, and Reagan Youth, sprinkled among some other gems such as Millions of Dead Cops, Wargasm, Impact, and the Subhumans. If you are close to my age and have forgotten about this one, it'll be like a little Christmas present for ya, if it's "new" stuff to you, well, yeah, in fact, we DID take this stuff seriously, what of it?!?

I've included the country of origin for each act here because I think it's incredible that they managed to
round up such a broad variety of them. Please comment if this sparks a memory or has you breaking out your old safety pins (yes, i REALLY did that too).

PEACE DISC-01 ARTICLES OF FAITH (USA)-Up Against a Wall/02 GISM (Japan)-Endless Blockades For the Pussyfooter/03 NEON CHRIST (USA)-Ashes to Ashes/04 KALASHNIKOV (Denmark)-Schluter's Kabinet/05 CAUSE FOR ALARM (USA)-Time Will Tell/06 LOCAL DISTURBANCE (Netherlands)-No USA/07 UNWARRANTED TRUST (Canada)-Honour's Calling/08 WRETCHED (Italy)-Mai Arrenders!/09 ODFX (USA)-Drop the A-Bomb on Me/10 THE AFFLICTED (USA)-Here Come the Cops/11 DECLINO (Italy)-Inutile Trionfo/12 THE DICKS (USA)-I Hope You Get Drafted/13 BGK (Netherlands)-Arms Race/14 CRASS (UK)-It's You/15 UPRIGHT CITIZENS (West Germany)-Swasatika Rats/16 FALSE PROPHETS (USA)-Banana Split Republic/17 MOB 47 (Sweden)-Karvapen Attack/18 THE OFFENDERS (USA)-Face Down in the Dirt/19 CONTRAZIONE (Italy)-Sbarre/20 S.C.U.M. (Canada)-So Much Hate/21 LOS VIOLADORES (Argentina)-Viejos Pateticos/22 DEADLOCK (Poland)-Sometimes/23 PPG (USA)-Will It Ever End?/24 TRASH (USA)-Peace of What?/25 VICIOUS CIRCLE (Australia)-Police Brutality/26 CONDEMNED TO DEATH (USA)-Gartland's Pit/27 NEGAZIONE (Italy)-Non Mi Dire/28 DOA (Canada)-America the Beautiful/29 DRI (USA)-Snap/30 PORNO PATROL (West Germany) Jump Back/31 TREASON (USA)-Drop Out/32 SHIT SA (Spain)-Abortos/33 SEPTIC DEATH (USA)-Silence

WAR DISC-01 CHEETAH CHROME & THE MOTHERFUCKERS (Italy)/02 PEGGIO PUNX (Italy)-No Mai/03 THE PROLETARIAT (USA)-An Uneasy Peace/04 CONFLICT (UK)-Bomb/05 THE ICONOCLAST (USA)-Battlefield (Nightmare)/06 PANDEMONIUM (Netherlands)-Pay For Shit/07 DEAD KENNEDYS (USA)-Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round/08 BOSKOPS (West Germany)-Skorbut/09 SUBHUMANS (UK)-Rats/10 THE WHITE LIE (USA)-Peace Officer/11 WARGASM (Netherlands)-R.A.T./Pentagone/12 SLAUGHTERHOUSE 4 (USA)-Four More Hours/13 THE EXECUTE (Japan)-Finale/14 REAGAN YOUTH (USA)-Reagan Youth/15 IMPACT (Italy)-The Man Goes On/16 BUTTHOLE SURFERS (USA)-100 Million People Dead/17 KANGRENA (Spain)-Ataque/18 PORCELAIN FOREHEAD (Canada)-Will Amerika/19 BARELY HUMAN (USA)-No mercy No War/20 RAF PUNK (Italy)-Contro La Pace Contro La Guerra/21 ZENZILE (South Africa)-Moment By Moment/Exiled Shadows/22 MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS (USA)-Missile Destroyed Civilization/23 JACK KILLED JILL (USA)-Walked In Line/24 CORRUPTED IDEAS (USA)-Feeble Attempt/25 CHRIST ON A CRUTCH -Parnoid World Vision/26 UK SUBS(UK)-Postcard From LA/27 ANTI FLAG (USA)-Die For the Government

OK, motherfuckers, this is something of an unearthed "treasure", or "classic" or something (can you
tell I've been drinking heavilly? May 1 is my fucking 53 birthday, as I keep saying, send me presents/money/whatever)........in all seriousness I hope you enjoy this comp it's one that I really did play the fuck out of 30 years ago!

Here is the great Cliff's latest submission

Here is the latest submission from the wonderkind that is Cliff, my great and wonderful friend in the UK.......he is my reggae "go to" guy, compared to him I don't know shit about it, but I appreciate the fuck out of the work that he does to help me out, to be honest, he is so fucking great he should start his own reggae blog, but until he does I am THRILLED that he contributes his fine stuff here.......thanks Cliff, love you like a brother, even though I have never met you, which if you think about it, is one of the highest praises I could give you (unless, of course you were a hot babe, then all bets would be off, of course)....
Dread Inna Inglan Pt.2
As I said last week I would post part 2 of bands that emerged in the UK in the late 70’s – early 80’s; so here you are.
MATUMBI – POINT OF VIEW Matumbi were one of the earliest and most influential British reggae bands but also one of the lesser known. They set out to show that that British reggae could sound as good and be as "rootsy" as Jamaican reggae. Driven by the great Dennis Bovell who built himself a formidable reputation as a musician, producer and sound engineer ‘Point of View’ is a wonderful commercial roots reggae album with tinges of pop. However whilst they had a sound that could crossover they remained firmly rooted in the reggae sound of drum and bass that should please everyone. 
 Track List: 1. Point of View (Squeeze a Little Lovin') 2. Come With Me 3. Blue Beat and Ska 4. Things I Do for You 5. Pretender 6. Guide Us 7. Hook Den 8. Black Civilization 9. Music In the Air 10. All Over the World (Money)

I love the sound of this album; it’s as good as introspective reggae gets. Sadly as their career gathered pace they began to turn towards more a soul/funk based sound, which didn’t really do it for me. However not before they turned out 2 or 3 other quality albums. This was their debut album and displayed some wonderful organic roots reggae. Aswad attempted a fusion of Rastafarianism with social issues that affected the Black populatuion in the hostile environment of the UK at the time which helped produced a sound of their own.  "Concrete Slaveship" is hard-hitting social justice number and the instrumental "Ethiopian Rhapsody" is worth the cost of the album alone
Track List: 1.  I A Rebel Soul, 2: Can't Stand The Pressure, 3: Ethiopian Rhapsody, 4: Natural Progression, 5: Back To Africa, 6: Red Up, 7: Ire Woman, 8: Concrete Slaveship

Forming in 1979 Black Roots didn’t release this, their debut album, until 1983; but it was well worth the wait. No nonsense production, potent messages, strong vocals, and exhilarating music made this album a welcome addition to the British Reggae scene. They may not be as well known as Steel Pulse or Aswad but for me they were the equal of them at the very least. Black Roots probably evoked the sound of late 70’s Jamaican reggae more than other British bands but there was no crime in that.  Stand out tracks for me are  ‘Juvenile Delinquent’, with its compulsive rythmn and at the time spot on message, and the repatriation themed ‘Africa’ with its melancholy guitar lead. 
Track List: 1. The Father 2. Survival 3. Juvenile Delinquent 4. What Them A Do 5. Opportunity 6. Tribal War 7. Africa 8. Move On


I didn’t know whether to include any UB40 or not.There is only one word to describe UB40 and that is SHIT!! Over the years they have churned out some of the most insipid, bland reggae it has been the misfortune foranybody to hear. BUT they debuted with an album that makes you think they were a completely different band then. Tracks like ‘Burden of Shame’, ‘Tyler’, ‘King’ and the anti-Thatcher Madam Medusa carried heartfelt political statements set to fine grooves and echoey dubs. Sadly though despite the decent tracks on this album and also ‘Present Arms’ UB40 went on to  turnout album after  album after album of forgettable crapMy advice to you is to listen to this, ‘Present Arms’  and consign 99% of the rest of the stuff they inflicted upon us to the trash.

Track List: 1.Tyler 2.King 3.12 Bar 4.Burden Of Shame 5.Adella 6.I Think It's Going To Rain Today 7.25% 8.Food For Thought 9.Little By Little 10.Signing Off 11.Madam Medusa 12.Strange Fruit 13.Reefer Madness


Thanks to Cliff for another awesome submission, I will be here as long as you continue to send me this great stuff, no need to worry about a "3-day bender", fuck it, I have at least two of those a week....wish you could be here in the USA to help me celebrate my birthday Friday May 1, but the stuff you send is so great it's like you sent me a gift-wrapped present!

.......Apantabapanta's latest result of hard work for YOU

My dude Apantabapanta is VERY busy compiling this encyclopedia of disbanded rock bands, and yes, my man, I know I owe you a couple albums, by the end of the week you will have them, on this you have my word (I DO keep my word, although I am VERY OFTEN slow about it)
Mar 31, 2015
A first bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
A Flock of Seagulls UK The Best of A Flock of Seagulls 1986 @320
Abacus GER Retrospection 1971-82 2004 @256
(missing no 12 ”Believe in Music.” If someone has it, please post.)
Abstract Truth SA Cool Sounds for Heads 1970 vinyl @143VBR
(first time on the net. If someone has a better album art please post.)
Accolade UK 1 & 2 Highlights 1972 @192
not really a best of, but a collection highlights of bands only two albums.
a) The idea is to know the music of the bands all around the world that their music style is close to – Pop / Rock-Folk / Rock-New / Wave-Punk / Rock-Hard / Rock-Prog / Rock-
b) I’ll try to post 5 bands every week.
c) Some bands have been reformed for example -A Flock of Seagulls- .
d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post I think Willard will agree.
e) Volunteers needed for finding & posting bands starting from letter ‘’B’’.
Next week posts
Ace UK
Acqua Fragile ITA
Adam & the Ants UK
After Tea NET
After The Fire UK
002 apanta
Apr 04, 2015
A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
Post 002
Ace UK How Long The Best of Ace 1988 @320
Acqua Fragile ITA Anthology 1975 @192 not really a best of, but a collection of bands only two albums.
a) The idea is to know the music of the bands all around the world that their music style is close to – Pop / Rock-Folk / Rock-New / Wave-Punk / Rock-Hard / Rock-Prog / Rock
b) I’ll try to post 5 bands every week.
c) Some bands have been reformed.
d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post I think BigScottwill agree.
e) Volunteers needed for finding & posting bands starting from letter ‘’B’’.

Next Week Post 003
Agnes Strange UK
Alabama USA
Alameda SPN
Almendra ARG
Almondegas BR

Some words from Brian


The Story of the Fall, Thoughts On An Obsession, and Plans For the Future

First off, despite the weight of that title, I don't attach any great drama to what happened to the blog here. I've seen more than a few great blogs fall - Mr. Eliminator's first Surfadelic blog or Inferno Music Vault are two examples - and I was a little fish in a big pond.
(No, you can't have it)
First off, the DMCA complaints were about the Monty Python, the Richard Pryor, the Ennio Morricone, and the weekly Zappa posts. Those posts were just thrown into "draft" mode, my Zippyshare account was unaffected. The Carlin was still OK, as well as the very popular Swans posts, but....

I burned it all down, folks. Deleted every damn one. Now I hope to give an explanation why, since I plan on continuing. And hey, at least I didn't leave the posts up for years to frustrate people...

Because of a bug infestation, I've spent the last two weeks inspecting, boxing, and moving my music collection around. We're talking about 1600 separate items between LPs and CDs...small potatoes compared to some, but still something to be proud of. Now that everything is on the surface and I'm listening to my long neglected LPs again, I realized something - I've been pigging out on so much music found online that I'd forgotten to find joy in what I already have. And I've got some wildly eclectic, awesome stuff on LP...those are the pictures you're seeing, by the way. Also, there's my beloved Frankenstein system - a modern Denon automatic turntable running into a ca. 1980 JCPenney home system receiver that powers two 10 inch Infinity studio speakers...
Having music has always been a tactile thing for me, ever since I was a kid with my portable single speaker tape deck and my Whitesnake cassettes. Reading liner notes, enjoying the covers, searching through credits to find familiar names - it's how I learned. And now, acquiring and going through so much awesome stuff at an exponential rate online, I felt not as appreciative of it. I'm happy to finally hear rare stuff I've been looking for, but it's been overload the last year or so. I'm not knocking YOU if all you have is hard drives full of stuff, but it loses some of the luster for me to just have them as names in a computer folder.

But that primarily affects what I'm getting from the internet, and only slightly what I'm giving to it...
Future Plans For the Blog

I could never stop doing this. My whole life I've felt the need to give music to people. If I make a new acquaintance and find out they like this or that, the next thing you know I'm bringing in armfuls of CDs saying "listen to this!" I just want the rest of the world to catch up, you know what I mean?
I set out to do the comedy well, which is very neglected out here in the blogs, and it was very popular. But apparently, it gets hunted down even more than music does. I still plan on putting more comedy out, and some old stuff back up, but not in any "complete" context. It's just painful when that was my main aim, and it was what I was targeted for. But I did feel the need to start with a clean slate, so...
There's gonna be no more complete discography stuff. It's an utter pain in the ass, and except for the comedy stuff it's all been done before. Seriously, if there is a group whose discography you want, and they're not small time, go here -
They have so many complete discographies there, it's insane! Boris, Melvins, Swans, Zappa, Sinatra, John Zorn...it's all there. You have to deal with Uploaded.net, but it's worth the time. And if you're looking to fill some obscure holes, also check here -
You'll have to download songs singly from that site, but it's a good place to fill in gaps. And if it's soundtracks you want, check these two sites...

I will post single albums or small sets of artists or soundtrack I like, but the big old posts are done with. And I'll tell you the last reason...

I was gonna post a bunch of Ken Nordine albums early last week. Then, while grooving to one of his CDs, I sent him an email saying how appreciative I was for his art. Got a kind reply from him the next day, and it made me think: "fuck, this guy is 95 years old, a uniquely gifted artist, and I'm gonna take money out of his pocket?" So, a crisis of conscience, but it came from a good place.
Now, if the artist is dead or the music is rare, that's a different story. I honestly don't give a shit if people's descendants make any money (I'm looking at you, ZFT and Mrs. Pryor). I believe no music should be prohibitively expensive or hard to find, so that is the new focus here. For instance, the complete Python won't come back, but you can bet your ass the 1970 BBC album and the "Hastily Cobbled" bootleg will!
So, a newer focus, and my links and posts will be much more subtle and abbreviated. I won't put titles under the pictures, just the links. Or maybe I will put links in the comments, or maybe the link will be a whole bunch of "£#$¥|%" gobbledygook. I don't know yet. It'll be more disguised, and feature more off-the-radar and rare stuff. I get some international readers, and I definitely want to do some posts that reflect that.
The link to the new blog will be posted by BigScott over on Growing Bored when he copies this. Content will be coming...


Here is the link to the new blog, I'll keep you guys updated when he starts posting stuff again-Scott

Brian's new works and other things

Took a long birthday weekend of and am also trying to concentate more on finding a job than on this, so I'm sure you'll forgive......if last you recall, Brian was starting a new blog, Rustbeltoutpost, and here is his latest ddition to that. It was also on his old blog, I don't recall if I featured it here also or not, but it's tremendous, really, both the film and the musical soundtrack. grab it here, or go there and check it;-

Atomic Cafe Re-post - Now With More Megatons!!!

For those that missed this post the first time out, I'm reposting it on this new blog. For those that downloaded before, scroll on....this is an updated version. For those that're new, an explanation...

The Atomic Cafe is a documentary from 1982. It is assembled from newsreels, safety films, and government footage. It paints a brilliantly satirical portrait of the world's race into the atomic age after WW 2. It's one of the best dark comedies ever made. If you're a fan of "Dr. Strangelove", you must see this.
Castle-Bravo (Largest U.S. Test - 15 Megatons, 1952)

This movie sparked my interest in the early atomic program in our country. It is amazing we didn't blow ourselves up decades ago. Here is the whole film on YouTube -

And if you haven't seen it, I'd also recommend looking up "Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie". And Richard Rhodes's books about the making of the A bomb and the H bomb are fantastic. But, on to the main point of the post- 
The Soundtrack

Released by Rounder Records in 1982 - and never ever released on CD - this is a collection of atomic-themed gospel, country, and rock & roll tunes. The songs reflect many aspects of Americans' feelings about The Bomb: to the country boys, it was befuddlement and being resigned to it. To the gospel folks, it was proof of mankind's fallibility and impending doom. To the rock & roll kids, it became just another aspect of their hot rod culture...
(Atomic car, Daddy-O!)

This was originally sourced from a vinyl rip I found out here back when RapidLibrary was still alive. There's a bit of vinyl crackle, but it's more than listenable.  And again to clarify, I AM NOT talking about this album...

There's almost too many favorites to list....Sonny Boy Williamson's murderous "Win the War", the finger-snapping "Atom Bomb Party" and "Uranium", the deep gospel groove of "Atomic Telephone", and the strange "Sputniks and Mutniks". Also making appearances are Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, the pilot of the Enola Gay, and that dipshit senator that wanted to nuke North Korea (no, I mean back then, guys!)


On to the new stuff. Ever since I found the vinyl rip of this, I was frustrated that some of the best songs weren't on the soundtrack. So, I sat watching my copy of the movie with the Wiki info and poked around mp3 sites for awhile. With the new additions, I tried to resequence the whole thing in the order the songs play in the movie. I'm proud of this one.

The first new addition is Glenn Miller's "Flying Home". If you're gonna have one 40's swing song, doesn't hurt to be this one. And chances are you've heard it before.

The next new one is Carson Robison's "I'm No Communist". A brilliant bit of Americana Red-baiting. Then there's Al Rogers'"The Hydrogen Bomb". This is one of my faves: a jauntily fatalistic tune, with the singer praying for an H-bomb to fall and end his problems. And check out that banjo solo!
The next addition is one I had to dig for - all four and a half minutes of the soundtrack to "Duck and Cover", the famous nuclear "safety" film. I guarantee you, this will be the only song in your iTunes with "Federal Civil Defense Administration" as the artist!
The next new song is Bill Haley's "13 Women (and Only one Man in Town)". Classic early R&R tune. I love that guitar solo and the moment where it plays in the movie...when the Atomic Cafe sign is revealed. The last addition is Floyd Tillman's country tune "This Cold War With You" - the song that plays over the end credits. There's something so forlorn and spooky about it.

The only music in the movie that is not in this file is as follows -

Miklós Rózsa - excerpt from "Rózsa Conducts Rózsa"
Arthur Feidler and the Boston Pops - "Hungarian Rhapsody #2
Mussorgsky - "Pictures At An Exhibition"
Whatever that song is in the montage where you hear that guy sing "Live, live, live...in my fallout shelter!"

For people who like the film and it's music, this is the final word on the soundtrack. If you're just a fan of the weird, poignant, and funny, give this one a listen.


Birthday submission from "Mr Dave"

"Mr Dave", is not to be confused with "Dave Sez" of course, he is a new contributor as best as I know.....here he has submitted a perfectly unique selection here, and I will let you read his email description before you select it or not: Take it aaway Mr Dave:-----------------

Philosophic Collage EP (American Aesthetic Industries, Ltd. 1981): Of course you've never heard of this band or label. I'm probably the only naive pathetic idiot who bought this record. Totally pretentious Bass, Drum, Moog, Harmonica retardo art-rock trio from Missouri. You won't know whether to laugh or cry the first time you listen to this but if your not dancing like an epileptic chicken by the 5th consecutive run through, may Satan take a personal interest in torturing your worthless soul. The fact that I'm sharing this with you proves the deep love and respect I have for you.
Full story and description:
Buying this EP was a mistake. It's 1981 and I'm a totally wet-behind-the-ears SoCal punk making a road trip to Zed Records in Long Beach. So here I am wandering aimlessly around after picking up the requisite Crass, DK, Descendents what-have-you punk stuff and I come across this EP in the singles rack. The "paisley underground," as it later came to be known, was just burgeoning with the release of Dream Syndicate's first EP and a smattering of psych-pop singles by the Salvation Army, Rain Parade, Chesterfield Kings, etc. Well, already hooked on this stuff and hoping to add to the handful of releases I had already played into the ground, I spot this black-and-white polka-dotted EP by a band called the "PSYCHEDELIC" Collage. After picking it up, flipping it over a half-dozen times and deliberating for a good 10 minutes I finally make the fateful decision to plop down another $2.50 from my meager paper-route earnings. WRONG CHOICE! 
What the fuck is this shit? Not the nice 60s garage-inspired pop I was hoping for. Probably the worst thing I ever bought, though it was worth a chuckle or two. Maybe the cover photo should have been a tip-off. You've got 
the tough dude in his skin-tight almost but not-quite sleeveless striped muscle-tee giving you the evil eye; the nerdy guy in the middle with big round glasses and look of total disgust; and mr. greasy hippy ponytail guy in a silk polka-dotted shirt. What was I thinking?! See the cover for yourself at http://www.collectorscum.com/volume3/midwest/ (the only reference to the band I could find anywhere on the web at the time I originally ripped this in 2002). It was probably another 10 years (and a lot more drugs) before I fully appreciated the "genius" of the Philosophic Collage.

"Misunderstood Genius" is definitely the catch phrase here. Apparently, they were used to being taunted and ridiculed (I guess drum, bass, moog, harmonica retardo art-rock trios were not the big thing in Missouri at the time). Almost every song in fact is aggressively self-defensive of their self-proclaimed misunderstood genius. On the first track, appropriately titled "Genius", the singer half-snarls, half-whines that he "can't help it if you haven't transcended your dense narrow nonsense yet." Two songs later he's half-snarling half-whining "You'll never thaw out from your cultural ice age. Portion and package the genius for the benefit of the hopeless." On the next song he's half-snarling half-whining "You can't be great all the time ... You can't please all the critics." Somehow I doubt they pleased ANY critics.

The beyond pretentious lyrics and the way that the singer sings them with a nasally whine that constantly oscillates up and down is certainly one of the attractions here. Vaguely like the whining singer of fellow midwestern weirdoes the Electric Eels but he doesn't take it all the way there which makes it that much more pathetic.

The other major attraction here of course is the spasmodic art-damaged music. Take short herky-jerky repetitive bass lines in odd time signatures, add syncopated, punk-jazz drumming with lots of fills (really good drumming actually), and then top it off with fucking whacked out-of-key harmonica from planet moron and 2 tracks of out-of-control moogs bleeping, blipping, blurping and squealing at you from both sides while the singer sarcastically mocks you with the most ridiculous lyrics ever written in his whining nasally voice oscillating up and down and up and down and ... well, you begin to get the picture. Pure genius. It's a good thing they only recorded 4 songs -- I don't think I could handle any more.
Hope you enjoy this -- Happy (belated) birthday and thanks for all your great shares!


Thanks for the submission!


Not the full discography (cause I don't HAVE IT ALL, that's why), but always did like these three discs from these good Scottish alt-rockers who, accurate or not, sort of reminded me of a blend of REM and Pavement, if that intrigues you, right place.

Forming in Scotland, 1995, they consisted of vocalist Roddy Woomble, axe-man Rod Jones, drummer Colin Newton, bassist Andrew Mitchell, and keyboardist Luciano Rossi....another band they somewhat remind me of for some reason is Stratford 4, for some reason, but no matter.....

Their first full length was "Hope Is Imortant" (1998), it shows promise and not a lot more, the influences cited above shine through somewhat but it is a bit sloppy.....there are good songs here, "A Film For the Future " and "When I Argue I See Shapes", it's interesting but not much else.

The second album they released (2000) was 100 Broken Windows, I don't have it, think I've heard it a time or two, so no commentary, but the whole point here, the WHOLE point, is 2002's "The Remote Part".......THIS is an excellent album, their legacy. Joes wonderful and innovative guitar is everywhere, but never does it dominate the sound, leaving plenty of room for the other instruments, much like the Cars or Roxy music operated.......nearly every track here is worthwhile, it goes without saying that if you are only interested in grabbing ONE of there, it needs to be THIS one....the others I posted because, well, because I HAVE THEM, this one I posted cause I love it! 4.5 * album, and nearly a forgotten one at that.....impress your friends.

To me, the final offering here, "Warning's/Promises" isn't much either, not bad, but kind of, ehhhh......they tredge on even today, actuallly according to some notes here, putting out a disc yet this year. Good for them, but the point of this posts is REALLY "The Remote Part", trust me, it is an excellent album, the others are window dressing I put here just to see if there is any interest.....but by any means, don't miss "The Remote Part", its a REALLY good one.

HOPE IS IMPORTANT-01 You've Lost Your Way/02 A Film for the Future/03 Paint Nothing/04
When I Argue I See Shapes/05 4 People Do Good/06 I'm Happy to Be Here Tonight/07 Everyone Says You're So Fragile/08 I'm a Message/09 You Don't Have a Heart/10 Close the Door/11 Safe and Sound/12 Low Light

IN REMOTE PART-01 You Held the World In Your Arms/02 A Modern Way of Letting Go/03 American English/04 I Never Wanted/05 (I Am) What I Am Not/06 Live in a Hiding Place/07 Out of Routine/08 Century After Century/09 Tell me Ten Words/10 Stay the Same/11 Teh Remote part/Scottish Fiction

WARNINGS/PROMISES-01 Love Steals Us From Lonlieness/02 Welcome Home/03 I Want a Warning/04 I Understand It/05 As If I Hadn't Slept/06 Too long Awake/07 Not Just Sometimes But Always/08 The Space Between All Things/09 El Capitan/10 Blame It on Obvious Ways/11 Disconnected/12 Goodnight

Let Them Eat Jellybeans!

Something of a sort-0f but not-exactly USA-centric companion piece to last weeks "Peacec/War" set, this is another collection of Super-leftists, ca. mid 1980's, this is yet another collection of basically 1980's west coast hard core (although not necessarily all FROM the west coast, that sound though, for the most part".

Actually a  few tunes off of this bad boy are considered classics, by some, in the genre....leading off is one of Flipper's best/oddest "Ha Ha Ha", floowed directly by a certifiable classic, Washington DC (see? NOT west coast but fits in here) Bad Brains "Pay To Cum".....kepping them coming are the Dead Kennedy's "Nazi Punks Fuck Off", a song which allegedly set off newspaper investigations of nazi/skinhead violence in San Francisco, if true, great that they brought it to light. The rest of this stuff isn't going to be as well know to someone who is not a huge hardcore fan, but all quite worthy:
as examples, Black Flag's "Police Story" appears here in an alternate version, the version on "Jellybeans" features Dez Cadena on vocals, available uniquely here. ("Nazi Punks""Pay to Cum" also appear here in alternate versions, somewhat different from the originals, but i BELEIVE (don't quote me) available only here in this format. Others of note on side one include "Paid Vacation" by the Circle jerks, and the eloquently titled "Slave To My Dick" from the Subhumans.

The second sound is a little more low-key, some lesser-known (relative to side one) acts, Half Japanese is well known they appear here with "Fun Again", "Isotope Sopa" by Geza X is a standout, and, well, hell......this is  a good comp, hard to find, too, so if you enjoyed "Peace/War" last week (Many did), you'll want this one as well........good stuff, pure period piece ca early 1980's, go get it, it's worth your time!

LET THM EAT JELLYBEANS-01 FLIPPER-Ha Ha Ha/02 DOA-The Prisoner/03 BLACK FLAG-Police Story"/04 BAD BRAINS-Pay to Cum/05 DEAD KENNEDYS-Nazi Punks Fuck Off/06 CIRCLE JERKS-Paid Vacation/07 REALLY RED-Prostitution/08 THE FEEDERZ Jesus Entering From the Rear/09 SLAVE TO MY DICK-Subhumans/10 GEZA X-Isotope Soap/11 BPeople-Persecution-That's My Song/12 THE WOUNDS-An Object/13 THE OFFS-Everyone's a Bigot/14 STEVE FISK-Corporate Food/15  HALF JAPANESE-Fun Again/16 CHRISTIAN LUNCH-Jokes On You/17 VOICE FARM-Sleep

Annette and Michael-Faktor Duetschland

And in keeping with my contention that I am not a left-leaning commie, as so many seem to think (100% common-sense middle of the road), back to back with the Jellybeans comp, I post this, a  VERY rare album of Nazi/skinhead rock from Annett and Michael.......I've tried to translate the info as well as I can, which isn't much, I'm sure it's a lot more stuff about how they dislike non-whites, Jews, the government, and pretty much everyone who isn't JUST LIKE THEM....they are, as I have contended before, PERFECTLY allowed to feel this way, and, as with most of my stuff, they didn't earn a nickle off of my, this was downloaded years ago from God knows where.\

I am going to say this though......while they sound "angry", as is generally the vibe on this type of thing, this is quite a listenable album, albeit I cannot translate the lyrics too much........there is some fine guitar work on here, (really, LISTEN to it), it's NOT like Skrewdriver or one of the other hardcore skin bands, it's fairly innovative guitar based hard-rock. And Annett's female vocals are welcome too, much more enjoyable than the usual cookie-monster-style rantings we get on these. I'm not thinking this will score big in the download department, but I'd LIKE TO ASK YOU TO GIVE IT A SHOT.......disagree with the politics all you wish (I DO), but since when has THAT determined if a rock album is LISTENABLE? Because, this one ACTUALLY is......in general I put this stuff up for the novelty/shock value of it, and that's 50% of the thing here too, BUT the other 50% is this is a decent hard rock album. Listen to it.

FAKTOR DUETSCHLAND-01 Wolfsziet/02 Lebe/03 Fruende-Liebe-Betrug/04 Wir Sind Das Volk/05 Revolution (Metal-Fassung)/06 Konservatives Gluck/07 Thors Enkel (Rock-Fassung)/08 Ich Bleibe, der ich bin/09 Frei/10 Stalingrad/11 Sohne Odins

I ask you again, PLEASE listen to and comment on the musical quality of this album.......it's no classic, but I will bet it surprises the SHIT out of you, IF you can get past the political implications (NOT the easiest thing to do)........I hope someone takes it as a challenge.

Frank (SuperBillie) from Germany, can you add anything to the song titles/lyrics to shock and awe us all the more? Are you familar with the band, and if so, can you tell us anything of interest, good or bad?