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And Brian back again, with some more Pryor this time....

I know you comedy fans have to be loving Brian's tireless efforts, posting up the giants of modern comedy (Carlin, Pryor, Bruce, Firesign Theater, National Lampoon, whatever else he has in store).....used to listen to Pryor quite a bit as a lad, thought he was pretty damn funny, but as I've said 4356 times now, comedy records were never my thing, so much as obscure rock music......which is why I am thrilled to have a lieutenant that is happy to help with HIS field of expertise, that being comedy.......as I always feel the need to state, these links can always be found, along with others that he doesn't share with me, on HIS blog


you can get em either place, makes neither of us not difference that I know of, just so ya get em....according to Brian the Pryor stuff is HOT HOT HOT so you will want to be getting some of this golden stuff......I am not qualified to comment on it, so take it away, again, Brian......


Richard Pryor Discography Part 2 - The Warner Brothers Albums

I am not going to analyze this stuff or write paragraphs for each. Pryor's discography ended after 1983, unfortunately.

They're all funny, they're all essential. It'll fly out the door, I'm sure. I also included an interesting extra at the end.
That Nigger's Crazy   DOWNLOAD
Bicentennial Nigger   DOWNLOAD
Is It Something I Said?  DOWNLOAD
Wanted: Live In Concert
Live On the Sunset Strip   DOWNLOAD
Here and Now   DOWNLOAD
George Carlin '97 and Richard Pryor '72   DOWNLOAD
Lenny Bruce Misc   DOWNLOAD

This is a trio of interesting stuff. The first thing is a fascinating interview with Carlin about his early days. The last half is an appearance Pryor did on public radio after the Attica riots. He philosophizes, reads some poetry, and plays several awesome Last Poets songs. Definitely give this a listen

The Lenny file is a 15 minute video of him in the Steve Allen show. Then is "Lenny Bruce Comes Clean", a 35 minute recording from a gig where Lenny talks about drugs and is very forthcoming about his habits. Fascinating. Never heard of it til I found it.

Insect Trust

How about a couple of light-psych albums from Insect Trust, tried to write these last night but never got to
it.....Insect Trust released a pair of LP's, 1969-70, and were composed of singer Nancy Jefferires, guitarist Bill Barth, multi-instrumentalist Luke Faust, Trevor Koehler on saxaphone, Robert Palmer on Clarinet and alto sax, as well as a pair of drummers, Elvin Jones and Bernard Purdie.

Highly intellectual stuff, sophisticated melodies and lyrics, if these are missing from your late 60's psych collection, they shouldn't be.....they are pretty fine albums. The self titled debut features some stuff that REALLY sounds like nothing else, my fave being the raved-up "Special Rider Blues", but there are jazz/country/blues/rock influences all over the place, this is simply a damn fine album.

The follow up, "Hoboken Saturday Night", is nearly as good if not better, with great songs like "The Eyes of a New York Woman" and "Our Sister the Sun"....this might remind one of "bathing at Baxters" era jefferson Airplane to a point, and wha the hell would be wrong with that.....these are damn fine albums, like, really, when have I ever steered you wrong my children? These are two fine pieces of late 60's psych-rock, I love them both to death, see what you think and of course PLEASE COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW!

INSECT TRUST-01 The Skin Game/02 Miss Fun City/03 World War I Song/04 Special Rider Blues/05 Foggy River Bridge Fly/06 Been Here and Gone So Soon/07 Declaration of Independence/08 Walking on Nails/09 Brighter Than Day/10 Mountain Song/11 Going Home

HOBOKEN SATURDAY NIGHT-01 Be a Hobo/02 Hoboken Saturday night/03 The Eyes of a New York Woman/04 Ragtime Millionaires/05 Somedays/06 Our Sister the Sun/07 Reciprocity/08 Trip on Me/09 Now Then My Sweet Man Mr Garfield/10 Reincarnations/11 Glade Song/12 Ducks


Got to thinking about this late 60's psych-classic today for some reason and dug it out.......MAN this is
another great one that has aged well......the band released a debut effort in 1968 (with which I am not familiar), but after a personel shakeup, they came up with this scorcher "Smooth Ball"(1969).......I've heard the debut (thought I had it, but don't or can't find it), it's very average psych-rock for the era, pretty forgettable......"Smooth Ball", though, a different animal!

If anyone has their first album, please share up, but this is the one to have/hear.....they turned the amps up and opened the doors for early 70's hard psych, the kind I love so much.....there is a bit of the sort of schlocky-psyche of the first LP here, but check out the harder rocking stuff such as "Morning Come", "I'll Write a Song", and "Do You Feel It" which, while a tiny bit lax in the vocals department, the fuzz guitars roar just perfectly for the soundtrack of that era.

Lovers of late 60's/early 70's hard psych, (you KNOW I am one), please don't miss out on T.I.M.E., and if anyone out there happens to have that debut, please share it with us? Please?

LATE EDIT-Just found my copy of the self-titled "T.I.M.E." under a stack of other stuff.......so ya get em both.....this is not bad, not at all, but it is NOT, IMO on the level of "Smooth Ball".....anyways, let me know what you think of these, still trying to provide a plethora of variety!

T.I.M.E.-01 Tripping Into Sunshine/02 Label It Love/03 Finders Keepers/04 Love You Cherish You/05 Make It Alright/06 Let the Colors Keep On/07 You Changed It All/08 I Really Love You/09 Make Love To You/10 I Can't Find It/11 What Can It Be/12 Take Me Along

SMOOTH BALL-01 Preperation G/02 Leavin' My Home/03 See Me As I Am/04 I Think You'd Cry/05 I'll Write a Song/06 Lazy Day Blues/07 Do You Feel It/08 Flowers/09 Morning Come/10 Trust In Men Everywhere

As always, let me know your thoughts, if you might?

Destination Bomp! If you miss this one you are a TOTAL LOSER!

or not, whatever, the point is this is one of the greatest comps ever laid down, it's great, great great,
and trust me on this...YOU WANT THIS......a magnificently constructed double disc of the greatest shit from BOMP! records.......if you like this blog even a little, this set is something that is nothing short of ESSENTIAL to you, trust your uncle, kids, this is the real McCoy....

OK, here we have Disc #1.......there are more gems on here than you could even possibly imagine, let's start with, oh, say, Iggy & the Stooges epic "I Got a Right"....or, if THAT's not for you, how about the magnificent Nikki & the Corvettes (featured here before, as you should know) with "Just What I Need", how about "She Cracked" by the legendary Modern Lovers, or "I Can Never Tell" by the Crawdaddys? if that shit isn't enough for ya, how bout shit from The Flamin' Groovies, DMZ, 20/20, Stiv Bators and so much more, you are DEPRIVED if you don't have this set....

Cause, it's a TWO DISC SET! There is some MAGNIFICENT, INCREDIBLE music on disc 2 as well, look, I am doing you a FAVOR by providing you with this amazing collection.......what's on this disc? Oh, how about Lazy Cowgirls, Spaceman 3, Brian Jonestown Massacre (who will be featured in thier own post within the next week or so), Miracle Workers, and Gravedigger 5, among MANY others.....some comps are fantastic, some miss the mark, this is one of the greatest EVER compiled, I am not kidding.......this is a fantastic collection of some of the greatest punk/garage/stuff ever put together, this will thrill you to the bone if you don't have it!

DISC 1-01 THE FLAMIN GROOVIES-You Tore Me Down/02 POPPEES-Love of the Loved/03 ROCKFIELD CHORALE-Jingle jangle/04 SNATCH-IRT/05 DMZ-Busy Man/06 IGGY & THE
STOOGES-I Got a Right/07 ZEROS-Don't Push Me Around/08 WEIRDOS-Life of Crime/09 SHOES-Okay/10 20/20- Giving It All/11 SINGLES-You're For Me/12 THE ROMANTICS-Running Away/13 PAUL COLLINS-Walking Out of Love//14 NIKKI & THE CORVETTES-Just What I Need/15 RODNEY & THE BRUNETTES-Little GTO/16 LAST-She Don't Know Why I'm Here/17
CRAWDADDYS-I Can Never Tell/18 STIV BATORS-The Last Year/19 LIPSTICK KILLERS-Hindu Gods of Love/20 VERTEBRATS-Left in the Dark/21 MODERN LOVERS-She Cracked/22 UNKNOWNS-Pull My Train/23 PLIMSOULS-A Million Miles Away/24 JOSIE COTTON-Johnny Are You Queer/25 TOY LOVE-Frogs

DISC 02-01 THE BARRACUDAS-Surfers are Back/02 JON & THE NIGHTRIDERS-Rumble at Wakikiki/03 ZEBRA STRIPES-Intro 66/04 MYSTERY MACHINE-She's Not Mine/05 THE PANDORAS-Hot Generation/06 TELL TALE HEARTS-Just a Matter of Time/07 GRAVEDIGGER 5-Stoneage Stomp/08 MIRACLE WORKERS-Already Gone/09 LAzY COWGIRLS-Can't You Do Anything Right/10 DWARFES-Lick It/11 DISTORTED PONY-HOD/12 THINGS-Everytime/13 EYES OF MIND-With You Again/14 STEPPES-Tourists From /15  SS-20-Arnold Layne/16 GREEN PAJAMAS-Walking in the Rain/17 THE HANGMANS-Love Is Blue/18 PATTI PALADIN-The Singer Not the Song/19 SPACEMAN 3-Honey/20 SACRED MIRACLE CAVE-Let's just Listen/21 HEAD-How Bread Is Made/22 BLAIR 1523-Fantasy of Folk/23BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE-Evergreen

OK, guys, there's the skinny...I am not going to fuck around here.....I have posted a BUNCH of
comps on this site as you hosers KNOW.....THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST.....this is an essential set for nearly ANYONE who loves garage-rock n roll, this is the BEST of the magnificent BOMP label....PLEASE check this out and comment, please.....if this is ignored I may just as damn well shut down this blog, this 2-disc set is so FUCKING GREAT! I am not fucking around here, if THIS SHIT HERE doesn't get it done for you, why the fuck am I still doing this shit? Sorry i I sound harsh, but, GODDAMN, I do my best (me and my helpers) to put some GREAT music up here, aned if it continues to get ignored, FUCK IT, I will stop wasting an hour or two a day on it......it matters not to you, it CERTAINLY matters not to me, I love doing this but for CHRIST'S sake at least tell me what you yink of the post when you download it as so many of you seem to feel free to do...

That being said, I truly DO love wach and every person who reads/listens/contributes/ just LOOKS AT this blog......I just DO sometimes get pissed off when people think I am some kind of goddamn public utility or something, as thoug I OWE you something....I DO NOT, trust me...I am trying to SHARE music, and am looking for OTHERS to help my cause, some get it, some don't, but if you just sit back, download, never comment, never contribute anything, never do ANYTHING, well, all I can say, is FUCK YOU, you are NOT the audience for which we are searching.

Told Mr. Brian I'd put this up yesterday, I am a day late....

Honestly, watched the You-Tube video this afternoon, it was great, have NOT listened to the soundtrack LP yet, I am betting it is as well....somewhere around here I have a disc of 1950's ads for Fallout Shelters, it is awesome and if I can find it I will pop it up tomorrow night. Brian, if I find it, you will LOVE this one to death......

Anyway, here's Brian's Atomic Cafe video/soundtrack, this is a very different and credible post, and as always, his stuff is ALSO available on his own sight, as always:


Anyways, this film fascinated me, the music, I am sure is a trip as well, and we ALL need to be grateful that we have Brian around to provide variety to my normal ration of "stuff"....


The Atomic Cafe - Soundtrack and Film

This is a movie truly every American should see. Made in 1982, it is about the beginnings of the nuclear arms race. Assembled from newsreel footage, government safety films, cartoons, and archival reels. This truly points out the madness of nuclear war and the public's easily led acceptance of it back in the heyday 1950's.
But it is done with a DARKLY comic edge to it. Yes, "Duck and Cover" is here, but also a bunch of others you might not have heard of. You watch this and you think: "wow, how did we not end up nuking the planet?" Anyway, the whole 80 minute documentary is on YouTube.

This was the thing that sparked my interest in America's nuclear program. I'd also recommend "Trinity & Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie".
But the main reason behind this post though is the SOUNDTRACK! And to avoid confusion, I'm not talking about this -
That is a soul/funk/groove jazz compilation (similar to the Mood Mosaic series). Not a bad listen, but it's not what I'm talking about.
Released on Rounder Records in 1982 - and never ever put on CD - this soundtrack is a collection of atomic-themed country, blues, gospel, and rock and roll tunes. Some are hilarious, some are rockin', some of it is just damn good music.

If you dig series like "Sin Alley", "Las Vegas Grind", or "Lux & Ivy's Favorites", you'll like this. And I guarantee you won't see this one anywhere else! A quality rip from vinyl. Can't even remember where I dug it up.
The Atomic Cafe Soundtrack DOWNLOAD

Let me know if the video link doesn't work, I will re-up it, it's REALLY awesome!

Be a Caveman; Best Of Voxx

OK, fuckers, the Bomp! anthology was a huge smash, I never dreamed it would be so popular, but in
the same vein is the great comp "Be A Caveman", the best of Voxx Records.......trust me, this is a great one as well, if you enjoyed the Bomp! set you will like this one as well.....Trust yer uncle! And, "One Step Closer" by the Miracle Workers is a classic tune that EVERYONE OF YOU should be familiar with and have in your stash!

BE A CAVEMAN-THE BEST OF VOXX-01 VERTABRATS-Left in the Dark/02 DMZ-Can't Stand the Pain/03 THE CRAWDADDYS-There She Goes/04 THE BARRACUDAS-This Aint My Time/05 PLAN 9-I'm Not There/06 UNCLAIMED-Run From Home/07 THE PANDORAS-Melvin/08 THE GRAVEDIGERS V-Spooky/09 THE TELL TALE HEARTS-It's Not Me/10 MIRACLE WORKERS-One Step Closer to You/11 TIME BEINGS-Why Don't You love Me/12 THE FUZZTONES-Green Slime/13 THE ODDS-I'll Make You Sorry/14 THE VIPERS-Nothings From Today/15 THE CYNICS-Waste of Time/16 THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS-Are You Gonna Be There/17 THE STOMACHMOUTHS-Dr. Syn/18 THE WOMBATS-Bye Bye Baby/19 LAUGHING SOUP DISH-Teenage Lima Bean/20 HYPSTRY-Midnight Hour/21 THE SURF TRIO-Fun In the Summertime/22 THE EYES OF MIND-She Only Knows/23 THE THINGS-Can't Get Enough/24 THE LEOPARDS-Psychedelic Boy/25 THE STEPPES-Lining So Dead/26 THE EVENT-She's Our Girl/27 THE DWARVES-Be a Caveman

OK, fuckers, this is the same as that BOMP! comp from yesterday, trust me, you will like this one as well........and here is a gift from a reader known as Augustus Owsley Strudel III (Just LOVE that name, it could not be more awesome!), he sends us a couple pictures of Stiv Bators  between the Dead Boys/Disconnected eras......pretty cool, Augustus, I like em, always liked Bators, remember him in the role of "Bobo" in John Waters' classic "Polyester"? .....and how he met his demise, actually getting run over by a bus? Gets no better than THAT!!!!!!

OK, Augustus, I can't get your pictures to copy, either, I will continue to try, cause they are bad ass, but, it is what it is....I will keep trying........

While I'm out bar hopping, Brian is creating more posts for ya......

As you certainly are aware by now, Biran is mu go-to comedy/soundtrack guy, he seems to work round the clock to get these WONDERFUL comedy  posts up so often.....as I have told you a zillions times, I am no expert on comedy albums, I will leave that to Bran, the reaction to ALL of his comedy album posts have been simply spectacular......as he continues on, I will continue to post all of the stuff he shares with me for my minions, he is REALLY into this comedy stuff and knows his shit about it........if he says it's funny, I am sure it is, ande you hosers oughta be clicking away to aedd these to your collection......what we have here is the FIFTH part of Brian's George Carlin monster-mega post, as I have said before, I have not heard (probably) any of this post 1980's stuff, but I am sure that the Comedy Kid (Brian) can fill you in on any details you may need.........so here they be, and as always, if you prefer, you are free to download them from HIS blog, you are under no obligation to do so here.......his blog of course is


But if yous just wish to hang here, feel free to grab em from here as well, we don't care WHERE ya get em from, it's the fact that ya GET EM!.....I am sure Brian would agree........


George Carlin Project Part 5 - the 80's

A Place For My Stuff   DOWNLOAD
This was George's first album after taking a post-heart attack break of 2 years. And it is unique amongst all his stuff, because part of it is skits recorded in a studio. The album is anchored by two long routines ("Stuff" and "Fussy Eater"), but interspersed throughout are fake ads, announcements, and some interview skits. This whole thing is hilarious! The Jesus Interview, and oh man, "The Book Club"!
Carlin on Campus   DOWNLOAD
He had an HBO special with this name, but the album is about half different from that material. "Cars and Driving", the "Leftfielders" bits, and the "Incomplete List of Impolite Words"...this is a funny one.
Playin' With Your Head   DOWNLOAD
This was his last album where he indulged in the softer, observational humor. This is just classic - "Hello Goodbye", "Love and Regards", "Losing Things". I still laugh at this one. Sorry, the tracks aren't titled, but that can be an easy fix.
What Am I Doing In New Jersey?   DOWNLOAD
This is where George became topical. Opening with both barrels against the Reagan administration and the hypocritical 80's, and he doesn't let up. Also includes the great "More Things About Cars and Driving". This is a turning point in his career.
Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics   DOWNLOAD
When I was a kid, this was the first non-70's album of his that I'd heard, and it was like a slap to the face. It's weird - he lived another 20 years, but he never sounded older than he does here.
80's Bootleg Video   DOWNLOAD

Some good stuff in this one.

1. The opening monologue of the Tonight Show that George hosted in '83.
2. An appearance on Arsenio from '89. He talks a lot about old R&B and even goes to the piano to sing a little!
3. "Cars and Driving" from the Carlin on Campus special. Some of the best physical comedy he ever did.
4. Several good parts from "Carlin at Carnegie", including the cartoon interstitial.

I think that's all that's on it. Enjoy!

Pickin' On Led Zeppelin

How about some wierdness on a sunday morning, don' be closed minded, this may be something you
enjoy (I do on occasion), these are bluegrass versions of Led Zeppelin classics.........what more needs to be said/ Zeppelin was one of "those "bands" that could be interperetted by MANY bands and styles, and the proof is not doubt in the pudding here,,,,,,this is a fine album, one I am proude to have on my shelf.......I am a hater of standard country music, but BLUEGRASS? Now, that shit can rock it and rock it and rock it hard, and who beter to incorporate than Zep?  Please try this one out and gimme a comment, this is one that may surprise you, you may REALLY enjoy this one the way I do on occasion, at least!

PICKING ON LED ZEPPELIN-A BLUGRASS TRIBTE-01 D'yer M'aker/02 Kashmir/03 Ramble On/04 Black Dog/05 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You/06 Going To California/07 No Quarter/08 The Song Remains the Same/09 All My Love/10 The Battle of Evermore/11 Rock and Roll/12 Stairwy to Heaven........

Don't be run off.......this is a WONDERFUL album, that I love
totally.......it's GREAT, gives a TOTAL new viewpoint to some of the classic Zeppelin material.........a fantastic album, I PROMISE YOU.....PLEASE TAKE MY WORD TO YOUR LOCAL BANK, this is a FANTASTIC release that works wonderfully


I kinda always like this disc back in 1982, I certainly am aware that some did not care for it to the same degree.......as you know, 1981-83 I consider the music scenes to be fairly lame, when a decent on would shine through, we'd often (to a degree) overate it........But I always kind of like this album by the English Boys, "On the Edge"........I doubt 90 % of you are familiar with it, it is nothing if not a period piece, but I always enjoyed this one for some reason, sue me if you disagree......this is TOTALLY early 80's new-wave, the kind that REALLY doesn't stand up today, other than in a nostalgic manner. but, in that case it really DOES.......there are some REALLY decent tracks on this disc, such as "Kids", "Schoolyard Suicide", and "The Russians Are Coming".........I think that if you pop this one down (especially if you've not heard it), you will find this to be a wnderful period piece reminder of the early 1980's, and, honest to god, is THAT so FUCKING BAD?

THE ENGLISH BOYS-ON THE EDGE-01 Kids/02 Could Have Been You/03 Schoolyard Suicide/04 TV Girls/05 The Russians are Coming/06  Can't Stop the Feeling/07 On the Edge/08 State of Mind/09 Tired of Loving/10 She's So Beautiful

This is a good one, quite unknown, but I think you may enjoy it.............hell, I never know, but this album sounds pretty damn good to ME 30 years after the fact.......isn't that what matters?

Isn't it just odd.......

I juat think it's a litle perculiar that another "Big Time" blog, much bigger than this one, has criticized me repeaedly over the years, SIMLPY BECAUSE I POST MUSIC WITH WHICH HE IS NOT FAMILIAR.......acutually I thought that was kinda the IDEA, provide people with music they might not other wise hear.....but, evidently, this "big time" blog Doesn'r Like Me, not at all,. and have gone out of thier way to tell everyone as much.........that's all fine with me, HIS blog is still linked to MY blog. as I think he operates one of the greatest blogs out there........my query is that his bitch has always been he "is unfamiliar with the musisc I post" , so he "unlinked me from  his blog"....never did and never will understad that, seems to me that the more music that is made available THE BETTER.....but he feels diferently....I wonder though, why he feels the need to post stuff that I personally have posted YEARS agao (The Pandoras, The Gruesomes, Detroit Cobras, and more.....) I SIMPLY DONOT GET his hostility towards me, probably never will.......I still link his blog too mine as I think he runs a GREAT blog, I will just NEVER, EVER
understand what he has against me......maybe someday, he will grow a pair and tell me, but until then I have no hard feelings, I am sure he hsa his reasons......meantime I have never once said a negative word about his blog and never would........I thought we were all on the same team here, perhaps i am mistaken.......I just have not clue why a blogger woud take such a dislike to another blogger, when we seem to be striving for the same goal........anyway, to the "blog that dislikes me", I wish you all the best, and hope for succes to continue for you in the future.....I just don't KNOW, nor have I ever.unertaood your logic, nor your dislike of my blog..........I will live through it just fine,, I am certain, it just puzzles me though, and I know I would never take any bloger to task, in particular for the reason that I was "unfamiliar with the music you post"..........have a great week, month, and year, and best of conrinued success to your great blog!

Rancid....don't say I never go for the jugular.....

From Berekely California, the great band Rancid has been a mainstay for a while, quite Clash-
influenced as well as picking up influences such as English bands ala Sham 69 or Stiff Little Finges....Rancid has put out some of the GREATEST in Clash-style US punk that has ever been committed to vinyl.......I consider them a bit underrated, in particular in the light that they had one absolute, no question, 5-star album classic, we'll get to that in a minute, hey?

Rancid have in generaly been Tim Armstrong on guitar and vocals, Matt Freeman on bass, Lars Fredricksen (vocals, guitars), and drumer Branden Steinekert, and these lads have always been able to kick up the high energy noise, PERIOD........great band, and I am going to try to pay them the tribute they desreve here.

The first, self titled LP, is reminiscent of the ska-influenced sounds of Armstrong/Freemans previous band, Operatio Ivy, BUT it's a lot better, IMO, these are short, Ramones/Clash style punk slabs, nothing over 3 minutes, but "Detroit", "Rats in the hallway", "Rejected", "Unwritten Rules" and several more bring this one home as a 4 star album, I doubt it's appreciated as such, but this is AMERICAN PUNK, the real deal, great band, great album.

There are also some magnificent EP's, released prior to the debut, notablly 1992's "Give Em the Boot", which hardly even qualifies as an EP, it's almost and LP's worth of fantastic material,  Some of the material here would turn up on album #1, but there is CLASSIC American Punk shit here, don't miss "The System", "Media Controller", "Battering Ram", and all the rest, if this EP is not on your shelf, can you PLEASE explain to me why not? because it is FUCKING great! I also have a 7" here, "Rancid", I am unsure if it has any unique tracks on it, you check it out for yourself......I have enough to do without cross-referencing all this shit, but, hey, I DO have it, so let's do ourselves a favor and grab it.......these mofo's rock like an absolute, well, MOTHER FUCKER........RANCID was one of the great bands of the 1990's, APPRECIATE THEM!

"Let's Go" was released in 1994, really, it's something of a similar album to the debut, but, nonetheless, it's an ass kicker ass well......again, lots of short, frantic, numbers, intellignet lyrics dealing with varied subjects, ("Gunshot""Dope Sick Girl", "International Coverup") are all great, and there is a LOT more here as well....four-star and underappreciated album as well..

OK, after all this praise, we must now talk about what I consider a stone cold, 5 star-classic album that not homw should be lacking ......"...And Out Come The Wolves" is one of the best LP's of the 1990's, bar none......Rancid takes it up a notch, these songs are just so amazing I don't know where to start......"Time Bomb" and "Ruby Soho" were the singles, and, while great tunes, NOTHING CLOSE to the greatness hidden inside the rest of the LP......."Roots Radical"," Olympia WA", the amazing "Lock Step and Gone", "Journey to the End of the East Bay", "Disorder and Disarray".......these are simply classic sinppets of the very finest in punk rock, you will LOVE this album as I do, I think, it is simply nothing short of TREMENDOUS.....TURST ME ON THIS-If you are getting only one you MUST make it THIS ONE, it's a "can't live without LP"

They would never match "And Out Come the Wolves", but to thier credit, they tried to add dub,ska, rockabilly, etc to thier sound for thier next LP "Life Won't Wait"......it is a fine album, and really, I'll give it 3 stars, maybe 3.5, it's a good one too...."Cash Culture and Violence", "1998", "Coppers" aned more make this a FINE listening experience, it'll never match "Wolves", but that is just one of thoe things.

In 2000, the oddly released another album entitled "Rancid", I am not a fan of bands doing that, there are alternate titles ("Rancid 5" or "Rancid 2000"), but the stuff was starting to slip, IMO, anyway.....they return to the shorter, 1.5 minute blasts, which would have been fine, had they not given us a brilliant classic album in the meantime.....still, there is good music on here, personally, I like "rattlesnake", and "Blackhawk Down", there are others that you will like as well, Rancid were/are a fine, hard rocking punk/ska ringed band, and they are quite adictive.

That same year athey released an EP "Let Me Go", which i think you might enjoy as well, it contains three new songs, all of which are quite accessable and enjoyable.

It was at this point that Rancid decided to go in the direction of working with NOFX, they split
several albums with them......I DO NOT HAVE THEM ALL, perhaps some of you may, and I as you to share, but what I DO have is VOLUME 2- I do like the reworking of "Olympia Washington" as well as a few others, ("Vanilla Sex", "The Moron Brothers")......not bad, and far from unintersting!

In 2006, Rancid released "Indestructable".......I know several who do enjoy this disc, I am not crazy about it....reminds me a lot of thier early stuff, but sounds stiff and tired....MAYBE that is just me, I have it here for you if you want to hear it, but simply didn't work for me.

Now, we do have an incredible selection of B-Sides ("B Sides and C Sides") that you will want, this is some great stuff, trust me on this one.....this reminds of of thier wonderful early material and if you are a fan of Rancid, THIS IS FOR YOU 10000 percent!.

In 2009 Rancid releasead "Let the Dominoes Fall", also not a huge favorite of mine, (althought there are STILL good songes here, "Last One to Die" and "Up to No Good", just, you know, how I am, this sounds like a band whose moment is over.......maybe I am wrong.

OK, according to the Bay they have released ANOTHER album "Honor Is All We Know".....I have not heard it, maybe never will, we will see, but since it's lating right here, you may as well checki it out if you so wish.........

Rancid were a kick ass band, perhaps the best American punk band of the 1990's......we can argue if you want, but "Out Come the Wolves" is an inargueable 5-star classic,and see ya tomorrow. Went back looking for some discs and happened to find this live Rancid epic, 3/28/98,(Washington DC) let's all see together how good it is......hope you guys enjoy it all....

GIVE EM THE BOOT (DEMO CD)-01 The Sentence/02 I'm Not the Only One/03 To Hell/04 Media Controler/05 Battering Ram/06 Idle Hands/07 Unwritten Rules/08 Trenches/09 Opposition/10 Inhalation/11 Animosity/12 Borderline/13 Rats In Hell/14 Institution/15 Moonlight/16 Situation/17 Whirlwind/18 Bad Policeman/19 Trenches/20 Unwriten Rules/21 Take You/22 The Line/23 Burn the City Down

RANCID (7")-01 IDLE HANDS/02 I'm Not the Only One/03 Media Controller/04 The Sentence

RANCID-01 Adenia/02 Hyena/03 Detroit/04 Rats In the hallway/05 Another Night/06 Animosity/07 Outta My Mind/08 Whirlwind/09 Rejected/10 Injury/11 The Bottle/12 Trenches/13 Holdiay Sunrise/14 Uwritten Rules/15 Union Blood/16 Get Out of My Way

LET's GO-01 Nihilism/02 Radio/03 Sidekick/04 Salvation/05 Tenderloin/06 Let's Go/07 As One/08 Burn/09 The Ballad of Jim and Johnny/10 Gunshot/11 I Am the One/12 Gave It Away/13 Ghetto Box/14 Harry Bridges/15 Black & Blue/16 St Mary/17 Dope Sick Girl/18 International Cover Up/19 Solidarity/20 Midnight/21 Moorcycle Ride/22 Name/23 7 Years Down

AND OUT COME THE WOLVES-01 Maxwell Murder/02 The 11th Hour/03 Roots Radical/04 Time Bomb/05 Olympia Washington/06 Lock Step & Gone/07 Junkie Man/08 Listeed MIA/09 Ruby Soho/10 Daly Train/11 Journey to the End of the East bay/12 She's Automatic/13 Old Friend/14 Disorder and Disarray/15 The War's End/16 You Don't Care Nothin//17 As Wicked/18 Avenues and Alleways/19 The Way I feel

LIFE WONT WAIT-01 Intro/02 Bloodclot/03 Hoover Street/04 Black Lung/05 Life Won't Wait/06 New Dress/07 Warsaw/08 Hooligans/09 Crane Fists/10 Liecasaer Square/11 Blackslide/12 Who Would've Thought/13 Cash, Cutlure and Violence/14 Cocktails/15 The Wolf/16 1998/17 Lady Liberty/18 Wrongful Suspicion/19 Turntable/20 Something In the World Today/21 Corazon De Oro/22 Coppers

RANCID (2000)-01 Don Giovanni/02 Disgruntled/03 It's Quite Alright/04 Let Me Go/05 I Am
Forever/06 Poison/07 Loki/08 Blackhawk Down/09 Rwanda/10 Corruption/11 Antenna's/12 Rattle Snake/13 City of Sin/14 Radio Havannah/15 Axiom/16 Black Derby Jacket/17 Meteor of War/18 Dead Bodies/19 Rigged on a Fix/20 Young Al Capone/21 Reconciliation/22 Golden Gate Fields

LET ME GO (EP)-01 Let Me Go/02 Ben Zanotto/03 Dead and Gone

RANCID/NOFX SPLIT VOLUME III-01 I'm the One/02 Olympia Washington/03 Tenderloin/04 Antennas/05 Corazon De Oro/06 Rasio/07 The Moron Brothers/08 Sticken In My Eye/09 Bob/10 The Brews/11 Vanilla Sex

INDESTRUCTABLE-01 Indestructable/02 Fall back Down/03 Red Hot Moon/04 David Courtney/05 Start Now/06 Out of Control/07 Django/08 Arrested in Shanghai/09 Travis Bickle/10 Memphis/11 Spirit of 87/12 Ghost band/13 Tropical London/14 Roadblock/15 Born Frustrated/16 Back Up Against the Wall/17 Ivory Coast/18 Stand Your Ground/19 Otherside

B SIDES AND C SIDES-01 Ben Zanatto/02 Stop/03 Devils Dance/04 Dead and Gone/05 Stranded/06
Killing Zone/07 100 Yearas/08 THings To Come/09 Blast Em/10 Endrina/11 White Knuckle Ride/12 Sick Sick World/13 Tattoo/14 That's Entertainment/15 Clockwork Orange/16 The Brothels/17 Just a Feeling/18 Brixton/19 Empros Lap Dog/20 I Wanna Riot/21 Kill the Lights

LET THE DOMINOES FALL-01 East bay night/02 This Place/03 Up to No Good/04 Last One to Die/05 Disconnected/06 I Ain't Worried/07 Damnation/08 New Orleans/09 Civilian Ways/10 The Bravest Kids/11 Skull City/12 LA River/13 Lulu/14 Dominoes Fall/15 Liberty and Freedom/16 You Want It You Got It/17 Locomotove/18 That's just the Way It Is Now/`19 The Highway

HONOR IS AL WE KNOW-01 back Where I belong/02 Raise Your Fist/03 Collision Course/04 Evil's
My Friend/05 Honor Is All We Know/06 A power Inside/07 In the Streets/08 Face Up/09 Already Dead/10 Diabolical/11 malfunction/12 Now We're Through With You/13 Everbody's Sufferin/14 Grave Digger

RANCID LIVE WASHINGTON DC 3/28/98-01 Maxwell Murder/02 Roots Radical/04 Tenderloin/05 Tattoo/06 Journey to the End of the East bay/07 Avenues and Alleways/08 Time Bomb/09 She's automatic/10 Want Your Salvation/11 Ruby Soho/12 Radio

lottawork, here, hope you guys enjoy


Cliff from the UK, my reggae GO-TO guy submits another masterwork

Well, great friend if the blog Cliff is back, releaseing more reggae joy upon us.......as I've said, while I
love the music, my KNOWLEDGE is extremely limited.........so I let him do the work, which is why, like Brian, Apantabapanta, Dave Sez, and more, he is a valuable member of the team that we cannot live with out........here is what Cliff has to say to us THIS week:


How about the fucking CRAMPS

Jungle-rockabilly-punk-cannabil-rip your flesh shit, if you are not familiar with the Cramps, is it not time to join the rest of the world?

OK, the Cramps...one of the greatest punkabilly bands of our time, I know many people who dislike tham......guess what I say? "Fuck them?" you got it.......the Cramps were bad ass, cranking out great albums as thought they were sausages for a while.....it's kinda hard to list thier personel, as so many of them have left us, the main conglomerate were, vocalist Lux Interior, guitarist Poison Ivy Rorscharch, dummer Harry Drumdini, and a list of bassists too long for me to get into here......point it they made some damn good music in thier day, and the idea is to share it here with the uninititated.

First up we have the magnificnet EP, "Gravest Hits", which is a wonderment that should be on any shelf, and if nothing else featuresa  freaked out version of "Surfin Bird".......great starting point.

Well, well, as for LP',s  let us begin with the absloute classic "Songs the Lord Taught Us'" a wonderful album that wasn't taken seriously back in the day, but but should be now, because it FUCKING RULES....this is a magnificnet album, this one filled with great bonus tracks, a PERFECT horror-billy collection that is as great as they get, from the cover of the Sonics "Strychnine", plus GREAT SHIT like "Fever", "I Was a Teenage Werewolf", "I'm Cramped", and a BUNCH more, this is one of the finest aned most overlooked rock albums of the 1980's, and I usggest if you are unfamiliar, JUMP, NOW, ON this SUPER EXTENDED VERSION......MAGNIFICENT effort, not kidding.

1981's "Psychedelic Jungle" is as good, seriously, they show growth as well as keeping thier crude rocking sensibility, how you not gonna love "Green Fuz", "Goo Goo Muk", "Rockin Bones" and about ten more,this is another one that BELONGS on your shelf........

In 1983 they released a live mini-LP, the wonderfully titled "Smell of Female", it's great as well, they have an insane version of "Psychotic Reaction", as well as more wonderful treasures.....great band, if you missed them first time I am TRYING to help ya!

1986 gave us "A Date With Elvis", also a fine album for lovers of this psycho-rockabilly schlock......filled with great stuff , such as "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?", "The Hot Pearl Snatch" and a whole lot more....these guys were no fucking joke.

In 1990 they released "Stay Sick", yet another fine album of on-the-edge psychobilly rock n roll, certainly you won't wish to miss "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns" or "The Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon".......at least I wouldn't, what are you, some kijnda FAGGOT?

They didn't let up a bit with "Look Ma No Head", which features such gems as "Dames Booze, Chains, and Boots", and "Alligator Stomp"......it's another fine disc from these guys, they popped ou classic after classic, and you guys need to educate yourselves as to this GREAT, GREAT American punkabilly thrashing rock n roll!

""Flamejob" came out in 1996, and guess what, it's pretty awesome too...."Let's Get Fucked UP', and of course "Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs" are Cramps Classics, "Route 66" and "Mean Machine" are sure as hell pretty damn good as well.

And on and on....in 1997 they released "Big Beat From Badsville", another good one with great shit like "Like a Bad Girl Should", "It Thing Hard On", and "Burn She-Devil, Burn," plus a bunch of bonus tracks......please do not miss this greatness....

Next up is "Fiends of Dope Island", another winner with "Doctor Fucker MD" and "Elvis Fucking Christ', the Cramps are, after all,the FUCKING CRAMPS......

Lastly I have the mammoth "How to Make a Monster" thing, this is a two disc set of all kindsa demos, alternates, and whatever you might enjoy, Cramps fans, here is the stuff for ya.......RIGHT NOW, I am going to the back room and see if I have a boot or two (I think I do), so I'll be back in uno mumento......

OK, Found ONE at least, "Rockin and Reelin In Auckland New Zealand" a fine bootleg from this wonderful band.....this is a bad ass show, I won't even detail it.......we have a BUNCH of Cramps stuff here,if you like em, Merry Xmas,if you don't, well, who knows' what i'll but up tomorrow! God BLESS YOU ALL!

GRAVEST HITS EP-01 01 Human Fly/02 Lonesome town/03 The Way I Walk/04 Domino/05 Surifin Bird

SONGS THE LORD TAUGHT US-01 TV Set/02 Rock on the Moon/03 Grabrageman/04 I Was a Teenage Werewolf/05 Sunglasses After Dark/06 The mad Daddy/07Mystery Plane/08 Zombie Dance/09 What's Beind the Mask/10 Strychnine/11 I'm Cramped/12 Tear It Up/13 Fever

PSYCHEDELIC JUNGLE-01 Green Fuz/02 Goo Goo Muk/03 Rockin Bones/04 Voodooo Idol/05 Primitiave/06 Caveman/07 The Crusher/08 Don't Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk/09 Can't Find My Mind/10 Jungle Hop/11 Natives Are Restless/12 Under the Wires/13 Beautiful Gardens/14 Green Door

SMELL OF FEMALE (EP)-01 Thee Most Exaltent Penetate of Love/02 You Got Good Taste/03 Call the Wighat/04 Faster Pussycat/05 I Ain't Nothin But a Gorehound/06 Psychotic Reaction/07 Beautiful Gardens/08 She Said/09 Surfin Dead

A DATE WITH ELVIS-01 How Far Can Too Far Go?/02 The Hot Pearl Snatch/03 People Ain't No Good/04 What's Inside a Girl/05 CanYour Pussy Do the Dog?//06 Kizmiaz/07 Corned Dames//08 Chicken/09 Hot pool of Womanneed/10 Aloha From Hell/11 It's Just That Song/12 Blue Moon Baby13 /Georgia Lee Brown/14 Give Me a Woman/15 Get off the Road

STAY SICK-01 Bop Pils/02 God Damn Rock N Roll/03 Bikini Girls With machine Guns/04 All Women Are Bad/05 The Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon/06 Shortnin Bread/07 Daisys Up Your Butterfly/08 Everything goes/09 Journey to the Center of the Girl/10 Mama Oo Pow Pow/11 Saddle Up a Buzz Buzz/12 Muleskinner Blues

LOOK MA NO HEAD-01 Dames, Booze, Chains,and Boots/02 Two Headed Sex Change/03 Blow Up Your Mind/04 hard Working man/05 Miniskirt Blues/06 Alligator Stomp/07 I Wanna Get In Your Pants/08 Bend Over I'll Drive/09 Don't Get Funny With Me/10 Eyeball In My Martini/11 Hipsville 29 BC/12 The Strangeness In Me

FLAMEJOB-01 Mean Machine/02 Ultra Twist!03 Let's Get Fucked Up/04 Nest of the Cuckoobird/05 I;m Customized/06 Sado County Auto Show/07 Naked Girl falling Down the Stairs/08 How Come You Do Me/09 Inside Out and Upside Down (With You)/10 Trapped Love/11 Swing the Big Eyed Rabbit/12 blues blues Blues/13  Route 66 (Get Yer Kicks!)

BIG BEAT FROM BADSVILLE-01 Cramp Stomp/02GodMonster/03 It Thing Hard On/04 Like a Bad Girl Should/05 Sheenas In a Goth Gang/06 Queen of Pain/07 Monkey With your Tail/08 Devil behind That Bush/09 Super Goo/10 Hypno-Sex ray/11 Burn She Devil-Burn/12 Wet Nightmare/13 Badass Bug/14 Hualass Hyena

FIENDS OF DOPE ISLAND-01 Big Black Witchcraft Rock/02 Papa Satan Sang Louie/03 hang Up/04 Fissure of Rolando/05 Dr Fucker MD (musical Deviant)/06Dopefiend Boogie/07 Taboo/08 Elvis Fucking Christ/09 She's Got Balls/10 Owwee baby/11 Mojo Man From mars/12 Color Me Black/13 Wrong Way Ticket

HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER D1-01 Quick Joey Small/02 Lux's Blues/03 Love Me/04 Domino/05 Sunglasses After Dark/06 Subwire desire/07 TV Set/08 Love Me/09 I Was a Teenage Werewolf/10 I can't hardly Stand It/11 Sweet Woman Blues.12 Rumble Blues/13 Rumble Blues/14 Rumble Blues/15 Rumble Blues/16 Lonesome Town/17 Five Years Ahead of My Time/18 Call of the Wighat/19 Hanky Panky/20 Journey to the Center of a Girl/21 Jackyard Backoff/22 Everything Goes/23 All Women Are Bad (Demo)

HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER D2-01 Don't Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk/02 I Was a Teenage Werewolf/03 Sunglasses After Dark/04 Jungle Hop/05 Domino/06 Love Me/07 Strychnine/08 TV Set/09 I'm Cramped (Tracks 1-9 Live at Max's Kansas City 1/14/77)/10 The Way I Walk/11 Love Me/12 domino/13 Human Fly/14 I Was a TeenageWerewolf/15 Sunglasses After Dark/16 Can't hardly Stand It/17 Urnaium Rock/18 What's Behind the mask/19 baby Blue Rock/20 Subwire Desire/21 I'm Cramped/22 TV Set (Tracks 10-22 Live at CBGB 1/13/78)

ROCKIN AND REELIN IN AUKLAND NEW ZEELAND-01 The Hot Pearl Snatch/02 People Ain't No Good/03 What's Inside a Girl/04 CornfedDames//05 Sunglasses After Dark/06 Heartbreak Hotel/07 Chicken/08 Do the Clam/09 Aloha From Hell/10 Can Your Pussy do the Dog?/11 Birdfeed/12 Blue moon Baby/23 Georgia Lee Brown/24 Lonesometown

OK, again, a lottttta  work, so PLEASE let me know your thoughts on this one, PLEASE?


Here's are little rarity from 1985, the sole release from Australia's Beargarden. ("All That Fall").....new wave pop, not too bad, but relatively unknown.  And, despite that, this one-shot disc is without question worth a listen, typical mid-80's new wave stuff, might remind one of INXS or something like that......alot of the tracks here would have made fairly catchy singles given the chance ("Drink Drink Drink", and "I Write the News" , notably, have some fairly good guitars mixed way down low (I like that effect sometimes) and vocals that remind me of......hmmmmmm, well of MOST mid-80's New Wavers, but don't let that scare you away, unless you are from Down Under, I doubt most of you have heard this one. Really not bad, no forgotten classic, for sure, but equally as sure, "forgotten" and very, very listenable.

BEARGARDEN-01 A Minute In Black and White/02 The Tell Tale Heart/03 A Year in the Shade/04 I Write the News/05 Drink Drink Drink/06 A Seaside Song/07 All That Fall/08 She's Crying/09 Bright Penny/10 Drink Drink Drink (Extended Mix)/11 Instrumental Number 1/12 Lounge

#2 of Apantabapanta's Encyclopedia Project

My main man in Greece Apantabapanta, as I told you last week, has begun an exhaustive encyclopedia
project, one on which he could use some volunteer help (take special notice, all you folks that want links re-upped but can't be bothered to do anything for the rest of "our" community).....this is the second part, I happen to know this guy only has internet access on the weekends, so it is 1000% truly a labor of love for him, and he could use some help, so if you are interested in helping him, get in contact with ME (comments section will be fine) and I will hook you up with him......I think it's a great and interesting project, one would think that 1 or 2 of you, at least (I get AT LEAST 3 "re-up this" requests EVERY DAY) could volunteer 15 minutes of your day to help him out.........really, you have no idea how much it will be appreciated, by HIM and by ME as well......

A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
Post 002
Ace UK How Long The Best of Ace 1988 @320
Acqua Fragile ITA Anthology 1975 @192 not really a best of, but a collection of bands only two albums.
Adam & The Ants UK Stand & Deliver 2006 @192
After Tea NET Not Just a Flower In Your Hair (1967-69) 2002 @192
After The Fire UK Der Kommissar 2001 @320
a) The idea is to know the music of the bands all around the world that their music style is close to – Pop / Rock-Folk / Rock-New / Wave-Punk / Rock-Hard / Rock-Prog / Rock
b) I’ll try to post 5 bands every week.
c) Some bands have been reformed.
d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post I think BigScott will agree.
e) Volunteers needed for finding & posting bands starting from letter ‘’B’’.


That is fine work, Apantabapanta, and your request for the discs you want WILL be filled this week......to
the rest of you, PLEASE someone volunteer to help this guy out with all the work that is involved with this project....obviously, I would if I could but this blog takes up a BUNCH of my time as it is.....someone? anyone?....this is a GREAT chance for you "Hey, man, how bout reupping these 50 links I want" guys.....


Cream, Part 1

OK, let me start out by saying that while I love a LOT of the music of Cream, I think they were a slight bit
overrated.....why? well, let me attempt to explain what is sure to be an unpopular position (and don't make too much out of it, I do love a lot of their work)....OK, to me, Cream were the first band that we REALLY separated their studio work from their live shows.......we do that often NOW, but back then? Cream's studio work, although they were capable of some brilliant shit (they had some tremendous singles, and the "Best of Cream" is a fine disc that should be in nearly ANYONE'S collection), and while they were a legendary live act, often, the endless jamming got to be a bit much to listen to on record, if you get what I'm saying......I just don't think they were as "great" as maybe some people might have thought they were, but, nonetheless, they DID make some incredible music for us, and were a VERY transcendental band. They incorporated the hard rock "pop-singles" format, as well as psychedelia and blues, into their act, and were an EXTREMELY important act in rock n roll history......Eric Clapton, IMO, was never better, Jack Bruce contributed wonderful bass playing and fine vocals (and, I might add, HORRENDOUS harmonica playing), and of course, Ginger Baker manned the skins, enough said there.....a good band, just maybe remembered a BIT more fondly than is necessary.

OK, let's start tonight with their studio efforts, perhaps you might see what I am saying......the first album "Fresh Cream" (which is presented here in the CD version with a few "bonus cuts") has some good shit on it...."NSU", "Sleepy Time Time" and the drum showcase "Toad" would become live staples, they are OK as studio tracks, but, IMO, not really MORE than "OK".....it's what I'd call a 2-star album, although there is some good material here, and the bonus discs certainly help the cause ("Spoonful").

Farily obviously, thier best studio effort was "Disraeli Gears"......and it's got GREAT shit all over it, "Sunshine of Your Love"...."Tales of Brave Ulysses"...."SWLABR" (if you don't know, it stands for: "She Was Like a Bearded Rainbow, you're welcome)....and this fine extended CD is off the charts, with soe demo versions and stuff (including a fine demo of the aforementioned "SWLABR")....a TRULY great album, perhaps the only REALLY great one they had in them, and if you acquire THIS one, you get the whole album twice, the second time in the "monoraul mix" version/////for what more could you POSSIBLY ask me?

"Wheels of Fire" was a double disc set, half studio/half live, a lot of people love it, I can't (really) argue....after all it DOES contain "White Room", "Born Under a Bad Sign", and "Politician" on the studio disc, certainly it is essential.....the "live" disc"?  Well, this is where the problems begin, at least for repeated listenings.....four tracks, which seem to go on forever, "Crossroads" is great of course, but "Traintime" and "Toad" seem to literally NEVER end.

And the final studio album they created was "Goodbye Cream".......by my math that makes but four.......and it does include the tremendous "Badge" (one of Clapton's most incredible solos) as well as "I'm So Glad", it's certainly not "bad", nor is it "great"......

And that is about it for thier studio work, not exactly a bone crushing amount.......we will get to their overwhelming live stuff tomorrow, as well as maybe some rarities and other stuff (haven't decided if this is gonna take 2 days or 3 yet)

hey man, I LOVE Cream.....I just think that historically, they have been just a SLIGHT BIT over-appreciated/over-rated, I sure as hell wish I'd have SEEN one of the live shows I will present later, but I didn't, so what we have is what we have.

A great and important band, if you don't have all these discs, likely you should.

FRESH CREAM-01 I feel Free/02 NSU/03 Sleepy Time Time/04 Dreaming/05 Sweet Wine/06 Cat's
Squirrel/07 Four Until Late/08 Rollin' and Tumblin'/09 I'm So Glad/10 Toad/11 Spoonful (Bonus)/12 Wrapping Paper (Bonus)/13 The Coffee Song (Bonus)

DISRAELI GEARS-01 Strange Brew/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 World of Pain/04 Dance the Night Away/05 Blue Condition/06 Tales of Brave Ulysses/07 SWLABR/08 We're Going Wrong/09 Outside Woman Blues/10 Take It Back/11 Mother's Lament/12 Strange Brew (monaraul mix)/13 Sunshine of Your Love (monoraul mix)/14 World of Pain (monoraul mix)/15 Dance the Night Away (monoraul mix)/16 Blue Condition (monoraul mix)/17 Tales of Brave Ulysses (monoraul mix/18 SWLABR (monoraul mix)/19 We're Going Wrong (monoraul mix)/20 Outside Woman Blues (monoraul mix)/21 Take it Back (monoraul mix)/22 Mothers lament (monoraul mix)

WHEELS OF FIRE DISC 1-01 White Room/02 Sitting on Top of the World/03 Passing the Time/04 As You Said/05 Pressed Rat and Warthog/06 Politician/07 Those Were the Days/08 Born Under a Bad Sign/09 Deserted Cities of the Heart/10 Anyone For Tennis (Bonus)

WHEELS OF FIRE DISC 2-01 Crossroads/02 Spoonful/03 Traintime/04 Toad

GOODBYE CREAM-01 I'm So Glad/02 Politician/03 Sitting On Top of the World/04 Badge/05 Doing That Scrapyard Thing/06 What a Bringdown

OK, if you are going to write that I have somehow "diss'ed" Cream, or I am a "hater" or some such nonsense, please go fuck yourself.....I am going to do a 2 or 3 day post on them, I just happen to think that maybe they weren't quite as great as some people think they were and THAT IS ALL.......nothing more. I think Cream made some great music and THAT is why they are here.

With the Tourney finale on tonight I MAY not get the links up till morning, we'll see, just wanted you to see you're in for a multi-part Cream Epic this week!

Another history lesson for ya JUNIOR (been a while)

Like I did with bands that were great for a brief moment of my youth, whom later became parodies of
themeselves (previously, Aerosmith, Heart, not sure whomelse), let's talk tonight about a band that was somewhat unique, for a few minutes there in my hihg school/college years, and then became so unlistenable that they are generally considered a joke......and THAT is what happens, but when it does, we truly forget  about the GOOD STUFF that the band put out EARLY on before, commercialization, greed, internal strife, or whatever stirred things up.

If ever there was a band created for SHORT-TERM excellence, it was Van Halen (!), yes, I was a junior in high school when the self-titled debut came about, "Running With the Devil" was a pretty fair hard-rock single, good enough for me to purchase the album, anyway, and discoverd the unique guitar stylings of Eddie Van Halen.........they also included of course, bassist Michael Anthony, drummer Alex Van Halen, and of course, singer/front-jackass David Lee Roth......I saw these guys my senior year and they were AMAZING live, Roth being such a natural showman and Eddie Van halen being such a unique and skilled axewielder........they were just THAT kind of band......one could have predicted their demise, in my opinion, of course "demise" in my eyes means 'Ultra-popularity" in the eyes of the lesser-enlightened.......ANYWAY yes, Van Halen sucked, in every incarnation beyond thier fourth studio LP, if you like some of the latter crap they spewed, that is totally your problem, not mind......

OK, the first, self titled LP......typical late 1970's metal, or "big rock" as some called it at the time, actually lumping the genre with stuff LIKE Heart and Aerosmith, heavy rocking yet radio friendly, as opposed to something like Rush, for example, with their 20-minute "suiets" and the like.......but for a little while there these guys melded the TOTAL metal experience with a listenable pop/radio sound, it was an accomplishment and NOT a small one, to be honest.....besides the good "Runing With the Devil", there is also the spazzed-out solo "Eruption", which leads into a frantaic cover of the Kink's "You Really Got Me", the great "Jamie's Crying", "Atomic Punk" ( a good song, docked a notch for an attempt to be topical), and my fave, the slow blues cover of "Ice Cream Man"......all in all a 3.5* album, you could do worse.

So, the following year, along came "Van Halen II".....I recall one critic referring to it as "as imaginitive as it's title", and there is a BIT of merit there, but look beyond the dross ("You're No Good" for example), and check out the GOOD STUFF here: "Somebody Get Me a Doctor"......."Beautiful Girls" (silly, but cool), and th albums best cut "D.O.A."........3 stars, but a decent hard rock album as well.

OK, here is where it gets complicated......I thought "hey, they put out two decent albums......they are likely done for...." That was ME, and as usual I was wrong as can be, as "Women And Children First" is a fine album, better than the first two.....the opening single "And the Cradle Will Rock", kinda sucks for my cash, but "Everybody Want Some" is one of their best tracks, as is the epic "Take Your Whiskey Home".......this was a band that was maturing, with the release of a VERY solid album, with a quite cool acoustic title track as well........3.5 *'s for me, and a fine album I still listen to parts of today (on occasion).

What even confuses the issue even more is that album #4 "Fair Warning", is quite good as well.....could these guys have actually been LEGIT? (well, no, as we will see), "Unchained" is one of their better efforts, "Mean Streets" is a good one, as is "Panama" (even better than the Pat Boone version featured here a while back)......for a fourth album, this is a pretty good one, it's pretty damn good.......could I have been wrong?

Well, no....."Diver Down" came out next, its awful, then came all the personnel hijinx, the Sammy
Hagar nonsense, the Roth leaving/returning/leaving/returning.......sorry Dave, you just aren't important anymore, and Van halen has been, since "Fair Warning" been relegated to the status of a joke band in my opinion......

But, shit, that happens......they DID put out four decent hard rock albums, far from "classics", but easy to forget how great these albums were before they got so ridiculous........just my opinion, but I would rather listen to myself urinating than any Van Halen album released since "Fair Warning"......just my opinion, but these other albums, as I have pointed out, DO have some great, hard rocking moments, enjoy them and remember them fondly, as though Sammy hagar never even existed.

Knowing that I am such a swell guy I am going to include a 1979 show from Niagra Falls when the band was just reaching thier peak, it's pretty good, give it a listen.....other than that, can't help ya much......they WERE, in thier day, a FINE live act, and I welcome any boots you can send my way, but after the first four albums, these guys really did bite the big one. Hard Core.

VAN HALEN-01 Running With the Devil/02 Eruption/03 You really Got Me/04 Aint talkin Bout Love/05 I'm The One/06 jamie's Crying/07 Atomic Punk/08 Feel Your Love Tonight/09 Little Dreamer/10 Ice Cream man/11 On Fire

VAN HALEN II-01 01 You're No Good/02 Dance The Night Away/03 Somebody Get Me a Doctor/04 Bottoms Up!/05 Oughta Love Again/06 Light Up the Sky/07 Spanish Fly/08 DOA/09 Women In Love/10 Beautiful Girls

WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST-01 And the Cradle Will Rock/02 Everybody Want Some!!/03 Fools/04 Romeo Delight/05 Tora Tora Tora/06 Loss of Control/07 Take Your Whiskey Home/08 Could This Be Magic/09 In a Simple Rhyme

FAIR WARNING-01 Mean Street/02 Dirty Movies/03 Sinner's Swing!/04 Hear About It Later/05 Unchained/06 Push Comes To Shove/07 So This Is Love/08 Saturday Afternoon In the Park/09 One Foot Out the Door

LIVE NIAGRA FALLS 1979-01 On Fire/02 I'm the One/03 Bass Solo/ Runnin With the Devil/04
Atomic Punk/05 Drum Solo/Little Dreamer/06 Feel Your Love Tonight/07 Ain't Talking Bout Love/08 Guitar Solo

sucks for my money,


A couple of years ago I posted a bunch of skinhead/nazi hate bands........MY POINT WAS THEN,
and still is now, that as abhorrent as I find thier beliefs, they are every bit as entitled to them as I am to my own.......the world is an uncomfortable place........I have come across, lately, a bunch of more skinhead-type stuff, I'm not going to do a deluge as I did the (see: "Two Minutes Hate" a couple years ago), but I am going to put this band up, because I like non-English stuff, I like stuff that threatens people, and I like stuff that is, well, not exactly Jon Bon Jovi, if you get my point.

Fyerdung.....formed in Stockholm in 1999....I cannot find much info, such as lineups, or really much of ANYTHING, BUT I do have three albums that they released, I listened to them today and they really do rock in a sloppy-punk kind of way, let's see how many of you take a chance on these.......

The first album I have at my disposal is "Vedergallning" from 2001......this is hateful stuff, on par with Skrewdriver or whomever else, but as I pointed out before, are not Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, Bratmobile, and any number of other bands equally so, just from another vantage point?  I think that ALL voices should be heard, even those as deplorable as these......also, should you be inclined, I have linked the LYRICS should you care to read them instead of downloading and listening, that is your right, and trust me, this is some fairly horrifying stuff.

http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Fyrdung/115635    (Lyrics to all albums posted here)

SO, as I said, we begin with "Vedergalling", with it's rough-edged, tunes with titles like "Time For War",  and "Boldly Stand Erect", along with a bunch more in Swedish, which are just as hateful.......I know 90 percent of you are going to dislike this, and I am not terribly crazy about it myself, but I AM NOT putting up the "Best of Boston" or some such stuff, I am here to access HARD TO LOCATE material that is made to be discussed, not necessarilly "beloved".

Next we have the sophomore effort, "Ragnorrok", again the lyrics are linked for your inspection....sorry, no English lyrics on this one, but I'm sure it's just as hateful as the rest.......it DOES rock, to its credit, and it is NOT awful........I think a lot of you likely have not heard this before, why not? because it happens to disagree with your political stripe? It does with mine, as well..........frankly, so does Rage Against the Machine, to whom I listen to often.

2003's "Revolution" is the final piece I have from these lads, there is an English track or two here, notably "First Degree", and this album is as terrifying and unsettling as the others......I cannot translate the Swedish lyrics, BUT I DON'T HAVE TO, this is music in which you simply FEEL the hatred.......and, frankly, that is what music is about, conveying feeling without even necessarily understanding the lyrics.

OK, I have just recently acquired a BUNCH of this stuff.........I am not going to post tons of it at a time, I made that point once, but every now and then I think I will......musically, these are 2-star rock albums, which go out of thier way to revel in controversy..........Hey, I'll post anything I like here, please comment or don't, but don't claim that you know this and that when you REALLY don't........I chellenge you" download. listen, and delete..........it's ALL rock n roll, whether it agrees with your personal politics or it doesn't.

VEDERGALLNING-01 Time For War/02 Krossa Bojorna/03 Runor I Eld/04 Fiender/05 Ny
Gryning/06 Demokrati/07 Karl XII/08 Veldergalning/09 Boldly Stand Errect/10 Svea

RAGNARROK-01 Pehrrsons Kompani/02 Till Vapen/03 hans makowski/04 1945/05 Revolt/06 Framat!/07 Folk I Gevar/08 Sverige/09 Notiser/10 Ragnarrok

REVOLUTION-01 De Forsta av Imorogon/02 Ge ej Din Frinde Frid/03 Svardshymn/04 Corneliu Codreanu/05 Ukraft/06 Revolution/07 First Degree/08 Folkligt Uppror/09 De Vita Gudarnas Soner

Let's hear some comments..I am trying to bring variety and different things, not just Emerson Lake and Palmer or whatever to this blog...........these are NOT great albums, but these are something that the normal person may never even experience.

Leigh Stephens

From Blue Cheer guitar psycho, this is something of an unknown "gem", one that Blue Cheer fans or folks of just plain old odd-ball hard rock may enjoy. "Red Weather" was released in 1969 after the rise and fall of Blue Cheer, and it's a GOOD ONE, should you like this kind of thing.......this is a good one, worth a listen anytime for a novice, tracks like "Drifting" and "I Grow Higher" are fine, shall we call them, "post-Blue Cheer" nuggets? Hell I don't know, but they sure as fuck sounded great this afternoon to ME......see what the fuck ya think?

LEIGH STEPHENS-RED WEATHER-01 Another Dose of Life/02 Drifting/03 Indians/04 I Grow Higher/05 Red Weather/06 If You Choose To/07 Joannie Mann/08 Chicken Pot Pie

OK, slackers, I gave ya some "nazi-rock" a couple hours ago, now I give you some lesser-known hippie-metal-slop-psych......I work my balls off to get you guys the best in rock n roll, the least you can do is tell my what ya think bout em.......right? Do it in the memory of Brian, to say the least!

Platinum Blonde

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Don't know if you know this one or not, I had forgotten COMPLETELY about it (hint: it's SORT
OF forgettable), this is album #2 from the Canadian band Platinum Blonde....as happens to me once in a while in my bored, retired state of mind, I thought of this 1985 release today and popped it on, honest to God, I wouldn't have been able to tell you the first detail about the album (from memory), but I must say, it's really pretty damn good......

The first album was "Standing In the Dark".......have never heard it, never seen a copy of it, know ZERO about it, sorry.....what I have here is album #2, "Alien Shores", which, for my money, is an underappreciated disc from that decade that contains so many of them, the 1980's, when the gap between the Clash and Nirvana was a HUGE void that was filled with thousands of great and unknwo albums, if you were in college in these years, you know EXACTLY what I'm saying, if not, well, likely there are still some wonderful experiences here that might just wake up your ears to soemthing new...hell at the very LEAST you can impress your friends as being smarter than them.

"Alien Shores" is somewhat notabale for the borrowing of Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson (you know the one member of Rush who is NOT in need of a full lobotomy) on a couple of tracks.......I won't tell you which, because it is so INCREDIBLY easy to figure out.

Sort of a minor-league Rush effort (geeez it's funny even to try to TYPE it!), there are a bunch of sci-fi themes and the like here, not that the concept really holds together well or anything.......this is maybe a 2 star album, being generous too, and I post it here as one of those UNKNOWN efforts that to you or Jim or George just might become something of a treausred favorite, you never know.......

Thoughts please....come on, I have to "think" each day about what albums might interest you zoners, the least you can do is listen and report back....other than that, you guys are great, and I love you all......obviously, the chicks, much, much  more!

ALIEN SHORES-01 Crying Over You/02 Situation Critical/03 Red Light/04 It Ain't Love Anyway/05 Somebody Somewhere/06 Lost In Space/07 Temple of the New Born/08 Holy Water/09 Animal/10 Hungry Eyes

Come on guys, let me know your thoughts......I drag this stuff out on a daily basis and listen to it, and make highly informed decisions (a JOKE) about what I will present to my rabid followers.....anyway, tonight, let's talk some nazi-rock, some 2nd-generation Blue Cheer, some goofball once-removed Rush, and God knows what else I may think of before I go to bed.