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Lenny Bruce, from Comedy King Brian Parker

Here is the first part of Brian's amazing Lenny Bruce post, Lenny being one of the absolute masters of modern comedy........if you are unfamilar you are missing something. You can check it out here, or, if you prefer, at his site


As I say, it matters not to me, but wherever you get it, offer up thanks to Brian who did ALL the work.....he has already delivered us fantastic comedy posts on Firesign Theater and an exhaustive Monty Python, this guy knows his comedy.......I'll sure as hell give him props should he think  of a way to create a post on MY comedy hero, Andy Kaufman......doubtful, but we shall see.

As always, I will allow him to use HIS words, after all, he WROTE em......all kidding aside, if you are a comedy fan, THIS is tremendous shit, just years ahead of it's time, brilliant, thought provoking, and cutting edge, YOU WANT THIS.......Thanks, Brian, for all you do!



Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Genius of Lenny Bruce, Part 1

Lenny Bruce was the Alpha and Omega of standup comedy. He was a man who truly suffered for his art, was persecuted and hounded for it, and in the end was completely blackballed from his livelihood - ODing broke and alone. Every Dane Cook fratboy-hack or Def Comedy Jam wannabe should hit their knees and thank Lenny for their freedom to soil a microphone, though they don't have a tenth of his wit. Not to belabor a point, but he really did die for our comedy sins. George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks....the pantheon was created by Lenny Bruce.

This was the first material of Lenny's I ever bought. Contains the biting "Religions, Inc", the hilarious "Enchanting Transylvania", and the great "Father Flotski's Triumph".

Many great routines here: "White Collar Drunks", "How to Relax Your Colored Friends at Parties", "Lima, Ohio", and the amazingly long and funny routine "The Palladium". Things were never the same for Lenny after this...

This is a compilation Lenny put out that covers 1958-63. The fidelity is a little spotty, but this is funny stuff. Unfortunately, this is one long track though. Not sure what the "1949" on the cover means.


This is largely devoted to Lenny's legal problems, but is still a fascinating listen. He lived it - the least you can do is listen to it. He dissects all of the hypocrisy of his age. This one is also sequenced as one track.

This is a good, but strange listen. It's a compilation of Lenny's topical bits, many heard on other albums, but not in these versions. The strange thing is, at the beginning of most tracks, there is an audio sample of whatever political figure or topic is being skewered - Nixon, Johnson, etc. At times, the samples almost have a Negativland-like collage quality. I think this was a posthumous 70's album - I can't find any info.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Part 2 will be the 2 CD versions of the Carnegie Hall concert, and Live at the Curran Theater. And I hope to someday soon buy the 6 disc box set "Let the Buyer Beware". If I do, I will put it up.

[ Lenny Bruce album free Mediafire zippyshare download ]


Some fantastic, historic stuff here, don't miss out, and make sure and visit Brian's blog and check out what's going on over there also!

Bored Teenagers

Hey, you know I love my punk comps, in particular obscure ones such as this one.......we've had a lot of different stuff of late, reggae, comedy, psych........but 1970's punk is always one of my default positions, and likely I will NEVER run out.

Again, let me say, I LOVE YOU GUYS, I love your comments, I love your contributions, I love all the help I get from you.......thanks for at least acknowledging that this blog exists, in our special little corner of the world..........

Today we offer up "Bored Teenagers", on Bin Liner Records, released in 2008.........it's a short one, thrash and burn, but it's wonderful and I think you will enjoy it.......PLEASE listen to it and let me know, it's listed as "Part 1" but it is the ONLY one I have, so if you happen to know of any subsequent portions, please pass them along..........otherwise, it's a short romp, thrash and burn kind of thing, relatively obscure as at least I like, so check it out, and lemme know what it does to yer brain......

BORED TEENAGERS VOLUME 1-01 THE COMMITTED-Fast Lane/02 SCHOOLGIRL BITCH-Abusing the Rules/03 HENRY ESSENCE-14 Year Old Lover/04 THE GROUT-Cremation at Belson/05 AMAZING SPACE FROGS-(I'm Into) Necrophelia/06 LANDLORD-The Anal Fleas/07 ANYTOWN-Discharge/08 THE CRIME-Johnny Comes Home/09 ACCIDENT ON THE EAST LANCS-Tell Me What Ya Mean/10 NO WAY-Breaking Point/11 DISCHARGE-Hardcore Punx/12 THE COMMITTED-Crash Victim/13 THE GROUT-Fast Cars/14 X-PRESS 2-Stop, Start (And Go back Again)

Something of an semi-unknown gem, listened to it today in fact......breezy, loud, and obscure, if ya taste runs similar to my own, you'll enjoy (probably less than a half hour anyway)......come on minions, if there really are "parts" after "Part 1", lets cough up.......

Til then, love you all, and rock on!

St Patrick's Day Blowout

And yes, genius, I know it isn't TODAY, but TODAY is when I aim to put it up, sorry if that's an
issue......it's kinda long, but SOOOOOOOOOO good, you'll want the extra time to soak it all in, and besides I need the time to pinch the asses of all those babes who wear green (or was it DON'T wear green? I'll play it safe and do both I guess)....

First up we have "Irish Pub Songs 2014", LOTS of different stuff, mostly of the obscure variety.....to be honest witcha, I never heard of ANY of these acts until I uncovered this, other than, well, The Irish Rovers, but hey, DP check this for your green-beer party, this and my other selection for today will suit it to perfection! A summarization would be pointless, as I have only listened once, but here is the track list, see for yaself......

01 CELKILT-Everyday's St Patrick's Day/02 DRINK HUNTERS-Drinking Song/03 THE RAMSHACKLE ARMY-Boilermaker's hands/04 AULD CORN BRIGADE-Day To Day/05 THE VANDON ARMS-Streets of Gold/06 SUNDAY PUNCHERS-Guinness/07 LEXINGTON FIELD-Crazy Eyes/08 THE LAGAN-Fields of Athenry/09 FIDDLERS GREEN-A Bottle a Day/10 THE DETONATORS-My World/11 THE TOSSPRINTS-Blood or Whiskey/12 PINT OF STOUT-We All Deserve To Die/13 THE FATTY FARMERS-At the Counter Bar/14 CHEERS!-Cliffs of Galway/15 FOX 'N'FIRKIN-1788/16 1916-Wild Rover/17 BASTARDS ON PARADE-Drunken Haze/18 THE TOSSERS-Here's To a Drink With You/19 IRISH MOUTARDE-Farewell To Drunkeness/20 LOCHNESZ-Have Another Whiskey/21 BRUTUS' DAUGHTERS-6 Beers/22 THE SCALLY CAP BRATS-Dress Sharp, Drink Hard/23 THE IRISH ROVERS-Drunken Sailor

Hell, just spot-listened to it again, and there are some fine drinking/female ass grabbing/generally partying stuff on this one, please don't miss it, BUT, it is just a warm up for:

"Irish Punk Drinking Songs Compilation" is a bit more accessable, what with Flogging Molly, The
Pogues, and Dropkick Murphys all contributing a few tracks, along with some other lesser knowns, such as Great Big Sea and Bloody Irish Boys....this is a fine collection as well, you put this on back to back with the above, and you are set musically for your St Patrick's Day bash......I think this is a good post, hope you do as well, PLEASE let me know, as you know, I've been changing the blog a bit, adding more guest posters (a good move, I think), but we ALL want to know what you think of our stuff........it's all we ask......leave a comment, we ALL here try to provide some stuff from our own stashes, it's a bit of work, and it IS a disappointment when we see 1000 downloads and 1 comment......work with us a bit, PLEASE?

01 THE MAHONES-Drunken Lazy Bastards/02 THE BLOODY IRISH BOYS-Drunk Tonight/03 GREAT BIG SEA-The Night Pat Murphy Died/04 DROPKICK MURPHYS-Finnegans Wake/05 THE POGUES-If I Should Fall From Grace With God/06 FLOGGING MOLLY-May the Living Be Dead (In Our Wake)/07 THE MAHONES-A Drunken Night In Dublin/08 THE BLOODY IRISH BOYS-Enniscorthy in a Bottle/09 GREAT BIG SEA-Lukey/10 DROPKICK MURPHYS-Bar Room Hero/11 THE POGUES-Fairytale of New York/12 FLOGGING MOLLY-Drunken Lullabies/13 THE MAHONES-Paint this Town Red/14 THE BLOODY IRISH BOYS-Streams of Whiskey/15 GREAT BIG SEA-Home For a Rest/16 DROPKICK MURPHYS-Dirty Glass/17 THE POGUES-Whiskey You're the Devil/18 FLOGGING MOLLY-Seven Deadly Sins

So, two good party records, no over-lap, and likely a track or three that'll be new to you.......hope ya like this one, and, me, with not much to do this evening, might just put up another post or two if yer good little boys and bad little girls!

Thin Lizzy

Since I was already in an Irish mode, why the hell NOT some stuff, more or less the complete works
of Thin Lizzy, maybe Ireland's finest hard rock troupe over the long term, at least all their stuff that I have......kind of MAYBE a bit overlooked stateside, but I always did enjoy a great percentage of their work, and if all you know is, say, "The Boys Are back in Town" (one of the great singles of my junior high school years), there is a LOT more here that youjust might surprise yerself with.......mind ya, some of  it also isn't so great, but likely I downloaded a discography years ago, and I THINK I have most all of it, maybe a boot or two (without checking).

Thin Lizzy were formed in Dublin, Ireland ca. 1969.Bassist/vocalist Phil Lynott was the focal point, and was joined by drummer Brian Downey, and guitarist Scott Gorham  and others at various times......Lynott passed away in 1986 and they attempted to meander on with the usual results, if I have any of that stuff I will put it up for comparison sake......

In 1971 they cranked out thier debut album, a self-titled effort.....some DO like it, I do NOT especialy care for it......surprisingly tame compared to what would come later, as well as kind of spotty and really, to me, showing little potential at all. "Look What the Wind Blew In" was probably the original highlight, and, in this post-Lynott death reissue, the song "Dublin" is a decent one as well.

1972's "Shades of a Blue Orphanage", I personally find pretty forgettable, (I mean, really, "The Rise and Dear Demise of the Funky Nomadic Tribes"?)......Lynott does turn in a decent vocal on "Sarah", still not an album I have played much over the years.....

In 1973, they showed thier first REAL potential as a great rock band with the fine  "Vagabonds of the Western World"......far more rocking than the previous efforts, finally showing clues that the band was starting to "get it"...."The Rocker" is thier first TRULY explosive number, "Little Girl In Bloom" is a fine and forgotten number, and this reissue does contain one of the early singles, "Whiskey In the Jar" a fine one as well......it's a good album, though, without the bonus tracks, with them, it's quite excellent.

Cranking out an album a year as was customary in those corporate 1970's 1974's "Nighlife" is a good
one as well, however, I DO NOT happen to havae the much better reissue which is loaded with bonus tracks.....it's still a good one though, Lynott's vocals continue to improve, and Scott Gorham's guitar really stands out, defining their future sound. "It's Only Money" and "Sha La La" are quite serviceable rockers, the highlight in my book is the mellower "She Knows"......MAN I wish I had the extended version of this, but I don't, so this is what it is.......pretty fair album.

"Fighting" was up next, again, the loaded extended edition would be much the preferred offering, but this is what we are left with, and it is pretty good.....the twin-guitar attack that would define the band was in full effect (Gorham and Brian Robertson by now), and Lynott's continued fine vocals, as well as strong writing contributions from all members of the band, make this arguebley the best album to date......opening with a cover of Bob Seger's "Rosalie" which works out just fine, as does most of the album, "Suicide" and "Wild One" are great, hard rocking tracks.......a good album, which prepared for what was to come next......

1976's "Jailbreak" was and is thier best known effort, mostly due to the inclusion of the wonderful "The Boys Are back In Town" (also "Warrior", IMO thier best song)......the rest of the album is really only decent, tracks like "Angel From the Coast" and the title track are just fair, but those two classic rockers mentioned earlier more than make up for it......by the way, I must ALWAYS laugh at the song "Jailbreak", with one of the most stupid lyrics ever penned: "Tonight, there's gonna be a jailbreak, somewhere in the town"........well, I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but my guess is that "somewhere" JUST MIGHT be, well, THE JAIL? One of my favorite blunderheaded lyrics ever, edging even the Pretenders "Guarding the house, like a pigeon from hell", or Moby Grape's "How come you aint got on your clothes on?".........ahh, well, "it's only rock n roll".

Next up came the inevitable backslide, "Johnny the Fox", I don't care much for it, it's obviously a smart-guy conceptual thing that I can't figure out, I know there was some infighting in the band and Lynott was recovering from hepititas, but, frankly, this is just not a very good album IMO....."Borderline", to me, being its single saving grace.

The Lynott/Robertson fighting led to Robertson's exit from the band, he appears on a couple tracks but
basically this album is done in a trio format. It IS better than "Johnny the Fox", the trio format works pretty well, and this is a pretty good and underrated hard rock album......"Opium Trail", the Title Track, and frankly MOST of the album is quite respectable. Their most underrated album, in my estimation.

"Live and Dangerous" came out in 1978, and I happened to see them that year (in Cleveland, actually), I thought they were tremendous live, and I think it comes through on this recording as well....the tracks are well selected ("The Boys", "Warriors", "Suicide", "The Rocker", and most of the other good ones, from that era of the semi-mandatory double live LP, this one is as good as any, quite highly recommended by me at least as I was REALLY impressed with their Cleveland show.  And, as a personal bonus, my favorite Lizzy track ("Warriors") is given a sledgehammer treatment that tops the studio effort IMO.

1979's "Black Rose, a Rock Legend" was an album I was prepared to dislike, sounded like another smart-guy conceptual thing......whether it is or not, I don't really know, but it does rock hard at a point where most bands are searching for the Suckville Motel. It's maybe what I'd call their last decent effort, and, oddly includes Lynott's second song entitled "Sarah" (this one about his daughter, the previous one about his grandmother.......listenable, not much else, but they really WERE still TRYING!

'Cause, the next album, "Chinatown", is pretty bad indeed.......Lynott and Gorham were allegedly suffereing from drug issues, and the music, simply, is NOT GOOD. A band playing out the string in my estimation.......and the less said about it's follow up, "Renegade", the better. "Thunder and Lightning" (1983) is even worse........

There are some post-Lynott passing albums that I don't have and really don't care to hear.......this was a band that had thier moments, they rocked out when they wanted to, wrote some damn fine songs, and had their time in the sun.......they are underappreciated and missed. A happy St Patricks Day to them, as well.

THIN LIZZY-01 The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle/02 Honesty Is No Excuse/03 Diddy Levine/04 Ray-Gun/05 Look What the Wind Blew In/06 Eire/07 Return of the Farmer's Son/08 Clifton Grange Hotel/09 Saga of the Aging Orphan/10 Remembering Part 1/11 Dublin/12 Remembering part 2/13 Old Moon Madness/14 Things Ain't Working Out Down at the Farm

SHADES OF A BLUE ORPHANAGE-01 The Rise and Dear Demise of the Funky Nomadic Tribes/02
Buffalo Gal/03 I Don't Want To Forget How To Jive/04 Sarah/05 Brought Down /06 Baby Face/07 Chatting Today /08 Call the Police/09 Shades of a Blue Orphanage

VAGABONDS OF THE WESTERN WORLD-01 Mama nature Said/02 The Hero and the Madman/03 Slow Blues/04 The Rocker/05 Vagabonds of the Western World/06 Little Girl In Bloom/07 Gonna Creep Up On You/08 A Song For  While I'm Away/09 Whiskey In the Jar/10 Black Boys on the Corner/11 Randolph's Tango/12 Broken Dreams

NIGHT LIFE-01 She Knows/02 Night Life/03 It's Only Money/04 Still In Love With You /05 Frankie Carroll/06 Showdown/07 banshee/08 Philomena/09 Sha la La/10 Dear Heart

FIGHTING-01 Rosalie/02 For Those Who Love To Live/03 Suicide/04 Wild One/05 Fighting My Way Back/06 King's Vengeance/07 Spirit Slips Away/08 Silver Dollar/09 Freedom Song/10 Ballad of a Hard Man

JAILBREAK-01Jailbreak/02 Angel From the Coast/03 Running Back/04 Romeo and the Lonely Girl/05 Warriors/06 The Boys Are back In Town/07 Fight Or Fail/08 Cowboy Song/09 Emerald

JOHNNY THE FOX-01 Johnny/02 Rocky/03 Borderline/04 Don't Believe a Word/05 Fools Gold/06
Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed/07 Old Flame/08 Massacre/09 Sweet Marie/10 Boogie Woogie Dance

BAD REPUTATION-01 Soldier of Fortune/02 Bad Reputation/03 Opium Trail/04 Southbound/05 Dancing In the Moonlight/06 Killer Without a Cause/07 Downtown Sundown/08 That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart/09 Dear Lord

BLACK ROSE-01 Do Anything You Want To/02 Toughest Street in Town/03 S&M/04 Waiting For an
Alibi/05 Sarah/06 Got To Give It /07 Get Out of Here/08 With Love/09 Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) a Rock Legend

LIVE AND DANGEROUS-01 jailbreak/02 Emerald/03 Southbound/04 Rosalie/Cowgirl's Song/05 Dancing In the Moonlight (It's Caught Me In the Spotlight)/06 Massacre/07 Still In Love With You/08 Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed/09 Cowboy Song/10 The Boys Are back In Town/11 Don't Believe a Word/12 Warriors/13 Are You Ready/14 Suicide/15 Sha la la/16 baby Drives Me Crazy/17 The Rocker

CHINATOWN-01 We Will Be Strong/02 Chinatown/03 Sweetheart/04 Sugar Blues/05 Killer on the Loose/06 having a Good Time/07 Genocide/08 Didn't I/09 Hey You

RENEGADE-01 Angel of Death/02 Renegade/03 The Pressure
Will Blow/04 Leave This Town/05 Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)/06 No One Told Him/07 Fats/08 Mexican Blood/09 It's Getting Dangerous

THUNDER AND LIGHTNING-01 Thunder & Lightning/02 This is the One /03 The Sun Goes Down/04 The Holy War/05 Cold Sweat/06 Someday She Is Going to Hit back/07 Baby Please Don't Go/08 bad Habits/09 Heart Attack

OK, lotta work here.........lemme know what you think.......might take a while to get all the links up tonight, may take until tomorrow for some of them, we'll see

Janis Joplin Blow All My Blues Away

Given her relatively short time she was given with us, an absolutley staggering amount of recorded material exists from Janis Joplin......this was released a couple of years ago by Columbia, intended as a career retrospective, but, fortunatly, NOT another of those epics where the same material is again released in a different sequence......if you want rare material, you have come to the right source.

This is a 9-CD (!) set, covering her career from 1962-1970.......I don't remember who gave me these, oddly, the tracks are unsplit, (I do not know if that is how it was released or some kind of quirk of the person who copied them for me)......anyway, I have some pretty extensive notes of explanation for what each disc offers, but there will be no "track jumping" on these, sorry.......but this is some incredible rare stuff, as you will see, from one of the great ones and it certainly does summarize the various facets of her short but varied career.

Disc 1 starts off with the earliest possible material, from 1962-3....it is split between a track at John Riley's Austin Texas home ("What Good Can Drinkin Do"), a set from Threadgill's Bar (also Austin) with versions of "CC Rider", "San Francisco Bay Blues", "Winin' Boy Blues", "Careless Love", and "I'll Drown In My Own Tears".......her gritty, bluesey voice was already quite identifiable. the third section of the disc is from a San Jose Coffeeshop with Jefferson Airplane's Jorma Kaukonen (November 1962), taking on "Honkey Tonk Angel" and "Empty Pillow"....(as I said before I am going to lay these out as best I can as there are no "official" track splits on my copies. Next up we have from the same era The Grant Avenue Coffeehouse ("Gospel Ship", "Stealin", "Leaving This Morning", "Daddy Daddy Daddy", "Careless Love", "Bourgeois Blues", and "Black Mountain Blues". We remain in Austin for the remainder of the discs, the studio is not identified on my copy. Songs in these sets are (1962) "Trouble in Mind", "What Good Can Drinkin Do", "Silver Threads and Golden Needles", "Mississippi River", "Stealin", "No Reason For Livin".......and from 1964, "I'll Drown In My Own Tears", "Daddy Daddy Daddy", "Careless Love", "San Francisco Bay Blues", "Winin' Boy Blues", "CC Rider", "Leaving This Morning".......a fine historical document indeed.

Disc 2  covers the years 1964-68, beginning with what is referred to as the "Typewriter Tape", from
1964 San Jose, recorded with Kaukonen in his mother's home.  The songs from this session are "Typewriter Talk", "Trouble In Mind", "Leaving This Morning", "Hesitation Blues", "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out", "Daddy Daddy Daddy", and "Long Black Train Blues". Next we have a short set recorded somewhere in San Francisco (1965) with the Dick Oxtrot Jazz Band, featuring "Black Mountain Blues", "Walk Right In", "River Jordan", and "Mary jane"......the rest of the album is filled out with previously unheard (I think) studio outtakes from 1967-8 sessions with Big Brother & the Holding Company, "Call On Me", "Bye Bye baby", "It's a Deal", "Easy Once You Know How", "Road Block", "Flower In the Sun", "Misery'n", "Catch me Daddy", "Farewell Song" and "Summertime". Quite good if you're a Big Brother fan (I know many really didn't care for that part of her career).

Lotsa this and that on Disc 3. Leading off are some more "Cheap Thrills" studio outtakes ("Misery'n", "Catch me Daddy", "Harry"). Next up a piece of a Big Brother set from the Grande Ballroom in Detroit (March 1 1968), "Magic of Love", "Down On Me" (quite a smoldering version), and "Piece of My Heart".......a few live tracks from 1969 Amsterdam (not with Big Brother but with Kozmic Blues Band, good programming if you wish to compare the two bands at a similar time)...."Maybe", "Try (Just a Little Bit Harder", and "Ball and Chain". Next up, a handful of demos and outtakes from Kozmic Blues, recorded in 1969....."Dear Landlord" (outtake), "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" (Demo), "Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)" (Demo), "Let's Don't Quit" (Demo), "Get It While You Can #1" (Demo), and "Get It While You Can #2" (Demo)....rounding things out are a pair of outtakes of "One Night Stand", from 3/28/70 with the Butterfield Blues band, and a version of "Get It While You Can" from the Dick Cavett Show, aired 6/25/70.

Disc 4 contains a show from Big Brother and the Holding Company, recorded at California Hall, San Francisco, 2/12/67.......set list:  "Call On Me", "Combination of the Two", "Blow My Mind", "Down On Me", "All is Loneliness", "Road Block", "Light Is Faster Than Sound", "Bye Bye Baby""Goin' Down to Brownsville", "Ball and Chain", and "I Know You Rider".......a little sloppy, even a bit more so than the live stuff on "Cheap Thrills", but worth it for good versions of "Down on Me" and "Combination".

The fifth disc reverts to the earlier material, the 1962-65 era, why programmers do things like this I
will never comprehend, but so it is.....we have, from 1965, and unknown studio acetate, Janis is backed by an unknown jazz band performing "Black Mountain Blues" and "Careless Love". An interesting live set from  San Francisco (1962) is next, "Gospel Ship", "Stealin", "Leavin This Morning", "Daddy Daddy Daddy", "Careless Love Intro", "Careless Love", "Bourgeois Blues" and "Black Mountain Blues".....Next up a set from San Jose Folk Theater, 1962, with Steve Talbot, good set, "Honky Tonk Angel", "Empty Pillow", "Red Mountain Burgundy""No Reason For Livin", and "Mary Jane"
From KPFA Studios is San Franciscoin 1963 with Larry hanks and Roger Perkins, a couple of radio broadcast tapes, "Black Mountain Blues" and "Columbus Stockade"....and we return once again to the home of Jorma Kaukonen in San Jose for recordings of "Winin' Boy Blues" and "Trouble In Mind".

Disc six reverts to live sets from Big Brother and the Holding Company, the first from The Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco, June 23 1968, the recording is fairly poor....."Combination of the Two" (cuts in), "I Need a man To Love", "Flower in the Sun", "Light Is Faster Than Sound", "Summertime" and "Mr Natural" (cuts out, a shame, I always kinda liked that goofy song)....the rest of the disc is much better, from the Avalon ballroom in San Francisco 1968, much better sounding (an FM simulcast)....."Bye Bye Baby", "Women Is Losers", "All is Loneliness", "Call On Me", and a show-stopping "Ball and Chain".

Discs 7,8,and 9 all feature live cuts from various periods, I don't have as much info on these as the other discs, as far as dates, locales, backing bands, etc......I will give the info as I have it, IF I have it.....Disc 7: "So Sad To Be Alone" (1962), "San Francisco Bay Blues" (1963), "Apple of My Eye", "219", "Codine", "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out", "Turtle Blues""I AIn't Got a Worry", "Goin' Down to Brownsville" (1965), "Catch Me Daddy", "Piece of My heart", "Down on Me", "Summertime", "I Need a man To Love", "Chat With Don Adams" (1968), "Combination of the Two", "Farewell Song".

Disc 8 "Piece of My heart", "Summertime", "Coo Coo", "Combination of the Two", "Ball and Chain",
"Down on Me", "Piece of My Heart" (Reprise August 1968), "Interview", "Piece of My Heart" (1967), "Summertime", "Me", "Raise Your hand", "Work me Lord" (Swedish TV April 1969), "Stay With Me", "Walk Right" (Winterland, San Francisco 4/21/68

DISC 9 "Dick Cavett Introduction", "To love Somebody", "Interview" (July 1969), "Little Girl Blue", "Raise Your Hand" (with Tom Jones December 1969), "Kozmic Blues", "Ego Blues" (With Johnny Winter), "Help me Baby" (With Johnny Winter)/"One Night Stand" (with Paul Butterfield Band March 1970), "Mercedes Benz", "Try (Just a Little bit harder"), "My baby" (Final Concert Harvard Stadium August 1970), "My Baby (March 1970), "Sunday Morning Coming Down" (07/10/70)

Often with sets such as this that attempt comprehension, I am a bit stunned by the programming, and
this one is no exception........could have been sequenced a LOT better, and if the tracks were deliberately left unsplit (that may be the handywork of whatever knucklehead prepared these for me, can't be sure).....WHY?

Anyway, for all the shortcomings, a LOT of stuff you likely haven't heard before, and some really fine moments from one of our most diverse singers. RIP Ms J, wish they could have done ya a LITTLE better with the programming end of this set, but you sure done your part.

Looking around, I have a good bit of live /rare stuff from Janis as well as from Big Brother and the Holding Company, most of it pretty good.........it's up to you guys want me to unleash it tomorrow or not?

Some more Janis, Lotsa Live stuff

I had such a nightmare with the 9-disc Joplin set, as far as getting it uploaded, (Zippyshare problems)
that I am not even feeling up to dicking around with commentary with these sets.....these are ALL live sets, from Joplin backed by Big Brother, Cosmic Blues Band, and Full Tilt Boogie.......sorry, I am just a little (lot) frustrated with zippyshare, so here is what you get: tracklists, should be enough for you to decide if you want em or not.....be sure and tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel, for a whole new slew of STUDIO rarities, but the track lists for these live sets oughta be self-explanatory enough that I shouldn't hafta stay up all night writing about them.....you'll figure it out, most of these are pretty damn good.....

1966 LIVE SAN FRANCISCO (BIG BROTHER)-01 (Come On Baby) let the Good Times Roll/0I Know You Rider/03 Moanin' At Midnight/04 Hey baby/05 Down On Me/06 Whisperman/07 Women Is Losers/08 Blow My Mind/09 Oh My Soul/10 Ball and Chain/ 11 Coo Coo/12 Gutra's Garden/13 Harry/14 Hall of the Mountain King

LIVE AT WINTERLAND 1968-01 Down On Me/02 Flower In the Sun/03 I Need a Man To Love/04 Bye Bye Baby/05 Easy Rider/06 Combination of the Two/07 Farewell Song/08 Piece of My Heart/09 Catch Me Daddy/10 Magic of Love/11 Summertime/12 Light Is Faster Than Sound/13 Ball and Chain/14 Down O Me

WOODSTOCK-01 Raise Your Hand/02 As Good As You've Been To This World/03 To Love
Somebody/04 Summertime/05 Try (just a Little Bit Harder)/06 Kozmic Blues/07 I Can't Turn You Loose/08 Work Me Lord/09 Piece of My Heart/10 Ball And Chain/11 Summertime (with Jimi Hendrix)/12 Ball and Chain/13 Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)

FILLMORE EAST 1969-01 Raise Your Hand/02 As Good As You've Been To This World/03 Maybe/04 Summertime/05 To Love Somebody/06 You're the Only One Who Really Knows/07 Walk Right/08 Work Me Lord/09 Piece of My Heart/10 Ball and Chain

FRANKFURT  4/12/69 Raise Your Hand/ 02 (Try) Just a Little Bit Harder/03 Me/04 Maybe/05 Summertime/06 Ball and Chain/07 Piece of My Heart

STOCKHOLM 1969-01 Piece of My heart/02 Interview/03 Summertime/04 Me/05 Raise Your Hand/06 Work Me Lord

TEXAS INTERNATIONAL POP FESTIVAL 1969-01 Intro/Raise Your Hand/02 As Good As You been To This World/03 (Try) Just a Little Bit Harder/04 Maybe/05 To Love Somebody/06 Summertime

Instrumental/02 maybe/03 Summertime/04 Try (just a Little Bit Harder)/05 Can't Turn You Loose/06 Combination of the Two/07 Ball and Chain/08 Piece of My Heart

LIVE IN HONOLULU 1970-01 Tell Mama/02 Half Moon/03 Mover Over/04 Stage Problems/05 Maybe/06 Summertime/07 Janis Banter/08 Get It While You Can/09 Kozmic Blues/10 Encore Break/11 Piece of My Heart

Hey, I might as well go all out on this now that I've started.....look tomorrow for some studio rarities and the  like, I am NOT someone to do something half assed as you know full well!

Some more Janis Joplin, in the studio, maybe some live I forgot...

I couldn't really decide how to break these down once I got the material all sorted, it's tricky as she
was backed by so many combos in such a short time......hope you liked that mega 9-disc thing, and also yesterday featured some great live stuff, I think.......I think today I am going to post a bunch of studio stuff, both rare and fairly ordinary, I'm going to leave the anthologies pretty much alone asa they are, mostly, what I was speaking of before (same material, different order.....if you have an "Anthology" or a "Greatest Hits" or something with something special on it that I have missed, send it my way, and I'll post it.......enough stuff here though......now, take note, I am NOT posting the legitimate Big Brother and the Holding Company studio releases, I am going to do them in a separate post, they have their own goofy charm that allows them to stand on their own, it'll be the next post as we finally wrap up this Jopstravaganza.

Still having some Zippyshare issues, not sure what's going on then, but it's really holding me back what with these big posts......oh well, what can one do? I'll just stay with it, and there will come a time when we get it done.

So, what's for today? Well, I'll try to keep this fairly chronological, hope I don't stray to far.....lets begin with a fairly scant but surprisingly entertaining "This Is JJ" from around 1965.....some gruff, bluesy stuff here, some of which I don't think turned up on any of the latter albums....."Apple of My Eye" and "219 Train" come to mind, very fine historical treasure.

Now, somewhat confusingly, we skip the Big Brother era, and jump right to the very good "I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!", on which, of course, she is backed by The Kozmic Blues Band....it's a fair album, personally I am partial to Big Brother's stoned stupidity, but this does contain fine versions of "Try" and "Kozmic Blues", and plenty more as well...this extended CD version gives us a couple live tracks from Woodstock, which we've already posted elsewhere, as well as an outtake of Bob Dylan's "Dear Landlord".

Generally cited as her best album, "Pearl" is regarded by many as a classic of the era/genre.....can't
argue, also can't imagine a fan NOT having a copy, but let's put one up in our effort at completness.
The hit "Me and Bobby McGee", "Mercedes Benz", "Move Over" and the great "Half Moon" (an underappreciated track if ever there were one) are all here, and again, some bonus live tracks are tacked on at the end.

"The Rarest Pearls" is kind of a cool companion piece, some odds and ends collected from her latter years, some alternate takes and unreleased tracks,nothing earth quaking here, but not without it's merits. I am trying not to venture too far into "overlap" territory, because perhaps NEVER was an artist as mistreated in death as was Ms. Joplin, I see that as late as 2009 there is ANOTHER "Collection" of YET AGAIN the same tracks piled on top of each other in a different sequence. some may be OK with it, personally, I find it rather revolting.....

A friend knew I was working on this project and loaned me a copy of "Wicked Woman", which I should have posted yesterday (it's live).........it's not real good, (audience recordings) but it is significant as it is from her final live show.....8/12/70 at Harvard Stadium......despite the recording issues, Janis really puts out as she generally did on stage....to be honest, I did not know this album existed until today, so consider us blessed to find a new little gem.

Another that I should have put up yesterday is "Janis Joplin in Concert", released after her passing away. Various live tapes pasted together for a "concert" feeling and sound, hell, there IS some good material here, it's here if you want it.....as I said, if I was perfect I'd have put this up yesterday but it got under the pile of stuff I was sorting through (I should post  a picture of my desk or my computer room sometime, they are disgraces).

The 1984 release "The Early Performances" contains a bunch of pre-Big Brother material that we most likely have touched upon already, (don't feel like cross referencing), I think this is simply a label's attempt to milk out every penny from a performer who dared to die while under contract, as I touched on before.  I am going to include it, taking it that there is SOMETHING here we haven't collected yet, and blaming my own laziness for not checking.

In 1971, post-death, there was a re-release of "Pearl", the two-disc legacy edition, which was the beginning of all of this piling-on, I suppose, BUT there are some cool alternate takes and the like here, I wanted to put up "Pearl" in it's "original form", but also wanted to add this for anyone who doesn't have it. The second disc has some nice live stuff that I think is unique to this set.

This brings us to "Farewell Song".....not sure I like this one at all, but it's not my job to make such
judgements....what is unique about this hodgepodge is that the Big Brother material here actually has Big Brother's instrumental tracks removed and replaced by studio musicians....Sam Andrews and Co were pissed and justifiably so, BUT, this, I guess, like it or not, are versions we can't get elsewhere, thus we include it.

In 1999 there was a release entitled "Mercedes Benz, (Rare Tracks 1962-70)", I don't know this is wearing me down, there might be a unique track or two here, again, too tired and bored to cross-check, besides watching the NCAA Tournament while doing this......read the track list, judge for yourself.

I have an EP here called "Rare Pearls" I guess it came as a bonus disc with one of the many anthology/collection things, I don't know which, but there actually ARE some rarities you'll want on here notably "Bo Diddley"

OK Last one for today I promise.....tomorrow (or maybe later tonight) we'll round up all the Big Brother albums I can locate, but this one here really is a good one......the 2 disc "Pearl Sessions" contains a BUNCH of stuff that eventually went into "Pearl" or missed the cut, lots and lots of alternate takes of varying quality, if they MUST pick the flesh from the corpse of a deceased artist, at least do it in this fashion, not the "Greatest Hits"/"Essential Hits"/stuff.......too much to ask? Comments please......

OK, another load of material of varying quality from one whom I was actually quite surprised had this MUCH material........this has been an ass-load of work, trust me, I'm glad it's about over, and if you've utilized any of these resources, PLEASE leave a comment....I doubt if there is much if any more "unknown" or lost stuff out there, but if anyone has an audience tape or anything, now would be the time......see you in a while with a Big Brother post.

THIS IS JJ-01 Apple of My Eye/02 219 Train/03 Codine/04 Down and Out/05 Turtle Blues/06 I Ain't Got a Worry/08 Brownsville

I GOT DEM OL KOZMIC BLUES AGAIN MAMA-01 Try (Just a Little Bit harder)/02 Maybe/03 One Good Man/04 As Good As You've Been To this World/05 Too Love Somebody/06 Kozmic Blues/07 Little Girl Blue/08 Work Me Lord/09 Dear Landlord/10 Summertime (Live)/11 Piece of My Heart (Live)

PEARL-01 Move Over/02 Cry baby/03 A Woman Left Lonely/04 Half Moon/05 Buried Alive in the Blues/06 My Baby/07 Me and Bobby McGee/08 Mercedes Benz/09 Trust Me/10 Get It While You Can/11 Happy Birthday, John (Happy Trails)/12 Me and Bobby McGee (demo)/13 Move Over (alt. version)/14 Cry baby (alt. version)

THE RAREST PEARLS-01 Coo Coo (7" single")/02 The last Time (7" B Side)/03 Call On Me/04 Bye Bye Baby (Alt. Take)/05 Easy Once You Know How(Live)/06 It's a Deal (outtake)/07 Easy Once You
Know How (outtake)/08 Flower In the Sun (Outtake)/09 Road Block (Outtake)/10 Misery'n (outtake)/11 Catch me Daddy (outtake)/12 Harry (Outtake)/13 Dear Landlord (outtake)/14 Me and Bobby McGee (unknown acoustic take/demo)/15 One Night Stand

WICKED WOMAN-01 Intro/02 Tell Mama/03 Half Moon/04 Mercedes Benz/05 My Baby/06 Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)/07 Maybe/08 Summertime/09 Full Tilt

JANIS JOPLIN IN CONCERT-01 Down On Me/02 Bye Bye Baby/03 All Is Loneliness/04 Piece of My Heart/05 Road Block/06 Flower in the Sun/07 Summertime/08 Ego Rock/09 Half Moon/10 Kozmic Blues/11 Move Over/12 Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)/13 Get It While You Can/14 Ball and Chain

EARLY PERFORMANCES-01 Trouble In Mind/02 What Good Can Drinkin Do/03 Silver Threads and Golden Needles/04 Mississippi River/05 Stealin/06 No Reason For Livin/07 Black Mountain Blues/08 Walk Right In/09 River Jordan/10 Mary Jane/11 Kansas City Blues/12 Daddy Daddy Daddy/13 See See Rider/14 San Francisco Bay Blues/15 Winin' Boy/16 Careless Love/17 I'll Drown In My Own Tear

PEARL LEGACY EDITION DISC 1 01 Move Over/02 Cry baby/03 A Woman Left Lonely/04 Half Moon/05 Buried Alive In the Blues/06 My Baby/07 Me and Bobby McGee/08 Mercedes Benz/09 Trust Me/10 Get It While You Can/11 Happy Birthday John (Happy Trails)/12 Me and Bobby McGee (demo)/13 Move Over (alt Version)/14 Cry Baby (alt Version)/15 My Baby (Alt Version)/16 Pearl (instrumental)

PEARL LEGACY EDITION DISC 2 (LIVE FROM THE FESTIVAL EXPRESS TOUR 1970-01 Tell Mama/02 Half Moon/03 Move Over/04 Maybe/05 Summertime/06 Little Girl Blue/07 That's Rock n Roll/08 Try (Just a Little Bit harder)/09 Kozmic Blues/10 Piece of My heart/11 Cry Baby/12 Get It While You Can/13 Ball and Chain

FAREWELL SONG-01 Tell Mama/02 Magic of Love/03 Misery 'N'/04 One Night Stand/05 Harry/06 Raise Your Hand/07 Farewell Song/08 Medley: Amazing Grace/Hi-Heel Sneakers/09 Catch Me Daddy

MERCEDES BENZ-RARE TRACKS 1962-1970-Mercedes Benz/02 Leaving This Morning/03 Trouble In My Mind/04 Long Black Train/05 Kansas City Blues/06 Hesitation Blues/07 Nobody knows You When You're Down and Out/08 Daddy Daddy Daddy/09 Turn On Your Lovelight/10 My Baby/11 Happy Birthday John Happy Trails

RARE PEARLS (BONUS EP)-01 It's a Deal (outtake)/02 Easy Once You know How (outtake)/03 Maybe (Live)/04 Raise Your Hand (Live)/05 Bo Diddley (Live)

PEARL SESSIONS DISC 1-01 Move Over/02 Cry Baby/03 A Woman Left Lonely/04 Half Moon/05
Buried Alive In the Blues/06 My Baby/07 Me and Bobby McGee/08 Mercedes Benz/09 Trust Me/10 Get It While You Can/11 Me and Bobby McGee (mono)/12 Half Moon (mono)/13 Cry baby (mono)/14 Get It While You Can (mono)/15 Move Over (mono)/16 A Woman Left Lonely (Mono)

PEARL SESSIONS DISC 2-01 Overheard in the Studio/02 Get It While You Can (Take 3)/03 Overheard in the Studio/04 Get It While You Can (Take 5)/05 Overheard In the Studio/06 Move Over (take 6)/07 Move Over (Take 13)/08 Move Over (Take 17)/09 Me and Bobby McGee (demo)/10 Me and Bobby McGee (Take 5 alternate)/11 Cry Baby (alternate Version)/12 A Woman Left Lonely (Alternate Vocal)/13 Overheard in the Studio/14 My Baby/15 Overheard in the Studio/16 Get It While You Can (Take 3)/17 My Baby/18 Pearl/19 Tell Mama (Live)/20 Half Moon (Live On Dick Cavett Show)

I AM NOT KIDDING THIS THING HAS BEEN A HELL OF A LOT OF WORK....., SERIOUSLY, NEVER WOULD HAVE DREAMED I HAD SO MUCH OF THIS STUFF LAYING AROUND......and, I still have ONE MORE part to go yet, as I intend to post all (I think I have em all, not certain) of the Big Brother and the Holding Company albums tonight or tomorrow........please please please, leave a comment.....NOT necessarily a "thank you", you are most welcome, but maybe if something new (to you) here really made your ears perk up, please just say so.......thanks for listening/reading, please stay involved because this one has REALLY been a bitch! At least Zippy seems to have gotten whatever THIER problem was straightened out, THAT was a bitch too!

Big Brother and the Holding Company

So, if you don't like the way I've broken down this HUGE amount of music this week, sorry, all I can
say is IF YOU CAN DO BETTER direct me to your blog.....I saved all the Big Brother shit for last, mostly because I have a soft spot for their stoned-out stupidity, Janis J stood above them like, hell, like Jenny McCarthy at a Weight Watcher's convention....but I DO love some drugged out-stupidity from time to time, wonderful period pieces and all of that, so let us get started on (FINALLY!) the final chapter of this, yet another saga in my quest to educate and entertain the masses (that would be YOU)....

Big Brother and the Holding Company,  Janis Joplin' s first backing band, in thier first incarnation (1966) were vocalist Joplin, bassist Peter Albin, guitarist/vocalist Sam Andrews, Drummer Dave Getz, and guitarist/ vocalist James Gurley.....OK, frankly, this ("Light Is Faster Than Sound") is a fairly crappy disc, but a significant one as well, as it has the first Joplin take on "Down On Me", also very early, primative versions of "Combination of the Two", "Bye Bye Baby", "Ball and Chain" and more that would become staples.....they basically sound like a bunch of high school kids coming down off an LSD trip, it's sloppy as hell, and, hey, fuck it, I love it.......1967's "Big Brother and the Holding Company Featuring Janis Joplin" contains a lot of overlapped material, but is probably programmed better, and contains some extra singles and stuff at the end.....given the choice, I think you'd prefer this one.

So, up next, every one of course knows "Cheap Thrills"......it's, in it's own way, a "classic", with it's spaced out performances, Robert Crumb classic cover, and amazing versions of "Piece of My Heart", "Ball and Chain", and a stellar "Combination of the Two".......for better or for worse, or both, one of the classic albums of this era, one of the definitive psychedelic albums of the era also. Myself, I still listen to it frequently, which, for me, personally, is saying a good bit.

OK, now for the oddball stuff......Janis does not sing on "How Hard It Is" (1971), which is a really pretty bad album, to be honest.....Big Brother weren't too much without JJ's magic to carry them....Kathi McDonald and Nick  Gravenites  filled the vocal gap here, not all that successfully.....the only real song of note is a lame version of "Buried Alive" which Joplin had done with about 100x more feeling than this one....however, it's kind of a rarity (for a good reason) and likely you have not heard it......well, here's your chance, don't blow it!

On the next (also pretty bad) release "Can't Go Home Again", Kathi McDonald again goes up against
inurmountable odds in attempting to replace a legendary voice....honestly, were i going to rate this album, I'd think one star would be charitable......it sucks frankly, I guess the "Ghost Riders In the Sky" thing is OK, listen once, and you'll at least have lived the experience.......why do I have one? Fuck, I don't know, but since I do, at least YOU won't have to spend a buck or so at the cut-out bin for this one.

"Cheaper Thrills" is a live recording with Janis from 1966, while not spectacular, it is Janis live, and there are some stellar moments here....."Come On Baby let the Good Times Roll", for example, and as usual a stunning, tortured version of "Ball and Chain".....not all that well known, but check it here the price is right at least.......

OK, the LAST THING I have for ya in this mish mash is "Be a Brother".....(1970), another Janis-less effort, it's fairly crappy as well, to be honest, but I always did have a soft spot for the song "Mr. Natural" ("So, I say, my boy, you got to slow down, and have yourself some fun, so I lay around and I smoke a while and I never get NOTHIN done"........), I don't know, just seemed like a perfect slacker/stoner anthem years before it would even be in vogue, see whatcha think........

Big Brother and the Holding Company were, at no time, a great band.......they were VERY fortunate to have a brush with greatness in one Ms. Janis Joplin who, were it not for her, they would literally be unknown today......Joplin's story is a strange and VERY sad one, if you seek out the biography "Buried Alive" you will see what I mean, and you will also see how accurate and spot on the title was.....I enjoyed sorting out all of her work, I'm just goofing around with this non-Janis Big Brother stuff, but it IS part of the story, and, as you know, I do like to tell the whole story, if I can........enjoy these, leave a comment for god's sake, and by the way FUCK YEAH OHIO STATE takes the first round of the NCAA's (to win the chance to be crushed by my son's team, Arizona)......been working hard to bring you guys some good shit, me and the rest of my team, and we have some other good ideas in mind to, but PLEASE help us, with commentary, with requests, and with submissions.......I DON'T want this blog to be like all the others, I want it to be a free form affair, if you submit something that is solid gold, I'll post it, if you present a tape from the band you heard at the bar last night, I'll post it too.....it's about the ROCK N ROLL, please HELP US to keep this thing going!

LIGHT IS FASTER THAN SOUND-01 Call On Me/02 Combination of the Two/03 Blow My Mind/04 Down On Me/05 All is Loneliness/06 Road Block/07 Light Is Faster Than Sound/08 Bye Bye Baby/09 Goin To Brownsville/10 Ball and Chain/11 I Know You Rider

BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY FEATURING JANIS JOPLIN-01 Bye Bye Baby/02 Easy Rider/03 Intruder/04 Light Is Faster Than Sound/05 Call On Me/06 Women Is Losers/07 Blindman/08 Down On Me/09 Caterpillar/10 All Is Loneliness/11 Coo Coo (single)/12 The last Time (single)/13 Call On Me (Alternate Take)/14 Bye Bye Baby (Alternate Take)

CHEAP THRILLS-01 Combination of the Two/02 I Need a Man To Love/03 Summertime/04 Piece of
My Heart/05 Turtle Blues/06 Oh Sweet Mary/07 Ball and Chain/08 Roadblock (Studio Outtake)/09 Flower In the Sun (Studio Outtake)/10 Catch me Daddy (Live)/11 Magic Of Love (Live)

HOW HARD IT IS-01 How hard It Is/02 You've Been Talkin Bout Me Baby/03 House On Fire/04 Black Widow Spider/05 Last band On Side One/06 Nu Boogaloo Jam/07 Maui/08 Shine On/09 Buried Alive In the Blues/10 Promise Her Anything But Give Her Arpeggio

CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN-01 Don't You Call me Cryin'/02 I Know/03 As the Years Go Passing By/04 Three Times Last Week/05 Heartache/06Tired of It All/07 I Can't Go Home Again/08 Machine Song/09 Havana Ghila/10 Try It/11 Drivin Stupid/12 Ghost Riders In the Sky/13 Ghost Riders in the Sky (Reprise)

CHEAPER THRILLS-01 (Come On Baby) Let the Good Times Roll/02 I Know You Rider/03 Moanin at
Midnight/04 Hey Baby/05 Down On Me/06 Whisperman/07 Women Is Losers/08 Blow My Mind/09 Ball and Chain/10 Coo Coo/11 Gutra's Garden/12 harry

BE A BROTHER-01 Keep On/02 Joseph's Coat/03 Home On the Strange/04 Someday/05 Heartache People/06 Sunshine Baby/07 Mr Natural/08 Funkie Jim/09 I'll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle/10 Be a Brother


Without question I DO bring variety to the table.......I know that there are other bloggers who dislike
me (they have made it quite clear, and I will not argue their reasoning), but I think I accomplish what I intend to and that is to present a VARIETY of music, some of which you may be familiar with, some not, this is why I bring so many guest bloggers on board, and invite so many unknown bar bands to showcase theirs stuff here.....I really COULD GIVE THREE SHITS LESS what other "big time" bloggers think of me or this site, frankly, it is meaningless and the fact that they dislike me so much at least shows that they acknowledge I exist, unlike my feelings about them.......why people who SHOULD BE on the same team act like arch enemies is a mystery to me and always will be, but you can never figure people.

Okay....I always loved punk....always loved rockabilly.....metal.....music that THREATENS your grandmother, makes your neighbor lady AFRAID......sorry, but THAT is what I like......in the 1980's (late) rock wasn't so much about that (with a few exceptions) which, I think, is why so many of the caucasian persuasion got into the gangsta rap scene for a while......I've featured Public Enemy here before, who were ANYTHING BUT a gansta-rap act, they were an intelligent, threatening, scary, and sonically incredible act, and their albums were classic......

No, when we talk about "gangsta rap", the penultimate was NWA (Niggaz Wit' Attitude), who self destructed almost immediately, but for a VERY short while were as scary as a switchblade clicking behind you in a dark alley.....

"Straight Outta Compton" is, in my opinion, THE finest gangsta-rap album ever, likely the finest rap album ever as well, save perhaps some of the Public Enemy stuff that I like....."Compton" was a REAL look at the seedy, scary, underbelly of gangsta life, it was FUCKING REAL, and I loved that album (1989 I think) and still play it quite often.

NWA were DJ's Ice Cube, MC Ren, EZ-E, Dr Dre, and DJ Yella Boy, all of whom took different paths in life (of course, EZ-E is no loger with us)....but that album, MAN.....the title track "Crazy Motherfucker named Ice Cube, from the gang, Niggaz Wit Attitude") was incredible, followed by the legendary "Fuck Tha Police", which couldn't be more explanatory, and my fave "Gangsta Gangsta" which outlines gangsta life about as well as ANY musical snippet could.....I'll spare you a lot of the lyrics (they are genius), but those three tracks alone would make this a classic. And yet, there is more...."Parental Discretion"," #8 Ball Remix", and "Dopeman" are all great as well, and the album as a whole works to perfection.....I am no fan of hip hop/rap, as a rule, but this is a pure 5 star album, no question.

Unfortunately it was the only one they had in them......the follow up "Niggaz4Life" felt rushed, forced, and commercial, I don't care for it, but it is here for your observation should you wish to ,investigate.....we also have "NWA and the Posse", which I feel pretty much the same way about, it just (to me) flat out lacks the menace of that classic first disc......decide for yourself.....

Like many great bands, say, Nirvana, The New York Dolls, and so many more, internal problems, drugs, death, whatever, would render this band to a short life span......they had one STELLAR album in them, and it is here, and they had a boat-load of talent, as one can easilly ascertain from, say the later works of Dr. Dre or Ice Cube........they could have been a lot more than they were, but that just wouldn't have seemed true to the game, in my opinion.......that first album was the REAL DEAL, still is, and why not see if you agree, EVEN IF you, like me, are not a huge fan of this type of music.

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON-01 Straight Outta Compton/02 Fuck the Police/03 Gangsta Gangsta/04 It Ain't Ruff/05 Parental Discretion Iz Advized/06 #8 Ball (remix)/07 Something Like That/08 Express Yourself/09 Compton's N The House (remix)/10 I Ain't the 1/11 Dopeman (remix)/12 Quiet on the Set/13 Something 2 Dance 2

NIGGAZ4LIFE-01 Prelude/02 Real Niggaz Don't Die/03 Niggaz 4 Life/04 Protest/05 Appetite For
Destruction/06 Don't Drink That Wine/07 Always Into Somethin'/08 Message To BA/09 Real Niggaz/10 Kill a Hooker/11 One Less Bitch/12 Findum, Fuckum, and Flee/13 Automobile/14 She Swallowed It/15 I'd Rather Fuck You/16 Approach to Danger/17 1-900-2 Compton/18 The Day of Wayback

NWA AND THE POSSE-01 Boyz N The Hood/02 8 Ball/03 Dunk the Funk/04 Bitch is a Bitch/05 Drink It Up/06 Panic Zone/07 LA Is the Place/08 Dope Man/09 Tuffest Man Alive/10 Fat Girl/11 The Hard Way

Hey, at least I TRY to bring a variety........if this brings something new to your listening life, please leave a comment......not fishing for "thank you's", just really like to know people's opinions of the stuff I post.


Man, do I love me some Kyuss, always one of my faves, it continues to amaze me how many of my
all-time fave bands (Dozer, Fu Manchu, QOTSA, many more) that I have not yet got around to profiling here, just shows that maybe I'll be around for a while longer.......

Hell, yes, Kyuss.....blasting out of Palm Beach California, Kyuss were originally singer John Garcia, guitarist Josh Homme, bassist Chris Cockrell, , drummer Brant Bjork , and guitarist Nick Oliveri  ..They released an EP, (prior to Oliveri's joining) "Sons of Kyuss", and then shortened thier name to the more accessible "Kyuss"....the EP is quite good, in fact, quite a portent of things that would be coming. Thier sweet blend of heavy metal and hard edged punk gave birth to what we might eventually refer to as "Desert Surf" (some do) or more commonly, "Stoner Rock"......my understanding is that this EP has never been "officially" released, but bootlegs are fairly common.......please give it a listen to understand just where this talented bunch were coming from.

The first album, "Wretch" came out in 1991, a lot of the material from the EP is repeated here, as well as freakier workouts such as "Son of a Bitch" and "The Law".....Cockrell would play on only a couple of tracks here and then leave the band.

1992 saw perhaps their top effort, "Blues For the Red Sun", which gets more and more acidic....Homme plugged down tuned guitars into bass amps to obtain the very unique guitar sound, lyrics are often indecipherable, and, in just my opinion, this album IS the foundation for modern day stoner rock. The wah-wah, the distortion, the Sabbath-like riffage, bands such as Monster Magnet or Orange Goblin would be unimaginable without it. From "Green Machine" to "Thing Song" to "Mondo Generator" this is an absolute stone-cold classic album, that no home should be without.

They continued to develop and progress even more with 1994's "Welcome to Sky Valley", which is
broken up into Pink Floyd-like "Movements", which IMO work perfectly......some pressings (including this one, unfortunately) are programmed into 11 tracks, the better ones are programmed into only three, as this works (again, like a Floyd album) MUCH MUCH better as an album listened to in it's complete form. "Demon Cleaner", "Whitewater", "Space Cadet".......all great, as is the entire album....."Blues For the Red Sun" was a 5-star effort.......in my opinion, this was as well.

".....And the Circus Leaves Town" is a huge letdown, the band was running out of ideas and was in the process of transforming into Queens of the Stone Age......"Hurricane" and "One Inch Man" are reasonable, the 34-minute "Spaceship Landing", maybe not as much.

In 1997 to drive the transformation home, they released a split EP "Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age", the highlight being Homme's "Born to Hula", and a cool cover of Black Sabbath's "Into the Void".....I enjoye this album even though I am not generally much on the splits stoner bands put out, this one works as it shows "where" Kyuss was going.......

To do this correctly, I'd now do a post on Queens of the Stone Age, but that's even more complex and
I have a bunch of boots, might take a while to get it together.......and there is another factor......

"The Desert Sessions" series is an important part of the Kyuss story, although not Kyuss per se.....at various times there was participation from all the various members of Kyuss, from Mark Lanegan, PJ Harvey, Twiggy Ramirez, and many more....these are all-star jam sessions to be sure, I know many who hate these, I can't see why, there are some remarkable moments on them......I think if you have any love for Kyuss and thier imaginative hard rock at all, please find time for the "Desert Sessions" series which I have included here......not exactly typical recordings, but I really like most of them, I'm not going to go into much detail on them because you get the idea, but please give these a try also.

SONS OF KYUSS EP-01 Deadly Kiss/02 Window of Soul/03 King/04 Isolation Desolation/05 Love Has Passed Me By/06 Black Widow/07 Happy Birthday/08 Katzenjammer

WRETCH-01 (Beginning of What's About to Happen) Hwy 74/02 Love Has Passed Me By/03 Son of a
Bitch/04 Black Widow/05 Katzenjammer/06 Deadly Kiss/07 The Law/08 Isolation/09 I'm Not/10 Big Bikes
11 Stage 

BLUES FOR THE RED SUN-01 Thumb/02 Green Machine/03 Molten Universe/04 50 Million Year Trip
 (Upside Down)/05 Thong Song/06 Apothecarie's Weight/07 Caterpillar March/08 Freedom Run/09 800/10 Writhe/11 Capsized/12 Allen's Wrench/13 Mondo Generator/14 Yeah

WELCOME TO SKY VALLEY-01 Gardenia/02 Asteroid/03 Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop/04 100 degrees/05 Space Cadet/06 Demon Cleaner/07 Odyssey/08 Conan Troutman/09 N.O./10 Whitewater/11 Lick Doo

...AND THE CIRCUS LEAVES TOWN-01 Hurricane/02 One inch Man/03 Thee Ol' Boozeroony/04 Gloria Lewis/05 Phototropic/06 El Rodeo/07 Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo/08 Tangy Zizzle/09 Size Queen/10 Catamaran/11 Spaceship Landing (part 1)/12 Spaceship Landing (Part 2) M'deea/13 Spaceship Landing (Part 3) Day One

KYUSS/QOTSA SPLIT-01 Into the Void/02 Fatso Forgetso/03 Fatso Forgetso Phase II (Flip the Phase)/04 If Only Everything/05 Born To Hula/06 Spiders and Vinegaroons

DESERT SESSIONS VOLUME 1 & 2-01 Preaching/02 Girl Boy Tom/03 Monkey In the Middle/04 Girl Boy Tom/05 Cowards Way Out/06 Robotic Lunch (Alternative Version)/07 Johnny the Boy/08 Screamin' Eagle/09 Cake (Who Shit on the?)/10 Man's Ruin Preach

DESERT SESSIONS VOLUME 3 & 4-01 Nova/02 At the Helm of Hell's Ships/03 Avon/04 Sugar Rush/05 The Gosso King of Crater lake/06 Monster in the Parasol/07 Jr High Love/08 Eccentric man/09 Hogleg/10 You Keep On Talkin'

DESERT SESSIONS VOLUME 5 & 6-01 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire/02 Letters To Mommy/03 I'm Dead/04 Punk Rock Caveman Living In a Prehistoric Age/05 Going to a hangin/06 A#1/07 Like a Drug/08 Take Me To Your Leader/09 Teens of Thailand/10 Rickshaw/11 Like a Drug (Instrumental)

DESERT SESSIONS VOLUME 7 & 8-01 Don't Drink Poison/02 Hanging Tree/03 Winners/04 Polly Wants a Crack Rock/05 Up In Hell/06 Nenada/07 The Idiots Guide/08 Interpretive Reading/09 Covousier/10 Cold Sore Superstars/11 Making a Cross/12 Ending/13 Piano Bench Break

DESERT SESSIONS VOLUME 9 & 10-01 Dead In Love/02 I Wanna Make it Wit Chu/03 Covered In Punks Blood/04 There Will Never Be a Better Time/05 Crawl Home/06 I'm Here For Your Daughter/07 Powdered Wig Machine/08 In My Head.....Or Something/09 Holey Dime/10 A Girl like Me/11 Creosote/12 Subcutaneous Phat/13 Bring It Back Gentle/14 Shepherd's Pie

SOOOOOOOOO, Whatcha think, if this is new to ya? As I said these are faves of mine!

No Future- a fantastic singles collection

Released sometime in the early 1980's on the late, great No Future label, we have the awesome "No
Future" collection, 27 tracks of classic greatness from that bygone era......if you are a fan of early 80's punk, forget about my commentary, just push the "download" button if you don't already have this one, it's a no-doubt classic.......featuring such greats as Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Blitz, The Violators, Red Alert, and more.....not gonna talk this one up too much, just gonna tell ya, if you are a fan of this stuff and this is not on your shelf, your shelf is lacking!

01 BLITZ- Someone’s Gonna Die /02  THE PARTISANS - Police Story / 03 BLITZKRIEG- The Future Must Be Ours / 04 PETER AND THE TEST BABIES - Banned From The Pubs /05  RED ALERT -In Britain /06 BLITZ - Never Surrender /07 ATTAK - Today’s Generation /08  BLITZKRIEG -Lest We Forget /09  THE VIOLATORS- Gangland /10 THE INSANE El - Salvador / 11 CHANNEL 3 - I’ve Got A Gun /12 THE PARTISANS - 17 Years Of Hell /13  RED ALERT - Take No Prisoners /14 THE SAMPLES- Dead Hero /15 PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Run Like Hell /16  BLITZ- Warriors /17 ATTAK - Murder In The Subway /18  CRUX- Keep On Running / 19 THE VIOLATORS - Summer Of ‘81 /20  RED ALERT - City Invasion /21  THE WALL - Day Tripper /22  THE BLOOD -Meglomania /23  A/B/H/ - Wanna Riot /24  ROSE OF VICTORY- Sufragette City /25  SCREAMING DEAD - Night Creatures /26  THE VIOLATORS- Die With Dignity /27  RED ALERT -There’s A Guitar Burning 

Just trying to get Cliff and Brian's latest GREAT guest contributions organized, so I thought I'd throw this up in the meantime.......bummed about Ohio State but my Final Four (Kentucky/Duke/Virginia/Arizona) are all still alive, so at least THAT is something (I LOVE the NCAA tourney, even though I'm not  a huge college hoops fan)

Brian Parker contributes some soundtrack weirdness

And of course, I welcome weirdness in all of it's forms.....I am not in the least familiar with the music he is presenting here, but I WILL be checking it out because, for one, I trust his judgement (it has proven to be pretty good thusfar), and, also, because both myself AND this blog are, as always, open to ANYTHING........as always with Brian's contributions, they are available here, or, if you prefer, on his own blog, which I hope you will patronize and support:


So, I will let him do the talkin' about these, as always, it's fun and interesting to delve into something which (to me) is completely unknown, and my Sunday will be filled with (along with NCAA tourney action, of course), these soundtrack albums as background sounds......please check these out, and if you enjoy them, pay Brian's blog a visit and tell him you liked them, and don't forget to become a visitor of HIS blog as well, he has been a steady and valuable contributor to THIS blog, and he deserves your support!


Seven Awesome Ennio Morricone Soundtracks


It may go without saying by this point, but I love film scores. I grew up first with Star Wars and James Bond music, but as an adult music fan, I really fell in love with Ennio Morricone's music. My first exposure was the western soundtracks - like most people - but I later found SO MUCH variety in the man's music! His use of melody, choirs, strange instrumentation, is unparalleled. He is the best soundtrack composer - better than Jerry Goldsmith, better than Hans Zimmer, better than John Williams. Yeah, I said that....

I found many of these on the excellent Morricone blog I've mentioned before. This site is a true resource and a gift for music fans. There's a link for the blog itself - browse that first - and then a link for a page that has the albums as single files so you can fill in holes.

Link to IL MAESTRO - The Ennio Morricone Blog
Links For Single Files

Again, some albums can be found as whole zip files, and some you have to do track by track, but it's worth it! But I've put together a sampler of some of Morricone's great soundtracks. Links are next to the titles. Some off the radar choices, but he could do anything; you can only talk about "Fistful of Dollars" and "Good, Bad, & the Ugly" so many times, great as they are. And it goes without saying, the titles of some songs are in Italian, but don't let that dissuade you.

THE THING  Download
Not only probably John Carpenter's best film, but one of Morricone's best scores. What he does with strings here is amazing, from the madness of "Contamination" to the cello-heavy "Bestiality". The best is probably "Humanity Part 2", with that weird synth bassline. Moody as hell.

I haven't seen this Anthony Quinn movie, but the score is great. Haunting solo pieces, thundering action cues, good stuff. He should've gotten more international movie work back then; like Maurice Jarre or Miklos Rozsa.

How's that cover image? Grrr. Some of Morricone's most interesting scores are the ones he did for 70's Italian slasher films, and this is the best of them for me. Alternately childlike, creepy, lush, funny, erotic... This is one you need if you're a fan of the strange. Mike Patton has this album burned into his soul.

Always been curious about this movie - love that title! Another 70's horror score, but with a much different sound: a fuller orchestra with paranoid strings, something like The Exorcist...but there's still those female moans though! Listen to track 3 - you won't be thinking about killing...Donna Summer's got nothing on this.

RED SONJA Download
Boy, was this one a pain! I don't know where I got this 15 track version, but it doesn't match any versions I see listed, hence there's no track names. The only other version I could find to DL had two tracks and they were both suites, so that was out. All the music is here though. Give this a listen! The movie is absolute shit, I know....but this score is unspeakably gorgeous! Really. Morricone takes the "Wifeing" theme from the first Conan and expands on it wonderfully. The fact that a score this lush and romantic was wasted on the two wooden lead characters just astounds me...

HUNDRA Download
See previous. This was a score for another female warrior epic made two years earlier. I can totally see producer Dino De Laurentis giving Morricone the Sonja score job after hearing this one. There are VERY strong similarities...one of Sonja's main themes is a direct inversion of "Hundra's War Theme". And the "Slaughter In The Village" theme is really good. The whole score is great, actually. It does share a lot of DNA with the later Red Sonja score - less use of the choir maybe - but since that one is gorgeous, it's a win-win.

"1970" has to be one of the strangest cues Morricone has ever written: 8 minutes of bass notes, disembodied singing, and plinking piano. Another great score for a Dario Argento slasher film. A little more rock-based and a little less, um, "orgasmic" than "Bird With the Crystal Plumage", but just as creepy. There's some lovely lounge pieces too. This branch of Morricone's music proved very influential to artists like John Zorn and Mike Patton.

I hope you guys liked this one. Seriously, there are few film composers who have such an immersive sound world to dive into. Seeing the movies is mostly inessential; the music easily stands on it's own.

Reggae greatness compliments of Cliff from the UK

As he had promised, Cliff from the UK has provided us with some awesome reggae stuff, as I have
said, I am not an expert, far from it, but, I do love the stuff......here is his latest contribution, and let us all give him proper thanks so he gives us A LOT more, this stuff is awesome and this guy knows what he is talking about, I respect his tastes and if you are even moderately interested in reggae, PLEASE check Cliff's submissions, I have a feeling that this could become a FANTASTIC semi-regular feature, ala the "Greek Punk" posts or any of the other fantastic guest posts that are always welcome here!


The Monkees Greatest Hits

Oh, shut up......although they are not to be taken seriously, of course, this music is still quite listenable
some 40 years later, they were "product" of course, but the joke was actually on us....they occasionaly got some quite good material, and these were some of the better mid-rocking singles of the mid 1960's......obviously this is not to be taken seriously, but who the hell takes the music we listen to seriously anyway?......Hell, there's some decent shit on here, "Stepping Stone", "Pleasnat Valley Sunday", and the trippy "Porpoise Song"......hey, download it if ya want, or don't, makes me no diff, I am going to bed anyway........as I've said many times, all about the variety, NWA one day and the Monkees the next? Hey, at least I TRY, right?

01 (Theme From) the Monkees/02 Last Train To Clarksville/03 I Wanna Be Free/04 I'm a Believer/05 (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone/06 Mary Mary/07 A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You/08 The Girl I Knew Somewhere/09 Randy Scouse Git/10 Pleasant Valley Sunday/11 Words/12 Daydream Believer/13 Goin' Down/14 Valleri/15 DW Washburn/16 It's Nice To Be With You/17 Porpoise Song/18 Listen to the bnad/19 That Was Then, This Is Now/20 Heart and Soul

Black State Highway

Black State Highway formed in Brighton, and consist of smokin' hot vocalist Liva Steinberger, bassist
Gordon Duncan, guitarist Olie Tretheway, drummer harry Bland, and guitarist Yonnis  Crampton....I stumbled over this by accident and was impressed enough to try to share the wealth, it's good old 1970's-style riff rock, and when a hot-ass babe is fronting it up, you KNOW that is enough for me at least......this is a pretty damn good album......I don't know if they are ones to complain about being shared, of course, if they ARE, I will remove the disc at once, but, for now, I find this to be a good-to-excellent hard rock album, and, hey, isn't that what we are all here for anyway?

BLACK STATE HIGHWAY-01 Conclusion/02 Ain't Got Know/03 Broken/04 Free/05 Sacrifice/06 Tekkers/07 Common Man/08 Trouble

Give this one a shot if you are simply a lover of ROCK N ROLL, this is a pretty damn good one.....as I said before if ANYONE (artist, label, etc) objects, I will remove it, but in the meantime, this is a very, very good album, that you WILL want to enjoy, and I want to spread around a bit. If I were to compile a "best albums of 2014" (I'm not) chances are this would be on it, so PLEASE check this and share, comment, etc.......please?

Forever 19

Another of those obscuro 1980's new wave bands, this one is really worth your time, kind of reminiscent of the Cars/Roxy Music, this album "Come as You Were Born" is a nearly criminally overlooked epic from 1985, it's almost impossible to find any info on the band (I've tried), but whatever, even though I can't find a list of their personnel, or even where they originated from, this is a likable enough album for me to share with my friends tonight........I've been awfully hard on 1980's music in this forum before, but there ARE, to be fair, a bunch of unknown/overlooked gems such as this one from that era, which I've tried to demonstrate.......this is a good album, the singer has a VERY odd voice, which made 1980's new wave what it was, I guess, and as I said, they have likely heard a few Cars/Roxy music albums in their time.......trust me, is all I can say, this is a pretty good one, you
will likely not be disappointed, in particular if you are a fan of 1980's new wave, this is a GOOD one....

COME AS YOU WERE BORN-01 Wings Of Decay/02 In Your Eyes/03 See Me Now/04 The Hero/05 Watch the Skies/06 Questions/07 Beside You/08 Place In Your Heart/09 Pictures/10 Sleep

The Not So Lucky Country

I'm just having some fun tonight, putting up this and that as I do sometimes (everything doesn't have to
be an all week thing like the Janis Joplin thing was, that was almost like WORK!)...I already posted some VERY recent female-fronted riff-rock (Black State Highway) and some pretty much unknown 1980's new wave semi-greatness (Forever 19), now why not some Australian punk/thrash/hardcore from a bunch of obscure down-under bands......trust me (I say once again), it's pretty damn good, if you're a fan of obscure punk......there is some goddamn fine hardcore punk shit on here, ca. late 1980's, in fact two discs worth......so, PLEASE download and then tell me what ya think of the very cool Where's The Pope, Ardvarks Afterbirth, Aligator Parade, Slub, Psychotic Maniacs, and TONS more......comps like this are a reason for living, please join me and enjoy some thrashing ramalama punk rock from down under, you will not be sorry, I am gonna guarentee this for ya!!

THE NOT SO LUCKY COUNTRY-01 ARM THE INSANE-Fight Or Die/02 WHERE'S THE POPE-Jesus Gets Rich/03 NOBODY'S VICTIM-Create Your Own Rules/04 END RESULT-National Service/05 FEAR AND LOATHING-44VD/06 INTERNAL HOEMORRAGE-After the War/07 G.A.S.H.-The Socialite/08 PERMANENT DAMAGE-Kids Play With Guns/09 COSMIC PSYCHOS-Custom Credit/10 MASSAPPEAL-Elitist Shit/11 CONDEMNED ATTITUDE-Homeless Crew/12 RENEGADE-Riot Squad Gladiator/13 ARDVARKS AFTERBIRTH-Army of Hitlers/14 SEPTIC SAW BLADES-Wars/15 FESTER BROTHERS-Gag/16 DEATH SENTENCE-Fear/17 SLUB-HLD/18 DEPRESSION-War and Freedom/19 CIVIL DISSIDENT-Memories of Menzies/20 THE HARD ON'S-Show Us What ya Got/21 ALLIGATOR PARADE-Wild Chicken Farm/22 FILTHY SCUMBAGS-Larger Drinkers From Hell/23 UTTER STENCH-Slappy's/24 BAD RONALD-The Tree Song/25 DEATH SENTANCE-Adrenalin/26 VENOM P STINGER-Venom P Stinger/27 VICIOUS CIRCLE-The Jokers Palace/28 HARD CORPUSCLES-Ronald Is/29 EXTREMES-America/30 MENTAL HEALTH-Always the Same/31 NO CONTROL-CIA/32 BE KIND TO BEAVERS-Stop the City/33 CRUCIFIED TRUTH-Make a Stand/34 PSYCHOTIC MANIACS-Meat/35 PERMANENT DAMAGE-Where I Stand

A Bunch of Links from Andie James and others you may have missed

Often, generous readers, contributors add links in the comments section, additional or related things
that I myself can't provide......in general, I haven't called enough attention to these, I am not going to do that anymore, it may cause you to miss out on something you'd really like (who the hell goes back and reads the comments more than once.....in the future I will bring ALL contributed links to the fromt page in order to better fulfill my lission, which of course is TO SHARE as much stuff as possible.....

What caused me to think about this was that Andie James, a longtime friend and contributor (who I once thought was a chick, right Andie?) has contributed a LOT of cool stuff the last week or two, and I want to make sure that if they are for you, you don't miss them.......I'll add his comments in full so you can get his opinion of what he is sharing, thanks again to everyone who shares stuff, I am always looking to improve things around here and I think moving all contributed links to the front page will be an improvement, sorry for not thinking of it earlier, I am old.

(In response to the "No Future Collection")

Thanks for this Scott, always was a big fan of No Future Records and I've got three of their best for you here.

The Partisans - Best Of The Partisans (@ 128) 
(apologies for the piss poor bit rate but I've never found a decent copy)

The Violators - The No Future Years (@ 320)

Blitz - Voice Of A Generation (@ 320)

I'm just uploading a vinyl rip of Blitz's second album Second Empire Justice in FLAC and four 7" singles that I'll post links to later


Also re: "No Future":
Three 7" 45rpm single rips from the Second Empire Justice album and a limited edition 33rpm red vinyl 7" EP re-issue of Warriors.

Telecommunication 7" (@ 320)
New Age 7" (@ 320)
Solar 7" (@ 320)
Warriors 7" EP (@ 320)



And also from "No Future":

Blitz's second album Second Empire Justice is a long way away from their opening salvo of Oi! Punk. This is a distinct change of course into the realms of New Wave/SynthPop with Post Punk most definitely in the Post. Recorded at Stockport's iconic Strawberry Studios with in-house engineer Chris Nagle assuming production duties (Nagle cut his teeth working alongside Martin Hannett - see Joy Division Unknown Pleasures). Given the factoryesque sleeve design, any assumptions that Blitz wanted a particular Mancunian aura to the album are just that. When you listen to the record, you may likely assume the same. Nagle's production style certainly echoes that of his mentor as Second Empire Justice is much cleaner sounding with layered atmospherics adding depth, but still with a good few delayed snares thrown in for good measure. You will notice (and probably love) how robust the bass guitar is in the mix - just imagine a cross between JJ Burnel and Peter Hook cranked up really loud. Tracks like Underground, White Man and Skin are bass hungry monsters, Acolyte and Flowers & Fire lean more to new-wave. Into The Daylight and Telecommunication delve into classic eighties goth-synth territory. Readers will not be surprised to know that Blitz's original Oi! Punk following hated it.

Ripped from a vinyl album released on Future Records (FL 1) in 1983 to high quality lossless flac audio.
A1 Flowers & Fire
A2 Underground
A3 Acolyte
A4 Into The Daylight
A5 Telecommunication
B1 White Man
B2 For You
B3 Skin
B4 H.M.K. Grey 



lFrom another longtime friend/contributor (Ruben Chandler) come the following links related to the Marquis De Sade post of last week:

http://www.mediafire.com/download/bvaa91kqsaw8gwq/Marquis+de+Sade+%5B1979%5D+Dantzig+Twist.zip   here's dantzig twist bro!



the password for dantzig twist is: oldschoolfrenchpunkrock where are ya big scott..............thought you'd dig these.

(these are great and also quite hard to find, highly recommended-Scott)

Andie James also loaded on a BUNCH of Psychedelic Furs stuff:

On Love Spit Love's eponymous debut, Richard Butler tried too hard to break from the legacy of the Psychedelic Furs, and the result was a stiff, awkward record that only ccasionally hit its target. For Love Spit Love's second album, Trysome Eatone, Butler decided to rely on the darkly seductive blend of arty post-punk and glam-rock that was the Furs' trademark. It's partially nostalgia, but he was able to update the Furs sound with a sharp, clever production and the occasional electronic or alternative flourish. It evokes the '80s without slavishly recreating the sound, but Trysome Eatone manages to be more than a guilty pleasure for longtime Furs fans because of Butler's solid craftmanship. Many of the album's songs are well-written and memorable, resulting in a record that represents a return to form for one of the early '80s' most distinctive artists. 
From 1997 @ 320


Psychedelic Furs - 1984-05-28 - London, UK (FM broadcast 320kbps) Hammersmith Odeon

Lineage: FM - Cassette (Master) - Audacity - xACT



Two The Psychedelic Furs EP's from the World Outside album released in 1991
1. Until She Comes EP ( @ 192)
2. Don't Be A Girl (Promo) EP ( @ 192)



From the Psychedelic Furs album Book Of Days (1989) 

House 12" and CD single @ 320


From the 1984 album Mirror Moves 

1. Heartbeat 12"
2. Heaven 12"

both 12" singles have extended versions @ 320



“Pretty In Pink” originally released in 1981 as a single from the band’s second album, Talk Talk Talk. The song inspired the 1986 film of the same name and a re-recorded version of the song was included on the film’s soundtrack.

Allmusic writer Bill Janovitz credits 1981 producer Steve Lillywhite for finding “the ideal sound for the band, with a perfect blend of classic pop, punk, and art rock elements”. Janovitz called it “the definitive take” of the song.

The 1986 version Janovitz described this version as “ho-hum, streamlined, (and) radio-ready”.

I've included 3 12" singles
1. Pretty In Pink (1986)
2. Danger (Remix) (1982)
3. The Ghost In You (1984) all @ 320



Last of the 12" singles @ 320 for you.

1. All That Money Wants (1988) from the Best Of "All Of This And Nothing" album
2. Shock (1987) a US only single from the album "Midnight To Midnight"



(Scott):Now, THAT's a hell of a lot of material, WAY too much not to share PROPERLY......and, as if that is not enough, 
Augustus Owsley Strudel III contributes:
For all the Psychedelic Furs try here


And, also, an anonymous contributor submits this:

7 more Psychedelic Furs albums found around the net:

(Scott): Now, NO ONE has an excuse for not having every note ever recorded by the Psychedelic Furs, thanks to all!

Back to MISTER Andie James for some Hanoi Rocks stuff that I was lacking:

Awlright Scott?!

Couple of additions in lossy 192 if you're so interested
Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years [Live]

and in my opinion, Hanoi Rocks best album
Hanoi Rocks - Self Destruction Blues

I've got some other stuff knocking about from 
Michael Monroe solo and with Demolition 23 
Nasty Suicide and Andy McCoy as The Suicide Twins
and Nasty Suicide with some members of the UK Subs as Cheap & Nasty
and finally Hanoi Rocks with Knox of the Vibrators as The Fallen Angels

I'll get around to posting these when I finish work


And This:
First up is Michael Monroe's début solo album Not Fakin' It


And This:
Cheap & Nasty - Beautiful Disaster (plus Beautiful Disaster EP) 

The album is at 320 and the EP is Variable


And This:
Suicide Twins - Silver Missiles and Nightingales @ 320


And This:
Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels [Expanded] (Hanoi Rock and Knox) @ 320


And, finally, This:

Demolition 23 - Demolition 23 @ 320


AND, from Narcosislabs, in response to the Star Trek Post, comes Volume 1 (Still looking for 2-4) of the classic "Golden
Throats" Collection, 



Almost forgot this one, but Lo-Fi Larry contributes this Restarts/MDC split in response to the Restarts post:

Restarts/MDC split "Mobocracy"

Thanks A lot to Andie james and everyone else, this is how I will be doing things in teh future, which enables us to get more sharing done, and ALSO to be certain to give proper credit to the contributors.......thanks everyone!

Uplift Spice

Well a buddy of mine who wishes to remain anon sent me these today, just as I was thinking, "Gosh,
it's certainly been a bit of a while since I've posted any Japanese-language, alternative grunge from the mid-2000's with song titles in Japanese fonts that I have no way to even copy, much less translate"......and lo and behold, Uplift Spice, 5 albums yet......he told me to listen to em, I listened to enough to get the idea......it's decent hard rock, you can hear a little Asian twinge in there. The vocals are decidedly Japanese, not psuedo-English like a lot of bands (the Mops, or Loudness at times) have tried....a little research determines the lineup to be guitarist Yookey, vocalist Chiori, drummer Tovita, and bassist Kenji.

OK, when I have posted Greek punk stuff before, by man Apantabapanta has translated and researched the material, I have no Japanese "go-to-guy", so, here's the skinny......if I'm able to copy/paste the Japanese characters, I will, and if I can find somesort of translation in standard alphabet, I'll put them, even if (when, really)I have no idea what they mean....if in my course of researching these I can find any title or lyric or anything else translations to English, I will drop them on ya also.

Please take a chance on these. It's only rock n roll, and as you know I personally go out of my way to find stuff like this, and it gives me great joy to be able to sahre them with you.....if you by nay chance read Japanese, feel free to jump in and assist, and, these guys have a few more albums not included here, so if ya happen to have em, well, what are you waiting for?

Not for everyone, to be certain, but will you ever accuse me of lacking in variety? You might, but I do try, and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of these, even if they only sample a bit...that's the wonderful thing about this internet information age, we actually CAN hear stuff like this, unknown gems from other lands, and without it costing us an arm and a leg (I remember paying well over 20 bucks for a vinyl copy of a Sadistic Mika band album back in thet 1970's some time, a small fortune relative to the time......still have it and am thrilled that i DID buy it, it was thrilling to stumble on stuff back then, and it's thrilling today.....only today, we have the ability to share, and isn't that the way you were brought up, that sharing was the RIGHT way?

SYATEKI-01 射的 (Shateki)/02 雨ざらし (Amkazarashi)/03 M31/04 絵の具 (Enogu)/05 青空が滲んだ日 (Aozora ga nijin da hi) (this is an EP with a release date of 2006 I THINK the album title translates to "Target Practice", but don't hold me to it) (Late edit: found English translations of the titles-01 Target Practice/02 Weather Beaten/03 M31/04 Paint/05 Blue Sky Is Blurred Day)

HANABI NO IRO-01 Hanabi No Iro/02 Kikyyu i Natta Fuuse/03 Shiroi Hato/04 Niji No Fumoto/05 Mahou No Komoriuta.....(also a mini-LP this one released in 2007, cannot find the Japanese lettering for these ones on a source I can copy from. Album title translates to "Fireworks of Color", song titles-01 Fireworks of Color/02 Balloon Became Balloon/03 White Dove/04 At the Foot of the Rainbow/05 Magic of Lullaby

RASEN-01 Nijuusan Ya/02 Syndrome/03 Amanogawa/04 Raiu/05 Komaku/06 Skate Board (Yet another EP from 2007, this one's title translates to "Helix", song titles:01 Two Waxing Crecent/02 Syndrome/03 Milky Way/04 Thunderstorm/05 Eardrum/06 Skate Board

UPLIFT SPICE-01 Oni/02 Kanojo/03 Hallelujah/04 =/05 NGc224/06 Pandora No Hako/07 Muguet/08
Mikansei/09 Matenrou/10 Hana to Chou/11 Bodyguard/12 Katachi (This is firsts full length, self titled CD from 2008, again, cannot locate a form of the Japanese lettering that I can copy, I only try to coz I think its kinda cool.. Song title translations: 01 Demon/02 Girlfriend/03 Hallelujha/04 =/05 NGC224/06 Pandora's Box/07 Myuge/08 Unfinished/09 Skyscraper/10 Hana and Butterflies/11 Bodyguard/12 Shape

OMEGA RYTHYM-01 Omega Rythm/02 Nanatsu No Umi/03 Amidakuji/04 Klein No Shinzou/05 Gingasekidou/06 Peace/07 Dot Sight/08 Boku Wa Dummy/09 Present/10 Diorama.....Song Title translations: 01 Omega Rythm/02 Seven Seas/03 Ghost Leg/04 Klein of Heart/05 Galactic Equator/06 Peace/07 Dot Sight/08 I Dummy/09 Gift/10 Diorama

I have spot-listened to all of these, and I must say, I think they are quite good, what I've heard at least, unique to say the very least........I'd like you to try these out, maybe not all of em, but give one or two of them a spin for a possible pleasant surprise. As I said before, they have some albums of more recent vintage, and I would really enjoy hearing them if anyone can help out with that!

Brian Parker provides more soundtrack albums

And, as usual, if you wish you can take them either from here or from his own blog, I'm trying to help him get his blog established


Or, of course, just take em from the links below......Brian is heavilly into film soundtracks, which fits nicely into my "anything goes" type of format, in fact his previous soundtrack post the other day was hit pretty hard, decent numbers, so read his critique and then decide if these are for you!


Three Amazing Howard Shore Soundtracks For David Cronenberg Films

I have long been a fan of David Cronenberg's movies, and long ago realized how essential Howard Shore's music was to those films. I have decided to put up my three favorite scores Shore did for him. They also happen to be my three favorite films of Cronenberg's. The first two soundtracks are really rare, while the third is unfortunately forgotten.

"Scanners" is mournful and brooding. It also has a main theme that I think is really good, and points toward the score Shore did for The Dead Zone. I put different cover art on this one, though you can use this pic if you want.

"Videodrome" is creepy and unsettling. And the soundtrack disc is definitely more of a theme thing, including a computer voice introduction that's not in the movie. And I put this Debbie Harry cover art on. Definitive image of the movie for. This soundtrack is really rare in physical form.

Anyone even remember Crash? I'm not talking about the Matt Dillon racial inequality in L.A. film. I mean Cronenberg's beautifully cold scalpel of a film about people who sexually fetishize car crashes.

Anyway, Howard Shore's score for the film is beautiful: sparse piano, strange percussion sounds, and haunting, echo-laden guitar notes. This is good ambient music, but not in a synthesizer way. This is a really unique score for him. Great stuff, and truly adds to the haunting ache of the movie. And if you haven't seen this dark, cold, sexy jewel of a film, it's on YouTube, or here's another link - 


In fact, see all these if you haven't, and listen to the scores. All the movies have been put out by Criterion except Crash. Cronenberg's filmography is stellar.

Scanners Soundtrack Download

Videodrome Soundtrack Download

Crash Soundtrack Download

Personal from BigScott: I saw "Crash" years ago (as Brian points out there were two films by that name, one that won "best picture", and, well, THIS one.....it is one of the sickest movies I have ever seen in my life......highly recommended!