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Greek Punk Part 9

And another guest who works tirelessly to give us thorough and enjoyable posts is the great
Apantabapanta, who has now wrapped up the NINTH chapter of my Greek Punk onslaught (there will be ONE more!).......as before, the format he uses doesn't allow me to copy/paste for whatever reason, so I will just reuse his words to the best of my ability.......he really does a spectacular job on these, I never could have done it without him, unless I woulda learnt to read Greek, not terribly likely.

OK, we begin with:

Stigma 90......from Vyronas Athens. The band originally consisted of three women and one man, but have reorganized/formed in latter days. This is a demo created with the collaboration of Michael Papathanasiou of Goin' Thru, and included "Jessica" which achieved some success. They released in 1994 an album, "Hello I'm Leaving", which led to a successful tour.

album link

01 Road/02 Jessica/03 Rocker/04 Trip/05 The Ballad of John/Death Game/Logic/Grown Up/Blues/Cry In Town

in addition, here are some other links, a couple from YouTube






Next we have Panikos, or Panic, a hardcore/punk band formed in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1988. Their format is described as "Lyrically angry anarcho-punk, musically street punk with hardcore elements. On 5/3/94 they performed live at Amfitheatro Nomikis with Moot Point and Sunsteps

We have two albums from the band, first is the 1990 release, "The War Continues"

01 Visions of Death/02 Liars/03 Nothing New/04 Shitbellies/05 20 Century Age/06 The War Continues/07 Silent Death/08 Marionette of the System/09 The Rich Get Richer/10 Live For Tomorrow/11 Night of Riot

and this self-titled effort

01 The Day of Wrath/02 Last Generation/03 When Will Learn/04 All For Money/05 Death Is Ignorance/06 Where is the Freedom?/07 Fear/08 Wounds/09 Dead/10 Riot Night/11 Resist/12 Liars/13 20th Century

BOTH of these albums are hooked to THIS link


In addition, Apantabapanta found something else from the band:


Thanks for the EXTRA stuff my Greek brother


Next, we have a band called "Nuclear Winter", a crust/metal band from Athens, formed in 1995 and disbanded in 2003. This is a self titled release from 1997.

01 Castle of Storms/02 Arena/03 Always Confused/04 Gates/05 Fresh Start

check this out HERE



Next is Radiation, a band from Kastoria Greece....they have performed with noted Greek punks Panx
Romana....another self-titled effort.....

01 Polluted Air/02 Socio Scum/03 Saftey/04 Fuck You/05 Radiation/06 Dumb Child/07 Song of Bastards/08 Not War

find this one HERE



And finally this evening, we have Toxic Waste. Checking in with a self-titled album from 2002,
01 Blind Obidience/02 Hero of Dimes/03 Just Before I Go/04 Perfume Luxury/05 Cement/06 Antonis/07 The Big Chair/08 Surrender



Lotta stuff here, and Apantabapanta did a TON of work on this.......we have one more chapter that I will send him to finally wrap this up, and, if you are reading this Apanta, I will get your requested stuff out this week......BTW THAT is how it works......if you want something I posted 3 years ago or something, PLEASE think of something FIRST that YOU can do to make this blog better for everyone.......I get FAR too many re-up requests to honor them all so I HAVE TO limit it to people who make the effort to at least meet me halfway.........this in turn (more participants) makes it a MUCH more enjoyable experience, for me, and for everyone else.

Brian Parker back with more comedy......check this one for certain

"The Life of Brian"......ho ho ho oh my GOD I am so sidesplittingly clever......anyway, Brian helps
me with some of my posts and also has a blog of his own,


You can either follow the link to his site, or, if you prefer, read it here as I have copied it in its entirety.........this is one HELL of a bunch of Monty Python, an amazing amount in fact.......so, either read it here, or go to his site (and PLEASE check out the other treasures at his site)......anyway, I was impressed with the post so, that said (and with Brian's consent, of course), here is ULTRA MEGA METRIC TONNES of Monty Python.....

And, what, pray tell, could possible be wrong with that?


Monty Python Discography

It's a hard thing to try to relate Monty Python to anyone who might not be familiar. Python has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. My dad was a Brit, and I inherited his taste for English comedy. I remember we had a VHS tape of The Meaning of Life when I was a kid, and I must've worn it clear through. To me, Python is more than a comedy troupe; their like this funny group of long-lost uncles.

Everyone knows the movies and the TV show, but no one seems to know that they made albums. I remember when I was young, I bought a cassette of "Matching Tie & Hankerchief". It was a surreal first listen, but I knew it would pay off. Python records are dense, and just as stream of consciousness as the shows and movies. And in some cases - "Bruces" from "Matching Tie" comes to mind - the bits work better on record than on the show, without the stilted BBC recording and the audience response.

Two things that are rare in this post - and which you never see put together with these other albums - are the original "Flying Circus" BBC album from 1970 and the 1981 "Hastily Cobbled Together" bootleg. I've never owned "The Final Rip Off", so that's not here. Can anybody help with a link for that? I don't have "Monty Python Sings", so I put together a disc of my favorite single songs along with some interesting Eric Idle stuff I came across.

NOTE: Some of these albums came from my "Instant Monty Python CD Collection" box set, and only have a Track 1 and a Track 2. This applies to "Another Monty Python Record", "Monty Python's Previous Record", "Drury Lane", and the three film soundtracks. The other ones are sequenced into separate tracks - "Matching Tie", "Live at City Center", and "Contractual Obligation" being the 1997 remasters.


Researching this one, apparently it's much maligned because it uses canned laughter. I don't see why - many parts of the TV show had a laugh track. To me it just sounds like a good live gig. Contains many funny bits from the first season: "Nudge Nudge", "The Lumberjack Song", "Dead Parrot", and several others.
The rights to this belong to the BBC (it's the only release the Pythons don't control at all) and it's only seen intermittent release over the years...so enjoy, Python fans. Took a lot of digging to find this!

Contains "Spanish Inquisition,""World Forum", "Piranha Brothers", "Spam", and many other great bits from the first two seasons.


This one is hilarious. Starts out great with the "Embarassment Test". "Australian Wines" is funny too. And the version of "Argument Clinic" here beats the one from the show. In fact, the whole things flows like a great episode. And Cleese's "Anne Elk Interview" always makes me laugh my ass off. Drags a little towards the end, but a surreal classic was coming next...


For me, this is Python's ultimate moment on record. It's just perfectly sculpted. Has some bits familiar from the show, as well as new ones. Many classic routines, including John Cleese's genius minute-long "Word Association", which I'm still figuring out 25 years later. Interesting story about the vinyl of this...the second side was made up of two locked concentric spirals - hence "Side 2" and "Side 3".


Their first live album, well recorded in a theater. I like this one. NOTE: a lot of this material was repeated on the U.S. "Live at City Center", but given the fidelity of that release, this is the one to go for...but I am including both.

THE ALBUM OF THE SOUNDTRACK TO....(HOLY GRAIL). [Link will be up soon]

While one might think these are just recorded bits from the movie, that's not the case. They used this opportunity to make another great comedy album. The second half barely involves the movie. There's hilarious digressions - the commentator inside the theater and the professional logician come to mind. A really funny listen for fans of the film (which is like, everyone....)

EXTRA: Monty Python & the Holy Grail of Library Cues  DOWNLOAD

For the truly hellbent Holy Grail fan. These are all the music cues used throughout the movie, in their complete versions. I don't know the origin of any of these tracks, or if this is an actual release or an online comp. There are song titles and artist names, so enjoy anyway. Some of this is really beautiful music if you can separate it from the movie in your head.


I wish this one was a video instead of an album. Shares a lot with "Live at Drury Lane", but recorded in front of a louder U.S. audience, who would've clearly laughed at anything the boys did. It's kind of like The Beatles'"Live at the Hollywood Bowl": the nuance of Python is lost in front of such a big,
rapturous crowd.


Brian is my name, so how can I not love this movie? It is pretty much a straight recording of the film soundtrack, with some good linking bits by Graham Chapman.


This is an American radio interview from around the time of  "Brian"s release. Michael Palin, Terry Jones, and Graham Chapman do everything in their power to sabotage the interview. An interesting listen. There's also a promo record like this for "The Meaning of Life", but I can't get ahold of any of it...

[I like this tape art more than the LP/CD cover]

Given the title, one would think this is just throwaways. Some of it is, but many bits are classic: "String", "Bookshop", "Rock Notes", the "Being Eaten By a Crocodile Event", "Bells"... And some of Eric Idle's songs aren't slouches either: "Sit On My Face", "Decomposing Composers", "All Things Dull & Ugly"...good stuff.
NOTE: This '97 remaster contains "Farewell to John Denver", which was cut from some other editions.


Another I only discovered lately, and the impetus behind this post. This is a bootleg that consists of things cut from "Contractual Obligation" ...apparently given to a member of Mötorhead (!) by Michael Palin years ago. So, leftovers of leftovers, but strange bootleg Python? Who's bitching?


Plays like a tighter version of the movie. And since it's my favorite Python, don't know what else to say. I wish this was indexed track by track, some of their best songs are here. 


Just threw together a bunch of random good stuff I found on mp3 sites. A few of the movie themes, some good Eric Idle solo stuff...the "FCC Song" is hilarious. Enjoy!

There you are, folks. Everything is here except for "Sings", "Rip Off", and the Meaning of Life Press Kit release. If you like this post, drop a comment, please. You'll never find this stuff put together anywhere else!

Monty Python album discography download zippyshare

Told you it was a BUNCH..........thanks to Brian and all my friends who contribute here!

Next Exit

Why not, this is an oddball classic ca. 1983........I bet 99% of ya have never heard this one, but it
merits a listen. This is the sole release from Next Exit, a Seattle new wave band long before there was a Seattle "scene".......Next Exit were Jan Gregor, Mark Fenton, Don Lynd, Greg Morlan, and Jeff Morlan........

The opening "Regular Job" sets the tempo for strangeness, and there is no letup. Lyrics of depression and misery and all that great stuff are a plenty, perhaps 10 years before they became so plentiful in thet Pacific Northwest.......strange, disconnected vocals that are sort of buried in the mix, multiple strange sound effects, and some exceptional (and ALSO strange) guitar make this the sort of hidden, forgotten gem that makes life worth living sometimes......if you dare to check this one out, please share an opinion as I have never met another human being who has ever heard it, unless through myself! Evidently "Static Cling" was something of a regional hit and was featured on the ultra-obscure Seattle Syndrome II compilation (anybody got one?)

01 Regular Job/02 One of the Buzzboys/03 Static Cling/04 Concrete River/05 Run/06 Caution Contents Under Pressure/07 I'm Not Viscious/08 Stress/09 Sleeping Without You/10 Rational Town/11 Mercy of the Moment/12 Somewhile Exile

Take a chance on this one, you will agree it's a shame that for whatever reason they never got to make album #2.......apparently they changed their name to Variant Cause after the release of this album, for reasons not made clear.

Pat Boone In a Metal Mood

I have a book somewhere, "The 50 Worst Rock Albums of All Time", I don't feel like going to find it to see where this one ranked, but, trust me, it was pretty high....actually, this is simply a "warm up" for my ultra-mega William Shattner/Leonard Nimoy post (if you've never heard it, you literally will not believe it exists).......but while I was looking for my the shit to compile THAT masterpiece, I remembered THIS, uhh, "masterpiece"........

Come on, what could this douche bag POSSIBLY have been thinking? I mean, it's not like he's famous (infamous?) for his wicked sense of humor, and, from what I know about him, he'd have about as much understanding of what metal is about as, oh, say, the sidewalk in front of my house.

This is a horrendous, unlistenable abomination, you MUST, my minions, subject yourselves to this, through pain will come pleasure (?).....well, not REALLY, because this sucks worse than anything you could imagine in your wildest fantasies, I am not joking, this is an absolutely AWFUL recording, poorly conceived, poorly recorded, poorly.......you get the idea.

Dig it, I post ALL KINDS OF SHIT here.....comedy? Yep, and this EASILLY ranks HIGH on the list of classic COMEDY albums, as a piece of music, it is an abomination. If you've heard it before, you may wanna pass on it, one listen is plenty, but if you never have, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to see how bad and ill-thought-out a recording can possibly be.

OK, just a few thoughts, because the track list is funny enough......oh, God, just read the track list, but my oh my......"Smoke on the Water"?......Van Halen's "Panama"?.......Alice Cooper's "No More Mister Nice Guy ("I went to church incognito, and everybody rose...the reverend saw me, and recognized me, and punched me in the nose")?......how about Metallica's "Enter Sandman"? (actually always disliked Metallica, making this kind of a "double joke" for me).....let's not forget Guns N Roses "Paradise City" ("Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty")....."Crazy Train"?.....and of course, let us not forget the coup de grace, "Stairway to Heaven"........honestly, IMO, this really could be the worst album ever made (I think the book chose "Having Fun With Elvis Onstage", not certain, but this one was at least top-5).......if you share a reasonable sense of humor, you MUST listen to this, if you don't, then, hell, go listen to something like Nickleback or something, more or less the same ideaology.

In the next couple days (maybe tomorrow) I will put up the albums from the Star Trek boys (RIP Mr
. Spock, of course), which are just as comical as this (wait till you hear Shattner take on "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds", and LOTS more, it's like 5-6 albums or some shit)......I want mega downloads for this, also mega comments, because something this truly AWFUL deserves to be heard......(if you delete it then, I don't blame ya!).......but come on kiddies, it's FUN to laugh at jerkoffs that have no clue what they're doing, correcto? Jump on it, and just wait till I post the Star Trek albums and you just might be begging for more Boone.

So, why do I post admittedly horrendous recordings? Cause I'm a funny guy.....ha ha ha ha ha......nad, by the way, if you have no sense of humor, then feel free to BLOW ME.

01 You've Got Another Thing Coming/02 Smoke On the Water/03 It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock N Roll)/04 Panama/05 No More Mister Nice Guy/06 Love Hurts/07 Enter Sandman/08 Holy Diver/09 Paradise City/10 The Wind Cries Mary/11 Crazy Train/12 Stairway to Heaven

Seriously, WHO IN THE HELL thought this was a "good idea"?   WHO did they think would become excited by the announcement of its release? Come on, was the label DELIBERATLY making fun of this clown without his knowledge? Fuck, I don't know, but the joke works on so FUCKING many levels that I just HAVE to post it........and, compared to the "Star Trek" shit I'm getting ready, this may as well be Love's "Forever Changes' or something.........


You guys will show your true colors on this one.......true minions? Or fucking posers?

The Restarts

Ok, I was fucking around with the Pat Boone thing, as I will be with the "Star Trek" shit when I get it
ready (Anybody have thte 4 disc "Golden Throats" compilations, MORE truly awful recordings, can you even imagine Phyllis Diller's "Satisfaction"?)

Anyway, let's go back to some legit shit for tonight as well.....The Restarts were a punk band from London, pretty frantic and noisy......they arrived a little late at the prom, I don't have thier earlier stuff, but these albums here are pretty damn good (also included is a rare split with them and Fleas and Lice)......

The Restarts were Kieran Plunket (bass/vocals), Robin (guitar/vocals), and Bram (drums/vocals).....actually I like these albums quite a bit, not classics or anything like that, but certainly respectable, latter-day punk........I know they are FAIRLY obscure, and you know I love shit like that anyway, so fans of 70's/80's punk, PLEASE try these out (at least one of em!) and gimme a full report, as you know, I be WANTING MORE COMMENTARY as I work tirelessly, and just hearing a word or three about the quality or lack of in the posts makes me smile (not much does, unless it intoxicates me or makes me orgasm)........

Come on, take a shot.......lotsa punk rockers here, got FIVE albums for ya here, check em out, it's loud, it's fast, it's short/explosive blasts.....ya know, kinda like punk is SUPPOSED TO BE......

Seriously, pretty good, and a full report (or at least a few words) will be greatly appreciated, in fact, much more than you will ever know.......please......I offer thi stuff up in hopes of interesting you, the download numbers seem to indicate that it DOES interest you, so why not just tell me what you think about it......it won't take ya but a minute, and it RALLY WILL make yer uncle feel like he's  "making a fucking difference!"

Note: the first album listed here "Actively Seeking Work" is a collection of thier older tracks, and is the one I recommend if you desire only one.......also the split mentioned before, Fleas and Lice are not too bad, either........"All you young punks, laugh your life, there ain't much to cry for.....all you young cunts, live it now, there aint much to die for".......

ACTIVELY SEEKING WORK-01 Delirium Tremens/02 Frustration/03 Fuck the Lottery/04 New Way/05 No Confidence/06 Disconnected/07 just Gets Worse/08 Mind Yer Own Buisness/09 Dysfunction/10 Boozin/11 Gang Mentality/12 Hate You/13 Victimization/14 Contempt/15 Exterminate/16 State Rape/17 Divide and Rule/18 Fare Evasion/19 The Ladder/20 Drunken Voices/21 Tinpot Hitler/22 Parasite Monarchy/23 Times hard

OUTSIDER-01 Outsider/02 On To You/03 Enemy's Enemy/04 Cluster Bombs/05 No Escape/06 Blown It/07 Running Out of Time/08 Intelligent Design/09 Wake Up/10 Still Bored/11 Mindless Violence/12 Koyanninquastsi/13 Bolloxology

SLUMWORLD-01 Fuck That Shit/02 Legacy of Bigotry/03 Labelled Inferior/04 Genetic Code/05 Prophecy/06 Terrorbreed/07 Humane/08 B.R.C.M./09 Screaming City/10 Your World/11 Same Old Shit/12 Static/13 Jihad/14 Skint/15 Better Off Dead/16 Does Your Mother Know

SYSTEM ERROR-01 Time Waster/02 Walk Away/03 Breaking My Balls/04 System Error/05 X228/06 Crucified/07 Age of Fear/08 Double Standards/09 Wouldn't Want To/10 Never Know/11 Frustration/12 Hows yer Father

SPLIT WITH FLEAS AND LICE-(Tracks 1-12 Fleas and Lice, Tracks 13-20 The Restarts)-01 Harsh
Realities/02 Breaking the Law/03 I Need a Drink/04 Big Brother/05 Forced To Eat Shit/06 Rest In Punk/07 And Again/08 Delirium Tremens/09 Paranoid World/10 Shit For Brains/11 Lie to Myself/12 The pain/13 State Rape/14 Divide and Rule/15 Fare Evasion/16 The Ladder/17 Drunken Voices/18 Tinpot Hitler/19 Pasrasite Monarchy/20 Times hard

Please give these a shot for me if you are unfamiliar, as you are certainly aware by now, I dig deep into my stash to bring you the music I have spent my life listening to, be it great mainstream shit or relative obscurities such as this.......really, I hope you enjoy the format, rather than "all punk", "all psych", "all grunge" or whatever.......it's not like that, it's just the stuff I've listened to whenever, I listen to music everyday and it gives me great joy to share it with the rest of the world.....when I recieve a comment thanking me for allowing someone to discover something new (to them), it is a joy to me, better than if the reader/listener had sent me an envelope full of vicodins (even though, should you wish to do so, I'd happily end you a mailing address!)

As always, love to all.........really hope you enjoy the music, and especially, the variety/free-form style that I try to use to keep things somewhat unique........thanks for reading/

Wailing Wall

As a (temporary, that's another story we'll discuss later, exciting new job prospect has materialized),
sometimes I sit up late at night, wasted on beer/kratom (I'm a HUGE kratom fan, ask me about it privately if you want), and I do 2 or 3 posts in a night, if I get the new job, the schedule will change a bit, obviously.....anyway, in the last few hours, I've done the goofball-silly "Pat Boone in a Metal Mood" (a "classic" of pure schlocky garbage) and also a fairly comprehensive post on punk semi-unknowns The Restarts (seriously, check it, it's fairly badass).......anyway, I think I'll do one more quicky, fuck, it's only 2:12 AM after all.......

Why not a bit more of my beloved early 1970's psych, hey, I fucking strive for VARIETY even over quality (see: Pat Boone), but this motherfucker is a classic of that much underappreciated genre/era......

OK, I really thought I had posted this one before, but a quick check reveals that I have not.....SO, Wailing Wall released but this one album (as did so many of those early 70's psych-rockers).....they consisted of singer Doug Adams, guitarist Mike Cancellari, bassist Darrell Adams, and drummer David Rutledge. These dudes hailed from Texas, El Paso to be specific, and as I said released but this one album (1970)......as with so many of these type of items, it is a no-doubt  unknown/rare classic, seriously....(not to get off topic TOO MUCH, but is there ANY genre/era of rock that is LESS appreciated for what it is than these early 70's (post Nuggets) psych albums?......God there are so many amazing discs from that era (I've posted many) that people SIMPLY DON'T KNOW OF).

This is a great album, one that stands up to many listenings.......I think the reason that so many of these albums are unappreciated is that they were so FUCKING far ahead of their time (just my opinion)....from start to finish, this is some extraordinary heavy psychedelia. Quite sloppy, which is typical and just fine, it's VERY Hendrix influenced, "Meet My Dreams" reminds me a good bit of Jimi's "Rainy Day, Dream Away", and "Mad Rapper" certainly is not embarassed to show it's Hendrix roots.......we also get the obligatory (and funny) period piece-epic, the nine minute "Country of the Goose", which of course is about 4 minutes too long and features some lyrics that must have been written under the influence of some, uh, well something...........

I have no idea what happened to them after this release, I have researched it a tiny bit but I don't really care all that much.....you guys know that this specific era/genre (hard psych 1970-73 or so) is one of my true passions.......so PLEASE check this out, I think it's fairly rare (not sure really), but it's a good one, and if you share my passion for this type of thing, you will see what I mean instantly.

Good album, really........please check it and gimme a full report if this pops your cherry!

01 Scissor Tailed Swallow/02 Country of the Goose/03 Flying/04 Hot Summer's Night/05 Mad Rapper/06 Dark House/Crazy Nights/07 I'm Running Low/08 Meet My Dreams

Sunday Night Star Trek!

OK, been gone a few days, had to prepare for my Strat O Matic baseball draft and some other stuff, but here as promised are a collection of albums from the men of Star Trek, Leonard (Mr. Spock) Nimoy, and Willima (Captain Kirk) Shatner.......and, of course, MAYBE the timing of this is bad, what with Nimoy's recent passing, BUT he never seemed like the kind of guy who would take offense to my posting something like these, hell, I LOVED Star Trek, and also thought Nimoy gave a very good performance in the unfortunately underrated cinematic version of Huxley's "Brave New World", seemed like a cool guy actually (as does Shattner, QUICK name two songs that mention Captain Kirk by name? Time's up: "99 Luftballoons" by Nena, and of course "Where's Captain Kirk?" by the fab Athletico Spizz '80.......so, while I am sorta posting these as comedy (or more acurately, camp), they are pretty cool to hear once, as is the four disc "Golden Throats" collection, which features these two guys as well as others such as Sebastian Cabot and Phyllis Diller (I don't have, em, calling all campy record geeks).....by the way Brian Parker says he has a similar Frank Sinatra comp, we'll be waiting for THAT one as well.......

OK, Nimoy's records are not really nearly as funny as are Shatner's, so lets review the Nimoy stuff first.....what do we have here? Let's lead off with "Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space" (Lord I WISH I could make up stuff like that!).......lotsa laugh-worthy moments, notably his take on "Music to Watch Girls By", changed here to "Music to Watch Space Girls By".......don't-miss stuff, no? Also various space-related stuff ("Twinkle Twinkle Little Earth"?, "Where No Man Has Gone Before"?).....as good a starting point as we could ask for I suppose, relax, it gets WAY better than THIS.

I think he released a couple discs that I don't have here, somehow I have the feeling we'll all be alright without them, the next one I happen to have is "The Touch of Leonard Nimoy", a folkish effort from 1969.......nothing here you are gonna want in heavy rotation, however, the song "Maiden Wine" was written by Nimoy himself and was actually sung once by Mr. Spock on a Star Trek episode......cool huh? Also a mangling of Randy Newman's (!) "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today).....

What I think was his final effort at recording and capitalizing to the maximum on his television popularity, we have 1970's "The New World of Leonard Nimoy", (1970), which is a real hoot, actually, as he takes on solid material such as Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line", CCR's "Proud Mary", "Put a Little Love In Your Heart".......honestly and sincerely, if I thought for a second that he had been the kind of fellow that wouldn't ENJOY the fact that we are getting a silly kick out of these in 2015, I would REALLY not have posted them so close to his passing, however, I think of them as a tribute to his legacy.......as I said, I admired him and thought he was a cool guy.

In 1997 a collaborative effort, "Spaced Out, The Very Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner"
was released, maybe something that a dabbler may wish to investigate.....this has a bunch of stuff off the above Nimoy albums, as well as the below Shattner albums, check the track listing below, if I were just a kid wanting to sample and be stunned by these, this is likely where I would go, although the individual albums (especially the yet-to come Shatner discs) hold together in their own crazy way......judge for yaselves.

And now......compared to these Shatner discs, the Nimoy albums might as well be the first three Sleater-Kinney or Radiohead albums or something.......THIS here is some HILARIOUS shit, and the guy is still with us too......never you mind, though, I think he's also a  cool guy who would amused that we are, at this late date, getting a charge out of his material.

If I still did acid, I'd drop me a tab and pop on "The Transformed Man" (his first release) and then likely go hide in the closet or something......this is unspeakably strange, the guy doesn't sing, he makes Lou Reed sound like Pavarotti, he simply talks......this album features deathly serious poetry readings, juxtaposed with then-contemporary pop music....couple of examples: "Theme From Cyrano"/"Mr. Tambourine Man", and the absolutely indescribable "Spleen/"Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds"......your life will literally be changed after hearing this one, and you will have ME to thank for it......honestly, if you enjoyed "Pat Boone in a Metal Mood", you ain't heard nothin' yet.......

Released much later on was "Has Been", produced by noted sense-of-humor guy Ben Folds who wlso wrote a bunch of the material......honestly, I don't think it's all THAT funny, as the music is generally unfamiliar stuff, notable though that Henry Rollins (!) does a little vocal work on one track, and the same track (it's called "I Can Get Behind That") features the great Adrian Belew on guitar.

OK, I saved the best for last........"Seeking Major Tom" (as a bonus, here in glorious FLAC so I had to split each of the two discs, worth it though).......this is a classic piece of comedy/camp recording, no home should EVER be without one of these. not kiddin':.....there is something of a "space" theme here (you'll see, hold on), let's check some of the many "highlights"......God......well, obviously Bowie's "Space Oddity".......Steve Miller's "Space Cowboy".....Deep Purple's "Space Truckin" (you will NOT believe it, I swear), Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" (THINK I'm lying.......I DARE you!).....wow, and that is just disc one. Disc 2, among other abominations, gives us the Byrds'"Mr. Spaceman" and the amazing version of (wait for it) Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" (listen closely, he is "singing" along with a version of Sabbath's original recording).....a LOT of legit musicians contributed thier time and effort to this, among them, Ritchie Blackmore, Sheryl Crow, Alan parsons, Johnny Winter, Ian Paice, and LOTS more.

You gotta love this stuff, period. I got some good stuff planned for this week, really, but I thought that we would kick it off with some laughs and the like tonight........I think Brian may have the rest of Swans stuff done, if he does that will be tomorrow's post, and we'll see what else we can unearth this week. Hope you guys enjoy the VARIETY I provide, certainly, this ain't the kind of stuff that any of yer old run-of-the-mill blogs will post.........please comment, as this is most certainly comment-worthy, if nothing else.

Be back tomorrow with..........something!

MR SPOCK'S MUSIC FROM OUTER SPACE-01 Theme From Star Trek/02 Alien/03 Where Is
Love/04 Music To Watch Space Girls By/05 Beyond Antares/06 Twinkle Twinkle Little Earth/07 Mission: Impossible/08 Lost In the Stars/09 Where No Man Has Gone Before/10 You Are Not Alone/11 A Visit to a Sad Planet

THE TOUCH OF LEONARD NIMOY-01 I Search For Tomorrow/02 Maiden Wine/03 Now's the Time/04 Cycles/05 I Think It's Gonna Rain Today/06 I Just Can't Help Believin/07 Nature Boy/08 Contact/09 The Man I Would Like to Be/10 A Trip to Nowhere/11 Piece of Hope

THE NEW WORLD OF LEONARD NIMOY-01 Time To Get It Together/02 Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town/03 The Mayor of Ma's Cafe/04 I Walk the Line/05 I Finally Saw the Two of You Today/06 mary's Near/07 Abraham, Martin and John/08 Proud Mary/09 Let It Be Me/10 Everybody's Talkin'/11 The Sun Will Rise/12 Put a Little Love In Your Heart

SPACED OUT-THE VERY BEST OF LEONARD NIMOY AND WILLIAM SHATNER-01 King Henry the Fifth (Shatner)/02 Elegy For the Brave (Shatner)/03 Highly Illogical (Nimoy)/04 If I Had a Hammer (Nimoy)/05 Mr Tambourine Man (Shatner)/06 Where Is Love (Nimoy)/07 Music To Watch Spacae Girls By (Nimoy)/08 It Was a Very Good Year (Shatner)/09 Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town (Nimoy)/10 hamlet (Shatner)/11 A Visit To a Sad Planet (Nimoy)/12 Abraham, Martin, and John (Nimoy)/13 Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds (Shatner)/14 If I Were a Carpenter (Nimoy)/15 How Insensitive (Shatner)/16 I'd Love Making Love To You (Nimoy)/17 Put a Little Love In Your Heart (Nimoy)/18 Sunny (Nimoy)/19 Gentle On My Mind (Nimoy)/20 I Walk the Line (Nimoy)/21 Ballad of Bilbo Baggins (Nimoy)/22 Everybody's Talkin' (Nimoy)/23 Both Sides Now (Nimoy)/24 Spock Thoughts (Nimoy)

WILLIAM SHATNER-THE TRANSFORMED MAN-01 King Henry the Fifth/Elegy For the Brave/02 Theme From Cyrano/Mr. Tambourine Man/03 Hamlet/It Was a Very Good Year/04 Romeo and Juliet/How Insensitive (Insensatez)/05 Spleen/Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/06 The Transformed Man

WILLIAM SHATNER-HAS BEEN-01 Common People/02 It Hasn't Happened Yet/03 You'll Have
Time/04 That's Me Trying/05 What Have You Done/06 Together/07 Familiar Love/08 Ideal Woman/09 Has Been/10 I Can't Get Behind That/11 Real

WILLIAM SHATNER-SEEKING MAJOR TOM (DISC 1)-01 Major Tom (Coming Home)/02 Space Oddity/03 In a Little While/04 Space Cowboy/05 Space Truckin'/06 Rocket Man/07 She Blinded Me With Science/08 Walking on the Moon/09 Spirit in the Sky/10 Bohemian Rhapsody/11 Silver Machine/12 Mrs. Major Tom

WILLIAM SHATNER-SEEKING MAJOR TOM (DISC 2)-01 Empty Glass/02 Lost In the Stars/03 Learning to Fly/04 Mr. Spaceman/05 Twilight Zone/06 Struggle/07 Iron man/08 Planet Earth

Hope y'all enjoy this one, please let me know, really WAS a little bit of work to compile this bad boy.........


Unusual, interesting story here if you are unfamiliar. In 1975  an African American hard-punk band from Detroit (where else?) attempted to put out a release on Columbia. After refusing to change the bands name, Columbia's Clive Davis sent them packing. Only seven songs were completed and the album was never released. A band named "Rough Francis" performed these songs live a few times, Rough Francis were comprised of the three sons of Death's original bassist. As these performances garnered enough acclaim to be significant, the two surviving original members of Death recruited a new guitarist and decided to record the original seven tracks.

"....For the Whole World to See..." is a solid and years ahead of it's time set of garage-punk Detroit style, with a touch of that Detroit blues style thrown in. Perhaps an African American MC5? I don't know, but if you have never heard this often talked about and seldom heard record, THIS is one you need to hear. You WILL NOT be sorry, it's a fantastic record. (Bobby Hackney, bass/vocals, David Hackney, guitar/vocals, Dannis Hackney, drums/vocals......don't miss, in particular "Rock N Roll Victim" and "You're a Prisoner".

.......FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE..."-01 Keep On Knocking/02 Rock N Roll Victim/03 Let the World Turn/04 You're a Prisoner/05 Freakin Out/06 Where Do We Go From Here/07 Politicians In My Eyes

Grunge-Recorded Live in the 90's

Fairly rare effort, I think, I don't recall where I found this but I haven't seen TOO many copies of
it......a 1993 Italian release, basically a hodgepodge of live grunge-type bands (sort of), however, it just happens to be a fine assortment of music you likely haven't heard (at least most of them).....

Pearl Jam leads off with a pair, two good ones too, "Evenflow" and "Alive" from thier classic first album, followed right up by Nirvana with "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Come As You Are"......pretty good way to start this out, and along the way we get Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins (grunge? technically? we could argue the point I guess), L7, and a few more, Grunge comps are fairly non-existant (remember "Grunge Is Back", the 7 disc set I posted a while back, where WERE you?)

Anyway......fan of early 90's hard alt-rock, this is for you, no real rarities here (except maybe a band called Sundowner which I don't think I recall, but some live versions of some really good songs, nothing spectacular at all, but it's been a little while since I put up anything for my beloved grunge rock crowd, for whom I wished at the time I had been born maybe ten years later, maybe REALLY could been my "scene".....

01 PEARL JAM-Evenflow/02 PEARL JAM-Alive/03 NIRVANA-Smells Like Teen Spirit/04 NIRVANA-Come As You Are/05 MUDHONEY-These People/06 MUDHONEY-You Got It/07 L7-Lost/08 L7-Deathwish/09 ALICE IN CHAINS-Them Bones/10 ALICE IN CHAINS-Would/11 SUNDOWNER-Dogs/12 SUNDOWNER-The Desperate Burn/13 SMASHING PUMPKINS-I Am One/14 HELMET-Unsung/15 HELMET-In the Meantime/16 ROLLINS BAND-Tearing/17 SOUNDGARDEN-Big Dumb Sex/18 SOUNDGARDEN-Hunted Down/19 SCREAMING TREES-Nearly Lost You/20 SONIC YOUTH-Youth Against the Fascism/21 SONIC YOUTH-100%

Novi Punk Val (Yugoslavian Punk)

At least this album (unlike the Greek stuff) uses English CHARACTERS for the text, thus I can copy it if not need a translater as I do for the Greek stuff (thanks once more Apantabapanta!)......these are punk tracks from various Yugoslav bands, NOT A ONE of whom I know the first damn thing about, other than what I can learn online and that it is from the era of 1978-80......again, I LOVE non-english language rock, really do, and this is no exception......and some of these crews have some legit punk chops, Pankrti and Termiti come to mind but the whole album is worth your ear for a little while. Comments, comments, comments, please, as you can see yer uncle goes the extra mile for your enjoyment, why not put a big ol' semi-smile on HIS face by saying, "This album sucks dick" or "This album is a life changer".......don't care WHAT YOU SAY, just so it is something, and as always, requests and ESPECIALLY CONTRIBUTIONS are my favorite and are truly what I consider what makes this a "team effort", rather than simply BigScott62 talking to himself.......be well!

NOVI PUNK VAL-01 PANKRTI-Anarhist/02 PANKRTI-Tovar'si, jest vam ne Verjamem/03 PANKRTI-Lublana je bulana/04 PRJAVO KAZALISTE-Moj je Otac bio u ratu/05 GRUPA 92-Videti jih/06 PROBLEMI-Sranje/07 PROBLEMI-Grad izobilja/08 BERLINSKI ZID-Mozgani na asfaltu/09 BERLINSKI ZID-Po cestah mesta/10 PARAF-Narodna pjesma/11 GRUPA 92-Kontroliram misli/12 BULDOGI-To ni balet/13 TERMITI-Vjeran Pas/14 TERMITI-Mama, s razlogom se brines/15 TERMITI-Vremenska progonoza

Like to know your opinions on stuff like this, the Greek stuff, the Spanish language stuff.......got PLENTY more, you havae to let me know the level of interest, otherwise you basically have me throwing darts to select what stuff you get on a given night!

Hanoi Rocks

Bet ya didn't expect me to be much of a fan of these guys, maybe a smidge close to the 1980's
Poison/Motley Crue hair metal that I so dislike, and you might have something of a point, but as you know I am a man of MYSTERY, always keeping you guessing, and besides that Hanoi Rocks were some pretty damn good (from Finland) hard rocking glam/metal, without the out-front stupidity of crap like the  aforementioned Poison and the like......kind of thought of them as a sort of (bear with me) a link between The New York Dolls and Guns N Roses.......well, SOMEBODY had to be I guess......

I have four early 80's albums from these gents, and they are all worth a listen (remember the time period, rock n roll had one foot in the grave and the other foot in another grave, it, in my lifetime (1962-present) was the HARDEST few-year period in which to seek out new, rocking, and threatening sounds, a theory I have long held is that is why so many rockers got into rap at the time, as it was at least THREATENING as punk had been a decade before......

I digress. The members of this band at the time were singer/multi instrumentalist Michael Monroe, guitarist Nasty Suicide (I don't make em up), drummer Peki Sirola (later replaced by Razzle whose death would basically spell the end of this incarnation of the group), bassist Nedo Soininen, and guitarist Stefan Piesnack......aside from the Razzle move, Sami Yaffa would soon replace Soininen on the bass.

Thier first album, "Bangcock Shocks, Saigon Shakes, Hanoi Rocks" caught my ear a bit in 1981, enough to give it a couple of listenings at the time at least.......while I was never a fan of the super slick glam rock that was dominating the scene at the time, this at least had some MC5/Dolls type sloppy heaviness to it, and I think that even today it remains one of the underappreciaed metal albums of thte early 1980's......"Tragedy", "Villiage Girl", and "Don't Never Leave Me" all wouldn't sound too out of place on an early Guns N Roses demo tape or something, it does rock hard....not gonna give it any kinda rating or anything, the vocals and lyrics are nothing spectacular, but hey......I was 19 years old and looking, at the time, for ANYTHING that rocked half as hard as stuff did in "my" (1970's) decade.....

Much better, I think, is 1982's "Oriental Beat".....a much more cohesive and solid effort, with much better vocals and writing than its predecessor. Check out "Motorvatin'", "Teenangels Outsiders" and "Sweet Home Suburbia" are all really good rockers, don't stay too long at the fair, and again, while you will not confuse this with "Led Zeppelin II", it REALLY IS a decent album, IMO the best one they had in them. If you are a dabbler who is unfamilar, I think I would likely start here.

Also quite enjoyable is 1983's "Back to Mystery City", again, it is what it is, but it's a lot of fun, with it's stomping title track, "Malibu Beach Nightmare" (one of their best), and "Mental Beat", it's a solid, again, slab of early 80's glam/rock/metal/punk, as I said the choices were a bit limited at the time, so more than a few times this stuff came screaming from the speakers of my Camaro, much to the delight of my neighbors.

Although I think they had released a live album and a compilation, I don't have em and don't even know if I've ever heard em.......the final effort that I have here is "Two Steps From the Move" from 1984....to me, Bob Ezrin's production is simply TOO slick, making this album NOT a favorite of mine, at least compared to the goofy fun of the first three discs here.  Although "Boiler", "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", and "Underwater World" are decent enough songs, I think they could have been better with a bit rougher production, but, hey, thats just me.

Drummer Razzle was killed in an automobile accident in late 1984, they released another live disc (never heard it either) before respectfully calling it a day.....however, many years later, they reformed in some manner, this is something I JUST NOW found out, so I know nothing about the latter incarnation......these boys didn't seem all that adaptable to me at the time, so I'm wondering how they have adjusted to the more recent trends in music.......wondering, but not enough to REALLY care, ya know?

Some good music buried in the four albums I DO have though.....as I never heard either of the live LP's, I have no idea what kind of a stage band they were, and I BET someone out there has a copy of one of them or a boot we could share.......this is not meant to be taken terribly seriously, but, then, unlike some blogs, not everything is meant to be......for a 19 year old kid in 1981 who (really) thought good, menacing hard rock was about defunct, they did provide some needed guitar ramalama, and what could be better than that? Treat this post as a time machine trip, if you are interested in visiting 1982 or so, this is at least a parrtial soundtrack.......if you were in high school, or in college, or whatever, at the time, what did you think of them? What do you think if you listen to these for the first time in 25 years how do they sound? Comical? or rockingly nostalgic? Anyway, you know I LOVE my variety, and ya certainly can't say I haven't kept my vow with tonights MULTIPLE posts!

BANGKOK SHOCKS, SAIGON SHAKES, HANOI ROCKS-01 Tragedy/02 Villiage Girl/03 Stop
Cryin/04 Don't Never Leave Me/05 Lost In the City/06 First Timer/07 Cheyenne/08 11th Street Kids/09 Walking With my Angel/10 Pretender

ORIENTAL BEAT-01 Motorvatin'/02 Don't Follow Me/03 Visitor/04 Teenangels Outsideres/05 Sweet Home Suburbia/06 MC Baby/07 No law Or Order/08 Oriental Beat/09 Devil Woman/10 Lightning Bar Blues/11 Fallen Star

BACK TO MYSTERY CITY-01 Strange Boys Play Weird Openings/02 Malibu Beach Nightmare/03 Mental Beat/04 Tooting Bec Wreck/05 Until I Get You/06 Sailing Down the Tears/07 Lick Summer Love/08 Beating Gets Fastear/09 Ice Cream Summer/10 Back To Mystery City

TWO STEPS FROM THE MOVE-01 Up Around the Bend/02 High School/03 I Can't Get It/04 Underwater World/05 Don't You Ever Leave Me/06 Million Miles Away/07 Boulevard of Broken Dreams/08 Boiler (Me Boiler N Me)/09 Futurama/10 Cutting Corners

It's late.....I'm still up messing with this cause I have a job interview coming up the Thursday that I am all stressed about, so I am doing this to keep my mind off how badly I could fuck up the
interview.........I really, really, really, want this job, I actually think I might enjoy it, which will be an unusual feeling in and of itself, and the money and benefits would be great......so, if any of you are experts or have any tips on how to do well in interviews, I am all ears......but, anyway, until I get tired, you win anyway, as you get more music, be it to your liking or not......anyway, I am happy to be retired, but, after eight months (I had guessed a year) of doing NOTHING, I am so very, very bored that I need something to keep me from going insane....the blog and Strat O Matic baseball, of course, fill SOME of those voids, but I really DO long to return to the days of waking up and actually having somewhere to go and somewhere to do. Anyone else ever feel like that?

Marquis de Sade

OK, gonna about wrap this up for tonight, I've sure gone beyond the duty call tonight, as I said in a previous post, I am all stressed out about a job I am trying to get.....anyway, when I am in a stressy kind of mood, I, well, go through my music collection and dig out stuff I haven't heard in 20 or 30 years, pop it on, and see if there would be any interest in a post.......and I think I might have hit the jackpot with this one, a good and more or less unknown album from the early 1980's that most people have not heard of, I highly recommend this one, for whatever that is worth.

This is the SECOND release from Marquis de Sade, "Rue De Siam", I do not have thier first, nor do I have either of the pair of EP's they released. All I have to go on is this one. From France, and released in 1981, guitarist Frank Darcel, keyboardist Christian Dargelos, and singer Phillipe Pascal combined with a number of other musicians to create these works, some have compared their work to that of Magazine, I can see that, if you need a reference point.

Very dark music, as the name would likely imply, and as a weird cover of the Velvet Underground's "White Light White Heat" would validate.......the sound was, as said before, dark, also tense, uncomfortable, and to the right ears, quite lovely and romantic, a pure period piece, a slab of forgotten early 80's post-punk/new-wave/new romantic (well, maybe not, but a touch maybe)......other than Magazine, which is not a perfect comparison by any means, I can't really think of a decent comparison I can give them to ANYONE else......

All I can say is it is quite lovely and quite creepy at the same time, listen to "Back to Cruelty", "Submarines and Iceberg", and especially, "Wanda's Loving Boy".......it's a chilling album, in a cool kind of way, really like to see a comment or two on this one as I always do when you good folks take a chance on my word for something nobody but me and the band members' families have ever heard of.

BTW, as I said, this is the only piece of music I have ever heard that they released......if ANYONE has their debut album, ("Dantzig Twist") or either of the two EP's they put out between albums ("Air Tight Cell" or " Rhytmiques" I would be thrilled to hear them as I actually used to listen to this one quite a bit and thought it was a pretty good one.......anyone? anyone out there got anymore of this very good yet understandably inaccessable music? You know what to do, if so!

01 Back To Cruelty/02 Wanda's Loving Boy/03 S.A.I.D./04 Stairs and Halls/05 Silent World/06 Cancer and Drugs/07 Iwo Jima Song/08 Final Fog/09 Submarines and Iceberg/10 Rhytmiques/11 White Light White Heat

Swans, Part 2, done by Brian Parker

Brian has been working tirelessly on these Swans posts, I relly think they are the most comprehensive and thorough Swans collections you are going to find ANYWHERE......if you checked the first part a while back, then I am sure you've been waiting on Part 2 (Part 3 will be up tonight also)......so, I'll leave all the details to Brian and thank him for his HARD work on this 3-part monster, it really IS a lot of work.......you can load them through here, or if you prefer, visit his site and check them out there, as well as the other stuff he has there!


and here come the SWANS!

Swans Part 2! Studio and Live

Hope you enjoyed the mountain that was the first post. Sorry this follow up took so long. Part 2 here will focus on live albums, as well as a few studio things missing from before. So, off we go...

It is felt by some (including M. Gira himself) that this album produced by Bill Laswell is a compromised effort. Is it horrible? Well, it doesn't help it's reputation that there's bona fide classics on either side of it - Children of God and White Light From the Mouth of Infinity, namely. Song wise, I don't think it's bad...just too slick. The original "Let It Come Down" here is easily trumped by the live version.

VARIOUS FAILURES 1988-1992 [Disc 1] [Disc 2]
After Swans' first dissolution, Gira put together this compilation from the band's indie label period,
without much of the sonic gloss. It has a lot of alternate versions of songs from Love of Life, White Light..., and The Burning World. If you're curious about this period, this is the release to go with.

Translates as "The Door Is Shut". An amazing collection of rarities and odd tracks.

------Swans Live------

Fortunately for fans, Swans have released a slew of live albums. In recent years, they've released limited edition live discs to fund the recordings of their proper albums. I saw them last year in Detroit - and it was a kickass, bass-heavy throbbing show - but I'd kill to have the chance to see some of their gigs back in the day.


Swans come out with all guns blazing. "Let it Come Down" is a cavernous, stomping wonder; Jarboe does amazing solo versions of "See No More" and "Blood On Your Hands". Even the short "Untitled Excerpt" is awesome.

KILL THE CHILD - LIVE 1985 1986 1987 Download
Sorry, this version I found is one long track. Another good live album from their devastating 80's period, along with the next two...


REAL LOVE Download

Consists of mainly Love of Life material, several of the tracks being better than the studio versions. This is so impeccably recorded - which can't be said for every live entry in this post - it doesn't even feel like a live album, more like another studio release. Great stuff.

Recorded in the mid-80's around the time of "Greed" and "Holy Money", but not released til '99. This remains for me the prime live document of the first phase of Swans. This album brings to mind an incantation, a tribal call to ritual and a communal surrender to power...it's that damn intense! One need go no farther than the live version of "A Screw": never in a song have lust, anger, and disgust been so intertwined!

SWANS ARE DEAD (LIVE 1995, 1997) [Disc 1] [Disc 2]

Damn, this is a good one. Starts with the massively building, 17 minute "Feel Happiness". Contains transcendent versions of songs from two of their best albums - Soundtracks and The Great Annihilator namely. Utterly essential. If they never would've come back, this would've been a great swan song (no pun intended!).


 haven't heard this one, but here's both parts of it, from Uploaded.net. NOTE: I couldn't get the second part to open. Hopefully someone might have better luck!

That's everything I could get my hands on live and studio-wise. If anyone can get that copy of "We Rose From Your Bed..." to work, let me know.

Part 3 is coming a lot quicker, don't worry!


So there ya go......LOTTA work by Brian, he's gonna be a great blogger someday! Some GREAT Stuff here, great!

Swans Part 3

The hard working Brian Parker, a fellow Buckeye wraps up the Swans marathon (and I DO mean Marathon), one of the most comprehensive posts I have ever seen. great stuff here, you know, by now, what this is all about so without further adieu, here's Brian:

and of course, feel free to visit HIS website


it's a good one, so let's help him get it established. Comes with my full recommendation, so please give him a looking over!


Swans Part 3 - Angels of Light and Solo Material

I didn't want to just sandwich the Angels of Light material amongst the live albums in the previous post, hence part 3 here. This is also solo stuff of Gira's and Jarboe's I've come across. It is by no means everything, but it's all I can get my digital hands on right now.

You might hear the word "folk" invoked when talking about this group, but make no mistake - this is not "Michael Gira Unplugged" or something. There are moments on the Angels of Light albums that are equal to the greatest moments on Swans records. And digging into the Angels is vital to knowing the bridge between old and new Swans. If the return of Swans is a phoenix story, then Angels of Light is the flame.

The first Angels of Light album definitely carves out a different instrumental space when compared to previous Gira material. The song "Angels of Light" is a good example: a spare country waltz, supported by acoustic guitar and accordion, yet swelling beautifully on the choruses. And the sensuous, spacey arrangement of "Inner Female" shows that Gira hasn't lost that dark edge of Swans. The deep-sounding groove of "The Man With the Silver Tongue" is amazing, with tympani and piano. A great album, and it shows that even in this guise, Gira can still see into our darkest heart...

My fucking God, this album is phenomenal! "Evangeline" is heartbreaking. "My True Body" is a blood-pumping, galloping wonder. "New City In the Future" has this slowly building rage...amazing. This one easily stands alongside the best Swans albums. And I love the cover photos of Gira's mother and father. This is on Uploaded.net. I hope nobody minds. I just want this done.

This is over on Uploaded. I missed putting it up on Zippy. This is a sparkly, lovely album.

WE ARE HIM Download
The last Angels of Light album, and it shows that Gira and co. were heading back toward the sound of Swans.

----Solo Stuff-----

Gira's first solo album, and an awesome continuation of where Swans was going...

This one you can thank me for. Just saw that a copy of this limited edition goes for $250 on Amazon!
From what I can tell of it, it is solo acoustic versions of Angels of Light and solo songs.

Jarboe's first solo album, and she even does different versions of some of her Swans songs. The spare arrangements really help show what she brought to Swans.

This collaboration is unexpected, but amazing. I mean, having fucking Neurosis (!) as your backing band? Wow. And this shows that Jarboe can still howl with the best of them.

There you go, guys. There's an album or two missing, but everything essential is here


What a tremendous effort, thanks Brian for all the hard work and I KNOW it IS hard work.......
let's hit this hard and learn about Swans' extenisive catalougue, this is of course a labour of love, and THOSE are the ones we want to see/hear, please give it a try, it's great! Thanks again Brian, and PLEEEEEESE do not be a stranger!

The Harder They Come (Soundtrack)

Haven't really put up much reggae in my blogging era, which is a shame because I really do love some good reggae, and at one time, (dunno about now), this was considered the penultimate reggae recording.......thesoundtrack for the 1972 film of the same name (have never seen the movie, but have grooved to the soundtrack countless times), features all the people who made reggae a viable movement then and who continue to be legends of the genre now.

While no Bob Marley, you hardly miss him when there are gems here like "You Can Get it If You Really Want It" (Jimmy Cliff), "007 (Shanty Town)" by Desmond Dekker, the great "Johnny Too Bad " by the Slickers, "Pressure Drop" (later done by the Clash) from the Maytalls, and plenty more......Jimmy Cliff dominates this album, I wish I had the 2003 bonus disc which is nearly every bit as good and features some more killers, I betcha SOMEBODY out there has it to share with us (I don't really have a reggae
"go-to guy), but this is fine, classsic music, a perfect intro to reggae for any newbie who wondered what all the hoopla was about , and for those who are already fans of this ultimate in stoner music, this will serve as a lovely background record for a hot summer afternoon.

Again, I strive for variety......It's how I am, I like to spread the good stuff (AND the bad stuff around, too)......reggae is some wonderful, relaxing, exciting, thought provoking, and just GREAT-SOUNDING music, look at all the many "pure" rock n rollers who at least took a partial cue from it: Sublime, the Clash, the Rolling Stones,and about 100 otheres.

If you don't already have this, you should, if you don't, welcome to a new world, and if you happen to have the bonus disc, you are my hero and if you share it, I will owe you BIG TIME......anyway, here is one great reggae album, from me to you!

THE HARDER THEY COME (SOUNDTRACK)-01 JIMMY CLIFF-You Can Get It If You Really Want It/02 SCOTTY-Draw Your Brakes/03 RIVERS OF BABYLON-The Medallions/04 JIMMY CLIFF-Many River To Cross/05 THE MAYTALLS-Sweet and Dandy/06 JIMMY CLIFF-The Harder they Come/07 THE SLICKERS-Johnny Too Bad/08 DESMOND DEKKER/09 THE MAYTALS-Pressure Drop/10 JIMMY CLIFF-Sitting In Limbo/11 JIMMY CLIFF-You Can Get It If You Really Want It/12 JIMMY CLIFF-The Harder They Come

Take it from me, don't miss this one, 4 3/4 star classic (would be a SOLID 5 star if someone came through with the bonus disc!)

Liquid Smoke

Why, how about another of those early 1970's one-shot psychedelic one album wonders that I certainly seem to enjoy so much......I guess my reason is that often that music sounded far ahead of it's time, and still sounds fresh and new today (to me, at least?).....play a sex pistols record. play a standells record. Play the doors, Love, The Dolls, the Stooges......all undeniably GREAT, but all obviously as a product of a very specific place and time........

Now, some of these short lived early 70's hard-psych bands......Frijid Pink, Dark-E, Wailing Wall, Touch, about 1000 more.....well, it's different.....timeless and spaecless.....and that's where Liquid Smoke comes in.

Ca. 1971, from Long Island NY, Liquid Smoke were Vocalist Sanndy Panteleo, guitarist Vince Fersak, keyboardist Ben Ninnman, bassisst Mike Archuleta, and drummer Chas Kimbrell. They released but this one album, and honestly, quite an album it is......."Lookin For Tomorrow" is a shoulda-been classic that you might have heard a time or two, trippy, mysterious, fairly great. Also a lonely sounding version of Ben E King's "I Who Have Nothing", and lots more. As with so many albums of this style and release time that I love so much, this album works much better as a cohesive, total listen, at least the first time, rather that track skipping/pecking (think a Pink Floyd Album).......a fine, fine piece of music from the period though, and if you trust that I've never steered you wrong before, trust again.......excellent post-psychedlia for you, just about the time the music was going Floyd/Hawkwind spacey.

I really think you'll be taken by surprise and really enjoy this one!

LIQUID SMOKE-01 I Who Have Nothing/02 Lookin For Tomorrow/03 hard To Handle/04 Reflection/05 Warm Touch/06 Shelter of Your Arms/07 Set Me Free/08 It' a Man's World/09 LetMe Down Easy

Comments/Critique, please? Doesn't take that long at all and could make me smile!

New Brant Bjork release

Normally I don't put new releases on here, and if there is ANY issue with anyone I will happily remove this......however, this is not exactly the new Christina Aguilera release (she is too busy sitting on my face anyway), this is the stoner legend that is Brant Bjork, and I'd think he'd appreciate thte word being spread on his new disc. Again, he, himself, his lable, his agent, his Uncle Freddie, anyone, have objections, just speak up and it will be removed quickly and with no hard feelings.

So, a quick history for the unfamiliar......Brant Bjork was first the hard core drummer of stoner legends Kyuss (beleive it or not, as of YET, not featured here, no excuse as I have a ton of material.) Afterwards, he joined ANOTHER legendary stoner crew, Fu Manchu (and, to my OWN shock, I have never featured them, either, despite ANOTHER mountain of great material)....he has done some fine production work for the likes of Fatso Jetson, Mondo Generator (both of whom WERE featured here), as well as Fu Manchu, and released several solo albums, so he most certainly has had a colorful and significant role in the stoner scene that I have loved so much for such a long time.

This brings us to his latest project, Low Desert Punk Band, and thier fine album "Black Flower Power".....yet, another fine piece of bluesy-psych-stoner rock, it's great, had I compiled such a list, it no question would have checked in at my top ten albums of 2014.........great rock n roll, I think you will REALLY like this, calling Mark Eveliegh, haven't heard from you in an eternity, how bout checking this out (even though I bet you already did) and sharing your thoughts?

Anyway fine album.....as I said, against the grain a bit, so should anyone want it released it will be at once. Until then, though, rock the hell out, enjoy and it's only rock n roll.......try as I might I cannot find a specific list of his bandmates here, my assumption is its likely a floating conglomeration of Kyuss/Mondo Generator/Fatso Jetson, etc, remnants, can't be sure, but it sure does SOUND that way.

As I said, this is GOOD, and NEW......get it while you can, I wouldn't blame someone involved for objecting to it's appearance here........grab while ya can, rock n roll lives on here!

BLACK FLOWER POWER-01 Controllers Destroyed/02 We Don't Serve Their Kind/03 Stokely Up Now/04 Buddah Time (Everything Fine)/05 Soldier of Love/06 Boogie Woogie On Your Brain/07 Ain't No Runnin'/08 That's a Fact Jack/09 Hustlers Blues/10 Where You From, Man

Psychedelic Furs

Another early 80's band that I enjoyed a good bit, although the "psychedelic in thier moniker is meant
largely to be ironic. Good UK post-punk/hard rock, better than (I think) they are remembered, but we'll see.......

The original lineup was vocalist Richard Butler, bassist Tim Butler, saxaphonist Duncan Kilburn, drummer Paul Wislon, and guitarist Roger Morris.......shortly thereafter, they added guitarist John Ashton, while ousting Wilson as Vince Ely took over on skins.

Never huge in the US, I know for a fact that they made at least a couple of more albums than the three I have here, however, tried to locate em through my buds, and the Bay, and stood no luck thusfar......but these first three albums, in particular the second one, were a fine part of my earliest-adult soundtrack, some really good and unique music for that era and scene which I am so often unnecessarily hard on.

Album #1, a self titled effort from 1980......the postpunk/post-new wave sounds come CRASHING through, was this to be the music to fill the existing void that would become the "music of the 80's".......well, no, but they did give us three pretty good albums (and for all I know, maybe more as I've not heard a thing off anything past album #3.

The first album tries a LITTLE hard to be "weird", not that I have in general a problem with that......there are some fine, interesting tracks here ("Imitation of Christ", "Blacks/Radio" and more), this is a hard album to explain, I really do think that they had psychedelic INTENTIONS, but thier jangly/rough post punk guitars do not exactly fit THAT mold, in the end, creating a new sound.....I rank this a three star album. You may love it to the rate of 5, or dislike it down to 1.......it's that polarizing.

Maybe not so for the second album, "TalkTalkTalk"........for me, one of the top albums of 1981, weird, melodic, anti-melodic, rocking, and bizarrre all at once, an essential album of that period, and should you require but one album, THIS is the one for you.......leading off with the very cool single "Pretty In Pink" (from the movie of the same title), the Furs add just the right touch of sarcastic irony to the song, completely changing its meaning......it's a wonderful single, and the album is crammed with great stuff, ("Mr Jones", "Into You like a Train") especially my favorite single of 1981, "Dumb Waiters"......."Dumb Waiters" is indeed a great one, with it's grating saxaphone, buried vocals, and of course it's complete list of disjoined lyrics (small sample: "Dunno how I got in here it's making me insane, have another cigarette have another cigarette, in a room where lovers moan, talking on the telephone, they have got it in for me, yeh I mean it honestleeeeeeeeeey!", the whole song is a creep-out,  freak-out fest that I happen to love. Would be a three star album for "Dumb Waiters" alone, as it is, 4 stars.

OK, the final Furs album in my stash is "Forever Now", seemingly something of a return to new-wave roots, there are some good songs herer, but my feeling was this ship had about sailed.....nothing as stunning as "Dumb Waiters, or even "Pretty In Pink", no lack of solid post-new wave/pop tracks, the Title Track, "Sleep Comes Down", and "President Gas" are all OK, but none go for the gut the way "Dumb Waiters does......fair enough album, 3 stars, and that was it for me and them.......AND MAKE SURE you check the fab bonus tracks on all of these discs!

To be fair, they HAVE relesed, since then, at least four more studio albums, it has just never happened that I was in a position to hear them.......NOT saying they suck, just that I never heard of em, if one of em really stands out, or a particular single or two does even, hell put it up here and lemme hear it......either way, I'll always be a huge fan of "TalkTalkTalk' and in particular "Dumbwaiters"......

If there is more stuff I need to hear to get a complete picture, DO NOT dick me around, but you know these ears are always open (UNLESS ya try to dick me around!)

PSYCHEDELIC FURS-01 India/02 Sister Europe/03 Imiation of Christ/04 Fall/05 Pulse/06 We Love You/07 Wedding Songs/08 Blacks/Radio"/09 Flowers/10 Susan's Strange (Bonus)/11 Soap Commercial (Bonus)/12 Mack the Knife (Unreleased B Side)/13 Flowers (Demo)

TALKTALKTALK-01 Dumb Waiters/02 Pretty In Pink/03 I Wanna Sleep With You/04 No Tears/05 Mr Jones//06 Into You Like a Train/07 It Goes On/08 So Run Down/09 All of This and Nothing/10 She Is Mine/11 Mr Jones (single Version)/12 So Run Down (Early Version)/13 All of This and Nothing (demo)

FOREVER NOW-01 Forever Now/02 Love My Way/03 Goodbye/04 Only You and I/05 Sleep Comes
Down/06 President Gas/07 Run and Run/08 Danger/09 No Easy Street/10 Yes I Do/11 Alice's House (Early Version)/12 Aeroplane (non LP B Side)/13 I Don't Want To Be Your Shadow (Non-Lp B Side)/14 Mary Go ROund (Unissued Version of "Yes I Do")/15 President Gas (Live, Non-Lp b- Side)/16 No Easy Street (Live)

Again, here's the skinny.......I have only these three albums, there are a handful more.....I was THINKING I had a live boot (COULDA SWORN SO), but cannot find it........and I have never heard anything off of the post-"Forever Now" releases.......If you have any, love em or hate em, or any boots/rarities, this is a band in which I am fairly lacking in knowledge in, and if I missed anything important, catch me up.......THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR THOSE WHO ARE ALWAYS WANTING LINKS REPOSTED WHO THEN LEARN MY "YOU DO SOMETHING FOR ME FIRST"-POLICY-some Psychedelic Furs would certainly grab my attention from someone who wanted a repost of a Spiritual Beggars post from three years ago or some such.......I know it sometimes may sound selfish, but it is not, I have EVERYONE'S best interest in mind, yes, myself, but also you, the regulars, the lurkers, but above and beyond all the BLOG ITSELF.....it's not "mine", it's "ours", and the more you can contribute (so many great oones have done so)k the better the blog can be, for a longer and longer time.

Thanks again, BigScottM 62

Lords Of OI!

Three discs of great punk that you will love to no end, if not then something is seriously wrong witcha.......I mean, we can find the Pistols, Clash, vibrators, and etc, anywhere, including THIS blog, why not we lood around a little bit (here, hoser) and find a bit more obscure punk ramalama that will take you to the promised land? THREE fucking discs here, all of which kick serious booty, lemme explain the highlights of each to ya lest ya start slobberin' over the great stuff I got here for ya tonight.....

Disc 1-OK, this is some great stuff, a little off the beaten path, but, how about some Infra Riot, Cock Sparrer, 4-skins, Sham 69's great "Give a Dog a Bone", Angelic Upstarts, and the amazing Splodgenabounds......THIS is perfect, off-the beaten-path punk rock, you WANT THIS, it's the great shit that got left of the "common man" punk comps......great shit, every track here is the absolute shit, there is NO EXCUSE to bypass this one......classic three disc colection.

But don't think Disc 1 is the ultimate......the other two discs are simply badass as well......why listen to yer uncle, take a sample of Disc 2......More Sam 69 ("Tell Us the Truth"), but great stuff, as well, from Gonads, Chron Gen, Buisness, Case, Blood, Section 5, Vice Squad, and SOOOOO much more....if yer a grand old punk rocker, and don't have this, why not? And if your NOT a grand old punk rocker, WHY ARE YOU HERE? Honest to God, this is one of the better punk comps ever compiled, not the stuff you hear on every comp, but the deep-down, grimy-dirty, REAL-ASS punk rock that makes Stiff Little Fingers sound like Pat Benatar......this is a fine compilation, and yer Uncle is doing you a HUGe favor here!

So Disc 3? Did you expect LESS? wel, wrong o, boy-o, how bout reat shit from Frankie and the
Flames, The Partisians, The great Peter and The Test Tube Babies, The Lurkers, the Exploited, and so very much more.......Sham 69 is here as well, as are Angelic Upstarts, this is just about as fine a three disc set of second line punk rock from thte late 70's early 80's as one could ever hope for......it's a fine album/set, and it would be a thrill/honor to me PERSONALLY should you grab this one and bang your head all weekend......this is great music and THAST, my friends and lovers, is what I attempt to bring to you on a semi-daily basis.....please enjoy and PLEASE review/comment, the thoughts and reactions of our listeners are the life blood of blogs such as mine.....I KNOW that there are other blogs out there that are "better" than mine", more "professional" than mine, more "weell-organized" than mine.....know what? I DO NOT GIVE 3/8 of a FUCK......I have a lot of music that I love......I WANT to share it with you......ALL I ASK is that YOU contribute something now and then, and if you can't, at least make a comment on the stuff I DO put up here.....perhaps you think it sucks shit.......SAY SO THEN.......just please don't leach the files and then never let me hear from you again........we are a COMMUNITY, a FAMILY, if you will, and I WANT for us to be able to SHARE OUR MUSIC to the pointthat we ALL have as near to a PERFECT music collection as we can possibly imagine. I'm doing my part, I hope......please do your part as well........Love all you guys, and especially you gals, especially when you (gals) send me naked pictures, that will NEVER be discouraged!

LORDS OF OI! DISC 01` MENACE-DLC/02 STRIKE-Mania/03 INFRA RIOT-Five Minute Fashion/04 BUSINESS-Suburban Rebels/05 SPLODGNESSABOUNDS-Two Pints of Lager/06 BLOOD -Stark Raving Normal/07 COCKNEY REJECTS-Police Car/08 PARTISIANS-Blind Ambition/09 BLITZ-Time Bomb/10 COMBAT 84-Rapist/11 COCK SPARRER-Running Riot (Live)/12 4-Skins-Clockwork Skinhead/13 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Murder of Liddle Towers/14 LAST RESORT-Vilence In Our Minds/15  SHAM 69-Give a Dog A bone/16 INFRA RIOT-Riot Riot/17 ACCIDENT-Borstal Breakout/18 BUISNESS-Get Outta My 'Ouse/19 SPLODGNESSABOUNDS-Two Little Boys/20 BLOOD-Such Fun/21 COCKNEY REJECTS-Motorhead/22 EXPLOITED-Daily News/23 BLITZ-4Q/24 COMBAT 84-Posuer/25 COCK SPARRER-Run For Cover/26 4-SKINS-Plasatic Gangsters/27 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Leave Me Alone/28 LAST RESORT-Held Hostage

LORDS OF OI! DISC 2-01 GONADS-Joys Of Oil/02 MENACE-Last Year's Youth/03 ACCIDENT-
Blitzkreig Bop/04 BLOOD-Napalm Job/05 SHAM 69-Tell Us the Truth/06 SPLODGNESSABOUNDS-Wiffy Woman/07PARTISIANS-Change/08 BUISNESS_Outlaw/09 CHRON GEN-Living Next Door To Alice/10 BLITZ-Youth/11 RUTS-Babylon's Burning (Live)/12 COMBAT 84-F82123/13 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Never Return To Hell/14 COCK SPARRER-Teenage Heart/15 PARTISIANS-Come Clean/16 BUISNESS -Product (Live)/17 CASE-Smiling My Life Away/18 SECTION 5-Street Rock N Roll Live/19 GOADS-Gonads Theme/20 INFRA RIOT-Emergency/21 SPLODGNESSABOUNDS-Delirious/22 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-When Will They Learn/23 ACCIDENT-Garageland/24 B:ITZ-Escape/25 COCKNEY REJECTS-Dead Generation/26 BLOOD-Gestapo Khazi/27 VICE SQUAD-Stand Strong Stand Proud

LORDS OF OI! DISC3-01 FRANKIE & THE FLAMES-On Yer Bike/02 CRACK-You Kept Me Waiting/03 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-I Won't Pay For Liberty/04 CRIMINAL CLASS-Soldier/05 SHAM 69-The Cockney Kids Are Innocent/06 INFA RIOT-School's Out/07 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Where Have All the Bootboys Gone/08 GONADS-Eat the Rich/09 PARTISIANS-Time Was Right/10 BUISNESS-Chasing Rainbows/11 ONE WAY SYSTEM-Stab The Judge/12PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Transvestite/13 EXPLOITED-Computers Don't Blunder/14 4-SKINS-Summer Holiday (Live)/15 BLOOD-Stark Raving Normal/16 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Twist and Turn/17ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Brighton Bomb/18 BUISNESS-Disco Girls/19 CASE-Oh/20 SECTION 5-Every Saturday (live)//21 LAST RESORT-Eight Pounds A Week/22 LURKERS-I'm On Heat/23 PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Jinx (Live)/24 CRACK-Cum On Feel the Noise/25 EXPLOITED-Class War/26 COCKNEY REJECTS-It Will Only Ever Be/27FRANKIE AND THE FLAMES- Dick Barton

Exciting! Perhaps a new "team member"

Contributors are the life blood of this blog.....granted I have a lot of stuff to share, but there are people round the globe with plenty of more very, very cool stuff to share......this time, a UK resident named Cliff responds to "The Harder They Come" soundtrack, he's a huge reggae guy and has sent some of his favorite reggae stuff for our consumption......I was so impressed I asked him if he would like this to become a semi-regular feature, and I hope he responds in the affirmative, it would off us yet more of both variety and perspective. Anyway, here is what he sent me, I haven't listened to it yet, but tomorrow is gonna be a heavy reggae day.......any of you reggae fans say a kind word and hopefully we can convince Cliff to become a regular member of our team here!


Trojan Roots and Culture Box Set

Fine collection of roots reggae from 1975 – 1983 on  the Trojan label. Like all box sets there are always a number of tracks that don’t quite hit the spot but disc 1 is worth the price of the box alone.

CD 1: Don’t Cut Off Your Dreadlocks – Conscience Reggae 1975 to 1977

1. Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks - Linval Thompson  2. Joyful Locks - U Roy  3. Beautiful Africa - Gregory Isaacs 4. Satta Dread - Wayne Jarrett 5. Satta - I Roy 6. Babylon De Pon Fire - Truth, Fact And Correct 7. Dreadlocks Man - Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses 8. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - Michael Rose 9. Natty Alright - Jah Woosh 10. Jah Forgive Them - Leroy Smart  11. Warrior - Johnny Clarke  12. Africa - Winston Heywood & The Hombres  13. Black Harmony Killer - Jah Stitch
14. Rasta Train - Doctor Alimantado & Raphael Green  15. Last War (Jah Jah Children Arise) - Zap Pow 16. Open The Gate - Watty Burnett  17. An African Child - The Heptones

CD 2: To The Foundations – Rebel Music 1977 to 1979

1. Zion Chant - Freddie McGregor  2. African World Wide – Dillinger  3. Roman Soldiers Of Babylon - The Inner Circle  4. Revolution - Tapper Zukie  5. Confusion In A Babylon (AKA Mutiny) - Niney & The Observers  6. Land Of Love - The Sons Of Light  7. (Stop Your) Brutality - Horace Andy
8. Free Up The Prisoners - Lee Perry  9. What A Gathering - Mike Brooks  10. Glasford manning - Porti
11. To The Foundations (Extended Version) - Dennis Brown  12. Forward With Jah Orthodox - Mystic I13. Blessed Are They - Cornel Campbell  14. Eyes On Africa    - The Mighty Diamonds  15. Zion – Knowledge  16. Trod With Jah - Barrington Levy

CD 3: Free Up Rasta – Dancehall Roots 1979 to 1983 

1. Protect Them - Barry Brown  2. Give Thanks And Praise - Jimmy Riley  3. Marcus Garvey's Back In Town - The In Crowd  4. The Children Are Crying - Alton Ellis  5. Brother Noah - The Black Shadows
6. Lightning And Thunder - Bim Sherman  7. Dreader Than Dread - Sugar Minott  8. Jah Far I On A Pinnacle - Leroy Sibbles  9. Free Up Rasta - Al Campbell  10. Who No (Wa'an Come) - The Wailing Souls  11. Babylon - Tristan Palmer  12. Jah Footsteps - Prince Far I 13. Jah Jah (The Intelligence Of Your Mind) - The Viceroys  14. Jah Love - Anthony Johnson  15. Why You So Craven - Israel Vibration
16. Bring The Sensi Come - Johnny Osbourne  17. Chalice - Charlie Chaplin

Dr Alimantado – Best Dressed Chicken In Town

One of the best, no THE best deejaying album there is. Should be on everybody’s top ten list no matter what genre of music  you are into. Incredible grooves, bass heavy production, good tunes and wonderful toasting from the fine Doctor. Reggae doesn’t get any better than this!

1 Best Dressed Chicken in Town  2 Just the Other Day  3 Poison Flour  4 Gimmie Mi Gun

5 I Killed the Barber  6 Unitone Skank  7 Can't Conquer Natty Dreadlocks  8 Ride On

9  Plead I Cause  10  I Shall Fear No Evil  11 Ital Galore  12 I Am the Greatest Says Muhammed Ali  13 Johnny Was a Baker  14 Tribute to the Duke


Dr Alimantado – Born For A Purpose

Doesn’t quite meets the high standard of Best Dressed Chicken but also a wonderful addition to any record collectors library especially those who are into dub and roots reggae

1) Born For A Purpose / Reason For Living 2) Chant To Jah 3) Return Of Muhammed Ali 4) Sons Of Thunder 5) Dreadlocks Dread 6) Call On Jah 7) Careless Ethiopians Repent 8) Oil Crisis 9) Sitting In The Park 10) Marriage License 11) Still Alive