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Jefferson Airplane

In the history of rock n roll, has there EVER been a great band that "fell" as far as did Jefferson Airplane, (Aka "Jefferson Starship", aka "Starship", all plenty gag-worthy, including the single "We Built this City" which was in some book/publication as the worst song in rock history....I won't argue, but actually some of the other drek they vomitted out ("Jane", many more) really don't settle any arguements as to what was the MOST nauseating thing they ever spit out, I'll leave it up to you as it's not REALLY the point.....

Well, first of all, I should have done this on January 7, my Dad's birthday (were he alive), my Dad LOVED Jefferson Airplane in thier glory daze, usually I do something for his birthday, this time it's a little late......I am going to break out the Jefferson Airplane albums that I DO have here (inherited a few from my Pops), and if you are looking for "Miracles" or some such crapola, please look somewhere else...preferrably, somewhere FAR FAR from here!

OK, here are the "real" Jefferson Airplane, kicking it off in the mid-1960's as one of the TRUE psychedelic/acid bands of the day, perhaps the definitive one. Originally, they were composed of singer/guitarist Marty balin, vocalist Signe Anderson (soon, of course, to be replaced by Grace Slick), guitarist Jorma Kaukonen,singer/rythem guitarist Paul Kantner,  bassist jack Cassidy, and drummer Spencer Dryden (Skip Spence as the original drummer)......the earliest material appears on "Jefferson Airplane Takes Off!", which is more "interesting" than "great", still. it is most listenable, parts of it at least, and ya just KNEW something was going onn here (as a kid I got a lethal dose of this stuff every day)....there is plenty of good shit on "Takes Off", such as "Let's Get Together" and "Blues From an Airplane", this CD version is stacked with a lot of bonus material, you kiddies may want to hear all of this, you near-death seniors such as myself may just crack a smile over this set if you ain't heard it in a while!

Really, for most people, Jefferson Airplane really "took off" (GOD I am clever) with album #2, "Surrealistic Pillow".....of course it had a pair of Slick-voiced hit singles, "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love", both, of course, of which are fanstastic, unlike so many singles of that era, I am ALWAYS thrilled to hear "Somebody to Love", I may be wrong, but, perhaps, one of the great female rock vocals EVER? But there is so much more......"She Has Funny Cars", "Embryonic Journey", and my fave, "3/5 of a mile in 10 seconds" allwork together to create ONE of the greatest acid-rock a;bums of them all.....Five Stars, all the way, can't even imagine a lesser grade for this fine album, and even better, this is a fine "Deluxe" edition with tons of bonus material/unreleased tracks......wonderful release.

"After Bathing At Baxters" was released in 1967, it is FAR less commercially "accessible" than "Pillow", it is a psych masterpiece....It is divided into "suites", I guess you'd call them, and is FAR ahead of it's time....this is (for my dough) THE definitive Jefferson Airplane album, and, also, the definitive acid/psych LP as well.....a masterpiece that I cannot do justice with mere words.
The next year saw the release of "Crown of Creation", it's a pretty good effort as well, this was a band at thier creative peak or just past it, worth noting, I suppose, is David Crosby's menange-a-trois opus "Triad" which appears here and was deemed as too risky for the Byrds.....this also includes the great "The House at Pooneil Corners", and as an album recorded at the peak of their credibility, this is one you should hear as well, should you have just taken a sudden interest in them.

"Bless It's Little Poined Head" is sort of the definitive "live" acid/psych album, wonderful release.....compare these versions to the studio versions and you will see what I am saying, this was a band MADE for the stage....they take the previous versions of "Somebody To Love" and "3/5 of a Mile" and reinvent them, recreate them......five star album, one of the best live LP's of the era....fine, fine, live recording, the band were in their element and if not "at" their peark, just past it.
Not many bands have as much quailty material in the vault as did the Airplane.....thier output, up until this point, I'm sure you'd agree was pretty fine......so it is somewhat surprising that the next release, 1969's "Volunteers", may just be thier best ever release.....yet another classic, five star album, certainly you know the awesome title track and "hey Frederick", my version here has a handful of live tracks that are without question worth your money, one of the great albums of the late 1960's and made3 even better with a handful of bonus tracks.

OK, that's about it....I happen to have a few more albums, which outline the path to suck-city pretty well, "Bark" is the first album without Balin, also without Dryden.....Poppa John Creech, interestingly enough, takes over on violin, an inersting idea which, unfortunately, could have worked better.....it's here, if you want it, to be honest I don't care for it even a little.

Nor, frankly, am I much endeared with 1972's "Long John Silver"....couple decent tracks here, the title track and "Easter?", for example, but the moment was simply over/gone/finished, whatever adjective ya need......hey, I still have these albums, out of respect or whatever, but, nonetheless, these 1970's albums are, in my estimation, a pale, vapid imitation of the classic material we heard on "Volunteers" or "Bathing", or "Pointed", or "Crown"......the story was over.

Cause, that is all I got......, I am not about to start wandering in the wasteland that is "Jefferson Starship" or "Starship" or "Ship" or whatever they fucking call tehmselves this week, I don't have those discs, if you do, well.......hey, Baskin-Robbins has 31......I always thought one of the most comical lyrics ever came from the notorious "We Built this City"....lyric: "They're always changing corporate games...who cares? They're always changing corporate NAMES!"........uhhh, really? isn't that something like changing one's name from "Jefferson airplane" to "Jefferson starship" to "Starship" to.......whatever, fuck it, they fucking sucked all through the bulk of the 70's, the 80's, the 90's and whenever ELSE they decided to "treat" us to their stuff.....

Yep, I've been hard on them, so what? I gave them props for when they were GOOD, and simply commented the same way when they SUCKED.....the albums I have posted here are some stuff that you may wish to listen to, there is some GREAT music on them, if you wish to dig further, please do so on your own, it's just amazing to me....I can't really think of a band who EVER fell "further" in thier career, going from kings/queens of the revolution to absolute unlistenable corporate shills, hey, that is THIER choice, but if someone can name someone who took a deeper, further fall from hipness/grace, let me know, just for fun.

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE TAKES OFF-01 Blues From an Airplane/02 Let Me In/03 Bringing Me Down/04 It's No Secret/05 Tobacco Raod/06 Come Up the Years/07 Run Around/08 Lets Get Together/09 Don't Slip Away/10 Chauffeur Blues/11 And I LIke It/12 Runnin Round This World/13 High Flyin Bird/14 It's Alright/15 Go To Her/16 Let Me In/17 Run Around /18 Chauffer Blues/19 And I Like It

SURREALISTIC PILLOW-01 She Has Funny Cars/02 Somebody to Love/03 My Best Friend/04 Today/05 Comin' Back To Me/06 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds/07 D.C.B.A.-25/08 How Do You Feel/09 Embryonic Journey/10 White Rabbit/11 Plastaic Fantastic Lover/12 In the Morning/13 JPP McStep B Blues/14 Go To Her/15 Come Back Baby/16 Somebody to Love (mono Single)/17 White Rabbit (Mono Single)

AFTER BATHING AT BAXTERS-01 The Ballad of You Me and Pooneil/02 A Small Package of Value Will Come To You SHortly/03 Young Girl SUnday Blues/04 Martha/05 Wild Tyme (H)/06 The Last Wall of the Castle/07 Rejoyce/08 Watch Her Ride/09 Spare Chaynge/10 Two Heads/11 Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon

Jefferson-Airplane-Wallpaper-classic-rock-20404774-1280-1024.jpgCROWN OF CREATION-01 Lather/02 In Time/03 Triad/04 Star Track/05 Spare a Little Joke/06 Chusingura/07 If You Feel/08 Crown of Creation/09 Ice Cream Phoenix/10 Greasy Heart/11 The House at Pooneul Corner

BLESS ITS LITTLE POINTED HEAD-01 Clergy/02 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds/03 Somebody to Love/04 Fat Angel/05 Rock me baby/06 The Other Side of THis Life/07 It's No Secret/08 Plastic Fantastic Lover/09 Turn Out the Lights/10 Bear Melt/11 Today/12 Watch her Ride/13 Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon

VOLUNTEERS-01 We Can Be Together/02 Good Shepherd/03 The Farm/04 Hey Fredrick/05 Turn My Life Down/06 Wooden SHips/07 Eskimo Blue Day/08 A Song For All Seasons/09 Meadowlands/10 Volunteers/11 Good Shepherd (Live)/12 Somebody to Love (Live)/13 Plastic Fantastic Lover (Live)/14 Wooden Ships (Live)/15 Volunteers (Live)

BARK-01 When the Earth Moves Again/02 Feel So Good/03 Crazy Miranda/04 Prety as You Feel/05 Wild Turkey/06 Law Man/07 Rock and Roll Island/08 Third Week In the Chelsea/09 Never Argue With a German If You're Tired or European Song/1o Thunk/11 War Movie

Jefferson AirplaneLONG JOHN SILVER-01 Long John Silver/02 Aerie (Gang of Eagles)/03 Twilight Double Leader/04 Milk Train/05 The Son of Jesus/06 Easter?/07 Trial By Fire/08 Alexander the Medium/09 Eat Starch Mom

Links be up shortly, hope ya like and comment on this post.....Brian almost has the Swans post ready, that will be VERY freaky and great......got some more Greek Punk coming, as long as a BUNCH of other shit I have in mind, hope you guys appreciate the musci and the effort so many people put into it (not ME, I'm FUCKING RETIRED!!)

Swans, part 1

Okay, gonna go with a total guest post tonight, this is from Ohio's own Brian parker, and it is the first in a comprehensive series on legendary dirge-rockers,Swans....There will be more to come later, the mega-post thing can wear a brother down, as I think Brian has discovered....still, he has helped me with some other posts, and I hope you enjoy his writing style on this one.....much different from my own drunken, profanity/sarcasm laced efforts, Brian is much more thunderous writer than am I....anyway,I hope he sticks around and helps me out for a while, I like his work and his determination to achieve perfection.....so here we have it, Brian parkers first part of the mega-Swans post, I have read it and it is quite good.......stay tuned for more Brian parker stuff on this site, and if anyone else wishes to guest-post, notify me, I am ALL about that!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

THE SWANS Part 1 - Studio Albums

Swans....how does one even begin to talk about them? They are a group that has managed to stay completely off the cultural radar of most people - including me til about 10 years ago - yet they have created some of the most emotionally devastating music of the past 30 years! Led by primordial baritone Michael Gira, Swans (there technically is no "the") goes unflinchingly to the dark core of human experience. The group has drifted in the shadows while artists with similar intent and not half the INTENSITY have gone multiplatinum.... For those who know, think about it: while the group was sputtering and dying they released albums as genius as "Soundtracks..." and "The Great Annihilator". Meanwhile, everyone in America was buying mid-90's alternative pablum. Damned disgrace.

The key to understanding the group is knowing that Swans have three VERY distinct periods - the early violent albums, the long fruitful middle period when female vocalist Jarboe got more focus in the group, and what I call The Rebirth - albums the group has made since reforming in 2010. What Swans albums you listen to first can often dictate what kind of fan you'll be. For example, a friend of mine loves the early albums like "Cop" and "Holy Money", yet can't stand to listen to Jarboe's haunting material (an opinion I clearly don't share). And some people who are pulled in by the amazing soundscapes of "Children of God" or "Soundtracks For The Blind" can't get their mind around the knife-at-your-throat dirge of the early stuff.

While all these albums originally came out singly, the 2 disc Young God Records reissues are the ones to get. Oh, and you're not getting track listings....that's what Allmusic and Wiki is for. Just dig in, guys.

NOTE: LINKS WILL BE IN COMMENTS, and some of the folders will come out alphabetized and not numbered. The Filth double album, To Be Kind, both "Children of God" discs, The Great Annihilator, "My Father Will Guide Me", and half of "Soundtracks" are OK, but not the rest. Sorry, I'll do better on the next post. Here's a link to the Wiki discography for those who need it the proper order -  

The beginning, and the intensity is there from the start. If you're new, I'd listen to COP first, it's just a more accomplished effort in my opinion. Don't ignore this though, there's good tracks here. The fidelity can be a bit unbalanced at times, but it's assaultive stuff. The 24 minute live track is no-fi, but it's some serious bad live juju....
Disc 2 is other random and live stuff from the period.

Wow, the first eight tracks of this 2 disc comp - which make up the original COP album - is one of the most intense records anyone has ever recorded. With the Devil's backbeat behind him, Gira howls and roars brutal declaritive or accusatory statements: everything is "you, I, love, want, hate, kill".... No metaphors, just a brutally martial war on silence! I just did both discs in prepping this post, and I'm drained.
Things change a bit by disc two. Industrial, almost dance rhythms rear their head on the genius "Time Is Money (Bastard)", and Jarboe's haunting vocals come to the fore on "A Hanging" and "You Need Me". There's even drum less piano-led songs toward the end, showing Swans to be more than a one trick pony. Essential, the whole thing.


Everything changed with this one. I've never heard the albums separately, just in this double disc set. Was originally released as two albums under Gira/Jarboe's other project Skin. Resequenced, it plays  like an awesome double album. So many great songs: the stomp of "New Mind", the ethereal "In My Garden", the dirge of "Sex God Sex", the positively apocalyptic "Beautiful Child", the gradually building epicness of "Trust Me"....and that's just Disc 1! And "1000 Years" is probably my fave Jarboe song, so graceful. And Gira's version of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" - with "dog" reversed to "God" - must be heard. Seriously, one of the gems of their catalog. I'm always torn between this album and "Soundtracks For the Blind". "Soundtracks" has the scope, but this one has the songs!

After the artistic failure of the Bill Laswell produced The Burning World, Swans came back strongly with this amazing album. To many highlights to list....look for awesome live versions of this stuff in Post 2.


Listening to this one, a great album from the middle period, I wonder: how did millions of sad teenagers not snap this one up? You figure goths would've loved this! With the interviews and the tightly arranged music, this is almost like a more direct and - dare I say it - poppier "Soundtracks For the Blind".


The thing to take away from this album is the band's knack for an insidious melody within their left-field style. "Celebrity Lifestyle" skewers druggy stardom brilliantly, while the sonorous, multi-part arrangement of "She Lives" points toward more recent efforts like "The Seer". "Mother/Father", a Jarboe-sung number, shows that Gira isn't the only member who can howl angrily. And Jarboe's vocal on "My Buried Child" is the most hauntingly rhythmic performance I've heard in a long time. A classic that went unsung at the time. Sounds utterly contemporary and beautifully produced. When this came out, I was too busy thinking Manson's "Antichrist Superstar" was the height of music...what the hell did I know?


This was the one; the entry point for me, an apotheosis and a seeming ending all at once. I was browsing somewhere and saw this title - how could I resist? I had no idea what I was in for. One of the only 2 CD albums to ever really justify that size; just an epic, sprawling work.
Multi-part, suite-like songs like "Helpless Child" and "The Sound"...soundscapes like "Red Velvet Corridor" and "Surrogate Drone"....indescribable mashups like "I Was A Prisoner In Your Skull" and "How They Suffer" - this one cannot be recommended enough. Still remains their most ambitious work for me. This was followed by 14 years of silence that no one thought would be broken.
NOTE: if there are any Godspeed You Black Emperor! fans reading this, GYBE! lifted their ENTIRE AESTHETIC from this album...

(What followed was a long time, during which Gira released several solo albums, as well as the fascinating Angels of Light material. We'll get to that in post 2 {or 3})


I'd only been a fan for a few years but I didn't see this coming! Now, this Swans is a different animal, if you'll pardon the pun. "No Words/No Thoughts/" builds from bells into a rhythmic monster, "My Birth" is a serpentine beauty. "You Fucking People Make Me Sick" starts with a jew's harp, moves into a singalong with Gira and his daughter, and ends up far out in atonal space. "Inside Madeline goes all over the place before ending in a country waltz. "Eden's Prison" is probably my favorite - just a monster. The 40 minute bonus CD is one long track called "Look at me Go". Indescribable, so just listen to it already.


It's been two years, and I'm still digesting this one. While not quite as emotionally direct (for me) as past masterworks, this one feels epic. However, it requires it's whole runtime to envelop you, given the length of some of the tracks.
My two favorites are two of the shorter tracks: "The Seer Returns", and "Avatar". And the way "A Piece Of the Sky" opens with the sound of a fire is amazing. I saw the band do "Apostate" live last year - that was pretty damn cool.


Opening with the insistent throb of "Screen Shot", To Be Kind shows Swans are not letting up their post-revival onslaught. "Just a Little Boy" has a darkly funny vocal by Gira, as well as some great slide work by Christoph Hahn. A funny story about "A Little God In My Hands": it's got this great
funky rhythm, and when I saw them live last year, Gira turned around and started shaking his ass!
The centerpiece of the album is the 32-minute "Bring The Sun/Toussaint L'Ouverture". It starts chanting and rhythmic, in the middle gets beautiful and distorted, drifts for awhile...the last part, where Gira starts singing and screaming in French, is awesome! A great album.

Again, for those who waited or came by before...sorry it took so long. A ridiculously prolific group! Post 2 will be live albums, solo material, and the Burning World album.


  1. Filth (plus live)

    Body to Body, Job to Job

    Cop/Young God/Greed/Holy Money Disc 1

    Cop/Young God/Greed/Holy Money Disc 2

    Children of God Disc 1

    Children of God Disc 2

    White Light From the Mouth of Infinity

    Love of Life

    The Great Annihilator

    Soundtracks For The Blind Disc 1

    Soundtracks For The Blind Disc 2

    My Father Will Guide Me...Disc 1

    My Father Will Guide Me...Disc 2

    The Seer Disc 1

    The Seer Disc 2

    To Be Kind Disc 1

    To Be Kind Disc 2
  2. Your enthusiasm has made want to try. Can you recommend a starting point? Keep in mind I'm still trudging through the Boris stuff. And thank you for that.
    1. Grab Cop Disc 1, children of god (both), the great Annihilator, and a little later on listen to Soundtracks For the Blind, then get the post-revival stuff. It's good to have a footing in the early years...it sounds like nothing else that came out in the 80s/90s. Thanks for reading!
    2. I'll get it up on my site after the game, Brian, a good job.


Greek Punk Part 8

Oh, what would I do if not for my guest posters? I hope you guys got into Brian's awesome Swans post, which is only the first part, there is more to come from that band's extensive repertoire, please also go to Brian's blog and check it out for some of his "other" posts, the Swans post that appears here is the same one that appearas there.......he did a fine job, and I hope you either got (1) intorduced to Swans, or (2), got back into their unique brand of droning, torturous rock.....I've been a fan of the band for years and have meant to do a post on them, but they have SO MUCH material that it's difficult.....thanks to Brian for assisting me with getting the stuff up here.......

http://cdn.discogs.com/iA-nb1RMQVWD2uG7X9pJNFFt_zA=/fit-in/600x600/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-1762055-1370796232-8617.jpeg.jpgCouple of other things I want to talk about here.....first of all, my son and I saw Jack White live Saturday night......wow.....I've seen em all, more or less, let me tell ya, Jack PUTS OUT, large and loud, on stage, with a generous batch of White Stripes material, a 20-minute "Icky Thump" opened the show, and two and a half hours later, a 20-minute "Seven Nation Army" closed it out......his touring band is truly kick-ass, he has a young girl who plays the fiddle who is simply off the charts awesome, really great......one complaint.....the opening act, Chicano Batman (I am NOT kidding) were one of the worst bands I have ever sat through....seriously, I was at a Blue Oyster Cult show many years ago when Be Bop Deluxe opened.......I always thought Be Bop Deluxe were a decent band, but as an opener for BOC? Uh, no......their set was "cut short" due to a hostile, chair throwing audience, God, I will never forget that night.........things are different now, now one threw anything at Chicano Batman, but, trust me, it would not have been unjustified.......simply an awful band, literally one of the worst I have EVER sat through......anyway, a good time for me and my 17 year old son, likely there won't be that many more as he becomes a man, but I will always cherish the concerts we've seen together every bit as much as his ball games, his school trip to Washington DC, and whatever else......I love my son a LOT, and I am glad that he shares my love of GOOD rock n roll.
So, how about the Super Bowl? Really strange play calling from Seattle there at the end, I could care less about either team as a Vikings fan, but hmmmmmmmmm.......well, anyway, congrats to the Patriots, I have no problem with them, they have a great team and are one of the best teams (long term) of our generation......I really think Seattle was a bit better, but that means zero, what matters is the scoreboard at the end of the night, and as I read it, New England was the better team on this night.......NOW, the worst time of year for me at least, the dead zone between football and major league baseball, at least we'll have the NCAA basketball tourney in a few weeks.......in other words, I have not so much of a life, were it not for televised sports and listening to obscure music.......

http://cdn.discogs.com/qw_yvgyWfvjnnNgNe1ZgdLHJFmY=/593x392/smart/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/A-1062783-1264071648.jpeg.jpgSo, speaking of which.......my homeboy Apantabapanta is back again with part EIGHT of the unique, exxclusive, and wonderful "Greek Punk" series.......I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what this dude has done for me, he's helped give my blog a unique edge with some music that can be found ONLY here......there will be two more parts, I think, and after that, I hope he still contributes ( I think his Bowie "Pinups" project was off the charts, personally)....

http://cdn.discogs.com/vin4fOML7Tbg9sDFanXXn6bVzlY=/fit-in/560x600/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-1751343-1244728101.jpeg.jpghttp://cdn.discogs.com/P7w_sXFff91FkEjwyzkgp6TP5Ek=/240x96/smart/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/A-1062783-1221692870.jpeg.jpgSo, again, for whatever the reason, I can't copy/paste his stuff, I have to rewrite it (no idea why, but you'll get the gyst of HIS opinions more so than mine, I think.......the story, if you are unfamiliar, is a long, long time ago, I downloaded a HUGE Pirate Bay file with maybe 100 or so Greek punk albums......the problem was that ALL of the available information was in Greek, which I have no idea how to read, and the charicatures do not exactly translate to my USA computer.......a while back, Apantabapanta volunteered to translate the titles, band names, track names, etc, as well as locating whatever info he could about these often very obscure bands......it's been one of my VERY favorite features of the blog, unique and NOT something you hear/see everyday.......thanks SO MUCH to Apantabapanta, you'll never know how much I appreciate what you have done for me, for my blog, and for the fine folks that read/listen here and love to hear something DIFFERENT now again. Thanks, again........and now, here is Part 8 of the fantastic Greek Punk series, I hope you enjoy it......if you do/have, please leave a comment, not for me, but for my wonderful friend Apantabapanta, who, like my other friends/collaborators here, understand/grasp what we are trying to do.......attempting to fill out EVERYONE's music collection as a PERFECT collection, for THAT PERSON anyway.....we all like something different, and if we SHARE, SHARE , SHARE, we can ALL have the greatest collection possible, to our ears at least.....what else matters?

Our first band's name translates to Social Decay....they were composed of bassist/vocalist Lazaros, drummer Vangelis, and guitarist Bob.....this is a demo tape recorded 10/18/92.....

01 Introduction-Humanity Zero Hour/02 Not Care/03 Flight/04 Citizen Without Future/05 Nuclear Halocaust/06 A Cry In the Dark/07 Signs

So what's next?  The band Socially Wasted, formed in Athens 1988....on 9/17/88 they performed live at Polytechnio (Athens), on 9/1/89, 2/23/89, and 11/2/89 they performed live in Athens, and in 1989 (date unknown) they performed at Villa Amalias in Athens.....all of these seem to be opening for various "untypeable"-named bands, they disbanded in 1990......the band members were Antonis Korotis, Giannis Kolovos, Giannis Tzamilis, and Ntina Kalaka.

01 Greece Today/02 Multinational Companies/03 Dead Youth/04 Down From the Chief/05 Songs In Red background/06 E.K.A.M./07 Trilogy/08 Nuclear Life



http://cdn.discogs.com/zKXdCKSbzv0cyZsWjIDW6jBW2go=/fit-in/600x602/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-1010590-1184667084.jpeg.jpgNext up, we have Naftia, with thier 88-89 demo tape "Sweet Secret of Life".....they were formed in 1988 in Thessaloniki Greece.....in 1988 they toured Europe with Chaos UK. On 9/30/88 they performed live with Chaos UK at Thessaloniki. They performed in Norway in both 1989-90.

(Just cause it's one of those things the kids do, I'll break the track list down the way they did)

SIDE 88-01 Intro/02 Not With Satan/03 Golden Youth/04 Reaper/05 New Dark Age/06 The pain Is Not Beautiful

SIDE 89-07 Love + Flowers/08 Tomorrow Again/09 Kologlyftis/10 Lethargy/11 Imprisoned In Silence/Scourge



http://cdn.discogs.com/_CYa7wdDEmJljBH4IkBDF5ELgTg=/fit-in/375x442/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-1751371-1311018419.jpeg.jpgIs this not great, unique, wonderful stuff...I most certainly think it is.......our next link will lead us to Dead Silence, formed in 1990 in Athens. On 10/27/91, they performed at Rock Palais ( Castella, Pireaus), on 12/14/91 the performed at First High School of Kafisia (Athens) (along with Malicious Dead, Deadly Core, and Acid Death....on 3/27/92 they performed live at Rock Palais once again, with another "untypeable" band.....the tracks here are from an Ep entitled "The Sound of Silence" which was released in September 1993

01 Journey Into the Abyss/02 The King of Nature/03 Emotions


http://cdn.discogs.com/3iKnOH2-ICafTMxsKa7XWKRIBAk=/fit-in/300x300/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb()/discogs-images/A-1061774-1378554213-5569.jpeg.jpg---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So next up, we have a band with an apparetnly untranslateable moniker......so it goes, check the cover art and look at the Greek name of the band, I guess......this is a demo tape recorded 6/20/91, nad that is about all of the information we can provide ya!

01 Send Suicide/02 Revenge/03 The Testament/04 The Only Hope/05 Despair/06 Outburst



And finally.....we have Forgotten Prophecy, formed in 1989 Athens. They were comprised of  Angelos on bass, George on drums, Alex on vocals, and Dino on guitar/vocals.....Costas Stratigopolous was the engineer and producer of this effort.

01 Anathema/02 Never Ending Road/03 Tale Or Reality?/04 The Big House/05 The Winter Song



http://cdn.discogs.com/AbGw0PwCarFQFc1Ev_V-fxGfgRs=/fit-in/300x300/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb()/discogs-images/A-1448687-1334280973.jpeg.jpgTo be honest, I am not sure if all of these links line up correctly.....I hope they do, but REALLY it doesn't matter that much, this is some great shit that the ears in the USA would not get to hear without the tireless work of Apantabapanta......he also gives us a UTube link which sheds some insight onto some of these bands, if you're intersted try



Thanks so much to you, Apantabapanta, for what must be a very http://cdn.discogs.com/9fr02C4tfwXRLFRPbBtJrPJ3FWg=/fit-in/600x477/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-1763762-1261161764.jpeg.jpgdifficult job in translating all these from Greek to something that we Zoned-out Yanks can appreciate. I LOVE your work, you have been an INCREDIBLE asset to this blog. I have about 2 more rounds of Greek punk to be translated, then I will be all out.......I would like to ask you here, publicly, to contribute some Greek stuff whenever you can, because we all LOVE your contributions, and I would HATE to lose you......I'll send part 9 to you soon, but PLEASE feel free to submit anything you want, anytime, and I will put it up for the world.......your work here on the first 8 parts has been exemplary, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you, once again.......you have been am incredibly valuable contributor to making this blog what I want it to be, and I could not be more grateful.....should you EVER need anything from my collection, you know it is just an email away. Thank you my brother. Talk to ya soon.


A Plea to any of my fellow Buckeyes

This November, we can make this happen.....Ohio can be the FIRST state to leagalize the recreational use of marijuana while bascially "skipping" the "medicinal" step....the Initiative composed by ResponsibleOhio is EXTREMELY sensible, logical, and will help our state immeasureably. Peresonally, I DO NOT smoke weed, haven't for many years, and won't should it become legal......but I MIGHT, however, look at opening a buisness dealing in such, though.......people should be allowed to smoke pot, if that's what they want to do......Good Lord, there are so many REAL issues/problems in our world today, to think of all the time/money/effort spent on treating weed smokers like rapists or murderers is as illogical as ANYTHING i can think of......please, please, please, my fellow Buckeyes, at the very least, SIGN Responsible Ohio's very sane and logical petition so we can get this on the ballot......PLEASE, let this issue NOT be like casino gambling was in Ohio, where we lagged ten years behind the curve......I took my money for years to Indiana, Michigan, Windsor, and Pennsylvania, before Casion gambling was legal in the Buckeye state.......think of all the tax dollars that COULD HAVE BEEN GENERATED over the years, which were practically DONATED to other states.......shaking my damn head.......PLEASE, let us NOT allow recreational marijuana become a similar issue......what the fuck WILL WE, AS Ohioans gain, should Kentucky, or Pennsylvania, or, most likely, Michigan, legalize before we do? We will be ten years behind the curve again, and lose out on tons of tax dollar revenue, lose out on the over extension of our law enforcement establishments to "fight" this ridiculous "crime"......the ballot initiative in its current form, is VERY logical and well written......PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.....get behind this issue and let us PLEASE follow in the footsteps of Washington and Colorado and generate the needed revenues for our ridiculous school system, and tremendously ease the burden on our extremely over burdened law agencies.......if EVER there were a situation that could be remedied by the fine people of a state, this is it......PLEASE, at least sign the petition.

I used to smoke pot, quite a lot in fact.....I haven't in 20 years or so, but here is something that has long been on my mind......I have always thought that, in MY lifetime, the recreational use of marijuana would NEVER be legal in ANY state......my reason: it is so DIFFICULT for people to admit that they are/were WRONG WRONG WRONG.....in this case, so many people clearly are......please prove ME wrong, by getting behind Responsible Ohio, there will be more information as it comes on this site.........one would think that, with all of the many problems we face in our world today, if we could just allow a person to come home from a hard day of work, sit back, and smoke a bowl, if that is what makes him/her feel better, would be the least of our worries......PLEASE support Responsible Ohio, and please state your opinions on the issue here. If you disagree with me, I will NOT argue with/attack you, nor will I allow any such behavior on my blog......I am about FREEDOM, but I happen to think I am right about this.

God bless everyone who reads, listens, posts, comments here.......we are all indiviuals with our own way of seeing things, but, if you happen to agree with me on this one, PLEASE sign the petition (it is circulating currently) to at the very least get this issue on the ballot as it should be.

Thank you for listening/reading.


http://responsibleohio.com/     Please check this link for more information, compiled by people more knowledgeable than myself.

Battle of the Sides, very good comp series

While surfing the net a bit and looking for something to use for a post today so that I didn't have to upload any discs or anything (I REALLY REALLY need to straighten up my discs, they are a disaster, Something from my stash tomorrow or so, but today I came across a fine creation by a long-time major amigo of my blog, Jose Kortozirkuito, who is the proprietor of the fine blog Tommenton en la cuadrA (http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com/), please go check out the many wonderful things he has there, I recall obtaining, a while back his fab creation "Bob Dylan's Songs In Garageland", one of the best DIY comps of the past few years....up until these. His latest magnum opus is a seven disc (so far, unsure if there will be more to come) series, "Battle of the Sides".....the concept here is that he takes a great garage single, some well known and some not so much, and couples it with it's original pressing B-side, ten singles/twenty tracks per volume, it really is a remarkable work of art, I listened to a couple volumes this afternoon, can't wait to hear the rest......and, rest assured, I secured Jose's permission to post these, he was happy to oblige as he and I share the opinion that this is all (100%) about the SHARING of music.......he even suggested I use his links, which in this case is handy as it will allow me to post the entire series thusfar for those of you who are unfamilar with his site (DO PLEASE check it out though, it's one of the best, it is in Espanol which I speak/read at about a ninth grade level (roughly translated as I took one year of high school Spanish, in the ninth grade, and it happened to be my last period class, so I showed up, well, not nearly enough to read Jose's fine blog without translator assistance)......anyway, while I may not be able to comprehend all of the CONTENT on his site, I sure as hell can tell that he has some damn great music there, some that I also have, and some which I will have very,very soon......in short, it's a great site, and run by a great guy who hs the same goal as myself, to spread the music in our collections to anyone who wants them, in an attempt, as I've said before, to allow everyone to have, in their own estimation, the "perfect" music collection, customized to each individual's view of perfection.......gracias again Jose, and this may be as good a time as any to remind anyone reading this.....the links on my site are there for ANYONE to use, re-use, post to your own blog, whatever......no need to ask permission, consider them the same as Pirate Bay Torrent links or something like that, you DO NOT need permission to use them, nor do you need to credit me......it is simply about sharing and NOTHING else, from where I stand.

So, okay, the music.....let's take a brief look at some highlights, for me, the REAL highlights are the awesome B-Sides. Volume 1 features a cover of "Hey Little Girl" by Michigan's Jujus, The Seeds' fine "Pushin Too hard" b/w "Can't Seem To Make You Mine", and a not-that-often comped Euphoria's Id, turning in the fine "Hey Joe" and a gem of a B-Side "Deception's Ice".

VOLUME 1-01 THE ROOSTERS-One of THese Days/02 THE ROOSTERS-You Gotta Gun/03 EUPHORIA'S ID-Hey Joe/04 EUPHORIA'S ID-Deception's Ice/05 THE WORDD-You're Always Around/06 THE WORDD-You're Gonna Make Me/07 THE MAUVE-You've Got Me Cryin'/08 THE MAUVE-In the Revelation/09 THE COURIERS-Couldn't Care Less/10 THE COURIERS-Just Tell Me/11 THE LYKES OF US-30 Said/12 THE LYKES-Tell Me Why Your Light shines/13 THE JUJUS-You Treat Me Bad/14 THE JUJUS-Hey Little Girl/15 THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time/16 THIRD BARDO-My Rainbow Life/17 THE SEEDS-Pushin Too Hard/18 THE SEEDS-Can't Seem To make You Mine/19 THE FOUR OF US-You're Gonna Be Mine/20 THE FOUR OF US-Batman


Volume 2 which I also listened to today is an absolute joy, nearly every track, both the A's and the B's, is a winner.....great stuff from The Bugs, Human Expression, Calico Wall, The Fellowship.....this is a great album and I hope Volumes 3-7 live up to the level of this, if so, tomorrow will be a fine day for me.

VOLUME 2-01 THE BUGS-Pretty Girl/02 THE BUGS-Slide/03 THE DOVERS-She's Gone/04 THE DOVERS-What Am I Going To Do/05 THE BRIKS-Can You See Me/06 THE BRIKS-Foolish Baby/07 THE PLAGUES-I've Been Through It Before/08 THE PLAGUES-Tears From My Eyes/09 THE FELLOWSHIP-Just Like a Woman/10 THE FELLOWSHIP-Calm me Dwon/11 HUMAN EXPRESSION-Optical Sound/12 HUMAN EXPRESSION-Optical Sound/13 THE CALICO WALL-I'm a Living Sickness/14 THE CALICO WALL-Flight Reaction/15 LONNIE AND THE LEGENDS-I Cried/16 LONNIE AND THE LEGENDS-Baby Without You/17 THE APPLE-GLASS CYNDROM-Someday/18 THE APPLE-GLASS CYNDROM-Going Wrong/19 THE BARONS-Don't Burn It/I Hope I Please You


Now, the rest of these I haven't listened to yet, but I am familiar with a lot of the great material, as you will be as well, and I can't wait to hear the one's whose names don't ring a bell for me....I recall, for example "City of People" by the Illusions,  The Tasmanians'"Love Love Love", and "Going all the Way" by the Squires being fine singles comped elsewhere, pretty sure though that the B-Sides are going to be new stuff for my ears though.

VOLUME 3-01 THE DIRTY SHAMES-I Don't Care/02 THE DIRTY SHAMES-Makin Love/03 THE ILLUSIONS-City of the People/04 THE ILLUSIONS-Wait Til the Summer/05 THE FBI-What Am I To Do/06 THE FBI-Daytime Nightime/07 THE SANDALS-Always (I Will Remember)/08 THE SANDALS-All Over Again/09 THE TASMANIANS-Love Love Love/10 THE TASMANIANS-Baby/11 THE BENDERS-You Can't Tame Me/12 THE BENDERS-Got Me down/13 THE SQUIRES-Going All the Way/14 THE SQUIRES-Go Ahead/15 LINDY BLASKEY AND THE LAVELLS-Sweets for My Sweet/16 LINDY BLASKEY AND THE LAVELLS-Movin Away/17 THE RUMORS-Hold Me Now/18 THE RUMORS-Without Her/19 THE NOVAS-And It's Time/20 THE NOVAS-William Junior/21 Despedida


Volume 4 has the Electric Prunes classic "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)", which of course is comped all over the place, not so, however with the B-Side "Luvin'", which I am fairly certain I have never heard....a Nightcrawlers single, The Five Americans "I See the Light", and Ohio's own Last Times check in with "Don't Tell Me" are among other titles that jump out immediately.
VOLUME 4-01 THE VANDALS-Ballad of a Losesr/02 THE VANDALS-My Girl/03 THE HEART BEATS-Cryin' Inside/04 THE HEART BEATS-Choo Choo Train/05 THE QUESTS-Shadows in the Night/06 THE QUESTS-I'm Tempted/07 THE OLIVERS-Bleeker Street/08 THE OLIVERS-I Saw What You Did/09 THE FIVE AMERICANS-I See the Light/10 THE FIVE AMERICANS-The Outcast/11 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES-I Had Too Much TO Dream (Last Night)/12 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES (Luvin')/13 THE LAST TIMES-Don't Tell Me/14 THE LAST TIMES-I Need Your Love/15 THE OUTCASTS-I'll Set You Free/16 THE OUTCASTS-Everyday/17 THE NIGHTCRAWLERS-Washboard/18 THE NIGHTCRAWLERS-A Basket of Flowers/19 THE ELECTRAS-Dirty Ol' Man/20 THE ELECTRAS-Courage to Cry


Onward to volume 5, where the better known stff includes Mourning Reign's "Satisfaction Guarenteed", the legendary Zakary Thaks, a return from Euphoria's Id, Palace Guard, and Beckett Qunitet.....

VOLUME 5-01 PALACE GUARD-Falling Sugar/02 PALACE GUARD-Oh Blue/03 EUPHORIA'S ID-Morning Dew/04 EUPHORIA'S ID-I Just Don't Understand You Baby/05 BECKETT QUINTET- (It's All Over Now) Baby Blue/06 BECKETT QUINTET-No Correspondence/07 ERIK-She Belongs To Me/08 ERIK-One Too Many Mornings/09 PAINTED FACES-Anxious Colors/10 PAINTED FACES-Things We See/11 THE ELITE-My Confusion/12 THE ELITE-I'll Come To You/13 THE ZAKARY THAKS-I Need You/14 THE ZAKARY THAKS-Bad Girl/15 TIFFANY SYSTEM-Let's Get Together/16 TIFFANY SYSTEM-Wayward One/17 MOURNING REIGN-Satisfaction Guarenteed/18 MOURNING REIGN-Our Fate/19 THE ALLIES-I'll Sell My Soul/20 THE ALLIES-Burning Flask


Volume 6 for whatever reason is the only one of the series that does not have a zippyshare link, it has a mediafire link.....I didn't know mediafire was still around but the link is good, I have no idea WHY this is, maybe it is explained on Jose's site in Espanol, not that I imagine it really matters all that much. Standout performers on this volume would include Clefs of Lavander Hill, The Barons, and the Roosters, perhaps the most obscure grouping of the seven.

VOLUME 6-01 THE SPARKLES-Hipsville 29 BC/02 THE SPARKLES-I Want to Be Free/03 CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL-One More Time/04 CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL-So I'll Try/05 LOST CHORDS-I Won't Have to Worry/06 LOST CHORDS-I Want to be Her Man/07 THE EPICUREANS-Baby be Mine/08 THE EPICUREANS-I Don't Know Why I Cry/09 THE VECTORS-What In the World/10 THE VECTORS-It's Been a Day or Two/11 THE BARONS-Tomorrow Never Ends/12 THE BARONS-Words and Expressions/13 THE GOOD FEELINS-I'm Lost/14 THE GOOD FEELINS-Shattered/15 THE OTHERS-I Can't Stand This Love Goodbye/16 THE OTHERS-Until I Heard It From You/17 THE BAD ROADS-Too Bad/18 BAD ROADS-Blue Girl/19 THE ROOSTERS-Ain't Gonna Cry Anymore/20 THE ROOSTERS-Rosebush


And finally, we have volume 7, which was just posted a few days ago......one layup, The Unrelated Segments "Story of My Life", which is a great track but comped often, however, I am not familiar with the B-Side, should be of interest. Magic Mushroom and the Undertakers appear here, as does Peter Fonda doing "Catch the Wind" (!)....if anymore volumes of this series appear, I'll post them for those of you who don't frequent the non-English language blogs, but this is a fine concept, and is brilliantly executed, at least what I havae listened to, and i am more than certain that the rest is going to be wonderful as well.......thanks again to Jose for creating and posting these, a fantastic bit of work!

VOLUME 7-01 THE MAGIC MUSHROOM-Cry baby/02 THE MAGIC MUSHROOM-I'm Gone/03 THE UNITED STATES TRAVEL SERVICE-Wind and Stone/04 THE UNITED STATES TRAVEL SERVICE-Drummer of Your Mind/05 THE BRIKS-I'm Losing/06 THE BRIKS-It's Your Choice/07 THE SCAVENGERS-It's Over/08 THE SCAVENGERS-But If You're Happy/09 THE UNRELATED SEGMENTS-The Story of My Life/10 THE UNRELATED SEGMENTS-It's Unfair/11 THE KNAVES-Leave Me Alone/12 THE KNAVES-The Girl I Threw Away/13 THE LORDS-She Belongs To Me/14 THE LORDS-On the Road Again/15 THE UNDERTAKERS-Unchain My Heart/16 THE UNDERTAKERS-It's My Time/17 SOLID STATE-The Lynching/18 SOLID STATE-Wait and See/19 PETER FONDA-Catch the Wind/20 PETER FONDA-November Night/21 Despedida


Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge - Box Of Fudge (2010)Another of my Dad's faves, actually, mine as well, Vanilla Fudge were simply bad-ass, they took then-current hit tunes and gave them a brain-pounding, sledgehammer, psychedelic treatment.....Top-40 music, "Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida" style, if you will......Someone sent me this compilation of thier stuff, and it's a wonderful, great time-trip as well as something you DO want to own/listen to.....

Vanilla Fudge were keyboardist/vocalist Mark Stein, bassist/vocalist Tim Bogert, guitarist/vocalist Vince Martell, and drummer Carmine Appice.....they released, I guess, about 5 albums in thier heyday, I have only (I think) one of them, but I was sent a comp which is TOO BAD ASS FOR WORDS, and of course, I wish to share it with all of you wonderful minions....

What I have here is the very fab 4-Disc "Box Of Fudge"....If you have listened to this before (Old-Timer like me", or, if you have not and are just NOW discovering the wonderment that IS vanilla Fudge, THIS here is the ULTIMATE collection of thier work.....yeah, right, ya "had to be there", whatever, but this is some GREAT heavy-organ psych shit, and the familiarity of the material makes it, at the same time, recognizeable, enjoyable, interesting, and significant.

Let's observe Disc 1......it contains thier best-known cover, the incredible take on the Supremes "You Keep Me Hanging On", which, if they never would have released another track would solidify thier place in rock history, it's a fantastic track......there are also incredible overwhelming versions of the Beatles'"Elanor Rigby", Sonny Bono's "The Beat Goes On", and an amazing version of Donovan's "Season of the Witch"......it's a WONDERFUL comp from a band that, from the 2015 perspective, are PERFECTLY patterened for a comp/multi-disc/collection set, trust me, this is BOMB SHIT......

Disc 2 is not quite as accessible, this is the band when trying to be more "original", which, simply from a historical viewpoint is not nearly as significant from the treasures on Disc 1.....DO NOT misunderstand me, there is a TON of wonderful shit on this disc, check out the wonderful "Shotgun", "Some Velvet Morning", and "Good Good Livin'", all of which are a good deal of head of their time. Trust me, this is a set that any TRUE lover of great psych/blues rock has GOT to have.

Next up is Season 3, which features a bunch of live jam-outs, these are PURE period pieces which sound both wonderful and humorous in 2015....."Season of the Witch" rambles on for about 12 minutes, there is a very cool "She's Not There", we also get textended versions of "People Get Ready", and the total period piece, a 20+ minute "Break Song"........wonderful, this was my first listen to this disc and I found it to be tremendous......if you love 60's psych, organ-driven blues rock, semi-humorous cover versions, or simply brain-bending psych-rock revised, stray no further, this IS the stop for ya!

The fourth disc also contains a good bit of live material, notably a way-cool version of the previously contributed "Ticket To Ride", a great take on "Like  a Rolling Stone", and plenty of other live-on-the-stage jams, the kind Cream or someone used to do, but with keyboards shoved in your face to the degree of torture.

This is a phenominal album, these four discs sum up this band better, really, than I think ANY four-disc set could encapsulate ANY band......really, name the band? This is a PERFECT attempt to make the "rest of us" understand this band in a session of five discs...this is GREAT FUCKING MUSIC......PLEASE DO NOT miss out on this, one of the great under-appreciated bands of the wonderful psychedelic era, I guarentee if this is your introduction to the band, you will be NOTHING BUT THRILLED, if you ARE familiar, this is a wonderful and comprehensive summary of the achievements of a great and very under-apreciated band.

DISC 1-01 All In Your Mind/02 Take Me For a Little While/03 Ticket To Ride/04 People Get Ready/05 She's Not There/06 You Keep Me Hanging On/07 Where Is My Mind/08 The Look of Love/09 Sketch/10 The Beat Goes On/11 Come By Day, Come By Night/12 The Sky Cried-When I Was A Boy/13 That's What Makes a Man/14 Faceless People/15 Season of the Witch

DISC 2-01 Shotgun/02 Some Velvet Morning/03 You Can't Do That/04 People/05 Good Good Livin'/06 Heartache Jam/07 Need Love/08 Lord In the Country/09 Street Walking Woman/10 The Windmills Of Your Mind/11 Jealousy/12 My World Is Empty

DISC 3-01 She's Not There (Live)/02 Shotgun (Live)/03 People Get Ready (Live)/04 You Keep Me hanging On (Live)/05 Season of the Witch (Live)/06 Break Song (Live)

DISC 4-01 Good Good Livin' (Live)/02 Ticket To Ride (Live)/03 Medley Moonlight (Live)/04 Take Me For A Little While (Live)/05 Like a Rolling Stone/06 Love Jam/07 Movin' On/08 Vf Studio jam

Do me a favor and lemme know whatcha think bout this, I LOOOOOOVE me some Vanilla Fudge, unique, un-marvelled, yet still rocking and melodic and something that makes PERFECT sense, in the context of its time......I love this shit, I hope you do too, and PLEASE please please share your opinions about this......this is GREAT and wonderfully intellectual music, I hope ya agree with me, if ya do, please drop a line....this is a GREAT great great 4-disc box set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable MaterialStiff Little Fingers were a pretty decent Clash-influneced (quite an understatement) for a little while in the late 1970's.....hailing from Belfast Northern Ireland, the original lineup consisted of Jake Burns on vocals/guitar, bassist Ali McMordie, guitarist Henry Cluney, and drummer Bruce Faloon. Thier first three albums are quite good, in particular 1979's "Inflammable Material", but also 1980's "Nobody's Heroes" and 1981's "Go For It"......they released a few more time fillers, broke up in 1987, and then reformed (Burns and McMordie were holdovers, interestingly, Jam bassist Bruce Foxton and TRB drummer Dolphin Taylor were alos members at one time....), as you might have guessed, knowing my history, I really haven't heard much of anything released post-breakup, perhaps it's great, but I just don't have the feeling.

Anyway, I was going to just post those three early albums and a live disc, but I was talking to Spider who turned me onto this great 5-disc compilation "The Original Album Series", don't know where he got it from but he turned me onto a copy......WAS going to use my vinyl rips of the three first albums but I think I'll present the whole set in digital format as a comprehenisve effort.

Disc 1 is the great "Inflammable Material", perhaps thier finest, raw, rough and ready Clash knock-offs, somewhat similar, in my opinion, also, to some of the stuff Rancid would later do.....of course "Suspect Device", "Johnny Was a Good Boy", and "Alternative Ulster" are pretty much classics, but there are plenty of other gems here, "State of Emergency", "Breakout", "Law and Order" pretty much a 4-star effort.

The second disc here reprises 1980's "Nobody's Heroes".....not as smokin' as "Inflammabale", but still with enough short, snappy punk gems to qualify as a good one....."Gotta Gettaway", "Fly the Flag"and a few more wouldn't sound out of place on the debut.....fans of "Inflammable" (or, once again, of the Clash or Rancid) will enjoy this one as much.

The third disc contains the live disc they released in 1982 "Hanx!".....like a lot of the punk bands at the time, the live performances are far more about "energy" than actual musicianship, most of the highlights of the first two discs are here, the finale, "Suspect Device" gets pretty rowdy.....sound quality COULD BE a bit better, but that of course adds to the small-club punk ambiance of so many live records of the era.

According to the liner notes, disc 4 ("Go For It"), features a lot of remasters, I listened and to be honest they sound pretty much the same as the originals to me, but here they are, (a not remastered) "Roots, Radicals, Rockers, and Reggae" stands out, as does (also not remastered) "Kicking Up a Racket"......this is pretty much a so-so release, and basically the end of the road as far as I am concerned, however, this set also includes 1982's "Now Then", which I don't think I even have back there, maybe I do, because I DO remember the very good "Bits of Kids"....FYI a lot of this album has been remastered as well, if you are really interested, see the track lists, again, hard to tell the difference to me....
To me that about sums up Stiff Little Fingers......Discs 1,2,and 4 would suffice for teh dabbler, but discs 3 and 5 have their moments, break it down however you want, and thanks to my man Spider for shooting me this, I didn't even know it existed in this format.....so, enjoy, a little change of pace from my recent psychedelia binge (Vanilla Fudge-Jefferson Airplane--------Stiff Little Fingers?) but you know I love to torment you with variety, or perhaps, just with my schizophrenic personality.
Know what? I am getting bored with retirement after 8 months......I think I'm gonna start looking for a job really soon....the time off has been eye-opening, I thought days of just doing nothing sounded way cool, but it does wear you down in it's own way, and time just seems to fly past.......look out Working World, BigScott62 may be putting himself back in the ring real soon!

DISC 1 (INFLAMMABLE MATERIAL)-01 Suspect Device/02 State of Emergency/03 Here We are Nowhere/04 Wasted Life/05 No More of That/06 Barbed Wire Love/07 White Noise/08 Breakout/09 Law and Order/10 Rough Trade/11 Johnny Was/12 Alternative Ulster/13 Closed Groove

DISC 2 (NOBODY'S HEROES)-01 Gotta Gettaway/02 Wait and See/03 Fly the Flag/04 At the Edge/05 Nobody's Hero/06 Bloody Dub/07 Doesn't make It Alright/08 I Don't Like You/09 No Change/10 Tin Soldiers

DISC 3 (HANX!)-01 Nobody's Hero/02 Gotta Gettaway/03 Wait and See/04 barbed Wire Love/05 Fly the Flag/06 Alternative ulster/07 Johnny Was/08 At the Edge/09 Wasted Life/10 Tin Soldiers/11 Suspect Device

DISC 4 (GO FOR IT)-01 Roots Radicals Rockers and Reggae/02 Just Fade Away (Remaster)/03 Go For It (Remaster)/04 The Only One/05 Hits and Misses/06 Kicking Up a Racket/07 Safe as Houses (Remaster)/08 Gate 49/09 Silver Lining (Remaster)/10 Picadilly Circus (Remaster)

DISC 5(NOW AND THEN)-01 Falling Down (Remaster)/02 Won't Be Told/03 Love of The Common People (Remaster)/04 The Price of Admission (Remaster)/05 Touch and Go (Remaster)/06 Stands to Reason (Remaster)/07 Bits of Kids (Remaster)/08 Welcome to the Whole Week/09 Big City Nights/10 Talkback (Remaster)/11 Is That What You FOught the War For? (Remaster)
Thanks to Spider for turning me on to this comp! His brain is too baked to ever write a  post on his own, but he has his uses!

The Collectors

This is a good hard-psych album from 1969, the second and final effort from Canada's  The Collectors, "Wild Grass and Strawberries".......used to have thier self-titled debut, can't locate it at the moment, if anyone happens to have it, please share it here, it's pretty good (although MUCH different from this one) as well.

The Collectors were guitarist/keyboardist Bill Henderson, Claire Lasaerence on flute, sax, harmonica, and keyboards, Ross Turney on drummes, bassist Glenn Miller, and vocalist Howie Vickers. Classical and jazz influences abound, making this a rather unique item for its time. The very sophisticated lyrics were (just now learned this) written by Candian playwrite George Ryga as part of a stagae play of the same title as the album.

This album, for me, works better as a cohesive effort rather than listening to parts of it (just played it today for likely the first time in 15 years or so), although "Early Morning" stands out, as does the wierd, heavy "Teletype Click" and the equally wierd, classical/jazz based number, "Seventeenth Summer" and the title track with it's jazzy saxaphone....hell it's all pretty great, feel like smoking some weed (if I still did that) and listening to it again.......

If you've never heard this one, give me a full report, it's damn near what I would refer to as an unknown classic from a genre of which there are many (late 60's-early 70's hard/heavy psych), if (like myself to be honest) you haven't heard this in several years, plese give it a fresh listen, it really DOES sound excellent, a really fine effort which I think is fairly forgotten except for fans of the era/style (and if you aren't one, why are you here?)....and please, if anyone has that first album PLEASE share it or send it to me, I'd love to hear it again.

01 Overeture/02 Grass & Wild Strawberries/03 Things I Remember/04 Don't Turn Away (From Me)/05 Teletype Click/06 Seventeenth Summer/07 The Long Rain/08 My Love Delights Me/09 Dream of Desolation/10 Rainbow of Fire/11 Early Morning/12 Sheep on a Hillside



So, if I may beg your indulgence, while I'm in the mood, how about another rare, yet kick-ass, psych album one-shot from the great late-60's/early 70's, that magnificent era of so many relatively unknown GREAT psych/hard psych albums.....there are MANY of em out there, and this one, "Street Suite" from Touch, is one you will NOT wish to miss.....

Touch were from St Louis Missouri, and consisted of  vocalist Pauline Betts, guitarists Eric Salas and Ray Schulte, bassist Jerry Schulte, and drummer Ovid Bilderbeck.....This was there only effort, but my GOD it's a good one, wonderful blues/psych, if you have never heard this, you ARE cheating yourselves.....it is wonderful, both as a period piece and as a simply fine recording to listen to/enjoy.......recently I posted a lot of Jefferson Airplane material, if you enjoyed that, this might be something you'd be interested in, especially with Bett's fine female vocals......what to recommend? Well, how about the strangest cover ever of the Doors'"Light My Fire"......the out and out psych-rock freakouts of "Lady of the Universe" and "Yesterday"......also one of my old faves, Pavlov's Dog vocalist (I did a post on them long, long ago) David Surkamp appears on the track "Rainbow"........not even to mention that perhaps the albums highlight is maybe the best version of "Catfish" you'll ever hear.

OK, no ambiguity here.....you've never heard of this? GET IT NOW.....great (4.5 star) album.......this is a wonderful, rare, unknown gem, and any lover of psychedelic rock of the late 60's/ early 70's will want to jump all over......trust me it's a fine album, a hard to find one, and totally worth your while.....who knows how long I'll be in this late 60's psych groove, could be a little while, or I may change gears tomorrow, I am, of course, a TRUE "chameleon"........seriously, no joke, enjoy this album, it is fantastic, you will see!

TOUCH-STREET SUITE-01 Stormy Monday Blues/02 Round Trip/03 Day To Day Man/04 Light My Fire/05 Lady of the Universe/06 The Magic Inside You/07 Rainbow/08 happy Face/Beginnings/Get a Gun/09 Catfish/10 Gotta Keep Travellin' On/11 Let's Keep the Children on the Street/12 Motor City's Burning/13 Gettin' Off/14 Melt Away/15 Everything To You

REALLY hope you guys enjoy THIS one, I love (maybe more than anything else) dragging out unknown psych albums, for whatever reason, they seem to really get the pubic hairs to stand on end, maybe more than any other rarity I can drag out! In all seriousness, this is a GREAT album, hope you enjoy and report back as to your feelings on it!

BTW, weird shit with Zippyshare on this one.....tried to RAR it and Zip wouldn't let me.......?????.....fear not.....it's gonna be just a TINY pain in your ass, but the only way I could get it to load was one track at a time.......see comments section, WHY this happened with this album I dunno, but I really DO wanna share it with you, so, if it's not too much of a thing, PLEASE download it a track at a time, trust yet uncle, it wont take much longer, them you can fix it up.......NO CLUE what Zip is trying to ,do to me on this one, but I will not be denied!

and, of course, I'd LOVE a full report, once ya listen to this, its a great one, I am not joking ya on this one (not that I ever do!)

100 Hits, Punk and New Wave

I'm so thrilled to give you guys an extra post tonight, (nothing on TV in this post Super Bowl/pre March
Maddness miserable time of year)......I found this set on the Bay last night and while, yes, it does include 100 tracks, of which, by my guess, 50 are prettty much layups/slamdunks that I have posted a zillion times before and all "you young punks" have in 40 different versions, I am posting this set because there are some REALLY, TOTALLY BAD-ASS lesser known/rarities on this collection.....trust me, and once you see the set list you will know what I'm saying.........This is a five disc set, I suppose I COULD find out who put it out if I checked, but I don't really care all that much, it's another exhaustive collection of mid-late 1970's punk/new wave stuff, most of it pretty great......If I were an ambitious man, perhaps I would reprogram it and get the obvious/layup material off of it, narrow it down to two discs or so, but hey, fuck it, this is someone else's creation, who the fuck am I to alter it? Not gonna do it, I'm gonna provide it just as it came to me, even with all the "obvious" material.....beleive me there are PLENTY of sets of this type which are NOTHING BUT "obvious""layup" material.......this is not one of them, there is enough rare/hard to find/rare;y comped stuff here.....besides, if you are a 1970's punk newbie, you will fall in love with all of the obvious material as well..........I'm serving MULTIPLE purposes here, bless my soul!

So, Disc 1......as I've said, LOADS of layups that you likely have on  other comps.......really, Blondie's "Hanging on the Telephone"?...."Ever Fallen In Love?" from the Buzzcocks?.....geez, even "God Save the Queen" from the Pistols? Hey, if you DON'T already have them, why the fuck not, obviously they are significant/important stepping stones of the ear, BUT.......for those of us who have already heard them 4000 times, the minor gems here are what we are searching for......

All of these turn up on Disc 1, these are, while well known, not comped as often as the obvious material:    Lene Lovich's "Lucky Number", "Milk and Alcohol" from Dr Feelgood, even "Blazing Apostles" from Be Bop Deluxe, who don't exactly fit the mold here, but I DID always kind of like them......we also get find tracks from the Ruts, the Skids, Department S, and  The Rich Kids, not exactly unknown, but stuff that, in general, does not make the usual comps of this type.

Disc 2 is a bit more eccentric......the only "REAL" layups here are (the actually great) "Turning Japanese"
from the Vapors, the (also great) "Ghost Rider" from Suicide, "Damaged Goods" from Gang of Four, and maybe "Offshore banking Buisness" from the Members, which may not even belong in this category and which is a killer track regardless....but the disc ALSO contains relatively obscure numbers from Jona Lewie, Fad Gadget, Bill Nelson, Silicon Teens, DAF, New Model Army, and plenty more.....MORE than worth your time, I promise!

Disc 3 gives us a lot more "obvious" material, frequently comped tunes from XTC, martha & the Muffins, Stiff Little Fingers, The Saints, and the Buzzcocks (again, let me reiterate....these are all WONDERFUL, GREAT tracks, it's just that they are comped OFTEN).......but once we sift through those, we get gems from The Scars (recently featured in a Dave Sez post, they MUST BE great!), Leyton Buzzards, Wreckless Eric, Chris Spedding, and more, This is in reality a fine set which plays like a 1970's punk-radio-weekend, some obvious stuff, but enough gems to make it worth our while for sure!

On to Disc 4, it leads off with "My Sharona", nuff said, and also features layups from Holly & the Italians, The Alarm (albeit the incredible "68 Guns"), and the Records, but this disc is LOADED with rarely comped stuff: The Flys, The Banned, Celia and the Muations ("Mony Mony" no less!), The Bodysnatchers, and Fun Boy Three.....likely the best disc of the five for esoteric material, hope ya enjoy this, I HATE to be redundant, but I think there is enough rarely comped material here to render myself an TRUE ORIGINAL!

The Final disc, does, also, have a good bit of obvious, frequently comped material, the Plasmatics, Devo, The Saints, X-Ray Spex, and more, again, I am not DISSING the obvious tracks on this comp, most of them are STELLAR, it's ONLY that they are comped often, nothing more......this disc, when we search for the hidden gems, turns up Honey Bane, The Scars, Monochrome Set, and much more.

If it were myself, just discovering this set for the first time, I would maybe reprogram it and eliminate the material that is already on 100 comps.....if you are JUST NOW (!)  getting into 70's punk, this would be as good a starting point as I can imagine you could ever get........it's a good set, a fine balance between obvious, common material, and a bit more essoteric, lesser known material.......I posted it for BOTH groups of people which is why I did not reprogram it myself.......a fine set, please enjoy it however YOU can enjoy it, nothing beats classic 70's punk rock!

DISC 1-BLONDIE-Hangin' On the Telephone/02 BUZZCOCKS-Ever Fallen In Love?/03 SEX
PISTOLS-God Save The Queen/04 THE SKIDS-Into the Valley/05 MAGAZINE-Shot By Both Sides/06 THE MEMBERS-Sound of the Suburbs/07 THE RUTS-Babylon's Burning/08 DEPARTMENT S-Is Vic There?/09 PUBLIC IMAGE LTD-Public Image/10 THE STRANGLERS- (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)/11 DEVO-Whip It/12 LENE LOVICH-Lucky Number/13 VA-Airport/14 THE FLYING LIZARDS- Money/15 ADAM AND THE ANTS-Duetscher Girls/16 DR FEELGOOD-Milk and Alcohol/17 TENPOLE TUDOR-Swords of a Thousand Men/18 THE RICH KIDS-Rich Kids/19 IAN DRURY & THE BLOCKHEADS-Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll/20 BE BOP DELUXE-Blazing Apostles

DISC 2-01 JONA LEWIE-You'll Always Find Me at the Kitchen at Parties/02 ULTRAVOX-
Sleepwalk/03 FAD GADGET-Collapsing New People/04 SIMPLE MINDS-Love Song/05 HUMAN LEAGUE-Being Boiled/06 BILL NELSON-Furniture Music/07 LENE LOVICH-Say When/08 SILICON TEENS-Let's Dance/09 THE VAPORS-Turning Japanese/10 DAF-Kebabtraume/11 SUICIDE-Ghost Rider/12 GANG OF FOUR-Damaged Goods/13 THE STRANGLERS-5 Minutes/14 MODERN EON-Euthenics/15 KILLING JOKE-Eighties/16 NEW MODEL ARMY-No Rest/17 PUBLIC IMAGE LTD-Death Disco/18 THE FLYING LIZARDS-Move On Up/19 THE SELECTER-Three Minute Hero/20 THE MEMBERS-Offshore Banking Buisness

DISC 03 01 XTC-Making Plans For Nigel/02  ULTRAVOX-Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/03 KILLING JOKE-Love Like Blood/04 SCARS-All About You/05 MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS-Echo Beach/06 BLONDIE (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear/07 THE MOTORS-Forget About You/08 BUZZCOCKS-Everybody's Happy Nowadays/09 WIRE-Outdoor Miner/10 999-Homicide/11 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternative Ulster/12 UK SUBS-She's Not There/13 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-I'm an Upstart (Live)/14 THE SAINTS (I'm) Stranded/15 LEYTON BUZZARDS-Through With You/16 TOM ROBINSON BAND-Up Against the Wall/17 CHRIS SPEDDING-Pogo Dancing/18 PENETRATION-Money Talks/19 COCKNEY REJECTS-On the Streets Again/20 WRECKLESS ERIC-Reconnez Cherie

DISC 4-THE KNACK-My Sharona/02 TOM ROBINSON BAND-2-4-6-8 Motorway/03 THE
ALARM-Sixty Eight Guns/04 HOLLY & THE ITALIANS-Tell That Girl To Shut Up/05 THE VAPORS-News At Ten/06 THE RECORDS-Starry Eyes/07 THE SKIDS-Masquerade/08 999-Emergency/09 CHRIS SPEDDING-The Pose/10 THE FLYS-Love and a Molotov Cocktail/11 DOCTOR FEELGOOD-She Does It Right/12 THE BANNED-Little Girl/13 DEPARTMENT S-Solid Gold Easy Action/14 CELIA & THE MUTATIONS-Mony Mony/15 IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS-What a Waste/16 THE SPECIALS-Friday Night Saturday Morning/17 BODYSNATCHERS-Let's Do Rock Steady/18 THE BEAT-Tears of a Clown/19 FUN BOY THREE -The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)/20 UB40-My Way of Thinking

DISC 5-01 WRECKLESS ERIC-Whole Wide World/02 THE SAINTS-This Perfect Day/03 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Suspect Device/04 THE RUTS-Staring at the Rude Boys/05 X RAY SPEX-Oh Bondage Up Yours/06 PENETRATION-Don't Dictate/07 HONEY BANE-Turn Me On Turn Me Off/08 THE RICH KIDS-Ghosts of Princes In Towers/09 GANG OF FOUR-I Found That Essence Rare/10 WIRE-I Am the Fly-11 MAGAZINE-Touch and Go/12 DEVO-Jocko Homo/13 SCARS-They Came and Took Her/14 FAD GADGET-Back To Nature/15 MONOCHROME SET-Strange Boutique/16 ADAM & THE ANTS-Plastic Surgery/17 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Kids on the Street/18 COCKNEY REJECTS-I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/19 UK SUBS-Warhead/20 PLASMATICS-Butcher Baby

Hope you guys like these, kind of a strange set, mixing common and fairly obscure material.

Hope everyone can appreciate and enjoy my admitedlly odd gear shifting from obscure 60's psych rock to late 70's punk......schizophrenia is my thing I guess.....seriously, hope you like all the music here, if not, tell me what you'd RATHER see!

Ok, guest contribution, done up RIGHT *( I hope).....

So, like every day, I get dozens of requests for re-ups,which I simply do not have the time nor desire to
do.....I am NOT mean about it, I always offer that if the requestor contributes something INTERESTING for the rest of us to enjoy, I will happily provide him/her with whatever the reup they wish......BUT FIRST, they have to provide us with something, anything, it's only fair and keeps the ultimate concept of SHARING alive.

So, I got a request from someone named fiddle.head, he's missing one of my Elecrtic Wizard links......in general when I propose submitting something FIRST, I never hear from the requestor again (ie SELFISH), but in this case, Fiddle.Head GETS IT, and he contributes us a bunch of links from Gods of Jupiter......NO I have never heard of them, here is a link for you to explore them:


Checked out of bit of it today, VERY spacy stoner, psychedelic stuff, pretty unknown (at least to me, which you know I LOOOOOVE)......Fiddle.Head had given us a selection of live performances from them, if I can get the links to operate correctly, I'm trying, and if I can, this IS THE KIND OF POST I LOVE.......you WANT SOMETHING, you realize I am not a GODDAMN PUBLIC UTILITY, and YOU FIRST contribute something for the rest of US....THAT IS how it works, and how it's GONNA WORK, it annoys my slightly when someone asks for a 3 year old link and proposes to do NOTHING for me in return......blogging is about sharing, always has been, NOT NOT NOT about selfishness.......if you are about selfishness, please.........elsewhere is the better place for you.

Right now, I'm waiting for these links to up, they are in kinda a wierd format, but I DO WANT EVERYONE TO CHECK OUT Gods of Jupiter and give me a full report..........hell, it's GOTTA be getter than Kansas or something, right? This guy has sent us several live shows, unsure (yet) if they are video or audio, but what does it matter? he sent us SOMETHING, and tommorrow he will cop the Electric Wizards rarities disc he's been wanting......that be how it should work, and does work.....

Obviously I have no track lists/ or set lists/ or whatever, but this is an imaginative contribution, and I WANT YOU (and me together) to check this out........GODS OF JUPITER? we shall see......there is no art work, so I'm just gonna put up whomever the babo of the day a

OKay, I have NO pictures......I have no SET LISTS.......NOTHING, what I have is a contribution that some of us MAY enjoy from GODS OF JUPITER.........let us see, together, and may I add once again that these are my absolute VERY favorite types of contributions to the blog.......why? because it means the submitter GETS IT, gets what we are doing here, .....I am not conduciting some  on-line flea market, bit setting up a spot where we, as human beings can SHARE things.....there is MUCH MUCH difference!

For Fiddlehead, the link you requested will come your way in a day or two...,,,,and GUYS THIS IS HOW IT WORKS....SO MANY people want reups, but be fair to ME......be fair to the contributor, be fair to the readership......I LOVE filling requests, even doing reups, but the law is the law.......you do something for ME FIRST......and FiddleHead's great contribution (it's great and I haven't even LISTENED yet......you want your buddy's bar band on here, your teenage son's combo.........bring em on, we'll post em, just as long as YOU offer something up to the rest of us first! 

Thanks for everything, no pictures so I'll have to select today's "Babe of the Day" how about some kaley Cuoco my GOD I've never seen that awful show she's on, but MY GOD I would tounge bathe that chick until mu taonge literally wore down.........Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, all I can say. Enjoy Gds of Jupiter and PLEASE leave a comment, whether you like it or not, THIS IS THE KINDA STUFF I WANT ON THIS BLOG.....

GODS OF JUPITER FUCKING RULE, AND the submittor will recieve his requested link.......it's SO important that we ALL take care of EACH OTHER! Love you ALL!

The Velvert Turner Group

A moderately unknown classic, yet again, from that fabulous heavy-psych era of the early 1970's........hard to find a LOT of info about these guys, but this is really a fine, Hendrix-influenced album, one I recommend quite highly.

Turner, who evidently was a friend of Hendrix' and the Hendrix slamma-lamma comes through on nearly every track (check the opening riff of "Three O' Clock Train", or the swirling spych of "(Love Rides) The Slow Swirling Seas"....this is a good to great album, I enjoy thte Hendrix references, and if you know me, you know I love the uncovered psych gems of this era. Trust me, if ya like He3ndrix, unknown early 70's psych, you will like this.........I like this album, something of an unknown classic.......we'll see what I can come up for ya tomorrow........NOTE: the ""Feeling High, Psychedelic Memphis" set will return soon, I had so many technical problems with it that I had to pull it, but I am sure I can get another copy.

01 Madonna (of the Seven Seas)/02 Talkin Bout My Baby/03 Country Chicken/04 Strangely Neww/05 Scarlet Warrior/06 Three O Clock Train/07 Just Look and See/08 Excuse Me Gentlemen (The Fall of Atlantis)/09 (Love Rides) The Slow Swirling Seas/10 Freedom

Check this one out, I know you are going to like this one........feeling like doing up one or two more this evening, so let's see what I can come up with........just please KEEP ROCKIN!

Yes, I screwed this up........"MOVEMENT BBC RADIO"

Somehow the other night I accidentaly deleted this whole post, blame it on substances or whatever, and
got busy with some other shit, and forgot totally about what I was doing......anyway, I will touch on the highlights of this 2 disc set, about 90% of it is phenominal, thte rest is merely great......these are some classic (1977-79) new wave greats performed as Peel Sessions on the BBC......wonderful selections, great sound, fantastic energy, as good a representation of late 1970's UK New Wave as we could likely ask for.

What track on Disc 1 would we label a "dog"? Certainly not "In the City" from the Jam, "What Do I Get" from the Buzzcocks, classics from the Adverts, XTC, 999, Siouxsie and the Banshees, even an early Adam and the Ants number. Spectatular stuff, one of those deals where if I start naming highlights, I just repeat the track listings.

Disc 2 is maybe just a cut lesser, you'll still wish to savor every track: Wire, PiL, the great "Transmission" from Joy Division, also lots of the reggae/ska tinged music of the era as well: Steel Pulse, The Special AKA, Madness, the Selector and more......

Sorry for deleting this, never intended to, a few of my more rabid admirers in the bloggosphere have pointed it out to me, or else I never would have remembered......Glad I did, though, because I think 1) this is not terribly common, and 2) I think you're really going to like this one.

I Get/03 GENERATION X-Youth Youth Youth/04 THE STRANGLERS-No More Heroes/05 THE ADVERTS-Gary Gilmore's Eyes/06 THE SLITS-Love and Romance/07 XTC-Science Friction/08 DR FEELGOOD-She's a Wind Up/09 TOM ROBINSON BAND-Don't Take No For an Answer/10 IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS-Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll/11 ADAM & THE ANTS-Deustscher Girls/12 SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Hong Kong Garden/13 THE ONLY ONES-Another Girl Another Planet/14 THE UNDERTONES-Get Over You/15 THE REZILLOS-Top of the Pops/16 THE FLYS-Love and a Molotov Cocktail/17 THE MEMBERS-Sound of the Suburbs/18 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternative Ulster/19 THE SKIDS-The Saints Are Coming/20 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-We Are the People/21 THE RUTS-S.U.S./22 999-Homicide/23 JOHN COOPER-CLARKE-Reader's Wives

DISC 2- 01 PENETRATION-Movement/02 MONOCHROME SET-Goodbye Joe, Strange Boutique/03 WIRE-The Other Window/04 MAGAZINE-Light Pours Out Of Me/05 JOY DIVISION-Transmission/06 KILLING JOKE-Wardance/07 THE HUMAN LEAGUE-Being Boiled/08 ORCHESTRAL MANEUVERS IN THE DARK-Messages/09 THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS-Sister Europe/10  SIMPLE MINDS-Premonition/11 PUBLIC IMAGE LTD-Poptones/12 STEEL PULSE-Jah Pickney (Rock Against Racism)/13 ASWAD-It's Not Our Wish/14 UB40-Food For Thought/15 THE SPECIAL AKA-Gangsters/16 MADNESS-The Prince/17 THE SELECTER-Street Feeling/18 THE BEAT-Ranking Full Skull

Sorry for the screw up, I'll get another post ready yet tonight also......

First Man Over

Yeah, once in  while I like to get really cute and slip in these albums that NO ONE has ever heard of, don't worry, I wouldn't do so if I didn't think it would be worth your while......today, I have selected a fine overlooked LP from 1986, "First Man Over", by the band of the same name......trying to locate information on them is nearly impossible, I have to say, though, that I have had this disc for sometime, and enjoy it quite a bit, regardless of it's sort of "mystery" origins.

While no classic by any means, this is a very, very good album of fine power-pop/ alt punk, hey, it was the mid-80's, what were we to do.....the soft-edged, pop/punk blend which reminds one of perhaps Blink 128 or a much lesser Green Day, this one is a good one that got lost in the cracks of history.......

I recommend you (you statesiders, anyway), give this one a listen, it's really pretty good and solid, all thte way through.....there are some quite good tracks here, I like "Diamond Mind", but really no complaints, "Umbrella Man",  "Fire Engine", "It's Happening", and pletny more are gently rocking pieces that genuinelly recall 1986, and the obscure sounds of the same. Take a chance on this album, Scott brings VARIETY, ya know, so lemme know whatcha be thinkin bout THIS........myeslf I consider it a TOTALLY lost period piece!

01 Somewhere/02 Sincerely/03 It's Happening/04 Fire Engine/05 Blue/06 Umbrella Man/07 Diamond Mind/08 Now Or Never

Whoa Far Out Dude

Just in the spirit of generosity, here is one more album for tonight, and it is an absolute hoot.....the disc in question here is "Cosmic Sounds" by The Zodiac.......it's fun to ponder how seriously these lads took themselves at the time of recording (1967).......I learn from Wikipedia that it is unclear whether the album is "Cosmic Sounds by the Zodiac", or "The Zodiac by Cosmic Sounds"......like heavy man.

The composers of this wondersome piece were: Synthisizer whiz Pau Beaver, Emil Richards on "exotic percussion", Bud Shank on "Bass Flute", drummer Hal Blaine, bass guitarist Carol kaye, keyboardist Mike Melvoin......saving the best for last is the indescribable "narration" from Cyrus Faryar. There is a track for each zodiac sign, of course, and what fun would it be to simply title them "Taurus" or "Gemini" when we can muddy the waters with titles like "Taurus-The Voluptuary" or "Cancer: Moonchild".......the music can be trippily psychedelic, but, oh, my, that narration! You simply have to hear this to believe it.

By the way I LOVE this album, I just happen to have a sense of humor.......if your Uncle or Cousin or someone was in the band and your feelings are hurt, I really don't care. The highlights include the very creepy flute all over the place.....and the metallic synth riff that kicks off "Taurus" especially......"Sagittarius" gets pretty out there as well.......please please please check this out, you will LOVE every second of it......oh, almost forgot the liner note: "Must be played in the dark".

01  Aries -- The Fire Fighter/02  Taurus -- The Voluptuary/03.  Gemini -- The Cool Eye /04 Cancer -- The Moonchild/05.  Leo -- The Lord of Lights  /06  Virgo -- The Perceptual Perfectionist /07 Libra -- The Flowerchild/  08  Scorpio -- The Passionate Hero /09 Sagittarius -- The Versatile Daredevil/10. Capricorn -- The Uncapricious Climber/ 11. Aquarius -- The Lover of Life   /12 Pisces -- The Peace Piper

Hungry Glass

I thought I'd be clever again and post up another 1980's band you've never heard of.....if ya have, congrats, but this one is pretty obscure as well......Hungry Glass' 1986 unknown effort. "Music in an External World".....actually this is a VERY fine album, just the kind of thing I like to spring on you now and then, as you know, my game is to provide MUSIC, be it bar bands, be it unknown discs from history, be it ANY FUCKING THING, if it's in my stash, it's yours as well as mine!

Hungry Glass were Andrew Brouse on bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocals; guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Keith Eliot, Percusionist Michael Wojewoda, and keyboardist/guitarist Gerald Leckey....as you know I often criticize the music of the 1980's, BUT there were a LOT of albums such as this one, unknown semi-gems from that period where ALL genres were clashing, oftentimes with negative results, BUT just as often, turning out an unknown (COMPLETELY unknown) gem such as "Music In an External World".....

This is a REALLY good album, fine keyboard-driven "new wave" (sounds funny to call music from 30 years ago "New Wave", but you know what I mean).....I can't hink of anyone off the top of my head that they remind me of, but it IS an enjoyable album, yet another fine 1980's period piece (from a decade that I have disrespected more than likely I should have)

OK, a good album, download it, listen to it, and impress your friends with your knowledge of the great unknown music of the 80's......it's worth a listen, trust me, and by the way, Casino-bound Thursday and Friday for BLACKJACK, DRINKING, and FUCKING, so I may not get you a post til maybe Saturday or so....but, really, this is a FINE album, one that is CERTAINLY worth a listen, and we'll see what I have for next week.........metal? punk? garage rock? God knows what my mood will be.......you guys get the idea, or ya still wouldn't be around.......by the way, the guy who sent me the Gods of Jupiter stuff, I have not forgotten you, I'll send you the Electric Wizard disc in a few days like I said I would.

Rock N Roll!

MUSIC IN AN EXTERNAL WORLD-01 01 Mary/02 Girl With No Hair/03 Down to the Lake/'04 Words/05 Bad Blood/06 Siren Song/07 Antarctica/08 Head In the Sun/09 Love Is Lost/10 Maybe Luck

It's all about the rock n roll bruthaz, I do MY part, PLEASE help me out and contribute some obscure, unknown, unheard music, so, as I've said before, we can ALL (yes ALL), have our own PERFECT personal music collection.......envy me, he next few days I'll be playing blackjack and banging the hell out of my love BigCarla66 (Hey, 28 years together and STILL the greatest fuck on the planet!)......but this shit is about the MUSIC, and as always, I have PLENTY of shit planned out for the immediate future.........LOVE TO ALL!

The week ahead.........like wow man......

OK, here's the scoop....I haven't been on here since sometime last week and here's why........myself and my betrothed set out for a weekend of gambling and sex as we do at times.....all good until we actually got SNOWED In at the casino location, I thought to myself "But what about the BLOG?!?!?!", and then, I said, "Fuck it" and returned to playing blackjack and enjoying adult  relations with BigCarla66, STILL the greatest fuck on the planet (that I can imagine anyway)....

Anyways, I'm back.....it's Monday night and I have a LARGE stash of guest material for this week, and you know I LOOOOOOOVE my guest material.........let's see........Brian will be completing Part 2 of the Swans ultra-mega post this week, that should be great...I have part 9 of the Greek Punk series compiled by Apantabapanta.......even the MIA Dave Sez has contributed a bunch of files from Ultravox/John Foxx, which, although he says aren't exactly his "thing" are something that I have always enjoyed......so a big week ahead, one, which, ironically, I have to do very little, other than let me blog friends/helpers/associates/partners post thier stuff and make ironic comments as I please....by the way, FiddleHead, yes, your Ghosts of Jupiter post was incredible, EXACTLY the kind of thing I want people to send in, and yes, I owe you an Electric Wizard rarities disc, and I hope to get that to you this week (and I WILL get it to you....I always fullfill my obligations, sometimes it DOES take me longer than I would prefer, but I WILL get it to you, I promise)......

But. let's start out the week with the kind of thing that I REALLY love.......this album was submitted to me by the band Lucuma from the land of Argentina, of special significance as they come from the land of one of my VERY FAVORITE BANDS, Los Natas, whom I did a huge mega-post about at one time and it was virtually ignored, proving that a bunch of you are nothing but PEASANTS......JK, of course, the Michelob in me is talking, but Los Natas is LITERALLY one of the best bands of all time, not so much, exactly, for Lucuma, but Lucuma is fucking great as well, and I advise that you check out this unknown slab of great rock n roll......

Well.......first of all, Lucuma are vocalist/guitarist Daniel Acosta, guitarist Fernando Acosta, bassist Martin Huertas, and drummer Javier Fappiano......this 2014 release, "Destruye la Ciuda Psicologica", which translates to "Destroys the Psychological City"........this is thier second release, the first being 2010's "El No Tiempo"........honestly, I am so impressed with the band that I have asked them to send me a copy of the earlier release to share with you, we'll see if they do, but in the meantime, this is a really great, unknown gem........you know I loves my stoner rock, as well as my non-English rock, and this one here gets it done for me, one of the better rock albums of 2014, were I making a list of stuff like that.

Don't know, really, how to describe it, I guess, SOMEWHAT similar to Los Natas, but quite a bit
more accessible, not as "anything-goes" as my boys Los Natas, but still plenty hard and heavy, reminding us perhaps of classic 70's prog/metal, from, say, the Sabbath/Maiden axis all the way to the King Crimson/ELP tree? Hell, I don't know, here is what I DO know: Some of you DO NOT LIKE non-English rock.......that is fine, I happen to love it (explained before: makes the music do the damn talking if we can't understand the lyrics anyway).......if you are anti-non-English rock, you'll not care for this, and you would be best advised to avoid this......HOWEVER, if you DO occasionally like this kind of thing, PLEASE investigate this.......I recieve LOTS of albums, from a wide variety of bands, obviously some of them I delete pretty much at once as they simply don't fit the format (rap, or something like that), and even a bad rock album I'm likely not going to subject you to.....but this is a good album. I promise, please give it a listen and PLEASE LET ME (and the band) KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF IT............try it out please, and remember, LOTSA cool stuff coming up this week, so don't miss out.......

And let me briefly take this spot to thank those who contribute, I love my guest posters, but what I TRULY LOVE is stuff like this, bands who desire exposure who desire me to help them get it.......Lucuma are a VERY solid hard rock band, and it is my pleasure to try to get them a little exposure if I possibly can.

01 Omnicronia/02 Rio de Serpeintes/03 Capitulacion/04
Mulciber/05 Escamas/06 Demonio de los Ojos de Piedra/07 La Danza del Sirrocco/08 Rostro Sin Molde/09 Nuevo Gris

For real, try this one out, I'm quite excited about it, please support this fine band.

Ah, why not an extra post this evening?

Since I've been slacking a couple days, why not throw up something additional (provided, of course, that you ALL listen to that bad-ass Lucuma album, if you DON'T, I will KNOW!)......

So what the fuck, let's dip into that seemingly endless batch of psych discs that line my shelves, I will never deny loving my psych, the dated/innocent/flat-out goofiness of it is just to much to resist.....Again, THIS is one of those things, that, if you have some bizarre, obscure psych album from 1969 or so, THIS IS THE PLACE where it should be shared for EVERYONE who will appreciate it.....

OK, so anyway, let's go with this album from The Rose Garden, 1967......it's not like they are totally obscure as they did score a  rather large single with "Next Flight to London" (really fine single).....I am unsure if this is their only full-length, I guess it doesn't matter much.....Rose Garden were Diana DeRose on vocalas/acoustic guitar, James Groshong on lead guitar, William Flemming on bass guitar, and drummer Bruce Bowdin.

Honestly, an underappreciated album of So-Cal-styled psych/folk, a bit odd as the band was from West Virginia, but hey....the previously mentioned single (good song, really) is here, and the rest of the material  is pretty good as well......Gene Clark actually wrote a couple of the tunes here, "Till Today" and "Long Time", trust me, this is one of the more under appreciated efforts of late 60's psych/folk......if you like Byrds-type janggling psych folk, please do not overlook this one, it's a dandy overlooked semi-classic.

01 Next Plane To London/02 I'm On Second/03 February Sunshine/04 Coins of Fun/05 Rider/06 She Belongs To Me/07 Flower Town/08 Till Today/09 Look What You've Done/10 Long Time

Just another attempt at throwing some variety out there, as you all know, I just like to share whatever kinda music I am in the mood for on a given evening, or whatever.......drug this one out today and remembered what a great track "Next Plane to London" is, and the rest of the album is pretty Goddamn good as well........I think that if you've liked some of my other lighter-psych type things, you'll freak over this......PLEASE let me know, though, OK?

A triumphant and dignified return for the great Dave Sez

Always great news when I see that Dave Sez has taken a bit if his valuable time to remember us all by
 guy on matters of 70's punk/new wave, especially of the UK variety, but that is by no means his limits, as he has helped me out with stuff as wide and diverse as Wilko Johnson or Focus.
sharing some of the more epically rare great music in his tremendous stash,,,,,,he's basically my "go to

Anyway, ALWAYS a great thrill to see that Dave Sez has another submission to share with the world, and I am only happy enough to share with anyone else who wishes......most often it is of the VERY rare variety, and is always of top-notch quality. Take it away, Dave Sez, and thank you for your presentation of a live 1979 show from Ultravox, as well as three discs of John Foxx rarities. Thought Ultravox were one of the better of the early new wave bands, PURE period piece synth-driven "space-pop", influenced to a huge degree by David Bowie and Roxy Music (not that they measure up to either).

First , here are Dave Sez' notes on the first recording here, Ultravox 2/23/79 at Philadelphia's Hot Club:
Ultravox - Philadelphia Hot Club 23/02/1979

From the Dave Sez archive: the crown jewels of Foxx-era Ultravox, a FLAC recording of an FM broadcast by WIOQ. Full cover art, band history and live links to further Ultravox recordings included. Bonus: the 1975 single as Tiger Lily.

1. The Man Who Dies Every Day
2. Slipaway
3. Slow Motion
4. Hiroshima Mon Amour
5. Artificial Life
6. Just For A Moment
7. He's A Liquid
8. Quiet Man
9. I Can't Stay Long
10. Someone Else's Clothes
11. Blue Light
12. My Sex

Thanks to qualitybootz and soundaboard.

An 192-256 mp3 version offered by the great garychching includes two extra tracks and is still available at http://www.mediafire.com/?lmknzx4twgx
13. Young Savage
14. The Wild, The Beautiful, and the Damned

And, as if that fine set and all the bonuses weren't enough, Dave Sez knocks it out of the park with a bunch of John Foxx rarities of the era immediately post-Ultravox......as you can see, this collection features a rarities collection, a set of demos, etc, and a bunch of BBC material.......here are the details:

John Foxx

From the Dave Sez archive: three bootlegs of demos, live and alternate versions by John Foxx, erstwhile leader of Ultravox. Not my kind of thing, but I know someone will like it ... and say thanks in the comments. Full cover art and texts included.

John Foxx – Demos, Live & Unreleased

Live on Spanish TV ("La Edad De Oro") and "The Golden Section" tour of 1983.

01 - A Different Kind Of Man (demo)
02 - He's A Liquid (demo)
03 - He's A Liquid (demo 2)
04 - Twilight's Last Gleaming (live on "La Edad De Oro")
05 - The Hidden Man (live on "La Edad De Oro")
06 - Pater Noster (live on "La Edad De Oro")
07 - Systems Of Romance (live on "La Edad De Oro")
08 - Your Dress (live on "La Edad De Oro")
09 - Morning Glory
10 - In Mysterious Ways
11 - In Mysterious Ways (interview)
12 - Hanging In The Air
13 - Instrumentals
14 - Golden Section (interview)

Thanks to electronicallyyours.blogspot.com.
John Foxx - Endlessly (the Rarities)

01 Musique D'Ameublement
02 Young Love
03 A Long Time
04 Swimmer 1
05 Young Man
06 Endlessly (Original Version)
07 My Face (Smash Hits Flexi)
08 Swimmer 2
09 What Kind Of Love (Single Mix)
10 Endlessly (Extended Version)
11 Like A Miracle (Extended Version)
12 Stars On Fire (Extended Version)
13 Enter the Angel (Extended Version)
14 Stairway
15 Glimmer

Thanks to louissyfer of symphonyofghosts.blogspot.com
John Foxx BBC Sessions

First 3 tracks: BBC Saturday Live, December 1983; second 3 tracks: BBC Saturday Live, September 1985. Quirks is probably from the free 7" with Ha! Ha! Ha!.

01 Hiroshima Mon Amour
02 Shadow Of Your Smile
03 Twilight's Last Gleaming
04 Morning Glory
05 In Mysterious Ways
06 Hanging In the Air
07 Music From Video Game
08 Quirks (Abrupt Ending)

Thanks to louissyfer of symphonyofghosts.blogspot.com.


OK, I'm going to leave this here to make this a "pure" Dave Sez contribution, however, I KNOW I have one or two more Ultravox boots back there that I'll go try and find and post here in "Part 2" of this post, hopefully in an hour or less.......see comments for links to these, and look for another Ultravox surprise or two yet tonight.

A little more Ultravox

MAN, have I been having trouble with Zippyshare, Dave Sez probably thinks I forgot to post his links, but weird stuff been going on with the ZIP.....anyway, seems a little better today, I have a huge backlog of stuff to do (Greek Punk #9, Swans #2, Magazine #2), but I can't do much without zippyshare....anyway, I SHOULD get the rest of Dave Sez' Ultravox/John Foxx stuff up, and I'd like to add another Ultravox show from my stash (Stockholm 1977), and may as well throw up "The Collection", kind of a mishmash but it DOES include the awesome "Voice"......hope everyone stays patient as I try to figure out the zippy problem, I AM trying, so please bear with me.

I know I had a few more of thier discs than these, perhaps I should consult someone who is related to me who has a history of stealing my discs, etc, consider the intelligence behind this effort when they can be copied at an overhead cost of about 2 cents each, while, on the other hand, I could kick his ass with equal effort that I would need for, oh, perhaps Po, the red Telletubby.

STOCKHOLM 9/77-01 I Want to be a Machine/02 Slip Away/03 Frozen Ones/04 Distant Smile/05 Young Savage/06 My Sex/07 Artificial Life/08 Wide Boys/09 Saturday Night In the City of the Dead/10 The Wild the Beautiful, and the Damned/11 Rockwrok/12 Fear in the Western World

THE COLLECTION-01 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/02 Hymn/03 Thin Wall/04 Voice/05 Vienna/06 Passing Strangers/07 Sleepwalk/08 Reap the Wild Wind/09 All Stood Still/10 Visions In Blue/11 We Came to Dance/12 One Small Day/13 Love's Great Adventure/14 Lament

LATE EDIT........Dave Sez, perhaps the most generous man in the world, sent the Ultravox/Foxx stuff to myself, as well as to SilentWay at Floppy Boot Stomp........he also sent us both part 2 of the mega post by the great Magazine.......Floppy boot stomp has posted the Magazine stuff today, and he and I agreed that he will direct his readers here for Ultravox/Foxx, and if anyone here is interested in Part 2 of the Magazine mega-post (and you DO WANT IT, it is great), please go to:


the whole thing is there, and his blog is great, great music, hot babes, etc.......please patronize it, and like myself, he's getting a bit peeved about the ratio of downloading to commentary....so please work with us both on this.......his blog operates a bit differently from this one (not quite like my "everything but the kitchen sink" approach), but we all would like for you to please leave a note of commentary should you download music, isn't it the leasta ya can do?