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Music For Your Brain, Volume 4

How is everyone finding is set? Slighty lower numbers than I'd though maybe I'd see, all I can say is trust me, this is fine, hard rocking, wildly varied, and great.......simply a tremendous set....I'm off to see Buddy Guy tonight, our finest living blues guitarist, so I may interrupt this series briefly to put up some of the great BG, likely I'll just wait until Sunday.......haven't spoken of my trademarked variety in a while, but a segue from Krokodil/Jane/Frumpy directly into some monster blues guitar and then to my NEXT "super-mega-comp" (not tellin ya yet), defines VARIETY.......hell, if you want an all "Lynyrd Skynyrd" blog or something feel free to start one, there are likely few zillion versions of "Free Bird" some of don't have...........

Let's check a highlight or two from each of the six discs from Volume 4 of this stunner of a series, thusfar there has been no letdown......Disc 1 features stuff from Out of Focus (not to be confused with Focus), Mythos gives us the great "Neutron Bomb", and the always welcome Embryo and Guru Guru make return visits.......missing from the set so far has been Neu!, who welcomly lead off Disc 2, and Nine  Days Wonder, Nektar, and Anyone's Daughter contribute winners.

Disc 3 also features Neu!, the great "Negativeland", newcomers Flaming Bess check in with the very good "Tanz der Gotter", "Big City" from Thirsty Moon is a good one, and "Opal" is one of Embryo's best.

Moving onto Disc 4, loaded with lesser knowns who for the most part get it done, Checkpoint Charlie, Parzival, Sonny Hennig, and Ihre Kinder are hardly household names,but for the most part are worth a listen. Disc 5 also has some of the more obscure names, Octopus, Straight Shooter, Sreetmark and others bring to the set more of the fine balance between well- and lesser-known acts.....

Disc 6 winds up Volume 4 features a good one from Brainticket, a return from Tangerine Dream,
plus series "regulars" Faust, Eloy, and Franz K.

And this is where I thought the set ended, but as I said yesterday, we now have a Volume 5, I've got it, haven't listened to all of it yet, but this set is spectcular and I expect no less from Volume 5.....we shall see.

DISC 01-01  TON STEINE SHERBEN- Macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht/02 - OUT OF FOCUS- Blue Sunday Morning/03  PERCEWOOD'S ONAGRAM - Cause Me Pain/04- MYTHOS - Neutron Bomb/05  DROSSEBART - Engel Des Todes/06  MICHAEL ROTHER-Feuerland/07 - MURPHY BLEND- First Loss/08 PELL MELL- City Monster/09 MESSAGE- Before The Dawn/10 - HANUMAN- Taue Der Fremdheit/11  EMBRYO - Es Ist Wie's Ist/12  GURU GURU- Electric Junk

DISC 2-01 NEU! - Isi/02 - LIED  DES TUEFELS - Nichts/03 OUT OF FOCUS- Tsajama/04 - NINE DAYS  WONDER - Moss Had Come/05 - RUFUS ZUPHALL - Portland Town/06  DROSSEBART - Jemima/07 - PARZIVAL - Black Train/08 - NEKTAR - King Of Twilight/09  MICHAEL  ROTHER - Katzenmusik 9/10 - ANYONE'S DAUGHTER- Blue House/11  ARMAGEDDON - Open/12 - THE PETARDS- Blue Fire Light/13  IHRE  KINDER - Wurfelspiel/14 - ERNST SCHULTZ-XY

DISC 3-01 FLAMING BESS- Tanz Der Gotter/02 NEU! - Negativland/03 THIRSTY MOON - Big
City/04 -OUT OF FOCS- Hey John/05  WITTHUSSER & WESTRUPP - Orienta/06 - LIED DES TEUFELS - Das Lied Des Teufels/07 - EMBRYO - Opal/08 - DEUTER - Babylon/09 - A. R. & MACHINES - I'll Be Your Singer, You'll Be My Song/10 - RUFUS  ZUPHALL - I'm On My Way/11 - IMPROVED SOUND LTD - Catch A Singing Bird On The Road/12 - EMTIDI - Traume

DISC 4 01 - A. R. & MACHINES - Globus/02 MURPHY BLEND- Speed Is Coming Back/03 PARZIVAL - Groove Inside/04 - MICHAEL ROTHER - Sonnenrad/05 - TON STEINE SCHERBEN - Der Traum ist aus/06 - SONNY HENNIG- Pik As/07 - IHRE  KINDER - Hexenhammer/08 - CHECKPOINT CHARLIE- Smogalarm/09 JERRY BERKERS - Es wird morgen vorbei sein/10 - IMPROVED SOUND LTD. - Rio Bravo 59/11 - HOEDERLIN - Peter/ 12  DROSSELBART - Liebe Ist Nur Ein Wort/13 - ARMAGEDDON - Round/14  DEUTER - The Key

DISC 5 01- STRAIGHT SHOOTER- My Time - Your Time/02 - STREETMARK- Dreams/03 -
HARLIS - Runnaway/04 - RAMSES - Time/05 - BULLFROG - A Housepainter's Song/06 - SHAA KHAN- The World Will End On Friday/07 REICHMANN - Silberland/08 CLUSTER - Sowieso/09  OCTOPUS - The First Flight Of The Owl/10 - RAMSES - La Leyla/11 - STREETMARK - Lovers

CKET - Black Sand/02 - TANGERINE DREAM- Rising Runner Missed By Endless Sender/ 03  FAUST- Jennifer/04 - TRIUMVARAT- Illusions on a Double Dimple/05 - KRAAN - Wintrup/06 - OUGENWEIDE - Der Fuchs/07  OREXIS - Unter-Rock/ 08 - ELOY - The Sun Song/09 - FRANZ K  - Sensemann

Quite a set thusfar, no? One more fabulous 6 disc collection yet to go!  This set is a true fave of mine, and, yet, I was unaware of the existence of Volume 5.......I have it now and will post it tomorrow (it's in FLAC, too, unlike volumes 1-4.....) PLEASE download and enjoy, but PLEASE tell me what you think......I have another (very different) huge comp in the works for next week, I need to know that you folks enjoy them, face it, they ARE a bit of work (for me), it's much EASIER to simply post a single album or so each day, but I WANT to put up interesting stuff like this......so, all yo folks that are grabbing it, please leave a note.....seems like a pretty good deal to me anyway!

Music For Your Brain Volume 5

Well, here it is, the fifth volume of this fine series, the volume I didn't even know existed when I
startd posting this series......released as recently as 2012, after I had acquired the other volumes, thanks to several of you for pointing this out to me, and thanks to Darryl for sending me the files....this volume is in FLAC so I will have to split the discs, should be not much of  a big deal.

Really have loved posting this set, and dicovering a new volume was a nice surprise.....perhaps there will even be more Volumes in the future, if ya hear of them let me know. Haven't listened to all of this yet, let's check on some familiar tracks and artists........

Disc 1 features good ones from Bainticket and Amon Duul II, "Morgendammerung" by GAA is a good one, and a late welcome addition to the set from Erna Scmidt, whose lone album I posted on the blog recently. Virus and Amon Duul II bring the goods to Disc 2, along with some more obscure (to me) acts like Tibet, Panther, and Tetragon who contribute the fine "Snowstorm"..

Disc 3 brings the first appearance of the set by Toad, other newcomers (Passport, Haboob) turn in some worthwhile stuff, as well as a few other unknowns to me that I am looking forward to checking out. Mostly lesser-knowns (to me), also on Disc 4, other than Amon Duul II, and one of my very faves, the great Krokodil. Have to wait to hear Zyma, Satin Whale, and Wintergarden.

The great Krokodil appears again on disc 5, Triumvarat and Abacus are solid repeaters, can't help but
wonder what Missus Beastly will sound like. The final disc brings us a mix of repeat performers (Virus, Neu!, and Thirsty Moon), and more late comers (Chris Braun Band, Madison Dyke, Kalackra)....sorry I didn't get to listen to the whole thing for review,  but, really if Volume 5 is even half as good as the other volumes, there will be no problems........thanks for reading/listening

DISC 1-01  AMON DUUL II- Archangels Thunderbird/02  MESSAGE - Smile/03  KATHAGO - Pacemaker/04  WIND - What Do We Do Now/ 05  BRAINTICKET - Brainticket/06 EFENDI'S GARDEN- The Garden/07 GAA - Morgendammerung/08 EMMA MYLDENBERGER - Lenyas Fantasie/09  MCOIL - This Time Should Never End/10 ERNA SCHMIDT - Pass - weites Luftmeer

DISC 2- 01 PANTHER - Wodka Lemon/02  UDO LINDENBEG - Daumen im Wind/03 - GRAVESTONE- Hascher-Blues/04 AMON  DUUL II - Deutsch Nepal/ 05 VIRUS - Nur noch zwei Lichtjahre/06 - MICHAEL BUNDT - The Brain Of Oskar Panizza/07  TRITONUS - Mars Detection/08 TIBET- Eagles/09 - SHICKE FUHRS FROHLING - Pictures/10  TETRAGON-Snowstorm

DISC 3- 01 OMEGA- Help To Find Me/ 02 CHRIS  BRAUN  BAND - The Narrator/03 KATHAGO - String Rambler/04  TOAD - Life Goes On/05  NIAGARA - Sangandongo/06 - SAMETI - I’m Not A Loser/ 07   HABOOB - Israfil/08  EMBRYO - Music Of Today/09   PASSPORT - Abracadabra/
10  BRAINSTORM- Hirnwind

DISC 4- 01  WINTERGARDEN - Swan Song/02  KROKODIL - Odyssey In Om/03 
 AMON  DUUL II - Kanaan/04  ICE - To A Fair Young Lady/05  SIDDHARTHA - Weit we/06  ZYMA - Law Like Love/ 07  SATIN  WHALE - Lost Mankind/08  DA CAPO - A Day In The Rest Of My Life/ 09  NOVALIS - Atlanto

DISC 5-01   TRITONUS - The Day Awakes/02 - EBERHARD  SCHONER - Falling In Trance/03  OMEGA - House Of Cards-Time Robber/04  LA DUSSELDORF - Silver Cloud/05  KROKODIL- The Creator Has A Master Plan/06   TRIUMVARAT- The School Of Instant Pain/07  ABACUS - Herman The German/08   LILY - In Those Times/09  LIGHTSHINE - Lory/10   SUN - Ohne Titte
11  MISSUS  BEASTLY - Geisha

DISC 6-01 THIRSTY MOON- Lord Of Lightning/02  ARKTIS - Is It real/03  CHRIS  BRAUN BAND - Icy Shades/04  EPITAPH - Big City/05  DA CAPO - Future/06   KALACAKRA- September Full Moon/07   VIRUS - Mankind, Where Do You Go To/08 THINK- Watercorps/09   FARGO - Silent Summernight/10  MADISON DYKE- Next Conception/11  POSEIDON - How Heavy The Days/12  ERKUNIG- Thoughts/13  NEU! - E-Musik

Hope ya enjoyed this set as much as I did.......any other Krautrock comps/classic albums always welcome of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buddy Guy

Been a while since I've went to see anyone in concert, pretty excited for tonight.....BUDDY FUCKING GUY is performing about 20 minutes from my home, never seen him, but ALWAYS thought he was one of the absolute best and most influential of all blues/rock guitarists........be hard to name a major strummer that he DIDN'T influence highly, Hendrix, Richards, Page......at the age of 77 he can still thrash with the best of them, see his appearance in "Shine a Light",the Rolling Stones movie of a few years back.

My collection of recorded blues stuff is spotty and very minimal, I do have a couple of Buddy Guy compilations, seems like today is a great day to drag them out and post them hear.....I consider myself damn lucky to have the chance to see him live, while he is still with us.

Here are a couple of comps you can check out if ya are interested, I know it's a bit different from the normal fare I post, but I've always tried to keep the music varied, and a 77-year old blues legend is pretty much territory I haven't ventured into yet.

BUDDY'S BADDEST-THE BEST OF BUDDY GUY-01 Damn Right I've Got the Blues/02 Five Long Years/03 Mustang Sally/04 Rememberin' Stevie/05 She's a Superstar/06 Feels Like Rain/07 She's Nineteen Years Old/08 I Smell Trouble/09 Someone Else Is Steppin' In (Slippin' Out, Slippin' In)/10 My Time After a While/11 Midnight Train (Featuring Johnny Lang)/12 Miss Ida B/13 Need Your Love So Bad/14 Innocent Man/Mannish Boy/Backdoor Man

THE ESSENTIAL BUDDY GUY-01 Sit and Cry the Blues/02 First Time I Met the Blues/03 Ten Years Ago/04 Stone Crazy/05 When My Left Eye Jumps/06 Hoodoo Man Blues/07 A Man and the Blues/08 I've Got My Eyes On You (Live)/09 Five Long Years/10 A Man of Many Words/11 The
Things I Used To Do (live)/12 When I Left Home/13 Give Me My Coat and Shoes/14 She Suits Me to a "T"/15 Checkin on My Baby (Live)/16 Let Me Love You Baby (Live)/17 Baby Please Don't Leave Me

More Riot Grrrl stuff than you imagined possible Part 1

Found these collections while surfing the Bay, I have located five of what I THINK are six
discs....Apparently collected by "Riot Grrrl Berlin", prepared as intended free downloads.....most of this stuff is COMPLETELY unknown to me, I've been spot-checking some of the tracks, obvious influences include Bikini Kill, L7, Le Tigre, and Bratmobile.......each of the sets include cover art, band links, and lots of other cool informtion....this may or may not be your thing, I've always liked some of the pissed-off grrrls stuff, and if you want obscurities you have come to the right place!

Today's volume is entitled "Riot Grrrl Is Not Dead" includes a bunch of printable PDF flyers created to publicize the collection....my main point here is I would like for everyone to sample at least one of these, if only because I wish to spread the work of people whom actually want their music to be HEARD......while of course I a certainly not always a fan of these band's ultra-leftist politics, so what? This blog has always been about the absolute freedom of ANYONE to voice their views.....remember all the controversy over my Skrewdiver, et al, posts? Many misunderstood my intentions with those, wrongly feeling that I was advocating thier beliefs......not so, simply thier right to voice themselves......same thing here. These women are serious about thier beliefs, and I salute them.......we'll talk more about this the next few days I suspect, each of these collections will be upped EXACTLY as I recieved them, with all notes, literature, and flyers/posters, please take a minute to look it over.

53 bands on this one, another of which is programmed in alphabetical order.....due to Zippyshare's size limitations on uploads, I am going to have to split the music into two "discs", the orignal squecencing will be mintained. Enjoy, there is a LOT to sort through here, and a lot more to come, too, I am VERY impressed with the volume of work that went into these and I am most happy to try to help share and spread it.

DISC 1-01 VIVI-Girls Don't Grow Up Hating Themselves/02 111111-My Name Is Luca/03 AUNTY PANTY-Cunt/04 BITCHSLAP-Fall Out/05 BLESSED NOISE-Puta Sociedad/06 CAT VET-Jersey Devil/07 DEAD BY PREGNANCY-Calculated/08 DEAR DARLING,HELLO-East Coast/09 DENTAL DAMES-Girl Gangs/10 DOMINATRIX-Die Die/11 DRIVER-Cafe Reef/12 ELCASSETTE-Tonight/13 EX BEST FRIENDS-Du darfst/14 FAT CREEPS-Nancy Drew/15 FEMMEPOP-Good/16 FFT ERROR-Killer Co's/17 FIRST  FATAL KISS-So eine Wirtschaft/18
REVNGE-A Bitch For President/21 HISSYFIT-Bubblegum/22 JEANS BOOTS-Money 23 JIZZBOMB-Venus of Villandorf wouldn't have to be such a prehistoric feminist if you weren't such a prehistoric asshole/24 LAZY MARY-Hangnail/25 LINK-Just Say No/26 LIPSTICKFACE--Oh Baby/ 27 LOTTE MOMENT-Bittersweet

DISC 2-01 MARINA FAE FEAT. CINE  MAD IN  CHAOS-Another Room/02 MAYR-Rocksau/03
MIKA  RISIKO-Our Ship Won't Float/04 MITTENZ-Snow/05 NOTIC NASTIC-Witch/06 PLAIDED--I Say/07 PRESS EJECT-Camel Toe/08 QUEENS O SHEBA-Lil' Brown Eyes/09 RAUBERHOHLE--I'm Not Part Of This Shit/10 RENTOTHING-Untitled/11 RESPECT MY FIST-
Radikal Tanzbar/12 SAMANTHA SCHINDLER--Medicated Fun Times/13 SCARCE-Southern Highway/14 SCREAM CLUB FEAT. RHANI REMEDES-Spit and Glitter/15 SEA AND THE
DREAD-Drown/16 SEAHAGS-Barefeet/17 SHE SAID DESTROY!-I Fell In Love/18 SHIRA-Olive Trees/19 SILNAYE-Shiny Lies/20 SQUAB-Call it Rust/21 THE  JEZEBELS-Who gives a fuck/22
Please support these bands, if you know anyone that would be interested in these that does not read my blog (!), please share these and keep them circulating. LOTS more to come, give me a full report!

More Riot Grrrl than you'd have thought possible Part 2

Just look to yesterday's write-up for the info, this is some awesome Riot Grrrrl stuff that was created for YOU...again, this is  a FREE download, would be wonderful if EVERYONE would check out these generous contributions, assess/cmment upon them....basically these are unknowns (to ME at least), but I support thier efforts 1000%.....PLEASE read the attached notes, links, and info, and PLEASE support these bands, they are about YOU hearing thier shit, NOT about getting a fucking paycheck.....This edition is called "Free Pussy Riot", whom I supported long, long ago on this very blog......45 bands/tracks in THIS edition, if you dig back deep enough, you MAY find my "In Support of Pussy Riot" posts,if they are dead I am sorry, but I LOVE and SUPPORT Pussy Riot in thier battle to keep SPEECH/IDEAS "Free" for at least a little while.....Another set of stuff that at least I have never heard of, BUT THE MAIN THING IS FIGHT THE FUCKING POWER........SOMEBODY needs to stand up to the mainstream, here is a set that is INTENDED to be free......please also check the information/texts/literature which are included with the fine music......This is only Part 2, I think there are 3 more yet to come in this series! Also included is a"Free Pussy Riot""Action Kit" which includes some templates for making shirts, etc......

I think this is actually the THIRD collection (from Riot Grrrl Berlin), I can only find 5 of the (I believe) 6, so for "my" purposes, we will refer to it as "Part 2".....also, as with yesterday's collection, due to Zippyshare's upload size limitations, I need to split the collection into 2 "discs".....but, a lot of music here, a lot of information on Pussy Riot's tribulations.......I might as well repost Pussy Riot's "Kill the Sexist!" EP, I'll seperate it into a different link so as to keep the free download collection unchanged.....again, it is a VERY impressive piece of work, thanks and congratations to the creators!

DISC 1- ABSTRACT RANDOM-OBMGs Cowboy Remix/02 ADJKFS-Concrete Ballerina/03 ANA
THREAT-Gotta Be a Reason/04 AS OPUS3-Sheep Identity/05 BIZZARH-Pvncvkes/06 BLOCKSHOT-Soundproof/07 CREATURES OF KONTRAST-My Love Is Pure/08 DANI SHIVERS-Witch/09 DEAD BY PREGNANCY-Bitch/10 ESPER SCOUT-Hit It Hard (Live)/11 FACTORY ACTS-Fantasy/12 GAPTOOTH-Take It Down/13 GIRL NAMED T-This Is All I'll Ever Be/14 HAIRSHIRT-Foxy Feminist/15 HUSBANDS N KNIVES-Domestic/16 JESUS AND HIS JUDGEMENTAL FATHER-Kings and Queens/17 JURRASIC SHARK-Panda and Bunyips/18 KATHY X-The Devil Looks After His Own/19 KENNY KENNY OH OH-Make War Not Law/20 LILLIDOLLRAGE-My Lady/21 MARZIPAN MARZIPAN-Weatherface/22 MAYBECYBORGS-Anyway Anyway Anyway (I Won't Call Back)

DISC 2-01 MC TRY SHY-Forced Entry/02 MY IMAGINARY LOVES-My Heart and Hope To Die/03 NEEDY EEVY-Uberiek/04 OLD WARS-Mighty/05 PARABELLES-Paramagnet (Live)/06 PLAY/START-Leave It/07 SCIFISOL-Blue Velvet (SciFiSol's Lynchmix)/08 SCREAM CLUB FEATURING BETH DITTO, NICKY CLICK, AND LADY JANE-If You Want It (You Can Have It-Cindy Wonderful RMX)/09 SEA-Whispering/10 SECONDHAND UNDERPANTS-Sheep/11 SPAT-Little Star/12 SQUID-Ghost Porn/13 STELLAZINE-Dykemafia/14 THE CHERRYPOPS-Ohne Kopf/15 THE HAPPENING-#1 Fun (Live East Side Tone)/16 THE LIGHTERS-Encourage (Live)/17 THE POTENTIAL LUNATICS-Boy Colours/18 THE SMEARS-Freak Show/19 THE THROBBING CONTINUUM OF DIRGE-Oh Barb/20 TOBI-LEA-Don't Fuck Me Over/21 TOTH KINA HEGYFALU-It Hurts (Kapar)/22 VENUS TRAP-The Key/23 ZORRAS-After Going Out

BONUS-PUSSY RIOT-KILL THE SEXIST!-01 Deliver Pavement/02 Kropotkin-Vodka/03 Virgin
Mary, Mother of God, Put Putin Away/04 Putin Has Pissed Himself/05 Death To Prison, Freedom of Protest/06 Kill the Sexist

More tomorrow, please listen to and dicuss these labor of love collection. Thanks

Lots More Riot Grrrl Stuff Part 3

The third installment of this massive project, created by an organization called Riot Grrrl Berlin.....this is a very massive and impressive collection, basically unknown Riot Grrrl bands from all over the planet....the download appears just as it was created, with artwork printable flyers, band links (support the bands please). The title of this portion of the collection is "More Music Less Macho"......again, due to Zippyshare's upload size limitations, I have split the collection in half, referred to as "Disc 1" and "Disc 2", all text, artwork, etc, are included with Disc 1.

This is a fine collection, a lot of work went into this so a free download could be accessed by all......download, read the literature and please support these works, we are all on the same side, the side of equality and free speech.

DISC 1-01 ABSTRACT RANDOM-Vacant Living Feat. KJ-Murr(LAL)Remix/02 AGATHA-Take Care Of My Carogna/03 ANA TRASH (AKA BOOM BOOM TRASH)-Better Than Me/04 ANTI-CORPOS-Apoia Mútua/05 BABY FIRE-Dark Ages/06 BONNIE MACALLISTER-What the Water Wore/07 CAT'N'GUYEN-Pull Off Your Shirt/08 DEVORE-Power Of Malicia/09 DICK SNARE-I Got A Crush On You/10 EDITH CRASH-Trop Vite Oublier/11 EXECUTIVE LEGS-Comics/12 FLORENCE MARTY-The Life In Me/13 GORGONES-Salut A Twat/14 GUNBIRD-Coasters/15 HEART SHAPED HATE-Princess Shredder/16 HUSBANDS N KNIVES-Isobel (Endless Summer)/17 INSURGENTAS-Con Nosotras No Podrán/18 KAPTN AWESOME-Deconstruct/19
Catnip/22 LENA STOEHRFAKTOR-Ich bin das was du Studierst feat Mc Josh

DISC 2-01 LILIDOLLRAGE-Hateful Than Your Smile/02 LILY AFTER MIDNIGHT-Strange Days/ 03 MAIDEN MONTERS-I'm Your Man/04 MC TRI SHY- KPWS/05 MERMAID-I Wish You Were A Stranger/06 PARASOL-No Right/07 POLLYANNA-Old Rockers/08 PRETTY RIOT-Bebaskan!/09 PUNK RAP PRINCESS-Places We Go/10 RACHEL HOUSE-Plastic Punk/11 SECONHAND UNDERPANTS-Sweet Loli/12 SHINY SHINY-Jungle Tree/13 SIETE ARMAS-I Like Dancing/14 SOFIA  BOLT-Making It Quick/15 THE HEROINE WHORES-Entering Storm/16
THE RAMONAS-Blitzkrieg Bop/17 THEMFRIEND-Hey/18 ULTRABOTOX-Ultrabotox/19
Again, please support this project and these bands.

Yet Another Huge Batch of Riot Grrrl Stuff (Part 4)

This fine series of little known riot grrrl tracks from around the globe, created by "Riot Grrrl Berlin",
continues with another huge selection. This download, intended as a free give away, is entitled "Mansplaining On The Dancefloor"....if you've investigated the other collections, like those, this one contains some artwork, printable flyers and posters, as well as a list of band links with an impassioned plea (with which I agree) to support these bands that paricipated in this extraordinary project.

Not a lot more I can say, similar to the rest of the series, like the others I had to split this one into two "discs" due to Zippyshare's upload size limitations......otherwise the tracks are simply programmed alphabetically, program them however you choose. I will wrap this up tomorrow with a MAMMOTH sized, 95-track effort. Unless, of course, someone out there has the #2 download in the series which I cannot locate. Otherwise thanks to all the bands and Riot Grrrl Berlin for these excellent efforts.

DISC 1-01 4PROPRI8 - Road Trip/02 A SPOON CALLED PHRANC-Bloody Knowledge/03
AIVERY-You Got Lost/04 ANA TRASH (aka BOOM BOOM TRASH)-Full of Shit/05 CAT BEAR TREE-Crayons/06 DAISIED-Cannibal Eye/07 DEAD BY PREGNANCY-Sexism/08 DOLL FIGHT!-Plastic Revolution/09 DRAINED GLORY-Terminal/10 FACTORY ACTS-Stock Exchange/11
FRED AND BOB-Lady/12 G.U.T.S.-SuperSHE/13 IN_STEREONUTS-No, This Song Is Not About You/14 KISSTON-Femme/15 LILIDOLLRAGE-Goddess Of Nothing/16 LOUISE DISTRAS-The Hand You Hold/17 LUISE POP-Fast And Frightening/18 MEAN BIKINI-Sick Of Love

Die/02 MOLASSES-No Weaker A Being/03
PSY'AVIAH-On My Own/04 PUNCKE-Ritam Kaosa/05 SALTO NEL BUIO-La Paura Non Trionfeà/06 SECONDHAND UNDERPANTS-Get in the Car/07 SEE THE TRAIN, IT'S YOURS-The Dream Machine/08 SICK SAD WORLD-Microwave Cakes/09 SQUID-Leave us alone/10
THE BLOODY MUFFS-Yoink!/11 THE BOYS-Stripper/12 THE CRYPTICS-Bluebell/13
TITTENBONUS-666 Kisses/14 V FOR VAGINA - Les Filles De Bikini Kill (You Are Not The Queen Of My Neigbourghood)/15 VAGUE-A'-BONDE-Evolved/16 VEREINE-Wild Recording/17
SCHABAKA!-Poiditje Damoi

Please enjoy, and support these bands and this project.

A HUGE Wrap-up to the Riot Grrrl posts (Part 5)

This, at least as far as I can determine, is the final of the huge Riot Grrrl downloads created for
general consumption by Riot Grrrl Berlin, and this one is enormous.....NINETY FIVE tracks by ninety five bands, PLUS lots of non-musical stuff......the set is called "Cats Against Cat Calling", and besides the copious amount of tracks from bands around the world, there are TONS of printable flyers/posters and many text files, the theme of which is "Anti-Street Harrassement", including "Verbal Defense Tactics"........as before I need to split these down to "Discs" due to Zippyshare's upload size requirements...since there are so many, I have split it down to four parts. Otherwise the programming is alphabectical, you are free to program them as you desire....

Once again, support these bands and Riot Grrrl Berlin for creating these phenominal collections, not for profit but to hopefully do some good in the world.

DISC 1-01 4PROPI8-Broken House/02 ABSTRACT RANDOM-Talk A Lotta Shit/03 ANA THREAT-Car Sick/04 ANARCHICKS-Off The Record/05 ANNA BO-Plastic/06 ANTI-CORPUS-Pro-Escolha/07ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTERS-Scream/08 BLAST ONES-Enjoy Solitude/09 CARNIVAL PROZAC DREAMS-Disaster/10 CASEY JEAN & DIANE LINDO-Pedophile Glen/11 CAT BEAR TREE-Firing Line

CORROSIVE COMMANDO-Till Dust/06 CRIME-Other Kids Lives/07 DEAD BY PREGNANCY-Misery/08 DEMON SMILES-Red River Requiem/09  DENTAL DAMES-Tape Traders/10 DOLL FIGHT!-I Fight Back/11 EAT THE DAISIES-The Cat/12 EDITH CRASH-Aguas Santas/13 ESPER SCOUT-In Foreign/14 FEMINIST PRINCESS-My Dress Is Not a Yes/15 FEMMEPOP-Beautiful Boy/16 FIRE AND LOVE-Here It Comes/17 FRIEND CRUSH-Atmen/18 FUK-All You Men/19 GRETEL'S REVENGE-Kill the Bride/20 HALF GIRL-Lemmy I'm a Feminist/21 HEBE G-Pinup Girl/22 HELLO KILLU-No War No Grants/23 HUSBANDS N KNIVES-Bunny Boiler/24 JENNA RIOT-Lipstick Lakes/25 JESUS AND HIS JUDGEMENTAL FATHER-Kings and Queens

DISC 3-01 JEZ SINGS THINGS-Walking's Cheep, Cheap, Cheep/02 JUL!E D:STROY-Spring Breaks/03 KONGENIAL-Schones Land/04 KONSFORRADARE-Death To Stories/05 LABIA MINORA-Halt/06 LADY KING-Jada/07 LES SEXPEARES-Catnip/08 LAS VIN UP-Escobas Y Cacerolas/09 LENA STOEHRFAKTOR-Unerhoert/10 LILIDOLLRAGE-Go Away/11 LILY AFTER MIDNIGHT-Save Me/12 LOS BITCHOS BARTOS-Nackstalker/13 LOUISE DISTRAS-Shades of Hate/14 MAIDEN MONSTERS-Easy To Fuck/15 ME AND JANE DOE-Hit Them Where It Hurts/16 MEGAPHONES-Grey Pullover/17 MONSTER ACADEMY-Anorexic Girl/18 MOOREA-Rock'n'Sadsuns/19 MY SUNDAY DRESS-Pick Me Up/20 N-11-New Year, New Hope/21 NELE NEEDS A HOLIDAY-Je Ne Suis Pas Interessee/22 NICKY CLICK-Booty/23 NO BONE-Lazerize/24 NOISEAUX-I Have a Loaded Voice/25 NOT RIGHT-Balls

RACHELE WHATEVER-Mass Injustice/04 RAGGED CLAWS-Ciuque Optimum/05 RAINBOWLICKER-Riot/06 REBECCA CLOSURE-Die Heisse Klub/07 RESPECT MY FIST-Ich Blute/08 SALTO NEL BUIO-Tavolo 18/09 SAQWERTY-Change/10 SCHAPKA-Radikal/11 SCREAM CLUB-Fire/12 SECONDHAND UNDERPANTS-Pizza Face Brat/13 SECRET SPELLS-Cat Calls/14 SHE SAID DESTROY!-The Way To Romania/15 SHIRLEY HOLMES-J.E.S.S.I.C.A/16 SLOPPY JANE-Angriest Girl/17 SPAT-Old Days/18 SUELTEME CANALLA-Baby Soy Tu Cacique/19 SUGAR RAT-It's a Heteronormative World No/20 TAKESHI & THE KID-Austrian Christmas/21 THE ANNA THOMPSONS-Fuck You/22 THE HEROINNE WHORES-Suck My Dress/23 THE WHITE NOISE SUPREMACISTS-Free/24 THE WITCHES TITTIES-Royalty In Babylon/25 TOLI NAMELESS & THE FEMME NAMELESS FEAT. LISA LIU & 7008-Sexy Time/26 TWO TEARS FOR BARBARELLA-Riot Skirts/27 VIOLENT VICKIE-The Wolf/28 VULVA UNDERGROUND-Cunt Rock/29 WAR ON WOMEN-I Like Science/30 YOU'RE ONLY MASSIVE-Breeder/31 ZAHRA D-Bleed Me a River/32 ZARAPAZ-Scherbenwelt

Thanks to all bands & to Riot Grrrl Berlin! for these excellent collections.

Return of the Riot Grrrls (Part 6)

Thanks to an Anonymous friend of the blog, can complete the entire series of giant free download
collections created by Riot Grrrl Berlin......this set ("This Is What Feminism Sounds Like") was actually the SECOND of the six, but was the only one not on Pirate Bay.......so, nothing like, ohh, going to Riot Grrrl Berlin's actual website ever occured to always-astute me....but our Anonymous commenter did just that, and, guess what!?! There it was......so anyway, thanks to Anon and again thanks to Riot Grrrl Berlin and all the bands involved, these collections are really great. I have NOT got to listen to this yet, but I am sure that it is similar to the others, ie mostly unknown Riot Grrrl bands from around the world......one thing I DO notice is that this one contains both a track from Pussy Riot, whom we discussed a bit the other day, and, also a track from The Horny Bitches, whose album I actually once posted on this very site (check archive I have no idea if it is still available).

Like the other sets, this one also includes a bunch of printable flyers/posters, band links, and info, noone that I know of made a nickle off of this, so please check it out, I think it's a great thing that Riot Grrrl Berlin and all of these bands did to create these, I am glad to have stumbled upon them and more than happy to share them to the readers of this blog (the other collections have been quite popular, actually).

As with the other sets, the tracks are simply
presented in alphabetical order, you can program them however you like, and once again due to Zippyshare's size limitations on file uploads, I have had to split the file into three "discs", otherwise the file is presented exactly as I recieved it, all artwork, text files, etc are intact (and included with the first "disc")......

Again, one final "thank you" to Riot Grrrl Berlin and all of the bands, we could ALWAYS use more projects of this nature. Please support these bands, and, of course, enjoy the music provided.

DISC 1-01 ABSTRACT RANDOM-Playdead/02  ADJKFS-The Ride to Earth/03 ADRIFT DA BELLE-More/04 ALL OR  NOTHING H.C.-Racist, Classist, Anti-Gay Bullshit/05 ANTI-CORPOS-Brincando De Lgualdade/06 BADKAT-Sticks and Stones/07 BAM! BAM!-Golden Haze Two/08 BERTHA LUTZ-Feminism? Yes, please/09 BONNIE MACALLISTER-Fighting the Creep/10 CAT VENOM-Old Meat/11 CRASH PARIS-Take You Down/12 DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE-Paper Guns/13 DEAD BY PREGNANCY-Got Killed/14 DEAR DARLING, HELLO-One Less Promise/15
DECIBELLES-The End Of A Reign/16 DIRTY-Call 034/17 EAT THE DAISIES-Saturday Nite/18 EATLIZ-Spliff/19 ECHO BEACH-Rock n Roll Fantasy (Pink Mountaintops cover)/20 ESPER SCOUT-Shed Some Light/21 FEMMEPOP-Medication/22 FINN MOUSTACHE-Wer Sich Umdrehte

DISC 2-01 FOURTH WAVE-Boner!/02 GUNK-Bruised/03 HEARTS UNDER FIRE-We've Come
Too Far To Live In The Past/04 HELLO KILLU-Wat Zoek Je/05 HILARY ALLEN-How Are You All Doing This Evening/06 HOOKER-I Almost Miss You/07 HUSBANDS 'N' KNIVES-Babalon/08
ISY REBEL & BOY MJ-Black Poison/09 JELIZA ROSE-Flip Flop/10 JOLLY GOODS-If I Were A Woman/11 KITTY KAWAII-Summertime/12 LA CHATTE, AMIZADE!-Fasterharder/13 LAS GUSANAS-Let You Go!/14 LENA STOEHRFAKTOR-Kategorie Ich/15 LILIDOLLRAGE-Horror Song/16 LOST LUNA-Pink Bloc/17 MARY OCHER-The Sound Of War/18 MAYBECYBORGS-Are You Tired? Me Too/19 MRS. HOWL-Yellow Lamp/20 MUDDY RIVER-Bad Words/21 NICKY CLICK-Pop Diva/22 NORAH NOIZZZE AND BAND-Winterdepression

DISC 3-01 NOTIC NASTIC-Illuminati Bitch/02 P NAGA-My Angel/03 POLLYANNA-Boy (Book Of Love)/04 POM POM-Your Little Flower/05 PURE MAGICAL LOVE-Shapeshifter/06 PUSSY RIOT-Putin Has Pissed Himself/07 RAUBERHOHLE-My Heart Bleeps Noisy Beeps (Kirmes Remix)/08 SAMANTHA SCHINDLER-Tight Ass (Theres no such Thing as Chivalry/09 SCRAGFIGHT-Holloway Holiday/10 SELLOFAN-I want it now/11 SHE SAID DESTROY-Polaroid Me/12 SHIRLEY  HOLMES-Ride On Me/13 SIETE ARMAS-The Silence/14 SLUTTY HEARTS-Helicopter/15 SPAT-Robot (Demo)/16 STEREOWOOLF-When I was a Baby Feminist/17 TEN TIGERS-Superlucky/18 TERMINAL PARADE-The Castle of Disco Hell/19 THE DETHKATS-Bunny Bunny/20 THE  HAPPENING-Gunshow/21 THE HORNY BITCHES-Necro Maniac/22 THE POTENTIAL LUNATICS-Kool Boyz/23 THE RAGNOUTAZ-Boycheerleader/24
THE SHONDE-Give Me What You've Got/25 THE WHITE NOISE SUPREMACISTS-Big Strong White Man/26 TIC-TAC-Oh-Look Inside/27 VIOLENT VICKIE-Come & Run

Super Mega XTC Part 1

Not sure how many days/parts this is going to entail, I have a BUNCH of material, I'll try not to
overlap TOO much and also try to avoid some of the lesser (IMO) opinion material, I really haven't prepared for this post the way I generally do on these BIG ones (I also wouldn't be surprised if Dave Sez checked in with some surprises, UK new wave/punk of the late 70's early 80's rarities, he is the ABSOLUTE man!!!!), I just got the idea of doing an XTC post this morning and then looked at the sheer volume of material I have from them........but still, I'm in an XTC frame of mind.

From Swindon, England, ca. 1975, XTC began as guitarist/vocalist Andy Partridge, bassist/vocalist Colin Moulding, dummer Terry Chambers, and keyboardist Barry Andrews. Like so many others, with me, personally,thier most well known works are not necessarilly the most enjoyable, they did have some successful singles ("Dear God", "Senses Working Overtime") that, to me, are not anywhere near the quality of some of the earlier work, but to each his/her own.

OK, I guess I will sort this stuff out as follows, a "proper" discography, followd by some comps and EP's and stuff, followed by a bunch of live shows from thier prime years, and we'll see what else I can come up with....I'm thinking 4-5 days, let's consider today a "primer" for the novice, the more rare stuff (and there is quite a slew) will start tomorrow I guess.

So, the album releases start with an abolute bang, 1977's amazing "White Music", of which we have a wonderful vinyl rip here......certainly one of the greatest albums of the 1970's, for my money a five-star classic without question.....while (IMO) a couple of Moulding's tracks ("Cross Wires", "Do What You Do") are nothing tremendous, Partridge's stuff is of legend.....leading off with one of the great new wave singles, "Radios In Motion", there are also the classics "This is Pop", "Statue of Liberty", "Atom Age", "Neon Shuffle", PLUS a wonderful cover of "All Along the
Watchtower".......highlighted by Partridge's stuttering guitar work and quirky vocals and especially Andrews' amazing hockey arena keyboards, this is an album you will not want to miss if you are not already familiar. By the way, it's one of "those" handful of albums that, to me, the vinyl version, for whatever reason, just sounds better than the CD version.

The follow up, "Go 2" with it's goofy cover, emerged in 1978, and is actually a semi-classic as well....Mouldin's songwriting improves tremendously, his "Buzzcity Talking", "Crowded Room", and "The Rythem" are all standouts, Partridge contriubtes his usual slew of great songs ("Are You Recieving Me", "Life is Good in the Greenhouse", "Jumping in Gomorrah", and Andrews even shows HIS writing chops with a pair of fine contributions, "My Weapon" and "Super Tuff".....this is another excellent album, probably a bit underappreciated.

1979's "Drums and Wires" is something of a letdown, although it does include on of their biggest singles, the great "Making Plans For Nigel", and also "When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty" and "Life Begins at the Hop"......this is another vinyl rip which if you already have you will want for some bonus tracks, including fairly hard to locate "Blame the Weather" and "Tissue Tigers", taken from, I remember it like it was last night, a Trouser Press Magazine "Flexi-Disc".

I consider 1980's "Black Sea " to be thier final really great album, something of a comeback from "Drums and Wires", it is a bold attempt to develop and expand their sound....."Respectable Street", though, sounds like classic XTC, a bold anthem of hypocrisy ("Sunday church and they look fetching, Saturday night saw him wretching over our fence"), we also get the oddball "Living Through Another Cuba" and "Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me)", as well as the truly bizarre "Travels In Nihilon".....also included on THIS vinyl rip is a live "Respectable Street", taken from "Urrgh: A Music War!"

"English Settlement" is a somewhat ambitious 1983 double LP release (that was the end of my vinyl
rips it's digital from here out), it's ok, a bit long and clumsy, there is some good stuff here ("Senses Working Overtime", "No Thugs In Our House").....for fans, not really essential from here. "Mummer" is also a solid, professional, and IMO somewhat dull effort, standouts include "Love on a Farmboy's Wages" and "Wonderland".

In my decidedly non-expert opinion, I consider the seventh album "The Big Express", to be maybe their most under-appreciated disc, and a bit of another mini-comeback......still some fine songwriting here ("I Bought Myself a Liarbird", "Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her").....NOT an essential album, but a quite good and listenable one.

In case you were wondering, I DO have the fine psych albums that the band released under the name "Dukes of the Stratosphere", look for these a little bit later in this series (reason: they are on a different shelf and I dont feel like going back and getting them right now), the next "proper" XTC album was "Skylarking", I'm not too crazy about it, the CD version does include "Dear God" which was a major single, and one that I don't care that much for, either.

They plugged on...."Oranges and Lemons" (whose title comes from a poem liberally quoted in my favorite book, "1984"...."Oranges and Lemons, say the bells of St. Clemmons....."), and for a band's tenth or eleventh or whatever you consider this, it isn't awful, you have to give them some credit, this came along in 1989, "King for a Day" and "Mayor of Simpleton" are decent XTC, give Mouldin and Partridge props, they could crank out the songs if nothing else.

"Nonsuch" is from 1992 (!), I've only listened to it a few times and don't really recall anything
REALLY standout, it's here if you want it......the final efforts were 1999's "Apple Venus Volume 1", a pretty weak effort (IMO) that experiments with chamber music and folky stuff, and 2000's "Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)" which I think is even worse.....didn't even have copies of them, had to go on the web and snatch some for you guys to evaluate if yer so inclined.

OK there is a LOT of material here, and you have seen NOTHING yet, wait and see what I have the next few days, if you are a fan of these lads you probably have everything HERE, but for certain a rare piece or two may find you the next couple posts......but i REALLY have a BUNCH of stuff from these guys and I am going to go all "Hendrix" and empty out the vault.......enjoy!

WHITE MUSIC-01 Radios In Motion/02 X Wires/03 This is Pop/04 Do What You Do/05 Statue of Liberty/06 All Along the Watchtower/07 Atom Age/08 Set Myself on Fire/09 I'm Bugged/10 New Town Animal/11 Spinning Top/12 Neon Shuffle

GO 2-01 Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!)/02 Battery Brides/03 Buzzcity Talking/04 Crowded Room/05 The Rythem/06 Are You Recieving Me?/07 Red/08 Beatown/09 Life Is Good in the Greenhouse/10 Jumping In Gommorah/11 My Weapon/12 Super Tuff/13 I Am the Audience

DRUMS AND WIRES-01 Life Begins at the Hop/02 Helicopter/03 Making Plans For Nigel/04 Ten Feet Tall/05 When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/06 That is the Way/07 Real By Reel/08 Millions/09 Outside World/10 Roads Girdle the Globe/11 Scissor Man/12 Complicated Game/13 Limelight/14 Day In Day Out/15 Chain of Command/16 Blame the Weather/17 Tissue Tigers

BLACK SEA-01 Respectable Street/02 Generals and Majors/03 Living Through Another Cuba/04 Love at First Sight/05 Rocket From a Bottle/06 No Language In Our Lungs/07 Towers of London/08 Paer And Iron (Notes and Coins)/09 Burning With Optimism's Flame/10 Sgt Rock (Is Going To Help Me)/11 Travels In Nihilon/12 Respectable Street (Live)

ENGLISH SETTLEMENT-01 Runaways/02 Ball and Chain/03 Senses Working Overtime/04 Jason
and the Argonauts/05 No Thugs In Our House/06 Yacht Dance/07 All of a Sudden (It's Too Late)/08
Melt the Guns/09 Leisure/10 It's Nearly Africa/11 Knuckle Down/12 Fly On the Wall/13 Down In the Cockpit/14 English Roundabout/15 Snowman

MUMMER-01 Beating of Hearts/02 Wonderland/03 Love on a Farmboy's Wages/04 Great Fire/05 Deliver Us From the Elements/06 Frost Circus/07 Jump/08 Toys/09 Gold/10 Procession Toward Learning Land/11 Desert Island/12 Human Alchemy/13 Laybird/14 In Loving Memory of a Name/15 Me and the Wind/16 Funk Pop a Roll

THE BIG EXPRESS-01 Wake Up/02 All You Pretty Girls/03 Shake Your Donkey Up/04 Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her/05 This World Over/06 Red Brick Dream/07 Washaway/08 Blue Overall/09 The Everyday Story of Smalltown/10 I Bought Myself a Liarbird/11 Reign of Blow/12 You're the Wish You Are I Had/13 I Remember the Sun/14 Train Running Low on Soul Coal

SKYLARKING-01 Summer's Cauldron/02 Grass/03 The Meeting Place/04 That's Really Super, Supergirl/05 Ballet For a Rainy Day/06 1000 Umbrellas/07 Season Cycle/08 Earn Enough For Us/09 Big Day/10 Another Satellite/11 Mermaid Smiled/12 The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul/13 Dying/14 Sacrificial Bonfire/15 Dear God

ORANGES AND LEMONS-01 Garden of Earthly Delights/02 The Mayor of Simpleton/03 King For a Day/04 Here Comes President Kill Again/05 The Loving/06 Poor Skeleton Steps Out/07 One of the Millions/08 Scarecrow People/09 Merely a Man/10 Cynical Days/11 Across This Antheap/12 Hold Me My Daddy/13 Pink Thing/14 Miniature Sun/15 Chalkhills and Children

NONSUCH-01 The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead/02 My Bird Peforms/03 Dear Madam Barnum/04 Humble Daisy/05 The Smartest Monkeys/06 The Disappointed/07 Holly Up On Poppy/08 Crocodile/09 Rook/10 Omnibus/11 That Wave/12 Then She Appeaered/13 War Dance/14 Wrapped In Grey/15 The Ugly Underneath/16 Bungalow/17 Books Are Burning

APPLE VENUS VOLUME 1-01 River of Orchids/02 I'd Like That/03 Easter Theater/04 Knights
in Shining Karma/05 Frivilous Tonight/06 Greenman/07 Your Dictionary/08 Fruit Nut/09 I Can't Own Her/10 Harvest Festival/11 The Last Balloon

WASP STAR (APPLE VENUS VOLUME 2)-01 Playground/02 Stupidly Happy/03 In Another Life/04 My Brown Guitar/05 Boarded Up/06 I'm The Man Who Murdered Love/07 We're All Light/08 Standing In For Joe/09 Wounded House/10 You and the Clouds Will Still Beautiful/11 Church of Women/12 The Wheel and the Maypole

Bon appetite!

Super Mega XTC Part 2

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's slew of XTC, nothing difficult to loacate, but maybe some of you
young pups perhaps got an education on them if you were unfamiliar......got a lot more stuff here over the next 2-3 days so let us get to it.

First up, "Transistor Blast", a four disc set released in 1998, a mixture of studio sessions/live rcordings taken from various BBC sessions. The first two discs are studio efforts, mostly Peel sessions, interesting and highlighted by a fine "Atom Age" on Disc 2. The other two discs are live stuff, Disc 3 culled from a couple of shows, 1978-79, and Disc 4 a 1980 show from Hammersmith Palais which concludes with a fairly smoking "Are You Recieving Me?"

"Fossil Fuel-The Singles 1977-1992" is two discs which have a LOT of overlap with yesterday's stuff, I have included them here in the interest of a few alternate "single versions", notably a decidedly inferior (IMO) version of "This Is Pop".

A somewhat companion piece is the single disc "Beeswax-Some B-Sides 1977-1992",  which  includes a BUNCH of, well, B-Sides, most of which are not compiled elsewhere, this one essential for fans of the band.

Fairly rare from what I understand is "The Tiny Circus of Life", a limited edition French collection from 1992,  a few tracks exist in only this form......according to which source one believes, the release was somewhere between 1000 and 3000 copies, so in any case I guess it's a rarity.

The oldest thing I can come up with is a really cool 1977 Peel Session, from before the release of "White Music",  fun to hear such early versions of "Radios In Motion" and "Statue of Liberty".

"Jules Verne's Sketchbook" is a fan club release (1986) of Andy Partridge's home demo recordings,
again, ANOTHER slew of songs which don't appear much of anywhere else. It is possitively staggering the amount of material these guys not only released but DIDN'T release, I am stunned that I personally even have so much.

Yet another large rarities collection is "Rag N Bone Buffet", a collection of B-Sides and other obscurities among them a Colin Moulding solo effort, "Too Many Cooks In the Kitchen", which he recorded/released under the name "The Colonel"......

I have to stop somewhere for today, there is still a good amount of material yet to come, like I said, I didn't even realize myself how much of this stuff is on the "X" shelf back there, haven't really gone into a ton of detail here but the bottom line is, if you are a fan of these guys you will probably find some stuff here you didn't have, if you just discovered them from yesterday's post, junior, procede with caution because as I said, these boys put out a LOT of material, officially and otherwise.

Got a bunch of extended singles, demos, some stuff Andy Partridge compiled, and some other stuff tomorrow BEFORE I even get to the mountain of live recordings. I will NEVER do such a big post again without doing any preparation, ie sorting stuff out and the like but I TRULY didn't realize how much of thier stuff I have.......so if you do happen to be an XTC fan, hope you enjoy something here.

TRANSISTOR BLAST DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Life Begins at the Hop/03 Scarecrow People/04 Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her/05 Ten Feet Tall/06 Garden of Earthly Delights/07 Runaways/08 Whn You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/09 I'm Bugged/10 Another Satellite/11 You're the Wish You Are I Had/12 Crosswires/13 Roads Girdle the Globe

TRANSISTOR BLAST DISC 2-01 No Thugs In Our House/02 One of the Millions/03 Real By Reel/04 The Meeting Place/05 Meccanic Dancing/06 Poor Skeleton Steps Out/07 Atom Age/08 The Rythm/09 This World Over/10 Snowman/11 Danceband/12 Making Plans For Nigel/13 Jason and the Argonauts

TRANSISTOR BLAST DISC 3-01 Radios In Motion/02 Crosswires/03 Science Friction/04 Statue of
Liberty/05 The Rythm/06 I'll Set Myself On Fire/07 New Town Animal/08 All Along the Watchtower/09 Beatown/10 This is Pop/11 Danceband/12 Neon Shuffle

TRANSISTOR BLAST DISC 4-01 Life Begins At the Hop/02 Burning With Optimism's Flames/03 Love First Sight/04 Respectable Street/05 No Language In Our Lungs/06 This is Pop/07 Scissor Man/08 Tower of London/09 Battery Brides/10 Living Through Another Cuba/11 Generals and Majors/12 Making Plans For Nigel/13 Are You Recieving Me?

FOSSIL FUEL-THE SINGLES 1977-92 DISC 1-01 Science Friction/02 Statue of Liberty/03 This Is Pop (Single Version)/04 Are You Recieving Me?/05 Life Begins at the Hop/06 Making Plans For Nigel/07 Ten Feet Tall/08 Wait 'Til Your Boat Goes Down/09 Generals And Majors/10 Towers of London/11 Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)/12 Love at First Sght/13 Respectable Street (Single Version)/14 Senses Working Overtime/15 Ball And Chain/16 No Thugs In Our House

FOSSIL FUEL-THE SINGLES 1977-92 DISC 2-01 Great Fire/02 Wonderland/03 Love on a Farmboy's Wages/04 All You Pretty Girls/05 This World Over/06 Wake Up/07 Grass/08 The Meeting Place/09 Dear God/10 The Mayor of Simpleton/11 King For a Day/12 The Loving/13 The Disappointed/14 The Ballad of Peterpumpkinhead/15 Wrapped In Grey

BEESWAX-SOME B-SIDES 1977-92-01 She's So Square/02 Dance Band/03 Hang On to the Night/04 Heatwave/05 Instant Tunes/06 Pulsing Pulsing/07 Don't Lose Your Temper/08 Smokeless Zone/09 The Somnambulist/11 Blame the Weather/12 Tissue Tigers/13 Punch and Judy/14 Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass

THE TINY CIRCUS OF LIFE-01 History of Rock N Roll/02 The Mayor of Simpleton/03 Scarecrow People/04 Dear God/05 Season Cycle/06 Grass/07 Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her/08 Great Fire/09 Runaways/10 Senses Working Overtime/11 Knuckle Down/12 Fly on the Wall/13 Blame the Weather/14 Respectable Street/15 Making Plans For Nigel/16 This Is Pop

PEEL SESSIONS 1977-01 She's So Square/02 Crossed Wires/03 Radios In Motion/04 Science Friction/05 Atom Age/06 Dance Band/07 Heat Wave/08 I'm Bugged/09 Statue of Liberty

JULES VERNE'S SKETCHBOOK-01 Young Cleopatra/02 Motorcycle Landscape/04  Happy
Families/04 Glow/05 Moonlit Drive/06 Broomstick Rhythm/07 Work/08 Ra Ra For Red Rocking Horse/09 Disque Bleu/10 Mopti Fake/11 Little Lighthouse/12 When We Get To England/13 Shaking Skin House/14 Obscene Procession/15 Dripping Basin

RAG N BONE BUFFET-01 Extrovert/02 Ten Feet Tall/03 Mermaid Smiled/04 Too Many Cooks In Our Kitchen (The Colonel)/05 Respectable Street (UK Single Version)/06 Looking For Footprints/07 Over Rusty Water/08 Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass/09 The World Is Filled With Angry Young Men/10 Punch and Judy/11 Thanks For Christmas (The Three Wisemen)/12 Tissue Tigers/13 I Need Protection (The Colonel)/14 Another Satellite (Sunday Live Show)/15 Strange Tales, Strange Tails/16 Officer Blue/17 Scissor Man (Peel Show 1979)/18 Cockpit Dance Mixture/19 Pulsing, Pulsing/20 Happy Families/21 Countdown to Christmas Party Time (The Three Wisemen)/22 Blame the Weather/23 Take This Town/24 The History of Rock N Roll

    Super Mega XTC Part 3


    NOTE-Sorry, a couple days away, some family issues came up......still should be worth the wait, some good and rare stuff tomorrow......start the live shows tomorrow!

    A lot of the stuff in his post is not "my" original stuff, I checked Pirate "XTC Discograpy" and there was a good bit of stuff I din't have that I though I'd add to both MY collection, and to yours as well......fo now we will deal with the HUGE demos package that the original poster created......tw dics worth of stuff (thoe originl post was not split into discs or parts, some fine and rare stuff here, I hope you guys like stuff......

    After that we have a lot of exended singles all of which contain additional tracks that are kinda hard to find, you should enjoy these as well......what else, what else,........Well, Andy Partridge has  a 4-disc demo set, "Fuzzy Warbles", lots of odd-ball tracks you will be wanting to check, as well as an album, "Monsterance", which has a few interestin tracks to say the very least......

    Finally up is "Homegrown", afin setof demos which will eventually be incorported into the "Venus Apple" thing.........so little detail here....know WHY? Cause I wrote the whole thing up andmy computer "ATE", so yu get the Cliff Notes Version as I wanna go beddy bye.....

    5 SENSES SINGLE-01 Smokeless Zone/02 Officer Blue/03 Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down/04 Don't Lose Your Temper/05 Strange Tales, Strange Tails

    BALLAD OF PETER PUMPKINHEAD SINGLE-01 The Ballad Of PeterPumpinhead Album Version/02 The Smartest Monkey (Home Demo)/03 My Bird Peforms (Home Demo)/04 Always Winter, Never Christmas (Home Demo)

    DEAR GOD-01 Dear God/02 Homo Safari/03 Bushman President/04 Eyptian Solution/05 Mantis On Parole/06 Frost Circus/07 Procession toward Learning Land

    DISAPPOINTED (SINGLE)-01 The Disappointed/02 The Smartest Monkeys (Demo)/03 The Smartest Monkeys/04 Humble Daisy

    KING FOR A DAY SINGLE-01 King For a Day 7"/02 King For a Day 12"/03 My Paint Heroes (Home DEmos)/04 Skeletons (Home Demo)

    THE BALLAD OF PETER PUMKINHEAD-01 The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead (LP Version)/02 The Smartest Monkeys (LP Version)/'03 My Bird Performs (Home Demo)/04 Always Winter, Never Christmas (Home Demo)

    THE LOVING (SINGLE)-01 The Loving/02 Cynical Days/03 The World Is Full Of Angry Young Men

    HOMEGROWN-01 Playground/02 Stupidly Happy/03 In Another Life (Excerpt From Original)/04 In Another Life (Jugband Version)/05 Some Lovely/06 Boarded Up/07 I'm the Man Who Murdered Love (Early Other Song)/08 I'm the Man Who Murdered Love (Tamala Version)09 I'm the Man WHo Murdered Love/10 We're All Light (Early Cassette Demo)/11 We're All Light/12 Standing In For Joe (Lounge Version)/13 Standing I forJoe/14 Wounded Horse/15 You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful/16 Lie For a lie (Cassette Demo)/17 Church of Women/18 The Pot Won't Hurt Our Love (Early Cassette Demo)/19 Everything Decays (Early Cassette Idea)/20 The Wheel and the Maypole

    DEMO COLLECTION DISC 1-01 Where Have All the Ordinary People Gone (Colin Moulding)/02 Bags of Fun With Buster/03 Blue Overall/04 Books Are Burning/05 Brainiac's Daughter/06 Broomstik Rythem/07 Bungalow/08 Candymine/09 Cherry In Your Tree/10 Church of Women/11 Didn't Hurt a Bit/12 Down a Peg/13 Dripping Basin/14 Dying/15 Everything Will Be Alright/16 Gangway Electric Guitars/17 Glow/18 Goodbye Humanosaurus/19 I Don't Wanna Be Here/20 I Overheard/21 Jump the cup/22 Monkeys in Humanskin Suits

    DEMO COLLECTION DISC 2-01 Moonlit Drive/02 My Bird Performs/03 My Train is Coming/04 Now We All Dead/05 Poor Skeleton Steps Out/06 Prince of Orange/07 Purple Haze/08 Raising a Family In a House Full of Mice/09 Rip Van Ruben/10 Rook/11 Someone's Been In my Room/12 Spare a penny/13 Strawberry Fields Forever/14 Supidly Happy/15 Summer' Cauldron/16 Susan Revolving/17 The Beautiful People/18 The Smartest Monkeys/19 Then She Appeared/20 Visit to the Doctor/21 Where Have All the Ordinary People Gone/22 Young Cleopata

    ANDY PARTIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 1-01 Dame Fortune/02 Born Out Of Your Mouth/04 Don't Let Us Bug Ya/05 That Wag/06 That Wave/07 Ocean's Daughter/08 Everything/09 Mogo/10 Merely a Man/12 Epns/13 Summer Hot as This/14 Miniature Sun/15 I Bought Mysef a Liarbird/16 Compicated Game/17 Wonder Annual/18 Space Wray/19 Rocket (as recievd this disc had no track 4)

    ANDY PARTRIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 2-01 Ridgeway Path/02 I Don't Wannae Here/03 Young Marrieds/05 Obcene Procession/06 Miller Time/07 You're the Wish You Are I Had/08 Ra Ra Rehearsal/09 Ra Ra For Red Rocking Horse/10 Everything Will Be Alright/11 25'O'clock/12 Goom/13 Chain of Command/15 Summer's Cauldron/16 Then She Appeared/17 It's Snowing Angels/18 Ship Trapped In the Ice (As received this disc hadno track 4 or 14)

    ANDY PARTRIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 3-01 My Train Is Coming/02 Light Headed/03 Goodbye Humanosaurus/04 Humble Daisy/05 You Like Me/06 Great Fire/07Work/08 Mopti Fake 1/09 Colleideoscope/10 Mopti Fake 2/11 When We Get To England/12  Train Running Low On Soul Coul/13 Holly Up On Poppy/14 Strawberry Fields Forever/15 Autumn Comes Around/16 Child's Crusade/17 Little Lighthouse/18 This is the End/19 Put It On Again

    ANDY PARTRIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 4-02 Bumbercars/03 The Art Song (Somthing Good With Your Life)/04 I'm Playin' My Fano/05 Zonked Right Out On Line/06 All I Dream of is Friend/07 Peck the Ground Like a Chicken/08 That's Really Super, Supergirl/09 Brainiac's Daughter/10 Blue Beret/11 Gangway, Electric Guitar is Comng Through/12 Mechanical Planet/13 Helicopter/14 The Ugly Underneath/15 Omgo/16 Where Is Your Heart/18 Season Cycle/19 Countdown to Christmas Partytime (As recieved this disc had no track 1 or 17)

    ANDY PARTRIDGE-MONSTERANCE D1-01 Lovely Cosomonaut/02 Winterwerk/03 Black Swam Black/04 Mig/05 Oodoo/06 Ur Tannoy/07 Little Field

    ANDY PARTRIDGE-MONSTERANCE D2-/01 Pagoda  Tailfin/01 Chain Gang/03 Torturetainment
    04 The  Floating World/05 The Priapple

    Super Mega XTC Part 4

    Hope you are grooving on the XTC classics and rarities, LOTS of good and unusual stuff
    here....thanks to Julian Porter for contributing the "I'd Like That" single, check yesterday's comments for link (another minion came though with another vintage Tom Petty concert, check comments for link to that one.......ALSO, thanks to my cyber-brother, DaveSez, for sending me something (not for share) that proves how much in tune with each other we are........thanks brother!

    So today, let us start on the pile ofin-concert stuff from the band, never saw them (they ceased touring in 1982), but in the meantime, it seems they played live quite often and varied their set lists quite a bit (something that wins points with the BigBoy)......I'm gonna throw these out really not partcular order, should take to days to get them out.....still looking for the dub album by "Mr. Partridge" (can't recall the title) but it's a good/rare one I'd like to have (paging fellow Buckeye Doug Wofsey).

    Lets begin with a 1980 simulcast, not sure from where, but a VERY good one, nice job of hitting on the career highlights as well as the smash-up finale "Radios In Motion"/"Are You Recieving Me"......good set. Please identify the city origin if you can  may be noted in the audio, haven't listened in quite some time.

    "Drums and Wireless" are a collection of various BBC tracks, most, if not all, of which appeared on the "Transistor Blast" set. If you already picked up on that one, please procede with caution, if you wish to avoid overlap.

    Up next, the imaginatively titled "XTC LIVE 1980", a nice set, again, and yet another which I never took down the location of origin......very good peformances throughout, though, including a fried-out "Living Through Another Cuba".

    Now I THINK is one is somewhat rare, at least I haven't seen too many of m....."3D-CD" contains a live set fom Rebecca's Birmingham from 1977....considering the age, a VERY fine performance, and I've always loved XTC'"All Along the Watchtower" (inclded here and seriously one of my favorite covers ever, especially for a cover-of-a-cover.) This disc also includes a 1977 set from Eric's in Liverpool, highlighted by a frantic "Neon Shuffle"....the disc also includes a couple Helium Kidz demo (including "Neon Shuffle), XTC Demos (all total obscurities unfamiliar to me), as well as a brief interview and a pair of "Go2" outtakes, also extreme rarities......this is an ESSENTIAL rarities collection for the XTC fan.

    From My Father's Place, Old Roslyn NY, 1980 comes a good live set, a lot of "Go2" and "Black Sea" material, probably highlighted for me by "Crowded Room", an old, underappred favorite of mine, a relative cross-section of the classic albums and singles, but, to nitpick. where is "Radios in Motion", can't have everything ya know....

    "Rainbow Drops and Finger Pops" is a fine set fom 1979, London, a few tunes that didn't generally
    pop up in the set lists suh as "Instant Tunes", and "Roads Girdle the Globe" (these guys had SO VERY FEW poor tunes that they had always interesting and varied, surprising set lists.......the "Statue of Liberty" finale smokes!

    "Fab Four I Philly 1980" is a nearly completly differnt set lit from the other 1980 sets here.......they took chances and did no play it safe......"Generals and Majors" as encore? Not a single track om "White Music?",.....and you harly notice, THAT is how much excellent maerial the boys had at thier disposal. "Living Through Another Cuba" generally works well on stage, and this is no exception.

    What else, what else.....as I said before they stopped touring in 1982 (Amsterdimo Holland) here is a show from August of that year, I assume at least one of their final shows, glad to see "All Along theWatchtower" turn up, and "No Thugs In Our House" was rarely done live. This set is from Amsterdam Holland.

    From 1980, a WBCN simulcast, from the Paradise Rock Club in Boston MA...a good long set, pretty frentic......rave-ups of great live standards "Radios in Motion", "Crowded Room", "Statue of Liberty", as well as, in XTC fashion, some lesser performed live shows, "Complicated Game", "Homo Safari".......really do like this one, for what it's worth.

    Just by chance, recorded the day before in Boston, we have another set......very similar in content to the above listed show, quite similar indeed, other than the replacement  of the opener "Homo Safari" for "Looking For Footprints/Beatown"......stilll a good high enegy set, from one of the great bands of the era.

    1980 RADIO SIMULACAST-01 Real By Reel/02 When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/03 Life Begins at the Hop/04 The Rhythem/05 Roads Girdle the Globe/06 Ten Feet Tall/07Helicopter/08 This Is Pop/09 Battery Brides/10 Instant Tunes/11 Crowded Room/12 Complicated Game/13 Making Plans For Nigel/14 Radios In Moton/15 Are You Recieving Me?

    DRUMS AND WIRELESS-01 Opening Speech/02 No Thugs In Our House/03 Runaways/04 You're the Wish You Are I Had/05 Poor Skeleton Steps Out/06 Crosswires/07 Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her/08 Real By Reel/09 Into the Atom Age/10 Meccanik Dancing/11 Ten Foot Tall/12 Scarecrow People/13 I'm Bugged/14 Dance Band/15 Jason and the Argonauts/16 One of the Millions/17 Roads Girdle the Globe

    XTC BBC LIVE 1980-01 Life Begins at the Hop/02 Burning With Optomism's Flame/03 Love at First Sight/04 Respectable Street/05 No Language In Our Lungs/06 This Is Pop/07 Scissors Man/08 Towers Of London/09 Battery Brides/10 Living Through ANother Cuba/11 Generals and Majors/12 Making Plans For Nigel/13 Are You Recieving Me?

    3D-CD-01 Hang Onto the night/02 Crosswires/03 Let's Have Fun/04 Radios In Motion/05 I'm
    Bugged/06 New Town Animal/07 Atom Age/08 All Along the Watchtower/09 She's So Square/10 Do What You Do (1-10 Rebecca's Birmingham 11/17/77)/11 Dance band/12 Science Friction/13 Neon Shuffle/14 Traffic Light Rock (11-14 Eric's Liverpool 11/26/77)/15 Yabber Yabber Yabber/16Neon Shiffle (14-15 Helium Kidz Demos)/17 Refrigeration Bues/18 Quicksilver/19 Saturn Boy (17-19 XTC Demos)/20 Cheap Perfume/21 I Overheard/22 Bonus Inerview (20-21 Go2 Outtakes)

    MY FATHERS PLACE NY 12/2/80-01 Intro/Outside World/02 Life Begins at the Hop/03 Helicopter/04 Love at First Sight/05 Respectable Street/06 No Language In Our Lungs/07 Mccanik Dancing (Oh We Go)/08 This Is Pop/09 Scissor Man/10 Towers of London/11 Real By Reel/12 Battery Brides/13 Living Through Another Cuba/14 Generals and Majors/15 Making Plans For Nigel/16 Crowd/17 Crowded Room/18 Are You Recieving Me?

    RAINBOW DROPS AND FINGER POPS-01 Beatown/02 Real By Reel/03 The Rhythm/04 Roads Girdle the Globe/05 Science Friction/06 Life Begins at the Hop/07 Helicopter/08 Battery Brides/09 Making Plans For Nigel/10 Scissor Man/11 Instant Tunes/12 Outside World/13 Life Is Good in the Greenhouse/14 Crowded Room/15 Radios In Motion/16 Are You Recieving Me?/17 Set Myself On Fire/18 Meccanick Dancing/19 This Is Pop/20 Dance band/21 Statue of Liberty

    FAB FOURSOME PHILLY 1980-01 Real to Reel/02 Life Begins at the Hop/03 When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/04 Respectable Street/05 Sgt. Rock/06 No Language in Our Lungs/07 Ball and Chain/08 Paper and Iron/09 Love at First Sight/10 Roads Girdle the Globe/11 Scissor Man/12 Towers of London/13 Burning With Optomism's Flame/14 Making Plans For Nigel/15 Living Through ANother Cuba/16 Generals and Majors

    AMSTERDAM HOLLAND 8/3/82-01 Ball And Chain/02 No Thugs In Our House/03 Senses Working Overtime/04 All Along the Watchtower/05 No Language In Our Lungs/06 Towers of London/07 Making Plans For Nigel/08 Living Through Another Cuba/09 Generals and Majors/10 Real By Reel/11 Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)

    BOSTON 1/29/80-01 Looking For Footprints/Beatown/02 Real By Reel/03 When You're Near Me I ve DIfficulty/04 Life Begins at the Hop/05 The Rhythm/06 Meccanick Dancing (Oh We Go!)/07 Ten Feet Tall/08 Helicopter/09 This is Pop?/10 Battery Brides/11 Crowded Room/12 Complicated Games/13 Making Plans For Nigel/14 Radios In Motion/15 Are You Recieving Me?/16 Outside World/17 Dance Band/18 Statue of Liberty

    BOSTON 1/30/8- WBCN FM-01 Homo Safari/02 Beatown/03 Real By Reel/04 When You're Near
    Me I Have Difficulty/05 Life Begins at the Hop/06 The Rhthym/07 Meccanik Dancing/08 Ten Feet Tall/09 Helicopter/10 This Is Pop?/11 Battery Brides/12Crowded Room/13 Complicated Game/14 Making Plans For Nigel/15 Encore Break/16 Radios In Motion/17 Are You Recieving Me?/18 Encore Break/19 Outside World/Dance Band/20 Statue of Liberty/21 Radio Announcer Outro

    We'll see if I have some stuff left for tomorrow, I think I at least have the "Dukes of the Stratosphere" albums, we'll just see......this has been a little bit of work to be honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Super Mega XTC Part 5

    OK, I am pissed......PISSED because I cannot find my "25 O'Clock" from the Dukes Of the
    Stratosphere, one of the two fine psychedelic albums released by XTC under that name.....normally if I cannot find it, I check the Bay or whatever, but I simply cannot locate it.....I KNOW I have it, it kicks ass, but I cannot find it, on my shelf, on the web....CERTAINLY one of the blog friends will have it, I just happen to KNOW I have it and can't find it, this pisses one off in the share-blog game.

    So, SOMEONE, please bail me out on this one......enjoyed the Ohio State Buckeyes taking out Navy today, thinking it might be a difficult season for the Bucks without QB Braxton Miller, but if there is one thing I love, it is football, Ohio State and Minnesota Vikings,and would LOOOOOVE fo you guys to discuss "your" football teams while we discuss music........ahhhhhhhhhh, autumn in Ohio, football, RETIREMENT........oh, heaven!

    OK, I do have the OTHER Dukes album, "Chips From the Chocolate Fireball", a fine psychedelic album in it's own right, while I think "25 O'Clock" is better, this one is quite good as well...."Bike Ride the Moon", "Have You Seen Jackie", and lots more, another display of partridge/moulding's unreal versality.

    OK, someone (See comments yesterday) contributed the dub album I was searching for, as well as some other goodies, thanks........if someone will please contribute "25 OClock", we'll pretty much have the XTC experience down pat......today, I am going to add a tribute album (haven't heard it, I don't think), and another demo set I uncovered from the whole "Apple Vennus" thing........

    Come on folks, there have been some fine contrbutions here, if ya have anything else, now is the time......tomorrow we switch directions (to where? God only knows), but I hope you have enjoyed the XTC, an if you have anything to add, please do, ESPECIALLY (APB) "25 OClock" by Dukes of Stratosphere!

    DUKES OF STRATOSPHERE-CHIPS FROM THE CHOCOLATE FIREBALL-01 25 O'Clock/02 Bike Ride To the Moon/03 My Love Explodes/04 What In the World/05 Your Gold Dress/06 The Mole From the Ministry/07 Vanishing Girl/08 Have You Seen Jackie/09 Little Lighthouse/10 You're a Good Man Albert Browne (Curse You Red Barrel)/11 Collideascope/12 You're My Drug/13 Shiny Cage/14 Brainiac's Daughter/15 The Affiliated/16 Pale and Precious

    HOMESPUN-THE APPLE VENNUS HOME DEMOS-01 River of Orchids/02 I'd Like That/03 Easter Theater/04 Knights In Shining Karma/05 Frivilous Tonight/06 Greenman/07 Your Dictionary/08 Fruit Nut/09 I Can't Own Her/10 Harvest Festival/11 The Last Balloon

    Me/02 SPACEHOG-Senses Working Overtime/03 CRASH TEST DUMMIES-Pretty Girls/04 THE VERVE PIPE-Wake Up/05 THE REMBRANDTS-Making Plans For Nigel/06 SARAH MCLAUGHLIN-Dear God/07 RUBEN BLADES-The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul/08 P. HUX-Another Satellite/09 THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS-25 O Clock/10 TERRY & THE LOVEMEN-The Good Things/11 JOE JACKSON-Statue of Liberty

    That's gonna wrap up the XTC from here, hope ya enjoyed it......BUT PLEASE if you have anything to add please do, I love XTC, think they were great, and would love ANYthing else I could get to hear from them (espcially that elusive 25 OClock album!).....have know idea where we're going next week, but I hope you enjoy it, as always, and of course, ANY suggestions for music or to make things better are always appreciated........this is YOUR blog, not mine, I just supply the content.......feel free to tell me ANYTHING y'd like to see, and to contribute ANYTHING you wish.......THAT is what it is all about, I want this blog to be "free form", much like FM radio was back in the early-mid 1970's (you don't remember it, junior, but it was phenominal and gave me MY musical education!

    Love ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Greek Punk Part 4

    I know  told Sweet Jane that I would start a Mott the Hoople thing today, gonna have to wait ONE
    more day (worth it, I have TONS of Mott/Ian Hunter)......but today, Apanta Bapanta returns from along abscence and translates some more Greek punk albums for us........these are NOT exactly popular, as much as I'd like them to be, but I happen to love them, in fact they are a favorite semi-regular feature here. Apanta Bapanta does an EXCELLENT JOB with the translations/write-ups, PLEASE give these a try, you may enjoy them, at least they are something different. Tomorrow: Mott the Hoople: The Complete History , begins.......growing up in the 1970's, they, Bowie, and Roxy Music were some of my VERY favorite bands, so I DO have some goodies......but for now, take it away my brother in Greece!:

    OK. I'm gonna have to do a little work, for some reason I cannot copy/paste Apanta Bapanta's work in the mail attatchement, so I'm going to pretty much copy by hand.......here we go.....

    The first band translates to English as Beginning of the End. I can't exactly print the Greek name as there are Greek font in the name,(try  AΡΧΗ ΤΟΥ ΤΕΛΟΥΣ and as I said for some reason I can't copy/paste......anyway the zippylink for this band is:


    They have several demos and stuff on their Bandcamp page, free of charge......they were formed in
    Athens 2000......here is the Bancamp link......http://arxi-tou-telous.bandcamp.com/     

    Checking the Zippylink, however, will get ya the album "Movement In Two Steps" (track list: 01 Hands In Wounds/02 Hate Outbreak/03 Movement In Two Steps/04 Waking In Darkness/05 Blind in Gaza

    There are three remaining songs for which we don't have titles, they come from the album "A Modern Babel" (2003)

    Next up we have
    Γ.ΤΣΙΓΚΟΣ & ΜΑΥΡΟΙ ΚΥΚΛΟΙ, also known as (In English), George Tsigos and the Black Circles, they were formed in Athens ca. 1990. The album provided here("City of Immortals") gives us five tunes, 01 Wounded Dragons/02 Want/03 Pierce Silence/04 Pretending/05 Girl......for whatever reason the rest of the album is not included, and track 01, Wounded Dragon, is incomplete.

    Next stop is
    http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/79029042/file.html  ΓΕΝΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΧΑΟΥΣ, or Chaos Generation......
    First up we have a 1984 album entitled "Chaos Generation-Wish You Good Appetite"......track list: 01 Death Rattle/02 War For Whom/03 Bastarokratia/04 Church-Hypocrisy/05 Irony/06 Tax Blood

    The remainder of the tracks are from a large 1984 demo tape-01 Fraud War/02 Unknown Soldier/03 No Hope/04 Social Byproducts/05 Generation of Chaos/06 For Life Alone/07 Wake Workplace/08 401 GNA/09 Honorable Citizen/10 Despair/11 Introduction In Paradise/12 Black-The Color of Deprivation/13 Disused Meat/14 Speckle/15 Death Rattle/16 Speckle2/17 The Message of Defeat/18 Requiem/19 Introduction Requiem/20 Late In the Evening/21 Amok

    So there ya are......next link is

    which conjurs up the band ΣΠΛΙΤ, (Negative Space)......what we have here is a split/vinyl rip, the first side featuring a band called KC Hismet, the flip including the band Negative Space. The Album is entitled " Love Is Our Strongest Weapon".....not sure WHERE the split occurs, but here are the tracks-01 You Don't Exist/02 Nights/03 Self-Censorship/04 No More Fear of Your Feelings/05 You're My Hell/06 Parallel Monologue/07 Experiments/08 The Myth of Power

    One more for today and PLEASE expand your horizons and check this stuff out, NOT the stuff you can pick up every day...........


    This band is called ΓΚΟΥΛΑΚ (Gulag)......what we have here are a set of songs from an album entitled "Emergency Entry 0 C"......01 Mad Musician/02 Lost Hours/03 Dangerous Guest/04 Carniverous Lamb/05 The Dead Selves (note, another track exists on the album, "Dream", which for whatever reason does not appear here.

    The remainder of the songs here are from an EP entitled "Big Talk" 01 Big Talk/02 Nomads/03 Apology/04 Mad Musician/05 Carniverous Lamb.

    So, that's gonna wrap it up for Greek Punk for now, I'll be sending Apanta Bapanta 5 more bands to decode for us soon (also sending him a bunch of Eddie and the Hot Rods stuff he has reqeusted for his trouble, look for it this week, my friend!).......Also thanks to Dave Sez for the cool gift, this one will truly be enjoyed by myself and my son, we are both fans of this kind of thing!

    As for you Sweet Jane, just wait for tomorrow when the skies open and rain Mott the Hoople!

    Mott the Hoople Part 1

    Argueably my favorie of all bands, one of a handful anyway.....once did a "rarities" post on them, this
    time I am going to give them the "XTC/Hendrix" treatment and throw ya pretty much everything I got.

    The wonderful 1969 debut album proudly wears it's influences, namely Dylan and the Rolling Stones, covering material as diverse as The Kink "You Really Got Me" (done as an overpowering instrumental), Sonny Bono's "Laugh at Me", and Doug Sahm's "At the Crossroads".....all of which are fantastic interpretations, and the original material "Rock N Roll Queen" and in particular they Dylan-esque "Backsliding Fearlessly" sparkles as well......the classic lineup was guitarist Mick Ralphs, drummer, Dale Griffin, bassist Overend Watts, keyboardist Verden Allen, and, most notably, vocalist/pianist/resident genius Ian Hunter. The album is brilliant and not nearly appreciated enough.

    The follow-up, "Mad Shadows" is something of a letdown, although it does include a good one in "Walkin' With a Mountain", and a great one, one of the heaviest rockin tracks of the era, "Thunderbuck Ram".......likely one wishing to dabble could find these on one of the comps I am going  unleash the next few days, the album is for fans........

    Speaking of.....album #3 "Wildlife", is in a word, awful......partially acoustic and hardly rocking in the least, it contains the respectable "Angel of Eighth Avenue" and NOTHING else of merit......if ever a band looked as if its run were over, this was it.......I was/am a huge fan of the group and rate this disc as  1/2*, being charitable.

    The comeback, part , was "Brain Capers" a flatout
    tremendous maturation and honestly one of the best and hardest rocking albums of the mid-70's......not only do you get titles such as "The Wheel of Quivering Meat Conception", and of course "Death May Be Your Santa Claus", but great numbers such as "Darkness Darkness", "The Journey", "Sweet Angeline", and one of the greatest hard-rock songs of them ALL, "The Moon Upstairs".......one of the first songs to use the word "fuck" in a non-shocking context ("We ain't bleeding you, we're feeding you, but you're too fucking SLOW!" (another great lyric: "For those of you who always laugh, let this be your epitaph", among others, this is one GREAT song on one spectacular hard rock album. NOT to be missed under any circumstances.

    Then along came Bowie......Bowie saw something he liked in them, and wth his input, they became leaders of the glam rock scene......Bowie got them Lou Reed's "Sweet Jane", also a favorite song of mine which works perfectly in this context, and gave them the wonderous "All the Young Dudes", which features' Hunter's spoken bit near the end which seemed to give the band credibility in the gay community ("Hey you up there......you in the glasses......I want you".......a tremendous song and an anthem for a movment/era, the album also includes other gems, "Jerkin' Crocus", "One of the Boys", "Sucker"........one of the finest albums of the 1970's.......(note: I once read that the band preferred Bowie's "Drive In Saturday" to "All the Young Dudes".......I hear  version exists SOMEWHERE, not sure, but wouldn't THAT be amazing, and it might have changed musical history for better/worse.)

    However, not even the best Mott the Hoople album of the 1970's, because these guys thier stride with the classic "Mott".....nearly every track here is a wonder......leading off with the classic "All the Way From Memphis" ("It's a mighty long way down rock n roll, and your name gets hot so your heart grows cold") (some lame ass hair band covered it in the late 80's or so, chnging the lyric "Some spade" to "some guy" or something, Good Lord).........."Whizz Kid" is a fine one, "Hymn for the Dudes" is majestic ("you ain't the Nazz.....you're just a buzz......some kinda TEMPORARY")......."Honaloochie Boogie" shoulda been a hit single, "Violence" is a sort of overlooked "semi-classic", "Drivin' Sister" is a great track with some excellent drumming (also referencing Mott's all but unknown "Half Moon Bay".......the autobiographical "Ballad of Mott the Hoople" is quite insightful as Hunter lays out his soul as well as those of hi mates in just a few lines, and finally, the Dylanesque "I Wish I Was Your Mother" ........THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST ALBUMS, NOT JUST OF THE 1970's, NOT JUST HARD-GLAM ALBUMS, THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST ALBUMS EVER PRODUCED......I give out only 5 star ratings, this is one of those albums I think deserves more........

    Well, all good things come to an end.......Allen and Ralphs left (Ralphs to form Bad Company), the
    bad took on Morgan Fischer and Ariel Bender to replace them for "The Hoople" (these guys did NOT lose a lot of sleep on album titles).......not a horrible album, but after the past two, what could we realistically expect.....It contains one really great one "Marionette" ("I ain't one yet!"), "Crash Street Kids", "Born Late '58", and a few more are passable.......this is though the end of the road for stdio work.....Hunter departed, and the leftovers issued "Drive On" and "Pointing and Shouting" which I don't have and wouldn't post if I did, they are simply awful......we do have a vinyl rip of a decent live (commercially available) album, it features the Bender/Fischer lineup, really does rock hard, in particular "Sweet Angeline"........there was a 30-year double disc reissue which we'll get to eventually, with some of the other live stuff.....what were doing today is 1) getting the basic discography out of the way, and 2) establishing my love for the band. LOTS and LOTS of live stuff, comps, demos, Hunter solo stuff, etc, yet to come, probably most of the week.......I love this band, always did, and if you have anything to contribute that you think I may be lacking, PLEASE, now is the time.......

    Remember I used to title my posts "The Best _________ Post Ever"?  I stopped doing that because someone from another blog (who never did like me or my blog anyway) took offense to it and didn't understand the sarcasm/self deprecating humor.......point being, if you can find a BETTER Mott the Hoople post than you will see here the next 3-4 days, I'll eat Drew Barrymore's undergarments.

    Be well, LOTTS of MOTT to come this week, I am excited, if you are a fan, I hope you are too......tomorrow: LOTTS of COMPS crammed with rare stuff!

    "Some spade said rock n rollers, yer all the same.......man, that's yer instrument, I felt.......SO ASHAMED!"

    MOTT THE HOOPLE-01You Really Got Me/02 At the Crossroads/03 Laugh at Me/04 Backsliding Fearlessly/05 Rock and Roll Queen/06 Rabbit Foot and Toby Time/07 Half Moon Bay/08 Wrath and Wroll

    MAD SHADOWS-01 Thuderbuck Ram/02 No Wheels to Ride/03 You Are One Of Us/04 Walkin' With a Mountain/05 I Can Feel/06 Threads of Iron/07 When My Mind's Gone

    WILDLIFE-01 Original Mixed Up Kid/02 Angel of Eighth Avenue/03 Wrong Side of the River/04 Waterlow/05 Lay Down/06 It Must Be Love/07 Whiskey Woman/08 Home Is Where I Want To Be/09 Keep a Knockin'

    BRAIN CAPERS-01 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/02Your Own Backyard/03 Darkness
    Darkness/04 The Journey/05 Sweet Angeline/06 Second Love/07 The Moon Upstairs/08 The Wheel of Quivering Meat Conception

    ALL THE YOUNG DUDES-01 Sweet Jane/02 Momma's Little Jewel/03 All the Young Dudes/04 Sucker/05 Jerkin Crocus/06 One of the Boys/07 Soft Ground/08 Ready For Love/After Lights/09 Sea Diver

    MOTT-01 All the Way From Memphis/02 Whizz Kid/03 Hymn For the Dudes/04 Honaloochie Boogie/05 Violence/06 Drivin' Sister/07 Ballad of Mott the Hoople/08 I Wish I Was Your Mother

    THE HOOPLE-01 The Golden age of Rock N Roll/02 Marionette/03 Alice/04 Crash Street Kids/05 Born Late 58/06 Trudi's Song/07 Pearl and Roy (England)/08 Through the Looking Glass/09 Roll Away the Stone

    LIVE-01 All the Way From Memphis/02 Sucker/03 Rest In Peace/04 All the Young Dudes/05 Walkin' With a Mountain/06 Sweet Angeline/07 Rose/08 Medley: Jerkin' Crocus/One of the Boys/Rock N Roll Queen/Get Back/Whole Lotta Shakin/Violence

    Little slow going with a couple of the CD uploads, try to get MOST of the links tonight, hopefully all of them.......please a little patience.

    Mott the Hoople Part 2

    Mott has a ton of rare material in the vault, might as well get stared covering the bases......"Very
    Sticky Fingers" is a mishmash of this and that, a good  outtakes from "Mott" and "Dudes", a version of "All th Young Dudes" with Bowie on vocal, a version of "Sweet Jane" with Reed on vocal, an ancient version of "Loung Lizard" which would not turn up until Hunter's solo albums......not totally the greatest listening experience but a goldmine of rarities.

    We have also for your inspection a remastered "All the Young Dudes" (yesterday's original was a vinyl rip), which is fleshed out with some demos, the UK single version of "One of the Boys, the title track with Bowie and Hunter sharing vocals, and one of the VERY few live "Sweet Jane" versions I think I have ever heard from Mott.

    Along the same lines exists a three disc box, the "All the Young Dudes" box, with EVERYTHING you could imagine....an impromptu "Like a Rolling Stone".....tons of demos and 45 versions, "Midnight Lady" with Steve Marriott on vocal.....that's disc 1. Disc 2 serves as a sort-of "greatest hits" thing, pulling from "Dudes", "Mott" and "The Hoople", finding place for previously unreleased "Saturday Gigs" and "Foxy Foxy", also a live "Ballad of Mott" and a remix of "I Wish I Was Your Mother". Disc 3 is back to demo/live/singles mix, hard to imgine so much exists, check the track lists below for the complete contents.

    Yet another "Dudes" themed comp is "Essential Young Dudes, Live and More", 2 discs of live tracks from here and there, and a trio of rare demos.

    "Backsliding Fearlessly" is an commercially released comp of earlier material, including the great "Road to Birmingham", as well as digital versions of, say, "Thunderbuck Ram" and "The Moon Upstairs" if you didn't like my vinyl rips.

    I don't think I'm going to include "Rock N Roll Queen", a collection of early single, due to overlap factor, I don't THINK there is anything there you can't find elsewhere here, if I am wrong just ask.

    "Two Miles From Heaven" contains some rare stuff from the pre-Dudes, a vocal "You Really Got Me", a discarded mix of "Thunderbuck Ram", some other early versions of stuff that would turn up on "Dudes"

    So much stuff.....how about a set of BBC recordings, from various vintages, but featuring some killer
    takes on "Darkness Darkness" and "The Moon Upstairs", two of each of them actually.....gotta stop somewhere, so let's end with a digital version of ysterday's vinyl rip of "Live", the 30 year aniversary edition, expanded to a double disc with some extra material, notably from "The Hoople"......

    LOTS more tomorrow, hope you guys make up a market for this kind of thing, because there is more to come.....good stuff, enjoy this!

    VERY STICKY FINGERS-RARITIES AND OUTTAKES-01 Long Red ( Outake)/02 It'll Be Me (3rd LP Outake)/04 Sunset Summer/05 Chosen Road (Unreleased Hunter Tune)/06 Whole Lotta Shakin/07 Your Cheatin Heart/08 I Could Never Be Ashamed of You/09 What'd I Say (Studio Jam1974)/10 Sweet Jane (Original DEmo w/Lou Reed on Vocal)/11 It's All Right, (Unreleased, ca. Mott LP),12 Till I'm Gone (Alternate with Hunter on vocals)/13 Saturday Kids/14 Saturday Gigs/15 Saturday Gigs/16 It Would Be a Pleasure (Ronson)/17 All the Young Dudes (Demo w/Bowie on vocals)/18 Henry & the H-Bombs (1969 era)/19 Lounge Lzard (1974 outake w/ Ronson on guitar)/20 I'll Tell You Something (demo of Overend Watts song w/Hunter on vocals

    ALL THE YOUNG DUDES REMASTERED AND EXPANDED-01 Sweet Jane/02 Momma's Little Jewel/03 All the Young Dudes/04 Sucker/05 Jerkin Crocus/06 One of the Boys/07 Soft Ground/08 Ready For Love/After Lights/09 Sea Dive/10 One of the Boys (demo)/11 Black Scorpio (demo of Momma's Little Jewel)/12 Ride on the Sun (demo of Sea Diver)/13 One of the Boys (UK Single Version)/14 All the Young Dudes (Bowie/Hunter vocal)/15 Sweet Jane (Live)

    ALL THE YOUNG DUDES BOX DISC 1-01 Like a Rolling Stone (Impromptu Jam)/02 Rock N Roll Queen (45 RPM Version)/03 You Really Got Me (vocal version)/04 Wrath N Wroll (1998 Mix)/05 Find Your Way (Backtrack/demo)/06 Moonbus (Baby's Got a Down) (Live Demo 1998 Mix)/07 It Would Be a Pleasure (demo)/08 Ohio (Live/1998 Mix)/09 Midnight Lady (Steve Mariott Vocal)/10 Debt/11 Downtown (1998 Mix)/12 Long Red (1998 Mix)/13 It'll Be Me (1998 mix)/14 Until I'm Gone (1998 mix)/15 One of the Boys (Alternte Version 1998 Mix)/16Journey (Alternative Version/1998 Mix)/17 Mental Train (The Moon Upstairs) (Demo 1998 Mix)/18 How Long? (Death May Be Your Santa Claus Demo)/19 Ride on the Sun (Early Sea Diver Demo/1998 Mix)/20 Movin On (Demo/1998 Mix)/21 Hunchback Fish (Backtrack)

    ALL THE YOUNG DUDES BOX DISC-01 All The Young Dudes/02 One of the Boys (UK Single Version)/03 Sweet Jane/04 Ready For Love/05 Honaloochie Boogie/06 Ballad of Mott the Hoople (March 26 1978, Zurich)/07 I Wish I Was Your Mother (1998 mix)/08 I'm a Cadillac/09 All The Way From Memphis/10 Hymn For the Dudes/11 Violence/12 Roll Away the Stone/13 Crash Street Kids/14 Marionette/15 Golden Age of Rock N Roll/16 Rest In Peace/17 Born Late 58/18 Foxy Foxy/19 (Do You Remember) The Saturday Gigs?

    ALL THE YOUNG DUDES BOX DISC 3-01 All the Young Dudes (Bowie/Mott)/02 It's
    Goodbye/03 Just Can't Go To Sleep/04 Transparent Day (Demo Version)/05 Shakin All Over (Demo Version)/06 Please Don't Touch (Demo Version)/07 So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad (Demo Vrsion)/08 Honaloochie Boogie (Demo 1998 Mix)/09 Hymn For the Dudes (Demo 1998 Mix)/10 Nightmare (Demo/1998 Mix)/11 Saturday Kids/12 Lounge Lizard/13 Shout It All Out/14 It Don't Come Easy (Demo 1998 Mix)/15 Barking Up the  Wrong Tree/16 To Short Arms (I Don't Care)/17 Get Rich Quick (Demo 1998 Mix)/18 International Heroes (45 RPM Mix)/19 American Pie/The Golden Age of Rock N Roll (Live 1998 Mix)/20 Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane (Live 1998 Mix)/21 Rock N Roll Queen (Live 1998 Mix)/22 Blowin in the Wind (Live 1998 Mix)

    ESSENTIAL YOUNG DUDES LIVE AND MORE DISC 1-01 Walkin With a Mountain/02 Long Red/03 The Original Mixed Up Kid/04 Thudnerbuck Ram/05 Keep a Knockin/06 Bowie Intro/Jupiter/07 Jerkin Crocus/08 Sucker/09 Hymn For the Dudes/10 Sea Diver/11 One of the Boys/12 Midnight Lady/13 All the Young Dudes/14 Honky Tonk Women

    ESSENTIAL YOUNG DUDES LIVE AND MORE DISC 2-01 Drivin Sister/02 American Pie/03 Golden Age of Rock N Roll/04 Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane/05 Rest In Peace/06 Here Comes the Queen/07 Born Late 58/08 Marionette/09 All the Way From Memphis/10 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/11 Ballad of Billy Joe/12 If Your Heart Lay With a Rebel/13 It Would Be a Pleasure

    BACKSLIDING FEARLESSLY-01 Road To Birmingham/02At the Crossroads/03 Laugh At Me/04 Backsliding Fearlessly/05 Angel of Eighth Avenue/06 The Journey/07 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/08 The Moon Upstairs/09 Thunderbuck Ram/10 Walkin With  a Mountain/11 Going Home/12 Rock N Roll Queen/13 Little Christine/14 WhiskeyWoman/15 When My Mind's Gone/16 Lay Down

    TWO MILES FROM HEAVEN1 You Really Got Me (Vocal Version)/02 The Road to Birmingham/03 Thuderbuck Ram/04 GoingHome/5 Little Christine/06 Keep a Knockin/07 Black Hills/08 Mama's Little Jewel/09 Ride on the Sun/10 Grown Man Blues/11 Until I'm Gone/12 One of the Boys/13 (There's An)Ill Wind Blowing/14 The Debt

    BBC RECORDINGS-01 Whiskey Woman/02 Darkness Darkness/03 The Moon Upstairs/04 Original Mixed Up Kid/05 Thunderbuck Ram/07 Your Own Backyard/08 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/09 Darkness Darkness/11 The Moon Upstairs/12 Whiskey Woman/13 The Journey

    LIVE-30 YEAR ANNIVERSAY REISSUE DISC 1-01 Intro-Jupiterfrom "the Planets"/02 American
    Pie/The Golden age Of Rock N Roll/03 Sucker/04Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane/05 Rest In Peace/06 All the Way From Memphis/07 Born Late 58/08 One of the Boys/09 Hymn For the Dudes/10 Marionette/11 Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence/12All the Young Dudes/13 Walking With a Mountain

    LIVE-30 YEAR ANIVERSARY REISSUE DISC 2-01 Intro-Jupiter from the Planets/02 Drivin Sister/03 Sucker/04 Sweet Jane/05 Sweet Angeline/06 Rose/07 Roll Away the Stone/08 All the Young Dudes/09 Jerkin Crocus/One of the Boys/Rock N Roll Queen/Get Back/Whole Lotta shakin
    /10 Walking With a Mountain

    OK...... rare stuff, GREAT stuff, you guys need to discuss this stuff with me......a favorite band ofmine, oneof my faves EVER.....they were FUCKING great........if you have any other material to add PLEASE do, this is one of the greatest of all rock n roll bands!

    Mott the Hoople Part 3

    Lots more stuff from the deep vaults of the legendary Mott the Hoople.....we'll start off with "Hoopling Furiously", which has a good bit of overlap with the BBC set posted yesterday, however, it DOES include a couple of other items that don't appear there, ("It'll Be Me", "Midnght Lady"), for the completionist.

    I have an undated King Biscuit Flower Hour recording, not sure if it is "Mott" per say as there is a lot of Ian Hunter solo materal here, but nonetheless fine versions of "Just Another Night" and "Once Bitten".

    I have got something here called "Mott the Hoople: The Collection".....NO IDEA what it is supposed to be, has a lot of Hunter post-Mott stuff as well, but also happens to include "Golden Opportunity" and "Stiff Upper Lip", certainly not commonly compiled.

    Also undated is "Greatest Hits Live", the set list hints it's "Dudes" era, with a version of "Honky Tonk Women", and a peculiar encore choice of "Laugh at Me.

    "Very Flash, Very Rude" is a "Mott" era boot, and to wrap up today, a couple of short sets, the Fillmore East in 1970 with a raveup "You Really Got Me" finale, and Portland Maine 1973, which concludes with a fine "Rock N Roll Queen"

    Got a whole lotta more live sets for tomorrow, and don't forget Hunter's often great solo work still to
    come......glad these have been so popular, a favorite band of mine, and I'm happy to share thier stuff.....APB for anything I don't have, one of my very very favorite bands!

    HOOPLING FURIOUSLY-01 Thunderbuck Ram/02 WhiskeyWoman/03 Original Mixed Up Kid/04 Darkness Darkness/05 The Moon Upstairs/06 The Moon Upstairs/07 Whiskey Woman/08 Your Own Backyard/09 Darkness Darkness/10 The Journey/11 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/12 One of the Boys/13 Midnight Lady/14 All The Young Dudes/15 It'll Be Me

    KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR-01 Marionette/02 The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/03 One of the Boys/04 All the Way From Memphis/05 Once Bitten Twice Shy/06 Just Another Night/07 Cleveland Rocks/08 All the Young Dudes

    THE COLLECTION-01 Golden Opportunity/02 All The Way From Memphis (Live)/03 One of the Boys/04 Roll Away the Stone/05 Sucker/06 You Nearly Did Me In/07 Sweet Jane/08 All The Young Dudes (LIve)/09 Crash Street KIds/10 Stiff Upper Lip/11 Jerkin Crokus/12 Violence/13 Once Bitten, Twice Shy/14 Ready For Love/15 Marionette/16 Saturday Gigs

    GREATEST HITS LIVE-01 Jerkin Crocus/02 Sucker/03 Hymn For the Dudes/04 Ready For Love/05 Sweet Jane/06 Sea Diver/07 Angeline/08 One of the Boys/09 All the Young Dudes/10 Honky Tonk Women/11 Laugh At Me

    VERY FLASH, VERY RUDE-01 Angline/02
    Drivin Sister/03 Sucker/04 Sweet Jane/05 HymnFor the Dudes/06 All the Way From Memphis/07 Rose/08 All the Young Dudes/09 Jerkin Crokus/10 Rock N Roll Queen/Get Back/11Walking With a Mountain

    FILLMORE EAST 6/11/70-01 Darkness Darkness (Fades In)/02 Laugh At Me/03 Rock N Roll Queen/04 At the Crossroads/05 Half Moon Bay/06 You Really Got Me

    PORTLAND MAINE 8/10/73-01 Intro/Drivin Sister/02 Sucker/03 Sweet Jane/04 Hymn For the Dudes/05 Ready ForLove/06 All the Way From Memphis/07 All the Young Dudes/08 Jerkin Crocus/One of the Boys/09 Rock N Roll Queen

    Lots more yet to come, great stuff, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Having some computer issues, making post go a bit slower, please bear with me?

    Mott the Hoople Part 4

    Well, might as well clean out the rest of the boots, be advised some are not of the greatest audio
    quality....nonetheless, it IS Mott, one of the truly great bands of the 1970's, and when I say great, I mean tremendous, influenial, AND significant, on par with The Clash, or the Pistols, or Led Zeppelin, or Roxy, or the Stones, or whomever......unique sound, harder rocking than 90% of the other bands of the 70's, introspective, informed lyrics.....what can I say? One of my favorite bands, Mott, Roxy, and Bowie, among a few others, got me through my early teen years, and by Jesus it sounds every bit as great in 2014 as it did upon release.

    Anyway, longlist here (Sweet Jane Richards, the Hunter solo albums will be coming tomorrow (maybeSaturday, my son and I are going to see Cage the Elephant and the Black Keys tomorrow night!).....for now here is a slew of live boots, sample them or grab them all!

    Starting with a 2 disc set from 1971, Wolverton UK.....a lot of the greatest early material, including (my fave) "The Moon Upstairs", and fine, haunting versions of "The Journey" and "Darkness Darkness".....

    Moving on to 1973, the "Dudes" era, we have a show from NY's Felt Forum, pretty much "All the Young Dudes" performed live, with the addition of "Rose" and "Angeline" ("Angeline" was always a live staple)......highlight: an energetic "Drivin Sister"

    Another 1973 set comes one from Boston, similar set list to the previous, save for an always welcome
    "Hymn For the Dudes"......later that same year we have a set from Hollywood, a prettygood one with a bit more "Mott" material, including  a fine "All the Way From Memphis".

    On to 1974 and back to Portlan Maine for another double disc set, some "Hoople" material begins to creep into the setlist, always good to hear "Marionette" of course. I have an undated Los Angeles set, similar setlit again, this closing with a "marionette" encore, and a fine wlk-through of most of their best post-"Dudes" stuff......

    Lund, Sweden is our next stop (1974) and is of interes mostly due to the inclusion of some lesser performed stuff, "Lounge Lizard", "Saturday Gigs" (which cuts out abruptly....tapeflip, maybe).....not a bad set if you're a fan like myself.

    It was near the end of the Hunter era, we have a set from Santa Monica (1974), which covers most of the same material which was performed on this tour ("Dudes" though "Hoople"), and wrapping thing up is "European Ending 1974", with, "Lounge Lizard", "Angel No. 9", and the odd encore of "Saturday Gigs".........hey, it's all Mott, it's all good and as "The Hoople" showed they were going downhill anyway....so what IS he final tally? Well, I call THREE absolute classic albums, "Mott", "Dudes", and "Brain Capers" as well as the very good debut album, an the not so bad "Mad Shadows"and "The Hoople".......pretty good track record for anyone........some of Hunter's solo work is of nearly the same quality, but, boys, ya done damn
    good.......for certain, an all time favorite of mine, never get tired of listening to this phenominal rock n roll.....hope you hae enjoyed it as well....tomorrow, we'll explore Ian Hunter's solo work (at least the good ones, he mixed a clunker or two in there!)

    WOLVERHAMPTON DISC 1-01 The Moon Upstairs/02 Death May Be Your Santa Claus/03 In Your Own Backyard/04 Walkin' With a Mountain/05 Whiskey Woman/06 The Journey

    WOLVERHAMPTON DISC 2-01 Sweet Angeline/02 Darkness Darkness/03 Rock N Roll Queen/04 Midnight Lady/05 Keep A Knockin'

    NY FELT FORM-01 Intro/02 Drivin Sister/03Sucker/04 Sweet Jane/05 Hymn For the Dudes/06 Ready For Love/07 All The Way From Memphis/08 Rose/09 All the Young Dudes/10 Jerkin Crocus/One of the Boys/11 Rock  N Roll Queen/12 Angeline

    BOSTON 1973-01 Drivin Sister/02 Sucker/03 Sweet Jane/04 Hymn For the Dudes/05 All the Way From Memphis/06 Ready For Love/07 All The Young Dudes/08 One of the Boys/09 Rock N Roll Queen/10 Angeline

    HOLLYWOOD 1973-01 Jupiter Theme/02 Drivin Sister/03 Sucker/04 Sweet Jane/05 HYmn For the Dudes/06 All the Way From Memphis/07 Angeline/08 Rose/09 All the Young Dudes/10 Jerkin Crocus/11 One of the Boys/12 Rock N Roll Queen/13 Walkin With a Mountain

    PORTLAND MAINE 1974 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/03 Sucker/04 Roll
    Away the Stone/Sweet Jane/05 Rest In Peace/06 All the Way From Memphis/07 Born Late 58/08 One of the Boys

    PORTLAND MAINE 1974 DISC 2-1 Hymn For the Dudes/02 Marionette/03 Drivin Sister/04 All the Young Dudes/05Walkin With a Mountain

    LOS ANGELES-01 The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/02 Sucker/03 Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane/04 Jerkin Crocus/05 Rest In Peace/06 Here Comes the Queen/07 One of the Boys/08 Born Late 58/10 All the Young Dudes/11 Walkin With a Mountain/12 Hymn For the Dudes/13 Marionette

    LUND SWEDEN 1974-01 American Pie/The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/02 Sucker/3 Roll Away the Stone/Sweet Jane/4 Rest In Peace/05 Born Late 58/06 One of the Boys/07 All The Way From Memphis/08 Rose/09 Saturday Gigs (cut)/10 Angel #9/11 Medley: Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence/Crash Street Kids/12 Audience/13 All th Young Dudes/14 Lounge Lizard

    SANTA MONICA 1974-01 American Pie/02 The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/03 Sucker/04 Roll Away the Stone/05 Rest In Peace/06 Here Comes the Queen/07 One of the Boys/08 Born Late 58/09 Hymn For the Dudes/10 Marionette/11 Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence/12 All the Way From Memphis/13 All the Young Dudes

    EUROPEAN ENDING 174-01 American Pie/02 Golden Age of Rock N Roll/03 Roll Away the Stone/04 Lounge Lizard/05 Rest In Peace/06 Angel #9/07 Born Late 58/08 One of the Boys/09 All the Way From Memphis/10 Rose/11 Angeline/12 Drivin Sister/Crash Street Kids/Violence/13 All the Young Dudes/14 Saturday Gigs

    Lotta work went into this here one children, as it does with bands like this of which I have copious amounts of material (which is why I haven't YET taken on those Roxy Music or Yo La Tengo projects yet one of these days......)......bands that I really LOVE like Mott, though, I want to do them up RIGHT for established fans and newcomers as well....if you take a listen to any of these fine discs here, please offer up a comment if you have time......Mott were one of the greatest of all bands to come out of the greatest of rock n roll decades (the 1970's), there were so may great bands back then that we an often forget a bunch of em........I have a bunch of Ian Hunter stuff too, we'll get startedon it tomorow, and, before I forget to mention it, a friend sent me a HUGE 4-disc XTC comp with LOTS of stuff that wasn't in my post, so onc we finish with Ian/Mott, we'll have a "return of XTC" post, and it is a GOOD one.......love to you all, as I said, me and my son are stoked about going to see the Black Keys Friday night, so don't be surprised if some of THEIR stuff (I love "Chulahoma") pops up here this weekend as well.......love you all once again, and PLEASE let me know what you'd like to see here, it is trulyMY pleasure! Goodnight! Links for this post won't be up until Friday morning EST!

    Ian Hunter

    One would have assumed that Mott the Hoople sans Ian Hunter would be a disaster, and one would
    be right, "Drive on" and "Pointin' and Shoutin'" are positivey ghastly epics, reminscent of the time the Yule brothers tried to make a Velvet Underground album without Lou Reed, just a horrble idea.......however, Hunter still had a lot of material in him, rounded up backing band led by guitarist Mick Ronson, and cranked out a few albums of at the very least 3-star quality.......I think any fan of Mott will enjoy these, it is MUCH more the logical extension of  Mott the Hoople than the two instant cutouts mentioned before.

    The solo debut, "Ian Hunter", is spectacular, Hunter sounds liberated and blasts out great tunes (the ferocious "Once Bitten Twice Shy" was covered by some hair-brained hair band who at the very least should have been publicly flogged), "I Get So Excited" is pure sleezy Hunter rock n roll, "Lounge Lizard" had been a fairly regular Mott concert staple for a while......"Who DoYou Love", is also an excellent rocker, "Shades Off!" and "Boy" are the kind of lyrical insight Hunter always did so well (think "Hymn for the Dudes")......all this without even mentioning what may have been Hunter's best song ever, the psychotic "The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nothing But the Truth" features some positively brain bending slide guitar and some "noone but Ian Hunter" lyrics ("God's little baby got nothin' to shoot"), GREAT song, fabulous album too, pure 4-star effort.

    The follow up "All American Alien Boy" is not quite a good, but is still loaded with some fine stuff,
    the ballad "Irene Wilde", the insightful "Letter to Britania From the Union Jack",actually all of side two is really solid as well ("Rape", "You Nearly Did Me In", "Apathy 83 (sample lyric: "There ain't no rock n roll no more just music of the rich"), and the album's higlight, the Dylanesque "God Take 1", a conversation between Ian and God, which gets pretty deep ("Oh, God said to me:'Gonna kick your ass'")......not quite as rocking or quite as good as the debut, but easilly a three star effort.

    He had one more great one in him.....the soundtrack of my senior year (1979) included tons of stuff from "You're Never Alone With a Schizophrenic", leading off with the great "Just Another Night" and of course including "Cleveland Rocks", made more "famous" later on as the theme from "The Drew Cary Show".....there are some good, quieter tracks here,"When the Daylight Comes, "Standin' In My Light", and the unfortunate "Ships", which was actually covered by Barry Manilow (!) ad became a huge hit, from which Hunter earned more money than he did in both his solo career an his career with Mott the Hoople in total......sometimes I have VERY little faith in the rest of our species.......

    Anyway, he cranked out several more, don't have them and haven't heard a lot of them, I DO have one of them here "Overnight Angels", I'll include it here because I have one, can't say too much to recommend it.

    "Welcome To the Club" was a 2 record set with three live sides and a studio side with four new tracks.....covers a lot of ground, as far back as "Laugh at Me" and as recent as stuff off of "Schizophrenic"......all in all, the live sides are perfectly acceptable, and the studio side offers two good ones ("We Gotta Get Out of Here", which finds Hunter trapped in a discoteque, and "Man O War" which gives us choice lyrics like "the demon in my semen").......all in all, for Mott/Hunter fans, I think vinyl rips of it are fairly hard to locate.

    From 1975 we have a poorly recorded Detroit show,which at least provides a live version of "The Truth" (also strangely "White Light White Heat"(LATE EDIT: The Detroit disc is defective and does not apear here it is awful anyway) .......from 1981 comes a Hunter/Ronson set from Central Park NY, which features a few efforts from the latter solos that I don't have ("Gun Control", "Lisa Likes to Rock N Roll", really pretty good stuff, somewhat to my surprise......a 1979 show from Cleveland from the "Schizophrenic" tour REALLY brings down the house, of course, with "Cleveland Rocks".....and one more I've found, a 1989 BBC session with stuff old and new, good and bad, see what you think.......

    Gonna about wrap up my week of Mott/Ian, always a favorite of mine and I hope you've enjoyed
    it.....going to see the Black Keys tonight, so maybe we'll do something for them tomorrow, we'll see! Till then, please enjoy these.

    IAN HUNTER-01 Once Bitten Twice Shy/02 Who Do You Love/03 Lounge Lizard/04 Boy/05 3000 Miles From Here/06 The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nothing But the Truth/07 It Ain't Easy When you Fall/08 Shades Off/09 I Get So Excited

    ALL AMERICAN ALIEN BOY-01 Letter to Brittania From the Union Jack/02 All-American Alien Boy/03 Irene Wilde/04 Rape/05 You Nearly Did Me In/06 Apathy 83/07 God (Take 1)/08 Restless outh

    YOU'RE NEVER ALONE WITH A SCHIZOPHRENIC-01 Just Another Night/02 Wild East/03 Cleveland Rocks/04 Ships/05 When the Daylight Comes/06 Life after Death/07 Standin' In My Light/08 Bastard/09 The Outsider

    WELCOME TO THE CLUB-01 FBI/02 Once Bitten Twice Shy/03 Angeline/04 Laugh at Me/05 All the Way From Memphis/06 I Wish I Was Your Mother/07 Irene Wilde/08 Just Another Night/09 Cleveland Rocks/10 Standin' In My Light/11 Bastard/12 Walkin With a Mountain/Rock N Roll Queen/13 All the Young Dudes/14 Slaughter on Tenth Avenue/15 We Gotta Get Out of Here/16 Silver Needles/12 Man O War/13 Sons and Daughters

    OVERNIGHT ANGELS-01 Golden Opportunity/02 Shallow Crystals/03 Overnight Angels/04 Broadway/05 Justice of the Peace/06 (Miss) Silver Dime/07 Wild N Free/08 The Ballad of Little Star/09 To Love a Woman

    CENTRAL PARK 1981-01 Once Bitten Twice Shy/02 Gun Control/03 Central Park and West/04 All the Way From Memphis/05 I Need Your Love/Honky/06 Lisa Likes Rock N Roll/07 Violence/08 Noises/09 Is Your Love In Vain/10 Standin in My Light/11 Bastard/12 Just Another Night/13 Cleveland Rocks/ 14 Irene Wilde/15 All the Young Dudes/Ships

    CLVELAND 1979-01 FBI/02 Once Bitten Twice Shy/03 Life After Death/04 Laugh At Me/05
    Bastard/06 Just Another Night/07 Standing I My Light/08 Cleveland Rocks/09 When the Daylight Comes/10 Angline

    BBC 2/15/89-01 Once Bitten Twice Shy/02 How Much More Can I Take/03 Big N Little Love/04 Following In Your Footsteps/05 Just Another Night/06 Sweet Dreamer/07 (Give Me Back My) Wings/08 Standin' In My Light/09 Bastard/10 The Loner/11 You're Never Too Small To Hit the Bigtime/12 All the Way From Memphis/13 Irene Wilde