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Hard-to-classify indie-rock from Denmark, who have released atleastone tremendous album and
some other stuff that is worth a listen.Made up of vocalist Jonas Bjerre, bass player JohanWohlet, guitarist Bo Madsen, and drumer Silas Utke Graae Jorgenson, they began in 1977 with the album "ATriumph For Man".

Odd lyrics, odd time signatres, odd track changes create something of a unique sound, can't really think of much of anything to compare them too, which I always think of as a compliment....perhaps somewhat psychelic, maybe  mating of Pink Floyd and Flaming Lips? I don't think that's too accurate, but it's the best I can come up with right now.

The next release, 2000's "Half the World Is Watching Me", opens with a Flamin Lip-like stunt as well....to here this properly, one must start with track  and REWIND back to Track 0, "Ending", which is meant to be heard first. Ah, well.....a good effort, nevertheless, with wierd stuff like "I Am Wry, No", and "Saliva", in 2007 this was reissued with a bonus disc which did include some good material and is included here. The second disc includes some demo/live stuff, but is farly worth it.

Now, for 2003's "Frengers", we have a bunch of tunes which appeard on the first two albums, rerecorded for this effort. A highlight is the version of "Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years", utilizing Swedish singer Stina Nordenstam taking the vocal chores.......there are ALSO four original tracks on the album, which do not appear on the other efforts.

All this would be fairly redundant, were it not for 2005's "And the Glass Handed Kites", a marvelous effort and one of the top albums of that year.....a sort of hard-rockin, Pink Floyd-like opus, sort of a song-suite with some fine track transitions.....LOVE this album, Im sure there must be some grand "concept" at work here, damned if I know WHAT, but the music works fine and sure souns great.....J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. contrbutes vocals on a couple tracks, but trust me on this one, this is an excellent effort that you want to hear, if you haven't before....

Wrapping this up with "No More Stories"from 2009, not NEARLY as good as it's predecessor,
opinions are split....I DO know of a couple who really like this, myself I had hoped they'd build on "Glass", and I don't see it......but, as much as I love "Glass"perhaps my wish are unrealistc, as I just don't really care for this one too much......incidentally, the full title is a very long on, which appears below.

So as far as I know that is it for Mew....forgettable career, not for the majestic "And the Glass Handed Kites", one of the true masterworks of the 00's.....don't miss that one at least!

A TRIUMPH FOR MAN-01 Wheels Over Me/02  Beautiful Balloon/03 Wherever/04 Panda/05 Then I Run/06 Life Is Not Distant/07 Shadow Kick/08 Snow Flake/09 She Came Home For Christmas/10 Pink Monster/11 I Should have Been a Tsin-Tsi/12 How Things Turn Out To Be/13Web/14 CoffeeBreak

HALF THE WORLD IS WATCHING ME DISC 1-01 I Am Wry, No/02 Mica/03 Saliva/04 King Christian/05 Her Voice I Beyond Her Years/06 156/07 Symmety/08 Comforting Sound/00 (Hidden) Ending

HALF THE WORLD IS WACHING ME DISC 2-01 Half the World Is Watching Me/02 Her Voice
Is Beyond Her Years (Live)/03 Mica (Live)04 Wheels Over Me (Live)/05 Wherever (Live)/06 156 Demo)/07 Quietly (Demo)/08 Comforting Sound (Do I Look Like a Puerto Rican) (Demo)

FRENGERS-01 I Am Wry, No/02 156/03 Snow Brigade/04 Symmetry/05 Behind the Drapes/06 Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years/07 Eight Flew Over One Was Destroyd/08 She Came Home For Christmas/09 She Spiders/10 Comforting Sounds

AND THE GLASS HANDED KITES-01 Curcuitry of the Wolf/02 Chinaberry Tree/03 Why Are You Looking Grave/04 Fox club/05 Apocalypso/06 Special/07 The Zookeeper's Boy/08 A  Dark Design/09 Saviours Jazz Ballet (Fear Me, December)/10 An Envoy to the Open Fields/11 Small Ambulance/12 The Seething Rain Weeps For You (Uda Pruda/13 White Lips Kissed/14 Louise Louisa

NO MORE STORIES ARE TOLD TODAY, I'M SORRY THEY WASHED AWAY//NO MORE STORIES, THE WORLD IS GREY, I'M TIRED LET'S WASH AWAY-01 New Terrain/02 Introducing Palace Players/03 Beach/04 Repeater Beater/05 Intermezzo 1/06 Silas the Magic Car/07 Cartoons and Macreme Wounds/08 A Dream/09 Hawaii/10 Vaccine/11 Tricks/12 Intermezzo/13 Somtimes Life Isn't Easy/14 Reprise

Let me know you thoughts on these.....have under-rated non "Glass" catalogue? Some may thinks so....have I OVER-rated "Glass"? Tell me what you think!

Today's bonus...Frank Frazetta OVERLOAD

I've always loved the work of Frank Frazetta, easilly one of the most unique artists of all (in that his
work is so instantly regongnizeable and identifieable.....Very hard to imitate, never seen anyone try to even attempt it. His knack for creating "ugly beauty" has always facinated me, his work on various album covers, comic books, and etc is simply spectacular, and I thought, why not round up as much of it as I can......OK, first off, we have some issues of the "Frank Frazetta Fantasy Ilustrated", a wonderful showcase for his style. I am unsure if this is the complete series or not, DOES require CDisplay......but that is only the beginning of the comics, we have rendom copies (I am again unsure how comprehensive these are, what I have is what I am offering up......if some of them are "missing", nothing I can do.....any, we get issues of "Death Dealer", "Dark Kingdom", "Sorcerer" and lost more.....I'll TRY to sort them out but chances are you are going to have to download all the links if you want to find something.

Actually what I love more than the comics are the stunning prints that are here, most of his stuff is here, there is a LOT of stuff, personally I LOVE just scanning through and marveling at the skill involved in these creations (love the black and white).......so, it's ALL here.....if the comic get it done for ya, they be here, if the straight-up artwork gets ya, it be here as well!

Commets are appreciated, but the "thanks" here go to Mr. Frazetta for his wonderful creations that I
ahve enjoyed for a good part of my life.......beautiful stuff. If anyone by chance anyone has some shit that I don't, bring it on out!

OK, the links here are a LITTLE confusing, let me explain....FFI1 and FFI2 are Frank Fazetta' s Image Comics....the three laeled "FF COMIX" are various other titles, andthe three labled "1FF" are the collection of his many awesome prints......hey,  love this stuff, hope you do too.....I have HUGE files from THOUSAND of great artists....who are your favorites? GOOD chance I hve them and can do a kickass post with the bulk of his work just let me know!

Wedensday bonus for the bookworms, my favorite novels of dytopia

Ok, a bit different today....for whatever reason I LOVE dystopian fiction, always have since reading
"Farenheit 451" and (especially) "1984" as a teenager....in case you don't know, these books present a MUCH less than hopeful picture of the future, how prophetic they will prove to be will bet determined later......I have selected a variety here, certain to make both the right and the left mad a me for my choices (to my infinite glee of course)......I HOPE there are a few among my readership who appreiate good litrature, and even if you've read these before, I hope to promote some discusion on the topic of the planet's future, and where the blame for such bleakness lies.....some (most) of these are quit obvious choices, others maybe less so, but all are designed to make one think, and dicuss......MAYBE not theright forum for this, but I love to read, and hope some of you do too and maybe discover a few of the less obvous choices below:

1984 By George Orwell.....a brilliant bok, my favorite, which works on MAY different levels....on the surface, a dystopian horror tale in which "hatred" is encouraged and celebrated, on a deeper level a satiric look at our religious beliefs.....terrifying no matter which light it is viewed in. On the larger symbolic scale, Big Brother=God, Emmanuel, Emmanuel Goldstien=Satan, whom we are to blindly love or hate, well, because we are TOLD to.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley-"Control though Pleaseure"concepts rather than control through fear/hate, more satirical, even than 1984, and I personally find the writing a little clumsy, but some of the theories about mandatory promiscity and drug use as well as the caste sytem used DO ring true.

Farrenhiet 451 by Ray Bradberry-this one is a visonary
classic, in which the printed word (books) are banned (here's the part peope miss:) due to the CURRENT POLITICALLY CORRECT CLIMATE.....yep, in this worldthey decide blacks are offende by this, and Jews are offended by this, so let's BAN ALL BOOKS.......sound familiar?

The Hunger Games Trilogy (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay) by Suzanne Collins are a wonderful look at a world where a small, elitist society uses the masses for slave labor.....the movies thus far have been fabulous, the books are equally so

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand-what would happen to a world where all the "Intellectual Elite" went on "strike" and exiled thm selves from the mainstream......this is another thought provoking and chilling work.

The Long Walk by Stephen King-on of his first, kind of a precurrsor to the Hunger Games.....somewhat forgettable, but not a bad one to read.

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.....this one is terrifying as it looks at a society taken over by right-wing religious fanatacists, specifically what becomes to women in this world (The are stripped of all identity and are kept as "breeders"......terrifying book, because of all of these I think it hs probably the best choice of playing out

The Turner Diaries by WilliamPierce-a contrversial selection to the list, this is  VERY hateful screed
aimed at blacks and jews, but there ARE some points that arise as to how thier world became whtit was, ending in a world wide race war......you WILL be offended by this book, but I think as we compare the various visions of dystopia, w must view this on as well, no matter how offensive.

I recommend you read ALL OF THESE books if you haven't......we ARE being warned here, who knows which vision is the most likey to come to pass, but they are all scary.....lets see what we can do to change the future.

Please, read these, if, of course,you are an avid reader as I am myself......with all the advances in
technology, with computers and sattelite TV and Kindles and IPads and IPods, with ALL that, NOTHING is more powerful than the printed word......READING IS FUNDAMENAL. It is best to read and digest the views MOST DISTANT from your own, at least you can see how your enemies think, and the protagonists, in ALL of the above, are enemies of freedom, and if you love your freedom, each of these books hints at how we can be losing it "without a shot being fired"

I don't exect any of you to read all of these, simply because I have.....but select ONE or TWO that
you have not read before and let us have a productve discussion on the books themselves, and the concepts laid out within.....I recomend them ALL, really, they can ALL scare/touch us in a different way, but I have a special soft spot for the underappreciated "Handmaid's Tale", lesser known compard to the others and chilling to the bones.

Wat do you think? I am an avid reader of ALL genres......will this work here, posting BOOKS? I don't know, thought I'd give it a shot.....I am trying to give this blog some form and personality, if I try things and they fail, at least I tried them.

Interstate Blues Band

Submitted today for your approval, we have, from we
 have some long-time practitioners of glorious
1970's style, straight hard blue rock, which rarely deviates for a moment from the genre.....they knew on which side their bread was buttered, and to thier credit, they worked it for all it was worth.

Formed in Los Angeles in 1994 by guitarist Jamie Purpora (guitar/vocals), Roger Brown (bass) and Jermey Crowther (drum).....do you like 70's style hard rocking American blues? Then this, my friend is for you! I think they have ten albums to thier credit, I THINK I have eight of them, missing mybe the oldest and the latest, but no matter....plenty of blue-eyed soul and heavy rocking blues on the ones I have....if anyone could share the missing albums that'd be cool, But I bet I can guess what they sound like!

ALBUM #1 was, from 1996, "Let it Go"......don't have it, haven't heard it, and if YOU have one, share it with the rootsy rock n roll fans who hang here on occasion....we'll ALL be grateful. The first on I DO have is 1997's self titled effort, which is VERY VERY good something like a rootsier-Black Crows, lots of Stones-meet-Crows blue epics such as "Spinning In My Mind"and the epic "The Lost Dream: A Blues Story".......good introduction to those like me who missed the dbut.

Up next is "Velvet", with is fine title track and "I B Leaving".....if you liked the earlier stuff (I do) you'll dig this one as well, these guys were NOT big on changing up a proven winning fomula. From 2000 we get "Southern Lips", just as good as the others (with a gun to the head, MAYBE the best one)..."Elvis Has Left the Building" and"The Getaway"standout among another solid collection of hard rockin' blues numbers.

"White Lightning" hit in 2003 without missing a step, frankly, another 3.5 -4 star effort.......the title
number and "Brown Skinned Woman" ar my personal highlights......2005 gave  us "El Diablo", yet another fine collection, "Too Far Gone" and"Succubus" standout among the better tracks.

"Redemption" was released in 2007, just as hard-rocking and soul-shouting as ever, another fine album that I quite enjoy......"Redux" dropped in 2009, highlighted by a version of Jimi Hendrx'"Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" (Yes, they pull it off).....

The Last effort that I happen to have is 2010's "Red Was the Sky", the lads certainly knew their formula and rarely deviated from it, but that is fine, this is good, old solid, USA- hard soul-based blues rock, and, after all, that is just what we need sometimes, often, we need a break from the Smashing Punpkins, or The Plasmatics, or the Talking Heads, or whatever, SOMETIMES we need some GOOD OLD guitar/drums/bass no-frills, no gimmicks blues based rock.....these dudes fulfill that need. God bless em they'll prbably put out ten MORE similar albums in the next 10 years

By the way I DON'T have the most recent release, "Two Thousand Miles Away" (2013), if you do and care to share it up, please do......if not, oh, well, I bet I know pretty much what it sounds like!

Enjoy these albums though, not gonna chnge the world or anything, but there is a cetain niche they fill, and they do it WELL.....if only EVERYONE of us could claim as much.

SELF TITLED-01 Spinning In My Mind/02 I Got My Eyes on You/03 Let Me Fall In Love/04 Keep On Runnin'/05 Rattle Ye Cage/06 Hang On/07 Big Cat/08 Going Down/09 Weak Brain, Narrow Mind/10 The Lost Dream, a Blues Story (I)The Lost Dream (II) A Love Is Gone (III) Razor's Fate (IV)One More Day

VELVET-01 Velvet/02 Don't Know/03 Bossa Nova Blues/04 Feel This Way/05 Wounds/06 Stranded/07 Thinking ofYou/08 LongTime Comin'/09 I B Leavin'

SOUTHERN LIPS-01 The Getaway/02 Elvis Has Left the Building/03 Wishin Well/04 Nobody
Wanna Live/05 Southern Lips/06 Mystery/07High Life/08 Lazy/09 Straight Down/10  Lifestorm

WHITE LIGHTNING-01 White Lightning (SSCamaro)/02 Got a Fever/03 Do You Love Me/04 Set Me Free/5 In My Head/06 Leave The Rest Behind/07 Tail Dragger/8 Brown Skinned Woman

EL DIABLO-01 Too Far Gone/2 Deny/03 Soul Vampire/04 El Diablo/05 Succubus/06 Clown/07 I Can Hear the Words Now/08 Goodbye Old Friend

REDEMPTION-01 Twilight/02 Fear/03 hate/04 I Know/ 05 Nineteen Eight Nine/06 Underground/07 Who Are We/08 Redemption

REDUX-01 Got a Fever/02 Velvet/03 Southern
Lips/04 Get Me Free/05 Movin'/06 Razor's Fate/07 Rattle Your Cage/08 Let It Go/09 Voodoo Chile (slight return)/10 Wound

Just discovered my copy of "Red Was the Sky" is dicked up as well, so if any of ya good folks has a copy of THAT one to share, bring it live!, nonethelessl I have like seven of their 10 albums, and it's not like I have some damn OBLIGATION to have them all.......hope you like what I DO have, and certainly someone elseone of the magnificent "friends of the blog" will fill in the gaps!

These boyos are not going to the  RnR Hall of Fame(who cares?)....likely there is a 50 chance you have never heard of them......but they've constructed a respetable career cranking out some listenable if maybe a bit generic rockin' blues.......pretty fair stuff, as usual, gimme your valued opinions!


For a Thursday, yet ANOTHER kewl non-musical bone-us!

YesterdayI threw you a curve ball and actually threw some real LITERATURE your way, fear not, today we will retun to comic books......and NOT just ANY comic books, what about the whole series of "HORNY BIKER SLUT" Comics.........yes you heard right.....you pervs are going to LOVE these, (I know I Do), so get busy, the whole series is in ONE handy download file.......and you are MOST welcome, and if you happen to have any bizarre, peverted comics of your own, you KNOW yer uncle would love to see em (trust me I got a-LOTS more!)

Daisy Chainsaw

Weird English alt-post band from the early 1990's, there are a pair of decent albums here that I've
always enjoyed that I'm going to share with you today......a brief bio check reveals an EP or two that I don't have and have not heard, asking my friends on the opposite side of the pond if they can fill in any of the gaps.

1992's debut "Eleventeen" features the antics of vocalist Katie Jane Garside, a wild one (consult You-Tube videos) who was quite the showwoman, perhaps somewhat in the mold of the legenday Wendy O, also the guitar noise of Crispin Gray...."Eleventeen" is something of an unknown semiclassic, twelve shell-shocks like "I Feel Insane", "Dog With Shaper Teeth", "Lovely Ugly Brutal World" and lots more, for my money an underapprected album of the era of the anything-goes early 1990's.

Garside left aftr this album, to be replaced by Belinda Lieth, competent, but, as so often the case, just not quite right....Leith apears on the second album, "ForThey Know Not What They Do" (1994),  a perfectly competent effort but by no means "Eleventeen".....by no means is it a "bad" album, but it tremendously misse Garside's hystrionics, and falls a bit short......

Garside and Grey would later turn up in Queen Adreena, whom I profiled on here so long ago I don't even recall when (good album: Queen Adreena "Drink Me").....I doubt the links are still active, so where were you when I posted it?

Anyway, "Eleventeen" is pretty damn good, the follow up is so-so, and if you have any of the early singles/EP's, you know the drill.

Six days till the Big Man retires........

ELEVENTEEN-01 I Feel Insane/02 You Be My Friend/03 Dog With Sharper Teeth/04 Hope Your Dreams Come True/05 Natural Man/06 Love Your Money/07 Lovely Ugly Brutal World/08 Use Me Use Me/09 Future Free/10 Pink Flower/11 Waiting For the Wolves/12 Everything Is Weird

FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO-01 The Future Free/02 Belittled and Beaten Down/03 Sleeping With Heaven/04 Love Me Forever/05 Candy Floss/6 Life Tomorrow/07Zebra Head/08 Unit Shifter/9 Diamond of the Desert/10 Mosquito/11 Greatest God's Divine/12 Voice For a Generation/13 Looking For an Angel

As always express your feelings.......

The Subways

A friend asked if I had any Subways, I knew I had enjoyed "Young For Eternity" when it came out,
really couldn't remember much else about them......after checking that is because "Young For Eternity" is the extent of my knowledge.....so, I returned to said freind and cited my relative lack of knowledge, and lucky me, he has a mountain of their stuff that he loaned to me for use on the blog....lotsa singles/EP's, stuff, you'll see soon, I have been listnening to some of it, and some of it is in fact quite good.

The Subways were guitarist/singer Billy Lunn/bassist/vocalist Charlotte Cooper, and drummer Josh Morgan....."Young For Eternity" was a fine album, an excellent piece of British alt/post-grunge, loaded with shoulda-been hits ("Holiday" is my fave but there are a LOT of fine tracks here.)

So, after a couple years they presented us with "All Or Nothing", which, amazingly, I don't think I've ever heard a note of until this week. I missed out the first time it's a good one as well....these guys (and gal) had quite a knack for pop-rock gems, "Shake! Shake" and "Strawberry Blonde" stand out, but this is a good, solid album that I simply missed out on.......

So, naturally, I ALSO missed on "Money and Celebrity" (2010) to which I was also indoctrinated this week......really, while I think it lacks the energy of the earlier stuff, there is still quality here ("It's a Party", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang".........really, three albums, all of which are worth owning.

My friend also has a mountain of other stuff, singles, and EP's and other stuff which we'll try to sort out below.....the band had enough materil, easilly, for another good album......so, sorry Subways, I missed out on some good stuff, but a belated thanks to you!

YOUNG FOR ETERNITY-01 I Want to Hear What You Have Got To Say/02 Holiday/03 Rock N Roll Queen/04 Mary/05 Young For Eternity/06 Lines of Light/07 Oh Yeah/08 City Pavement/09 No Goodbyes/10 With You/11 She Sun/12 Somewhere/13 At 1 AM

ALL OR NOTHING-01 Girls & Boys/02 Kalifornia/03 Alright/04 Shake! Shake!/05 Move To Newlyn/06 All Or Nothing/07 I Won't Let You/08 Turnround/09 Obsession/10 Strawberry Blonde/11 Always Tomorrow/12 Lostboy/13 Streetfighter (Japanese Bonus Track)/14 Burst (Japanese Bonus Track)/15 Love and Death(Australian Bonus Track/16 This is the Club For People Who Hate People (Australian Bonus Track)/17 Clock (Australian Bonus Track)/18 The Only Ones (Australian Bonus Track)

MONEY AND CELEBRITY-01 It's a Party/02 We Don't Need Money To Have a Good Time/03 Celebrity/04 I Wanna Dance With You/05 Popdeath/06 Like I Love You/07 Money/08 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/09 Down Our Street/10 Rumour/11 Friday/12 Leave My Side/13 Massive Adventures (Bonus Demo Track)

MONEY AND CELEBRITY DEMOS-01 It's a Party (demo)/02 We Don't Need Money to Have a Good Time (demo)/03 Popdeath (demo)/04 Like I Love You (demo)/05 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Demo),/06 Down Our Street (demo)/07 Rumour (demo)/08 Friday (demo)/09 Leave My Side (Demo)/10 Heartbreaker (demo

Here are the singles he sent me,there are a BUNCH, normally I would maybe try to make a "comp" out of them, but I think citing my unfmiliarity with the band I am going to post the singles just as he sent them to me, so you can pick and choose what you want/need :
                                THE SINGLES
01. 1 AM (7" Version)/I Want to Hear What You Have Got/You Got Me
02  No Goodbyes (Radio Edit)/Road to Nowhere
03  No Goodbyes (7" Version)/You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
04  No Goodbyes  (UK Promo)
05. Oh Yeah/Take Me Away
06. Oh Yeah (7" Version)/I Am Young
07. Rock N Roll Queen /Automatic
08. Rock N Roll Queen (7" Version)/under the Sun
09  Rock N Roll Queen (DVD Edition)/Another Sense/I Wanna Hear What You Have To Say
          (Zane Lowe Session)
10 With You/A Plain Above
11 With You (7" version)/Staring at the Sun
12 With You (DVD Editon)/I Lost You To The City
13 Alright/Clock
14 Alright (7" Version) Girls & Boys (Live)
15 Girls & Boys
16 I Won't Let You Down/Burst
17 I Won't Let You Down(7"version)/Shake! Shake! (Live)
18 I Won't LetYou Down (UK Promo)
19 Shake Shake

OK, KIND OF an unusual way to do this, I asked my friend and he said this be the best way to do it.....the download links correspond with the numbers above (ie "Single 01)....this way you can pick and choose.

OK, You think THAT is all? My friend Charlie is  a MAJOR-Subways fan, and he opened the floodgates....they have several EP's, Im sure there will be some cross-over with the singles and albums.....

THE PLATYPUS EP (2000)-01 Sonic Blue/02 Spontneous/03 Helga/04 Not a Servant

I LOST YOU TO THE CITY EP (2002)-01 I Lost You To The City/02 The Ballad of the Priority Patient/03 Do You Dig Me Baby

SUMMERTIME EP (2003)-01 Summertime/02 God Bless/03 1920

MILK EP (2004)-01 Milk

ROCK N ROLL QUEEN EP (2004)-Rock N Roll Queen

NO HEART, NO SOUL EP (2005)-01 Young For Eternity/02 We Get Around/03 No Heart No Soul

LIVE AND ACOUSTIC FROM MADEBERG EP (2007)-01 Oh Yeah/02 Mary/03 No Goodbyes/04 With You/05 I Want To Hear What You Have to Say/06 Rock N Roll Queen/07 At 1 AM

ITUNES LIVE BERLIN FESTIVAL EP (2008)-01 Unsplit tracks, sorry, don't have time

UNPUGGED EP-01 Be Mine/02 My Love (Live)/03 Hurricane (Live)

BILLY LUNN ACCOUSTIC ADENTURES EP-01 MakeIt Wit Chu/02 In For the Kill/03 Supermassive Black Hole/04 Buddy Holly

LIVE ABBEY ROAD EP (2008)-01 I Won't LetYou Down/02 Oh Yeah/03 Strawberry Blonde/04 Girls and Boys (From the Brown Couch Sessions)

LIVE AT AREA 4 FESTIVAL (2008) Again, unsplit tracks, I'd love it ne of you guys would split them for us!

LIVE AT WULHEIDEBERLIN (2008), Also unsplit tracks

ROCK AM RING 2009-01 Intro/02 Kalifornia/03 Young For Eternity/04 Oh yeah/05 Alight/06 Mary/07 Shake Shake/08 I Won't Let You Down/09 I Want to Hear What You Have to Say/10 Turnaround/11 Girls and Boys/12 Rock N Roll Queen

Charlie also sends me a disc of "B Sides", I'd a thought the singles above would have covered them, but these are MORE unfmiliar tunes (to me):

B-SIDES-01 You Got Me (Range)/02 I Think Im In Love/03 Ivy's Hands/04 Oh Yeah/05 With You/06 City Pavement/07 Be Mine/08 She Gotta Ride/09 Star/10 Under the Sun/11 Coloured Stripes/12 Another Sense

OK, A LOTTA LOTTA  here from a band I was just minimally down with......thanks to my friend
Charlie for supplying me with SO MUCH stuff, haven't heard it all yet, but what I have heard I REALLY do like.....I will be checking out ALL the rest of these goodies over the weekend, hope you do to, and again, thanks Charlie, a BIG TIME Subways fan!

What bonus non-musical post shall he put forth on Friday?

Well, I have ONE more week before retirement.....I've been "celebrating" by sharing someof my
oddball, non-musical posts....kind of odd that many of them have been more popular than than the music posts, but ya never know, (I was REALLY disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm over (what I thought was great) Spiritual Beggars post, but it's not MY loss.....hopefully all the work that went into the Subways post won't go unappreciated, LOTS of good and rare stuff there......anyway, for today hy not a huge bunch of Hustler Comics, as we all know Hustler's Larry Flynt was the fucking
GOD of pure smut, and these comics don't disappoint......of course Playboy's "Little Annie Fannie" an some of the Penthouse comics are considered (by some) to be of higher quality, but, really, who gives 11/16 of a fuck? Hustler was in your face about what they were, SMUT, and I am more than happy to serve up a generous helping of the same to all my fellow pervs......enjoy.

In Keeping With Time-Honored Tradition......

Clouds Taste Satanic's photo.Recieved an email from a band called Clouds Taste Satanic......I have NOT listened to yet, but as you know THIS is EXACTLY what I want for this blog, the chance for up and coming bands to gain  a tiny bit of exposure.....it is late, so I will simply copy/paste the entire email.....from the description, sounds pretty good, why not avail yourself of the FREE links and find out?

Clouds Taste Satanic's photo.OK, for whatever reason,THAT didn't work (copying thier email) so I will attempt to summarize....their album is called "To Sleep Beyond Earth", which they describe as being influenced by "Dopesmoker"-era Sleep......from what read, evidently there are NO vocals, different if nothing else.......I'll report back after I listen, you do the same, and ALL bands out there, please understand that this blog is the PERFECT place to expose your labours!

http://www.cloudstastesatanic.bandcamp.com/       Download Album
http://www.facebook.com/cloudstastesatanic          Free Photos
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvoZYgjqpnY   Free Video
mailto:zerodirt@aol.com    Web Page

I really DO want this to work this way......PLEASE all unknown, unsigned, underexposed bands, send me you stuff and we'll at least try to get you a TINY bit of eposure.........


So, where do we stand? It's Friday evening, which means I have exactly ONE WEEK, five work
days, before "Calling it a career".....31 years is quite long enough, and likely I will spend the next week here ranting about this and that, but I still plan on keeping the music (and the highly popular no-musical bonuses) going right though the "big day".......had a good bit of trouble selecting the music for today, I settled upon Cleveland noise-rockers Keelhual....I have only two of thier albums, hoping maybe a fellow Buckeye might  have a couple that I'm missing, I'd LOVE to hear em....

Keelhaul are Chris Smith on guitars/vocals, Aaron Dallison on bass/vocals, Dana Embrose on guitar, and Will Scarf on drums......they crank out a beautifully ugly noise-metal stew, reminding me most of perhaps A Place to Bury Strangers....they released a couple of albums I've not heard ("Keelhaul" and "Keelhual II", Doug from Ohio, owner of every disc ever made, this would seem a project for YOU)....anyway, MY first exposure was 2003's "Subject to Change Without Notice", an unknown classic of stoner/sludge, if you've not heard of it, TRUST ME, you are going to love this noisy-mind-melt......A GREAT album.

They reemerged in 2009 with "Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity", which is nearly as good and also comes highly recommended, should you like noisy/sludgy metal.....please check it out as well, an if ANYONE has any access to the two hard-to-locate early albums, or the couple of splits/EP's they've released, PLEASE speak up......the two albums I DO have here kick serious ass, and I'd LOVE to know the "background story" on this one

SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE-01 The Gooch/02 Cruel Shoes/03 Driver's Bread/04 Carl vs the 10000 lb Shadow/05 Shackleton/06 hmg/ 07 Tits of War/08 Answer the Chicken/09 Mash the Sandwich/10 Randall/11 Two Twinkies Deep/12 Burlinolinlol/13 c.o.c (aka Corrupted Black Lung)/14 Tuco/15 Unleaded/16 Rocker (aka Fumius)/17Ornamental Iron (aka Cleanser)/18Khmir/19 3x3 Eyes/20 Just Got Paid

KEELHAUL'S TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO OBSCURITY-01 Pass the Lamshade/02 Glorious Car Actvities/03 Everything's a Napkin/04 High Seas Viking Eulogy/05 THC For One/06 The Subtle Sound of an Empty Milkshake/07 El Matador/08 Kirby Wurm/09 Bandolero De Perros De Maiz/10 Waiting For the Moon to Speak/11 Brady's Lament/12 KFB

These are two really good albums, PLEASE don't ignore them.....and ALSO please share any OTHER material you might have from Keelhaul, they kick serious ass!

Saturday's non-musical bonus...done it before? Say, who cares?

I probably DID putup "HotFelons" back in the
previous glory days of "The Gallery of Visual Perversions", but I really don'tcare to check...if I DIDput em up before, so fucking what, what is better than 1) certifable hot bitches, with 2) obviously low moral standards? Bad Girls rule the fucking world, or at the very least SHOULD......I'd do pretty much ANY ONE of these BadBabes, and fully expect my wallet to be gone when I woke up from a drug-induced slumber....perhaps in post-retirement, I can get a job in a women's prison, perhaps takin care of their individal "needs"?

Greek Punk, Part 3

Apanta Bapanta says this one was a tough one to decode, and I see what he means, Im going to try to
simply copy/paste some of his words where I can, also with commetary from myself if needed.....please, check out this RARE stuff he and I are working hard to bring you on a semi-regular basis.....REALLY interesting and SUPER rare.....Apanta asked me in the email if I follow the World Cup, typical Yank, "Football" to me is the Ohio State Buckeyes and Minnesota Vikings.....but Im sure SOME of you good folks are World Cup fans and I offer my "comments" section if you wish to discuss/debate the World Cup with him.....remember, ANYTHING GOES here!


The first link, http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/51661841/file.html, is for  band called Adiexodos, translated to English, Dead End....the first six songs in the file are from a demo tape, from 1992 entitled "Anti Estabishment".....the songs, according to my ace translater, are labeled incorrectly, in English, the correct sequence appears to be:

01 Anti-Establishment/02 Policemen/03 Dead End/04 Juvenile Prisons/05 New Life/06 Loneliness

The rest of the file is a different band, Adiexodo, without the "s" on the end, which also translates to Dead End.....the rest of the file contains music from their album ".38", according to Apanta, it is not the complete release.....

01 Hate/02 Family/03 Alternative Solution/04 Duplicity Systems/05 Politcal Party Sheepfold/06 Check Elements/07 Byzantine/08 38 Millimeters


Link #2, http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/4112581/file.html is band whose name in English roughly
translates to Highly Opposed....they formed in Athens in 1989. This file contains two albums, a live demo tape with the translated track list: 01 Mirror/02 The Next Day/03 Beyond Limits/04 All For the Future/05 Defeat/06 Stories For Little Children/07 Right to Life/08 Culture

The remainder of the RAR file is a handful of studio tracks.....01 Disasters/02 EKAM/03 Intro/04 Triumph of Death/05 Dead Emotion/06 Trained Psychopaths/07 Without Name/08 Descendants of Alexander the Great


Next up,  http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/39315535/file.html we have a band called Ania, they were from Karditsa, 1992.....this is seemingly a homemade disc entitled "The Knowledge of Destruction", song titles translate as: 01 Morbid Survivor/02 Screams of War/03 Last Rage/04 Refusal to Go To The Army/05 The Knowledge of Destruction/06 Not Dune Murders/07 Idiot World/08 This Evening


Our fourth link for today, http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/59234305/file.html from Athens1992 is a band named The Apolitistoi, English translation, Uncivilized.......Apanta found a screed from the band that i like, so here it is:

"The Apolitistoi is a musical-social complex through automatically want to express their views on the war between society and the state conducted daily.....The Apolitistoi has not signed with any record company, big or small, no play in shops, small, or not playing at concerts, not just to play but always a social issue. ...and generally have to DO IT YOURSELF behaviour is against those who ravaged our past and want to ruin our future rulers everywhere."

That's what I say, I think.....

01 Genocide/02 The School/03 Fascist Pigs/04 Grave Digger or Sexton/05 Nazi Die/06 Doomed Earth/07 Cowards/08 Dying Life/09 United Nations


OK, one more.....http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/13872870/file.html  we have Arankia which
translates to "Lambs"or "Little Lambs" in English....Apanta says they are less "punk" in thier approach than the others. Formed in Athens 1984, this is their 1993 release, "In the Mouth of the Wolf", with a translated track listing of 01Sky Diver/02 The End Is Coming/03 The Fall/04 Nobody Can/05 Your Bad Self/06 Betrayal/07 Im losing My Patience/08 You Live to Die /and 09 a bonus track from a compilation album "Everybody Are Ghosts", and Apanta has
located a video which should be interesting:

http://www.readnews.gr/newsvideoKMfKinaU1K0 arnakia-oloi-einai-fantasmata.html  (you may have to type the whole thing in, see how it works.


I hope you are enjoying the Greek stuff, it's a lot of work for us both but fun and worthwhile.....there is more to come, please comment and PLEASE thank my Greek go-to guy Apanta Bapanta!

A Sunday non-musical bonus, BUT.....

I know you hosers are freaking over the bonuses, and I'm glad but for heaven's sake don't forget the
MUSIC which is why we be here to begin with my pal Charlie and I put a LOT of work into what I thought was a really good Subways post, LOTS of good and rare stuff, and hardly a sniff.....the Greek Punk (today) are a LOT of work for Apanta Bapanta and myself, we think it's some damn good, rare, and interesting shit, PLEASE give the music a try, I WANT TO TAKE CHANCES HERE, and try to provide something DIFFERENT, at least on occasion....the bonuses will stop, at some point, but the music won't.....just saying, there is some hard to find music we provide here, please take advantage.....

OK, today's bonus is simply BAD FUCKING ASS, I DEFY you to argue.....as I begin my final week of being a working stiff, I am going to unleash some bomb-ass shit, I assure you....Today, a comic collection, but SO much more...the entire collection of "The Big Book Of......".......this is no fucking joke, bloke. These are TOO fucking great if you are unfamiliar.....there are SEVENTEEN of them altogether, some of my faves are "The Big Book of Urban Legends", "The Big Book of Weirdos", "The Big Book of Conspiracies".....and SO MUCH MORE......IF you could FIND them in a book store IF, they'd probably run you 20 bucks per......but you CAN'T, and here they ALL are as perhaps the most awesome of gifts I
have ever bestowedpon blogdom......you want this, yes, ALL of it, but as I said before, PLEASE don't forget why we're here to begin with, the fucking MUSIC, so continue to listen....continue to share ANYTHING you want to share......sharing is great, your Mom told you so, and she was 100% right.......You will love these book, I GUARENTEE, so stick around and see what is up for the next week.....an exciting week for me, personally (5 days to work), but plan on sharing the celebration with the people I love in the blog universe!

Black Mountain

From Vancouver BC comes this criminally under-appreciated psych/stoner outfit......guitarist/vocalist
Stephen McBean, vocalist Amber Webber, bassist Brad Truax, Keyboardist Jeremey Schmidt, and drummer/keyboardist Josh Wells turn out a good blend of hard guitar riffs and swirling keyboards that remind me a bit of a modern-day Hawkwind.....

The debut (self titled) from 2005 was one of that year's very best, some highlights include Webber's haunting vocal portion in "Heart of Snow", and especially the stunning rocker "Don't Run Our Hearts Around", but actually the album is a fine, 4-star effort that any hard rock/stoner fan is likely to enjoy.

2008's "In the Future" is as good or better, highlighted by the 17-minute "Bright Lights" an epic and unique opus with fine shared male/female vocals, reminding me, really, of nothing much I've ever heard, which is always one of the best things I can think of to say.......also, to me, an essential album.

Making it three for three on excellent releases is 2010's "Wilderness Heart", highlighted by some excellent keyboard work and the thrashing rocker "Let Spirits Ride".......I think it was the top release of 2010, not  that people do or should take my opinion into account.

They've released a few EP's I seem to have but one of them, 2005's "Druganaut", with a cool extended version of the title track (which apeared in normal length on album #1) and a few other worthwhile tracks......

This band has released a fine volume work, all worthwhile in my estimation.....very original and hard rocking, anyone having any live boots or their other EP's please let me know.......and leave a comment, as I said earlier this, I think is one of THE great underappreciated acts of our time.

BLACK MOUNTAIN-01 Modern Music/02 Don't Run Our Hearts Around/03 Druganaut/04 No
Satisfaction/05 Set Us Free/06 No Hits/07 Heart of Snow/08 Faulty Times

IN THE FUTURE-01 Stormy High/02 Angels/03 Tyrants/04 Wucan/05 Stay Free/06 Queens Will Play/07 Evil Ways/08 Wild Wind/09 Bright Lights/10 Night Walks

WILDERNESS HEART-01 The Hair Song/02 Old Fangs/03 Radiant Hearts/04 Rollercoaster/05 Let Spirits Ride/06 Buried By the Blues/07 The Way to Gone/08 Wilderness Heart/09 The Space of Your Mind/10 Sadie

DRUGANAUT (EP)-01 Druganaut (extended)/02 Buffalo Swan/03 Bicycle Man/04 No Satisfaction (Campfire Version)

See what ya think, pretty damn good stuff IMO.

Bonus material for retirement week...

Well, what sort of non-musical bonuses shall I dole out this week in my celebratory mood? I have
TONS of stuff, comics, Ebooks, artwork, awesome photo collections.......I could never share ALL my cool stuff (musical and otherwise you should see my DVD stash, I guess I'm kinda a digtal pack-rat/hoarder, but I DO try to do my part to keep it all circulating......

Well, it's Monday, my final Monday as a State of Ohio Employee....I could write a book about the amzing stuff I've seen in 31 years, and I may yet.....some of the stuff would leave you in disbelief.....so, on a Monday, let's see.....well, let's do some R Crumb stuff, the Zap! series went over HUGE so here is a TON of Crumb comics of various titles/vintages...."Snatch Comics"..."Snoid Comics".....the legenary "Bible of Filth"...you WILL NOT BELIEVE the volume of stuff here. I'll make you love me, on way or another.....

I have a problem I'd hope some computer geek could help me
with.....would LOVE to share R Crumb's brilliant "Book of Genesis, HOWEVER, it is fomatted in CDisplay and is too LARGE for Zippyshare to upload.....ANYONE know a way to either convert or split a CDisplay file so it can e uploaded? I would LOVE to share it, it is awesome......any suggestions will be accept!

Anyway, I hope this tickles a funny bone or two the next few days and maybe later in the week, the entire Freak Brothers collection.......anyone interested in that classic shit?

Supafuzz (partial, help out if ya can)

Was listening to some Supafuzz today and decided to post them, in spite of the fact that I have only a
small portion of thier output.....two albums, to be accurate, but they are pretty good slabs of hard fuzzed-out stoner rock, the kind I love (think Fu Manchu/Orange Goblin).....they were from down the road in Lexington Ketucky, and consisted of drummer Chris Leathers, bassist Jay Groves, guitarist Eric Belt, and singer/guitarist David Angstrom.

Short and hard-rocking numbers with some occasionally clever songwriting give these dudes thier identity, do not have (nor have I heard) the self-titled 1998 debut disc....the earliest release is 2000's "All About the Rock", which really IS, lotta good ones here, "Tonic and Cigarettes", "Arguing With God", "And Then She Blooms".......really a good effort, I hope a few folks at least get turned onto it....

The other disc I have is from 2002, "Down For the Undeground", which, for whatever reason, repeats a lot "All About".....I'm sure there were legal/label reasons for this but the albums are NOT identical, and there is some good stuff on "Down" as well.....

Good, rocking stuff, but here is the thing: they have released a pair of EP's ("LAMF", "Gimme Gimme") as well as the debut album I don't have, as well as a 2004 release, "Vertigo".....never heard ANY of them but would love to, anyone out there in blog-universe have them? Love to share the ones I DO have though, they rock hard and are quite worthwhile

If you can help a brother out with the rest of thier stuff, PLEASE hook the rest of us up.....

ALL ABOUT THE ROCK-01 Fool No More/02 I Am the King/03 Sick of It/04 Tonic & Cigarettes/05 Confessions/06 Subsonic/07 Arguing With God/08 And Then She Blooms/09 Anesthesia/10 Blame/11 We're Alright/12 Bottomed Out/13 Fade

DOWN FOR THE UNDERGROUND-01 Subsonic/02 Fade/03 Arguing With God/04 Tonic & Cigarettes/05 Confessions/06 Under a Gun/07 Mr. Policeman/08 Bushog/09 Unglued/10 Superstar/11 Sick of It/12 I Am the King

Lot of overlap, but it's what I have and hope for se help to fill in the gaps!

Tueday's non-music bonus

Couple issues of Mickey Rat, sorry, that's all I have......unknown classic of 1970's great underground comic era though....good stuff.....trust me I have LOTS more of this stuff, and you guys seem to luv it......so,more to come...meantime, this is all the"Mickey Rat" that I have, enjoy, I bet the DL numbers for this (and R Crumb) go through the ceiling, which is cool except I wish you folks would examine the MUSIC a bit more and consider the comics, etc, more of a sidebar....AHHH Whatever, I am retiring Friday......are YOU? That shows how much ultimate difference it makes to THE BIG (nearly retired) MAN......

Bulbous Creation

Can't believe I've never posted this early 1970's semi-gem, Bulbous Creation's "You Won't
Remember Dying", a dark, loud and very good piece of psychedelic/blues rock, the only effort the band had in them. This is a damn fine period piece from the golden age of lesser-known hard psych, which was totally ignored then but sounds fucking awesome now.....

From USA, Kansas/Missouri area, there is not a ton of info available,but give it a listen.....fine Hendrix-style psych guitar on the great "Let's Go to the Sun" and "End of the Page", some fine blues vocals on "Hooked" and "Stormy Monday".......an all-around tremendous piece of early 1970's hard-rock, if you don't have this, you want it.

YOU WONT REMEMBER DYING-01 End of the Page/02 Having a Good Time/03 Satan/04 Fever Machine Man/05 Let's Go To the Sea/06 Hooked/07 Under the Black Sun/08 Stormy Monday

Yet another retirement week comic book bonus

Today we have four or five issues of "I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer
Space".......PLEASE, you REALLT expect me to wax poetic about THAT?????? Sorry, if the title does not intrigue, I'M certainly not convincing you! Decide for yourself, I bet it gets MEGA-hits!