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Couple of more Shirts shares

SuperBillie1 (Frank from Germny)contributes a link for the hard to find third Shirts album "Inner
Sleeve", never hear it but thanks for the quick response...also, Kevin from New York "treats" us to a selfie of him sporting an official SHIRTS, well, Shirt. He also promises a collection of Shirts non-LP B-sides soon, can't wait for  that.....every now and then I try to point out the folks who have been helping me keep the blog interesting and I always foget someone, but for today thanks to SuperBillie1 and Kevin from NY for these, also Dave Sez who continued to amaze with his impossible to find contributions....a relative newcome, Marcan (From France thinking, sorry of I'm wrong I did not check)has checked in with a few find shares ltely, and I thank him as well. (Did ya find that Memaid disc yet?)).....Of course Long-timer Mark Evliegh comes throuh like clocwork, most recently with a couple of hard to find Dgeneration albums.....and also, thanks an to the band Songs For Snakes for the links to their two album, I really did enjoy them and hope others did as well......this, again, is what i want for this blog......ANYONE fom ANYWHERE is free to contribute.....I LOVE stuff from unsigned bands and bar bands PLEASE sed me your demos, we wll get them up......Also, I've experimented a it lately with some cool, non musical downloads, such as the Chick Tracts and The Breakfast Club Script....if you ahvea anything neat like those (there are more to come) PLEASE share them, as well as ANYTHING ELSE yu may find interesting......I remember the success of the "Gallery of Visual Peverions".....I have enough material mterial to do one of THOSE every day for the rest of the milenium, but, alas, I strive for variety an will remain tue to my word!

And, before I get back to the music or whatever for tonight, thanks  bunch to APANTA BAPANTA for translating the Greek Pink albums so I can post them here......he sent me another handful today that I hope to get up yet tonight.......his efforts have been tremendous and I hope he stays around until we can finish the project, I think it's another unique feature of the blog, MY blog, FAR from the best in the world (FAR FROM it), but at times it makes me smile to see it take shape as to the actual vision I have in mind....PLEASE participate, if you have ANYTHING AT ALL of interest to share......if not, enjoy and listen and comment, but please be sure and thank the guest contributors and bands who check in looking for a little exposure......and thanks to all of YOU too, just for reading!

Greek Punk Part 2

I didn't really exect this second installment to come up quite as quickly, but my partner in Greece
Apanta Bapanta put it into high gear and got it ready for us, he and I had a little more trouble with part 1, for this part we have some  artwork and information, making for a better post (both Apanta and I think so)......this is going to be a semi-regular feature here, as I said, until I run out of material or until my "translator" decides to pack it in......myself I am just thrilled to, as usual, present something DIFFERENT, for those who dare to go a little deeper than Nickleback or whatever it's called. SO, thanks to Apanta Bapanta, here is Part 2 of the Greek Punk special!

Let's begin with Panx Romana, formed in 1982 in Athens.....the album title here seems to translate to "Children In Arms", and the track listing, as per my expert on the language of Greek:

01 Greeks/02 Filmmakers of Violence/03Mechanical Baby/04 In Twilight of a New System/05 Complex/06 Nylon/07 Anonymous Heroes, Famous Monuments/08 Children In Arms/09 Clown/10 Winter Forever/11 Conscientius Objectors/12 Living in Fear/13 Detainees of Walls


Next up we have The Ex Humans, also from Athens around the start of the 1980's.....the album in question here comes from 1984 and the English tranlation of the title would be "Futile Survival"......track listing:

01 Futile Survival/02 Military Court/03 I Saw You Crying/04 Stay Away/05 Ignorance And Hate/06 Never Again/07 Forget/08 Meaningless/09 Election Delusions/10 Ex Humans


Grover was formed in 1981 in Thessaloniki Greece. Best I can tell from Apanta's translation efforts is that these are not from an official album, I'm gathering from a 1982 Demo.......Track listing:

01 I'm Danger/02 Born and Bed/03 Born and Bred/04 We Don't Have Wings/05 I hate Myself, Anymore/06 Ideal Suicides/07 Blank/08 Imagination


The Stress were formed in 1980 Athens Greece, by Kostas Drivas, Louis Kountoulis, and John
Kafantris.....this also seems to be a demo collection, and for some reason the RAR evidently contains each of thelisted tracks twice.....I have no idea why, but if you download you can program them properly.......01 Stress/02 Informer/03 Leros (the name of  a Greek Island)/04 Athens/05 Fear/06 The Genocide/07 Athens Burning/08 The Marginal/09 1984 (Despite Something)/10 The Spineless Being/11 Right to Life/12 Informer.......remember if you donload this, you'll have to fix it up a litte as the track are doubled

Now this next one did not ask my assistant to translate, I thought I had enough English stuff to work with......the band Dues Ex Machina provides a couple of albums, one entitled "Signs" with a track listing of 01 Leave This Part Behind/02 Backwards/03 Lovesong/04 Scream/05 Greedy/06 Legal Murder/07 War/08 See the Signs/09 Fight/10 Still Away


And also another album (Self Titled? I will assume so)......tracklist-01 Inspiration/02 Mass Media/03 Motorpsycho/04 Unreliadle/05 Even If We Loose/06 Curious/07 Chese Me/08 Dues



More non-musical wonderment as promised

Hey, I am EXPANDING my fucking horizons.......lots and lots
of music, still, and also some surprise shit like this.......download this one you will love it, it is my collection of vintage ads of various celebs smoking cigarettes and drinking booze, trust me you will laugh your ass off.....my faves are the great ads of surgeons working on patients whilst sucking on a relaxing Marlboro or Camel......this shit is beyond funny, PLEASE enjoy these as well as the music we try to present on here, we are trying to become more diverse, and we hope that the rest of the world joins us in sharing some total goofbll shit, ala the Chick Tracts and these wonderful ads! Let's all learn to love life a litttle more, so many of us just seem to spend so much time bitching about this and that!



Not dicking around here....if you love bone crusing
early 70's metal ala Blue Cheer/the MC5, OR if
you are a fan of the modern day stoner rock I try to keep you somewhat knee-deep in, if you are unfamiliar with this album, let me make this clear: You want this and feel free to thank me later. Period.

From San Francisco, 1972, this is a certifable classic of rock-o-rama, mind-blowing solos and great, long, sludgy heavy psych rock tunes that sound every bit as good today as they did in 1972, probably BETTER cause these musical geniuses were so far ahead of their time!. Honest to God I can't find a personel listing for these dudes on their only LP, perhaps they were TOO GODDAMN STONED to remember their names (late edit: Don Peck drums, Neil Pron, bass, Frank Twist, guitar/vocals)......so not a whole lot of infor I can provide you with, other than to say that if you are a fan of the harder stuff I post here, your collection should NOT be lacking this bad-ass masterpeice.

By the way here are a few YouTube clips of these guys in action that I thought you might enjoy too:


But don't forget the album, nothing short of a brain-cell crusher!

SAN FRANCISCO'S SHIVER-01 Tough As Nails/02 Fixer/03 Bone Shaker/04 Interstelar Vision/05 Alpha Man/06 Rocky Road/07 Keep On Rocking/08 Up My Sleeve/09 Winter Time

If you are NOT familar with his unknown classic, Merry Christmas in June from BigScott!


Way far down at the end of the shelf, I had almost forgotten about this UK hard rocking monster
from 1971.....this was a weird band, they released this album (a good one), changed their name to Monument (I Don't have that one), and changed back to Zior, at whch point I assume most had lost interest (I had)......that leaves us wih this one, and it's a good, pretty unknown piece of rocking sludge!.

Zior were singer/bassist Barry Skeels, guitarist/singer John Truba, Peter Brewer on drums, keyboards, and harp, and vocalist/keyboardit/bassist,flautist Kevin Bonser.....basically a progish-atempt to replicate the Black Sabbath sound, not necessarily a bad idea.....this is a pretty good album, a period piece to be sure, but this version is loaded with bonus tracks and comes (from me) quite h recommended, for all you hard rock/metal lovers out there! See whatcha think and gimme a full report.....an HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE (6'6") 17 YEAR OLD SON GRANT TODAY.....LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, AND CAN'T WAIT TO GO SEE THOSE SHOWS WITH YOU LATER THIS SUMMER (BUDDY GUY in August, BLACK KEYS in September!)

Anyway, Zior.......01 I Really Do/02 Za Za Za Zilda/03 Love's Desire/04 New Land/05 Now I'm Sad/06 Give Me Love/07 Quabala/08 Oh Mariya/09 Your LifeWill Burn/10 I Was Fooling/11 Before My Eyes Go Blind/12 Rolling Thunder/13 Dudi Judi/14 Evoluton/15 Cat's Eyes/16 Strange Kind of Magic/17 Ride Me Baby/18 Entrance of the Devil/19 Every Inch a Man/20 Angel of the Highway

Let me know what ya think about this one, like it? Hate it? I DO care!

Showcasing my unreal versatility

I am not JUST about musc, ya know, I love lotsa other stuff, I think the Chick Tracts were wonderful,
as were the cigarette ads.....if you don't, well, so it is, but there is PLENTY more music on the shelves, I am just trying to share a few of the other things I've got, when I get back in the mood, I'll start with more of my fave babes....but for now, THIS ONE will puzzle you without question.....and so what? A good friend of mine sent me these, I think they are just BEAUTIFUL. As a fan of wonderful phophy, I think this
collection, "America During the Depresson Era In Color" is both stunning and captures the essence of the era. I LOVE it, and am happy to share it...why? becuase I LOVE great photgraphy, and would LOVE for some of you guys to share your photos, either from those you took yourself, of those from your archives......REALLY love the old stuff, and thought that tonight I'd give you one of my favorite sets to peruse.....at wort, delete them, but I REALLY love this set, a fine piece of beautiful Americana for my cash anyway.

Enjoy, or ignore, and understand that while this is first and foremost a music share blog, I also would love to share any and everything that YOU GUYS find of interest......I'd LOVE to seesome photo collections  some goofball religious gibberish like the Chick Tracts........let's share our lies, not just our music and make the world a smaller place.

thanks to everyone who contributes , I love doing this blog and I hope it brings enjoyment to at least one or two of you around the globe each day (or, if not eac day, every now and then!)

Punk 1977-2007

A three disc set for ya, found in outter space, I'd say about 60% of this stuff is common,easy to find
stuff, but there are a gem or two here.....the way it's programmed is addmitedly odd, but there is enough reasonalby obscure material hre to make this worth our time......

Disc 1 is entitled "Hardcore and the British Second Wave" (Don't ask ME?), it contains some VERY obvious selections such a the Dead Kennedy's "Too Drunk to Fuck" and "Alternative Ulster" By Stiff Little Fingers", but other than those, there is a smattering of lesser-comped stuff by Die Toten Hosen, Blitz, Anti-Pasti, The Undead, The Partisians and more.......worthwhile for fans of 1970's-80's punk rock (and if you aren't one, why are you here?)

Disc 2 is "Roots and Rarities", I don't honestly see anything THAT rare here, but "roots" wise....well, Iggy &the Stooges "I Got a Right" is a good one, and there are quite obvious tracks from the MC5, The Runaways, TheVelvet Underground, The New York Dolls, etc all of which, frankly, can be heard in FAR better context than here.....we get a fairly rare one from Cherie Currie, Sid Viscious version of "Search and Destroy", an Ex-Pistols track, and even "Bored" by Destroy All Monsters.....nothing spectacular here, but at least a COUPLE of tracks that I didn't have before, so program as you will

A finally, Disc 3....."The '77 Revolution" (WHO programmed this?).....it contains a ton MORE obvious tracks, from the golden era, among the most often comped an easiest to find tracks by the Pistols, Ramones, Eddie & the  Hot Rods, The Vibrators, Buzzcocks, 999.......really, nothing much you probably don't already in better company, tracks from Chelsea and Alternatve TV my be among the "rarest" things here.

Not a "great" set, as I imagine most ofou have MOST of this material in better company,BUT I put
stuff like this in case there are 3-4 tracks you DON'T have (The Cherie Currie track is a true rarity)....for newbies, I suppose this is a good collection, but, really,most of us could program it down to a few tracks, I'm sure......anyway, I aim to please, and tomorrow, some REAL punk rarities that I just stumbeled upon lately..... MUCH more the kind of thing we try to do around here!

DISC 1-01 DEAD KENNEDYS-Too Drunk to Fuck/02 DIE  TOTEN HOSEN-No One Is Innocent/03 UK SUBS-New York State Police/04 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternaive Ulster/05 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Woman in Disguise/06 THE ADICTS-Viva LaRevolution/07 GBH-City Baby's Revenge/08 ANTI-PATI-Something New/09  PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Banned From the Pubs/10 BLITZ-Never Surrender/11 THE PARTISIANS-Police Story/12  THE UNDEAD-When the Evening Comes/13 CONFLICT-from Protest To Resistance/14 UK SUBS-Stranglehold/15 DIE TOTEN HOSEN-Goodbye Garageland

DISC 2-01 IGGY & THE STOOGES- I Got a Right/02 THE VELVET UNDERGROUND-Waiting For My Man/03 THE NEW YORK DOLLS-Personality Crisis/04 THE MC5-Kick Out the Jams/05 JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS-Chinese Rocks/06 DEE DEE RAMONE-Negative Creep/07 THE RUNAWAYS-Black Leather/08 LONDON COWBOYS-Let's Get Crazy/09 DESTROY ALL MONSTERS-Bored/10 CHERRIE CURRIE, MARKY RAMONE, & WAYNE KRAMER-Cherrie Bomb/11 JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS-Born To(o) Lo(o)se/12 THE SLITS-Newtown/13 EX PISTOLS-Land Of Hope and Glory/14 THE SAINTS-Follow the Leader/15 SID VISCIOUS-Search and Destroy

DISC 3-01 THE RAMONES-Judy Is a Punk/02 THE SEX PISTOLS-Anarachy In the UK/03 THE
DAMNED-New Rose/04 SHAM 69-If the Kids are United/05 THE BOYS-The First Time/06 ALTERNATIVE TV-Action Time Vision/07 CHELSEA-The Right to Work/08 THE VIBRATORS-Baby Baby/09 THE RAMONES-I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/10 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Do Anything You Wanna Do/11 THE SEX PISTOLS-God Save the Queen/12 999-Homicide/13 SID VISCIOUS-My Way/14 THE STRANGLERS Peaches/15 THE BUZZCOCKS-What Do I Get

Don't say I've never done anything for ya chilluns......

Since I have branched out and am sharing oh-so-much-more than JUST music in celebration of my
impending RETIREMENT, I continue to offer up GOOD stuff, musically and otherwise, today, I offer up what I BELEIVE to b the entire collection of the legendary ZAP COMIX, way cool beyond cool when I was a 13 years old shoplifting this shit from the local headshop, and cool beyond cool as a far-out period piece in 2014......check out R. Crumb's graphic and often grotesque sexual artwork, not for the faint of heart by any means, but funny as fuck back in the early 1970's and funny in a totally different way 45 years down the
road..due to the format YOU WILL NEED CDisplay viewer, it is a free download for viewing comics (go find it yourself it's free and easy).....and I need to know what you think, and here's why.....because I have (literally) THOUSANDS of the great underground comics of the 1970's...Freak Brothers, Mickey Rat, hundreds more, not to mention stuff like Penthouse Comics, Hustler Comics, and just tons and tons more.......I thought ZAP might be  good place to begin to guage the interest, but there is more cool stuff on my hard drive than you could possibly imagine, just want to know what there is a "market" for I guess.......

Rare 70's and 80's punk

Above is an original Promotional A4 flyer for the bands second release ...Found this huge torrent on the Bay, I assume it's a hand-created labor of love, I'm happy to pass it along because there is a metrci shit-ton of stuff on here I've never heard of (unlike yesterday's comp which had VERY little hard to find material on it).....apparently this was created from a lot of singles, etc, and I listened to some of it today, and, well, it's great, amatuerish, and just what some of us spend our time searching for......It's strangely programmed, one of those that is programmed in alphabetical order, but I am not going to dishonor the anonymous creator by changing the sequencing.....I am going to break it down to discs which the creator did not, but that is as a convenience for fans of the relic known as CD......ok, good stuff here, this is REALLY rare, and if you are familiar with anyone here, tell me about them because only a very few names here ring a bell, even for me......date and country of origin given where I have the information

Exploding Seagulls - Johnny Runs For ParegoricDISC 1-01 THE ACES-The One Way Street (1981 UK7")/02 AQUI D'EL ROCK-Euo Nao Sei (1979 Portugal 7")/03 ART OBJECT-Ride the Metro (1980 USA 7")/04 BATALLION OF SAINTS-Sweaty Little Girls (1983 USA)/05 THE BLITZZ-You Got the Girl You Want (1978 Holland)/06 BOYS BOYS-Monkey Monkey (1980 Japan)/07 THE BRAINIACS-Don't Tell Me Why (1979 USA)/08 CRETINS-Samen Im Darm/09 DEAF AIDS-Do It Again (1979 UK)/10 DEAF AIDS-Heroes? (1980 UK)/11 DEZERTER-Ku Przyszlosci (1983 Poland)/12 DUNDAS-Bloodshot In Your Eyes (1979 Canada)/13 EXPLODING SEAGULLS-Johnny Runs For Paregoric (1980 UK)/14 FALSE PROPHETS-Good Clean Fun (1982 USA)/15 GLO-Nerv (1980 Sweden)

Gyllene Divor – S/T E.P. 7″DISC 2-01 GYLLENE DIVOR-Ni Har Injen Tunelbana (1981 Sweden)/02 INOCENTES-Apneas Contro o que eu vi  o que senti (1983 Brazil)/03 ISM- I Think I Love You (1981 USA)/04 KAKA DELUXE-Rosario Tel Pito (1978 Spain)/05 KOLLA KESTAA-Kirjoituksia Kellarista (1979 Finland)/06 LA PESTE-Better Off Dead (1978 USA)/07 LEGAL WEAPON-No One Listens (1981 USA)/08 LES FELES-Mon Lycee (1978 France)/09 MAGIC DE SPELL-Sweating All Over (1981 Greece)/10 THE MODERNS-Tell Me Where the Action Is (1980 Sweden)/11 NEGATIV-Glitter Hair Creme (1982 Switzerland)/12 NICE LAWN-American Cheez (1983 USA)/13 NO ALTERNATIVE-Johnny Got His Gun (1979 USA)/14 OUTLETS-The Best Friends (1982 USA)/15 PEGGIO PUNX-Pubblicita (Italy 1982)

legal_weapon_2016001.jpgDISC 3-01 THE PERENNIALS-My Side of the Mountain (2011 USA)/02 POPTRONIX-Programmed TV Set (1981 USA)/03 SCHUND-Schund (Austria 1982)/04 SIZE-Tonight (1980 Mexico)/05 THE SQUAD-Born In the Concrete (1981 Denmark)/06 STATE-Subvert (1983 USA)/07  THE STEVES-In a Room (1980 USA)/08 THE STEVES-Making TIme (1980 USA)/09 THE SUZANNES-Hippie (1978 Holland)/10 THE TAKE-Tonight (1982 USA)/11 THE BLADES-Hot For You (1981 Ireland)/12 THE HENCHMEN-I Got a Right (1982 New Zealand)/13 THIRD WORLD CHAOS-You (1984 Phillipines)/14 VIOLENT TUMOR-Abortion (1986 USA)/15 THE ACES-Why It Should Be Mine (1981 UK)

DISC 4-01 AQUI D'EL ROCK-Dedicada a Quem Nos Ruba (Portugal 1979)/02 ART OBJECT-Confused (1980)/03 THE BLITZZ-Go Now (1978 Holland)/04 BOYS BOYS-Control Tower (Japan 1980)/05 BRAINIACS-Take Me To Paris (USA 1979)/06 CRETINS-Heimkind (1980 Germany)/07 DEAF AIDS-Peep Show (1979 UK)/08 DEAF AIDS-Bored Christine (1980 UK)/09 DEZERTER-Spytaj Milicjanta (Poland 1983)/10 DUNDAS-Can't You Hear Me (1979 Canada)/11 EXPLODING SEAGULLS-Take Me To The Cinema (1980 UK)/12 FALSE PROPHETS-Functional (1982 USA)/13 FLIPPER Earthworm (1979 USA)/14 GLO-Pin Up (1980 Sweden)/15  GYLLENE DIVOR-Mucka (1981 Sweden)

DISC 5-01 INNOCENTES-Morte Neuclear (1983 Brazil) /02 ISM-a7-USA 1983/03 KOLLA KESSTAA-Kumaat Rateet (1979 FInland)/04 LA PESTE-Black (1978 USA)/05 LEGAL WEAPON- My Way (Live) 1981 USA/06 LES FELES-Rogue Comme Le Sang (1981 USA)/07 MAGIC DE SPELL-Virgin Freedom (1981 Greece)/08 NEGATIV-Terrorist (Switzerland 1982)/09 NICE LAWN-Tears For the New World (USA 1983)/10 THE OUTLETS-The Bright Lights (USA 1982)/11 PEGGIO PUNX-Scemo (Italy 1982)/12 THE PERENNIALS-Savanah (2011 USA)/13 POPTRONIX-War of Crime (USA 1981)/14 SCHUND-Scheisse Drauf (1982 Austria)/15 SIZE-Daily Matrix (Mexico 1982)

PEGGIO PUNX – Ci Stanno Uccidendo Al Suono Della Nostra Musica !! EP ...
DISC 6-01 THE SQUAD-Polythene Chicks (1980 Denmark)/02 STATE-New Right (1983 USA)/03 THE STEVES-Mechanical Friend (1980 USA)/04 THE STEVES-Over The Phone (1981 USA)/05 THE SUZANNES-Naughty Young Girl (1981 Holland)/06 SVDB-Chain Reaction (USA 1983)/07 THE TAKE-Four dollar Date (USA 1982)/08 THE BLADES-The Reunion (1982 Ireland)/09 THE HENCHMEN-Rock N Roll Attack (1982 New Zealand)/10 THIRD WORLD CHAOS-We Are the One (1984 Phillipines)/11 VIOLENT TUMOR-Basket Case (1986 USA)/12 WARHEADS-Today Can't Be Worser Than Tomorrow (1980 Sweden)/13 2760-Vive Le Rock (1980 Sweden)/14 ART OBJECT-Juvenile Delinquent (1980 USA)/15 THE BRAINIACS-Suzie's So Unsure (1980 USA)

Magic De SpellDISC 07-01 THE CRETINS-Walter (1980 Germany)/02 DEAF AIDS-Aren't People Strange (1979 UK)/03 DEZERTER-Szara Rzeczywistosc (1983 Poland)/04 GLO-Det Ken Jag Garantera (1980 Sweden)/05 GYLLENE DIVOR-Jag I Kar I John Travolta (1981 Sweden)/06 INOCENTES-Aprendi O Diar (Brazil 1983)/07 KAKA DE LUXE-Viva El Metro (1978 Spain)/08 LEGAL WEAPON-No Sorrow (1981 USA)/09 MAGIC DE SPELL-Poor Johnny's Lonely Blues (1981 Greece)/10  NEW FUN QUINTET-Spying on the Neighbors (1983 USA)/11 PEGGIO PUNX-Non Siame Coma Voi (Italy 1982)/12 THE PERENNIALS-This Whole Town (2011 USA)/13 SCHUND-Terror (1982 Austria)/14 STATE-Attention (1983 USA)/15 THE STEVES-The Bad Good (1981 USA)/16 THE SUZANNES-Listen to My Heartbeat (1982 Holland)/17 THIRD WORLD CHAOS-Quitter (1984 Phillipines)/18 TOOLS-Asexuality In the 1980's (USA 1979)

DISC 08-01 VIOLENT TUMOR-Problems (1986 USA)/02 ART OBJECT-So Enlightned (1980 USA)/03 BRAINIACS-The Stunned (1979 USA)/04 CHATTERBOX-Sista Chasen (1980 Sweden)/05 DEZERTER-Wojna Glupcow (Poland 1983)/06 GLO-1980 (1980 Sweden)/07 INOCENTES-Calado (1983 Brazil)/08 KAKA DELUXE-La Pluma Electrica (Spain 1978)/09 NEW FUN QUINTET-Master TV (USA 1983)/10 PEGGIO PUNX-Rumor1 (Italy 1982)/11 SCHUND-Aufstand (1982 Austria)/12 STATE-Hard Line (USA 1983)/13 THE SUZANNES-Teenage Abortion (1978 Holland)/14 THIRD WORLD CHAOS-Insult the Useless People (Phillipines 1984)/15 VIOLENT TUMOR-99 Floors (1986 USA)/16 VKTMS-Ballad of Pincushion Smith (USA 1979)/17 ART OBJECT-Usanrk (1980 USA)/18 LEGAL WEAPON-Hostility (1981 USA)

Responses to Poptronix – T.V. Programmed T.V. Set 7″DISC 09-01 PUGGIO PUNX-Disastro Sonoro (1983 USA)/02 STATE No Illusion (1983 USA)/03 STOODES-Psychotic (1980 Sweden)/04 THE SUZANNES-Deepfreeze Boy (1978 Holland)/05 VIOLENT TUMOR-Runnin Machine (1986 USA)/06 2760-Rocky Buys a Record (1980 Sweden)/07 STATE-Police State (1983 USA)/08 THE SUZANNES-Organisation (1978 Holland)/09 VIOLENT TUMOR-WelcomeHome (USA 1986)/10 CHATTERBOX-Illusioner (1980 Sweden)/11 STATE-Girl Violence (USA 1983)/12 VIOLENT TUMOR-Tool Box (USA 1986)/13 THE MODERNS-She Said Go ( Sweden 1980)/14 VIOLENT TUMOR-Army Song (1986 USA)/15 WARHEADS-I Lost My Leg in the War (1980 Sweden)/16 STOODES-Gunfight (1980 Sweden)

the kaempfe fuer dich tape from schund was recorded in 1981 by michael ...Hey, slug, that is a LOT of work I committed to this.....you fuckers need to check this shit out.....I do my best to come up with FRESH AND DIFFERENT material, and this is the definition of such.....great companion piece to the Greek Punk recurring project, this NINE disc set is not a fucking joke either......I'm hoping to see GOOD download numbers for this, also, GOOD comments.....I search the world/web/my own collection for DIFFERENT sounds for all of ya, the LEAST ya can do is LISTEN TO IT....all kidding aside, this is a fine set at least based on the stuff I have listened to.......you will  enjoy it, I think.......lotsa more ideas swirling around in my drug-addled brain for the remainder of the summer, musical AND non musical also.......I hope people "get" what this blog is about....it ISN'T for everyone.....it is for, as I've said before, THE REST OF US......if you ARE one of the "rest of us", you will understand.....if not, well.......

Get Your War On!

"Get Your War On" was a fantastic comic strip published
in Rolling Stone magazine and elsewhere a
while back......it was absolutley brutal in it's treatment of then-President Bush, absolutley savage.....myself, I happen to find shit like that FUNNY, perhaps you have a stick shoved so far up your ass that you DON'T, but whatever, it takes all kinds to fill a planet. This is just a PARTIAL selection of my beloved "Get Your War On" collection,
I certainly HOPE that it starts folks to calling me names,swearing they will never visit the blog again, telling me how "anti-American" I am and all that shit.......Jesus Christ, get a sense of humor for Christmas, will ya? "Get Your War On" is a unknown classic of American humor, if you ar unfamiliar, you have deprived yourself, if you have followed it, you know what I mean, and offends you, well, that's the best of ALL! Get over it, no I am no fan of President Obama either, any more than I was of Mr. Bush......start a comic as humorous as "Get Your War On" about Mr. Obama and I
guarentee you it's on this blog the next day....my thing is MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE, and what could be better? "Get Your War On" was one of the greatest satirical skewerings in history, and deserves to be revisited by the folk that missed it the first time........if you are offeneded by it, well, SOMEONE has to be........if you enjoy the humor, request the REST of my "Get Your War on" collection, trust me, it is some fucking bomb-ass shit.


From Savannh Georgia, Baroness are simply bad-ass.....they have created some criminally
overlooked stoner/psych, I think they have really given us some GREAT shit, and it's high time guys got around to digging up on this excellent fucking band. Basically, the lineup is guitarist/vocalist John Baizley, guitarist Peter Adams, bassist Summer Welch, and drummer Alan Blickle (in very recent times the drummer and bassist have been replaced)......

Thier first full length was released in 2007 ("The Red Album").....it is a wonderful piece of hard rocking progressive-stoner (!), wonderful album that was perhaps the best release of that year for my money......"Rays on Pinion" and "The Birthing" get things started right, and, that's really about a fourth of it.....wonderful, memorable album that I still listen to a lot.

In 2009 they released the almost as good "Blue Record", really, like it's predecessor, hard to describe.....wonderful rocking tunes, flowing together with weird lyrics.....this is a fine band, PLEASE check them out and comment on their greatness.

In 2011 they released the ALSO excellent double set, "Green and Yellow", it's fantastic, although the "Yellow" disc does wear a tiny bit thin, but "Green" is as good as anything they have produced.

OK, obviously I love these guys, and I happen to have some of their early EP's and the like.....in 2004 they released their first EP, going WAY out there for the title "First".....it's great as well, you can
definitely hear the seeds of the latter brilliance being planted. The next year they released (are you ready?) "Second", which is a fine EP as well, for my money, these guys have released purely imaginative, wonderful, hard rocking discs, if you have missed out, it is your loss!

Well, what else....a 2010 single, "A Horse Called Golgatha".....a split disc with Unpersons entitled "A Grey Sigh In a Flower Husk" (also known as "Third", beleive it or not) and a 2013 live recording from the BBC, which features the "new" rythem section, and is also pretty damn good.

I really, really like this band, I think they are totally kickass......if you are unfamilar PLEASE check them out and gimme a full report, I just hate when bands that (I think are) this good go unnoticed

FIRST-01 Tower Falls/02 Coeur/03 Rise

SECOND-01 Red Sky/02 Son of Sun/03 Vision

A GREY SIGH IN A FLOWER HUSK-01 Tiersias/02 Cavite/03 Black Finnegan/04 Number/05 Dry Hands/06 A Small Gesture, a Thousand Small Happy Gestures

RED ALBUM-01 Rays On Pinion/02 The Birthing/03 Isak/04 Wailing Wintry Wind/05 Cockroach En Fluer/06 Wanderlust/07 Aleph/08 Teeth of a Cogwheel/09 O'Appalachia/10 Grad/11 Untitled

BLUE RECORD-01 Bullhead's Psalm/02 The Sweetest Curse/03 Jake Leg/04 Steel That Sleeps the
Eye/05 Swollen and Halo/06 Ogeechee Hymnal/07 A Horse Calld Golgotha/08 O'er Hell and Hide/09 War Wisdom and Rhyme/10 Blackpowder Orchard/11 The Lashing/12 Bullhead's Lament

A HORSE CALLED GOLOGOTHA (SINGLE)-01 A Horse Called Gologatha/02 Bikeage

YELLOW AND GREEN (YELLOW DISC)-01 Yellow Theme/02 Take My Bones Away/03 March to the Sea/04 Little Things/05 Twinkler/06 Cocainium/07 Back Where I Belong/08 Sea Lungs/09 Eula

YELLOW AND GREEN (GREEN DISC)-01 Green Theme/02 Board Up the House/03 Mtns. (The Crown and Anchor)/04 Foolsong/05 Collapse/06 Pslams Alive/07 Stretchmarker/08 The Line Between/09 If I Forget Thee, Lo Country

Bones Away/02 March to the Sea/03 Cocainium/04 The Line Between

This is REALLY great shit, implore you to try it out if you are unfamiliar......great modern day rock n roll DOES exist, we just need to track it down sometimes.....Baroness are fucking great.....don't cheat yerselves, YOU WANT to hear these!

Charlie's Angels Trading Cards

Ah, fuck you, what do you know? I beat my fucking meat raw to these bitches on a regular basis as a
teen, and so did you if are man enough to admit it......to this day I would pay to  tounge bathe Kate Jackson, the late Farrah Fawcett was perhaps the 1970's finest piece of ass,
Jacquline Smith, well, anytime anyplace baby, and as a bonus Cheryl Ladd had one of the finest asses God ever created. Hey, we were all teens once, and it just so happened that MY teen years lined up with watching these bitches jiggle their stuff each week......wish we had quality television programming like this today.

If you think my comments are "sexist" or some such, do you REALLY think I give 3/8 of a shit?

Anyway, here is the COMPLETE collector's set of Charlie's Angels cards, ca. 1977 or so (series 1 only, unfortunatley no shots of Cheryl Ladds luscious posterior).....I've got the first three seasons on DVD, GOD what horrid writing, storylines, acting, BUT goddamn those babes knew how to shake some action. RIP Farrah, Kate you are probably the hottest woman on the planet in your general age group, and the other two gave me my "moments" as well.......thanks a lot ladies.

A Great, Big, Bad-Assed Spiritual Beggars post......


One of the consistently great stoner bands over the years that I have NOT profiled in the time I've
been doing, along with Dozer, Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age and a few others (and in time we WILL get to them as well, fear not, this blog will be around as long as 1) I am alive, and 2) they don't shut me down (always a possiblity, but if the do, I'm sure some of my idols in blogland can offer advice, hell ChrisGOes has been shut down more times than I could possibly count, he's a hero and a roll model to all of us who undrstand that SHARING IS ACTUALLY A GOOD THING, JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER ALWAYS TOLD YOU........

Anyways, Spiritual Beggars from Halmstad Sweden, have been at it since the early 1990's, basically the only "constants" have been guitarist Michael Amott and drummer Ludwig Witt......other current members are singer Apollo Papathanasio, keyboardist Per Weeberg, and bassist Sharlee D'Angelo. Thier sound is border-line stoner,hard blues based rock that reminds one of maybe Five Horse Johnson, whom you know I like......what I'm saying is they are maybe not QUITE as "out there" as some of the more "creative" stoner bands (Los Natas, say, or Orange Goblin just at random), and a little closer to Perl Jam-style hard ass rock n roll.....not a Goddamn thing wrong with that.

Album #1, a self titled affair from 1994, is not the greatest......it tries hard, there are some good tunes
on here, but they would improve upon it. The next year's "Another Way to Shine" picks up the pace a bit, the title track and "Magic Spell" are standout tracks, this was, we could tell, a band on the rise.

The got a bit more creative with the third album "Mantra III", which is a really good one, thier first REALLY good effort (please note: the first two ARE worth your time), better songwriting and better vocals bring out stuff like "Lack of Prozac" (what a TITLE!) and "Homage to the Betrayed", this is a really fine forgotten album of late 1990's stoner rock, highly recommended.

In 2000, they released arguably thier best effort, "Ad Astra", I'd pick it as my fave with a gun at my head......the great "Angel of Betrayal" is the highlight, but there is PLENTY of good stuff here, "Left Brain Ambassadors", "Mantra"and more, if you wish to sample only ONE Spiritual Beggars album (a mistake IMO), this would be the one for ya.

2002's "On Fire" is a pretty good effort as well, it includes more of the bands' trademarked stoner/blues/hard rock, stuff like "Street Fighting Saviours" and "Feejee Mermaid" among others, are "classic" Spiritual Beggars material, the band had peaked with "Ad Astra", but they still had some rifs left in them, fans of ANY hard rock, be it stoner/metal/or just Stonesy hard blues stuff, you'll really want to check these out.

"Demons" is a 2 disc set, released in 2005, with a decent studio disc and a pretty damn good live disc,
these guys evidently put it out live, at least from what I can tell from the live discs.....the studio disc has a lot of depressing themes running through it ("Throwing Your Life Away", "Dying Every Day", LOTS more), but, shit, when has THAT ever stopped anyone from kicking out a rocking effort? And the live disc has good versionsof "Angel of Betrayal" and "Young Man, Old Soul", a LITTLE skimpy, but all in all a good double disc set.

2010's "Return to Zero" is a listenable effort, fans of the band will certainly want to hear it, it's not "Ad Astra", but, you know, I am REALLY a fan of this particular sound (been waiting on "stoner rock" basically my entire life, I am SOOOOO glad it finally emerged).......really, like Sheavy or Orange Goblin, these guys really have never (IMO) made a "bad" album, they all have SOMETHING to recommend them.......stoner rock fans unite!

And can ya beleive that last year, 2013, they actually cranked out ANOTHER double disc set? No shit, it's called "Earth Blues" and follows the same format of "Demons", a studio set of pretty solid material, as coupled with (again, rather skimpy, but why nitpick?) another fine live disc......I really would have liked to see these boys get it done live.

May as well round this out with a coupla boots, both quite good.....got one here called "LiveFire!"
best I can ascertain this is an audio rip of a concert DVD, can't find much info on it, but most of their best shit is here, I recommend it highly.....as well, do I recommend "Live Roskilde 2000", also loaded with great versions of some of the Beggars best stuff, "Angel Of Betrayal", "Wonderful World", again, I would ahve LOVED to caught these fellows live......

If you are a fan of the "stoner rock" i post here (often), I think you'll like Spiritual Beggars......if you are NOT a fan of it, you may like them as well, as, like I said somewhere here, they are a LITTLE more close to the mainstream hard rock border........it's good shit, I presonally guarentee, and this is another ban I consider fairly underappreciated. Please let me know what you think about them, if this is a new experience for you........I guarentee my stoner-rock "Go-to guy" Mark Eveligh would be happy to offer up a second opinion!

SELF TITLED-01 Yearly Dying/02 Pelekas/03 The Space In Between/04 If This Is All/05 Under Silence/06 Magnificent Obsession/07 Blind Mountain/08 If You Should Leave/09 Nowhere to Go/10 Sour Stains

ANOTHER WAY TO SHINE-01 Magic Spell/02 Black Mountain/03 Misty Valley/04 Picking From the Box/05 Nowhere To Go/06 Entering Into Peace/07 Sour Stains/08 Another Way To Shine/09 Past the sound of Whispers

MANTRA III-01Superbossanova/02  Homage to the Betrayed/03 Monster Astronauts/04 Euphoria/05 Broken Morning/06 Lack of Prozac/07 Bad Karma/08 Send Me a Smile/09 Cosmic Romance/10 Inside Charmer/11 Sad Queen Boogie/12 Mushroom Tea Girl/13 The Band Is Playing/14 Redwod Blues/15 Euphoria (Alternative Mix)

AD ASTRA-01 Left Brain Ambassadors/02 Wonderful World/03 Sedated/04 Angel of Betrayal/05 Blessed/06 Per Aspera Ad Astra/07 Save Your Soul/08 Until the Morning/09 Escaping the Fools/10 On Dark Rivers/11 The Goddess/12 Mantra

ON FIRE-01 Street Fighting Saviours/02 Young Man, Old Soul/03 Killing Time/04 Fool Gold/05 Black Feathers/06 Beneath the Skin/07 Feejee Mermaid/08 Dance of the Dragon King/09 Tall Tale/10 The Lunatic Fringe/11 Look Back/12 Burden of Dreams

DEMONS DISC 1-01 Inner Strength (Intro)/02 Throwing Your Life Away/03 Salt In Your
Wounds/04 One Man Army/05 Through the Halls/06 Treading Water/07 Dying Every Day/08 Born To Die/09 Born To Die (reprise)/10 In My Blood/11 Elusive/12 Sleeping With One Eye Open/13 No One Heard

DEMONS DISC 2-01 Monster Astronauts/02 Angel of Betrayal/03 Young Man, Old Soul/04 Wonderful World/05 Blind Mountain/06 Guitar Solo/07 Look Back/08 Not Fragile

RETURN TO ZERO-01 Return to Zero (Intro)/02 Lost in Yesterday/03 Starborn/04 The Chaos of Rebirth/05 We Are Free/06 Spirit of the Wind/07 Coming Home/ 08 Concrete Horizon/09 A New Dawn Rising/10 I Beleive In Me/11 Dead Weight/12 The Road Less Travelled/13 Time to Live (Uriah Heep Cover)

EARTH BLUES DISC 1-01 Wise as a Serpent/02 Turn the Tide/03 Sweet Magic Pain/04 Hello Sorrow/05 One Man's Curse/06 Dreamer/07 Too Old To Die/08 Kingmaker/09 Road to Madness/10 Ead End Town/11 Freedom Song/12 Legends Collapse

EARTH BLUES DISC 2-01 Left Brain Ambassador/02 Beneath the Skin/03 One Man Army/04 Wonderful World/05 Fools Gold/06 Star Born/07 Concrete Horizon/08 Euphoria

LIVEFIRE!-01 Intro/02 Beneath the Sun/03 Fools Gold/04 Monster Astronauts/05 Angel of Betrayal/06 Young Man, Old Soul/07 Blind Mountain/08 Mantra/09 Wonderful World/10 Killing TIme/11 Not Fragile/12 Euphoria

LIVE ROSKILDE 2000-01 Wonderful World/02 Angel of Betrayal/03 Monster Astronauts/04Sedated/05 Until the Morning/06 Homage to the Betrayed/07 Blind Mountain/08 Per Aspera Ad Astra/09 Broken Morning/10 Euphoria/11 Escaping the Fools

OK, guys, this quite a lot of material, quite a bit of work.....don't get me wrong, I LOVE doing stuff like this......ALL I ASK is that you briefly tell me what you think of these albums, should you sample them......I think they are, across the board, pretty damn good....I've been putting some extra time into the blog of late, with mega-posts like this as well as sharing some non-musical stuff, which is ALL in celebration of my impending retirement......AFTER I retire I may just go crazy on here for a while.....but WORK WITH ME, please.....I am ALWAYS looking for contributions, NOTHING I love more than when some bar band I never heard of sends me a demo tape or soemthing like that....but this is NOT TOTALLY ABOUT MUSIC.......SEND ME ANYTHING, I WILL put it up......ANYTHING.......recipes, photography, art work your third grader did.......I want this to be a REAL share blog, a real community, like Facebook without all the nonsensical gibberish.......please help me to make this work.......at the VERY least, leave a comment if you sample the music, it could be "it sucks" for all I care.......by the way, I now have TEN working days until retirement.......haven't figured out what I'll do then, I'm thinking of a mega-Roxy Music post as they are (perhaps) my favorite band of them all.....we'll see......but THANKS SO MUCH to you guys who DO help me out, and I'll ALWAYS welcome MORE members to the team to make this thing work.......sending some more Greek Punk to Apanta Bapanta tonight for translation, what would I do without HIM? Or Dave Sez? or Marcan? what of Viacomshutmedown's latest kick ass contribution...........I don't WANT this to be the world's "best " blog (WAAAAY to mucrk), but I do want it to carve out a unique niche......I think we are getting there, but the more people that help us out the better! 

Thanks for reading, listening, commenting, contributing, and just being here!

Today's non-musical bonus.....you gotta LOVE me!

OK, I think this is fairy rare, haven't seen em around TOO much, what we have here is the
COMPLETE collection of.........are you ready?......."Beavis and Butthead" comics.......did ya even KNOW such a thing existed? Well, here they are in all thier glory......I LOVED me some Beavis and Butthead, truth be told, so did my MOTHER, she said it reminded her of myself and my brother when we were teens.....ya know, I can see that.......my Mom was cool she was a big "South Park" fan as well, she's been gone almost three years now......she is truly missed, she was a TRUE free spirit, one open minded person whom I HOPE bestowed upon me one fourth of her ability to see things from ANY angle.......anyway, I miss her, but jump ALL OVER these classic "Beavis and Butthead" comics, the cartoon was the SHIT (I have some DVD's which suck because they omit the music videos, but the comic books are at least fairly unknown)

Come on guys.......download away, please leave a comment if ya do......I bet a good percentage of ya din't even know these existed!  By the way, like with the ZAP comix, you'll need CDisplay to view these, a free download.

Lemme know whatcha think about these heh heh heh heh heh heh heh........


OK, Sparks.....hadn't really even thier goofy early 1970's albums in a while, for some reason the song
"Whippings and Apologies" popped into my cranium the other day......the band began in California, formed by the Mael brothers, keyboardist Ron and vocalist Russ. The "classic" lineup included a set of brothers the Mankeys, guitarist Jim and bassist Earle, and ace drummer Harley Feinstein......the band was around forever, probably still are in some form or another (the Mael brothers have carried on with many varying lineups, trying thier hands at various forms of music.....I lost track of them/lost interest in them fairly early on, we can observe the handful of their early albums that I DO have, post 1975 or so, you are on your own.

The debut ("Sparks") is a little slow, it features a couple of decent numbers highlighted by Ron's strange keyboard playing, Russ' frankly annoying vocals, and some often moderately interesting, artistic lyrics ("Wonder Girl", "Biology 2")......nothing really great.  However, the followup, "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing" is not without its merits.....the crackling "Whippings and Apologies", the bizarre "Beaver O'Lindy", the much MORE bizarre "Here Comes Bob"......not a bad album, worth  listen or two, this stuff does wear thin QUICKLY though.

Along with "Woofer", their peak was reached with "Kimono My House", another collection of falsetto vocals, crackling drum breaks, and of course, plenty of admittedly clever lyrics ("Amatuer Hour", "Barbcutie".......the last of their albums that I own is 1975's "Propoganda", by which time, in my estimation, this ship had LONG sailed. Again, more "clever" than actually"lisenable", with an occasional good one ("Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth")

And that, from here, is THAT.....from looking them up, it would appear they have released probably 20-30 more albums, and I assume they must have a hard core fan base SOMEWHERE in order to hang around so long, but, honstly, I think I'll pass, myself.

"Woofer" and "Kimono" enough interesting material on them to make them worth a
listen....."Whippings and Apolgies" and "Beaver O'Lindy" are both still capable of rocking the house on occasion.

I remember once the "Rolling Stone Record Guide" evaluated the albums and ended the review with the statement "docked one star per album for being somewhat responsible for Queen". Couldn't possible have put it any better.

SPARKS-01 Wonder Girl/02 Fa La Fa Lee/03 Roger/04 High C/05 Fletcher Honorama/06 Simple Ballet/07 Slowboat/08 Biology 2/09 Saccharin and the War/10 Big Bands/11 (No More)Mr Nice Guys

A WOOFER IN TWEETER'S CLOTHING-01 Girl From Germany/02 Beaver O'Lindy/03 Nothing Is Sacred/04 Here Comes Bob/05 Moon Over Kentucky/06 Do Re Mi/07 Angus Desire/08 Underground/09 The Louvre/10 Batteries Not Included/11 Whippings and Apologies

KIMONO MY HOUSE-01 This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us/02 Amatuer Hour/03 Falling In Love With Myself Again/04 Here In Heaven/05 Thank God It's Not Christmas/06 Hasta Manana Monsiuer/07 Talent Is an Asset/08 Complaints/09 In My Family/10 Equator/11 Barbecutie/12 Lost and Found

PROPOGANDA-01 Propoganda/02 At Home At Work At Play/03 Renforcements/04 BC/05 Thanks But No Thanks/06 Don't Leave Me Alone With Her/07 Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth/08 Something For the Girl With Everything/09 Achoo/10 Who Don't Like Kids/11 Bon Voyage/12 Alabamy Right/13 Marry Me

Pretty much forgotten stuff, at least in my circles.......hopefully bring a smile or two to your face (seriously, "Woofer" IS a decent, if hard to take, album.....if you followed these dudes after 1975 or so, I am curious, why? Did they do anything good? Give me a full report!

Requested Non-Musical Bonus, for Pete

Blog regular Pete has requested some Heavy Metal Comics, I have a few not as many as I thought,
but you guys are welcome to the ones I DO have.......fine artwork and some interseting storylines, and if my memory serves me, the comic book series was made into a movie in the early 80's, am I right? I seem to recall that. Didn't that song by Don Henley or someone come from that movie ("Take that ride ride ride ride ride, on heavy metal").....am I remembering that correctly, or, like the rest of the early 1980's did I just imagine it?

Most of these require the CDisplay download to view them, although for whatever reason, one is in PDF format.

Sorry I've got so few, if anyone else has any, please help Pete out, he's a good and loyal poster here! Other than that, Pete, enjoy the ones I DO have!


Virus gave us two bad-ass, albeit different, albums in the early 1970's.......they were from Germany
and were comprised of flautist/vocalist Bernd Hohman, bassist Reinhold Spigelfeld, keyboardist Jorg-Dieter Krahe, guitarist Werner Monka, and drummer Wolfgang Rieke.  In 1971 they released the very spacey epic, "Revelation" a heavy prog semi-masterpiece that is loaded with long, droning, wonderful prog/psych numbers.....the tracks that clock in at ten minutes plus are my faves (The title track and "Ending Game" are good ones, the whole album is most enjoyable though, if ya missed it some 40+ years ago, don't make the same mistake twice, a fine piece of early 70's heavy-prog that I personally really enjoy.

Later in that same year, they released "Thoughts", they reshuffled the lineup (Rieke and Krahe remained, the others were replaced)....."Thoughts" is MUCH different, a harder rockig effort actually could have been a different band, however, it is ALSO a kickass album. Interestin, indeed, that a band that created two albums could havfe them be so different, and also have them both be so good, ya never know.

They also released a live recording, "Remember", which is half decent as well, focussing more on the harder rocking "Thoughts" effort than "Revelation", it is worthwhile also, and, I actually forgot that I had it until checking the shelves.....honest to , not a bad album either, while I personally prefer "Revelation", these are some overlooked gems that you might enjoy, be you a fan of Krautrock, heavy-prog, hard psych, metal, whatever........these guys had some talent and deserve to have thier catolouge reopened for review......please comment upon these, they are really pretty good in my estimation, but, as always, when I drag something ou of the vault, I LOVE to hear what you wonderful folks think of it!

REVELATION-01 Revelation/02 Endless Game/03 Burning Candle/04 Hungry Loser/05 Nur Noch Zwei Lichtjahre/06 Confession/07 Facts of Death

THOUGHTS-01 King Heroin/02 Manking, Where Do You Go/03 Teme/04 Old Time Movie/05
Butterflies/06 Take Your Thoughts/07 Sittin' and Smokin'/08 Going On/09 Deeds of the Past/10 My Strand-Eyed Girl

REMEMBER-01 Everybody Knows That I've Got the Feeling/02 This is No Anarchy/03 Remember/04 Rock N Roll/05 In Any Way/06 Settle Down/07 Livg in the Country/08 King Heroin/09 Woods Fun

Come on, you know I try to keep it varied.....you guys PLEASE let me know what you hink of these discs, I really DO enjoy them quite a bit (especially "Revelation")

Today's non-musical bonus

By the way Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there, I am a proud one, I think we did a pretty
good job with our 17 year old Grant, he's a good kid, I guess we did SOMETHING right, God knows how....I've commented on this before, coming from the genes of his mother and myself, he  could have been some demonic anti-Christ, instead, he is an upstanding, wonderful young man that has a MUCH brighter future ahead of him than THIS burned-out dopester did at the age of 17......

Got something cool for ya today, NON MUSICAL-wise, (I am trying to share a BUNCH of my stuff in celebration of my impending retirement, I have TWO MORE WEEKS if I live that long)....I have ten issues of one of the TRULY great memories of my earliest childhood, "Famous Monsters of Filmland".......this was like a fucking bible to myself when I was, say,8-9-10 years old, used to LOVE them old monster flicks and frankly, still do! I hope that some of you read this great shit as a child an have forgotten all about it, and his brings a tear to your eye as you become a 10 year old again for a minute.....GOD, my late, great maternal grandmother bought me a subscription to this for Christmas every year for the last few years of her life, and I simply COULD NOT WAIT for the next issue to arrive each month.........oh, to be a fucking child again..........

Anyway this is fucking great shit.......at least to ME it is, and I hope it transports at least one or of you back to your wretched childhoods.......if you did NOT grow up on this shit (perhaps you are what I call a "pup"), you will not get it, we'll try something else tomorrow....but I am damn near teary eyed as I relive at least a small portion of my youth with these great mags......

Again, you will need CDisplay to read them, it's a free download if you don't have it already.

Freedom Bleeder

The only full length that I am aware of from raw, hard stoner rockers from Sweden, Freedom
Bleeder....consisting of guitarist Johan Haag, singer Henrik Renstom, bassist Gustav Grusell, and drummer Andreas Wiil, the released this very respectable effort, "10 Out of 10" in 1995.....pretty hard to find much information on these guys, have to let the album speak for itself.....

Sounding most, I'd say, like Monster Magnet, the album goes hard and loud all the way through....."Down Below", "Breathing" and "Drowning" standout but this is a worthwhile disc that fans of Monster Magnet or Kyuss or even Spiritual Beggars (just a couple days ago) might find entertaining........

While going to retrieve it off the shelf, I noticed that I also have an EP/single from the, I'd say from around the same time since "Breathing" also appears here, but with a pair of other tracks not on the LP.........Freedom Bleeder RARITIES! Wow, man......

As I said one of those bands that just doesn't have a lot of information out there, as far as I can tell "10" was their only release, seems they appeared on a tribute album or two and also did a split with the Mugwumps that I thouht I might have also but don't. The shelves of history are dotted with 100,000 other bands that we can say that about also, obscure punk acts or glam metal bands or whatever with only one release and little info available.....however, that doesn't render them worthless.....fans of the genre delight over stuff like this, and this is no exception.....enjoy.

10 OUT OF 10-01 Down Below/02 Pretend/03 Breathing/04 Like Another/05 Time/06 Once Again/07 Drowning/08 Get On/09 Shine On/10 Irresistable

BREATHING EP-01 Breathing/02 Redemption Signs/03 Away From the Sun

Non musically speaking, for a Monday

Retirement creeps forward, two weeks to go, and I am celebrating by shring some of my NON-
musical files each day (for a while) along with my normal music shares.....why? , I don't know, but I'll tell you......they have been UNBELEIVEABLY well recieved, amzingly so (download wise), so, despite nearly doubling my workload I will continue for a while, we'll see what happens.

Other than the "Breakfast Club", for which I shared a copy of the original script, perhaps my favorite movie is "Clerks", simply hilarious and can be watched ad infinitum, one of a small handful of films (less than 50, am nearly as hard-core a film buff as I am a music fan) of which I KNOW I could never get tired.

So, last night, Father's Day, after dinner, my wife and son "allowed" me to select a movie for us to watch together, naturally the spirit of family wholesomeness, I selected "Clerks" (my 17 year old son loves it as much as I do, he'll out of the blue say "THIRTY SEVEN??????? Slllllllurrrrrp" much to the disgust of his Mom/my poor wife who claims to hate the film but we all know that's impossible!

Ayway, got me to thinking that I have a couple of "Clerks" comics around here somewhere, which I do.....they aren't great, they ARE, though "Clerks".......glad I didn't PAY for em or anything, but since you don't have to either, you may enjoy them, provided you are a "Clerks" fan.....and if you are NOT a "Clerks" fan, perhaps your life needs a bit of reevaluation.

By the way these are PDF and do not require the use of CDisplay