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"Two Minutes Hate" Part 1

Ok I've thought about doing this for a while, let me explain why......The next two posts will feature
some extremely vile, offensive, and overtly racist music.....and not especially GOOD music at that. There sill likely be people who will stop reading my blog, and who will think that this music should NEVER see the light of day. And with that, I disagree. Freedom of speech, you see, extends to EVERYONE in my opinion, even those whose opinions we find to be abhorrent. Skrewdriver (and the other related racists/skinheads that we'll look at the next two days) DO hold views that I find horrible.....but does that alone determine that they should not be heard? It is MUCH easier to advocate the "rights" and "freedoms" of those with whom we agree than those we find offensive, even sub-human.

For the record, I have featured MANY bands on this site, of a leftist nature, whose politics I do not necessarily agree with either......bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Le Tigre, The Tom Robinson Band and others have graced this site, would THEY be offended by being profiled on the same site as Skrewdriver or Bully Boys? They might be, but would they not be being hypocritical to their own stated beliefs in freedom, when NOT willing to allow the "freedoms" of those they oppose to be shunned/censored?

I would guess that many of you have heard OF  Skrewdriver, but
not actually HEARD them.....if that is the case, it is MUCH worse than you are imagining, these were some hateful human beings, frankly, the very type of people who would detest ME personally......but we must all know our enemies......we must KNOW THEM, not IGNORE them......I am posting these "hate bands" in order to both make a persona statement on freedom of speech FOR ALL, as well as to expose to the unknowing that these people ARE out there......download on or two of these, listen, (among the most outright shocking  tracks would be "White Power" and  "When the Boat Comes In") and delete, if you wish, but do not pretend that these people are not out there.

As for the music, it's not much, third rate hard rock with a punkish edge, most of it fairly interchangeable......obviously it is the lyrics which will offend many people (including myself), but I think it is necessary for these to be heard, rather than to pretend they don't exist......so as for today, the works of Skrewdriver, and tomorrow, some MORE hatred-filled bands including much of Skrewdiver founder Ian Stuart's side-project work and some bands that are actually musically (and, terrifyingly, lyrically) WORSE than Skrewdriver.....I won't comment on each album, as I  said, they are fairly interchangeable, although the "Live in Germany" album I think is extremely rare.....I am posting this, after a lot of thought, in order to stimulate conversation, and thought.....I hope that you don't think that by posting this I am advocating the beliefs of Skrewdriver or anyone else, hardly the case and never has been the case with anyone I've profiled.......but I absolutley AM advocating their rights to think and feel the way they do and express it musically. Argue with me if you wish, I am prepared for it, but keep it on an intellectual level, no name calling and the like. And if you honestly have never heard any of this, take a listen, as I said, most likely it is WORSE than you imagined. Also, if you are in agreement with the philosophies of Skrewdriver and the like, please comment as well, as long as, as I have asked of the other end of the spectrum,be respectful and civil and no name calling. Thank you.

ALL SKREWED UP-01 Where's It Gonna End/02 Governement Action/03 Back Street Kids/04
Gotta Be Young/05 I Don't Need Your Love/06 I Don't Like You/07 An-Ti-So-Cial/08 (Too Much) Confusion/09 9 Till 5/10 Jailbait/11 We Don't Pose/12 The Only One/13 Won't Get Fooled Again

HAIL THE NEW DAWN-01 Hail the New Dawn/02 Our Pride Is Our Loyalty/03 Before the Night Falls/04 Justice/05 R & N/06 Flying the Flag/07 If There's a Riot/08 Tomorrow Belongs to Me/09 Europe Awake/10 Soldier of Freedom/11 Skrew You/12 Pennies From Heaven/13 Power From Profit/14 Free My Land/15 Don't Let Them Pull You Down/16 Tearing Down the Wall

BLOOD AND HONOUR-01 Blood and Honour/02 Mr. Nine to Five/03 Don't Be Too Late/04 When the Storm Breaks/05 Prisoner of Peace/06 Poland/07 Tomorrow Is Always Too Late/08 The Way It's Got To Be/09 The Jewel of the Sea/10 One Fine Day/11 Searching/12 Needle Man/13 Open Up Your Eyes/14 I Know What I Want/15 Street Fight (1986)/16 Friday Night

WHITE RIDER-01 White Rider/02 Where Has Justice Gone/03
Strikeforce/04 Behind the Bars/05 Pride of a Nation/06 New Nation/07 The Snow Fell/08 I Can See the Fire/09 Thunder in the Cities/10 We Fight For Freedom/11 White Warriors/12 Built Knocked Down

AFTER THE FIRE-01 After the Fire/02 Mean Streets/03 Win or Die/04 Land of Ice/05 Eyes Full of Rage/06 As Life Bleeds Away/07 Forty Six Years/08 European Dream/09 Retaliate/10 A Time of Change/11 Sweet Home Alabama/12 Green Fields of France

WARLORD-01 Warlord/02 One In a Million II/03 Out in the Cold (Big Deal)/04 Their Kingdom Will Fall/05 The Evil Crept In/06 Simple Man/07 Soar Aloft/08 Back In Black/09 Glory (For Thorstens Schedes and Krekeler)/10 Excalibur/11 The Warrior's Song/12 Suddenly

THE STRONG SURVIVE-01 The Strong Survive/02 Voice of Evil/03 From the Land/04 In the Wasteland/05 Stand Proud/06 Paranoid/07 Hail and Thunder/08 Backstabber/09 United/10 Warzone/11 Shining Down/12 Mist on the Downs

Bang/02. I Don't Like You/03. Built Up Knocked Down (1979)/04. A Case Of Pride/05. Breakout/06. Tearing Down The Walls/07. Boots And Braces/08. Antisocial/09. White Power/10. Smash The I.R.A./11. Shove The Dove/12. Sick Society/13. Voice Of Britain/14. On The Streets/15. Invasion

FREEDOM WHAT FREEDOM-01 Mother Europe's Sons/02 What Price Freedom/03 This Little Piggy/04 This Feeling/05 Blood Of Kings/06 One Land (Re-Unification)/07 Stolz/08 Retur to Camelot/09 (Oh No) Here Comes a Commie/10 When the North Wind Blows/11 God Of Thunder/12 The Road to Valhalla
HAIL VICTORY-01 Hail Victory/02 Vampire/03 White Noise/04 House of Treason/05 Mother Europe/06 Old Albion/07 European Battle Song/08 We March to Glory/09 Renegade/10 Fools No More/11 Time to Die/12 Night Trains
1983 DEMO-01 Don't Let Em Pull You Down/02 Europe Awake/03 Hail the New Dawn/04 If There's a Riot/05 Midnight Train/06 Pennies From Heaven/07 Race and Nation/08 Sick Society/09 Streetfght/10 Tomorrow Belongs to Me/11 Voice of Britain (demo)/12 Voice of Britain (original versio)/13 Voice Of Britain (alt verion)/14 When the Boat Comes In
LAND ON FIRE-01 Land On Fire/02 The New Boss/03 I'm a Free Man/04 Judgement Day/05 One In a Million/06 Don't Let Them Pull You Down/07 Friday Night/08 Streetfight/09 Deep Inside/10 Tearing Down the Wall
THE SINGLES COLLECTION DISC 1-01 You're So Dumb/02 Better Off Crazy/03 Antisocial/04 19th Nervous Breakdown/05 Streetfight '77/06 Unbeliever/07 Built Up Knocked Down/08 A Case of Pride/09 Breakouit/10 Back With a Bang/11 I Don't Like You/12 White Power/13 Smash the IRA/14 Shove the Dove/15 Voice of Britain/16 Sick Society
THE SINGLES COLLECTION DISC 2-01 When the Boat Comes In/02 Invasion/03 On the Streets/04 After the Fire/05 Sweet Home Alabama/06 Land of Ice/07 Retaliate/08 Their Kingdom Will Fall/09 Simple Man/10 The Evil Crept In/11 Glory/12 The Showdown/13 Deep Inside/14 Stand Proud/15 Backstabber/16 Warzone/17 Shinging Down
LIVE-LAST GIG IN GERMANY-01 Voice of Britain/02 Tomorrow Belongs To Me/03 Europe Awake/04 Our Pride Is Our Loyalty/05 Blood and Honour/06 Strikeforce/07 Hail the New Dawn/08 Back With a Bang/09 Johnny Joined the Klan/10 46 Years/11 Free My Land/12 The Snow Fell
So what do you think? I wish to start reasonable discussion on the rights of individuals to speak their minds, not matter what their beliefs......IF THIS IS so offensive to you that yo discontinue to patronize this blog, I apologize, although you truly DID miss the point
("2 Minutes Hate" comes from Orwell'"1984" (my favorite book) and refers to the practice of BLINDLY "hating"others, simply because we are TOLD TO DO SO. I think it fits here. I will be back tomorrow with MORE "hate-rock", some more outrageous than this.
Hey, some have said I've been playing it safe of late, and Bush? Alice Cooper? The Clash? The Stones? Maybe I have been, but I want this blog open to ALL kinds of rock n roll, and this stuff, no matter YOUR vantage point, qualifies and is at the very least worthy of discussion.

Two Minutes Hate, Part 2

Wrapping up this series of hatred laced rock n roll, we've had a few good comments, one of which I'd
like to share (paraphrasing) from Styeneboy, who logically asks WHY I have SO MUCH of this stuff, thus enriching the practitioners......truth be told, I never spent a nickle on ANY of getting all of it from PirateBay torrents.....I explained in my answer to him that I ALSO have all the works of Public Enemy, with whose politics I wuld almost certainly disagree as well, and aquired them by the same means.......I think the INERESTING (not necesarily the "best") is created by people who are MAD about something, passionate about something, as both, obviously, Skrewdriver and Pybklic Enemy both are.....aakes for thought provoking, constructive conversations on the rights of EITHER of them to think/advocate their ideas......I'd hate to live in a society in which Skrewdriver, or Public Enemy, or Bratmobile, or Jayne County, or ANYONE who attempted to express themselves throuugh thier music were prohibited from doing so......THAT's why it is important to me to post these.

Today, we will focus on the non-Skrewdriver work of Skrewdriver founder Ian Stuart, his work with The Klansmen, with Stigger, with White Diamond, as well as a couple of acts that are FAR MORE hatred-laced than Stuart/Skrewdriver's, The Angry Aryans and the Bully Boys......this is NOT NOT NOT "let's get down and party" music, this are hatred filled rants which offend me personally to a great degree. However, I will go to my death fighting for the rights of the practitioners to produce it, as I would hope someone would fight for MY rights of expression, however unpopular THOSE might sometime be.

BALLADS DISC 1-01 Tomorrow Belongs To Me/02 Phoenix Rising/03 Gone With the Breeze/04 The Red Thread/05 The Land Is Ours/06 Sand By Your Own/07 The Green Fields of France/08 Who Cares/09 Suddenly/10 White Blues/11 Something To Beleive In/12 The Snow Fell

IAN STUART & STIGGER-PATRIOTIC BALLADS DISC 2-01 Another Prayer For the Dying/02 The Lion's Roar/03 We Stand Alone/04 One In a Million/05 Wasted Life/06 Never Give In/07 Glory/08 Left To Drown/09 Why Worry/10 Europe On  My Mind/11 Our Time Will Come/12 Tuesday's Gone

IAN STUART & THE KLANSMEN-FETCH THE ROPE-01 Reich and Roll/02 Son of Dixie/03 Fetch the Rope/04 Outlaws/05 Souhern Boy/06 Stand Up and Be Counted/07 Gook Ears/08 White Power/09 Faith Hope and Charity/10 Dixie (Instrumental)/11 Johnny Joined the Klan/12 Napalm In the Morning/13 Arkansas Air

IAN STUART & THE KLANSMEN-REBEL WITH A CAUSE-01 Rebel With a Cause/02 It's Good To Be Back Home/03 Still Burning/04 The Betrayed/05 Pulling the Wool/06 Join the Klan/07 Whiskey Rock N Roller/08 Bad News/09 The Land Is Ours/10 Southern Belle/11 Gone With The Breeze

66/03 Get It Right/04 Better Days/05 Freedom (What Freedom)/06 Rock N Roll Patriots/07 Coming Up To Midnight/08 Drinking on Your Own/09 Motorway Daze/10 The Devil's Right Hand

IAN STUART & WHITE DIAMOND-THE POWER & THE GORY-01 Rise Up/02 Refugee/03 Outlaw/04 Politician/05 Take No Prisoners/06 No Man's Land/07 Jumping Jack/08 The Only One/09 To Freedom We Ride/10 Aint Got the Time/11 The Power & the Glory

REAPER-01 On the Wings a Storm/02 Judge/03 Hands of a Stranger/04 Talisman/05 Hard Memories/06 Memories/07 The Reaper/08 A Friend is a Friend/09 Wishing Well (Free)/10 Living On the Edge/11 Bright City Lights

THE ANGRY ARYANS-TOO WHITE FOR YOU-01 Snitch/02 North of 8 Mile/03 Miscegenation/04 Slick Willie Clinton/05 Advocation of Violence/06 Enemy Within/07 Bomb Isreal/08 Committed Revolutionary/09 Still Just a Nigger/10 Aryan Rage/11 Joe 6 Pack/12 Nigger Lovong Whore/13 Asian Invasion/14 Long Way Home/15 Lock the Closet Door/16 Let's Start a Racial War/ 17 Aim and Fire

01 Brown Town Buning Down/02 White Minority/03 White Nigger Loser/04 Negrodation of Character/05 Nigger Loving Whore/06 Can I Sit Next 2U/07 Race Mixing Is Treason/08 Mud Man/09 Do the Hale Bop/10 Condemned/11 Extinction is Forever/12 Matter of Race/13 Islam (Religion of Whores)/14 Bashing Queers/15 NAACP/16 Faggots  (Give  Rainbows a Bad Name)

BULLY BOYS BEST OF (1984-1999)-01 Fire Up the Ovens/02 Jigrun/03 Hammerskins/04 Don't Run Away/05 Six Million/06 Sick Society/07 Anger Inside/08 Can't Stand/09 No Compromise/10 I Believe/11 Keep Fighting/12 White Pride/13 Hold Tight

BULLY BOYS-WHITE KIDS GONA FIGHT-01 Lion's Heart/02 White Kids Gonna Fight/03 Breaking Away/04 Rage on This!/05 Thought Control/06 100% Bully/07 You Whine Too Much/08 You're  Gonna Fail/09 Natural Disasters/10 Forever Defiant/11 Faded Dream/12 Nobody's Heroes/13 Heart Belongs To Me/14 Hate to Survive

Should you take it upon yourself to listen to an of this stuff, take it from me, this is genuinely TERRIFYING stuff, no other way to put it.....that people exist with so much rage and so much hatred in their hearts/minds, targeted at ANYONE is not a positive statement on our species.......I am greatly
offended by basically every word of it, and yet, as I've said before, it is thier right to think and feel the way they do, regardless of others' opinions......I am an Amercian, and as such, the Bill of Rights and Constitution of my country basically STAND FOR the ability to freely produce offensive thought such as this......and I am glad that it does, far more preferable is it to selective censorship and "thought policing"........remember to (as abhorrent as it may be) speak up for the rights of these racists, because there may come a time when YOUR OWN thoughts are deemed "unacceptable" to someone.......and hopefully, someone will be there (I will, at least) to speak up for your right to speak your mind.

Ok, that is the end of this.......something much different tomorrow

The best Public Enemy post, ever

So, what the fuck am I trying to prove, anyway? Well, really, that ALL of us are entitled to think
what we want to think, are entitled to our opinions no matter what others may think, and in the end, we all end up six feet under ground anyway, ALL of us.......

Public Enemy, for my money, anyway, were about 100x better musically than were Skrewdriver.....as for THIER ideology, I can't say I'm in agreement with a whole lot of it, either....but the point is, they can BOTH co-exist on my CD shelves as musicians who were angry about SOMETHING and atempted to make some music to drive the point home.

Personally I LOVE a lot of the music of Public Enemy, which is a LOT more than I can say for Skrewdriver or Bully Boys......although I sagre with some of the Public Enemy stances and politics, I will say this, that shit ROCKS THE FUCK OUT, to a greater degree than any of the "hate rock" shit of the last couple of days, and, believe you me, I am no "hip hop" fan especially....but Public Enemy brought the goods and I give them credit. As I say I am NO EXPERT on hip-hop, nor do I especially even LIKE it, but I've always enjoyed listening to Public Enemy. Without question they were angry as hell, and their sound was like no other.....dense layers of sounds and samples piled up like thick blankets swirling around Chuck D's booming vocals....."Fight the Power", "Brothers Gonna Work It Out", "Can't Truss It" and many others are outright anthems of their scene.

So what it doing on my rock n roll site? Because, it ROCKS.....hard.....their colaboration with Anthrax "Bring the Noise" is about a tenth of it, check these records out and you'll see what I mean, unique sounding music that compares with NOTHING, thought provoking and challenging on all levels. And, while I certainly don't agree with the political views demonstrated here, anymore than the last couple of days' opinions, I feel EXACTLY the same on their rights to them.....however, musically Public Enemy has it ALL OVER Skrewdriver in my estiamtion.....In particular, I find "Fear of a Black Planet" to be exceptionally well crafted work, but all of these presented here have their strengths.

I understand they have a large discography, I don't have it all by any means, I have their older records which are the only ones with which I am familiar....we'll see if I can find anything else of interest, but for now.....

YO! BUM RUSH THE SHOW-01 You're Gonna Get Yours/02 Sophisticated Bitch/03 Miuzi Weighs
a Ton/04 Timebomb/05 Too Much Posse/06 Rightstarter (Message to a Black Man)/07 Public Enemy No. 1/08 MPE/09 Yo! Bum Rush the Show/10 Raise the Roof/11 Megablast/12 Terminator X Speaks with His Hands

IT TAKES A NATION OF MILLIONS TO HOLD US BACK-01 Countdown to Armageddon/02 Bring the Noise/03 Don't Beleive the Hype/04 Cold Lampin with Flavor/05 Terminator X to the Edge of Panic/06 Mind Terrorist/07 Louder Than a Bomb/08 Caught, Can We Get a Witness/09 Show Em Whatcha Got/10 She Watch Channel Zero?!/11 Night of the Living Baseheads/12 Black Steel In the Hour of Chaos/13 Security of the First World/14 Rebel Without a Pause/15 Prophets of Rage/16 Party For Your Right To Fight

FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET-01 Contract on the World Love Jam/02 Brothers Gonna Work It Out/03 911 Is a Joke/04 Incident at 66.6 FM/05 Welcome to the Terrordome/06 Meet the G That Killed Me/07 Pollywannacraka/08 Anti Nigger Machine/09 Burn Holywood Burn/10 Power to the People/11 Who Stole the Soul/12 Fear of a Black Plant/13 Revolutionary Generation/14 Can't Do Nuttin For Ya Man/15 Reggie Jax/16 Leave This Off Your Fuckin' Charts/17 B Side Wins Again/18 War at 33 1/3/19 Final Count of the Collision of Us and the Damned/20 Fight the Power

APOCALYSE 91: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BLACK-01 Lost at Birth/02 Rebirth/03 Nighttrain/04 Can't Truss It/05 I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Niga/06 How To Kill a Radio Consultant/07 By the Time I Get to Arizona/08 Move!/09 1 Million Bottlebags/10 More News at 11/11 Shut Em Down/12 A Letter to the New York Post/13 Get the Fuck Outta Dodge/14 Bring tha Noize

MUSE SICK -N- HOUR MESSAGE-01 Whole Lotta Love Goin On in the Middle of Hell/02
Theatrical Parts/03 Give It Up/04 Wat Side You On?/05 Bedlam 13:13/06 Stop in the Name/07 What Kind of Power We Got?/08 So Whatcha Gone Do Now/09 White Heaven/Black Hell/10 Race Against Time/11 They Used to Call it Dope/12 Aintnuttin Buttersong/13 Live and Undrugged Parts 1 & 2/14 Thin Line Between Law and Rape/15 I Ain't Mad at All/16 Death of a Carjacka/17 I Stand Accused/18 Godd Complexx/19 Hitler Day/20 Harry Allen's Interactive Super Highway Phone Call To Chuck D/21 Livin In a Zoo (remix)

Alright, let's clear our heads with a piece of obscure stoner

Things have been getting alittle bit too serious around here of late, a testimony to my boredom and
little else, hope my tangents of the last few days have been at least a LITTLE interesting, and if not, well, certainly blaming the messenger in this case is perfectly appropriate. 

So, let us get back to one of the main reasons we are here, obscure stoner rock...pretty hard to get much info about these guys at all, evidently they hail from Kentucky, that is abou it I can find....they are Blacklight Barbarian, and to the best of my knowledge, this is the only album to their credit, can't even find a release date for it but I know it's probably been on the sor 8-10 years or so. So, enjoy, consider it a bonus post for today, it's a good one, think Kyuss-type stoner rock with maybe a few Sabbath/Blue Cheer overtones, not the most imaginative combination for sure, but at least a sucessful one......."Tenth Dimension" and "Words and Smoke" are standout tracks, but, really, for just some plain old loud stoner rock, here is one you may not have heard before

BLACK LIGHT BARBARIAN-01 Tenth Dimension/02 Mojave/03 Eulogy/04 Angels of the Night/05 Words and Smoke/06 Waves

Play loud!

The best Ponamero Sundown post, ever

Staying in a stoner groove for today, let's check out some VERY good stoner metal vibes from that
stoner rock stronghold, Stockholm Sweden.....the band consists of singer Nicke, guitarist Anders, bassist Oliver, and drummer Peter.......the best I can discover, they have released two full lengths, 2009's "Stonerized" and 2011's "Rodeo Electrica" as well as a handful of EP's, good stuff, as you know I love my stoner metal, and that from Scandanavia seems to REALLY hit the spot.....

Wellllll, lemme see, they have released by my count four EP's, "Heavy Rock" which is more of a mini-LP (7 tracks, quite cool stuff ("Dedvilssideshow" and "Recycledlife"stand out...), "Highfueled Leftovers" is a 2-track EP, we get three tracks on "Maximum Groove" which features the fab "Alcoholic Deathride", and "We Shall Triumph" which gives us MORE slammers such as "Girls From Finland" and "Immortal Machine'".....all four EP's are quite worth your while, and in case you need to know, will all 4 fit on a single 80 minute CD.....just in case you need to know that.

The full lengths are both quite good, "Stonerized" repeats "Alcoholic Deathride", but nothing wrong with that and adds 11 more riff-rocking stoner slabs, "Rotten Religion" and "Made of Stone" standout..."Roadeo Electrica" attempts more serious ground, ("conceptual" perhaps, but I have not  clue what the concept would be).....however, it really is quite a good, harding disc as well.....

Calling stoner fans,perhaps you are not aware of these, if not, they are worthwhile.....non-stoner fans will probably take a pass, as it's second-line stuff.....can't find any info, much, on whatever happened to them or if they are still at it, but hope ya enjoy these!

HIGFUELLED LEFTOVERS (EP)-01 Freezing Cold/02 Careless Whisper

MAXIMUM GROOVE (EP)-01 Alcoholic DEathride/02 Frustration Blues/03 Deranged Dreams

WE SHALL TRIUMPH (EP)-01 March of Doom/Doctor of Evil/02 Girls From Finland/03 Immortal Machine/04 Espiritu Diablo

HEAVY ROCK (EP)-01 Blackwidow/02 Hidinginside/03Devilssideshow/04 Recycledlife/05 Simpleman/06 Sickness/07 Heavyrock

STONERIZED-01 Alcholcic Deathride/02 Curtain Call/03 Reborn/04 Rotten Religion/05 Live the Lie/06 Intermission (Heartbreak Disease)/07 Hell Sent/08 The Race/09 Made of Stone/10 Doctor of Evil/11 Double You/12 Stonerized

RODEO ELECTRICA-01 Evil Wand/02 Highway Messiah/03 Sorrows/04 The Dice/05 1025/06 Rodeo Electrica Part 1/07 Shot For GLory/08 Sinners Breed/09 Not the Time/10 The Ghost/11 Goddess of the Sun/11 Fathomless Nothingness/12 Rodeo Electrica Part 2

Dance With Chainsaw-An Evil Rock N Roll Collection

Got this one from "Hangover Heart Attack" a while back......gotta go to the doctor shortly and this
psycho/punk-abilly shit seems just the thing for the shitty mood I am in today (various reasons)

DANCE WITH CHAINSAW-AN EVIL ROCK N ROLL COLLECTION-01 GAZOO BILL-Ghost Town/02 THE RIPMEN-Psycho Ward/03 KRAPPULAS-Escape From Hell/04 KAES VADIUS-Medo do Escuro/05 SKIzOYDS-Skizoyds/06 OVOS PRESLEY-Pqp/07 THE BROWN VAMPIRE CATS-Waiting For the Blood/08 DICEMEN-Johnny Walker/09 A RANDE TREPADA-Midnight Madness/10 BARNYARD BALLERS-Porno Slut/11 LIMBONAUTAS-Riple Django/12 LOS DIANOS-Atentado Violento ao Pudor/13 BAD REPUTATION-Rubber Girl/14 TOXOCARAS-Children of the Sin/15 THE HANGMEN-Zombie World/16 THE ASTRO ZOMBIES-Lil Henry/17 OS CATALEPTICOS-Freaks/18 DRAGSTRIP DEMONS-Graveyard/19 CENOBITES-Beware/20 CHIBUKU-Brutal Song

Hope ya like it!-Link in a little while!

Unknown Legends of Rock N Roll

I'm betting that this is one that more than a few of you DON'T have.....it's the companion CD to Richie Unterberger's fine book of the same name....the copyright date on my copy of the book states 1998, sounds about right......it may or may not be out of print, but if you see a copy, don't hesitate, it's fantastic, features great chapters on some folks I've featured on here (Young Marble Giants, X-Ray Spex, Deviants, Monks), as well as dozens more, quite a learning experience, was most intersting to read about the Collins Kids, Mystic Tide, Red Krayola, and many others, names familiar and not so much......anyway, the book came with a bonus CD that features 12 rare tracks from various performers, and I thought amybe I'd put it today, I don't think I've ever seen the CD on the web before......it's really good and interesting, taken for what it is, some acts (Deviants, Music Machine) hardly qualify as "unknowns" at least to readers of this blog, but Cleaners From Venus and Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects very well may. So, please seek out the book if you can, it's great, and enjoy this disc too......interesting stuff for certain


Link in a little while!

This would be the coolest thing EVER


Just sayin'.....

Who could deny that IF this were to turn out to be true that it would be the coolest thing ever? I know, I have seen the death certificate, but have also heard a theory that he switchd identities with terminlly ill man who died/was buried under Andy's name.....I have no fucking idea, but OH GOD if it were true it would be incredible, the ultimate in pranking......here's hoping it IS true! If interested a wonderful book on his life and antics is "Lost in the Funhouse" by Bill Zehme

The best Pussy Galore post, ever

With some bands I've profiled, that "best" terminology is kind funny (The Seeds? GG Allin?), even though I love the stuff by the Seeds and GG Allin, calling it the "best" feels kind of weird.....and according to SPIN Magazine's "Alternative Record Guide" : "Pussy Galore made music so scuzzy, so rancid, so unclean, you didn't just want to wash your hands after listening-you wanted to go to confession".......I bet you are already racing to download them, just off of that description, which is pretty accurate in a witty sort of way.

They started out in the mid 1980's in Washington DC making a noisy/bluesy/punkish/garage stew, rife with attempts to "shock", basically the playground of guitarists Jon Spencer and Julia Cafritz, drummer John Hamell filled out the original lineup. They released the 7" EP "Feel Good About Your Body", .....I don't have it, but for some reason, I have a few stray tracks from it, listed under "Bonus Tracks ' below....I've had these for o long I don't know WHY this is, but "Die Bitch" and "HC Reellion" are here from that masterwork, the other two tracks, have no idea.....I think the guy who gave me the disc tried to cram a pair of EP's on here (Groovy Hate Fuck, Sugarshit Sharp) and I guess filled up the disc with someof his other favorite tracks? Well, he's long dead so it will remain a deep dark mystery.

After this release Hammell was replaced by former Sonic Youth drummer Bob Bert, and also added 16 year old guitarist Christina Martinez to release the aforementioned "Groovy Hate Fuck" EP......for what it is, this is a fine work, with deliberate offensiveness such as "You Look Like a Jew", "Pretty Fuck Look", and loads more. Recommened.

In 1987 they committed the rather odd move of covering the Rolling Stones "Exile on Mainstreet" album in its entirety.....it was a very limited release,cassette only, but we have it here in all of t's glory....... bizarre in the extreme.

The first proper "album" released by PG was 1987's "Right Now!", most (including myself) would consider it their best work, 19 short blasts of grimy punk, how bout titles such as  "Fuck you Man", "Pig Sweat", and the legendary "Pussy Stomp" (sample lyric: "stomp stomp stomp stomp pussy stomp tonight!", dont cha just LOOOOOVE it?).....dabblers would be well advised, I think, to start here.

The next EP, "Sugarshit Sharp", is also quite entertaining, "Adolescent Wet Dream" being a highlight, and what could be more bizarre than a cover of  Einsturzende Neubauten's "Yu Gung", whch actually includes samples from both Public Enemy's "Don't Believe the Hype"and DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two"........a Sonic Youth-like move, perhaps, as was, now that I think about it, covering the whole Stones album, perhaps they could be taken as maybe a less-sophisticated, trashed-up version of that band?

Anyway, this just about tells the story......the lineup went through numerous changes leading up to 1989's fairly weak "Dial M For Motherfucker", which, while including typical Pussy Galore gems as "Eat Me" and "Solo=Sex", the magic was gone.......they would release an unremarkable live album, another full length entitled "Historica De La Musica Rock", neither of which I have, and at least one more EP, "Pussy Gold 5000", and a compilation of their older tracks entitled "Corpse Love: The First Year", which I don't have either, but parts of it show up on the "Bonus Tracks" section below, as discussed above in reference to "Feel Good About Your Body".

For my money in the right frame of mind, this can be some pretty cool shit....I remember one friend calling "Right Now!" the absolute worst album he'd ever heard (he should hear "Dial M For Motherfucker"), this is hard shit to take, I won't kid you, but I like it, and perhaps some of you will as well. As I said before, if you are unfamilar, start with "Right Now!" and "Sugarshit Sharp", then if those are of interest to you check out "Exile" (as a curiosity) and the rest. Let me know what you think, too, this is (I think) a fairly forgotten band, who really, at least, were fairly original and outrageous........enjoy I hope.

GROOVY HATE FUCK (EP)-01 Teen Pussy Power/02 You Look Like a Jew/03 Cunt Tease/04 Just Wanna Die/05 Pretty Fuck Look/06 Spin Out/07 No Count

EXILE ON MAIN STREET-01 Rocks Off/02 Rip This Joint/03 Hip Shake/04 Casino Boogie/05 Tumblng Dice/06 Sweet Virginia/07 Torn and Frayed/08 Sweet Black Angel/09 Loving Cup/10 Happy/11 Turd On the Run/12 Ventilator Blues/13 I Just Wanna See His Face/14 Let It Loose/15 Stop Breaking Down/16 Shine a Light/17 Soul Survivor

RIGHT NOW!-01 Pig Sweat/02 White Noise/03 Uptight/04 Biker Roc Loser/05 Wretch/06 Rope Legend/07 Fuck You Man/08 White People/09 New Breed/10 Alright/11 Knock Up/12 NYC: 1999!/13 Punch Out/14 Pussy Stomp/15 Trashcan Oildrum/16 Fix It/17 Really Suck/18 Rancid/19 Hell Spawn

SUGARSHIT SHARP (EP)-01 Yu Gung/02 Penetration in the Centerfold/03 Handshake/04 Adolescent Wet Dream/05 Sweet Little Hi-Fi/06 Brick/07 Renegade!

DIAL M  FOR MOTHERFUCKER-01 Understand Me/02 SM57/03 Kicked Out/04 Solo=Sex/05 Undertaker/06 Dwada/07 Dick Johnson/08 1 Hour Later/09 Eat Me/10 Wax Head/11 Wait a Minute/12 Evil Eye/13 Adwd #2/14 Hang On

LEFTOVER BONUS TRACKS-01 Die Bitch/02 HC Rebellion/03 Don't Give a Fuck About You/04 Kill Yourself/05 Asshole/06 Get Out/07 Do I Look Like a Bitch

Links in a little while, gotta say, variety has been the name of the game of late, noone could argue that! I know my good friend Psyclist is wanting some more 60's psych, so perhaps I'll seek out something for him on that line for tomorrow (don't TELL him!).......anything you guys want, though, let me know, and if I got it, it'll be up!

Have a great weekend, rock on!

(In case you are interested, the cover pictured directly above is for "Dial M"....the sticker on the shrink wrap says "New Album By Pussy Galore" and that is the only text on the cover. I guess that it is sometimes thought that "New Album...." is the actual title, although I have never heard that until today while reading a bit....anyway, the original title was supposed to be something like "Eat Shit and Die Slowly" (something like that, not gonna look it up), the record company objected, then evidently approved "Dial M For Motherfucker", I guess it doesn't matter if the name doesn't appear on the cover, so I wonder why they didn't stick with the original title? The things I lay awake at night pondering!

Vikings vs. Seahawks this weekend, I have watched ever second of every Vikings game this season....perhaps NOW you understand my penchant for masochism?

For Psyclist....hope ya don't have ALL of these

My great friend and frequent blog contributor Psyclist has asked for a bit more Nugget-rock, happy to oblige, I thought maybe it might be interesting to put up a few full albums by some of those individual bands rather than Various Artists comps......I hope you don't have ALL of these, buddy, I do have more (Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Remains, Blues Magoos, others) who I didn't use this time, I plan on doing a similar post to this one with some of those aforementioned bands, especially if these are well-recieved.......please remember though....alot of these were "one hit wonders".....and often times there is a reason for this. In other words, expect no really great "albums" per se here, but hopefully you will run across a track or two that you find of interest.

OK, let us start out with the Castaways, of course the creators of one of the greatest of "Nuggets" singles, "Liar Liar" (always remember the first time I heard it as a kid, thought it was great and creepy as hell).....we have here "Liar Liar: The Best of the Castaways"......well, I'll tell ya, not a lot of great stuff here, to be honest. Like so many of the bands of this era, they jumped around from garage-punk to Beatlesque pop to psuedo-psych, all in search of that elusive second hit. They never found it.
From Minneapolis, Minnesota (wonder if they were Vikings fans growing up?), they consisted of James Donna on keyboards, Robert Folschow and Dick Roby on guitar, Roy Hensley on bass and Dennis Craswell on drums.....Folschow, according to Wikipedia contributed the freakish falsetto vocal which makes "Liar Liar" the slab of greatness that it is. They never released an album, evidently, having to their credit a handful of singles which I'm sure must ALL be here.....for laffs, there is a remake of "Liar Liar" done in 2000, evidently James Donna still performs using the "Castaways" name, sure as hell beats having to work for a livng.

Next up are the legendary Count Five from San Jose California.....of course you know "Psychotic Reaction", their wondersome Yardbirds rip, but unlike the Castaways, these guys actually did get to release an album.....and it really isn't bad, nothing one tenth as great as "Psychotic Reaction", but really, what IS? "Double Decker Bus", "Pretty Big Mouth", and "Out in the Street" are respectable/listenable stuff. Have you ever read Lester Bangs'"Psychotic Reactions and Carbeurator Dung" in which he created a fictitious career for the band? If not I recommend you get it and read it TONIGHT, it's wonderful. Might as well credit the lads individually here, as well, John "Mouse" Michalski played lead guitar, Roy Chaney was on bass, Sean Byrne handed rhythm guitar and vocals, Craig Atkinson played the drums, and  Kenn Ellner playing tambourine, harmonica, and lending a hand on vocals.

Bubble Puppy, from San Antonio, also released an album or two, although they are known basically for "Hot Smoke and Sasafrass", which is from the album featured here, "A Gathering of Promises". Pretty fair Texas-styled psych, quite a listenable disc. Bubble Puppy were Rod Prince and Todd Potter as twin lead guitarists, Roy Cox on bass, and David Fore on drums.....they released a second LP, 1971's "Demian" which I have never heard......just a feeling I have, but I wonder if it is maybe a decent listen, at least for psych fans?

The Standells, while best known of course for the amazing "Dirty Water", were a bit more of a legit big time act. The set I have here is an odd one, not only does it NOT contain "Dirty Water", it is actually a TWO DISC rarites etc set.....now, that might be a bit much, but beleive it or not it is really quite a decent listening experience......two discs may be a bit much, but it is, what it is it is as they say....I also have a couple of live Standells albums on the shelf that pretty much sound like they were recorded from the next building......this set is MOST interesting, if you like the Standells of course....you'd think they'd have found an alternate take of "Dirty Water", but hey.....this is worth your time. Fun fact: the lyric in "Dirty Water" referring to "Frustrated women, they have to be n by twelve o'clock" refers to a curfew instituted by Boston College, at least that is what I've always heard.

Chocolate Watchband released a number of fab singles, "Let's Talk About Girls" and "Are You Gonna Be There" being the most notable, and both are included on "No Way Out", their 1967 LP....the rest of the album? Uhh, well.....file under "not great", but we can certainly forgive a LOT for "Are You Gonna Be There", right? The band was more or less a revolving collection of studio musicians, trying to name them all would be difficult, but they certainly did give us a few incredible singles did they not?

Let's wrap it up for today with a compilation of some good stuff from the Zakary Thaks, "Face to Face"......best as I can they never really released aoper "album", but they did of course have a zillion singles, most of them classics......lots of good stuff here, "Bad Girl", "Face to Face", "Mirror of Yesterday".......this is a good one.

So, we have a few "comps", also a few "album releases" as we normally think of them, and even one extensive two-disc rarities collection.....so it goes for these bands....and, as I mentioned earlier I have  a bunch more of this kind of stuff (REALLY wanted to include The Peanut Butter Conspiracy on this one but couldn't find the disc, I know it's back there somewhere.

Any other bands of this vintage you'd like a full "album" or two from? Let me know....any interest in the live Standells (you'd REALLY have to be a Standells fanatic)? Can't really think of everything I have off the top of my head, I know I have comps from the Monkees, Strawberry Alarm Clock, God knows who all.....but I need your input. Who do you want to see next time I do a post of this nature?

Hope your Saturday is going well!

LIAR LIAR BEST OF THE CASTAWAYS-01 A Man's Gotta Be a Man/02 Everytime/03 Goodbye Baby/04 Lead Me On/05 Liar Liar/06 Sam/07 She's a Girl In Love/08 Why Should This Happen To Me/09 Watching Time Go By/10 Work Song/11 (I) Feel So Fine/12 Hit the Road Jack/13 Walking In Different Circles/14 Just as High/15 Lavander Popcorn/16 What Kind of Face/17 Words On Fire/18 Bad Hair Day/19 Lucille/20 That Was Then This Is Now/21 The Music That I'm Making/22 Liar Liar 2000

PSYCHOTIC REACTION-01 Double Decker Bus/02 Pretty Big Mouth/03 World/04 My Generation/05 She's Fine/06 Psychotic Reaction/07 Peace of Mind/08 They're Gonna Get You/09 Morning After/10 Can't Get Your Lovin'/11 Out in the Street/12 Contrast

A GATHERING OF PROMISES-01 Hot Smoke and Sasafrass/02 Todd's Tune/03 I've Got To Reach You/04 Lonely/05 Gathering of Promises/06 Hurry Sundown/07 Elizabeth/08 It's Safe to Say/09 Ro St. Stephen's/10 Beginning

BAD GUYS DON'T WEAR BLACK DISC 1-01 Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/02 Ten O'Clock Scholar/03 Animal Girl/04 Can't You Diggin/05 Poor Man Prison/06 Sol Drippin/07 Don't Say Goodbye/08 Take a Ride/09 When I Was a Cowboy/10 Get Away From Here/11 Love Me/12 Batman/13 Our Candidate/14 The Boy Who Is Lost/15 It's All In Your Mind

BAD GUYS DON'T WEAR BLACK DISC 2-01 School Girl/02 I Hate to Leave You/03 Lookin at Tomorrow/04 Don't Say Nothin at All/05 Try It (Alternate Vocal)/06 Rari (Extended Version)/07 Misty Lane/08 You Were the One/09 Standells Love Theme/10 Medication (Instrumental)/11 Don't Tell Me What to Do/12 The Shake/13 Someday You'll Cry/14 Peppermint Beatle

NO WAY OUT-01 Let's Talk About Girls/02 Midnight Hour/03 Come On/04 Dark Side of the Mushroom/05 Hot Dusty Road/06 Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love In)/07 Gone and Passes By/08 No Way Out/09 Expo 2000/10 Gossamer Wings

FACE TO FACE-01 Mirror of Yesterday/02 Please/03 Face To Face/04 Bad Girl/05 I Need You/06 Won't Come Back/07 Weekdays Blues/08 Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Footsteps/09 Green Crystal Ties/10 My Door/11 Outprint/12 Everybody Wants to Be Somebody/13 Footsteps Jam/14 The Mirror's Reflection

Links in a little while.....please leave comments, I NEED you guy's input so we can continue this as the world's greatest music blog (or at least in the top 65,327 or so).

Some random Police rarities

Really hadn't listened to too much Police in the last decade (or more), used to really like some of their stuff (although not NEARLY as much as some of their hardcore fan base, some of the most frothing-at-the-mouth that I can recall encountering)......but, thinking back to the first time I ever heard "Outlandos d'Amour", I recall how unique they sounded, and for my money they never really did release a bad album......and as a singles band they were the shit, rivaled only by maybe the Cars as the top singles act of the early 1980's.

To rehash the obvious for anyone who was in a coma in the late 70's-early 80's, the Police were vocalist/bassist Sting, guitarist Andy Summers, and drummer Stewart Copeland, and they struck gold with their very first single "Roxanne", from the previously mentioned LP, "Outlandos d'Amour"....."Outlandos" is a wonderful album, sounds fantastic all these years later, a fine blend of reggae-punk-jazz that formed a sound that was uniquely theirs.....the subsequent albums, "Regatta de Blanc", "Zenyatta Mondatta", "Ghost in the Machine", and "Synchronicity" are really all pretty great, in my opinion, and all contain some amazing singles......I am not about to put all of those albums up, because if you are a fan of the band obviously you already have them....I think, though, that just for the hell of it, I'll put up "Every Breathe You Take: The Singles" along with the rarities I have, just because it works SO WELL (as a singles collection)......really great band, capable of both great albums AND great singles.

So, "Every Breathe You Take" is just a bit skimpy (only 14 tracks, two of which is are updated versions of "Message in a Bottle" and "Don't Stand So Close To Me", but it does hit MOST of the essentials, "Roxanne", "Message in a Bottle", "Wrapped Around Your Finger", "King of Pain" (my favorite).....hell,  don't know, maybe they technically weren't "singles", I think this could easilly have been a 2 disc set had they included "Next To You", "So Lonely",  "Murder By Numbers", "Synchronicity II"......anyway, it is what it is, and I'll include it here as the "updated" numbers, I suppose, qualify as "rarities"

Well, what do we have here?  I never saw the band live, have seen some concert footage of them and they seemed like the real deal on stage as well.....I have two live sets for you, Rockpalast 10/15/80 and Melbourne Australia 2/22/81.....both are high quality recordings, and quite energetic show, and the damndest thing is: the set lists are basically INDENTICAL.....huge fans of the band, help me out....is this just a coincidence or did these guys NEVER change their set list? I mean, I assume both shows were from the same tour, but ZERO change in the set list? Don't think I've ever seen that before......no big deal, just kind of odd. I had to check them to make sure they weren't the same show with one mislabled (they aren't)

We have the very interesting and entertaining "Lost BBC Tapes", evidently from around the same time, 1981 or so, as the set list is somewhat similar to the Melbourne set, still not bad at all. "Rare Unreleased Demos" is exactly what it proclaims, and for fans of the band this is a jewel, and I don't think it's all that common floating around the web.

So, I had more or less forgotten about the Police, for whatever the reason I was listening to "Synchronicity" the other day and as often happens, I was struck by how damn good these guys were. They were at one point INCREDIBLY popular, which, wrongly on my part, is genrally viewed by myself as a negative......but in this case, they were so popular just because they were so damn good.....sometimes, not often but sometimes, the masses get it right.

EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE THE SINGLES-01 Roxanne/02 Can't Stand Losing You/03 Message In a Bottle/04 Walking on the Moon/05 Don't Stand So Close to Me/06 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da/07 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic/08 Invisible Sun/09 Spirits In the Material World/10 Every Breath You Take/11 King of Pain/12 Wrapped Around Your Finger/13 Don't Stand So Close To Me '86/14 Message In a Bottle (New Classic Rock Mix)

MELBOURNE 2/22/81-01 Don't Stand So Close to Me/02 Walking on the Moon/03 Deathwish/04 Fallout/05 Man in a Suitcase/06 Bring On the Night/07 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da/08 Truth Hits Everybody/09 Shadows in the Rain/10 When the World Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around/11 The Bed's Too Big Without You/12 Driven to Tears/13 Message In a Bottle/14 Roxanne/15 Can't Stand Losing You/16 Next to
You/17So Lonely

ROCKPALAST 10/18/80-01 Don't Stand So Close to Me/02 Walking on the Moon/03 Deathwish/04 Fallout/05 Man in a Suitcase/06 Bring On the Night/07 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da/08 Truth Hits Everybody/09 Shadows in the Rain/10 When the World Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around/11 The Bed's Too Big Without You/12 Driven to Tears/13 Message In a Bottle/14 Roxanne/15 Can't Stand Losing You/16 Next to
You/17So Lonely

LOST BBC TAPES-01 Next To You/02 Roxanne/03 Truth Hits Everybody/04 So Lonely/05 Message In a Bottle/06 The Bed's Too Big Without You/07 Can't Stad Losing You/08 So Lonely/09 Fallout/10 The Bed's Too Big Without You/11 Message In a Bottle/12 Roxanne/13 Walking on the Moon/14 Death Wish/15 Bring On the Night/16 No Time This Time

RARE UNRELEASED DEMOS-01 Spirits In the Material World (Sting's Original Home Demo)/02 Invisible Sun (1st Version)/03 One World (demo)/04 Hungry For You (demo)/05 Secret Journey (demo)/06 Invisible Sun (2nd Version)/07 Don't Beleive Me Baby/08 Don't Think We Coul Ever Be Friends/09 Don't Look at Me/10 It's Never Too Late/11 Daytime Job/12 Secret Journey (1st version)

For Psyclist Part 2, Hope ya don't have all THESE either!

For my man Psyclist, in the style of the other day's post,
here are some more complete albums and/or
anthologies by some of the great Nuggets-era bands....really enjoyed the albums the other day in a goofy sort of way, once again these are far from "classic" albums in general, but they are interesting in their own way, a different view of these artists other than being observed in light of their one or two "hits", lumped together in (admittedly wonderful) various artists compilations.

So, let us begin with the underappreciated Peanut Butter Conspiracy, from Los Angeles ca. 1966....they consisted of guitarist/vocalist John Merrell, vocalist Sandi Robison, bassist/vocalist Alan Brackett, guitarist/vocalist Jim Cherniss, and drummer Spencer Dryden. They released a pair of very good albums, "The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading" (great title) and "The Great Conspiracy"....I've got em both but I think that would maybe be a bit much, so let's go instead with "Living Dream" which focuses on the highlights of both albums.....this is really fine pop-psych, their best known number "It's a Happening Thing" is here, as well as lesser-known (but still way cool) stuff like "Why Did I Get So High" and "Turn on a Friend".....HIGHLY recommended for the uninitiated

The Remains were legendary in Boston, and of course gave us one of the greatest of all singles of the Nuggets era, "Don't Look Back" (as well as the lesser "Why Do I Cry").....they released but one album, and a very good album it is, here it is in all of it's glory......the Remains were guitarist/vocalist Barry Tashian, keyboardist/vocalist Bill Briggs, bassist/vocalist Vern Miller, and drummer Chip Damiani.....better known than the above discussed Peanut Butter Conspiracy (thanks to appearing on "Nuggets" I would guess), but also highly, highly recommended if you are not already indoctrinated.

Mouse and the Traps, from Texas, are best known for the incredible "A Public Execution", THE most perfect Dylan ever recorded, and a handful of other singles.....we have here "The Fraternity Years 1966-68", which includes all of their singles for that label (as best as I can determine they never released a "proper" album)......nothing here comes close to being as great as "A Public Execution", but it has its moments ("Maid of Sugar Maid of Spice", "Sometimes You Just Can't Win").

The Blues Magoos released a pair of excellent albums, the (now) nearly comical sounding
"Psychedelic Lollipop" and "Electric Comic Book", which both fit nicely onto a single CD......best known for "(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet" which missed Nuggets, which is fine because Nuggets contained the mind-melting definitive version of the oft-covered "Tobacco Road". They underwnt numerous lineup changes and actually did release a few forgettable albums after these two, but these are the ones you want.

Finally,we have the Electric Prunes, who had about 100 different members and existed in one form or another for about 50 years, releasing about 75 albums, but whose REAL claim to fame was the fantastic "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" (The first time I heard it as a kid, I loved it, thinking the lyric was "I had too much to DRINK last night").....they also gave us the nearly-as great "Get Me to the World On Time", with its way cool intro ("here I go.....higher, higher....here I go....higher higher")......they had another interesting track or two, and what we have from them is a good compilation, "Lost Dreams" which touches all the bases and pretty much keeps the "garbage time" portion of their existence to a minimum........

So, OK, what do ya think? I could probably scrape up enough stuff to do one more post of this type, unsure of whom I have left for it but likely I have something.......anyway, I hope you guys, and especilly Psyclist, found a track or two that you maybe hadn't heard before. I try, REALLY try to keep a variety of ALL of my favorite music here, wittness the Police sandwiched between two Nugget-rock post.....but I NEED to know, what do you want? I know I ask this a lot, but I AM curious......the "hate rock" posts were not requested by anyone (thank goodness), but they did, I hope, start some decent thought and discussion (about free speech, NOT about "racism" and the like, which truly WAS my point)........but if you look back, when some Hawkwind was requested, we got that up fairly quickly, and of course THESE posts are for Psyclist (for whom I would do ANYTHING!)......sometimes I am devoid of ideas, so PLEASE help a brother out, there is a band you'd like to see profiled, well, you never know WHAT I might have back there in the CD room......trying to keep the blog interesting and trying to keep a wide VARIETY of rocking shit available to the masses. Thanks for your input!

Life/03 You Can't Be Found/04 Why Did I Get So High/05 Dark On You Now/06 The Most Up To Now/07 Peter Pan/08 Turn On a Friend (To the Good Life)/09 Lonely Leaf/10 Pleasure/11 Too Many Do/12 Living Loving Life/13 Captain Sandwich/14 Living Dream/15 Ecstacy/16 Time Is After You/17 Wonderment/18 I'm a Fool/19 It's So Hard

THE REMAINS-01 Why Do I Cry/02 When I Want to Know/03 Ain't That Her/04 All Good Things/05 I'm Talking About You/06 My Babe/07 Say You're Sorry/08 Baby I Believe In You/09 You Got a Hard Time Comin'/10 I Can't Get Away From You/11 Me Right Now/12 Time of Day/13 Once Before/14 But I Ain't Got You/15 Diddy Wah Diddy/16 Mercy Mercy Mercy/17 Lonely Weekend/18 Heart/19 Thank You/20 Say You're Sorry/21 Don't Look Back

MOUSE & THE TRAPS-THE FRATERNITY YEARS-01 A Public Execution/02 Maid of Sugar Maid of Spice/03 Nobody Cares/04 Cryin Inside/05 I'm a Man/06 Lie Beg Borrow and Steal/07 I've Got Her Love/08 I Am the One/09 Like I Know You Do/10 Sometimes You Just Can't Win/11 All For You/12 Do The Best You Can/13 Look At the Sun/14 You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)/15 Promises Promises/16 I Satisfy/17 Requium For Sarah/18 L.O.V.E. Love/19 Ya Ya/20 Good Times/21 Hand In Hand/22 You Are My Sunshine/23 I Wonder Where the Birds Fly/24 Mohair Sam/25 As Far as the Sea

THE BLUES MAGOOS-01 We Ain't Got Nothin Yet/02 Love Seems Doomed/03 Tobacco Road/04 Queen of My Nights/05 I'll Go Crazy/06 Gotta Get Away/07 Sometimes I Think About/08 One By One/09 Worried Life Blues/10 She's Coming Home/11 Pipe Dream/12 There's a Chance We Can Make It/13 Life Is Just a Cher O' Bowlies/14 Gloria/15 Intermission/16 Albert Common Is Dead/17 Summer is the Man/18 Baby I Want You/19 Let's Get Together/20 Take My Love/21 Rush Hour/22 Thats All Folks

THE ELECTRIC PRUNES-LOST DREAMS-01 Shadows/02 Ain't It Hard/03 Little Oliver/04 I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)/05 I've Got a Way of My Own/06 Luvin'/07 I Happen To Love You/08 Are You Lovin Me More (But Enjoying It Less)/09 Hideaway/10 Try Me On For Size/11 The Great Banana Hoax/12 You Never Had It So Good/13 Dr Do-Good/14 Get Me To the World On Time/15 Captain Glory/16 World of Darkness/17 Train for Tomorrow/18 Big City/19 Wind Up Toys/20 It's Not Fair/21 Sold to the Highest Bidder/22 Everybody Knows You're Not In Love/23 Long Day's Flight

The best Raspberries post, ever

Hell, I never even know myself wha I'm going to slap up here
.....just looking randomly over the shelves, and it hit me....."Ahh, the Raspberries, PERFECT!" Been a while since I even remembered that the Raspberries EXISTED, let alone listened to em, but my memory came back qucikly, because the Raspberries were THE quinessential AM Radio singles band, PowerPop LONG before we eer decided to call it that! I LOVED this stuff when I was in grade school, it was rockin', yet accessible/radio friendly and what's more, a VERY unique and identifiable sound.

From Cleveland Ohio, the band consisted of vocalist/bassist Eric Carmen, guitarist Wally Bryson, drummer Jim Fonanti, and guitarist/bassist Dave Smalley.....though All-American they incorporated the sound of English pop quite well, at times (really) even sounding quite Beatlesque.

They made like 3 or 4 album, I don't think I've ever heard one of em in it's totality, if I recall one of them had a vile smelling raspberry sticker attached to the cover. An album act they were not, but singles? Oh hell yes! This is why I a not dicking around with their albums here (I don't have em, as I said I've never heard em, and I just ate, so if they were to like on their full lengths get all "serious" or "experimental" I'd likely lose my dinner. This was on of those bands for whom if you have the "Greatest Hits" package, you know the story.....and a simply FANTASTIC run of power-poppish, rocking, radio-ready tunes, that ALWAYS sounded perfect on a transistor (shut up junior) or a tinny AM car radio (again, shut up junior)......

Well, for MY money at least, "Go All the Way" was perhaps the best of the lot, but some real dent company: "I Wanna Be With You", "Let's Pretend", "Tonight", "I'm a Rocker", and "Overnight Sensation"are highights but the proper way to hear this is all at once, similar to a good power-pop comp it flows like a 1973 sort-of hip AM station. And what ever could possibly be wrong with that?

Special bonus: have NO CLUE as to where I got this, but how's about a 1973 live show from NY NY? As you may expect, they don't (at least in this instance) sound like they took a lot of chances on stage, but really, did you EVER think you'd hear a live Raspberries album? Me neither.

As I keep saying, I continually try to come up with posts of originality and variety....let me know what else you be wanting and I'll be getting it put up here yo!

GREATEST HITS-01 Go All the Way/02 Come Around and See Me/03 Don't Want To Say Goodbye/04 I Saw the Light/05 I Can Remember/06 I Wanna Be With You/07 Drivin Around/08 Let's Pretend/09 I Reach For the Light/10 Nobody Knows/11 If You Change Your Mind/12 Tonight/13 I'm a Rocker/14 Ecstacy/15 Last Dance/16 Rock N Roll Mama/17 Cruisin Muic/18 Party's Over/19 Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)

PALACE THEATER NY NY 11/07/73-01 Tonight/02 Making It Easy/03 Roll Over Beethoven/04 Last Dance/05 I Wanna Be With You/06 I Can Remember/07 Be My Baby/08 Drivin Around/09 Go All the Way

The best Steppenwolf post, ever

Ah, indulge me, I was an impressionable little kid at the time
and ALL the cool "biker" guys listened to em.....today some of their stuff sounds dated to the point of being goofy (imagine listening to "Don't Step on the Grass, Sam" with a straight face and thik about the "seriousness" of that anthem at the time of its writing.

So, Stepponwolf were vocalist John Kay, guitarist Mike Monarch, bassist Rushton Moreve, keyboardist Goldy McJohn, and drummer Jerry Edmonton (the bulk of them came from Sparrow, Kay's previous band).....they were at the top of their game from about 1968-1973 or so, and enjoyed a career in which they began to take themselves so seriously that the almost serve, today (along with maybe Uriah Heep) as a "real life" Spinal Tap.

However, that isn't to say they didn't record some damn good shit....thier first LP ("Steppenwolf") is quite an enjoyable blend of hard rock, psych, and blues-rock, with a version Hoyt Axton's "The Pusher", as well as fine singles "Sookie Sookie" and the anthemic "Born to Be Wild".....some of the lesser known stuff here is quite good as well here, perhaps you don't recall "The Ostrich", "Your Wall's Too High", and"Berry Rides Again", if not, listen up this is a cool period piece and a legit 4-star album.

"Steppenwolf the Second" ups the psych content a bit, with mixed results, stuff like "Tighten Up Your Wig" and "Faster Than the Speed of Life" don't always hit the mark, and the aforementioned pro-marijuana anthem "Don't Step on the Grass, Sam" has more hilarious lyrics than a Tenacious D album.....the big exception: "Magic Carpet Ride", a great heavy-psych single. Rumor (ONLY rumor to my knowledge) is that "Magic Carpet Ride"'s lyrics disclose info about Kay's college fraternity hazing, hrd to imagine Kay in a college though (just kiddin!)....

OK, next up is "At Your Birthday Party", which more or less sucks, save the fantastic single "Rock
Me". "Monster" is when Kay began to take himself "seriously" as an "artist" thus giving us this abomination of a concept album about God knows what all.....THIS is a hilarious period piece right here, it's probably a 1.5 star album, but you'll want to hear it if you haven't.

They released a double live LP along the way too, it's never been regarded as very good, but I have a kind of a soft spot for it, for some reason we used to play the shit out of it, and all the "classics" are here, and who wouldn't want a LIVE "Don't Step on the Grass, Sam".....really it's not bad, the stopping "Born To Be Wild" goes on a bit too long, but there are some rocking moments (in particular "Hey Lawdy Mama").

By the time of "Steppenwolf 7" this was pretty much a done deal, steal hilariously dated but not nearly as enjoyable (unless an 8-minute track called "Ball Crusher" sounds appealing). My collection of regular releasesnds with "For Ladies Only", an awful disc with crap like the title track and (oh God) "Jaded Strumpet".......anyway, they gave it a decent run and cranked out some good hard rock for awhile, and at the end day, that is fine....they released a couple more albums, I don't have em, but I am sure they suck.

I do have a disc full of pre-Steppenwolf "Sparrow" stuff, definitley worth a listen, some good hard rocking tracks and some fine clues as to where this was going. Also a 1967 live set from Sparrow at the Matrix. Definitley moe Steppenwolf and related that you will EVER need!

Mid 1980's a small bar here in my area of Soutehrn Ohio advertised that "Steppenwolf" were playing
there, of course, I thought they were longgone....paid my three bucks, and what do you know? There was John Kay backed up by a bunch of kids, and they cranked out "Magic Carpet Ride" and "Born To Be Wild" note-for-note (not like they were all THAT complex) and, although I usually HATE that stuff, I am glad I went.

Hoping this post brings back a memory or two for some of ya, just another part of the soundtrack to my twisted youth!

STEPPENWOLF-01 Sookie Sookie/02 Everyody's Next One/03 Berry Rides Again/04 Hootchie Kootchie Man/05 Born To Be Wild/06 Your Wall's Too High/07 Desperation/08 The Pusher/09 A Girl I Knew/10 Take What You Need/11 The Ostrich

STEPPENWOLF THE SECOND-01 Faster Than the Speed of Life/02 Tighten Up Your Wig/03 None Of Your Doing/04 Spiritual Fantasy/05 Don't Step on the Grass Sam/06 28/07 Magic Carpet Ride/08 Disappointment Number (Unknown)/09 Lost and Found By Trial and Error/10 Hodge, Podge, Strained Through a Leslie/11 Resurrection/12 Reflections

AT YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY-01 Don't Cry/02 Chicken Wolf/03 Lovely Meter/04 Round and Down/05 It's Never Too Late/06 Sleeping Dreaming/07 Jupiter's Child/08 She'll Be Better/09 Cat Killer/10 Rock Me/11 God Fearing Man/12 Mango Juice/13 Happy Birthday

Play/02 Howlin For My Darlin/03 I'm Going Upstairs/04 Corina Corina/05 Tighten Up Your Wig/06 The Pusher

MONSTER-01 Monster/02 Draft Resister/03 Power Play/04 Move Over/05 Fag/06 What Would You Do (If I Did That To You)/07 From Here To There Eventually

LIVE-01 Sookie Sookie/02 Don't Step On the Grass Sam/03 Tighten Up Your Wig/04 Monster/05 Draft Resister/06 Power Play/07 Corina Corina/08 Twisted/09 From Here To There Eventually/10 Hey Lawdy Mama/11 Magic Carpet Ride/12 The Pusher/13 Born To Be Wild

STEPPENWOLF 7-01 Ball Crusher/02 Forty Days and Forty Nights/03 Fat Jack/04 Renegade/05 Foggy Mental Breakdown/06 Snowblind Friend/07 Who Needs Ya/08 Earschplittenloudenboomer/09 Hippo Stomp

BEST OF SPARROW-01 Twisted (Audition Version)/02 Goin' To California (Audition Version)/03
Square Headed People/04 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/05 Bright Lights Big City/06 Hoochie Koochie Man/ 07 The Pusher/08 King Pin/09 Goin' Upstairs/10 Baby Please Don't Go/11 Tomorrow's Ship/12 Isn't It Strange/13 Goin To California/14 Twisted/15 Green Bottle Lover/16 Tighten Your Wig/17 Too Late/18 Can't Make By Yourself/19 Down Goes Your Love/20 Chasin Shadows

Links in a wee bit!

Yet another history lesson for ya JUNIOR

Much in spirit of the Aerosmisth of a while back,
 I'm trying to tell some of you pups that some of the
bands of the 1970's were MUCH better than you have been led to beleive....if you judged Aerosmith purely on post-1980 shit, well, gag!......"Love in the Elevator", geez......I know how hard it must but for you youngsters to believe that they once were actually GOOD, but check my post, and ya gotta see what I be talking about.....that is why yer uncle actually saw em THREE times on the stage, not because of "Rag Doll" or some shit like that

Heart (shut up) falls into the same category....for a while in the 70's they were a fine, hard rock, Zeppelin-influenced band, some awesome FM-album tracks ("Magic Man" and "Barracuda" were among the best, "White Lightning and Wine", "Kick it Out" were fab as well), although they were a bit short on REALLY good material and their albums always came up lacking (to a point), they really did bring the noise and were a fine AND sexy 1970's treat, at least for this guy! I saw THEM three times as well, and this was well before their Top-40 era of the 1980's.

OK, to briefly summarize the albums I'm NOT posting here anyway: "Dreamboat Annie" was the best (4 star, I guess...) "Little Queen" was nearly as good, maybe 3.5 star....."Magazine" is not very well appreciated, but I'd at least give it 2.5, the same as "Dog and Butterfly", and "Bebe LeStrange", maybe 3......and that's it.....the remainder I will live without as they venture over into the dreaded "pop-rock" field, shit like "How Will Get You Alone" (answer: STOP YELLING AT HIM) and "Who You Gonna Run To) are fucking shit that Pat Benetar or someone would kick out of bed.

But for a little while, they were the shit, in particular (but not TOTALLY) as a live act, and like I did with Aerosmith, let me attempt to drive that point home with some kick ass live boots you may not have had the pleasure of hearing....for a little while, they were BAD ASS, I would have ate-out EITHER of the Wilson sisters on stage in the middle of a solo, and they really, really did bring the Zeppelin-like chops, on stage but also on record....this is in memory of THAT Heart, not of the ridiculous pop act of 1985 or so plus.....

So what do I got fer ya? Well, let us start with "Double Live Gold" a vinyl rip that rocks like a mofo, STOLE it off a kid I knew back in the day (2 bucks!).....not "dated", but is from around the "Dreamboat Annie" era, featuring rowdy versions of (my fave) "White Lightning And Wine" (sample lyric: "In the morning light you didn't look so nice, guess you better hitchhike home!"......eeeeeyyoooowwww!).......also an extended "Magic Man" an early version of "Devil Delight", and an excellent cover of Led Zeppelin's "The Rover" . Fine, fine bootleg.....

Next up is "Secret Heart Illustrated" (Chicago)...incredibly there are (out of 8 songs) THREE Zep
covers ("The Rover", "Rock N Roll", and "The Battle of Evermore", apparently they were attempting to be Zeppelin Jr. in concert, but it also includes the staples from "Dreamboat Annie", it's a decent (not as good as the previous one) disc.

Also from 1976 is a set from Shorline Washington, believe it or not with yet another slavish Zeppelin cover, (not kidding) "Stairway to Heaven:, talk about wearing one's influences on one's sleeves! And ALL this was before "Barracuda" had even been released!

OK, still 1976, still very little post-"Dreamboat Annie" material (there is an interesting early version of "Heartless", which I always liked, as well as "Devil Delight" and "Silver Wheels" which were apparently concert staples long before they were committed to vinyl)....other than that, more versions of (admittedly great songs) "Magic Man" and "White Lightning and Wine" and all the others.

So, by 1977, I would assume "Little Queen" had come out, as this Philadelphia set has a lot of material from that LP (the great "Barracuda" and "Kick It Out",also "Little Queen", "Love Alive" and more, they knew where their bread was buttered) and still loaded the set with "Dreamboat Annie" material and encored with "Rock N Roll"......hey, they were LIMITED, I'll be the first to say that they didn't exactly have a wealth of material at their disposal.

Another set from 1977 is from the Universal Ampitheater, again, lots of material from the first two albums (their best albums, of course, so that is OK), "Magic Man" and "Barracuda" back to back gets pretty frantic, I still kinda wish they'd have forgotten "Rock N Roll" was ever written, but so it goes....

Next up, from 1978, we have a fine BBC broadcast.....STILL basically the same setlist, but a fine
performance nonetheless, including a good "Crazy On You" encore. We will wrap this up with a 2-disc set from 1979, Passaic New Jersey, which at least contains some fresh material ("Cook With Fire", "High Time", "Straight On",) a good bit of stuff from (the underrated) "Magazine"and from "Dog and Butterfly"......yes, there is ANOTHER version of "Rock N Roll"I GUESS they thought they were "good at it"....they weren't, but hey.......

OK I found a Portland Oregon set from 1987 (!) out of all my shit, good point of comparison as it contains SOME classic material ("Barracuda", "Crazy On You"), while also focussing on more recent, crappy material like "Alone" and "What About Love" and "Who Will You Run To" (secret guilty pleasure: I KINDA like that one), compare the two eras and see what I mean.....in my high school years (late 70's) we LOVED some Heart, both their rocking tunes and wanting to do em, then Annie got REALLY heavy (I'd still do her) and their music went downhill quickly (I DO wish one of these boots had a live version of "Bebe Le Strange"'s fabulous "Break"), but hey gals, you gave it a hell of a run, seriously not kidding.....one of my high school faves, and for all their (many) flaws, I'm glad they were there, and I than them.....AND I hope that you guys my age APPRECIATE these fine boots, and you know-nothin' kiddies, I hope you learnt somethin'.....Heart could bring the fuckin goods, in small doses...they were far from perfect, far from even being "great" but they were part of the soundtrack of MY highschool years, and for that, I am appreciative. Hope you gals are well, wherever you are!

DOUBLE LIVE GOLD-01 White Lightning and Wine/02 Dreamboat Annie/03 Crazy On You/04 Sing Child/05 Mother Earth Blues/06 You Shook Me/07 Without You/08 Magic Man/09 I Got the Music In Me/10 Devil Delight/11 The Rover

CHICAGO-SECRET HEART ILLUSTRATED-01 Devil Delight/02 Magic Man/03 The Rover/04 Rock N Roll/05 Heartless/06 The Battle of Evermore/07 White Lightning and Wine/08 Crazy On You

SHORLINE WASHINGTON 6/1/76-01 Intro/02 White Lightning and Wine/03 Dreamboat Annie/04 Silver Wheels/05 Crazy on You/06 Sing Child/07 Blues Medley/08 Without You/09 Magic Man/10 I've Got the Music In Me/11 Devil Delight/12 The Rover/13 Stairway to Heaven

KANSAS CITY 1976-01 Station Intro/02 Intro/03 Countdown/04 Heartless/05 Sing Child/06 Dreamboat Annie/07 Silver Wheels/08 Magazine/09 Song of the Sea/10 Devil Delight/11 Magic Man/12 Crazy on You/13 Crowd and DJ/14 White Lightning and Wine/15 Rock N Roll/16 Crowd and DJ/17 Without You

PHILADELPHIA 8/10/77-01 Sylvan Song/02 Dream of the Archer/03 Love ALive/04 Say Hello/05 Sing Child/06 Kick It Out/07 Silver Wheels/08 Dreamboat Annie/09 Soul of the Sea/10 Little Queen/11 Devil Delight/12 Magic Man/13 Barracuda/14 Crazy On You/15 White Lightning and Wine/16 Rock N Roll

UNIVERSAL AMPITHEAER 9/1/77-01 Kick It Out/02 Sing Child/03 Silver Wheels/04 Dreamboat
Annie/05 Little Queen/06 Magic Man/07 Barracuda/08 Crazy On You/09 White Lightning and Wine/10 Rock N Roll/11 Without You

BBC 10/1/78-01 Intro/Silver Wheels/02 Dreamboat Annie/03 Little Queen/04 Commercials/05 White Lightning and Wine/06 Rock N Roll/07 Kick It Out/08 Sing Child/09 Commercials/10 Magic Man/11 Barricuda/12 Crazy On You/Outro

PASSAIC NJ 10/1/79DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Cook With Fire/03 High Time/04 Heartless/05 Devil Delight/06 Straight On/07 Magic Man/08 Love Alive/09 Magazine/10 Mistral Wind/11 Dog and Butterfly

PASSAIC NJ 10/1/79 DISC 2-01 Crazy On You Intro/02 Crazy On You/03 Kick It Out/04Barracuda/05 Encore B #1/DJ Talking/06 White Lightning and Wine/07 Rock N Roll/08 Encore Break #2/ DJ Talking/09 Without You/10 Backstage Interview With Ann and Nancy Wilson

PORTLAND OREGON 7/2/87-01 Bad Animals/02 The Wolf/03 Barracuda/04 Nothing at All/05 What About Love/06 Dreamboat Annie/07 These Dreams/08 Straight On/09 Who Will You Run To/10 Never/11 How Can I Refuse/12 Crazy On You/13 If Looks Could Kill/14 Bebe Le Strange/15 Alone/16 Keep-a-Knockin'/Rock N Roll/17 Cities Burning

This is a little different from what I usually do...in all honesty, I could label these as "Guilty Pleasures" as much as "History Lessons" (Ha Ha you like HEART, what next some KANSAS?)....as I keep saying VARIETY is for what I strive....if you hate 1970's-Heart-"corporate rock", PLEASE SAY SO.......if you think it's a cool rememberance of the 1970's say THAT TOO.....just say SOMETHING and let me know how I'm FUCKING DOING, YOU FUCKERS!

The best Joe Jackson post, for MY money at least

....just for the reason that pops up so very often when it comes
to alot of the 1980's new-wave type
bands, I've ran down the names before....Elvis Costello, The Pretenders, The Boomtown Rats, a others.....started out doing shit that I thought was GREAT, and then went in a direction that didn't quite get it done for me. For Costello, three albums, for the Pretenders, three albums.....for Jackson, three albums is pretty generous, and like the others, he enjoyed a lot of SUCCESS after I quit listening to their stuff, but that isn't the point, they just weren't doing stuff that I found enjoyable.....
a my senior year, 1979, it was a great year for music, a LOT of great albums coming out, but Jackson's "Look Sharp!" was a monster that could stand up to any of them.

A great, great album it is, too....a maybe somewhat more accessible, maybe not QUITE as angry an "angry young man" in the mold of Costello or Graham Parker.....the album is LOADED, plain and simple. A unique new-wave/ska/power pop blend meld perfectly with Jackson's "common man" voice and often staggering lyrics (neary of the Costello/Parker quality).....let's run down the highlights: there are deceptively rockin' tracks like "One More Time" and (especially) "Baby Stick Around"......the wonderful ska-rocking "Sunday Papers".....the snide single "Is She Really Going Out With Him", and best of all the title track which cuts like a switchblade...."Okay, whatcha say, tell me what they're wearing this year....". Excellent album, still listen to it quite often today.

The fall off (for me, personally, only, I must point out again).....the follow up "I'm the Man" also has
a killer title track (although being perfectly honest, I prefer the Monotones cover version on "Twenty First Century Power Pop Riot" which I have just GOT to post sometime), another good single "It's Different For Girls", more reggae tinged stuff ("Geraldine and John")......it's a decent, yet fairly forgettable album, maybe a 2.5 star compared with 4.5 for "Look Sharp".

Next came "Beat Crazy", creditted to The Joe Jackson Band (rather than simply "Joe Jackson" ala the other two albums), and as though to drive the point home, bassist Graham Maby handles vocal chores on the first track.......it's a fairly forgettable album, and titling a track "In Every Dream Home (A Nightmare)"? This Roxy Music fan shakes his head, although the chances of anyone confusing the two are about the same as confusing this Joe Jackson with the left fielder the 1919 Chicago White Sox (a fascinating character in his own right, but I digress, badly)

And that is that for me......I didn't like "Beat Crazy", but after that, Joe went in all kinds of different directions that didn't appeal to me. Old-style swing/blues were his new fasacination, he enjoyd some success with it and props to him for exploring new turf, I just didn't (and don't) care for it.....he had a few other singles which were big, I think "Steppin' Out" was the most notable, but this, for me, was a post-"Armed Forces" Costello, a post-"Learning to Crawl" Pretenders, just something that others enjoyed mightly but just weren't my cup of, well, "Joe"......God what you wouldn't give for my incredible sense o humor!

Have three live shows from the peak years of 1979-80, first a short (8 song) set from Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead NY 8/31/79......oddly, it does not include "Is She Really Going Out With Him?", his best known number at the time, perhaps this is an incomplete show I am unsure.

Also from 1979, this one earlier in the summer from Amsterdam Holland, this is a much better listen, a fine set list (includes pretty much all the top tunes from the first two albums) and an encore of "Ain't That a Shame".

From 1980 we have a set from Asbury Park NJ, this is a good set as well, includes some "Beat Crazy" stuff as well.....sounds like he was a pretty good live performer as well, these are worthwhile.

Often, he is lumped in a group with Parker and Costello (I did so myself earlier), and, like those two, his best, early work not only stands the test of time, but sounds BETTER today than it did then, Joe simply had LESS great stuff than the other two, but "Look Sharp" and parts of "I'm the Man" really still get the job done for me anyway.

I'm glad he enjoyed some success with his sytlistic changes, wasn't for me, but none of these guys has to please me personally.....thanks for some good tunes Joe.

LOOK SHARP!-01 One More Time/02 Sunday Papers/03 Is She Really Going Out With Him/04 Happy Loving Couples/05 Throw It Away/06 Baby Stick Around/07 Look Sharp!/08 Fools In Love/09 (Do the) Instant Mash/10 Pretty Girls/11 Got the Time
I'M THE MAN-01 On Your Radio/02 Geraldine and John/03 Kinda Kute/04 It's Different For Girls/05 I'm the Man/06 The Band Wore Blue Suits/07 Don't Wanna Be Like That/08 Amatuer Hour/09 Get That Girl/10 Friday

BEAT CRAZY-01 Beat Crazy/02 One to One/03 In Every Dream Home (A Nightmare)/04 The Evil Eye/05 Mad At You/06 Crime Don't Pay/07 Someone Up There/08 Battleground/09 Biology/10 Pretty Boys/11 Fit

HEMPSTEAD NY 8/31/79-01 Look Sharp/02 Get That Girl/03 Friday/04 One More Time/05 Geraldine and John/06 Sunday Papers/07 Baby Stick Around/08 It's Different For Girls

AMSTERDAM HOLLAND 6/1779-01 Look Sharp!/02 Geraldine and John/03 Get That Girl/04 Sunday Papers/05 Baby Stick Around/06 Don't Wanna Be Like That/07 Fools In Love/08 Is She Really Going Out With Him/09 Happy Loving Couples/10 I'm the Man/11 Throw It Away/12 Got the Time/13 Aint That a Shame

ASBURY PARK NJ 8/9/80-01 One To One/02 I'm the Man/03 Beat Crazy/04 Look Sharp!/05 Mad at You/06 Kinda Kute/07 The Evil Eye/08 Pretty Boys/09 On Your Radio/10 Friday/11 Talk/12 Fit/13 Is She Really Going Out With Him/14 I Don't Wanna Be Like That/15 Intros/16 One More Time/17 Ovation and Talk/18 The Harder They Come/19 Got the Time

The Best Atomic Bitchwax post, ever

Surprised to discover that I haven't ever done a post on these dudes,
they have been around for a
while and legitimatly bring the noize......something of a stoner rock supergroup/side project, currently utilizing Monster Magnet bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnik and drummer Bob Pantella, and vocalist/guitarist Finn Ryan who was fomerly in the criminally underappreciated Core.

So, what do they sound like, for the unfamiliar? Well, maybe something like a hybrid of Monster Magnet and Core (duh) filtered through some hard psychedelia of the early 70's, along with some SERIOUS riff-rock of the late 70s, I think that would sum it pretty well.....Scott what the fuck are you TALKING about? I don't know, these guys rock out and are quite a bit more (shall we say) "experimental" than many straight-up stoner bands, they do take chances, and the results are for the most part positive.

OK, they let their imaginations run amok by titling their first effort "Atomic Bitchwax I" (there'll be more titles of this ilk to come), it's really a good one with its blend of short, smart riff rockers ("Hey Alright") and longer, trippier stuff like "The Formula".....lineup for album #1: Kosnick, guitarist Ed Mundell, and drummer Keith Ackerman.

Once again, they let the imaginations go crazy once more opting to call it "Atomic Bitchwax II", again, it's a good album of heavy stoner rock, even featuring an Atomic Rooster cover, and the by-now obligatory mix of short, dynamic riff-rockers ("Ice Pick Freek") and longer, "stonier" material ("Soild").

Next they chose to release the killer EP "Spit Blood", which features the fab "Cold Day in Hell" as
well as an unecessary cover of AC-DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" which I thought sucked the FIRST time around (that's just ME, ya know).....quite a good EP though, recommended for fans, for an EP of throwaways and outtakes etc, it's A-1.

Finn Ryan replaced Mundell for the third "official" release, entitled (wait for it) "Atomic Bitchwax 3", it is a really good one, actually, with a cover of Deep Purple's "Maybe I'm a Leo" and concentrating more on the riff-rock stuff and less upon trying to be creative......

The next EP "Boxriff" is basically a full-length, featuring four new studio tracks and a complete live set, for the first time they show off their substantial live chops (we'll hear A LOT more of them later)..

Bet ya can't guess what they named thier next album? Bzzzzzz times up, it is "Atomic Bitchwax 4" beleive it or not. Pantella joined the lineup for this one, and actually, it's quite a good one as well....they continue their penchant for strange cover material ("Astronomy Domine" in this case), and a collection of excellent hard rockers such as "Revival" and "Wreck You"....it's a good one, not as good as "I", but a good one....if you guys like this stuff you'll want em all, because they have NEVER released a dog-shit album (as of yet at least).

Their next, and I suppose most ambitious effort is "The Local Fuzz", which consists of one track, some 40-plus minutes long.......this trick has been tackled by others, notably Sleep ("Dopesmoker"), but it DOES work here, 50 minutes of slamming guitar riffs, and, well, more slamming guitar riffs....

So that would be it for their studio efforts up until now, but as luck would have it, I have a buncha
boots too......five of em to be exact, covering pretty much the entire "career".......the oldest being from Youngstown Ohio (Ohio YAY!) in 2004, with some good versions of their early stuff, such as "Shitkicker" and "Hey Alright", as well as a cover of the Melvin's "Honey Bucket". Next we have a set from 2006, Hickory North Carolina, from where I have several sets from several great stoner bands, is Hickory some sort of stoner mecca?

A couple of sets from 2009, one from Freiburg, which mixes some old and new material, and from later in the year at Basel Hirscheneck with a very similar set list, as both feature versions of Pink Floyd's "Pigs". By 2011 they were still doing "Pigs" evidently, as they do on this Luzern Switzerland show, they also attempt to tackle as least PART OF "Local Fuzz" which gets pretty revved up.

These guys are pretty tight, and relatively underappreciated, I think......all of these at least have thier moments, let me kow what you think of em if you have a minute!

ATOMIC BITCHWAX-01 Stork Theme/02 Birth to the Earth/03 Hey Alright/04 Crazed Fandango/05 Hope You Die/06 Ain't Nobody Gonna Hang Me In My Home/07 Kiss the Sun/08 Gettin' Old/09 Last of the V8 Interceptors/10 Shitkicker/11 The Fomula

ATOMIC BITCHWAX II-01 Ice Pick Freak/02 Forty-Five/03 Play the Game/04 Smokescreen/05 Cast Aside Your Masks/06 The Cloning Chamber/07 Marching On the Skulls of the Dead/08 Dishing a Heavy Dose of Tough Love/09 Solid

ATOMIC BITCHWAX III-01 The Destroyer/02 You Oughta Know/03 You Can't Win/04 Dark
Chi/05 Maybe I'm a Leo/06 Force Field/07 Going Guido/08 The Passenger/09 If I Had a Gun/10 Half as Much

SPITBLOOD-01 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep/02 Liquor Queen/03 Get Your Gear/04 Cold Day In Hell/05 Spit Blood/06 Black Trans/07 U Want I Should

ATOMIC BITCHWAX IV-01 Pawn Shop/02 Middle Man/03 Daisy Chain/04 Giant/05 Revival/06 Astronomy Domine/07 Don't Do It/08 Sometime Wednesday/09 Super Computer/10 Run/11 Wreck You

BOXRIFF-01 STD/02 So Come On/03 Turn Me /04 Kiss The Sun/05 Intro/06 Force Field/07 Hey Alright/08 Kiss the Sun/09 Stork Theme/10 The Cloning Chamber/11 The Destroyer/12 Maybe I'm a Leo/13 Gettin Old/14 Ice Pick Freak/15 Forty Five/16 Birth To The Earth/17 Shit Kicker

THE LOCAL FUZZ-01 The Local Fuzz

YOUNGSTOWN OHIO 9/5/04-01 Liquor Queen/02 Hey Alright/03 Dark Chi/04 Unknown/05 Cast Aside Your Masks/06 Going Guido/07 Honey Bucket/08 Shitkicker/09 Birth to the Earth

HICKORY NC 12/10/06-01 Tuning/02 Ice Pick Freak/03 Tuning/04 STD/05 Tuning/06 The
Destroyer/07 Tuning/08 Maybe I'm a Leo/09 Tuning/10 So Come On/11 Long Break/Tuning/12 Gettin' Old/13 Astronomy Domine/14 Stork Theme/15 The Monolith Problem/16 Force Field/17 Banter/18 Hey Alright/19 Shit Kicker/20 Birth to the Earth

FREIBURG 4/21/09-01 Stork Theme/02 Shitkicker/03 So Come On/04 Destroyer/05 Kiss the Sun/06 Giant/07 Revival/08 Maybe I'm a Leo/09 Super Computer/10 Hope You Die/11 Gettin' Old/12 Wreck You/13 Encore Break/14 Pigs (Ryan Solo)/15 Pigs (Three Different Ones)/16 Force Field

BASEL HIRSCHENECK-01 "Where Is Bob?"/02 Stork Theme/03 Shit Kicker/04 So Come On/05 The Tuning-Up Song/06 The Destroyer/07 Kiss the Sun/08 Giant/09 Revival/10 Hope You Die/Gettin Old/11 A Guy From the audience climbs on stage/12 Super Computer/13 Wreck You/Ain't Nobody Gonna Hang me In My Home/14 Encore Break/15 Pigs/16 Force Field

LURZEN SWITZERLAND 4/21/11-01 "Missin' Finn"/02 Intro Jam/03 Stork Theme/04 Shit Kicker/05 So Come On/06 The Destroyer/07 Chris Talking/08 Giant/09 Kiss the Sun/10 Hope You Die/11 Chris Talking/12 Local Fuzz (portion)/13 Pigs On the Wing/14 Pigs (Three Different Ones)/15 Encore Break/16 Gettin Old

Quite a bit o work for the Big Guy, hope I've introduced an unfamiliar band that you'll like to some of ya.......requests, and comments, and pictures of your neighbor's 19 year old daughter, are always appreciated!

May not get all these many links up today (I will try) because I am going to see the (sure to be) fab "Hunger Games: Catching Fire".....I thought the first film was awesome, thought the books were great (of the books, "Catching Fire" was my fave)....I will never understand people's thinking,ever, it' hard to imagine people flocking to see this (the certainly ARE), and actually grasping the subtle messages.....my favorite book ever was Orwell's brilliant "1984", and
this series is an incredible updating of those very deep, layered themes......I won't go into a whole thing about it right now, but it seems to me that people rarely go to see "good" movies anymore, they are in general so blank-brained they prefer to see the recent spate of films which are, simply put, about 2 hours of explosions.........often people can surprise me, pleasantly, with their intellect. It was great, and surpising, that the mainstream actually LIKED Talking Heads, and Seinfeld, and "The Hunger Games",all of which at fist glance would seem to be FAR over the heads of most of them....still not convinced they all "get it", but I give them huge points for at least making the attempt.

Having some trouble with the Youngstown set, may or may not be able to get it uploaded but GOD ONLY KNOWS I AM TRYING, to the very best of my diminished ability, I AM TRYING!

The Best Pixies Post ever

I'd say chances are good that if you are looking at this blog, you are probably somewhat familiar with
indie-rock Gods the Pixies, one of those bands that was far more influential than actually popular, and their popularity wasn't all that low either. Originiating in the Boston area in the mid-1980's, the Pixies were vocalist/rhythem guitarist Frank Black (aka Black Francis), guitarist Joey Santiago, drummer David Lovering, and on the bass, Dayton Ohio's own Kim Deel.....you may not know this, but I participated in many a menange a trois with Kim and her twin sister Kelly.....oh wait, those were DREAMS......sorry.

The Pixies loud/soft, fast/slow dynamic was quite influential on a good bit of 1990's alt-rock.....in fact Kurt Cobain once stated that he was emulating the Pixies when he wrote "Smells Like Teen Spirit"....you can hear the Pixies fingerprints all over a LOT of more modern bands, but their work EASILLY stands on it's own.

1987's "Come On Pilgrim" got things started, a good collection of songs that would be a nice indicator of the better things to come.....it is a songwriting tour-de-force, two songs are partially in el espanol ("Vamos" and "Isle de Encanta"), we have incest numbers ("Nimrod's Son"), sexual tunes ("I've Been Tired"), and just plain wierd shit ("Ed Is Dead").......a solid 3.5 star album, and a perfect warm up for......

"Surfer Rosa" is one of the better albums from the decade of the 1980's, and is the Pixies' best work. Tons of great numbers, from "Bone Machine", "Where Is My Mind", to Deel's sweet vocals on a song which rumor has it she dedicated to yours truly ("Gigantic"....oh, wait, that may have been a dream as well), and best of all, perhaps MY favorite Pixies number, the way cool "River Euphrates". Classic album.

However, the arguement for "Surfer Rosa" as the Pixie's best work is not unanimous......many prefer
"Doolittle" and I wouldn't argue TOO much......another collection of great alt-pop stuff, "Wave of Mutilation", "Here Comes Your Man", "Monkey Gone to Heaven", and "Hey" standout, this is very nearly as strong a set as "Surfer Rosa" and as good a pair of back-to-back releases as nearly anyone has given us. If you are looking only for the "essentials", say, if this is your INTRODUCTION to the Pixies (and once again I'd be tempted to mock you and call you JUNIOR), these are the ones you want.

The 1980's turned to the 1990's, and the Pixies responded with "Bossanova". In light of the critical love of "Doolittle" and "Surfer Rosa", it is somewhat underappreciated, seemingly something of a conceptual affair having something to do with outer space or some such, the sound is a little weird (somewhat surf-inspired), but as usual, what makes for a good Pixie's album is great songs, and there are some of high quality here as well: "Blown Away" and "Rock Music" stand out among some others.

"Trompe Le Monde" is the fifth and final "proper" Pixies album, and they are one of those rare bands that NEVER released a truly "bad" album,merely less great ones.....this one is full of great tunes also, "Subbacultcha", "Motorway to Roswell", and the title track are all of regular Pixies standards.

OF course it wouldn't be our dear old "Growing Bored for a Living" if all we had were these easy to get studio discs, now would it? Ergo, we have a few more...."The Complete B Sides" has some fun and hard to find rare tracks, such as "Weird at My School" and "Into the White". The now out-of-print "Death to the Pixies" is a 2 disc set, the first being a sort of "best of" disc, while the second contains a partial live set from a concert recording of 9/25/90.....disc 1, obviously does us no good if we already have the Pixie's studio LP's, but disc 2 is invaluable as the Pixies were no joke on the stage either.

"The Pixies Live at the BBC" is a pretty easy one to find, but it's a good one too, a compilation of
various BBC appearances by the band.....then for a while they disbanded with Black doing work with The Catholics and Deel doing here thing with the Breeders......they got back together a couple of times in the 2000's actually, and I have a Winnepeg show from 2004, they run through a set of their best stuff with a surgeon's skill.....Deel left the band again, evidently for good this time, but as I understand it a replacement female bassist/vocali enlisted and the band still carries on. Contrary to my normal opinion on such things, I say good for them, they have given it a good run, really think there was a market for their weird "alternapop", a MASS market, which  don't think ever found them.

A really great band, in my eyes anyway. Nothing here too tremendously hard to locate save for perhaps the Winnepeg show, but good stuff nonetheless, and certainly would welcome any additional live Pixies any friends may wish to share.

COME ON PILGRIM-01 Caribou/02 Vamos/03 Isla de Encanta/04 Ed Is Dead/05 The Holiday Song/06 Nimrod's Son/07 I've Been Tired/08 Levitate Me
SURFER ROSA-01 Bone Machine/02 Break My Body/03 Something Againt You/04 Broken Face/05 Gigantic/06 River Euphrates/07 Where Is My Mind?/08 Cactus/09 Tony's Theme/10 Oh My Golly!/11 Vamos/12 I'm Amazed/13 Brick Is Red
DOOLITTLE-01 Debaser/02 Tame/03 Wave Of Mutilation/04 I Bleed/05 Here Comes Your Man/06 Dead/07 Monkey Gone to Heaven/08 Mr. Grieves/09 Crackity Jones/10 La La Love You/11 No. 13 Baby/12 There Goes My Gun/Hey/14 Silver/15 Gouge Away

BOSSANOVA-01 Cecilia Ann/02 Rock Music/03 Velouria/04 Allison/05 Is She Weird/06 Ana/07 All Over the World/10 The Happening/11 Blown Away/12 Hang Wire/13 Stormy Weather/14 Havalina

TROMPE LE MONDE-01 Trompe Le Monde/02 Planet of Sound/03 Alec Eiffel/04 The Sad
Punk/05 Head On/06 U-Mass/07 Palace of the Brine/08 Letter to Memphis/09 Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons/10 Space (I Believe In)/11 Subbacultcha/12 Distance Equals Rate Times Time/13 Lovely Day/14 Motorway to Roswell/15 The Navajo Know

DEATH TO THE PIXIES DISC 1-01 Cecilia Ann/02 Planet of Sound/03 Tame/04 Here Comes Your Man/05 Debaser/06 Wave of Mutilation/07 Dig For Fire/08 Caribou/09 Holiday Song/10 Nimrod's Son/11 U-Mass/12 Bone Machine/13 Gigantic/14 Where Is My Mind/15 Velouria/16 Gouge Away/17 Monkey Gone to Heaven

DEATH TO THE PIXIES DISC 2-01 Debaser/02 Rock Music/03 Broken Face/04 Isla de Encanta/05 Hangwire/06 Dead/07 Into the White/08 Monkey Gone to Heaven/09 Gouge Away/10 Here Comes Your Man/11 Allison/12 Hey/13 Gigantic/14 Crackity Jones/15 Something Against You/16 Tame/17 Wave of Mutilation/18 Where Is My Mind/19 Ed Is Dead/20 Vamos/21 Tony's Theme

LIVE AT THE BBC-01 Wild Honey Pie/02 There Goes My Gun/03 Dead/04 Subbacultcha/05 Manta Ray/06 Is She Weird/07 Ana/08 Down to the Well/09 Wave of Mutilation/10 Letter to Memphis/11 Levitate Me/12 Caribou/13 Monkey Gone to Heaven/14 Hey/15 In Heaven (Lady In the Radiator Song)

COMPLETE B SIDES-01 River Euphrates/02 Vamos (Live)/03 In Heaven (Lady In the Radiator Song)/04 Manta Ray/05 Weird at My School/06 Dancing the Manta Ray/07 Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)/08 Into the White/09 Bailey's Walk/10 Make Believe/11 I've Been Waiting For You/12 The Thing/13 Velvety Instrumental Version/14 Winterlong/15 Santo/16 Theme From Narc/17 Build High/18 Evil Hearted You/19 Letter to Memphis (Instrumental Version)
WINNEPEG 4/14/04-01 Winterlong/02 Nimrod's Son/03 The Holiday Song/04 Here Comes Your Man/05 Vamos/06 Blown Away/07 In Heaven/Wave of Mutilation/08 Bone Machine/09 Subbacultcha/10 Cactus/11 Monkey Gone to Heaven/12 Is She Weird/13 Debaser/14 Gouge Away/15 Crackity Jones/16 Something Against You/17 Isla de Encata/18 Broken Face/19 Head On/20 Tame/21 Gigantic/22 Into the White/23 Where Is My Mind/24 La La Love You

The New Barbarians

Something, I think, of a slightly underappreciated gem today.....The New Barbarians were for all practical purposes a Rolling Stones side project, put together by Ron Wood at a time which I think was before Wood became an "official" Stone (although he had long been a hanger-on).....they were, more or less formed by Wood to support his pretty decent album "Gimme Some Neck", which I thought I had around here somewhere and was going to post with this but can't seem to find.

They played a series of shows in 1979, with a lineup of Wood, Stones guitarist Keith Richards, bassist Stanely Clarke, keyboardist Ian McLaglan fromerly Wood's mate in the faces, sax blower Bobby Keys, and drummer Joseph Zigaboo Modeliste. They cranked out a rough, sub-Stones sounding blend of rock, country, and blues, (also several Stones tunes).....they never  released an "album" per se, but years later this show, recorded at Largo Maryland, a two disc set entitled "Buried Alive"......quite  a good set it is, to these ears anyway....Richards and Wood in particular sound like they are having the tims of their lives.....check out awesome versions of "Sweet Little Rock N Roller", "F.U.C. Her", and a bunch more, this is VERY enjoyable and (I think) forgotten for the most part. They conclude with a raved-up combo of Richard's outlaw anthem "Before they Make Me Run" and a version of "Jumpin' Jack Flash".

Now, my reason for posting this is I saw something on Pirate Bay that I had never seen, it was a four disc set by these guys, entitled "The Drg Dealer Tapes".....had planned on grabbing it and coupling it with this, but I guess no one is seedit, after a week or so it is at 0.00% .......anybody GOT ONE? That sounds like it would be pretty cool. So calling all Friends of the Blog, if you happen to have "The Drug Dealer Tapes", that would be a nice companion piece for some of the Stones rarities that so many of you enjoyed previously.

DISC 1-01 Sweet Little Rock N Roller/02 Buried Alive/03 F.U.C. Her/04 Mystifies Me/05 Infkeshun/06 Rock Me Baby/07 Sure the One You Need/08 Lost and Lonely/09 Love In Vain/10 reathe On Me

DISC 2-01 Let's Go Steady/02 Apartment No. 9/03 Honky Tonk Women/04 Worried Life Blues/05 I Can Feel the Fire/06 Come to Realise/07 Am I Grooving You?/08 Seven Days/09 Before They Make Me Run/10 Jumping Jack Flash

Shouldn't take long to get but two links so check through those collecti for "The Drug Dealer Tapes" (my guess is it is EXTREMELY rare), would love a share of it and then of course a share with MY millions of fatihful readers!

The best Nebula post, ever

More goods from my deep stash of heavypsych/stoner bands,
 a bit of a lesser-known one it seems to
me at least relative to some of their contemporaries. Guitarist/vocalist Eddie Glass started the band after departing Fu Manchu, and the latter band's fingerprints are all over the sound (nothing wrong there).....Glass brought with him Fu Manchu drummer Ruben Romano as well as bassist Mark Abshire for the original lineup......the band is Glass' project, pretty much exclusively, as they have been through more than a couple of bassists and drummer since then.

I'll tell you what....these are quite consistently good albums.....they have a sort of garageband sloppiness to them that is sort of unusual in the often technically proficient stoner scene, NOT that there are not plenty of wah wah pedals, screamed vocals, out-there lyrics, and heavy pounding bass lines......it is STONER ROCK! LIke Kyuss? Fu Manchu? JACKPOT!

The oldest I can locate from them is a 1998 EP, a very good one too, entitled "Let It Burn", sounding, as you might expect like a psychedelic Fu Manchu record, and that would not be such a bad thing...."Raga In the Bloodshot Pyramid" and "Sonic Titan" give you a good idea of what's in store....I hear that this disc is kind of hard to locate, not sure, I've had mine forever....if it IS, well, you are most wel!

The NEXT oldest I can locate from them is a "Split EP" ("Split EP's" on which 2 bands shared the recordin, were quiite big in the early days of stoner rock for some reason.....I guess cause noone had the jack to make a disc by themselves.....personally, I have always HATED splits because they FUCK UP MY FILING STYSTEM.......the nerve) with Lowrider, features four tracks from each band.....the early (1999) Nebula is in good form, "Full Throttle" and "Back to the Down" stand out.....I'll give ya the Lowider tracks too, without comment, they were decent as well and I'll give them a post sometime.
By the way, Nebula DO have an older EP entitled "Sun Creature" also from 1999....if you can find a copy of it you are a better man than myself, but I hope ya share it here) if ya do have one!

Later in 1999 they released their first full-length, the great "To the Center".....it's the most psyched of
their discs and features a BUNCH of good rocking tracks, such as "Synthetic Dream" and "Fields of Psilocybin"......recommeded for stoner fans.

Next disc was 2001's "Charged", they crank up the amps a small bit, but these guys knew who they were and what they meant to ....heavy psych/stoner rock..tunes like "Giant" and the epic "All the Way" ae highlights, don't miss this one either.

2003's "Atomic Ritual" finds a maturing band, taking things (and themselves) a bit more seriously (wittness the Alistair Crowley quotes all over the cover)....however, it IS a good album as well. The two-part title track (part 2 is a dreaded "hidden track") and a few more bring the goods, this is probably my LEAST favorite of their albums, but it's certainly not bad.

For 2006's "Apollo" thy retruned to more spacy sound, reminiscent of "To the Center" but more mature, more well thought out, and simply an excellent album. The TOTALLY weird finale "Opiate Float/Orbit" is worth the price of admission here for my money.

Their most recent release is an EP, 2009, entitled "Heavy Psych".....lives up to it's name quite well,
with a bunch of good numbers that they'd often do in concert, such as "The Dagger" and "Aphrodite".....always wondered why they didn't tack on some filler and make it a full length, but what are ya gonna do?

They gave it a good run, they were a good band, as I said somewaht not as appreciated as they might be in stoner circles..I have some live boots from them including a show I attended which I found VERY enjoyable, they they rocked the house with a good, long loud set that the crowd was REALLY into!

The show I attended was fromm 8/14/09 in wonderful Columbus Ohio (GO BUCKS!), they played a fine set which a friend of mine recorded......his track list doesnt QUITE match up, I think the tunes are all their but they are not split as listed below and I don't have time to correct it....you'll see wht I mean Also have a Chicago set from the DAY BEFORE the Columbus one, another god set, fun to compare the two shows on consecutive nights, the Columbus show to my ears ws the better of the two.....I note they changed their set list up a good bit (remember those Police boots with IDENTICAL set lists?).My third and final show is from Helmond, 2/13/10, possibly the same tour as the other two sets, with a version of "Sister Morphine" (!) thrown in for good measure.

I guess they're done, they haven't officially broken up, but in general three years away is an indicator.
links in a while, and if you have ever seen/heard a copy of "Sun Creature" (or "Dos EPs", which combines "Sun Creature", the stuff from the Lowrider split, but also three new tracks, this would be the one to have, actually, if anyone it and wants to share it!

Hope you guys enjoy these, I hae often turned to Nebula when I need some good, psychy stoner stuff......they were agood band. Well done.

LET IT BURN-01 Elevation/02 Down the Highway/03 Let It Burn/04 Vulcan Bomber/05 Dragon Eye/06 Raga In the Bloodshot Pyramid/07 Sonic Titan/08 Devil's Liquid

NEBULA'/LOWRIDER SPLIT EP-NEBULA-01 Anything From You/02 Full Throttle/03 Back to the Dawn/04 Fall of Icarus/ LOWRIDER-05 Lameneshma/06 The Gnome, The Spirit, The Sun/07 Shivaree/08 Upon the Dune (Full Version)
TO THE CENTER-01 To the Center/02 Come Down/03 Whatcha Lookin For/04 Clearlight/05 Freedom/06 Antigone/07 I Need Somebody/08 So Low/09 Synthetic Dream/10 Fields of Psilocybin/11 Betwen Time/12 You Meant Nothing
CHARGED-01 Do It Now/02 Beyond/03 Giant/04 Trvelin' Man's BLues/05 Instant Gravitation/06 This On/07 Ignition/08 Shaker/09 Goodbye Yesterday/10 All the Way
ATOMIC RITUAL-01 Atomic Ritual/02 So It Goes/03 Carpe Diem/04 More/05 The Beast/06 Out Of Your Head/07 The Way to Venus/08 Paradise Engineer/09 Electric Synapse/10 Strange Human/11 Fin/12 Atomic Ritual Revisited
APOLLO-01 Orbit/02 Loose Cannon/03 Fever Fray/04 Lightbringer/05 Future Days/06 Ghost
Ride/07 The Alchemist/08 Trapezium Procession/09 Controlled/10 The Eagle Has Landed/11 Fruit of My Soul/12 Decadent Garden/13 Wired/14 Opiate Float/Orbit
HEAVY PSYCH EP-01 Pulse/02 The Dagger/03 Aphrodite/04 Dream Submarine/05 In the Depths/06 The Other Side/07 Crow of Thorns/08 Lead Sky/09 Little Yellow Pill/10 Running of the Bulls

CHICAGO 8/13/09-01 Bardo Airways/02 The Dagger/03 Pulse/04 Aphrodite/05 Full Throttle/06 To the Center/07 The Way to Venus/08 Crown of Thornes/09 Giant/Clear Light/10 Little Yellow Pill/11 Elevation/12 Down the Highway/13 Intermission/14 Let it Burn/15 It's Been a Long Day
COLUMBUS 8/14/09-01 "We're Gonna Play Right Now!"/02 Instant Gratification/03 The Dagger/04 Pulse/05 Giant/Clearlight/06 Aphrodite/07 Devil's Liquid/08 The Other Side/09 The Way to Venus/10 To the CeEnter/11 Crown of Thornes/12 Bardo Airways/13 Down the Highway/14 Long Day/15 Let It Burn/16 Sonic Titan/17 Vulcan Bomber

HELMOND 2/13/10-01 Tuning and Shit/02 Perfect Rapture/03 The Dagger/04 Giant/Clearlight/05 Search and Destroy/06 Aphrodite/07 Dream Submarine/In the Depths/Heavy Psych/08 All the Way/09 Let It Burn/10 Pulse/11 Come Down/12 Void/13 The Other Side/14 Fields of Psilocybin/Sister Morphine/15 The Eagle Has Landed/16 Lead Sky/17 Down Highway