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Some Random Rolling Stones rarities PART 2

Unless you newbies didn't see it in the comments section, as follows is the drill: I write up a post and
post it......THEN I upload the links.....sometimes, depending on however many there are, this takes up to a day or so......I know this is unconventional to a degree,ut FOR ME it makes it easier to keep them straight, and once you get used to it it isn't so bad.....I really DON'T KNOW why my brain works the way it does, I tried it the more "normal" way and it just didn't click with my whithered up brain, so please bear with me as it takes a day so from the time you may actually see the post and the time you can download the music......gives you time to, oh, I guess, to ANTCIPATE how great it's going to be....something like that. Anyway if you are new, just because you saw the Stones were available, welocome aboard and check out my archives, there is something there for most tastes, hope you stick around.....I TRY for my blog to be a LITTLE different from most others, try to give it a bit of "personality", maybe that works and maybe not, but if you're here for the Stones, I'll maybe be doing their rare/live stuff most of the week.....THEN, as a personal aside to Jonman, I think I am going to open the floodgates on the Monster Magnet thing, and post ALL of my Monster Magnet boots,  as well as studio stuff and unreleased and more, even if it was in the previous (no longer available) Monster Magnet post......like the Stones (and SLeater Kinney long ago), it will likely take most of a week, but if you request something, and I have it, no reason not to go ALL OUT! So, Jonman, look for ALL of the Monster Magnet you could EVER wish to hear and then some, late this week or early next.......

For now though we be all up in this Rolling Stones mode.....most likely you're familiar with these fellows, they're not exactly Kittie or someone I've got to explain, but I do happen to have a LOT of unreleased and live stuff from them, and it's time to share it all with the WORLD.....so for today....

"Acoustic Motherfuckers" yeseterday had a disc problem, I think I know where to get another copy of it,but here is it's companion piece, "Electric Motherfuckers"......an outrageously rowdy version of "Sympathy For the Devil" in which an audience fight breaks out (Mick: "Every time we do this song") is a highlight, a version of "It's Only Rock N Roll" with Tina Turner, a very early version of "Just my Imagination", "As Tears Go By" in Italian, a New Barbarians (they were good and underappreciated, may include more of their work later in the post)......for an odds and ends album, quite essential!

"The 1969 Soundboard Collection" is a variety of good live tracks from various 1969 shows, nothing
earth shaking, but perhaps a version you may not have heard before, as you know, these gentlemen could really turn in a very respectable live performance!

One I haven't seen all that much is "Musicorama Mixdown Original Radio Broadcasts 1965-67", two discs of the boys taking on some of their oldest stuff ( "The Last Time", "Carol", lost more, by 1966/67 they are belting out "Paint It Black", "Under My Thumb" etc......sound quality varies greatly, but this no question has it's moments, and for ALL I KNOW is fairly rare (another note to newbs: I said "for all I know".....if our Uncle Vladamir has a copy of it that is I am certain a great reason to visit Uncle Vladimir, BUT I DO NOT CARE!)

A set  I've always found interesting is  "Sweet Home  Chicago-The Rolling Stones  with Muddy Waters-The Checkerboard Lounge 11/22/81".....although it is from 1981, after I personally think the guys were past their "sell by"date, I do include it because 1) it's good....the Stones actually take the role of a backing band and do it well, these be some bad ass versions of "I'm a King Bee", "Chamagne and Reefer", "Baby Please Don't Go", and 2) besides all that I actually saw the Stones sometime in the Fall of 1981 so it was around this time and I must not have thought they were THAT bad......GOd I just always hated that "Emotional Rescue" album, the minute that came out I personally considered their career as "GONE! Goodbye!" as a Mike Schmidt upper deck shot.....anyway, I like this allbum, sue me for inconsistencey.

"The Greatest Rarities" is a mish-mash collection as well, but these ARE the Stones, there are going
to be good tracks here....."Drift Away" and "The Harder They Come" are of special interest (to me), lots of other stuff including Kieth Richards (readilly available ) "Run Run Rudolph". The second disc gives us some outtakes ("Jigsaw Puzzle", a favorite of mine, raerly turns up as an alternate version), TWO versions of "Cocksucker Blues", plenty more....the Italian "As Tears Go Bys repeated here, what can a poor  boy do?

Not to be confused with"Greatest Rarities" is "Rarities", including an extended "dance  version" of "Miss You", a bunch of live cuts, and the 12" single version of "Mixed Emotions"......look, I've always been a big Stones fan, at least "Some  Girls" and before, and I'm always up for some alernate versions/demos/live takes......if you are just a casual fan, you are going to get sick of this stuff by week's end, but "we" are out here......as with Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and a few others, every note the ever recorded seems committed to vinyl/plastic in some form or another.....personally, I like it, I know some of you, like I said, will get sick of it, but it is a small price to once again exhibit my well-rounded-ness!

Couple more.....speaking of "Cocksucker Blues", here is an EP by that name, which also includes some live tracks, decent stuff from 1969-73 era.  Lastly, I wish to include perhaps my favorite live Stones album, it is not one of their "official" ones ("Love You Live", Yeech).....this is a King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast from date uncertain (someone will know), that is a positively off the charts, smoking performance.....tracks from "Exile""Goat's Head Soup", "Sticky Fingers", etc, gives you an idea of the era......these are the Stones, but even for the Stones they were "on their game" on this night and it comes through loud and clear in a fine recording.....recommended highly.

OK.....Enough for today.....I have LOTS more and wish to pace it somewhat, hope you guys like it and are up for 3 or 4 more days of it, lottsa good stuff still to come.....

CAN BECOME AN NFL COACH: simply papss this this test: You lead by 3 (27-24) have possesion
of the ball inside your opponents 10, less than 2 minutes remain. On third and goal, you hand the ball to Adrian Peterson (WOW surprise, man) who gets to the one......NOW, on fourh and goal, what do you do? Answer: You run another play unless you are an imbecile (Hi, Leslie Frazier).....if you are an imbecile, you kick a fairly meaningless feild goal to mak the score 30-24, but NOW YOU HAVE TO KICKOFF (rather than make th opponent go 99 yards of so for a TD).NOT ONLY must you kickoff you must kick to Devin Hester, only the greatest return man in the history of the sport......after that field goal, I'd have bet $1000 that th game was over, and going to be 31-30 because improper strategy was employed.....do I know more than  an NFL coach? Nope. Can I figure this out? you betcha.....draw your own conclusions. 0-2, 0-2, 0-2.....perhaps next week they can embarass themselves vs Cleveland so all the Browns fans around here can laugh at them as well.

1969 SOUNDBOARD COLLECTION-01 Sympathy For the Devil/02 Stray Cat Blues/03 Prodigal Son/04 You Gotta Move/05 Love In Vain/06 Live With Me/07 Gimme Shelter/08 Little  Queenie/ 09 Satisfaction/10 Sympathy For the Devil/11 Stray Cat Blues/12 Little Queenie/13 Love In Vain/14 Jumping Jack Flash

MUSICORAMA MIXDOWN DISC 1 (Tracks 1-12 4/18/65, Tracks 13-26 3/29/66, actually the day before my beloved wife Carla was born!) 01 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/02 Around and Aroundd/03 Off The Hook/04 Time Is On My Side/05 Carol/06 It's  All  Now/07 Little Red Rooster/08 ROute 66/09 Everybody Needs Somebody to Love/10 The Last Time/11 I'm Alright/12 Craw-Dad/13 The last Time (End Only)/14 Mercy Mercy/15 She Said Yeah/16 Play WIth Fire (2nd Half Only)/17 Not Fade Away/18 That's How Strong My Love Is/19 I'm Moving On/20 The Spider and the Fly/21 Time Is On My Side (End Only)/22 19th  Nervous  Breakdown/23 Around and Around/24 Get Off Of My Cloud/25 I'm Alright/26 Satisfaction

MUSICORAMA MIXDOWN DISC 2 (Tracks 1-9 4/11/67, Tracks 10-20 3/29/66)-01 Paint It Black/02 19th Nervous Breakdown/03 Lady Jane/04 Get Off Of My Cloud/Yesterday's Papers/05 Under My THumb/06 Ruby Tuesday/07 Let's Spend the  Night Together/08 Goin' Home/09 Saisfaction/10 The Last Time/11 Mercy Mercy/12 She Said Yeah/13 Play With Fire/14 Not Fade away/15 The Spider and the FLy/16 Time Is On My Side/17 19th Nervous Breakdown/18 Hang On Sloopy Theme/Get Off Of My Cloud/19 Satisfaction

Angel/02 Flip FLop And FLy/03 Introducion/04 Down the Road Go I/05 Country Boy/06 I'm a King Bee/07 Someday Baby/08 County Jail

SWEET HOME CHICAGO-STONES WITH MUDDY WATERS 11/22/81 DISC 2-01 Baby Please Don't Go/02 Hoochie Coochie Man/03 Long Distance Call/0 Mannish Boy/05 Champagne and Reefer/06 Next Time You See Me/07 Talking About My Woman/08 I Want To Be Loved/09 I Can't Be Satisfied/10 I Just Want to Make Love To You

GREATEST RARITIES VOLUME 1-01 Claudine/02 Da Doo Ron Ron/03 Drift Away/04 Let It Rock/05 Honky Tonk Woman/06 2000 Light Years From Home/07 You Got the Silver/08 Bye Bye Johnny/09 Andrew's BLues/10 Blood Red Wine/11 Memo From Turner/12 Too Many Cooks/13 Jumpin Jack  Flash/14 You Can't  Always Get What You Want/15 All Down the Line/16 Run Run Rudolph/17 Harder they Come/18 Whip It Up/19 Si Si/20 2120 South Michigan Avenue/21 Si Si (Reprise)

GREATEST RARITIES VOLUME 2-01 Cocksucker BLues No. 1/02 Cocksucker Blues No. 2/03 Brown Sugar/04 Dear Doctor (Take 1) 05/Jigsaw Puzzle (Outtake)/06 Travellin Man/07 Con Le Mie Lagrime Cosi (As Tears Go By)/08 Sweet Viirginia/09 Gimme Shelter/10 Angie/11 Rocks Off/12 Beast of Burden/13 Play With Fire/14 Exile on Main Street/15 I Need You/16 We Had It All/17 Wish I'd  Never/18 One Hit (To the Body)

RARITIES-01 Fancy Man Blues/02 Tumbling Dice (Live)/03 Wild Horses/04 Beast of Burden (Live)/05 Anyway You Look at It/06 If I Was a Dancer (Dance Part 2)/07 Miss You (Dance Version)/08 Wish I'd Never Met You/09 I Just Wanna Make Love To You (Live)/10 Mixed Emotions (12" Single Mix)/11 Through the Lonely Nights/12 Live WIth Me (Live)/13 Let It Rock (Live)/14 Harlem Shuffle (NY Mix)/15 Mannish Boy

COCKSUCKER BLUES-01 Cocksucker Blues/02 Brown Sugar /03 Brown Sugar/04 Starfucker/05 Dancing With Mr D/06 Angie

EUROPEAN KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR-01 Brown Sugar/02 Street Fighting Man/03 Gimme
Shelter/04 Happy/05 Tumblin Dice/06 Dancin With Mr D/07 Heartbreaker/08 Angie/09 Honky Tonk Woman/10 Midnight Rambler

Good stuff here, for Stones fans.......at least 3 more days of this stuff if not more.......hope you all are liking it!

Some More Rolling Stones Rarities, Part 3 (NO end in Sight!)

I'm having a lot of fun with these, getting to listen to a lot of stuff I haven't heard in years, revisiting some oddities......and hearing some great Rolling Stones stuff.....don't know EXACLTY when I'll wrap this up, I'm REALLY not, some of the live boots are pretty hard to listen to, the audience-
recorded type ones for my part, and I'll omit them or else this will go on for months.....don't really want that but I do want to get most of the quality and unusual stuff to ya......ANOTHER problem with yesterday's stuff, "Electric Motherfuckers", along with it's cousin"Acousitc Motherfuckers" has a disc-problem and won't upload.....so neither of them now, I THINK I can get another copy of each, so I'll try to squeeze them in later in week. They are good and I'd hate for ya to miss them (epecially "Electric")....anyway, you got two days worth of stuff to listen to, and working on day #3 right now, hope ya like the stuff I CAN get to ya!

OK, Tuesday's selections are some good ones as well...the three disc "More Stoned Than You'll Ever Be" contains an aboslute mountain of unavaillable alternate versions, unreleasead versions, Mono outtakes, BBC versions.....this one if for true rarities lovers/completists, I think it is a fine peice of work and thre is PLENTY on here you likely haven't heard in the fomat presented here! THIS is INEED a RARITIES collecion. Recommended for Stones freaks!

"Mentholated Sandwich" gives us remixed/altrenate versionof songs mostly from "Beggars Banquet", but also some othres ("Jumping Jack Flash", etc).....Hey, I LOVE hearing many versions of a great song.....if you don't then, warning, this is not for you......along the same lines is "Beggar's Breakfast", with alt versions, odds n ends, even a Rice Crispies  Commercial (which you may recall from the mammoth 80-disc psychedelic promos-radio spots from U-Spaces that I posted oh so long ago.

"It's Only Goats Head SOup Bu We Like It"brings us tons MORE alternate/rough mixes......I persoanlly am happy to find an  alternate version of one of my very favorite (but MUCH lesser known) Stones tunes "Winter" from "Goat's Head Soup".....lotta gems here too!

Again, outtakes and alternate vesions run rampant on "Tricky Fingers and Slicky Ringers"......great
stuff, the "inside"  look at "Sticky Fingers".....a if you are not a "Stones-ologist", this will not inflate your lizard.....but  for the rest of us......well, if you can't rock me, SOMEBODY will!

OK Last one for today."Rock N Roll Outtakes Bootleg", a variety of outtakes of tracks well known ("Tumbling Dice", "Dancing With Mr D" and a bunch more lesser known classics, "Hey Negrita", "Living In a Harder World", "Potted Shrimp", lots lots more.....

That is about all I have to say about that.....I these albums, if you don't, imagine that it was a favorite band of YOURS that I was shaking out all this stuff from, and taking a week or better to do it! You'd be in heaven, so for ths week let the Stones-fans be in heaven, an ya need to do is drop a request, and we can go "thorough" on YOUR fave as well!

Tomorrow: More Stones.......good shit, too!

MORE STONED THAN YOU'LL EVER BE DISC 1 (1963-64)-01 Baby What's Wrong (Unreleased/Mono)/02 Bright Lights Big City (Unrelelased Mono)/03 Road Runner (Unreleased Mono)/04 Diddley Daddy (Unreleased mono)/05 I Want To Be Loved (Unreleased Alternate Version Mono)/06 I Want to Be Loved (Unreleased  Alternate Version Mono)/07 Memphis Tennessee (Unreleased  BBC Mono)/08 Roll Over Beethoven (Unreleased BBC Mono)/09 There Are But Five Rolling Stones (Unavailable Mono)/10 Not Fade Away-(Unreleased Alternate Mono)/11 Andrew's BLues (Unreleased Mono)/12 Mr Spector and Mr Pitney Too (Unreleased Mono)/13 As Time Goes By Unreleased Alternate Version Mono)/14 Route 66 (Unreleased BBC)/15 Cops and Robbers (Unrelleased BBC)/16 You Better Move On (Unreleased BBC)/17 Mona (Unreleased BBC)/18 Stewed and Keeped (Unreleased)/19 Tell Me Baby (Unavailable)/20 High-Heel Sneakers(Unreleased)/21 Doown In the Bottom (Unreleased)/22 2120 South Michigan Aveneu (Unreleased BBC)/23 Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Unreleased Stereo Long Version)/24 Blue Turns To Grey (Unavailale Alternate Version Mono)/25 Hear It?? (Unreleased Mono)

MORE STONED THAN YOU'LL EVER BE DISC 2 (1965-68)-01 The Last Time (Unreleased BBC
Mono)/02 Play With Fire (Unavaible Stereo Version)/03 Satisfaction (Unavailalble Wide Stereo Version)/04 Mercy Mercy (Unreleased BBC Mono)/05 THE SPIDER AND THE FLY (Unreleased BBC Mono)/06 Fannie Mae-(Unreleased BBC Mono)/07 Get Off Of My CLoud (Unavailable Stereo Version)/08 Looking Tired (Unreleased) 09 19th Nervous Breakdown (Unreleased Stereo  Alternate  Version)/10 Paint It Black (Unreleased Instrumental Version-Backing Track Edit Mono)/11 Con Le Mie Lacrime (Italian version, mono)/12 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In the Shadows? (Unreleased Alternate Version Mono)/13 Ruby  Tuesday (Unreleased Backing Track14 Yesterday's Papers (Unreleased Backing  Track/15 Get Yourself  TOgether (Unreleased Mono)/16 Title 15 (Unreleased Edit)/17 Blues 3 Unreleased Edit/18 Gold Painted Fingernails (unreleased Edit)/19 2000 Light Years From Home (Unreleased Early Backing Track)/20 Citadel (Unreleased Backin Track Edit/21 5 Part Jam (Part 1) (Unreleased)/22 Hamburger to Go (Unreleased)/23 Still a Fool (Unreleased Edit)/24 Blood Red Wine (Unreleased)

MORE STONED THAN YOU'LL EVER BE DISC 3-(1968-71)-01 (I'm a) Highway Child/02 No Expectations (Unreleased Alternate Version-Edit)/03 Sister Morphine (Unreleased Alternate Version)/04 Honky Tonk Women (Unreleased Alternaersion)/05 You Got the Silver (Unreleased Alternate  Version)/06 Jiving Sister Fanny (Unreleased Alternate Version)/07 I Was Just a Country Boy (Unrelelased-Edit)/08 Downtown Suzie (unavailable Stereo Version)/09 Wild Horses-(Unreleased Alternate Live Version)/10 Brown Sugar (Unreleased Alternate Eric Clapton Version)/11 Cocksucker Blues (Unreleased)/12 Leather Jacket (Unreleased)/13 Who Am I? (Unreleasd)/14 Good Time Woman (Unreleased Alternate Demo/15 Shake Your Hips (Unreleased Sereo Alternate Version)/16 Aladdin Story (Unreleased)/17 Travellin Man (Unreleased)/18 Potted  Shrimp (unreleased)/19 Sweet Black Angel (Unreleased Backing  Track) 20 Let It  Rock (Unavailable/Live)/21 Satisfaction (unknown Source)/22 Radio Sign Off

Sympathy For  the Devil/03 No Expepctations/04 Parachue Woman/05 Salt of the Earth/06 Street Fighting Man/07 Dear Doctor/08  Prodigal Son/09 Stray Cat BLues/10 Factory Girl/11 Jigsaw Puzzle/12 Jumping Jack Flash/13 Jigsaw Puzzle/14 Dear Doctor/15 Street Fighting Man/16 Prodigal Son/17 You Gotta Move/18 Child of the Moon/19 Jumping Jack Flash/20 No Expectations

IT'S ONLY GOAT'S HEAD SOUP BUT WE LIKE I-01 It's Only Rock N Roll (rough mix)/02 Aint too Proud to Beg (Alternate Mix/03 Winter (Alternte Mix)/04Silver Train (ALternate Mix)/05 Drift Away (Unreleased Song)/06 Time Waits For Noone (long Version)/07 Criss Cross Man (Unreleased Song)/08 Through the Lonely Nights (1974 B-Side)/09 Liiving the Heart of Love (Unreleased Song)/10 Too Many Cooks (Unreleased with Jagger solo-Single)/11 Angie (Rough Mix Without Reverb & 2nd Keyboard overdub/12 Dance Little Sister (Alternate Mix)/13 Till The NExt Goodbye (Alternate Mix)/14 If You Can't Rock Me (Alternate Mix)/15 Fingerprint File (Alternate Longer Mix)

BEGGARS BREAKFAST-01 Gimme  Shelter/02 Brown Sugar/03 Stop Breakin Down/04 Shake Your Hips/05 Loving Cup/06 Loving Cup/07 Shine A Light/08 I Ain't Lying/09 Sway/11 Sweet Virginia/12 I Don't Care/13 Sympathy For the Devil/14 Tell Me/15 Rice Crispies Commercial/16 You Can't Judge a Book By Looking at the Cover

TRICKY FINGERS AND SLICKY RINGERS-01 Brown Sugar/02 Brown Sugar/03 Brown Sugar/04Sway/05 Wild Horses/06 Wild Horses/07 Can't You Hear Me Knockin?/08 You GOtta Move/09 Bitch/10 Sister Morphine/11 Dead Flowers/12 Bitch/13 Brown Sugar/14 Let It Rock

ROCK N ROLL OUTTAKES-01 Exile on Mainstreet BLues/02 Good Time Woman/03 Tumbling Dce/04 Let It Loose/05 Travelling Man/06 Aladdin Story/07 Potted Shrimp/08 Leather Jacket/09 Seperatly/10  Dancing With Mr D/11 Criss Cross Man/12 Silver Train/13 Silver Train (alt)/14Living In a Harder World/15 Drift Away/16 Hey Negrita/17 Crazy Mama/18 Slave/19 Hand of Fate/20 Munich Reggae/21 Worried About You/22 Cellophane Telephones

More Randlom Rolling Stones rarities, Part 4

Looking like five parts will bring it on home, hope it hs been a fairly comprehensive slice of
shomewhat hard to find Stones goodies.....next up (for Jonaman) a complete sensory overload of Monster Magner, should kickoff this weekend! Anyway, had trobule with Zippyshare a bit. MORE trob f my discs not wishing to upload, reulting in a few of them not makng the final cut.....such as it is the Stones made good sloppy bluesy/punkish rock n roll, which can be fabulous, in some cases, when it turns up in rough mixes.......as an update: It is Wedensday.....I am writing Wed's blog and will likely post without links till tomorrow.....I am currently uploading the discs for part 2 as they have failed a couple times (due to my computer, not really Zippy so much), Il pop them up as they come AND I am transerring the discs for Part 3 getting them ready for upload, should be ready for tonight for the most part......end of the week PROMISE......ALL these great stones raritiies will b availabe......fun fun fun till Google takes my Blogger Awaaaaaay!

"The Black Boxbootleg" is a BUNCH of rare stuff someone crammed together as a labor of love.....Disc 1 includes scores of alternakes of stuff you know, and stuff you don't.....seem to be from 1964-66 so you really get to hear them at their sloppy amatuerish best.....you want the best in Stones' rarities, you GOTTA have these discs. The second disc is more of the same from 1966-68, ("Give Me a Hamburger to Go?") the whole thing sounds relaxed and informal and makes for some fine listening....the thrid discs are moore slick and record ready, still good, and I for one always love another version of "Sympathy for the Devil", or "Gimme Shelter"......don't say I've never done anything for ya, stones fans! Disc 4 is similar to the first 2, different takes on different songs, I like hearing this stuff......you? Well......

Next we have the three disc series "The Pro-Masters Se Outtakes and Alternate Versions 1960's-1978.....some stuff never made those awful albums of the 1980's (or if they did I forgot out it, or at least  I WANTED to!)......also varied vversions of "Sister Morphne", Wild Horses", lots of stuff.....casual fans stay away from these sets....they sound like hell to you. Intense fans, this is for you.....and we KNOW the Stones have some serious FANS in their arsenal!

Wel that is seven discs for today, how bout a few more before I wrap this up tomorrow......a show
from Hawaii, 1966, a good radio simulcast runs through a standard set of their stage-show at the time, they crank it up and turn in a good show, hell I wish I was there, just to  see the Stones earlier than I did PLUS to be in Hawaii!

And one more....."Acetates/Outtakes/REmixes/1970-74", pretty obvious from title what your gettting here......different mixes of a bunch of "Sticky Fingers" era greats!

Gettin bored yet? I kinda am.....I know guys who are gonna FREAK this, but for a non-STONES fanatic, I am sure it is too much......the upcoming Monster Magner thing is going to be bigger than this, badder than this, and truly THE BEST MONSTER MAGNET POST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it until the weekend and ye shall see the light!

BLACK  BOX D1-01 Hear of Stone (take v)/02 Not Fade Away (Take I)/03 Aftermamth/04 Andrew's Blues/05 Don't Lie TO Me/06 Hi Heel Sneakers/07 Stewed and Keefed/08 Look What You''ve Done/09 Tell Me Baby/10 Down In the Bottom/11 We're Wastin Time/12 Hear It (Take I)/13 Sleepy City/14 Try a Little Harder/15 Somthing Just Stick in Your Mind/16 As Time Goes By/17 Bue Turns to Grey/18 Satisfaction (Take II)/19 Looking Tired/20 Paint It Black (Take II)/21 Lady Jane (Take I)/22 Can''t Beleive (Take III)/23 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Take II) /24 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Take III)/25 Let's  Spend the Night Together (Take Ib)

BLACK BOX D2-01 Can't Believer (Take1)/02 Let's Spend the Night Together (Take IA)/03 All Sold Out (Take I)/04 Yesterday's Papers (Take 2)/05 Ruby Tuesday (Take I)/06 Compliacted (Take I)/07 Please Go Home (Take 1)/08 My Obsession (take I)/09 Cosmic Christmas/10 Family (Take I)/11 Downtown Suzie (Take II)/12 Give Me A Hamburger To  Go/13 And I Was a Country Boy/14 Memo From Turner (take IV)/ 15 Memo From Turner (take I)/16 Sister Morphine (take III)/17 Still a Fool /18 You Got the Silver (Take II)/19 Highway Child

BLACK BOX D3-01 Sympathy For the Devil/02 Country Honk/03 Gimme Shelter/04 Lovin Cup/05 Jivin Sister Fannie/06 Honky Tonk Woman/07 All Down the Line (Acoustic)/08 All Down the Line (Electric)/09 I Don't Know the Reason Why/10 I'm Going Down/11 You Gotta Move/12 Brown Sugar #1/13 Brown Sugar #2/14 Bitch/15 Good Time Woman/16 Sway/17 Schoolboy Blues

BLACKBOX D4-01 Confessin the BLues (Stereo)/02 I've Been Loving You Too Long  (To Stop Now)/03 Poison Ivy (Take II) 04 Fortune Teller-(take III)/05 Time Is On My Side (Take II)/06 Con Le Nie La Crime /07 Da Doo Ron Ron/08 We Love You (Take 1)/09 Dandelion-(Take  1)/10 19th Nervous Breakdown-(Take 1)/11 Yeserday's Papers (Take 1)/12 Gimme  Shelter (Disc 2)/13 Sister Morphine (take II)/14 Brown Sugar (take III)/15 Wild Horses (Take III)/16 Sister Morphine /17 March 1968 Interview With Mick Jagger

PRO MASTERS SERIES DISC 1-01 Brown Sugar/02 Jiving  Sister Fanny/03 Good Time Woman/04 I'm Going  Down/05 Shine a Light/06 Dance Little Sister/07 Criss-Cross Man/08 Dead Flowers/09 Stop Breaking Down/10 Dear Doctor/11 Memo From Turner (Version 1)/12 Family/13 Fiji Jim/14 Do You THink I Really Care (aka Yellow Cab)/15 Drift Away/16 Downtown Suzie (Version 2)/17 Travelling Man/18 You Got the Silver/19 Living In the Heart of Love/20 I Ani't Lying

PRO MASTERS SERIES DISC 2-01 Brown SUgar/02I Don't Know Why/03 Sister Morphine (Accoustic)/04 Get a Line on You/05 All Down the Line (Version 2)/06 Brown Sugar/07 Let the Good  Times Roll/08 Child of the Moon/09You Can' Always Get What You Want/10 Wild Horses (Acoustic)/11 Too Many Cooks/.12 Pay Your Dues 13 Memo Fom Turner(Version 2)/14 Parachute Woman (ALternate Mix)/15 Family (retake)/16 All Down the Line (Acoustic)/17 Stuck Out All Alone (aka Give Me a Hamburger)

PRO MASTERS SERIES DISC 3-01 Evrything's Turning To Gold/02 Sweet Virginia/03 Cocksucker Blues/04 If You Can't Rock Me/05 Brown Sugar/06 I Don't Know the Reason Why/07 Sympathy For the Devil

ACETATES-OUTTAKES-REMIXES 1970-74-01 Ain't To Proud To Beg (Alernate Mix)/02 Criss
Cross Man (unreleased version 1)/03 Criss Cross Man (Unreleased version 2)/04 Hide Your Love (Different Mix)/05 100 Years Ago (differet Mix)/06 Silver Train (Different Mix)/07 If  You Can't  Rock Me(Different Mix)/08 Till the Next Goodbye (Different Mix)/09/Drift Away(unreleased)/10 Dance Little Sister (Different Mix)/11 Fingerprint File (Differrent Mix)/12 Brown Sugar (mono Mix)/13 Bitch (mono Mix)/14 Let It Rock (mono)/15 Ain't Too Proud to Beg (Edited VErsion)


01 Intro-Not Fade Away/02 The Last Time/03 Paint It Black/04 Lady Jane/05 Mother's Little Helper/06 Get Off Of My Cloud/07 19th Nervous Breakdown/08 I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)

You notice not so much live stuff here? Odd, but the stones boots tend to be kinda sludgy......anyway
sme more tomorrow, as welll as some other rarities and I REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS ARE LIKING THESE, PLEASE, leave a comment and tell the rest of us what you are about. More Stones tomorrow and MAYBE Friday too, I can easilly fill five more days but I wnat QuALITY material, or, at least, REQUESTED Material

Sleep well my hildren and remember "I'ts Always Sunny In Philadelphia" has a new epsiode tonight, please dont miss TV's FUNNIEST showFAR!!!!!!'

Ignore the blog and see what dregs of humaity are up to this week.....Dnnis, Deandra, Mack, Charile ,but also Rickey Cricket, Ben the Soldier, The Waitress, Charlies Mom Mac's Mom, the McHoyles.....funniest show ever on TV......aND Gail the Snail is sipposeo be making a comeback this yearm YAAAAAY!

Some more Random Rolling Stones rarities Part 5

And although I probably have enough stuff to get to part ten or so, this is going to be it.......just getting a tiny bit bored with it, and having trouble with zippy getting the links up (although, obviously not the Stones fault!)......and tomorrow (maybe Saturday, I may need a day off for this one) I am going to give Jonman his Monster Magnet request and then some.....IT may take all week next week I'd venture I have as much Monster Magnet as Rolling Stones, possibly, and the Stones are, obviously, a tiny bit more accessible than Monster Magnet....anyway, we'll talk about that over the next few days, for now, let us wrap up these wonderful Rolling Stones, timeless wonders they are (or WERE up until that horrific "Emotional Rescue" thing came out) and I'd rather listen to their "rarities" than the latest and greatest from most other folks.

ll, how about yet another alternate version of "Sticky Fingers" (there are more, too), this one entitled "Tastes So Good").......basically alternate versions of the whole, another version of "Cocksucker Blues", and Eric Clapton guest take on "Brown Sugar" and a live cut, for some reason from 2003 (?)...

"Only When It's Frozen"is a double CD of stereo remixes done by Mickboy remixes, and sound really bold! The first disc combines the tracks from the US and UK versions of "Aftermath" and gives them the full-stereo tment, and also adds on some bonus tracks  (a couple from the Ed Sullivan Show)......Disc 2 is a more-or-less "greatest hits" collection of stuff from the 1960's given the beefed up stereo treatment...DO NOT SELL THESE 2 SETS SHORT. The mixes are beyond incredible, as rich an clear as you will ever hear. Mark  my words, you will be VERY happy if you download these two discs, they are just wonderful to listen to. Probably the bet thing ON THIS FIVE DAY SERIES, just my opinion, but these are fantastic!

Let's fill this uh some concert recordings, I think we've had enough remixes/alternate takes for now.....and man I have a LOT to select from. Here are the choices, pretty much at random....was gonna include the decent 4-disc "Handsome Girls" but I thik we've hit that era enough, let us go with these: "Timeless Eurpoe" 1973 from their (obviously) 1973 European tour, they tear through a set of their best with skill, MUCH better to listen to than, say "Love You Live" or some he other noticably poor "official" live album's they've released....the 2 disc "Paris Au Printemps" from June 4-7 1976 is a good one as well, features some of the reggae tinged "Black and Blue" album, "Hot Stuff", "Negrita".....good allbum, and a good rowdy encoreof "Cherry Oh Baby".

TOTALLY random, meaning I closed my eyes and grabbed one, gives us "Hot as Hell Buffalo NY 1975", again, a good set, good songs, good performances.....the Stones woulkd rarely "surprise" in concert, but they would always put out.......

I tried to do a decent cross-section of the Stones with this post, hopefully some stuff you havenheard before....I know Stones fans tend to be a little obsessive and want to have "everything" by the band, happy to try to fill in some gaps if you have them........NOW, my MONSTER MAGNET post is going to be DIFFERENTIt will NOT BE a cross section.....it is going to be EVERY note I can find by them, live shows, studio albums, rarities......it is going to be bad-ass, knee you in the balls mind crushing......It was requested (at least the boots were), and decided, who in the FUCK would be better thn MOSTER MAGNET for  a 4-54 day post.......maybe you love them, you  WILL find great stuff.....maybe you are unfamiliar....you WON'T be, and you will be introduced  to the all time kings of heavy-psychedelic-stoned out-druggie metal......FANTASTIC STUFF, all deserves to be heard.....and starting tomorrow and over the weekend, that is what you will get. Hope you liked the Stones, hope you LOVE some Monster Magnet, it (I think, really) will be perhaps the "best" and most complete post I have put up! FUCKING MONSTER MAGNET FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

See ya tomorrow!

TASTES SO GOOD-ANOALERNATE TO STICKY FINGERS-01 Brown Sugar/02 Sway/03 Wild Horses/04 Can't You Hear Me Knocking/05 You Gotta Move/06 Bitch/07 I Got the Blues/08 Sister Morphine/09 Dead FLowers/10 Moonlight Mile/11 Cocksucker Blues (Aceate)/12 Brown Sugar (With Eric Capton)/13 Sister Morphine (demo)/14 Wild Horses (Alternate)/15 Can't You Hear Me Knocking (live 0206-2003)

ONLY WHEN IT'S FROZEN D1-01 Mother's Little Helper/02 Paint It Black/03 Stupid Girl/04 Lady Jane/05 Under My THumb/06 Doncha Bother Us/07 Think/08 What To Do/09 Flight 505/10- High and Dry/11 Out of TIme/12 It's Not Easy/13 I Am Waiting/14  Take It Or Leave It/15 Goin' Home/16 Paint It Black (Ed SUllivan SHow)/17 Lady Jane (Ed SUllivan SHow0/18 Sad Day/19 Long Long While (mono)/20 Ride On Baby

ONLY WHEN IT'S FROZEN D2-01 Intro/02 19th Nervous Breakdown/03 If You Need Me/04 Empty Heart/05 2120 South Michigan Avenue/06 Confessin' The BLues/07 Around and Around/08 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/09 Time Is On My Side/10 Heart Of Stone/11 The last Time/12 Get Off Of My CLoud/13 Satisfaction/14 It's All Over Now/15 Play With Fire/16 Tell Me Baby/17 Down the Road Apiece/18 Meet Me In the Bottom/19 Brians BLues/20 I Can't Be Satisfied/21 Don't Lie To Me/22 Look What You've Done/23 Lookin Tired/24 What a Shame/25 I Can't See It/Reelin and Rockin

TIMELESS EUROPE 1973  D1-01 All Down the Line/02 Rip This Joint/03 Jumping Jack Flash/04 Street Fighting Man/05 Brown Sugar/06 Gimme Shelter/07 Happy/ 08 Dancing With Mr D/09 Heartbreaker/10 Angie/11 Midnight Rambler/12 Strret Fighting Man

TIMELESS EUROPE 1973  D2-01 Brown Sugar/02 Gimme Shelter/03 Happy/04 Tumbling Dice/05 Starfucker/06 You Can't Always Get What You Want/07 Angie/08 You Can't Always Get What You Want/09 Midnight Rambler/10 Honkly Tonk Women

PARIS AU PRINTEMPS 1976 DISC 1-01 Honky Tonk Women/02 If You Can't Rock Me-Get Off Of My CLoud/03 Hand of Fate/04 Hey Negrita/05 Ain't Too Proud To Beg/06 Fool To Cry/07 Hot Stuff/08 Starfucker/09 Angie/10 You GOtta Move/11 You Can't Always Get What You Want

PARIS AU PRINTEMPS 1976 DISC 2-01 Band Intuctions/02 Happy/03 Tumbling  Dice/04 NothingFrom Nothing/05 Outta Space/06 Midnight Rambler/07 It's Only Rock N Roll/08 Brown Sugar/09 Jumpin Jack Flash/10 Street Fighting Man/11 Cherry Oh Baby

HOT AS HELL BUFFALO NY 1975-01 Honky Tonk Women/02 All Down the Line/03 If you Can't Rock Me-Get Off Of My Cloud/04 Starfucker/05 Gimme  Shelter/06 Ain't Too Proud To Beg/07 You Got To Move/09 Happy/10 Tumbling Dice/11 You Can't Always Get What You Want/12 Luxury/13 Hand of Fate/14 Hey Negrita/15 Fools To Cry.

There ya go.....hope it was enough for ya. It was for me.


I have had some unexpected health issues come up of late, this is the reason for the delay in getting
the Stones stuff upoaded......got home from hospital today, don't feel like it much today, but I WILL finish the stones stuff,WILL get to the Monster Magnet mega-post I promised a while back.....give me a few days and we will be square, something  happened that was unexpected, out of the blue,omething bizare, buit I am home now and WILL get these stones and Mosner Magnet posts caught up.......the wi-fi in the hospital wasn
t worth shit, besides all my cd's are here.........got some cool stuff planned, hope you guys haven't abandoned me yet.........reeally some good stuff coming nex few weeks, plenty of tie to think abaout it in a hospital bed.......the Monsnter Magnet thing is going to be COMPREHENSIVE, ALL live albums, demos, rare tracks, and probably 50 r more (really) boots......I know it is a lot of shit, but  LOOOOVES me some Monster Magnet, one of
the most underappreciated bands of recent times......stoner metal, as we know it, literall would not exist without them. THey were the shit, and I don't blame Jonman for wanting a colection of thier totally sick bboots....just gimme few days (MAYBE 2 days to finish the Stones, maybe 3-4 days for Monster Mgnet!  Until then sorry for the delay, I'll make it up to you my children......some ideas I've been kicking around are some way cool Power Pop "Tribute albums", combining one of my favorite thigs (power pop) with one of my least favorite (Tributea albums)....I'll fix up part 5 of the Stones, with some arwo so it don't tlook so shabby.......meantime enjoy this fine pics of thelate Ana Nicole Smith, shut the hell up, you'd have done her just as quickly as I would have and that is DAMN quick.....she can't help it she took enough cocaine to kill a hippo, and she was such an eviiving bitch that I just HAVE to love her!.

The Story of the Clash Part 6.5

OK, this is an absolute disaster......something is wrong with not one, but basically ALL of my discs for Volumes 6/7/8.....THIS is one thing that is definitely wrong with posting before preparing the links, as of now I can get Volume 6 Disc 1 and Volume 7 Disc 3 to work, and other than that, HUGE problems......the discs are just not working, perhaps copies were made and the originals given away KNOW I've listened to them), so I'm going to try just a little more to see if I can make it work but I don't have high expectations. Fortunatly, I did give a link for Mondo de Muebles, where these can all be found, I DO NOT KNOW IF THE LINKS FOR THEM ON THAT SITE ARE GOOD OR NOT.....all I can say is sorry, Imay have to post just those 2 discs/links and move on to the live albums, which would suck because  these, I thought, were to be the highlight of the series, without them, most likely I would not have even done it. It sucks but what are you going to do, shit happens........

RIP Lou Reed

Still frustrated as hell bout my copies of the Clash "Outside Broadcasts" (vols 6-8) being dicked up, but this is improtant enough to merit a break in that series anyway. 71 year old Lou Reed passed away......what a sad, sad thing......it happens to us all, I'm afraid, but MAN, not LOU REED.

"Very few people ever heard the Velvet Underground, but everyone who ever did started a band", or something like that, used to be the old adage. And it's true,arguably THE most influential act on the field of a LOT of modern-day rock (it would be impossibly ridiculous to list everyone who owes them a debt of gratitude), and Reed was the dynamic force behind them. I did a Velvets "rarities" post LONG ago, almost certain that if you check the links are dead, but no matter....when I get the Clash thing wrapped up I will construct a PROPER "best Lou Reed Post EVER" which of course will have to contain all the Velvet's brilliant work, plus the high points (and there have been many) of Reed's post-Velvets career.....

I really don't have a lot to say here, except you will be missed by at least ONE person, Lou (me), and of course by many others.....the Velvets single-handedly introduced me to what music from the "dark side" of life could REALLY sound like, and were almost definitley THE #1 influence on my personal, present day musical tastes......

As I said, I'm in the middle of the Clash thing, someone has requested some Hawkwind (which I think I WILL do), and also soon I will be putting together a PROPER obituary for Lou Reed.....but for today, why not enjoy "Rock N Roll Animal", an album that I have simply always loved (post-Velvets work).....I think the version of "Sweet Jane" is THE definitive version (sue me it's what I think), MAJESTIC versions of Velvet classics "Rock N Roll", "Heroin", in my estimation a SUPERIOR version of "White Light/ White Heat", a fine, fine, five-star live album with Lou fronting an crack band of session musicians, led of course by guitarists Steve Hunter (of the showboating "Sweet Jane" into) and Dick Wagner, Keyboardist Ray Colcord, Bassist PrakashJohn, and drummer Pentti Glenn.....harder rocking and more dense than the wonderful stripped down/fuzzed up Velvets sound, this album is SO much better than it has any right to be, as Reed takes his own classic material and actually redefines it.....DAMN hard to do, if you ask me, and it takes a true one-of-a-kind performer such as Lou Reed top do it

So enjoy this album, Clash stuff should resume tomorrow, and eventually we'll see some Hawkwind and THE definitve  Lou Reed post......REST IN PEACE MR REED you will be and are missed!

01 Intro/Sweet Jane/02 Heroin/03 How Do You Think It Feels/04 Caroline Says/05 White Light White Heat/06 Lady Day/07  Rock N Roll

Link as soon as I can upload it, just a few mintues hopefully

RIP Lou Reed Part 2

If you check the comments section for yesterday's RIP for Lou Reed, you will see that through the combined efforts of my good friend/regular contributor Psyclist and Share Blog Icon Gyro (of Twiligh Zone fame), there are links to practically Lou Reed's entire body of work.....fantastic, now I wont have to upload all of those discs, "my""proper" Reed memorial (soon) can be Velvets stuff/rarities/the kinda thing I WANT it to be anyway....so thanks 1000000x over, Gyro and Psyclist.....

However ya "forgot" one,or maybe ya just WANTED to.....and here it is in all it's glory, "METAL MACHINE MUSIC"......amazed that it was released on CD? Well.....it was, and guess who just happens to have one (Had it on double vinyl too, and sit for a nice price on Ebay, it's a valuable collectable).....

Anyway, I don't want to spoil the "surprise" for anyone who has never heard this.....going to tell you NOTHING about it (You guys MY age shut up, this is going to be FUNNY). Download this "classic" and play preferably through headphones, listen to it ALL and please report back your thoughts. One thing is guarenteed, you have NOT EVER heard an album ANYTHING LIKE "Metal Machine Music"......this is your big chance, Kiddo!

METAL MACHINE MUSIC-01 Metal Machine Music #1 (16:11)/02 Metal Machine Music #2 (15:53)/03 Metal Machine Music #3 (16:14)/04 Metal Machine Music #4 (15:56)

For certain a unique recording, I defy you to say otherwise......link in just a few minutes!  Be getting back to the "Story of the Clash" here in a bit, just thought Lou Reed' passing was of enough importance to break from it temporarily.

The Story of the CLASH Part 7

OK, a late edit, DavidWolfSonic, on of this blog's great friends
has agreed to help me out by posting Volumes 6/7/8 of  "Outside Broadcasts" for which my discs are defective....give him time and he shall help me look just slight less foolish than I do right now. Thanks again Dave, and while I'm at it, thanks again to the Psyclist/Gyro tandem for all the Lou Reed links! Jackpot!

So, weren't the "Outside Broadcasts" different and wonderful? I think they are great! (edit: the ones you GOT TO FUCKING HEAR!) Now we move on to some live shows, from various stages of the band's short heyday......today we have a series of shows from 1976-78......they were already great, they had NOT really broken in the USA yet.

These are of a variety of sources, and thusly, of a variety of qualities...I'm not going to reminisce with each one and evaluate the quality level, you be on your own for that (if I remember I'll make a note)...If you have any shows that I don't have, PLEASE share them here (or send me a copy and I will share them), let us make this TRULY the most comprehensive Clash post in the history of blogland!

The oldest set I have, evidently, is "100 Club Punk Festival 9/20/76", an audience recording, which is what it is, in general I don't care too much for audience recordings, but often they are the only form extant.....the odd thing here is a track called "How Can I Understand the Flies"....other than that they run through their early material "White Riot", "Janie Jones", etc.

Next up from that fabulous US Bicentenial year comes "Going to the Disco" from the London Roundhouse, 9/5/76. Keith Levine guests on this one, and LOTS of rare-ish stuff, "Mark Me Absent", "Going to the Disco", "Hours".....this is pretty much an essential rarity.

Sid Vicious makes an appearance on stage on "A Night of Treason-Royal College of Art London England 11/5/76".....again we get "How Can I Understand the Flies?" and "Mark Me Absent". From what I can determine it's fairly rare.

Next up comes BigScott's very own 15th birthday, 5/1/77 and "Police and Thieves-Guildofrd England"....a highly energetic set from a band just reaching it's early creative plateau. Pretty frantic. A couple weeks later, we get "Mayhem in Amsterdam", more or less the same set they performed for my birthday....again, pretty energetic, would have been fantastic to have been at one of these to wittness it! A bit later in the year, (10/27/77) from Leeds University, we have "Punky Reggae Party", again a similar set list to the earlier 1977 shows, and some fairly questionable sound quality on this one. Getting the months a bit out of order, next comes "Paris Is Singing! Bataclan Punk Festival 9/29/77".....a good set, with an encore of, yep, "Paris Is Singing". Wrapping up 1977 would be a set from 9/26, "The Paradiso Club, Amsterdam"......and while knocking around the web, I find this link to a BUNCH of Clash boots that I don't have (but will):


Go, get em guys, and if ya manage to get em soon, put em up here for all to enjoy.

Got three sets from 1978.....Paris 10/16/ 1978, (starting to work some "Give Em Enough Rope" into the set lists), Brussels Belgium 10/22/78 with a brief take on "Blitzkreig Bop", and finally, sets from the London Lyceum on 12/28 ad 12/29, which tacks on a rare B-side ("Rockers Galore")

OK, tomorrrow, 1979, my senior year! Got a BUNCH of sets from that great year, so be prepared

100 CLUB PUNK FESTIVAL 9/20/76-01 White Riot/02 London's Burning/03 I'm So Bored With the USA/04 How Can I Understand the Flies/05 Protex Blue/06 Deadly Serious/07 Deny/08 48 Hours/09 What's My Name/10 Janie Jones/11 1977

GOING TO THE DISCO (ROUNDHOUSE, LONDON, 9/5/76)-01 Deny/02 Crush You/03 I Know What You Do/04 I Don't Want Your Money/05 I Can't Understand/06 Protex Blue/07 Janie Jones/08 Mark Me Absent/09 Going to the Disco/10 Hours/11 I'm So Bored With You/12 W/13 London's Burning14 What's My Name/15 1977

A NIGHT OF TREASON-ROYAL COLLEGA OF ART LONDON 11/5/76-01 White Riot/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 Career Opportunities/04 How Can I Understand the Flies?/05 London's Burning/06 Sid Vicious on Stage/07 Protex Blue/08 Deny/09 Mark Me Absent/10 48 Hours/11 Janie Jones/12 1977/13 White Riot

POLICE AND THIEVES GILDOFORD ENGLAND-01 London's Burning/02 1977/03 I'm So Bored With the USA/04 Pressure Drop/05 Hate and War/06 Cheat/07 Police and Thieves/08 48 Hours/09 Capitol Radio/10 Deny/11 Remote Control/12 Career Opportunites/13 White Riot/14 Janie Jones/15 Garageland/16 1977

MAYHEM IN AMSTERDAM 5/14/77-01 London's Burning/02 1977/03 I'm So Bored With the USA/04 48 Hours/05 Deny/06 Hate and War/07 Capitol Radio/08 Police and Thieves/09 Cheat/10 Career Opportunites/11 Janie Jones/12 Garageland/13 White Riot/14 1977

PUNKY REGGAE PARTY LEEDS UNIVERSITY 10/27/77-01 London's Burning/02 Complete Control/03 1977/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Clash City Rockers/06 Capitol Radio/07 Hate and War/08 Police and Thieves/09 The Prisoner/10 I'm So Bored With the USA/11 Career Opportunites/12 Janie Jones/13 Garageland/14 What's My Name/15 White Riot

PARIS IS SINGING! BATACLAN PUNK FESTIVAL 9/29/77-01 London's Burning/02 Complete Control/03 1977/04 Protex Blue/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Capitol Radio/07 Hate and War/08 City of the Dead/09 The Prisoner/10 Police and Thieves/11 I'm So Bored With the USA/12 Clash City Rockers/13 Janie Jones/14 Garageland/15 White Riot/16 1977/17 What's My Name/18 Paris Is Singing

PARADISO CLUB AMSTERDAM 9/26/77-01 London's Burning/02 1977/03 Capitol Radio/04 The Prisoner/05 City of the Dead/06 Police and Thieves/07 Hate and War/08 Clash City Rockers/09 I'm So Bored With the USA/10 Protex Blue/11 Complete Control/12 Janie Jones/13 White Riot

PARIS 10/16/78-01 Complete Control/02 Tommy Gun/03 I Fought the Law/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Clash City Rockers/06 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/07 Drug Stabbing Time/08 Protex Blue/09 Guns on the Roof/10 Stay Free/11 Police & Thieves-Blitzkreig Bop/12 Capitol Radio/13 Janie Jones/14 Garageland/15 English Civil War/16 London's Burning/17 White Riot

BRUSSELS LOUT-BRUSSELS BELGIUM 10/22/78-01 Complete Control/02 Tommy Gun/03 I Fought the Law/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Clash City Rockers/06 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/07 Drug Stabbing Time/08 Protex Blue/09 Guns on the Roof/10 Police and Thieves-Blitzkreig Bop/11 Capitol Radio One/12 Janie Jones/13 Garageland/14 English Civil War/15 London's Burning/16 White Riot

BUY OR DIE-LONDON LYCEUM 12/28 and 12/29/78-01 Safe European Home/02 I Fought the Law/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 Cheapskates/06 City of the Dead/07 Clash City Rockers/08 Tommy Gun/09 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/10 English Civil War/11 Stay Free/12 Guns on the Roof/13 Police and Thieves/14 Julies In the Drug Squad/15 Capitol Radio One/16 Janie Jones/17 Garageland/18 Complete Control/19 London's Burning/20 White Riot/21 Rockers Galore (Rare B-Side)

"Yankee soldier, he wanna shoot some skag;
He met it in Cambodia but now he can't afford a bag"

"You gotta give the people something good to read on a Sunday

"Punk rockers in the UK, they won't notice anyway
They're all too busy fighting, for a good place
under the lighting"

The Story of the CLASH Part 8

Shakedown, 1979......1979 was my senior year of high school, and a
good year it was.....the new wave/punk scene was full blown in the USA by now, and while I was still a fan of good old 1970's metal/glitter stuff, but by 1979, the parking lot at Springfield South High School reverberated not only with the sounds of Zeppelin and Aerosmith, of the Stones and the Who, of Mott and Roxy, but also with the latest and greatest and most menacing, the sounds of the Pistols, and of the Jam, and especially of the Clash......

Right at their "punk" peak, before they expanded and experiemented with nearly every genre known, that first Clash album was a revelation that year....got several shows from 1979 as the Clash toured the USA for the first time. 2/7/79 (Berkely CA) was, in fact, their first US show, a good on that leads off with an energetic "Complete Control" and mixes in some material from "Give Em Enough Rope.

I have a NYC show, without a date, from 1979 also, a relatively long set for the Clash, includes some stuff off of "London Calling" such as "Wrong Em Boyo", "Clampdown", and "Koka Kola".....I'm guessing it to be later in the year due to the set list, could be wrong. Also undated is a short set from the London Lyceum, seven tracks spit out with machine gun rapidity.

Back to dated material, we have a set from the Harvard Square Theatre, Cambridge MA, 2/16/79....very, very good performance. Four days later they turn in a nearly identical set from the Rex Theatre in Toronto.

From September 8 1979 comes the Tribal Stomp Festival, Monterey CA Fairgrounds, the significance of this set being Joe Ely guesting on "I Keep My Fingernails Long". A week or so later, 9/14, they were in Chicago with a set that oddly leads off with "Jimmy Jazz", and the first lie performance I can find of "London Calling", although I'm sure earlier ones exist.....another similar set comes about ANOTHER week later (9/22) from Philadelphia.

The final show from 1979 that I have is 12/27, "White Men In Hammersmith Oden", in which "London Calling" material is fully incorporated into the set, including the title track as an encore.

The guys were at their best in 1979, the first two albums were still sounding fresh and new, and "London Calling" had the feel of an instant classic upon its release.

Tomorrow we will get to 1980/81 with some more classic Clash live sets! And, check yesterday's post for a link to a BUNCH more of them!

BERKELY CA 2/7/79-01 Complete Control/02 I Fought the Law/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 City of the Dead/06 Safe European Home/07 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/08 Tommy Gun/09 Clash City Rockers/10 English Civil War

NYC 1979-01 Safe European Home/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 Complete Control/04 London Calling/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Koka Kola/07 I Fought the Law/08 Jail Guitar Doors/09 Guns of Brixton/10 English Civil War/11 Clash City Rockers/12 Stay Free/13 Clampdown/14 Police and Thieves/15 Capitol Radio One/16 Tommy Gun/17 Wrong Em Boyo/18 Janie Jones/19 Garageland/20 Armagideon Time/21 Career Opportunities/22 What's My Name/23 White Riot

LONDON LYCEUM 1979-01 Safe European Home/02 I Fought the Law/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 Cheapskates/06 City of the Dead/07 Clash City Rockers

HARVARD SQUARE THEATRE CAMBRIDGE MA 2/16/79-01 I'm So Bored With the USA/02 Guns on the Roof/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 Tommy Gun/06 City of the Dead/07 Hate and War/08 Clash City Rockers/09 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/10 English Civil War/11 Safe European Home/12 Stay Free/13 Police and Thieves/14 Capitol Radio/15 Janie Jones/16 Garageland/17 Julie's In the Drug Squad/18 Complete Control/19 Londons Burning/20 White Riot

REX THEATER TORONTO ON 2/20/79-01 I'm So Bored With the USA/02 Guns on the Roof/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 Tommy Gun/06 City of the Dead/07 Career Opportunities/08 Clash City Rockers/09 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/10 English Civil War/11 Stay Free/12 Police and Thieves/13 Capitol Radio/14 Janie Jones/15 Garageland/16 Julie's Been Working For the Drug Squad/17 Complete Control/18 London's Burning/19 White Riot

TRIBAL STOMP FESTIVAL MONTEREY CA 9/8/79-01 I'm So Bored With the USA/02 Complete Control/03 London Calling/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Drug Stabbing Time/07 Police and Thieves/08 Stay Free/09 Safe European Home/10 Capitol Radio/11 Clash City Rockers/12 What's My Name/13 Janie Jones/14 Garageland/15 Armagideon Time/16 Career Opportunites/17 I Keep My Fingernails Long (With Joe Ely)/18 White Riot

CHICAGO 9/14/79-01 Jimmy Jazz/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 Complete Control/04 London Calling/05 Clampdown/06 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/07 Koka Kola/08 I Fought the Law/09 Jail Guitar Doors/10 Police and Thieves/11 Stay Free/12 Clash City Rockers/13 Safe European Home/14 Capitol Radioi/15 Janie Jones/16 Garageland/17 Armagideon Time/18 Career Opportunites/19 White Riot

PHILADELPHIA 9/22/79-01 Safe European Home/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 Complete Control/04 London Calling/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Koka Kola/07 I Fought the Law/08 Jail Guitar Doors/09 The Guns of Brixton/10 English Civil War/11 Clash City Rockers/12 Stay Free/13 Clampdown/14 Police and Thieves/15 Capitol Radio/16 Janie Jones/17 Garageland/18 Armagideon Time/19 Career Opportunties/20 White Riot

WHITE MEN IN HAMMERSMITH ODEN 12/27/79-01 Clash City Rockers/02 Brand New Cadillac/03 Safe European Home/04 Jimmy Jazz/05 Clampdown/06 The Guns of Brixton/07 Train In Vain/08 Wrong Em Boyo/09 Koka Kola/10 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/11 Stay Free/12 Bankrobber/13 Janie Jones/14 Complete Control/15 Armagideon Time/16 London Calling/17 Outroduction

It's late Monday night.....just watched the Red Sox go up 3-2 in St Louis in the World Series.....tomorrow after some sleep, I'll start gettting these links for this post ready for ya! Y're gonna love em, take it to tha fuckin bank motherfucker....(I've had a few brews too many perhaps)

The Story of the CLASH Part 9

So by 1980-81 The Clash were probably the "biggest"
band in the world, and deservedly so.....each album they presented was an innovative classic, and for SO MUCH classic material to be released in such a short period of time, only maybe the Beatles at their best could compare (although, if we watned to argue, we can make cases for Radiohead and Sleater Kinney also for multiple classic albums a short time frame)

Tons of concert recordings from this era exist, I have a cross section and the links that have been provided the last couple of days can direct you to even more (after I finish this thing up I will probably be doing some "shopping" myself.....). Honestly I was going to combine the shows from 80-81, but after checking, there are quite a few nultiple disc sets which would be too much work for lazy me, so let's break it down a bit more.

And by the way belated thanks to Gobshyte the creator of the "Outside Broadcasts" sets that I've been posting the last couple days, and hopefully you've been enjoying.....I remember NOW that I pickedd them off of his fab blog, Mondo de Muebles, which is of course much better than this one and to which I steer you should you find MY Clash stash insufficient, he has TONS of Clash stuff, and has promised that he is creating more of the "Outside Broadcasts" type of thing.....personally I can't wait, and when he does I will certainly direct you to his fine blog for them......for now, please go there and check out his fab site and his amazing Clash collection:


And again, thanks millions to him.....I'll bet a HUGE percentage of the stuff I am using in MY Clash project came from him originally......MAN there is a lot of Clash material out there! I knew there was a load of it, but once I started his one, I was simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it....thought about loading up with some more stuff right now, but I think that I'm doing you more of a service simply by linking you to these other great sites....

Anyway now for some 1980 shows. We have a double disc San Francisco show, 2/3/80, as the same "London Calling" tour of 1979 continued..obviously these sets are to have an element of "sameness" to them, but the Clash were rarely ever "off" in their live performances, making nearly any set you select worthwhile.

From 5/20/80 we venture to Hamburg Germany, for another set loaded with material both "classic" ("Clash City Rockers", "Complete Control") and "London Calling" era....good set.

Now, SOMETHING of a rarity, I think (without checking, this probably came from Mondo de Muebles as well), we have their set performed on ABC TV's legedary and forgotten "Fridays" TV show.....I'd lke to pontificate on "Fridays" and Andy Kaufman and stuff here and the need to GET FRIDAYS ON DVD, but that is for another time/place.....the Clash performed "London Calling", "Train in Vain", "Guns of Brixton", and "Clampdown" on the show, see one of the "Outside Broadcasts" discs for their apperance on "Saturday Night Live".

Let us wrap up 1980 with the 2-disc "Clash Songbooks", recorded 6/17/80 from Hammersmith Palais....a bit of "Sandinista!" material was just beginning to creep into the set list ("Somebody Got Murdered"), which previews what 1981 brings us or tomorrow!

"He's in love with rock n roll,whoa, he's in love with getting stoned whoa
He's in love with Janie Jones, whoa, he don't like his boring job no"

"Let me tell ya bout Pete, didn't want no fame, gave all money away
Well there's something wrong, it's whats good for you son,
So they certified him insane"

SAN FRANCISCO DISC 1 2/3/80-01 Clash City Rockers/02 Brand New Cadillac/03 Safe European Home/04 Jimmy Jazz/05 London Calling/06 The Guns of Brixton/07 Train In Vain/08 Protex Blue/09 White Man In Hammersmth Palais/10 Koka Kola/11 I Fought the Law/12 Spanish Bombs/13 Rudie Can't Fail/14 Police and Thieves

SAN FRANCISCO DISC 2 2/3/80-01 Stay Free/02 Wrong Em Boyo/03 Complete Control/04 Janie Jones/05 Clampdown/06 Armagideon Time/07 English Civil War/08 Garageland/09 BankrobberTommy Gun

RIOT IN HAMBURG 5/20/80-01 Clash City Rockers/02 Brand New Cadillac/03 Safe European Home/04 Koka Kola/05 I Fought the Law/06 White Man in Hammersmith Palais/07 48 Hours/08 Police and Thieves/09 Clampdown/10 English Civil War/11 Janie Jones/12 Londons Burning/13 I'm So Bored With the USA/14 White Riot/15 Armagideon Time/16 Complete Control

ABC'S FRIDAYS 5/25/80-01 London Calling/02 Train In Vain/03 Guns of Brixton/04 Clampdown

CLASH SONGBOOKS-HAMMERSMITH PALAIS 6/17/80 DISC 2-01 Clash City Rockers/02 Brand New Cadillac/03 Safe European Home/04 Jimmy Jazz/05 Revolution Rock/06 Julies In the Drug Squad/07 The Guns of Brixton/08 Train In Vain/09 London Calling/10 Spanish Bombs/11 White Man Hammersmith Palais/12 Somebody Murdered/13 Koka Kola/14 I Fought the Law/15 Jail Guitar Doors

CLASH SONGBOOKS-HAMMERSMITH PALAIS 6/17/80 DISC 2-01 Police and Thieves/02 Wrong Em Boyo/03 Clampdown/04 Stay Free/05 English Civil War/06 I'm So Bored With the USA/07 Complete Control/08 Armagideon Time/09 Rocker's Galore/10 Bankrobber/11 Tommy Gun/12 Capitol Radio/13 Londons Burning/14 Janie Jones/15 Whats My Name/16 Garageland

Story of the CLASH UPDATE

OK......the links for 1979 are all up.....the links for 1980 will be up tonight......I am still waiting on
some blogland help from some of my friends to get the rmaining wonderful "Outside Broacast" sets (vol 6/7/8) up, WE WILL GET THERE hell or high water. Honest to God it sounds like fun to take on a big project such as this or the Stones or whatever, and it in general turns into a time-consuming nightmare!......anyway, thanks to Gyro/Psyclist, the Lou Reed/Velvets thing is pretty much something I won't have to fuck around with much, THANKS so much to them for all thier help.......after I get th 1980 boots up, we will have 1981, 82, 83, 84, and then after than some odds and ends, which in the end I hope all of you enjoy.......I'll announce when the blog friends come throuh with the "Outside Broadcasts" because they are bascially the "centerpiece" of this "story", they REALLY are wonderful and great and it KILLS me that my copies are shit.......I NEED the help of friends so that I CAN GET MY COPIES back.....anyways, hope you be liking this shit so far......it's a bit of work, I'm already working on the Hawkwind post that someone requested, it'll be coming soon.....anyway, sorry for the fuckups that occur here......it's a fucking minor league blog that is run by a 51-year old minor league blogger who just happens to have a lot of music. Clash "live" links will be coming out your ears by this evening!

The Story of the Clash Part 10

Well, I guess we are up to 1981....shitty year, for a variety of personal reasons. Anyway, the Clash, at least, were still going strong, the legendary "Bond's Shows" at Bonds Casino in NYC took place between May-June of that year.....I DO NOT have the entire series, it IS available on Dime a Dozen, I have ONE complete show and the two disc "Best of the Bonds shows" (Which I thought I had but cannot find) set......there is such a thing as TOO MUCH of a good thing, sometimes.....The "Chaos In NYC" is a fine representation, in my opinion

Another double disc set, fairly heavy on the "Sandinista!" material, comes from 5/15/81 from Gothenburg Sweden. Winding up disc 2 is the encore "Gotheburg's Burning"....doesn't really "roll off the tongue" does it?

One more double disc set from 1981 takes us to Milan, ("Milano's Burning!"), this may have been their most impressive tour, at least I would probably make that arguement with a gun to my head....

One more (single disc) comes from Amsterdam, wonder why those guys got a shorter set? Anyway, another fine showing, lots of "Sandinista!" material, a fine "London Calling", just what you'd expect.....the ONLY band that MATTERS!

CHAOS IN NYC 1981 DISC 1-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 The Leader/04 Train In Vain/05 White Man In Hammersith Palais/06 This Is Radio Clash/07 Corner Soul/08 The Guns of Brixton/09 The Call Up/10 Bankrobber/11 Complete Control

CHAOS IN NYC 1981 DISC 2-01 Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)/02 Charlie Don't Surf/03 Ivan Meets GI Joe/04 The Magnificent Seven/05 Broadway/06 Somebody Got Murdered/07 Police and Thieves/08 Clampdown/09 One More Time/10 Brand New Cadillac/11 The Street Parade/12 Janie Jones/13 Washington Bullets

VELLODROMO VIGIRELLI MILAN 5/21/81 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 London Calling/03 Safe European Home/04 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/05 Train In Vain/06 Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)/07 Junco Partner/08 The Guns of Brixton/09 This Is Radio Clash/10 Complete Comtrol/11 The Call Up/12 Ivan Meets GI Joe/13 The Leader/14 Charlie Don't Surf

DISC 2-01 The magnificent Seven/02 Bankrobber/03 Wrong Em Boyo/04 Somebody Got Murdered/05 Career Opportunites/06 Clampdown/07 One More Time/08 Brand New Cadillac/09 Janie Jones/10 Armagideon Time/11 I Fought the Law/12 Milano's Burning/13 Jimmy Jazz/14 White Riot

THE SOUND OF SINNERS-GOTHENBURG SWEDEN 5/15/81 DISC 1-01-Introduction/02 London Calling/03 Safe European Home/04 The Leader/05 Somebody Got Murdered/06 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/07 Guns of Brixton/08 Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)/09 Complete Control/10 Corner Soul/11 Ivan Meets GI Joe/12 This Is Radio  Clash/13 Charlie Don't Surf

THE SOUND OF SINNERS-GOTHENBURG SWEDEN 5/15/81 DISC 2-01 The Magnificent Seven/02 Bankrobber/03 Wrong Em Boyo/04 Train In Vain/05 Career Opprotunites/06 Clampdown/07 Jimmy Jazz/08 One More Time/09 Spanish Bombs/10 Brand New Cadillac/11 Armagideon Time/12 Janie Jones/13 Gothenburg's Burning

LIVE FROM THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT AMSTERDAM 1981-01 London Calling/02 The Leader/03 Somebody Got Murdered/04 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/05 The Guns of Brixton/06 Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)/07 Ivan Meets GI Joe/08 Charlie Don't Surf/09 The Magnificent Seven/10 Bankrobber/11 Train In Vain/12 Career Opportunites/13 Clampdown/14 I Fought the Law

PALAIS FRANCE 5/9/81-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 The Leader/04 Somebody Got Murdered/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Guns of Brixton/07 Lighting Strikes (Not Once But Twice)/08 I Fought the Law/09 Corner Soul/10 Ivan Meets GI joe/11 Radio Clash/12 Charlie Don't Surf/13 Magnificent Seven/14 Bankrobber/15 Wrong Em Boyo/16 Train In Vain

Guess what's next? ding ding ding ding.......1982!  AND coming soon, the great DavidWolfSonic has stated that this weekend he will  try to post the frustrating Volumes 6/7/8 of "Outside Broadcasts", which will be the highlight of this entire series......I thnak him for all his work, and I hope that ANYONE who avails him/herself of his hard work, PLEASE leave him a note of thanks here.....I am trying to make this the best Clash series EVER, and without the "Outside Broadcasts" series, I'd have NO shot!

The Story of the CLASH Part 11

Well, the Clash were busy in 1982 as I have a shitload of shows from all corners of the world......it was great to be twenty years old back then, these were "our" Beatles, our "Elvis"(or was COSTELLO our "Elvis"?)........such wonderful music, such meaning, I feel fortunate that my "coming of age" background music was the Clash......"anger can be power"........perhaps younger kids whose worlds were soundtracked by Rage Against the Machine or even Public Enemy has similar memories. We learned that the world was NOT all chicks and drugs and lyrics about demons and outer space.......it was just music for "grown ups" and without a shred of doubt has stood the test of time, nearly every note of it

I have so much from 1982 and not a whole bunch from 83/84 so I'll split 1982 up and run the rest of them with 83/84.......great stuff all. Well, let's start with my home state of Ohio.....they played, highly significantly, at Kent State University, of course the site of student protesters being gunned down by National Guardsmen years before......leave it to the Clash. It's from later in the year and some "Combat Rock" stuff by now is slipping into the setlist, including my favorite track from that album (bet ya wouldn't guess this one) "Car Jamming". It's a nice 2-disc set, covering a good cross section of all five albums as these latter tours would do. Another Buckeye State 2 disc set comes from Akron, 8/17, unfortunatley the end of the "Garageland" encore is cut short, decent set, not as good as some.

Another double disc set that really smokes is from Hong Kong...."Koka Kola" was sort of a concert rarity, and they encore with a true smash-up "Safe European Home" (always thought that should have been their standard encore, no idea why).....

Home in London we have a show from the Lochem, quite a bit of "Combat Rock" stuff now, and "Clampdown" really makes for a fine encore as well. How about a set before an adoring audience in Jamaica, in which they actually AVOID "Safe European Home" (good idea!), and a set from Tokyo with "Justice Tonight" which is kind of an onstage rarity.....also a version of "Fujiama Mama", which has turned up on some earlier sets.

OK hope you guys are loving some Clash......some good live shows, luck would have it that I never got to see them (they played down the road in Dayton on my 24th birthday and couldn't make it, one of them things.......

One more day of boots, then some odds n ends, and we'll be looking at something else. One guy requested some Hawkwind, which is about as "opposite" the Clash as I can think of, so I likely will do that.....WHAT ELSE you guys want to hear? My great blog friends have basically saved me the work of memorializing Lou Reed/The Velvet Underground with a landslide of links (THANKS GUYS!), I know I spoke of doing a Roxy Muic, Hendrix, Nirvana, or Radiohead post the size of this Clash "thing", but not right away (these things ARE a good bit of work!)

Anyways, enjoy, and see ya tomorrow!

KENT STATE 4 LIVE IN OHIO 10/17/82 DISC 1-01 London Calling/02 Car Jamming/03 One More Time/04 The Guns of Brixton/05 Somebody Got Murdered/06 Spanish Bombs/07 The Magnificent Seven/08 Junco Partner/09 Rock the Casbah/10 Train In Vain/11 Straight to Hell/12 Janie Jones

 KENT STATE 4 LIVE IN OHIO 10/17/82 DISC 2-01This Is Radio Clash/02 Brand New Cadillac/03 Police on My back/04 English Civil War/05 Tommy Gun/06 Charlie Don't Surf/07 Should I Stay Or Should I Go?/08 I Fought the Law/09 Police and Thieves/10 London's Burning/11 Clampdown/12 White Riot

AKRON 8/17/82 DISC 1-01 London Calling/02 The Leader/03 Radio Clash/04 Clash City Rockers/05 Know Your Rights/06 Guns of Brixton/07 Train In Vain/08 The Call Up/09 Rock the Casbah/10 Police and Thieves/11 Police on My Back

AKRON 8/17/82 DISC 2-01 The Magnificent Seven/02 Wrong Em Boyo/03 Career Opportunites/04 Somebody Got Murdered/05 Brand New Cadillac/06 I Fought the Law/07 Armagideon Time/08 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/09 Clampdown/10 Straight To Hell/11 Janie Jones/Garageland (cut)

HONG KONG DISC 1-01 London Calling/02 Washington Bullets/03 Tommy Gun/04 Guns of Brixton/05 Train In Vain/06 Know Your Rights/07 The Magnificent Seven//08 Ivan Meets GI Joe/09 Wrong Em Boyo/10 Koka Kola/11 Broadway/12 I Fought the Law/13 Career Opportunites

HONG KONG DISC 2-01 Janie Jones/02 The Call Up/03 Brand New Cadillac/04 Somebody Got Murdered/05 Clampdown/06 Charlie Don't Surf/07 Police and Thieves/08 Stay Free/09 Armagideon Time/10 Safe European Home

TOKYO-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/04 Brand New Cadillac/05 Charlie Don't Surf/06 Clampdown/07 This Is Radio Clash/08 Justice Tonight (Kick It Over)/09 Jimmy Jazz/10 Tommy Gun/11 Fujiama Mama/12 Police On My Back/13 White Riot

JAMAICA-01 London Calling/02 Police On My Back/03 Guns of Brixton/04 The Magnificent Seven/05 Junko Partner/06 Spanish Bombs/07 Ghetto Defendant/08 Train In Vain/09 Bankrobber/10 This Is Radio Clash/11 Clampdown/12 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/13 Rock the Casbah/14 Straight to Hell/I Fought the Law

LOCHEM LONDON-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 Guns of Brixton/04 Train In Vain/05 Clash  City Rockers/06 Know Your Rights/07 Magnificent Seven/08 Ghetto Defendant/09 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/10 Police and Thieves/11 Brand New Cadillac/12 Bank Robber/13 Complete Control/14 Career Opportunites/15 Clampdown

The Story of the CLASH Part 12

So, how about I give up the remaining boots of the ONLY BAD THAT MATTERS, from 82/83/84, the end of the glorious trail.......the greatest of bands, with some exceptions, implode before their time, and the Clash were no exception (see: NY Dolls, Sleater Kinney, The Beatles, Nirvana,The MC5, and on and on, compared to bands that make maybe 5% of the quality music of the greats in 30 years or more (say, Aerosmith or Rush or, to be honest, the Rolling Stones).

So, tying up the boots.....this has been, truly, one of those "Labors of love" that I talk of sometimes, I really hope you guys are enjoying it, hearing some new shit, maybe even learning something. What I have left from 1982 are: A set from the LA Coliseum, with a weird juxtaposition of "The Magnifcent Seven" and "Aramagideon Time"......A Set from Buffalo New York, curiously called "Who's Next" (Late edit: they were opening for the Who, duh), a fine 2 disc set from Pittsburgh that is a nice career cross section, another double disc, one from Houston, a good set and fairly similar to the Pittsburgh set, and another Jamaica show, QUITE similar to the one posted yesterday (I think it may have been the next day)....

So, wrapping this up, we go to 1983 (NO FUCKING WAY that was 30 years ago), we have a 2 disc set from Witchita Falls, which happens to include "Lost in the Supermarket", which they rarely performed live (not that it was especially one of my favorites), a fine set from Shea Stadium, and the real gem of 1983, the complete "Us Festival" show, documented so well in Creem Magazine back in the day......the boys were PISSED on that day....."Aren't you tired of hearing 'it's so groovy'?"....."Those people in east Los Angles aren't going to stay there forever".......and they turned in a SMOLDERING set, this one I think is fairly rare (could be wrong) but i recall being thrilled to find it years after reading the Creem summarization.

Couple more from the end days. This is against my better judgement, but I'll let you decide, they are post-Mick Jones, post-Topper Headon shows....maybe I'm not honoring the spirit of the band properly by including them, I don't know, but here are a few if you wish to hear them......Stockholm 2/17/84, has a few songs that never made it to vinyl, "The Dictator", "Are You Ready For War?", "Sex Mad War", "Glue Zombie".....maybe these appear on "Cut the Crap", I don't know (Ive literally never heard it), but it's good and fitting to know that the lads were angry to the end...also have a Chicago show from 1984  some of the songs mentioned aas well as "Three Card  Trick" and "In the Pouring Rain "......the end was at hand.

That will about do it for my Clash boots......hope you've liked em, obviosuly there is some "sameness" involved, but I REALLY did love the Clash......I hope this series of posts is worthy of their greatness.......tomorrow, I have some tribute albums and stuff, and then we'll be about finito......but man, I hope you guys have enjoyed it, it's been a lot of work, and I am MOST grateful to the "blog friends" who have helped get thing on track! Love you all and PLEASE let me know if I can help hook you up with anything!

SHEA STADIUM-01 Kosmo Vinyl Introduction/02 London Calling/03 Police on my Back/04 The Guns of Brixton/05 Tommy Gun/06 The Magnificent Seven/07 Armagideon Time/08 The Magnificent Seven (return)/09 Rock the Casbah/10 Train In Vain/11 Career Opporunites/12 Spanish Bombs/13 Clampdown/14 English Civil War/15 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/16 I Fought the Law

LET'S RIOT WICHITA FALLS DISC 1-01 Garageland/02 This Is Radio Clash/03 Train in Vain/04 Rock the Casbah/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Lost in the Supermarket/07 Spanish Bombs/08 Death or Glory/09 The Guns of Brixton/10 Clampdown/11 Know Your Rights/12 Somebody Got Murdered

LET'S RIOT WICHITA FALLS DISC 2-01 Sound of the Sinners/02 Brand New Cadillac/03 Police on My Back/04 I Fought the Law/05 London Calling/06 Straight To Hell/07 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/08 The Magnificent Seven/09 Police and Thieves/10 Hate and War/11 I'm So Bored With the USA

LOS ANGELES COLISEUM 10/29/82-01 London Calling/02 Police on My Back/03 The Guns of Brixton/04 This Is Radio Clash/05 Spanish Bombs/06 Rock the Casbah/07 The Magnificent Seven/Armagideon Time/The Magnificent Seven/08 Janie Jones/09 Train in Vain/10 Tommy Gun/11 Clampdown/12 Brand New Cadillac/13 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/14 I Fought the Law

WHO'S NEXT BUFFALO NY 9/26/82-01 London Calling/02 Career Opportunites/03 Guns of Brixton/04 Police on My Back/05 Rock the Casbah/06 The Magnificent Seven/07 Train In Vain/08 Brand New Cadillac/09 Armagideon Time/10 Should I Stay or Should I Go/11 Clampdown/12 Fought the Law

HOUSTON WE HAVE THE CLASH DISC 1-01 Introduction/02 Jimmy Jazz/03 London Calling/04 Safe European Home/05 Car Jamming/06 Guns of Brixton/07 Train in Vain/08 Wrong Em Boyo/09 The Magnificent Seven/10 Junco Partner/11 Know Your Rights/12 Clash City Rockers/13 Should I Stay Or Should I Go

HOUSTON WE HAVE THE CLASH DISC 2-01 Career Opportunites/02 Rock the Casbah/03 Janie Jones/04 Somebody Got Murdered/05 Clampdown/06 Armagideon Time/07 Police on My Back/08 I Fought the Law/09 Straight To Hell/10 Police and Thieves/11 Bankrobber

PITTSBURGH 8/18/82 DISC 1-01 Introduction/02 London Calling/03 One More Time/04 Rock the Casbah/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Know Your Rights/07 Guns of Brixton/08 Police On My Back/09 Car Jamming/10 This Is Radio Clash/11 The Magnificent Seven/12 Train in Vain

PITTSBURGH 8/18/82 DISC 2-01 Wrong Em Boyo/02 The Call Up/03 Brand New Cadillac/04 Somebody Got Murdered/05 Pressure Drop/06 I Fought the Law/07 Armagideon Time/08 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/09 Safe European Home/10 Straight To Hell/11 I'm So Bored With the USA/12 Career Opportunites

JAMAICA 1982-01 London Calling/02 Police on My Back/03 Guns of Brixton/04 The Magnificent Seven/Justice Tonight/05 The Magnificent Seven (Reprise)/06 Junko Partner/07 Spanish Bombs/08 One More Time/09 Train In Vain/10 Bankrobber/11 This Is Radio Clash/12 Clampdown/13 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/14 Rock the Casbah/15 Straight To Hell/16 I Fought the Law

THE "US" FESTIVAL 1983-01 London Calling/02 Somebody Got Murdered/03 Rock the Cabah/04 Guns of Brixton/05 Know Your Rights/06 Koka Kola/07 Hate and War/08 Armagideon Time/09 Sound of Sinners/10 Safe European Home/11 Police on My Back/12 Brand New Cadillac/13 I Fought the Law/14 I'm So Bored With the USA/15 Train In Vain/16 The Magnificent Seven/17 Straight To Hell/18 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/19 Clampdown

STOCKHOLM 1984-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 Know Your Rights/04 Are You Ready For War?/05 Rock the Casbah/06 Sex Mad War/07 Clampdown/08 Guns of Brixton/09 The Dictator/10 Complete Control/11 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/12 This Is England/14 Police and Thieves/15 Three Card Trick/16 Garageland/17 This Is Radio Clash/18 Janie Jones/19 I Fought the Law/20 Glue Zombie/21 Brand New Cadillac/22 Justice Tonight

CHICAGO 1984-01 Are You Ready For War?/02 Complete Control/03 In the Pouring Rain/04 Clampdown/05 The Sex Mad War/06 Janie Jones/07 Straight to Hell/08 Brand New Cadillac/09 Clash City Rocker/10 Three Card Trick/11 Safe European Home/12 White Riot

"Know Your Rights! All Three of 'em!"

"Ya Could have been a physicist"

"NOTHING stands the pressure of the Clash City Rockers!"

What a great career......tomorrow some odds and ends, tribute albums and stuff,and thanks in advance to EVERYONE who has helped to make this THE comprehensive Clash series, I hope, in particular thanks to Psyclist, DavidWolfSonic (I renamed him that because I can't read I guess, but I like it, he's like named in memory of Sonic Smith!), and Gobshyte, you are all in my debt! Remember to check out Gobshyte's cool site for lots of Clah goodies, including a promised "Outside Broadcasts" Part 9 and 10 (can't fucking wait for that!).....http://mondo-de-muebles.blogspot.com/......and also THIS place which has got to have every Clash bootleg known to man:


The Clash's career was well documented. Deservedly so. If asked to name my all time ten "favorite" bands the list would change day to day, hour to hour depending upon my mood.....I doubt that I'd ever make such a list, however, without the Clash. Joe is gone, of course, and missed, but thanks Joe/mick/Paul/and Topper, the world is a MUCH better place thanks to your contributions!

God LOrd, the Vikings vs Dallas......1:00 PM kickoff, game over by 1:15. Only a couple of times since I became a Vikes fan in 1969 have they been in the running for "worst team in the NFL", really only 1984, and we could argue for 2011 but that team was competitive. There have been some DISAPPOINTING teams, lots of them, 1981, 1995, 2001, but those teams had their moments....only 1984 was TRULY an abomination upon the sport.

Until 2013.......

The Story of the CLASH Part 13

Various Artists | This Is Rockabilly ClashWell, never thought I'd say I'd be tired of the Clash, but......this has been a REAL experience, remembering stuff I had long forgotten, hearing stuff I haven't heard years, the FUCKING FAILURE OF THE "OUTSIDE BROADCASTS" discs that I had meant to  be the centepiece of this series (We'll get em for ya yet, my man "sonic" is up to the task!)

Well, what have I got left? I should have put this up maybe in part 1, but didn't know if it REALLY fit there......it's a 2 disc set, documenting the 1976 "Anarchy Tour"......basically it showcases the Pistols which is wh I didn't post it earlier, but the Clash turn in some wonderful, rare performances as well (as do the Buzzcocks, for that matter), so we'll stick it on here at the end.

Quite an interesting set is "This is Rockabilly Clash" in which several rockabilly artists (of note? I am not expert in the genre) take on various Clash tunes, The Pistoleers example, taking on the reggae number "Bankrobber", or the Caravans take on "Jail Guitar Doors".....quite interesting indeed, and perhaps some material for "Outside Broadcasts 9/10 whenever they are created!)

Whle searching around the net I happened to find what is allegedly the first public appearance by the Clash, 8/29/76....no idea if this is true or not, but it has to be CLOSE to thier first and actually I'm quite surprised I didn't already have it.....haven't even had a chance to listen to it yet, but as a historical curiosity, it would seem essential

"The Sandinista Project" is a two-disc tribute album.....you know I'm not a huge fan of most tribute albums, but this one is of interest because the Clash were just so damn influential. Most of the performers here are ones I havne't heard of, with an occasional Wreckless Eric or Smithereens track thrown in just to make sure you're still paying attention.

"Burning London" is a more traditional tribute album, with covers from artists as diverse as Ice Cube, No Doubt, Rancid (who literally would NOT EXIST were it not for the Clash, and that is not a put-down of Rancid, a band I really liked), Cracker, and Third Eye Blind.....interesting, interestin, interesting......entertaining? Well, you be the judge.

OK, to review, I'v given you all the CLASH I have I think......hope I didn't forget anything.......there is one more little surprise I've been saving  back, lets just call it "The Surprise", if you want to know what it is, download it, you'll see why I don't want to let on HERE as to what it is.......I've shared a few links with you also, where you can get even MORE Clash stuff, I evenan on getting a bit more myself, so if you stumble on one that is especially good or interesting, send it along......this Clash series can be a semi-ongoing thing for as long as there is more good interesting Clash material out there.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves.....I hope I did at least a FAIR job of telling the "story" of one of my very favorite bands (and as I've said, SOMETIME I'll do the same with Hendrix, with Roxy Music, with Nirvana, and with Radiohead, all of whom I have at least as much music from, and all of whom served significant roles in my life as did the Clash......but the Clash are special, my "coming of age" band, and, of course, THE ONLY FUCKIN BAND THAT MATTERS!

See ya soon with something else, (Hawkwind, actually!)

/02. I Wanna Be Me/03. Seventeen/04. Stepping Stone/05. Satellite/06. Submission/07. Substitute/08. No Feelings/09. Stop Gobbing/10. Liar/11. Pretty Vacant/12. God Save The Queen/13. Problems THE CLASH-14. White Riot/15. Bored With The usa/16. Londons Burning/17. Hate & War/18. Protex Blue/19. Career Opportunities/20. Cheat/21. 48 Hours/22. Janie Jones/23. 1977

THE ANARCHY TOUR DISC 2 LEEDS POLYTECHNIC 12/6/76- SEX PISTOLS-01  Derby Statement/02. Mc laren Yorkshire tv/03. Dean Of Leeds Polytechnic/04. Anarchy In The UK /05. I Wanna Be Me/06. Seventeen /07. Stepping Stone /08. God Save The Queen /09. Substitute /10. No Feelings /11. Liar /12. Pretty Vacant /13. Problems /14. Caerphilly segment THE BUZZCOCKS-MANCHESTER ELECTRIC CIRCUS 12/6/78-15. Orgasm Addict/16. Breakdown/17. Times Up/18. Boredom/19. Tear Me Up/20. Friends Of Mine/21. Love Battery/22. Big Dummy/23. Oh Shit/24. Can`t Control Myself

THIS IS ROCKABILLY CLASH-01 THE HONEYDIPPERS-Guns of Brixton/02 FARRELL BROTHERS-Career Opportunites/03 THE HYPERJAX-Capitol Radio/04 THE CARAVANS-Jail Guitar Doors/05 THE SABERJETS-Train in Vain/06 THE LONG TALL TEXANS-SHould I Stay Or Should I Go/07 XX CORTEZ-I'm So Bored With the USA/08 FRANTIC FLINTSTONES-Jimmy Jazz/09 THE CHARLES NAPPIERS-Whats My Name/10 THE PISTOLEERS-Bankrobber/11 THE ACCELERATORS-Brand New Cadillac/12 THE FARRELL BROTHERS-Janie Jones/13 THE CARAVANS-Know Your Rights/14 RANCHO DELUXE-The Guns of Brixton

THE SANDINISTA PROJECT DISC 1-01 JOE GRUSHECKY & THE HOUSEROCKERS-The Magnificent Seven/02 KATRINA LESKANICH-Hitsville UK/03 JON LANGFORD/SHIP  PILOT/SALLY TIMMS-Junco Partner/04 JASON RINGENBERG/KRISTI ROSE-Ivan Meets GI Joe/05 AMY RIGBY-The Leader/06 THE COAL PORTERS-Something about England/07 RUBY ON THE VINE-Rebel Waltz/08 JIM DUFFY-Look Here/09 WRECKLESS ERIC-The Crooked Beat//10 MATTHEW RYAN-SOmebody Got Murered/11 HAALE-One More Time/12 HAALE-One More Dub/13 TED HARRIS-One More Time (One More Time)/14 LONDON CALLING OF CHICAGO-Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)/15 THE SMITHEREENS-Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)/16 ETHAN LIPTON-Corner Soul/17 STORYBOX-Lets Go Crazy/18 STEVE WYNN-If Music Could Talk/19 BILL LLOYD-The Sound Of Sinners

THE SANDINISTA PROJECT DISC 2-01 WILLIE NILE-Police on My back/02 SOUL FOOD/MICK GALLAGHER-Midnight Log/03 SUNSET HEROES-The Equaliser/04 THELOTHARS-The Call Up/05 PHIL ROCKROHR & THE LIFTERS-Washington Bullets/06 STEW-Broadway/07 JIM ALLEN-Lose This Skin/08 CRUNCHIEST OF TACOS-Charlie Don't Surf/09 BEE MAIDENS-Mensforth Hill/10 MARK CUTLER-Junkie Slip/11 CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN-Kingston Advice/12 DOLLAR STORE-The Street Parade/13 TIM KREKEL-Version City/14 LOU CARLOZO-Living In Fame/15 THE BLIZZARD OF 78/MIKEY DREAD-Silicone on Sapphire/16 JON LANGFORD/SHIP & PILOT-Version Pardner/17 SEX CLARK FIVE-Career Opportunites/18 THE HYPHENS-Shephereds Delight

BURNING LONDON-THE CLASH TRIBUTE-01 NO DOUBT-Hateful/02 THE URGE-This Is Radio Clash/03 ICE CUBE AND MACK 10-Should I Stay Or Should I Go/04 RANCID-Cheat/05 THIRD EYE BLIND-Train In Vain/06 INDIGO GIRLS-Clampdown/07 THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES-Rudie Cant Fail/08 311-White Man In Hammersmith Palais/09 AFGHAN WHIGS-Lost In the Supermarket/10 CRACKER-White Riot/11 SILVERCHAIR-Londons Burning/12 MOBY FEATURING HEATHER NOVA-Straight To Hell/13 UNWRITTEN LAW-Guns of Brixton/14 RANKING ROGER AND  THE PATO BANTON-Rock the Casbah/15 FACE TO FACE-Tommy Gun

SCREEN ON THE GREEN 8/29/76-01 Deny/02 I Know What To Think About You/03 I Never Did It/04 How Can I Understand the Flies/05 Janie Jones/06 Protex Blue/07 Mark Me Absent/08 Deadly Serious/09 Whats My Name/10 Sitting At My Party/11 48 Hours/12 I'm So Bored With the USA/13 London's Burning/14 1977

THE SURPRISE DOWNLOAD-No track lists, no information AT ALL....you will see why once you download it, but you will be thanking ME!

The Story of the CLASH, post script


OK, so that is that.....13 parts, a LOT of stuff for ya, many thanks to Psyclist, Gobshyte, "Sonic", and Tiltingsuds (who promises great things to come) for assisting me (I am STILL pissed about the condition of some of my fucking CD's, glad there are other Clash fans to bail me out of THAT one).....what I want to say here is if you have ANY OTHER CLASH STUFF that I have not posted, and it is of interest and you wish to share it, POST IT HERE, in the comments section of THIS post.....we can keep this Clash thing alive for a while until ALL of us have ALL the Clash shit that we want/need......I WANTED to be the "ultimate" Clash tribute, I know/knew I had a LOT of their stuff, I really DIDN'T have a realistic idea of JUST HOW MUCH MORE stuff is out there, and as I've always stated, here is how I have ALWAYS wanted this blog to operate: I have a very large, and close to "perfect" (for me) music collction....so do many others.....if we SHARE with each other, we can ALL be THAT MUCH CLOSER to having the "perfection" in our collection that we desire. I will go to my fucking grave saying SHARING IS A FUCKING GOOD THING, SHARING IS NOT "EVIL", SHARING IS NOT "STEALING", SHARING IS NOT "PIRATING".......What SHARING is, is FUCKING SHARING, nothing more........I am moving on from the Clash as far as this blog goes, someone a while back requested a Hawkwind post and that is what I will work on next, but LET US KEEP THE CLASH THING ALIVE by posting any Clash or Clash-related stuff HERE, in the comment section of THIS VERY POST........come on Clash fans,I've given you a lot of stuff that (I HOPE) you didn''t have........PLEEEEEEEASE share YOUR Clash stuff, boots, rarities, whatever you have got, so that WE ALL can enjoy the great music that they produced in the short time they were active.....the Clash were one of my all time faves, very significant in my life, as were Roxy Music, Sleater Kinney, Nirvana, Radiohead, the Rolling Stones, and some others, I'll eventually do huge posts on them as well (I did Sleater Kinney and the Stones already), but once again, I ask you, PLEASE keep the CLASH thing alive HERE....if you are good enough to post any CLASH stuff here I will be certain to tell everyone on that day's post and give you full credit, your efforts will NOT be wasted....let us continue to make this the ULTIMATE tribute to the ONLY FUCKING BAND THAT FUCKING MATTERS!

By Belated Request, some Hawkwind

Couldn't be much more opposite of the Clash had I attempted to, other than they are both from the
continent.....been so long since I was screwing around with that Clash thing that I genuinely don't remember who asked for some Hawkwind, but I loved the band in the early 70's (in particular "Space Ritual Live", one of my favorite of all live albums).....Hawkwind sort of revelled in the fact that they were practitioners of "Space Rock", which to me is pretty much some elaborate, effects-laden early stoner metal with lots of lyrics about outer space and the like.......still some good albums, though.

They have a complex history, as both Hawkwind and as "The Hawklords", and I am not about to document all of it (Lord, I think they are still at it in one form or another, think I will pass on that), let us instead concentrate on their early-to-mid 1970's "peak" at least in my opinion, these albums are wonderfully dated documents of a sadly missed era.

In 1970 they released "Hawkwind" to little fanfare, personally I always thought it was a pretty decent psych album, with the cool "Seeing It as You Really Are".....it was later issued with some bonus material which happens to be the edition I have here. The lineup for this album was: Dave Brock on guitar, vocals, and keyboards, Nik Turner on sax, flute, and vocals; Huw Lloyd on guitar and vocals, Michael Davies on synth, bassist John Harrison,  and Terry Ollis on drums.....there is a lot going on here, some may not care for but as I said, I like it, and the added bonus cuts are fun.

The following year they released "X In Search of Space", a more mature effort with the ambituous
(15+ minutes) "You Shouldn't Do That" and some other head swirlers.....also reissued with bonus tracks, which are interesting because of the first Hawkwind appearance of Lemmy Kilmister. For this LP, Dave Anderson replaced John Harrison as bassist, still a very busy, ambituous album....I like it, as stuff like this tends to go, many do hate it.

On album #3 "Doremi Fasol Latido", Lemmy became the full time bassist, and Simon King took over on drums, resulting in a heavier, maybe less psyc-proggy sound....and a good album it is, better than the first two in my book, almost as though belonging in another category, as though by a different band.....it includes the classic "Brainstorm", mayb their best known track (I happen to like the live version better, forgive me).

So, the NEXT album, "Hall of the Mountain Grill", changes direction yet again, as they added Simon House on synth, mellotron and electric violin.......people tend to be mixed on this album, personally I'm not that crazy about it, others rank it as their favorite Hawkwind effort......it does include the pretty cool "Psychedelic Warlords Disapper In Smoke"

At some point here they released "Space Ritual Live", THE definitive two-disc live experience.....find ANYONE'S original copy and open up the sleeve, I GUARENTEE you 40-year old maraijuana residue and seeds come falling out, it's the ultimate "pure" stoner album of the era, along with maybe Captain Beyond's debut. It features an amazing "Brainstorm", the way cool "Orgone Accumulator", and VERY weird spoken pieces which actually WORK, "Sonic Attack", "Space Is Deep", and "Ten Seconds of Forever" which perfectly segues into "Brainstorm"....I am sure there are people that hate this album as much as I have a soft spot for it, I find it an irresistable Junior High school memory.

1975 brought us "Warrior on the Edge of Time", in which the clock, at least for me, was
ticking......it's a fair album, nothing spectacular. Lemmy left after this, and it seems like a decent place to stop for me as well.......if you are interested, or a fanatic, Pirate Bay has a GIGANTIC torrent with what has to be every note anyone whom EVER called themselves "Hawkwind" ever recorded, and I am not kidding there are likely 50 albums there (I'll put a Pirate Bay link in the comments section in case anyone is interested....I downloaded the torrent in case there was any "bonus" material fo use in this post, which, of course.........

We have a live album from 1974 entitled  "The 1999 Party", featuring the Lemmy-led lineup (not as great as "Space Ritual"), a 1976 post-Lemmy live set ("Atomhenge") (compare the bass playing on this "Brainstorm" to Lemmy's legendary sloppiness on the "Space Ritual" version)...."Stasis: The UA  Years" covers some early (1971-75) stuff and might have a a track or two of interest, and "Dawn of Hawkwind" covers some ancent rarities and is quite interesting..that is going to be about as far as I go.....Hawkwind for me remain forever locked in the 1970's, a wonderful decade, but music they released in, say 1994? Or 2007? Personally I will pass, but the if for some reason you are a fan of their ever-shifting lineups and volumnous mountains of recordings, the Pirate Bay link is for you......for more casual fans, I think that the selections featured here paint a decent picture, let's be real, this is not The Clash or the Stones, it's Hawkwind, and I'm not chasing down everything that they've ever done....I will tell you though, that it is simply incredible the amount of work put out under this name though.

Although I have the first several albums on vinyl-ripped CD which is in general what I like to post if
I can (I love the soundof vinyl), in this case I have opted to use the MP3's from the previously mentioned downloaded torrent due to the spate of bonus material on each album, my beloved live "Brainstorm" appears unedited (I never knew it WAS edited on "Space Ritual", evidently it was "too long".....on this version it is restored to full length). I'm going to hang onto this torrent for a while and will probably delete most of the stuff I don't want after a while, so if there is a single album or two that I did not post and which you want, give a shout and I will hook you up......if you want more than that please download the torrent!

Roll one, fire it up and crank out "Doremi Fasol Latido" or "Space Ritual" and remember how great the 1970's could be......back in a day or so with something else, hope ya enjoy the Hawwind for now. (Note to whomever requested it, if you are REALLY into this band, the Pirate Bay link to the torrent will be like winning the lottery for you, I am not kidding, it's one of the biggest dscographies I've seen)

HAWKWIND-01 Hurry On Sundown/02 The Reason Is?/03 Be Yourself/04 Paranoia Part 1/05 Paranoia Part 2/06 Seeing It as You Really Are/07 Mirror of Illusion/ BONUS TRACKS 08 Bring It On Home/09 Hurry On Sundown (Hawkwind Zoo Demo)/10 Kiss of the Velvet Whip (aka "Sweet Mistress of Pain")/11 Cymbaline

X IN SEARCH OF SPACE-01 You Shouldn't Do That/02 You Know You're Only Dreaming/03 Master of the Universe/04 We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago/05 Adjust Me/06 Children of the Sun/BONUS TRACKS 07 Seven By Seven (Origina Single Version)/08 Silver Machine (Original Single Version, Live at the Roundhouse)/09 Born To Go (Live Single Version Edit)

DOREMI FASOL LATIDO-01 Brainstorm/02 Space Is Deep/03 One Change/04 Lord of Light/05
Down Through the Night/06 Time We Left This World Today/07 The Watcher/BONUS TRACKS 08 Urban Guerilla/09 Brainbox Pollution/10 Lord of Light (Single Version Edit)/11 Ejection

HALL THE MOUNTAIN GRILL-01 The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)/02 Wind of Change/03 D-Rider/04 Web Weaver/05 You'd Better Beleive It/06 Hall of the Mountain Grill/07 Lost Johnny/08 Goat Willow/09 Paradox BONUS TRACKS 10 You'd Better Beleive It (Single Edit Version)/11 The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke) (Single Edit Version)/12 Paradox (remix Single Edit)/13 It's So Easy

SPACE RITUAL DISC 1-01 Earth Calling/02 Born To Go/03 Down Through the Night/04 The Awakening/05 Lord of Light/06 The Black Corrider/07 Space Is Deep/08 Electronic No. 1/09 Orgone Accumulator/10 Upside Down/11 Ten Seconds of Forever/12 Brainstorm

SPACE RITUAL DISC 2-01 Seven By Seven/02 Sonic Attack/03 Time We Left This World Today/04 Master of the Universe/05 Welcome to the Future/06 You Shouldn't Do That/07 Orgone Accumulator (alternate nights performance)/08 Time We Left This World Today (alternate night's perfomance)/09 You Shouldn't Do That (alternate nights performance from the "Roadhawks" compilation album)

WARRIOR ON THE EDGE OF TIME-01 Assault and Battery (Part 1)/02 The Golden Void (Part 2)/03 The Wizard Blew His Horn/04 Opa-Loka/05 The Demented Man/06 Magnu/07 Standing on the Edge/08 Spiral Galaxy 28948/09 Warriors/10 Dying Seas/11 Kings of Speed/12 Motorhead (Bonus Track)

THE 1999 PARTY DISC 1-01 Intro/Standing on the Edge/02 Brainbox Pollution/03 It's So Easy/04
You Know You're Only Dreaing/05 Veterans of A Thousand Psychic Wars/06 Brainstorm/07 Seven By Seven

THE 1999 PARTY DISC 2-01 The Watcher/02 The Awakening/03 Paradox/04 You'd Better Believe It/05 Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)/06 D-Rider/07 Sonic Attack/08 Master of the Universe/09 Welcome to the Future

ATOMHENGE DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Reefer Madness/03 Paradox/04 Chronoglide Skyway/05 Hassan-i-Sabbah (aka Assasains of Allah)/06 Brainstorm/07 Wind of Change

ATOMHENGE DISC 2-01 Instrumental/02 Steppenwolf/03 Uncle Sam's On Mars/04 Time For Sale/05 Back On the Streets/06 Sonic Attack/07 Kerb Crawler

STASIS THE UA YEARS-01 Urban Guerilla/02 The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear Into Smoke)(Single Version Edit)/03 Branbox Pollution/04 Seven By Seven (Remixed Version)/05 Paradox (remixed single edit)/06 Silver Machine (original single mix)/07 You'd Better Believe It (Single Version Edit)/08 Lord of Light /09 Black Corridor (live)/10 Space Is Deep (live)/11 Earth Calling (live)/12 Born to Go (live)/13 Down Through the Night (live)/14 The Awakening/15 You Shouldn't Do That (live)/16 Motorhead/17 Master of the Universe/18 Kings of Speed

DAWN OF HAWKWIND-01 Come On/02 My Baby's Gone/03 Dealing With the Devil/04 Roll Em
Pete/05 Bring It On Home/06 Illusions/07 Get Yourself Together/08 What's the Matter/09 Bottle Up/10 Diamond Ring/11 Hurry on Sundown/12 Cymbaline/13 Master of the Universe

That's quite a bit of stuff, really, not relative to the stuff that is available, but to m, THIS is Hawkwind......been a while since I've listened to much of their stuff, I've enjoyed doing this post and remembering those wonderful years of youth and laughing at the delightfully dated music going on here......thanks to whomever requested it, I'd have likely thought of it eventually, andI hope I did them justice! Let me know your opinion of this post, if feel like it!

The best Alice Cooper post, ever?

It is VERY hard, for the young people of 2013, to fathom how "shocking" Alice Cooper's bit was
back in the early 1970's......one of my fondest memories  place when I was about ten and deliberatly blasting the "Killer" album for my grandmother whom I pretty much despised (suspend your judgment unless you knew her, she was insufferable).....she spent the rest of the weekend praying for the souls of both Alice and myself. I think the parents might have advised me against "sharing" music with Granny anymore after that, pity, I would have liked to have heard her opinion of "Kick Out the Jams Motherfuckers"......

Anyway, for a  few minutes there in the early 1970's Alice Cooper (the band) was the SHIT for pissed off teens and preteens, mixing Detroit MC5/Stooges hard rock blare and outrageous (at the time) live shows, featuring simulated executions, his live boa constrictor, just LOTS of cool shit.....so, how would we expect something like this to impress us 40 some years later? After all, this is not the eternal musical genius of Bowie or Roxy Music, this is pure style-over-substance, period piece "shock rock" that long ago lost it's ability to "shock" (imagine someone who, say, had seen GG Alin live looking at an old video and being "shocked" by Alice Cooper)

OK, so in the end, they were a fairly good singles band, kind of a pre-Aerosmith musically, giving us three and a half minute hard rocking, hook filled bangers, some of which still hold up quite well....the more "artistic" or "serious" visions? Well.......

The first two albums, "Pretties For You" and "Easy Action" are pretty bad, of course I've included
them here to give the full picture, but this was some VERY forgettable Zappa-influenced psychedelia, "Easy Action" does have a memorable moment or two, "Still No Air", to me at least, gave a glimpse of what was to come.

And what was to come was theif best effort, "Love It To Death", in 1971....they heavied up their sound and took on a New York Dolls-like freakish appearance, and scored a hit with the still fab-sounding "I'm Eighteen", still one of the great songs about, well, being eighteen ("Lines form on my face and hands, lines form on the left and right")......I'd say it's a four-star album, and perhaps their only one (I guess we could argue for "Killer"). But, now, suddenly, the band was enormous.

The next album, "Killer" is nearly as good, with another pair of fine hard-rock singles ("Under My Wheels" and especially "Be My Lover"), and some attempts to shock which sound downright laughable today ("Dead Babies", good Lord) and the band's popularity went even higher....and the gimmickery took over the completely.

"School's Out" was the title track from the next LP, it was enormously popular as a battle cry for embattled youths, I know it is considered a great single but as a matter of personal taste, I have always HATED that goddamn song (my favorite on the album is the much lesser known "Luney Tune"......the problem was the silly "Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets" which would serve as THE indicator for direction that this band and in particular it's leader, were headed.....PURE show biz. By the way, the "School's Out" album cover, if you recall, was made to look like a desk with the band's names carved in it and etc......the dust sleeve was made to look like a pair of panties.....oh those album covers of the 1970's, how about "Led Zeppelin III",  "Sticky Fingers", or "The Velvet Underground and Nico"? Literally something young music lovers are NEVER AGAIN going to experience, be that positive or negative I will leave up to you.

"Billion Dollar Babies" was cranked out soon afterward to cash in on the band's enormous popularity,
it's spotty with a couple of decent singles ("Elected" and "No More Mr Nice Guy") as well as a couple of pretty fair, lesser known tunes ("Raped and Freezin'", "Generation Landslide") and of course, the obligatory attempts to shock ("I Love the Dead", "Sick Things")....THIS LP cover was made to look like a billfold...the CD reissue later on included a bonus disc with some live stuff, lucky you it's the one i've included here.

And then, children, that was IT. The next release, "Muscle of Love", is awful to the point of being unlistenable, THIS album cover is made to look like.....oh, I forget, and who really cares? This ship had sailed......eventually Alice (the man, not the band) fired the rest of his band and went Hollywood, actually appearing on "Hollywood Squares" among other embarassments (his singles NOW were unbearable pop-schlock like "How You Gonna See Me Now" and plenty of other drek.....when it's over it's OVER, this being one of the best examples of this thinking in rock history.

To Cooper's credit, I was in Arizona a few years back and caught him doing a radio show, and it was pretty damn good, actually, he was playing some really cool shit that you don't hear every day. Of course, if he'd been playing crap like his OWN latter day material I'd have likely wrecked my car trying to get the station changed.

Got a few boots for ya so ya can hear Alice in all of their live glory days of 1971-73....I was a bit young to get to see him/them live, but I do vividly recall an apparance on ABC's (I think) "In Concert" (remember THAT? If yes, your fucking age is showing) that I thought was the shit at the time.....got a show from the Hollywood Bowl from 1972, and a Minneapolis show 1973.....and just to be sadistic, I will include a 1969 (!) set from the pre-stardom days, "Live at the Whiskey", which sucks BIG TIME but, hell, a BUNCH of ya downloaded "Metal Machine Music", so what do any of us know?

Just in case you want only those cool singles, I'll put up the "Greatest Hits" album as well, which
catches most of them anyway......might be a wise choice for the dabbler.

Good times the 1970's were......will I stay there tomorrow and beyond? Only time will tell. The Vikings make their (gag) third (yes THIRD) prime time appearance in four weeks tonight, despite being the worst fucking team in the NFL. Say didnt you USED TO BE the guy who selected which NFL games were televised nationally?

PRETTIES FOR YOU-01 Titanic Overture/02 Ten Minutes Before the Worm/03 Swing Low, Sweet Cheerio/04  Today Mueller/05 Living/06 Fields of Regret/07 No Longer Umpire/08 Levity Ball/09 BB (Big Boys) On Mars/10 Reflected/11 Apple Bush/12 Earwigs to Eternity/13 Changing Arranging

EASY ACTION- 01 Mr. & Misdemeanor/02 Shoe Salesman/03 Still No Air/04 Below Your Means/05 Return of the Spiders/06 Laughing at Me/07 Refrigerator Heaven/08 Lay Down and Die, Goodbye/09 Beautiful Flyaway

LOVE IT TO DEATH-01 Caught in a Dream/02 I'm Eighteen/03 Long Way To Go/04 Black Juju/05 Is It My Body/06 Hallowed Be Thy Name/07 Second Coming/08 Ballad of Dwight Fry/09 Sun Arise

KILLER-01 Under My Wheels/02 Be My Lover/03 Halo of Flies/04 Desperado/05 You Drive Me Nervous/06 Yeah Yeah Yeah/07 Dead Babies/08 Killer

SCHOOLS OUT-01 Schools Out/02 Luney Tune/03 Gutter Cat Vs The Jets/Street Fight/04 Blue Turk/05 My Stars/06 Public Animal #9/07 Alma Mater/08 Grand Finale

BILLION DOLLAR BABIES-01 Hello Hooray/02 Raped and Freezin'/03 Elected/04 Billion Dollar
Babies/05 Unfinished Sweet/06 No More Mr Nice Guy/07 Generation Landslide/08 Sick Things/09 Mary Ann/10 I Love the Dead

BILLION DOLLAR BABIES BONUS DISC-01 Hello Hooray (Live 1973)/02 Billion Dollar Babies (Live 1973)/03 Elected (Live 1973)/04 I'm Eighteen (Live 1973)/05 Raped And Freezin' (Live 1973)
/06 No More Mr. Nice Guy (Live 1973)/07 My Stars (Live 1973)/0-8 Unfinished Sweet (Live 1973)
/09 Sick Things (Live 1973)/10 Dead Babies (Live 1973)/11 I Love The Dead (Live 1973)/12 Coal Black Model T (Outtake)/13 Son Of Billion Dollar Babies (Generation Landslide) (Outtake)/14 Slick Black Limousine

GREATEST HITS-01 I'm Eighteen/02 Is It My Body/03 Desperado/04 Under My Wheels/05 Be My Lover/06 Schools Out/07 Hello Hooray/08 Elected/09 No More Mr. Nice Guy/10 Billion Dollar Babies/11 Teenage Lament'74/12 Muscle of Love

MINNEAPOLIS 5/30/73-01 Hello Hooray/02 Billion Dollar Babies/03 Elected/04 Eighteen/05 Raped and Freezing/06 No More Mr Nice Guy/07 My Stars/08 Unfinished Sweet/09 Sick Things/10 Dead Babies/11 I Love the Dead/12 Schools Ot/13 Under My Wheels

LIVE  AT THE WHISKEY 1969-01 No Longer Umpire/02 Today
Mueller/03 Ten Minutes Before the Worm/04 Leviy Ball/05 Nobody Likes Me/06 BB On Mars/07 Swing Low Sweet Cheerio/08 Changing, Arranging

Links in a while, hopefully tonight, zippy been acting up a bit of late, so we'll see......went to the doctor yesterday, thought they were just going to tell me to go back to work on 11/18 as they'd previously discussed, now they decide I got to be off for the rest of the year to do more tests and shit and I'm still not allowed to DRIVE....arrrrrgh. Well, if you LIKE this blog, I'll have the spare time that I've had the PAST 6 weeks in order to maybe do another mega-post or something......and if you DON'T like this blog? Well, hey, fuck you buddy!

The best Bush post, ever

Don't want to hear it.....I liked the music of Bush, sort of for my money a Brit, poor man's Nirvana,
one of the better of the second-line of grunge acts of the  1990's......actually quite a good singles band as well, and Gavin Rossdale, of course, is my idol, as he has had his lucky face between the thighs of Gwen Steffani and I have not, at least as of yet.......

Besides Rossdale, Bush were guitarist Nigel Pulford, bassist Dave Parsons and drummer Robin Goodridge, more or less, there have been some comings and goings and Bush has basically been the playground of Rossdale. Spotty albums, actually,but in general featuring some fairly strong material, their singles were a staple on the playlists of whatever almost-tolerable rock radio stations existed in the early 1990's.

The first most of us heard of Bush was 1995's "Sixteen Stone", which I and most others woul call their strongest effort.....though there are some fairy weak Nirvana knockoffs as filler, the album featured five outstanding singles, "Everything Zen", "Little Things", "Machine Head", "Comedown" and "Glycerine", all of which you are unquestionably familir with if you happened to be anywhere near a radio in 1995. Still, good, very listenable tracks, still sound good today in particular if you are a fan of that early 90's grunge rocking sound (I am as you may have ascertained).

The followup album, "Razorblade Suitcase" also featured a pair of over-exposed singles, "Greedy Fly" and "Swallowed", neither of which is of the quality of "Everything Zen" or "Little Things", however, the non-single-album tracks feature some strong material; "Mouth", "Personal Holloway", and my favorite track from the disc, "A Tendency to Start Fires". In a somewhat unusual move for this particulr genre the band
released a re-mix album, "Deconstructed", which remakes various Bush tracks over in a techno-dance mix style......FAR more "interesting" than listenable, it WAS a fairly unique move (imagine, say, Pearl Jam doing the same? I can't really....)

So, for the most part, the rest of the career was more or less garbage time, with occasional highlights. Album #3, 1999's "The Science of Things", is weaker than its predecessors, but does feature good tracks like "Warm Machine"and "The Chemicals Between Us". "Golden State" was released in 2001, and it was pretty obvious the party was over......the standout track for me being "The People That We Love (Speed Kills)". This spelled the "end" of the band, yet in 2010 a "reconstructed" Bush released "Sea of Memories", I think I've listened to it once, if ya want it it's here, it is one of those albums that I would refer to as "not great".

Saw them live once, really a pretty good live band at last on that night, and have a few boots here for
your inspection, right from thier 1995 peak come shows from Toronto and Hollywood, and also their very good "Woodstock '99" set, which includes an energized version of Neil Young's "Fuckin' Up"(also, less spectacularly, REM's "The One I Love")....this (Woodstock) set is MUCH better than it has any right to be given the timing, all evidence, at least to me, indicates that they were a rocking-good live act to the end. Also, released in 2005 was "Zen X-Four", with a few acoustic verions of some vintage songs, and a live set from KROQ's "Almost Accoustic Christmas", 12/16/95.

From looking around on the web, I see that my idol Rossdale (have I mentioned that he has achieved my lifelong goal of getting in Gwen Steffani's panties?) has released a  solo effort, "Wanderlust",  haven't heard it and likely won't (although maybe I should, actually Bush was pretty much the Rossdale show anyway), but I'll put it up here for ya should ya be inclined to hear it.

Spanning the last 50 years to bring you on back to back days early 1970's glam-metal and mid 1990's grung rock, truly I am a"man for all decades".....I bet some of you HATE this post, but such is life, I like what I like, what can I say? Who knows what tomorrow my bring us?

LATE EDIT: Found a big Bush torrent on Pirate Bay, with lots of singles and stuff, I'm sure you won't care if I "create" an album out of these and post it as well? See last item below for BigScott62's Incredible Bush Rarities Comp!

SIXTEEN STONE-01 Everything Zen/02 Swim/03 Bomb/04 Little Things/05 Comedown/06
Body/07 Machinehead/08 Testosterone/09 Monkey/10 Glycerine/11 Alien/12 X-Girlfriend

RAZORBLADE SUITCASE-01 Personal Holloway/02 Greedy Fly/03 Swallowed/04 Insect Kin/05  Cold Contagious/06 A Tendency to Start Fires/07 Mouth/08 Straight No Chaser/09 History/10 Synapse/11 Communicator/12 Bone Driven/13 Distant Voices

DECONSTRUCTED-01 Everything Zen (The Lhasa Fever Mix)/02 Mouth (The Stingray Mix)/03 Swallowed (Goldie/Toasted Both Sides Mix)/04 Synapse (Philip Stier/My Life In the Bush of Ghosts Mix)/05 History (Dub Pistols Mix)/06 Personal Holloway (Fabio Paras/Soundclash Republic Mix)/07 Bone Driven (Mekon/Beat Me Clever Mix)/08 Insect Kin (Jack Dangers/Drum and Bees Mix)/09 Comedown (Lunatic Calm Mix)/10 Everything Zen (Derek DeLarge Mix)/11 In a Lonely Place (Tricky Mix)

THE SCIENCE OF THINGS-01 Warm Machine/02 Jesus Online/03 The Chemicals Between Us/04 English Fire/05 Space Travel/06 40 Miles From the Sun/07 Prizefighter/08 The Disease of the Dancing Cats/09 Altered States/10 Dead Meat/11 Letting The Cable Sleep/12 Mindchanger

GOLDEN STATE-01 Solutions/02 A Headful of Ghosts/03 The People That We Love/04 Superman/05 Fugitive/06 Hurricane/07 Inflatable/08 Reasons/09 Land of the Living/10 My Engine Is With You/11 Out of This World/12 Float

THE SEA OF MEMORIES-01 The Mirror of the Signs/02 The Sound Of Winter/03 All My Life/04 The Afterlife/05 All Night Doctors/06 Baby Come Home/07 Red Light/08 She's a Stallion/09 I Believe In You/10 Stand Up/11 The Heart of the Matter/12 Be Still My Love

ZEN X-FOUR-01 Comedown (Acousitc)/02 Glycerine(Acoustic)/03 Everything Zen (Acoustic)/04 Machinehead (live)/05 Comedown (live)/06 Bomb (live)/07 Glycerine (live)/08 Everything Zen (live)/09 Little Things (live)

THE ROXY 2/10/95-01 Radio Promo Spot/02 DJ Intro/03 Monkey/04 Body/05 Comedown/06 DJ/07 Broken TV/08 Swim/09 DJ/10 Testosterone/11 Everything Zen/12 DJ/13 Glycerine/14 Revolution Blues/15 Greedy Fly/16 DJ/17 Janie Jones/18 Little Things/19 DJ/20 Bomb/21 Swallowed/22 Machinehead/23 DJ Outro

TORONTO 8/15/95-01 Intro/02 Monkey/03 Old/04 Testoterone/05 Bomb/06 Little Things/07
Swim/08 Comedown/09 Machinehead/10 Bubbles/11 Everything Zen/12 Glycerine (incomplete)

WOODSTOCK 1999-01 Machine Head/02 Personal Holloway/03 Greedy Fly/04 Warm Machine/05 Everything Zen/06 Insect Kin/The Chemicals Between Us/07 "FUCK" Cheer/40 Miles From the Sun/08 Glycerine/09 The Disease of the Dancing Cats/10 Fuckin Up/11 Comedown/12 Swallowed/13 The One I Love/14 Little Things

WANDERLUST-01 Can't Stop the World/02 Frontline/03 Forever May You Run/04 The Skin I'm In/05 Drive/06 Future World/07 Love Remains the Same/08 If You're Not With Us You Are Against Us/09 This Is Happiness/10 Another Night In the Hills/11 The Trouble In/12 Beauty In the Beast/13 This Place Is On Fire/14 I Don't Want To Lose Myself Tonight/15 You Can't Run From What You Forget

BIGSCOTT62'S INCREDIBLE BUSH RARITIES COMP DISC 1-01 Revolution Blues (live)/02 Bubbles (from Mall Rats OST)/03 Bud/04 Solomons Bones/05 Greedy Fly (radio mix)/06 Insect Kin (live)/07 Old/08 Personal Holloway (Live)/09 Cold Contagious (demo)/10 Homebody/11 The Chemcals Between Us (Radio Edit)/12 The Chemicals Between Us (Super Collider Vapor Version)/13 The Chemicals Between Us (Mainstream Mix)

BIGSCOTT62'S INCREDIBLE BUSH RARITIES COMP DISC 2-01 The Chemicals Between Us (original demo)/02 Letting the Cables Sleep/03 Letting the Cables Sleep (apocalyptica remix)/04 Letting the Cables Sleep (Galdiator remix)/05 Letting the Cables Sleep (Nightmares on Wax Remix)/06 Letting the Cables Sleep (Original Demo)/07 American Eyes/08 The People That We Love (Golden Dub Remix)/09 The People That We Love (instrumental)/10 Headful of Ghosts (live)/11 Hurricane (Live)/12 Inflatable (Radio Remix)

Links in a little while, still open to requests and "guest" projects, make our own compilations and I'll put em up, if you're in a band, send your demos/tapes we'll put em up, ANYTHING.....poetry, writin, photography, artwork, ANYTHING, bring the goods and it can be viewed by literally TENS of people on this remarkable site!