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Sun Mashene

A dreamy shoepop band from Dublin Ireland, John N offers up Sun Mashene.....really likeable hypnotic psych/dream stuff, we have a solid collection of EP's for your approval here:

COMING HOME TO YOU EP-01 Coming Home to You/02 Shadows Dance/03 Lord I'm Feeling Down

ON BOARD EP-01 On Board/02 Love Jam/03 A Morphing Hydrogenous Bubble

WHEN THE BOMB DROPS EP-01 When the Bomb Drops/02 Demons Gold (Demo)/03 Faceless Crowd

DRONES THAT DON'T KILL EP-01 No Control/02 Shine Your Light/03 In the End/04 You/05 I Love You

All four of these have their moments and ar worth your time......really, really good stuff here.

First 3 EP's


Rogue Wave

Previous Sun Mashene
You never know about cover projects........the ones made by team GBFAL are always aces, and some commercial ones are ok, yet some suck hard core.......on this one Rogue Wave takes on a variety of 80's music.....listening to them right now take on "Rescue" from Echo & the Bunnymen, it's a good version, and there are lots more 80's nuggets, both legit ("Under the Milky Way") and campy ("Bette Davis Eyes")....if this was TOO silly I wouldn't post it, but it's really quite good and that is why it's here......thanks to John N.

COVER ME-01 Rescue/02 In Between Days/03 Let My Love Open the Door/04 That's All/05 Bette Davis Eyes/06 Sharp Dressed Man/07 She Sells Sanctuary/08 Under the Milky Way/09 Talking In Your Sleep/10 In a Big Country/11 Love My Way/12 Money Changes Everything


Wrapping up Uncle Acid

Previous Rogue Wave
According to Fabio this completes the Uncle Acid experience, "Mind Control"......accorading to Fabio, this is the weakest effort of the band, but he also says he still likes it......so with that in mind, let's check it, at least we've heard the band's entire output.



Mt. Abraxas 7:09
Mind Crawler 4:22
Poison Apple 4:14
Desert Ceremony 5:10
Evil Love 4:08
Death Valley Blues 4:59
Follow The Leader 6:29
Valley Of The Dolls 7:11
Devil's Work 6:56

The Complete Can part 7

Next Red Kunz
Zigzagwanderer sends us a bunch more stuff from krautrock legends Can.....as I've said before this may be
the biggest collection of Can material assembled in some time......which is great, I hope anyone interested can fill out their collection.......I guess there is a part or two more to come, but love these, and show some love to zigzagwanderer
Canaxis 5 [1968 -73]

01 - (Untitled).mp3
02 - Doko Daie Concert (Excerpt).mp3
03 - Doko Daie Concert (Excerpt) Cont..mp3
04 - Father Cannot Yell.mp3
05 - E.F.S. No 5.mp3
06 - Little Star Of Bethlehem.mp3
07 - Uphill.mp3



Schloss Norvench [1968 - 69]

01 - Butterfly.mp3
02 - Man Named Joe.mp3
03 - Blues Instrumental.mp3
04 - Father Cannot Yell.mp3
05 - Pnoom.mp3
06 - De La Halle.mp3
07 - Little Star Of Bethlehem.mp3
08 - Connection.mp3
09 - Outside My Door.mp3
10 - E.F.S. No. 7.mp3
11 - Uphill.mp3



Berlin [1971]

01 - Improvisation - Vitamin C.mp3



Mother Sky [1971]

01 - Standing So High.mp3
02 - Bring Me Tea Or Coffee.mp3
03 - I Don't Care.mp3
04 - Mother Sky.mp3
05 - Spoon.mp3



Ogam Ogat  [1971]

01 - Auf Der Einbahnstrasse [Part I].mp3
02 - Auf Der Einbahnstrasse [Part II].mp3



Plymouth  [1972 ]

01 - Untitled #1.mp3
02 - Untitled #2.mp3
03 - Spoon.mp3
04 - Shikaku Maru Ten.mp3



Red Kunz

Fabio sends us this EP, the best I can understand it is a team-up of Kunz and Red Fang, resulting in Red Kunz......this short EP is entitled "Teeth Hair, and Skin", some quite acceptable stoner rock, as we come to expect from Fabio.

    01. Transatlantic       -  03:13
    02. The Beggar          -  03:01
    03. Four Good Reasons   -  03:47
    04. Prisms              -  05:01
    05. Teeth, Hair & Skin  -  06:16


Previous Red Kunz
Fabio sends an album of doom-rock I am unfamiliar with, however, I found a good review of the album, so let us go that route.....


Beastmaker - "Lusus Naturae" (Album Review)

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: Full Length

Date Released: 25/03/2016
Label: Rise AboveRECORDS

“Lusus Naturae” is a fine entry into the Book of Doom; and one that points towards great things to come. With the backing of Rise Above Records, the band are sure to become cult favourites. The upcoming April UK tour seems like one to catch while the band is still playing smaller venues. Definitely check thisRECORD out and find out for yourself.

“Lusus Naturae” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1.CLOUDS In The Sky

2. Eyes Are Watching

3. Arachne

4. Skin Crawler

5. Find The Stranger

6. You Must Sin

7. Burnt Offering

8. Mask Of Satan

9. It

10. Astral Corpse

11. Lusus Naturae

12. The Strain

The Review:

With a tolling bell and a warm analogue sound, it is clear where the latest signings to Rise Above are coming from (but oddly it is not Birmingham, England). Sure Enough, “Clouds In the Sky” and “Eyes Are Watching” are chock full of lumbering tar thick riffs and the vocals are reassuringly clean and high pitched. No doubt about it, this is trad doom (with a retro angle, naturally)

The sound is raw, with a good mix so you can hear all the instruments nicely. The bass sound is nicely clanky with lots ofGAIN, with the drums boxy and live sounding. “Skin Crawler” exhibits lovely riffing from the off; double tracked vocals are go as the verse kicks in. An excellentSLOWED down clean sections gives way to a fantastic solo too. All boxes ticked, this is a stand out track.

“Find The Stranger” has creepy atmospherics aplenty- as the title suggests- and a real atmosphere of impending doom. Dynamics are used to good effect and the track builds to a lovely solo. “You Must Sin” marks the half way point of the record and delivers a solid and hard riffing track with some good time changes. Similarly, “Burnt Offering” rings the changes with riffs but brings in the lead work earlier. A catchy hook does not hurt, either. “Mask of Satan” is doom in the purest sense;  pounding tribal sounding drums before the main riff snakes out of the speakers prior to a drop out to allow the vocal to come in. Echoing Pentagram's early work is no bad thing, and the band do it to great effect here. It is a crawling track of slow tempos and horror themes; the drinking of human blood and so forth...

“Astral Corpse” (great title) is also a plodding beast, with a similar feel to “Electric Funeral” to the delivery. The title track delivers a summation of the band's sound effectively. There is a clean section to go with the doom laden riffage, vocals are delivered withCONVICTION and the band lays out its manifesto with aplomb. The album closes with “The Strain” which is slow doom;Ozzy inflected vocal hooks abound as the riffs are given space to breathe for maximum impact.

“Lusus Naturae” is a fine entry into the Book of Doom; and one that points towards great things to come. With the backing of Rise Above Records, the band are sure to become cult favourites. The upcoming April UK tour seems like one to catch while the band is still playing smaller venues. Definitely check thisRECORD out and find out for yourself.


Previous Beastmaker
All the way from Indiana USA comes Whimsical......submitted by Fabio, I do know this band, not this
album (2016 "Sleep to Dream") from what I know it is trippy semi-psych shoegaze stuff, the kind I like, so kind of excited to listen to this one


1. Love Me 
2. Lost AndFOUND 
3. Surreal 
4. Flutter Echo 
5. Beginning Of The End 
6. I Thought Of You 
7. Leap Of Faith 
8. Glow 
9. Sleep To Dream 
10. Anchor (CD and digitalBONUS track) 
11. Part Of Me
Whimsical is an Indiana band who made quite a name for themselves back in the day. Their first album, 2000’s exquisitely-named Setting Suns Are Semi-Circles remains a cult-classic, dreampop with an emphasis on the pop. The band dissolved a couple of years later with the follow up only 90% finished—everyone adrift in confusion & ennui, the way all relationships end.
Time passes, and the heart longs for what it once had. The band got back together last year in order to complete the album, to transform their ellipsis into an exclamation point. And withSLEEP To Dream, it’s finally happened.
The result sounds amazing; a little like Lush, only with more pop smarts; and a little like the Cranberries, only without the messiah complex & annoying vocal tics. Which is to say Sleep To Dream is better than both, and that is very good indeed. It only took one listen for Saint MarieRECORDS, quickly making a name for itself as the most vital Dreampop label going, to beg to release it.
Guitarist and mastermind Neil Burkdoll seems incapable of playing an unmemorable guitar part. Just witness the way ‘Love Me’ explodes into shards of romantic bliss. Or the opening riff of ‘Surreal,’ as intricate & heart-tugging as anything Johnny Marr everPLAYED.
Krissy Vanderwoude’s vocals cast a hypnotic spell. Hear how she simmers on ‘Beginning of the End,’ able to wring every last drop of emotion out of the melody until by the end of the song you’re lying on the floor, anEMOTIONAL wreck. It’s heartbreaking to imagine most of this has gone unheard for over 15 years. 
SLEEPTo Dream is a triumph, straight through to the epic closer ‘Part Of Me.’ The album is about finishing what you started in the face of impossible odds. It’s about keeping your promises. It’s about fulfilling the potential you never even knew you had.
There’s a song on here called ‘Beginning Of The End,’ but as Leonard Cohen once sang, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. And with an album of new material scheduled for next year, this isn’t just a return. It’s a full-blown resurrection.

Lazy Red Cheeks

Previous Whimsical
Fabio's final submission for today (THANKS for them ALL) is some alt rock from Belgium, Lazy Red Cheeks with their album "All Systems Go".....I am not familiar at all, but I have found review comparing them to Pearl J
am, QOTSA, even Queen, so I don't know what to expect.......not that I care though, you send it, I post it, just hope it ROCKS kind of the only theme here I guess

    01. Wake Up                -  02:59
    02. Ease Your Mind         -  03:42
    03. Indecisive             -  04:16
    04. The Soul Wandered      -  03:19
    05. Helping Hand           -  04:04
    06. Misdemeanor            -  03:17
    07. Passive Aggressive     -  03:13
    08. Tonight                -  02:46
    09. Don't Forget To Smile  -  02:47 

Mojo Magazine presents: This One Band

I've loved Mojo's comps over the years, always a thrill to see one, they are very creative and listenable. This
one features cover versions of the songs on That Album With the Zipper On It from That One band......really enjoyable listen, if you want it, get it, can't guarantee this one being around too long, so dig in while you can!

01. Brown Sugar- Alice Russell;
02. Sway- Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears;
03. Wild Horses-Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings;
04. Can't You Hear Me Knockin- The Bamboos;
05. You Gotta Move- Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens;
06. Bitch- The Sugarman 3;
07. I've Got the Blues- Aloe Blacc and Joel Van Dijk;
08. Sister Morphine- Ren Havieu;
09. Dead Flowers- Anthony Joseph and the Spam Band;
10. Moonlight Mile- Lee Fields;
11. Angie- Beta Hector.


Thanks to John N for this submittal!


Here's an EP from Isabelle's Gift from Columbia South Carolina, "Bubblegum Diesel"........basically four hard rocking tunes, can't really slot them into any genre other than just hard rock really, which they do just fine. see what ya think, I think it's worth us all knowing about at least


Sonic Flower

Previous Isabelle'sGift
Instrumental stoner rock is a crapshoot, so procede with caution.....from Japan we have the self titled album from Sonic Flower, pretty fair for this format, I know some don't care for this style, and often I agree, but let's put this one up and see what everyone thinks

SONIC FLOWER-01 Cosmic Highway/02 Black Sunshine/03 Astroqueen/04 Sonic Flower/05 Indian Summer/06 Goin' Down


Three Suns of Aberran

Next Temples
Previous Sonic Flower
From Fabio, a stoner rock EP from Croatia.......3 Suns of Aberran's EP "John Doe".....haven't listened yet, but stoner-rock-round-the-globe is one of our goals!

    01. Mourning Son of the Morning Sun  -  05:02
    02. Vapors                                        -  06:24
    03. Screw Driver                                -  04:54
    04. Adam's Ale                                 -  03:59
    05. The Delve                                    -  07:01


Some pretty fair UK psych from Temples, their latest release "Volcano".......don't know what I'd compare it too, but it has an airy, 1960's light-psych sound to it, which works pretty well in this context. I was figuring I wasn't going to post this one, actually (John N submission), but really, it's good enough that we ALL need to hear it.....

VOLCANO-01 Certainly/02 All Join In/03 (I Want to be Your) Mirror/04 Oh the Saviour/05 Born Into the Sunset/06 How Would You Like To Go?/07 Open Air/08 In My Pocket/09 Celebration/10 Mystery of Pop/11 Roman Godlike Man/12 Strange Or Be Forgotten


Sector 27

Previous Temples
Seems to me you don't see this one that often, after TRB Tom Robinson recorded as Sector 27, then left that band too, but in his wake he left this decent album, not as good as the classic "Power In the Darkness" of course, but still kind of a quirky late 70's/early 80's period piece that I bet SOME of us have never heard.......TRB shit was great, Sector 27 shit is certainly, at least, of interest.

SECTOR 27-01 Invitation/02 Not Ready/03 Mary Lynne/04 Looking At You/05 Five Two Five/06 Can't Keep Away/07 Total Recall/08 Where Can We Go Tonight/09 take it Or Leave it/10 Bitterly Disappointed/11 One Fine Day


Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight Rehearsals

Previous Sector 27
Here's a small bit of weirdness, I guess, pretty cool stuff though.......these are disc of rehearsal tapes from the Soft Boys' greatest album "Underwater Moonlight".....My copy has no track list, and I am not familiar with a few tracks here, so I can't really supply a tracklist, but I do know there are awesome versions here of my faves, the title track and (especially) "Insanely Jealous"......also lots of song fragments and stuff, Robin Hitchcock's singing is in fine form on these sessions, In my estimation.

UNDERWATER MOONLIGHT REHEARSALS-24 Tracks, split but unlabled


A CLASSIC album, this is a fine extra to have if you agree.

Love the Soft Boys (the Egyptians, too) and love to hear any oddities from them!

Buried Feather

Some more German stoner-psych from Fabio.....that's really all I know, that and it's new.....I'm gonna listen in a bit, here's a brief review:

Rollicking psych rockers Buried Feather are keen as mustard to be premiering their second record, Mind Of The Swarm, with theMusic.com.au today, four years on from their debut record in 2013.
The Melburnian trio's hypnotic newRECORD cements the band as a solid addition to Australia's burgeoning psych rock scene and we're giving you the shot to jump on the bandwagon nice and early.
The band are heading out on a big album tour from 11 February onwards, taking in aNUMBER of shows in Victoria and NSW and one in Adelaide.

Buried Feather - 2017 - Mind of the Swarm
"01. Would I Miss You"
"02. Dust"
"03. The Stranger"
"04. Mind of the Swarm"
"05. Sunshine"
"06. Endless C"
"07. Regular Creep"
"08. Screen Dreamer"
"09. Well Wishes"

Black Marble Selection

Next No Joy
Previous Buried Feather
John N sends these EP's and they are great, super retro-nugget rock, some heavied up to good effect.......We have a 1 track single ("On the Road") with some good harp, then we have a pair of EP's , a self titled on from 2014, and 2015's "Under Her Spell".........Black Keys meet Miracle Workers, perhaps? Works for me, and if you like the music we try to share here, I can't imagine you not liking these.

1 TRACK SINGLE-01 On the Road

SELF TITLED EP-01 The Great Escape/02 Journey Through Sound/03 In the Latest of Hours/04 Everyday/05 Untaught Lessons

UNDER HER SPELL-01 Again and Again/02 Peace of Mind/03 Modified Madness/04 Took My Time/05 Under Her Spell/06 Birds of Paradise/07 Effortless Progress/08 No better Place/09 Ain't No regular Joe/10 Foxy Tails

Fab stuff, really!

No Joy

All the way from Canada, John N discovers this fab EP "Creep" from No Joy......good shoegaze/wall of sound with female vocals......another good one!

NO JOY-01 Califone/02 Hellhole/03 Tearing Apart the Dark/04 Flourescent Dread


Los Bastardos Findlandeses

Next Elbrus
Previous No Joy
Here is the second of a handful of LP's by Helsinki Finland's Los Bastardos Finlandeses, "return of El Diablo".....HOW DO WE SLOT THIS ONE? Kind redneck/biker rock, all fast and loud though, it's a pretty good one, the only one I have however, so if anyone can fill in a gap or two......fun stuff, think maybe Nashville Pussy from Finland?

RETURN OF EL DIABLO-01 Red Eye'd Rock N Roller/02 Houseful of Hooligans/03 Broken Down Mojo/04 Return of El Diablo/05 White Knuckles/06 Ny Name is El Muerte/07 El grande Boogie/08 Dizzy Miss Mess/09 Gung! Ho!/10 flying Bottle/11 Bravado/12 My Way to Hell

"Houseful of Hooligans' is my fave but you can find a ton of great stuff on this wonderful album.
Would love to hear the other albums, just sayin........



A fabulous Fabio submission from Elbrus (Frorm Australia), and we are honored to have a review from Joop at Stoner Hive, so I'll use that.......anyway, fantastic album, thanks to Fabio for this one.
There can be absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this psyched out blues extravaganza is a mountain range onto itself. They expertly weave extracts of fuzz, garage, grunge and shoegaze moments into their six massive mounts. Earthy and folky, the will touch your heart and make it bloom! Even in the dead of winter… . ~ Joop Konraad (Stoner HiVe)

01 Tall Shadow/02 Break the Machine/03 Eyes of the Mammal/04 Far Away And Into Space Part 1/05 Far Away And Into Space Part 2/06 Three Walls

Good album. I recommend.

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