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Also from Australia, Fabio sends a bandcamp link for Stonetroll, whom I am not familiar with......abyway, this is a live effort, and you can pay whatver you want for it (deal with it, you can afford a dime).....here's the band camp write-up for this band:



Recorded and mixed live at the Brisbane Hotel by Zac Blain


released January 1, 2014

Drums of Life - Adam Davidson
4-String Mountain Mover and Voice of a Goddess - Melanie Gent
6 String Shamanistic Spells and Sacred Voice of the Monk -Daniel Jackman

Some Live Bow Wow Wow

From 1983 we have a stereo simulcast of Bow Wow Wow's Boston gig 1/8/83......good sound, good performance too......only problem is a tape flip in "I Want Candy", but so it is with audience recordings....see what you think, I think this is a nice souvenier  of a long ago forgotten band......


01 - (stage introduction / Louis Quatorze) 3:46
02 - Roustabout 2:32
03 - Radio G String 3:18
04 - Do You Wanna Hold Me 2:59
05 - Rikki Dee 3:08
06 - Sexy Eiffel Tower 3:05
07 -LOVE Me 3:28
08 - Baby I'm Lost 2:31
09 - Golly! Golly! Go Buddy! 3:12
10 - Orang-outang [Instrumental] 2:50
11 - Giant Sized Baby Thing 2:34
12 - Mario 2:43
13 - Lonesome Tonight 2:52
14 - Elimination Dancing 3:05
15 - I Want Candy [end spliced, tape flip] 3:24
16 - Go Wild In The Country [cuts in] 2:43
17 - Prince Of Darkness 2:27
18 - C30, C60, C90, Go 3:26
19 - (encore break) 1:19
20 - What's The Time (Hey Buddy) 3:46
21 - Fools Rush In 2:37
22 - (closing credits) 1:57

Annabella Lwin: vocals - Mathew Ashman: guitar - Leigh Gorman: bass -DAVIDBarbarossa: drums

This is apparently WBCN's 1st live broadcast from the Channel, which was a rock club for years and host to many fine shows in boston. it is the whole show and being posted from my FM masterRECORDING, which had never been played for almost 28 years, since being recorded live over FM. some of "Adam and The Ants" are also in this group.

The lead singer was 16 years old at the time of this show. the radio announcer mentions that track 18 is sort of an anthem for home tapers and that this band is taper friendly. the first few seconds of track 16 (due to a tape flip) and the end of the closing radio credits are missing. all the other songs are complete. maybe a c-60 would have been better to avoid the cutin to track16, but who is to know before the show? I had never heard of this band before, and the radio DJ mentions this show being WBCN's 1st live broadcast from the Channel, which mainly hosted local bands who aren't really "big". this band wasn't around very long (began in 1981) and included some former members of "Adam and the Ants". -Or

Vikings coach Mike ZIMMER. MAN!

Decoder Ring setting: 4446.3145A9v

After firing the doltish Leslie Frazier a few years ago, the Vikings hired former Bengals coordinator, Mike ZIMMER. MAN, I thought that was a good hire, now I'm not so sure......one thing about ZIMMER, MAN he is conservative and the Vikings likely will go 8-8 for the next 3 years until they fire ZIMMER. MAN!

I have a few game programs autographed by ZIMMER, MAN there are a few of them, so I am going to tell you about some dates (rarities, for the collector) when ZIMMER, MAN had NO autograph sessions.....for example, I bet he never had any such activity.....for example, I bet he was never even IN Edinburgh on 5/20/66, nor even in Glasgow 5/19/66.......probably not even in Newcastle, 5/21/66, or even in Paris 5/24/66.......I'm told that the creators of this set say they would be quite similar in content, thus no "tables of contents" for these, mostly for collectors......and how about that ZIMMER? MAN.....

links in comments


Fabio sends us some Swedish stoner/doom from Graveyard, I am vaguely familiar with them, and I agree they are quite excellent at what they do.......here's  a good review of this, their third LP, 2012's "Lights Out"

An Industry Of Murder4:02
Slow Motion Countdown5:35
Seven Seven2:33
The Suits, The Law & The Uniforms4:51
Endless Night2:46
Hard Times Lovin'4:27
Fools In The End3:32
20/20 (Tunnel Vision)5:00

It's a retro world. That's not a value judgment, just a statement of fact. Some lament this fact as if its a permanent turn of events – rather than a blip in time made inevitable by aGENERATION of MP3-trading kids suddenly having carte blanche to the entirety of music history – but, either way, there are some damn fine bands around in 2012 that could easily stand next to the acts of yore which they are either paying tribute to or blatantly ripping off, depending on the level of cynicism one brings to the table.
 Graveyard are one of those bands, treading comfortably within the confines of 70s blues rock without ever fully committing toHEAVY METAL in the modern sense, but until last year's release of breakthrough Hisengen Blues these guys mostly lived in the shadow of countrymen (and fellow prog blues enthusiasts) Witchcraft
Hisengen made my own Best of 2011 list as it did many others'. The element of surprise can work wonders in elevating one'sPROFILE – 2007's Graveyard went largely unnoticed unless for many of us – but you've gotta keep knocking 'em out of the park if you want to maintain that uptick in fan base; which is what makes Lights Out a clutch album for these Gothenburg upstarts.

Graveyard had four full years to work on Hisengen Blues, whereas LIGHTSOut emerges a mere 18 months later on the back of heavy touring, so the big question mark this time around isWHETHER the album would sound rushed. There's a bit of that, granted, but at a mere 35 minutes Lights Out is roughly 20% shorter than its predecessor, so there's no reason to believe this to be a compromised work, nor does it sound like it.
For the most part the nine tracksHERE work a straight line on from Hisengen Blues, so there's plenty of built in encouragement forDIRECT comparisons (Hisengen also had nine tracks; the difference in running time is simply due to that album's songs being longer on average).
Ultimately I think thePRIMARY deficiency with Lights Out – perhaps the only noteworthy one – is that, while the bestSONGShere ("Goliath", "Slow Motion Countdown") easily reach the same heady peaks of Hisingen's highlights ("Uncomfortably Numb", "Ain't Fit to Live Here", "The Siren"), the lesser entries ("Seven Seven", "Fool in the End") seem far more ordinary, more perfunctory, than the pretty much filler-free Hisengen Blues.
LIGHTSOut is still a solid effort (far from being an indicator of decline) but this deep into 2012 I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I'm going to have a harder time finding room for it on my best of  list this year.


Another Fabio submission, this one from Mexico.......unfamiliar as of yet, but apparently they have
a a chick singer that Fabio favors over Brody! Well, it takes all kinds, and, Brody is spoken for anyway. I found a pretty good review of this one too, so we'll go that way.
  • 1Doomensional4:38
  • 2Transmuta3:40
  • 3As We Land4:28
  • 4Superstition6:22
  • 5Purple Sand6:07
  • 6Astral5:50
  • 7The Wooden Path3:40
  • 8Erase the Sun7:13
  • 9Sacred Mountain3:40
  • 10Sleeping Hours6:49

Back in 2012 Spacegoat, a four piece band from MonterreyMexico, released "Spacegoat EP", five tracks of delicious 70's inspired classic/hard rock grooves blended with aspects of lo-fi doom and occult rockCOATED in gloriously serene female vocals, an EP that garnered a lot of interest both in their Mexican homeland and that of the wider world. Unfortunately due toFINANCIAL restraints and other more mundane reasons the band, Gina Ríos(Vocals & Guitar), Miguel Ríos -(Lead Guitar), Rigo Vigil -(Bass) and Rey Fraga (Drums), were unable to immediately follow up on this  interest with a full album and so the band decided to go down the "Kickstarter" route and ask the fans to help out with contributions, a move that has resulted in the release of this their debut album "Superstition".

From the classic rock toned guitar riff that introduces first track " Doomensional" to the Hawkwind-esque swirling outro of final track "SLEEPINGHours" the listener can be assured that every penny/euro orDOLLAR contributed to the bands Kickstarter campaign has not been wasted or misused in the pursuit of hedonistic pleasure but has instead gone to making the best damn album possible with theFUNDS available. Songs like the native tongued "Transmuta", title track "Superstition" and the slow bluesy "Astral" have their roots buried way down deep in the classicHARD ROCK of yesterday but are infused with elements of today's doom, psych and stoner giving them a fresh contemporary "now" feel. Spacegoat's sonic attack is further enhanced by rhythm guitarist and vocalist Gina Rios, her strong clean vocals soar and swoop over the molten hot grooves VigilFraga and brother M. Rios lay beneath her, giving the songs, at times, an almost "symphonic" feel and on the beautifully tranquil "The Wooden Path" a folk vibe.
All in all "Superstition" is an album of well written and executed songs made by a band of extremely talented musicians who know how to blend yesterday with today to create a sound for tomorrow.    


Suede Fan Club Disc

"See You In the Next Life" was put together, apparently, from a fan club of the band Suede, quite an underappreciated band who has been featured here several times. I don't think I've put this one up before, got some fairly rare stuff on it I think, Suede fans rejoice.......really, a labor of love and those are always worth checking out.

SEE YOU IN THE NEXT LIFE-01 She (Strings)/02 Elaine page/03 La Puissance/04 Lazy/05 By the Sea (Acoustic)/06 Indian Strings (Protocol Demo)/07 She's In Fashion (Protocol Demo)/08 Simon (Demo)/09 When the Rain Falls (Stanbridge Demo)/10 Untitled (Stanbridge Demo)/11 Attitude (Mick Jones Remix)

Orange Goblin at Sanatos' House Party

Love Orange Goblin, and here's a live take (always sounded like a good live act) from Santo
's House party in NY 2011........I'm unsure about the set list, it'd what one site told me, but if it's wrong, here is still one of the best stoner rock bands of the 00's.....in their element, the stage, they get pretty raved up.

  1. Play Video
  2. Play Video
  3. Play Video
  4. Play Video
  5. Play Video
  6. Play Video
  7. Play Video
  8. Play Video
  9. Play Video
  10. Play Video
  11. Play Video
  12. Play Video
  13. Encore:
  14. Play Video
  15. Play Video

Ah Feel Like Ahcid

A tremendous collection of 60's acid stuff, very few layups in the bunch, either........Quicksilver, Steve Miller,
Bob Smith, Ant Trip Ceremony all are bands that rarely appear on comps like these.....chances are I downloaded this from an unknown site who knows when, but this set offers one joy after another......you should love this one, if you love 60's hippie stuff!


01. The Balloon Farm - A Question Of Temperature - 2.39
02. The Third Bardo - Five Years Ahead Of My Time - 2.14
03. The Book of Changes - I Stole The Goodyear Blimp - 2.22
04. First Crew To The Moon - The Sun Lights Up The Shadows Of Your Mind - 2.19
05. SRC - Up All Night - 3.06
06. Morning Dew - Crusader's Smile - 2.47
07. The Fallen Angels - Mother's Homesick Too - 2.22
08. The Human Beinz - April 15th - 6.55
09. Kim Fowley - Bubblegum - 2.28
10. T.I.M.E. - Tripping Into Sunshine - 3.06
11. The Steve Miller Band - The Beauty Of Time Is That It's Snowing - 5.18
12. The Beach Boys - Never Learn Not To Love - 2.31
13. Chris & Craig - Isha - 2.16
14. The Raik's Progress - Sewer Rat Love Chant - 2.38
15. Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck - One Ring Jane - 4.23
16. Mad River - Wind Chimes - 7.10
17. Gandalf - Can You Travel In The Dark Alone - 3.04
18. Hour Glass - Bells - 2.25
19. Food - Forever Is A Dream - 4.06
20. David Axelrod - Urizen - 4.00
21. The Common People - Soon There'll Be Thunder - 2.21
22. Fargo - Sunny Day Blue - 2.30
23. Quicksilver Messenger Service - Bears - 2.08
24. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Ah Feel Like Ahcid - 3.04
25. Ant Trip Ceremony - Four In The Morning - 4.31
26. Bob Smith - Don´t Tell Lady tonight - 3.09
27. Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke and Sasafrass - 2.33
28. Darius - Sweet Mama - 2.34
29. Euclid - It´s All Over Now - 3.23
30. Gold - Fried Neck Bones (Fillmore West) - 5.33


This is a weird one, I found this EP in my stuff......plain blank disc with the word "Charge" written on it, no label, no case.......I can find out NOTHING about this band or album......the rub? it's pretty good......four pretty hard rocking, wah wah drenched tunes, plus an awesome 17 minute closing epic.......Anyone know ANYTHING about this one, I'd LOVE TO KNOW SOME MORE, this is very likeable


Graveyard, Redux

New Danko Jones

Danko Jones has been a fave around here for a while, awesome hard/stoner rock......Fabio contributes a link for the new release "Wild Cat".....I carpet bombed, not bad at all.....good bluesy hard
rocking stuff, as before!.

 1. I gotta rock
2. My little Rock'n'Roll
3. Going out tonight
4. You are my woman
5. Do this every night
6. Let's start dancing
7. Wild cat
8. She likes it
9. Sucess in bed
10. Diamond lady
11. Revolution (But then we make love)


By request Chicano Batman

I forget who requested this, but here iit is, provided by Fabio......I do know a bit about this band as I saw
them open for the Jack White band a couple years back, and, was, well......not impressesd, maybe?.....anyway, Fabio sends thier latest "Freedom Is Free", which I haven't listened to and may not.....but if this sounds good to you here it is!



Some grungy, grimy stoner rock from Gozu, I listened and I do like it......let's tag it with a review here:


Gozu are one of the most exciting bands going rightNOW on Ripple Music. The driving rhythms, tripped out vocals and crazed solos come together to form some thing that very much fits the aesthetic that Ripple has cultivated over the years. What Gozu understand that far too few of their peers bother with is the simple beauty that heavy music can haveESPECIALLY when stripped down to its core components. WithRevival the band expands on their trademark organic sound which resonates across the ages, and invokes the sort of powerful, very human metal magic that so many of us have fallen in love with over the years. Listening to them stomp forward and use their music to cultivate something that is truly next level is encouraging, and speaks to the eternal power of rock and roll. Every song pulses powerfully, even through the occasionally meandering jam sections. It comes across as beautiful even and the resonating, domineering power that the band so easily invokes,USING every crushing chord makes you fall ever deeper in love.
There is something strangely entrancing about Gozu.ESPECIALLYin the way that they are able to turn stoner rocks trademark trudge into something more akin to a skip. This is a band who are able to takeTRADITIONAL tropes and evolve them into something greater.Gozu will stun you, not with the dankness of their riffs or the sheer quality of the vocals, but rather the way that it comes together. The passion behind the music is palatable, and the way that the band has taken traditional stereotypes on Revival and turned them into something far greater is endlessly impressive. Yet, Gozu is not always in your face, far too often the band is willing to step back, chill out andUSE some more Hawkwind-esque moments to capture the imaginations of the masses. This helps to cultivate that wonderfully organic sound that is easy to fall in love with and which will get you coming back, even if the music doesSTART to feel a bit repetitive as the songs drag on. The sound of Revival is the sound of perseverance, after all its what happens when you have dudes who were willing to spend hours upon hours in the jam room and come out with something magical.
I almost have to wonder what would happen if Gozu could condense what they do. They certainly have a promisingENOUGH sound, it just occasionally feels like they get lost in their own jams. While on the one hand the meandering crunch of this band is refreshing it can also be more than a little frustrating and leave you wondering what the point is in the first place. Clearly these guys can play and the guitar harmonies, vicious solos and soaring vocals prove time and time again that this is a band who aren't going to fuck around. These guys have the skills to go far and I'm endlessly excited with the possibilities that they are hinting at. Another gem in the Ripple Music crown, chilling out and lighting on up has never felt better than with Revival

The Complete Can part 8

Zigzagwanderer continues to send us more classic Can in what has been this popular series.....mostly boots
left, but still seem popular among the DL'ers........couple more parts until we have the largest collection of Can goodies in some years!

Tago Mago Live Disc [40th. Anniversary Edition] [1972]



Improvisations [1973 / 74]

01 - Imrovisation_Soup.mp3
02 - Belair__Imrovisation.mp3
03 - Imrovisation.mp3


Damo's Last Show [1973]

01 - Soup.mp3
02 - Stone Strike.mp3
03 - Swan No Song.mp3
04 - Hot Day in Koeln.mp3
05 - I'm Your Doll.mp3



Imperial College , London [1973]

01 - Halleluhwah [Edited].mp3
02 - Full Moon On The Highway-Vitamin C [Edited].mp3
03 - Finish Your Job.mp3
04 - Spoon.mp3



Birmingham Town Hall [1974]
01 - Untitled #1.mp3
02 - Untitled #2.mp3
03 - Improvisation-Gomorrha.mp3
04 - One More Night.mp3
05 - Untitled #3.mp3
06 - Bel Air.mp3
07 - Spray.mp3
08 - Untitled #4.mp3



Croyden Greyhound [1975]
01 - Chain Reaction.mp3
02 - Bel Air.mp3
03 - Dizzy Dizzy.mp3
04 - Pinch-Meadow Sweet.mp3
05 - The Gypsy.mp3



yeah yeah yeah's EP's and more

OK, this is a pair of EP's "Machine" and "maps', both quite good, but the find here is "Karen o at
home".....not one that will go into heavy rotation, but an interesting demo that I think is a bit hard to find .....EP's are fab, in fact "Maps" contains a Peel session of my fave YYY's song  "Miles Away'......The "karen O at home is kind of a curiosity, that a fan would likely want.

MACHINE EP-01 Machine/02 Graveyard/03 PIN (Remix)

MAPS EP-04 Maps/05 Countdown/06 Miles Away (Peel Session)

KAREN O AT HOME-tracks 07-20 Untitled

these are all tied to one link, and will also fit on one disc



Not sure if I've posted this up before, Outsideinside cranked out some fab garage punk back in the 1990's....this album, "Six Point Six" is worth your time......

1Sky's On Fyre2:57
2Big Hero, Big Zero1:47
3Two Weeks In Twelve Hours3:55
4Crimson Witch3:03
8Non Sequitur0:32
10Wet Majik Sex Dream3:10
11You Make Me Laugh, You Make Me Die3:49
12The Truth3:15
13The Sea4:33
14Six Point Six3:04


Demented are GO!

Some UK garage/psychobilly from the mid 1990's.....I may have posted this before, but I don't think so, and it's a good one, containing "Pervy in the Park" and "Satan's Rejects", among a lot more.........this is a good comp and is likely the best method to be introduced to Demented Are Go.........take it from Scott, you'll like this one!

1Pervy In The Park2:252(I Was Born On A) Busted Hymen3:103Holy Hack Jack2:134Pickled And Preserved2:025Transvestite Blues3:266PVC Chair1:597Nuke Mutants2:548Satans Reject4:009Cripple In The Woods3:3010Call Of The Wired2:4811Surf Ride To Oblivion2:2212Shadow Crypt4:0913Human Slug2:3014Sick Spasmoid1:5015Country Women3:2316One Sharp Knife3:4117Brain Damaged Chile2:0918Flight 1033:00



Up for some punked-up, Japanese language doom metal? Well, here are your lads for certain (I refuse to type their name again. They've got a bunch of albums in Japan, seem fairly popular.....a bit hard to get info, I think this may have been their first, unsure. hard rocking though and good, unless you suffer from that anti-English language bias........This is quite a rewarding album.

THE GUM AT THE END OF THE SPEAR-01 A Theory of Signs/02 Tell Anyone/03 Fuminijire Yesterday/04 The Following Burial/05 All That Remains/06 Kou Nobu/07 Kakaware/08 Reticence Is Fear/09 M Is Not a Masochist/10 One After the Talk/11 Love That Burned/12 It Was a Lie


A couple of early Dollyrots albums

The Dollyrots (Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas) turned out a few albums in the early 1990's.......pretty fair
chick led punk-pop, similar perhaps to Jack Off Jill or maybe Lunachicks.....not spectacular, but pretty good, and I think fairly un-posted, I don't see it often......here are their first two albums "Eat My Heart Out " (1994) and "Because I'm Awesome" (1997)......can't really say I have heard any more recent material, but these are more than worth your time.


1."Kick Me to the Curb"2:55
2."Love You Most"3:28
3."Jackie Chan" (Cabezas, Josh Harrold, Ogden,)1:49
5."Feed Me, Pet Me"1:58
7."Goodnight Tonight"3:20
8."Dance With Me"3:08
9."New College"3:05
10."Promised Call"3:20
12."Nobody Else"3:09
13."Be My Baby(Jeff BarryEllie GreenwichPhil Spector)2:06

1."Because I'm Awesome"3:20
2."My Best Friend's Hot"3:09
3."Out of L.A."3:13
4."Brand New Key(Melanie Safka)2:52
6."A Desperate S.O.S."2:55
7."Watch Me Go (Kissed Me, Killed Me)"3:10
8."This Crush"3:36
9."Cat Calling"3:09
11."Nobody Wants U"3:51
12."Turn You Down"3:08
13."Tummy Tum Tum"2:42

Howling Giant

Fabio sends a bandcamp link for Howling Giant's album, "Black Hole Space Wizard part 1".......Fabio like
it, and I will include a bit more information:
Recorded live in the Converse Rubber Tracks studios in Boston, Black Hole Space Wizard emerges from his primordial slumber. Join us as we launch part 1 into the deepest outreach of the infinite cosmos.

We’ve decided to offer the EP as a “name your own price”, in an effort to encourage everyone to download and share. Any money made from this EP will be used to create merch and support any future tours/shows.

We hope you enjoy the tunes. For greater riff sensation, listen to songs at maximum volume. The Wizard Lives!

–Howling Giant


released August 12, 2016

Howling Giant is:
Tom Polzine - Guitar/Vocals
Roger Marks - Bass/Vocals
Zach Wheeler - Drums/Vocals