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Red Fang Redux

A while back I posted some discs from these stoner greats, Fabio comes through with one I didn't
have, this is 2013's "Whales and Leeches"......like all Red Fang releases, rocks like fucking hell.....thanks Fabio for this one, another great share!

   01 Doen
   02 Blood Like Cream
   03 No Hope
   04 Crows In Swine
   05 Voices Of The Dead
   06 Behind The Light
   07 Dawn Rising
   08 Failure
   09 1516
   10 This Animal
   11 Every Little Twist
   12 Murder The Mountains
   13 Black Water

Future of the Left

John N sends this along, the fifth full length from Future of the Left......not sure exactly how to describe this, but I did listen and enjoy so I thought I'd post it.....kind of post-punk, post-grunge, post-alt, but the result is quite listenable, and apparently there is an active concept here concerning an apocalyptic future, something I always love......thanks to John N for this, good album......not terribly familiar with this crew.....anyone want to send their previous LP's?

THE PEACE AND TRUCE OF FUTURE OF THE LEFT-01 If ATT&T Drank Tea, What Would BP Do/02 In a Former Life/03 Running All Over the Wicket/04 Miner's Grue;/05 Grass Parade/06 The Limits of Battleships/07 Back When I Was Brilliant/08 Eating For None/09 Reference Point Zero/10 White Privlege Blues/11 50 Days Before the Hun/12 Proper Music/13 No Son Will Ease Their Solitude

I often find myself wondering, in the event of an apocalypse, which musicians would die and which ones would survive? According toThe Postman, Tom Petty would make it. Not only that — he’d be the goddamn mayor.
But the movie’s got it all wrong. If any musician was to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, it’d be Andrew Falkous. It’s not because he’s physically dominant, a master strategist, or even all that famous. No, the Future of the Left (FOTL) frontman would thrive because he’s funny, and when it comes to the end of the world, he with the bestSENSE of humor always wins. He’s be able to not take things too seriously, and therefore able to think logically. He garners followers because he’s entertaining. And even if he gets killed by an alien or a warlord or a baby-eating cannibal, what’s it to him? The whole thing was a big fucking joke anyway.
But with Falkous, it’s never just a matter of “Fuck this thing I hate,” because, at least when inhabiting his stage persona, the guy seems like he hates everything. More importantly, he hates everything with a unique weapon of his own: the absurdly nasty one-liner. Yes, if you painstakingly read the lyrics sheet for “Reference Point Zero”, you’ll decipher a story about a parapsychologySTUDENT so dangerously open-minded, she’d take in the revitalized Ottoman Empire as clients, Armenian Genocide be damned. Earlier on “Miner’s Gruel”, you’ll meet two working-class slobs who are trying to force their daughter out of the house because she’s too entitled. Oh, and “In a Former Life” imagines someone getting reincarnated over and over as — among many other things — Prince Paul’s Pekingese dog and Queen Anne’s leaky gigolo.
However, that kind of magnified narrative attention also means you could miss the isolated joy of Falkous’ barbs elsewhere throughout the record. The salesperson jargon of “Back When I Was Brilliant” probably has the most of them, but “Running All Around the Wicket” has the best. I challenge you to find a more jaw-dropping lyric this year than “If 20 therapists want to tempt me with their tit rings, they should know that I own a werewolf and theSENSE to use it.”
If any of that sounds too weird, mean, or challenging in its comedy for the average listener to swallow, well, it probably is. But Falkous and his mates also keep the musicality lean, groovy, and (mostly)ACCESSIBLEthroughout Peace & Truce. Tossing out theSOMETIMES polarizing synth textures on The Plot Against Common Sense and — to a much lesser extent — How to Stop Your Brain In an Accident, the band’s latest record keeps its scope limited to Falkous’ wiry guitar lines and thick Welsh bark, Jack Egglestone’s octo-limbed drum work, and Julia Ruzicka’s smeary bass. That last element proves to be most important, lending a sluggish danceability to “Back When I Was Brilliant” that’s — to be nonsensically hyperbolic for a moment — reminiscent of “When the Levee Breaks”.
Other more radio-minded flourishes (yeah, right) rear their frightened little heads as well. “50 Days Before the Hun” milksITSELF on handclaps, “Proper Music” is Queens of the Stone Age by way of Wales’ underbelly, and the chorus on “The Limits of Battleships”‘ recalls Lucius’ latest hit, “Born Again Teen”. No joke. Then again, this is Falkous we’re talking about, so it probably is a joke. A layered joke. A nasty joke. A joke that will get him through the end of the world.

Monster Movie

Another John N submission, this from Monster Movie, with LP #5 for them, "Keep the Voices
Distant".....not exactly what I expected, to be honest, but still some pretty favorable poppish-rock.....worth a listen at least.

Christian Savill and Sean Hewson have been in bands together since the late '80s. In 1989, one of these bands, Eternal, released a single on Sarah Records called Breathe that featured the dreamy, fuzzed out guitars soaring over pop melodies that Christian brings to any project he is a part of. Sean was missing for that but returned for a shambolic gig supporting Slowdive and Chapterhouse in Reading. Shortly afterwards, and with some justification, Christian left to join Slowdive

Ten years later, Christian and Sean formed Monster Movie in a failed attempt to go Krautrock. In 2001, they released their first EP on Clairecords which contained a few seconds of Krautrock but was mainly dreamy, fuzzed out guitars soaring over pop melodies. In the years spanning 2002-2010 Monster Movie put out four full length albums, a mini album, and a few EPs, the majority of which were released on Graveface Records. 

Since 2014 Christian has also been involved with Slowdive's reunion and subsequent touring. The band have just released Star Roving, their first single in 22 years. Slowdive's reappearance has also had a positive effect on Monster Movie with Sean and Christian realising that they needed to move away from being a studio project and become a proper band. For their latest and strongest album, Keep The Voices Distant, they were joined by James Harrison from Air Formation on drums and Nick Chaplin (Slowdive) on bass with Christian and Sean contributing guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals. Since September 2015 Monster Movie have been Kev Wells (guitar/vocals/everything), Sean Hewson (bass/vocals/everything), Christian Savill (guitar/vocals/everything) and James Harrison (drums/vocals/everything). 

Keep The Voices Distant is Monster Movie's fifth album and their first record since 2010's Everyone Is a Ghost. It was recorded with Martin Nichols at White House Recording Studios in Weston-super-Mare and produced by Ryan Graveface. As with all Monster Movie releases it is a combination of Christian and Sean's song-writing, playing, arrangements, general grumpiness and chaotic, personal lives. This time, however, with James, Nick and Ryan in the studio with them, the songs have really been allowed to really take off.

KEEP THE VOICES DISTANT-01 Trapped/02 Going backward/03 In the Pines/04 No More/05 Keep the Voice Distant/06 Shouldn't Stray From the Shadows/07 In the Ground/08 Don't You Want to Love Us/09 Into the Light/10 Dead In the Water

Some more Future of the Left

Really glad that John N sent me these other Future of the Left items today, I took a second, carpet
bomb style listen to the posted album.....there are some very clever and sophisticated lyrics/song writing on that one, hoping for more of the same here......

I haven't heard these yet, what happens is the submissions that grab my attention I post at once, others I often wait to carpet bomb, or listen to completely......often this leads to my posting music with which I have NO familiarity......but, so fucking what? if it sucks, it sucks, and I get the music posted in volume, noone can argue that.....I think it works the best that way, getting the stuff to you guys QUICKLY.......and, 90% of the time, we have a winner, as out team of contributors is second, of course, to none.

First up, from 2007, is the Japanese release of "Curses!".......as before interesting song titles (often means interesting lyrics).......and a live 2008 release, "Last Night I saved Her Life From Vampires" ......hoping for some good new sounds for me to hear tonight when I get this wrapped up.....might be a while though, I got several things I want to post tonight.

How about that Super Bowl? I don't know any Patriots fans, my son's bestie is a Falcons fan, so I didn't care one bit (Vikings or no one), but DAMN it must be easy to be a Patriots fan.......try being a fan of the Vikings sometime, or, say, the Lions.......rough lives, there!

  1. "The Lord Hates a Coward"– 3:34
  2. "Plague of Onces"– 3:03
  3. "Fingers Become Thumbs!"– 1:50
  4. "Manchasm"– 3:54
  5. "Fuck the Countryside Alliance"– 2:06
  6. "My Gymnastic Past"– 2:30
  7. "Suddenly It's a Folk Song"– 2:55
  8. "Kept by Bees"– 1:54
  9. "Small Bones Small Bodies"– 2:22
  10. "Wrigley Scott"– 2:06
  11. "Real Men Hunt in Packs"– 3:27
  12. "Team:Seed"– 1:19
  13. "adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood"– 3:09
  14. "The Contrarian"– 3:02
  15. I Need to Know How to Kill a Cat (Bonus single A-side)
  16. The Big Wide O


  1. "The Best Laid Plans"
  2. "Wrigley Scott"
  3. "Plague Of Onces"
  4. "Fingers Become Thumbs"
  5. "Drink Nike"
  6. "Distant Jabs At A Soul"
  7. "Manchasm"
  8. "V.D.F.A"
  9. "Dancing Etiquette"
  10. "Fuck The Countryside Alliance"
  11. "Olympic Ideals"
  12. "Small Bones Small Bodies"
  13. "The Lord Hates A Coward"
  14. "London Shoes"
  15. "My Gymnastic Past"
  16. "Encores Explained"
  17. "adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood"
  18. "Auf Wiedersehen Goodbye"
  19. "Cloak The Dagger"

"non-Zimmerman" decoder ring material

Yeah, better use the decoder rings for this John N submission, just a feeling I get from past experience,
although this band is not known (as of yet) to be a problem, but you guys should be becoming experts with the decoder rings (Still available, $249.95 AND ONLY $40 for shipping.....GOD what value)....this is a, uhhhhh, three volume "book set"......lots of stuff to read, might take you "all day and all of the night" to complete. The main guy in this "outfit", Ray, actually impregnated Chrissie Hynde, automatically transferring his status to one of my heroes.

These "books' are really comprehensive, containing each of the "individually released chapters" that were popular among "readers" (between 1964-84) is here, which is quite a fine collections, as they were really a great "chapters""gang of guys".......it might take me "Til the End of the Day" to finish describing these, but my friends "lola" and "victoria" both agree with me that this is something you need to "read"......there is an ADDITIONAL, third "book" here, which has some "in person readings" of some of this troupe's better known writings as well, and as we all know they had a rep for being an explosive "in person group of entertainers".......

OK, decoder rings on stun, you know how to operate them.......no clue how long this will be here, but some libraries will really be semi-completed by the astute "reader"

The Ultimate Collection is a compilation of singles by British rock band The Kinks. It was released on Sanctuary Records in the UK on 27 May 2002, and in the US  on 23 September 2003. In August 2002 it reached no. 48 in the UK top  100 album chart, and no. 1 in the UK Indie album chart. It has been  certified platinum by the British Phonographic Industry.

The first disc contains every charting British single from 1964 to  1983 in chronological order, with the exception of the group's very  first single and the 1983 remake of their signature hit, "You Really Got Me." Of the 24 tracks, 14 were top ten hits in the UK. The second disc contains songs that either were released as b-sides  or singles that did not chart in the UK and/or charted as singles in  the North American and European markets, with the following exceptions: "Stop Your Sobbing" from the band's debut album and covered in 1979 as the debut single by The Pretenders; "Celluloid Heroes," taken from the album Everybody's in Show-Biz and released as a single three months later, failing to chart; and "Living On A Thin Line" from the album Word of Mouth.

The singles "Death of a Clown" and "Susannah's Still Alive" were credited to Dave Davies rather than The Kinks. The band plays on those records, however. Various tracks also appeared on album.

Originally released as a double-album set in 1986, just after the Kinks had their last run at chart success, Come Dancing With the Kinks (The Best of the Kinks 1977-1986)  does an excellent job of summarizing their stadium rock and AOR radio  favorites on Arista. It leaves no single or radio favorite behind, while  adding such terrific obscurities as "Long Distance" (originally only  released as a bonus track on the State of Confusion  cassette; the early '80s were a completely different world than the  late '80s), the non-LP single "Father Christmas," the wonderfully  sentimental album track "Better Things" (a close, upbeat cousin to Dylan's  "Forever Young"), and the charming "Heart of Gold." In addition to  these, there are live takes of "You Really Got Me" and "Lola" taken from  the fine One From the Road album. It winds up being a representative  selection of the Kinks' time as stadium warriors. They may have released some good albums during this period -- and Misfits and Low Budget  are close to great -- but listeners looking for the bare essentials  from this period will not be disappointed with this first-rate  collection. [Three songs -- "Catch Me Now I'm Falling" plus the title  tracks to Misfits and Sleepwalker -- were dropped from the CD reissue of Come Dancing in order to have it fit the running time of a late-'80s compact disc.]   


1."You Really Got Me"Pye 7N 156362:13
2."All Day and All of the Night"Pye 7N 157142:20
3."Tired of Waiting for You"Pye 7N 157592:30
4."Everybody's Gonna Be Happy"Pye 7N 158132:14
5."Set Me Free"Pye 7N 158542:10
6."See My Friends"Pye 7N 159192:44
7."Till the End of the Day"Pye 7N 159812:18
8."Dedicated Follower of Fashion"Pye 7N 170642:59
9."Sunny Afternoon"Pye 7N 171253:31
10."Dead End Street"Pye 7N 172223:20
11."Waterloo Sunset"Pye 7N 173213:14
12."Death of a Clown"Pye 7N 173563:01
13."Autumn Almanac"Pye 7N 174003:10
14."Susannah's Still Alive"Pye 7N 174292:21
15."Wonderboy"Pye 7N 174682:48
16."Days"Pye 7N 175732:52
17."Plastic Man"Pye 7N 177243:00
18."Victoria"Pye 7N 178653:38
19."Lola"Pye 7N 179614:05
20."Apeman"Pye 7N 450163:50
21."Supersonic Rocket Ship"RCA 22113:30
22."Better Things"ARIST 4152:59
23."Come Dancing"ARIST 5023:59
24."Don't Forget To Dance"ARIST 5244:34

Disc two[edit]

No.TitleOriginal releaseLength
1."David Watts"Reprise 0647b*2:29
2."Stop Your Sobbing"Kinks2:06
3."Dandy"Pye 7N 317b**2:08
4."Mr. Pleasant"Pye 7N 17400b3:00
5."I Gotta Move"Pye 7N 15714b2:24
6."Who'll Be the Next in Line"Pye 7N 15813b2:00
7."I Need You"Pye 7N 15854b2:24
8."Where Have All the Good Times Gone"Pye 7N 15981b2:48
9."Sittin' on My Sofa"Pye 7N 17064b3:03
10."A Well Respected Man"Reprise 0420*2:38
11."I'm Not Like Everybody Else"Pye 7N 17125b3:29
12."Love Me Till the Sun Shines"Pye 7N 17356b3:15
13."She's Got Everything"Pye 7N 17573b3:08
14."Starstruck"Pye 7N 319**2:25
15."Shangri-La"Pye 7N 178125:18
16."God's Children"Pye 7N 80013:12
17."Celluloid Heroes"Everybody's in Show-Biz6:20
18."(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman"ARIST 2403:50
19."Do It Again"ARIST 6173:58
20."Living On A Thin Line"Word of Mouth                                             4:16

Originally released as a double-album set in 1986, just after the Kinks had their last run at chart success, Come Dancing With the Kinks (The Best of the Kinks 1977-1986) does an excellent job of summarizing their stadium rock and AOR radio favorites on Arista. It leaves no single or radio favorite behind, while adding such terrific obscurities as "Long Distance" (originally only released as aBONUS track on the State of Confusion cassette; the early '80s were a completelyDIFFERENTworld than the late '80s), the non-LP single "Father Christmas," the wonderfully sentimental album track "Better Things" (a close, upbeat cousin to Dylan's "Forever Young"), and the charming "Heart of Gold." In addition to these, there are live takes of "You Really Got Me" and "Lola" taken from the fine One From the Road album. It winds up being a representative selection of the Kinks' time as stadium warriors. They may have released some good albumsDURING this period -- and Misfits and Low Budget are close to great -- but listeners looking for the bare essentials from this period will not be disappointed with this first-rate collection. [Three songs -- "Catch Me Now I'm Falling" plus the title tracks to Misfits and Sleepwalker -- were dropped from the CD reissue of Come Dancing in order to have it fit the running time of a late-'80s compact disc.]

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Gotta say I've never heard of this one either......this is a submission from the great Fabio, and album
entitled "Feed the Rats".....Fabio does not steer me wrong, we are on pretty much the same page with music, so I assume album here.......he attached an album review, so I will post it as well, especially since i don't know dick about the album.......keep em coming though, Fabio and everyone else, it's you wonderful people (ALL of you, 1 submission or 1000) who keep this blog fresh and interesting. thank you, if I don't say so enough.

review: Brendan Telford , January 20th,

 2017 12:01The pig has several connotations. Most civilisations and cultures have seen them as arbiters of
 fertility, virility, strength and abundance. The Buddhist tradition swings the other way, seeing the pig as ignorant, illusory, greedy, lustful. Other religions see them as unclean. Then there is the Celtic fable of Manannan, who owned a herd of pigs that never dwindled – they were forever replenishing their numbers.
 I could go on. The point is that the pig is multifaceted and almost indefinable – a shifting construct
 for people to hang their hopes and fears on. It is also a heave bag of flesh that wallows in mud and shit all day until taken to the slaughterhouse. A myriad of strong, indelible, contradictory images, fit for a Newcastle heavy psych band that can’t reign in their swine (although they have reined in members of likeminded noisemongers Khunnt and Blown Out). And to predictably muddy the waters further,they bring another animal into the mix, one with even stronger connotations – but much clearer in intent.

 For Feed The Rats is essentially three tracks –two gargantuan bolshie dirges bookending the four-and-a-half minute ‘Sweet Relief’ – that ravenously gnaws away at your eardrums, body and soul. So let’s start there, with the meat in this fetid sandwich. The name could be a play on Black Sabbath’s ‘Sweet Leaf’ – for a band clearly indebted to the Birmingham icons it bears a modicum of is relentlessness here, a flayed
 aggression, which Ozzy et al could never muster. Matt Baty’s vocals howl, echoing over the cacophony like a
 mythic warlord and mischief-maker, both from the heavens and from the bowels of the earth. And what a cacophony it is –the guitars come at you predictably but with a Juggernaut force that rattles the ribcage. This is classic 70s heavy metal deep-fried in iron and blood. But it’s the fifteen-minute-plus tracks that
 truly show what these underground demons are capable of. There is the space psych squall of Monster Magnet to ‘Psychopomp’ but with a more earthen, primitive bent –a Cro-Magnon bludgeoning of guttural howls and relentless metal-against-granite riffs, swelling and falling like universes colliding. The dirge is certainly hypnotic yet forcefully so – abrasive and unfettered, yet with a sense of control that only gods and madmen can even attempt to reign in. The amped storm and demonic drumming in the second
 half of this track is my favourite part of this album –always threatening to destroy each other, entwined and
 furious, not unlike a rat king at fever pitch. Then finishing the album is ‘Icon’, which
 almost feels like an inversion of ‘Psychopomp’. Starts off with the quiet sole stoner-rock muffled guitar line,
before smashing through the speakers with ruthlessness,speeding up, squalling, incanting, gnashing of teeth. Guitar solos profligate amongst the sonic molten morass. Then towards the end things grind down to a Part Chimp doom dirge (the animalistic totems abound), a colossal battering where no surface, instrument, vocal cord or brain cell is left unscathed. The demons have been summoned, channeled,
 purged. Feed The Rats is gloriously over the top, tipping towards the precipice of ridiculousness, yet the sheer brutality of it is what steadies the ship here. To see the band unleash these behemoths is a more frightening and exhilarating a proposition, but this debut album makes a damn good fist of catching that viscous lightning in a bottle. The strength, the rabid vitality, the electrifying virility, the virulent sins against decency and your eardrums – no matter what the pig means to you, these Pigs, like Manannan, will never be tethered or tapered –they are legion, and won’t stop until you are one of them.

FEED THE RATS-01 Psychopomp/02 Sweet Relief/03 Icon

Finished listening to this while working on the post, it's really good, the long tracks are long to good effect, and fans of sludgy stoner/doom can't be without this one!

Another Fabio submission, W.Johnson/R.Daltery

(scott) of course, unfamiliar with this one as well (a GOOD THING as always), this sounds great.....I'll include a small review written by Fabio himself, I'll be listening to this one tomight, I hope it lives up to my expectations......love me some competent/sloppy garage rock every time!

 I really enjoy this album... great guitar tone  the Wilko Dicked Telecaster tone of early Dr. FEELGOOD is here, great performance of Daltrey... Great blues harp passages!  Stellar production for the English Gentlemen, Elders, Legends... Maestros!  

W JOHNSON/R DALTERY-01 Going back Home/02 Ice On the Motorway/03 I Keep it to Myself/04 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window/05 Turned 21/06 Keep On Loving you/07 Some Kind of Hero/08 Sneaking Suspicion/09 Keep It Out of Sight/10 Everybody's Carrying A Gun/11 All Through the City

Excited as fuck to listen to this one, likely tomorrow.......amazed I didn't know of it, but no matter......Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltery sounds like a match made in heaven, I'll be thrilled to give this a Tuesday morning listen!

The Complete Can part 3

I have to say, this has been one of the most popular submissions in a long time.....zigzagwanderer,
obviously a real fan of Can, has put this together......like I've said, there is rock and roll that I like but have little knowledge of.....that's why, for reggae, I call on Cliff......but for early 70's Krautrock, zigzag seems to be the go-to guy......make no mistake, I LOVE Krautrock, reminds me of some brnds of psychedelia at times.......and the kraut stuff, imo is FAR superior to the same era's UK/USA proggish-stuff (Genesis, Yes)........anyway, this is so cool, I had exactly ONE Can album in my stash, "Tago Mago"......now I'm getting a crash course in their fab music......yet another reason why I feel I am lucky to do this.....anyway, I think that zig underestimated his can stash, as we are on part 3 and he says there is a good bit more yet to come! Fabulous, as people are loving this one! Thanks a zillion zigzag, I didn't really realize how crazy folks would go for this, when we get it all done, I may just up the content on 70's krautrock stuff, maybe we'll find some new gems (hint: my fave band of the era/genre is the Swiss band Krokodil, I've posted them before, maybe I should again and perhaps I'll trip over something new.......

Horrortrip In The Paperhouse [1972]

01 - Paperhouse.mp3
02 - Spoon.mp3
03 - Love Me Tonight.mp3
04 - Bring Me Coffee Or Tea.mp3
05 - Hallelujah.mp3



Live Berlin  [1972]

01 - Entropy.mp3
02 - Improvisation.mp3
03 - Bring Me Coffee Or Tea.mp3
04 - Mother Sky.mp3
05 - Peking O.mp3
06 - Spoon.mp3



Paris Olympia [1973]

01 - Queueing Down.mp3
02 - One More Night.mp3
03 - Spoon.mp3
04 - Olympia.mp3
05 - Vitamin C.mp3



BBC [1973/74]
01 - Tatgirdid Janit - Part A.mp3
02 - Tatgirdid Janit - Part B.mp3
03 - I'm So Green-Spoon - Part A.mp3
04 - I'm So Green-Spoon - Part B.mp3
05 - I'm So Green-Spoon - Part C.mp3
06 - Pinch - Part A.mp3
07 - Pinch - Part B.mp3



Future Days [1973]

01 - Future Days.mp3
02 - Spray.mp3
03 - Moonshake.mp3
04 - Bel Air.mp3



Tin Can Jewels [1973]

01 - Improvisation  Soup.mp3
02 - Bel Air  Improvisation.mp3




Lest  folks think I am a slacker, I likely oughta post some of MY stuff too I suppose......while we're on an early 70's prog rock sort-of kick, here is the fab "Open For Business", a USA release from 1970.....it's jazzy-psych, I like it a good bit, I THINK this may have been their only effort, as i have previously cited my lack of knowledge on kraut/prog rock.......happen to have this one laying here though, so enjoy, it's worth your while.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS-01 Today's Promises (Are tomorrow's Echos)/02 Bluesday Morning/03 He Can't Bring You/04 First Grade Reader/05 Feelin' It/06 How can I/07 Magic

the 20+ minute "Magic" is pretty cool IMO


From Norway (2017) comes more stoner rock from Fabio, this time "Space Drifter" from Bernelius.....believe it or not, another "New one" to me, so we'll all find out I guess......and remember, I LOVE stuff I am unfamiliar with, such as this, so please keep it up.

SPACE DRIFTER-01 Cocoon/02 Pow/03 Light the Fuse/04 Black Fissure/05 Captain Hill/06 Voodoo Queen/07 To My Fellow Space Drifters/08 Funeral Pyre/09 Hooks/10
Grand Vizier Blues


Black Rainbows

So Fabio sends one that I've heard before.......2015's "Hawkdope" from Black Rainbows......Fabio refers to them as "THE" Italian stoner band, could be, but I do know this album is some heavy fuzzed out stoner/psych.......must hear for fans of the genre!

HAWKDOPE-01 The Prophet/02 Wolf Eyes/03 Hawkdope/04 No Fuel No Fun/05 Hypnotize My Soul With Rock N Roll/06 Waiting For the Sun/07 Jesusjudge/08 Killer Killer Fuzz/09 The Cosmic Picker


Also, a vinyl rip!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fabio bets I already have this, he'd lose that bet as I don't know this one either.......Fabio's short review is:

CONAN - Battle in the Swamp - 2007 (EP)
01. Battle in the Swamp.mp3
02. Satsumo.mp3
03. Temple of Mu.mp3
04. Krull.mp3

for me it's sorta Meditation music! every now and then I Blast this one
throu my best cans... generous volume...

Thanks my brother, I'll be checking it out tonight!

Future of the Left, Singles and EP's

With one single link, John N releases the key to a slew of Future of the Left singles/EP's.......I've really
enjoyed the albums so far, hope the other stuff here is as good.......thanks to John N for ALWAYS having something worth hearing....remember, all of the below in ONE link......

SINGLE 1-01 Fingers Become Thumbs/02 The Lord hates a Coward/03 The Fibre provider

SINGLE 2-01 Adeadaenemyalwayssmellsgood/02 March of the Coupon Saints

SINGLE 3-01 Manchasm/02 Suddenly It's a Folk Song/03 Sum of all Parts

SINGLE 4-01 The Hope That House Built/02 I Have Four Names

SINGLE 5-01 Stand By Your Manatee/02 Preoccupation Therapy

SINGLE 6 (EP)-01 Polymers are Forever/02 With Apologies to Emily Pankhurst/03 New Adventures/04 My Wife is Unhappy/05 Dry Hate/06 destroywhitchurch.com

SINGLE 7- (EP)-01 Chastity Drive/02 Com.man.do/03 Tell the Truth About the Brace Position

SINGLE 8- (EP)-01 The Real Meaning of Christmas/02 Future Child Embarassment Matarix/03 Johnny Borrell Afterlife/04 He is Not a Hymn/05 Hometapingiskillingsusan

SINGLE 9- (EP)-01 Prescriptions/02 Not Entirely Present/03 New Commuters/04 The Knife That Is
Not a Knife/05 Fucked Up Runners/06 Hey Precious

SINGLE 10- (EP)-01 The Male Gaze/02 Perpetual Motives/03 The Bisexuality of Distance/04 An Idiot's Idea of Ireland

SINGLE 11- (EP)-01 The Cock That Walked/02 Fireproof (Boy Vs Bison)/03 Animals Beginning With a B/04 Problem Thinker/05 There's Always Paul/06 Church and State

EP TITLES: Single 6-"Polymers Are Forever", Single 7-"At Magnetic West"/ Single 8-"Man vs. Melody"/Single 9-"Human Death"/ Single 10-"Love Songs For Our Husbands"/ Single 11-" To Failed States and Forest Clearings"

The Kills Complete B Sides

Always LOVED The Kills, a great band of the 00's......great band....anyway, I think this is kind of a
rarity, not sure I even found the correct track listing.....if I did, though, cool, this is (I think) an I Tunes special collection.....I dona't much recall seeing it much, hope it is a rarity......if not, it's got some damn fine icy-cold Kills killers on it! Enjoy this rocks......if the track list is wrong, let me know, it was HARD to locate!


01 Dropout Boogie
02 Gum
03 Kiss The Wrong Side
04 Jewel Thief
05 Sugar Baby
06 Run Home Slow
07 Baby's Eyes
08 Restaurant Blouse
09 Superpowerless
10 Hit Me When U-1-2 (XFM Session)
11 Love Is A Deserter (XFM Session)
12 Passion Is Accurate


01 Magazine
02 Night Train
03 I Call It Art
04 The Void
05 Half Of Us
06 The Search For Cherry Red
07 London Hates You
08 Kissy Kissy (iTunes Sessions)
09 Sour Cherry (iTunes Sessions)
10 Pull a U (iTunes Sessions)
11 Getting Down (iTunes Sessions)
12 Crazy (iTunes Sessions)
13 Weedkiller
14 Forty Four

Adrian Borland

This is a Fabio submission with which I am not familiar, (1997) Adrian Borland's "5:00'......not much detail given other than track list, does this have some relevance to The Sound? I kind of got that idea.....anyway, here it is, I'll be checking this out later as Fabio NEVER steers me wrong.......thanks to Fabio and I hope we all enjoy!

ADRIAN BORLAND - 1997 - 5:00 AM

01 Stray Bullets.mp3
02 Dangerous Stars.mp3
03 Vampiric.mp3
04 Baby Moon.mp3
05 City Speed.mp3
06 Kissing In The Dark.mp3
07 I'm Your Freedom.mp3
08 The Spinning Room.mp3
09 Redemption's Knees.mp3
10 Between Buildings.mp3
11 Over The Under.mp3
12 Before The Day Begins.mp3                                                                              


And yet another submission from the Fabio-machine, and another one I don't know.....this is what makes him a great poster is he continually sends me stuff I've never heard of to share with ya......the greatest thing in the world! today it's Mammothwing, I spot listened just a bit and sounds like another sludgy good one! Thanks to Fabio!

Mammothwing - Morning Light (2016)

01 Cosmic Vagabond.mp3
02 Tinned Up & Fuzzed Out.mp3
03 Black Woman.mp3
04 '69.mp3
05 Chump Change.mp3

Ritual Howls

And yet another Fabio submission that is not known to me, 2013 "Ritual Howls"....described by Fabio
as Very GOOD Dark-Jangle-Wave, unsure exactly what that is but I'll be happy to find out.......thanks Fabio for continuing to send quality albums this way, it helps make the blog what it is!

01 The Year of Fear.m4a
02 Cemetery Guards.m4a
03 Keep Those Stones Up.m4a
04 L'Atalante.m4a
05 Rosabelle Believe.m4a
06 Anchorites.m4a
07 Hell Fuck.m4a
08 The Mark.m4a
09 Sacred Awe.m4a

Reagan Youth

From Queens NY came the somewhat forgotten Reagan Youth, who released a series of hard-punk
singles and a few albums during the 1980's.......quite a dated hoot to listen to today, ("We are the Reagan Youth, SEIG HEIL!")......a lot of it comes off that way, but worth a listen.....John N sends this 2 disc monster, "The Complete Youth Anthems For the New Order".......I've been digging it today, musically, it is surprisingly close to Biohazard, lyrically, well, typical 80's angry young men.....this is a fine submission from John N, wonderful period piece for punk fans!

Forgive me for pasting the track list, lotta tunes here to list!

A Collection Of Pop Classics CD
Reagan Youth Volume 1 (DISC 1)
1Reagan Youth
2New Aryans
3(Are You Really) Happy?
4No Class
5I Hate Hate!
7(You're A) Gonowhere
10In Dog We Trust
Reagan Youth Vol 2
11It's A Beautiful Day
12Jesus Was A Communist
13Urban Savages
14What Will The Neighbors Think?
15Get The Ruler Out
16Brave New World
17Miss Teen America
18Heavy Metal Shuffle
19Queen Babylyon
20Acid Rain
21One Holy Bible
22Back To The Garden (Parts I-IV)
23Heaven & Hell (Cbg's 1988)
Live & Rare CD  (DISC 2)
1It's A Beautifull Day - Cbgb's 6/25/83
2Degenerated - Cbgb's 5/28/83
3Go Nowhere - Cbgb's 3/5/83
4New Aryans - Cbgb's 3/5/83
5No Class - Cbgb's 5/3/83
6Urban Savages - Cbgb's 5/3/83
7Brave New World - Cbgbs 3/5/83
8Acid Rain - Cbgb's 12/17/83
9Anytown - Cbgb's 12/17/83
10Are You Happy - Cbgb's 12/17/83
11Usa - Cbgb's 12/17/83
12I Hate Hate - Cbgb's 5/28/83
13In Dog We Trust - Cbgb's 11/20/83
14Reagan Youth - Studio Spring 1982
15Usa - Studio 10/82
16I Hate Hate - Studio 5/83
17Degenerated - Studio 5/83
18Brave New World - Vol 1 Out-Take 1982
19New Aryans (Alternate Version)
20Anytown (Alternate Version)
21Go Nowhere (Alternate Version)
22Reagan Youth (Alternate Version)
23In Dog We Trust (Alternate Version)
24Usa (Alternate Version)
25I Hate Hate (instrumental)
26Ace Of Spades - Cbgb's 1984
27Anytown - Rehersal
28Reagan Youth Cbgb's Ratcage Benefit 11/20/82
29Postlude - Demo 1988

Mad John The Wise

This is a Bandcamp link with a request to listen to and review the new EP from Mad John The
Wise......from Greece, some good hard semi-stoner rock. In case you didn't know, perhaps my VERY favorite thing here is when total unknowns send me their Bandcamp link or whatever, love getting those young bands (young bands who GET IT) a bit of exposure.

Hello  growboredbigscott62,

Below you will hear some interesting stories from 

Stargazer Lillies

Reminding me for all the world of Portland Oregon's High Violets, we have some fab noisy shoegaze from The Stargazer Lillies......this kind of noisy distorted dreamy psych has been my "thing" for a little while so you might have to indulge me for a minute, unless you dig it as well......"Part Time Punks Sessions" is the name of this, but don't be fooled, it's all spacey and trippy and brain swirling, like I like.......thanks to my man John N who sent this bad boy, a good un.


1. Sunday Is Monday At Midnight (04:14)
2. Fukitol (04:59)
3. Endless Days (04:31)
4. We Are The Dreamers (05:02)
5. How We Lost (04:16)
6. Space Jam (05:13)
7. Golden Key (04:30)
8. When With You (04:57)
9. Bathed In Blue (05:25)

The Stargazer Lilies is the creation of John Cep and Kim Field, pioneers of new wave shoegaze with their old band Soundpool. It's evolution, this time with psych rock elements added (MBV meets Pink Floyd). The strong guitars with Cep effects are accentuated by the minimalist approach of drummer Tammy Hirata, along with the bass lines and dreamy voices of Field. After their debut album "We Are The Dreamers" in 2013, their sound was described in Spin Magazine as "Slowdive's slow-moving assault, with the flickering air of the air channeled into a lush and full of guitars. Epic Psycho-Swirl ".

They have a truly panoramic and cinematic sound with crescendos that build cascading waves of sound that wrap their whole body. The music is a bit darker than the standard dream pop, but that just makes it so much more mesmerizing. His previous album "Door to the Sun" is located among the best albums of the genre of the year 2016 by means specialized.

Comparable to a Peel Sessions, the acclaimed radio program Part Time Punks is the sound of the Los Angeles underground, directed by the local icon Michael Stock, in these sessions, which include songs from their studio albums, you can appreciate the power of The Stargazer Lilies live. The ultimate album for lovers of shoegaze that will undoubtedly be a classic.