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X Ray Spex Demos

Just found this one in all my shit, "Obsessed With You", a fine collection of early demos from XRay
Spex.....a different version of "Oh Bondage Up Yours" and a lot of other cool shit here too.......I bet I've had this for years and I don't think I've ever listened until today!

1Oh Bondage Up Yours2:41
2Obsessed With You1:53
3Let's Submerge2:59
4Plastic Bag4:20
5I Live Off You2:15
6I Am A Cliche1:49
7I Can't Do Anything2:41
8The Day The World Turned Dayglow2:46
10I Am A Poseur2:31
11Genetic Engineering2:58
12Germ Free Adolescents3:25
14Warrior In Woolworths3:04

Mega Sons of Garage Fuzz Volume 7

Up to the letter G as these fab posts from that great huge Torrent continue.......And remember, there is
NO overlap between this series and the "first" Garage Fuzz series I posted directly before I started these.....I removed the overlapping tracks to guarantee all "new" material in each volume. Glad everyone is enjoying these.

VOLUME 7-01 THE GANTS-Look at the Sun/02 THE GANTS-Road Runner/03 GUNGA DYNS-No One Cares/04 GENE VINCENT-Bird Doggin'/05 THE GENTS-I Wonder Why/06 GREGORY & THE VELVET ILLUSIONS-Mini Shimmy/07 GIANT CRAB-Hot Line Conversation/08 THE GLADIATORS-Turning to Stone/09 GOLD-No Parking/10 GOLDEN CATALINAS-Varsity Club Song/11 THE GRABBLETONS-Make Love/12 GRAINS OF TIME-This Little Girl/13 GRASS-I'm Getting Tired/14 GRASS ROOTS-Depressed Feeling/15 GREAT GRANNIES-Sugar Man/16 GREGORY DEE & THE AVANTIES-Because of You/17 GREMLINS-We've Found a Love/18 GRIFS-Keep Dreaming/19 GRIM REAPER-Twelfth Night/20 GRODES-Cry a Little Longer/21 GRUMP-Heartbreak Hotel/22 GUESS WHO-Believe Me/23 GUYS WHO CAME UP FROM DOWNSTAIRS-Growth

An EP from The Sound

I Am the Liquor

Here's a band that Fabio submits, his statement is that it reminds him of Red Fang, and what the hell is
wrong with that? I don't know the band, they are I Am the Liquor with their new release, "7 Days of Smoke"......I carpet bombed it a bit, pretty good, harkens back to the "classic" stoner rock period that myself and no one else celebrates.........

    01. The Gallows                 -  06:03
    02. Balerion                         -  05:34
    03. The Hound                    -  05:31
    04. Whiskey, Bourbon, Rye -  03:21
    05. Sands of Time               -  05:02
    06. Destroyer of  Worlds     -  05:52
    07. 100 Thousand Million Stars  -  06:06 

The Complete Can, part 4

(scott) The next portion of the Can extravaganza from Zigzagwanderer, this has been a hugely popular
series, which is always great.......all I can say is thanks to zig for this, but there is ONE thing to ask.....in his email he tells me that he thinks after one more post, we will have pretty much the whole discography, with one exception.....his copy of "The Lost Tapes" is corrupt.......does anyone out there in blogland have a copy? If so PLEASE share it here, send it to my email or post it in comments.....that would be pretty cool if we had the entire collection available.

Can Part Four.

Soon Over Babaluma [1974]

01 - Dizzy Dizzy.mp3
02 - Come Sta, La Luna.mp3
03 - Splash.mp3
04 - Chain Reaction.mp3
05 - Quantum Physics.mp3



Ta Hyidit Yanit [1974]

01 - Ta Hyidit Yanit.mp3



Landed [1975]                                                                          

01 - Full Moon On The Highway.mp3
02 - Half Past One.mp3
03 - Hunters And Collectors.mp3
04 - Vernal Equinox.mp3
05 - Red Hot Indians.mp3
06 - Unfinished.mp3



Pinch In Stuttgart [1975]

01 - Improvisation.mp3
02 - Bel Air.mp3
03 - Dizzy Dizzy.mp3
04 - Pinch Improvisation (Edit).mp3



Brussels [1976]                                                                            

01 - One More Night.mp3
02 - Red Hot Indians-Half Past One-Part A.mp3
03 - Red Hot Indians-Half Past One-Part B.mp3
04 - Cisum (cut).mp3
05 - Drum Solo (fade out).mp3
06 - Drums solo.mp3



Flow Motion [1976]

01 - I Want More.mp3
02 - Cascade Waltz.mp3
03 - Laugh Till You Cry, Live Till You Die.mp3
04 - ..........And More.mp3
05 - Babylonian Pearl.mp3
06 - Smoke (E.F.S. No. 59).mp3
07 - Flow Motion.mp3


Weekend Clash boots......been a while!

Three more Clash boots from the Lewdd collection, we're getting late in the Clash'scareer (ie songs
I've never heard of, are they from "Cut the Crap!"?.....anyway, as always, the sound quality on these will vary, as some Lewdd keeps for archival reasons.....some are quite tasty though, it's up to you to sort through the greatest Clash bootleg collection of all time!?!?!?!?! Or, maybe not.......

SAN ANTONIO 5/22/83-01 Garageland/02 Spanish Bombs/03 Somebody Got Murdered/04 Armagideon Time/05 rock the Cashbah/06 Lost in the Supermarket/07 Know Your Rights/08 Charlie Don't Surf/09 The Guns of Brixton/10 I'm So Bored With the USA/11 Death or Glory/12 Bankrobber/13 Hate and War/14 Tommy Gun/15 Sound of Sinners/16 Police on My Back/17 Brand New Cadillac/18 London Calling/19 Straight to Hell/20 Train in Vain/21 The Magnifiacent Seven/22 Fingernails (W/Joe Ely)/23 Should I Stay or Should I Go/24 I Fought the Law

GLASGOW-2/10/84-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03  Ammunition /04
We Are the Clash /05 Sex Mad War/06  Clampdown /07 The Guns Of Brixton/08 Three Card Trick/09
Glue Zombie /10 English Civil War/11 Spanish Bombs /12 Clash City Rockers /13 Police and Thieves /14 The Dictator/15 Career Opportunities/16 I Fought the Law/17 Complete Control/18 White Riot /19
Know Your Rights /20 Tommy Gun/21 In the Pouring Rain /22`Brand New Cadillac/23 Garageland /24
Are You Ready for War? /25 I’m So Bored with the USA /26 Janie Jones

PARIS 3/1/84 01 Intro, London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 Are You Red-Y/04 Rock the
Casbah/ 05 The Dictator/06 Mag 7/07 The Guns Of Brixton/08 Ammunition/09 Clampdown/10 Sex Mad War/11 I'm So Bord With the USA/12 This Is England/13 Tommy Gun/14 Police & Thieves/15 Three Card Trick/16 Janie Jones/17 I Fought the Law/18 Brand New Cadillac/19 Complete Control/20 Armagideon Time/21 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/22 Career Opportunites/23 Garageland/24 1-2 Crush On You/25 English Civil War

The Hazytones

Another day, and another Fabio stoner-rock release that I am not familiar with (LOVE stuff like that)....this on from The Hazytones, This 2016 self titled release is the only album (that I can locate at least) from these Canadian stoner-rockers......listened to this and it meets MY approval, so oncwe again, Fabio, keep up the cool shares!

The Hazytones - ST 2016 

01. Light of the Day
02. Fool's Paradise
03. Free from Your Spell
04. Marked by the Devil
05. Children of the Universe
06. Day of the Dead
07. Kill to Survive
08. Living on the Edge
09. Moonstruck


And on it goes.....make no mistake, I will continue this blog if I NEVER get another album which I am familiar with, I LOVE these new experiences.....Fabio claims this as one of his faves of last year, Idlewar's "Impulse".......heavy metal power trio rock, similar to, I dunno, the Rods, maybe? Anywya, I like it it's loud and obnoxious, the way metal oughta be.......Fabio sends along a review which of course I will Include:

Californian Rockers Idlewar is back with their debut album Impulse. Following up on their well-received EP ‘Dig In’ the boys are back with a bang. Some of you may know the 3 piece from their first outing, but this was my introduction to a heavy hitting and unique voice that is undeniably Idlewar. The core of the tracks recorded in only two days that has produced beauties like ‘Impulse’ which delivers a fresh and raw approach to its articulation, not only in how they choose to convey their sound which is a little off kilter but somehow it works. At first making you feel a little uncomfortable, but as you let yourself give in to the essence of this dirty infectious recording you start to appreciate its undercurrent.

Stone In My Heel’ opens the album to great effect establishing Idelwar’s distinguished sound, vocalist and bassist James Blake delivering mesmerising vocals along side a ceaseless addictive hook of guitars, bass and drums. ‘Soul’ carries on perfectly again reminding you Idelwar aren’t your average band, no Idlewar are the band for the independent thinker. ‘All That I Got’ has a disturbing dark sounding vocal delivery that demands your attention, separating Idelwar from the pack of your radio friendly go to rock band. ‘Innocent’ is a faster paced track and one of the stand out for me on the album but track after track you get engrossed by this well-formed crazy beautiful array of songs. Impulse produced by drummer Pete Pagonnis and mastered by Brian Lucey (Ghost ‘Meliora’, Black Keys ‘El Camino’, Arctic Monkeys ‘AM’), Definitely helps Idlewar get their individual voice out there for all to hear.

The album wraps up with another great track ‘On Our Knees’ and at first glance I didn’t know what to make of Idlewar, but by the end I was sold on this delicately balanced album, ugly and beautiful all at the same time yin and yang in abundance covered over 10 tracks of heart and soul from the California trio. Impulse is released 30th of September and it could just be the surprise package for 2016 / 2017.
1. Stone In My Heel

2. Soul
3. Criminal
4. All That I’ve Got
5. Innocent
6. Glory
7. Apathy
8. Damage
9. Burn
10. On Our Knees



Fabio again, this time with some cool Russian hard rocking goodness.....again he sends a review that I will send along, but I DO happen to know this band, and I know that they rock like a mofo......please check this one out, it is a good one!

Motorama – Dialogues (2016)

Filed Under: indie-pop, post-punk 
motoramaWhen most people think of Russia, rock music is not something that comes to mind. For many, the amount of Russian bands they know could be counted on less than one hand, and for most on less than one finger. However, the five-piece band Motorama from Rostov-on-Don, Russia has been recording post-punk and, more recently, synth filled indie rock, for the past decade. Even more interesting is that they perform all their songs in English. Though their albums from earlier this decade relied heavily on imitating Joy Division, last year’s Poverty saw singer/guitarist Vladislav Parshin finding his own voice. Following on the footsteps of that album, Motorama’s newest foray into indie pop, Dialogues, sees the band cementing their own sound even more.
The opening track on the album “Hard Times” is surprisingly one of the most subdued songs on the album. Synthesizers take the lead melody and a muffled bass plays a dance-y groove over processed drums while Parshin sings almost mantra like for only the first half of the song. Other songs like “Deep” and “By Your Side” also fall in the same vein of relatively relaxed grooving, but most of the songs on the album are more upbeat and carry elements of Motorama’s post-punk origins. “Sign” starts with a straightforward drum beat reminiscent of punk music, and is quickly joined by a swift, super funky bass line. Muffled guitar chords redolent of Neutral Milk Hotel are the drivers behind the track “Above the Clouds” and feature some of the best vocal melodies by Parshin on the album. The feeling of wanting to dance along to the songs is ever present on Dialogues, and “I See You” is the most representative of this sensation. The rhythm section creates such a funky beat that it’s almost impossible not to as least nod your head along to the groove. While “Reflection” is also groovy, the atmospheric elements of the synth and reverb filled guitars almost make it border on psych-rock.
Dialogues is a great representation of Motorama’s sound and one that further builds upon the ultra dancible melodies and rhythms recorded on Poverty. The instrumentation is different and dynamic enough between songs to keep it flowing, and the album seems to be finished before you even know it. If Motorama is at all indicative of the music scene in Russia, than hopefully we will start to hear some of the other talented bands coming out of the massive country. However, Motorama is also a band that sounds great outside of the context of nationality and it will be interesting to hear the material they continue to release after Dialogues.

Can-The Lost Tapes!

As zigzagwanderer works tirelessly to get the entire Can discography posted, Mr.DaveSampson provides us with the requested link for the "Can Lost Tapes"........this should (after Zig submits the remaining discs) provide us with ALL the Can releases we need.....if you are colecting the whole thing, please do not miss this one, we should have pretty much the whole thing including this one!


Has a Shadow

I like this one, a creepy, dark effort from Has a Shadow (South America)......this is new, a 2017 release, and is a cool blend of metal/goth/psych/noise-gaze all with a good gloomy payoff....."Attack of the Junkie" is pretty bangin', but the rest of it is good stuff too......one of the best, thus far, of this young year. Thanks to John N for this submission.

SORROW TOMORROW-01 Sorrow/02 Lord of the Flies/03 The Flesh/04 Attack of the Junkie/05 Cul de Sac/06 Vampire Kiss/07 Horror Will Grow/08 Not Even Human/09 World Sensation


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

OK, this is the NINTH album from this Australian psych outfit......this is my first exposure to them,
but not bad at all.....I will bet you one of our readers in that part of the globe will have some more of this material for us.......and that's great, that's how it works.....as for THIS album ("Flying Microtonal Banana"), it's quite good, although I'd be most interested in what their earlier sound was like......thnks to John N for sending this one along.

FLYING MICROTONAL BANANA-01 Rattlesnake/02 Melting/03 Open Water/04 Sleep Drifter/05 Billabong Valley/06 Anoxia/07 Doom City/08 Nuclear Fusion/09 Flying Microtonal Banana


Flat Worms

Here is a scorcher of a single from Flat Worms, a semi-supergoup-side project kind of thing....three tracks, the first is a noisy instro, the next are heavilly distorted, Ty Segal-type stuff.....this is a great single, hope you like it, and if there is more Flat Worms in existence, you know where to send em.another great submission from John N

RED HOT SAND-01 Red Hot Sand/02 Petulance/03 Sovereignty


Adrian Borland & the Citizens

Fabio sends this along, Adrian Borland being late of The Sound.......gonna include the touching email send to me by Fabio, as Borland obviously meant a good deal to him.......great stuff here, thanks to Fabio for another gem.

I still remember the day I read of A. Borland suicide... the feeling was the same if a friend have jumped in front of that train! 
He left his simply but Beautiful music... for me Adrian IS bigger than... say, Leonard Cohen!

ADRIAN BORLAND & The Citizens - ALEXANDRIA  (1989)

01 Light the Sky.mp3
02 She's My Heroine.mp3
03 Deep Deep Blue.mp3
04 Rogue Beauty.mp3
05 Beneath the Big Wheel.mp3
06 Community Call.mp3
07 No Ethereal.mp3
08 Other Side of the World.mp3
09 Crystalline.mp3
10 Shadow of Your Grace.mp3
11 Weight of Stuff.mp3

The Complete Can Part 5

Zigzagwanderer checks in with part 5 of the monster Can creation.......he says he has one more part
then he's gonna do MY fave (krautrockers) Krokodil! But meanwhile, enjoying the hell out of Can, nice trippy stuff for my weed smoking/meditation experiences......if you sample here, please thank zig because these type projects, take it from me, are a lot of work......but worth it, when all you need to do is say thanks!

Grenoble [1976]

01 - Pinch + Improvisation.mp3
02 - Dizzy Dizzy.mp3
03 - Chain Reaction + Half Past One.mp3
04 - Vernal Equinox + Improvisation.mp3
05 - Ibis + Improvisation.mp3



Hanover & Hatfield [1976 / 75]

01 - Vitamin C.mp3
02 - One More Night.mp3
03 - Bel Air.mp3
04 - Dizzy Dizzy.mp3
05 - Improvisation.mp3



Lyon [1976]

01 - Intro.mp3
02 - Citrus.mp3
03 - Red Hot Indians.mp3
04 - Dizzy Dizzy.mp3
05 - Announcement.mp3
06 - Chain Reaction.mp3
07 - One More Night.mp3
08 - Vernal Equinox - More Spree & Vitamin C.mp3



Poitiers [1976]

01 - Morning Glory.mp3
02 - Bel Air.mp3
03 - Dizzy Dizzy.mp3
04 - Applause.mp3
05 - Mother Sky.mp3
06 - I Want More-Gomorrha-Improvisation-Vernal Equinox-Part A.mp3
07 - I Want More-Gomorrha-Improvisation-Vernal Equinox-Part B.mp3
08 - I Want More-Gomorrha-Improvisation-Vernal Equinox-Part C.mp3
09 - Vitamin C.mp3



Unlimited Edition [1976]

01 - Gomorrha.mp3
02 - Doko E..mp3
03 - Lh 702 (Nairobimunchen).mp3
04 - I'm Too Leise.mp3
05 - Musette.mp3
06 - Blue Bag (Inside Paper).mp3
07 - Ethnological Forgery Series No. 27.mp3
08 - Tv Spot.mp3
09 - Ethnological Forgery Series No. 7.mp3
10 - The Empress And The Ukraine King.mp3
11 - Ethnological Forgery Series No. 10.mp3
12 - Mother Upduff.mp3
13 - Ethnological Forgery Series No. 36.mp3
14 - Cutaway.mp3
15 - Connection.mp3
16 - Fall Of Another Year.mp3
17 - Ethnological Forgery Series No. 8.mp3
18 - Transcendental Express.mp3
19 - Ibis.mp3



Saw Delight [1977]

01 - Don't Say No.mp3
02 - Sunshine Day And Night.mp3
03 - Call Me.mp3
04 - Animal Waves.mp3
05 - Fly By Night.mp3


Collect 'em all! More Zimmerman "comic books"

That's right, break out those GBFAL decoder rings and set to frequency 345789.455 (important: .456
in Idaho) to crack the code words in this post. And remember decoder rings are still available, $249.95, plus a mere $40 for shipping.....it is like stealing!

So here are "issues" 9-12 of the great "Zimmerman Comics" series.....they were of course, "publishsed" in a variety locations, see below, also for dates of "publication"......there are no "tables of contents" offered up for these "books" as I don't feel like it, but according to one contributor, they are all fairly similar.

Remember there are 36 total "issues" of " Zimmerman", actually only 23 actual "Stories'.....but some DO have additional "chapters", bringing this to 36 "issues" total.

ISSUE 9-Published in Dublin Ireland 5/5/66

ISSUE 10 Published in Belfast Ireland 5/6/66

ISSUE 11 Published in Bristol England 5/10/66

ISSUE 12 Published in Cardif Wales 5/11/66

God bless our decoder rings, we'd never be able to finish ANYTHING without them.....btw, thanks to both John N and Jon S for submitting their personal copies of these "comics".

One third of the way through the Zimmerman "comics" and as yet no "problems", reflecting unfavorably upon the intellect of those that would create problems, if ya get what I'm saying......I guess those folks are too cheap to spring for a decoder ring?

Devilish Dear

This is a good one. From Brazil we have a fine set of shoegaze noise from Devilish Dear, "These
Sunny Days".......this is stuff, I think, you either "get" or you "don't", like a lot of rock music has always been......this is some of the typical noise rock that I personally have raved about the last couple of years.....almost qualifies as an instrumental album as the vocals are mixed down so low, but it works for me, noise, distortion, sound effects, all that kewl stuff........I'm thrilled to be posting this one for y'all, hope some of ya dig it at least, I know for sure I do.

THESE SUNNY DAYS-01 Face Without Eyes/02 These Sunny Days/03 Time to Live a Little/04 3 AM/05 Pointless Status/06 This isn't Happiness/07 Handstand/08 I Wanna Do It/09 Mad Future

Save this post......someday when everyone understands that I am right about this stuff being THE rock n roll of the 2010's, it'll be valuable, and people will appreciate me for the genius that I am. And thanks a zillion to links-meister John N for turning me on to this one, it's REALLY good imo.

King Gizzard, redux

Fabio follows up yesterday's John N King Gizzard submission with another effort from that band,
2011's "Willoughby Beach".......again, not listened, but was impressed with the previously postd album.....as always, see whatcha think.........

01 Danger $$$.mp3
02 Black Tooth.mp3
03 Lunch Meat.mp3
04 Crookedile.mp3
05 Let It Bleed.mp3
06 Dead-Beat.mp3
07 Dustbin Fletcher.mp3
08 Stoned Mullet.mp3
09 Willoughby's Beach.mp3

Order of Israfel

And another Fabio selection, this time some gloom and doom funeral rock, compliments of The ORder
of Israfel.......you can read about them below, but since they rose from the ashes of Church of Misery, I'm gonna assume that they are NOT a good-time, get-down-n-boogie band, just a hunch......


When his friend told him about Israfel, ex-Church of Misery member Tom Sutton’s eyes widened and he knew he had found a subject from which he could derive the perfect band name.
Israfel: ‘One of the four archangels of Islam, he is the angel of music and will blow his trumpet from a holy rock in Jerusalem to announce the Day of Resurrection.’
When Patrik Andersson, from Doom Dogs, and Sutton decided to form a band with Patrik on the bass and himself on the vocals and guitars, they knew that there could be no better name for the band other than ‘The Order of Israfel’. They found a drummer and a second guitarist, in Hans Lilja and Staffan Bjorck respectively, and released their debut album entitled ‘Wisdom’, which became the darling of the doom metal press and critics all over the world. They were the touted as the ones to fill the void which was created when Cathedral decided to bid adieu.
The Order of Israfel released their second album ‘Red Robes’ as a follow-up to ‘Wisdom’ on May 27 through Napalm Records, with Henrik Jacobson helming his brush to do the artwork for the cover of the album. The album starts with “Staff in the Sand”, which begins with an eerie folk intro that uses the violin, and then progresses into a haunting, doom-influenced riff. Sutton shines with his Ozzy-esque vocals which are supplemented by a riff lifted off the riff-book written by Lord Iommi. The song again goes into a passage that signals impending doom. “The Red Robes” is my favourite track from the album and starts with a staccato-based riff, which goes on for a short while before going back to the drone that was present in the first track. This song has a very lullaby-like passage just before the chorus, which is something I have not heard a doom metal band use before. There is also a haunting choral passage for a short while before the song goes back to the bridge and chorus for the second time.
“In Thrall To the Sorceress” should be noted for its stellar guitar harmonies along with its stoner rock section towards the end. The album changes dynamically in “Swords To The Sky”, which starts with a clean guitar intro that goes into an extremely melodious section with a nice solo. This song is a much needed change of style in the album from the first three songs. The same texture continues with “Von Sturmer”, but it changes in the middle to a very stoner rock-inspired passage. “Fallen Children” is a completely acoustic track and very folksy in nature. “A Shadow In The Hills” has a very Metallica-meets-Cathedral vibe to it. The album closes with “The Thirst”, which again takes the album back to doom and serves as the perfect closing track to this doom metal masterpiece
With this album, The Order of Israfel they have tried to penetrate the canopy of Cathedral-itis that the press put them under. Sure, this album has got a lot of Cathedral in it, but it also has a pinch of other genres sprayed all over. The tracks “Von Sturmer” and “In Thrall To The Sorceress”, for example, have got shreds of the brand of stoner rock popularized by the likes of Fu Manchu in it. There are also influences of Metallica circa ‘…And Justice For All’. The band sticks to its format of mixing doom with folk, but in the midst of the clean guitar folk passages, I could detect a bit of the Gothenburg melodic death metal sound. The production could have been slightly better as there were times when Sutton’s voice was inaudible and was drowned by the instruments. I also felt that the closing song “The Thirst”, which goes on for about 16 minutes, was monotonous and the band could have added a bit more flavor to the song.
Having alumni of doom metal stalwarts and having the right approach towards story-telling, The Order of Israfel has scored a masterpiece with their second album. Whilst relying on the heavy framework of riffs that Tony Iommi and company founded back in the 70s, and which Bruce Franklin and Dave Chandler propagated in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the band also incorporates an eclectic mix of genres in their music and oscillates between heaviness and acoustic sweetness which is definitely commendable. Let us see what they have in store for their 3rd album.

A Couple of Ty Segall boots

Thought I'd throw a couple of these up for today, good sounding boots from a guy who has shown up
here quite a bit of late.....I was trying to construct set lists/track lists for them, but can't find one in print and you know Ty, he has about 70000 different songs, so trying to construct the whole setlist is a feat I'm not up for.......I have included some show reviews of both concerts.....first up, we have a show from 3/3/12 from The Troubador, West Hollywood.........


And the second is from Burgerama, Santa Ana.......


good reviews to read and good recordings too, if anyone has a PRINTED set list, send it along, but don't go to all the work of trying to reconstruct the whole things.....they are worth a listen, TRULY worth a listen, as Ty is one of the underappreciated artists of this era. Another who will be understood and loved in about 30 years.

Love me some Ty Segall, bet there are LOTS of his boots floating around out there!