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Let's Dig Em Up

Stepping away from the recent psych-onslaught and back with some more garage rarities, very little
overlap with the earlier sets. Pretty diverse and random set of cuts from damn near everywhere on the planet.......Volume 1 gives us 18 tracks from NINE different countries, they seem pretty much thrown together without much rhyme/reason, BUT these are some pretty rare tracks. This disc gives us "My Little Girl" from Chubby Checker and the De Maskers (remember the ultra-incredible psych album from Checker I posted long ago? This would be from that same era).......from Japan we get Yuzo Kayama & the Launchers "Black Sand Beach", Los Yorks "Just Like Me" (from Peru), Les Hou-Loops give us "Thank the Lord for the Night" (Canada), and the Stone Cutters chcek in with the stranely titled "Fellow Slave".......there is a LOT more random cuts on here, not really crazy about the sequencing, but the rarity of the tracks in general saves the day.

Disc 2 is MUCH more sensibly programmed, Side 1 gives us the tracks from the USA (Eric & the Norsemen, The Gants, The Astronauts, and more), while side 2 (on the original vinyl of courseuld be the "international" side, with Denmark's Rocking Ghosts, The Charms (Greece), The Shake Spears (Rhodesia), and plenty more. Again, nothing off the charts spectacular, but quite rare, very little overlap, and certainly you can find a spot on your shelf for this stuff.......

Disc 3 is an ALL USA set, again, obscurity is the number #1 quality here......Riders of the Mark, The Volcanoes, The Hard Times, The Sirs.....hardly a houehold name in the bunch.

Now before the track lists, I want to repeat something you may have missed in Saturday's "Comments" section......here is the story recapped: I posted the first 3 discs of "Psychedelic Pstones", did not have the fourth, and asked if any "friends of the blog" could help out....I specifically thought of and mentioned Jose, and sure enough he came through  he almost always does, the link for the set, in case you missed it is HERE  http://www45.zippyshare.com/v/3634391/file.html   in case you missed it, the track list for the set is under the "Comments" section of "Psychedelic Pstones".....anyway, Jose also (VERY POLITELY) added that he did not care for the photos of women used on this blog occasionally.....I've
been known to use them every now and then just as eye-candy, the two specific instances he mentioned were "Cambodia Rocks" and "We Can FLy".......in THOSE TWO specific cases, here is what happened.....I could find NO information on "Cambodia Rocks", no song titles, no band names, and thus could search no pictures of the bands, album covers, etc......SO, rather than leave my blog unadorned with pictures, I opted to find me some hot Cambodian women and put their pictures up........(someone later came through with band names/titles so I guess i weren't so lazy I could have seeked out some other pics, but I did not. Now, "We Can Fly" is a bit of a different story: I was talking about my Facebook feindship with Lennon Murphy, and posted some topless pictures of her that were TAKEN FROM HER OWN WEBSITE. I love Lennon Murphy and if she were to object to the photos I would remove them in a second.......I've
posted pics  of Drew Barrymore, Liz Phair, Gwen Steffani, Olivia Paige,Genevieve Gorder, Megyn Price, Emile de Ravin, not to mention back at Christmas time when I was giving out daily "gifts" from the "gallery of perversion" (they were seperate downloads, many of them, such as a collection of "Hot Felons", a full history of "Playboy" centerfolds, lots more.....NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, had a word of complaint about these,or ANY pictures up until now. And I am NOT, by any means, demeaning or insulting Jose's view on the subject (I AM disagreeing with him, but we'll see).......here is the question: SHOULD I STOP PUTTING UP PICTURES OF THESE OBJECTS OF MY OWN PERSONAL OBJECTS OF
SLOBBER? Let us put it to a vote I really AM interested and MIGHT just abide by the outcome......under comments, simply say YES (if in favor of occasional Babe-age), or NO if NOT in favor of such......(currently 1-1, counting MY "yes" vote and Jose's "no" vote).....please, no name calling, no arguing, this is an HONEST DIFFERENCE OF OPINION and I would just like to know the prevailing attitude. I have always assumed my readership was probably about 95% mal, but I could be wrong about that as well......) So please take a minute to comment your feelings on this subject. I want AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to be happy with the contents of this, what is FIRST AND FOREMOST A MUSIC BLOG, and my "personal touch" happens to be that I am  51 year old perv with a passion for smoking hot women........but I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.......please. And keep it polite as the original commenter (Jose) most certainly did!....Jose, even though we are on opposite sides of the fence on this one, I still consider you one of the BEST and most helpful of the MANY GREAT "Friends of the Blog"......I hope this can just be accepted as an honest difference of opinion

LETS DIG EM UP DISC 1-01 THE DEVERONS-She's You're Lover/02 JOHN E SHARPE& THE SQUIRES-Monkey Shine/03 THE DEEP SIX-Last Time Around/04 THE MISSING LYNX-Hang Around/05 CHUBBY CHECKER WITH DE MASKERS-My Little Girl/06 BARRY LEE & THE ACTIONS-Try Me/07 THE COUSINS-All Right Mama/08 THE JUMPICS-I Want To Be Free/09 THE US STAMPS-Pull the Wool/10 LES HOU-LOPS-Thank For the Night/11 LOS YORKS-Just Like Me/12 LOS YOUNG BEATS-Not Fade Away/13 THE YORKSHIRE PUDDIN-Good Night Day/14 THE STONE CUTTERS-Fellow Slave/15 NOBODYS CHILDREN-Girl I Need You/16 THE SCORPIONS-Too Many Lovers/17 YUKAYAMA & THE LAUNCHERS-Black Sand Beach/18 THE COACHMEN-Drambuie

Good/03 JACK BEDIENT & THE CHESSMEN-Glimmer Sunshine/04 THE RUBBER MAZE-Won't See Me Down/05 THE ASTRONAUTS-Tomorrows Gonna Be Another Day/06 THE GANTS-Smoke RIngs/07 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-House of the RisingSun '69'/08 ERIC & THE NORSEMEN-Norsemen's Theme/09 THE ROCKING GHOSTS-Djengis Khan/10 THE ENTERTAINERS-Crazy Miss Daisy/11 LES SERPENTS NOIRS-Be In/12 RAY BROWN & THE WHISPERS-Help Me/13 THE CHARMS-The Count Game/14 ERIC CHARDEN-Amour Limite Zero/15 BILL KIMBAR & THE COURIERS-Be Mine/16 THE SHAKE SPEARS-What Happened/17 JOHNNY KENDALL & THE HERALDS-Jezebel

LETS DIG EM UP DISC 3-01 BACKGROUNDS-Day Breaks at Dawn/02 KENETICS-Put Your Lovin On Me/03 RIDERS OF THE MARK-Gotta Find Somebody/04 THE CLASSICS-Mean Woman/05 UNDERGROUND BALLOON CORPS-(Heart) Made of Soul/06 LAST IAMGE-Leaving You/07 SKEPTICS-Certain Kind of Girl/08 THE HARD TIMES-Mr Rolling Stone/09 THE WHATS NEW-Up So High/10 THE VOLCANOES-Sympathize/11 THEE IN-SET-They Say/12 APOLLO'S APACHES-Boss (Be Good To Me)/13 THE SIRS-Help Me/14 LAVENDER BLUES-Don't Me On/15 EPIC FIVE-I Need Your Lovin/16 THE JADES-You Have To Walk/17 THE HARD TIMES-Root 66

Oh, and by the way, probably no post until THURSDAY.....me and the Mrs are going away for a little Casino visit for a couple nights........be splittin them ace's and eights, and maybe come back with a huge wad of CASH.......or, maybe NOT too......see you slugs on THURSDAY!

The "Dose" Psych Comps

This is a really good set, allegedly put out on a label known  as (wait for it) "Arf Arf".....there are four
discs here, for the most part fairly obscure stuff, and no doubt, this is pure psych stuff, NOT punk/garage stuff......

OK, the first, and I think weakest of the four sets is "A Heavy Dose of Lyte Psych"...."light" (or "lyte") psych being my least favorite strain of the herb, as it gey dates horribly and winds up sounding like humorless hippie pretentions.......but, anyway.......25 tracks here, and some are pretty decent, in particular "It Just Won't Be That Way" by the Gurus, and the fairly readilly available "Haight Ashbury" by Teddy & His Patches......alot of this, I personally would not wish to hear more than once, but I'm sure some of ya LOVE this kinda  (Chris Carpenter, Id, Ballroom).......have at it. I find much more joy in the other three discs.

So, this brings us to "A Lethal Dose of Hard Psych", MUCH more my cuppa java......pretty obscure stuff, and much more in the style of my liking, fuzz guitars, nonsensical lyrics, etc......dig upon Catfish Knight and the Blues Express, Crystal Rain, Dutch Masters, Cardboard Box, and the Aadvarks, probably the best known band here (when the AARDVARKS are the best known act on a comp, the creators have done thier job!).......good stuff also from Mind Garage and Haymarket Riot, also regulars on several other comps.

Next we have "A Deadly Dose of Wylde Psych", probably the most obscure collection in the set......Chocolate Moose turn up fairly often, I guess, but other than that we get Oscar & the Majestics totally fab version of "House of the Rising Sun", Wet Paint sounding something like the Electric Prunes, Sweet Cherry sounding something like Iron Butterfly, some good hard riffing from Nite Watchmen......it's a treasure chest for those of us who cannot get enough obscure wah wah pedals and fuzz riffs.......not to be missed.

And finally....."An Overdose of Heavy Psych"......now, out of character for the set, Firebirds claim six tracks, upside is they are kickass (though fairly accessible).......Orange Wedge gives us the very good (ALSO fairly common)"From the Womb to the Tomb". Crystal Rain appear here as they did earlier, Powered By Love gives us the fairly well known "Powered By Love", Quiet Jungle gives us a good one, "Everything"......all in all there are a bunch of good tracks here but MOST OF THEM are pretty well comped elsewhere.

All in all, if you think of this as a "set", you'll want em all, the first and fourth ones I mention are probably the least interesting for different reasons, the middle two are pretty much must haves.......choose wisely grasshopper, or, just get the whole set, what do you want for nothing anyway?

Still waiting for people to give their opinions on my personal perverted penchant for featuring
smoking hot women on my blog.......SPEAK UP!

HEAVY DOSE OF LYTE PSYCH-01 UNKNOWN-Mystery Track/02 MISTY WIZARDS-It's Love/03 CAPES OF GOOD HOPE-Lady Margereth/04 FREEBORNE-Land of Diana/05 ID-The Rake/06 TEA COMPANY-Flowers/07 TRUTH-P.S. (Progress Stegnosis)/08 BALLROOM-Baby Please Dono/09 TEDDY & THE PATCHES-Haight Ashbury/10 PICTURE-Evolution/11 GURUS-It Just Won't Be That Way/12 MONGRELS-Good Good Man/13 WILD FLOWERS-More Than Me/14 CHRIS CARPENTER-This World (Is CLosing In On Me)/15 CHILDE HAROLD-Brink of Death/16 JIK & CO-Fly/17 MASADA-A Hundred Days and Nights/18 CRESCENT SIX-And Then/19 ATTIC SOUND-Look Straight Through Yo/20 WHITE ROOM-Thoughts of Yesterdays/21 CHIMPS-Fifth Class Mail/22 CHRIS CARPENTER-Water Falls/23 THE FOURTH WAY-The Far SIde of Your Mind/24 UNKNOWN-Mystery Track/25 ROCK REVIVAL-Venus

LETHAL DOSE OF HARD PSYCH-01 CHANGING TYMES-Blue Music Box/02 CATFISH KNIGHT & THE BLUES EXPRESS-Deathwise/03 THE BONDSMEN-Our Time To Cry/04 FLOWER PEOPLE-I Can Feel It/05 ADAM-Eve/06 AARDVARKS-Subconcious Train of Thought/07 FACTEE-Kaleidoscope/08 LIGHT-Back Up/09 DUTCH MASTERS-The Expectation/10 SIDELLS-Watch Out Mother/11 ZOSER-Dark of the Morning/12 TOM DAVE TURNED ON-I Shall Walk/13 CARDBOARD BOX-Come On Baby/14 LEGEND-Enjoy Yourself/15 CRYSTAL RAIN-Hey Mama/16 SOUND SYSTEM-Take a Look At/17 LOVECHAIN-Step Out of Your Window You Can Fly/18 LUNAR LIGHT-Temptation/19 MAMMOTH-Mammoth/20 LAZY NICKLES-35 Design/21 ENOCH SMOKEY-It's Cruel/22 HAYMARKET RIOT-Leaving/23 MIND GARAGE-Asphalt Mother

Nothing In The Sun/03 NITE WATCHMEN-Mimic Jester/04 SWEET CHERRY-Funny Things Flowing/05 CHAPPAREL TRIO-Roxanne/06 PEACEPIPE-Sun Won't Shine Forever/07 MOON DAWGS-Keep On Pushin/08 BLUE CREED-Need a Friend/09 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Take a Ride/10 PAWNBROKERS-Realize/11 CHRISTIAN BROTHERS-Feeling Bad/12 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-House of the Rising Sun/13 LIBERATION NEWS SERVICE-MidWinters Afternoon/14 WET PAINT-Glass Road/15 WATERS-Mother Samuel/16 LINE FROST-Post Bellum Blues/17 THE BLUES INC-7 and 7 Is/18 WILDWOOD-Plastic People/19 PORTRAITS-It Had To Be You/20 MIJAL & WHITE-I've Been You/21 TEA COMPANY-Come and Have Some Tea With Me/22 ANGEL ANGEL-Down We Go/23 ATTACK-School Daze/24 MASS TEMPER-Grave Digger/25 JOHNNY THOMPSON QUINTET-Color Me Columbuth

OVERDOSE OF HEAVY PSYCH-01 ORANGE WEDGE-From the Womb to the Tomb/02 QUIET JUNGLE-Everything/03 20th CENTURY ZOO-You Don't Remember/04 FUMIN HUMANS-Relative Distance/05 POWERED BY LOVE-Powered By Love/06 CRYSTAL RAIN-You and Me/07 ESB-Mushroom People/08 COLDER CHILDREN-Memories/09 KOLLECTION-Savage Lust/10 KINDRED SPIRIT-Blue Avenue/11 BLU-EGBUS-Plastic Year/12 GRAF ZEPPELIN-You're In My Mind/13 KIRIAC CRUCIBLE-Salem WIthc Trial/14 BOSTON TEA PARTY-My Daze/15 PARAPHERNEALIA-Watch Out/16 IRA-Dooley Vs the Feris Wheel/17 LOOSE ENDZ-Easy Rider/18 GLASS SEA-Silence of the Morning/19 FIREBIRDS-Reflections/20 FIREBIRDS-No Tomorrows/21 FIREBIRDS-Gypsy Fire/22 FIREBIRDS-Free Bass/23 FIREBIRDS-Free Fuzz/24 FIREBIRDS-Free Drums

Chocolate Soup For Diabetics Volume 1-3

The first three discs of six, focussing on the type of obscure British psych that so many love and
treasure, lots of these guys obvioulsy had heard a Pink Floyd or Beatles album before, but gain, if you love this obscure stuff, then blah, blah, blah, I try to keep the overlap to a minimum, blah, blah, blah.....

First disc is highlighed by Fire's great (and easilly available elsewhere) "Father's Name was Dad".....Les Fluer De Lys, The Craig, Wimple Witch, and the Voice have shown up here and there, nost notably on "Nuggets II".......still, Him & the Others, Paper Blitz Tissue, and the Tickle, among others, turn in some fairly obscure efforts

Volume 2 features a bunch of repeat acts from Volume 1.....A LOT of  SONGS repeated also, if memory serves me, Volume 2 came from vinyl, Volume 1 may have been a CD reissue contianing both volumes 1-2......sort it out, if you need ONLY grab "volume 1" here, then do so........if there are a stray track or 2 left then grab them as well.......it'll be ok, just some "repeated" tracks

Volume 3 feature a bunch of teh acts from volumes 1-2, this set does give us a"closer" look at some of the acts, which is fine sometimes, rather than 100 tracks by 100 different bands, really, I like either format.

Tomorrow Volumes 4-6........

VOLUME 1-01 THE VOICE-Train to Disaster/02 THE NUCHEZ-Open Up Your Mind/03 ONE IN A MILLION-Double Sight/04 PAPER TISSUE BLITZ-Boy Meets Girl/05 THE PLAYBOYS-Sad/06 THE FIRE-Father's Name was Dad/07 THE POETS-Wooden Spoon/08 LES FLUER DE LYS-Circles/09 THE HUSH-Grey/10 ONE IN A MILLION-Fredereek Hernando/11 APPLE-The Otherside/12 WINSTON'S FUMBS-Snow White/13 LES  FLUER DE LYS-Mud In Your Eye/14 THE CRAIG-I Must Be Mad/15 WIMPLE WINCH-Save My Soul/16 THE ACCENT-Red Sky at Night/17  CHAPTER FOUR-In My Life/18 HIM & THE OTHERS-She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies/19 THE TICKLE-Subway (Smokey Pokey World)/20 THE SYN-14 Hour Technicolor Dream/21 THE FACTORY-Path Through The Forest

VOLUME 2-01 MIKE STUART SPAN-Children of Tomorrow/02 WIMPLE WINCH-Rumble on
Mersey Square South/03 LES FLUER DE LYS-Circles/04 THE CRAIG-I Must Be Mad/05 APPLE-Buffalo Billycan/06 THE SCORE-Please Please Me/07 WINSTON'S FUMBS-Snow White/08 HIM & THE OTHERS-She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies/09 BIG BOY PETE-Cold Turkey/10 THE HUSH-Gray/11 THE TICKLE-Subway (Smokey Pokey World)/12 THE SYN-14 Hour Technicolor Dream/13 THE STATE OF MICKEY & TOMMY-With Love From 1 To 5/14 PAPER BLITZ TISSUE-Boy Meets Girl

VOLUME 3-01 THE FACTORY-Path Through the Forest/02 FELIUS ANDROMEDA-Meditations/03 WIMPLE WINCH-Save My Soul/04 LES FLUER DE LYS-Mud In Your Eyes/05 THE PLAYBOYS-Sad/06 GRADED GRAINS-Animal Night/07 THE ACCENT-REd Sky at Night/08 CHAPTER FOUR-In My Life/09 THE POETS-Wooden Spoon/10 THE SMOKE-Have Some More Tea/11 THE GAME-Help Me Mummy's Gone/12 GRADED GRAINS-Lucifer Sam

Chocolate Soup for Diabetics Volume 4/5/6

Again, this set, as I have it, is a bit of a mishmash.......I've had is so long I don't recall from where Ihttp://www.soybomb.com/garage-comps/classic/index.php?field=Title&term=c ) and copy the track lists, download MY stuff and program them as you like, leaving off the repeated tracks, and you should have a "perfect set"......me, I'm going to upload them AS I HAVE THEM, I know there is some duplication, but more importantly, I don't think there are any MISSING tracks......the set was issued in a different formats (LP, CD, even tape), so it might take just a bit of work on your part to get them, how you want them exactly. Good set though, more psych-pop from Europe and beyond.......

got it, I'm guessing (from the strutcures) that some are vinyl rips, and some others(with more, but often repeated, material) are rips of extended CD's......I think all the material (all 6 volumes) is HERE, too much work for me to strip this down to the correct sequences......if you like, go to Garage Comp Database (here:

Volume 4 (as I have it) has 21 tracks, if you check, that is the CD VERSION......it COULD BE trimmed down if you to replicate the vinyl series, Volume 4 of LP has but 14 tracks.......anyway, Family is here, as are Caleb, Gary Walker, The Transatlantics, and the somewhat scarilly- monikered Van Dyck with Boo & the Boo Boo's........Volume 5, 21 tracks as well, is also the CD version featuring fine stuff from the Mickey Finn,Caleb, the Sons of Fred, and lots more.....

Now, Volume 6 is not even listed on Garage Comp Data base......it's only NINE tracks, and I THINK without checking, you can do it easilly) ALL NINE appear on some of the earlier CD

OK, here is what I WOULD DO......download everything (unless VOlume 6 is completely useless, check that out first) and I WOULD GUESS you can put this whole thing, without any repeat material, on 4, or possibly even 3, 80 minute CD's......it's gonna take a little programming to get it just how you want it, but I think you can get the whole series in a lot more of a condensed version than my own. If someone with more time than myself wishes to construct a perfect 3 or 4 disc set, and post it here, do so with my blessing!

VOLUME 4-01 CHORDS 5-Universal Vagrant/02 THE ANTEEKS-I Don't Want You/03 THE PERISHERS-How Does It Feel/04 THE EXCEPTIONS-The Eagle Flies on Friday/05 THE REBEL ROUSERS-As I Look/06 ALAN AVON & THE TOYSHOP-A Night To Remember/07 THE DODOS-I Made Up My Mind/08 ROGER YOUNG-It's Been Nice/09 THE ANSWERS-It's Just Fear/10 THE FORCE FIVE-Don't Know Which Way To Turn/11 THE DARWIN'S THEORY-Hosanna/12 THE TRANSATLANTICS-Look Before You Leap/13 THE LONGBOATMEN-Take Her Anytime/14 LINDA VAN DYWITH BOO & THE BOO BOOS-Stengun/15 GARY WALKER-You Don't Love Me/16 CALEB-Woman of Distinction/17 THE TREND-Shot on Sight/18 FAMILY-Scene Through the Eyes of a Lens/19 STEVE ALDO-You're Absolutly Right/20 THE PEASANTS-Let's Get Together/21 THE ORIGINAL ROADRUNNERS-Waterloo Man

LONGBOATMEN-Only In Her Hometown/04 THE WAYS AND MEANS-Breaking Up a Dream/05 CHORDS 5-I Am Only Dreaming/06 THE MOVING FINGER-Shake and Fingerpop/07 THE AUTHENTICS-Climbing Through/08 THE MICKEY FINN-Garden of My Mind/09 THE FORCE FIVE-Baby Let Your Hair Down/10 ST LOUIS UNION-British Tea/11 THE MAGIC LANTERNS-I Stumbled/12 THE BAD BOYS-She's a Breakaway/13 THE SONS OF FRED-Baby WHat Do You Want Me To Do/14 BOO & BOO BOOS-Oriental Boo/15 MIKE RABIN & THE DEMONS-Head Over Heels/16 CALEB-Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad/17 WAYNE GIBSON & DYNAMIC SOUNDS-Baby Baby Baby Pity Me/18 THE PETARDS-Tatarex/19 THE J&B-Wow! Wow! Wow!/20 KING SIZE TAYLOR & THE DOMINOES-Thinkin/21 THE FOUR SQUARES-Don't You Know I Love You

VOLUME 6-01 THE VOICE-Train To Disaster/02 THE NUCHEZ-Open Up Your Mind/03 ONE IN A MILLION-Double Sight/04 PAPER BLITZ TISSUE-Boy Meets Girl/05 AUSTRALIAN PLAYBOYS-Sad/06 FIRE-Father's Name Was Dad/07 THE POETS-Wooden Spoon/08 LES FLUER DE LYS-Circles/09 HUSH-Grey

Psychedelic Unknowns Overload/Extravaganza!

Now THIS set was unusually constructed, try an' keep up.......Volumes 1-2-3 were EP issues, then http://www.soybomb.com/garage-comps/classic/index.php?field=Title&term=p
there was ANOTHER volume 3 that was released on CD/LP......VOlumes 4-9 follow a more conventional LP/CD format, but the first three is kind of confused. As always, for clar the "go to" site for such things is
That'll straighten things out. As for the music? Well, about maybe half would qualify as "unknowns", but after stuff like "USA Garage Greats" and "Mega Nuggets" (both strictly internet creations) there is BOUND to be some overlap by this point in time.

I have combined the EP's (1-2-3) onto a single 30 track CD and is track-listed as such below. plenty of stuff we all know, First Crow to the Moon, Painted Ship, We the People, Yesterday's Children......but, still....where else havea we heard Ognir & the Nite People, The Iron Gate, and The Bush?.......really nothing SUPER out of the ordinary here, I've always wondered why they used the EP format for these discs.....anyone know? NOW, the CD version of "Volume 3" acually INCORPORATES the entire "Volume 3" EP, the first 8 tracks on "Volume 3 CD" are the same as the FINAL 8 tracks on "EP 1/2/3"......I COULD hav just not copied the final 8 tracks on the EP set.....why didn't I? Because as soon as I did, someone would have wanted me to do it the other way. This way you can program and construct them however it may please you. The Volume 3 CD contains MORE stuff, too, of course, such as Luv Bandits, Grammy Fones, Wreck-A-Mended, and Crome Syrcus, all of which I think fairly well qualify as unknown, at least pretty much.

Volume 4 leads off with the great-but ridiculously over-comped "Story of My Life" by Unrelated
Segments, we also get We the People, Mouse & the Traps, Apollo's Apaches, all well known but none of whom are represented by their best known stuff......The Parrots give us a cool version of "Put the Clock Back on the Wall" that I've never heard of other than here, Sotweed Factor, Beautiful Daze, and the Bit A Sweet are obscure enough to merit inclusion.

Volume 5 leads off with "Incense and Peppermints", however NOT the Strawberry Alarm CLock's well known version, a lesser-but interesting take by "A Little Bit of Sound". The Seeds get a track, ("Bad Part of Town"), not their best known by far, Majic Ship turns up again (Majic Ship IS sort of an unknown, kind of strange because they were SO good), The Velvet Illusion give us the cryptically titled "Acid Head".....good set, argueably the best in the series taking into account quality AND obscurity.

By Volume 6 I think the compilers were running out of stuff and REALLY DID have to focus on "unknowns"......so much the better: The Bugs ("Strangler in the Night"!, The Flys great "Be What You Is", Cucumber, Friday's Keepers, Beautiful Daze with the second half of their earlier single......another good disc.

The Guess Who, of all people, not to mention the 1910 Fruitgum Co. turn up on Volume 7, strange choices, but interesting ones.....First Crow to the Moon, Magic Mushrooms, Human Instinct, and New Breed are all half-way well known (and solid picks, too)......Knights of Day, The Furniture, Badd Boys, and the Esko Affair would rank as lesser knowns, I'd say.

Volume 8 is packed with unknowns, living up to the theme, with Toni Rivers and the Castaways, Hoppi & the Beau Heems, Doughboys, Tony & Terry......Limey & the Yanks are probably the MOST WELL KNOWN act here, that is saying a mouthful.

Finally Volume 9.......highlighted by "Jack of Diamonds" by Daily Flash which generally turns up on Northwest comps and rarely then.....other than that, again, the set up to it's name/theme.....Undesyded, Erik & the Smoke Ponies, Hysterical Society, Peanut Gallery....make note of a good track from Oscar & the Majestics ("Come on Willie").

All in all this pretty much lives up to it's name,
unless you are addicted to this stuff like some of US are (that's why we're here, right?).....Probably could have been brought in at about 6 discs or so by leaving some of the better known stuff off, but they really did empty the vaults and there is a lot of variety, a lot of obscurity, AND some good damn songs that I hadn't heard other than this comp......and wouldn't that be exactly what we'd want in a comp such as this?

Big post today, 8 discs, bear with me for a minute till I can get all these up for you. Oh, and by request.....GREAT FRIEND of the blog Jose has requested "Psychedelic Schlmiels, Volume 4"....he says he only has volumes 1-3, as do I.....Volume 4 must be sort of rare, so if anyone out there has it, PLEASE SHARE and then we can all have the complete set. If you ahve it, either contact me via email (csgmiller@sbcglobal.net) or simply upload it to my blog's comment section. I didn't even know there was a volume 4 until Jose mentioned it, but I checked and indeed there is.....I've never seen one, though, so if anyone has it, sounds like you could do us a real favor by sharing quite a rarity......back tomorrow guys! Have a great week!

VOLUMES 1/2/3 (EP'S)-01 THE CALLICO WALL-I'm a Living Sickness/02 SOUND SANDWICH
-Apothecary Dream/03 DAYBREAKERS-Psychedelic Siren/04 THE SPLIT ENDS-Rich With Nothin'/05 THE NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS-I Dig Your Mind/06 THE EVIL I-Love Conquers All/07 THE COSMIC ROCK SHOW-Rising Sun/08 THEE SIXPENCE-My Flash On You/09 THE IRON GATE-Feelin Bad/10 IDES-Psychedelic Ride (EP2)-11 THE STARFIRES-I Never Loved Her/12 THE KINGS RANSOM-Shame/13 THE CARETAKERS OF DEECPTION-x+y=13/14 THE JURY-Who Dat?/15 FIRST CROW TO THE MOON-Spend Your Life/16 WE THE PEOPLE-In te Past/17 THE SQUIRES-Going All the Way/18 THE SQUIRES-Going All The Way/19 THE FRONT LINE-Got Love/20 THE NOBLES-Something Else/21 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-To be Or Not To Be/22 DAVE DIAMOND & HIGER ELEVATION-The Diamond Mine (EP3)-23 THE DAGENITES-I'm Gonna Slide/24 THE 4 OF US-You're Gonna Be Mine/25 THE TRACERS-Watch Me/26 THE BUSH-I'm Wanting Her27 OGNIR & THE NIGHT PEOPLE-I Found a New Love/28 STATE OF MIND-Move/29 THE FLARES-Forever/30 THE TRACERS-She Said Yeah

VOLUME 3 (CD)-01 THE DAGENITES-I'm Gonna Slide/02 THE 4 OF US-You're Gonna Be Mine/03 THE TRACERS-Watch Me/04 THE BUSH-I'm Wanting Her/05 OGNIR & THE NIGHT PEOPLE-I Found a New Love/06 STATE OF MIND-Move/07 THE FLARES-Forever/08 THE TRACERS-She Said Yeah/09 THE XTREEMS-Facts of Life/10 HENRY THE IX-Don't Take ME Back (Part 2)/11 THE LOVED ONES-More Than Love/12 THE GRAMMY FONES-Now He's Here/13 THE LUV BANDITS-Mizzer Bahd/14 THE STARFIRES-You Done Me Wrong/15 THE CROME SYRCUS-Lord In Black/16 PAT FARRELL & THE BELEIVERS-Gotta Find Her/17 THE TOUCH-Not So Fine/18 THE TROLLS-Every Day and Every Night/19 THE WRECK-A-MENDED-Dirty old Man/20 UNKNOWN-Commercial

DISCIPLE-Psyclic Retraction/03 THE SHAYNES-From My Window/04 THE BIT A SWEET-Out of Sight, Out of Mind/05 THE PARROTS-Put the Clock Back on the Wall/06 MYST-I'm Crying/07 THE NEW YORKERS-Mr Kirby/08 SOTWEED FACTOR-Say It Is Not So/09 THE FRONT PAGE NEWS-Thoughts/10 THE BEAUTIFUL DAZE-City jungle Parts 1 & 2/11 THE HUMANE SOCIETY-Knock Knock/12 TREYTONES-Nonymous/13 MOUSE & THE TRAPS-I Satisfy/14 THE BOSS FIVE-Please Mr President/15 THEE SIXPENCE-Fortune Teller/16 WE THE PEOPLE- Burn Me Up and Down/1 THE AMBERJACKS-Hey Eriq!/18 SKEPTICS-Ride Child/19 APOLLO'S APACHE-Cry Me a Lie/20 THE CHAIN REACTION-When I Needed You

VOLUME 5-01 A LITTLE BIT OF SOUND-Incense and Peppermints/02 THE BLOOMSBURY PEOPLE-Witch Helen/03 THE RED-LITE DISTRICT-I Gotta Know/04 THE PEDESTRIANS-It's Too Late/05 THE VELVET ILLUSIONS-Acid Head/06 GRIFS-Catch a Ride/07 THE MINORITY-Where Was My Mind?/08 THE ETHNICS-It's OK/09 THE RON-DE-VOUS-A Trip So Wild/10 THE SEEDS-Bad Part of Town/11 THE VELVET ILLUSIONS-Velvet Illusions/12 THE MYSTERY TREND-Johnny Was a Good Boy/13 THE LIBERATION NEWS SERVICE-Mid-Winter's Afternoon/14 MICK & THE SHAMBLES-Lonely Nights Again/15 MAJIC SHIP-Green Plant/16 SOUND SOLUTION-Hide Your Face In Shame/17 THE GRAY THINGS-Charity/18 THE SOCIAL OUTCASTS-ad

REQUIREMENTS-I'm Grounded/03 THE INGREDIANTS-Please Don't Leave Me/04 THE CLOUDS-Visions/05 JIM EDGAR & THE ROADRUNNERS-The Place/06 BOBBY BRELYN-Hanna/07 THE FABULOUS PHARAOHS-Hold Me Tight/08 THE VENUS FLYTRAP-Have You Ever/09 THE 4th AMENDMENT-Always Blue/10 THE BUGS-Strangler In the Night/11 THE SNAPS-Polka Dotted Eyes/12 THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS-Cry Baby/13 THE CHEROKEES-Wonderous Place/14 THE FLYS-Be What You Is/15 FRIDAYS KEEPERS-Take Me For a Ride/16 THE FRONT OFFICE-Wow/17 CUCUMBER-Under/18 THE BEAUTIFUL DAZE-City Jungle Part 2

VOLUME 7-01 THE KNIGHTS OF DAY-Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/02 THE FURNITURE-I Love It Baby/03 THE GUESS WHO-Believed Me/04 NEW BREED-Want Ad Reader/05 THE RAINY DAZE-Make Me Laugh/06 ROADS END-Why/07 FIRST CROW TO TEH MOON-The Sun Lights Up The Shadows of Mind/08 MAGIC MUSHROOMS-Never More/09 THE BADD BOYS-I Told You So/10 THE ONE WAY STREET-I See the Light/11 THE ENERGY PACKAGE-This is the Twelfth Night/12 LITTLE BITS OF SOUND-Girls Who Paint Designs/13 BILL WENDRY & THE BOSS TWEEDS-A Wristwatch Band/14 THE 1910 FRUITGUM CO-Reflections From the Looking Glass/15 THE HUMAN INSTINCT-The Death of a Seaside/16 THE STAINED GLASS-A Scene In Between/17 THE SOUNDS OF TYME-To Understand Mankind/18 SMOKESTACK LIGHTNIN-Look What You've Done/19 THE ESKO AFFAIR-Morning Dull Fires

VOLUME 8-01 THE LOVED ONES-Ever Lovin Man/02 THE LADDS-Survival/03 TONY
RIVERS & THE CASTAWAYS-I Love You/04 HOP THE BEAU HEEMS-When I Get Home/05 THE SPIRIT-No Time To Rhyme/06 THE VILLIANS-Don't Ever Leave Me/07 THE JUJUS-I'm Really Sorry/08 LIMEY & THE YANKS-Gather My THings and Go/09 THE POOR BOYS-I Will Be Free/10 THE RUBBER MAZE-Mrs Griffith/11 TONY & TERRY-I Want You/12 "D" MEN-So Little Time/13 THE ILL WINDS-Fear of the Rain/14 THE DOUGHBOYS-Rhoda Mendlebaum/15 THE HARBRINGERS-Tompkins Square/16 THE AVANT GARDE-Honey And Gall/17 THE CHOSEN LOT-Time Was/18 THE SOUND OFFS-The Angry Desert/19 THE FATIMAS-Sandstorm/20 THE DECADES-On Sunset

VOLUME 9-01 THE REGENTS-01 Russian Spy & I/02 THE ONE WAY STREETS-Tears In My Eyes/03 THE DAILY FLASH-Jack of Diamonds/04 THE RAVES-Don't Chop Down My Tree/05 THE GALAXIES-Along Comes the Man/06 OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS-Come On Willie/07 THE PURPLE HAZE-Shades of Blue/08 THE UNDESYDED-Baby I Need /09 THE BUFFALOES-She Wants Me/10 THE SOOTHSAYERS-Black Nor Blue/11 THE WHAT FOUR-Do You Beleive/12 THE INFERNO-Your Heart is Too Big For Your Head/13 THE HYSTERICAL SOCIETY-I Know/14 THE TRUTH-Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness)/15 THE BRAVE NEW WORLD-Cried/16 THE FLYING CIRCUS-Green Eyes Green World/'17 THE UP STAIRS-Operator Please/18 THE PEANUT GALLERY-Out of Breath/19 THE RUMBLES-It's My Turn To Cry/20 THE LIVERPOOL SET-Oh Gee Girl/21 ERI THE SMOKE PONIES-I'll Give You More/22 THE TROPHIES-Somethin Else

Now, guys, THAT THERE is a POST!!!!Hope you like it, I keep thinking I'm going to run low on
these comp series, or that overlap will just render them redundant, then I remember a set like this, or a few others that have at least, say 75% non-overlap material......So, I'll keep in this mode for another week or two, but I am going to say I am starting to get JUST A LITTLE bored with the concept, and need to break out some Jesus Lizard or something just to unclog the sinusses a little!

Cicadelic 60's

Really should have posted this one before now, it's rare, it's informative, it's entertaining, and several
of it's discs are broken down themattically.....aOT of bands are examined in broader depth than just a single track, which I usually think is an interesting thing (now always the most listenable, but at least interesting......

DIsc 1, entitled "Don't Put Me On", features a bunch of bands, in genral represented by two tracks each, not sure if each is a single A/B side, but very obscure and interesting all the way down the line.....We have House of Commons, Kings Court, Pagens, and best of all Felix' take on "A Whiter Shade of Pale" which is not like anything at least I have ever heard.

Disc 2 is called "Never Existed", why? I have no clue.....Persian Market offers up a version of "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White",the Chaparrals clock in with "Blues from a Jefferson Airplane, and the final 5 tracks on the disc are Alternate Versions, Demos, and Unedited Studio Versions from Basement Wall, Penthouse 5, Chevelle V, David Sanborn, and Lemon Fog....a must for completists!

The third disc is 1963-65 Folk-Rock, not a HUGE favorite of mine, acts include the Sting Rays, Beats, Mods, London Knights, Maltees Four, FBI, and Shillings.....I bet for some this is a treasure chest, me, not really so much.

Disc 4 is called "The Psychedelic Sixties" and brings a slew of rarities, Laughing Kind, Living Ends
, Captain Crunch & the Bunch, Cellar Dwellers, Brother Love Congregation and lots more. Rare, rare stuff, barely ANY overlap with any other sets I've given out.

Now, Disc 5 changes gears completely....."Unreleased Garage Band Demos, 1966-68".......dominated by the Missing Links (9 tracks), and Lemon Drops (6 tracks), with the Nuchez and Morning Dew thrown in, this is stuff you'll probably hear no where else......might not WANT TO either, but again, it's the rare, the obscure, that we seek out, and an unreleased batch of tracks from Missing Links certainly fits that definition.

Disc 6, also is enititled "The Psychedelic Sixties", but features only two bands, District Six (any "Hunger Games" fans?) and the Nite Owls......Need to point out that District Six brings us their version of "7 & 7 Is", which is still miles behind "Gloria" and "Hey Joe" in THAT particular competition.

VOLUME 7 regionalizes things, "From Texas to Tucson", as I've spotlighted both regions before, maybe there wilsome cross-over here, but not coming blazin back.....we get the Shandells Inc, Shadows, Rocks, Lewallen Brothers, Feathers, and The Marades....again, listenable ahing if not interesting!

The 8th and final disc goes back to random rare tracks, from a variety of obscure acts, Wild THings,
Quintette Plus, Unknowns, and Sensacionals.......

A good set here.....not so much one you'll be playing time and again, but for sure one of historical curiosity.

Comments, please?

DISC 1-HOUSE OF COMMONS-Till Tomorrow/02 HOUSE OF COMMONS-Love Is a Funny THing/03 INNSMEN-I Don't Know/04 INNSMEN-Things are Different Now/05 KINGS COURT-Don't Put Me On/06 KINGS COURT-The Midnite Hour/07 HEARSEMEN-I Get That Feeling/08 HEARSEMEN-Christy Ann/09 LYKES OF US-7:30 Said/10 LYKES OF US-Tell Me Why Your Light SHines/11 PAGENS-Mystic Cloud/12 PAGENS-Someone Like You/13 SOLITARY CONFINEMENT-A Winner Never Quits/14 HUMAN AFFAIR-Free Love/15 HUMAN AFFAIR-Forever Yours/16 FELIX-Outside Woman Blues/17 FELIX-A WHITER SHADE OF PALE/18 SILVER HAWK-Awaiting On You All/19 SILVER HAWK-All I Can Do

DISC 2-01 BASEMENT WALL-Never Existed/02 INNSMEN-Congregation for Anti-Flirts Inc/03
PERSIAN MARKET-Flash In the Pan/04 PERSIAN MARKET-Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/05 NEUROTIC SLEEP-Drive My Car/06 CHAPARRALS-Respect/07 CHAPARRALS-Blues From a Jefferson Airplane/08 ROGUES-Go To Him/09 LYNX- You Lie/10 PERSIAN MARKET-The Gamma Goochie/11 THE PERSIAN MARKET-The Wind Calls Her Name/12 HIGHLIFES-Cloak and Dagger/13 NEW BREED-Don't Mess Around With my Dream/14 FRONTS-The Haul/15 BASEMENT WALL-Everything/16 BASEMENT WALL-I'm Not That SLow (ALT)/17 PENTHOUSE 5-It's All My Own Bizarre Dream (DEMO)/18 CHEVELE V Come Back Bird (ALT OUTTAKE)/19 DAVID SANBORN-Summer (ALT)/20 LEMON FOG-Lemon Fog (ALT)

DISC 3-01 THE STING RAYS-by If I Loved You/02 THE STING RAYS-You Better Think Twice/03 THE STING RAYS-I Can Feel/04 THE STING RAYS-Now That Your No LOnger Mine/05 THE BEATS-We Can Work It Out/06 THE BEATS-Paperback Writer/07 THE MODS-Days Mind the Time/08 THE LONDN KNIGHTS-Go To Him/09 THE MALTESE FOUR-You/10 THE FBI-What Am I To Do/11 THE FBI-Daytime Nightime/12 THE SHILLINGSLaugh

John/03 OUTSIDE IN-You AIn't Gonna Bring Me Down To My Knees/04 BROTHER LOVE CONGREGATION-Bringing Me Down/05 LAUGHING KIND-Empty Heart/06 JAGGED EDGE-Midnight To Six/07 SHOWMEN-Almost THere/08 SAVAGES-Cheating On Me/09 LIVING ENDS-I Don't Like/10 KNIGHTS BRIDGE QUINTET-Sorrow In C Major/11 EVIL 1-I Can't Live Without You/12 CAPTAIN CRUNCH & THE BUNCH-Keepin Alive In D Motto/13 FRONT PAGE NEWS-Thoughts/14 TEARS-Weatherman/15 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Feelings/16 QUARRYMEN-Don't Try your Luck/17 CELLAR DWELLERS-Working Man/18 AGENTS-Gotta Help Me/19 BENTLEYS-Now It's Gone/20 3RD EVOLUTION-Don't Play With Me

DISC 5-01 MISSING LINKS-Crowded Part of Town/02 MISSING LINKS-Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying/03MISSING LINKS-You Me Feel Good/04 MISSING LINKS-You Got To Hide Your Love Away/05 MISSING LINKS-It's Only Love/06 MISSING LINKS-Rain/07 MISSING LINKS-I Can't Make It/08 MISSING LINKS-Till There Was You/09 THE NUCHEZ-BG's One Eye/10 THE NUCHEZ-Open Up Your Mind/11 LEMON DROPS-Sometime Ago/12 LEMON DROPS-My Friend (Theater of Your Eyes)/13LEMON DROPS-Jennifer Ann/14 LEMON DROPS-Crystal Pure/15 MISSING LINKS-Smoke Statue/16 LEMON DROPS-Maria/17 LEMON DROPS-Flower Dream/18 MORNING DEW-Wer Dreams

DISC 6-01 DISTRICT 6-She Cried No/02 DISTRICT 6-7 and & Is/03 DISTRICT 6-Talk Talk/04
DISTRICT 6-Remember/05DISTRICT 6-Pandoras Golden Heebie Geebies/06 DISTRICT 6-Cherish/07 DISTRICT 6-Everybody Needs Somebody (To Love)/08 DISTRICT 6-Turn On Your Love Light/09 DISTRICT 6-Respect/10 DISTRICT 6-Come On Up/11 DISTRICT 6-Show Me/12 NITE OWLS-Something You Got/13 NITE OWLS-Ooh Poo Pa Doo/14 NITE OWLS-The Woods/15 NITE OWLS-The Hassle/16 DISTRICT 6-More

DISC 7-01 THE SHANDELLS-Say What You Mean/02 THE SHANDELLS INC-Just Cry/03 THE SHADOWS-If You Love Me/04 THE SHADOWS-The Big Mess/05 THE ROCKS-Because You're Young/06 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-You're Gonna Leave Me/07 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Don't Say Why/08 THE FEATHERS-Don't Lie To Me/09 THE FEATHERS-When Day Is DOne/10 THE FEATHERS-I Won't Be Your Steppin Stone/11 THE FEATHERS-Them Onions/12 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Wine Wine Wine/13 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Dream/14 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-Cause You Want Me To/15 THE LEWALLEN BROTHERS-I'm Normal/16 THE MARSADES-Worried/17 THE MARSADES-Please Let Me Know

DISC 8-01 WILD THINGS-Tell Me/02 WE FEW-Baby Please Don't Go/03 WE FEW-Surprise Surprise/04 SENSACIONALS-Big Boss Man/05 SENSACIONALS-Sweet Little Rock N Roller/06 JERRY DJAL-Well All Right/07 CAVALIERS-Bound To Happen/08 RUMORS-Hold Me Now/09 RUMORS-Without Her/10 UNKNOWNS-Night Walkin/11 UNKNOWNS-Shake a Tail Feather/12 KING RICHARD & THE KNIGHTS-Work Out Sally/13 QUINTETTE PLUS-Summertime/14
QUINTETTE PLUS-Grits and Grease/15 QUINTETTE PLUS-The Work Song/16 QUINTETTE PLUS-Shop Around/17 BOYS-How Do You Do Me/18 BOYS-I Wanna Know/19 BOYS-Angel of Mine/20 BOYS-It's Hopeless/21 WILD THINGS-My Girl

Gathering of the Tribe

OK, let's break away from the "singles" format and get into some harder-core psych, this might be
more along the lines of "We Can FLy" or even further out there....it DOES cross over into the 70's, also, but this is true HEAVY psych, after all the pop-psych of late it'll be like a breath of stale,
marijuana smoke filled air!

Three discs in the series, the first, "Gathering of the Tribe", gives us something of an odd mix....Larry & the Blue Notes check in (with a good and lesser known tune, and Josefus gives us the viscious "Dead Man" (I have that album, seek it out a classic of early 70's hard psych!).......other than that who wouldn't want some Indian Puddin' & Pipe, Macabre, The Plague, and more.....this MIGHT not appeal to some fans of the recent posts, but I felt the need to change it up just a little, and any chance to hear "Dead Man" is worth it at least.

"Son of Gathering of the Tribe" is loaded.....Mystic Tide's "Psychedelic Journey", Buck Rogers Movement,Crystal Chandelier, London Fog, Missing Lynx, Canterberry Fair.....original vinyl rips, too, ya can hear all them wonderful crick-cracks of that by-gone era......don't even know if this set was ever released on CD. Myself I'll take a good vinyl rip any day of the month!

Finally, "Valley of the Son of Gathering of the Tribe" is fairly dominated by It's All Meat (4 tracks, but worthwhile), also Mary Butterwo, Talula Babies, Fraction (kind of an obscure favorite of mine from the much more virgin territory of early 70's hard psych.....someone should get busy and start comping all THAT stuff!)

Ok, good set here, a LITTLE different, and yet a little the same with some overlap, hope ya like it,
and there are still more of em coming.....I do in fact have a handful of comps with fairly obscure early 70's hard psych, maybe eventually we go in that direction......Fraction, Dark-E, Stray Dog, Indian Summer and lots more uncovered greats need brought to a new audience, after all.......anyway, leave a comment, or at the very least a blank prescription pad signed by your physician.

GATHERING-01 THE DEEP-Colour Dreams/02 THE CHANTS-Hypnotized/03 THE PLAGUE-High Flying Bird/04 THE BARDS-Alibis/05 INDIAN PUDDIN & PIPE-Water or Wine/06 MUSIC EMPORIUM-Nam Nyo Renge Kyo/07 MACABRE-Be Forewarned/08 HEADSTONES-Bad Day Blues/09 JOSEFUS-Dead Man/10 UNRELATED SEGMENTS-It's Gonna Rain/11 LARRY

SON OF-01 MYSTIC TIDE-Psychedelic
Journey/02 HUMANE SOCIETY-Knock Knock/03 GRANINS OF SAND-She Needs Me/04 TROLLS-Walkin Shoes/05 THE MALIBUS-Cry (Over Her)/06 BUCK ROGERS MOVEMENT-Baby Come On/07 CRYSTAL CHANDELIER-The Setting of Despair/08 THE MISSING LYNX-Behind Locked Doors/09 JEFFERSON LEE-Sorcerella/10 DR HOOKER-Forge Your Own Chains/11 LONDON FOG-Mr Baldi/12 CANTERBURY FAIR-Song On a May Morning/13 CHARLOTTE WOOD-Friendly Indians/14 THE ESCAPADES-Mad Mad Mad/15 BAD SEEDS-Taste Of the Same/16 THE LYRICS-So What

VALLEY OF-01 IT'S ALL MEAT-Make SOme Use of Your Friends/02 IT'S ALL MEAT-You Brought Me Back to My Senses/03 IT'S ALL MEAT-Crying Into the Deep Lake/04 IT'S ALL MEAT-Roll My Own/05 TALULA BABIES-Mine Forever/06 FRACTION-Sanc-Divided/07 MARY BUTTERWORTH-Phase II/08 JEFF LIEBERMANN-Woman/09 MARY BUTTERWORTH-Week In 8 Days/10 SAVAGES-No No N0

Are there more discs involved in this series? Kind of hard to find info....I looks like there MAY have been a 5-dis box set, which I assume includes the 3 vinyl originals above, plus ???????? If you know anyng about it, please do your duty and SHARE, or at least INFORM!

I have put up a BUNCH of stuff this weekend, originally planning to take a fairly light work load, but
you never know, some days I'm into this, somedays not so much......comments keep me going, comments and download numbers, so I can see if I am performing a valuable service to a lot of you or not......let's all enjoy this stuff, and please, any requests you may have for ANYTHING (could be something that came out last week, unless you are a newbie you know I am not strictly about 60's nugget-type-rock, that is the literal tip of the iceberg......before I got going in this groove and it turned out to be kind of well-recieved, I was preparing a Clash post, would have taken me probably 2 weeks to post teh entire thing (like the Sleater Kinney epic I did so long ago, if you recall it).....Roxy Music would be another band I'd love to do a multi-week epic post on, sooooooo many rarities, concerts, related stuff........but for now, it seems that you guys are still pretty down with all these comps, and as that goes, who am I to argue? I'll NOT run out of them any soon, but I MAY bore of them, so if you're relatively new and check one day for the latest 60's comp and see I have posted the "Best Stranglers Post Ever"(or something, just as an example) don't be shocked.

Love ya all, thanks to all the friends whom help me out (I'd name some but I'd be so upset that I'd forget someone)

Hens Teeth

Might as we clean off the shelves, we have a few more of this type of set to go, this being a three disc
set of non-USA garage/psych type stuff, in general of the lesser known variety. Volume 1 is sub-titled (I don't make em up) "Oil Emulsion Slyde Vs the Fairy Feller's Master Stroke"....26 tracks, mostly pretty obscure. I remember Alan Avon & the Toyshop showing up here just recently, but not so much The Blue Jeans, The Kinetic, Tangerine Peel, Virgin Sleep, Enough's Enough........tell ya, we could probably scup bands like this until the literal end of time!

Volume 2 ("Blocked! Rare Beat and Psychedelia") is interesting in that it gives us six different tracks by UNKNOWN ARTISTS, which you must admit, it would be hard to get much more obscure than that. The Craig also turn up as do John Lee's Groundhogs, the relationship between TS Mcee's version I am uncertain of.

Finally Volume 3 ("Catherine on the Wheel") has a couple more known acts, Nashville Teens, Orange Machine, and The Fire, as well as Team Dokus, George Bean, and Now.......good set, you guys who've been following along will certainly want to check this out.

By the way, Jose left a comment under "Psychedelic Unknowns", I THINK he may be alluding to more volumes, but it is in Spanish, so if any of you bi-lingual types can help me out I would appreciate it!

VOLUME 1-01 DAVID-Light Of Your Mind/02 THE MATADORS-Get Down From the Tree/03 ALAN AVON & THE TOYSHOP-A Night to Remember/04 SVENSK-Getting Old/05 JUNIORS EYES-Black Snake/06 ENOUGH'S ENOUGH-
Please Remember/07 THE STATE OF MICKEY & TOMMY-I Know What I Would Do/08 THE BLUE JEANS-Sandfly/09 GIORGIO & MARCOS MEN-Baby I Need You/10 THE HI-FIS-Tread Softly Sleepers/11 THE GIBSONS-City Life/12 THE KINETIC-Suddenly Tomorrow/13 GLASS OPENING-Does It Really Matter/14 FREEDOM-Trying to Get a Glimpse of You/15 EDWICK
RUMBOLD-Boggle Woggle/16 WHEELS OF TIME-1984/17 VIRGIN SLEEP-Halliford House/18 MANDRAKE-Sunlight Glide/19 THE EXECUTIVES-Moving In a Circle/20 JOHN CARTER & RUSS ALQUIST-The Laughing Man/21 THE FAVOURITE SONS-Walking Walking Walking/22 TANGERINE PEEL-Trapped/23 MOTIVATION-Little Man/24 THE TICKLE-Good Evening/25 ENOUGHS ENOUGH-Look Around You Baby/26 THE KIRKBYS-It's a Crime

Sometime/03 UNKNOWN-Can't Stop the Want I Got For You Babe/04 THE EXILES-Love In the Making/05 UNKNOWN-You'd Better Get Going/06 ONE IN A MILLION-No Smokes/07 THE KING-PINS-You're My Girl/08 UNKNOWN-To Be With You/09 THE WHEELS-I'm Leaving/10 THE FOUR ACES-Why Do You/11 JOHN LEES GROUNDHOGS-Someone To Love/12 THE PARTISIANS-All Night Worker/13 SPECTRES-The Facts of Life/14 UNKNOWN-Nonsense and Misery/15 THE KING-PINS-Baby I Need/16 THE CRAIG-Dancing Down In New Orleans/17 SONIC INVASION-Go Out and Get Her/18 UNKNOWN-I'm Gonna Have My Fun/19 THE PROPHETS-My Little Girl/20 THE DISTURBANCE-Apple Crumble/21 STRANGE BREW-(I Am) The Letterman/22 SONS OF MAN-Our Love/23 UNKNOWN-McDougal Street Freakout

VOLUME 3-01 THE ANTEEKS-I Don't Want You/02 KIPPINGTON LODGE-I Can See Her Face/03 THE FIRE-Man in the Teapot/04 MANDRAKE-Len/05 THE GLASS MENAGERIE-Somebody To Love/06 NOW-Marcia/07 THE SMOKE-Utterly Simple/08 THE ORANGE MACHINE-Dr Crippens Waiting Room/09 THE BARRIER-Dawn Breaks Through/10 RON GRAINER ORCHESTRA-Boy Meets Girl/11 FACTORY-Castle on a Hill/12 JIGSAW-Seven Fishes/13 TEAM DOKUS-60 Million Megaton Sunset/14 TALES OF JUSTINE-Sitting on a Blunestone/15 THE DIFFERENCE-Sweet Sounds
Everywhere/16 NIMROD-Don't Let It Get the Best of You/17 THE BLUE EFFECT-Sun Is So Bright/18 THE SCENE-Scenes (From Another World)/19 WHITE TRASH-Illusion/20 UNKNOWN-Out of My Mind (Over You)/21 THE FLAMES-Mod Trad/22 NASHVILLE TEENS-I'm A Lonely One/23 THE MIRAGE-I See the Rain/24 THE MATADORS-Don't Bother Me/25 STRANGE BREW-Mr. Paradise/26 GEORGE BEAN-Floatin/27 THE MAJORITY-Time Machine Man

Comments? Requests? Pictures of your neighbor's (of age of course) daughter? Let us know you're still alive!....

And now about tomorrow......well, for one thing I'm heading out tomorow evening to see my pals from Samax play a set.....these kids rule as I've told you before, so there is a CHANCE I may not post tomorrow....(good chance actually).......if I DO NOT, however, wait until Wedensday-Thursday, when I am going to treat you to one of the greatest compilation sets ever concoted on this planet, or on any other planet.....you'll not want to miss a SECOND of it, you'll want to be FIRST IN LINE to grab it.....what is it? HA. Just wait and see. Wedensday, unless I get the first part ready tonight, which is possible,unlikely!

The LSD Connection Part 1

 I TOLD you guys todays (& tomorrows) posts were going to be nothing short of kick-your-ass, smash your head against the wall for pain meds works of total greatness.......I did not fail in my quest for the truth!

OK, stepping away more and more from the Nuggets-style comps, we have this dandy set of bizarro
ACID rock......I would say this is to the left of what we generally call "psych" even, this is an aptly-titled set. TRULY forget where I got it, internet information is kind of sketchy, I know I've had it a long, long time.....I am THINKING that it is an "internet creation" ala "Mega-Nuggets" or "USA Garage Greats" or any of Katrakyla's comps, and things in general run around sets that are limited by a label or something, as they are true "labors of love"......like I say I am unsure as to this sets origins, but it at least has the "marks" of an internet creation, not that it matters, really, because this is some great and bizarre music, and cuts across all eras. Drop yaself a tab and stare at the ceiling and dig up on this one, all, ahem, ELEVEN discs.......(six today, five tomorrow, OK?)

I love this set, it features a bit more of "my" music (the music of the 1970's) than most of the other psych comps, which feature more "my" nostalgia. Just check out the disc, and wow.....TOTALLY great, FAVORITE bands of mine such as I Drive, Sir Lord Baltimore, Los Dug Dugs, Ansley Dunbar Retaliati, Bang, Dust, and Icecross.......I've done full posts (check archives) on Sir Lord Baltimore, Los Dug Dugs, and Dust, and probably at some time will get to some of the other ones.....by no means have I covered the whole disc, Blues Creation, Space Farm, Stackwaddy.......wooooowwweeee man, and that is the FIRST DISC!

The second disc contains many MORE of my favorite early 70's
freaksters......Mgen, Tiger B Smith, Sex, My Solid Ground, The Gods.......incredibly fantastic stuff, and, like before, I have hit only random highlights, didn't mention Bedlam or Mountain, or Yesterdays Children, or..........

Volume 3.there is NO let up, how about Music Machine's "The People In Me", a somewhat rare 13th Floor Elevators cut, Arthur Lee, Orang-Utan, Ryg I Ryggen, Fraction, and a bunch of stuff that is not even all that familiar to ME, and we are on MY turf now......San Ul Lm, Navath, Zior......by now you are either salavating, or hoping I get back around to "Dutch Nuggets" or something.

Anybody good turn up on Volume 4? Glad you would ask.....Josefus crucify "Gimme Shelter", Bram Stoker, Bohemian Vandetta, Janus......oh those magical 1970's......also a track from an "unknown band", and I LOVE that stuff. (they check in with "Unknown Title"!)

Disc 5 leads off with one of my very faves, November's "Mount Everest" (I did a full November post last, uh, November, my cleverness never fails to amaze me), Neon Rose is another I've featured, unfortunatly not my fave "Love Rock", but still a good one, Ravjunk (freakish guitar stuff), Rg I Ryggen, Kebnekaise, Traed Groes Och Stenor take on "All Along the
Watchtower"......lots of foreign language stuff here, and you know I love that stuff, and if you got enough blotter in ya ya probably understand it anyway.

Last disc for today leads off with a spoken bit from noneother than Dr Timothy Leary, followed upth (Oh, I get to do my favorite joke again) Frantic's version of that little known chestnut, "Hey Joe". We get UFO, P205, Magic Mushrooms, Satgri ("1000 Micrograms of Love").......

OK, this is for a little bit different audience than I've been aiming at lately......this is for you hippie scum (like, uh, well me) who are now 50 and still love to trip (drug-free trip of course) out on some of bizarre sounds of our youths...perhaps you know someone who is not a blog regular who will enjoy this set please let them know. Unfortunatly there are NOT a whole bunch of comp sets of th's fairly untapped material, but this is the stuff I grew up on, i love every last second of it, and I will be thrilled to death if some other old timers dig it to OR if I bring it to a new, young audience for teh first time.......five more discs of it tomorrow, please please please please please please comment on this set and let me know your thoughts.....unless your mind is completely blanked out

DISC 1-01 I DRIVE-Down Down Down/02 THE GHOST-When You're Dead/03 BOULDER
DAMN-Dead Meat/04 NEGATIVE SPACE-Forbidden Fruit/05 SIR LORD BALTIMORE-Kingdom Come/06 SUM PEAR-Bring Me Home America/07 BLUES CREATION-Atomic Bombs Away/08 RAW MATERIAL-Time and Illusion/09 LOS DUG DUGS-Smog/10 SPACE FARM-Space Farm/11 ANSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION-Warning/12 BANG-Future Shock/13 STACKWADDY-Hoochie Coochie Man/14 ICECROSS-Jesus Freaks/15 DUST-From a Dry Camel

DISC 2-01 INTRO/02 MORGEN-Welcome to the Void/03 MOURNIN'-Living With the Dying/04 TIGER B SMITH-Tiger Rock/05 BEDLAM-Set Me Free/06 MOUNTAIN-Blood On the Sun/07 KUNI KAWACHI-Kinkyogen/08 CIRCUS 2000-While You're Sleeping/09 P205-Allright/10 PEACEPIPE-Sea of Nightmares/11 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Evil Woman/12 ZAKARRIAS-Country Out of Reach/13 VELVET FOGG-Yellow Cave Woman/14 THE GODS-To Samuel A Son/15 SEX- I Had to Rape Her (!)/16 A Break Before the Goddamn Acid Hits too Harrrrrd/17 MY SOLID GROUND-Dirty Yellow Dust

Disc 3-01 INTRO/02 Q65-Love Is Such a Good
Thing/03 THE MUSIC MACHINE-The People In Me/04 13TH FLOOOR ELEVATORS-Livin On (Acetate VErsion)/05 ORANG-UTAN-I Can See Your Head/06 RAG I RYGEN-DerKan Vael Inte Vera Farligit/07 SAN UL LM-A Flower Hsa Bloomed/08 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-She's Easy/09 ZIOR-Entrance of the Devil/10 MARCUS-Satan/11 ARTHUR LEE-EZ Rider/12 FIRE-Where Are You/13 FRACTION-Sky High/14 HARY CHAPTER-Looking For Decent Freedom/15 JERICHO JONES-Champs/16 MY INDOLE RING-Mary Jane/17 WARPIG-Tough Nuts/18 NAHVATH-Evolution/19 OUTRO

DISC 4-01 INTRO/02 CROW-Evil Woman/03 BRAM STOKER-Born To Free/04 JODO-One Night Stand/05 HAZE-Decision/06 ANTROBUS-Rock Band BLues/07 THE UNCERTAIN MIDNIGHT-Leaving the World/08 BOHEMMIAN VANDETTA-House of the Rising Sun/09 UNKNOWN BAND-Unknown Title/10 JANUS-I Wanna Scream/11 NEW DAWN-Dark Thoughts/12 GRAVEDIGGER-Mass Tremor/13 JOSEFUS-Gimme Shelter/14 KIRS CRUCIBLE-Salem Witch Trials/15 PINNACLE-The Chase/16 TOO MUCH-Grease It Out/17 UNISON-Flesh and Blood/18 Goddamn, They Cancelled It/19 GRACIOUS-Prayer

DISC 5-01 NOVEMBER-Mount Everest/02
WILDMARKEN-Gitarr Och Orghamonika/03 VATTEN-Jag Aer Traett/04 CONTACT-Fisken/05 SAGA-Gamla Goda Misstag/06 BLUESET-Lets Boogie/07 BLOMMAN-Heroin/08 HARVESTER-Naer Lingone/09 LOVE EXPLOSION-Hundar/10 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER...../11 GUDBRALLEN-Terjes Klagan/12 NEON ROSE-Schize Love/13 RG I RYGGEN-Queen of Darkness/14 RAEVJUNK-Jag E S Skitig Jag E S Paj/15 SHAGGY-Bitch/16 TASTE OF BLUES-A Touch of Sunshne/17 TRAED GROES OCH STENOR-All Along the Watchtower/18 KEBNEKAISE-Taenk p Livit

DISC 6-01 DR TIMOTHY LEARY-The Turn On/02 FUN OF IT-Bluesy Death/03VAUVORA BAND-UFO/04 COSMOS FACTORY-The hard Image/05 THE TEMPLE-Leaves Are Falling/06 GALAXY-Day Without the Sun/07 P205-Step On My Face/08 MAGIC MUSHROOMS-Never More/09 FRANTIC-Hey Joe/10 SATGRI-1000 Micrograms of Love/11 UNIVERSE-Rock In the Sky/12 SUB-Ma-Mari-Huana/13 JOHN
DOE & THE ACETATES-Purple Haze/14 UFO-Unidentified Flying Object

Unlike so many of the Nuggets-type psych bands, many of these are more album oriented acts, and yours truly happens to have several hundred of these particualr bands albums.....I've featured several of tehm in individual blog posts in the past, but this is the stuff I know a little about
if you'd like to see, say a post on

Kebnekaise if you'd like to see, say a post on or Rag I Rygen or whomever, there is a good shot I can take care of ya.....ANYTHING YOU GUYS WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE LSD Connection Part II

Now, did I not present as one of the greatest of all comps? Was I not correct? Well, if you area fan of

early 1970's tripped-out heavy acid metal, how could you disagree? Six killer discs yesterday with so many, many greats of the genre/era......and remeber, we are on MY turf now, this stuff is a TRUE labor of love......not that the other stuff ISN'T, I love it all, really, but THIS STUFF is probably, with a gun to my head and forced to choose ("Alright, I'm giving you the count of THREE to name your favorite of all musical genres/eras, and if you don't, say GOODNIGHT.........1........2....."), well, maybe this would be my choice.......anyways, a great set, as I said yesterday a probable "internet creation" which are always a lot of fun because they ARE true "labors of love".......five more discs today, so lets take a quick look at what we have

Volume 7 features some of the greats of the era/genre, Dragonfly, Banchee, and a repeat performance by Josefus, and some more off the wall stuff n by my standards) such as Epizootic, Terry Brooks & Strange, and Ugly Custard ("Scarboro Fair"!).......again, sixteen tracks, barely a dog in the bunch.....as I've said before this type of music doesn't EXACTLY "take" comp format, punk, psych/pop, and power pop do since listenting to them is reminiscent of a "radio weekend" knd of thing, but this was never music designed for radio....but this comp is SO good, that it is an exception.

OK, Volume.......again, where can I even begin? Hilary Blaze, Wildfire, Iron Claw, Icecross, St. Vitus, Wicked Lady........how many greats of an era/genre can we fit on a disc? Not to mention Blue Beard's take on "Paint It Black", great shit from Hand of Doom, Pentagram, Sorcery.......seems to be just a bit of a "sorcery/witchcraft/satan" theme running through this disc to a degree, and without any Black Sabbath or Black Widow (too mainstream? ha, ha)......

Volume 9 includes some MUCH more modern-day stoner rock, say, from Electric Wizard, Sheavy,
and Wolfmother (if I'd compiled the set, as great as they all are, I'd have likely saved them for a different comp, but who the hell am I to argue?),but also greats such as Abramis Brama, Rosetta West, and Orange Alabaster Mushroom........more "dark" stuff here, too, from Burning Sav, Witchcraft, and Lucifer Was, interesting to compare, say, Sheavy or Electric Wizard with their "grandparents", kind of an odd programming mix, but there is NOTHING in these 11 discs NOT to like (for me anyway).

Volume 10 opens and closes with a couple of previously unreleased Jeff Beck jam, includes The Who (!), and the Bob Seger System (!) but also the forgotten-but-great "Run Run Run" by Jo Jo Gunne, some Wishbone Ash, Plum Nelly, and even Nazareth.

So, whoever created this did a fine job, but once we are programming The Who and Bob Seger on a set such as this (where are Stray Dog? Dark-E? Captain Beyond? Hawkwind? honestly there are about 100 other bands I'd like to have seen included here) the creator might have started either losing interest, running out of material/ideas, or simply has a different view from my own on this "sacred" music.

Wrapping up the set, Volume 11, is probably the least accessible disc of teh set, a couple tracks are demos (from War Cry and Cirith Ungol), quite a bit of foreign language stuff (which you know I love), all in all a pretty obscur selection,best knwon act probably being Bad Axe and a damn fine way to wrap up the set........

OK, I want comments......this is a little different from what we've been doing lately.......this is MY
TURF, the music I REALLY grew up on (rather than the music I waxed nostalgic for, ala the "Nuggets"-style sets, and I'd really LOVE to hear opinons on this set......there are NOT a lot of comps of this type/style/era, this one is fairly unique, and as I've said before, it's an obvious "labor of love".....catch ya tomorrow!

VOLUME 7-01 INTRO/02 UTOPIA-Who's This Man/03 EPIZOOTIC-Sinbad/04 CRANK-Don't Push Me Away/05 TERRY BROOKS & STRANGE-Ruler of the Universe/06 ORION'S BEETHOVEN-El Ninio Del Tercer Milenio/07 JENGHIE KAHN-Pain/08 UGLY CUSTARD-Scarboro Fair/09 JOSEFUS-Saw a Killin'/10 BLUES CREATION-Demon and Eleven Children/11 BANCHEE-Children of the Universe/12 DRAGONFLY-Enjoy Yourself/13 CORPORAL GANDER'S FIRE DOG BRIGADE-Stealer/14 THE (SAINT THOMAS) PEPPER SMELTER-Gente/15 WHISKEY DAVID-Whiskey/16 CLAP-Out of the Shadows

VOLUME 8-01 HILARY BLAZE-Electrizion/02 WILDFIRE-Stars In the Sky/03 PAGAN ALTER-Pagan Alter/04 HAND OF DOOM-There Ain't No Running Away/05 WICKED LADY-I'm a Freak/06 ROCK VATTONE-Hamburger Funk/07 BEDMON-Serpent Venom/08 BLUE BEARD-Paint It Black/09 DOC ROCKIT-Tomorrow Child/10 BINGTANGS-Lara Lady/11 PENTAGRAM-Ask No More/12 SLOWBONE-The Last Goodbye/13 IRON CLAW-Loving You/14 EGOR-Street/15 SORCERY-Sorcerer/16 ICECROSS-Nightmare/17 SAINT VITUS-Burial at Sea

VOLUME 9-01 SCARY INTRO/02 WITCHCRAFT-Witchcraft (Sotleif)/03 WOLFMOTHER-Woman/04 ABRAMIS BRAMA-Mamma Talar/05 ORNGE SUNSHINE-Sunshine of Your Love/06 BIGELF-Neuropsychopathic Eye/07 ROSETTA WEST-Blue Honey/08 QUANTUM I/09 ORANGE ALABASTER MUSHROOM-Your Face Is In My Mind/10 ST MIKEAL-Prisoner/11 SHEAVY-Virtual Machine/12 ELECTRIC WIZARD-Mountains of Mars/13 SIMULACRA/14 HIGH THERE AGAIN (THIS IS A MESSAGE TO YOU)-ONLY FOR STONERS WITH HEADPHONES/15 SUNDIAL-Exploding In Your Mind/16 BURNING SAVIOURS-Trees and Stone/17 LUCIFER WAS-Behind Black Rider/18 KRIGA-Svartepan

VOLUME 10-01 JEFF BECK-Solid Lifter/02 CHURLS-Time Piece/03 COLOSSEUM-Kettle/04 NAZARETH-Sold My Soul/05 PLUM NELLY-The Demon/06 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Doctor of Electricity/07 MEDUSA-Medusa/08 ROXX-Get Your Rocks Off/09 YOUNG BROTHERS-High Energy Rock/10 THE WHO-Hall of the Mountain King/11 BABY-Hard Road/12 ARC-Let Your Love Run Through/13 BRONCO-Woman/14 THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM-2+2=?/15 CLIMAX-El Resplandor De Tu Amor (Sunshine of Your Love)/16 NEKTAR-The Dream Nebula (Part 1)/17 JO JO GUNNE-Run Run Run/18 WISHBONE ASH-Lady Whiskey/19 JEFF BECK-Livin Life Backwards

VOLUME 11-01 ANTONIUS REX-Aquila Non Capit Muscas/02 VOLTZ-After Armageddon/03
BAD AXE-Set Me Free/04 STREET THEATER-On the Rise Again/05 PENTAGRAM-Broken Vows/06 ZESS-Bodysnatchers/07 GRANMAX-Take You Away/08 MEDIEVAL-Death Is Beauty/09 MERCY-I'm Your Pervert Priest/10 NEMESIS-Burn the Witch/11 WAR CRY-Forbidden Evil (Demo)/12 WITCHFYNDE-Give Em Hell/13 DEVIL CHILDE-Beyond the Grave/14 HELLHAMMER-Triumph of Death/15 CIRITH UNGOL-Hype Performance (Demo)

PLEASE read this, it's important

Hopefully the heading  will grab your attention, if not, perhaps this classic picture of my sweetie pie
Rose McGowan in the cinema-de-classique "Terror Planet" will........

I was going to do something else today (the "Circus Days" comp to be specific,which will easilly wait until tomorrow). For now, though, please click on this link:


That's right, you get NOTHING. Why? Because the blog has been removed. Again. This is not just ANY blog, this is not like the nonsense you are looking at NOW, created by some half-assed 50 year old with a somewhat esoteric taste in music.......this is goddamn CHRISGOESROCK.......if you are
unfamiliar with ChrisGoesRock he is a LEGEND of blogging and torrenting. For comparison sake, Chris Goes Rock is to, say, the Beatles what BigScott62 is to maybe Wesley Willis (look him up if you are unfamiliar and see what I am trying to say).

Chris Goes Rock has overseen some of the absolute greatest blogs in the history of the internet.....before the "blogger" era, he was creating incredible music Torrents, I THINK (can't validate) that he created the wonderful "MegaNuggets" set that so many of you have enjoyed my repost of......"People" have been screwing with him for YEARS, getting his blogs taken down, he starts a new one, it gets taken down, and on and on......WHEN he gets started
back up, be damn sure that his new site will linked here.

Chris Goes Rock is a VALUABLE RESOURCE. For one thing, he (almost literally) has every CD/album ever made by anyone......and he is MUCH, MUCH more knowledgeable about all types of music than someone like, say, me, or nearly anyone else. We can learn so much from him, hear so much otherwise unavailable music because of him and his tireless efforts......HE IS NOT THE ENEMY.

Chris Goes Rock wants MUSIC to be HEARD, the way it was
MEANT TO BE...HEARD It's MUSIC Goddamnit, if you can't HEAR it, what the fuck good is it? The ENEMY is anyone who would stifle the efforts of someone who works tirelessly and without compensation to get unique, rare, or otherwise little known music to a new audience. This bullshit DOES affect YOU, because they'll be wanting ME taken down soon enough too, be certain. Now, that isn't shit......I'm NOTHING.....but the point is this is the fucking internet, OUR fucking internet, and it is the last bastion of FREEDOM (and that just barely).......raise hell, bitch and FIGHT THE FUCKING POWER, because once the internet is where the ENEMY wants it to be, finding ANY music more imaginative than the Archies is going to be a thing of the past.

In support of ChrisGoesRock, please download these discs, ChrisGoesRock's Psychedelic Favorites.....there is some good shit on these, nothing all THAT hard to find, but it's one of those labors-of-love that we talk about sometimes......let's see HOW MANY SHARES we can get of these files......Please? Just as a show of support for him.....I know it's meaningless, but at least we are SAYING "stop fucking with people whose only crime is LOVING MUSIC".....

Again, PLEASE download these, if you don't want
them, then delete them, but let us show Chris that we support him and respect his work, I will report back in a few days as to how many of you download these files,pleaselet's try to set a record for this blog......Chris, I support you and your work, and I know others do as well......if it weren't for you I (literally) WOULD NOT BE HERE doing what I do each day, albeit as a pale imitation of YOUR work.


DISC 1-01 BAKERY-No Dying in the Dark/02 ROKY ERICKSON-Don't Shake Me Lucifer/03 THE STANDELLS-Why Pick on Me/04 THE BALLOON FARM-A Question of Temperature/05 BLOW MIND-They're Coming/06 TOTUM-Coming Home Baby/07 LYD-The Time of Hate and Struggle/08 KROKODIL-You're Still a Part of Me/09 JULY-The Way/10 JOHNNY WINTER-Mean Town Blues/11 IRON BUTTERFLY-Possesion/12 HAIRY CHAPTER-There's a Kind of Nothing/13 MARKLEY-Booker T & His Electric Shock/14 PARRISH HALL-My Eyes are Getting Heavy/15 REX HOLMAN-Here in the Land of Victory/16 RUMBLESTILTSKIN-Make Me Make You/17 SILVERHEAD-Rolling With My Baby/18 SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET-Mendocino/19 SMALL FACES-Lazy Sunday

DISC 2-01 THE MISUNDERSTOOD-Little Red Rooster/02 ELECTRIC PRUNES-I'll Drag You Home/03 STATUS QUO-Paper Plane/04 STEPHEN STILLS-Love the One You're With/05 AMBOY DUKES-Mississippi Murderer/06 THE ANIMALS-Baby Let Me Take You Home/07 THE BYRDS-Wild Mountain Thyme/08 THE DEVIANTS-Screwed Up/09 THE DOORS-Maggie M'Gill/10 THE KINKS-Pictures In the Sand/11 THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY-Free/12 THE ROCKETS-Hole In My Pocket/13 THE SEEDS-Nobody Spoil My Fun/14 THE UNDERDOGS-Wastaing My Time/15 THE WHO-Magic Bus/16 THE YARDBIRDS-I'm Confused/17 THE ZODIAC-Aries the Fire-Fighter/18 TOTTY-Crack In the Cosmic Egg/19 TRANSATLANTIC RAILROAD-Fried Chicken Blues/20 TUCKY BUZZARD-Mistreating Woman

OK guys, PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME........not only will you be helping me to make a statement, but you will certainly pick up some fine tunes along the way as well. Fight the Power guys, there is so little we can truly DO, but at the very fucking least, we can be HEARD.

Thanks, Scott M

Circus Days

Wouldn't want for ya to think your strange uncle was running out of 1960's obscurities after a couple
of days of early 1970's and beyond hallucinagenic treats, but here we have the CD versions of "Circus Days" which was yet ANOTHER set of (mostly) British pop-psych nuggets.....gotta be SOME overlap with some of the other sets, but my goal is for you to have every last bit of this stuff that I can scrape together, and these are pretty good, CD rips I got from a buddy of mine a while back......originally these were six vinyl LP's, the CD reissue compresses it down to four fairly loaded CD's.

The first CD (comprising of LP's 1 & 2) features Kid Rock (no not THAT one, LORD....), Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Penny Peeps, the very underappreciated Arzachel, Alex Harvey, The SMoke, and Blonde on Blonde, so not exactly a bunch of no-names, but also some lesser luminairies such as Head West, Vashti, Nick Garrie, and the Fingers......2 tracks, more than just a curiosity, listenable and enjoyable.

The Second disc is (careful attention here kids) is titled "Volume 3", trust me on this, the fist one was "Volume 1-2", don't ask me.....anyway, Volume 3 is stacked up with 28 tracks, more obscure than the first, we get Green Scarab, Medium, Druid Chase, Earth (NOT the earlk Sabbath incarnation I would guess), Actress (likewise NOT the pre-New York Dolls), hy Limbs, Mirage, and lots more,uding a couple of those "Unknown" bands that I think are so cool for whatever reason.

The third disc, I kid you not, is entitled Volume 4&5.......perhaps
these are metric conversions, ho ho.....anyway, 25 tracks here, this one pretty much on the side of the obscurities as well, Cardboard Orchestra, Peter & the Wolves, Secrets, Clover (don't miss: thier "psych version" of "Ice Cream Man")........if you enjoyed the others sets such as "Hens Teeth" and maybe "English Freakbeat", likely you'll drool over this as well.......

OK, Disc four, clever titled "Volume 6", continues to pile it on.....Pattern People, Juice, Leze Majesty, Queen Flora's Recollections, The Majamood.......basically another good, thorough, comprehensive set of exactly what it intends to be......good, but somewhat unknown, psych-pop for the UK ca. Mid-60's, and what could be wrong with that? Just what I thought!

VOLUME 1/2-01 KID ROCK-Ice Cream Man/02 LOS BRINCOS-Nobody Wants You Now/03 RHUBARB RHUBARB-Moneylender/04 PETER COOK & DUDLEY MOORE-Bedazzled/05 JACKIE LOMAX-Honey Machine/06 KID ROCK-Auntie Annie's Place/07 HEAD WEST-Someday/08 WATERLOO-Why May I Not Know/09 JOHNNY BURTON-Polevault Man/10 TANDEM-Shapes and Shadows/11 THE PENNY PEEPS-I See the Morning/12 JON PLUM-Alice/13 NICK GARRIE-Wheel Of Fortune/14 DRY ICE-Running to the Convnet/15 ARZACHEL-Garden of Earthly Delights/16 VASHTI-I'd Like to Walk Around In Your Mind/17 UNKNOWN-Mystery Track/18 ALEX HARVEY-Dance of the Green Scarab/19 THE FRUIT MACHINE-Follow Me/20 ORANGE PEEL-I Got No Time/21 THE SMOKE-Dreams of Dreams/22 NIMROD-The Bird/23 THE FINGERS-Circus With a Female Clown/24 BLONDE ON BLONDE-Castles In the Sky/25 THE WIRE MACHINE-The Doves/26 THE EGGY-You're Still Mine/27 BLONDE ON BLONDE-Circles

VOLUME 3-01 FRUIT MACHINE-I'm Alone Today/02 GREEN SCARAB-Asariah's Dance/03
CIRCUS-Amsterdam/04 TAMARA KORAN& PERCEPTION-Veils of Morning Lace/05 RHUBARB RHUBARB-Rainmaker/06 WIRE MACHINE-Fascination/07 UNKNOWN-Mystery Track/08 HAT AND TIE-Finding It Rough/09 ACTRESS-Good Job With Prospects/10 SHY LIMBS-Reputation/11 CHURCHILLS-Too Much In Love To Hear/12 LOVIN-Do It Again/13 SUMMER SET-It's a Dream/14 THANE RUSSAL-Drop Everything and Run/15 MIRAGE-Tomorrow Never Knows/16 UNKNOWN-Mystery Track (The Prisoner)/17 SHY LIMBS-Love/18 EARTH-Resurrection City/19 DRUID CHASE-Take Me In Your Garden/20 MIRAGE-And Life Goes On/21 MARIANE-You Had Better Change Your Evil Ways/22 FENMEN-Rejected/23 LIVING DAYLIGHTS-Jane/24 MIRAGE-My Door/25 MEDIUM-Edward Never Lies/26 CATS PYJAMAS-Virginia Water/27 JERUSALEM-Kamikazi Moth/28 KATE-Shout It

VOLUME 4/5-01 OPUS-Baby Come on/02 ANDROMEDA-Go Your Way/03 BENT FRAME-Fairylights/04 ANSWERS-Tawney Wood/05 JUAN & JUNIOR-To Girls/06 CARDBOARD ORCHESTRA-Yes I Heard a Little Bird/07 BROKEN TOYS-Broken Toys/08 SHUBERT-Until the Rain Comes/09 TEMPLE ROW-King & Queen/10 JON ISHERWOOD-Apple Pie/11 PETER & THE WOLVES-Little Girl & Found/12 PETER JANES-Go Home Vila/13 CORTINAS-Phoebe's Flower Shop/14 TUESDAYS CHILDREN-She/15 UNKNOWN-Mystery Track/16 TOMORROWS THOUGHTS-Night Is Like Day/17 RAINBOWS-Rainbows/18 WORRYING KYNDE-Sand And Water/19 CLOVER-Ice Cream Man (Psych Version)/20 SECRETS-I Think I Need the Cash/21 THRESHOLD OF PLEASURE-Rain Rain Rain/22 PETER & THE WOLVES-Lanternlight/23 DAVID COPPERFIELD STYLE-I've Been Wrong I've Been Right/24 JASON CREST-Juliano the Bull/25 BLUE YOGURT-Lydia

VOLUME 6-01 KID ROCK-Dream Dream Dream/02 THE SWEETSHOP-Barefoot & Tiptoe/03
DAVE JUSTIN-You Outside/04 CECIL MCCARTNEY-Liquid Blue/05 PATTERN PEOPLE-Take a Walk in the Sun/06 JUICE-The Elastic Band/ 08THE SCOTS OF ST JAMES-Eiderdown Clown/09 TOGETHER-Memories of Melinda/10 PRICE AND SHERIDAN-Tracey Smith/11 THE CYMBALINE-Fire/12 THE END-Second Glance/13 QUEEN FLORAS RECOLLECTIONS-Red Brick House/14 Motivation-Little Men/15 LEZE MAJESTY-Regency Garden/16 SPARROW-Dream/17 KATE-Don't Make a Sound/18 THE IDLE HANDS-Remember/19 DAVID-The Nymphs of Untwalumi Wood/20 THE AMELA SMILE-Father GOod's Space Flight/21 THE FACTORY-Red Chalk Hill/22 THE ESSENCE-Call Me A Friend/23 PETER & THE WOLVES-Smokey Wood/24 THE MAJAMOOD-200 Million Red Ants

Another good set........hope I'm helping you guys develope your collections the way you want them to be.......remember years ago? there were "gaps" in our collection and finding one, filling one in, was such an exhilerating feeling, a yard sale, a record convention, used record shop.....I had great moments discovery in ALL of those......now, we can click a couple buttons, and, by looking in the proper places, we can have a PERFECT music collection, EXACTLY what we want.....FOR FREE.....so which is better? Hey.....I'll take what we have NOW over what I grew up doing 50 times over......it's like the difference between dentistry then and now, NOW is much much much much better......and I'm glad I can be a part of it!

Syde Trips

Well, my drug-addled memory keeps causing me to forget great comp sets I've overlooked....I'd have
thought overlap would be the biggest enemy by now, rendering most sets I could post as to be redundant. Not so "Syde Trips", seven more discs of, as the title might indicate, obscuritites from around the globe, focusing on more of the great psych-pop we can never (evidently) get too much of.

Volume 1.....well, if any of this stuff is familiar to you other than from this set, you should be starting your own blog and sharing this stuff (as I have said there is a VOID in the blog world as of late!)......The Poets, Maniax, Purge, Giorgio and Marco's Men, and Blackthorn Winter are not exactly common names on the shelves of most of us. Volume 2 varies the concept a bit (for the better) as The Lost, Mic Read, Amber, and Just Plain Smith each get a deeper look, 3-5 tracks each, kind of wish that on collections structured as such they'd GROUP EACH ACT TOGETHER BY ITSELF, rather than randomly scattering the order, but mine is not to question why I guess.

On Volume 3, Jason Crest gets five tracks, other than that the acts get 1 or 2.....Enough's Enough,
Tidal Wave, Harverson Apricot, not to mention Charlotte Black's version of "So You Want To Be a Rock N Roll Star")......only the best in obscurity! Fourth disc brings us yet another wave, The Mode get 3 tracks, elsewhere, Tinkerbell's Fairydust, Complex, CMJ, and the Montanas, among others, get the usual 1-2 track look.

Volume 5 keeps bringing them out.....Toast, Killing Floor, Doves, and the Geranium Pond, whose "Marshmallow Man" turns up as both track 10 and track 13. An OBVIOUS classic! Volume 6 features the very freakish The Phoenix, also Tropical Fish, The Summer Set, Solent, and a few more. The final set offers up The Brain, Those Fadin Colours, The Outer Limits ("Not Your Steppin Stone"), The Snappers......

OK, here are 7 MORE discs of relatively little overlap with my other comp
sets, hope you guys like this it's a really good one for lovers of obsure psych (I look at it as kind of a "negative image" of "Back From the Grave", which was ALL punk, NO psych......this one ALL psych, ZERO punk......both great sets, for, of course, lovers of their specified genre.

Be good to one another and be back tomorrow, unless the powers that be kidnap me in my sleep tonight......

VOLUME 1-01 PLEASURE GARDEN-Permissive Paradise/02 GIORGIO AND MARCOS MEN-Baby I Need You/03 WHISPERS OF TRUTH-Sunday Afternoons With Emily/04 FREE EXPRESSION-Nightmares/05 PURGE-The Mayor of Simpleton Hall/06 POETS-Fun Buggy/07 MANIAX-The Devils Home/08 TIDAL WAVE-Spider Spider/09 WHISPERS OF TRUTH-Reality/10 BLACKTHORN WINTER-I Will/11 PURGE-The Knave/12 POETS-Heyla Hola/13 EUPHORIA-Hangman's Rope/14 KAT-Tell the World/15 FRINGE BENEFIT-Wild Man of the Forest

VOLUME 2-01 JUST PLAIN SMITH-Don't Open Your Mind/02 MIC READ-Edward E James' Rainbow/03 AMBER-Time and Tide/04 MIC READ-Nicola/05 AMBER-Yellow and Red/06 MIC READ-Pictures on My Wall/07 THE LOST-Ernest Seymour The Man From 66c/08 THE LOST-What's the Matter With You Babe/09 MIC READ-Charley Brewsters DJ Show/10 JUST PLAIN SMITH-February's Child/11 MIC READ-What the Dickens/12 AMBER-Shirley/13 MIC READ-If She's a Day/14 THE LOST-Don't Open Your Mind

VOLUME 3-01 JASON CREST-King of the Castle/02 ENOUGHS ENOUGH-Please Remember/03
HARVISON APRICOT-Wax Candle/04 JASON CREST-Collected Works of Jason Crest/05 CHARLOTTE BLACK-Charge of the Light Brigade/06 TELEGRAPH-Putrefaction/07 JASON CREST-Teagarden Lane/08 EXTREEM-From Out of the Sky/09 CHARLOTTE BLACK-So You Want To Be a Rock N Roll Star/10 THOR-You're My Cream/11 JASON CREST-Charge of the Light Brigade/12 ENOUGHS ENOUGH-Look Around You Baby/13 TIDAL WAVE-Crazy Horse/14 JASON CREST-You Really Got a Hold on Me

VOLUME 4-01 BRASS ALLEY-Dr Beecham's Pink Pills/02 THE MODE-Eastern Music Back to Front/03 URBAN-When My Train Comes In/04 THE INFLUENCE-Driving Me Wild/05 TINKERBELLS FAIRYDUST-Marjorine/06 THE MODE-Backing Britain/07 20W-What's It All About/08 COMPLEX-Witchs Spell/09 THE GOOD THING BRIGADE-My House is Burning/10 THE OBJECT-Blue SKies and Green Green Grass/11 CMJ-In the Midnight Hour/12 THE MODE-Girl/13 THE MONTANAS-Together/14 TINKERBELLS FAIRYDUST-You Keep Me Hanging On

Baskets/02 TOAST-Time of Year/03 THE DOVES-Smokeytime Springtime/04 THE GERNAIUM POND-No Elephants In My Garden/05 KILLING FLOOR-Soon There Will Be Everything/06 TOAST-Lincoln's Rocking Chair/07 KILLING FLOOR-Acid Bean/08 THE GERANIUM POND-Fire/09 THE DOVES-I'll Cry If You Make Me/10 THE GERANIUM POND-Marshmallow Man/11 LEE & DOREY-I've Been Wrong/12 SIR PERCY QUINTET-Margaret Elspeth/13 THE GERANIUM POND-Marshmallow Man/14 KILLING FLOOR-Lost Alone

VOLUME 6-01 THE SUMMER SET-Cos It's Over/02 TROPICAL FISH-Captain Man Part 1/03 THE PHOENIX-Live For the Sun/04 THE LONGBOATMEN-Viva L'Amour/05 THE NAME-Hello Edythe/06 TROPICAL FISH-Waterloo Station/07 THE FLAMES-Streamliner/08 THE PHOENIX-You Keep Me Hanging On/09 THE LONGBOATMEN-Trouble and Tea/10 THE PHOENIX-Brave New Sights/11 TROPICAL FISH-Upside Down Inside Out/12 SOLENT-My World Fell Down/13 THE NAME-What Do I Care/14 TROPICAL FISH-Captain Man Part 2/15 THE PHOENIX-You Are The Moon & The Stars & The Sun

VOLUME 7-01 THE BRAIN-Nobody Knows the Game/02 THOSE FADIN COLOURS-Blow
Up/03 THE JYGSAW-0099/04 THE BRAIN-Shot On Sight/05 THE FIRE-Can't Be So Bad/06 THE BRAIN-One In a Million/07 THE SNAPPERS-Smiley's Tram/08 THE OUTER LIMITS-I'm Not Youre Stepping Stone/09 THOSE FADIN COLOURS-Try Me On For Size/10 THE BRAIN-Murder/11 DAVE CHRISTIE-Penelope Breedlove/12 THE BRAIN-Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine/13 THE SNAPPERS-Shes a Lover/14 CLIFF WARD-Path Through the Forest

Trip away, hope ya be digging these.......thought I'd be long out of em by now, but actually there are a few more, so, well, we'll see.....and PLEASE continue to show support for the deposed ChrisGoesRock by downloading the 2 disc ChrisGoesRock Psychedelic Favorites......it is SYMBOLIC, of course, nothing more, but please JUST DO IT in order for Chris and the rest of teh blogging universe to know that we do, indeed, CARE about OUR internet, it's freedoms, and it's ability to allow music lovers to SHARE.....and as I've stated 10000 times before, it should be evident and obvious, but I guess it isn't......so, SHARING IS A GOOD THING. SHARING IS A GOOD THING. SHARING IS A GOOD THING.

Get it, I hope?

Diggin For Gold, Vols 1-5

This is a set of ten discs, from here, there and everywhere, again, quite obscure.....little what we'd
refer to as "psych" on this one, more garage/beat/punk-rockin stuff......again, I sense very little overlap, but this stuff runs together in my mind, it is POSSIBLE that there is TONS of overlpa with some of my other sets, but it doesn't seem that way.....breaking it up in two parts this time (shoulda done so with "Syde Tryps" as well), but these are vinyl rips and FAIRLY skimpy, so it won't take me THAT long five discs today, five more tomorrow, capice?

Well, Volume 1 gives us some semi-familair names from other comps, such as the Beathovens, Thor's Hammer, Other Side, and Blue Aces, not to mention lesser know (to me at least) combos ala Horanges, The Throb, and the Principals....sometimes I swear my posts must just sound like "shopping lists" of goofball band names, but it hasn't been THAT long since I've listened to some of these and they really are quite rewarding.

Volume 2 returns a couple tracks from Thor's
Hammer, also the Unforgettable Amnesiacs (geez), The Inn-Sect, and Sound LTD Set's quite cool "Sunshine World". The Rolling Beats, The Torereos, and Thursday's Child bring interesting efforts to the dance.

On Volume 3 the Rythym Checkers give us a fairly frantic "Long Tall Sally", also we get some interesting stuff from The Moondogs, Leather Souls, Soul Agents, and Cool Stove, among some others.  Volume 4 gives us the Richard Wright Group (Pre-Pink Floyd? I would check except I can't imagine a circumstance under which I would care any less), The Hoochie Coochies, The Specatacles, and the Shanagaans......."interesting" is the word I've used the most here, but this set is also quite listenable and entertaining, even if maybe a little on the long side (five discs might have been fine, I don't know).

Wrapping up today's post will be Volume 5, with tracks both "interesting" and "good" from Toni McCann & the Blue Jays, The Morloch, Hugo, and Pilgrims Five.......Historians should bust another nut over this set, lost of non-overlapped stuff, and FIVE more full discs of it tomorrow!

My Light/03 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD-Diggin For Gold/04 THE BLUE ACES-That's Alright/05 SIMON RAVEN-I Wonder If She Remembers Me/06 VINCE TAYLOR ET LES BOBBY CLARKES NOISE-My baby Left Me/07 HORANGES-Daddy Rolling Stone/08 THORS HAMMER-The Big Beat Country Dance/09 THE BEATHOVENS-Summer Sun/10 THE THUNDERS-Take me the Way i Am/11 THE THROB-Believe In Me/12 THE IMPROVED SOUND LTD-It Is You/13 MARTY RHONE-Every Minute of You/14 THE PRINCIPALS-Woman/15 JOHN HATTON & THE DEVOTIONS-I Should Be Ashamed/16 THE MAJORITY-One THird

VOLUME 2-01 THE UNDERTAKERS-(I Fell In Love) For the Very First Time/02 THE NAMELESS-Life/03 THE MOODS-Cos of You/04 SOUND LTD SET-Sunshine World/05 GROUP $OALL-Will You Teach Me How To Love/06 THE TOREROS-Come/07 THORS HAMMER-My Life/08 DAT EN WAT-Dead Man Blues/09 THURSDAYS CHILD-I Want You Back/10 THE MARKSMEN-Moonshine/11 THE BEATNIKS-Can't Be Sad About It/12 THE INN-SECT-Let ME Tell You About the Things I Need/13 THORS HAMMER-Better Days/14 DAT EN WAT-I Can Live WIthout You/15 THE ROLLING BEATS-Don't Ask Me Why/16 THE UNFORGETTABLE AMNESIANCS-Leave Me ALone

VOLUME 3-DAYAKS-So Long, Sad Sack/02 THE
MOONDOGS-Trying To Make You See/03 MAD COMICS-So Down/04 PAUL & JOHNNY WITH THE BLUE JETS-I'm Free/05 THE SCARLETS-Now I Know/06 THE LEATHER SOULS-Whats the Use/07 THE SOUL AGENTS-I'm Still Mad At You/08 THE RYTHM CHECKERS-Long Tall Sally/09 THE PIECES FIT-Pieces Fit/10 PAUL & JOHNNY WITH THE BLUE JETS-I Like It/11 THE ROBOTS-It's Hard to Say/12 THE RYTHMS-Everytime/13 THE PARTY BROTHERS-Our Love Is Gone/14 PHASE 4-Listen to the Blues/15 COOL STOVE-Big Sensation/16 TOMMY SCOTT-I Can Only Give You Everything

VOLUME 4-01 THE BEATHOVENS-She Is My Love/02 THE SPECTACLES-I'll Be Satisfied/03 THE RICHARD WRIGHT GROUP-Miss Hargraves/04 LE BAIN DIDONC-4 Cheveux Dans Le Vent/05 ROGER YOUNG-It's Been Nice/06 BOBBY JAMES & THE VIBRANTS-I've Learned/07 THE LAST STRAWS-A Woman of Gradual Decline/08 THE HOOCHIE COOCHIES-I'm a Boy/09 THE CHARMS-I'm Coming Back/10 ROBBIE PETERS-She Does Everything For Me/11 THE SHANGAANS-Yeh Girl/12 THE INSECT-Be Good and Go/13 THE CLARKS-All the Time/14 THE KINGBEES-I'm a Kingbee/15 JAMES MEAN-Seeing Her/16 TONY COLTON'S BIG BOSS BAND-I've Laid SOme Down in My Time

Realized/02 MIKE FURBER & THE BOWERY BOYS-You/03 THE LOST SOULS-Peace of Mind/04 RUSS KRUGER-Seperate the men From the Boys/05 THE SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN-Leave Myself To Me/06 BLUES RAGS N HOLLERS-Got Love If You Want It/07 THE PURPLE HEARTS-Long Legged Baby/08 TONI MCCANN & THE BLUE JAYS-My Baby/09 THE PILGRIMS FIVE-And BLue/10 HUGO-Girl In the Garden/11 GREG ANDERSON-I feel Good/12 THE LIBRETTOS-She's a Go-Go/13 THE MOLOCH-Hit the Road Jack/14 MAX MERRRITT & THE METEORS-I Want SO Much TO Know YOu/15 THE TOL-PUDDLE MARTYRS-Time WIll Come/16 TONY WORSELY-How Can It Be

Second half of this set tomorrow, leave a comment if you have the time and something of interest to say! Always like hearing from all the great "FRIENDS OF THE BLOG"!!!!!!

Diggin' For Gold 6-10

OK, I skipped yesterday for some personal reasons, here is the rest of the fine "Diggin For Gold" set,
really good and fairly obscure garage/beat/semi-punk semi-classics from around the globe......hope you enjoy the rest of em.

Well, Volume 6 rounds up a bunch of your fave non-descripts, Bean & Loopy's Lot, THe A-Cads, Rick & Sandy, and the Upsetters take on "Daddy Rolling Stone". Volume 7 brings us a few slightly more familiar names from some of the other comps (Thee Sixpence, Billy & the KIds, Moxies) and a whole bunch of othrs such as Plain Brown Wrapper and TOmmy THompson & CHP. 17

Volume 8 Features Les Mann's fairly interesting "Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut", also checking in are the Misfits ( not THOSE Misfits!), the Toreros, The Falcons more than ANY burned out 50-year old juvenile waistoid could possibly ever need.

Volume 9 features maybe the most obscure batch of bands here (truly sayng something), THe Jaggers, Crystal Revelation, Knights of the Road, and the Piggy Bank ring no immediate bells with Uncle Scott anyways......and Volume 10wraps it up with a few frequently comped acts such as The Barons, Sanz, Incorporated, Thee Sixpence, and the Tidal Waves.......certainly you have the idea by NOW!

WOW, who was that guy so long, long ago that was
pissed about the "nuggets"style posts......can't even recall his name, he was a real dick about it and I just started dragging them out. Never REALLY guessed I had THIS many, and there, yes, are more to come, and now, I may as well finish them up.....

VOLUME 6-THE DOWNBEATS-You Gotta Tell Me/02 BEAN & LOOPYS LOT-A Stitch In Time/03 THE BLUEBIRDS-Sweet Polly/04 THE DAIMLERS-Come On Closer/05 THE UPSETTERS-Daddy ROlling STone/06 MOD EAST-Angelita/07 THE A-CADS-Roadrunner/08 EVIL EYES-Mister Mystified/09 THE INTERPRETERS-Any Time/10 HET-She'll Stay/11 THE ACTS-I Guess So/12 WAYNE GIBSON & DYNMAIC SOUNDS-Baby Baby Baby Pity Me/13 MIDNATT FRYAN-Always and Ever/14 THE SANDY COAST-I Want You For My Own/15 THE DOWNBEATS-It Won't Be Easy/16 RICK & SANDY-Lost My Girl

VOLUME 7-01 THEE SIXPENCE-Long Days Care/02 DELERIUM-Never Comin Home/03 THE WONDERS-Oh Yeah/04 THE HI NOTES-Without You Darling/05 4TH STREET EXIT-Strange One/06 THE RIOTS-You're My Baby/07 THE UNTOUCHABLES-Don't Go I'm Beggin/08 PLAIN BROWN WRAPPER-You'll Pay/09 TOMMY THOMPSON & CHP #17-Beggar Man/10 BILLY & THE KIDS-When I See You/11 MYSTERIONS-Is It a Lie?/12 JAVA MEN-Just Being With You/13 THE MOXIES-Please Don't Go/14 BUSHMEN-I Need Your Lovin/15 ID-Rotten Apple/16 RON GREY-Hold Back the

VOLUME 8-01 THE FALCONS-Back Out On You/02 THE SPIRITS-So Sad/03 LES MANN-Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/04 THE DEAD-HEADS-Stupid Little Baby/05 LES CANDIDATES-I'll Go Now/06 VAT 66-Vat 66 Theme/07 THE TOREROS-Talking the Blues/08 THE NOISE-You Turn Me On/09 THE CHATLES-CHildren of Stone/10 THE MISFITS-You Really Want Me/11 LES FRAISES DES BOIS-You Better Run/12 THE CHAPTERS-Can't Stop THinking About Her/13 THE STOKE SECT-Get the Picture/14 LES FALCONS-Please Understand Me/15 THE BLACK SHARKS-Too Much In Love/16 THE WOODPECKERS-Inside Looking Out

VOLUME 9-01 THE PASTLES-Circiut Breaker/02 THE JAGGERS-Feel So Good/03 RICK LANE & THE PEOPLE-Love Me Baby/04 WILD-ONES-Please/05 THE SECOND HAND BITTERSWEET-Please Don't Go/06 CRYSTAL REVELATION-Life/07 THE INTRUDERS-That's the Way/08 THE SIRES-Don't Look Now/09 THE ABSTRACK SOUND-You're Gonna Break My Heart/10 KNIGHTS OF THE ROAD-The Color of Dream/11 BLACK & THE BLUES-I'm Sad/12 THE VICARS-Love Has a Way/13 THE PIGGY BANK-Thoughts of You/14 THE CUTAWAYS-Hold Me/15 THE EMPTY STREETS-You Can Make It/16 THE BACARDIS-Don't Sell YOurself

VOLUME 10-01 THEE SIXPENCE-Heart Full of
Rain/02 THE MENACES-Till I Met You/03 THE BARONS-Time and Time Again/04 SANZ, INCORPORATED-I'm Gonna Leave You/05 THE INSITES-Nothing Is Wrong WIth Love/06 THE CHOSEN FEW-Get In On Life/07 THE JADES-I Cried/08 THE LONG ISLAND SOUND-Skid Row/09 BARRY & LIFE-Top-Less Girl/10 ONE
OF HOURS-Feel the Pain/11 ATILLA & THE HUNS-Mojo Cools/12 THE TIDAL WAVES-Lifetime/13 THE BRIKS-I'm Losing/14 THE GOODIES GALORE-Selfish Confusion/15 SONS OF SOUND-So Be It/.16 BUDDY'S BUDDIES-Tell Me What You See

The (SELFISH) "Pebbles" onslaught begins.....

Selfish? Well, OK....."Pebbles" is up around 30 or so volumes, the earlier ones on Bomp and the
latter ones on some Bomp subsidiary.....I have MOST of them, but I'd like to have the complete set, AND I'd like YOU to have the complete set too, if you'd like, of course......so I'm missing, I don't know, 5-6 of them maybe? I'll note the missing ones here, and each day during the ONSLAUGHT:

I AM MISSING VOLUMES 12, 16, and 17.......best as I can tell there are 28 official volumes, there are also "Pebbles Trash Box" and some others, NOT concerned about them right now.....let's just see if we can find a copy of 12, 16, and 17, that will fill out MY set, and in the meantime of course, help yaself to any of the 25 volumes that I DO have, and, hopefully in the end we will all have a COMPLETE set
of "Pebbles" (I have the "Trash Box" sets too, we'll see if they need to be posted or not"......

OK, fairly skimpy volumes, lets try five a day for a few days....the early volumes are almost not
worth a mention if you've been following along, most EVERY track on them is going to be overlap with some of the other comps we've done, but this is a somewhat legendary set and it'd be great if we collectors/completists could have the WHOLE set if we desire so!

So, let's glimpse at the first five discs. Volume 1 contains "Action Woman" by the Litter, "Dance Franny Dance" by the Floyd Dakil Combo, Kim Fowley's "The Trip", and "Spazz" by Elastic Band, all of which have been comped beyond all relevance (not that they aren't great tunes)......The Soup Greens cover of "Like a Rolling Stone" is interesting enough, as is Positive 13 O'Clock's take on "Psychotic Reaction".....Shadows of Knight turn up in a radio spot, as well as with "Potato Chip", certainly NOT one of there more well known efforts, and of course best of all, the closer, a fine cover of "Action Woman" by, of all people, Echo & the Bunnymen, which I have never seen/heard anywhere else...

Volume 2 gives us more stuff we probably really
don't "need", The Electric Prunes radio spot is even a fairly common one, "It's Cold Outside" by the Choir, Bobby Fuller's "Wine Wine Wine", Zakary Thaks "Bad Girl" and "99th Floor" by Moving Sidewalks turn up often enough, a bit more obscure are tracks from Quid, The Avengers, Road, and Undesyded.....you know how it is, if ya want, program your own "Pebbles" with thet tracks I haven't already blessed upon you!

Volume 3 ("The Acid Gallery") features familiar stuff from the Bees, Teddy & the Patches, and Third Bardo, but does treat us to some more obscure stuff by Driving Stupid, Jefferson Handkerchief, Adjeef the Poet, and Catfish Night.....argueably the most essential disc of the set as MUCH of this stuff generally gets left off the "Acid" comps.

By Volume 4, the Bomp folks are ready to go all obscure on us, as it should be......lots of surfin' type
stuff from The Bleach Boys, Del-Vettes, Riveras, City Surfers, Ragamuffins.....very, very worthwhile. And Volume 5 features the well-comped "I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)" By Fe Fi Four Plus 2, but for the most part, this is a selection of moderate rartities, Merry Dragons, The 12 AM, The Time Stoppers, and Danny & the Counts.

OK, grab the ones ya need, or all of em, tomorrow volumes 6-10, but remember BigScott62 DOES NOT have VOLUMES 12, 16, and 17.......so be on the lookout!

VOLUME 1-01 THE LITTER-Action Woman/02 PREACHERS-Who Do You Love/03 FLOYD DAKIL COMBO-Dance Franny Dance/04 OUTCASTS-I'm In PIttsburgh (And It's Raining)/05 GRAINS OF SAND-Going Away Baby/06 JU JUS-You Treat Me Bad/07 HAUNTED-1-2-5/08 SOUP GREENS-Like a Rolling Stone/09 POSITIVE 13 O'CLOCK-Psychotic Reaction/10 KIM FOWLEY-The Trip/11 THE ELASTIC BAND-Spazz/12 SPLIT ENDS-Rich With Nothin'/13 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Radio Spot/14 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Potato Chip/15 WILD KNIGHTS-Beaver Patrol/16 SPARKLES-Ain't No Friend of Mine/17 GONN-Blackout of Gretely/18 THE WEEDS-It's Your Time/19 ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN-Action Woman

SIDEWALKS-99th Floor/03 SONS OF ADAM-Feathered Fish/04 ELECTRIC PRUNES-Radio Spot/05 ROAD-You Rub Me the Wrong Way/06 THE LYRICS-So What/07 BUDDAHS-Lost Innocence/08 ZAKARY THAKS-Bad Girl/09 RANDY ALVEY & GREEN FUZ-Green Fuz/10 LITTLE BOY BLUES-I Can Only Give You Everything/11 DOVERS-She's Gone/12 PHIL & THE FRANTICS-I Must Run/13 DOVERS-What Am I Going To Do/14 THE CHOIR-It's Cold Outside/15 BOBBY FULLER-Wine Wine Wine/16 THE CHOIR-I'm Going Home/17 THE AVENGERS-Be a Caveman/18 MARK IV-Don't Want Your Lovin/19 SATAN & THE D-MEN-She'll Lie/20 UNDESYDED-Freedom of Love/21 QUID-Crazy Things

VOLUME 3-01 HIGHER ELEVATION-The Diamond Mine/02 TEDDY & THE PATCHES-Suzy Creamcheese/03 CHRYSTAL CHANDALIER-Suicidal Flowers/04 WILLIAM PENN V-Swami/05 JEFFERSON HANDKERCHIEF-I'm ALlergic to Flowers/06 CALICO WALL-Flight Reaction/07 HOGS-Loose Lips Sync Ships/08 DRIVING STUPID-Reality of Air/Fried Borsk/09 DRIVING STUPID-Horror Asparagus Story/10 THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time/11 THE BEES-Vocies Green and Purple/12 GODFREY-Let's Take a Trip/13 THE MONOCLES-Spider And The Fly/14 TC ATLANTIC-Faces/15 LEA RIDERS GROUP-Dam Kellar Oss Mods/16 RACE MARBLES-Like a Dribbling Form/17 PAINTED FACES-Anxious Colors/18 ADJEEF THE POET-Eek I'm a Freak/19 ADJEEF THE POET-Squafrech Lemon Come Back To Me/20 BEAUTIFUL DAZE-City jungle Part 1/21 CATFISH NIGHT-Deathwise/22 OSHUN-Rattle of Life

VOLUME 4-01 CALIFORNIA SUNS-Masked Grandma/02 DANTES-Top Down Time/03
PYRAMIDS-Custom Caravan/04 RIVERAS-California Sun '66/05 KNIGHTS-Hot Rod High/06 WHEEL MEN-School Is a Gas/07 SUPERSTOCKS-School Is a Drag/08 LLOYD THAXTON-Image of a Surfer/09 CITY SURFERS-Beach Ball/10 DAVE EDMUNDS-London's a Lonely Town/11 RAGAMUFFINS-The Fun We Had/12 RALLY PACKS-Move Out Little Mustang/13 REVERES-Big T/14 READYMEN-Shortnin Bread/15 BLEACH BOYS-Wine Wine WIne/16 ESQUIRES-Flashin Red/17 DEL VETTES-Ram Charger/18 GAMBLERS-LSD 25/19 BRIAN LORD-The Big Surfer

VOLUME 5-01 THE TREE-No Good Woman/02 THE PLAGUE-Go Away/03 THE MAGI-You Don't Know Me/04 THE GENTLEMEN-It's a Cryin Shame/05 THE FIVE CANADIANS-Writing On the Wall/06 THE DURTY WORDS-Why/07 MERRY DRAGONS-Universal Vagrant/08 FE FI FOUR PLUS 2-I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)/09 THE ESCAPADES-I Tell No Lies/10 DANNY & THE COUNTS-You Need Love/11 THE SATYRS-Yesterdays Hero/12 LITTLE PHIL & THE NIGHT SHADOWS-The Way It Used to Be/13 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Wanna Be With You/14 STATE OF MIND-Move/15 THE TIME STOPPERS-I Need Love/16 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-You'll Never Be My Girl/17 THE 12 AM-The Way I Feel/18 THE SHAG-Stop and Listen/19 THE SOUND BARRIER-(My) Baby's Gone/20 THE TRAITS-High on a Cloud

Wellllll, what to do NOW?

I had a plan, this Pebbles thing was gonna take all week, BUT thanks to the efforts of Francois and
Psyclist, two great friends of the blog, it would be a serious redundancy to post the remainder of the set.....if YOU need a disc or two, simply look under the comments section of the first (only) Pebbles post, and you'll be able to find anything you need by following the links, including The Trash Box Sets, and the Essential Pebbles sets......the blog friends have done an excellent job this time (as ALWAYS!)  as I have captured the volumes that I needed as well.......but.....

What am I to do now? I usually (believe it or not) think these things out ahead of time a little bit at least....I have PLENTY more sets of this nature, but it takes me a minute to go sort/organize them, and in all honesty, I had I think two or three of the remaining Pebbles posts already written and some even uploaded.......I don't want to alienate the Pebbles/Nuggets crowd by switching gears TOO much TOO quickly, but I kind of got trapped in.....trust me there will be PLENTY more 1960's garage/psych sets yet to come, I am even amazed myself as to how many I have yet to post.

But, again, what to do TODAY? Be like Andy Kaufman, I guess, and
delight in giving the audience what they DON'T want? Well, hopefully not.....but I am going to COMPLETELY change gears just for today at least,  bringing you the amazing nine-disc unabridged Monterey International Pop Festival Set.....why? Oh, I don't know.....it's damn good, for one thing, a friend and I were just listening to some of it the other day for another, and I think it's (in this format) FAIRLY rare, I've seen a few of them.....I mean there were a few official releases from the festival, the most notable being the great Hendrix/Otis Redding album, couple of others too I think, but I think that THIS set is as close as we can get to the ENTIRE Festival. Hope you guys enjoy this, it's a change of pace, and if you DON'T go for this, please don't abandon me, I got LOTSA
more bullets in the chamber.

Disc 1 is a dandy, actually, the first songs we hear are from, of all people, The Association, with a stellar version of "Along Comes Mary" and a decent "Windy" as well....next up Lou Rawls gives a few numbers, including "Tobacco Road", one that I nearly always enjoy no matter who is doing it. After a Johnny Rivers "Memphis", we get a set from the Animals, wish they'd have worked my fave "Sky Pilot" into the set, but it's not bad.....highlighting disc one (other than, for my money, The Association) is a long set from Simon and
Garfunkel, they were on their game on that day....again, maybe this is not for you guys who've been so into the Nuggets things, but expand your horizons for a minute, OK?

Second Disc brings us a bluesy set from Canned Heat, and then a fabulous set from Big Brother & the Holding Company (including a blistering, maybe best ever version of "Down on Me")....we get hilariously dated nonsense from Country Joe & the Fish "....be the first one on your block to have your boy sent home in a box....", and a closer from Al Kooper....well, they can't ALL be winners....

Disc Three is dominated by the underappreciated
Paul Butterfield Blues Band who turn in a fine set, followed by single tracks from Quicksilver Messenger Service and the Steve Miller Band, closing with a fairly good set from Electric Flag. Could have used a little more Steve Miller in his pre-fame days myself, but that's just me.....

Moving on to Disc 4, Moby Grape turns in a decent set (capped by a smoking "Omaha"), the Byrds give a fine performance as they always seemed to, including a reading of that rarely covered, often overlooked chestnut, "Hey Joe", and in closing we get some Laura Nyro, who I also always kind of liked a little bit at least.

Disc Five gives us a bad-ass set from Jefferson
Airplane, they are in excellent form and tear through a set of some of their greatest tunes, Booker T & the MG's provide an interlude before Otis Redding's famous (from the Hendrix/Redding recording) set.

The sixth disc defines acquired taste, if you want a whole disc of Ravi Shankar, HERE is your chance, the only artist in the set to merit a full disc.......enjoy. Disc 7 more than makes up for the slack time though, although Big Brother & the Holding Company's SECOND version of "Combination of the Two" is more than a little redundant, we get two excellent (and too short) sets from Buffalo Springfield and the Who, who were maybe the best live act on the planet at the time.

Disc eight starts off with a mercifully short Grateful Dead showing, before the Jimi Hendrix set tears
up the speakers, MAJESTIC versions of "Like a Rolling Stone" and "Wild Thing", as well as a bunch of his standards, (are ya REALLY gonna do it BigScott? Ah, why not?) including his version of that rarely covered, obscure chestnut, "Hey Joe" (I'm sorry, kind of), all of it  sounds great as most live Hendrix sets do, I wish I could have seen him, what an incredible stage presence he must have cast....as I said before, most likely you are familiar with this Hendrix set, but it is obviously worth hearing in this context as well.

And the final disc....one track from Scott McKenzie gives way to the Mamas and the Papas, who fill out the rest of the disc....never was a HUGE fan, but they turn in a pretty good set themselves, finishing with a fairly rowdy "Dancing In the Streets"

For a two-day festival, I think the nine discs here capture the essence of the era as well as we could reasonably expect.....I understand that Big Brother played a set each day, but REALLY two versions of the same track? Well, I don't know, wish I'd have been there though, because the sets from Hendrix, The Who, Butterfield, Jefferson Airplane, and the Byrds are all fantastic to these ears at least, most of the filler is at the very least interesting, and hey, at least they didn't give us a whole disc of the Grateful Dead (although I think there may be an official recording of their entire performance from the Festival, unsure and won't be seeking it out)

So, enjoy this set, and don't be a snob.......there was more music out there in the late 1960's than the
obscurities we've been devouring of late. This is really worth owning, unless you have some kinda "mainstream phobia" or something, it's a TRULY good set, and I THINk it's fairly hard to find although I could be wrong about that.....and remember, go to the COMMENTS SECTION of the PEBBLES post, follow the proper links and get ANY of the 28 discs you may be lacking, also the "Trash Box" set, and the "Essential" set......and thanks a million to both Psyclist and Francois for cutting my work down by so much......just had to give some extra thought as to what I was going to do today......hope it's not too much of a switch, it's for all my "hippies" out there!

DISC 01-01 JOHN PHILLIPS-Festival Introduction/02 THE ASSOCIATION-Along Comes Mary/03 Windy/04 LOU RAWLS-Love Is a Hurtin Thing/05 Dead End/06 Tobacco Road/07 JOHNNY RIVERS-Memphis/08 ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS-Paint It, Black/09 San Francisco Nights/10 Gin House Blues/11 Hey Gyp/12 SIMON & GARFUNKEL-Homeward Bound/13 At the Zoo/14 Feelin Groovy/15 For Emily Wherever I May Find Her/16 Sounds of Silence/17 Benedictus/18 Punky's Dilema

DISC 02-01 CANNED HEAT-Rollin and Tumblin/02 Dust My Broom/03 Bullfrog Blues/04 BIG
BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY-Down On Me/05 Combination of the Two/06 Harry/07 Road Block/08 Ball and Chain/09 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Not-So-Sweet Martha Lorraine/10 Feel Like I'm Fixin To Die Rag/11 Please Don't Drop That H Bomb/12 Section 43/13 AL KOOPER-(I Heard Her Say) Wake Me Shake Me

DISC 03-01 BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND-Look Over Yonders Wall/02 Mystery Train/03 Born In Chicago/04 Double Trouble/05 Mary Ann/06 Droppin Out/07 One More Headache/08 QUICKSLIVER MESSENGER SERVICE-All I Ever Wanted To Do/09 STEVE MILLER BLUES BAND-Mercury Blues/10 THE ELECTRIC FLAG-Drinkin Wine/11 Groovin Is Easy/12 Night Time Is the Right Time

DISC 04-01 TOMMY SMOTHERS-Intro/02 MOBY GRAPE-Indifference/03 Mr. Blues/04 Sittin By
The Window/05 Omaha/06 HUGH MASEKELA-Bajabula Bonke/07 THE BYRDS-Renaissance Fair/08 Have You Ever Seen Her Face/09 Hey Joe/10 He Was a Friend of Mine/11 Lady Friend/12 Chimes of Freedom/13 So You Wanna Be a Rock n Roll Star/14 LAURA NYRO-Wedding Song/15 Poverty Train

DISC 05-01 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-Somebody to Love/02 The Other Side of This Lie/03 White Rabbit/04 High Flying Bird/05 Today/06 She Has Funny Cars/07 Young Girl Sunday Blues/08 Ballad of You, Me, and Pooneil/09 BOOKER T & THE MG'S-Booker-Loo/10 Hip Hug-Her/11 Philly Dog (W/the Mar-Keys)/12 OTIS REDDING-Shake/13 Respect/14 I've Been Loving You Too Long/15 Satisfaction/16 Try a Little Tenderness

DISC 06-01 RAVI SHANKAR-Raga Bhimpalasi/02 Tabla Solo In Ektal/03 Dhun (Dadra And Fast Teental) (this 22 minute track was damaged and somehow would not completely upload for me.....you get "only" about 15 minutes of it, from which I certainly hope you get the general idea.....sorry, but I'm not aborting this project over THAT!)

COMPANY-Combination of the Two/03 BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD-Intro/04 For What It's Worth/05 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing/06 Rock N Roll Woman/07 Bluebird/08 THE WHO-Substitute/09 Sumemrtime Blues/10 Pictures of Lily/11 A Quick One/12 Happy Jack/13 My Generation

DISC 08-01 THE GRATEFUL DEAD-Viola Lee Blues/02 Cold Rain and Snow/03 JIMI HENDRIX-Killing Floor/04 Foxey Lady/05 Like a Rolling Stone/06 Rock Me Baby/07 Hey Joe/08 Can You See Me/09 The Wind Cries Mary/10 Purple Haze/11 Wild Thing

DISC 09-01 SCOTT MCKENZIE-San Francisco/02
THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS-Straight Shooter/03 Got a Feeling/04 California Dreaming/05 Spanish Harlem/06 Somebody Groovy/07 I Call Your Name/08 Monday Monday/09 Dancing In the Street/10 Outro

Pretty big undertaking for a level of acceptance I am unsure of......please leave comments! Please! Would you like to see more off the wall shit MIXED IN with the Nuggets comps (and beleive me, they are going nowhere for a while), or should I paint myself into a Nuggets/Pebbles/Gravel/etc niche? On the one hand, I'd LIKE to get some more variety on this thing, but the numbers for the comps are SO HIGH that I'd feel like I'm alientating the part of my audience that put this blog on the "map" so to speak.......PLEASE speak up and let me know how you feel, I might even listen to ya!

Gravel, anyone?

Back to normal after a one-day "hippie holiday"......really, surprised myself that I haven't put these 
yet, they are LOADED with tracks that I think are exclusive, pretty much to this set, each disc is stacked with 25-30 tracks, and I really don't remember seeing these aroundnet all THAT much (although I'm sure that is where I picked them up).....for the most part these are some rare and obscure shit, so if you missed out n your fix of such stuff yesterday, take a deep breath!

First volume includes 30 tracks (these are all North American bands, by the way), a HIGH number of which I think do not overlap much with the other comps of this ilk......The Spacemen, Unwritten Law, Sons of Sound, The Jads, The Moon-Dawgs, The Runaways (no not THAT Runaways!). In fact the most well-known band here might be Yesterday's Children, and there must have been about ten bands with that name, so this one could be unique as well!

TONS of rare stuff on Volume 2 as well, 30 tracks and MOST of them I think are found pretty muchy here....randomly: Hyperions, Try-Angle, Conner Family, Baroque Brothers, not to mention the Edicates from Columbus Ohio (about 45 minutes from my home) and Us Too from Fairfield Ohio (about an hour in the other direction) neither of which I had ever heard, prior to this set.

The third volume adds a bunch of equally obscure Candian bands, such as The Stitch In Tyme, The
Nocturnals, and the Esquires, to compliment thier USA bretheren such as The City Zu, The WordD, Dalek & the Blackstones, and Sugar Cube Blues Band...honestly, this is a fairly amazing undertaking, my hat is off to Kumquat May (no, really) Records for their ability to compile stuff THIS out-there without having to resort, really at all, to standard stuff that is comped regularly.....this is a GREAT set for those in the mood for TRUE obscurity.

Volume 4 is more of the same, I'll name a few at random again: Simple Simon & the Piemen, Baker Street Irregulars, The Goodsons, Dee & the Yeomen......Painted Ship who ar fairly frequently comped do turn up here, but if, in the course of 5 discs/150 or so tunes PAINTED SHIP is the BEST KNOWN act, you are REALLY onto some stuff that just doesn't turn up every day.

And so the series wraps up with volume 5. Threads of Fybre, 8th Wonders of the World, The Media, Southampton Story, The Hustlers 4, The Drop....I could go on and on, but really, you HAVE to get the idea here....there are a couple Painted Ship tracks that you may have heard before, and "Who Dat?" by the Jury is semi-known, other than that, well, this is for all you guys who were upset yesterday over the Jeffereson Airplane/Byrds/whatever ( if you WERE...I don't want to say that actually happened until it really does)!

Again, enjoy this set.....many sets portend to be rarities collections but "flesh out" the concept with
fairly well known or easy to acquire stuff.....not so in this case, these are five discs of stuff that I'd guess at least 90% of which is unique in my own personal collection, and that is saying something.  these quick!

VOLUME 1-01 THE CIRKIT-Yesterday We Laughed/02 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-Dominoes/03 BLUE BOYS-I Know/04 UNWRITTEN LAW-This Whole World Is Blind/05 THE ONE WAY STREET-Illusions/06 FABULOUS COURDELS-And You Believe Me/07 THE SPACEMEN-Run For Your Life/08 THORNS-I Want You/09 BUCK ROGERS MOVEMENT-Baby Come On /10 THE CHECKMATES-Get It While You Can/11 THE CHANTS-Hypnotized/12
THE PACK-Baby I Ask You Why/13 THE SOOTHSAYERS-Please Don't Be Mad/14 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Feelings/15 THE WHAT NOTS-I Need You Baby/16 THE TROLLS-They Don't Know/17 NEXT STOP-I Said No/18 THE GRIM REEPERS-Two Souls/19 FACTS OF LIFE-I've Seen Darker Nights/20 THE JAGGED EDGE-Gonna Find a Way/21 THE RUN A ROUNDS-I COuldn't Care Less/22 THE COUNTS-Night of Misery/23 BEAU GENTS-Three Letter Word/24 DEL RAYS INC-I'm a Lovin/25 SONS OF SOUND-He's Gonna Ride/26 SECRETS-Somethin Good For Me/27 THE RUNAWAYS-18th Floor Girl/28 THE CIRCUS-Bad Seed/29 THE JADS-Miss Pretty/30 THE MOON-DAWGS-Baby as Time Goes By

VOLUME 2-01 EPIC FIVE-I Need Your Lovin/02
SOMETHING ELSE-I Can't Beleive/03 SATINS-Get Out of My Life/04 US TOO-I'll Leave You Cryin/05 SOUNDS UNLIMITED-Cool One/06 MOTION-The Thief/07 THE AZTECS-What Mood/08 SLOTHS-Makin Love/09 BRANDED X-Society and Me/10 HYPERIONS-The Truth Always Hurts/11 THE LIME-Love a Go Go/12 CHAPARRALS-It May be My Fault/13 THE AARDVARKS-I'm Higher Than I'm Down/14 THE STAFFS-Anotehr Love/15 THE TROLLS-Are You
the One/16 VECTORS-What In the World/17 WILD ONES-Just Me/18 TRY-ANGLE-The Writing On the Wall/19 BONDSMEN-I Don't Want Your Lovin Anymore/20 CONNER FAMILY-A Lesson In Love/21 NEXT STEP-I Said No/22 THE EDICATES-Shes Gone/23 SONDS UNLIMITED-Nobody But You/24 WITNESS INC-Not You Girl/25 THE CHANGNG TYMES-You Make It Hard/26 DESTINYS CHILDREN-The Fall of the Queen/27 THE BAROQUE BROTHERS-So Glad I Was/28 CASUALS INCORPROATED-I Realized/29 THE CHANGING TIDES-Don't Say Goodbye/30 THE TRACKERS-You Are My World

VOLUME 3-01 DICK ST JOHN-You Know What I Mean/02 THE STRIDERS-Am I On Your Mind/03 LAST WORDS-She'll Know How/04 INFERNO 5 PLUS 1-I Can Take It/05 THE INFINITIVES-
Heidi/06 JACK & THE BEANSTALKS-Don't Bug Me/07 THE CHOSEN FEW-Get In On Life/08 THE CHESSMEN-Love Didn't Die/09 THE SANDS OF TIME-Red Light/10 PENTAGONS-About The Girl I Love/11 THE STITCH IN TYME-Point of View/12 THE SURREALISTIC PILLAR-I Like Girls/13 THE TIMETAKERS-At Least I'll Try/14 THE NOCTURNALS-Because You're Gone/15 THE OUTER LIMITS-Walkin Away/16
THE KINGZ ENGLISH-Doctor Hunger/17 CITATIONS-The Day That She'll Go/18 THE WORDD-You're Gonna Make It/19 THE YO YOS-The Raven/20 THE CITY ZU-I'll Find Another/21 CHAZ & THE CLASSICS-Girl of the 13th Hour/22 DALEK & THE BLACKSTONES-Never Feel the Pain/23 THE CRUCIBLES-Beware of Birds/24 THE SHAPRELS-A Fool For Your Lies/25 THE ESQUIRES-Cry Is All I Do/26 THE GESTURES-Run Run Run/27 THE JURY-Please Forget Her/28 THE GROOP LTD-As Time Goes By/29 THE NO-NA-MEES-Gotta Hold On/30 SUGAR CUBE BLUES BAND-My Impression

VOLUME 4-01 THE TREEZ-You Lied to Me
Before/02 THE SECRETS-Cryin Over Her/03 GOODSONS-Twisted Mind/04 BAKER STREET IRREGULARS-It Don't Mean Nothing/05 KING BEES-Little Girl/06 THE TROLL-Something Here Inside/07 RICHIE KNIGHT AND THE MID-KNIGHTS-Homework/08 THE JESTERS III-Say That I'm The One/09 KEITH ALLISON-Louise/10 THE BELLS OF RHYMNY-She'll Be Back/11 THE BLUE BEATS-I Can't Get Close (To Her At All)/12 DEE & THE YEOMEN-Say Baby/13 EMOTIONS-I Just Do/14 THE NORTHWEST COMPANY-Hard to Cry/15 NOBODY-Follow Me/16 SYSTEMS-How High Is High/17 THE PAINTED SHIP-Frustration/18 LUKE & THE APOSTLES-Been Burnt/19 MAGICAL MIST-Time Out to Fly/20 THREADS OF FYBRE-Beleive Me/21 SIMPLE SIMON & THE PIEMEN-Anyhow/22 ME & DEM GUYS-Come On Little Sweetheart/23 TOMMY JETT-Groovy Little Trip/24 THE WEEDS-It's Your Time

VOLUME 5-01 (THOSE) ROGUES-Wish I Coul See You Again/02 CLOUDWALKERS-Never Told Me So/03 OUR GANG-Careless Love/04 THE MIDNIGHT ANGELS-I'm Sufferin'/05 THE JURY-Who Dat?/06 THE LIVERPOOL SET-Seventeen Tears To the End/07 SKALIWAGS-Turn Him Down/08 THE DOMINIONS-I Need Her/09 MEDIA-Girl I Want You/10 THE PAINTED SHIP-Little White Lies/11 CHARACTERS-Tell Me/12 ROBB LONDON & THE ROGUES-Who'll Be the One/13 SOUTHAMPTON STORY-Leave Me Behind/14 THE TEMPOS-All That I Really Want/15 TORQUES-It's Me Not You/16 TYDE-Psychedelic Pill/17 8TH WONDERS OF THE WORLD-You You Yeah/18 THE WRONG NUMBERS-I Wonder Why/19 THE YOUNG MEN-A Thought For You/20 THE ROKS-Transparent Day/21 THREADS OF FYBRE-Mama/22 THE HUSTLERS 4-How Does Feel/23 THE HERD-Things Won't Change/24 DROPOUTS-I'm Leaving

Don't miss this one guys, I'm tellin ya!

A Good Compliment to the Monterey Post

Just thought of putting these up.....if ya enjoyed the Monterey set (response was pretty favorable),

here is a good companion piece, again compliments of the wonderful folks with the overstuffed vaults at U-Spaces.......

"San Franciscan Nights" gives us eight discs of may of the West Coast bands that appeared at Monetery, in some rare live performances. I can't remember where I got these, but I really don't remember seeing them all that often, this is really good stuff if you are of the mind for it.....

Disc one starts out with an intro from (yep) then-California Governor Ronald Reagan, then gives us a great set from Jefferson Airplane (Fillmore 2//4/67), good versions of the obvious ("Somebody To Love", "White Rabbit") and the not-so-obvious ("3/5ths of a Mile in 10 Seconds", "She Has Funny Cars")

Disc two is not dedicated to one act as is disc one, the programming leaves a bit to be desired, but we get single tracks from Country Joe & the Fish, CCR, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, and even the 13th Floor Elevators with a version of "Roller Coaster" from 1967 at the Avalon which I think is available on one of their other boots....otherwise the disc consists of 5 tracks from Big Brother & the Holding Company, other than "Ball and Chain" avoiding the obvious material and showing off the groups almost legendarily sloppy live chops.

Disc Three features a brief set from Mother Earth
(no idea, honestly), studio stuff from Oxford Circle and The Sons of Adam before we get to the good stuff, a set from the Matrix (no date given) by Great Society, don't know about anyone else but I've personally heard VERY little live stuff from them.

The fourth disc is dominated by The Charlatans (!), a long set from 1965, followed up with three tracks from the Grateful Dead, and capped off with one of about 75 available live versions of "NSU", a great track, always fun to hear live, and one that I really DON'T need another version of, this without question the least worthy disc in ther series.

Disc 5 gives us a surprisingly short set from a then-at-their-brief peak Moby Grape, and a longer set from Quicksilver Messenger Service....I'd have preferred more Grape myself as this was around the time (1967) as thier classic self titled debut album, but Quicksilver is at the very least interesting.

Disc 6 is totally taken up with a Matrix set from The Steve Miller Blues Band, be amazed if you are only familiar with their post 1970's pop/rock stuff.....a little heavy on the instrumental jams, but I assume, like Cream, that was their deal in concert.

And so to Disc 7. Starting off with The Daily
Flash, we then get a return engagement from Country Joe the Fish, followed by the rest of the disc being filled in with The Sons of Champlin, maybe file this one alongside disc 4 if you are picking and choosing here.

Most of Disc 8 is taken up with jams from Santana, and capped off with a couple from It's a Beautiful Day......aquired tastes both, I'd say, in different ways, but both very representative of the time/place.

Pretty good and (I think) fairly rare set here, hopefully it isn't up on some other site today like yesterday's "Gravel" posting (a lot of work by me relatively wasted, but, so it goes), I assume the fans of the Monterey set will enjoy this or at least parts of it.

Until we meet again (most likley tomorrow).......

Date and Locale given where the information is available.....

DISC 1-01 GOVERNOR RONALD REAGAN-Intro/02 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE (Fillmore 2/4/67)-Somebody To Love/03 Get Together/04 Let Me In/05 This Is My Life/06 White Rabbit/07 Plastic Fantastic Lover/08 She Has Funny Cars/09 Instrumental/10 3/5th's of a Mile in 10 Seconds/11 Fat Angel

DISC 2-01 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Thought Dream/02 BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY (Avalon Ballroom)-Ball & Chain/03 Bye Bye Baby/04 Woman Is the Loser/05 All Is Lonliness/06 Call On Me/07 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS (Avalon Ballroom 6/67)-Roller Coaster/08 CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND (Avalon Ballroom Fall 1967)-Woe-Is-Uh-Me-Bop/09 CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL (Summer 1968)-Suzie Q

DISC 3-01 MOTHER EARTH (Winterland 9/67)-Stranger In My Hometown/02 Without Love/03
Help Me Jesus/04 OXFORD CIRCLE (Studio)-Foolish Woman/05 Mind Destruction/06 SONS OF ADAM (Studio)-Feathered Fish/07 ELECTRIC PRUNES-Commercial/08 THE GREAT SOCIETY (The Matrix)-Downhome Girl/09 Long Lost Lover/10 Like a Raven/11 Somebody To Love/12 Sure Lovin' Man/13 The Man In Black/14 Father Bruce

DISC 04-01 THE CHARLATANS (Red Dog Saloon 6/65)-When I Go Sailing By/02 (Avalon Ballroom)-Alabama Bound/03 (Studio)-Codine Blues/04 32-20/05 I Saw Her/06 The Shadow Knows/07 Long Comma Viper/08 By Hook or By Crook/09 Sidetrack (with Lynn Hughes)/10 Devil (with Lynn Hughes)/11 THE GRATEFUL DEAD (Winterland 10/7/66)-Cream Puff War/12 Schoolgirl/13 Stealin'/14 CREAM (Fillmore 8/67)-NSU

DISC 05-01 MOBY GRAPE (Avalon Ballroom 12/31/67)-Hey Grandma/02 Murder In My Heart/Jam/Aunt Jessie/03 QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE (Fillmore 11/68)-Jam/Babe/04 I'm Gonna Leave You/05 Smokestack Lightning/06 Mona/Maiden of the Cancer/Calvary

DISC 06-01 STEVE MILLER BLUES BAND (The Matrix 1/27/67)-Mercury Blues/02 Superbird/03 Instrumental (Short)/04 Your Old Lady/05 Instrumental (Long)

Ballroom)-Instrumental/02 It Takes a Lot To Laugh..../03 COUNTRY JOE THE FISH W/ J CASADY, M HART, & D GETZ (Fillmore)-Flying High/04 Jam/05 THE SONS OF CHAMPLAIN (Avalon Ballroom 3/30/69 (wow, my wife turned THREE that day!) )-Blueberry Hill Intro/06 Fat City/07 Jesus Is Coming/08 Get High

DISC 08-01 SANTANA (Avalon Ballroom 3/69) Waiting/02 Treat/03 Evil Ways/04 Shades of TIme/Savor/Jingo/05 IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY (Fillmore)/

Upon looking, there are MIGHT BE more volumes to this series, verifiable information is difficult with all U-Spaces sets......had no idea, don't even recall where I got the ones I DO have.....any friends up for the challenge here? This one might be tricky, let's see if we can get everyone interested the entire set here, again, I think this one may be a little tricky....actually, I'm HOPING it's only these 8 discs, but if there ARE more, bring em on!

Comments please? This is kind of a curiosity more
than something you're going to sit around listening to unless you're a fan of one of the featured bands, but to me it's a DAMN interesting period piece. What do YOU think?

Some "non-series" psych comps

Gonna have to do a few of these types of posts now and again too, as there are, believe it or not, some
actual single disc psych comps (actually I thought about the ten-disc "Green Crystal Ties" but it seemed like a bit too much work)....

OK first up, let's go with "Psychedelic Voyage-26 Tracks of Rare 1960's Psych", which in and of itself I can find next to no information on, so I guess it is something of a scarcity.....you've gotta LOVE the inclusion of Flower Travelling Band who rarely make the psych comps (I did a full post on them a while back with I think their complete works, check the archives, don't know if it's still available or not, guessing not) while they aren't exactly all that "rare", there are some pretty obscure ones here as well: Lewis and Clarke Expedition, The Rugbys, Fickel Pickel, and Almond Lettuce, as well as, for good measure, some Vanilla Fudge and The Smoke, well known names for certain but good tracks nonetheless, and ANY Vanilla Fudge that isn't "Keep Me Hanging
On" (honestly you'd think that was the only song that very solid psych band ever did) is welcome.....

Next up is "Mind Blowers", again, kind of hard to find much information about this release, and really it edges over into some non-psych garage-punk, BUT there is some good and obscure psych here, The Travelling Salesmen and the Spikedrivers contribute good tracks that are rarely comped, the "find" here is a Doors rarity, "Go Insane", which is actually quite awful but exists nowhere else that I am aware of. The Id' "Boil the Kettle Mother" merits an mention too as a truly oddball track.

From DB records comes "Relics-Collector Obscurities From the First Psychedelic Era '66-'69" which,
while a little thin at 14 tracks, is quite interesting for the inclusion of Hot Dog Stand, The Eyes, The Undergroundtake on "Psychotic Reaction" and the Soulbenders interperetation of "7 and 7 Is".....Bubble Puppy makes an appearance as well, but much like the earlier mention of Vanilla Fudge, the fact that it is NOT "Hot Smoke and Sassafrass" is at the very least refreshing.

Another set for which I find very little info on is "Hopelessly
Obscure 60's Psych, which, honestly, does live up to its title for the most part......best known here are Crystal Rain, other than that, The Omen and Thier Luv, N. Patrick Williams, Love Chain, and The Fourth Way, among others, appear on very few other comps that I am aware of other than this one.

And since you guys are such a wonderful audience, allow me to present yet one more tidbit today: "Journey To a Higher Key-The Best of Sitar Psychedelia Volume 1" (as far as I can determine there never was a volume 2)......this is either for you or it isn't, myself I enjoy it in small doses, (I wouldn't want to sit through the much better known and multi-disc "Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers" series, not even sure if I have it anymore) in the right frame of mind this can be amusing and entertaining.....enjoy at your own risk and please don't take it as seriously as the creators did.

Tomorrow? Something, I have as little idea as do you as to exactly what.......

PSYCHEDELIC VOYAGE-01 TAC POUM SYSTEME-Asmodia/02 THE ONES-Lady Greengrass/03 KISS INC-Hey There Mr Holy Man/04 GEE BROTHERS-Let Me Find the Sun/05 KEITH MEEHAN-Darkness In My Life/06 FLOWER TRAVELLING BAND-Satori Part 1/07 FLOWER TRAVELLING BAND-Satori Part 2/08 LEWIS AND CLARKE EXPEDITION-Blue Revelation/09 PICADILLY LINE-Yellow Rainbow/10 PETARDS-Rainbows and Butterflys/11 PETARDS-Tartarex/12 ALMOND LETTUCE-Magic Circle/13 FICKLE PICKLE-Sam and Sadie/14 KAPLAN-I Like/15 ADMIRALS-In the Promise Land/16 SHIRELLI-I'll Stay By Your Side/17 JACKUELINE TAEIB-7 AM/18 VANILLA FUDGE-Some Velvet Morning/19 SLEEPY-Loves Immortal Fire/20 BELOVED ONES-Land of Shadow/21 RUGBYS-Stay With Me/22 PIRATES-Shades of Blue/23 SHAMES-Greenburg,
Clickstein, Charles, Davies, Smith, and Jones/24 THE SMOKE-Dreams of Dreams/25 THE SMOKE-My Birth/26 POPPY FAMILY-Shadows On My Wall

Insane/03 UNDECIDED?-Make Her Cry/04 LIVERPOOL SET-Seventeen Tears To the End/05 TROPICS-As Time's Gone/06 OLIVERS-I Saw What You Did/07 ID-Boil the Kettle Mother/08 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS-Tried to Hide/09 GUILLOTEENS-Wild Child/10 BUMP-Winston Build the Bridge/11 TRAVELLING SALESMEN-Days of My Years/12 SPIKEDRIVERS-Baby Won't You Let Me Tell You How I Lost My Mind/13 49TH PARALLEL-Labourer/14 MUSTARD MEN-I Love My Baby

RELICS-01 THE TRAITS-High on a Cloud/02 HOT DOG STAND-Zilch/03 THE XTREEMS-Fact of Life/04 SOULBENDERS-7 and 7 Is/05 THE BASEMENT WALL-Never Existed/06 THE EYES-I'm Rowed Out/07 THE PACK-The Color Of Our Love/08 3RD POWER-Snow/09 BUBBLE PUPPY-Beginning/10 THE EYES-When the Night Falls/11 PLASTIC CLOUD-Shadows of Your Mind/12 THE UNDERGROUND-Psychotic Reaction/13 NINTH STREET BRIDGE-Hey Boy/14 PINKERTON COLORS-Strange Things

HOPELESSLY OBSCURE 60'S PSYCH-01 WILLIAM PENN FYVE-Swami/02 WILLIAM PENN FYVE-Blow Mind/03 ENDEL ST CLOUD-Tell Me One More Time/04 THE DAYBREAKERS-This Time, These Words/05 THE FOURTH WAY-The Far Side of Your Moon/06 THE OMEN AND THEIR LUV-Maybe Later/07 SILVER HAWKS-All I Can Do/08 THE GREGORIANS-Dilated Eyes/09 SPONTANEOUS CORRUPTION-Looking Glass of Time/10 SPONTANEOUS CORRUPTION-Freaky Girl/11 THE TREE STUMPS-Dark as Night/12 THE TREE STUMPS-Tomorrow's Sun/13 N. PATRICK WILLIAMS-Bad Seed/14 N. PATRICK WILLIAMS-Sirens of War/15 N. PATRICK WILLIAMS-Bearded Peddlar/16 THE GLASS HARP-Where Did the World Come From/17 THE LA FREEWAY-Freedom/18 THE NEXT OF KIN-A Lovely Song/19 THE COUNSELORS-Love Go Round/20 CRYSTAL RAIN-Hey Ma Ma/21 CRYSTAL RAIN-You and Me/22 THE OPERATIONS-Reincarnation/23 US TOO-Girl With the Golden Hair/24 US TOO-I'll Leave You Cryin'/25 LOVE CHAIN-Step Out of Your Window You Can Fly

STEVENS-Yorric/03 ANANDA SHANKAR-Snow Flower/04 BOBBY CALLENDER-I'm Just High On Life/05 OKKO BEKKER-Himalaya Highway/06 THE RASCALS-Sattva/07 HAND GJORT-Barshat/08 GABOR SZABO-Walking on Nails

As always comments are welcome, but not necessary.....download numbers tell the REAL story of whether or not the stuff is being appreciated.....and, thank you all, it is!