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Czech Beat!

Another maybe somewhat unexected corner of the globe for some garage/psych rock, Czchoslovakia
(remember Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin as those tow "wild and crazy" Czech brothers on "Saturday Night Live"? No? Go watch "Drake and Josh, JUNIOR)......I'm sure was a task to put this one together,I doubt that the Czech Republic had a REAL plethora of rockin' clubs or whatever, but here is a sampling of what they COULD come up with I guess.......the Matadors get three tracks, as does Flamengo, and Juventus, the Beatmen get two, and the Olympics get a single one.......I'd call this one a bit more "interesting" (and it is that) than "listenable" (although it is NOT "un-listenable").....hey, it's all rock n roll.......we owe it to ourselves to check out ALL the amature noisemakers from ALL the corners of the globe.......and this one is just another in the parade.

CZECHOSLOVAKIAN BEAT-01 THE MATADORS-Old Mother Hubbard/02 THE MATADORS-Malej Zvon, Co Mam/03 THE MATADORS-Don't Bother Me/04 THE BLUESMEN-A Proto Se Bojim Mit Te Rad/05 THE BLUESMEN-Ler Proc Nemohu Spat/06 JUVENTUS-Bob Hands/07 JUVENTUS-18 Minit/08 THE BEATMEN-The Enchanted Lie/09 THE BEATMEN-Safely Arrived/10 FLAMENGO-Poprava Blond Holky/11 FLAMENGO-Pani V
Cenerem/12 FLAMENGO-Zarazadil Jsem Lasku/13 THE OLYMPICS-Vzpominka Pliziva/14 JUVENTUS-Procitnuti

Thailand, Malasia, and Singapore (Oh My!)

Talk about obscurites, you came to the right locale today......"Steam Kodok-17 Ultrarariteis From the
Sixites, Malaysia and Singapore" (actually a few cuts from Thailand as well).......haven't listended to this in a few years, honestly don't remember much of anything about it, but if it's rare ya want it's rare ya got this time.......I'm dreading looking for photos of any of these folks to dress up the blog, but let me get the track list on here first:

STEAM KODOK-01 D4 EVR-Mungkir Janji/02 LES KALIFAS-Ikan Todak/03 MIKE IBRAHIM & THE NITE WALKERS-Chock Chock Kundong/04 ROSNA & THE SIGLAP FIVE-Gembia Ria/05 FOX-Unknown/06 KASSIM SLAMAT & THE SWALLOWS-Mak Itty Mai Illa/07 RONNIE ONG-Buttons and Bows/08 OCTOBER CHERRIES-Barabajagal/09 KASSIM SLAMAT & THE SWALLOWS-Nga Lompok a Go Go/10 THE QUESTS-I'll Be Your Man/11 NAOMI THE BOYS-Bad Loser/12 MIKE IBRIHAM & THE NITE WALKERS-Senyum Selalu/13 THE QUESTS-Hur Pi Tzu Shau Hsiang/14 ISMAIL HARON & THE GUYS-Bersidia/15 THE DYNAMICS-I Wish You Would/16 THE ANTARTICS-Runaway/17 KING DRUMMER-Unknown

Short post today, can't really say much about this stuff as it is not fresh in my memory or anything,
I'll get around to listenting to it in case any of ya want to discuss this or anything. Anyway, I strive for odd-ball stuff, and is there another way to describe this one? See ya again tomorrow!

The pic below is Rosna from the featured act Rosna and the Siglap Five.......not bad at all, I love me some Eastern women anyways, but she looks really hot on that (assumed quite old) picture.........just thought you guys might like a look at her, I will even, out of respect for her, withhold the sexist swill I am so infamous for (especially, ya know, in case she is like 70 years old or dead or whatever)

South Africa

In honor of the ailing Nelson Mandela here is a set fo 1960's "Beat-Garage Growlers From Beyond
Cape of Good Hope"......as with some many of these exotic locales, household names are not exactly dripping off the cover. By now you know the drill, I like the stuff as obscure and unknown as I can get it, hopefully some of you do too......

The band Them turns up a few times here, out on a limb and guessing it is not the Van Morrison edition.....The Hoboes? The Zeroes? John E. Sharpe & The Squires? Group '66? Well, nevertheless is area/scene as well as most had a unique" sound to it, and I am by no means literate enough to differerntiate it from the others.....so, enjoy, this is a very enjoyable and unusual set, and there is still more to come!

ADay (Sleep All Night)/03 BEAU BRUMMEL-Someone To Love/04 JOHN E SHARPE & THE SQUIRES-Yours For the Picking/05 GROUP '66-I Know About Love/06 THEM-I Want to Be Rich Again /07 THE GONKS-Woman Yeah/08 THE SHANAGANS-Yeh Girl/09 THE UPSETTERS-Pain In My Heart/10 THE HOBOS-If I Ever Saw You/11 THEM-It's a Day/12 BIRDS OF A FEATHER-Come On Up/13 THE IN-CROWD-Come Back/14 THE DIFFERENCE-I Wonder Why/15 JOHN E SHARPE & THE SQUIRES-Monkey Shine/16 THE SHANAGANS-Liwa Wechi (Lee-wa Weck-ee)/17 THE ZEROES-I  Can't Explain/18 JOHN E SHARPE & THE SQUIRES

Link shall be up quicker than you can say "All Worship Goddess Genevieve Gorder!"

What the hell does Genevieve Gorder have to do with fucking

Well, nothin.....just felt like slobbering over HER today!

Have a good evening!

Denmark (All covers!)

Don't miss this one, it's funny/weird/good and I think fairly rare, at least I haven't seen many of em
around......the proper name of this collection would be "Danish Garage Bands Perform America's Hottest Garage Rock Songs" (see how fitting? GARAGE bands, and they're doing GARAGE songs......were I half as innovative I'd found a way to finally get Cameron Diaz to marry me by now.....Evidently there are more in the series, as some of these same bands perform songs by the Beatles, Stones, Spencer Davis Group and perhaps more......any friends of the blog happen to have any of them, I'll put them up, I've never heard them but this one is the "real deal"!

Anyway, while the bands are unknown to most, the songs sure as hell aren't, some take the easy route such as Joe E Carter's Group covering that little known chestnut "Gloria", Peter Belli & His Four Roses taking on that rarely covered chestnut "Hey Joe", and Crazy Women going out and tackling that ittle known, rarely covered chestnut, "Hey Joe".......still real cool, then we get to the meat of the issue. The Ashtrays take on "My Back Pages", Exciting Dreams slaying of "Bummer in the Summer", and the Mafia Group(!)'s take on (wait for it) "Wooly Bully" are among the highlights, but the entire album is lighthearted, funny, and goddamn enjoyable. Highly recommended, but please bring your sense of humor!

THE VICTORS-Caralin/03 THE VANGUARDS-My Little Red Book/04 JOE E CARTERS GROUP-Gloria/05 THE ROOSTERS-Louie Louie/06 PETER BELLI & THE FOUR ROSES-Hey Joe/07 OLE NEUMANN HIS NEWMEN-Get Out of My Life Woman/08 MAFIA GROUP-Wooly Bully/09 KING SIZE (FEATURING CV JORGENSON)-It Ain't Me Babe/10 THE WIKING STRINGS-Roadrunner/11 THE ARONS-High Heel Sneakers/12 THE HUNTERS-Long Tall Texan/13 THE SPITFIRES-Oh Yeah/14 THE HELLIONS-In the Midnight Hour/15 THE CARAVANS-I Want Candy/16 THE VICTORS-Eve Of Destruction/17 THE FREEDOMS-Hanky Panky/18 CRAZY WOMEN-I'm a Believer/19 THE CENTAURES-Hang On Sloopy/20 THE ASHTRAYS-My Back Pages/21 THE MOCKINGBIRDS-Treat Her Right/22 SOME KIND-Can't Explain/23 EXCITING DREAM-Bummer In the Summer/24 CRAZY WOMEN-Little Bit of Soul/25 THE BEATMAKERS-The Hip/26 THE NOVALINS-Jenny Jenny/27 CRAZY WOMEN-Hey Joe

Link will be up shortly........please show a modicum of patience. "Modicum" is your vocabulary building word for the day.

France, sorry, no English translations for the titles.....

......so it is and so it will be, any of you Yanks that took a valuable high school course in the French
language might have fun helping us out with what some of these titles "mean".....anyway, these three discs are all fab. Evidently the French had not so much of a garage scene (easilly imaginable for some reason), but with a few exceptions their scene seemed to run toward psych-pop......first up we have "O Toi Beatnik: Chansons Obscures du beat Francophone 1965-67!!! (punctuation theirs, not mine)"...so I gather these would be tracks from 1965-67, and I'd gather that they are obscure, and I love the "!!!", implying maybe greatness? Find out for yourself......Les Senders, Les Volcans, Les Bowlers, Equipe 79.......scores more, not going to list song titles in this paragraph cause I have NO CLUE as to whether any of them are amusing or not.......

"Generation Purdue-Rock Francais 1965-66" is rather self-explanatory as well, although several bands are given multiple looks, which I always enjoy, giving a more thorough picture.....Les Gyspys get 6 tracks, and everyone else gets at least two....even get an English song title or two, Les Rockers check in with "Let's Go" and "Tell Me (You're Coming Back"), Les Gypsys must have been up for nights coming up with titles like "Allright" and "Oh Yeah!".......most enjoyable album as well.

Saving the best for last and side stepping my
concept (just a bit), this one has some 1970's stuff as well as the "Nuggets" era, pure psych-pop,  but here is the thing......perhaps the greatest album title in compilation history, "Freakout Total".........how great is that? "Freakout Total", gotta love it!   Plus, this is also a fab album, you'll love this one as well too, trust me, check below for the artists/track titles, losts of dashes and appostrophes in the names and titles, supposedly this is a "beautiful" language, but it sure is a pain in my ass to type.........and, although this is hard to confirm, there seem to be a LOT of volumes of "Freak Out Total"......this one is the most easilly accessible, seemingly (Volume 3), if anyone has them AND (important) they are REALLY hearing, send em along, but we have a pretty thick slice of French stuff here as is, so if it is as repetititive as I suspect it MIGHT be (and I'm wrong all the time), I'll pass, but something French that is more along the "garage-y" stuff we've been digging on from everywhere else, set me straight, Daddy-o!

Away we go.......something else tomorrow.......THREE discs today, don't let me down, need to hear the comments, especially since my great friend Psyclist will be biking around Southern Asia for the next month!

O TOI BEATNIK-01 LES SENDERS-Le cheveeux longs/02 JONADON-Priere surnaturelle/03 LES MASTERS-Mon Chameau/04 LES CHEVELLES-Ton ombre Me Suit/05 LES VOLCANS-Quand tu nous tiens/06 LES "Z"-Pourquoi/07 RICKY GOMEZ-Mais Quo, oui quoi, pourquoi/08 LES BOWLERS-Il est trop tard/09 LES SPARKS-Rien n'a d'importance/10 NICOLAS NILS-Try to Understand/11 EQUIPE 79-J'aime ta voix/12 LES WITACKERS-Un ami/13 LES FORTHRIGHTS-Lettre d'un innocent/14 GILLES BEBOIT-Ma jeunesse/15 GOUGNOU-C'est Bien Fait Pour Moi/16 LES PORTE-CLEFS-Les porte-clefs

Coming Back)/03 LES POLLUX-Gotta See My Baby/04 LES POLLUX-Mais Oublie Pas/05 LES GAELIC-Gardez Les Cheveux Longs/06 LES GAELIC-Quand T'as Besoin D'un Ami/07 LES ANONYMES-Fais Attraction/08 LES ANONYMES-Down Down/09 LES BOOTS-Tout Va Bien/10 LES BOOTS-Les Gens S'en t Dans Le Ciel/11 LES SINNERS-La La La Lies/12 LES SINNERS-Elle Est Revenue/13 LES WITACKERS- My Girl Josephine/14 LES WITAKERS-I Don't Mind/15 LES GYPSYS-Je Ne Te Pardonnerai Pas/16 LES GYPSYS-Proletaire/17 LES GYPSYS-It's No Use/18 LES GYPSYS-Let Me In/19 LES GYPSYS-Allright/20 LES GYPSYS-Oh Yeah!

FREAKOUT TOTAL-01 P.B.-Gazou, Gazou/02 CHRIS GALBERT-Sing Sing/03 STELLA-Lldole des Jaunes/04 LA FAME VOLONTE-Cegep Blues/05 LES LUNOURS-Nous Sommes bi-bi-ba-boum-boum/06 JAUQUES DENJEAN-Neurose/7 MADELEINE CHARTARND-Ani-Kun/08 BRUNO LEYS-Dans La galaxie/09 BERNARD CHARBERT-Olga Selzer/10 TONY ROMAN-Ves l'Atlantide/11 LE MAL ET L' ESPERANCE-Le Mal et l' esperance/12 EVOLUTION PHASE 1-Theme Pour La Mort/13 OLIVIA B BLAIS-Carre St-Louis/14 QUO VIDAS-Zeppelin Party/15 LES SOUND TRACK-STP #1/16 JEAN LE FENNEC-L'abandon/17 REJEAN ET PIERRE-Etrange Vile/18 MADELINE CHARTRAND-ni-Kun (Original Master)

I love them accents on them sexy French babes, not quite so much as say Aussie babes or Swedish,
but those French babes have a kind of sexy arrogance their voices, a kind of "I'm better than YOU" attitude (actually I LIKE that, don't get me wrong).......and I assume that the land of France, at the VERY least, has given us the wonderful toungue wrestling exercise for which it is named, and of course that is no small thing, not at all.........

Greece is the Word!

God I am such a witty punsmith! Anyways, Greece had them a solid garage scene in the Nuggets
years, three discs again today as I work like the proverbial dog to continue to provide a solid stream of widely varied garage and pscyh rock from everywhere!

First up we have a two-disc set entitled "Six Miles From the Cage, Sounds From Greece 1965-68".....call me stupid (many do) but I have NO IDEA what the title means, maybe nothing I guess, but if it is colloquial (colloquial is your vocabulary building word of the day), perhaps someone more well-versed in Greek culture could fill me in.....or just leave me feeling stupid! Either way, ya know.....

So, "Six Miles From the Cage".....nobody here that really sets the memory a-blazing, I do recall that this is quite a fine set. Bill & the Psychedelic Band get a nod here for their highly creative name, as do the Quites for a couple of somewhat strange song titles ("We'll Love You, Little Girls" (not TOO little there guys, I hope), and "Kiss Me Not For Money" (whaaaa?))........The Juniors give mus "Miss Blue Jeans", and we can ALWAYS and I do mean ALWAYS use more tributes to women wearing blue jeans. The second disc gives us We Five with a song actually titled (wait for it) "A Boy Like Me Loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones", we get a couple covers of the aforementioned Fab Four (The Knacks' "With a Little Help From My Friends", and The Forminx "Hard Days Night")......this is an essential set, you'll love it!

Some overlap here, but might as well also put up "Greek Garage Bands of the 60's"....The Teenagers
have a pair of tracks, BOTH of which appeared on "Six Miles From the Cage", as do the Knacks' "The Theme of the Day" and The Stormies "Dilly Dilly"......the Loubogg are represented on the other set as well, but give us a fresh track ("She is Cool") on this one......so "new" bands appearing on this one include The Persons, The Rabbits, and the Girls, we also get "new" ones from The Stormies, with a little "programming" this can be a fine companion piece to the other 2 disc set, I'll practically guarentee you could fit this one two CD's leaving off the repeats.......all in all, I think this is about as comprehensive a look at the Greek garage-rock scene of the Nuggets era, as always, unique in its own way and also derivative in its own way.......one of the better International sets, in my opinion, here they be if ya want em!

Does anyone like Greek food? I'm in general a lover of the foods of ALL ethnicities, but soehowm Greek food has just never done it for me......there is a Greek Orthodox church maybe six blocks from my home who has an annual festival with lots of food, and in my line of work I have worked with/around aLOT of Greeks, and they were always preparing different things at lunch time, etc.......just one of those things, I guess, I know people who don't like Italian, French, or Chinese, or whatever, but the Greek cuisine has just simply never did it for me. What is that desert, baklava? so many (non-Greeks) seem to love it, to me it tastes like greasy soggy pie crust with honey on it......life is so difficult sometimes!

Rider/03 BILL & THE PSYCHEDELIC BAND-I'm In Love/04 BILL & THE PSYCHEDELIC BAND-My Lady/05 THE ADAMS BOYS-Get Away From Me/06 THE QUITES-We'll Love You Little Girls/07 THE QUITES-Kiss Me Not For Money/08 THE JUNIORS-Let Me In/09 THE JUNIORS-Miss Blue Jeans/10 THE JUNIORS-Pink Little Love/11 THE JUNIORS-Lost Friend/12 THE TEENAGERS-You Don't Love Me/13 THE TEENAGERS-Fallin Star/14 THE SQUIRRELS-The Adventure/15 GUIDONE E I SOUI AMICI-For Your Love

SIX MILES FROM THE CAGE #2-01 THE LOUBOGG-I've Just Had a Bad Time/02 THE LOUBOGG-Since I Left You Back/0THE KNACKS-The Theme of the Day/04 THE KNACKS-With a Little Help From My Friends/05 GUS & GEORGE-Always With You/06 THE OLYMPIANS-Go Man Go/07 THE OLYMPIANS-Hopeless Endless Way/08 DRAGONS-The Forest of My Place/09 THE DRAGONS-Because of a Man/10 WE FIVE-A Boy Like Me Loved the Beatles an The Rolling Stones/11 THE STORMIES-Dilly-Dilly/12 THE STORMIES-Teenagers Love/13 THE JAGUARS-Wake Up Baby/14 THE FORMINX-A Hard Days Night/15 THE FORMINX-Until the End

GREEK GARAGE BANDS OF THE 60's-01 THE PERSONS-Drive My Mustang/02 THE TEENAGERS-You Do Love Me/03 THE STORMIES-Try Try Try/04 THE RABBITS-Run Around Of a Girl/05 THE GIRLS-Rocket For Girls/06 THE STORMIES-Drums in the Storm/07 THE PERSONS-All the World Is Mine/08 THE RABBITS-I'm Looking In The Universe/09 THE TEENAGERS-Fallin Star/10 THE STORMIES-Dilly-Dilly/11 THE KNACKS-The Theme of the Day/12 THE LOUBOGG-She Is Cool

Most likely back tomorrow with something else, looking forward to a shortened work week this week! Always did enjoy Independence Day, fireworks, cookouts, all that stuff......hope everyone has a good one

Mexican "covers" set!

Much like the Danish set the other day with all those hilarious cover versions, we are treated to
another similar set, this one from Mexico technically titled "Rare Mxican Cuts From the 60's"....difference being these dudes dont even attempt English, and sometimes the results just sound hilarious.....or, maybe it's just me? ........I could name every cut and it major props, but a few highlights:

Migue Angel & Los Sharpes check in with the very rare, hardly ever covered chestnut, "Gloria", and Los Locos Del Ritmo dig up the hardly-ever before chestnut "Hey Joe"..Los Yaki take a turn at "Jumpin' Jack Flash", Los Johnny Jets take down "Get Off Of My Cloud", Los Ovnis interperet "Mothers Little Helper, and Los Apson give us "Satisfaction".......evidently the Stones were somewhat big in Mexico. Other interesting takes are Los Monstrous take on the Pretty Things "Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut", and Los Belmont's "Over Under Sideways Down".......

Like the Danish set, this is without a doubt worth a listen, provided your sense of humor has not been surgically removed.......maybe you'll only want to hear it once, but you SHOULD hear it at least once.....if you've been collecting all these sets, you won't want to be without this one, at least give it a listen and a commenou have time. Never have too many Stones covers anyway, right? The Stones brilliantly took American Blues and made them undeniably their own British sound.......it's interesting to hear banm other lands (Mexico in this case), spinning the sound for a third generation, American Blues-becomes British Blues-becomes Mexican "blues"? It's a fucking small world, and more music, the more better!

LOS LOCOS DEL RITMO-Peter Gunn Theme/02 LOS ANIS-Mary Mary/03 LOS APSON-Satisfaction/04 LOS MONSTROUS-Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/05 LOS APSON-Susie Q/06 LOS JOHNNY JETS-Fever/07 MIGUEL ANGEL & LOS SHARPS-Gloria/08 LOS BELMONT-Over Under Sideways Down/09 LOS ROCKIN DEVILS-Hello I Love You/10 LOS LOCOS DEL RITMO-Hey Joe/11 LOS YAKI-Jumpin Jack Flash/12 LOS JOHNNY JETS-Everything Is Alright/13 LOS JOHNNY JETS-Cool Jerk/14 LOS OVNIS-Mothers Little Helper/15 LOS JOHNNY JETS-Get Off
Of My Cloud........

It's Sunday Night as I type this, sometimes on Sunday I try to get a few posts ready for the week so I don't have to work so hard during the week. Anyway, I remember listening to this one several years ago and loving it, can't wait to listen to it again tomorrow on the morning drive, hope it's as zany as I recall!

Original Brazillian Pebbles,65-69

This is an interesting and good single disc set......some good weird band names ("Tulio e os Hitch-
Hikers", "The Brazilian Bitles", which I HOPE is a "Beatles" reference) and some equally weird song titles ("Weird Ties, Wide Belts, and......")......the Brazillian sound/influence is strong, unique, and identifiable, really a good set. Som Beat (whom you likely know from some other comps) take on "My Generation", while Os Aranhas tackle even bigger game, that obscure, rarely-covered chestnut "Gloria"......O Seis contributes an awesome "Suicida", and pretty much every track is worthwhile.....it's a good set and as essential as any that I've been putting up of late!

Enjoy it!

BRAZILLIAN PEBBLES-01 TULIO E OS HITCH HIKERS-I Got a Woman/02 SOM BEAT-My Generation/03 O SEIS-Suicida/04 ANALFABITLES-Shake/05 THE OUT CASTS-Weird Ties Wide Belts and......./06 THE BABYS-Venha Ca/07 OS ARANHAS-Gloria/08 OS SANTOS-Tres Garotas/09 OS MINOS-Febre de Minos/10 THE BUBBLES-Nao Vou Cortar o Cabelo/11 THE BEGGARS-Esses hommens Farrapos/12 OS MEGATONS-Meu Machucadinho/13 OS CANIBAIS-Sou Canibal/14 OS BOABAS-Down Down/15 THE JUNGLE CATS-Vai/16 OS PRIMITIVOS-Peguei um Ita no Norte/17 OS BRASAS-Mulher Rendeiera/18 THE BEATNIKS-Era um rapaz/19 OS BAOBAS-Bye Bye My Darling/20 THE BRAZILIAN BITLES-Dedicado a Quem Amei/21 THE HANGMEN-Hangmen

Searchin For Shakes (Sweden)

So, Sweden....home of such great recent stoner rock and SUCH awesomly beautiful women (arguably
the world's finest?) comes this tasty set of 26 generally lesser-known tracks , a few of these bands are familar from some other comps, and a few familar covers turn up as well.......

So, The Bootjacks, Namelosers, and Lea Riders Group have turned up elsewhere I think, the Namelosers treat us to a version of "Land of 1000 Dances" (personally I can't ever listen to ANYONE'S version of that one without thinking of Patti Smith's brain-bending version), and The Best (wishful thinking THERE guys) cover the blues standard "Back Door Man"......

Yet another get from another corner of this wondersome planet. If I'm thinking correctly you are seeing this on July 4, Independence Day in the good ol' USA, so have a happy holiday.....if it's not a holiday in your part of the world, well, have a fine dy anyway.

See ya tomorrow, likely.....

THE FRIENDS-Empty Handed/03 THE T-BOONES-At the Club/04 THE BOOTJACKS-Red Big Car/05 THE SHANES-I Don't Want Your Love/06 THE SHAKERS-All I Want is My Baby/07 THE MASCOTS-Words Enough To Tell You/08 THE LEE KINGS-On My Way/09 STEAMPACKET II-Take Her Anytime/10 LEA RIDERS GROUP-Dom Kallar Oss Mods/11 THE MERRYMEN WITH BOZ-Searchin'/12 THE CHERRY STONES-Go Away/13 THE FABULOUS FOUR-Rotten Rats/14 THE POOLS-Darling Corey/15 THE BEATHOVENS-Summer Sun/16 THE SHAKEMAKERS-Searchin For Shakes/17 ANNAABEE-NOX-Bo Bo Boggie Pack/18
THE BOOTJACKS-In the Circle/19 THE OTHER SIDE-Out My Light/20 THE NAMELOSERS-Land of 1000 Dances/21 THE MADMEN-Rambler/22 THE TAGES-The Man You'll Be Looking For/23 THE BEST-Back Door Man/24 THE T-BOONES-King of the Orient/25 THE FRIENDS-Bye Bye/26 THE NAMELOSERS-That's Alright

Worldwide-Japan Wild Favorites

We had LOTS of Japanese stuff a month or so agao in that titanic post,I'd check how much overlap
there was between this set and that one except there is no way I could possibly care even a tiny bit less.....cleaning off the shelves, so to speak, and preparing to head in another direction (TOTALLY unsure as to what however).

This set is good in that it features NUMEROUS tracks from most of the featured bands, the legendary Mops, the well-known Jaguars, the fairly well known Spiders, etc.....most likely a lot of this shit was featured earlier, DEAL WITH IT! (anyway, the Mops "I'm Just a Mops" DESERVES to be repeated over and over again!!).....

OK, not too much to say, really......I'm gonna GUESS you guys that freaked over the earlier Japanese sets will find a few tracks here that you'd like to add, and I'm all about helpin  ya out.

Ever seen the kickass Japanese film "Battle Royale"? It is great, a "Hunger Games" (and I LOOOOVE the "Hunger Games" about 20 years before it's time.....subtitles are a pain in the ass, but in this case they are worth it.......go rent "Battle Royale" this weekend and see just how very right I am!

CARNABEATS-Chu! Ch Chu!/02 THE CARNABEATS-Koi Wo Shiyoyo Jenny/03 THE CARNABEATS-Omaeni Muchusa/04 THE CARNABEATS-Sutekina Sandy/05 THE DYNAMITES-Koiwa Mo Takusan/06 THE DYNAMITES-Nobosecha Ikenai/07 THE DYNAMITES-Otona No Senso/08 THE DYNAMITES-Tunnel Tengoku/09 THE GOLDEN CUPS-Hiwa Mata Noboru/10 THE COLDEN CUPS-Love Is My Life/11 THE JAGUARS-Awarena John/12 THE JAGUARS-Dancin Baby/13 THE JAGUARS-Dancing Lonely Nights/14 THE JAGUARS-Lonely Girl/15 THE JAGUARS-My Dawn/16 THE JAGUARS-Wakai Ashita/17 THE MOPS-Asahi Yo Saraba/18 THE MOPS-Bera Yo Isoge/19 THE MOPS-I'm Just a Mops/20 THE SPIDERS-Furi Furi '66/21 THE SPIDERS-Go Go/22 THE SPIDERS-Hey Boy/23 THE SPIDERS-Little Roby/24 THE SPIDERS-Mr. Monkey/25 THE SPIDERS-Once Again/26 THE SPIDERS-Robby Robby/27 THE SPIDERS-Teardrops

Hope everyone has an enjoyable LONG holiday weekend, at least those of us in the Good Ol' US of A, rock n roll always and make sure and rent/watch "Battle Royale" as you enjoy this particular set, ESPECIALLY if you are a "Hunger Games" fan such as myself and other intelligent readers/viewers!

See ya asses tomorra!

English Freakbeat

Certaly I have several sets of stuff British from the 1960's-Nuggets era, sort of outside the concept
as , unlike most other lands they didn't just attempt to knock off the US sound, as pretty always (punk, metal) they had their own unique sound that was NOT superior to the US in my view, simply stood side by side......the difference, as it were, being something like the difference between Visa and Master Card, or, even, the American League and National Leauge (is an AMERICAN baseball reference for you who don't grasp my meaning.....forgive, I've been drinking all day, and sampling some "other" stuff as well......it IS a long weekend after all!)

So, English Freakbeat.I am gonna give ya SIX discs of this stuff today, it's a pretty good set, little/no overlap with previous sets I've posted......I like the set quite a bit, this will PROBABLY be the only Brit set I publish in this "International/Regional Nuggets" format, as I'm wearing down on this concept anyway......I've got some Italian stuff for tomorrow, but I'm not going to post nearly all of it, for reasons that will be explained tomorrow......so, here in a couploe days, I DO have some more mps from this era, BUT the regional concep is going to be finito.......it's been fun, and it has kinda given my blog something of a unique flavor I think, but I bore kind of easilly, and, while I have struck reader/downer gold with some of these obscure 60's comps, I WILL continue with some more of them, JUST NOT in the regional format........hope you've enjoyed the groove and hope ya like the nxt direction I go in, whatever it might be (I'd clue ya in but I have no clue).

OK, here we go.....SIX DISCS, appreciate it......Disc 1 leads off with the Groundhogs, yes, TS
McPhee and co, I did a huge post about them in thier latter incarnation a while back when they were a slammin', screeching guitar-blues band......anyway, it is WAAAAY cool that we get an early track from them here, we aslo get the Primitives, The Wild Ones, The Birds, The Rats, and a few other legends of the era.

Disc 2 treats us to Mickey Finn, Muleskinners, The Limeys, and LOTS more......Disc 3 brings us a few tracks from the Ravens featuring Kinks Dave Davies, the Raving Savages version of "Surf City" (!), Sons of Fred, the Shakespears and LOTS more......

Disc Four? Glad you'd ask.....good stuff from the Clique, Soul Agents, Syndicats (the standard "Crawdaddy Simone"), Mickey Finn & the Bluemen, and a TON more. Disc Five gives us Pete Best, Billy J Kramer, The Peeps, New York Public Library, and of coures the Cryin' Shames take on (wait for it) "What's New Pussycat?".......and finally Disc 6....we get the Fairies, Junco Partners, Bo & Peep, David John & the Mood, and lots more......OK, in the US this stuff is pretty damned obscure.....I'm sure some of you folks that call SOCCER "football" will be quite familar with a lot of it, but us Statesiders (who call FOOTBALL "football") have really limited experience with a lot of this.......

OK, I do have quite a bit more of this UK Freakbeat stuff.....I'm NOT planning on posting a lot of it, UNLESS you guys request it......six discs is a good bit, but I do what the minions desire. Let me know what you think, I'm running low on "regions" of the international variety, but I have still probaby 500-600 MORE comps of Nugget-type rock that we haven't even touched on yet......gotta know what you folks want.......PLEASE let me know, OK?

DISC 1-01 GROUNDHOGS-Shake It/02 JOHNNY NEAL & THE STARKLINERS-Walk, Baby, Walk,/03 IN-BE -TWEENS-Girl, I Am Your Evil Witchman/04 THE REBOUNDS-Help Me/05 THE PRIMITIVES-Help Me/06 THE PRIMITIVES-Lethem Tell/07 BEAT MERCHANTS-Pretty Face/08 STEVE DAVIES-She Said Yeah/09 LOOT-Baby COme Closer/10 MIKI DALLON-I'll Give You Love/11 THE CHASERS-Inspiration/12 SHEFFIELDS-Plenty of Love/13 COURIERS-Done Me Wrong/14 THE RATS-Headin Back/15 THE WILD ONES-Purple Pill Eater/16 THE PRIMITIVES-Cara-Lin/17 THE PRIMITIVES-Forget It/18 THE BIRDS-Say Those Magic Words/19 THE BIRDS-Daddy Daddy

Time To Start Loving You/04 PETER KUBASKA-I Love Her/05 PETER KABUSKA-Messin With the Man/06 BEAT MERCHANTS-So Fine/07 BEAT MERCHANTS-Messin With the Man/08 WOLF PACK-We're Gonna wl/09 SYNDICATS-Howlin For My baby/10 SOUL AGENTS-Gospel Train/11 SOUL AGENTS-I Just Wanna Make Love To You/12 MULESKINNERS-Back Door Man/13 MULESKINNERS-Missed Your Lovin/14 WHEELS-Don't You Know/15 WHEELS-Road Block/16 BLUEBERRIES-Please Don't Let Me Know/17 BLUEBERRIES-It's Gonna Work Out Fine/18 BLUE RONDOS-Little Baby/19DAKOTAS-7 Pounds of Potatoes/20 LIMEYS-Cara-Lin/21 LANCASTERS-Earthshaker/22 LANCASTERS-Satan's Holiday

DISC 03-01 SONS OF FRED-I, I, I Want You're Lovin/02 SONS OF FRED-She Only Wants a
Friend/03 IN CROWD-Why Must They Criticize/04 THEE-There You Go/05 UK'S-Your Love Is All I Want/06 ATTRACTION-She's a Girl/07 BRYAN & BRUNELLES-Jacqueline/08 WAYS & MEANS-Breaking Up A Dream/09 THOUGHTS-Memeory of Your Love/10 COURIERS-Take Away/11 MOCKINGBIRDS-One By One/12 ANSWERS-It's Just a Fear/13 RAVING SAVAGES-Surf City/14 SVENSK-Getting Old/15 RAVENS/DAVE DAVIES-I'm a Hog For You Baby/16 RAVENS/DAVE DAVIES-I Beleived You/17 RAVENS/DAVE DAVIES-This I Know/18 QUAKERS-She's All /19 QUAKERS-Talk To Me/20 TALISMEN-You Break My Heart/21 FRAYS-Keep Me Covered/22 FAVOURITE SONS-Walking Walking Walking/23 SHAKESPEARS-Burning My Fingers/24 DAVE DEEDOZY, BEAKY, MICK, & TICH-He's a Raver/25 TALISMEN-What Kind of Boy

& ROBBERS-You'll Never Do It Baby/04 CLIQUE-She Aint No Good/05 IN CROWD-Things She Says/06 MAL RIDER & THE SPIRITS-Forget It/07 SNOBS-Ding Dong/08 SONS OF FRED-Baby What You Want Me To Do/09 SONS OF FRED-I'll Be There/10 SONS OF FRED-Sweet Love/11 SOUL AGENTS-Don't Break It Up/12 SOUL AGENTS-Mean Woman Blues/13 SOUL AGENTS-I Just Wanna Make Love To You/14 SYNDICATS-Crawdaddy Simone/15 TONY DANGERFIELD-She's Too Way Out/16 WHEELS-Call My Name/17 MICKEY FINN & BLUEMEN-Reelin ANd ROckin/18 OTHERS-Oh Yeah/19 PRIMITIVES-Johnny Nooooooo!!!!!!!/20 SHORTY & THEM-Dimples/21 4 DEGREES-Too Much Monkey Business/22 4 DEGREES-I've Got My Brand On You/23 STOVEPIPE NO. 4-Pretty THing

DISC 5-01 PETE BEST-The Way I feel/02 THE DARWINS THEORY-Daytime/03 THE PEEPS-Now Is the Time/04 THE PICKWICKS-Hello Lady/05 GEORGE BEAN-Why Must they Criticise?/06 JASON EDDIE & THE CENTREMEN-Come On Baby/07 THE UNTAMED-It's Not True/08 GEOFF GODDARD-Sky Man/09 THE EGGY-You're Still Mine/10 NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY-Got To Get Away/11 CHRIS SANFORD-I Wish They Wouldn't Always Say I Sound Like the Guy From the USA Blues/12 THE CRYIN SHAMES-What's New Pussycat/13 A WILD UNCERTAINTLY-Man WIth Money/14 TRUTH-Baby You've Got It/15 BILLY J KRAMER-Chinese Girl/16 THE IMPAC-Too Far Out/17 THE PAUL STEWART MOVEMENT-Too Too Cool/18 THE GREENBEATS-You Must Be The One/19 REV ANTON & THE PEPPERMINT MEN-You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover/20 FOUR + ONE-Don't Lie To Me/21  THANE RUSSELL-I Need You

DISC 6-THE FAIRIES-Get Yourself Home/02 THE FAIRIES-I'll Dance/03 THE FAIRIES-Anytime
at All/04JUNCO PARTNERS-Take This Hammer/05 THE CHEYNES-Respectable/06 THE WILD ONES-Bowie Man/07 RYTHM & BLUES INC-Honey Don't/08 ERKEY GRANT & THE EARWIGS-I'm a Hog For You/09 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD- Bring it To Jerome/10 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD-I Love To See You Strut/11 BILL & WILL-Goin To the River/12 BLUES BY FIVE-Boom Boom/13 STEVE ALDO-Baby What You Want Me To Do/14 JASON EDDIE & THE CENTERMEN-Singing the Blues/15 BO & PEEP-Young Love/16 CHICAGO LINE-Shimy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop/17 CHICAGO LINE-Jump Back/18 THE WRANGLERS-Little Liza Jane/19 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD-To Catch That Man 20 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD-Diggin For Gold/21 NIX-NOMADS-She'll Be Sweeter Than You/22 BO & PEEP-Rise the Brighton Surf

LOTTA material there folks, HOPE you appreciate the work, by leaving a comment......this is  decent set, with more of this stuff than any casual fan of the genre will need in his /her entire lifetime......links in a lil while, I haven't let ya down yet!

A small sampling of Italy

OK, let me explain my thinking here.....THE definitive Italian 1960's comp is the volumnous "Atto di
Forza", without looking I'd guess I have 15-16 volumes perhaps more......that is a bit much for the kind of thing I am doing, IF you happen to have interest in that set, I implore you to visit
http://paradiseofgaragecomps.blogspot.com/ his site is based out of Italy, and most likely he is the world's foremost expert on Italian garage/beat/psych whatever, if not he sure as hell knows a good deal more about it than do I......I'm certain the "Atto di Forza" set is there as that's where I originally picked it up, besides that it's a hell of a great site (MUCH better/more focused than the one you are focussing your eyes upon right now)......."Atto di Forza" is a fine set, I recommend it to you, but I think it's a bit excessive for what I'm doing with THIS site (or TRYING to do).......

What I have for you instead today are two discs, the first being "Garage Beat in Florence", and the second being "60's Beat Italiano".......if I checked I'm sure that there would be MAJOR crossover with the comprehensive "Atto di Forza" set, but if these whet your appetite for this particular style, at least have steered you in that direction.

"Garage Beat In Florence" features the Telstars, I Tremendi, Noi Tre, Danny, and a few more, I list these because all are given a generous representation of their (4-5 tracks each), which I always think is kind of cool......Noi Tre appears on "60's Beat Italiano" as well, with one of the same tracks, even, but most of the rest are non-overlapping......I Chewing Gum, I Jaguars, The Red Roosters.......not household names in the USA but good, and of course if you are familiar with "Atto di Forza" you'll know about some of them.

So here you go......I guess I could have put up that whole "Atto di Forza" thing, but it might be a bit
redundant, and, anyway, I already directed you to THE authority on all rock-Italian.....my preferece, in these international comps (for the most part) has been just to give a small taste so the various styles can be compared and enjoyed, not to get all "Completist", know what I mean?

By the way "60's Beat Italiano" is the LP version, the CD version has a few more tracks, don't complain, it's what I have.....if you have the additional tracks (I bet Psyclist has em but he's biking around Southeast Asia!), wrap em up and put em in the comments section.

Hope everyone has a good week, got a FEW more regions of Earth to check into, then onto some maybe less-specific, less-rigidly compiled Nugget rock/psych.....we'll see, I really do have LOTS more!

GARAGE BEAT IN FLORENCE-01 TELSTARS-She Waits The Happiness/02 TELSTARS-With My Girl/03 DANNY-Everything/04 TELSTARS-Solo Me/05 DANNY-Somebody Else/06 BILLY E I CANI FEDELI-Lei Ama Me/07 DANNY-In the Morning/08 GLI SPETTRI-Non Mi Lascerai/09 TELSTARS-I'm Feeling Love/10 GLI SPETTRI-Non Eri Per Me/11 FACCE DI BRONZO-I Can Only Give You Anything/12 FACCE DI BRONZO-All Right/13 I TREMENDI-Where's My Baby/14 I TREMENDI-Together We're Strong/15 TELSTARS-Tu Sei Lontana/16 GLI SPETTRI-Come Farei/17 I TREMENDI-I Knew I'd Get You/18 I TREMENDI-If You Don't Come Around/19 DANNY-We COuld Be Happy/ 20 DANNY-That's Alright/21 NOI TRE-Don't Lie To Me/22 NOI TRE-Se Tu Non Ce Sei/23 DANNY-Il Tempo Sopra Noi/24 THE FELLOWS-Per Chi Non Conosce La Liberta/25 THE FELLOWS-La Mia Strada/26 NOI TRE-Un Posto Dove/27 NOI TRE-Non Piangete Io Son Contento/28 NOI TRE-Outside

60'S BEAT ITALIANO-01 I BISONTI-Crudele/02 I CHEWING GUM-Senti Questa Chitarra/03
THE RED ROOSTERS-Just Because You Know/04 NOI TRE-Don't Lie To Me/05 GLI EVANGELISTI-I Aint No Miracle Worker/06 GLI EVANGELISTI-Sensazioni/07 LE ANIME-Il Tuo Ricordo/08 HUGU TUGU-Fino A Ieri/09 THE NIGHTBIRDS-Nightbirds/10 I 5 MONELLI-Balbettando/11 I JAGUARS-Non Sei Sincera/12 I CONDORS-Lei Per La Vita/13 I BARRITAS-Dasu Amigusu/14 I NEW DADA-La Quindicesima Frustata/15 I PROFETI-Bambina Sola/16 THE RANGER SOUND-Ricordami/17 I RAGAZZI DAL CAPELLI VERDI-Un Tipo Per Te/18 I RAGAZZI DEL SOLE-Atto Di Forza No. 10

Bonus post-a bit of a puzzle, so HELP ME OUT

I have here before me a CD labled as follows: "Cambodian Rocks! Psychedelia From Southeast Asia
Late 1960's"..........this is a "homemade" CD, I recall creating it, actually, ten years ago or so, and I have enjoyed it tremendously over the years......problem being: I can find NO information for it. My "Go To" site for such things "Garage Comp Data Base" lists a few discs by this title, none of them seem to "match up" at least as I can see, and (unusual for that usually great site) theier info for these discs is out-of-character incomplete......the one I have has 22 tracks, none with even a smattering of Ingles that I can notice anyway (WHY doesn't someone cover "Hey Joe" when I NEED them too?)......Ok here it is. I am going to put this disc up WITHOUT A TRACK LIST and WITHOUT ARTISTS. Why?

Because it's fucking GREAT that's why......I LOVE IT, it is some of the best Asian psych I've ever heard. I'm hoping the cover I'm showing is the "correct" cover for this set, I have no way of knowing.......so, homework: ANYONE able to lend a hand with some titles, artists, anything? Anyone speak the language (hell, what is it, Cambodian?)......I LOOOOVE this disc and want to share it, and I'd like, after all these years, to know exactly what I'm listening too.......so any help would be appreciated. DAMN as soon as I need my buddy Psyclist, who I bet could help out, he takes off on his biking tour (he sent me a link for some pictures of his journey, I'll put some up soon).......

So enjoy this set.....it's a mystery set, for now, but a DAMN GOOD ONE. If you help us out, please do, but if ya can't check it out anyway, it's a REALLY good one!

CAMBODIAN ROCKS-22 Tracks, All Artists/Titles Unknown (to me anyway).......HEEEELP!

And by the way since I don't know the artists to search for pictures of, I'm sure you won't mind if I put up a couple of SMOKING HOT Cambodian babes, anyone of which can park her stillettos under
MY bed any night of the week

Delincuentes-Jouvenez Punks De America Latin

Well, I am running low on corners of our globe to investigate......when I run out I think I'll stick with
Nugget-rock/garage/psych whatever for a little while, it has been phenominally popular, and as I've said I have a TON of it left that I haven't even tapped into yet.....I hope you guys found my geographic presentations interesting, both USA and International, I sure as hell did enjoy doing them and re-listening to some of them for the first time in many years (odd that one of my faves, the Cambodian set, I have no info on, but I do dig the shit out of that set)

Anyways, today let us venture to the various lands of Latin America for a VERY fine set, the title of which is "Delincuentes-Jouvenz Punks De American Latin", which I'd think self explanatory even for a Yank like meself........yep, more teenage garage rock, from all over South America this time. ......

So what have we? Los Ovnis treat us to the great standard "Baby Please Don't Go" (hey, at least it isn't "Gloria"!.......Los Yorks "El Loco" is pretty good, The Speakers take on "Lucille" with decent results, and pretty much every track is a winner, it's one of the better sets of this ilk......hope ya enjoy it, this MIGHT be the end of the regionalized posts (unless I come across some others that I have forgotten), but fear not.....I am in a groove with this Nugget-rock/psych/garage stuff for now, and I'm gonna keep it coming for a while, I think I'm just about worn down on the "geographic angle......hope ya's enjoyed it, and hope ya's CONTINUE to enjoy the
future posts.....

Tomorrow? Well, what can I say but WHO THE FUCK KNOWS?

DELINCUENTES-01 LOS HITTERS-Delincuente/02 LOS YETIS-No Me Digas Adios/03 LOS OVNIS-Baby Please Don't Go/04 LOS YORKS-El Loco/05 LOS YETIS-Amor Sideral/06 LOS AMPEX-Lost Love/07 LOS YAKI-Las EstatuasDe Marfil/08 THE
SPEAKERS-Glendora/09 LOS YORKS-El Sicodelico/10 THE SPEAKERS-Lucille/11 LOS OVNIS-Ya See/12 LOS BEAT 4-Lo Que Sera/13 LOS SAICOS-Lonely Star/14 LOS BULLDOGS-I'm Gonna Find a Cave/15 LOS SHAIN'S-Shain's A Go Go/16 THE BEAT BOYS-Wake Me Shake Me

Fuzz, Flaykes, and Shaykes (Part 1)

Ok, finished with the geography lessons, but still with plenty of comps chock full of
garage/psych/pop, hopefully with minimal overlap from previous postings but at this point, it's obviously inevitable......I liked this set, 8 discs, leaning maybe more to the psych/pop side of things.......

These were all referred to as "Tony the Tyger Presents Fuzz Flaykes and Shaykes, Volume___", also each with a subititle as we will see........First volume is entitled "60 Miles High", and is loaded with some very good semi-unknown pop-psych, Glass Sun, Gregorians, Magic Mushrooms come most readilly to mind, but there are 18 tracks here and nottoo much overlap OR waste.

Volume 2 ("The Day Breaks at Dawn" (hey no foolin'?))moves right along with more of the same, Flowers, Fruit, and Pretty Things (who I mention becuase their bass player sent me a very nice email when they were featured on one of the "USA Garage Greats" discs), Zorba & the Greeks, and the (for whatever reason) standing-out-like-a-sore thumb "Mr. Custer" by Search........oh well, it COULD be another "Gloria" cover I suppose.

Volume 3 "Stay Out of My World"continues to pile unknowns and semi-unknowns, Camel Drivers,
Tikis, Burlington Express, Young Ideas and PLENTY more......finally (for today) we have volume 4 "Experiment in Color", ......Rock SHop, Trojans of Evol, Apperson Jackrabbit.......this is much closer to Pebbles/Gravel territory than it is to "classic" Nuggets ma, but I think you will enjoy this set.......four more discs tomorrow, and after that, maybe some MORE obscure (but non-regionalized) obscure psych/pop.......ok with all my dawgs?

VOLUME 1-01 GLASS SUN-I Can See the Light/02 SHAGS-Breathe In My Ear/03 BAND OF WYNAND-Day-time, Night-time/04 ODESSEY-Little Boy Little Girl/05 TIME OF YOUR LIFE-Ode to a Bad Dream/06 THYME-Somehow/07 COUNTDOWN 5-Speculation/08 MIDNIGHT SNACK-Mister Time/09 SOCIETY-High and Mighty/10 SEARCH-Climate/11 RITES-Things/12 GREGORIANS-Dialated Eyes13 PALACE GUARD-Greed/14 SOUL INC-60 Miles High/15 MAGIC MUSHROOMS-Let the Rain Be Me/16 BEDPOST ORACLE-Till the Break of Dawn/17 STAINED GLASS-A Scene In Between/18 HUMANE SOCIETY-Eternal Prison

Night the Flowers BLoomed/02 TRACES OF TIME-Oh Bob/03 JOHN ENGLISH & LEMONDROPS-Just Don't Complain/0ZORBA & THE GREEKS-One and Only Girl/05 SUNRISERS-I Saw Her Yesterday/06 SOUL INC-Stronger Than Dirt/07 AMOEBA-Lost Love/08 LAST CHAPTER-It's Only When Im Lonely/09 DEEPEST BLUE-Somebodys Girl/10 BACKGROUNDS-The Day Breaks at Dawn/11 GRAVEN IMAGES-Take a Bite of Life/12 HACKERS-Keep On Running Girl/13 TRACERS-Who  Do You Love/14 OTHER FOUR-Searching For Your Love/15 DENIMS-Salty Dog Man/16 FLOWERS FRUIT AND PRETTY THINGS-Take Me Away/17 DRUIDS-Cool Calm Collected/18 SEARCH-Mr Custer

VOLUME 3-01 PREACHERS-Stay Out of My World/02 SOUL SURVIVORS-Can't Stand To Be In Love With You/03 TIKIS-Somebody's Son/04 LONNIE & THE LEGENDS-I Cried/05 SATISFIED MINDS-I Can't Take It/06 CAMEL DRIVERS-The Grass Looks Greener/07 OTHER FOUR-Once And For All Girl/08 STING-RAYS OF NEW BURGH-Fool/09 MIKE JONES GROUP-Funny Feeling/10 BURLINGTON EXPRESS-Memories/11 BEDFORDE SET-Girl Go Run Away/12 REDWOODS-Tell Me/13 ASCOTS-Summer Days/14 ROMANS-You Do Something To Me/15 INNKEEPERS-A Man Can Tell/16 CASTELS-Save a Chance/17 YOUNG IDEAS-Barney Buss

TO See You/03 TROJANS OF EVOL-Why Girl?/04 PRIMATES-She/05 CANTERBURY FAIR-The Man/06 SOULTANS-Rain Down Soul/07 VEIL-Somethings Wrong/08 APPERSON JACKRABBIT-That's Why/09 BLUES COMPANY-Experiment In Color/10 WHATS NEW-Up So High/11 JOEY WELZ & THE TIME MACHINE-Caught By Love/12 EPIC-Homesick/13 AMERICAN WAY-Lady Dressed In Black/14 SONNY VILLEGAS-Help Me Help You/15 SONNY VILLEGAS-I Cry/16 MENACES-If You Want Me/17 ROCK SHOP-State of Your Mind

Fuzz Flaykes and Shaykes (Part 2)

So for today the final four discs of "Fuzz Flaykes and Shaykes", more of the fairly obscure light
psych/pop from the set started yesterday......still unsure what Tony the Tiger has to do with any of this, I guess it shall remain an enigma wrapped in a puzzle.

Disc 5 ("Keep Right on Living") picks right up where disc 4 left off......lets see, 7 Dwarfs, Nomads, Sons of Adam, Lyrics, tons more, all might sound vaguely familiar, unless you are a true "Pebbles" addict or something........Disc 6 ("Some On Into My World") gives us the Tasmanians, This Generation, Randy & the Rest, King James & the Royal Jesters......most certainly you are getting the idea by now, if not, what are you even doing looking at this blog?

Disc 7 ("You Make Me Lose My Mind") is the alleged finale of the set, featuring more "I THINK I've heard of them" type bands, Palace Guards, Young Aristocracy, Mark V, Pictorian Skiffuls, and lots more........To me, though, Disc 8 (the "Leftovers" disc) is the most rewarding, with THIRTY TWO tracks ranging from ? and the Mysterians, Bob Seger & the Last Heard, lots of strange stuff, you'll love it if this is your thing.........

Well, what shall tomorrow bring us? Undecided, but of course you know it will be all fabulous and cool, and you'll be once again wishing to send me cash rewards.

DISC 5-01 BRAM RIGG SET-Take the Time, Be Yourself/02 CONTINENTALS-Sick and Tired/03 OTHER FOUR-Why/04 BURLINGTON EXPRESS-One Day Girl (Twenty-Four)/05 NOBLEMEN-She Still Thinks I Love Her/06 INSECTS-Girl That Sits There/07 7 DWARFS-Stop Girl/08 CREATURES-Letters of Love/09 NOMADS-I Need Your Love/10 SONS OF ADAM-Baby Show The World/11 TOPSY TURBSYS-Topsy Turby/12 SOLID STATE-Wait and See/13 RENEGADES-She's Your Find/14 BITTERSWEETS-She Treats Me Bad/15 GLASS CANDLE-Keep Right On Living/16 BURCH RAY-Love Questions/17 LYRICS-Wait

DISC 06-01 THEKERAY ROCKE-Bawling/02
RANDY & THE REST-Confusion/03 THOSE GUYS-Lookin at You Behind the Glasses/04 A GROUP CALLED EVE-Within a World of You/05 WEST MINIST'R-Bright  Lights Windy City/06 TASMANIANS-I Can't Explain This Feeling/07 KING JAMES & THE ROYAL JESTERS-I Get a Feeling/08 SONS OF ADAM-Feathered Fish/09 CHAPTER IV-Fear/10 BUCKETT CITY DISTORTION RACKET-I Lied/11 BRIDGE-The Life of a Day/12 DELICATE BALANCE-The Night Is Almost Gone/13 SKEPTICS-Turn It On/14 THIS GENERATION-The CHildren Have Your Tongue/15 RIGHT PEOPLE-The SHadow Is My Soul/16 INSECTS-Then You Came My Way/17 ENDD-Come On In To My World

DISC 07-01 SPIRITS OF BLUE LIGHTNING-Love Muscle/02 PALACE GUARDS-Sorry/03 OUTSIDERS-The Guy With the Long Liverpool Hair/04 LAZY EGGS-Poor Boys Always Weep/05 PICTORIAN SKIFFULS-In a While/06 CONTINENTALS-Almost a Man/07 GASS CO.-First I Look at the Purse/08 CINDERMAN-Think of Me/09 JOHN & GUNTHER-Hey Hey Babe/10 YOUNG ARISTOCRACY-Look and See!/11 INTERCOMS-Unabridged, Unadulteratd, Unextraordinary, Ordinary, Mediocre,UnoriginalityBlues/12 NEW INVADERS-Don't Let Me Down/13 DRONES-You Cna't Use Her No More/14 PERPETUAL MOTION-You Hurt Me/15 TORMENTORS-She's Gone/16 INNER SANCTUM-Can't Make It Without You/17 MARK V-You Make Me Lose My Mind/18 IDES OF MARCH-Life Has Been So Good

LEFTOVERS-(NOTE: I can find very little info on this particular disc, it is not listed in Garage Comp Data Base, generally the best site for getting info on these things......I found the track list on Chocoreve's old site, which is where I got this from orginally (I know, because MY track list lacks some artists as does his, take a look http://chocoreve.blogspot.com/2006/01/fuzz-flaykes-shakes-vol-1-2-3-4-5-6-7.html   anyway, some of the tracks have no listed performer (tracks 15 , 21, and 26)....I assume they MIGHT belong to the artist with the previous track, but this is simply speculation......anybody knows, let m know........01 THE SANDALS-Always, I will Remember/02 THE GREEN BEANS-Don't Give Me No Friction/03 THE TROPICS-This Must Be the Place/04 BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD-Vagrant Winter/05 ? & THE MYSTERIANS-Ain't It a Shame/06 THE FLOCK-Got To Hold Onto My Mind/07 THE WINKLE PICKERS-I Haven't Got You/08 THE SOUNDS-Little Joe/09 THE WAPHPHLE-GOin Down/10 THE WORDS OF LUV-I'd Have To Be Out Of My Mind/11 THE RAZORS EDGE-Baby's On His Way/12 THE DAZE OF THE WEEK-One Night Stand/13 THE NEW ERA-We Ain't Got Time/14 THE WONDERS-I'm Not Willin'/15 Baby Come Back/16 THE GREEN BEANS-Superstition/17 THE SANDALS-All Over Again/18 THE BIRTH OF SPRING-Cause You Lied to Me/19 THE CUTAWAYS-Hold Me/20 THE SOUNDS UNLIMITED-Why Doesn't She Beleive Me/21 Nobody But You/22 DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS & THE SHAYS-Take Me Back/23 THE SHAGGS-She Makes Me Happy/24 THE SHANDELS-Stop Your Crying/25 THE SECOND HELPING-On Friday/26 Floating Downstream/27 THE MOON RAKERS-I'm Alright/28 TINO & THE REVLONS-Little Girl Little Girl/29 TONY & THE VIZITORS-Saturday's Son/30 THE WATCHBAND-No
Dice/31 THE SANDALS-The House of Painted Glass/32 THE ENEMIES-My Dues Have Been Paid

We Can Fly

I don't think this set is REALLY well known, maybe in Europe it is, not so much here I  don't
think.....it's a TINY bit more "latter-day" than most of the Nuggets-style comps, the proper title is "We Can Fly Volume ____, UK Psychedelic Obscurities 1966-71", generally a bit more hard-edged than, say, the psych-pop on "Fuzz Flaykes and Shaykes", actually one of my favorite comps of this variety, a lot of good, unknown, and fairly hard-rocking stuff. Five discs, I'm such a good guy I'll put them all up today!

Volume 1 features some fairly familiar names in obscure-psych, The Bunch, Smoke, Kippington Lodge, mixed amongst lesser known gems such as Anan, Sands, and Neat Change......at only 16 tracks it's the least generous of the discs. Volume 2 gives us 22 tracks, featuring among others AP Dangerfield, Blonde on Blonde, The Petards, and Danny McCulloch......I think (not certain) that there is really very little overlap with most of the other psych comps I've put up, likely since it is specifically UK stuff (well, kinda, more on that in a minute) and since it edges into the 1970's, it picks up a lot of stuff that gets left off sets that rigidly require 1969  as a cut-off point.

Volume 3 features the very great Mecki Mark
Men, I once did an entire post on their fabulous stuff, doubt the links are still good though......maybe someone can check. We also get the very cool Cherry Smsh, Shocking Blue, The Magicians, Oharas Playboys......likely the best disc of the series.

Fourth disc gives us Terry Reid, Orange Machine, Mindbenders, and Wimple Witch......another winner of a disc. And finally, the fifth volume treats us to the great Human Instinct (another act that I have  done a full post on), Kim Fowley, Cuby & the Blizzards, Elmer Ganty's Velvet Opera......hardly a  in the bunch, I am not joking. I've been holding this one back a little, not quite sure it fits the recent "nuggets-style" sets, but I was in the mood for it today, and it REALLY IS  a fine set.......PLEASE check it out and please comment, I think you will really like this one if you are a fan of somewhat harder-edged psychedelia.

And, yes, I know full that probably 25% of the acts featured here are not from the UK......I DIDN'T NAME THE SET. I know, of course, that Mecki Mark Men were from Sweden, we have stuff from Italy, Spain, Germany.......whatever. After all the "geography lessons" I've attempted to give, just don't worry about the tittular regionalism and enjoy these magnificent discs!

Couple of other things......congratulate me, yesterday marked my THIRTIETH year on my job. THIRTY! Started
7/10/83.......remember what life was like in 1983........literally, if we woke up tomorrow and it was "magically" 1983 (ala "The Hot Tub Time Machine?")  I think most of us would be as lost as if we went back to the 1940's or 1920's, the world is SO much different than it was in 1983, and the changes have become so drastic and rapid, that 1983 practically qualifies as a prehistoric era........just imagine: no cell phones, internet, file sharing, ebooks, DVD's......no Coke Zero, Michelob Ultra, no 2 point conversions in the NFL, people that have been around "forever" like VIkings running back Adrian Peterson who seems like he's been in purple forever, weren't even born yet.......music was in a bit of a downward spiral, The Pretenders, U2, Talking Heads, and some others made it bearable to a degree, but the Metallicas of the world were creeping up........

Nother cool thing, at least for ME......I am FACEBOOK FRIENDS with LENNON MURPHY......I have adored Lennon since her legendary "5:30 Saturday Morning" album which could damn near bring me to climax just from listening to it (did a blog post on her fine ass once too.....again, doubt the links still work).....just fooling around, sent her a friend request and she accepted almost at once! I was thrilled, I'm sure she could care less, but her page is at least loaded with sexy pictures of her (as though there were any other kind)......I'd like to thank her for just keeping it real, tell her thanks for some great music, and tell her that her husband is a  VERY VERY lucky man! Here: check it out

Anyways back to bizness......this set is REALLY great.......ignore the
fact that the title is kinda silly, but it is TRULY awesome. One of my faves ever, if you love psych with a hard, druggy edge, you will love it as well! I promise!

VOLUME 1-01 PENNY PEEPS-Model Villiage/02 LOOT-Try to Keep a Secret/03 MOVING FINGER-Pain of My Misfortune/04 ANAN-I Wonder Where My Sisters Gone/05 PEEP SHOW-Mazy/06 GLASS MENAGERIE-Frederick Jordan/07 BUNCH-Looking Glass/08 NEAT CHANGE-I Lied to Auntie Mary/09 MOVEMENTS-Tell Her/10 SANDS-Mrs Gillespie's Refrigerator/11 KIPPINGTON LODGE-I Can See Her Face/12 INFANTES JUBILATE-Exploding Galaxy/13 SMOKE-That's What I Want/14 QPR SUPPORTERS-Supporters-Support Us/15 TRASH-Trash Can/16 ORANGE MACHINE-Real Life Permanent Dream

(VOLUME 1 NOTE-according to Garage Comp Database, there should be 11 more tracks on this one, which would explain my curiosity earlier regarding the "skimpiness" set.....don't remember where I got these or if this one was maybe a vinyl rip, don't recall....but if an amigos of dis here blog happen to have this disc, please share the remaining 11 tracks with us......the remaining 4 discs seem to be complete)

VOLUME 2-01 SHY LIMBS-Trick or Two/02 BRAIN BOX-Amsterdam, the First Day/03 CEDARS-Hide If You Want to Hide/04 PUGH-Love Love Love/05 JOHN FITCH & ASSOCIATES-Stand Out of It/06 L.O.R.D.-Don't Mince Matter/07 NITE PEOPLE-Love Love Love Love/08 THE MONTANAS-Difference of Opinion/09 JULIAN KIRSCH-Clever Little Man/10 BLONDE ON BLONDE-All Day and All Night/11 AVALANCHE-Rabbits/12 WEST COAST CONSORTIUM-Co Sergeant Lillywhite/13 THE TAGES-Fuzzy Patterns/14 MIRAGE-Head On/15 THE PETARDS-Tartarex/16 THE BYSTANDERS-Cave of Clear Light/17 AP DANGERFIELD-Conversations/18 AP DANGERFIELD-Further Conversations/19 THE BLINKERS-Original Sin/20 DANNY MCCULLOCH-Colour of the Sunset/21 JOY UNLIMITED-Mr Psuedonym/22 MOONSHINE-Garden of Men

VOLUME  3- 01 MAGICIANS-Painting On Wood/02 OHARAS PLAYBOYS-The Ballad of the Soon Departed/03 ST JOHN & CROWS-I'm a Man/04 MURRAY HEAD-She Was Perfection/05 TALES OF JUSTINE-Monday Morning/06 I CORVI-I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night/07 MADE IN SHEFFIELD-Amelia Jane/08 MECKI MARK MEN-Free/09 AFEX-She's Got the Time/10 JACKIE LOMAX-Genuine Imitation of Life/11 BRINCOS-Passport/12 EXCELSIOR SPRING-It/13 DADDY LINDBERG-Wade in the Shade/14 PESKY GEE-Where Is My Mind/15 CHERRY SMASH-Sing Songs/16 MICK SOFTLY & THE SUMMER SUNS-Am I the Red One?/17 CALLAN & JOHN-House of Delight/18 BRUT-My Kind of Feeling/19 WASHINGTON DC'S-Seek and Find/20 SUGARBEATS-Alice Designs/21 LEAGUE-Hey Conductor/22 SHOCKING BLUE-Send Me a Postcard/23 NEW GENERATION-Digger/24 FOX-Second Hand Lovers

VOLUME 4-01 BRASS TACKS-Maxwell Ferguson/02 NEO MAYA-I Won't Hurt You/03
RUSSELL MORRIS-The Real Thing/04 ROKES-When the Wind Arises/05 EIRE APPARANT-Here I Go Again/06 WIMPLE WITCH-I Really Love You/07 KEITH SHIELDS-So Hard Living Without You/08 14-Drizzle/09 LUCAS TYSON-Daylight Child/10 HOPSCOTCH-Look at the Lights Go Up/11 THE TRUTH-Sveno/12 THE BUNCH-We're Not What We Appear To Be/13 GRIFFIN-I Am the Noise In Your Head/14 FIVE STEPS BEYOND-Not So Young Today/15 TANGERINE PEEL-Trapped/16 LOS CANARIOS-What Can I Do For You/17 STRANGE FOX-Time and Tide/18 THE MINT-Luv/19 ORANGE MACHINE-Dr Crippin's Waiting Room/20 FERRIS WHEEL-I Can't Break the Habit/21 BEATSTALKERS-Sugar Chocolate/22 MINDBENDERS-New Day and Age/23 LOS BAROQUES-Love is the Sun/24 TERRY REID-Fire's Alive/25 MAGNET- My Guy Finkes

VOLUME 5-01 CIRCUS-Do You Dream?/02 HARSH REALITY-How Do You Feel/03 THE IVEYS-And Their Daddy's a Millionaire/04 OLD GOLD-Teacher of Electricty/05 THE HUMAN INSTINCT-The Rich Man/06 KEITH RELF-Slopes In My Mind/07 EPISODE SIX-I Can't See Through You/08 GNOMES OF ZURICH-Second Fiddle/09 SAKER-Foggy Tuesday/10 KIM FOWLEY-Lights/11 THE LOOT-Radio City/12 THE BUNCH-Spare a Shilling/13 THE MONTANAS-Anyone There/14 GROUP 1850-FRiday I'm Free/16 CHRIS MCCLURE-Meditation/16 FRUIT MACHINE-Follow Me/17 GIORGIOS-How Much Longer Must I Wait/18 EAST OF EDEN-Ballad of Harvey Kaye/19 I CURUI-I Ain't No Miracle Worker/20 ELMER GANTYS VELVET OPERA-Salisbury Plain/21 THE GIBBONS-City Life/22 THE ORANGE PEEL-I Got No Name/23 MIRAGE-The World Goes On Around You/24 THE CEDARS-I Don't Know Why/25 CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS-Appleknockers Flophouse/26 THE SILVER EAGLE-Theodore/27 NITE PEOPLE-PM

And as an additional note, ading to Garage Comp Database (it's really a fantastic informative site, seehttp://www.soybomb.com/garage-comps/classic/    there are a couple tracks missing from Disc 5 as well.....sorry, this is how I recieved it. Again, if any of ya's has the missing two tracks, please share em with the bro's and ho's out here who'd love em.......anyway even with the shortcomings, this is still a KICKASS set, and I hope to see appropriate download numbers......it is REALLY good!
for yourselves:

Facebook friends with Lennon Murphy..........the fact that she'd even acknowledge that I am alive easilly qualifies as the highlight of my day, other than the Kratom/Ativan/alcohol buzz I got going right about now..........LOOOOOOOOOVE me some Lennon Murphy and have shown her nothing but respect, none of my patented sexist swill for her. She is married, as am I, and I hope she is as happy as I am in my marriage.......I just always loved her, and to interract with her in ANY form is like a dream come true. Drew Barrymore, you are NEXT!

Lost Sixties Delights

.....or "L.S.D.", get it? get it? Actually this is some more VERY obscure stuff from the seemingly
endless vaults of U-Spaces.......you'll recognize a few from some other rarities comps, but I think we have VERY little overlap with much of what I've posted....very, very obscure, not nearly (to me) as rewarding a set as yesterday's fab "We Can Fly" (as I said, a favorite of mine), but these three discs are crammed with tracks (27-29 on each) and if you're familiar with more than a handful of them, you probably already own this comp.

Disc 1 gives us a couple tracks from the Cockneys, the Bluebeards "Come On-a My House" (yes, the same one Rosemary Clooney used to rock out on), Chicago Loop who I do know appeared on "Psychedelic States Illinois", and best of all a weird one, "Feep Feep" by Jeep......?..........not to mention stuff like Bunalimar's "Ask Senin Biditin Gibi Degil"......Yankee Dollar's "Reflections of a Shattered Mind" is a pretty good one as well.

The second disc leads off with someone called MC2 (?), and a bunch of crazilly named combos such as Captain Billy's Whizzbang, Heroes of Cranberry Farm, and Butter Rebellion. Where DO they get this stuff? Springfield Rifle turns up on a lot of Northwest comps, other than mentioning them, though, allow me to list a couple song titles as twisted as the band names......Legay's "The Fantastic Story of the Steam Driven Banana", The Premiers "Ring Around My Rosie" and JD Blackfoot's "Who's Nuts, Alfred?".......man, I think maybe that LSD inference in the title has a little something to it.......

And disc three...well, let's continue having fun
with goofball band names, such as Last Friday's Fire, Licorice Sctick, and Recurring Love Habit......we do get an odd cover of "House of the Rising Son" by Joseph, and an even odder version of "Heartbreak Hotel" by Grump. American Zoo turn up on these rarities comps every now and again, as do Oxford Watch Band. All in all, quite worth a listen, and you'll enjoy the general goofiness of it, as well as the genuine "rarity" factor here.

I would like to hear some comments on this one and especially on "We Can Fly"........if ya gots the time!

DISC 1-01 THE BLUBEARDS-Come On-a My House/02 APPLE CORPS-Don't Leave Me/03 OXFORD WATCHBAND-Diagnosis (One Way Empty and Down)/04 JEEP-Feep Feep/05 2 OF CLUBS-Walk Tall (Like a Man)/06 FEVER JOHNNY-Zombie/07 RANDY & THE RING-Caverns of the Mind/08 THE TROLLS-Are You the One/09 ART ZOYD-Something In Love/10 CHICAGO LOOP-Begining at the End/11 SENSE OF HUMOR-Secret Thoughts/12 THE COLLECTION-Paper Crown of Gold/13 THE FRONT END-The Real Thing/14 BUNALIMAR-Ask Senin Bilditin Gibi Degil/15 THE COUNTRY GENTLEMEN-Greensleeves/16 TOMMY & CLEVE-I Don't Want To Share Your Love/17 MOTHER NATURE-Lost in the Pacific/18 THE COCKNEYS-Oh No You Won't/19 EMERALDS-Don't Listen To Your Friends/20 CALIFORNIA BEAR-Euology/21 FAIRCHILDS-(I Couldn't Think About Livin' Without You) Thinkin' Bout Me/22 CRYSTAL EMPIRE-Sour Milk Sea/23 THE COCKNEYS-I Know You're Gonna Be Mine/24 TUNAY AKDENIZ VE GRUP CIGRISISM-Babam Yaazdi Ben Besteledim/25 THE HOBBITS-Pretty Young Thing/26 MYDDLE CLASS-Free as the Wind/27 YANKEE DOLLAR-Reflections of
a Shattered Mind

DISC 2-01 MC2-Smiling/02 JD BLACKFOOT-Who's Nuts Alfred/03 NEW WORLD WITH MARY LOU-World of Love/04 CAPTAIN BILLYS WHIZZBANG-Paradise of Your Mind/05 PEMBROOK LTD-Love's So Easy Now/06 PREMIERS-Ring Around My Rosie/07 LEGAY-The Fantastic Story of the Steam Driven Banana/08 CARE PACKAGE-Vinegar Man/09 WILD ONES-Never Givin Up/10 CAPTAIN BILLYS WHIZZBANG-Kaleidoscope/11 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE-All She Said/12 ILLINOIS SPEED PRESS-Get In the Wind Part 2/13 TRAV'LERS-Shadow of Defeat/14 THESE VIZITORS-For Mary's Sake/15 HEROES OF CRANBERRY FARM-Children (Save the World)/16 NEIGHBORHOOD BAKERY-A Waste of Time/17 PANDA-Swinging About/18 FRONT LINE-I Don't Care/19 BLUE WOOD-Turn Around/20 WILD ONES-For Your Love (I Would Do Almost Anything)/21 FAMILY-So Much To Remember/22 LIME-Hey Girl/23 MASTERMIND-Turn of the Head/24 STEFF-She's All Right/25 SOUND VENDOR-In Paradise/26 BUNALIMAR-Kinali Gelin/27 HUMAN TOUCH-Blues For the Millions/28 BUTTER REBELLION-Aftermath/29 MAGIC RING-Frodo Lives

DISC 3-01 LYN LA SALLE-Randee Ram Jet/02 ZEITGEIST-(Herein Lie) The Seeds of
Revolution/03 LEATHER SOUL-Take Me Back/04 IN-O-VATIONS-This Ain't Real/05 DENIMS-The Ghost In Your House Is Me/06 TENDERFOOT KIDS-Tomorrow the Moon/07 LAST FRIDAYS FIRE-Somethings Happening/08 JOSEPH-House of the Rising Sun/09 GRUMP-Heartbreak Hotel/10 PURE MADNESS-Freedom Rides/11 INDIANS-Been So Long/12 LAZY NICKLES-Struggle For Freedom/13 LICORICE SCHTICK-Flowers FLowers/14 ASTRAL PROJECTION-Our Love Is a Rainbow/15 CALLIOPE-We've Made It/16 HAMILTON STREETCAR-Your Own Comedown/17 BEAU ALLEN-Georgia Ground/18 AMERICAN ZOO-Where I Am/19 THREE HEADS-Penetration/20 SONS OF MAY-Morning Dew (And the Light Turned Red)/21 WHITE WASH-You Better Think It Over/22 LOST TRIBE-Walk One Way/23 PEOPLE-Fantasy In Jade/24 HEX-You Laugh & I'll Cry/25 SALT-Long Way To Go/26 MOROCCO-Ela 'tho/27 GROUP AXIS-Smokestack Lightning/28 RECURRING LOVE HABBIT-A Day In the Life/29 OXFORD WATCH BAND-Love Love Love

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to take those anti-depressants!

Psychedelic Pstones (3 out of 4 at least)

This could serve as a companion piece to the previous three days' posts....structured something like
yesterday's "LSD" set, but a bit more accessible, and like "We Can Fly" it involves, for the most part, UK performers (maybe there are exceptions as there were with that one)......the sound here is much poppier than "We Can Fly", much more like the pop/psych of "Fuzz Flakes and Shakes".......not nearly as "druggy", if you will, as "We Can Fly" or "LSD", but nonethless solid collections of fairly obscure stuff, although this stuff is probably the MOST familar I've put up in a while. Anyway, it'll fit nicely on your shelf with the rest of em.

FRIENDS OF THE BLOG: I do not have Volume 4, never knew there was one, (It is subtitled "Under the Silent Tree").....I bet at least ONE of you psychheads (Jose, maybe?) can help us to complete this set......but for now, here are the first three of the set.

Disc one is subtitled "Hot Smoke and Sassafras", a title originally created by Bubble Puppy, but in this case referring to the version by The Mooche.....the thing here is some lesser-known tracks from some well known acts, The Kinks, Status Quo, Dave Davies......some acts we've heard this week, even pop up here as well, Orange Machine, Blonde on BLonde, Glass Menagerie, and, unfortunately, the tracks by those bands DO overlap the other sets....sorry, program around it if you wish, that is what makes file sharing so wonderful!

DISC 2 ("Haunted") has MORE Kinks, MORE Blonde on Blonde, Orange Machine, West Coast Consortium, Montanas.......this set seems to add a bit of depth to some of these acts, an approach I ususally enjoy, I'd rather hear a rare not so great track than the same one that's already appeared on 10 comps........

And Disc 3 gives us several tracks from The Smoke, whom I am CERTAIN I have an album by
around here somewhere, Pussy, who I also have a (quite good) album by, and a solid dosage of unknown/semi-unknown tracks/acts........The missing fourth disc looks pretty interesting, more Kinks, even a track from Fat Mattress......really, if any of you guys have it, take a second and upload it and wepost it, giving you FULL credit and naming you "Friend of the Blog of the Day" for that day, an honor with which comes untold riches and rewards.

OK, I kinda took the "easy" routw with this set, I admit it....quite a bit of overlap, even with stuff I've posted this week......but I think there is a fair amount of obscurities that it works, and also, how the hell will I ever get disc 4 without going this route? And semi-rare Kinks and Status Quo, you have to admit, rarely turns up on these kinda sets........

Have I mentioned that Lennon Murphy and I are Facebook friends? I think sh WANTS me.......easy there baby! I MUST say I am joking, I have all the respect in the world for MS Murphy and her marriage (as well as MY marriage)......but MY GOD that woman is HOT HOT HOT!

VOLUME 1-01 THE MOOCHE-Hot Smoke and Sassafras/02 TURNSTYLE-Riding a Wave/03 SCRUGG-Lavender Popcorn/04 KINKS-Lazy Old Sun/05 ORANGE MACHINE-Dr Crippen's Waiting Room/06 STATUS QUO-Mr Mind Detector/07 BLONDE ON BLONDE-All Day All Night/08 EPISODE SIX-I Can See Through You/ 09 BYSTANDERS-Cave of Clear Light/10 GLASS MENGERIE-Frederick Jordan/11 FIRE-I Can See the Light/12 NEW FORMULA-Stay Indoors/13 ANAN-I Wonder Where My Sisters Gone/14 TAXI-Counting Time My Way/15 ORANGE SEAWEED-Pictures in the Sky/16 NEO MAYA-I Won't Hurt You/17 PESKY GEE-Where My Mind/18 WOODY KERN-Biography/19 GENTLE INFLUENCE-Captain Reale/20 ONYX-Tamaris Khan/21 FRESH AIR-Running Wild/22 SORROWS-Pink Purple Yellow Red/23 DAVE DAVIES-Creeping Jean/24 STATUSUO-You're Just What I Was Looking For

ORANGE MACHINE-Real Life Permanant Dream/04 MARMALADE-Kaliedoscope/05 POETS-Locked In a Room/06 TREMELOES-Suddenly Winter/07 EPISODE SIX-Time and Motion Man/08 KINKS-Wicked Annabella/09 BLONDE ON BLONDE-Spinning Wheel/10 SEARCHERS-Crazy Dreams/11 ANAN-Haze Woman/12 STATUS QUO-Auntie Nellie/13 TUESDAYS CHILDREN-In the Valley of the Shadow of Love/14  FLYING MACHINE-The Flying Machine/15 WEST COAST CONSORTIUM-Colour Sergeant Lillywhite/16 SCRUGG-Only George/17 ORANGE SEAWEED-Stay Awhile/18 GLASS MENAGERIE-Shes a Rainbow/19 ONYX-So Sad Inside/20 BOBCATS-Se Can't See For Looking/21 MONTANAS-Roundabout/22 ORANGE MACHINE-Three Jolly Little Dwarfs/23 CONSORTIUM PROJECT-The Day the Train Never Came/24 BLONDE ON BLONDE-Country Life/25 ANAN-Medena/26 EPISODE SIX-Plastic Love/27 KINKS-Phenominal Cat/28 TUESDAYS CHILDREN- Mr Kippling

VOLUME 3-01 JUDE-Morning Morgantown/02 ORANGE BICYCLE-Renasissance Fair/03 THE SMOKE-Utterly Simple/04 PUSSY-Come Back June/05 RED DIRT RANGERS-Memories/06 MOTHERLIGHT/BOBAK JONS MALONE-On a Meadow Lea/07 FORTESMENTUM-Marrakesh/08 ANGLE PAVEMENT-Green Mello Hill/09 CLIFF WADE-Sister/10 CINNAMON QUILL-Take It Or Leave It/11 ORANGE BICYCLE-Amy Peate/12 FORTES MENTEM-Mr Partridge Passed Away Today/13 THE SMOKE-Sydney GIll (alternate version)/14 MOTHERLIGHT/BOBAK JONS MALONE-House of Many WIndows/15 CHIMERA-Mary's Mystery/16 BOB GRIMM-It Never Stays the Same/17 CHIITRA NEOGY-Leilla/18 BARNABY RIDGE-Joe Organ & Co./19 AMERICA-We Should Be Free/20 THE SMOKE-Girl In the Park/21 ANGLE PAVEMENT-Water Woman/22 FORTES MENTUM-Saga of a Wrinkled Man/23 FICKLE PICKLE-Sam & Sadie/24 CINNAMON QUILL-Candy/25 ORANGE BICYCLE-Hyacinth Threads/26 PUSSY-The Open Ground/27 CHIMERA-Peru

Yet MORE amazing rarities from the folks at U-Spaces

I'm really not sure of the U-Spaces "story", but it'd have to be damned interesting....GOD they have
so much cool shit, from that amzing 8-disc set of paychedelic radio ads (one of the greatest recordings EVER), to Psychdelic Archeology, to "San Francisco Nights" (Haven't posted that one, while it IS a bit "mainstream", it is still quite great)

Anyways, what have we here? wel, how about five MORE discs of basically unknown, obscure psych-type stuff, if you guys have been digging the recent comps, you'll be loving this one as well (probably a BIT of overlap with some other comps, but I DO try to work around that as best I can).....

So, lets start with the 2-disc set, "The Light Show".....both discs CRAMMED with the type of rarities my minions seem to have come to expect, and I am happy to present (Now, if my Facebook Friend Lennon Murphy suggests I do something else, I'd have no choice but to slavishly follow her orders.....certainly THAT is understandable?) OK, Light Show Disc 1......obviousy these "rarities" tend to turn up on more and more "rarities" comps that we uncover.......Sound Sandwich, Myddle Class, and Last Friday's Fire, while genuinely obscure, tend to turn up so often as to become damn near mainstream......kind of.......but with 32 tracks on this disc, we'll forgive some overlap, we get stuff from Younger Brothers, July Four, Cinnamon, Roman Numerals, and Sunny Monda, more than a fair share of obscure-o's and from all over the place as well. Disc 2 of the same set brings us Oxford Watchband who turn up all over these comps, but also The Skunks, The Bats, Georie Porgie & the Cry Babies (?), 27th Airborne Submarine, and simply a TON more.....by now certainly you know that the obscurities are what I'm after, and these 2 discs are full of them, if y overlook just a SMALL touch of overlap.

Gonna include 3 MORE U-Spaces comps, single discs each, all crammed to the brim with
rare/obscure tunes togive you your fix......."Fragments" includes 29 tracks.....we know Peppermint Trolley Company due to their stirring rendition of the Brady Bunch Theme (really), and The Wields Memorial Electric String Band turn up quite often (lthough they are certainly NOT to be overlooked), we also get some lesser lights such as Sky, Our Patch of Blue, Bob Rains & Admiral Strange, San Francisco Earthquake and lots more........you just GOTTA love this shit, anyone getting tired of it, even YET? PLEEEEZE tell me if ya are!

"Retrospection" give us 25 tracks......we know Whatt Four, MC2, Neal Ford and the Fanatics, American Zoo, Hex, Myddle Class, and, fankly MOST of the acts here.....procede with caution, this is perhaps the most accessible of U-Spaces rarities comps....A LOT of these tracks were featured on "Lost Sixties Delights", be careful not to double up TOO much, and if ya do, DO NOT GET PISSED AT UNCLE BIGSCOTT62.......after all, he is Facebook Friends with Lennon Murphy!

Finally, we have "Way Out Wonders".....Poor notes here, 8 tracks are creditted to "Dave Rabbit", with NO TRACK TITLES, (I AM going to research this a bit before posting)......other than that, some good stuff from Dust, Coral Reef, Foremost Authority, Golden Toadstools, PLENTY of off the wall stuff, even if I can't clear up the "Dave Rabbit" mystery

So, OK.......I go the extra mile and research Dave Rabbit.....here is what I find (thanks to the
legendary Chocoreve blog).....".All Dave Rabbit broadcast excerpts included here are from Saigon c. 1971. All excerpts have been left untitled......"The cassette from which this material originates was for sale via Rolling Stone magazine in the mid 70s. People have sold unofficial copies of the recording throughout the years, but this has never seen a legitimate release. How could it? No one has been able to publicly identify who Dave Rabbit was"................"Numerous hypotheses exist as to the identity of Dave Rabbit. Perhaps the most mainstream belief is that he was a sergeant in the air force for one year and then stayed longer in order to broadcast to the troops."........" Perhaps the most interesting speculation is that Dave Rabbit was actually an agent of the Viet Cong posing as an American to subvert troops, lower their morale and weaken them by encouraging drug use."......."Some Vietnamese bars allowed GIs to broadcast on homemade equipment with a small broadcasting range, so as to draw more GIs in the bar. The Dave Rabbit broadcast was considerably more sophisticated, with an estimated broadcast range of 50 miles or greater. Those involved apparently had professional training."......." Similarly, alternative newspapers thrived in Vietnam, at least 215 of them, although many of them only lasted one issue."......."Whatever the truth behind these broadcasts, those who’ve been fans of his for over 30 years have only been able to uncover one 3-hour broadcast, although some claim he was broadcasting in 1970 as well as ‘71." ......"Gave Dave the last word here, since he’s so good at it."........OK, I found out all that shit for ya, hope ya appreciate it, hope Lennon Murphy appreciates it (GAWD I love HER).......so dig it, I told ya I got obscure psych to burn and I was not joking.....there is more to com,WHEN YOU GET SICK OF IT I
NEED TO KNOW, and we will change gears.......ittching for some 70's punk? some 00's Stonerrock? '90's grunge? JUST LET ME KNOW.......this is not MY blog, it's OUR blog, only the CD's are MINE!

LIGHT SHOW VOLUME 1-01 ROMAN REBELLION-What Summer Brings/ BARBARA KEITH-Fisherman KIng/03 YOUNGER BROTHERS-Such a Groovy Day/04 MYDDLE CLASS-Wind CHime Laughter/05 CLOCK-WORK ORANGE-Sweet Little Innocent Lorraine/06 THE STOICS-Search For the Sea/07 JULY FOUR-Mr. Miff/08 FAMILY-Face the Autumn/09 HIGH WINDOWS-Your Eyes/10 ROMAN NUMERALS-The Come On/11 LOOKING GLASS-Virginia Day's Ragtime Memories/12 SHE TRINITY-Wild FLower/13 AARDVARKS-Cherie, Can't You Tell/14 HUDSEN BAY CO.-I See her Face/15 A HANDFUL-Does ANybody Know?/16 SIDE THREE-Every Now and Then/17  UGLIES-New Day/18 GRAINS OF SAND-Nice Girl/19 CINNAMON-Have You Gone Out of Your Mind/20 THE  SOUTH SHORE FOUR-Walkin In My Mind/21 MYTHICAL MEADOWS-I Am The Sun/22 FOCUS THREE-Sunkeeper/23 NOAHS ARK-Hold Back The Sun/24 FRAGILE LIME-Angie/25 13TH POWER-I See a Change Is Gonna Come/26 CINNAMON EMPIRE-Golden Kite/27 A SMALL WORLD-I See You/28 THE ROMAN NUMERALS-Matchstick In a Whirlpool/29 LAST FRIDAYS FIRE-What Is She Thinking Of/30 SOUND SANDWICH-Tow Away/31 BLOOMSBURY PEOPLE-Madeline/32 SUNNY MONDAY-Wish You Were Here With Me

LIGHT SHOW VOLUME 2-01 FORTE FOUR-Don't Let the Sun Shine On Me/02 CHARADE-And You Do/03 AESOPS FABLES-Take a Step/04 BATS-Big Bright Eyes/05 THE ANSWER-The Disadvantages of You/06 GUILD-The Sun Shines For You/07 GLASS CO.-What a Feeling/08 CALLIOPE-Friends of Mrs Fisher/09 SKUNKS-I Recommend Her/10 DENIMS-I Do Love You Baby/11 RAINY DAY PEOPLE-Junior Executive/12 EXTREMES-SOS/13 STARBUCK &  THE RAINMAKERS- I Who Have Nothing/14 THE YOUNG ENTERPRISE-Little Imogene The Walking Talking Machine/15 GEORGIE PORGIE & THE CRY BABIES-Holding On/16 FRAGILE LIME-I Know What It Is/17 THE CLIQUE-Stay By Me/18 THE IMPACT EXPRESS-A LIttle Love/19 HAYSTACK-Love You're Making a Fool Of Me/20 FISH N CHIPS-Four TImes Faster/21 SINTRIFICAL FOURS-Flashin THunderbolts of Jupiter/22 COLLECTION-Aquarius/23 FAMILY TREE-She Had To Fly/24 27th AIRBORNE SUBMARINE-Old Time Story/25 LORDS OF LONDON-Candy Rainbow/26 CHOSEN FEW-Last Man Alive/27 TOMMY FAIA AND THE TRUE BLUE FACTS-Rain Rain Rain Rain/28 OXFORD WATCHBAND-West Side Story Medley/29 THE YOUNG ENTERPRISE-Watch Out For the Other Guy

RETROSPECTION-01 VELVET SEED-Flim Flam Man/02 JAY TELFER-Life, Love, and the
Pursuit of Happiness/03 TONY & THE VIZITORS-Saturday's Son/04 WHATT FOUR-You're Wishin I Was Someone Else/05 LICORICE SCHTICK-Flowers Flowers/06 MC2-SST/07 MC2-Smiling/08 THE RAVES-Think of Your Love/09 THE RAVES-Mr Man/10 THE CANDYMEN-Go And Tell he People/11 NEAL FORD & THE FANATICS-Movin Along/12 AMERICAN ZOO-Magdalena13 JOYRIDE-Crystal Ship World Pacific/14 HEX-You Cry and I'll Laugh/15  FLOWER POT-Black Motto/16 ROOSTERS-Aint Gonna Cry Anymore/17 ROOSTERS-Rosebush/18 POWER PLANT-She's So Far Out She's In/19 ANGLO SAXTON-Rub(Lucky Eleven)/20 MYDDLE CLASS-Free as the Wind/21 MYDDLE CLASS-Wind Chime Laughter/22 MYDDLE CLASS-Don't Look Back/23 HAMILTON STREETCAR-Your Own Comedown/24 GROUP AXIS-Smokestack Lightning/25 WHATT FOUR-Dandelion Wine

FRAGMENTS-01 THE FANATICS-I Can't Go On/02 DON & JERRY-I Cant Quit/03 ALPHABETICAL ORDER-All Over the World/04 THE TROLLS-Something Here Inside/05 SKY-I'm Not a Fool/06 OX BOW INCIDENT-Harmonica Man/07 RAINY DAZE-Stop Sign/08 WC FIELDS MEMORIAL ELECTRIC STRING BAND-Round World/09 SUNSHINE WARD-Pay the Price/10 CHARLIE BROWNS GENERATION-Trash/11 SUNSHINE WARD-Sally Go Round the Roses/12 OUR PATCH OF BLUE-Zoom Zoom Zoom/13 SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE-Su-Su/14 THE KNACK-The Spell/15 HIGHER ELEVATION-Thoughts of Lila/16 TOMMY BURK & THE COUNTS-Rainy Day/17 RAINY DAY FRIENDS-Not Like Before/18 PEPPERMINT TROLLEY COMPANY-Spinnin' Whirlin' Round/19 THE CANDYMEN-Go and Tell the People/20 THE IN-KEEPERS-The Cobweb Threads of Autumn/21 COMSTOCK LTD-Help Me Girl/22 CALLIOPE-Clear Mud/23 HEX-Doubt/24 PEOPLE-Turnin Me In/25 DECEMBERS CHILDREN-Dirty City/26 BOB RAINS & ADMIRAL STRANGE-Wastin My Time/27 DANNY WARNER-Go 'Way Little Girl/28 GRETTA SPOONE BAND-Close Your Eyes/29 GERRY POND-The Happiness Song

First/03 CORAL REEF-Cherry Cherry/04 DAVE RABBIT/05 DUST-Bertha/06 DAVE RABBIT/07 ANGLO SAXTON-Ruby/08 DAVE RABBIT/09 KEITH GORDON-A Teenager's Answer/10 FINAL SOLUTION-America The Beautiful/11 STEFF-I'll Never Let You Go/12 DAVE RABBIT/13 LSD-Mystery of the Mythical Invasion/14 EVERYMAN-It's a Pushbutton World/15 FOREMOST AUTHORITY-Childhood Friends/16 THE MUSIC COMBINATION-Mechanical People/17 DAVE RABBIT/18 DAMN MESS-(Title Unknown)/19 BREEZE-F Oh B/20 PAUL SLADE-Remember Dahne/21 DAVE RABBIT/22 CARRIAGE COMPANY-The Beasts/23 FORMAT-Maxwell's Silver Hammer/24 DAVE RABBIT/25 JAY TELFER-Life, LOve, and the Pursuit of Happiness/26 DAVE RABBIT/27 CHICAGO LOOP-Saved/28 THE JONSTON MCPHILBRY-Woke Up Last Night/29 INRHODES-Hold the High Ground/30 GOLDEN TOADSTOOLS-Silly Savage/31 DUST-The Pledge (He Ain't Heavy)/32 PURPLE WINE-It's My Mind/33 DAVE RABBIT

Hi LENNON MURPHY MY MOST FAVORITE "SIT-ON-MY-FACEbook friend".....hope that isn't TOO crude, just joking, and once again your husband is the luckiest man alive!