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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 05/05/15--15:02: Orang-Utan
  • Probably the softest spotthat I hold in my musical heart is for the heavy-psych rock of the era of about 1969-72....most of it was dismissed at the time, but as extremely important stepping stones to modern day stoner rock, these albums, when pulled out today, sound magnificent as they ever did......bands like Sir Lord Baltimore, Dark, Dust, Stray Dog, BMF Trike,Pink Faiies, and many moreTONS beleive me) were, in retrospect, so far ahead of their time that thier genius would not be truly appreciated until 40+ years later. I've tried to point these classics out to you on the occasions that I post them, and hope you check them and appreciated them as amuch as I do.

    So from that same general circle comes the UK's "Orang-Utan", who fit the niche to perfection.....heavy psych/blues, plenty of fuzzy wah wah guitars, bluesy vocals, somewhat stoned out lyrics.....aww hell, YOU already know what it sounds like. Just remember that it was not appreciated in 1917, but today, is a REALLY GOOD and significant album which influenced a lot of my favorite music of the late 90's-mid 00's.

    Standout tracks are "Slipping Away" and "Chocolate Piano", no need to nit-pick, though, they are all pretty good and worth a listen as a whole.

    By the way the lineup was vocalist Nobby Clark, drummer Jeff Seopardie, guitarist Mick Clarke, and bassist Paul Roberts.....there was, evidently, a second guitarist on some of the album, he was dismissed for unknown reasons soon after the record was has been established that his name was "Sid" but that's all we can uncover right now, too bad, there are OBVIOUSLY two guitars on these tracks and both are worth noting.......well, maybe "Sid" will read this and come forth.....

    ORANG-UTAN-01 I Can See Inside Your Head/02 Slipping Away/03 Love Queen/04 Chocolate Piano/05 If You Leave/06 Fly Me High/07 Country Hike/08 Magic Playground

    Give it a shot, let me know what you think........comments and suggestions are my life blood, ya know!

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    Brian changed this blog a bit when he began posting here......I always insisted it was NEVER JUST
    about music, we can share ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on here.....I had hope to see novels, comic books, photo collections, original writing/poetry......well, it's all still welcome and wanted, but Brian got the point and in the face of all my stoner rock and obscure punk and out-there psychedelia, he decided to slip in some Firesign Theater, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, and Monty Python, just to name a handful.......well, I am no expert on comedy albums, never have claimed to be, but THIS IS WHAT I WANT........"another" Pearl Jam bootleg is fine, but a clalssic vinyl rip of Firesign Theater? Well that is priceless........anyway, for reasons not worth delving into here, it didn't work out for him.......most of those posts have been removed. Brian has a new blog, right here, in fact

    where you can find this stuff too, if you prefer to snatch it from here, feel free as well, this is not about which blog garners the more's about, as it always HAS BEEN, SHARING what we have with the time I've been doing that, I'd have never thought that SO MANY would have such trouble understanding is NO STEALING......It is SHARING, and your mother and grandmother told you that was a GOOD thing to do, in fact, THE way to be.......but it AMAZES me that people cannot grasp this. Never understimate the intelligence of the American publi, said Frank Zappa, and you will NEVER go broke.

    So tonight he features both Woody Allen and Joan Rivers......neither a huge favorite of mine (especially found Rivers obnoxious, although I was FREAKED when she appeareda on Louis CK's show "Louie", banged him, and then died, similar to Robin Williams earlier (Except of course, Williams didn't bang Louie........did die though)........hey, comedy fans, come and get it......rumour has it that they monitor comedy stuff more than music, I have no idea if that is true, but it seems to be......WHY? No idea from THIS corner, but my thought is if you WANT this stuff, I wouldn't dick around too terribly much.........for comedy connisuers chances are these are solid what do you want for nothing? And, if you do so, please say a word to Brian, either here or on his site, he promises not to call you "motherfuckers" anymore!

    Dig in, See what's here......I haven't heard them, I will at some point, but I am so proud of the versatility and variety that WE can bring to this blog, and am always looking for new contributors (btw THANKS, Mr Dave, for the awesome submission earlier I listened, it's THE FUCKING SHIT!

    OK, take it away Brian, they've missed your musings on the comedy material, let's not keep them waiting much longer:

    (The  ultimate point here is I BELEIVE IN WHAT I AM DOING HERE, and the more people who join in my effort to SHARE the stuff they have, the boggles my mind that there are actually folks out there who have been duped into thinking "Sharing is BAD", but the exist, no question.


    More Comedy: Woody and Joan

    Comoedia Absconditus

    That's Latin for "Hidden Comedy". I want to keep posting this comedy stuff, but I have to be trickier about it. Album  titles wont be used much, the "DL" word won't be used, and the comedian's names will only be said once. So, I present pretty much the entire recorded comedy output of both Woody Allen and Joan Rivers - two comedic trendsetting talents who, in my opinion, peaked long long ago...

    I mentioned doing these two on the old blog, and somebody liked the idea, so here it is. Amazingly, some of this was sourced from that Song365 site I use. The fact that they had a vinyl rip of that first Joan album really surprised me! But first, on to Mr. Allen....
    Yes, I know he's a pedarast. Yes, he makes boring romantic ensemble comedies that nobody watches anymore. But in the beginning, as a comedian and a writer, he was hilarious! This redheaded, four-eyed, nebbish guy playing at being a stud. He knew how to play off of the image he presented...
    His timing was perfect, his delivery was dead on. A fine example is "Oral Contraception" - a brief joke, completely clean, but with such a great punch line that it takes 2 or 3 seconds for the audience to catch up and explode into laughter. Listening to Woody here is like listening to the end of that whole Jewish Catskills kind of comic that was popular in the 40's, 50's and 60's. Comedy was changing, and he reflected it in his style, not with nightclub schtick, but with a conversational wit. He made it look effortless, but he once said he'd spend six months writing a 30 minute set.

    This material has seen a lot of releases over the years. While originally released on three separate albums, it has been compiled three times: On Colpix and Reprise in the 70's, and later on this released by Rhino I'm giving you: "Stand Up Comic"...
    For those that are interested, here is a link on Song365 for the complete Colpix compilation from 1970. Its four long tracks, doesn't have too much more than the above Rhino compilation, but it's there if you want it.
    I've also included his entry in the "On Comedy" series of CDs. He discusses his writing method, his style and influences, and other subjects. This is a good one. Now on to our next artist...

    Another one I feel I need a disclaimer with. Yes, I know she was a walking plastic surgery disaster at least the last 20 years of her life. Most people living nowadays probably can't even remember why Joan was famous in the first place. My first exposure to her was as Johnny Carson's fill-in host back in the 80's. And kids, if Johnny thought she was funny, she must've been...

    Joan had actually been a comic since the late 50's/early 60's. And this was a time when comedy was a boys' game. The only other girls I can think of back then are Elaine May and Phyllis Diller.

    While she might not have been as deadly with her wit as Phyllis, Joan was good. Playing (?) the part of a Jewish princess badly trying to stay fashionable, she poked fun at some of the more "ladylike" stereotypes of her era. This file contains two albums - "Mr. Phyllis" from 1965, and her last, "What Becomes A Semi-Legend Most" from 1983.

    "Phyllis" is fairly short, but I think is the funnier of the two. I love the bit where she talks about her wig like it's a pet: classic stuff. "Semi Legend" is very celebrity-obsessed, so you'll have to remember people from back in the day...but there's some great one liners. I prefer to think of Joan how she was back then, not the plastic nightmare standing on a red carpet she was in later years.
    (She was lovely back then)

    Two talents nobody thinks of as standup comics, but they were and they were good.
    Thanks Brian, hope life continues to treat you well, remember I'm always here if you need help.......that goes for the rest of you to, you have something you want to share, PLEASE contact me and we'll get it worked out......all cool stuff, music or otherwise, that you want to share with the masses, please DO can be YOUR legacy from this great era of blogging.......certainly there will come a time when we are not permitted to do this, thus, if we want to share, let us SHARE NOW, before sharing becomes a "crime".........a "crime" on the level with "politeness", "sportsmanship", "respect for elders", you know, all that HEINOUS shit.


    See ya Wedensday, I got a good one planned out for ya's!

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  • 04/19/15--02:51: Isn't it just odd.......
  • I juat think it's a litle perculiar that another "Big Time" blog, much bigger than this one, has criticized me repeaedly over the years, SIMLPY BECAUSE I POST MUSIC WITH WHICH HE IS NOT FAMILIAR.......acutually I thought that was kinda the IDEA, provide people with music they might not other wise hear.....but, evidently, this "big time" blog Doesn'r Like Me, not at all,. and have gone out of thier way to tell everyone as much.........that's all fine with me, HIS blog is still linked to MY blog. as I think he operates one of the greatest blogs out query is that his bitch has always been he "is unfamiliar with the musisc I post" , so he "unlinked me from  his blog"....never did and never will understad that, seems to me that the more music that is made available THE BETTER.....but he feels diferently....I wonder though, why he feels the need to post stuff that I personally have posted YEARS agao (The Pandoras, The Gruesomes, Detroit Cobras, and more.....) I SIMPLY DONOT GET his hostility towards me, probably never will.......I still link his blog too mine as I think he runs a GREAT blog, I will just NEVER, EVER
    understand what he has against me......maybe someday, he will grow a pair and tell me, but until then I have no hard feelings, I am sure he hsa his reasons......meantime I have never once said a negative word about his blog and never would........I thought we were all on the same team here, perhaps i am mistaken.......I just have not clue why a blogger woud take such a dislike to another blogger, when we seem to be striving for the same goal........anyway, to the "blog that dislikes me", I wish you all the best, and hope for succes to continue for you in the future.....I just don't KNOW, nor have I ever.unertaood your logic, nor your dislike of my blog..........I will live through it just fine,, I am certain, it just puzzles me though, and I know I would never take any bloger to task, in particular for the reason that I was "unfamiliar with the music you post"..........have a great week, month, and year, and best of conrinued success to your great blog!

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  • 05/10/15--18:41: Brian to the resuce
  • I am having some computer problems that are driving me batty, and along with some other shit is haven't been able to post for a few days......luckily the resliliant Brian comes through with a post he wants me to share and I am happy to do so, look for me to get back to the many music posts tomorrow if I can straighten this damn computer out.........nayway, check what Brian has up for this evening

    The Strange Sound World Of Ken Nordine

    Ok, Ken Nordine....truly a unique artist. A commercial and voice actor whose career started back in the 1940s, he turned to releasing albums of spoken material in the late 50's. Philosophical musings, skewed stories, all with a jazz of the most singular discographies in music. You may have heard his Colors excerpts on the "Incredibly Strange Music" CDs, or his appearances on some of those Hal Willner tribute albums.

    I must stress, this is not beatnik "kicks joy darkness" or "Howl" reciting here. His phenomenal speaking voice is tied to a very odd brain. Indescribable vignettes like "I Used to Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Than My Left" and "Confessions of 349-18-5171" ...hilarious cultural observations on "The Vidiot" and "Faces In the Jazzmatazz" ...brilliant constructions like "The Sound Museum". You've never heard anything like this! And he's still releasing albums to this day...
    It should also be mentioned that the group backing him on this album is the Chico Hamilton group, the original group for one of my favorite jazz instrumentalists, Eric Dolphy.
    I've also included a zip file that has three of the Word Jazz broadcasts Ken did for radio (I believe in the 60s). These are really indescribable, stream of consciousness stuff. He muses, has conversations with himself....really out there. I'd asked Ken about the broadcasts when I emailed him, and he said there's a plan in the works to have them all archived online somewhere. That's good, cuz I could ever only find these three....
    As a bonus track, I've included Ken's reading of "The Conqueror Worm" from the "Closed On Account of Rabies" Poe tribute CD. It's only three minutes, but he brings such weight and drama to the poem. "Lo, it was a gala the lonesome latter years". Just, damn! And his voice has only gotten deeper over the's amazing.

    If I've piqued your interest, go buy some of his stuff of iTunes or on CD. Most of it is still in print. I have it all but I'm not gonna give it all out...The guy is 95 and he's still going. Even "Bits & Pieces of Word Jazz" from last year is awesome! You gotta support somebody this 


    Thanks Brian I'll get this shit straightened out tomorrow, it's pissing me off, and I will get it........thanks for this post though, and I hope you all enjoy!


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  • 05/10/15--21:46: IRA!
  • I have been having computer problems, not sure what is going on, but getting this post up has been
    nntorture......I doin't know WHY, it may be new computer tim, I don't know, but this post is both long and interesting, and I REALLY hope you guys enjoy this I said, it's been a LOT of trouble, so PLEASE, for me, check it out, and let me know your thoughts.

    OK, these boyos put out a TON of material bewteen 1983-2007, what I have of it I enjoy a good deal....their sound is kind of Jam/Who Mod-ish, perhaps combined with some Clash/RATM political anger........I really enjoy some of this stuff, and I really hope you do too as this is something that maybe isn't something you find every day........good unique rock n roll, I hope you guys enjoy it......after all the trouble I've had getting this one posted please, Please PLEASE leave a review/comment on this stuff, this really IS some goed music.

    OK, let me start out by stating I don't have thier (1983) first "IRA!", but I do have the follow up "Mudanca de Comportament0" (1985)'s really a good one, and as good a place as any to start up we have 1986's "Vivendo e nao Aprendendo"......quite a good disc, if you are willing to listen and deal with the Espanol, you know I like that stuff, but this 4-track EP will rock your socks, "Casa De Papel" and ""Nas Ruas" stand good a starting point as you could go, I guess.

    Next up from 1988 we have a full length, "Psicoaaustica"......a fine album as well, hopefully you will enjoy, as did I, stuff like "Rubro Zorro" and the bizarelly titled "Farto de Rock N Roll" ( I don't make em up)'s a good one, one I think RATM/Clash/Ska/Mod fans WILL enjoy.

    The following year they released "Clandestino", another quite solid effort, I'm telling ya, these boyos were quite underappreciated......the title Track and "Melissa" stand out, but this is another solid effort, one of thier better ones........just PLEASE listen to these and TELL ME what you think of them.....I've had SOOOOOOOO much trouble with this post, AT LEAST show some appreciation? Please?

    Next release was "Meninos de Rua Paulo (1991), still good stuff, the title track, "Amor Impossivle", and "A Etopia e Meus Problemas"......yes guys, but now you know I LOVE non-English rock, I know everyone does not share my passion, but I REALLY do enjoy these albums, and I hope you will as well!

    Next up from 1993 is the fine "Musica Calma Para Pessoas Nervosas", hey, to be honest,this is a fine disc as well, should you be into this stuff by now......."Arrastao!" is a fine track, and there are several more.....I wish I could convert more people to the joys of non-English rock, I HAVE tried, as you all know!

    Next album was "7", which is a great title for us yanks, and it truly is not bad either.......they expand a bit
    with "Haio Silver" and "House of Risin Sun", BOTH of which work just fine for me, as does the rest of this now, you can see this is a case of a band I've enjoyed and MANY have not, I am just trying to spread thier work around a bit........just like most ALWAYS on my blog/

    In 1998 the cranked out "Voce Nao Saba Quem Eu Sou"'s yet another respectable album, although the formula is wearing a bit thin by now......."Justica Militar, Justca Civil" stands out, as well as a fw others......I wonder, and I have no way of knowing, if these amigos had a particulaly ferverent followoing in South America......I can see it, they WERE a good band.

    "Isso E Amore" was the next effort, not among thier greateset, but still something you may wish to hear if you are trying to get a complete picture of the band......for some reason, Track 1 is missing from my copy, please don't ask why as I have no idea,,,,,,,stilll is worth a listen.

    A fine Live MTV release is the next up, and these boyos could put it out on stage.......reminds me a bit of a RATM shos, the get it done and then some........check this one out, if nothin else!

    In 2001 they issued "Entre Sues Rins", actually another farily good disc, I mean, hell, by now you know if
    you like this stuff or not, but this is a decent album as well, they were quite consistent over the years and there is not a thhing wrong with this album, either.

    The most recent release I have is 2007's "Invisevle DJ", it's not as good as most of the other efforts, but here is is, if you want it........these guys have a TON of material, yet remain nearly unknown in the USA.......please check thse, see what you think, and LET ME KNOW........this is good rock n roll, if you  lean this way!

    MUDANCA DE COMPARTMENTO-01 Saida/02 Ninguem Precissa de Guerra/03 Por Tras De Um/04 Como Os Ponteris/05 Sonhar Com Que /05 Ninguem Entende Um Mod

    VIVINDO e Nao APRANDENDO-01 Casa De Papel/02 Tanto Quanto Eu/03 Quinze Anos/04 Nas Ruas

    PSICAUCUSITA-01 Rubro Zorro/02 Manhas de Domingo/03 Poder, Sorriso, Sama,04 Recieta Pra Se Fazer Um Heroi/05 Pegue Essa /06 Farto de Rock n Roll/17 Avogado do Diabo/18 Mesmo Distante

    CLANDESTINO-01 Melissa/02 Tarde Vazia/03 Efieto Bumerangue/04 Boneca de Cara/05 Cabcas Quentes/06 O Dia, O Semana, O Mes/07 Patroa/08 Consciencia Limpa/09 Clandestino/10 Nasci Em 62/

    MENINOS  DE RUA PAULO-01 Rua paulo/02 Imagnes De Voce/03 Amor Impossivel/04 O Tolo Dos Tolos/05 O Ladrao Era Eu/06 A Etiopia E Mues Problemas/07 Voce Ainda Pode Sonhar/08 Prisao Das Ruas/09 Calvos Salvagens/10 Nao Mataras/11 Os Meninos de Ru Paulo

    MUSICA CALMA PARA PESSOAS NERVOSAS-01 Arrastato! (Ladrao Que Rouba Ladrao)/02 Pai Nosso/03 She Smiled Sweetly/04 Campos, Praias, e Paxioes/05 Perigo/06 O Homem E Esperto, Mas a Merte e Mais/07  Balda Triste/08 Fado de Minh'alma/09 UTI

    "7"-01 Na Minha Mnete/02 Me Perco Nesse Tempo/03 Que Fim Levou Paris/04 Voce nao Serve Pra Mim/05 haio Silver/06 Eu Quero Supre Mais/07 O Girrasol/08 Te Odieo (Isso e o Amore)/09 Dificil de Vever/10 House of Risin Sun

    MTV LIVE-01  Gritos na Multiado/02 Dias De Luta/03 Lone De Tuda/04 E Assims Que Me Querem/05
    Como On Periontos/06 Mundaco de Partmento/07 Coracoa/08 Vida Paassageria/09 Flores em Voce/10 Recieta Para se Fazer Um/11 logo de Cara/12 Tolices/13 Um Dia Como Hoje/14 Envelheco na Cidade/15 Inundacaao de amor/16 Vitrine Viva/17 Bebendo Venho/18 Pobre Paulista/19 Nuclulo Base

    ENTER SUIS RINS-01 O Bom e Velho Rock N Roll/02 Entre Suis Rins/03 Milhaus e Milhaus/04
    Naftalina/05 Superficial (Como um Espinho)/06 Pera Ser Humano/07 Homem de Neanderthal/08 Um Homem So/09 Misterio/10 Pecado/11 O tempo/12 A Vida Por Um Fio

    INVISEVLE DJ-01 Inviseevl DJ/02 Sem Saber Pre Onde ir/03 Eu Vou Tentar/04 Mariana Pro Fi Mor//05 Nao Basta o Perdao/06 Culto d Amor/07 Fieto Gente/08 Tudo de Mim/09 No Universos dos seus Olhos/10 A Saga/11 O Candidato/12 La Luna Llena

    Ladies and gentlmen, this was on of the most dificult posts I have ever done.....due to computer problems, language differences, juts this and that......has taken me a while.....I REALLY hope, that just for ME, you will check these out, at least some of the....if you think they suck, hey, just tell me so!

    MMMcan just open up the mind and ears just a bit......Please? For Me? When have I ever steered you wrong before?

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    Cliff has been a welcome addition to the team here, expanding the bass by including lots of reggae greatness, and I hope he continues for as long is it's intersting for him.......just check below for his latest selecetions, the feedback has been more than favorable!

    Countrymen is the best thing that the Twinkle Brothers released. It consists of some powerful roots reggae with classy and joyful riddims. The Twinkle Brothers trademark harmonies and conscious lyrics are to the fore throughout the album. It's all deep roots, with a number of classics such as Since I Threw The Comb Away and Never Get Burn” but there is not really a weak track on the album.What makes the Twinkle Brothers such a good reggae band is their soulful voices. Their melodies are often inspired by soul or even gospel music; nevertheless the Twinkle’s themes are classical Rastafarian ones. If you enjoy late 70’s roots music then you should enjoy this one; it grows on you the more you listen to it.
    Track List:
    1) I Don't Want To Be Lonely Anymore 2) Pattoo 3) Never Get Burn 4) Free Us 5) Free Us Dub 6) Jah Kingdom Come 7) Since I Throw The Comb Away 8) One Head 9) Bite Me 10) Babylon Falling

    Big Youth is a Jamaican deejay who with this album set the benchmark for all deejay albums that were to follow.Deejays then, as now, borrow their music from popular songs and then toast (rap) over that music. If you want to know the starting point for the hip-hop genre then lend an ear to this. He added powerful lyrics to some of the best musical tracks of the day. Leroy Smart's "Pride And Ambition," Dennis Brown's "In Their Own Way," and Gregory Issac's "One One Cocoa Fill Basket" all make appearances among many other classic tracks. There is not a dull moment anywhere on Screaming Target, and everything from the lyrics to the music to the mood of every song is nothing short of great.
    Track List:
    1) Screaming Target 2) Pride and Joy Rock 3) Be Careful 4) Tippertong Rock
    5) One of These Fine Days 6) Screaming Targets (Version 2) 7) The Killer 8) Solomen A Gunday 9) Honesty 10) I Am Alright 11) Le A Low 12) Concrete Jungle
    “Far East” is a quality dancehall album with tuneswritten by Brown himself and backed by the brilliant musicianship of the Revolutionaries.With players such as Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Lloyd Parks, Ansell Collins & Tommy McCook featured it’s not difficult to see why this album would not be an excellent use of your time. One of the most successful artists of the early dancehall era, Brown had a distinctly raw and real style that came through in his music and led to the nickname ‘the Jamaican Bob Dylan’. Stand out tracks on the album for me are “So Jah Jah Seh” and “Run Wicked Man” with its marvellous horn section
    Track List:
    1) Far East 2) So Jah Jah Seh 3) Forward On 4) Be Careful 5) Come We Dub Tonight 6) My Woman 7) Problem 8) Run Wicked Man 9) Down In A Babylon 10) Stand Firm 11) Trod On 12) Sensimillia 13) For Your Love Is Real

    0 0

    While I am having computer issues, it's great that Brian and Cliff and anyone else help me out to keep this thing going for the rest of the universe, Brian today checks in with some shit from the Rollins Band......they were a favorite of my yonger brothers, myself not so much, but you know the policy of this blog: PUT IT UP, I DON'T GIVE A HALF A here is a fine Rollins post fro Brian, you can either check it here or at his own NEW blog Rustbeltoutpost, either way, matters not to me......I don't care WHERE you get it from, just so you HEAR it, and THAT is what recorded music.comedy/speech is FOR, TO BE HEARD, NOT NOT NOT to be "sold" as some profit making endeavor. Those days are over, I am sorry......if you join us in the sharing community, you will realize at ONCE that we are not trying to "steal" ANYTHING from ANYONE, we are TRYING to get this stuff to an audience that MIGHT NOT oridinarily hear it, without OUT is so odd that we are trying to do you the biggest favor in the world, yet you have been brainwashed into thinking we are your ENEMY. All in perspective.

    Rollins Band Live Discography

    In this version of the blog, I really want to put up stuff that you don't see on blogs much...I also want to make available things that are really rare. Both those things turn out to be true in the case of one of my favorite artists: Henry Rollins.
    When I got into him as a teen (about '92), he was this ex-Flag guy with a band of his own who also did spoken word shows. I actually got into the spoken stuff first, and then the music, but I've been a fan a long time. I'll put some spoken gigs up some day, but right now I wanna talk about his music.
    It's a point of pride of mine that I was a fan of him before "Liar" came out. That song was huge back then, but it's all people seem to remember of his stuff. History has given his music short shrift (other than "Damaged", maybe), and that's crap. The R. Band released some of the most direct, vital music of that whole 80's/90's alterna-war era. They sounded unique: dissonant hard rock with a punk edge, and an utterly crushing sound. I once heard them referred to as "emotional funk metal", and that's just dumb. Just because the group had a prominent bass sound didn't make them "funk". This ain't the Red Hot Chili Peppers, kids. This is a punch to the face!
    I'm not giving you studio albums, though. This group truly shined live - helped by brilliant soundman Theo Van Rock in the early years - and honed their songs (and sound) to a razor's edge. These live releases cover all eras of the band: the early days, the End of Silence and Weight eras, the underrated 2nd version of the band (98-'03) which I'll talk more about, and even a decent sounding live boot from the 2006 reunion tour of the Melvin Gibbs lineup.

    There will be songs repeated, but they sound distinct on each release. A song that's on 'Do--It' won't sound like it does on 'Electro Convulsive', for example. I couldn't get ahold of --Turned On--, so that's not here. Enjoy.
    A little over a year in, and this band completely blows it away live. A prime lost classic of 80's punk. Definitive versions of early songs. Practically replaces the first two R. Band albums. Highly, highly recommended! Listen to "Gun In Mouth Blues" really loud...
    Actually recorded in front of a studio audience on Aussie radio, yet the band give 120%...contains their crushing cover of Cheech&Chong's "Earache My Eye", as well as early versions of two classic End of Silence songs.
    I found this RARE AS HELL Japanese import gathering dust in an East Toledo record store years ago for $5. Contains "Crazy Lover/Ghost Rider" as well as their amazing medley of VU's "Move Right In" and their song "Obscene" by way of the BeastieBoy's "Gratitude". The final word on the crushing, "dirge" era of the band as bassist Andrew Weiss left awhile later. Good good stuff, and very rare.
    Their much-lauded performance at Woodstock '94. Sounds like a dupe off of the cable TV feed. Not bad though, for a bootleg. The last live material for 5 years, and the last of this lineup.

    In '98, Henry hooked up with the band Mother Superior, a younger band with a more "classic rock" edge, and released several great albums over the next few years. They went utterly unnoticed at the time...people were too busy listening to Eminem and The Strokes. While there are a few weak spots - Marcus Blake is no Melvin Gibbs/Andrew Weiss, and Jim Wilson's solos can occasionally meander - but they did some kickass shows. I actually saw them live at the very beginning of the tour that's documented on this first release....
    Recorded at the Danish Roskilde festival a 100 dates into their first tour together. Big open air gig. They pound out an energetic, full throttle set. You can tell Henry's voice is blown, but he just goes for it anyway. There's a definitive "What Have I Got", there's the great Thin Lizzy medley in the middle, as well as the "Do It" that closed the set. This is a long out of print website-only release. I think of this as Henry's "No Sleep 'til Hammersmith". I'd totally put this in a Top Ten live albums list.
    This 2 disc show was recorded in Chicago on the "Nice" tour. The set list here is bigger than on "Clockwork", with even more time given to this lineup's songs. There's some kickass moments: "Going Out Strange", "On the Day", a blindingly intense "Gone Inside the Zero"... "Clockwork" still gets my nod, but this set list kicks ass.
    Washington D.C. 8/15/2006 LINK

    This is an audience recording from the R. Band's tour with X in 2006. It's good quality, though the person was clearly on the bassist's side of the stage. "On My Way to the Cage" is a great opener. It's good the original lineup got one more chance to perform together, as Henry has given up music.

    I think this is really neglected stuff. I mean, take something like "Do It" and put it up against hip stuff from the era: Sonic Youth, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, even the mighty "Nevermind"...It blows that stuff away I think

    0 0

    OK, I have maybe 1000 or so discs from classic live performances from bands on the classic 97.9 WOXY
    in Oxford Ohio (I have talked about them before and how I miss them), also several from KEXP in Seattle.....likely VERY few of you have these recordings, this is likely the only way you will hear them.......90% are relatievely unknown units, every now and then a Firey Furnaces, Sleater Kinney, Raveonettes, or Robyn Hitchcock turns up, but ya never know........the performances are generally top-notch, high energy, and great.....I DO NOT happen to have the track lists for each set, sue me. But I think once a week or so I will break out 4 or 5 of these discs for a while, perhaps you may discovers something that will become a favorite of yours, or perhaps, just anothter write off.......ANYWAY, I have more of this stuff than you can imagine, and depending on the responses/ we'll see how long I contue with it......remmeber these are pretty UNIQUE recordings, and I think that there is an audience out there for some time later, I will talk about WOXY and KEXP, but for now, just enjoy the incredible live music that they played.

    (These Discs were numbered as I did them......I am not about to sort them out.......the numbers for each volume (ie Volume #61) REALLY means NOTHING to you, it is a number regarding where the disc should be on my shelf.....check these out and if I don't get comments on these, what does that tell me? You want the "Best of Kansas" or something put up here?

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS VOLUME 61-01 Winter Pills/02 Calla

    WOXY. COM LOUNGE ACTS VOLUME #60-01 Land of Talk/02 Snowden

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS Volume #59 -01 Age Rings/02 120 Days

    WOXY.COM LOUNGE ACTS VOLUME #58-01 The Little Ones/02 Sara Culler

    WOXY. COM LOUNGE ACTS VOLUME #57-01 The Lemurs/02 Via Audio

    (if you don't understand, each volume includes 2-3 bands performing a 20-30 minute live in the studio set.......really enjoyable and original for my money)

    I'm gonna put these five discs up tomorrow, and I hope to see GOOD results for guys want DIFFERENT, and that Is what the Big Dog TRIES to give least LISTEN, if they SUCK THEY SUCK, but I think it may become a weekly feature for a while, unless it is a total disaster.

    Just remember these factors: The "Volume Numbers' mean NOTHING....there are a few hundred of each, and to do them in "numerican sequence, I'd ahve to sort em out, rather than just grab a stack and dig in as I did....also, the tracks are UNSPLIT, so each set is ONE track.....sorry, no song titles, in general it is mentioned by the host or artist......I really, really, really, hope you guys like these, PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK ON THESES, if you never have before!  I can run these rare, rare live, obscure recordings out until I'm buried in the groound, but will only do so if you have WILL find some good, unknown or semi-unknown gems here, and it's something I WANT to do, but only if you want it......please let me know, it won't be a daily thing, maybe weekly.......I invite you to PLEASE give my new idea a shot, a couple years agao, "WOXY Unsigned" went over quite well, these are a good bit better than those, in my estimation.


    0 0
  • 05/12/15--16:50: Brian's Mystery post
  • Ok, here's how THIS crumbles......if you want these, you simply have to see what they are. Hints: they have been up before, but other than that Brian wishes that we keep the identity underwraps until you discover......if you've gotten a lot of his stuff before, chances are good that you may wish to see these again/or whatever. Always happy to help out a fellow share-blogger!


    Comoedie Absconditus

    No info, just links....


    There ya be, where there is a will I guess there is a way!

    0 0

    I was surprised somewhat by the amount of hits these got, no comments, much, perhaps just a
    curiosity factor......I am going to put up 5 more discs of it tonight and then relegate it to a maybe weekly-or-so feature. keep in mind:

    These are available no where else that I know of, WOXY 97.7 is LONG gone.

    The "Volume" Numbers mean NOTHING to's how I labeled them at the time I made them, you can lable the first one as "Volume 1" or whatever you wish, they are NOT "official"

    Each disc contains 2-3 bands, fairly unknown ones performing live in the WOXY studio....many of these bands likely will not be familiar to you, and you may not like them, BUT I discovered many bands here that were featured on my blog from time to time, such as Heartless Bastards and Mommy and Daddy to name two. Listen to it, if you like something investigate further, if you don't like it, hey......

    The tracks on each disc are unsplit. There are ususally 2-3 tracks, 20-30 minutes in length, which feature 2-3-4 songs and some studio interview time.......again, I'd like to hear feedback on this, I know I wasn't going to do it more than once a week or so (that's still the plan), but just thought I'd throw a few more of em out for ya, just to fish for comments.

                    TRACK 02 SHE, SIR

                            TRACK 02 GEORGE JAMES

                            TRACK 02 JOLIE HOLLAND

                            TRACK 02 THE ANNUALS

                           TRACK 02 SHADE


    Let's see if I can scrounge a TINY bit of info about any of these folks? In caase yer interested?

    SHE, SIR-
    TED LEO-
    GEORGE JAMES-No info found
    DAVID VARDEVERD-No info found
    JOLIE HOLLAND- (**a fave of mine)

    I am trying this out with a lot of enthusiasm, if it bombs, I will stop, but please continue to let me know what you think while I try it out. Thanks!

    OOOOOH, and PS......if you hate the Dickies (We'll discuss what's wrong with you later), may as well avoid the blog for the next few days becuase I am going to do an ultra-mega-killer-drop-over-dead DICKIES post, starting tomorrow.......and anyone with a brain knows the Dickies were BAD FUCKING ASS, right? I have so much stuff it'll likely take 3-4  days, but so what? After all it is the FUCKING DICKIES!

    0 0

    Well, I've been neglecting everyone as I promised that next I would start a mind-blowing Dickies ultra-post, we'll get That party started here in a little bit, but even worse than letting down my loyal readers (BOTH of ya), is slacking in putting up thte guest material from the rest of "Team Growing Bored". So, let us start there, beginning with my compatriot Brian, who has risen ala the Phoenix with his brand new "Rustbeltoutpost" blog, a revised (and, IMO, better) version of his earlier, I am going to abide by his wishes and not go into much detail on this post, BUT, I do have more wonderful material from the "artists" in question, it is TREMENDOUS, must-hear, draw a line in the sand stuff that I LOVE.......this is "thier" most significant work (except for maybe "Helter Stupid", a hint for you?) after that, you'll just need to take our word for it, trust me, we have our reasons for being vague.

    Here's a Rarity For Ya...

    I definitely am not gonna use anybody's names in this one...look up the story of it somewhere else.
    One of the most notorious singles in history. An album that brought a flood of lawsuits, bankrupted it's record label, and roused the enmity of the band being parodied...
    As well as one particular (now deceased) radio personality....
    I remember seeing this on aSPIN magazine best of back in 1991...I think it had already been recalled from stores. I didn't get a chance to finally hear it til a decade later, when it was rereleased as part of this album...
    But that album is a bit of overkill, so I'm giving you guys the original 1991 release. The vitriol in CK's ranting, the absdurdo deconstruction of the songs lyric's....this is the Holy Grail of "plunderphonics" albums...and it pissed people off to boot. And no one tells me what I can or can't listen to.

    SCOTT: yeah, Brian, thanks for this one, I'll add a bunch of shit to it when I'm done with the Dickies thing, these troublemakers are MY kinda folks, and I have a good bit of material of thiers so that the folks can get the "real" picture......excellent contribution/ the way, it's also available over at


    Also, from Brian, comes another wonderful contribution of controversy, one that I've meant to post many times and just have never got around to.......this is Ice T's metal band Body Count's "controversial" album, which featured "Cop Killer" which upset many a brave little-warrior-of the GOP......the song, acording to Ice himself was based on Talking Heads'"Psycho Killer", which caused not a seed of a piece of metal, it's NOT really a "great" album, but it is an important one in pointing out the racism that DOES exist in situations such as this....I bet if you asked him, Ice T would NOT wish to censor the work of Skrewdriver or Bully Boys, as HE GETS IT.....simple as that. Also, I always found it hilarious when the nutballs who wanted this banned, censored, prosecuted, etc, ALWAYS referred to it as a "rap" album.........sho does sound like metal to anyone I've ever played it for. Thanks, Brian, for another fine contribution, and of course he link, along with other stuff, is available at his site

    Here's HIS write up of the effort at hand here:

    Ice T and Body Count

    Talking about albums that got people in trouble and got pulled from stores, we have here the debut from Ice-T's band Body Count. But first a little background for those who may be unfamiliar....
    By 1992, Ice T was on the cusp of real stardom. He'd built up years of street cred in the gangster rap game, just releasing his epic "O.G. Original Gangster" album. He had blown everybody away with his performance in "New Jack City". He even managed a slot on the first Lollapalooza tour, back when that still meant something.
    And he had a damn metal band! At the time, I was getting into both metal and rap, so it sounded great to me. And he wasn't a bad frontman, either. Body Count's sound owes more to 80's NY thrash (Anthrax or Biohazard) than other heavy stuff from the time. "There Goes the Neighborhood" was a great single, and "Bowels of the Devil" and "KKK Bitch" are both great thrashers.
    But on to the main point. This is the version of the album with "Cop Killer" on it. It was ordered pulled from stores under protests from, like everyone.... Somehow back then, I convinced my loving mother to drive the 20 miles to a Harmony House where there was the only copy left in town. The offending track was later replaced by a track with Jello Biafra on it. But the crime of that is that "Cop Killer" is the best track on the album; it's just such a damn thrasher! Along with NWA's "Fuck tha Police" and Black Flag's "Police Story", it's the other great anti-cop song in music. In fact, at Lollapalooza, Body Count would perform the song with Black Flag's Henry Rollins. I wish there had been tape rolling on that...
    I will forever stand in defense of this release. In this world, no one is safe, not even the cops. And screw that post 9/11 hero worship mentality. If you haven't noticed the way our police forces have blatantly become more militarized in recent years (under both parties), then you deserve your police state. And like I said a few posts ago, no one tells me what I can or can't hear.
    For those that like to point out the fact that Ice railed at cops and then ended up playing one for years on "Law & Order" - they're both roles, dig? And hell, he played a cop before "Cop Killer" ever came out. My man has never sold out, he's just sold well....


    0 0

    Boy, those are two GREAT contributions from Brian, he's a really good guy with a great outlook on
    all things musical, and I really do enjoy partnering with him on occasion.......another longtime partner is Greece's Apantabapanta, who has two more parts of this "Encyclopedia of Disbanded Rock Bands"......this is a lotta work for him, and it really is informative, as he discusses various bands that no longer exist, provides Wiki links for the same, as well as music links for various band's compilations......I think he was pissed at me for a minute because I was so slow in getting him some music I had promised him, and I don't blame him, but we should be square now, and I'd like to thank him for his TRUE dedication that he shows to the here we have it, Parts 3 and 4 of the great Apanatabapanta Encyclopedia.......please read, listen, explore, and learn! And guys, PLEASE if you can help him out some, I'll get you in touch with him, he requests volunteers and I'm sure he would be awestruck if a few would volunteer to step up and help him with the research. I really do enjoy his work and hope the rest of you do as well.

    Part 3:

    A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
    Post 003
    Agitation Free GER The Other Sides of 1999 @256kbps!88ID0SzZ!5vUPTdv85emVWgzsHmrffZaJQK8JrxfzJt0tfgZhYTo
    Agnes Strange UK Dust In The Sunlight 1974 @320!54h1xLYA!9fyiMT7bimB_V2ukEqpgDB9sY33kO_rx9n9NKzBgjbw
    Alabama USA The Essential Alabama 1998 @192!JkxEwRbB!6nrzCp_tgubuvvrwlhKz6Uwz0DdqzHQTXEdEy0q5GHg
    Alameda SPN Aires De La Alameda 2000 @320
    Almendra ARG Anthologia 2003 @320

    a) The idea is to know the music of the bands all around the world that their music style is close to – Pop / Rock-Folk / Rock-New / Wave-Punk / Rock-Hard / Rock-Prog / Rock-
    b) I’ll try to post 5 bands every week.
    c) Some bands have been reformed, if you’re not familiar with the language for example Spanish don’t stick to, just focus on the music.
    d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post I think BigScott62 will agree.
    A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
    the language for example Spanish don’t stick to, just focus on the music.
    d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post I think BigScott62 will agree.
    e) Volunteers needed for finding & posting bands starting from letter ‘’B’’.
    Next Week Post 004
    Almondegas BR
    Alquin NET
    Alternative TV UK
    Amazing Blondel UK
    Ambrosia USA

    SCOTT: well, some unfamiliar stuff to ME here, Agnes Strange were a great UK band that is fairly unknown.....I have no idea if the "Alabama" listed here is the crappy country-pop band from the early 80's, but everybody, everybody, deserves some recognition..........carry on the great work Apantabapanta
    Now, he carries on with part 4.......before I go on, I gotta tell you how hard this guy works....he only has internet access on weekends, and he worked tirelessly to transfer all those Greek Punk albums I had on here earler, not only translating, but digging up extra info, U-Tube Clips, all kids of great are a great friend of the blog Apanta!
    A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
    Post 004
    Almondegas BR Gaudencio Sete Luas 1977 @128kbps
    Alquin NET Wheelchair Groupie 2001 @320kbps!0tZF1BBL!TWfSPKcFFIJE9EP2L9biAH292A5iSTSroWBRWF8Oqrw
    Alternative TV UK Alternative TV Collection 1978 @192kbps!k9RmQDIL!HPtQhPbzyrN8BrbFsLl7T2uaQ49f9hUHgeK7ho7EOxk
    Amazing Blondel UK Englishe Musicke 1993 @192kbps!NxJ1RRQD!cLjjjJRfk6md2JHRSeYhLuqkMBPzk9tzDikmnIFzQp0
    Ambrosia USA Anthology 1997 @192kbps!g5o0HbZB!3Al3rgZpyh29hPgbpJD-xop09uKaHEU1MP6cBURV-7Q
    a) The idea is to know the music of the bands all around the world that their music style is close to – Pop / Rock-
    Folk / Rock-New / Wave-Punk / Rock-Hard / Rock-
    Prog / Rock
    b) I’ll try to post 5 bands every week.
    c) Some bands have been reformed.
    d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post please do.
    e) Volunteers needed for finding & posting bands starting from letter ‘’B’’.

    Next Week Post 005
    Amen Corner UK
    Amon Duul & Amon Duul I GER / UK
    Andromeda UK
    Ange FR
    Angel City (The Angels) AUS
    SCOTT: That is some FINE research/work........if you can spend an hour or so a week, get hold of me and I'll put you in touch with him......he's a great guy and could use the help with this huge effort!

    0 0

    Another weekly contributor, of course, is Cliff, reggae-man extraordinaire!.......While I love the
    music, my knowledge of it is limited (to say the least) and Cliff has been a Godsend when it comes to delivering classic reggae greatness to the blog. All I can say is THANKS, man, and as long as you have stuff to contribute, I promise you a slot for it!



    To credit  this album to Don Carlos and Gold is a bit misleading. Of the dozen tracks on “Ghetto Living” Gold takes lead vocals on only two, he does however provide harmonies to a number of the others. Overall though  “Ghetto Living” is a vehicle for Don Carlos.  The Roots Radics, with their dancehall-friendly beats and melody-driven style are a perfect backdrop for the voice of Carlos which floats perfectly and effortlessly  over their riddims. However on “Plantation” he delivers a number with real passion.  "Come on Over" is stunning , a rub-a-dub offering to the sound systems.
    Throughout the album Carlos’ vocals are brilliant buzzing with soul, emotion and conviction. The stand out track for me though is the cover he does of Abysinnians’ “Declaration of Rights” which out performs the original for intenisity

    Track List: 1. Never Run Away 2. Declaration of Rights 3. Tear Drops 4. Them say 5. Plantation 6. Ghetto Living 7. Go Find Yourself 8. It Was Love 9. Every Time I See You
    10. Come On Over 11. Promise To be True 12. Angel Face Woman


    Robin Hood was released when Levy was only 16 years of age and delivers some real class dancehall. It is

    probably worth it alone for "Rock And Come In," but there are no fillers on this album. Robin Hood sees a serious, dark side of Barrington Levy pondering about life and love. Backed by the Roots Radics in fine form; as they usually were and produced by Juno Lawes and mixed by Scientist this is an album worthy to be in anybody’s collection.  "Many Changes In Life," is a wonderful dubby tune  whilst "Neh Broke No Fight Over a Woman" has an air of menace about it. Don’t take my word for it, do yourself a favour and pull up a chair, get a drink and smoke of your choice, turn your phone off and give it a listen 

    Track List: 1. Robin Hood 2. Rock and Come In 3. Love Sister Carol 4. Gonna Tell Your Girlfriend  5. You Come To Ask Me What Love Is 6. Why Did You leave Me 7. Many Changes In Life 8. Na Broke No Fight Over No Woman 9. When Friday Come 10. Like How You Kiss And Caress Me



    This is one of the best reggae compilation albums of all time. It is the soundtrack to the 1980 film Rockers and is up there musically in the same league as “The Harder They Come”. As the title informs it focuses on one area of reggae, the explicitly political and rather stern "rockers" style that came to the forefront in the late 1970s. It is full of great and classic tunes of that era delivered courtesy of some of reggae’s heavyweight acts at that time. If you only want to have just one reggae album that covers a number of the leading artisits (can’t understand why you would though) then you may as well make it this one. 

    Track List 1. We 'a' Rockers (Inner Circle)  2. Money Worries (Maytones)  3. Police and Thieves (Junior Murvin) 4. Books of Rules (The Heptones)  5. Stepping Razor (Peter Tosh)  6. Tenement Yard (Jacob Miller)  7. Fade Away (Junior Byles)  8. Rockers (Bunny Wailer)  9. Slave Master (Gregory Isaacs)  10. Dread Lion (The Upsetters) 11. Graduation in Zion (Kiddus I)  12. Jah No Dead (Burning Spears)  13. Satta Amasa-Gana-(Third World)  14. Natty Take Over (Justin Hinds & The Dominoes)

    Another mind-blowing post Cliff, especially the great "Rockers" ya like a brother, man, it's great the stuff you have done to help make this blog better, I could never BEGIN to tell you how much I appreciate it!

    0 0

    The Dickies were fucking great. Period. fun, fast, humorous, rocking, stupid (in the BEST
    way)......they were tremendous. this is goig to take me a few days because a while back I found a huge Torrent with all thier great stuff, singles, EP's and the like, and I am going to post ALL of it, they were a fantastic, fun, and great band, and they deserve to have thier legacey cemented HERE.

    Something, maybe, of a "west coast Ramones", they had the humor and the good sense to NOT take themsleves seriously, which made for some classic moments. This torrent is pretty damn comprehensive, so, I guess we'll just go matter, they were great, super fast (thier cover of "Paranoid" is long one of my favorites)., and I hope you enjoy all the scraps and rarities this torrent consists of.....I might even have an boot or two back in the back I'll have to throw on here, we'll see, but for now this is gonna take at LEAST 2-4 days, and it will be worth it trust me.....

    BTW personal note to my homeboy Anide James, please send me the name of your new blog again so I can link to it, I lost it somehow, (yes, I am a fuckup, or at least a drunken stoner).....

    First thing we got here is a 1977's primitive and punky, and has four wonderful tunes here, al clocking in around 2 minutes or so.......hey, if I were you I'd grab THIS rarity, remember we are going chronologically as best I can anyway.

    Next we got from 1977 a 7" promo that had something to do with that "Saturday Morning Cartoons" comp, I think, in which the lads take on "The Banana Splits Song" ("Tra-La-La-La").....backed with "Sounds of Silence", WHAT THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Do you fucking think I'm JOKING here? YOU WANT THIS!

    Our next 7" is the aforementioned "Paranoid", which is done in an incredible high-speed version, (the bass playing is simply to die for), with B side "I'm Ok, Your'e OK", another one which you may never have seen before, this is your chacne to snatch this classic single.

    How about another 7" single? No? well, blow me.......this is thier remarkable 1978 take on "Silent
    Night" b/w "Sounds of Silence", (yes I know it's a repeater), this one belongs on every shelf as well, this was a one of a kind band, my earlier "West Coast Ramones" referencec is perhaps the best I can come up with in form of comparrison, but let me tell you.........THE DICKIES WERE FUCKING GREAT. PERIOD.

    Next up we have an EP from 1978, "Banana Splits", which reprises the earlier classic version, ane adds on the great "Hideous" and "Got It at the Store".......ya don't wanna miss this one EITHER....yes, I COULD HAVE created an "album" with ALL this stuff on it, BUT I am showing respect to the band and presenting thier material as released.........I WANT newcomers to appreciate the picture as a whole.

    OK, so now it is 1979 (My year of High School Seniorism!-"The Dudes are Sharp, the ladies are Fine, we are the class of 79!", beleive it or not, we actually DID chant that, I apologize to the world), and thier first full length "Dawn of the Dickies" of the greatest albums of that great year, it is loaded with gems (randomly, "Where Did His Eye Go". "Infidel Zombie", the amazing "Nights In White Satin", the classic "I'm Stuck In a Pagoda (with Tricia Toyota"), "Attack of the Mole Men"......but why quibble.......5-star album, on of the greatest soundtrack memories of my senior year in High School.......fantastic set.

    To this first batch, I'll add the "Nights In White Satin" singel (b/w "Waterslide"), and I think we'll leave it here for now, thusly we can lead off the next post with ANOTHER classic album "The Incredible Shrinking Dickies"..........there is PLENTY of stuff here to scale your fins, trust me, make a damn comment or two, because this shit is DESERVED of our memories as rock n roll kids of the 70's and 80's.......see ya tomorrow with the next chapter!........Tell "both" of yer friends about this mega post!

    1977 DEMO-01 Hideous/02 OK/03 Ape/04 Egg

    BANANA SPLITS 7" PROMO-01 Banana Splits (The Tra la Song)/02 Sounds of Silence

    PARANOID 7"-01 Paranoid/02 I'm Ok You're Ok

    SILENT NIGHT 7"-01 Silent Night/02 Sounds Of Silence

    BANANA SPLITS EP-01 Banana Splits/02 Hideous/03 Got It At the Store

    DAWN OF THE DICKIES-01 Where Did His Eye Go/02 Fan Mail/03 Manny Moe And Jack/04 Infidel Zombie/05 I'm a Chollo/06 Nights In White Satin/07 I'm Stuck In a Pagoda (With Tricia Toyota)/08 I've Got a Splitting Headache/09 Attack of the Mole Men/10 She Loves Me Not/11 Gigantor

    0 0
  • 05/21/15--21:34: The Dickies Part 2
  • So, one enquiring mind wanted to know whether "In the US, did "Dawn of the Dickies" come out
    before "The Incredible Shrinking Dickies?" Answer: FUCK I DONT KNOW, I think I bought them at the same time, geez the stuff people worry about......I am usre "Incredible" came out first, and I am ALSO certain, WHO GIVES A FUCK? It's all HERE, and that is what matters........SO, nit-picker, the first album we shall lead off with this evening is 1979's "The Incredible Shrinking Dickies", a classic among classics......another great 5-star classic, includes the classic version of "Paranoid", also, "You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)", "Eve of Destruction", "Poodle Party", "Mental Ward" and plenty more short, fast blasts of power-punk greatness.......a MUST HAVE!

    Next up another single, this one I think I've already made both tracks available, but here we have "Fan Mail"/ bw "I'm Stuck In a Pagoda (With Tricia Toyota")'s here if you want it , a fine single. Also from 1980, we have the "Gigantor" EP, which has the (I think) only version of "Bowling With Bedrock Barney"......1980 also saw the release of the single version of the (previously available) "Nights In White Satin", which does contain a unique B-side, "Waterslide".

    Next up we have a true rarity, the 7""Dawn of the Outtakes", which features three tracks that I think are available only here (See track list).....yet another 7" from 1983 is the "Out of Sight" b/w "Communication Breakdown" disc.......another one that, if you are a TRUE Dickies fan, you up we have (finally) another full length, "Stukas Over Disneyland", which has some repeat material (ie "Communication Breakdown"), but also the fab "Pretty Please Me" and several live tracks........also essential.

    I think I'm going to leave it at here for tonight, I'll put up some more tomorrrow.....this is one of the
    great "forgotten" bands of the 1980's, and each morsel here needs to be SAVORED. There is lots more to come, but I wanna go hit the sack for tonight.......see ya tomorrow with a bunch MORE Dickies, some rare as shit, so stick around!

    THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING DICKIES-01 Give It Back/02 Poodle Party/03 paranoid/04 She/05 Shadow man/06 Mental Ward/07 Eve of Destruction/08 You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)/09 Waterslide/10 Walk Like an Egg/11 Curb Job/12 Shake & Bake/13 Rondo (The Midgets Revenge)/14 I'm OK, You're OK/15 Silent Night/16 Sounds Of Silence/17 Banana Splits/18 Hideous/19 Got It at the Store

    FAN MAIL 7"-01 Fan mail/02 I'm Stuck In a pagoda (With Tricia Toyota)
    GIGANTOR EP-01 Gigantor/02 Eve Of Destruction (Censored Version)/03 Bowling With Bedrock Barney
    NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN 7"-01 Nights In White Satin/02 Waterslide
    DAWN OF THE OUTTAKES 7"-01 Cross Eyed Tammy/02 Monkey See Monkey Do/03 Why Do
    You Do
    OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND 7"-01 Out of Sight/02 Communication Breakdown
    STUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND-01 Pretty Please Me/02 Wagon Train/03 If Stuart Could talk/04 Stukas Over Disneyland/05 I'm Ok You're Ok/06 Bedrock Barney (Live)/07 Gigantor (Live)/08 Rosemary/09 She's a Hunchback/10 Out of Sight, Out of Mind/11 Communication Breakdown
    Savor every bite, the Dickies were the fucking shit.......this is a slice of my young life here, and every second of it is fucking awesome........more tomorrow and the rest of the weekend!

    0 0
  • 05/22/15--13:50: The Dickies Part 3
  • So, how are you enjoying the Dickies onslaught thusfar? I have to think that if this is new stuff to ya,
    junior, you'd have to think you stumbled on a goldmine. If you are a longtime Dickies fan like me, perhaps some of the singles and rarities are gems for you. If you don't like the Dickies, well, what can I say? Great band, one of the truly least appreciated of their era.....yesterday I referred to them as perhaps a "west coast Ramones", what do you think of that? Fast, hilarious, and simple/ingenious, it just seems as what the Ramones were to New York (ie, the embodiment for this type of goofy punk) the Dickies were the California equivalent. Just a thought.

    So where do we pick up?  We left off with the 1983 full length, "Stukas Over Disneyland", and I think that the next thing, in my SORT OF attempt at chronology, would be 1986's wonderful "We Aren't the World", which, for a novice, might be a fair starting place.....a collection of live tracks from here, there, everywhere, and at (to say the least) varied levels of recorded quality, this captures most of their greatest tracks up until that point, this was originally released as part of the odd cassette-only ROIR series (remember those?) I have a cassette rip around here but it sounds shitty so I thought it better to bring a cleaner MP3 version......highlights are obvious, the great "You Drive Me Ape", "Tricia Toyota", "The Banana Splits", and of course lightning-blitz speed versions of "Paranoid" and an especially hyper "Sounds of Silence". Great album.

    A mini-album from 1988, "Killer Klowns From Outer Space", is also loaded, although only five tracks, the title track and "Booby Trap" are certainly essential, and the rest are hardly throwaways.....seems like (to me at least, could be wrong) kind of a hard one to find, I don't see em around too often, so, if that's the case, yer welcome!

    "Attack of the 50 Foot Dickies" is a 7", released (unofficially, I beleive) in 1989, and contains two tracks from 1983, "Solitary Confinement" and "If Stewart Could Talk", this one, also, I don't think I see on people's shelves that often, wrong or right, here it is at least.

    I almost declined to include "Great Dictations", it's a "Best of" set, very well chosen and programmed, however, if you've snagged everything else up, I don't think there is anything unique here, however, if you are sort of indifferent about the band, and maybe want only a sampler, this might be the way to go, so I guess I'll include it here with the rest.

    The post-"Great Dictations" stuff contains an occasional highlight, but, as with every band from the best to the worst, the path downward begins........after all, the really DID have a great run, 1970's/80's they shifted membership and had some personnel/drug issues, but they were great, no question.......I think we'll stop here for today, tomorrow, we'll pick up with some of the post-1990 stuff, some more live/rare stuff, more EP's.......although obviously NOT an "album" oriented band, they did release a metric ton of material, and we'll get all of it out there that I can round up. For tonight, though, enjoy these, there is some more great music here, as great as the first two posts, I think.

    WE AREN'T THE WORLD-01 Hideous/02 I'm OK, You're OK/03 You Drive Me Ape You Big Gorilla/04 Walk Like an Egg/05 Paranoid/06 Give It Back/07 Sounds of Silence/08 Got It at the Store/09 Eve of Destruction/10 Rondo in A Major (Midget's Revenge)/11 Infidel Zombie/12 Curb Job/13 Gigantor/14 Nights In White Satin/15 You Drive Me Ape You Big Gorilla (version)/16 Pretty Please/17 Poodle Party/18 She's a Hunchback/19 She/20 (I'm Stuck in a Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota/21 Manny, Moe and Jack/22 Fan Mail/23 If Stewart Could Talk/24 Bowling With Bedrock Barney/25 Banana Splits

    KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE-01 Killer Klowns/02 Booby Trap/03 Jim Bowie/04
    Magoomba/05 Eep Opp Ork (Uh, Uh)

    ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT DICKIES-01 Solitary Confinement/02 If Stewart Could Talk

    GREAT DICTATIONS-01 Hideous/02 You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)/03 Give It Back/04 Paranoid/05 I'm Ok You're OK/06 Got It At the Store/07 The Sound of Silence/08 The Banana Splits/09 Rondo (The Midget's Revenge)/10 Nights In White Satin/11 (I'm Stuck in a Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota/12 Manny, Moe, and Jack/13 Fan Mail/14 Attack of the Mole Men/15 Gigantor/16 Eve of Destruction/17 Silent Night

    A little brief tonight, got some stuff to do this eve, stay with us all Memorial Day weekend as we should get this Dickies marathon wrapped up, and then onto something else (Negativeland? Perhaps, but I may change my mind four times by then).......until then, please utilize the Memorial Day weekend to honor those who died in service to thier country, and, by that, I DO NOT mean only USA......I don't know, honestly, if Memorial Day is celebrated in other lands, but, even if not, still, the men and women who died at various points in thier countries' histories are just as significant to those folks as "ours" are in the USA.......I hope I phrased that OK, it sounds kind of goofy how I put it, but I DO mean it in sincerity.

    0 0
  • 05/27/15--15:16: Dickies Part 4
  • Ok so fucking sue/shoot/disown me.......I know I said I would continue Dickies stuff over the long
    holiday weekend, well, FUCK ME, I didn't, I AM trying to find a fucking job and have a family and all of THAT shit......but any-fucking-way, let's continue with the BAD ASS Dickies, we are dealing now with the latter part of thier career, FAR "classic" era, but with a band as great as this there are still a great idea or two out there. So where in the fuck did we leave off the other day anyway?

    Oh, let's lead off with "Unsafe Sex Volume 1", a 7" release that contains pretty much previously released material.......I include it coz I think it's pretty rare, not that it means that much in this "digital age" in which we's another "unofficial" release, so you're welcome!

    "The Second Coming" is one of the very few full lengths these boyos put out, it's decent, NOT essential, if you are a serious Dickies fan by now, you will want this one as well, not up to the level of thier golden era, but still, ya know?.......

    Next up we have yet another EP (imagine), "Just Say Yes", which includes 3 pretty good ones, in particular "Ayatollah You So".......another recommended part of thier legacy.

    From 1990 comes another mini-CD, "Roadkill", if by now I have made you a Dickies fan, you might as well hear this one as well, three tracks, and decent ones at that.

    "Locked N Loaded" is a pretty fair live disc, once again reprising these lad's rep as a fine live
    act......many of thier classics are here, as are much more rare tracks ala "Just Say Yes"........again, I recommend this, but again, be advised i am a FAN of this band, if you aren't as into them as I am, this may not be your thing........but, if you are a Dickies fan, once again, jump!

    A track that I found strictly on this torrent download is "The Spirit of '76"(It's from a soundtrack from a film of the same name)........I had not heard it previously, but please allow me to share it a "no album" context.........pretty good song, actually.....

    Yet another breezy 7" followed, "Money, Coke, and Smack", (unofficial release but seems pretty easy to find), recording quality could be better, but you'd not want to be without thier snotty cover of "Nobody But Me" which could have been written to order. I'll tell ya, despite the many, many personnel changes over the decades, these boyz knew thier formula, again, somewhat paralelling the Ramones to a degree.

    In 1994, a true rare occurance popped up.....the Dickies released a full-length, "Idjit Savant".....seemingly, not terribly well liked among the band's fans (too much of a good thing?) it does have its moments for my money at least......."I'm Stuck in a Condo With Marlon Brando" is pretty funny, and there are other moments that will cause you to crack a smile......"I'm on Crack" and "Welcome to the Diamond Mine" come to mind.

    "Dogs From the Hare That Bit Us" is a covers album, there is a better version of "Nobody But Me" here, and (Oh GOD) Uriah Heep's "Easy Livin'" (!)........covers were there forte, and this mini album is worth it also.

    Let's wrap it up here, there is enough material still in the vault to do another installment......again, seriously, sorry for the delay, looking for a job and all that fun stuff.....I'll try to get the rest of it up tonight or tomorrow, stuff is backing up again as Brian has a few things from his blog he wants me to help him share, Cliff has another reggae post in the bag, and, most excitingly, the lovely Lennon Murphy has given me her personal permission to share her new band It's War's new EP (I PAID for it, yes, because Lennon is so wonderful, but wait to you hear her first release in years, it is of course great!)

    So I do have some stuff on the stove, just slowing down a little and if I get a job, it may slow down a
    bit more even, but I will never stop doing this until I am forced to or die.

    UNSAFE SEX VOLUME 1-01 She's a Hunchback/02 Curb Job/03 Manny, Moe and Jack/04 Gigantor/05 Paranoid

    SECOND COMING-01 Hair/02 Monster Island/03 Town Without Pity/04 Cross Eyed Tammy/05 Going Homo/06 Dummy Up/07 Booby Trap/08 Magoomba/09 Caligula/10 I'm Stan/11 Monkey See Monkey Do

    JUST SAY YES-01 Justs Say Yes/02 Ayatollah You So/03 Dead Heat

    ROAD KILL-01 Road Kill/02 Just Say Yes/03 Dead Heat

    LOCKED N LOADED-01 Dickies Intro/02 Killer
    Klowns From Outer Space/03 Eve of Destruction/04 Nights In White Satin/05 Pretty Please Me/06 You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)/07 Just Say Yes/08 (I'm Stuck in a Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota/09 Curb Job/10 Cross Eyed Tammy/11 Going Homo/12 She's a Hunchback/13 If Stuart Could Talk/14 Manny, Moe and Jack/15 Paranoid/16 Gigantor/17 Communication Breakdown/18 The Banana Splits/19 Give It Back

    SPIRIT OF '76-(Single Track)

    MONEY COKE AND SMACK-01 Fan Mail/02 Toxic Avenger/03 Wagon Train/04 Rosemary/05 Nobody But Me/06 I'm a Chollo

    IDJIT SAVANT-01 Welcome to the Diamond Mine/02 Golden Boys/03 Toxic Avenger/04
    Zeppelina/05 I'm Stuck In a Condo (With Marlon Brando)/06 Just Say Yes/07 Elevator (In the Brain Hotel/08 Pretty Ballerina/09 Make It So/10 I'm On Crack/11 Oh Boy/12 Roadkill/13 House of Raoul/14 Song of the Dawn

    DOGS FROM THE HARE THAT BIT US-01 Dickies Intro/02 Solitary Confinement/03 Easy Livin/04 Unconscious Power/05 There's a Place/06 Nobody But Me/07 Can't Let Go/08 Let Me Out/09 Epistle To Dippy


    0 0

    These guys had a LOT of material, hopefully you have enjoyed what I've put up until now, this
    FIFTH part is going to clean up some loose ends, and should fill in any gaps in your Dickies collection.......they were a GREAT and under-appreciated band, as before I compare them to the Ramones, as they rocked it hard and fast AND had a wicked sense of HUMOR, which is so often forgotten about by those of us who take our rock n roll "SERIOUSLY, maaaaaaaaan!", Good God.

    OK, so what is left? "All This and Puppets Stew" is another full-length, released in 2001, this was thier final full-length epic......OK, for me, it's not great, I'm trying to give you a FULL picture of these dudes, ANYONE who started out mid 1970's and was still at it in 2001, well, you give them credit, BUT how many ideas can they have left? Well, even though "Free Willy", "My Pop the Cop", "Whack the Dali Llama" and a few more are without a doubt amusing, to ME this ship had sailed, as it would with ANY band that had been at it this long........there's also (finally) a studio recording of "Nobody But Me".

    The 7""Free Willy" disc has a couple of tracks available as well on the "Puppets" release, I'll include it here if you are an obsessive completist.

    Next up, we have an audio presentation of a live DVD, "Best of the Flipside Live",  from a vintage 1985 performance.....I highly recommend this one, these guys had "it" live and this is a good representation of thier live shows. Most of thier best known shit is here, and especially take note of the frantic encore of "Paranoid" (I always LOVED thier version of that tune for some reason)....this is worthwhile and (I think) kind of hard to locate in non-DVD version.

    OK, "The Punk Singles Collection" everything here has already been presented in the earlier parts of this post, I really shouldn't, BUT (1) The Dickies WERE a great singles band, and (2) everyone isn't as huge a fan as myself, thus justifying the need for such a collection, which is nearly flawless......I'd like to hope that MOST of you, if unfamiliar, explore some of the other angles, but if you are a dabbler, you GOTTA at least have THIS, right? It's ALL here, and is greatly programmed and works wonderfully as a unified effort.

    "The Dickies Go Bananas" is a recent (2007 or so, don't care enough to check) of a 2002 live I've said before, Stan Lee and company were a great live act, and although this ship had sailed, trust me, if they are a fave of yours, what ever could be wrong with hearing yet another version of "Paranoid" or "Nights in White Satin", they STILL bring a smile, and this disc features a guest appearance from Olga Toy Doll, performing his hit "Nellie the Elephant"....always SOMETHING of value with these blokes, all in all not a "great" LP, but, hey, you can't say I'm not laying them out there for ya, right?

    "Live at the Masque" (Volume 3) is a find, part of a series of live stuff from the scene from that particular era........actually, the other bands featured here are more inteersting than the Dickies, to me, simply because they are less accessible.......tracks from Black Randy and the Metrosquad, The Eyes, and The Randoms are outstanding, not to sell our beloved Dickies short, but interesting/entertaining stuff.......anybody out there (calling Dave Sez or Andie James?) got the other two volums, I think they'd be a wonderful addition.

    Oh, speaking of Andie James......he sends us (submitted in the comments a few days ago) 4 wonderful original singles with the original sleeve art, goddamn wonderful of him to contribute them to us to enjoy, you can graab them here, and PLEASE check out his new (great, of course) blog where he posts a lot of his fine collection HERE:, Thanks Andie, you are the fucking shit (dunno about the UK, in the USA this is a huge compliment, I'd hate for you and I to have another language confusion issue, ya know, English/English!)

    OK, that's gonna about do it for the numbers pretty good, but commentary/remarks not all that great......come on you guys, believe me that bloggers like me and Andie and Brian and ChrisGoes and Silent Way and ALL the others do this shit for YOU, because we wish to spread and share the music that we love.......when all we ask in return is a "I love this, thanks", or, just as welcome, a "This fucking sucks, what the hell is wrong with you?" it really doesn't seem like that high a price to me, we all invest a lot of our time in this, it really IS quite a bit of effort, and it REALLY DOES mean much to us when you SPEAK UP and comment on what we are trying to do for the rest of the I said yeserday, I'll not stop, unless forced to somehow, because I think I have a sort of "duty" to do this, BUT some of the others may not feel the same wayand simply throw up thier hands and say "fuck it".......I've seen it happen 100 times and it will happen again.......we are a community, guys......bonded by our love of music, we do this as a TRUE "labor of love"..........please, please, please, if you sample any of the wares (here or on ANYONE else's site), at least be human enough to say "Thanks", or to say "Go Fuck Yourself", which, trust me, is better than simply acquiring the music we share and saying NOTHING. Thanks for reading and listening, love to everyone.

    ALL THIS AND PUPPET STEW-01 See My Way/02 Keep Watchin the Skies/03 Free Willy/04 Donut Man/05 Howdy Doody In the Woodshed/06 Marry Me, Ann/07 Sobriety/08 I Did It/09 Whack the Dalai Lama/10 He's Courtin' Courtney/11 Nobody But Me/12 My Pop the Cop/13 It's Huge

    FREE WILLY-01 Free Willy/02 Howdy Doody In the Woodshed

    BEST OF THE FLIPSIDE LIVE-01 Nobody But Me/02 Gigantor/03 You Drive Me Ape (You Big
    Gorilla)/04 Pretty Pleasae/05 Poodle Party/06 She's a Hunchback/07 (I'm Stuck In a Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota/08 Crosseyed Tammy/09 Saga of Jim Bowie/10 If Stuart Could talk/11 Bedrock Barney/12 Manny, Moe, and Jack/13 Paranoid

    THE PUNK SINGLES COLLECTION-01 The Banana Splits (Tra-La-La Song)/02 Paranoid/03 I'm OK You're OK/04 Eve Of Destruction/05 Give It Back/06 You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)/07 Sound of Silence/08 Hideous/09 Got it at the Store/10 Nights In White Satin/11 Water Slide/12 Manny Moe and Jack/13 She Loves Me Not/14 Fan Mail/15 (I'm Stuck In a Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota/16 Gigantor/17 Bowling With Bedrock Barney/18 Silent Night

    THE DICKIES GO BANANAS-01 Solitary Confinement/02 I'm OK, You're OK/03 Nights In White Satin/04 Got It At the Store/05 Give it Back/06 Paranoid/07 I've Got a Splitting Headache/08 Howdy Doody In the Woodshed/09 Water Slide/10 Manny Moe and Jack/11 My Pop the Cop/12 You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)/13 Poodle Party/14 Wagon Train/15 She's a Hunchback/16 Curb Job/17 If Stuart Could Talk/18 See Me Feel Me/19 Gigantor/20 Nellie the Elephant/21 The Banana Splits (Tra-La-La Song

    LIVE AT THE MASQUE VOLUME 3-01 THE EYES-Eniwetok/02 Take That Quaalude Now/03 Go Go Bee/04 The Happy Song/05 She's Dead/06 Disneyland/07 THE DICKIES-I'm Ok You're Ok/08 Shake and Bake/09 Shadow Man/10 Canyon/11  You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla )/12 Hideous/13 THE RANDOMS-Let's Get Rid of New York/14 Tricia/15 ABC/16 Let's Get Rid of LA/17 BLACK RANDY & THE METROSQUAD-Idi Amin/18 Randy's Intro/19 Loner With a Boner/20 Trouble at the Cup

    This one's been a LOTTA work, to be honest, I really hope you guys and gals enjoy it, some great stuff here!

    0 0

    In case you haven't visited of late, here are a couple of things of interest that you might wish to investigate, none of which I have a lot of knowledge (comedy has never been my thing), so here they are submitted for your approval......I will say this, the Tape Beatles thing intrigued me and I listened to a good bit of it and it's a REAL winner for my money, HIGHLY recommended by myself (as if my judgement means much, but it really is different, interesting, and unique)

    The Tape Beatles - the Grand Delusion

    The Tape Beatles - The Grand Delusion

    I can't even remember how I heard of these guys - I think I was looking for tape-collage or plunderphonics stuff somewhere. And what a classic this is! This is a brilliant deconstruction of America, it's dreams, it's lies....give this one a chance.

    Constructed of political speeches, sermons, snippets of classical music, and other things I can't identify. The middle of the album is awesome: Reagan, Eisenhower, Carter, instrumentals, snippets of "Also Sprach Zarathustra". This is an amazing album, especially on headphones. Imagine Negativland without the goofy. Great stuff, and it'll make you think.

    Happy Memorial Day.....
    SCOTT: I was not really familiar with Ken Nordine, either, until Brian shared some of his stuff, while not exactly my kind of thing, it IS really good and different, and that of course is what we strive for around here......I'll let Brian tell ya about it, but this might be of interest to you as well:
    The Ken Nordine Word Jazz post went over well, so I now present to you Nordine's oddest creation, as well as probably his most accessible.

    If you're an odd music aficionado, maybe you've heard tracks from this on the Incredibly Strange Music CDs. The story of this album is well documented, but a quick summing up is needed.

    Nordine recorded ten radio ads for a paint company in his particular style. The ads ended up having a life of their own, getting requested on the radio as well as winning an award. Piqued by this, Nordine went back to the studio and recorded 24 more vignettes covering the color spectrum. Again backed by a great jazz group, he creates one of the true oddities...

    What could a man have to say about all these colors? A lot, actually. On some of them, Nordine explores the emotional aspects of a color (Yellow, Green), uses the alliterative aspects of a color (Chartreuse, Olive) and sometimes just goes down some strange paths (" fat").

    You've never listened to anything like this, so you gotta hear it!
    SCOTT: As I've said before many times, I have about as much knowledge of recorded comedy as I have on Chinese metrophysics, I DO enjoy a lot of it (Firesign, Lenny Bruce)........Brian is a HUGE comedy guy and FAR FAR more knowledgeable about it than myself, so once again, he can tell you about it..........I know these have been pretty popular previously when he's had me post them here, and I am glad to do so........remember, all of you: ANYTHING goes here, no pigeonholing, I am always open to anything you wish to educate me about. That is why we are here, in my opinion........
    A Comedy Repost (Sort Of)

    As I said before, comedy posts get sniped easy. But I still want to put up stuff. So I'm reposting some of the Pryor/Carlin oddities from before. Whereas before I had uploaded them to zippy myself, here I'm putting the download links from Since they're "public" and everything, don't think I'll piss anybody off.

    1983 Cardinal Hayes Dinner LINK
    George speaks at a reunion dinner for the high school he didn't graduate from. He tells some great stories about going to the school. Class Clown fans will like this. Has a false start. Oh, and the MC for the dinner is Regis Philbin (!)

    "George Carlin - A Comedian In Transition"LINK
    Recorded at the Playboy Club in 1970. George discusses changing his act from his nightclub schtick into a more free-thinking kind of comic. This is a great add-on to FM & AM. Note: has 18 minutes of dead air at the end.

    George Carlin and Richard Pryor LINK
    The first part of this is an interview with George from 1997. It's cool - he talks quite a bit about his radio days. The second track is really interesting - A recording of Richard Pryor hosting a public radio show in 1972. He talks pretty deeply about the Attica prison riots, as well as playing some great Last Poets songs. (We'll get to them someday)

    The page for this download on says this is the second disc from the "Radical Comedians Box Set", but I've never found any info on such a thing

    0 0

    From my good friend Gary comes a stack of pretty obscure punk singles and EP's, actually not a "stack", I mean, like, it WOULD be if they were on vinyl, but either he found this torrent somewhere (I've never seen it on the Bay or elsewhere), or he made into a torrent himself.....I have no idea, but he sent it to me a couple days problem is trying to figure out how to present it here, I could probably "make" a 2-CD set out of it, but I think I would rather presesnt it as a series of singles/EP's so you are free to pick and choose. So the track lists below will give you the names of both A & B sides, and EACH will have it's own download link......I think that's better than me trying to program it as a "rarities" disc and not doing a good job of it. I have to admit, most of these releases I was NOT familiar with before Gary sent them to me, as well, you may not be They come from all over the globe and in general eminate from the early 1980's, a few a bit earlier......I am WILD about this submission and will be hitting it hard the next few days, as should you.......THIS is no joke, this is a true rarity (I think so, at least), and you guys who are loyal to me, this is for YOU! Just remember to thank Gary, he's an old high school buddy of mine so we go back aways, it was great of him to submit this for us such, I will include as much info (year, country of origin if available) with each of these......there will be the rest of them tomorrow or so, but listen hosers, if you are a fan of punk rock that no one has ever heard of, like me, well, this will be a blessing to's just sas exciting for ME as it is for anyone who downloads, because this is NEW stuff to myself, as well as you!  I wish MORE OF YOU would send me stuff like this, Gary is an old pal, if more people would send me obscurities like this, I'd have the most eccentric, individualized blog on the internet.........not that it matters, I just want people to enjoy the stuff I put up, no matter from where it comes, as I look for employment (another interview Monday!)

    HERE'S what we got:

    THE ACES (UK 1981) (One Way St., 7") 01 One Way St./02 Should It Be Mine

    AQUI D'EL ROCK-01 (Portugal 1979) (single)-01 Eu Nao Sai/02 Dedicada

    ART OBJECT (Self Titled 7" EP) (USA 1980)-01 Ride the Metro/02 Confused/03 Delinquent/04 So Enlightned/05 USA NRK

    Girls/02 SVDB-Chain Reaction

     THE BLITZZ (1978 Holland) (single)-01 You Got What You Want/02 Go Now

    BOYS BOYS (1980 Japan) (single)-01 Monkey-Monkey/02 Control Tower

    BRAINIACS (Self Titled 7" EP, 1979 USA)-01 Don't Tell Me Why/02 Take Me To Paris/03 So Unsure/04 Stunned

    THE CRETINS- (Samem Im Darm 7") (1980 Germany)-01 Samen Im Darm/02 Heimkind/03 Walter

    DEAF AIDS (Self Titled EP, UK, 1979)-01 Do It Again/02 Peep Show/03 Aren't People Strange

    DEAF AIDS (Heroes? 1980 UK)-01 The Heroes/02 Bored Christine

    DEZERTER-(1983 Poland) (Ku Pryzszloski 7")-01 Ku Przyszloski/02 Spytaj Milicjanta/03 Szara Rzeczywistosc/04 Wojna Glupcow

    DUNDAS-(Canada 1979) (single)-01 Bloodshot In Your Eyes/02 Can't You Hear Me

    EXPLODING SEAGULLS-(1980 UK) (single)-01 Johnny Runs For Paraegoric/02 Take Me To the Cinema

    FALSE PROPHETS (1982 USA) (single)-01 Good Clean Fun/02 Functional

    GLO- (1981 Sweden) (Self Titled 7" EP)-01 Nerv/02 Pin-up/03 Det Kan Jag Garantara/04 1980

    GYLLENE DIVOR (1981 Sweden)(Ni har Ingen Tunnelbanna 7")-01 Ni Har Ingen Tunnelbana/02 Mucka/03 Jag Ar kar I John Travolta

    INOCENTES (1983 Brazil) (Misera e Fome 7" EP)-01 Apenas Conto O Que Eu Vi O Que Senti/02 Morte Nuclear/03 Aprendi A Odiar/04 Calado

    ISM (1983 USA) (single)-01 I Think I Love You/02 A7

    OK, folks, anyone of you must admit that this is a
    HELL of a contribution, TOTALLY obscure punk shit from around the globe, most/all of which even I am not familiar with.......and THAT, chillens, is why we be here......grab these, amaze yerself, and hope tomorrow comes soon enough when I post the rest of these gems.......thanks to Gary for sending them to me, dunno where he found em, and frankly don't care, this is some BAD ASS MOTHERFUCKING SHIT from what I have listened to (about half).......if you don't appreciate THIS, then you don't appreciate share blogging or what ANY of us are trying to do here......this shit is (1) awesome, (2) rare as fuck, and (3) available, to my knowledge, NOWHERE ELSE (right now) BUT HERE!.........this is a bad ass share, and I hope that if you indulge in some/all of it, PLEASE comment on it, I know DAMN WELL that 98% of you simply DO NOT have this stuff laying around the house....THIS is a FIND, and should be appreciated as such.....and tomorrow's second half will be JUST AS BADASS, I promise!

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