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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    0 0 is where I am in LIFE.....I am 53 years old, and yet, I was able to retire from my job with the state of Ohio last year after nearly 31 years of "service" (ha ha), it nearly HAS been a year of doing nothing........and I am SICK AND TIRED OF IT. I am to goddamn young to lay on the couch watching Judge Marilyn Milian all day (I'd hit it, but that is hardly the point)........

    I am BORED to the point of depression, sucks, when you wake up and have nowhere to go......don't get me wrong, the first few months of retirement were fabulous.......have never been happier.......but now, I am both bored AND depressed, from having nothing to do, as well as feeling that life has no meaning......anyway, as of the last week, I have a couple of job offers on the table (and, yes, after a year, I am VERY ready to go back to work) is from a firm that does consulting on the same type of highway construction I did with the state of Ohio......did it 31 years actually......GOD I hated it, but they REALLY want me, and will pay me nearly 30 bucks an hour......not sure for how long, but from my first interview (secnd tomorrow) I could pretty much name my terms........

    The other job is very is a truck driver job, delivering cigs/food/drinks etc. to Speedways/convenience stores etc......pays about half what the other job pays, BUT I am pretty sure I could stay there five years or so with little chance of layoff, get my son through college, and then "retire" for good, as I REALLY DO get a good chunk of change from my State of Ohio retirement every month.........GOD I just don't know which to choose.......honestly I am leaning towards the truck driving job, less stress, get to be by myself (almost like a benefit!), and almost guarenteed I could stay employed until I got my kid educated........on the other hand, the other job pays so damn much that it's awfully hard to say "no" to, BUT I could be laid off come winter time (not eligeble for unemployment compensation, due to my monthly pension).......I have a couple of days to figure out what is best for my family, it's none of YOUR worry at all, but I've just been stressing about it so much of late I thought maybe it would help me to write it all down.........

    As of 4:09 AM, Monday, June 1, 2015, I have NO FUCKING IDEA which I am going to select....I

    DO need to pick one of them, really. because if I don't I am going to die of boredom  (really), I NEED a reason to get up in the morning......

    So I don't know.......right now I am sort of leaning toward the driving job, WAY less money but WAY less stress too.....on the other hand the consulting firm wants me BAD, I am going to talk to them again tomorrow, I am expecting them to offer me something that will blow my socks off, they really DO want me bad........I am very wife and son tell me to "do what makes you happiest", but what makes me "happiest" is doing what's best for my wife and son, obviously.......a "good" dilemma, but a dilemma nonetheless.......

    None of you, certainly, know all the details of this situation........frankly, it's MY problem, and NOT REALLY too bad of a problem to have......but here I am at 4:00 AM, not able to sleep coz I am torn about this stuff, and figuring simply that if I write it all down, perhaps some answer will magically pop into my head......thus far it hasn't happened, but if you are one of the unluckies that happens to read this, I'm sorry.......go elsewhere and enjoy the punk rarities or the mega-Dickies posts or whatever.......I'm not asking advice, I'm just sitting here drinking beer and wondering WHAT THE FUCK I AM GOING TO BE DOING the next five years or so......I just want to have a job that doesn't make me miserable, as I'm sure many of you know can happen......anyway, it's MY fucking problem, NOT yours, it's self-centered egotistical nonsense to post it here ANYWAY, but I just needed to see it in print and thought maybe it would make more sense to me....not really though......

    I REALLY love everyone who guests, comments, listens, shares, or whatever me. I wouldn't dream of doing this if I felt it was unappreciated......I consider EVERYONE who contributes or reads or acquires stuff here to be a part of my "family".........I have been doing this so long, I won't stop unless made to, I have ALWAYS said this is "your" blog, not "mine", as evidenced by the fact that I will post damn near ANYTHING sent to me by ANYONE, be it within the normal genre lines or's all about what PEOPLE WANT TO SHARE, and that is fucking GREAT.

    Anyway, I think I'll go to bed, as I have another job interview (with the consulting firm) tomorrow
    afternoon.......I apologize for this, it has NOTHING to do with any of you in the slightest, I just was in the mood to put a couple of my thoughts into writing, rather than just bitching like I generally do.

    Have a great day/night/week/month.........just enjoy your life, it doesn't last as long as you think......another of my former co-workers passed this week, it's happening more and more often that people who have touched my life in one way or the other passes away......just sad, and each time makes me, at least, review my own mortality.

    Hope all of you are well, healthy, and, especially, the way, you may wonder why this post is adorned with pictures of Rose McGowan.......the answer is simple, I'd hit that like a storm door in a hurricane

    0 0

    OK, thanks for all of you who solicited advise, engouragement, smart-ass comments, and whatever
    else......I know what I am going to do.......if you care, I am going to take the construction-administration position, it is simply too good to turn down.....while doing a less-stress trucking thing woucl be fun, this is double the money and is something I can do in my sleep.........after much thought, I'll have to take it.........the work hours MAY cause me to cut back on the blog a bit, but I will NEVER EVER EVER stop doing might just be more like a weekend thing (of course I may be able to write the texts at work, so who knows)........anyways, thanks to everyone for your comments, the first few months of retirement were GREAT, the last few simply boring, and my original plan was to be "off" about a year and then find "something"......well, it's been about 11 months, and I think i have "found" something I can do for 5 years or so and get my kid educated which is top priority (see, so HE doesn't have to do "construction administration" HIS whole life)......I think I have made the right choice.......if not, well, I will find that out later, but right now I am so bored with my days I would go work at Taco Bell just to have somewhere to go each day.

    Love you all, Scott M
    (yes I like Lindsay Lohan, so fucking what?)

    0 0

    As I said before my homeboy gary sent me this HUGE torrent, with some GREAT singles and EP's,
    90% of which I have never heard of.......had a GREAT response to the first part, and as I've listened to them, this stuff is NO GODDAMN JOKE, rough, raw, loud, AND obscure (also from ROUND THE GLOBLE!).......what more do ya want? broken down into original singles/EP's format, I hope you LOVE this as much as I did listening to and reconfigurating it, this is a KILLER find that you shitty old punk rockers (like myself) are going to go apeshit for......

    KAKA DE LUXE-(Spain 1978) 01 Rosario Toco El Pito/02 Viva El metro/03 La Puma Electrica

    KOLLAA KESTA- (Finland 1979)-01 Kirjoituksia Kellarista/02 Kuumat Raiteet

    LA PESTE-(USA 1978)-01 Better Off Dead/02 Black

    LEGAL WEAPON (USA 1981) (NO SORROW EP)-01 No One Listens/02  Live My Way/03 No Sorrow/04 Hostility/

    LES FELES (France 1978)-01 Mon Lycee/02 Rouge Comme Le Sang

    MAGIC DE SPELL (Greece 1981)(NIGHTMARE 7")-01 Sweating All Over/02 Virgin Freedom/03 Poor Johnny's Lonely Blues

    LET IT OUT (VARIOUS ARTISTS EP) (Sweden 1980)01 THE MODERNS- Tell Me Where the
    Action Is/02 WARHEADS-Today/03 2760- Viva Le Rock/04 CHATTERBOX-Sista Chasen/05 STOODES-Psychotic/06 2760-Rocky Buys a Record/07 CHATTERBOX-Illusioner/08 THE MODERNS-She Said Go/09 WARHEADS-I Lost My leg In the War/10 STOODES-Gunfight

    NEGATIV (1982 Switzerland)-01 Glitter Hair Creme/02  Terrorist/03

    SPLIT EP (USA 1983)-01 NICE LAWN-American Cheeze/02 NICE LAWN-Tearas For the World/03 NEW FUN QUINTET-Spying On the Neighbors/04  Master TV

    SF UNDERGROUND (VARIOUS ARTISTS EP) (1979 USA)-01 NO ALTERNATIVE-Johnny Got His Gun/02 FLIPPER-Earthworm/03 TOOLS-Sexuality In the 80's/04 VKTMS-Ballad of the Pincushion Smith

    THE OUTLETS (1982 USA)-01 The Best Friends/02 The Bright Lights

    PEGGIO PUNX (1982 Italy) (DISAASTRO SONORO EP)-01 Pubblicita/02 Scemo/Non Siemo Come Voi/04 Rumori

    THE PERENNIALS (2011 USA)-01 My Side of the Mountain/02 The Savannah/03 This Whole Town

    POPTRONIX (1981 USA)-01 TV Programmed TV Set/02 War of Crime

    SCHUND (1983 Austria) (LAUT SPELEN EP)-01 Schund/02 Schiesse Drauf/03 Terror/04 Aufstand

    SIZE (1980 Mexico)-01 Tonight/02 Daily Matrix

    THE SQUAD (1980 Denmark) (BORN IN THE CONCRETE EP)-01 Born In the concrete/02 The Polythene Chicks

    STATE (USA 1983) (NO ILLUSIONS EP)-01 Subvert/02 New Right/03 The Bad Is Good/04 Hard
    Line/05 No Illusions/06 Police State/07 Violence

    THE STEVES (1981 USA)-01 In a Room /02 Over the Phone/03 Bad Is Good

    THE STEVES (1980 USA) (MAKING TIME EP)-01 Making Time/02 The Mechanical Friend

    THE SUZANNES (1978 Holland) (NEW DISEASE SELLS IN EURPOE EP)-01 Hippie/02 Naughty Young Girl/03 Listen To My Heartbeat/04 Teenage Abortion/05 Deepfreeze Boy/06 Organisation

    THE TAKE- (1982 USA)-01 Tonight/02 Four Dollar Date

    THE BLADES (1980 Ireland)-01 Hot For You/02 The Reunion

    THE HENCHMEN (1982 New Zealand)-01 I Got a Right/02 Rock N Roll Attack

    THIRD WORLD CHAOS (1984 Pillipines) (MADE IN THE PHILLIPINES EP)-01 You/02 We Are the One/03 Quitter

    VIOLENT TUMOR-01 (1986 USA) 01 Abortion/02 Basket Case/03 Problems/04 99 Floors/05 Welcome Home/06 Welcome Home/07 Tool Box/08 Army Song

    Just as a personal note, this is one of my favorite posts I have ever offered up......for one I hadn't
    talked to Gary in sometime and for him to unleash a treasure chest like this upon me was just incredible......this is music you CANNOT just find "anywhere", it is obscure, it is great, it it continental, it is comprehensive.......THIS is why I do this stuff, as well as the stuff I get from the others out there (more to come tonight yet)......I have over 20000 CD's in MY stash, still have a LOT of rare and great ones to share with you yet......sometimes it gets to be a pain, I HAVE cut back from the "daily" grind (and will a bit MORE once I start working), but to have the privlege/honor of being able to share something INCREDIBLE like this amazing collection, all I can say is thanks to Gary, and thanks to the readership out there.....I know this will be popular, aas it SHOULD BE because it is BOTH rare and great.......enjoy it, and if you REALLY enjoy it, maybe just say thanks, and if you super-double enjoy it, maybe dust something rare that YOU have off, and contribute it for the rest of us...........come on I KNOW some of you have some raritites out there that the rest of us would love to a matter of fact, I have one coming up in just a few minutes, but thanks so much to Gary and thanks so much to everyone who wastes a minute or two reading this blog whenever I happen to get around to it.

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  • 06/02/15--21:41: Tremendous guest submission
  • Recieved a wonderful email this morning from Augustus Owsley Strudel III.......without printing the email as a whole (I don't think that was his plan), he points out that June 3, 2015, makrs the 25th anniversayr of the death of Stiv Bators (if you don't know who Stiv bators is, why are you here?)....he submits to us his VERY LAST SINGLE, thet tapes, according to him, were stolent from the studio and have been released unofficially........this is a REAL gem that any of you garage/punk fans need to snatch up pronto, it's a rarity even to myself.....the single is entitled "King of the Brats", it's a new one to me, hopefully it is to you too.......this is what I LOVE about blogging (there's a lot about it I don't like so much too), wonderful friends around the world sharing incredible things that we simply otherwise WOULD BE WITHOUT........grab this and enjoy and the the original submittor for his generosity and his willingness to share. Great, wonderful share!

    0 0

    Cliff is off to a musisc festival so he won't be with us for a week or tow, but before he left he
    generously sent us yet ANOTHER fantastic reggae post. I am so very lucky to have such wonderful contributors to this blog, always looking for more, if you have some great stuff, please consider sharing, it makes this place SO MUCH better when different tastes/different viewpoints/expert opinions on different styles get involved.......I would have probably quit this thing LONG AGO if it weren't for the help (and wonderful MUSIC) that I aquire from the outside. God bless you all for your generosity!



    If you’ve only heard one song by Culture, then odds on it’s “Two Sevens Clash”.  If you’ve only heard one album by them, then it’ll likely be the album of the same name.  But this album can be judged as rightly standing alongside that one. Culture were a wonderful vocal trio led by the great Joseph Hill. There was no compromise with Hill everything he wrote was about Jah Rastafari, or the history of slavery, or suffering and poverty in Jamaica. Nice mellow harmony vocals ride some crisp backing riddims supplied by an array of talented musicians. Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare are obviously involved as they were in so many of the top albums of the late ‘70’s – early ‘80’s. Get ready for a Roots experience, brought to you by true masters of the genre
    Track listing: 1. Behold  2. Holy Mountain Zion  3. Stop The Fussing And Fighting  4. Iron Sharpening Iron  5. Vacancy  6. Tell Me Where You Get It 7. Free Again  8. Work On Natty  9. Love Shine Bright 
    10. Play Skilfully 


    It is always great when you enjoy every track on album and with this you should. Keith Hudson was a limited vocalist but he knew how to make the best of what he had. “Rasta Communication” is a cracking album with Hudson upping the political stance on tracks such as “Felt We Felt The Strain” and “Bloody Eyes”. Hudson was known as the man with the musical message and no other album he released displays that given moniker as much as this one. Once more Sly and Robbie help provide the backing tracks alongside other great musicians. The riddims on “Rasta Communication” are sparse and strained, and uses only guitar, bass, drums and keys and are a perfect complement  for Hudson’s vocals. 
    Track List: 1. Rasta Communication 2. Felt We Felt The Strain 3. Bloody Eyes 4. Rasta Country 5. I Broke The Comb 6. I’m Not Satisfied 7. I’m No Fool 8. Jonah 9. Musicology 10. I Won’t Compromise 11. Nah Skin Up (12” Mix)

    0 0

    By now you all know Brian I would hope, he contributes things here often as well as has his own blog,, where all of his stuff can be found as well......often times he asks me if I will sahre his stuff here, to spread it around a bit more, and I am happy to, that is, of course, why we are all here......his stuff is SO DIFFERENT from mine, as he is an expert on comedy recordings, soundtracks, and a lot of other things that THIS old man isn't so up on.......BUT I am not about to not share ANYTHING here, if ANYONE wants me to (besides his "Tape Beatles" post was on of the greatest surprises I have ever unwrapped, if you haven't checked that out, it's available both on this site and on his, you don't know what you are missing if you havent't checked that out)

    So, he sends me a bunch of links today, stuff that is already posted on HIS blog, and of course, I am happy to help him out and share it a bit wider, as usuwal with his stuff, MY commentary will be at an absolute minimum (ANOTHER bonus for ya!), I will simply copy his comments and let you have em.......he's got a BUNCH of stuff here, certainly all quality, and I invite you to sample it, as well as visit his blog, he feels almost like a "little brother" to me (maybe that's just because I hate the "little brother" that i DO have, quite another story there, though) let's look at what Brian has for us on this night, certainly it's some good stuff, if I have anything to chip in about it, I'll denote it as such....


    SCOTT: First he has for us what he calls a "Mystery Comedy Post".....I understand why, as the comedy stuff (WHY?) gets cracked MUCH harder than the music stuff.....since it is a "Mystery", I will simply copy his post as it originally appeared.......

    Mystery Comedy Post

    Comoedie Absconditus

    Here are some gems for you! If you're unfamiliar with Reiner & Brooks work on record - long before they both achieved success as film directors - these are some of the funniest comedy albums of the 60's. And they haven't dated as much as some comedy albums of the period. And what's interesting is that a good chunk of this stuff was loosely improvised, which is a little unusual for the time.

    I won't go into too much detail as it'd get this post sniped. Suffice to say, the "2000 yr Old Man" interviews are hilarious. There's other great laughs, though: the pop singer "Fabiola", the "Coffeehouse" bit, the "Peruvian" always makes me laugh. And my God, the "Two Hour Old Baby" has the bestOPENINGjoke EVER! 

    The later albums are good, too. On Cannes, I particularly like Brooks's "Federico Fettucini".

    Now, I haven't included the In the Year 2000 album from '97, because it was recorded so much later and doesn't have that "Mel in his prime" feel to it. This is just a perfect comedy album quartet here. These discs have the sequence of the Complete History box set, so there's two albums in each file. Enjoy. I'm sure these will fly out of here....
    LINK 1 contains:

    LINK 2  contains:

    Told you the comedy stuff was coming back....
    SCOTT: And yet another "Mystery COmedy Post".......gotta say I've never even HEARD of this one, so I REALLY got nothing to say here........
    Comoedie Absconditus

    His first  album, and he's in high-flying angry form. This is a great one. FYI, this  file is one longTRACK.

    From 2005. Has quite a few mid-aughts references (Janet Jackson's breast, Bush/Iraq craziness, Gov. Schwarzenegger)...but it's hilarious.

    SCOTT: Now this next one is WAY more my own territory, although I don't think I've ever posted it before........this is fine sludge/metal from Eye Hate God, not a full discography but thier masterpiece, "Dopesick".......if you enjoy a lot of the punk/metal/grunge/stoner/sludge that you know is MY passion, you need to run, not walk, for this one.

    EyeHateGod's Brutal "Dopesick"

    How can IBEGIN to describe this album? First, this is one of my top 5 metal records ever. One of the heaviest, most brutal, tortured, anguished, violent, and CATHARTIC albums ever made!

    EyeHateGod is a side project of members of Down and Soilent Green. While I never really got into those two bands much, I've easily been listening to EyeHateGod for fifteen years. They do it for me when nothing else will.

    The music? Down tuned riffage, howling and screaming feedback, punk/thrash breakdowns, but with a deep groove to it all. It's hard to accurately explain. And Michael Williams' God! It's not a Cookie Monster metal voice - it's this completely anguished screaming. He's singing words - they're in the booklet - but in no way can you tell what they are....and that's fine. It doesn't matter; his vocals provide the release for this monolithic wall of riffs behind him.
    Being a fan of EyeHateGod is what's made me sneer at the modern crop of metalcore bands. Oh, you think you can scream and act all "angry", huh? All that current "Screamo" D-Beat shit sounds like Abba next to something as brutal as this...

    While their other albums are good - especially it's predecessor "Take As Needed For Pain" - "Dopesick" is EyeHateGod's ultimate moment. The insanely hot sound mix, the screaming feedback and wracked vocals, just the sheer sonic terrorism of's astounding, honestly. You wanna vent some anger? Nothing works better than this!

    Descargar. Télécharger.
    SCOTT: And yet another mystery post......I didn't know that this particular band was especially pricklish about this kinda thing, but if so.......anyway, let's just say if you are a fan of the hard/heavy/punk sounds I have been posting here for years, this is a fine rarity you will want/enjoy........just not going to print the artists' name, you'll figure it out from Brian's text......

    This post is gonna be really bare bones. Otherwise, it'd get a DMCA complaint slammed on it in 5MINUTES. You'd think I was posting necrophiliac dog schiezer porn...
    In listening to the group, it can be tempting to just get the Collection CDs. But, what gets lost in that is just how concise and goddamned brutal the band could be on their album releases. And this first one... the bestSINGLE album they ever released. This is one of the best punk albums ever made. Unfortunately, it was only put out piecemeal at the time - on singles and EPs - and wasn't released properly til the 90's. Listening to this album, the material is framed better than being spread across both Collection CDs...especially since the group's production varied from release to release. 
    And on thatNOTE, on to the next link, which is a real rarity (and the one you can feel free to bow down to me for)....
    Look up the story of it here. All I'll say is that with the additional guitar and the crisper production, this one kicks ass! For whatever reason (maybe they're just assholes), JO and GD pulled this before it ever got past the promo stage in 2001. Do they just hate their fans? And it's a shame, since this scrubs the production grime off of some of their best songs. And it's all of 25 mins long. But enjoy this - it's really rare.
    OK. always enjoy the eccentric contributions for my fellow Buckeye Brian, look forward to the wierdness factor each I've said before, if ANY OF YOU OTHER HOSERS have a bunch of rare shit that the rest of blogosphere needs to hear, PLEASE GET OFF YOUR ASS........we do all this shit for YOU, why not become ONE OF US (so to speak, you likely DON'T WANT to become one of "me" at least!)

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  • 06/02/15--23:32: It's War
  • This is the last post for tonight and the most meaningful one to me. It's War is the latest band from
    the amazing Lennon Murphy's latest band. If you are not aware of her, Lennon made one absolute classic album back in the early 2000's it was entitled "Five Thirty Saturday Morning" and is without question one of my favorite albums of that decade.....I did a post about her music on this site long, log ago, I am sure the links are long dead, but trust me, "Five Thirty Saturday Morning" is an INCREDIBLE, five-star album all the way, with amazing tracks like "Morning" (my fave), "My Beautiful", "Brake of My Car", and, well, fuck it the whole damn thing is great.......

    Anyway, that is not what I am hear to talk about. In the longtime since I became a fan of her music, Lennon was gracious enough to accept me as a Facebook friend.......I know, that might not be some of you guys'"thing", but I have enjoyed tremendously the past couple years, talking to her, learning about her, etc......she is a WONDERFUL, beautiful woman, a great wife to her husband Ryan (one of the luckiest men on earth and I mean that as a TRUE compliment), as well as a phenominal, loving mother to her son (You can teall by the stories she tells about him)......I "love" Lennon, and I do not mean in some perverted, degenerate way (as I usually do)......I "love" Lenno, because, not only has her music thrilled me over the years, but because just getting to know her a tiny, tiny bit, I have learned that she is a magnificent woman, a great wife/mother, and as "real" a human being as any rock star could be........I often tell her on Facebook that I "love her", and I REALLY do, and I mean nothing "wrong" by that....she and I are both happily married and I am glad......but she is just such a wonderful performer, and such a wonderful Facebook friend, that I can hardly say enough about her.

    OK...anyway, she has been out of the music game for a while for reasons I guess you can look up
    (One of the stupidest, she was actually sued by Yoko Ono for using the name "Lennon" WHICH IS HER REAL FUCKING NAME).....anyway, her new band, It's War, has been at it for a little while, and have finally released this wonderful EP, we'll see, but at the end of this year, I'm guessing it's in MY top ten list.........fine effort, hard rocking and of course the focus is on Lennon's fantastic vocals and lyrics......let me request something of you just for this ONE time. Download the EP....if you enjoy it, PLEASE go to ITunes and pay the 4 dollars for it......I asked Lennon's permission to share the EP on my blog, and she generouslly agreed, but this is Scott know damn well I can get any CD ever released for free with next to no effort, should I this case, as I consider Lennon a FRIEND, I paid the 4 bucks for the EP..........if you guys like it, please go to ITunes and buy a copy, JUST BECAUSE it's Lennon.......I'll probably take heat for this, for being a hypocrite and whatever, but you know, I just don't care.

    "It's War" is a wonderful, magnificent EP that I want as many people to hear as is humanly possible.....if you can possibly afford to listen and then buy a copy, please do......if not, I am sure Lennon would want you to enjoy her music anyway, as I may have mentioned, she is a wonderful woman. Thank you, Lennon. for the permission to share the record, I think a lot of the readers here will enjoy it, I know I certainly did. A great effort, Lennon, and at least from this corner, you have been greatly missed.

    01 Bitterness/02 Let's Go Back/03 Heart/04 Mr./05 What Will It Take

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  • 06/03/15--16:44: WOXY Lounge Sessions
  • aWell, here comes the third in my series of WOXY Lounge Acts, classic unknown artists and tracks
    in performances you are likely to hear most likely nowhere else but I've stated before, the"Volume Number" titles mean nothing to you, it's just how I labeled them at the time, yes, I sarted with "1", but I have so many in thet stack that I just grabbed a handfull, this is what you get.

    Note, also, that while the PERFORMANCES are split on a disc, the songs are not, in other words, you get 3 or 4 songs, unplit, and some interview banter on each track. Each disc features usually two, sometimes three bands. Volume 47, up first, features Charlotte Martin, Chin Up Chin Up, and a very short set from The Big Sleep.

    Volume 48 gives us The Scourge of the Sea and Juddah Johnson, my memory not being as sharp as it used to be but I recall Scourge of the Sea being pretty good (could be wrong). Volume 49 gives us three acts, the cool Robbers on High Street, The Slip, and The Changes. Obscure enough for ya? #50 gives us a set from Catfish Haven (who WERE fairly well known for a minute), Bad Veins, and also Buffalo Killers (also talked about for a little while back in the day).

    For no particular reason except that its a disc I
    haven't posted yet and it's right here at arms length, we jump to volume #56, featuring The Early Tapes and also before I will TRY to find any Wikipedia type links on any of these I can locate, after the track lists........PLEASE tell me if you like these or hated these, I havae enough material to carry on this feature for a couple years or so, and every now and then someone sparks enough interest in ya to look further, and that's what this is about, after all.






    SOME info, where I could find it: CHARLOTTE MARTIN:
                                                            CHIN UP CHIN UP: Nothing Found
                                                   THE BIG SLEEP :
                                                    SCOURGE OF THE Scourge OThe Sea
                                                            JUDDAH JOHNSON:
                                 ROBBERS OH HIGH
                                                                      THE SLIP:
                                        CATFISH HAVEN:
                                         BUFFALO KILLERS:
                                         THE EARLY

    LOVE to know your feelings on these posts, positive OR negative.........I have A LOT MORE, trust me, and if you find these uninteresting, I need to know that as well! Thanks!


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  • 06/03/15--22:32: It's Better With Fuzz Babe
  • Getting back to my "roots" so to speak, I've done so much "branching out" to different things it's hard to remember from whence I came......I don't REMEMBER posting this one before, I MIGHT have, but I'm not sure, and if I did I'm sure at least a couple have requested re-ups of it (why? becuase that happens on EVERY POST!)

    "It's Better With Fuzz" (Volume 1, although I find no evidence of "Volume 2") is a 2013 Greek release of loud, obnoxious, greasy, fuzzed out garage punk, from a whole lot of bands that we have mostly never heard of.......of course, we ALL want thisone, just from the description, correct? 

    This is loaded with tracks from the likes of The Sixty Second Swingers, The Teddy Boys From the Crypt, The Lizardz, and The Meanie Geanies........sounds great? You bet it is.......break this one out and annoy your neighbors, drink some chills, and wonder to yourself why shit like Rush got famous and this is obscure/unknown.......this one's a winner on all fronts!

    IT'S BETTER WITH FUZZ BABE-01 EARL & THE LOSERS-John Wayne Got Blues/02 THE JACKS-baby/03 THE PSYKICKS-Once Upon a Time/04 THE 60 SECOND SWINGERS-Let Me Down/05 KALEIDOSCOPIC PATH-Social End Products/06 THE DARK RAGS-State of Oblivion/07 THE B SIDES-Hey Mister/08 THE TEDDY BOYS FROM THE CRYPT-Agent O./09 THE NACKERS-Banana Boats/10- THE MEANIE GENIES-No More/11 THE GRUESOMES-Things She Does To Me/12 THE FRANTIC V-Hey/13 THE MONGRELETTES-Mon Mec A Moi/14 THE LIZARDZ-When I Met You/15 DUSTBOWL-Lean On Me

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  • 06/04/15--16:35: Blue Zoo
  • Vocalist Andy O, bassist Mike Ansel, guitarist Tim Parry, and drummer Mickey Sparrow comprised the mid 1980's new wave combo "Blue Zoo"......frogotten today, pretty mcuh so, but there is some good stuff here, such as "Love Moves In Strange Ways" and "Cry Boy Cry".......this ear of humanity was deluged with 10001 synth/new wave bands such as this, but that doesn't mean they should automatically be's a pretty good album, one I remember enjoying 30 yearas ago or so, and why not drag it out right now in order to look like some musical genius? More laer, perhaps I'll stay in 1980's new wave-groove, or perhaps not......a many of mystery, I am.

    2 X 2-01 Cru Boy Cry/02 John's Lost/03 Far Cry/04 Count On Me (you Can)/05 Love Moves In Strange Ways/06 Forgive and Forget/07 I'm Your Man/08 Open Up/09 Can't Hold Me Down/10 Something Familiar

    Just a little mini'semi-gem that has been sitting around here, see what ya think, all ya 1980's new-wavers!

    0 0

    Not much to comment on, but gratefully accept his submission.

    0 0

    Like myself, Brian has long been a fan of non-English language music, I think we are part of a small minority on this........anywya, tough shit........he has posted a couple of albums on his site that need a little bump, and I am happy to do so.....first, he has a Thai funk-pop thing from a few years gone by, again not exactly MYY thing (as I am a rock n roll nazi, so to speak), but as I've said, ANYTHING GOES HERE, and Brian is one of the few who understands and takes advantage of since this is stuff that is unfamiliar to me, why not let Captain Brian exolain the ins and outs of these discs.....


    Some Great Thai Funk and Pop Music From Way Back

    Here's a good tour of Thai music from the 60's and 70's. Most of these come from the Sublime Frequencies label. While normally I'd try to support a label like them, all of their stuff quickly goes out of print and becomes rare as hell. Seems to be the way with comps like this.
    Enjoy these. If you liked the Cambodian stuff from awhile ago, this post is even better.
    Shadow Music Of Thailand Download

    This almost plays like some great psych/surf comp...the Hammond organs, the guitar twang, the emphasis on the band feel. A good one, and really rare.
    Molam Thai Country Groove From Isan Download
    I don't know how to describe Molam Thai Country Groove. It's more of an indigenous music, with its own slinky rhythm. Check this one out.
    Thai Funk Volume 1 Download
    These two Thai Funk volumes are probably my favorite out of these. Released on a limited number of CDs and vinyl a few years ago, they've already become hard to find. I actually have Vol 2 on's some beautiful packaging.
    Thai Funk Volume 2 Download

    The joy of these two sets is listening to the artists completely swipe American pop songs. A James Brown beat here, a disco riff there.... The best examples of this are on Vol. 2: "Lady Marmalade", "Kung Fu Fighting" (unfortunately they only use the intro), and my favorite song in this whole post - "Mao (Drunk)", which is a Thai version of "Play That Funky Music White Boy"! It's genius! The only thing that equals it is that Arab version of "Shaft" that's on the "Cover the Earth" online comp.

    That's not to say they don't actually bring the funk though....the track by the Hot Peppers on Vol. 1 has a bassline worthy of Stevie Wonder! ARP synths, boogie beats, strings,'s glorious! These are two of the best releases of Southeast Asian music of this kind out there, and strangely it's not from the Sublime Frequencies label...
    Thai Classical: Pí Solo Flute Download

    And to show that I'm not just about the pop/funk/go-go, here's a CD I found gathering dust in a record store corner. It's a collection of Thai Pí flute music. I have no idea on track names: almost every word on the packaging is in Thai. That was part of the appeal. I'm putting photos here of the CD art, since there's no info on this anywhere.

    Hope you guys enjoy this international music tour. Gimme some feedback, I got a bunch of this stuff.
    THIS IS SCOTT BACK AGAIN: Much more in MY wheelhouse is this great Cambodian set, lotsa rock/psych, MY kinda stuff, I might even have posted some of this before, but who fuckin cares? this is good stuff trust me, unless you insist that everything be in English.......Come one, give Brian a boost and download these either here OR from his blog,
    He has a fine blog and he posts the stuff that he asks me to share as well as some other stuff that does not appear here, you just might want to check it out if you have nothing better to do.......I must say the young man (A LOT younger than myself) has some intresting shit, the Tape Beatles one still blows me away, I am happy to share stuff from ANYONE's Blog shoule they desire.......I am about SHARING, not about selfishness.......let's ALL be that way and make certain that EVERY SINGLE ONE of our "community" has what, at least, THEY consider the perfect music collection!
    Please if you download from this site, direct your thanks to Brian, on these things I am but the middle man.

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  • 06/08/15--20:05: Pebbleman
  • DO NOT miss this fine piece of hard rock greatness.....not kidding you. This is the 4th album from South Africa's fantastic guitar giants Pebbleman.......I am FRANTICALLY trying to locate the other three, ANYONE ABLE TO HELP? Because this album (2014) is one bad ass motherfucker, the kind of shit I love, ie, LOUD ASS GUITAR FREAKOUTS, HEAVY MOTHER FUCKING ROCK (it DOES still exist, you just need to look, in places, like, well, HERE).

    From what I can learn (limited information), this crew is the FANTASTIC blues shouter Jesse Johnson on vocals, the amazing axe-whiz Richard Pryor (no, REALLY, that's his name) blasting out the guitar wizardry, Rob Stemmet on bass, and Kevin Gibson on Drums.

    This is a FANTASTIC album of hard rock n roll, from a band that I just recently discovered, and I thought It was MOST DEFINITELY share want something to shake the walls, annoy the neighbors, ratlle your fillings, and yet sound 2014 rather than it is......a wonderful album, can't say enough about it, it's great. Make certain and check out "Call Of Fate" and :Live Or Die", but that is want to hear this whole album.

    You hard rock loveres (remember, that's where this whole thing started) will love this album......I only hope that someone out there in blogoland can direct me to the other three albums, I can find them nowhere.....but oh well, this is a wonderful piece of hard rocking white trash, and if I were you, I'd be running, NOT walking, to get this's that good!

    CALL OF FATE-01 Loaded/02 Live Or Die/03 Love Is a Powerful Thing/04 Energy/05 I've Got a Girl/06 Dead Man's Eyes/07 Count on You/08 Baby Calls My Name/09 Call of Fate/10 Brand New Day

    Hey, you love hard rock n roll, you think there's a rarity of it out there, here's one for ya......Pebbleman is the real deal.

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  • 06/08/15--20:52: The Bible
  • And, let us switch gears again......long time since I thought about this great album, it won't be for
    everyone, but it was a fave of mine back in the new-wave era, if you have never heard it it is most certainly worth a listen.

    Formed in Cambridge in the early 1980's, The Bible were singer/guitarist Boo Hewerdine and keyboardist/drummer Tony Sheppard. Although they later added other members, on this album ("Walking the Ghost Back Home") is was more or less a two-man effort, and it shows, it is sparse, spacey, and I love it......can't right now think of ANYTHING to compare it to, it's just a fine album of that era that has been buried under the deluge of hisotry.

    OK, most likelyyou are unfamiliar with this disc (maybe less so if you are in the UK)........there are some fine songs one here, "Graceland", "Glorybound", "Mahalia",  are all fine , perfectly dated gems that should have been bigger than they were........this may not me your cuppa tea, but I do have a soft spot for a lot of the early 1980's new wave bands such as's sparse, creepy, and really, really good.......if you remember it, you'll know whether it's for you or not, BUT if it's new to you, this one may sneak up on you as a surprise. Always liked this album (when in the "right" mood, of course), why don't you give it a try and let me know what ya think? I have slammed the music of the early 1980's probably more than anyone alive, but there is gem after gem after gem, if we search for them......

    WALKING THE GHOST BACK HOME-01 Graceland/02 Mahalia/03 Walking the Ghost Back Home/04 Kid Galahad/05 King Chicago/06 Sweetness/07 Spend, Spend, Spend/08 (Talk To Me Like) jackie Kennedy/09 She's My Bible/10 High Wide And handsome.

    To me a forgotten may hate this, styalistically, this was the kind of stuff that caused my to dislike early 80's new wave, HOWEVER, it did have MANY highpoints, which don't deserve to be lumped in with the stuff I hate.......this is a fine album.....why not check it out and agree/disagreee with em?

    0 0

    Hey, Eveligh! You familiar with this one (I wasn't until a buddy sent it to me this week)......been awhile since we've posted any off the wall, stoned to the gills out and out fucking STONER ROCK (and I am sorry, that stuff SHOULD be my first priority, but you see am I am trying to showcase my diverisitility, thus my dilemma).....

    From 2007 0r 08, "pure" Stoner rock's "Golden age" (oh, Good Lord), these boyos were from Belgium and were comprised of bassist Jan Wygers, Aldo Sturyf on guitar.vocals and keyboards, drummer Michael Lawerence, guitarist Michael van Cluevenbergen. Mark Lanegan guests all over this album, which should be a good thing, this is fuzzed-out, stoned-out riff heavy rock, the kind you know I love, an
    d  I am always going to post on this site.......I think they made another album or 2 after this, I am not terribly familiar, but this one did catch my ear for a minute or of Kyuss, QOTSA, maybe stuff like Orange Goblin and Fu Manchu might think of this as a cool curiosity (I do)........hey, Stoner Rock RULES, always has always's just intersting to occasionaly turn up an unknown gem of the genre that flips our salad bowls!

    I AM THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE-01 The Psychedelic World Of The Creature With the Atom Brain/02 16 Inch Revolver/03 Black Out, New Hit/04 Mind Your Own Hit/05 Is That Lady Sniff/06 Broken Flowers Grow/07 Not a Sect/08 Blackended Roses, Same Ol' Doses/09 Park My Car Outside the Record Store/10 Rapeman's Scalp/11 Crawl Like a Dog/12 I'm Gonna  Roll

    As I said, been a little while since I went the straight up stoner route, which of course is a passion of mine.......if you are simply a "music" fan, maybe not.......but if you are a fan of stoner rock, as I and others are, this is a gem that will mkae you smile. Sometimes this stuff "tries" a little hard to deliberately be "weird" and this one kinda falls into that chasm, but still, some fine stoned out lyrics, some awesome riff-a-rama, and some excellent spacey keyboards make this and album worthy of your shelf!

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  • 06/08/15--22:07: Svastika
  • OK, before I go to bed I may as well piss a few people off.....I KNOW, (it is made clear by the
    readership that my nazi-skinhead posts are offensive and unwanted.....well.....GOOD.  I personally HATE the idealology put forth bu bands such as these, couldn't POSSIBLY be more offended by it.......I've been doing it, occasionally, for a few years, and I always offer up the explanation that people of this hateful viewpoinht are every bit as entitled to thier viewpoint than you or I are......I'm sorry, but they are.......the fact that I post them here does NOTmean I agree with thier idealollogy any more than i (necessarily) agree with that of Rage Against the Machine, The Tom Robinson Band, NWA, Public Enemy, or the MANY other left-leaning bands I have posted on this blog......and if you don't think those bands were "hateful", you need to check yourself. "Hate" is not only the emotion that occurs when someone disagress with you (or me)......hate is hate.........I look for rock n roll music that threatens people........punk did, rockabilly did, metal, etc........and this nazi music scares people as well.......for rock n roll to frighten people means it has done it's job, it's a music of threatenting  people and causing people to prottest, ask for it's cenusre, and etc.........

    If my continuing to post nazi bands on occcasion offends you, here are your options: stop reading here, OR discuss the isue like an adult, which I will be happy to do.......keep in mind that I DEPLORE the viewpoints of bands like these, and always will.........but if you don't understand what I am doing (ie advocating free speech/thought for ALL through rock n roll), ten perhaps you really don't understand what exactuly I am trying to do here anyway.......I want you to THINk damnit, this stuff can be (musically) listenable, as much as much hard/punk music is, and the lyrics are not in english, so you (nor I) will know exactly what we are getting...........but it sure does SOUND hateful, for whatever that matters........I know that I have always loved rock n roll that MAKES PEOPLE THINK, that MAKES PEOPLE MAD, and that MAKES PEOPLE FEEL THREATENED........this is just another chapter of that book........if I lose readership over this, I am sorry, you will be missed, but you are missing my point.....the music of ALLbands is welcome here, regardless of thier political stripe..........we can agree, disagree, or flat out HATE thier thoughts........but they have very right to them.

    SVASTIKA-1991-1996-01 Brunta Bojor/02 In Hoc Signo Vinces/03 Rikets Gall/04 Sangen Om Goliat/05 Svierge Vakna!/06 De Stupades Blod/07 Unity/08 Race War/09 Street Fight/10 Runs Of Power/11 Friehstkamp/12 Hell Seger/13 Aryan Pride/14  SS/15 Kick To Kill/16 Day of the Rope/17 Spandau Hero/18 Alliance/19 Showdown/20 Ni Kan Aldrig Stoppas Oss (Live)

    OK, I want you to be forewarned......I post offensive (to me) music such as this as a statement of free speech for all.......many have trouble understanding that, and I do understand......this is a HATEFUL recording, most of you will be shocked by it as I was.......I agree with not a thought issued here, BUT it is every bit as reasonalbe to post this here as it is to post the work of Rage Against the Machine (and you know I have), Public Enemy (likewise) TRB and lots MORE that are "hateful" as well, it just seems so much more palatable when the hatred comes from the side with which we happen to agree.

    I hope I live to see the day when all men and women can live as equal brothers and sisters, fighting the common enemies that set out to destroy us all.......we are all of one and hatred such as this is exactly the type of thing that destroys us from within. I doubt I will ever live to see that day. I'm sorry to say so.l

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  • 06/08/15--22:37: The Electronic Hole
  • Sorry if this is a repeat, I don't THINK it is, but I am going for maximum variety on this eve as you may well be able to tell.........this is a great album, this is from 1970, YEARS ahead of it's time, with lots of sludgy, loud guitar droning. There are two  long suites  here, which morph into seven "Songs",  they drone into the hypnotic realm at you know i LOVE the hard psych of the early 1970's, and this is a favorite that fits right on the shelf with the rest of the classics of that underappreciated era.

    Pretty unique shit here, a sort of album that I have very little to compare have never in your life heard denser walls of droning guitars, it is, as I stated before, YEARS ahead of it's time, it's maybe sorta-kinda Velvet Underground influenced, but that is to sell it short(!)

    This is raw......this is noisy......this is sloppy.....this is droning........this is hypnotic.........this is mind bending early 1970's psychecdelic rock n roll, that the world was not ready for at that time.......might not be ready for it yet........but, without anymore jibberish from Scott, this is a five star album, an underappreciated classic and a PERFECT example of the things that were accomplished in that wild era of the early 70's, when "anything went"'ll see what I mean once you play this masterpiece!

    THE ELECTRONIC HOLE-01 The Golden Hour Part 1/02 The Golden Hour part 2/03 The Golden Hour part 3/The Golden Hour Part 4/05 Love Will Find a Way Part 1/06 Love Will Find a Way part 2/07 Love WIll Find a Way Part 3

    Lovers of hard rock, psych rock, guitar fuzz freak outs.......DO NOT do yourself the disservice of mising this it's a five star classic and you will love it much as I do......seriously, great album, you will be SORRY if yo miss THIS one, it is awesome!

    0 0

    Now, THIS one is going to be comprehensive, I have no idea how many posts this is going to take but I have a LOT of Yo La Tengo on my shelves........if you are a fan of them, I will bet ya that there is stuff here that is new to you, one of my long time fave indie bands we'll try to do this in somehat chronological order, with as little over lap as possible......this will take me at LEAST a week of working steadily, and of course I will stil interrupt it for guest material from Andie, or Cliff, or Dave Sez, or Brian, or Apantabapanta,  or anyone else, guest material will take priority as guests are the lifeblood of this blog.

    If you HATE Yo La Tengo, you may want to avoid this site for a little while......I've been thinking of doing some more ultra posts such as this, as much work as they are, the results are usually favorable.....The Stranglers, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Roxy Music, Queens of the Stone Age  and others are among the bands that I have TONNES of stuff from and have not profiled.......we will see, but I've been promising this Yo La Tengo for a while.......if you have any boots of YLT by any chance, send em along, If I don't already have em, you bet they'll be included!

    Shall we begin? Formed in the mid 1980's in Hoboken New Jersey, the band shuffled through a fw lineup changes before settling in 1992 on Ira Kaplan on vocals, guitar, and piano; Georgia Hubley on drums, piano, and vocal, and bassist/vocalist James Mc New.

    The origin of thier name is quite humorous as a sports fan, so I think I will copy the Wikipedia paragraph about it in its entirety:

    Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley formed the band as a husband/wife duo in 1984. They chose the name "Yo La Tengo" (Spanish for "I have it"; or referring to a female-gender object or person, also "I've Got Her") in an effort to avoid any connotations in English. The name came from a baseball anecdote. During the 1962 season, New York Metscenter fielderRichie Ashburn and Venezuelan shortstop Elio Chacón found themselves colliding in the outfield. When Ashburn went for a catch, he would scream, "I got it! I got it!" only to run into Chacón, who spoke only Spanish. Ashburn learned to yell, "¡Yo la tengo! ¡Yo la tengo!" instead. In a later game, Ashburn happily saw Chacón backing off. He relaxed, positioned himself to catch the ball, and was instead run over by left fielder Frank Thomas, who understood no Spanish and had missed a team meeting that proposed using the words "¡Yo la tengo!" as a way to avoid outfield collisions.[2] After getting up, Thomas asked Ashburn, "What the hell is a Yellow Tango?

    OK, so anyway, after a series of singles (including a B-side of Love's "A House is Not a Motel",
    which appears on the first album "Ride the Tiger" (1986) (on the extended CD bonus version, as presented here) also includes a Kinks cover, and some unexpectedly quirky trombone/saxaphone sold me when I first heard it way back then, this is a good debut, tuneful, funny, quirky, and of the more underappreciated albums of the 1980's.

    The seconed album was even better, "New Wave Hot Dogs" (rereleased with "President Yo La Tengo" making a fine super-CD. There is a fine Lou Reed cover ("It's Alright"), as well as spectacular originals, "Clunk", "House Fell Down", and more, and the addition of "President Yo La Tengo" gives us more gems such as the long "The Evil That Men Do" (there are TWO versions of this song here, as you may recall it also apeared on "Ride the Tiger".....very typical moves from YLT) and the weird addition of "The Asparagus Song" ......essential for my money.

    Next up came "Fakebook", which is mostly a covers set (but, as before, they "Cover" thier own "Barnaby, Hardly Working")......and the cover material, from sources as essoteric as Cat Stevens, The Flamin Groovies, Gene Clark and John Cale, THIS is how you make a cover album (you know I LOATHE slavish cover versions, these versions belong totally to Yo La Tengo.

    James McNew took over as permanent basis on "May I Sing With Me", 1992, and the lineup has remained intact ever since. Thier sound continued to develop, becoming noiser, more absrtact, but still VERY identifiable......they were always at thier best on the long, noisy numbers, and there are a pair of them here, "Sleeping Pill" and "Mushroom Cloud of Hiss".

    Along came 1993, and yet another Yo La Tengo album ("Painful")......very different from any of thier previous works, this is much more shoe-gaze, trippy stuff, I almost want to compare to Mazzy Star but that sounds a little silly.......they are still an ORIGINAL. There are two very different versions of "Big Day Coming", as well as my favorite, "From a Motel Six"...........underrated album as well.

    This is the life of a cult band.......try this, try that, try anything, those who LOVE YOU will groove on anything you do, while 99% of music fans will get your name wrong ("Yo La TENGO not TANGO (They even make fun of THAT a bit later on))......and if ever modern times gave us a great cult band it was Yo La Tengo.

    "Electro Pura" appeared in 1995 and was another critic's fave, and deservedly so......they continued to
    grow, to change, but NEVER to lost thier unique identity......I wouldn't agree, but I know some who rank this as thier favorite Yo La Tengo album.......plenty of good stuff here tough, "Bitter End" and  "Blue Line Swinger" are a couple of the more memorable for myself.

    It gets stale just telling you how great each subsequent release is, but what am I to do........"I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One", is a great one as well, this album was and remains today a HUGE critical favorite, and it's way easy to see why........because it's great.........perhaps the trippy "Damage" is for you.....if not, maybe the beautiful "Autumn Sweater".......the obligatory "long" one here is "Spec BeBop",  ten minutes of electro-psych.......and let us not forget thier goofball cover of  "Little Honda"......five star album from THIS "critic", no doubt about it.

    Next album "And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out" experimented with a lot of simple, quieter songs, some of which work ("Everyday" for example, is a nice one), but not forgetting that they ARE You La Tengo, there is plenty of noisy killer rock here, notably the 17 minute closer "Night Falls on Hoboken"........while it deosn't quite measure up to it's predecessor, this is a great album as well in it's own right, one that I think is ignored a bit.

    We'll do one more album and that will give you the first ten of thier career, and should give you a picture of what we are talking about......we have only scratched the surface, there are more studio LP's to come (good ones too), plus singls, EP's, comps, rarities boots..........thiswill take a while so please leave a comment......maybe you don't like em as much as I do, but sure would like to hear some newbie opinions.

    Album number ten, then, is "The Sounds of the Sounds of Science", an instrumental album to accompany a series of underwater documentary films shot underrwater by filmmaker Jean Painleve.....for what it is, it is beautiful, NOT one I pull out very often, but what band EVER has taken as many chances as Yo La Tengo? slip this one on as beautiful makground music for some stoned lovemaking, or just for napping, again, it's a triumph.

    I will try to work on this some more tonight because this is going to be a rough one. Hope, really hope, you guys enjoy this one.

    RIDE THE TIGER-01 The Code of Silence/02 Big Sky/03 The Evil That Men Do/04 The Forest Green/05 The pain of Pain/06 The Way Some People Die/07 The Empty Pool/08 Alrock's Bells/09 Five Years/10 Screaming Dead Balloons/11 Living In the Country

    PRESIDENT YO LA TENGO/NEW WAVE HOT DOGS-01 Barnaby, Hardly Working/02 Drug Test/03 The Evil That Men Do/04 Orange Song/05 Alyda/06 The Evil That Men Do/07 I Threw It All Away/08 Clunk/09 Did I Tell You/10 House Fall Down/11 Lewis/12 Lost In Bessemer/13 It's Alright (The Way You Live)/14 3 Blocks From Groove Street/15 Let's Compromise/16 Serpentine/17 A Shy Dog/18 No Water/19 The Story of Jazz/20 The Asparagus Song

    FAKEBOOK-01 Can't Forget/02 Griselda/03 Here Comes My Baby/04 Barnaby, Hardly Workig/05 Yellow Sarong/06 You Tore Me Down/07 Emulsified/08 Speeding Motorcycle/09 Tried So hard/10 The Summer/11 Oklahoma USA/12 What Comes Next/13 The One To Cry/14 Andalucia/15 Did I Tell You/16 What Can I Say

    MAY I SING WITH ME-01 Detouring America With Horns/02 Upside-Down/03 Mushroom Cloud
    of Hiss/04 Swing For Life/05 Five-Cornered Drone/06 Some Kinda Fatigue/07 Always Something/08 86-Seconde Blowout/09 Out the Window/10 Sleeping Pill/11 Satellite

    PAINFUL-01 Big Day Coming/02 From a Motel 6/03 Double Dare/04 Superstar-Watcher/05 Nowhere Near/06 Sudden Organ/07 A Worrying THing/08 I Was the Fool Beside You For Too Long/09 The Whole of the Law/10 Big Day Coming/11 I Heard You Looking

    ELECTR-O-PURA-01 Decora/02 Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)/03 The Hour Grows Late/04 Tom
    Courtenay/05 False Ending/06 Pablo and Andrea/07 Paul Is Dead/08 False Alarm/09 The Ballad of Red Buckets/10 Don't Say a Word (Hot Chicken #2)/11 (Straight Down to the) Bitter End/12 My Heart's Reflection/13 Attack On Love/14 Blue Line Swinger

    I CAN HEAR THE HEART BEATING AS ONE-01 Return To Hot Chicken/02 Moby Octopad/03 Sugarcube/04 Damage/05 Deeper Into Movies/06 Shadows/07 Stockholm Syndrome/08 Autumn Sweater/09 Little Honda/10 Green Arrow/11 One PM Again/12 The Lie and How We Told It/13 Center of Gravity/14 Spec Bebop/15 We're An American Banad/16 My Little Corner of the World

    AND THEN NOTHING TURNED ITSELF INSIDE OUT-01 Everyday/02 Our Wa to Fall/03 Saturday/04 Let's Save Tony Orlando's House/05 Last Days of Disco/06 The Crying of Lot G/07 You Can have It All/08 Tears Are In Your Eyes/09 Cherry Chapstick/10 From Black to Blue/11 Madeline/12 Tired Hippo/13 Night Falls On Hoboken

    THE SOUNDS OF THE SOUNDS OF SCIENCE-01 Sea Urchins/02 Hyas and Stenorhynchus/03 Shrimp Stories/04 How Some Jellyfish Are Born/05 Liquid Crystals/06 The Love Life of the Octopus/07 Acrea or the Witches Dance/08 The Sea Horse


    0 0

    OK, that first part was pretty breezy, nine pretty great studio releases from one of the greatest of all
    the indie bands of the 80's-90's-00's.......and we are FAR from finished......hopefully I can finish up the regular studio releases here, and on we'll go into the rest of the plethora of material I have from this kick-ass band.

    I think we left off with the oddball underwater soundtrack "The Sounds of the Sounds of Science" (2001), so next on the agenda I guess we have 2003's "Summer Sun".....I consider it thier weakeset effort thusfar, although far from worthless......Georgia Hubley's mother had just passed away, and you can feel the pain and loss on the labum, completely like any other Yo La Tengo does have it's moments, of course, but I'd give it two stars, a DAMN low rating for this band. understandable as death certainly does things like this to all of us, but not a favorite of mine.

    They most certainly had a comeback in them however. 2006's "I am Not Afraid of You And I Will Beat Your Ass" is one of my faves, one of the best albums of that years, and contains perhaps my very favorite Yo La Tengo track, "Pass the Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind", a marvelous long freakish guitar workout..... (it also contains "The Story of Yo La Tango" (yes tAngo!), another long slammer jammer......there is more great shit like "Mr Tough" and  "Dapnia", a wonderful comeback LP and one NOT to be missed. Great album.

    Thier next "proper" release was "Popular Songs", 2009.......while hardly up to the standard of "I am Not Afraid of You....", there are some good tracks here, this is a band with a seemingly inexhaistible supply of material......."Avalon or Someone Very Similar", "The Fireside", and "And the Glitter is Gone" all remind of classic's a decent album........if it were MY rock n roll Hall of Fame they'd walk in tomorrow, they have given us three times the great rock n roll that many bands in there have (hi Rush).

    I think that 2013's "Fade" is their latest regular release.......once again, not the greatest, but certainly not something that Kansas would kick out of bed......this album comes in several different editions, with lost of different gimmicks included, the one I have here is but the standard release, sorry.....the coupling of "ohm" and "Is That Enough" are the highlights from here, myself I was just glad we were still getting fresh material from Yo La Tengo in 2013.

    As far as I can tell I got all the studio "regular" releases.......there is a LOT more stuff to go, take me at my word.......the next post we will start on some comps and stuff, and this is MORE great stuff, trust me (MIGHT even have a WOXY lounge act, have to check)......anyway, LOTS more to come, LOTS, so stay tuned.

    SUMMER SUN-01 Beach Party Tonight/02 Little Eyes/03 Nothing But You and Me/04 Season of
    the Shark/05 Today Is the Day/06 Tiny Birds/07 How To Make a baby Elephant Float/08 Georgia vs. Yo La Tengo/09 Don't Have to Be So Sad/10 Winter A Go-Go/11 Moonrock Mambo/12 Let's be Still/13 Take Care

    I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU AND I WILL BEAT YOUR ASS-01 Pass Me the Hatchet, I THink I'm Goodkind/02 Beanbag Chair/03 I Feel Like Going Home/04 Mr Tough/05 Black Flowers/06 The Race Is On Again/07 The Room Got Heavy/08 Sometimes I Don't Get You/09 Daphnia/10 I Should Have Known Better/11 Watch Out For Me Ronnie/12 The Weakest Part/13 Song For Mahalia/14 Point and Shoot/15 The Story of Yo La Tango

    POPULAR SONGS-01 Here To Fail/02 Avalon or Someone Very Similar/03 By Two's/04 Nothing To Hide/05 Periodically Double or TRiple/06 If It's True/07 I'm On My Way/08 When It's Dark/09 All Your Secrets/10 More Stars Than There Are In Heaven/11 The Fireside/12 And the Glitter is Gone

    FADE-01 Ohm/02 Is That Enough/03 Well You Better/04 Paddle Forward/05 Stupid THings/06 I'll Be Around/07 Cornelia and Jane/08 Two Trains/09 The Point of It/10 Before We Run

    Dont think this is close to finished though.......there is so much more material here it will make your head spin!

    0 0

    Well, I think we have all the "regular" issue LP/CD's's to the fun stuff, the more rare
    and essoteric releases, and, sister Christian, there are a LOT of them.

    I think this portion will feature the compilation albums which feature rarities, and this and of a band such as this will swoon for such stuff, and there is some wonderful material here.Why not begin with the three disc "Prisoners of Love (A Smattering of Scintillating Senescent Songs, 1985-2003)".....what these discs feature are TONS of rare tracks from our heroes, I'm not gonna list em all here (that is what the track list is for), check these out, there is some overlap, but it is outweighed by the unearthed gems you will locate here.....feel free to preprogram if you wish,

    Next up is the clssic "Yo La Tengo Is Murdering the Classics", the title says it all......Oh, my God......a sampling: "The Night Chicago Died"....."The Hokey Pokey"......."Oh! Sweet Nuthin!"......."Roundabout"....."Raw Power"......"Murdering" is the correct terminology, and this essential album shold be on your shelf yesterday. hilarious and listenable at once, this one is a MUST. Seriously, one of the most hilarious albums ever created, many have TRIED, but NONE have pulled it off to this point of perfection.

    "They Shoot We Score" is an album of soundtrack work the band has done, I REALLY enjoy this one for some reason, the existing versions of the old standards are MUCH different, and there is music they contributed to four different films.......this is a fine album, don't miss it, the shrot version of "Spec Bebop" is almost worth the price of admission.

    "Genius + Love= Yo La Tengo" is a wonderful two disc set or rarities, alternates, outtakes, and is a must have for fans of this band........WONDERFUL stuff here ("The Blitkreig Bop"? "Surfing With the Shah?")......another winner, by now you know whether this band is "for you" or not (obviously, they are for ME), but if they are for you, this rarities double disc is no question  essential to your collection as well.

    OK, I am trying to work quickly, if I forget something I'll stick it on th end or something........these are great comps that ANY self-respecting Yo La Tengo fan MUST have, tomorrow, I will get to some live stuff, and a bunch of EP's also......this is one of America's great underappreciated indie bands, they are great and let us PLEASE recognize them as such!

    PRISONERS OF LOVE DISC 1-01 Shaker/02 Sugarcube/03 barnaby, Hardly Working,/04 Little
    Eyes/05 Stockholm Syndrome/06 Our Way to Fall/07 From a Motel Six/08 Swing For Life/09 Tom Courtaney/10 Lewis/11 I heard You Looking/12 You Can Have It All/13 Did I Tell You

    PRISONERS OF LOVE DISC 2-01 The River of Water/02 Autumn Sweater/03 Big Day Coming/04 Pablo and Andrea/05 Drug Test/06 Season of the Shark/07 Upside Down/08 The Summer/09 Tears Are In Your Eyes/10 Blue Line Swinger/11 The Story of Jazz/12 Nuclear War/13 By the Time It Gets Dark

    PRISONERS OF LOVE DISC 3-01 Stay Away From Heaven/02 Pencil Test/03 Almost True/04 Tom Courtenay/05 Big Day Coming (demo)/06 Dreaming/07 Bad Politics/08 Blue Green Arrow/09 Decora (Acoustic)/10 Out the Window/11 Weather Shy/12 Dreams/13 Autumn Sweater (remix).14 Ashes on the Ground/15 Mr. Ameche Plays the Stranger/16 Magnet

    YO LA TENGO IS MURDERING THE CLASSICS-01 Tighten Up/02 The Night Chicago Died/03 Raw Power/04 Sea Cruise/05 Favorite Thing/06 Baseball Altamont/07 Meet the Mets/08 Oh Bondage Up Yours!/09 Ding Dang Interplanetary Music/10 Captain Lou/11 Oh! Sweet Nuthin!/12 Route 66/13 Roadrunner/14 Tijuana Taxi/15 Mendocino/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/16 Aweet Dreams (Are made of These)/17 Baby's On Fire/18 Mary Ann With the Shaky Hand/19 The Hokey Pokey/20 You May Be Right/21 Mama Told Me Not To Come/22 Roundabout/23 You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet/24 Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking For Her hand In the Snow)/25 Downtown/26 Let the Good Times Roll/27 Never on Sunday/28 20th Century Boy/29 Rock The Boat/30 Shotgun+Me

    THEY SHOOT WE SCORE-01 Leaving Home/02 Getting Lost/03 Path to Springs/04 Driving
    Home/05 Leaving Home (alternate Version)/06 Old Joy End Credits/07 Ashley/08 Meerkat/09 Madaeline/10 A Roomfull of Ladies (Outtake)/11 David Wark/12 Aftermat (Outtake)/13 George/14 This Could Be It/15 The Phantom Who haunts Broadway/16 Game Time/17 Pharoah Blues/18 zoo Chant/19 Love Chant/20 Asbestos/21 Return of the Pharoah/22 Spec bebop/23 Buckner's Bone/24 Isolation Tank/25 Panic In Central Park (outtake)/26 Panic In Central/27 Wizard's Sleeve

    GENIUS + LOVE= YO LA TENGO (DISC 1)-01 Evanescent Psychic Pez Drop/02 Demons/03 Fog Over Frisco/04 Too Late/05 Hanky Panky nowhow/06 Something To Do/07 Ultra-powerful Shortwave Radio picks up//08 Up To You/09 Somebaody's baby/10 Walking Away From You/11 Artificial Heart/12 Cast a Shadow/13 I'm Set Free/14 Barnaby, Hardly Working/15 Some Kinda Fatigue/16 Speeding Motorcycle

    GENIUS + LOVE=YO LA TENGO (DISC 2)-01 Nutricia/02  Her Grandmother's Gift/03 From a Motel 6/04 Gooseneck Problem/05 Surfin With the Shah/06 Ecstacay Blues/07 Too Much Part one/08 Blitzkreig Bop/09 One Self; Fish Girl/10 Enough/11 Drum Solo/12 From a Motel 6/13 Too Much Part II/14 Sunsquashed

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