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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    Today the second 6 volumes of the "Father and Sons of Garage Punk " set, which I took from the site
    "Fuck the Mummies" a few years ago....don't think that site is still around, but this is one KILLER set, it really IS a history, from the Rockabilly days to the current state of things. If you checked yesterdays sstuff, you flip over today's as well.....I should have the links pretty much caught up by now, there was trouble with the "Grunge " set that set me back......a you read this, everything should be where up to date. And if not, direct complains to Scott Andridge, a TRUE "son of garage punk", either that or ths son of some local alcoholic drifter.........

    The latter discs focus MUCH more on the "sons" than the "fathers", but that is great too, many of the "fathershave been overcomped to the point of redundancy anyway. So these next 6 discs are NOTHING BUT kickass garage punk, pure, simple, sloppy, amatuerish, snarling, and great. TRUST ME on this, you WANT this one.

    Say,  Disc 7......opening with the legendary Mummies, adding on Cheater Slicks, Dirtbombs, Dwarves, The Gories, and these are the BIG STARS to draw you in......wouldn't wanna miss out on Demon's Claw's "Satan's Little Pet Pig", The Dead Hookers "Technical Mortal", The Hunches "I Ate My Teeth", and about 20 more, and not really a bad one in the mix.

    Columbus Ohio's own New Bomb Turks highlight Volume 8, as well as Columbus Ohio's MAGNIFICENT (and unknown) Gaunt (see my full post Gaunt if the links are still good!), The Supersuckers, Loli & the Chons, Jay Reatard, The Devil Dogs and much, much much advised there are FORTY TWO TRACKS on this disc, closing with Batman & Robin's "Whatever I hate Rock N Roll" complaint is the criminal inclusion of Gaunt's "No Hope" over their shoulda-been-a-hit/classic "Insanegel", but if my Gaunt post is still there do NOT miss that one either (actually the entire Gaunt catalogue is highly worthwhile, FYI)

    Disc 9 fails to disappoint as well, The Gories
    "Detroit Breakdown" is a classic,  we get great stuff from Doo Rag, The Horrors, Little Killers, the notorious Reverend Beat-Man & the Un-Beleivers, and son't miss Bassholes or Jack O Fire either. If you are of the right mindset, and are unfamiliar with this set, you are going to be thanking Ol' UncleBigScott62 PROFUSELY!

    Now,  Volume 10.......Hasil Akins "Chicken Walk" from 1962 appears smack in the middle of the disc, don't ask me, this is by FAR the most bizarre, outlandish disc of the set, 31 tracks by ONE MAN BANDS!   Don't know how more I can expound
    upon that......check THESE future legends: The  Fabulous Go Go Boy From Alabama, Dead Elvis & The One Man Grave, Lightning Beat-Man & The Never Heard of Ems, Johnny Cancer One Man Band bands"on this disc!.....and who among us
    could ever be without Bob Log III's "Clap Your Tits"? I guess all these remarkable and semi-remarble one man bands deserved to be compiled somwhere, might as wll be here......this is some STRANGE SHIT.

    As we wind this down, we are focussing more and more on unknown eccentrics (a GOOD thing), volume 11 give us 39 tracks, featuring the likes of; Fag Cop, Homostupids, Mosquito Bandito, Shit Eagle.......HOW can you not love this stuff? How can you not love the incredible passion that went into this set.......ALL 12 DISCS! MUST HAVES! If I was laid up with a broken leg or something, I'd have my wife put this whole set in and listen from beginning to end. Can't say enough, WHAT A FANTASTIC COMP!

    So, it brings me to tears to report that this (volume 12) is the final disc of the set......of course it's just
    as good, IT'S ALL GREAT......a few sample names to whet your groove: Boy Toys, THe Flips, Tuff  Bananas, Thee Makeout Party!.......great great great great great.......I hope everyone enjoys this, I hope everyone says a silent word of thanks to the great (defunct) Fuck the Mummies" site for providing us with this, the 12 discs probably average over 30 tracks apiece, so we are taking a BUNCH of material, VERY little repeat stuff, you travel seemlessly from the rockabilly of the late 50's to "Brass Knuckles" from Personal and the Pizzas (2010)......educational, informatve, and best of all FUCKING WONDERFUL TO LISTEN TO.......sounds like I am heaping excessive praise on this way. This is one of the better comps ever issued in any genre. Every home should have it!

    LOTTA typing to do to get all these titles in, but get cracking with the downloads and the comments, this set is NO FUCKNG JOKE, and if you have doubts, you are wrong......ou WANT this!

    VOLUME 7-01 THE MUMMIES-Your Ass (Is
    Next In Line)/02 THE MAKERS-She's Going Under/03 CHEATER SLICKS-My Little Red Book/04 DEMONS CLAW-Satan's Litle Pet Pig/05 THE  DIRTBOMBS-Brand New Game/06 CPC GANGBANGS-I Want Blood-Life Support/07 THE KING KKHAN & BBQ SHOW-Zombies/08 CATHOLIC BOYS-Psycho Voodoo Mind Control/09 DWARVES-Free Cocaine/10 OBLIVIANS-Guitar Shop Asshole/11 THE HUNCHES-Ate My Teeth/12 THE DEAD HOOKERS-Technical/13 THE MARKED MEN-Fortune/14 ESTROGEN HIGHS-Friends, Family, LSD/15 BRIMSTONE HOWL-In The Valley/16 THE HEX DISPENSERS-Are You An Assassin/17  TURPENTINE BROTHERS-All The Same/18 GOLDEN BOYS-Yeah I Wanna  Know/19 REIGNING SOUND-Excedrine Headache #265/20 OBLIVIANS-Bad Man/21 THE ACT UPS-Alive Again/22 THE DIRTBOMBS-All My Friends Must Be Punished/23 POISON 13-First You Dream, Then You Die/24 CHROME CRANKS-Hot Blonde Cocktail/25 THE GORIES-Stranded/26 EPSILONS-Evil Robots/27 THE PIRANHAS-Roman Showers/28 COACHWHIPS-Thee Alarm/29 INTELLIGENCE-Garbage In Garbage Out

    VOLUME 8-01 THE INFECTIONS-Kill For You/02 THE FELLS-I Want You To Come Over/03 SUPERCHARER-You Irritate Me/04 GAUNT-No Hope/05 LOLI & THE CHONES-Makeout Party/06 THE RIP OFFS-Now I Know (It's You)/07 THE SPACESHITS-Cassie/08 JOHN WOO-Negative Cars, Crashing Feelings/09 NEW BOMB TURKS-Dragstrip Riot/10 THE CRYIN OUT LOUDS-Motorcycle Cop/11 THE SPITES-Cheap Beer, Fast Cars, and Girls/12 REGISTRATORS-Stupid Girls/13 THE PROBLEMATICS-Bad Habit/14 KILL-A-WATTS-Electrock/15 CATHOLIC BOYS-Teenage Monster/16 REAL NUMBERS-Tass Times/17 THE MOTARDS-Yo (Love) Mexico/18 THE STIPJES-HeyMister/19 COCOMA-All I Give/20 AUDACITY-Twilight Zone/21 JAY REATARD-My Shadow/22 GG KING-Adult Rock/23 NEW BOMB TURKS-Snap Decision/24 DEVIL DOGS-Once Around the Block/25 SUPERSUCKERS-High Ya!/26 TEENGENERATE-Mess Me Up/27 LOLI & THE CHONES-I Think I'm Gonna/28 REATARDS-Sick When I See/29 JEFFERY NOVAK ONE MAN BAND-Back Off/30 HOMOSTUPIDS-Apeshit/31 DWARVES-Astro Boy/32 THE SPASTICS-Do You Want Me/33 THE STIPJES-I love My Job/34 SPOILER
    BRATS-No I  Don't/35 LOLI & THE CHONES-Everybody Hates Me/36 REGISTRATORS-Over Drive/37 THE SWINDLERS-Try/38 THE RIP OFFS-Go Away/39 THE PROBLEMTICS-Bad Bad Woman/40 TEENGENERATE-Out of Sight/41 THE SHITBIRDS-Beef Bologna/42 BAMAN & ROBIN-Whatever, I Hate Rock N Roll

    VOLUME 9-01 BASSHOLES-It's So Easy/02 JACK O FIRE-Wine Wine Wine/3 THE GIBSON BROTHERS-Big Pine Boogie/04 BLACK JOE LEWIS & COOL BREEZE-Boogie/05 THE GORIES-Detroit Breakdown/06 BOB LOG III-Make You Say Wow/07 DOO RAG-Freeloader/08 JAWBONE-Low Dang Discount Teenage Jesus Blues/09 KING LOUIE ONE MAN BAND-Suckin On a Grapevine/10 FIREWORKS-Gimme Another Shot/11 POISON 13-My Biggest Mistake/12 DEMONS CLAW-Who Needs a Girl/13CHILI COLD BLOOD-Never Going Back/14 WALTER DANIELS, THE OBLIVIANS, & MONSIUER JEFFERY-WE're Not In It To Lose It/15 SCAT RAG BOOSTERS-Slickat/16 BBQ-Year Old Wine/17 DOO RAG-Tire Knocker/18 THE HORRORS-I Don't Need  a Woman I Need a Nurse/19 JUNKPILE JIMMY-Lee Harvey/20 THE TRADITIONAL FOOLS-I Got a Baby/21 THE COME N GO-The Diep/22 THE LITTLE KILLERS-Jenna Lee/23 THE

    VOLUME  10-01 ABNER JAY-Royal Palm/02 POSSESSED BY PAUL JAMES-Colorofmybloodynose/03 TRAINWRECK WASHINGTON-Walked All Night/04 THE FABULOUS GO GO BOY FROM ALABAMA -You Got to Love/05 JUNKPILE JIMMY-Sugar Baby/06 AMAZING ELEPHANT MAN-Can't Go Outside/07 BRAM RIDDLEBARGER AND HIS LONESOME BAND-Rhythem and Soul/08 HAUNTED GEORGE-Howlin/09 BLOODSHOT BILL & HIS HUBCAPS-Cemetary/10 DEAD ELVIS & THE ONE MAN GRAVE-Long Gone, Dead and Gone/11 HASIL ADKINS-Chicken Walk/12 LIGHTNING BEAT-MAN & THE NEVER HEARD OF EMS-Sonic Nightmares/13 MR BONZ ONE MAN BAND-Wild Party/14 KING LOUIE ONE MAN BAND-Jesus Loves My One Man Band/15 BBQ-I Wanna Be The Only One/16 KIN AUTOMATIC-I Don't Give a Fuck/17 JOHNNY CANCER ONE MAN BAND-Primitive/18 JAWBONE-Bullcat/19 BOB LOG III-Clap Your  Tits/20 SKIP JENSEN & HIS SHAKIN FEET-My Time's Up/21 JEFFERY NOVAK ONE MAN BAND-Kick the Door Down/22 SHERRIFF PERKINS-Black Bowtie/23 BLOODSHOT BILL-Sex On the Metro/24 ALMIGHTY DO ME A FAVOR-You're Wrong/25 EL PASO HOT BUTTON-Snake Boy Lives In the Mississippi/26 THE UNCLE

    VOLUM 11-01 CHARLES ALBRIGHT-I'm On Drugs/02 FNU RONNIES-Meat/03 FAG COP-Attack  of the Killer Bong Rips/04 SHIT EAGLE-Girls In School/05 THE SPREAD EAGLES Don't  Talk to the Narc/06 MAYYORS-White Jeep/07 HOMOSTUPIDS-Flies Die/08 HOME BLITZ-THin Ice/09 FAIR OHS-I'm a Woman I'm Your Wife/10 NICE FACE-Situation is Facing Utter Annihilation/11 FAG COP-I'm Fucking Dead/12 LEPER PRINT-Phobia/13 FNU RONNIES-Ain't No Place/14 BLACK ORPHAN-Transmission/15 ZOLA JESUS-Odessa/16 FAG COP-Automatic Kansas/17 THE DAILY VOID-Faces/18 INTELLIGENCE-Lifepresserver/19 HUMAN EYE-Dinosaur Bones/20 BLACK ORPHAN-Circuits/21 THE DAILY VOID-  1h12au/22 THE WAX MUSEUMS-Magnet Part 2/23 MAYYORS-Airplanes/24 HOMOSTUPIDS-Cavemen/25 AAFCGT-Decomposer/26 MOSQUITO BANDIT-Omaha/27 THE WAX MUSEUMS-I Eat Vomit/28 THE SLEAZE-Machine Hand/29 XYX-Anel And Her Problem/30 LOVE TAN-Soloween/31 LEPER PRINT-Coma/32 NICE FACE-Beater/33 STRAIGHT ARROWS-Magic Scepter/34 SHIT EAGLE-So Sad/35 WHITE LOAD-Nothing Is Funny/36FNU RONNIES-Normal Citizen/37 BIRTH CONTROL-Burn/38 UNHOLY TWO-Porkeys/39 THE CHINESE RESTURANTS-River Of Shit

    VOLUME 12-01 PERSONAL & THE PIZZAS-Brass Kuckles/02 APACHE-Finger Banger/03 TUFF BANANAS-Candy/04 CHEAP TIME-Penny & Jenny/05 LOVE BOAT-Take a Ride In My Machine/06THE FLIPS-I Still Wanna Be His Girl/07 NODZZZ-Controlled Karaoke/08THE BOY TOYS-Black and Blue and Grey/09 THE RANTOULS-Little Bit of This/10 MAGIC KIDS-Good To Be/11 THE MAKEOUT PARTY!-Wreckless Epic/12 SKIPPER-You're So Charming/13 THE BARBARAS-Day at the Shrine/14 BOX ELDERS-Atlantis/15 ROMANCE NOVELS-Peggy Sue/16 SMITH WESTERNS-Gimme Some Time/17 TEENAGE LOVERS-Number One/18 BOX ELDERS-Atlantis/19 THE OKMONIKS-I'm On My Own/20 THE RANTOULS-Bubblegumbo/21 FIRST BASE-I've Got a Girl/22 HUNX & HIS PUNX-Cruisin/23 NOBUNNY-Mess Me Up/24 GIRLS OF
    GRAVITATION-Principles of Kimberely/25 THE SWEET SIXTEENS-She Said Alright/26 THE YOLKS-Wandering/27 DAY CREEPER-Outerbelt/28 THE ELECTRIC BUNNIES-Eskimo/29 BARES-Looking For Some Action/30 NOBUNNY-Boneyard/31 HARLEM-Faces/32 JEFFERY NOVAK-Queen of Moods/33 DAN MELCHER UND DAS MENACE-Williamsburg, Brooklyn/34 INTELLIGENCE-Warm Transfers

    Now THAT my for-life bros', by bad-girl ho's, my fellow human beings, and even Scott Andridge, was some serious work  to compile.....thanks to the ORIGINAL creators, they did a tremendous job, this is a wonderful set (check that "Little Annie Fannie" cover art) of the great compilations ever created, a TRUE labor of love, and a spectacular addition to anyone's collection. Please leave comments.......and enjoy this set, I KNOW you will!

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    A classic internet-only set from the once (and always) great "Fuzzface" blog......the last couple of
    posts with all that great modern day garage-rock and retro shit got me thinking of this set. VERY strangely numbered, Volumes 1-6 are single disc, Volume 7 is 2 Discs, Volume 8 is NINE (!) discs, and Volume 9 is yet another single disc. WHY? Not a fucking clue, but this is a great set too, maybe not quite as good as "Fathers and Sons" due to that set's wonderful progrmming and construction, but these discs contain some unbeleiveably great and obscure music. To the best of my knowledge, it is no longer avaialable anywhere except from those of us who grabbed it at the time, this is a second chance for some, so PLEASE don't miss it!

    OK, I guess I'll do Volumes 1-7 today and Volumes 8-9 tomorrow......that's  eight discs total for today, guys, this really IS a bit work,  doing this much bulk at a time, (most blogs, I'm sure you are aware, give you but a disc a day, if that.....) I enjoy doing this, but please, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THESE SETS, especially a terrific and hard to locate set such as this!

    So, Volume 1 "Punk Rock".....I get the idea that these were created by some cool guy maybe living in his parent's basement, sort of making mix-tapes (CD's) for his own partying use....."Punk Rock" couldn't be more general, but that is indeed what we're getting here!....a somewhat rare Clash track ("Sex Man Roar"), the Ramones
    "Spiderman" (WOULD BE rare if I didn't just give it to ya on the "Saturday Morning Cartoons" disc last week or so!).... how's about a duet betwixt Dee Dee Ramone and Lux Interior ("Bad Horoscope")? Jayne/Wayne County & the Electric Chairs rarely turn up on these comps, points for that......the wonderful cover of "Little Honda" by the criminally overlooked Demonics. The great "Do the Boob" by the Real Kids......"School Days", one of the Runaway's best...and also stuff from Crazyhead, The Stukas, to a fantastic start, this set!

    Volume 2 is entitled "Garage Rock Internacional"
    and lives up to its name as well....a near-perfect collection of retro-60's bands, Chesterfield Kings, Pandoras, Fleshtones, Fuzztones, the great Miracle Workers, even a track from Sky Saxon ("Barbie Doll Look")......and that's about the half of it. Volume 3 ("Garage Rock Nacional 1980-2003") is a lot of great stuff less familiar to those of us in the US (I have no idea where Fuzzface originated from), "Insanity" by the Pissmakers, Doctor Explosion's take on "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White"), "Drinkin' Blood" by Screamin Pijas, unknown stuff (to us Yanks at least) from the Rock-A-Hulas, Sex Museum, Los Macana......and again, that's about the half of it.

    Volume 4 is "Garage Rock Internacional II", more greats such as "Slave Girl" from the Lime Spiders, "In Her Life" by the phenominal Yard Trauma, The Tell Tale Hearts, The Stomachmouths, Cavemanish Boys.......fantastic shit here guys, do not miss it. Volume 5 "Revival Garage Internaciol 2" (?), Lordy me, the utter greatness just keeps coming. The great Swingin Neckbreakers ("Help Wanted"), The Brood (another of my personal faves), Pandoras, Fuzztones, The need to just make a list, each of these discs is about as close to
    OUT AND OUT PERFECTION as one could possibly get.

    Volume 6? "Punk Nacional"....lotsa foreign language (to ME) stuff, and you know I love non-English rock, well, just off the cuff, how about some from Familia Real, KGB, Commando 9mm, Kangrena.....don't think I'd ever heard a single track on this disc prior to hearing it, and it is one of my favorite discs in this wonderful set.

    OK, now Volume 7 is TWO discs, ("Revival
    Garage Nacional 1" and "Revival Garage Nacional 2") a bunch of tracks on the second disc are referred to ONLY AS "Bonus Track", no titles OR Artists given, OK by me, cause the rest of the disc is filled out with Nikki & the Corvettes (LOVE YA NIKKI!), Thee Headcoatees, Suzy Quatro (!), the Pandoras, Teen Machine and more. The other Volume 7 disc is loaded with lots of obscure shit, Los Buges, The Smutmen, Undershakers, RC Druids.....I could go on and on, and I have, but this set is as goddamn good in it's own way as the "Fathers and Sons" sets are.
    DON'T miss your chance to get them, they are fantastic and you'll be sorry if you miss them. Be back tomorrow with the rest of em and you're going to LOVE those as well.......PLEASE comment and let me know your thoughts on these recent "giant" comps, are they worth all the work? I'd like to think/hope so, I hope SOMEONE out there loves them as much as do I!

    VOLUME 1-01 THE STUKAS-Klean Living
    Kids/02 GENERATION X-Your Generation/03 THE ANGELS-Dogs Are Talking/04 THE CLASH-Sex Roar Man/05 THE RAMONES-Spiderman/06 CRAZYHEAD-Have Love Will Travel/07 THE RUNAWAYS-School Days/08 LUX INTERIOR & DEE DEE RAMONE-Bad Horoscope/09 L7-I Used to Love Him/10 THE REAL KIDS-Do the Boob/11
    THE REVILLOS-Hippy Hippy Shake/12 JAYNE-WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELELCTRIC CHAIRS-Max's Kansas City/13 ROBERTO GORDON-Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die/14 DMZ-Mighty Idy/15 THE RICHIES-I Want to See Anymore/16 THE DEMONICS-Little Honda/17 RADIO BIRDMAN-New Race/18 FUZZTONES-I Never Know/19 FRED SCHNEIDER & THE SHAKE SOCIETY-Monster/20 SHAMPOO-Monster/21 SURFIN LUNGS-Monster

    VOLUME 2-01 THE HEADLESS HORSEMEN-Can't Help But Shake/02 THE PANDORAS-You're All Talk/03 99TH FLOOR-Green City Hopper/04 THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS-Hey Little Bird/05 THE CREEPS-She's Gone/06 THE CYNICS-
    Creepin/07 THE DEFECTORS-I Can't Do Another Mistake/08 THE FIENDS-Gravedigger/09 THE FLESHTONES-My Kinda Lovin'/The Crosroads are Comin'/10 THE GRAVEDIGGER V-The Ugly Child/11 THE GRUESOMES-Santa Claus/12 THE LYRES-How Do You Know/13 MIRACLE WORKERS-Love Has No Time/14 THE NOMADS-Lowdown Shakin Chills/15 THE OTHERS-Penis Between Us/16 THE PRIMATES-I Go  Ape/17 THE SOUND EXPLOSION-Inspector Closeau/In Outer Limits/State of Mind/18 SKY SAXON-Barbie  Doll Look/19 THE VIPERS-Medication/20 THE FUZZTONES-Actions Speak Louder Than Words/21 THE FLESHTONES-Ammerican Beat 84/22 THE GRUESOMES-I Need You/23 BARBARELLAS-Giant Godzilla/24 THE UNDERTAKERS-Re-Explore Your Mind

    VOLUME 3-THE FURTIVOS-No Puedo Aguantara Mas/02 LOS FOSSILES-Nena/03 THE PISSMAKERS-Insanity/04 THE NATIVOS-Nightime/05 NEGATIVOS-Moscar Y Aranas/06 RC DRUIDS-In the City/07 SCREAMIN PIJAS-Drinkin BLood/08 LOS NADA-Carino/09 DEPARTMENTO 8-The Crusher/10 MOSCARDONES-Viaje Salvaje/11 DOCTOR EXPLOSION-Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White/12 SEX MUSEUM-You/13 LOS IMPOSIBLES-Chica Imposible/14 FUMESTONES-You Never Know/15 ROCK A HULAS-Soraya Lou/16 THE RESCUERS-Shakn Around/17 GRAVESTONES-You Are Lyin/18 LARTIJA NICK-I Had Too Much TO Dream/19 BRIGHTON 64-La Casa De La Bomba/20 LOS MACNA-Radio Go/21 THE FUZZONES-Romilar D (En Castellano)/22 LOS MACANA-Johnny Goose/23 LOS MACNA-Dr Raspberry

    VOLUME 4-01 THE FRANTIC FIVE-She Ain't You/02 THE STROLLERS-Let  Me Come In/03 THE
    THANES-Now It's Your Turn To Cry/04 THE TELL TALE HEARTS-No Surprise/05 THE ACE-TONES-Bad Woman/06 THE STOMACHMOUTHS-I'm Going Away/07 THE HUNCHMEN-Lost and Found/08 THE LIME SPIDERS-Slave Girl/09 CAVEMANISH BOYS-Outta Site Outta Mind/10 THE MONSTERS-The Other Man/11 THE SATELITTERS-Shadows of You/12 THE
    SHOUTLESS-Baby Come On/13 SINISTER SIX-Hey Man/14 TEE & THE CRUMPETS-You Got What You Wanted/15 TINA PEEL-The Witch/16 YARD TRAUMA-In Her Life/17 SIGHTS-Hey Girl/18 THE KARTOONS-Better Be Alone/19 THE UNDERTAKERS-Why/20 THE FUZZTONES-Heathen Set/21 THE LYRES-Busy Body/22 FUZZTONES-The People In Me/23 THE CYNICS-I Don't Need You/24 THE FRANTIC FIVE-Hang Up!

    VOLUME 5-01 THE MASONICS-I Know Where You Are Going/02 THE WYLD MAMMOTHS-THings That Matter/03 THE OUTTA PLACE-Don't Crowd Me/04 THE HOODS-I Wander Around/05 COLOR ME PSYCHO-Black Corvair/06 DUKESOF HAMBURG-Hey Joe/07THE ULTRA 5-White Trash/08 THE BROOD-Party Crashin/09 THE OFFHOOKS-Heartbreaking Girl/10 SWINGIN NECKBREAKERS-Help Wanted/11 THE CYNICS-Goin Away/12 THE M-EIGHTYS-Untrue/13 THE DISTURBED-Are You Alien/14 THE MAGGOTS-Uh! Uh! The Bigger The Better/15 THE MYSTREATED-Don't Be Led/16 DOD  THE RODS-You Are Gonna Miss Me/17 THE LINKERS-Way It's Gonna Be/18 SHUTDOWN 66-Bad Bad Bad Girl!/19 THE
    NEANDERTHALS-Lil Xke/20 THE FUZZTONES-Hurt On Hold/21 THE OTHERS-You Better Know Why!/22 THE GREENHORNES-Loving In the Sun/23 THE PANDORAS-Hot Generation/24 THE FUZZTONES-Be a Caveman/25 THE HOODS-Stupidity

    VOLUME 6-01 INTERTERROR-Adios Lli Marlen/02 LAS VULPES-Inkisicion/03 FARMACIA DE GUARDIA-Bronca Callejera/04 FAMILA REAL-Destruye/05 CODIGO NEUROTICO-Quema Tanques/06 ESQUELETOS-Solo Necisito Un Poco De Diversion/07 ESPASMODICOS-Enciendes Tu Motor/08 LA RESISTENCIA-Ls Rosas Rojas de Mayo/09 TNT-Deberias Tener Cuidado/10 PVP-Ah Ah Ah/11 ZOQUILLOS-Kung Fu Cowboy/12 BASURA-No Seas Lesbiana Mi Amor/13 PUNK CITY-Punk City/14 LA BROMA DE SATAN-Terrorismo Autorizado/15 ULTIMO RESORTE-Johny Mofeta/16 SEGURIDAD SOCIAL-Konsspiracion/17 KANGRENA-No Se Que Me Pasa/18KGB-Treblinka/19 GARAGE-Matanza de una Noche de Verano/20 O.X. POW-Esperando en la calle/21 MG 15-Derecho a la Vida/22 COMMMANDO 9 MM-Bailando Pogo/23 LA UV-Merete/24 TDK-La Senda de los Elefantes/25 PBNSK-Ven Y Unete a la Muerte/26 TOREROS AFTER OLE-Asesinos/27 LARSEN-El Payaso/28 DESECHABLES-Es Peligroso/29 TOREROS AFTER OLE-Payaso

    VOLUME 7 (DISC 1)-01 LOS 5 IBERICOS-Todo Nos Sonrie/02 LOS NEGATIVOS-Bagdad/03 RC
    DRUIDS-Stuck in the Middle With You/04 LOS IMPOSIBLES-Bye Bye Peqena/05 DOCTOR EXPLOSION-El Bugulu/06 LOS POTROS-Little Girl/07 SCREAMIN PIJAS-Side By Side/08 LOS BUGES-Come and Get It/09 FLASHBACK FIVE-Ugly Thing/10 THE RESCUERS-Don't Keep the Shock/11 THE SMUTMEN-Down to the Server/12 UNDERSHAKERS-Criminal Girl/13 THE CHARADES-You Better Run/14 LOS FOSSILES-I Got My Baby/15 AGENTES SECRETOS-Un Ser Extrano/16  LOS CONTENTOS-Dirty Noise/17 FUMESTONES-Self Satisfaction/18 SEX MUSEUM-Where I Belong/19 LOS MACANA-Airless

    VOLUME 7 (DISC 2)-01 THE FURITVOS-Bajo Control/02 LOS NUGGETS-Never Trusted
    You/03 GOLDEN SLUMBERS-Maldita/04 BONUS TRACK/05 BONUS TRACK/06 BONUS TRACK/07 BONUS TRACK/08 BONUS TRACK/09 BONUS TRACK-(MINI CD NENAS)-10  NIKKI & THE CORVETTES-Gimme Gimme (I'll give you ANYTHING you want Nikki, long as you GIMME some of that fine (_!_)......)/11 VOLADORAS-He Is Mine/12 THEE HEADCOATEES-My Boyfriend's Learning Karate/13 TEEN MACHINE-Schools Over/14 SUZY QUATRO-48 Crash/15 REVILLOS-Where Is the Boy For Me/16 THE PANDORAS-I Didn't Cry

    This is an amazing and unique set, PLEASE offer up lots of opinions on it......I'm thinking I'm starting to "feel" a deluge of latter-day garage/retro rock, feeling it pretty hard right now, IS IT A GOOD IDEA OR NOT? 

    Be back tomorrow witht he second half of this great and bizarrly numbered set!

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    YES!Back with a vengeance comes once again possibly the stupidest human being (alleged) that has ever drawn breath.......this time he seems a bit less interested in the length of my manhood but I swear to God.....WHY can this asshole not figure out that I always LOVED the Seeds? Seems somewhat obvious....own all thief music; did a full post about them; have featured many compel and rarities on which they appear......WHAT is this guys issue? It seems that he thinks that referring to the Seeds (and other "nuggets" era bands as "sloppy" or "amatuerish" is somehow insulting to them.......has he ever even listened to them? THAT is the CHARM of the great nuggets bands of the era....Toughguy Scott Andridge is apparently to stupid to understand this; honestly that is all I can think of.....even MORE hilarious he seems to think my blog tagline "the music that shaped a semi wasted life" IS A REFERENCE TO HIS just wow. I suggest that young Mr Andridge should stop worrying about the size of my phallus; maybe skip a NAMBLA meeting or two and perhaps try and get that GED! Idiot try to understand this: I LOVED THE MUSIC OF THE SEEDS.....The fact that you are unable to comprehend simple English is somewhat sad and somewhat pathetic......a typical "Internet tough guy" name caller....not only sad but boring. You don't even realize that EVERYONE here is laughing at you. You are making a laughing stock out of yourself and you are much too stupid to even see it. Keep the laughs coming tough guy everyone enjoys a pitiful little fool trying to be tough on the internet

    0 0

    So, did ya enjoy the first half of the series? ? Don't see how ya couldn't.....and it's just a warm up for
    today!. Now, listen carefully, my children......we are up to Volume 8, which consists of NINE discs, ALL titled "Zarius Knights of Fuzzface".....NO IDEA, don't ask me, but there s smme fucking great garage rock on these discs. Then, finally, we will ned up with the single disc Volume 9 ("Revival Garage Internacional")......the numbering system is as bizarre as bizarre  can be, but it is so very easy to forgive. Trust me. Again, please discuss, leave comments, I'm "feeling" this stuff right now, and you know how I can get (like when I was feeling "psych" or "punk" and I have just TONS of this kinda stuff too.....

    So, here we are.....Volume 8 disc 1......I don't think the discs are "themed" especially, just one blast after another of three-chord guitar, farfisa organ and screaming.......The Chesterfield Kings blast "Baby Doll" out of the park on this one, but don't forget The (much underappreciated, IMO) Brood with the fabulous "Writin on the Wall", The Lyres , The Cynics, whom we all know are great.....not so well known would be, say, Captain Future & the Zapguns, The Bogeymen,  Crimson Shadows, and, like some of yesterday's stuff, there are four tracks referred to simply as "Bonus Track",no title or artist given. For some reason, I absolutely LOVE that.....don't ask me why.

    More "Bonus Tracks" on disc 2, but how about this lineup: Baby Woodrose, The Fuzztones, Yard
    Trauma, The Nomads, and the Gruesomes, mixed in amongst 1-2-5, Outta Place, Queen Hornets.....this set brilliantly melds together "greats" of the genre with unknown stuff, these comps work as "radio programming" the way great comps do.

    Disc 3 has yet more mystery "bonus tracks", along with certifiable greats such as the Mummies ("House on the Hill", 1313 Mockingbird Lane, The Ramblers, along with Falling Spikes, Tony Borlotti E I Suoi Flauers, Manganzoides, and LOTS more. Moving on, Disc 4  (yep, more "bonus tracks"), features the fab Launderettes, Marry Me Mary, Fleshtones, and the Stomachmouths, stacked alongside The Nuthins, Teddy Boys From the  Crypt, Agenetes Secretos.....there are VERY few acts repeated ad infinitum (another pitfall that this comp avoids), each disc is, really, consistently brilliant, listenable, and you just sit there in amazement at the wonderful sloppy amatuerism of these bands that simply rock out, I would bet you a million bucks that not ONE band on this entire comp would actually COMPLAIN about being featured here so MORE PEOPLE CAN HEAR THEM, like, you know, some bands might do (Hi, Green Day, Corrosion of Conformity, Bratmobile, Sublime)......trld is divided into two that "gets it" that "doesn't"

    Plenty-a great shit on disc 5 as well, Headcoatees, The Pandoras, The Tell-Tale Hearts, and the
    Kartoons, as well as lesser-known greats Optic Nerve, Lost Marbles, Los Impossibles, and Get Lost. How about Disc 6? Sorry,no let down there either, Fuzztones ("The People In Me"), Thanes, Chesterfield Kings, Lyres.....all have been featured earlier, but by no means over-exposed, as well as the wonderfully named Tuna Tacos, Muck and the Mires, Slow Slushy Boys, Lust-O-Rama.....the great thing about primiative garage rock is we will (literally) NEVER run out of it, as long as we have electric guitars, marijuana, beer, and garages, and people who still make music for FUN rather than false dreams of fame.

    Disc 7 features a track from the fantastic Miracle Workers, Kek 66, the Crawdaddys ripping of "Oh Baby Doll", the legendary Monks ("Hang Up"), .....for what more could you ask? Well, how about Cornflake Zoo, The Woody Peakers, and Fuad & the Fuzztones......certainly you have the idea by now.....this is a set that should be in every household on the planet, provided the occupants actually want to have fun........

    Well, we're up to Disc 8 of Volume 8 now, gotta love some Wylde Mammoths, Green Telescopes (highly underappreciated), Los Peyotes, and Mondo Topless (great moniker at the very least).....The Preachers mangle "Little Re Book", Sick Rose skewer "99th Floor", we get the Down N Outs, Smooth Filthy, and a great time is had by all........

    We finally wrap up Volume 8 with Disc 9, more welcome stuff from the Brood, Miracle Workers,
    Cynics, Fuzztones, Tell-Tale Hearts, the Thanes, the Pandoras......obviously trying to fit in everything he wanted before wrapping up the series.....closing it up is Surfin' Lungs "Munsters Theme"

    OK, so that is Volume 8.....there is one more disc , Volume 9......WHY? it is not just one more disc of Volume 8 I will never know, deliberately confusing is all I can think of as certainly the Chesterfield Kings, Thanes, Fuzztones, and frankly pretty much everyone on the disc is making  repeat appearace.....ahhhh well......this is a great set,  a wonderful "internet only" set that, as always, I consider a "labor of love" and compiled with compassion and the interest that only a true music LOVER can muster.

    Fuzzface's blog is long gone, done't know if he got shut down or if he just tired of it.....but he did a great job with this set, I'll NEVER understand his numbering system, but there ya go......along with Katrakyla (tomorrow perhaps) one of the greatest ever internet compilers of modern-day retro garage rock......I've got more for you. Lots more. Let's hear some opinions on this stuff. Please?

    VOLUME 8 DISC 1-01 THE PLAYBOYS-They Can't Hurt Me/02 THE STEMS-Tears Me In Two/03 THE MYSTIC EYES-My Time to Leave/04 THE CHESSMEN-He'll Go Away/05 LUST O RAMA-Baby Baby/06 THE BO-WEEVILS-Have You Been To Mars/07 THE BROOD-Writin On the  Wall/08 CAPT. FUTURE & THE ZAPGUNS-King of the Orient/09 CHESTERFIELD KINGS-Baby Doll/10 THE LINKERS-Suzy/11 THE LYRES-Help you Ann/12 THE CYNICS-I Don't Need You/13 THE INDIKATION-Yes I Do/14 UNCLAIMED-Disposition CEntral/15 THE CUTBACKS-Too Much Baby/16 THE  STAGGERS-Little Boy Blue/17THE COSMIC DROPOUTS-Land of My Dreams/18 THE BOGEYMEN-Break Away/19  THE CREEPS-Down at the Nightclub/20 CRIMSON SHADOWS-The Vampire/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK/23 BONUS TRACK/24 BONUS TRACK

    VOLUME 8 DISC 2-01  THE BACKDOOR MEN-Out of My Mind/02 1-2-5-Hard to Find/03 99TH
    FLOOR-Never More/04 YARD TRAUMA-Little Girl Who Left/05 THE PROJECTILES-Heart Full Of Rain/06 NOMADS-She Pays the Rent/07 THE HEADLESS HORSEMEN-Gotta Be Cool/08 THE ELIMENT-Tell Me/09 BABY WOODROSE-Hippe Chick/10 THE FUZZTONES-Heathen Set/11 HANGEE V-It's Not TIme/12 THE SHAKE-Can't Fight Your Lovin'/13 THE OUTTA PLACE-They Prefer Blondes/14 MACCHINA DEL TEMPO-Non Ti Votero Mai/15 THE OFFHOOKS-I Can Take It/16 THE RIOTS-Tell Me Tonight/17 THE PRIMATES-The Creep18 GRAVEDIGGER V-Do Like Me/19 THE QUEEN HORNETS-Peepin Tom/20 THE GRUESOMES-Cave In!/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK/23 BONUS TRACK/24 BONUS TRACK

    VOLUME 8 DISC 03-01 THE HOODS-Never Got Thru/02 THE RAMBLERS-Here I Go/03 DOCTOR EXPLOSION-Ella No Eres Tu/04 SHUTDOWN 66-Gone For Bad/05 1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE-Spider and The Fly/06 THE RAPIERS-A Certain Girl/07 PRESSION X-I Can't Keep On Cryng/08 GLI AVVOLTOI-La Follia/09 THE YESTERDAY THOUGHTS-Yesterday's Thoughts/10 THE ACE-TONES-You're No Good/11 BOOSTER VALVES-Hot Plate/12  CANNIBALS-The Subamrine Song/13 THE DEFECTORS-It's Gonna Take Some Time/14 MANGANZOIDES-El Espectro/15 THE FALLING SPIKES-Don't Crowd Me/16 TONY BORLOTTI E I SUOI FLAUERS-Il Mondo E'Strano/17 THE GRAVES-Day Dream Lover/18 THE MYSTREATED-Angel of Light/19 THE INSOMNIACS-Maryanne Lightly/20 THE MUMMIES-The House on the Hill/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK

    VOLUME 8 DISC 4-01 THE FIENDS-She Looks Outa Sight/02 THE  WOGGLES-It's My Life/03
    THE JAYBIRDS-I'm a Lover Not a Fighter/04 THE KAISERS-What You Wanna Say/05 THE LAUNDERETTES-Too Late To Say You're Sorry/06 THE MAGGOTS-What's a Girl To Do/07 THE NUTHINS-Allergic Kiss/08 THE ULTRA 5-It's a Long Way Home!/09 THE FLESHTONES-Amreican  Beat 84/10 THE UGLY BEATS-I'll Walk Away/11 THE VIPERS-We're Outta Here/12 THE KLIEK-Sandra/13 THE WALKING SCREAMS-I Tell No Lies/14 THE STOMACHMOUTHS-I Leave/15 AGENTES SECRETOS-Un Dia Malo/16 TEDDY BOYS FROM THE CRYPT-Left Far Behind/17 THE WAY OUTS-Can't Take No More/18 THE BOBBY TRAPS-Shoulda Known Better/19 MARRY ME MARY-Lunatic/20 THE VICE BARONS-Street Action/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK/23 BONUS TRACK

    VOLUME 8 DISC 5-01 THE DELMONAS-Chains/02THE EVIL THINGIES-Enough of Your Lies/03 THE FEENDS-No More/04 GET LOST-Madmation/05 THE HEADCOATEES-Mess of Potagge/06 THE KARTOONS-L'inferno E Qui/07 THE LAST DRIVE-Every Night/08 THE MARGIN OF SANITY-Get Yourself Round Here/09 THE NOCOUNTS-Blown Away/10 THE OPTIC NERVE-Aint That A Man/11 THE SHERLOCKS-One Black Sheep/12 THE LOST MARBLES-It's a Gasout/13 THE PANDORAS-I Didn't Cry/14 THE REACTION-Make Up Your Mind/15 THE SATANS-Love Seems Doomed/16 THE TELL TALE HEARTS-I Get Up In the Morning/17 THE UNCLAIMED-The Sorrow/18 THE VINDICATORS-Searching  For My Baby/19 LES SOUCOUPES VIOLENTES-Dans Ta Bouche/20 LOS IMPOSIBLES-Baby Elephant Walk/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK

    VOLUME 8 DISC 6-01 RUNNING STREAM-Enouh/02 WAU Y LOS ARRGHS!!!-Girl, Coge Mi
    Cosa/03 THE SKELETONS-Sour Snow/04 THE BRISTOLS-True True Lovin/05 SHEETAH & LES WEISSMULLER-Chien  M Chant/06 THE MOVING SOUNDS-All Good Things/07 ZEBRA STRIPES-Hurtin Kind/08 FRANTIC FIVE-Liar Liar/09 THEE GLOOMIES-Hang Up/10 THE HIGHSPEED V-I Don't Mind/11 THE KWYET KINGS-Don't Doubt My Love/12 THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT-Time/13 THE MIDWAYS-Got No Right/14 THE NUGGETS-Run For Your Life/15 THE OTHERS-Won't Lose Your Love/16 PIKES IN PANIK-Summer Girl/17 THE REAL PILLS-Redemption/18 THE SATELLITERS-It's Not True/19 PLAN 9-I'm Not There/20 THE GHASTLY ONES-Full Throttle Empty Bottle/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONRACK

    VOLUME 8 DISC 7-01 THE UNTOLD FABLES-Wendylyn/02 THE WHAT FOR-Rotkarierte Petersilie/03 CORNFLAKE ZOO-I See You/04 THE ELECTRIC SHIELDS-Cry Baby Cry/05 DOUBLE NAUGHT SPIES-2-Timin  Baby/06 THE GIANT ROBOTS-Bye Bye Baby/07 THE GODZILLAS-Maybe/08 THE HOODWINKS-Hurtin Inside/09 LOVE DELEGATION-I''ve Been Around/10 THE MIRACLE WORKERS-Inside Out/11 KEK' 66-Prison Cell/12 THE OTHERSIDE-The Haunted House/13 THE MONKS-Hang Up/14 ROADRUNNERS-Payback Time/15 SEX MUSEUM-Independence/16 THE THANES-Gone Away Girl/17 THE UNTIGHT-Fun Gotta Get Some/18  WOODY PEAKERS-She's Going On/19 THE CRAWDADDYS-Oh Baby Doll/20 FUAD & THE FEZZTONES-Allah Mode/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS  TRACK

    VOLUME 8 DISC 8-01 DOWN N OUTS-Yeah/02 FUMESTONES-You're On Mind/03 THE
    GRAINS-Heart Full Of Rain/04 THE HUNCHMEN-Like No Other Man/05 MONDO TOPLESS-Amazon Queen/06 THE PREACHERS-Little Red Book/07 SMOOTH FILTHY-Everybody/08 DEE RANGERS-Those Days Are Gone/09 THE TRAPMEN-Groove/10 THE WORST-Afraid the Dark/11 THE DUKES-She'll Be Mine/12 THE GREEN HORNETS-Make Me Wanna Die/13 THE PRIMTEENS-Li'l By Blue/14 THE SICK ROSE-99th Floor/15 THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS-Help That Girl/16 THE GREEN TELESCOPES-Thinkin About Today/17 LOS PEYOTES-El Humo Te Ha Mal/18 THE PURITANS-Grey Clouds/19 LOS SHAMBLES-Nadaie Te Quiere Ya/20 SOUND EXPLOSION-The Greek/21 BONUS TRACK/22 BONUS TRACK

    VOLUME 8 DISC 9-01 LOS MACANA-Radio Go/02 THE FUZZZTONES-Action Speaks Louder Than Words/03 THE PANDORAS-You're All Talk/04 THE CREEPS-She's Gone/05 THE CYNICS-Creepin/06 THE GRAVEDIGGER V-The Ugly Child/07 THE MIRACLE WORKERS-Love Has No Time/08 THE PRIMATES-I Go Ape/09 THE FURTIVOS-No Puedo Aguantar Mas/10 SEX MUSEUM-You/11 THE FRANTIC FIVE-Good Lovin/12 THE THANES-Now It's Your Turn To Cry/13 TELL TALE HEARTS-No  Surprise/14 THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS-Things That Matter/15 THE OUTTA PLACE-Don't Crowd Me/16 THE BROOD-Party Crashin/17 THE MAGGOTS-Uh Uh The Bigger the Better/18 THE LINKERS-Way It's Gonna Be/19 THE NEANDERTHALS-Lil' Xke/20 SURFIN LUNGS-Munsters Theme

    VOLUME 9-01 LAS MEMBRANAS-Llorare/02 LUST O RAMA-Can't Do Another Mistake/03
    RAY DAYTONA-Hole In the Ground/04 UG & THE CAVEMEN-I'm Evil/05 TUNA TACOS-I Don't Believe It/06 THE FUZZTONES-The People In Me/07 THE SATELLITERS-It Came To Me/08 FUMESTONESAhora Soy  un Cerdo (por Tu Amor)/09 MUCK & THE MIRES-I'm Down With That/10 DEFECTORS-The Zoom Out/11 THE THANES-I'll Find Out/12 NUTHINS-Hang 9/13 LOVE DELEGATION-Through the Night/14 LOS PEYOTES-Te Pegare/15 SLOW SLUSHY BOYS-Boogaloo Down Broadway/16 CHESTERFIELD KINGS-She Told Me Lies/17 LYRES-Nobody But Me/18 THE 14TH WRAY-Your Face Is In My Mind/19 GLI SCIACALLI-Mai

    My friends, that is a lot of material, and a lot of GOOD material....Fuzzface has go to that great Blog-o-sphere in the sky, but this, his finest creation, will outlast all of us as a classic compilation series! THANK YOU FUZZFACE WHEREVER YOU ARE!

    PS If you are getting as bored with "Scott Andridge" as I am, please do me a favor and tell him so.....I thought he might be "fun", like tormenting a small child or soemthing, but he is JUST SO STUPID there is no talking to him and the entertainment value is compromised. I mean, is there ANYONE other than him that does not understand that I LOVE the bands I profile on here, including the Seeds.....OR anyone who can't grasp that about 95% of the Seeds charm was i their sloppy amatuerishness? Seemed like easy cocnepts, but this guy simply DOES NOT SEEM TO GET IT. I know I have many friends on the blog,maybe one of you can explain these facts to him, and also advise him that there are LOTS of other blogs (it would seem he doesn't care much for this one) that he could frequent and enjoy.....I simply  cannot seem to get the words through his of my amigos out there, PLEASE try and explain it to him so we can concentrate on what matters, which to me is providing and sharing rare/obscure music, and to him, for some reason, seems to be finding out teh dimensions of my does, indeed, take ALL kinds to make up a world

    0 0

    If you've had the pleasue of reading 1984 (a favorite of mine on many intellectual levels), you will be
    familair with the term "non-person"....a non-person has all traces of his/her existence, written, physical, or otherwise, removed to suit the needs of "the Party".....Scott Andridge, who has made such an ass of himself on this blog of late, has officially become "non-person" status as he (or someone) deleted all his MENSA-like comments......excellent. let's all just pretend he/it never existed, and hopefully he finds happiness and someone ELSE'S penis to measure.

    Man these internet-only garage rock comps are the shit are they not? You gotta love the "Fathers and Sons" epic, and the "FuzzFace" set, what can you say? Well about now we hear, for a few days from the undisputed king of internet-only garage rock comps.....the late (?) GREAT Katrakyla......I've posted a fw of his magnificent 60's comps before, but THIS was his TRUE forte.....modern day garage-fuzz......hope he's still with us and sees this and knows that at least I appreciated the shit out of his efforts. His top effort was the "They are All My Friends in Garage Punk", but that is eight discs, we'll get there in a few days, but I've been working hard on these mamoth I'm going to go with, for today, a fw of his (no less brilliant) single disc will love them be sure! I will not stop until I've posted ALL of his brilliant work, if you liked "Fathers and Sons" and "Fuzzface", those were the warmups for the KING of garage-fuzz brilliance!

    Let's start out with the somewhat haphazard "Garage Fuzz Pack by Katrakyla"......what we have here
    are 28 slamming tunes from 8 greatbands, simple as that. As I often call these "internet only creations" true "labours of love", THIS fits that definition to a "T"....some of the true greats of modern day garage rock are here, The Beavers, Chinese Millionaires, Exploding White Mice, and especially Green Tellescope. Yo do not wish to miss this set.

    A bit more comprehensive is "Trash Attack"......25 tracks with legendary performers like (a personal favorite of mine) Columbus Ohio's Gaunt, Spider Babies, Baseball Furies, and the Jewws.....this is great, great, great stuff, your collection is simply incompete without it.

    Next up, "Katrakyla's Garage Punk EP Collection, consisting of 5 fine EP's squeezed onto one single CD.....The Radiators From Space legendary 1977 ep with their demented "Psychotic Rtction" is here, as are great takes from The Makers, Teengenerate, Thee Gorgons, and the Trilobites......great set, again, indespensible.

    OK one more for today, can't resist it. Musically, "Fuck You All!" doesn't EXACTLY fit this concept, but 24 blazing tracks with "FUCK" in the title can't be ALL bad right? Likely you already know the (ULTRA-GREAT) D-4's "Rock N Roll Motherfucker" and the Dead Kennedy's "Too Drunk To Fuck", Pantera, of all people turn up with "Fucking Hostile", and of course Turbonegro''s jaw dropping "Don't say Motherfucker Motherfucker" (check my epic Turbonegro post if it's still there) doesn't EXACTLY work as a per-se Garage Punk set, but know what? "FUCK YOU ALL!" I fucking love it.......

    That is it for today......tomorrow, some more great comps from the INTERNET LEGEND that is Katrakyla......hope you are out there somewhere bro, and I hope all is well, and hopefully a whole new group of music lovers is about to get hip to your style of programming, music, and wondersome sense of humor. Peace always, love you Bro!

    Never again will there be a mention of the non-person on this site, I assume that is Ok with everyone!

    THE BEAVERS-Nancy You're a Square/02 THE BEAVERS-Don't Leave Me/03 CHINESE MILLIONAIRES-Black Cherry/04 CHINESE MILLIONAIRES-Female Race/05 CHINESE MILLIONAIRES-Professional Girl/06 ELEMENT '79-My Love/07 ELEMENT '79-Hey/08 ELEMENT '79-Throw Em Down/09 ELEMENT '79-She Can't Hide/10 EXPLODING WHITE MICE-Burning Bed/11 EXPLODING WHITE MICE-Bad Little Woman/12 EXPLODING WHITE MICE-Let the Kids Dance/13 EXLODING WHITE MICE-Pipeline/14 EXPLODING WHITE MICE-Your Claws/15 EXPLODING WHITE MICE-Dangerous/16 GREEN TELESCOPE-Face In a Crowd/17 GREEN TELESCOPE-Thoughts of a Madman/18 HUMPERS-Hey Shadow/19 HUMPERS-Insect Liberation/20 HUMPERS-Cops and Robbers/21 HUMPERS-Black Cats/22 HUMPERS-Dead Last/23 HUMPERS-Super Power/24 KWYET KINGS-Don't Doubt Love/25 KWYET KINGS-Open  Up Your Door/26 MAKERS-I Can't Stand It/27 MAKERS-The Mantis/28 MAKERS-Nobody Gonna Break My Soul

    TRASH ATTACK BY KATRAKYLA-01 THE MAKERS-Can't Stand It/02 CYBERMEN-Every Day and Night/03 HUMPERS-Psycho Repairman/04 CHINESE MILLIONAIRES-Door To Door Maniac/05 FLAKES-I'm Movin On/06 THEE GORGONS-He's Waitin/07 THE MUMMIES-She Lied/08 BUFF MEDWAYS-You Piss Me Off/09 THE BLACKS-Goin Nowhere/10 GAUNT-Ohio (Split Single Vers)/11 INFERNOS-Alley Cat/12 TEENGENERATE-Bloody Belgium/13 DIRTY NEEDLES-Justine's a Junkie/14 THEE GORGONS-Dig!/15 THE DRAGS-Allergic Reaction/16 HAVOX-Willie The Wild One/17 SPACESHITS-Gotta Get It Back/18 HEARTACHES-Rock N Roll UFO/19 SPIDER BABIES-Kick Down the Door/21 BASEBALL FURIES-Bow To Me/22 DIRTYS-Drivin Like a Jerk/23 HUNCHES-Got Some Hate/24 KA-NAVES-Let's Dance/25 JEWWS-Love In a Pill

    COMES TROUBLE" EP-01 I Can't Stand it/02 The Mantis/03 Nobody Gonna Break My Soul/TRACKS 04-05 RADIATORS FROM SPACE 1977 EP-04 Enemies/05 Psychotic Reaction/TRACKS 06-09 TEENGENERATE-CAR CRAZY SPEED CRAZY-06 Dirty Robber/07 What a Girl Can't Do/08 Big House/09 Don't Close to Me/TRACKS 10-11 THE GORGONS-NUMBER ONE EP-10 He's Waiting/11 I Can't Be True/TRACKS 12-13 THE TRIBOLITES-VENUS IN LEATHER EP-12 Amphtamine Dream/13 Venus In Leather

    FUCK YOU ALL! BY KATRAKYLA-01 AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY-Fuck the System02 BELRAYS-Stupid Fuckin People/03 BORED-Motherfuckin Motherfucker/04 COSMIC PSYCHO-Hooray Fuck/05 THE D4-Rock N Roll Motherfucker/06 THE DEAD KENNEDYS-Too Drunk To Fck/07 DOA-Fucked Up Baby/08 THE GERMS-Fuck You/09 HERMANO-Quite Fucked/10 LEAVING TRAINS-Fuck You God/11 MONDO GENERATOR-Fuck You I'm Free/12 MOTOSERRA-F.U.C.K./13 MUDHONEY-Flat Out Fucked/14 NASHVILLE PUSSY-Go Motherfucker Go/15 PANTERA-Fuking Hostile/16 PARTISIANS-I Don't Give a Fuck/17 PENNYWISE-Fuck Authority/18 QUADROJETS-Bad Motherfuckin Bitch/19 RIOT SQ-Fuck the Tories/20 SUPERSUCKERS-I Say Fuck/21 TEN FOOT FACES-Sand Fuck/22 THEE HEADCOATEES-I've Been Fuking Your Daughter and Pissing On Your Lawn/23 TURBONEGRO-Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker/24 ZEKE-Fuck All Might.

    I Got at least 3 more days of Katrakyla's brilliance, he ranks with ChrisGoes, Gyro and Ryp,
    Fuzzface, Chocoreve, and so many more that make this sad excuse for a blog a possibility.

    While I have your attention, let me apologize to all of you for even responding to, and trying to make fun of, the nonperson......I just cannot STAND stupid people, I know, I know, they are a fact of life, but GOOD LORD.....the guy just wanted to BITCH AND NOTHING logic, no discussion, no debate, just concerns over the size of my penis......what a clueless, clueless individual.....hopefully, he doesn't bother us anymore and we can get back to what this is SUPPOSED to be about....the SHARING, between music lovers, of music in order to get our collections to the level of perfection for which we all strive.

    COMMENT........YOU GUYS ARE MY LIFE BLOOD. I LOVE WHAT I AM DOING HERE, AND FOR ONE IDIOT TO SIMPLY BE TOO CLUELESS AS TO UNDERSTAND, WELL, ANYTHING.......I KNOW, I KNOW, THEY ARE OUT THERE.....they are NOT the reason for this . You guys are, you guys who share and help ME out and contribute and comment.....YOU GUYS are who this is for, you guys all over the world. I love you guys, really I do, and thanks for EVERYTHING you do.

    0 0

    I think I'll wait for tomorrow to put up Katrakyla's greatest creation, the 8-disc "They are All My
    Friends in Garage Punk", which I promise you is I will round up the remainder of his garage/fuzz/trash  ......obviously if you liked yesterday's you will like these as well, in particular if you don't mind (I bet you didn't even notice) his sort of annoying habit of programming everything in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.......I guess they have to be in SOME kind of order, and if THAT is the biggest bitch I have in my life, what a soft life I shall live.

    First up, the three disc "Garage (!)".....some truly great bands much along the lines of those we enjoyed yesterday....Disc one features the Beatgrinders, Cryptics, Demonics (but, unfortunately, NOT my favorite "California Nightmare", I'll have to do a special Demonics post perhaps), the Flypped Whigs, Hermits, King Mixers, LPG, Mole People, and Multicoloured Shades....all represented by at least a couple tracks, one would gather these were (not certain) singles/EP gatherings. Disc 2 features the absolutley legendary Swingin Neckbreakers, but also greats like Not Quite, Otherside, Ricochets, Shambles, Stephord Husbands, Switch Trout, Ten Tons of Lies, and Thee Gorgons, who we heard from yesterday with the exact same EP track as these, sorry.

    Disc 3 creeps further along into the alphabet, we get Tyme Society, United States of Existence,
    Wildebeests (damn near an album full of them, and quite worthwhile), Witch Doctors, and Worst.......these are three damn fine discs, don't miss em, I don't think you are going to find them easilly anywhere else..

    A single disc collection that he created, "I Wish I Was There (But I'm Not)" is more of a traditionally structured comp, as opposed to the above, and does it ever contain legends of the genre.....Billy Childish, Devil Dogs, Jewws, Lazy Cowg, Miracle Workers, Mummies, Radio Birdman, nd Von Zippers.....the list is below, that's about a third of it.

    Occasionaly the guy tried to conceptualize (see: "Fuck You All" yesterday, songs that all have "fuck" in the title) as on "Give Me Money Motherfuckers", songs which, get this, all have MONEY in the titles.....nothing wrong with that, highlights include GG Alin, the Gories, The Sonics, Baby Woodrose (i can't BELEIVE I've never done a full post on them), Milkshakes, Thee Mighty Ceasars, and loads more. I like "Fuck You All" a bit better just because, well, just because, but this works as well.....

    Well, let's clean this up before tomorrow's "big production"...."A Garage Punk Farewell to 2008" contains 18 tracks from that wonerful year, Jay Reatard, Lords of Altamont, Nodzzz, Bad Machine.....I'm sure it was a great year for garage punk, as I'm sure every year is!

    Also found a 4-track EP "Now Suck on This", have no idea how or why the tracks were selected, probably could have stuck them on at the end of something else, but DO NOT QUESTION Katrakyla! Tracks from Bored!, Poppin Mammas, Seminal Rats (version of "Call Me Animal") and The Dirty Lovers make this, I guess, another essential piece of the puzzle.
    OK tomorrow, we start "They Are All My Friends....." likely all 8 discs tomorrow, I'd guess those in the know would call it his (Katrakyla's) career masterwork (even though those 60's comps I posted months ago certainly were bad-ass as well)

    Enjoy these. Katrakyla, your site is greatly missed. GIMME FUZZ!

    GARAGE (!) DISC 1-(TRACKS 1-4 BEATGRINDERS)-01 5 Years Ahead of My Time/02 Fritz
    Don't Surf/03 Green Fuzz (live)/04 The Witch/ (TRACKS 5-7 THE CRYPTICS)-05 Back To Me/06 Ricordami/07 You're Evil/(TRACKS 8-11 THE DEMONICS)-08 Demon Garage/09 Dustin the Fuzz/10 Girlfriends Bestfriend/11 Little Honda/(TRACKS 12-15 FLYPPED WHIGS)-12  1 and 1=2/13 Don't Go Away Mad/14 Invisible People/15 Numbers/(TRACKS 16-17 THE HERMITS)-16 Be a Caveman/17 Yes I Do/(TRACKS 18-20 THE KING MIXERS) 18 The Easy Way Down/19 Thought I Saw You/20 Zug Me/(TRACKS 21-23 LPG)-21 Lay Your Money Down/22 Things Aint Been the Same/23 Twenty Five/(TRACKS 24-25 MOLE PEOPLE)-24 Can't It Be/25 Crawlin Eye/(TRACKS 26-28 MULTICOLOURED SHADES)-26 2000 Light Years From Home/27 House of Wax/28 Lost Riders in Heaven

    GARAGE (!) DISC 2-(TRACKS 1-2 NOT QUITE)-01 Circles/02 Green Slime/(TRACKS 3-6 OTHERSIDE)-03 For Another Man/04 Haunted House/05 Just My kind/06 Puppy Dog (TRACKS 7-10 THE RICOCHETS) 07 Hey Girl/08 Mad Man/09 Made In the Shade/10 Runnin Wild/(TRACKS 11-14 SHAMBLES)-11 Fire/12 I Can't Don't Want To/13 Stuck on the Inside/14 Thin Lines (TRACKS 15-16 STEPHORD HUSBANDS)-15 Why Aren't You There/16 Yeah (TRACKS 17-20 SWINGIN NECKBREAKERS) 17-Diggin a Grave/18 Mighty Mack/19 The Girl  Can't Help It/20 You Better Dig It (TRACKS 21-23 SWITCH TROUT)-21 In the Kitchen/22 Psychodestruct/23 Zoot Suit/(TRACKS 24-25 TEN TONS OF LIES)-24 Seeds of Next Season/25 You Lied/(TRACKS 26-27 THEE GORGONS)26 He's Waitin'/27 I Can't Be True

    GARAGE (!) DISC 3-(TRACKS 1-2 TYME SOCIETY)-01 Leaves Are Turning Brown/02
    Wondering Why/(TRACKS 3-5 UNITED STATES OF EXISTENCE) 03 Makin My Scene/04 Return to the Psychedelic/05 Shadows of Rainbows/(TRACKS 6-13 WILDEBEESTS) 06 Beeftub/07 Dinosaur/08 Gorilla Got Me/09 I'm Rowed Out/10 One + One/11 Parchman Farm/12 Pow Wow/13 Teenage Letter/(TRACKS 14-15 WITCH DOCTORS)-14 Death Ray 63/15 Wrong Before/(TRACKS 16-20 WORST)-16 Creepy Thing/17 I Don't Dig You/18 I've Got a Curse/19 She Gives Me The Creeps/20 Werewolf

    I WISH I WAS THERE (BUT I'M NOT): ANOTHER GARAGE-PUNK CAMPILATION BY KATRAKYLA-01 13 FRIGHTENED GIRLS-Smoke This and Walk/02 ACETONES-Riot on Sunset Strip/03 BASEBALL FURIES-Passion Killer/04 BASEMENT BOATS-Stay Away From My Girl/05 BILLY CHILDISH-You Make Me Die/06 BLACKS-Don't Be Cute/07CHINESE MILLIONAIRES-Spoiled Rotten/08 COYOTE MEN-Damn Right!/09 CRIMSON SHADOWS-Out Of My Mind/10 CRUSADERS-Freak of the Week/11 DEVIL DOGS-Back In the City/12 DOWN N OUTS-I Wanna Come Back/13 DRAGS-Cannibal/14 GET LOST-One Way Ticket/15 HARDONS-Bye Bye Girl/16 HAVOX-All the Time/17 HUMPERS-Hey Shadow/18 JEWWS-Mercury To Mars/19 LAST DRIVE-Gone Gone
    Gone/20 LAZY COWGIRLS-Route 66/21 MAKERS-Potential Liability/22 MIRACLE WORKERS-Psycho/23 MUMMIES-She Lied/24 NOMADS-Boss Hoss/25 PROBLEMATICS-Make Me Lose My Cool/26 QUADRAJETS-Going Down/27 RADIO BIRDMAN-Non-Stop Girls/28 ROCKS-You're So Boring/29 SAINTS-Wild About You/30 SONS OF HERCULES-Gimme Some/31 SPITFIRES-Social Club/32 TOKYO KNIVES-Futso Kayoi/33 VON ZIPPERS-Broke Down

    GIVE ME MONEY MOTHERFUCKERS-01 THE SONICS-Money (That's What I Want)/02 DENNY BELINE & THE RICH KIDS-Money Isn't Everything/03 THE WILD UNCERTAINTY-Man With Money/04 BABY WOODROSE-Money For Sale/05 LPG-Lay Your Money Down/06 MILKSHAKES-Sometimes I Want You (For Your Money)/07 EVIL THINGIES-I Want My Money Back/08 LAZY COWGIRLS-Time and Money/09 THEE MIGHTY CEASARS-Don't Wanna Be Killed By Women & Money No More/10 THE GORIES-Give Me Some Money/11 GG ALIN-Dope Money/12 KIDS-Money Is All I Need/13 PARTISIANS-Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is/14 RAZAR-Money/15 VERBAL ABUSE-Free Money/16 DRI-Money Stinks/17 COUNTDOWN 5-Uncle Kirby (From Brazil)

    Flare/02 BAD MACHINE-Surfin In the City/03 EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING-Sunday's Coming/04 GUINEA WORMS-Box of Records/05 HANK IV-Feeding Me Back/06 JAY REATARD-Hiding Hole/07 LORDS OF ALTAMONT-Faded Black/08 LOS HORIES-Dynamite/09 MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD-Cracker/10 MIDNIGHT WOOLF-River Swamp Stomp/11 MOJOMATICS-Hole In My Heart/12 MOLTEN UNIVERSE-Strange Kind of Love/13 NODZZZ-Is She There/14 PINK FITS-You Better Run/15 RANSOME BROTHERS-I Feel Like Dancin/16 REACTIONS-Wild About You/17 SCREWTOP DETONAORS-Anvil/18 UPSIDEDOWN-If You Are a Hell Girl

    MAMMAS-Mill Workin Man/03 SEMINAL RATS-Call Me Animal/4 THE DIRTY LOVERS-Boss Hoss

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  • 08/31/13--15:58: Gonna take a day or 2 away
  • Gotta get my head straight and take care of some stuff, please forgive me......just a couple of days and
    I'll post the Katrakyla "They are all My Friends In Garage Punk" series that I was going to post today. I finally got the first of the links up for yesterdays post, I'll get the rest tonight or in the morning. Just need a little break. Someone said one of the Fuzzface links doubled up, I'll check that and if it's bad I'll fix it as well. See you soon.

    0 0

    After resting for a couple of days and trying to get some other shit under control, you are rewarded
    with the wonderful 8-disc internet-only series "They Are All My Friends In Garage Punk", created and posted originally by share-blogger legend Katrakyla.....if you guys just RECENTLY got into the share blogging thing, sorry, you missed the "golden age".....and if THIS sad blog is going to be your "future golden age"......ughhhhh. Anyway, this is a great and wonderful set from a great and wonderful blog/blgger, enjoy as I have NO CLUE as to my next move here, I'll think of something, but this closes out the Katrakyla archive I think.

    Well....Disc 1 ("Flips, Flops, and Fly By Nighters") starts off with a (farily lame IMO) interpretation of the Remains great "Don't Look Back" from Bojax, certainly of historical curiosity and little else..we tear through 24 tracks of varying familiarity and quality, I always DID like William Penn & the Quakers version of "California Sun", The Rockin' Ramrods' fab "The Girl Can't Help It", the Invaders shredding of "Let's Dance", and we also get some charms from the Litter ("Legal Matter"), and the Ferraris' "Can't Explain"......good beginning to the set.

    Disc 2 ("Sumthin Fer Nuthin") is a collection of 29 fairly obscure treasures, "Light My Fire" by the
    Tombstones, "Pain" by the great Phil & the Frantics, and the Psychopaths "Till the Stroke of Dawn". This is stuff more reminiscent of "Back From the Grave" than of "Nuggets", I think, not that there is ANYTHING wrong with THAT!.The Possums, Serfmen, Cavemen, and Missing Lynx, among others contribute quality material.

    Disc 3 ("World of Acid") takes the opposite direction, more of a psych-Nuggets turn and that is fine as well....a bizarre sounding "Unknown Artist" takes a shot at "Purple Haze", a song I really never needed to hear again anyway, least of all in this format. But, PLENTY of psych gems here...."Horse" bu Sam Gopal, Catfish Knight's "Death Lies", Toby Jug's "Elastic Ladyland", and even more obscure shit ala Ocelot, Purple Scruf, Villiage S.T.O.P, and Grant's Blue Boys, whose track is moderately good but merit mention here because my son's name is Grant.

    Disc 4 ("A Dog Strikes His Father", I don't name em), is loaded, Checkmates International, Talismen,
    Diplomats, Shamrocks and more. Oddest track is probably Other Half's "Flight of the Dragon Lady". Pretty much a collection of pretty obscure stuff. Disc 5 ("Mechanical Switch") bring us one from the always great Morning Dew, Rouges Inc, the Back Street Boys (No, not THOSE Back Street Boys), final track "Everything Is Red" by Mechanical Switch for whom the disc was named is a good one.

    Katrakyla must have enjoyed Bojax version of "Don't Look Back" a good deal more than I did, as it not only leads off Disc 1 of the series, but Disc 6 ("This Side Up") as well.....don't ask me. Otherwise, no repeaters (I don't think), couple tracks from the Run-A-Rounds, Jaged Edge, Last Knights (I have commented on this before I think but HOW GODDDAMN MANY bands of that era thought it was clever as hell to use the word "Knight" in lieu of "Night"? I bet it's close to 30. You'd think the quality drugs of the era would have brought forth a bit more creativity, unless that is what passed for it at the time.

    Disc 7 ("Don't Put Me On") has an interesting take on "The Kids Are Alright" from Legend, more William Penn & the Quakers (underappreciated band IMO), So....But So What, American Teens and Butch, Peggy & Little John (you wanted obscure, no?) And finally, the series switches totally back to the psych realm, "Outta Psychodelic's Cave!", with some of the oddest sounds in the entire set, Judy Frankilin & the Hippies, Tommy T's Federal Rserve, Sam Marina & the Moon, and the James Boys.....

    For my money all these discs form an essential set, a unique
    internet-only labor of love, that sits alongside "USA Garage Greats", "Fuzzface", and others we haven't gotten to yet such as "The Day After the Sabbath" (Currently up around 85 discs), or "Sir Psych Presents", and "Psych Crackle Pop", both at around 50-60 discs , don't know if I'll ever do them, especially the latter two as overlap, (at least in my memory, I will check) renders them fairly redundant. Anyway, I was thinking about going all Andy Kauffman and alienating my new found, comp-loving minions by doing up, oh, maybe the "Best Budgie Post Ever" (shut up they were BAD ASS), or maybe (heh heh) some Grand Funk Railroad? heh, heh.....I'd
    behave myselves if I were thou!

    DISC 01-01 BOJAX-Don't Look Back/02 HIGH SPIRITS-Bright Lights Big City/03 THE BROGUES-Someday/04 WILLIAM PENN & THE QUAKERS-California Sun/05 COACHMEN FIVE-I Will Cry Today/06 BARONS-Drawbridge/07 FERRARIS-Can't Explain/08 REDDLEMEN-I Can't Go This Way/09 ROCKIN RAMRODS-The Girl Can't Help It/10 HAYMARKET RIOT-Something Else/11 HARVEY RUSSELL & THE ROGUES-Slipin' and Slidin'/12 BARRACUDAS-Honest I Do/13 INVADERS-Let's Dance/14 MO-SHUNS-What Can I Say/15 THEE MIDNIGHTERS-Looking Out a Window/16 WANTED & CO-My Baby Don't Care/17 EMBLEMS-Lumberjack Jack/18 CORDS-Trink/19 PILGRIMS-Maudy/20 MOTIFS-Telling Lies/21 KINGS COURT-Midnight Hour/22 THE BUGS-Pretty Girl/23 SONS OF ADAM-Baby Show the World/24 THE LITTER-Legal Matter

    DISC 02-01 BAND OF WYNDAND-Day-Time Nite-Time/02 BATMAN-Un Mauvais Farceur/03
    BOBBY J & THE GENERATIONS-Lost In Time/04 CAVEMEN-All About Love/05CHADWICJS-The Only Way to Do It/06 CHALLENGERS-Moon, Send My Baby To Me/07 CUTAWAYS-I'll Never Fall In Love Again/08 EX-CALS-Like a Dream/09 EYE ZOOMS-She's Gone/10 INSIDE TRAXX-Livin and Lovin This Way/11 INVADERS-St James Infirmary/12 JOHNNY & THE NITE RYDERS-I Had a Girl/13 MARKS V-Pay/14 MINIMUM DAILY REQUIREMENTS-I'm Grounded/15 MISSING LYNX-Behind Locked Doors /16 PHIL & THE FRANTICS-Pain/17 POSSUMS-Steppin Stone/18 PSYCHOPATHS-Till the Stroke of Dawn/19 RAVENS-Sleepless Nights/20 SERFMEN-(I Want You) Back Again/21 SERFMEN-Chills and Fever/22 SPIRITS-Almost There/23 TOMBSTONES-Light My Fire/24 TROLLS-I Don't Recall/25 UNDERTAKERS-Love SO Dear/26 UNTOUCHABLE MEN-It Won't Be Wrong/27 WAPHPHLE-Goin Down/28 WILLIAM PENN & THE QUAKERS-No More Love/29 YOUNG MEN-Go!

    DISC 03-01 PRETTY-Mustache In Your Face/02 RAW MEAT-Stand By Girl/03 CEREBRUM-Eagle Death/04 GOLD-Favours From the Sun/05 LIVING END-Sheep/06 UNKNOWN ARTIST-Purple Haze/07 PURPLE CANTEEN-Brains In My Feet/08 GROUNDSPEED-In a Dream/09 GRAFFITTI-He's Got the Knack/10 VILLIAGE S.T.O.P.-Vibration/11 TOBY JUG-Elastic Ladyland/12 SAM GOPAL-Horse/13 SRC-Up All Night/14 GRANT'S BLUE BOYS-If I Were a Carpenter/15 CASTLE FARM-Mascot/16 PURPLE SCURF-Heavy Switch/17 SRC-Day Star/18 CHEESMANS SQUARE-Circles/19 CATFISH KNIGHT-Death Lies/20 SOLID GROUND-Sad Now/21 OCELOT-What Have You DOne TO Your Honey

    DISC 4-01 WILD THING-Wierd Hot Nights (Suffer Baby)/02 BARE FACTS-Bad Part of Town/03
    ROCKIN RAMRODS-Go Away/04 EMPERORS-I Want My Woman/05 INTERNS-Hard to Get/06 TIGERMEN-Tiger Girl/07 DIMENSION-The Pilot/08 PREACERS-Stay out of My World/09 COACHMEN FIVE-I'm Comin Home/10 OTHERS-Revenge/11 DRY ICE-Uncertain Love/12 CHANGING TYMES -The Only Girl I /13 SOUND ON SOUND-Girl You've Got To Turn Me On/14 LORDS-One of these Days/15 CHILDREN-I Can Feel It/16 CHECKMATES INTERNTIONAL-Thinkin At You/17 TALISMEN-I Know a Girl/18 SHAMROCKS-Skin of My Teeth/19 OTHER HALF-Flight of the Dragon Lady/20 COBRAS-If I Can't Beleive Her/21DIPLOMATS-Route 66/22 REAL LIST-Pick Up the Marbles/23 CORRUPTION INC-She's Gone

    DISC 05-01 SPECTRUM-Baby Let Me Take You Home/02 MORNING DEW-Look at Me Now/03 RAINY DAYS-I Can Only Give You Everything/04 FORGOTTEN TYMES-Won't You Be With Me/05 HIDES-When I See the One I Love/06 MICHAEL JOHN AND THE PENDULUMS-You're Wrong Girl/07 SHADES OF DARKNESS-She Ain't Worth all That/08 DIFFERENT PARTS-Why/09 ROMANS-The Drag/10 BIG BEATS-Beware/11 ROGUES INC-People Say/12 BACK STREET BOYS-Money/13 OMENS-Girl Get Away/14 OUTCRY-Can't You Hear (My Heartbeat)/15 SCRUFFY GROUP-Do/16 FAROS-I'm Calling You Back/17 SWINGING MACHINE-Comi On Back Home/18 IDES-Only Your Love/19 ROGUES-She's the One/20 SHADOWS-It Breaks My Heart/21 LIGHT BRIGADE-Baby You Don't Care/2MECHANICAL SWITCH-Everything Is Red

    DISC 06-01 BOJAX-Don't Look Back/02 DANNY BUNK &
    THE INVADERS-Ain't Going Away/03 CHASERS-I'm Sure/04 CHECKMATES-Hey Girl/05 CORIALS-Tell Me Please/06 ESQUIRES-Settle Down/07 HUMAN BEINZ-My Generation/08 JG GIANTS-Caught You Red Handed/09 JAGGED EDGE-You Can't Keep a Good Man Down/10 JAGGED EDGE-How's She Hurtin Me/11 JOHN &PAUL-I'm Walking/12 RONNIE KING & THE PASSIONS-Girl Break Away/13 LAST KNIGHTS
    -Twenty Four Hours a Day/14 MODS-Rittual/15 BOB MORRISON-I Looked in a Mirror/16
    NERVOUS SYSTEMS-Bones/17 PRISONERS DREAM-Autumn Days/18 RUN-A-ROUNDS-I Can't Take You Back/19 RUN-A-ROUNDS-I Couldn't Care Less/20 SPECTRES-No Good, No  Where World/21 SUNSHINE REIGNS-Acelia Dulfin/22 THIS SIDE UP-Why Can't I Dream/23 ULTIMATES-Little Girl/24 'YOU KNOW WHO' GROUP-Hey You and the Wind and the Rain

    DISC 07-01 1ST CENTURY SOUND-Feelin Down/02
    AMERICAN TEENS-Shake Shake Baby/03 AMERICAN TEENS-A Brand New Love/04 BARONS-Don't Come Back No More/05 BUTCH, PEGGY, AND LITTLE JOHN-It Must Be Love/06 CHAPARRAL TRIO-Roxanne/07 CURFEWS-She's Mine/08 DISRAELI-What Will The New Day Bring/09 EXECUTIONERS-Don't Put Me On/10 GARY & KYLE-Stay With Me/11 GNATS-That's All Right/12 LEGEND-The Kids Are Alright/13 MIKE
    LYMAN & THE LITTLE PEOPLE-I Need You/14 MIKE LYMAN & THE LITTLE PEOPLE-Message To Pretty/15WILLIAM PENN & THE QUAKERS-Coming Up My Way/16 ROCKATONES-Bad Girl/17 RINGERS-Daydream/18 SHEFFIELDS-Nothing I Can Do (Destination)/19 SO....BUT SO WHAT-I Will Cry/20 SO....BUT SO WHAT-Clear and Bright/21 SQUIREMEN FOUR-What's On Your Mind/22 WHAT FOUR-Whenever/23 WHATS NEW-Get Away/24 RONNY WILLIAMS-Move a Little Closer Baby

    DIS 08-01 GARY & THE COUNTS-Just the Way It USed To Be/02 ROBB LONDON & THE ROGUES-Bitter Tears/03 THE CAVEDWELLERS-Sinking Feeling/04 THE BOUNDERS-They Call The WInd Maria/05 JAMES BOYS-Bad Reputation/06 THE CATALINAS-Barbara/07 JUDY FRANKLIN & THE HIPPIES-Let Me Go/08 STEVE LEE-She's Afraid To Answer/09 STATE OF CONFUSION-My Fellow Amricanas/10 THE RED BARON-Gonna Get You In the End/11 SCOT HIGH & THE HIGHLANDERS-SureFine/12 THE JADS-Miss Pretty/13 TOMMY T'S FEDERAL RESERVE-Take the Midnight Train/14 CHANCES R-I'll Have You Crying/15 THE MEMORIES-Mercy Mercy/16 THE LOYAL OPPOSITION-Telling Lies/17 DANY WYANT-Want You/18 THE KYND-Clouds/19 THE EXCEPTIONS-Still On the Run/20 5 OF A KIND-Please Tell Me They Were Wrong/21 THE TRIUMPHS-Better Come And Get Her/22 ANTHONY & THE AQUALADS-
    You Feel the Power/23 THE VINE STREET BOYS-Come On Over/24 THE LOVE TONES-Stop This Thinking of You/25 THE AZTECS-Just to Satisfy You/26 PUAL LONDON & THE FLAMING EMBER-Don't Beleive In Anybody/27 SAM MARINA & THE MOON-Tell Her Now/28 ROSS LONDON & THE ROGUES-Standing Under Big Ben/29 GARY & THE EASTMEN-I Love You

    Back tomorrow with someting else. If I knew what it was right now I would tell ya, but I guarentee tha I am in no danger of running out of interesting material.......mostly just depends on my moods, and I'd LOVE to hear from  anyone who'd like a certain favorite band profiled, some off the wall comps, ANYTHING. I want to keep this as long as there is interest, but I get the feeling (Am I right? Wrong?) that maybe interest may be waning, likely due to my post-first, links later style (I know a lotta people don't like that, it's the only way I can  really keep it straight), maybe due to the large size of the posts (I thougt it might be unique to post large groups of albums, rather than the typical one-a-day style, LOTS more work (for all of us), is it overwhelming? Let me know of any changes you'd like to see in the blog,I'd like to hear
    ANYTHING. I'm also thinking of actually posting a "survey" oon  (I MAY abort that) so I can get to know my audience (location, age, gender, preferences, dislikes) in order to try to keep the blog of the highest value/usefullness to music lovers that I possibly can do......just looking at the future, what are your thoughts, they REALLY DO matter!

    0 0

    ....and so, with that, I give to you on this Labor Day what I assume to be The Best Big Black Post,
    Ever.......WHO THE FUCK IS BIG BLACK??????? Well.......

    From Evanston Illinois, mid 1980's, Big Black consisted of singer/guitarist Steve Albini, guitarist Santiago Durango, and bassist Jeff Pazzati, the latter two coming from Illinois legends Naked Raygun (Pazatti would later be replaced by Dave Riley.....they employed no drummer, preferring the creepy, ugly, noisy sound of a synthetic drum machine.

    They were "their own men", so to speak, I'll offer up a quote from Albini which I think summarizes things fairly well:

    "It meant nothing to us if we were popular or not, or if we sold either a million or no records, so we were invulnerable to ploys by music scene weasels to get us to make mistakes in the name of success. To us, every moment we remained unfettered and in control was a success. We never had a manager. We never had a booking agent. We never had a lawyer. We never took an advance from a record company. We booked our own tours, paid our own bills, made our own mistakes and never had anybody shield us from either the truth or the consequences. The results of that methodology speak for themselves: Nobody ever told us what to do, and nobody took any of our money"

    Personally, I appreciate such sentiments at times, we never do know how "real" they are or whether
    such sentiments are simply attention grabbing mechanisms....after all the Clash, Rage Against the Machine, Gang of Four, among others, DID NOT "work for free", all willingly accepting a paycheck at the end of the day (I always did a laugh from Gang of Four's "At Home He's a Tourist"'s lyric "Down on the disco floor....they make their profits....with the thing they sell.....", presented in a manner that made it, to me at least, soun as though Gang of Four records were free of charge....amazingly, they costed as much as anyone else's)

    Anyway, though, Big Black pretty much made their own rules...this is VERY abrasive and hard , in particular at the beginning....the 1982 EP "Lungs" is nearly unlistenable, brutal guitars, jackhammer-ish drum machine, and fun lyrics about child molesters and crack addicts. Their next release, 1983's "Bulldozer" EP is somewhat more enjoyable, I guess, if you are don with stuff like "Pigeon Kill" (I'll let you find out for yourself).

    Riley replaced Pazatti before the 1985 release of their third EP,
    "Racer X", again, if you are completely unfamilair with them and follow their developement, you can hear that "something" is going on here.....the first full-length, "Atomizer" was released in 1986 and myself as well as maybe the other 6 people who have heard it consider it one of the great-lost-unknown albums of that bleak decade. The ideas from the earlier EP's are fleshed out here...the music is as chaotic and violent as ever, or in its own way, more so, and the lyrical subject matter.....well, it's some sick sick shit, listen for yourself as long as you are not easilly disturbed...."Jordan Minnesota" , just to name one, involves a huge child molestation scandal in the city of the same name, not for the faint of heart, a brilliant and terrifying album. THIS IS NOT LETS GET DOWN AND PARTY MUSIC......I cannot emphasize this fact enough. You need to be prepared, as well as be in the right frame of mind, at times, Big Black can make the bleakest work of Nine Inch Nails, say, sound like Stryper.

    A 1987 EP "Headache" was made up of some leftovers from "Atomizer", and one would in general think that this bunch would call it a day at this point, having in the can one "accidental classic" album ("Atomizer").....they announced that they would end it, after the release of their second LP "Songs About Fucking"......"Songs About Fucking" is their best-known and most commercially successful, (if that is the term for which I search) album, it's not bad, but by no means is it "Atomizer", the one you want if you want only one.

    So, post -"Songs About Fucking" stuff from these unknown
    "legends"?  Well, we have the live release "Sound of Impact", which I assume generates the feel of their live shows (was not fortunate enough to have seen them), includes versions of all their most chilling shit "Jordan Minnesota", "Pigeon Kill", "Big Money", it could, I suppose, pass for a sort of ironic "greatest-hits-live" package. "Pigpile" was aner live recording, from 1987, which was released several years later (I prefer "Sound of Impact" for what it's worth)....I have a three track-single, "Heartbeat", which I may as well throw out there, and a RARITIES album, of all things, which actually DOES contain some rare and interestsing stuff. I think there are a couple more singles (other than "Heartbeat") around that I don't have, they may or may not be incorporated into the rarities set, and I had a friend who had a release titled "The Rich Man's 8 Track Tape" which I either didn't copy or lostor something......

    Anyway I think you'll get the idea what they were about.....if you are/were a fan of post-punk, Industrial, "Nine Inch Nails meets Public Image Ltd with lyrics from GG Alin" (ever think you'd hear THAT description?) this may be for will not be for everyone, no question, so enter with caution.

    Interested indeed in what you all have to say, especially those of ya unfamilair with all this here.....I think "Atomizer" is probably one of the 20 best rock albums of the 1980's, many people, well, don''s all here for ya, if ya want it, if not, something else tomorrow!

    Good to be back!

    LUNGS EP-01 Steelworker/02 Live in a Hole/03 Dead Billy/04 I Can Be KIlled/05 Crack/06 RIP

    BULLDOZER EP-01 Cables/02 Pigeon Kill/03 I'm a Mess/04 Texas/05 Seth/06 Jump the Climb

    RACER X -01 Racer X/02 Shotgun/03 The Ugly American/04 Deep Six/05 Sleep!/06 The Big Payback

    ATOMIZER-01 Jordan Minnesota/02 Passing Complexion/03 Big Money/04 Kerosene/5 Bad Houses/06 Fists of Love/07 Stinking Drunk/08 Bazooka Joe/09 Cables (Live)

    HEADACHE EP-01 My Disco/02 Grinder/03 Ready Man/04 Pete, King of Detectives

    SONGS ABOUT FUCKING-01 The Power of Independent Trucking/02 The Model/03 Bad
    Penny/04 L Dopa/05 Precious Thing/06 Columbian Necktie/07 Kitty Empire/08 Ergot/09 Kasimir S Pulaski/10 Fish Fry/11 Pavement Saw/12 Tiny, King of the Jews/13 Bombastic Intro/14 He's a Whore

    SOUND OF IMPACT-01 Ready Men/02 Big Money/03 Elephant Joke/04 Yanomamo Indians/05 Pigeon Kill/06 Passing Complexion/07 Crack Up/08 RIP/09 Jordan Minnesota/10 Steelworker (Short Fragment)/11 Cables/12 Pigeon Kill/13 Kerosene/14 Bad Penny/15 Deep Six/16 RIP/17 Rema Rema

    PIGPILE-01 Fists of Love/02 L Dopa/03 Passing Complexion/04 Dead Billy/05 Cables/06 Bad Penny/07 Pavement Saw/08 Kerosene/09 Steelworker/10 Pigeon Kill/11 Fish Fry/12 Jordan Minnesota

    HEARTBEAT SINGLE-01 Heartbeat/02 Things To Do Today/03 I Can't Believe

    RARITIES-01 Hunters Saftey/02 Il Duce/03 Burning Indian Wife/04 Rema Rema/05 In My House/06 The Crack Up/07 Every Man For Himself/08 Strange Things/09 Newmangenerator/10 Jump the Climb/11 I Can Be Killed/12 Unknown/13 Live In a Hole/14 RIP (1982 Demo)/15 Kettle  Cake (With Zenigeva)/16 The Model (With Zenigeva)/17 I Hate You (With Zenigeva)

    Never accuse me of being complacent......I know some of you
    will hate this post, but if a couple of you try it out and find something that to you is new/cool, mission accomplished! And,I  don't care what ANYONE says "Atomizer" is a damn fine ***** album, one of the best of it's decade!

    0 0
  • 09/03/13--17:06: The Best Budgie Post, ever
  • Think I was kidding? Budgie was, for a long-haired pot smoking 1970's child a great
    retrospect now, maybe not as great as I/we thought they were, but a lot of later metal creditted them as quite an influence......maybe a little generic, maybe a bit unoriginal, and mayb at times a little silly (the "concept album" "Deliver Us From Evil" which seems to be about impending WWIII and actually starts off with a track called "Bored with Russia" was maybe not the most ingenious of fact it sounds, frankly, a LOT like something Rush or Styx might have done in one of their we-are-oh-so-serious-artists phases......

    What the hell Budgie could do, though, was rock the fuck out, simply stated. They took the traditional power io limitations set by Cream and tightened them up, and when it sounded good it sounded GODDAMN good. From Cardiff, Wales, Budgie was originally guitarist/singer Tony Bourge, bassist/singer Burke Shelley, and drummer Ray Phillips.....they've shifted members many times over the years, with Shelley being the only constant.....I think that they still plod around today, although I'll pass on anything they have to offer, and the discs I will present will at leat attempt to stay out of the "road to Suckville" period as much as possible.

    Well, then.....album #1, the creatively titled
    "Budgie", is stacked with some good hard rockers, nothing too profound, bustill, in 2013, crank up "Guts" or "Homocidal Suicide".....badass rockers and not the only ones. Album #2 "Squawk", (1972) is even better, argueably their best (I'd pick it as my favorite), it includes the smoldering "Hotter than a Docker's Armpit" and "Drugstore Woman", these guys were meant to play 6-7 minute jams with some silly lyrics thrown in....they would stay a bit too long at the fair, we shall see, but .......

    1973 brings us to arguably their OTHER best album, "Never Turn Your Back on a Friend", which features the great "Breadfan" (a classic of early 70's metal,later covered by Metallica (Metallica also covered "Crash Course in Brain Surgery")) but gets brought down by a horrendous version of "Baby Please Don't Go" which sounds as though it is being sung by maybe Geddy Lee on a lot of Pain meds (Shelley's voice had the POTENTIAL to be as annoying as Lee's, to his credit, never did he fully develop that "potential")....anyways, "Never" is a great album, as well, this was a hard ass rocking 1970's band, right at it's peak.

    These guys knew their formula at the time as
    well.....the next year they released "In For the Kill", a similar album with some good, longer jamming tunes "Crash Course in Brain Surgery", "Zoom Club" among others.....with Budgie it was like album a year, with 6-7 tunes generally in the 5-6 minute range as well as maybe or two 8-9 minute epics, centered around some fine guitar and drumming, and some questionalbe (at best) vocals and lyrics.

    Following the formula, in 1975 they released "Bandolier" with a new drummer, without missing a beat......the closer, "Napolean Bona (Part 1 & 2)" is about as close to a sense of humor as your going to find around here. In 1976, they released "If I Were Brittania I'd Waive the Rules", which seems to be their best-known album (I am uncertain), I really didn't/don't care for it.....the corner seemingly had been turned toward suckville (in the metal game, it can be a damn sharp turn), however, I must give credit for the 1978 release "Impeckable", which is a definite improvement over "Brittania" and includes one of thier better (although somewhat out of character) tracks, "Melt the Ice Away".

    For my money "Melt the Ice Away" pretty much
    capped it off, the early 1980's albums "Power Supply", "Night Flight" and the aforementioned hilarious concept album "Deliver Us From Evil" are paint by the numbers post-1970's metal, just the kind of REASON why we NEEDED a punk movement, EXACTLY to the degree that Poison and the like were the reason we needed a grunge movement in the early 1990's.

    They reunited in 2006 (!) for something called "You're All Living In Cuckoo Land", which I have never heard and am sure I can live without hearing, the road to suckville has been documented well enough here without the complete trip to Embarassment City.

    Got four live boots here, sounds like, in true power trio tradition, they could crank out some noise on stage. All three are from the late 1970's when they were at their rocking best.....first is 2/8/75 in London (title: "Breadfunsy"), opening with a fine long jamming version of "Breadfan" and ending with an excellent "Napoleon Bona (Part 1 & 2)"......they, like other trios (Cream, GFR, Rush, Motorhead) seemed really made for the stage rather than the studio in my opinion. I have a 7/3/76 set from Malmo Sweden, interesting because the set list is quite different from the 1975 set, (I think only "Parents" makes both sets)...and finally a pair of discs from 1978, combining two shows, one from Milwaukee and one from LA, two VERY similar sets (Each has a version of "Breadfan", "Love For You And Me", "In For the Kill", and "Breakin All the House Rules".....they are what they are, good stuff in my opinion, reminds me of high school and the late 1970's.......

    These guys were a pretty damn good band for my money.....they rocked hard, and in the 1970's
    (decade of the quaalude) that was job s many bands of the era they began to think of themselves as "serious artists"( I have included the ridiculous "Deliver Us From Evil" here as it is pretty damn hilarious to listen to), I have no "Best of Budgie", I assume there is one somewhere but filling up a CD with worthwhile jams for smoking a little bit would be no problem......for this 51 year old, it'll always PARTIALLY be the late 1970's, and, really, what the fuck was so bad about the late 1970's?

    BUDGIE-01 Guts/02 Everything In My Heart/03 The Author/04 Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman/05 Rape of the Locks/06 All Night Petrol/07 You and I/08 Homicidal Suicide

    SQUAWK-01 Whiskey River/02 Rocking Man/03 Rolling Home Again/04 Make Me Happy/05 Hot
    as a Docker's Armpit/06 Drugstore Woman/07 Bottled/08 Young Is a World/09 Stranded

    NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON A FRIEND-01 Breadfan/02 Baby Please Don't Go/03 You Know I'll Always  You/04 You're The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk/05 In the Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand/06 Riding My Nightmare/07 Parents

    IN FOR THE KILL-01 In For the Kill/02 Crash Course In Brain Surgery/03 Wondering What Everyone Knows/04 Zoom Club/05 Hammer and Tongs/06 Running From My Soul/07 Living On Your Own

    BANDOLIER-01 Breaking All the House Rules/02 Slip Away/03 What Do You Want For Your?/04  I Can't See My Feelings/05 I Ain't No Mountain/06 Napolean Bona (Part 1 & 2)

    IF I WERE BRITTANIA I'D WAIVE THE RULES-01 Anne Neggen/02 If I Were Brittania I'd Waive the Rules/03 You're Opening Doors/04 Quacktor and Bureaucats/05 Sky High Percentage/06 Heaven Knows Our Name/07 Black Velvet Stallion

    IMPECKABLE-01 Melt the Ice Away/02 Love For You And Me/03 All at Sea/04 Dish It Up/05 Pyramids/06 Smile Boy Smile/07 I'm a Faker Too/08 Don't Go Away/09 Don't Dillute the Water

    POWER SUPPLY-01 Forearm Smash/02 Hellbender/03 Heavy Revolution/04 Gunslinger/05 Power Supply/06 Secrets In My Head/07 Time To Remember/08 Crime Against the World

    NIGHTFLIGHT-01 I Turned To Stone/02 Keeping a Rendezvous/03 Reaper of the Glory/04 She
    Used Me Up/05 Don't Lay Down and Die/06 Apparatus/07 Superstar/08 Change Your Ways/09 Untitled Lullabye

    DELIVER US FROM EVIL-01 Bored With Russia/02 Don't Cry/03 Truth Drug/04 Young Girl/05 Flowers In the Attic/06 N.O.R.A.D. (Doomsday City)/07 Give Me The Truth/08 Alison/09 Finger on the Button/10 Hold on to Love

    LONDON 2/8/75-01 Breadfan/02 In For the Kill/03 Parents/04 Who Do You Want For Your Love/05 In the Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand/06 Napoleon Bona (Part 1 & 2)

    MALMO SWEDEN 7/3/76-01 Breaking All the House Rules/02 In the Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand/03 If I Were Brittania I'd Waive the Rules/04 Parents/05 Black Velvet Stallion/06 Who Do You Want For Your Love/07 I Can't See My Feelings/08 Sky High Percentage/09 Zoom Club

    MILWAUKEE 4/5/78-01 Love For You and Me/02 Licking My Wounds/03 Smile Boy Smile/04 In For the Kill/05 Breakin All the House Rules/06 Breadfan

    LOS ANGELES SUMMER 1978-01 Breakin All the House Rules/02 Zoomclub/03 Sky High Percentage/04 Love For You and Me/05 In For the Kill/06 Breadfan

    0 0

    Here is a great and fairly overlooked album from a couple of years ago ......."Little Immaculate White
    Fox" by Pearl......"Pearl" being Pearl Aday, who, beleive it or not, is the  daughter of legendary talentless, fat, psuedo-rocker Meat Loaf. PLEASE don't hold that against her, as awful as her father's work consistently was, this was a fine album (2010) and as far as I know we still await a follow-up.....I thought about not even mentioning her family lineage for fear of running some of you off, but fear not, there is none of that idiotic operatic swill her father made his name with here.......just some damn good straight out hard rock, sung with maximum effort by a beautiful young lady who sounds for all the world like Janis Joplin. How this album was SO VERY overlooked upon release (I named it one of the top 10 of that year), but I still listen to it quite a bit, which is something I rarely say about albums released the past couple years (I guess I like to let them "settle into history" a bit before deciding thier "final status")

    Opening with the hard rocking "Rock Child" which is followed by a bruising version of "Nutbush City Limits", there are eleven fine hard rocking tracks here, Ted Nugent throws in some pretty manic guitar on "Check Out Charlie" (I'll take it as my favorite track on the album, I have never denied Nugent could strum that thing along with the fact that he is an ass), and Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains guests on "Anything"......this is no classic, but what it is, is on damn fine rock album, and you know how I like to hear them babes belt out the fact, one could consider it my ultimate act of respect for the female artist that I write a blog spot on her album and not once mention her
    sexuality.......although she'll probably see this and go all Scott Andridge on me for dissing her ball of goo father.......such is life......

    01 Rock Child/02 Nutbush City Limits/03 Broken White/04 Check Out Charlie/05 Mama/06 My Heart Isn't In It/07 Nobody/08 Worth Defending/09 Love Pyre/10 Whore/11 Anything

    Back with something a bit more challenging,
    perhaps, tomorrow, or perhaps not, these posts that take less than an hour to do total are like God-sends!

    Comments welcome as always, but what I really want right now are REQUESTS.......what do you WANT? It's FOOTBALL SEASON and ya don't want me to lose interest in this here thing do y? (Just kidding, the Vikings are going to suck dick once more I project!)

    0 0

    At least I think it's "internet only", if not, sue me.....this is a set of total kickass powerpop, a genre
    which I have pretty much not dabbled in too much on this blog, but (1) I LOVE power, and (2) it makes for perhaps te VERY BEST comps as it is perhaps the most "radio friendly" of the rock genres, making the comps a much more rewarding experience than some other sub-genres as it replicates the radio-listening exprience so well....I have a BUNCH of power pop comps, we'll see what the minions think of this on (perhaps the best) before we start making a "thing" out of them.....

    What could be better for a weekend than eight discs of wonderful, guitar-jangling power pop? If you're having a celebration this weekend here is a perfecto  soundtrack. The NFL starts in force this weekend (how about Peyton Maning last night, GEEEEZ) and I will pontificate on my Minnesota Vikings tomorrow (I recall last year on opening weekend I posted a bunh of bands like Viking Skull and Viking Army, one of the LEAST downloaded posts I've ever done.....serve you right if I did it again this year)....I love football as much as I love rock n roll, so we'll do some football chatting tomorrow (and FOOTBALL is played with a ball that is pointed on the ends, I could give three shits what you guys across the pond call football......after all are responsible for Queen)....geez am I ever rambling on a about some fucking tunes?

    This set, and I don't recall whose site it came from (I'd love to give credit should any of you
    remember where it came from, I think it is 5-6 years old), is entitled "Shake Some Action", a fine and accurate title and a wonderful mix of som great and obscure power pop shit from the US, the UK, and other corners on our planet.

    Disc 1 is all about the wonderous UK (I really do LOVE you guys, I just love it when you get miffed when I rip on soccer).....24 tracks and don't even now where to begin......EVERY track a winner, a few at random, The Invaders"Best Thing I Ever Did", The Kick! "Let's Get Back Together", The Paranoics "Stupid Guy"......many/most of the tracks in this set will likely be familar only to true lovers of the genre, but take you Uncle Scott at his word......this stuff is the fucking shit, HIGHLY recommended, and in my book, essential......if you are not a big "power pop guy (or gal)", this is an almost indescribable learning exerience/jumping in point.

    Disc 2 moves to the great USA and gives us a fine Holly & the Itaians rarity ("Chapel of Love"), The
    Pop "Down on the Boulevard", the Nieghborhoods fantastic "No Place Like Home", The Boys, Route 28, The Shivvers fine"Teen Line"......again, 24 tracks, not a dog in the lot. Disc 3 mixes UK and Ireland, again, don't miss, essential listening......THERE ARE NO "LOWLIGHTS", I mention a few tracks just to whet the appetite, how about the Vipers "I've Got You", Protex "A Place in the Heart", Another Pretty Face's "All the Boys Love Carrie", three discs, 72 tracks thus far and honestly there isn't one here that I'd skip.

    Disc 4 brings us back home to the US of A, 24 more gems, the Continentals' excellent "Fizz Pop", The Shades fabulous "Hello Mr Johnson", more great stuff from the Pop, The Know, The Colors, The Monroes.....four discs, all essential thus far. Disc 5, no surprise, just as fab, (UK and Ieland), The Young Ones, Mark Andrew & the Gents, the Cheaters' great "(I Wanna Be a) Policeman", and the Automatics "When the Tanks Rolled Over Poland Again".....again, NOTHING here I would skip.

    The sixth disc goes round the globe, a little more variety in sound to what is almost exclusively a US/UK sound, there is a lot of stuff here from Australia, The Spliffs, Mad Turks, Ups & Downs, from Japan, France, Belgium, Spain, pretty much everywhere.....this is the one disc of the set that is maybe somewhat less than essential, BUT as a curiosity it ranks #1.....really, Japanese or Belgian power pop? Yet another must in my opinion.

    Disc 7 returns to the USA but with the twist of eerything here being previously unreleased, still
    wonderful stuff and essential just for the rarity faactor.....Pearl Harbor & the Explosions "Release It", The Romantic's "Little White Lies" (HOW did it avoid release?), The Beatles Costello (get it? get it?) "Soldier of Love", unknown or relatively so tunes from The Tweeds, The Go, Dirty Looks, The Speedies......essential, essential, essential......

    Finally, disc 8, which gives us no geographic or chronology data.....I guess it is the leftovers from the compiler's vast collection.....pretty obscure stuff, again, though, pretty goddamn good......check the Runs, Noiz Boiz, Trainspotters, Boyfriends......another winner.

    OK, perhaps you are NOT a fan of this genre.....if so, you will not care for this obviously......if you are a dabbler, though, this is one you want, and if you are a lover of power pop, YOU WILL NOT WISH TO MISS A TRACK OF it TWICE because you will wear out you first set!

    This is  bit different from anything I have posted here before, I have NO IDEA how it is going to be recieved......please please please let me know: MORE, or NOT? I have many multi-disc sets of this great music (this one, IMO, being the best) BUT PLEASE LET ME KNOW......and sometimes you guys are not too great at this, TELL ME if you want more of these power pop comps. I love them, if you re strictly a 60's psych lover or a metalhead, perhaps you will not, either way I would like t know.....I have no idea how many power pop fans are in the audience of this blog, but most of the sets I have are BIG like this, so it takes a bit of work. I love the music, please give me your opinion of THIS set,of the genre in general, and DO YOU WANT MORE?

    Football this weekend! I'll think of something Viking related for the weekend, here's wishing the best
    of luck to the Vikes, this weekend vs the Lions and all season. I doubt they capture the magic of late last year's run for the playoffs, but you never prediction? They go 7-9 at worst, 9-7 at best, and out of the playoffs in any scenario. At least Ohio State (my college team) is looking pretty tough this year. Best time of year for sports, when you factor in the baseball season coming up on playoffs and (OH yeah) prepping for high school basketball (especially when you are the father of a 6'6" sophomore beast of a center!)


    DISC 1-01 THE INVADERS-Best Thing I Ever
    Did/02 THE BOYFIENDS-I'm In Love Today/03 THE DISTRACTIONS-It Just Doesn't Bother Me/04 THE LAST STAND-Just a Number/05 REALLY 3RDS-Everyday, Everyway/06 SEVENTEEN-Don't Let Go/07 THE DONKEYS-Don't Go/08 SLOWGUNS-TV Movie/09 THE STOWAWAYS-I Wanna Be Me/10 TONIGHT-Money That's Your Problem/11 THE TOURS-Tourist Infomation/12 THE KEYS-I Don't Wanna Cry/13 THE KICK!-Let's Get Back Together/14 HEROES-Some Kind of Woman/15 THE SQUARES-No Fear/16 THE GAS-Ignore Me/17 THE STRANGEWAYS-Show Her You Care/18 THE PARANOICS-Stupid Guy/19 LEYTON BUZZARDS-I'm Hanging Around/20 YEH-YEH-You Will Pay/21 THE QUADS-There Must Be Thouands/22 THE RESISTANCE-Survival Kit/23 THE TELEGENTS-Seen It Before!/24 THE SMIRKS-O.K. U.K.

    DISC 2-01 THE SHIVVERS-Teen Line/02 HOLLY & THE ITALIANS-Chapel of Love/03 THE INFIDELS-A Thousand Years Ago/04 THE NOTES-Rough School Year/05 GARY CHARLSON-Real Life Saver/06 REVOLVER-Some Other Guy/07 REACTION FORMATION-Looking At You/08 THE POP-Wait a Minute/09 THE MARSHALS-Am/10 SVT-Heart of Stone/11 THE ZIPPERS-She's a Rebel/12 THE SECRETS-It's Your Heart Tonight/13 THE ORBITS-Make the Rules/14 THE TWEEDS-Part of the Game/15 ARLIS!-I Wanna Be/16 THE NAMES-Why Can't It Be Me/17 THE POP-Down on the Boulevard/18 THE BOYS (She's My Girl) She's All Mine/19 PUPPET RURLERS-Outta My Mind/20 THE NEIGHBORHOODS-No Place Like Home/21 TAXI BOYS-I Can't Kick/22 THE RERUNS-So So Alone/23 SCREEN TEST-Anytime/24 ROUTE 28-American Kids

    DISC 3-01 THE STRANGEWAYS-Wasting Time/02 THE GANGSTERS-Best Friend/03 THE
    STILETTOS-This is the Way/04 DISTRACTIONS-Something For the Weekend/05 THE VIPERS-I've Got You/06 SPEEDOMETERS-Disgrace/07 THE MOONDOGS-Who's Gonna Tell Mary?/08 THE VANDELLS-Ruby Toot/09 SPIES-Thinking About the Sun/10 SEVENTEEN-Bank Holiday Weekend/11 PROTEX-A Place in the Heart/12 THE ZEROES-Hungry/13 THE DONKEYS-No Way/14 THE DAZZLERS-Lovely Crash/15 THE LOOKALIKES-Can I Take You Home/16 BANDITZ-JCB/17 SPYS-The Young Ones/18 THE NEGATIVES-Money Talk/19 NEW HEARTS-Just Another Teenage Anthem/20 THE MONITORS-Telegram/21 THE LOOK-Feeding Time/22 ANOTHER PRETTY FACE-All The Boys Love Carrie/23 UNTAMED YOUTH-Untamed Youth/24 THE KICK-A Shot in the Dark

    DISC 4-01 CONTINENTALS-Fizz Pop/02  RATTLERS-On the Beach/03 FOUR EYES-Disengaged/04 THE POP-Love Is Still Ours/05 SPEEDIES-Let Me Take Your Foto/06 DAVID FINNERTY & THE JACKALS-Hold On/07 CODE BLUE-Other End of Town/08 JUMPERS-Sick Girl/09 PUPPET RULERS-Complicated Girl/10 DL BYRON-Listen To The Heartbeat/11 THE KNOW-I Like Girls/12 RICHARD X HEYMAN-Vacation/13 PALEY BROTHERS-Ecstacy/14 GEMS-Save Your Money/15 THE MONROES-What Do All the People Know?/16 THE BOYS-You Make Me Shake/17 THE PENETRATORS-Stimulation/18 THE COLORS-Rave It Up/19 THE SHADES-Hello Mr. Johnson/20 THE KEY-Evolution/21 SERVICE-Time Release/22 ROUSERS-Party Boy/23 LAWERNCE LANGE-Surfin Kansas City/24 THE ORIGINAL SYMPTOMS-Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)

    DISC 5-01 RONNIE MAYOR-Can't Wait Until the Summer Comes/02 THE QUESTIONS-Can't Get
    Over You/03 THE SMITH-Here Comes My Baby/04 BACK SEAT ROMEOS-Zero Ambition/05 MARK ANDREW & THE GENTS- Laid on a Place/06 SCARLET PARTY-101 Dawn-Nations/07 THE CHICAYNES-Cry a Little/08 THE FRESHMEN-You've Never Heard Anything Like This Before/09 THE FIRST STEPS-The Beat is Back/10 THE TOURS-Language School/11 ANDY ARTHURS-I Can Detect You For 100000 Miles/12 THE STEP-Love Letter/13 THE YOUNG ONES-Rock N Roll Radio/14 THE HEADBOYS-Shape Of Things to Come/15 THE MONKS-Johnny B. Rotten/16 JOLT-I Can't Wait/17 AUTOMATICS-When the Tanks Rolled Over Poland Again/18 THE CHEATERS-(I Wanna Be a) Policeman/19 THE CLASSICS-Audio, Audio/20 HEROES-10% Will Do/21 TV21-Ambition/22 WHITE HEAT-Nervous Breakdown/23 THE INVADERS-Girls In Action/24 THE SECRET-Hotel Carbineros

    DISC 6-01 THE SPLIFFS-You Know What They'll Say/02 MODERNS-Got to Have Pop/03 MAD TURKS-Lolene/04 THE DOGS-Mom Coeur Bat Encore/05 PRINCESS OF PEACE-X-Ray Proved/06 BABIJAR-Ice Age/07 LOS AUTENTICOS-La Estrella/08 IRA-Pobre Paulista/09 BADGE-Dancing/10 UPS & DOWNS- In the Shadows/11 ROUSERS-Rock N Roll Or Run/12 VERTEX-John/13 TWEED-Fashion/14 THE TECHTONES-That Girl/15 NITS-Yes or No/ 16 DUWETO-Singing Along the Wind/17 MOPS-Manen/18 THE CROWS-Don't Play Around/19 ROXETTE-Natascha/20 THE LITTLE MURDERS-Things Will Be Different/21 KOLLA KESTAA-Kirjoituksia Kellarista/22 REEPERBAHN-Havet Ligger Blankt/23 5:15-Don't Think Twice (If You Can't Think At All)/24 ESQUELETOS-Solo Necesito Un Poco de Diversion

    DISC 7-01 THE TWEEDS-Underwater Girl/02 QUNCY-Turn the Other Way/03 SPEEDIES-
    Time/04 THE NOW-Can't Fix Me Up With Her/05 SHRAPNEL-Go Cruisin'/06 DIRTY LOOKS/07 THE LEOPARDS-I Wonder If I'll Ever See You Again/08 JACK LEE-Hanging On the Telephone/09 THE GO-Don't Take Her Away/10 THE MARSHALLS-I Wanna Be Rich/11 STEVE ALMAAS-What's the Matter/12 PEARL HARBOR & THE EXPLOSIONS-Release It/13 REGINA RICHARDS & RED HOT-Tiger/14 GARY VALENTINE-Tomorrow Belongs To Me/15 CHRIS MOFFA & THE COMPETITION-Lunatics, Losers, and Liars/16 THE BEATLES COSTELLO-Soldier of Love/17 REGULAR GUYS-Leave/18 THE NIGHTMARES-Baseball Altamont/19 BLACKJACKS-(That I Always) Dress In Black/20 ROMANTICS-Little White Lies/21 THE ACTION-Get Back To Me/22 THE BOYZ-Laughs On Me/23 2 TIMERS-Now That I've Lost My Baby/24 D CLINTON THOMPSON-Drivin Guitars

    DISC 8-CHARLIE FAWN-Blue Skies/02 THE LOW NUMBERS-Keep In Touch/03 THE KEYS-Just a Camera/04 BOYFRIENDS-Boyfriend/05 HENRY ESSENCE-Margarita/06 LESSON & VALE-Like a Good Girl Should/07 THE ELEVATORS-You & I Are Too Close Together/08  SACRE BLEU-Move It/09 THE SMIRKS-Rosemary/10 THE INNOCENTS-One Way Love/11 TEARJERKERS-Murder Mystery/12 THE SCENE-I've Had Enough/13 MIKE READ-Are You Ready/14 TRAINSPOTTERS-High Rise/15 BTP FOLDERS-All of a Sudden/16 THE WIMPS-Hamburger Radio/17 WASTELAND-Leave Me Alone/18 THE RIVVITS-Saturday Night at the Dance/19 DIG DIG DIG-Our
    Money/20 THE RUNS-Bum in the Oven/21 NOIZ BOIZ-Noiz Boiz/22 THE JUMP-Shake Up/23 UPSET-Hurt/24 THE VALVES-Ain't No Surf In Portobello

    Be a lotta typing and uploding for minimal comments...normally I don't care that much but in this case I REALLY want to know, yes or no, if you guys want a deluge of comps of this type......PLEASE! By the way, if this WAS NOT an internet only set, someone letme know THAT too so we can credit the lable or whomever!

    0 0
  • 09/07/13--17:07: Another power pop comp....
  • Good numbers for yesterday's set, I'm afraid this one isn't quite up to THAT standard,but it is a good
    one......I really don't know where this one came from, I don't THINK it's an "internet creation", you never smells of a "commercial endeavor" to me, but I have no idea who put it out, and with the brilliantly imaginative title (get ready) "Power Pop", looking it up would be too much of a pain in the ass....I'm sure one of you guys  fill in the gaps. Good tunes though, good tunes......some overlap with "Shake Some Action", but as I've said before, power pop is the genre that makes for the BEST various artists comps as it so accurately replicates the radio listenting experience of the golden years of free form radio.

    Well, we have four discs far as I know the tracks are not sorted in any kind of categories, be they geographic or chronological, but there ya go ("commercial endeavor", just betcha!).....let's look at some highlights of disc 1....Milk N Cookies were a fairly under appreciated band, they are represented by the fine "Not Enough Girls In the World". Flamin' Groovies fine "Shake Some Action" is here, although it is debateable as to whether it REALLY belongs, same could be said of The Only Ones classic "Another Girl Another Planet"......The Knack's (fuck you) fine potty-mouthed anthem, "Good Girls Don't" is here (simply hilarious if you think about it, a song about getting into a chick's pants AND THEN getting her to sit on your face, WTF?).......Joe Jackson's "Got the Time" is here, I'd prefer his fab "I'm the Man", but we split hairs.

    Well, Disc 2....I LOVE the Neighborhoods' "No Place Like Home", too bad it turned up yesterday as
    well, but we ALSO get their equally fantastic "Prettiest Girl". Couple of XTC tracks, not great ones especially, but always love some XTC (I should do a post them, got lots)....the magnificent Explodig Hearts are represented with "Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades" (and I DID do a whole post on them, go check it and see if it's still active, they were the fucking SHIT), couple tracks from the cool Rubinoos.....good disc, oddly progammed (why not put the 2 XTC or Neighborhoods tracks together? Make too much sense?) and I have always hated that annoying "Someday Someway" by Marshall Crenshaw for some reason, but I'm sure some of you are happy it is here though.

    On to disc 3.....the Records' "Starry Eyes" is a classic, more Exploding Hearts (ALWAYS a good thing), The Shoes "Tomorrow Night", The Incredible Kidda Band gives us the fab "Radio Caroline", and there is fine stuff from The Pop, Paul Collins' Beat, The Bangs, The Jags......another essential disc if this is your "thing". Disc 4 gives us a live track from The Jam ("In the City"), MORE Exploding Hearts (someone once said "ALWAYS a good thing), couple tracks from Rockpile, the underappreciated Incredible Kidda Band, the db's, get the idea. If you liked "Shake Some Action", consider this a poor man's version, certainly with some tracks you'll want, personally I think you'd be ahead to reprogram it omitting the overlap and just treating it as an extension of yesterday's set, power pop comps are a remarkably exhilerating listening experience! Please comment......don't know if I'll put up another one tomorrow or not, I'm getting a bunch (and I mean a BUNCH Jonman) of Monster Magnet boots ready for Jonman per his request, I'll get to that in the next few days (Really....Monster Magnet, Big Black, Pearl, Giants of Power Pop, goddamn "niche" here, I am Mr. Versatility)......lemme know what ya think, I may not post tomorrow becaaaaaaauuuuse.......

    Tomorrow is the season opener for the 2013 Minnesota Vikings. I have been a fan and seen nearly
    every game since 1969 (I am not kidding), all thhile living in Ohio. I think they have 8-8 written all over them this year, but I am NO EXPERT and thought they'd be the NFL's worst team last year (they of course excited me with a playoff run), topping THAT prediction with the theory that Adrian Peterson was likely about finished so what the fuck do I know? Anyway, they play the Lions tomorrow, hope both teams stay healthy and at least provide me with a good game to watch (I am not "fantatical" about sports, I love watching but i learned long ago that it really doesn't affect my life much if the Vikings win the Super Bowl or go 1-15) what are you guy's favorite football teams (I mean American football I must stress) and what do you think of their chances this year?

    So,'s to a fine and fun NFL season. time of year, for my money, Autumn in Ohio!

    DISC 1-01 THE GO-Instant Reaction/02 SPEEDIES-Let Me Take Your Photo/03 YOUNG CANADIANS-Hulabaloo Girls/04 JOE JACKSON-Got the Time/05 POINTED STICKS-The Real Thing/06 MILK N COOKIES-Not Enough Girls In the World/07 THE INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND-The Girl Said No/08 THE ZIPPERS-It Hurts/09 THE KNACK-Good Girls Don't/10 YOUNG CANADIANS-Hawaii/11 SPEEDIES-You Need Pop/12 THE NERVES-When Ya Find Out/13 THE ONLY ONES-Another Girl Another Planet/14 BUDDY LOVE-Dead Ringer/15 SMART REMARKS-Mary's Got Her Eye On Me/16 FLAMIN GROOVIES-Shake Some Action/17 THE BEAT-Walking Out on Love/18 BUDDY LOVE-Liar/19 THE LAST-Century City Rag/20 THE SALVATION ARMY-She Turns to Flowers/21 POINTED STICKS-New Ways/22 PURPLE HEARTS-Jimmy/23 THE SALVATION ARMY-For Hours/24 SCIENTISTS-Sorry/25 THOMAS FUNCTION-The Insignificants

    DISC 2-01 THE LAMBRETTAS-London Calling/02 XTC-Chain of Command/03 THE COLD-
    Three Chord City/04 THE AGENTS-Suburban Paradise/05 BEEX-(My Heart Goes) Beat Beat/06 PASTICHE-Boston Lullabye/07 PASTICHE-Talk Show/08 THE NEIGHBORHOODS-No Place Like Home/09 READYMADES-Supergirl/10 THE RERUNS-So So Alone/11 NASTY FACTS-Get To You/12 NASTY FACTS-Crazy Bout Love/13 THE INNOCENT-Wanna Get Around/14 THE LAMBRETTAS-Beat Boys In the Jet Age/15 XTC-Outside World/16 20-20-Remember the Lightning/17 THE RUBINOOS-I Never Thought It Would Happen/18 THE NEIGHBORHOODS-The Prettiest Girl/19 NICK LOWE-So It Goes/20 MARSHALL CRENSHAW-Someday Someway/21 HUBBLE BUBBLE-What Can I Do/22 NAZZ-She's Goin Down/23 THE RUBINOOS-Leave My Heart Alone/24 CLOROX GIRLS-Flowers of Evil/25 THE EXPLODING HEARTS-Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades/26 LOVER!-I Got You/27 LOVER!-No More Reasons

    DISC 3-01 THE QUICK-Pretty Please Me/02 THE ZIPPERS-You're So Strange/03 THE POP-Easy Action/04 PAUL COLLINS BEAT-Will You Listen/05 THE JAGS-The Tourist/06 THE DILS-Sound of the Rain/07 THE TICKETS-Heartland/08 THE SHOES-Tomorrow Night/09 RECORDS-Starry Eyes/10 THE MERRYMAKERS-A Fine Line/11 THE BARRACUDAS-I Can't Pretend/12 THE NEW HEARTS-Just Another Teenage Anthem/13 FAST CARS-You're So Funny/14 THE EXPLODING HEARTS-Your Shadow/15 APACHE-Boys Life/16 THE INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND-Radio Caroline/17 THE NEW HEARTS-Blood on the Knife/18 KICK-Let's Get Back Together/19 FAST CARS-The Kids Just Wanna Dance/20 PURPLE HEARTS-Frustration/21 THE FURYS-Say Goodbye to the Blacksheep/22 THE JAGS-Tune Into Heaven/23 THE LAST-That's Just Life/24 THE POP-Nobody's Toy/25 THE FURYS-Moving Target/26 THE BANGS-Call On Me/27 THE CICHLIDS-Missionary Man

    DISC 4-01 THE DONKEYS-Don't Go/02 LAST STAND-Just a Number/03 THE TRANZMITORS-
    Do I Really Wanna Know/04 SURFIN LUNGS-389/05 ACTION NOW-I'm Not Trying To Hurt You/06 ELTON MOTELLO-Sha La La la Lee/07 THE DIODES-Red Rubber Ball/08 THE BEAT-Rock N Roll Girl/09 THE DECIBELS-Go Away/10 CHRIS STAMEY AND THE DB'S-(I Thought) You Wanted To Know/11 ROCKPILE-Teacher Teacher/12 THE INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND-I'm Gonna Join the Army/13 THE EXPLODING HEARTS-I'm a Pretender/14 THE DECIBELS-Allison/15 THE KEYS-I Don't Wanna Cry/16 THE SECRETS-It's Your Heart Tonight/17 ROCKPILE-Wrong Again/18 THE TRANZMITORS-Somethings Going On/19 FAST CARS-What Can I Say/20 DOGMATICS-You Say/21 TAXI BOYS-I Can't Kick/22 THE JAM -In the City (Live)/23 THE KIDS-Do You Wanna Know/24 THE VACANT LOT-Good as Gone/25 ACTION NOW-Taking Care/26 PUPPET RULERS-Outta My Mind/27 THE CROWS-Don't Play Around

    0 0
  • 09/09/13--16:03: Raiders of the Lost Hook
  • I got these a few years back from what IS the greatest of all power-pop blogs, Power Pop Criminals
    (, I don't the links to these on that site are probably still good, so I'm sure they won't care if I repost these magnificent you know, power-pop makes for the BEST various artist compilations because.....well, I'm tired of saying it.

    I'd like to thank the goddamn Minnesota Vikings for wasting a good bit of my Saturday. I certainly do appreciated the extra effort from them that I receive for my additional $300 that I pay for the goddamn Sunday Ticket. Christina Ponder is awful, the D-Line is awful,  the O-Line is awful, play calling horrendous......Adrian Peterson a 78 yard TD run on the first play of the season and then winding up with about 90 yards.......ugly ugly ugly, had the Lions not repeatedly shot themselves in the foot (after all they ARE the Lions), they would have beaten the Vikings by 40 points. Only 15 more to go I suppose.

    Four discs here, all of them practically flawless, not too much overlap, at all with the recent
    postings....Disc 1 leads off with the fab Milk N Cookies "Tinkertoy Tomorrow" and treats us to lotsa more gems....The Donuts "She May Be Your Girl", Yipes! "Heartbreak Again", The Marbles "Computer Cards"....Lotsa lotsa good stuff, you know, by now, the type of stuff this is if you were previously unfamilar...

    Disc 2 is more of the same (a GOOD thing), the name that jumps out most immediately is Stiv Bators (of the Dead Boys and the movie "Polyester" fame, also famous for being run over by a bus), with the (you'll be surprised if you know him only from the Dead Boys) awesome "I'll Be Alright". Everything here is good stuff and fits the concept to a "t", I like the tracks from The Modulators, The Donuts, Powers Mowers, and Radio Van Gogh in particular, but you may have ten different favorties and I would not quibble wit ya!

    Volume 3 is a bit more "out there" in my estimation,
    but it's just as great......The Gravelberrys, Vandalias, Shame Idols, Spinning Jennies, and the Frampton Brothers stand out, and special notice to the band name Brian Jones Was Murdered, just because I've always beleived that......

    Finally Volume 4-grand slam, all four discs are close to perfect for what  they are, great power pop.....not shit you have to rack your brain on to understand, not shit you need a college degree to "get", but fucking songs about women and summer  and rock n roll and women and young romance  and cheating women and lying women, shit like that......highlights of Volume 4 include Radio City, Rosetta Stone, The Orbits, The News, and the Rousers....

    I've heard from a few of ya who like these, and a few for whom these are maybe a little lightweight, I
    have several more, keep the opinions coming, myself I just LOVE those jangly guitars and mindless Top-40-wannabe lyrics, really so innocent and unpretentious.......just love  I  CAN see how fans of punk or metal or whatever might hate this stuff as though it were disco or something, but EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS......this stuff is the SHIT!

    VOLUME 1-01 MILK N COOKIES-Tinkertoy
    Tomorrow/02 THE ROULETTES-Only Heaven Knows/03 TIM MOORE-Rock N Roll Love Letter/04 CASPAR GILES MCCLOUD-Messin Around/05 THE ROCKERS-Don't Leave Me Tonight/06 SCREEN TEST-I am Sincere/07 THE KRAYOLAS-Aw Tonight/08 VANCE OR TOWERS-Do Whatever We Want/09 THE BOYS-We're Too Young/10 THE INNOCENTS-Darlin'/11 THE DONUTS-She May Be Your Girl/12 THE GO-Tomorrow Night/13 THE BOYFRIENDS-I Need Your Love/14 EPICYCLE-Put Your Socks Away/15 TWEEDS-Underwater Girl/16 THE RAVES-Chastity/17 SHAKE SHAKES-You Can Run/18 THE ACTION-She's Got My Heart/19 THE BLAZERS-I Can Love You/20 BRAD LONG-Tell 21 YIPES!-Heartbreak Again/22 COLORS-Week End/23 THE BELL HEIRS-Shaking It Down/24 CARGOE-Feel Alright/25 THE MARBLES-Computer Cards/26 THUNDERMUG-Orbit

    VOLUME 2-01 THE DEAL-Don't Go Out/02 THE EXPLOSIVES-A Girl Like You/03 THE MODULATORS-She's So Cynical/04 THE NADS-You Don't Know Me/05 ACTION NOW-Stop Pretending/06 CASPAR GILES MCCLOUD-Make You Feel Like You're Mine/07 THE MOBERLEYS-I Want You/08 STIV BATORS-I'll Be Alright/09 DAVID QUINTON-Make Up Your Mind/10 THE MOSQUITOS-I Know a Secret/11 THE PATRIOTS-That Way/12 THE SWEAT-Isn't Anything Secret Anymore/13 THE MARSHALLS-She's the One/14 TOMMY ROCK-It's Later Than You Think/15 BUDDY LOVE-I Just Wanna Hold You/16 BARRY KNOEDL-Baby Don't Give Up/17 THE DONUTS-Johnny Johnny/18 POWERS MOWERS-Silly Girl/19 THE HI FI'S-Look What You've Done/20 STANLEY FRANK-S'cool Days/21 THE NEWS-Don't Talk To Me/22 THE SHOUT-Sha-Day-La-Day/23 THE TOYS-I'm Telling You Now/24 THE WEREWOLVES-Lisa/25 RICK ROCK-Buddah Buddah/26 DAVE RAVE GROUP-Weight of the World/27 RADIO VAN GOGH-I Hope I Get It All

    GRAVELBERRYS-Wonder Where You Are Tonight/03 MILLARD POWERS-Heart Attack/04 FROSTED-Homeless/05 FOUR O CLOCK BALLOON-Angeline/06 THE DECIBLES-Change/07 THE VANDALIAS-Julie Come Around/08 THE BELTWAYS-Kissing Time/09 BEAT ANGELS-All Around Your World/10 SPINNING JENNIES-You're the Only One/11 THE SHAME IDOLS-Skating Rink/12 THE BEATIFICStime/13 THE TEARAWAYS-Nowhere Left To Turn/14 BILLY SULLIVAN-Go Crazy/15 WHO HIT JOHN-Somebody/16 SINS TAILOR-I Don't Like It/17 SMALLSTONE-Chasing the Sun/18 THE KELLY AFFAIR-That School/19 THE FRAMPTON BROTHERS-If She Were My Girl/20 BRIAN JONES WAS MUREDERED-Say/21 THE INFIDELS-Everywhere I  Go/22 SWINGER-Best Friend/23 ARTY LENIN-Mr Acarious/24 MICHAEL CARPENTER-Wild Honey

    VOLUME 4-01 ROSETTA STONE-Judy Judy Judy/02 THE RINGS-My Kinda Girl/03 STRAIGHT EIGHT-Christine/04 THE SWEAT-Please Don't Say You Love Me/05 THE ROLL UPS-Last Night/06 THE ROCKERS-Understanding/07 MIKE READ-Beatles Lullabye/08 BLUE-Don't Wanna Make You Cry/09 ORBITS-Phenominal World/10 THE NEWS-I Can See Through You/11 KEY-Until the Day/12 THE LIMITS-Come To Me/13 THE INNOCENTS-Come Tonight/14 THE LATE SHOW-So Happy/15 THE BREAKERS-A New Heart To Kill/16 THE FLLASHCUBES-Wait Till Next Week/17 RADIO CITY-Little Runaway/18 LOOSE LIPS-Kyle/19 THE ROUSERS-Rock N Roll or Run/20 THE TEDDY BOYS-Things That You Do/21 THE TOMS-I Did the Wrong Thing/22 THE ASCENDERS-She's in Love/23 THE YANKEES-Take It Like a Man/24 THE BINGS-Please Please Please/25 THE WIND-I Am the Garden/26 DAVID BURDICK-Can't Sit Still/27 THE AGENTS-Suburban Paradise/28 THE PUSH UPS-Global Corporation

    Tomorrow's post depends upon tomorrow's mood.....a friend asked me for some Modern Lovers, and
    I had a request on here for some Monster Magnet, which I am still compiling (can't decide how I'm going to format that one, if I put ALL my Monster Magnet shit up, it'd take 2-3 days minimum).....and still.....personally digging the power pop comps at the moment, it's the "music of summer" to me, and as summer fades out, nothing better than to say goodbye to it for another year with some crunchy-smooth power ya never know. I kind of take a LITTLE pride in this blog being something "different", in that I will post ANYTHING (provided I can find it) that anyone wants and refuse to be locked into a niche.....I go through phases (power pop right now), but day to day, just happens to be the mood I'm in......couldn't do ANY of it, without the heard work of ogreat bloggers LIKE "Power Pop Criminals" for providing this wonderful set (and others, eventually I WILL get up their fantastic "Tributes or Not Tributes" series it is nothing short of phenominal.....but we may take a break in the shakin some action for a little Monster Magnet or Modern Lovers the next couple days.......someone once suggested I do a post incorporating the music of both Screwdriver and Public Enemy, and while on the surface that sounds silly, yet, I think it MIGHT have some merit.....the statement being made is that EVERYONE, no matter what their idealology, can use rock n roll to get their points across (and yes Public Enemey rocked out FIERCELY, motherfucker).....

    While I ramble waiting for the discs to upload, if I WERE to do a hate-rock post at some point (Screwdriver, Angry Aryans, Bully Boys, Ian Stuart & the Klansmen), what would you think? Would it upset you? Would you abandon my blog? It'd be your right and I'd understand it although I would disagree.....I've always been a bit leery of doing it, mostly because I'm afraid of the trouble I might get into with Blogger, but I am SO curious as to the potential reaction, that  just HAVE to do it at some point......I beleive in the rights of EVERYONE to freely speak their minds....whether I agree with them or not. I detest the racist ideaologies of Screwdriver et al, BUT I also detest some of the ultra-leftist ideas of Rage Against the Machine, or Crass, or Le Tigre, or The Tom Robinson Band,  or Bratmobile, ALL OF whom I  have done extensive posts on (except maybe Crass, I'd have to check)........the artists on both the right and the left are "angry" and use music to express it.....I think if we disagree with them, that is fine, but should the be censored? NO NO NO ABSOLUTE NO.......Screwdriver had as much right to their views as did Rage Against the Machine, but I wonder if any of you would be truly offened by a Skrewdriver post or something? Thoughts? Ideas? I know I did one on Prussian Blue a while back but they were so cartoonish and silly it was very hard to take them seriously.

    Enjoy the rest of your Monday Night, couple NFL games on tonight, gotta love that, and although I
    know I didn't post yesterday (Vikings followed by grocery shopping, gracery shopping MUCH more entertaining) so I just didn't quite get to it, but don't see any snags in getting some rocking shit up there each evening this week, just don't now what.......see ya tomorrow and please love your wives/girlfriends (for guys), your husbands/boyfriends (for gals), especially your children (they will be grown next time you turn around), and your parents (both of mine are gone, and we had our differences......but they are gone nonethess. I wish they were still here). Basically, just please be good to one another. Nothing is forever.

    I love all the people who read and contribute and comment and request and anything else here! Love
    you to  or why ever else would I do this?  " I LOVE YOU DAMIEN AND IT'S ALLLL  FOR YOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    One more thing that pops into my mind....I asked once before but maybe I am asking a more appropriate audience with the power pop and all.....anyone happen to have "Chinese Burn" by the Len Price Three? If you do I'd love to snag a of the very very few albums that for whatever reason seemsmost impossible to find! I know it exists, but........anyway, make your uncle HAPPY and if you have this little gem, please "make my day"!

    0 0

    Other than maybe the Pistols and a couple more that aren't coming to mind, has there ever been a
    band that released only a single album in their lifetime, and have it be as brilliant, influential, and eternal as the Modern Lovers 1976 release? Not too many at least. Jonathon Richman had been knocking around Boston for the first half of the 1970's, perfecting his licks and performing reportedly incredible live shows. The lineup that spit out this album had more than a little talent to say the least...besides Richman, they were made up of David Robinson (soon to be of the Cars), Jerry Harrison (future Talking Head), and Ernie Brooks who was absolutley no slouch either.....tcked around with Warner Brothers for years attempting to get the thing on vinyl, WB eventually withdrew their support, and Richman moved to California and hooked up with the sort of odd Berserkely Records, whose stable also included Greg Kihn and Earth Quake. Finally the thing came out in 1976, and was it ever worth the wait.......this is an almost perfect album, five stars all the way.

    The original release consisted of (by then) 4-5 year old recordings of only nine tracks (all of them great), in time various release versions have added "bonus" tracks, the veresion I have I think is the most common, with, in addition to the original 9,gives us "Dignified and Old", as well as "I'm Straight" and "Government Center", the latter two having appeared on the "Troublemakers" comp from Warner Brothers (see my archive)....all three tracks are fanastic as well and the album be somewhat lacking without them.  

    What a brilliant piece of innocent, powerful, amazing rock n roll.....Richman's vocals cannot be described, he sounds bored/sarcastic/stupid/knowing and God knows what else ALL AT ONCE, an this is on every song. Leading off is the positively anthemic "Road  Runner" often covered, never matched. A wonderful love song to rock n roll, it is a piece of perection...."Gonna drive the stop n shop....with the radio on" "I'm in love with Massacheusettes"......"Modern Girls and modern rock n roll"... every line is a goddamn highlight for me is Richman's encoraging "Now YOU sing, Modern Lovers" before the final chorus. What an incredible song.

    Not that the rest is exactly filler....."Astral Plane" is a wonderful, rambling plea to get a chick to sleep
    with Richman, "Old World" is a fine comparison between, yep, old times and modern, laving it open for debate as to which were "better". "Pablo Picasso" is one of the album's best known tracks (Other than "Road Runner"  I'd assume) and is perhaps my least favorite as it delves maybe just a bit much into outright silliness ("Pablo Picasso.....was never called an asshole....") still it has it's charms, and certainly is better than the weakest track on 99% of the albums ever released.

    "I'm Straight" is pretty silly as well, to be honest, but Jonathon pleading with his girlfriend to break up with "Hippie Johnny" (.."he's always stoned, he's never straight") always leaves me laughing. A celebration of "straightness".....just hadn't been done before.

    Well, I'm not going to disect EACH song as much as I'd love to,  rest assured that the rest is every bit as good, in particular "Modern World" ("...put down that cigarette, and drop out of B.U.!") and the wonderful "Government Center" ("they gotta lotta great desks and chairs at the governement center.....")......all of it so simple it's mind bending, so "straight" it's beyond hip, without question one of the top ten albums of the 1970's and (for me at least) that is a mouthful. ....

    The band broke up and left us with this single gem of a record, Richamn, of course, continued to perform using the name Modern Lovers......the stuff is decent, less rocking, and, to be completely honest not really up of tea......I've not included TOO much of the post (1976) "Modern Lovers" stuff (I don't even have the follow up "Rock N Roll with the Modern Lovers" which was done with a completely different band and is, in my opinion, quite short of stellar.

    So......if you're a fan of the Modern Lovers, obviously you already HAVE the amazing album
    described above, so let's crack open the vault and see what else we can find, hopefully coming up with as much material as possible from the original crew......

    Well, for career comprehensiveness, we have the two-disc "Roadrunner Roadrunner: The Beserkely Collection", which has a little bit of everything, plenty of alternate takes on the great stuff from the album, also plenty of post-1976 stuff to give you a clear idea of the directio which Richman was going   ("I'm a Little Dinosaur", "I'm a Little Airplane", I'm thinking there was also an "I'm a Little Car").....anyway, this is VER comprehensive, has a LOT of non-essential stuff, but interesting? Hard to argue that. Hard core Richman fans will love this, hard core Modern Lovers fans (me!) will find it an very interseting curiosity.

    The best known of the live recordings of the band, I think, is "Precise Modern Lovers Order", recorded I beleive around 1972 or so, it is very, very good, and includes a lot of stuff that didn't eventually make the debut album. Essential for  Modern Lovers fans.

    OK, the rest of this stuff is kind of hit and miss, all of it is of interest at the very least. A set of demos from 1971-73,  different, quite different in fact, versions of a few tracks that would make the first LP, notably "Modern World" and "Hopsital". We have a rocking 1971 set at Harvard University before an adoring audience, I'd guess "Roadrunner" hadn't been concieved yet, it would have brought down the house.

    I have a fairly sloppy sounding 2 disc live show from Stonehenge MA, from 1971 or 72, interesting
    for the inclusions of "I Grew Up in the Suburbs", and "Song of Rememberance For Old Girlfriends".....sound quality a bit on the iffy side, but not unlistenable.

    Recordings of the "original" band are pretty scarce, the above is what I have, looking around the web I found something called the "Laura Palmer Tape" which is some kind of a homemade cassette (beleive me you can hear the "tape hiss"'), no idea as to anything else about it, might as well put it up there.

    Despite my better judgement I am going to include a couple of live shows from the "Modern Lovers II", the band without any Lovers othr than Richman. One from 1976, a while after the break the original crew, truly, if nothing else, it serves to bridge the gap between the sublime ("Roadrunner", "Governement Center") to the ridiculous ("Here Come the Martian Martians", "Dodge Veg-O-Matic").....I also have a 1978 show from the latter-day Lovers, by now PACKED with silliness ("Rockin Rockin Leprechauns", "Hey There Little Insect") , not even a version of "Roadrunner".

    Look, I know some people, a that LOVE Richman's post-debut album's not really for me, although I've included a bit of it here, due to the fact that so little classic material exists and in order to give something of a "picture" of the artist as a whole......simply, like Elvis Costello and the Pretenders, he was an act that I loved for a while, and then chose to go in a different direction that was not for me......certainly nothing personal, and I can forgive a LOT for that classic first "Modern Lovers" album. Radios On!

    MODERN LOVERS-01 Roadrunner/02 Astral Plane/03 Old World/04 Pablo Picasso/05 I'm
    Straight/06 Dignified and Old/07 She Cracked/08 Hospital/09 Someone I Care About/10 Girl Friend/11 Modern World/12 Governement Center

    THE BERSERKLEY COLLECTION DISC 1-01 Roadrunner (Twice)/02 Astral Plane/03 Pablo Picasso/04 She Cracked/05 Hospital/06 Someone I Care About/07 I'm  Straight/08 Modern World (Alternate Take)/09 Dignified and Old/10 Governement Center/11 The New Teller/12 It Will Stand/13 Back In the USA/14 Rockin Shopping Center/15 New England/16 Lonely Financial Zone/17 Here Come the Martian Martians/18 Amazing Grace/19 Rockin Rockin Leprechauns/20 Summer Morning/21 Afternoon/22 Egyptian Reggae

    THE BERSERKELEY COLLECTON DISC 2-01 The Sweeping Wind/02 Dodge Veg-O-Matic (Extended Version)/03 Fly Into Mystery/04 The Wheels on the Bus/05 Angels Watching Over Me/06 I'm a Little Airplane/07 Hey There Little Insect/08 Ice Cream Man/09 I'm  a Little Dinosaur/10 The Morning of Our Lives/11 Chapel of Love/12 Abdul and Cleopatra/13 Lover Please/14 Affection/15 Buzz Buzz Buzz/16 Back In Your Life/17 Party In the Woods Tonight/18 I'm Nature's Mosquito/19 Lydia/20 I Hear You Calling Me/21 Roadrunner (Once)

    PRECISE MODERN LOVERS ORDER-01 Someone I Care About/02 Dance With Me/03 She Cracked/04 Hospital/05 Womanhood/06 Dignified and Old/07 Girlfriend/08 Foggy Notion/09 Ride on the Highway/10 Pablo Picasso/11 A Plea For Tenderness/12 Walk Up the Street/13 Fly Into Mystery/14 I'm Straight/15 The Mixer/16 Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste/17 Roadrunner

    UNRELEASED DEMOS 1971-73-01  Ride Down on the Highway(Intermedia Demos)/02.  Such Loneliness  ( John Cale demos)/03.  Girlfriend  (  John Cale demos)/04.  Hospital  ( Dinky Dawson demos)/05.  Astral Plane (false start)  (Dinky Dawson demos)/06.  Modern World ( Kim Fowley LP sessions)/07.  Fly into the Mystery ( Kim Fowley LP sessions)/08.  Hospital  (Kim Fowley LP sessions)/09.  A Plea for Tenderness ( Kim Fowley LP sessions)/10. Dignified and Old  ( Probably Kim Fowley LP sessions)/11. New England Summer Song (instrumental) (unknown source)

    HARVARD UNIVERSITY 1971-01 She Cracked/02 Astral Plane/03 Someone I Care About/04
    Hospital/05 I'm Straight/06 Cambridge Clown/07 Fly Into the Mystery/08 Such Lonliness/09 Womanhood/10 Dignified and Old/11 Unknown Instrumental

    STONEHENGE MA 1972 D1-01.  Modern World/02.  Ride Down on the Highway/03.  Girlfriend/04.  She Cracked/05.  Womanhood/06.  Old World

    STONEHENGE MA 1972 D2-01.  Fly Into the Mystery/02.  Dignified and Old/03.  Pablo Picasso/04.  Cambridge Clown/05.  Astral Plane/06.  Song of Remembrance for Old Girlfriends/07.  Such Loneliness/08.  I Grew Up in the Suburbs/09.  A Plea for Tenderness (incomplete) 10. Roadrunner (cut)

    THE LAURA PALMER TAPE-01 Government Centre/02 The New teller/03 Thunderbolts of Joy/04
    My Honest Dear/ 05 Singing in the Rain/06 So much respect for you/ 07I'm not alone (The heavens Love me) 08 Cum By Ya/09 Hi Fred we still love you/10 Flying Saucers rock and roll/11Laura's song

    1976 NEW YORK-01 Intro/02 Back In the USA/03 Roadrunner/04 Rockin Rockin Leprechauns/05 Ice Cream Man/06 Ancient Long Time Ago/07 Cum By Ya/08 Government Center/09 Here Come the Martian Martians/10 Dodge Veg-O-Matic/11 New England/12 La Bamba/13 Springtime/14 Summer Morning/15 Band Intro/16 Back Into Your Life/17 The New Teller/18 The New Teller (Tape Error)/19 The New Teller Reggae Reprise/20 Important In Your Life/21 Fly Into the Mystery/22 Abominable Snowmen In the Market/23 Ice Cream Man/24 Rockin Rockin Leprechauns/25 Astral /A Wonderful Girl

    1978 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN-01 Announcement/02 Hi Dear/03 Back In the USA/04 Egyptian Reggae/05 Roller Coaster By the Sea/06 Pretty Little Girl/07 My Love Is a Flower/08 Rockin Rockin Leprechauns/09 Ice Cream Man/10 Here Come the Martian Martians/11 New England/12 Hey There Little Insect/13 Governement Center/14 It Will Stand/15 The New Teller/16 I'm a Little Dinosaur/17 My Little Kookenhaken/18 Abdul and Cleopatra/19 Dodge Veg O Matic

    Lotta stuff there, some good, some, well.....TOMORROW: A special GUEST post from of the great FRIENDS OF THE BLOG.....I haven't even listened to it yet and even if it SUCKS, it is getting put up (I'm sure it DOESN'T suck)....Why? Because I'll put damn near anything on here! That is how it SHOULD be and as such, it is LESS WORK for the BigMan!

    See's ya's 2Morrow!

    0 0
  • 09/11/13--14:11: A special GUEST post
  • Ok Ok OK Ok I know the Modern Lovers links are taking a while just one of those things, you'll get
    em....but for now, yet ANOTHER of the many GUEST posts that have long been a grand tradition of this world reknown blog.....what? you didn't know about this glorious tradition? Where have you been? Because this blog is open to ALL "guest" posters, you probably just forgot my stating that over the decades. IF you have an interesting album artist you wish to share with the world, OR if you create an imaginative themed compilation (ala today's guest) OR even if you are in a band and want to pimp your demos or live tape or whatever, bring it on.....just please nothing TOTALLY ridiculous, not "hey how about the greatest hits of Foreigner" (now, if it is REALLY AND TRULY TOTALLY ridiculous like Pat Boone's metal album or something like that bring it on)...anything you guys want! send it to me and write a brief commentary or whatever, so I don't have to do anything, let's do this! I'm getting all giddy thinking of you guys doing all the work......send your artwork, your poetry, your short stories, your photography, ANYTHING you want to put on here! Doesn't even have to be musically related, this can be the Facebook of "the dregs of humanity" or something. By the way, I am truly being TOTALLY serious!

    So today's guest post is a homemade comp, at least I guess it is homemade, from longtime Friend of the Blog Jonman.....he contribures "The Songs Three Dog Night Taught Us", and I will let him tell you all about it......I have not even listened to it yet, so if it sucks the big one, do not blame me, blame my decades-old "open-blogger" policy! Take it away Jonman:


    Three Dog Night is one of those bands that (like their contemporaries Chicago) unfortunately gives off the wrong impression to casual radio listening fans. Thanks to some of their biggest hits(Old Fashioned Love Song, Black & White, In The Country) they have been written off by serious rock audiences as an adult contemporary act. On the other hand, they also had big hits with some of their most heavy tracks(Liar, Eli's Coming, One). This compilation is an attempt to showcase that heavier side by giving you the source material, in chronological order by when they appeared on the albums. While there are a few of the lighter moments here(Easy To Be Hard, Never Been To Spain) I tried to stay away from the more obvious things. What you get here are 11 hits and 10 album tracks from the likes of Traffic, Free, Argent, Moby Grape, The Band, & Bush(future James Gang & Guess Who guitarist Domenic Troiano's band from 1970). For the most part these are all the original studio recordings, with a few notable exceptions. I included a Live recording of Otis Redding's Try A Little Tenderness because that one comes across better in a live environment, as does Three Dog Night's version. I first saw them in the mid-eighties and the build up they did at the end of this just blew me away. They revved it up so hard that by the end of it, it was as intense as any hardcore Punk band I had seen(believe it or not).
    Shambala was one of those songs that was written by an outside songwriter who wasn't a performer, so while B.W. Stevenson's version heard here did come out first, it was only about a week before TDN's version came out. While his version was released as a single both here and abroad, it didn't really take off here like the Dogs version did. However the title track of his album (My Maria) managed to secure his place in history. And the version of Brickyard Blues heard here was recorded live at New Orleans' Jazz & Heritage Festival in 1976 because Allen Toussaint never recorded a studio version himself. So, I recommend that fans and haters alike check this out, you may find yourself reassessing the band either way.

    I'll get the artwork up soon hopefully, but I want the get the Modern Lovers stuff finished first.....once again thanks to Jonman for thi contribution, and if YOU also seek the long-lasting fame and riches that can be had from appearing on such a prestigious web site, make sure and contribute YOUR hard work today!
    You will notice that I have incuded several pictures of Laura Preppon also. My reasoning? I like Laura Preppon.

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  • 09/12/13--19:37: The Len Price 3
  • From the continent, one of the most recent vintaged acts I have ever featured here, but a wonderful
    "friend of the blog" submission of a hard to find item entices me to post the whole collection.

    First of all, huge thanks to Doug Wofsey from the wonderful state of Ohio (him, Massilon, Northern Ohio, me Springfield, Southern Ohio!) comes the very hard-to-find debut, "Chinese Burn", at leaset hard to find for me, Doug saw my request for it and kindly shared his copy.....thanks Doug, from bith me and everyone else who enjoys this rare gem! By the way the Len Price 3 are dummer/singer
    Neil Frumow, bassist Steve Huggins, and guitarist/singer Glen Page.....who is Len Price???// We don't know!

    Well, first of all, allow me to say that since I'm sure these dudes are still active on the scene, if there are any objections to my posting links to their fine albums, please simply notify me and they will be removed STAT. I just hate that they crank out such great shit which gets, relative to its greatness, gets little recognition, at least here in USA......the debut, the hard-to-find one "Chinese Burn" gets the formula down from jump.....two minute blasts of power-pop with the accent on the "power" (rather than the "pop"), skillfully blended with the classic sound of Kinks/Who from their "mod" phases, and just maybe I might be inclined to compare them to a thightened up (musically), but maybe not so very serious, version of the Jam.......confusing? Well, perhaps, but I know know one I'e shared these discs with who didn't dig the shit out of them.

    "Chinese Burn" from 1005 features some great shit, nothing longer than about 2:30 or so, features
    one shotgun blast after another, imagine (another "out there" comparison) Cheap Trick on meth.....really, this stuff hits hard and  WOULD sound great on the radio too, lead off track "Christian in the Desert" may have been the best single of that year, and there is NO let up, from the word GO these boys knew their formula......don't miss "Viva Viva".....or "Commanche!".......or "Shirley Crabtree"....fuck it don't miss ANY of it......thanks again to my main-dog and Buckeye homeboy Doug Wofsey, without question the winner of today's cash prize for "Friend of the Blogger of the Day"'ll be in your mailbox just as  soon as I get around to it, Doug!.....Honestly, PURE ROCK N ROLL ENERGY, reminscent of so many wonderful others and yet unique in its own way......don't miss this one, simply on therarity factor alone, nd to boot it is a GREAT album!

    Much more accessible, but EVEN BETTER, is "Rentacrowd".....again, short, radio-friendly ROCK N ROLL anthems, "Just LIke Julia Jones" is a beautiful single, "Sailor's Sweetheart" nearly as good, and, frankly, the whole album is just fantastic, what are you waiting for, if per chance you desire only ONE album by this crew, and the rarity factor of "Chinese Burn" doesn't mean anything to ya, go with this one, it's a beast, and "Julia Jones" should be on some "Nuggets"-style comp of the unknown great music of this era, maybe here in 20 years or so?

    There is one more album. 2010's "Pictures"......oh, I don't know, maybe only 4.5 stars for ths one instead of 5, or maybe not.....they try to heavy it up just a touch, to their credit they seem to be attempting to "grow" musically without straying too far from where their bread is favorie tracks are "The Girl Who Became a Machine", "Mr Grey", the title track......hell it's all great too......

    I HOPE the Len Price 3 are GLAD that I am attempting to get more listeners to their great music, you
    never know, as we know some confused parties like Corrosion of Conformity, Green Day, Sublime, and Bratmobile all desire FEWER listeners.....seems counter productive butwe've plowed that fioeld before......I think the Len Price 3 are fucking great, and want to spread their sounds to an audience that perhaps hasn't heard much of it......and they'll tell friends and they'll tell's how it works! But guys, if you feel wronged, just say so and they'll be taken down pronto, however I WILL make fun of you for the forseeable future!

    LOVE to hear some comments on this shit, I think it rocks the house, and please if you enjoy "Chinese Burn" give a word of thanks to Doug in the comments section, he will appreciate that I'm sure......he's a great guy and I thank him again.......THANKS DOUG!

    CHINESE BURN-01 Christian in the Desert/02 Chinese Burn/03 Lai Ha Lam/04 Viva Viva/05 The Last Hotel/06 Swine Fever/07 Amsterdam/08 Comanche!/09 Shatham Town Spawns Devils/10 Hard Times Forever/11 Shirley Crabtree/12 She's Lost Control/13 Medway Eye/14 Heavy Atmosphere/15 Fire In My Heart

    RENTACROWD-01 Rentacrowd/02 If I Ain't Got You/03 Just Like Julia Jones/04 Sailor's
    Sweetheart/05 Doctor Gee/06 Girl Like You/07 With Your Love/08 No Good/09 Mesmer/10 Cold 500/11 She's Not Really There/12 Turn It Around/13 Australia and Hidden Bonus Track

    PICTURES-01 Pictures/02 Keep Your Eyes On Me/03 I Don't Believe You/04 The Girl Whe Became a Mchine/05 After You're Gone/06 Mr Grey/07 Nothing Like You/08 If You Lived 'Round Here/09 You Tell Lies/10 Man Who Used To Be/11 Jack in the Greens/12 Under the Thumb/13 The Grea Omani

    As a 51 year old I always enjoy that every now and then, some kids "get  it"....they figure out that rock n roll is a state of mind, sometimes undefinable, but when it clicks, we rock n rollers (REAL ones) know fucking Len Price 3 fuking "GET IT"........get these discs now and pay homage to o the great overlooked bands of recent years! They DESERVE the listen! SURE wish I had some live stuff, some WELL-RECORDED live stuff, as these boys sound as thought they would truly bring the goods on stage......anyone know for SURE?

    0 0

    Tribute albums, while sometimes being interesting or (even better) hilarious, often tend to be fairly
    awful.....bands commit either slavish carbon copies of the "tributee's" work which almost by definition will be inferior, or they do FLAT OUT inferior versions, which of course, are also inferior....when selecting some tribute albums, then, that will actually be INTERESTING, it is, of course, important to look at the subject matter, AS WELL AS the "tributors" and find combinations which will yield either interesting musical moments or some touches of hilarity. Who, after all, would wish to here "Hell Bent Forever-A Tribute to Judas Priest"? (Yes I have it, no I'm not including it, I'm just going to talk about it a little to illustrate what is so often with tribute albums)....first of all, take a band with ZERO sense of humor to begin with (Judas Priest) and cover a bunch of their ultra-"serious" works by a second batch of similarly humor-deficient acts, and what do ya got? Answer: "zzzzzzzzzzzzz", and a bunch of tracks that are MUCH more boring than the original Judas Priest tracks to begin with. Honest to God.....WARRANRT covering "Hell Bent For Leather"?....SEPULTURA'S version of "Screaming For Vengenace"?.....Well, in  fairness, Motorhead's "Breaking the Law" is pretty funny, but, as it sounds like the OTHER 2000 Motorhead songs, you can imagine what it sounds like without my putting it up.....couple these efforts with frankly inferior acts (Say Tim "Ripper" Collins tackling "Exciter", or Broken Teeth, whomever the hell they are/were doing "Devil's Child" and I think you'll see what I call a real "waste of plastic"....

    So what tribute albums do I think ARE worth a moment of our time? Well, I'm going to do some thinking and listening, I do have quite a few of them, and weed out the lame ones......for today, let's start with "The Duran Duran Tribute Album".....Bjorn Again take on "Girls On Film", Eve's Plum give us "Say a Prayer" WESLEY WILLIS (!) ALSO turns in "Girls on Film", and there is lots more reason on earth to take Duran Duran SERIOUSLY (and I DID like some of their shit).....this is fairly great, much like the Carpenters Tribute of a years back "If I Were a Carpenter" (I have to find it, but I DO have it and will try to get it up tomorrow).

    How about "Radical Records-Never Mind the Sex Pistols Here's the Tribute", which features a bunch of bands noone, not even I, have ever heard of, doing the "Bollocks" album IN ORDER, then follwoing that up with a bunch more obscure-o's doing Pistol's singles ala Lower Class Brats version of "Belsen Was a Gas" and Showcase Showdown donating
    "Friggin in the Riggin"'s FUN shit to listen to, check out L.E.S. Stitches version of "Bodies" for example....noone here sounds as though they are attempting to make a sound-alike copy, pretty funny shit really........unless of course yoe the Sex Pistols "seriously", in which case, just how much hope do you think there is for you?

    A good, actually, rather than "funny" one, is "Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye: A Tribute to Roky Erickson".....Roky, of course, REALLY DID influence (directly or indirectly) a lot of the acts that appear, Richard Lloyd's version of "Fire Engine" sounds more like a labor of love than an attempt at a slavish copy. REM, Butthole Surfers, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and ZZ Top all owe a debt of a gratitude to the 13th Floor Elevators, in either an obvious way, Butthole Surfers for example, or in a less obvious but still strong way, say, like fellow Texans ZZ Top. Recommended for the 19 different tracks/artists and the versatility of the same.

    I have TWO (!) Ramones tribute albums here.....WHAT do you suppose THOSE sound like? Well, the first, "Gabba  Gabba Hey-A Tribute to the Ramones", features, like the Roky tribute, a lotta folks who really do owe, in one measure or the other, a debt to the Ramones.....L7 of all people turn in "Suzy  Is a Headbanger". The Flower Leperds tackle "Commando". Then a bunch of second-liners such as The Agnews, Pigmy Love Circus, The Creamers, and more.....we could debate the wisdom of tributing the Ramones, as you know, all of THIER songs sounded kinda all- alike anyway, so tributing them? MUCH harder to do than one might your own judge. The second Ramones tribute features unknowns and is titled, get this "Gabber Gabber Hey-A Tribute to the Ramones".....approach at your own risk, I debated whether I wanted to post this one or not......Schizoid, Parallax 1, get the idea.....anyway here it is if you want it.

    One more for today.....not a tribute to an artist, we have "Before You Were a Punk-A Punk Rock
    Tribute to 80's New Wave"......Guttermouth gives us a version of "Happy Loving Couples".....Blink 182 turn in a pretty funny "Dancing With Myself".....No Use For a Name slash "Turning Japanese".....I like this one as they are NOT, by anymeans, slavish copies of the originals. I always have contended that when doing someone else's song, the WORST THING possible is turning in a note-for-note copy, to "honor" the original you MUST MAKE IT SOMEWHAT YOUR OWN!

    I WAS going to post "Blues Explosion-A Tribute to Blue Cheer".....seemingly this would be amusing, I threw it in the CD player an hour ago while making a road trip in my truck, and I was appalled by how bad it is, and when I say "bad" I don't mean "Blue Cheer-so-bad-it-is-great""Bad", but rather, copies so close to the originals you need to strain to tell the difference. Pentagram's version of MY fave "Doctor Please" actually requires CLOSE listening to reveal it isn't Blue Cheer's version off of "Vincebus Eruptum", and Internal Void's take on "Parchement Farm" is nearly identical to the original as well......and THIS is what I'm talking about.....WHY EVEN BOTHER?  Anyway I'm glad I am not wasting your/my time by putting this up......I have a bunch more to sift through, and if they are as lame as this one, they will not be getting posted.....quality, you see, is job #1 with the BigMan!

    Hope ya like these, something a bit different, and I have MANY more, and the quality varryance is incredible.....I AM going to post the Carpenters tomorrow, (If you've never heard Sonic Youth's "Superstar" you, in my opinion, have not heard Sonic Youth's finest moment, the song plays a large part in the movie "Juno", also, just FYI).....I know I have a few Nirvana tributes, I remember a Blondie one (that if I recall right SUCKS, we'll see)....Queen, the Clash, the Stones, Dylan, AC-DC,  God knows what all....if I recall correctly, I think there may be ANOTHER Ramones, and I KNOW there is another tribute to Roky Erickson (featuring SWEDISH bands) (!).....I know there are a bunch more too, we'll see, I will likely avoid ANOTHER Ramones, enough is enough, and anything else that I deem suckish. I already (check archives) posted a couple of REALLY GREAT Hendrix tributes, they should still be avaialable, and also the "Stoner Rock tribute to Aerosmith" which certainly is NOT available any longer, but really isn't all THAT great and likely I won't do that one unless I have a change of heart or a buncha PLEAS for it.......gotta go check the shelves and see, I think one more day of this will more than suffice, a little of this kind of thing goes a long way.......I also have the pretty good series "Tributes or Not  Tributes" from the site Power Pop Criminals, and I may just wait until I'm in another "power pop""mood" to post those......we'll see.....

    Welcome to another weekend, it is just starting to get beautiful in Ohio (Ohio is beautiful only about
    six weeks out of the year, Mid-September until maybe the end of October, the rest of the year it'eezing cold or brutally hot with unbearable humidity.....on the days when it is neither of those it is raining) season is in the air, the major league baseball races are heating up......ENJOY LIFE, it is short, after all......I love this time of year, and I hope you do as well as I attempt to bring you an appropropriate soundtrack/background for it......

    Be back tomorrow with some more tributes, if you have anyone you'd like to hear "tributed" if I have it,'ll gladly post it.....this is an area where the more outlandish the subject matter (Duran Duran, the Carpenters) the better....request away. Other wise I'll spend tonight and tomorrow morning sifting through some of these and decidinbg which are worthy. Have a good evening!!!!!!

    THE DURAN DURAN TRIBUTE ALBUM-01 GOLDFINGER-Rio/02 BUCK-O-NINE-Hold Back the Rain/03 HOME GROWN-Planet Earth/04 DEFTONES-The Chauffer/05 WISECRACK-Come Undone/06 REEL BIG FISH-Hungry Like the Wolf/07 LESS THAN JAKE-The Reflex/08 RIVERFENIX-Ordinary World/09 GOB-A View to A Kill/10 BJORN AGAIN-Girls On Film/11 THE WRENS-The Seventh Stranger/12 EVES PLUM-Say a Prayer/13 JIMMY EAT WORLD-New Religion/14 MR T EXPERIENCE-Is There Something I Should Know/15 WESLEY WILLIS FIASCO-Girls On Film

    NEVER MIND THE SEX PISTOLS HERE'S THE TRIBUTE-01 BOOKED-Holidays In the S/02 L.E.S. STITCHES-Bodies/03 THE GENERATORS-No Feelings/04 SUBMACHINE-Liar/05 THE KRAYS-Problems/06 I.C.U.-God Save the Queen/07 TOTAL CHAOS-Seventeen/08 BLANKS 77-Anarchy In the UK/09 THE BOILS-Submission/10 THE DUCKY BOYS-Pretty Vacant/11 MURPHYS LAW-New York/12 ROAD RAGE-EMI/13 LOWER CLASS BRATS-Belsen Was a Gas/14 MALEFACTORS-I Wanna Be Me/15 BILLY CLUB-Satellite/16 SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-Friggin In the Riggin/17 NIBLICK HENBANE-Great Rock N Roll Swindle

    Reverberation (Doubt)/02 JOHN WESLEY HARDING & THE GOOD LIARS-If You Have Ghosts/03 POI DOG PONDERING-I Had to Tell You/04 THE JUDYBATS-She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)/05 PRIMAL SCREAM-Slip Inside This House/06 BONGWATER-You Don't Love Me Yet/07 JULIAN COPE-I Have Always Been Here Before/08 DOUG SAHM & SONS-You're Gonna Miss Me/09 SOUTHERN PACIFIC-It's a Cold Night For Aligators/10 RICHARD LLOYD-Fire Engine/11 VIBRATING EGG-Bermuda/12 REM-I  Walked With a Zombie/13 BUTTHOLE SURFERS-Earthquake/14 LOU ANN BARTON-Don't Slander Me/15 SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS-Red Temple Prayer (2-Headed Dog)/16 THIN WHITE ROPE-Burn the Flame/17 CHRIS THOMAS FEATURING TABBY THOMAS-Postures (Leave Your Body Behind)/18 T BONE BURNETT-Nothing In Return/19 THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN-Reverberation (Doubt)

    GABBA GABBA HEY-A TRIBUTE TO THE RAMONES-01 BUGLAMP-Sha La La/02 DI-She's a Sensation/03 PIGMY LOVE CIRCUS-Beat on the Brat/04 L7-Suzy Is a Headbanger/05 RIGGOR MORTIS-Psychotherapy/06 FLESHEATERS-I Don't  Want To Go Down to the Basement/07 BADTOWN BOYS-Glad To See You Go/08 CHEMICAL PEOPLE-Want You Around/09 GROOVIE GHOULIES-Pet  Semetary//10 FLOWER LEPERDS-Commando/11 MOJO NIXON-Rockaway Beach/12 BAD RELIGION-We're a Happy Family/13 JEFF DAHL-Chinese Rock/14 TOMMYKNOCKERS-We Want the Airwaves/15 WHITE FLAG-Baby Sitter/16 METAL MIKE, LISA, AND JULIA-I Remember You/17 MOTORCYCLE BOY-Loudmoth/18 THE AGNEWS-Bonzo Goes To Blitzburg/19 CREAMERS-53rd and 3rd/20 BLAST-Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue/21 BULEMIA BANQUET-Endless Vacation

    the Brat/02 THE COUNTDOWN-Chinese Rock/03 DJ ACUCRACK-Rock N Roll Radio/04 SCHIZOID-Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue/05 IAMMYNEWT-Teenage Lobotomy/06 DIABLO SYNDROME-I Wanna  Be Sedated/07 KAPUT!-Commando/08 TORRENT VACCINE-Beat on the Brat/09 DEFRAGMENTATION-Blitzkreig Bop/10 EMULSION VS AHAB-Wart Hog/11 JOOLZ-N Roll High School/12 BOOMER-The KKK Took My Baby Away/13 PARALLAX 1-Pinhead

    BEFORE YOU WERE A PUNK-A PUNK ROCK TRIBUTE TO 80'S NEW WAVE-01 GOOD RIDDANCE-I'll Melt With You/02 NO USE FOR A NAME-Turning Japanese/03 FACE TO FACE-In Between  Days/04 GUTTERMOUTH-Happy Loving Couples/05 AUTOMATIC 7-Pretty In Pink/06 UNWRITTEN LAW-Goody Two Shoes/07 BLINK 182-Dancing With Myself/08 THE MR T EXPERIENCE-Crash/09 DOWN BY LAW-What's So Funny About Peace Love And Understanding/10 HAGFISH-Walking In LA/11 JUGHEAD'S REVENGE-Young Turks/12 BRACKET-(Jenny) 867-5309

    As always I strive to bring you something maybe just a LITTLE different.....these are not GREAT, they are amusing though and we'd ALL be better off if we were just a little less serious about.......sixdiscs today, maybe 6 or so more tomorrow (PLEASE request now, w I'm doin' em, if you have a tribute you  want me to post), then that will be that.....I probably have 100, fining ten or12 that I find worthy of your attention will be the task, thanks for reading/listening/commenting/hating my guts/ ignoring me/ ANTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vikings vs Bears this weekend, I kinda feel the Vikes take this one at home and even the record at 1-
    1.......FOOTBALL, the greatest sport on earth.......gets no better than football, beer, hot women, rock n roll, ativan, kratom, strat o matic baseball, maybe a GOOD sub sandwich........THAT, my friends, is what life is about, other than the IMPORTANT shit like taking care of your spouses, making a living, raising your kids, all that stuff!

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  • 09/14/13--20:16: Some more tributes, Part 2
  • You enjoying these? Yeah me neither.....stupid idea. I've listened to a few since last night that just
    SOOOOOOO suck (Thin Lizzy, T Rex, Blondie,......not worth my time....someone here requested a Graham Parker Tribute, thought I might have had it but don't seem to....I always loved Geep's work though, and if any of you DO have that tribute, share please for both the requester and myself!

    OK,this was a pretty bad idea, I said going in that most tributes simply  do not show enough imagination/varyance from the originals to even make them worth a single listen, a great xample is the Blu Cheer that I talked about yesterday which can JUST BARELY be discerned from the original recoordings (Same can be said for the Thin Lizzy, also I am SORELY tempted to post Wesley Willis' hilarious "Jailbreak"....."Jailbreak" is hilarious ANYWAY: "Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak, somewhere in his town".....hmmmmmmmm, wonder WHERE? Perhaps the JAIL??????)......waste of time and plastic, say I, so today we go with the "most" interesting tributes I could scape up, and these
    are what they are, and tomorrow we'll get back to the high quality stuff for which I am widely reknown.

    OK, I previously mentioned "If I Were a Carpenter"'s ppretty damned interesting, an the inclusion of Sonic Youth's "Superstar" (already a creepy as hell song) merits top marks, I have always thought it was Sonic Youth's finest moment. The Cranberries seem well-suited to cover the Carpenters, their "Close To You" is as emotionally vacant and icy as MOST of the Cranberries oddity here is Babes In Toyland (Babes in Toyland?) taking on "Calling Occupants of Inerplanetary Craft"......Matthew Sweet seems able to cover most ANYTHING and make it sound like "his" own, he's a fine cover/tribute performer.....all in all this is one of the better tribte albums of the all, it's fun, it's intereseting, it DOES NOT TAKE ITS SUBJECT MATTER TOO SERIOUSLY, and even contains a semi-classic not available elsewhere ("Superstar").

    OK, how a bout "Paint it Black-A Reggae Tribtute to the Rolling Stones"? The Stones of course
    dabbled in reggae, with some pretty intersting results at times, this is a prety damned intersting set here, at least NO SLAVISH CARBN COPIES.....the great Toots & the Maytals go after "Start Me Up" (A shitty song in the first place that NEEDS an overhaul), Gregory Issacs skewers "Wild Horses", LOTS of highlights. Reggae fans as well as Stones fans should enjoy this if they were previously unfamiliar....

    I said before that the more ridiculous the "Tributee" is, the better results we can hope for, and who, after all, is more ridiculous than Queen? Thus we have "Killer Queen-A Tribute to Queen".....would it be worth it simply for Flaming Lips actually covering "Bhemian Rhapsody"? How about Be Your Own Pet's version of "Bicycle Race"? Maybe Sum 41's "Killer Queen'" (which I  DO think is a good sg, btw)......most of the acts here REALIZE how silly they sound covering Queen, I think this is harmless, good, amusing funfor the most part.

    "Surprise Your Pig-The REM Tribute".....well couldn't decide whether or not to do this.....the artists seem to avoid most of REM's more obvious stuff, and at the same time are fairly unknown enough to make this intersting......Vic Chestnutt attempts "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) maybe not the greatest of ideas, but there are some interesting tracks here just the same, "Radio Free Europe" by Just Say No, "Cant Get There From Here" by the Mr T Experience (just heard from them YESTERDAY!), "Get Up" by King Missle....REM's humor is/was always very subtle and lowbrow, kind of hard for bands who "love" them not to treat them as dieties, but these do a decent job.....wish someone would have taken on my fave "E-Bow the Letter", but we don't get everything we wish for.

    OK, one more and then forget this, wish I hadn't even started it to be honest....since the whole thing
    has been pretty silly, let's go all out on that front and put up "Shifty Records: A Tribute to Godzilla".....lot of stoner/doom bands from the Swifty Label doing songs that are, more of less, about Godzilla and friends.....some good bands here, Solace, Fistula, Dot(.), Hangnail......songs like "If I Were Godzilla", "By North Star, Gamera", "Reptile Tonnae of the Gargantuan Enormity (!)"......this is wierd shit. Of all the albums today and yesterday if I had to listen to one repeatedlyhis would be my winner. Sad statement, but a true one.

    Hope you guys enjoyed these......I'll  try for something that is closer to my usual impeckable standards tomorrow, unless I get caught up in the Vikings game in which case maybe I won 't gt anything up till Monday.....I'm a man of mystery, deal with it.

    IF I WERE A CARPENTER-01 AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB-Goodbye To Love/02 SHONEN KNIFE-Top of the World/03 SONIC YOUTH-Superstar/04 THE CRANBERRIES-(They Long To Be) Close to You/05 BETTIE SERVEERT-For All We Know/06 DISHWALLA-It's Going to Take Some Time/07 SHERYL CROW-Solitaire/08 JOHNETTE NAPOLITANO WITH MARC MORELAND-Hurting Each Other/09 REDD KROSS-Yesterday Once More/10 BABES IN TOYLAND-Calling Occupants of Interplanetary  Craft/11 CRACKER-Rainy Days and Mondays/12 MATTHEW SWEET-Let Me Be the One/13 4 NON BLONDES-Bless the Beasts and the Children/14 GRANT LEE BUFFALO-We've Only Just Begun'

    MAYTALS-Start Me Up/02 GREGEORY ISSACS-Wild Horses/03 SUGAR BLACK-Jumpin' Jack Flash/04 STEEL PULSE-You Can't Always Get What You Want/05 CHALICE-Paint It Black/06 HUGH J-Waiting On a Friend/07 THE HEPTONES-I Can't Get No Satisfaction/08 ANDREW FRANCIS-Under My Thumb/09 GLADIATORS-Time Is On My Side/10 GLEN RICKS-Honky Tonk Woman/11 KEN BOOTHE-Brown Sugar/12 SUSAN CADOGEN-As Tears Go By

    KILLER QUEEN-A TRIBUTE TO QUEEN-01 GAVIN DEGRAW-We Are the Champions/02 SHINEDOWN-Tie Your Mother Down/03 CONSTANTINE MAROULIS WITH THE CAST OF WE WILL ROCK YOU-Bohemain Rhapsody/04 BREAKING BENJAMIN-Who Wants To Live Forever/05 JASON MRAZ-Good  Old Fashioned Lover Boy/06 JOSS STONE-Under Pressure/07 ELEVEN FEATURING JOSH HOMME-Stone Cold Crazy/08 BE YOUR OWN PET-Bicycle Race/09 JOSH KELLEY-Crazy Little  Thing Called Love/10 INGRAM HILL-'39/11 LOS LOBOS-Sleepin' On the Sidewalk/12 SUM 41-Killer Queen/13 ROONEY-Death On Two Legs/14 JON BRION-Play the Game/15 THE FLAMING LIPS-Bohemian Rhapsody/16 ANTIGONE RISING-Fat Bottomed Girls/

    SUSANS-1,000,000/03 GUMBALL-Stumble/04 STEELPOLE BATHTUB-We Walk/05 SAMSON & THE PHILISTINES-Talk About the Passion/06 JAWBREAKER-Pretty Persuasion/07 J CHURCH-(Don't Go Back to) Rockville/08 PHLEG CAMP-Feeling Gravity's Pull/09 THE MR T EXPERIENCE-Can't Get There From Here/11 FLOR DE MAL-Good Advices/12 THE PUNCH LINE-Bandwagon/13 WHEN PEOPLE WERE SHORTER AND LIVED NEAR THE WATER-I Beleive/14 VIC CHESTNUTT-It's The End Of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/15 KING MISSILE-Get Up/16 TESCO VEE'S HATE POLICE-Losing My Religion/17 JAWBOX-Low/18 MITCH EASTER-Shiny Happy People

    SHIFTY RECORDS-TRIBUTE TO GODZILLA-01 MAMMOTH-In this Dying Moment/02 TERMINAL LOVERS-Mr Astronaut Glenn/03 SLOTH-If I Were Godzilla/04 HANGNAIL-Invasion of the Neptune Men/05 GIGANTASAURUS!-Reptile Tonnage of Gargantuan Enormity/06 SPACEFACE-Leen Grizzard/07 FISTULA-King Kong is Dead/08 DOT(.)-Nonresistance City/09 NEGATIVE REACTION-Godzilla Vs Noo Yawk/10 RWAKE-Smog Monster/11 PATHETICISM-Go Get Jaguar/12 LEVIATHAN AD-By North Star, Gamera/13 THIRD DEGREE BURNOUT-Anarchy Fell Throuigh/14 THE CRUNKY KIDS-Gojira No Gyakusha/15 SOLACE-Mother Godzilla

    Let me know what you think of these......and of course if you have a favorite of your own to contribute or request, go ahead with it.....I wish I had the Parker tribute, that might be cool, some of those I've mentioned before that I listened to were just painful to listen to. This is tricky turf to tread on, so I hope I avoided the right stuff and posted the right stuff.......

    See ya tomorrow or Monday....Skol Vikings

    0 0

    Unsure how many "parts" there will be for this I have a BUNCH of Stones rarities, and yesterday's
    "tribute" got me thinking/listening to some STONES....hey, they were pretty good! Just joking of course, aI'm sure that the folks who would rather see some GG Alin or Guru Guru or Crass just need to remember that my middle name is "versatility" (it really is too, had it legally changed, hell it HAS to be better than "Michael"!)

    Let us start off randomly enough with the FIVE disc "Girls Pills and Powder".....a mishmash of outtakes that without question has it's moments.....surprised by how many Stones fans I've spoken with who DON'T have this interesting set it has it's slow moments of course, but again, these are the STONES, and If you are/were a fan as I am/was, certainly you will find SOMETHING you've not heard...Disc 1 "Some More Girls" gives us alternate takes of all the tracks on (what I consider to be) their last listenable album) 1979's "Some Girls".....there were some fine tracks on that LP, "When the Whip Comes Down", "Shattered", "Before they Make me Run" and for the most part this is an excellent collection of outtakes.The other four discs are mor less your standard sudio fuck-arounds, suffice to say it is for FANS, others may be bored/put off, but I wanted to make the whole set availabe for anyone who wanted it.

    Going back in time a bit, we have the "1972 Decca Unreleased Live Album",unreleased for reasons unknown to me, but full of classic versions of classic materia: "Gimme Shelter", "Tumblin Dice, "Brown Sugar" and a LOT more.

    Fairly well known is "Acousic Motherfuckers", jus what it sounds like (tomorrow I will put up its bitchin cousin "Electric Motherfuckers"....accousic versions of, say "All  Down the Line"" Dead FLowers", the Beatles "Please Please Me".....again (for FANS) indespensible.

    A good radio simulcast from Oakland 1969 has the
    boys in rave-up form, including a killer encore of "Saisfaction" (I saw the Stones in 1981, after the "magic" was LONG gone.....they could still bring the noise as well as anyone....."The Greatest RocK N Roll Band in the World?" Certainly on some nights they were.

    For today I'm gonna end this with the "Some Girls" bonus disc, really interesting stuff that didn't make the final cut of that album....."Do You Really Think I Care" and "Don't Be a Stranger" are standouts......

    OK, I AM going to finish this......bands like the Stones, Clalsh, Roxy, Nirvana, that I have SO MUCH (hundreds and hundreds of discs each) DESERVE rarities posts for their fans......this (Stones) may take me 3-4 days, and I'm happy to do so, they deserve the time it's just hard sorting through ALL that material and deciding what is worth making the cut and what is not......I promise to try to make this a qulaity post for you, if you're a big Stones fan maybe you'll find one or two new discs for your collection, if you're NOT a Stones fan, well, maybe this will help to convert you.......or not,but I recommend you stick around. The next few days promise to be fun for ME at least and I hope for you too!

    GIRLS PILLS AND POWDERS DISC 1-01 Miss You #2/02 When the Whip Comes Down #1/03
    Just My Imagination #4/04 Some Girls #3/05 Lies #1/06 Far Away Eyes #1/07 Respectable #3/08 Before  They Make Me Run #4/09 Beast of Burden #1/10 Shattered #2

    GIRLS PILLS AND POWDERS DISC  2-01 Claudine #1/02 Fiji Jim #1/03 Never Let Her Go/04 You Win again/05 Lucky In Love aka Do You Get Enough/06 Never Make Me Cry #1/07 I Can't Help It #3/08 No SPare Parts/09 Everlasting Is My Love #2/10 Someone Know/11 Never Stop aka Start Me Up/12 The Way She Held Me Tight/13 And I Know/14 Do You THink I Really Care aka Yellow Cab/15 Black Limousine #2/16 It's a Lie #2/17 Petrol Gang

    GIRLS PILLS AND POWDERS DISC 3-01 Claudine #2/02 Fiji Jim #2/03 A Different  Kind/04 I Need You/05 Everlasting Is My Love/06 Never Make Me Cry #2/07 I Can't Help  It #4/08 Some People Tell Me/09 Everlasting Is My Love #1/10 Disco Musik/11 Start Me Up #2/12 Hang Five aka Lazy Bitch/13 Shame Shame Shame/14 Do You Think I Really Care aka Yellow Cab #1/15 Black Limousine #2/16 Biscuit Blues/17 It's  All WRong

    GIRLS PILLS AND POWDERS DISC 4-01 Everything Is Turning To Gold #1/02 Miss You #4/03 When the  Whip Comes  Down #2/04 Lies #3/05 Far Away Eyes #2/06 Black Limousine #3/07 Up Against the Wall #2/08 I Can't Help It #1/09 Fiji Jim #3/10 So Young/11 When You're Gone/12 Disco Musik #2/13 Everything Is Turning To Gold #1

    GIRLS PILLS AND POWDERS DISC 5-01 Munich Hilton #1/02 Golden Caddy #1/03 Golden
    Caddy #2/04 Golden Caddy #3/05 Broken Toe/06 Armpit Blues/07 Brown Leaves #2/08 Light Up/09 Much Spreading/10 Stay Where You Are/11 I Can't Help It #5/12 Broken Head Blues/13 I Can't Help It #3/14 Munich Hilton #2/15 Follow You/16 Shattered #1/17 Feel No Pain No More/18 Los Trios Guitaros/19 Up Against the Wall #1/20 Slow Blues

    DECCA UNRELEASED LIVE ALBUM 1972-01 Heartbreaker/02 Brown Sugar/03 Rocks Off/04 All Down the Line/05 Gimme Shelter/06 Happy/07 Tumblin Dice/08 Love In Vain/09 Sweet Virginia

    DECCA UNRELEASED LIVE ALBUM D2-01 Sweet Virginia/02 You Can't Always Ge What You Want/03 Midnight Rambler/04 Bitch/05 Jumpin Jack Flash/06 Street Fightin Man/07 ByBye Johnny/08 Let It Rock

    ACOUSTIC MOTHERFUCKRS-01 Dear Doctor/02 You Got the Silver/03 Family/04 No Expectations/05 Sister Morphine/06 Blood Red Wine/07 Country Honk/08 You Can't Always Get  What You Want/09 You Gotta Move/10 Wild Horses/11 All Down the Line/12 Cocksucker Blues/13 Dead Flowers/14 Angie/15 The Worst/16 Out of Tears/17 Sweethearts Together/18 Crying, Waiting, Hoping/19 Please Please Me/20 Cocaine

    OAKLAND CA 12/9/69 (KSAN FM BROADCAST)-01 Sympathy For the Devil/02 Stray Cat Blues/03 Prodigal Son/04 You Gotta Move/05 Love In Vain/06 Live With Me/07 Gimme Shelter/08 Little Queenie/09 Satisfaction

    SOME GIRLS ANNIVERSARY EDITION BONUS DISC-01 Claudine/02 So Young/03 Do You Think I Really Care/04 When  You're Gone/05 No Spare Parts/06  Don't Be a Stranger/07 We Had It All/08 Tallahassee Lassie/09 I Love You Too Much/10 Keep Up Blus/11 You Win Again/12 Petrol Blues

    Comments, comments, comments......let me
    know.....requests? I might just have it with all the Stones I have.......if you DON'T LIKE the Stones, take a few days off, because I am going to PILE ON rarities and live  shit and more.....Stones fans will love me, stones detractors will hate me, at the end of the day it all works out on balance......MORE (much more) rare and living Rolling Stones  tomorrow, don't miss out!

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