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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    This box set of UK psych-pop was released by the folks at Mojo Magazine in has it's
    moments, including some VERY mainstream acts (with, in some cases, some of their very lesser available work) and also some inclusions that are HIGHLY questionable.....not the greatest set I've ever heard, but again, trying to keep the overlap to a minimum.....Disc 1 (GOTTA include these goofball subtitles) "Down to Middle Earth (wait they get MUCH sillier) brings us widely known Procol Harum, The Nice, and even The Who (!), but to the credit of the programmers these are some VERY rare tracks by each of them, what possible good, say, would it do any of us to include, say "Whiter Shade of Pale"? The Who track ("Armenia City In the Sky") is, let us say, " not great", but like yesterday's Doors inclusion, at least it is something

    of a "rarity".....I'll carpet bomb a few lesser-known names from the disc as typlifies my rather dull writing style: Aquarian Age, World of Oz, The Tickle, and Grapefruit......

    Disc Two ("Gandalf's Garden", geez) again, gives
    us a few rare tracks by some well knowns, Donovan's "Celeste" is a better choice for a comp than something more obvious like "Atlantis" or "Sunshine Superman", The Incredible String Band (who, in all honesty I am not all THAT familar with) give us "Witches Hat", July's "The Way" is interesting, but the oddball highlight is without a doubt "Magician" by Amazing Friendly Apple, out there to be sure. The track by Caleb ("Baby Your Phrasing is Bad") is almost criminally over-comped, but it's a forgiveable sin to get, also, The Moles "We Are the Moles" and "Screams in My Ears" by Bill Fay, among others.

    The third disc ("Mushroom Soup") kicks off with an awful track from Purple Gang called "Granny Takes a Trip", there are also really lame stuff from Peter Cook & Dudley Moore and Denny Laine. It also includes a version of The Smoke's often comped "My Friend Jack" which, in this version, has the beginning hacked off which renders it useless...another bitch I have about this c is petty, as it is the inclusion of the very common "Hurdy Gurdy Man" from Donovan and "I Can Hear the Grass Grow" by the Move, which while common as dirt are both (in my opinion) awesome tracks, and "Sky Pilot" from the Animals, which is one of my very fave
    psych tracks from ANYONE (blues belter Eric Burdon's psych was TOTALLY legit for my money, "Sky Pilot" is an absolute mindbender which for whatever reason misses most of the comps, glad it's here).....also present are big timers such as Traffic, the Kinks, The Spencer Davis Group, Pretty Things, The Hollies, The Yardbirds, and Small Faces, each checking in with tracks of varying availablty and quality....the disc is a mess, as much as I love "Sky Pilot", and is only partially rescued by at least ONE fine rarity, David McWilliams' "Days of Pearly Spencer".

    Disc 4 ("Roundhouse Ghosts") is MUCH better, again, I love Fire's "Father's Name Was Dad", and I guess this version will come in handy of my 75 OTHER versions of it somehow all get scratched, but it's really the only layup here.....Allen Pound's Get Rich give us a fab "Searchin In the Wilderness", "Colours of My Mind" the attack, a track from the pre-Groundhogs (a favorite of mine) Herbal Mixture, a Status Quo rarity.....MUCH better than Volume 3.

    One problem.....when I started loading the CD's, I
    foundout that both Discs 3 AND 4 were all dicked up, Disc 3 stopping at Track 15, which omits the tracks from The Animals ("Sky Pilot!"), Traffic, and Simon Dupree & The Big Sound........Disc 4 was WORSE, with only 13 of the 18 tracks available (God knows how this shit happens sometimes) THAT left out Herbal Mixture, Tomorrow, The Sorrows, Koobas, and Sam Gopal, to demonstrate that this stuff, for the most part, isn't THAT super-rare (some is, bear with me a minute, I think I'm trying to make a point), I was able to extract each and every one of those tracks from OTHER CD sources, The Animals, Traffic, imon Dupree, Herbal Mixture, and Koobas from their original albums, and The Sorrows and Tomorrow from other comps......BUT I cannot locate "Escalator" by Sam Gopal Dream.....I cannot even find the Sam Gopal disc that I KNOW I have (somewhere), but even if I could find it I don't know if "Escalator" is on it (it does not really ring a bell)......BUT I did go the extra mile and HAND PROGRAM 7 of 8 tracks, I am such the goddamn man it amazed even me, but I have a request, just ONE track, if any friends out their have "Escalator" by Sam Gopal, PLEEEEEEZE upload and share it......again, so that anyone who WANTS this whole set can get it and blah blah blah.......

    If I have known these discs were fucked up I wouldn't have even bothered with this one, but I was halfway or more into it when I figured it out, and I thought it was kind of funny that I could actually hand compile 7 of the 8 missing "rare" tracks.....anyways, Sam Gopal......and I recall I really did like the Sam Gopal album that I have/had, so anyone with ANY Sam Gopal, let's drag em out, but at the very least "Escalator" if anyone can dig it up.......

    Sometimes this blog is a pain in my ass, but I really DO like doing it (I STRIVE for something each day, at least, with varying rates of success), and the reasons I've bored ya with before.....I want
    EVERYONE, everyone on EARTH, to have "their" ideal music collection......I pretty have mine, at least everything that is fairly essential TO ME (not that I'm not always on teh lookout for more cool stuff), and I love that the friends and lurkers out there really do show their appreciation with kind comments and excellent high download/visit numbers......I'll keep it up until they shut me down, which who the hell knows, may be tonight, but I'm in it for the duration!

    DISC 1-01MCGOUGH & MCGEAR-So Much In Love/02 AQUARIAN AGE-10000 Words in a Cardboard Box/03 THE NICE-Flower King of Flies/04 RUPERTS PEOPLE-Dream On My Mind/05 SHY LIMBS-Reputation/06 TINTERN ABBEY-Vacuum Cleaner/07 THE DAVID-Light of Your Mind/08 THE MISUNDERSTOOD-I Can Take You To The Sun/09 GRAPEFRUIT-Dear Delilah/10 PROCOL HARUM-Shine on Brightly/11 BAMBOO SHOOT-Fox Has Gone to Ground/12 THE WHO-Armenia City in the Sky/13 FOCUS THREE-1000 Years Behind My Mind/14 TIMEBOX-Gone is the Sad Man/15 WORLD OF OZ-Peter's Birthday (Black and White Rainbows)/16 THE TICKLE-Subway (Smokey Pokey World)/17 FELIUS ANDROMEDA-Meditations/18 WARM SOUNDS-Nite is a Comin'

    DISC 02-01 KALEIDOSCOPE-Flight From Ashiya/02 JULY-The Way/03 INCREDIBLE STRING
    BAND-Witches Hat/04 DONOVAN-Celeste/05 RAMASES & SELKET-Mind's Eye/06 END-Shades of Orange/07 VIRGIN SLEEP-Love/08 BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST-Pools of Blue/09 TALES OF JUSTINE-Monday Morning/10 BILLY NICHOLLS-Girl From New York/11 THE ACCENT-Red Sky at Night/12 MICK SOFTLEY-Am I the Red One/13 ORANGE BICYCLE-Laura's Garden/14 CALEB-Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad/15 AMAZINGLY FRIENDLY APPLE-Magician/16 MOLES-We Are the Moles/17 MICHAELANGELO-23rd Turnoff/18 BILL DAY-Screams In My Ears

    DISC 03-01 PURPLE GANG-Granny Takes a Trip/02 THE SMOKE-My Friend Jack/03 IDLE RACE-Imposter's In Life's Magazine/04 PRETTY THINGS-Talkin About the Good Times/05 DONOVAN-Hurdy Gurdy Man/06 SPENCER DAVIS GROUP-Time Seller/07 DENNY LAINE-Say You Don't Mind/08 THE MOVE-I Can Hear the Grass Grow/09 THE KINKS-See My Friends/10 PETER COOK & DUDLEY MOORE-LS Bumble Bee/11 THE YARDBIRDS-Happenings Ten Years Time Ago/12 SMALL FACES-Green Circles/13 THE HOLLIES-King Midas In Reverse/14 DAVID MCWILLIAMS-Days of Pearly Spencer/15 THE HERD-From the Underworld/16 ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS-Sky Pilot (different source used)/17 TRAFFIC-Paper Sun (different source used)/18 SIMON DUPREE & THE BIG SOUND-Kites (different source used)

    DISC 04-01 THE ATTACK-Colours of My Mind/02 ALLEN POUND'S GET RICH-Searchin In the
    Wilderness/03 FIRE-Father's Name Was Dad/04 ORANGE MACHINE-Dr Crippin's Waiting Room/05 PENNY PEEPS-Model Villiage/06 FAIRYTALE-Run and Hide/07 MANDRAKE PADDLE STEAMER-Strange Walking Man/08 STATUS QUO-When My Mind Is Not In Love/09 POETS-In Your Tower/10 SANDS-Listen to the Sky/11 SYD BARRETT-Octopus/12 APPLE-The Other Side/13 FLIES-I'm Not Your Steppin Stone/14 HERBAL MIXTURE-Machines (different source used)/15 TOMORROW-Revolution (different source used)/16 THE SORROWS-You've Got What I Want (different source used)/17 KOOBAS-Royston Rose (different source used)/18 SAM GOPAL DREAM-Escalator (so, help a brother out?)

    Interesting set, not the greatest, but interesting....probably could pare the highlights down to about a disc and a half easilly and not miss a beat, but that is often the case is it not?

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  • 08/08/13--17:56: Some MORE of em
  • Guessing you know "more" of "what", which would be psych comps, which I now LITERALLY
    think I may never live long enough to post all of..... was gonna put up the somewhat rare "Tektites" series, BUT after looking at it I decided against it, because there was so much overlap with the yesterday's set that I just couldn't do it......maybe some other time because there is some FAIRLY rare stuff on it, but just too much overlap this close to "Acid Drops, Space Dust, and Flying Saucers" to really bother with it right now.....interesting sidebar quickly I hope.....I know that I originally got that set from perhaps the greatest blog of all time
    "Chocoreve"......while I was pondering posting it, I tried to look at it as Chocoreve's great site has been up but inactive for four or five years now (and I am GODDAMN HONORED that he (Chocoreve) is a follower of this here blog)...anyway I don't think the guy has posted anything since 2008-09 or so, but I've used the site lots of times since then for reference or for pictures or track lists......anyway, it's now listed as a "Private" blog requiring an invitation, see for your self: I wonder what the hell is up with that. I'm not a fan of "private" blogs, myself, seems kind of self defeating to me, but if others want to do it that way, God love em.......just kind of surprised that HE would go that route, especially after so long without activity.....anyway I wish him well, and at the same time give you my word that I will STOP blogging before going "private", just not my style. On to the compilations that I HAVE selected for this date:

    OK, "Thirty Seconds Before the Calico Wall", has a FEW obvious and often comped selections, notably Haymarket Riot, Sound Sandwich, and once again The Moving Sidewalks "I Want to Hold Your Hand", but for the most part, this is fresh stuff.....Marshmallow Steamshovel, Pepper & the Shakers, Six Feet Under, Magic Swirling Ship.....pretty generous at 28 tracks, likely you haven't heard at least a few of them.

    I don't know if "Beyond the Calico Wall" is a
    companion piece to the above, but I will tell you that THIS is some rare stuff ......Six Feet Under return from the other set, murdering (wait for it) "Inna Gadda da Vida",Rasputin & the Mad Monks demolish "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night", and other than that, there is hardly a familiar name in the bunch......Waterproof Tinkertoy, Riders of the Mark, Demons of Negativity, and The Ceylieb People are VERY unlikely to turn up in heavy rotation on your local "rock" station (don't get me started on the topic of "rock" radio). Not the GREATEST stuff, but among the most obscure for certain.

    Another good one here is "Psychedelic Minds-Heavy Underground 1967-71"....VERY skimpy at just 12 tracks but I don't think there is ONE here that overlaps any of my other stuff. Stuff both domestic (Bhagavad Gita, Dirty Filthy Mud, the Protein Brothers) and imported (Los Shains (Peru), Blow Mind (France), this shit is practically unheard of other than here. Essential if you're trying to grab "everything"!

    "Artifacts From the Psychedelic Dungeon" is MUCH more mainstream, 15
    tracks from 8 bands (2 each except for St Giles System who get only one, don't ask me).....the Move give us versions of "Hey Grandma" and "Stephanie Knows Who", hey at least it isn't "Gloria" and "Hey Joe"....couple tracks from Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, including "All Along the Watchtower" which, while not quite achieveing "Gloria/Hey Joe" status, DOES seem to be maybe reaching "7 and 7 Is" levels (the best cover of "All Along the Watchtower" for my money? Nope, not Hendrix.....XTC. They take the song and make it their OWN (not that Hendrix didn't), rather than the annoying habit many have had of trying to create a soundalike copy (a pet peeve of mine)).

    One more for today-"Kraut Bloody Rageous-German Psychedelic Underground 1968-74" which I must have missed whilst doing that "spanning the globe" thing, more obscurities here than at which we could shake a stick (proper sentence?).......Staff Carpenborg & the Electric Corona, Haboob, Blackbirds 2000, and lots more, nice to see the legendary Monks turn up here too.....a lot of this is the roots of some of the great Kraut Rock of the early 1970' guys like that stuff? Got quite a fw comps of that stuff, 1970's Kraut rock that is......."Music For Your Mind" and "Pre Kraut Pandemonium" are a couple that come to mind without checking, any interest? because to be honest, I AM getting a little tired of these kind of comps EVERY day and would like to work some other stuff in......just like to know WHAT, I just might be feeling some Kraut Rock, we shall see how I'm feeling tomorrow, late 60's psych is actually a fine segue (some dopes think it is spelled "segway", geez) into some of that great Tangerine Dream/Guru Guru/Krokodil (my fave) stuff. Let me know if there is interest!

    INEXPENSIVE HANDMADE LOOK-What Good Is Up/03 LOOKING GLASSES-Visions/04 BRAIN TRAIN-Me/05 SOUND SANDWICH-Apothecary Dream/06 THE MOVING SIDEWALKS-I Want To Hold Your Hand/07 LOOSE ENDZ-The Black Door/08 RON RAY LIGHT SHOW-Speed/09 MORGAN-Of Dreams/10 PEPPER & THE SHAKERS-Semi-Psychedelic (It Is)/11 NOAH'S ARK-Love-In/12 TREES-Don't Miss the Turn/13 THE PLAGUE-The Face of Time/14 THE SHAPRELLS-Desert Maiden/15 THE DOVERS-Third Eye/16 DENNIS & THE TIMES-Flight Patterns/17 OMEN-Once Upon a Taste/18 THE LORDS-Death Bells at Dawn/19 GLASS CANDLE-Light the Glass Candle/20 SIX FEET UNDER-Six Feet Under/21 THE TYDE-Lost/22 TNT-99th Floor/23 CHATEAUX-Reference Man Part 1/24MAGIC SWIRLING SHIP-He's Comin' Part 2/25 LEGENDS-High Towers/26 NEWS-Blue Shoes/27 MARSHMALLOW STEAM SHOVEL-Steamshovel/28 THE LORDS-Young Heartbeat

    BEYOND THE CALICO WALL (20 TRACKS OF 1960'S GARAGE PSYCH & PUNK)-01 PARK AVENUE PLAYGROUND-The Trip/02 AFTERGLOW-Suzies Gone/03 THE FLOWER POWER-Mr Olympus/04 THE PULSE-Burit Bradley/05 RASPUTIN & THE MAD MONKS-I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night/06 ALVA SNELLING-Clock on the Wall (*important sidenote: according to the picture (look around the page, you'll find it), Alva had a VERY nice ass) /07 SPONTANEOUS GENERATION-Up In My Mind/08 COSMIC ROCK SHOW-Psiship/09 THE GREEK FOUNTAINS-An Experimented Terror/10 DUFFY-Come Back Come Back/11 THE PEBBLES EPISODE-Tripsy/12 BOHEMIAN VANDETTA-Paradox City/13 DEMONS OF NEGATIVITY-Resurrection/14 THE CEYLEIB PEOPLE-Changes/15 WATERPROOF TINKERTOY-Continuation/16
    BAHGAVAD GITA-Long Hair Soulfull/17 THE RAVES-Mother Nature/18 RAIKS PROGRESS-Sewer Rat Love Chant/19 RIDERS OF THE MARK-The Electronic Insides & Metal Complexion That Make Up Herr Dr. Kreig/20 SIX FEET UNDER-Inna Gadda Da Vida

    PSYCHEDELIC MINDS-HEAVY UNDERGROUND 1967-71-01 BLACKROCK-Black Cloud Overhead/02 SOUND MACHINE-Woman/03 YESTERDAYS OBSESSION-The Phycle/04 MASTERMIND-Turn of the Head/05 SANGRE MXICANA-Good Cause/06 BAHGAVAD GITA-Hair Soulful (ALSO on "Beyond the Calico Wall", I did NOT do this on purpose, what are the fucking odds that two collections of such obscurities would contain the same bizarro obscure track in back to back posts.besides that they were from Ohio (Cleveland actually)/07 PROTEIN BROTHERS-Drainpipe/08 PURPLE CANTEEN-Brains In My Feet/09 LOS NUEVOS SHAINS-Looking You/10 BLOW MIND-They're Coming/11 DIRTY FILTHY MUD-Morning Sun Flower/12 DIRTY FILTHY MUD-The Forest of Black

    ARTIFACTS FROM THE PSYCHEDELIC DUNGEON-01 ST GILES SYSTEM-Swedish Tears/02 PRETTY THINGS- Turn My Head/03 PRETTY THINGS-Defecting Grey/04 THE BUNCH-Spare a Shilling/05 THE BUNCH-Looking Glass Alice/06 THE MOVE-Hey Grandma/07 THE MOVE-Stephanie Knows Who/08 THE IDLE RACE-Imposter's of Life's Magazine/09 THE IDLE RACE-The Lady Who Said She Could Fly/10 ELMER GANTRYS VELVET OPERA-Flames/11 ELMER GANTRYS VELVET OPERA-All ALong the Watchtower/12 THE MIRAGE-Ebneezer Beaver/13 THE MIRAGE-Poor Mrs Busby/14 MIKE STUART SPAN-Through the Looking Glass/15 MIKE STUART SPAN-Children of Tomorrow

    PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS 1968-74-01 THE RAVERS-Turn In/02 THE BLACKBIRDS 2000-Let's Do It Together/03 JO HAMAN-Wild Woman/04 HABOOB-Israfil Part 1/05 BIG BERTHA-Munich City/06 BARNEY WILEN & HIS AMAZING FREE ROCK BAND-Dear Professor Leary/07 CANNOCK-Wild Man/08 THE CT FOUR PLUS-Exodus II/09 STAFF CARPENBORG & THE ELECTRIC CORONA-Let the Thing Comin' Up/10 MIKE LEWIS & CONNY PLANK-Voodoo Woman/11 DRUM-War Child/12 THE SPEEDERS-I Can't Get It/13 ANDORA-On My Way/14 ANDORA-Jesus & the Rockers/15 JAM-World Is Satisfied/16 DON PAULIN-Don't Forget to Love/17 TUSK-Child of My Kingdom/18 THE MONKS-Please Please Love Me/19 CAN-The Million Game/20 AL CAPONE-Demon's Dance

    While I'm thinking about it, here's a little nugget for the stoner rock crowd.....A band called Lizard Queen sent me a copy of their debut album and asked that I listen to it and spread their name a bit....I listened to most of it today, and it's pretty good, you know I love my stoner rock....loud, sludgy, and nine minute tracks wih titles like "Cassiopea" and "Inside the Eye"......You guys know I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff, and anyway, if it sucked I WOULD NOT put it up here (I get LOTS of requests such as this and most of them DO suck)....anyway rather than me go to all the trouble of uploading it, just use the bandcamp link here can name "your own price" for it, a minimum of $0.00, so really there is no risk involved for ya......if ya like some good sludgy stoner-doom, check this out and report back, and I thank Lizard Queen for the tunes......any band who wants exposure, as long as they don't suck and roughly fit somewhere into my very loose "format", feel free to send me your stuff (for free of course) and I'll evaluate it and maybe get you a thimble full of exposure!

    0 0

    (The title is a reference to the 1985 Kansas City Royals, one of my favorite baseball teams

    ever.....they were about 1/3 as good as the fearsome 1980 team, but THOSE guys lost the series to the Phillies.....these guys road some unbeleiveable pitching from Saberhagen, Danny Jackson, and Charlie Liebrandt to best the Cardinals.....yes, used to be a Royals fan, I guess I still follow thm even though they have not been competitive since that 1985 series.....was going through a divorce during that series and the Royals performance, in particular the great George Brett and Saberhagen, kept me THAT is a ways to go to get to a post TITLE)

    The "curve ball" is I am not feeling "psych" today, not even a little bit, and not feeling garage rock or ANY from that decade of love. Again, I am going to venture into something which is quite a bit more MY turf, if you don't like these, come back tomorrow, we'll see what I'm feeling then.

    Still feeling "comp-y" is a five disc set entitled "101 Punk and New Wave Anthems". Nothing really RARE here, but if you have
    pigeonholed yourself into some other genre, these might be an excellent primer for......if ya DO like this stuff, this is a very fine collection a couple of discs of which I thoroughly enjoyed today during the work thing.

    Again, NOTHING here is hard to find, hell of the "101" I probably have 80 or 90 on the original vinyl, but pum/new wave singles of the 1970's-80's transform to compilation SO INCREDIBLY well, burning through these discs is, to me, like partying again with the Springfield South High School Class of 1979, in my shitty 1969 Pontiac that at least could pick up some good radio, which actually existed at the time.

    OK, I may go on at too much length about some of
    this stuff, if something sparks some special idiotic memory or something, just tell me to shut up. Disc one contains 21 , Lord God, I want to talk about them ALL, but I will refrain from it. We do have a rare alternative take of the Pistols "God Save the Queen" and a live "Burning Down the House" from Talking Heads (arguably that legendary band's best song in the live setting), but other than that, just a bunch of GREAT fucking singles....."Turning Japanese" by the Vapors, "Ever Fallen In Love?" the Buzzcocks, "Dancing with Myself" from Generation X, Stiff Little Fingers "Alternative Ulster", "Jocko Homo" from Devo, "Making Plans for
    Nigel" by XTC, and ony very very faves, the wonderfully vile, sexist "Peaches" from the Stranglers, GOD I love that track ("Is she trying to get out of that clitoris? Liberation for women, that's what I preach, PREACHER MAN!") Oh fuck yes I am back in college! See the complete track list below, I didn't want to get TOO wordy, but I have not even mentioned GREAT (not good, GREAT) tracks from Blondie, Undertones, The Members, The Only Ones, The Damned, Iggy, The Saints, 999, and Wire. Now, keep in min here, this is JUST THE FIRST DISC!

    Disc 2 presents us with another fabulous live Talking Heads track ("Psycho Killer"), and oh GOd, what else? Nothing you can't find anywhere else,but put these 5 discs in your CD changer and start that pty from my glorious school days! Ian Dury & the Blockheads amaze with "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll", The Specials contribute the fab "Ghost Town", Devo's legendary cover of "Satisfaction" is here......Patti Smith's chilling "Because the Night", "Senses Working Overtime" by XTC, the great "Echo Beach" by Martha & the Muffins, "My Sharona" by the much maligned Knack (shut up, "My Sharona" was a GREAT song), "68 Guns" by The Alarm, and the wonderful "2-4-6-8 Motorway" from the Tom Robinson Band......what is so cool here is, for example, the Smith and Robinson tracks......FAR from their greatest works (I was a huge fan of both), but EASILLY their best singles if you get what I'm saying......brilliant programming all the way through and again, ahven't even said a peep about Wreckless Eric, Flying Lizards, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Falmin Groovies, Blondie, Buzzcocks, and the word, what a fabulous set!

    So, now, they have all the layups out of the way, the quality is sure to go down, right? Wrong you are
    saftey pin breath, check out these stone cold CLASSIC tracks on Disc 3: "Blitzkreig Bop" by the Ramones, "Blank Generation" by Richard Hell and the Voidoids, the legendary "Marquee Moon" Television (one of my faves although I may not have included it on this set as a "single", probably opting instead for "Venus" or "Foxhole", even though "Marquee Moon" is one of my favorite of ALL songs. Moving on, "(Get a) Grip (On Yourself)" by the Stranglers, "Public Image" by PIL, "What Do I Get?" from the Buzzcocks, the absolutley brilliant "Statue of Liberty" by XTC, "Damaged Goods" from Gang of Fourand the Records fab new wave-pop gem "Starry Eyes"........I am in heaven!

    Disc 4 gives us another couple of live goodies ("If the Kids are United" by Sham 69, "I'm an Upstart" from the Angelic Upstarts), but, let me be honest, the set does go into a decline with this disc. Certainly there are winners:The Buzzcocks "Orgasm Addict", "Suspect Device" from Stiff Little Fingers, the great "Holiday In Cambodia" from the Dead Kennedys, the great "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" from X Ray Spex......but some fluff is beginning to creep in by this point (Ten Pole Tudor, UK Subs, The Flys, while all damn GOOD are NOT really "classics" of the magnitude of most of this set, but disc 3 is worth it for Spizzenergi's "Where's Captain Kirk?", and for having the guts to NOT include "I Want Candy" from Bow Wow Wow, favoring the more significant ode to home taping (It was highly controversial at the time) "C30 C60 C90 Go" (Bow Wow Wow released this as part of "Your Cassette Pet", some tunes on one side of the cassette, and BLANK on the other so you could record whatever you wanted to on it. Wonder what those people who freaked out about home taping back then would think of what I and others do today? I suspect they would be, well, maybe less than enthusiastic.

    Disc Five is just fine as well, live tracks from Talking Heads ("Once In a Lifetime" and Eddie and the
    Hot Rods (the great "Do Anything You Wanna Do"), any "Classic" tracks? well, not really, somewhat the same quality level as Disc 4, I always liked "Der Kommissar" from After the Fire, "Tell That Girl To Shut Up" is a good one from Holly & the Italians (I'd prefer "I Wanna Go Home"), "Presence, Dear" by Blondie, "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" from the Buzzcocks.....couple sort of odd inclusions that I personally would not have went with, REM's "The One I Love", and (get ready) "Blazing Apostles" from Be Bop Deluxe (not germaine here really but Be Bop Deluxe were the only band I ever saw physically "boo'd" off the stage.....they were opening for Blue Oyster Cult (!) and were getting chairs thrown at them and had to suspend their set...people can be such boorish pieces of shit at times, indeedut WHO THE HELL THOUGHT OF THAT particular pairing? Hell, I LIKED Be Bop Deluxe and though it was pretty silly.

    Anyways.....depending upon what your tastes are and where your collection stands, you could snatch up all five discs and be happy, OR you could program them any way you like, if your collection of this era/genre is on the light side and you want a fine sampler, I'd guess at the minimit would fill three discs!

    I am not changing course, there WILL be more psych comps, garage stuff, whatever else, but I really started to paint myself into a corner with those psych comps and wanted something different foir today....maybe some of you old timers that love 60's psych stuff need to call your young cousins/nieces/nephews and make them aware of this set......perhaps they will LOVE you for it!

    DISC 01-THE JAM-Going Underground/02 THE VAPORS-Turning Japanese/03 THE
    UNDERTONES-Teenage Kicks/04 BLONDIE-One Way Or Another/05 THE BUZZCOCKS-Ever Fallen In Love ?/06 THE MEMBERS-Sound of the Suburbs/07 THE ONLY ONES-Another Girl Another Planet/08 THE STRANGLERS-No More Heroes/09 THE DAMNED-Love Song/10 THE RUTS-Babylon's Burning/11 GENERATION X-Dancing With Myself/12 IGGY POP-Lust For Life/13 THE SEX PISTOLS-God Save the Queen (Alternate Version)/14 (I'm) Stranded-The Saints/15 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternative Ulster/16 999-Homicide/17 THE STRANGLERS-Peaches/18 TALKING HEADS-Burning Down the House (Live)/19 WIRE-I Am the Fly/20 DEVO-Jocko Homo/21 XTC-Making Plans For Nigel

    DISC 02-IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS-Sex & Drugs & Roc & Roll/02 MINK DEVILLE-Spanish Stroll/03 WRECKLESS ERIC-Whole Wide World/04 TALKING HEADS-Psycho KIller (Live)/05 THE SPECIALS-Ghost Town/06 JOHN COOPER CLARKE-Evidently Chickentown/07 THE FLYING LIZARDS-Money/08 DEVO-(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/09 SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Happy House/10 PATTI SMITH GROUP-Because the Night/11 THE FLAMIN GROOVIES-Shake Some Action/12 XTC-Senses Working Overtime/13 MARTHA & THE MUFFINS-Echo Beach/14 BLONDIE-Hanging On the Telephone/15 THE BUZZCOCKS-I Don't Mind/16 THE KNACK-My Sharona/17 THE MOTORS-Dancing the Night Away/18 TOM ROBINSON BAND-2-4-6-8 Motorway/19 DR FEELGOOD-Milk and Alcohol/20 THE ALARM-68 Guns

    DISC 03-01 THE RAMONES-Blitzkreig Bop/02 RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS-Blank
    Generation/03 BLONDIE-Rip Her To Shreds/04 TELEVISION-Marquee Moon/05 DEVO-Whip It/06 THE SAINTS-This Perfect Day/07 DR FEELGOOD-She Does It Right/08 THE STRANGLERS-(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)/09 GENERATION X-Ready Steady Go/10 THE SKIDS-The Saints are Coming/11 THE BUZZCOCKS-What Do I Get?/12 MAGAZINE-Shot By Both Sides/13 PUBLIC IMAGE-Public Image Ltd/14 GANG OF FOUR-Damaged Goods/15 THE MONOCHROME SET-The Strange Boutique/16 WIRE-Outdoor Miner/17 THE RECORDS-Starry Eyes/18 THE BANNED-Little Girl/19 RICH KIDS-Ghosts of Princes In Towers/20 XTC-Statue of Liberty/21 THE HUMAN LEAGUE-Being Boiled

    DISC 04-01 THE BUZZCOCKS-Orgasm Addict/02 THE SKIDS-Into the Valley/03 SHAM 69-If the Kids Are United (Live)/04 SPIZZENERGI-Where's Captain Kirk?/05 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Suspect Device/06 THE DEAD KENNEDYS-Holiday In Cambodia/07 UK SUBS-Warhead/08 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-I'm an Upstart (Live)/09 THE RUTS-Staring at the Rude Boys/10 THE BOYS-First Time/11 THE FLYS-Love & a Molotov Cocktail/12 999-Emergency/13 GENERATION X-King Rocker/14 TEN POLE TUDOR-Swords of a Thousand Men/15 COCKNEY REJECTS-I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles/16 X-RAY SPEX-Oh Bondage Up Yours!/17 BOW WOW WOW-C30 C60 C90 Go/18 PENETRATION-Don't Dictate/19 THE STRANGLERS-Five Minutes

    DISC 05-01 THE SPECIALS-Friday Night, Saturday Morning/02 TALKING HEADS-Once In a Lifetime (Live)/03 THE STRANGLERS-Golden Brown/04 FUN BOY THREE-The Lunatics/05 ADAM & THE ANTS-Deutscher Girls/06 BLONDIE-(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear/07 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Do Anything You Wanna Do (Live)/08 HOLLY & THE ITALIANS-Tell That Girl To Shut Up/09 THE ROMANTICS-What I Like About You/10 THE RADIO-Stars Nervous Wreck/11 AFTER THE FIRE-Der Kommissar/12 XTC-Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)/13 SIMPLE MINDS-Love Song/14 HEAVEN 17-(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thing/15 DEPARTMENT 5-Is Vic There/16 TOM ROBINSON BAND-Up Against the Wall/17 RICH KIDS-Rich Kids/18 BE BOP DELUXE-Blazing Apostles/19 REM-The One I Love/20 THE BUZZCOCKS-Everybody's Happy Nowadays

    What a magnificent set......VERY little rarity, but programmed so wonderfully that obscurity/rarity is anything BUT The point.....obviously it's not "all inclusive", no Clash, no Elvis Costello, no Police.....there are other comps. I've probably got a few of em, if I stay in this mood maybe I'll put a few more of em up.......this is great music, and as I've said, punk (and new wave) along with power
    pop and garage rock suit the compilation format perfectly as it simulates a wonderful radio listening experience, when done right. Comments? Especially from anyone pretty much here just for the psych?

    0 0

    Oh me, listening to yesterdays post all day tody, how badass is THAT shit? I mean I know the old
    psych/nuggets stuff is prettydass too, but as I say repeat (WE ARE ON MY TURF NOW!).....feeling it again today, again in memory of my beleoved 1985 Worlld Champion Kansas City Royals, Jim Sundberg, Steve "Bye Bye" Balboni, the great Frank White, Buddy Biancalana, the great(est) George Brett, Lonnie Smith, Willie Wilson, Darryl Motley.......mentioned that wicked pitching staff yesterday, except closer-ace the late great Dan Quisenberry....again, not NEARLY as good as that fearsome 1980 club, (Hal McRae, Darrell Porter, Willie Aikens, White, UL Washington, Wilson,. the great Amos they lost that series I will never know, but i was still living at Mom's house at the time, and cranking my stereo with some more great stuff such as:

    Well ya know how I can be when I get in a "mood".....while not as essential as yesterdays set, this one is a little more for specific fans of this great genre....Four Discs"The Punk Generation", which includes far more esoteric selections than did yesterday's, still pretty great and includes a rarity or two. First disc "Punk Rock Will Never Die" (Wishful thinking THERE chumps), Lotsa familiar nmes here, but well known singles ala yesterday are fwe......Angelic Upstarts,UK SUbs, Cockney Rejects, Lurkers are kmown to all, but what of The Business, THe Bood, BLitz, Infa Riot, The Gonads......continuing education for you noobs regarding the thrilling music that those of us who had the best years of our lives used as our soundtrack!

    Lotta the same guys appear Disc 2 ("Nasty nasty", (UK SUbs, Angelic Upstarts, Lurkers)....we get
    some 999, Stiff Little Fingers, and some fairly unknowns such as Guitar Gangsters, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, and Chron Gens's fab "Jet Boy/Jet Girl"

    Disc three ("Heat of the Street") again repeats some favorite acts....UK SUbs 999, Slaughter & the Dogs (they mangle "White Light White Heat" beyond all recognition), Angelic Upstarts, as well as some of the lesser-knowns who have turned up already (The Buisness, Blitz, Infa Riot).....THIS is not a collection of singles/anthems as was yesterdays, and, thusly, does not workm as well as a pure work of joy to listen to....but for a fan of the genre it is fucking nirvana, I personally love this set even with all it's flaws.

    The fourth disc is my favorite ("Live and Loud") as the name
    would imply it is a collection of moderatley rare live cuts......The Pistols check in with ":God Save the Queen"(as well as "Pretty Vacant") that I'm certain is from one of their other readilly available boots, BUT the Adverts turn in a smoldering "Gary Gilmore's Eyes", Sham 69 turns in a frantic "Borstal Breakout".....lot of good stuff on here, live punk could be exhillerating (could also be dull, depended on a LOT of factors)......Slaughte & the Dogs and Vice Squad turn in worthy on stage performances......

    I'm gonna do a fw more of these. I love this music and it has been too long......don't let it scare you off, the psych stuff is just on hiatus for a fwe days while I'm in a punk mood. Yesterday', with all it's anthemic greatness, practically kept my genetillia hard all day today, been o long since I've listned to the collection as it was there is some great music on that set, it is ESSENTIAL. THis is not, unless (like me) you grew up in the 70's/80's and this music will always be among youfirst loves!

    Comments please? LOOOOOVE to hear from some people who DESPISE this stuff (I will be kind, I
    know there are many), and for at least another day or 2 keep them saftey pins sterilized!

    DISC 1-01 ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE-Let's Break the Law/02 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Police Oppression/03 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Tin Soldiers (live)/04 UK Subs-I Live In a car/ 05 THE EXPLOITED-Dead Cities/06 999-Homicide (live)/07 THE PARTISIANS-Blind Ambition/08 COCKNEY REJECTS-Flares N Slippers/09 THE LURKERS-Ain't Got A Clue/10 THE BUISNESS-Harry May/11 THE BLOOD-Stark Raving Normal/12 BLITZ-Nation on Fire/13 THE CRACK-Don't Just Sit There/14 THE GONADS-Punk Rock WIll Never Die/15 MENACE-GLC 16 INFA RIOT-Kids of the 80's/17 SPLODGENESSABOUNDS-Two Pints of Lager (Live)/18 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Situations

    DISC 02- THE EXPOLITED-Expoited Barmy Army/02 UK SUBS-
    B.I.C./03 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-I Wanna Kinghthood/04 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Nobody's Heroes (Live)/05 999-Nasty Nasty/06 COCKNEY REJECTS-Police Car/07 THE LURKERS-I Don't Need To Tell Her (Live)/08 THE BUISNESS-Suburban Rebels/09 BLITZ-Youth/10 PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Maniac/11 THE GONADS-I Lost My Love to a UK Sub/12 GUITAR GANGSTERS-That's When the Razor Cuts/13 RED ALERT-SPG/14 CHRON GEN-Jet Boy Jet Girl/15 THE ABS-Grease Your Ralph/16 DISTORTED TRUTH-Party Political Bullshit/17 THE CRACK-My World/18 THE BLOOD-Such Fun

    DISC 03-01 UK SUBS-C.I.D./02 THE EXPLOITED-Dogs of War/03 ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE-For You/05 999-Feelin' Alright With the Crew (Live)/06 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Power of the Press/07 THE BUISNESS-Saturday's Heroes/08 PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Transvestite/09 MENACE-Last Year's Youth/10 THE PARTISIANS-Arms Race/11 INFA RIOT-The Winner/12 BLITZ-Time Bomb/13 THE EJECTED-East End Kids/14 THE MAGNIFICENT-Heat of the Street/15 GUITAR GANGSTERS-Nothing To Shout About/16 THE ABS-Toss Stamped Flat/17 SPLODGENESSABOUNDS-Two Little Boys/18 SLAUGHTER & THE DO-White Light White Heat

    DISC 04-(NOTE-ALL TRACKS "live")-01 THE RUTS-Something That I Said/02 THE ADVERTS
    -Gary Gilmore's Eyes/03 THE ADICTS-Viva La Revolution/04 THE SEX PISTOLS-God Save the Queen/05 VICE SQUAD-Last Rockers/06 SHAM 69-Borstal Breakout/07 THE SEX PISTOLS-Pretty Vacant/08 THE ADVERTS-One Chord Wonders/09 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Where Have All the Bootboys Gone/10 CHELSEA-Right To Work/11 VICE AQUAD-Stand Strong Stand Proud/12 SHAM 69-Angels With Dirty Faces/13 THE RUTS-Babylon's Burning/14 THE ADICTS-Chinese Take Away/15 CHELSEA-Urban Kids/16 THE ADVERTS-Saftey in Numbers/17 SHAM 69-Tell Us the Truth/18 THE RUTS-In a Rut

    Another good set, except in a MUCH different mode than is yesterday's most essential materpiece. This one is much more for us kids of the 70's/80's, and some of US actually hated this stuff too (NEVER understood the animosity between metal fans and punk silly......EASY to be ahuge fan of both genres, wittness, well, say, ME, as well as many others.....I remember a stupid poem that appeared in the letters section of Creem Magazine (and I LOOOOOOOVED me some Creem Magazine).....It went something like this:

    "Punk rockers are really great
    Zeppelin fans ejaculate
    Punk rockers recieve good head
    From Bloody fuckers who listen to Led
    Johnny Rotten can always sing better
    Than Robert Plant the Faggot Bed wetter
    Steve Jones can always outplay
    Gay Jimmy Page on any day
    Paul Cook is the best drummer
    John Bonham can drum on his cummer
    Memories of the Pistols will always live on
    Long after Sid is dead and gone" (?HMMMMMMM?)

    PUH-LEEZE......I was a huge fan of both the Pistols AND of Zeppelin, still am, and the person who wrote the above, if it reflects the actual degree of importance they put on the music that OTHER PEOPLE listen two, could only fall into one of three categories: 1) Mentally retarded, 2) twelve years old, or 3) Mentally retarded 12 year old. It is amazing, incredible, the amount of importance people put on the MUSIC OTHERS LISTEN TO, to the point of insulting them (for listening).....lots of bands over the years that haven't really got done for me: Queen, System of Down, Def Leppard, The Grateful Dead, LOTS of em.......but you know what? If that is what you like to listen to, what you nejoy, I think no less of you. I do not disrespect you. Like what you like. Enjoy what YOU enjoy....anyone tries to make you feel stupid for liking it, FUCK THEM. Life is good BECAUSE of the differences in us, NOT inspite of them. Please RESPECT the tastes of others, I guess, is simply put, what trying to say........

    UNtil tomorrow, thinking keep the saftey pins handy at least one more night!

    0 0

    Well, it is right now Friday, about 4:30 PM EST, I have JUST NOW posted the (awesome) "101
    Punk and New Wave Anthems" with no idea how those who've been around mostly for the psych/nugget-rock are going to react......Saturday's "The Punk Generation" was a sort of a good deal lesser set in quality to that ("101") incredibly essential piece, but the whole thing got me all retro 70's-80's punk/new wa (ever notice how punk/new wave were sort of "cousins" ala psych/garage punk were in the 60's?) As I've said before, while I LOVE all the genres I dabble in, the punknew wave of the late 70's early 80's represents my high school/college years, an important "musical phase" for everyone, so I am (I think) a bit more knowledgeable than I am

    towards some of the Nuggets stuff (although I love that stuff just as much).....again, too, the punk/'new wave format coverts to compilation VERY well (as does all the "nugget rock") for the simple reason that, well programmed, can be a wonderful simulation of a good rock radio station of the era (beleive it or not, they actually used to exist......hell I WORKED at one briefly one summer (1979)........

    OK "The History of Punk"......kind of an innacurate
    title, based on the omissions, and besides that there is a bunch of overlap with "101 Punk and New Wave Anthems", but here is thing.....TWENTY discs here.....awwwww I can just see some little 15 year old getting his first indoctrination to REAL punk/new wave and the big ol' smile he must be getting on his face after hearing these here TWENTY discs.....warms the cockles of my heart, I'll ya.

    So how long will I stay in THIS groove (for those of you who AREN'T fans of it?) Probably not too long......I'll tire of it sometime this week, this stuff isn't nearly old enough to be comped to the degree of some of the obscure psych/garage stuff, but, for a few days before and after now, I am on MY turf, the soundtrack of my 16-21 years, and ANYONE among us waxes a bit sentimental over the music that is "their" soundtrack, be it Tony Bennett, Elvis Presley, 13th Floor Elevators, The MC5, Led Zeppelin, Poison, The Jesus and Mary Chain, U2, Pearl Jam, The White Stripes, Sleigh may love the music of ALL eras (I do), or of all genres (I DON'T, I HATE "hair metal" for th most part and most of that "nu rock" or whatever it was called a fwe years back.....also neveer cared much for "southern rock", or that Grateful Dead/Phish kind of stuff.....but if that (any of these or whomever) are YOUR soundtrack, it MEANS something to you.......the punk and new wave of the late 70's-early 80's, while admittedly not my favorite stuff alot of the time is probably the dearest to me from a sentimental standpoint..

    OK, let's work em out.....TEN discs today, another ten tomorrow as I'll run throught this pretty
    quickly and there are another couple sets I want to throw up the next few days (overlap is a much BIGGER problem with these than with the Nuggets-style sets as there is MUCH less material and far fewer comps to deal with. OK, ripped jeans, saftey pins, profanity, dark sunglasses, 'ludes, Michelob, and my 1969 Pontiac with the rigged up gigantic housepeakers in the back seat are in my "memory sites" at the moment, let us see what is on the first ten discs. And again, if you don't care for this stuff, please be respectful of those who do. Everyone does not enjoy everything.

    Well, the first disc is fairly redundant already as I'd estimate maybe half of it's 15 tracks (yes, I know
    you can't divide 15 "exactly" in half, shut up)....DK's "Holiday In Cambodia", Slaughter & the Dogs "White Light WHite Heat", and 999's "Homicide", among others appeared there.....Johnny THunders contributes a live "Chinese Rocks" ("hey I'm living on Chinese rock, all of my best things are in hock"), Chaos UK brings us "Four Minute Warning", and who could argue with the inclusiuon of The Anti-Nowhere League's "I Hate People" (thinking of adopting it as theme music for when I enter the workplace, like baseball players do when they go up to bat) always, consider programming this your OWN way to avoid overlap with 20 discs here you KNOW it has to include some stuff not on "101".

    Among Disc 2 overlap includes (good, but rendered redundant by the other set) tracks like Chron Gen's "Jet Boy Jet Girl" and the UK Subs "I Live In a Car", but the Dead Kennedy's great "Kill the Poor" , Eddie & the Hot Rods "Teenage Depression", and Sham 69's great "Hurry Up Harry" are tracks from bands that made the other set but with different songs.....among some lesser knowns, we have The Suburban Studs, Splodge, and the Drones ("Bone Idol", a good overlooked tune).

    The Stranglers fantastically wonderful "Peaches" turns up on
    Disc 3 as well as on the other set but you really must have 2 copies of that one in case you scratch one. The Damned's "New Rose" is fairly essential, also some pretty good tracks from The Lurkers, Adverts, Electric Sex ircus, One Way System, and Special Duties. Best of all, of course, is the Vibrators great "Baby Baby" (EVERY track on that ***** "Pure Mania" (Vibrators) is essential, one of the greatest of all 70's punk albums.

    Off the top of my head (without checking), the only repeater on disc 4 is Penetration's "Don't Dictate", but look at all this great stuff: The Three Johns "Death of the European", The REdskins "Unionize", "Old Tart" from the Poison Girls, The Dead Kennedy's great "Chemical Warfare", as well as a couple of maybe not-so-well-known to the mainstream (but still AWESOME0 titles, Chaotic Dischord's "Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You", and The Exploited's "Hitler's In the Charts again"

    The Pistols lead off volume 5, and not even with an especially good one ("Submission) and Sham 69's "If the Kids are United" repeats from the other set, but there are some essential gems here such as Tom Robinson's update "Glad to Be '94", "Fruit Flies" from the Three Johns, and "Government Stinks" from the Violaters. Also lesser known tracks from Spizzenergi, Newtown Neurotics, Billy Bragg, and a few select others.

    Here we are at disc 6, couple overlaps again, but the great Au Pairs make an appearance ("America"), The Fall (talk about an "aquired taste") check in with "Rowche Rumble", "Fuck the Tories" from Riot Squad and The Varuker's "Protest and Survive" may not be well-known to semi-novices. Disc 7 beefs it up for some reason (25 tracks, the earlier ones are around 14-15), which of course lends a bit more overlap, but not too much, and there are gems all over the place here......"Clockwork Skinhead" from The 4-Skins, a live Cock Sparrer track ("Ruinnin' Riot"), a live "Daily News" from the Exploited, Accident deliver a cover of Sham 69's "Borstal Breakout", and Sham themseleves appear with "Give a Dog a Bone".......I hope by now you notice the difference between Friday's/yesterday's & today's sets.....Friday's I would call essential to anyone with even a mild interest in this material, yesterday and today are obviously more for fans of the genre. It's a pretty impressive undertaking, I can see (really I can) how it would grow REALLY thin for a non-punk fan, and you know what? I can understand that same theory for ANY musical genre of which one was not a fan/admirer, can't you?

    For Volume 8, Accident delivers 2 more covers, this time "Blitzkreig Bop"& "Garageland", Chron Gen deliver a nonsensical version of "Living Next Door to ALice", live tracks from The Buisness and Section-5, also delivering the goods are The Gonads, The Blood, Case, Blitz, and some of the "regulars" ala Angelic Upstarts, Sham 69, and Cock Sparrer

    Volume 9 is another very hefty set (24 tracks) couple live tracks from Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Section 5, The 4-Skins, and Sham 69 (the great "The Cockney Kids are Innocent").....lesser knowns abound, Frankie & the Flames, Crack, and Criminal Class.....set "regulars" Slaughter & the Dogs, Angelic Upstarts, the Lurkers, and Cockney Rejects make semi-obligatory appearances.

    Well, TEN discs is gonna hafta enough for today, and, oddly, disc 10 goes back to the skimpier (13 track) fomat.....a non-LP Sex Pistols track leads it off ("Land of Hope and Glory"), Eddie and the Hot Rods (want to hear a funny joke?)contriubute a version of that little known, rarely covered chestnut "Gloria", also quality material from TV Smith, Captain Sensible, Johnny Thunders, Disorder ("Fuck Your Nationality").........if you've stuck it out this far, you're in it too the end I'd wager.

    As a "history" as the title infers, this is a rather poor one, actually, as I'd estimate that over 80% of the acts here are from the UK (hardly a realistic "history"), still no Clash or Elvis Costello...and as a series ala "101" it is inferior because that set simply lines up one killer single after another, rendering it essential even if you already own 90% of the amterial, thanks to some great programming....what THIS set is, obviously, is for FANS of the is NOT a historical document, nor is it an especially great singles compilation. It is gigantic, however, and includes enough rarities, live tracks, and obscure/semi-obscure bands as to make it something fans of the genre will want to own. I wonder, was this sold individually, or as a box set? For some reason, I am thinking a box, (probably wrong, don't know WHY I'm thinking that), but, if so, what the hell was the price of it?

    Anyway, the other ten discs tomorrow, I really hope you guys comment on my recent punk/new wave "mood", if you are a novice to it and take a special liking to, say, one band in particular, (say, for example, The Adverts), check my archives, I've done full posts on some of these guys, and most of the ones I haven't, I could.....this is the music of MY era, we are on MY turf here, and I have at least a couple more (no more than that, I promise) sets of this stuff I want to get up the next few days.....there simply isn't the volume of material for me to continue with these for months ala the psych stuff, so PLEASE, don't abandon me if this isn't your thing.....WE (myself and my blog friends) have a wonderful thing going here as we attempt to allow every single rock n roll fan out there the opportunity to construct his/her perfect music the 50 year old punks that option for a few days!

    VOLUME 1-THE DEAD KENNEDYS-Holiday In Cambodia/ 02 VICE SQUAD-Black Sheep/03
    THE ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE-I Hate People/04 999-Homicide/05 JOHNNY THUNDERS-Chinese Rocks (Live)/06 CHOAS UK-Four Minute Warning/07 THE ADICTS-Bad Boy/08 MENACE-GLC/09 ATV-How Much Longer?/10 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Listen/11 THE EXPLOITED-Alternative/12 THE RUTS-Babylons Burning13 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-White Light White Heat/14 THE DAMNED-Disco Man/15 ANTI-PASTI-Another Dead

    VOLUME 2-01 GBH-Catch/02 CHELSEA-Evacuate/03 CHRON GEN-Jet Boy Jet Girl/04 THE ADICTS-Joker In the Pack/05 EATER-Thinking of the USA/06 DRONES-Bone Idol/07 SUBURBAN STUDS-No Faith/08 DEAD KENNEDYS-Kill the Poor/09 SHAM 69-Hurry Up Harry/10 THE ADICTS-Chinese Takeaway/11 THE DAMNED-Help!?12 PATRICK FITZGERALD-All my Friends are Dead/13 UK SUBS-I Live In a Car/14 SPLODGE-Tough Shit Wilson/15 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Teenage Depression

    VOLUME 3-01 THE LURKERS-New Guitar In Town/02 THE STRANGLERS-Peaches/03 THE ADVERTS-No TIme to Be 21/04 CHRON GEN-Misadventure/05 THE DAMNED-New Rose/06 ELECTRIC SEX CIRCUS-Cut Your Head Off/07 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-Mess/08 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Machine Gun Kelly/09 ONE WAY SYSTEM-Cum On Feel the Noize/10 THE VIBRATORS-Baby Baby/11 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Upstart/12 SPECIAL DUTIES-Bullshit Crass/13 COCKNEY REJECTS-Flares and Slippers/14 MORGANS-Tommy

    VOLUME 4-01 THE MEKONS-Fight the Cuts/02 THE REDSKINS-Unionize/03 BLIIY BRAGG-It
    Says Here/04 PENETERATION-Don't Dictate/05 POISON GIRLS-Old Tart/06 THE THREE JOHNS-Death of the European/07 NEW MODEL ARMY-Spirit of the Falklands/08 JOOLZ-Paved With Gold/09 DEAD KENNEDYS-Chemical Warfare/10 PATRICK FITZGERALD-Irrelevant Battles/11 NEWOWN NEUROTICS-No Respect/12 CHAOS UK-Selfish Few/13 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You/14 THE EXPLOITED-Hitler's In the Charts Again/15 999-Bye Bye England

    VOLUME 5-01 THE SEX PISTOLS-Submission/02 SPIZZENERGI-Soldier Soldier/03 NOT SENSIBLES-(I'm In Love WIth) Margaret Thatcher/04 VILOATORS-Governement Stinks/05 SHAM 69-If the Kids are United/06 TOM ROBINSON-Glad to Be Gay '94/07 BILLY BRAGG-Between the Wars/08 UK SUBS-Fascist Regime/09 ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE-Streets of London/10 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternative Ulster (live)/11 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Soidarity/Sing a Tune/12 POISON GIRLS-Persons Unknown/13 THE THREE JOHNS-Fruit Flies/14 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-Living WIth Unemployment/15 ANTI-PASTI-No Government

    VOLUME 6-01 THE EXPLOITED-Class War/02
    VARUKERS-Protest and Survive/03 THE THREATS-Politicians and Ministers/04 RIOT SQUAD-Fuck the Tories/05 THE ADICTS-How Sad/06 THE FALL-Rowche Rumble/07 THE AU PAIRS-America/08 CHRON GEN-Fiasco/09 THE BOYS-Cop Cars/10 THE STRANGLERS-Peasant in the Big Shitty/11 THE REDSKINS-Reds Strike the Blues/12 THEATRE OF HATE-Do you Believe in the Westworld/13 VICE SQUAD-Stand Strong Stan Proud (Live)/14 NEW MODEL ARMY-Vengenace/15 THE RUTS-In a Rut

    VOLUME 7-01 STRIKE-Mania/02 INFA-RIOT-Five Minute Fashion/03 THE BUISNESS-Suburban Rebels (live)/04 SPLODGENEDDABOUNDS-Two Pints of Lager/05 COCKNEY REJECTS-Police Car/06 THE PARTISIANS-Blind Abition/07 BLITZ-Time Bomb/08 COMBAT 84-Rapist/09 COCK SPARRER-Runnin Riot (live)/10 THE 4-SKINS-Clockwork Skinhead/11 THE LAST RESORT-Violence In Our Minds/12 SHAM 69-Give a Dog a Bone/14 INFA-RIOT-Riot Riot/15 THE BUISNESS-Get Out of My 'Ouse/16 SPLODGENESSABOUNDS-Two Little Boys/17 BLOOD-Such Fun/18 COCKNEY REJECTS-Motorhead/19 THE EXPLOITED-Daily News (Live)/20 BLITZ-4q/21 COMBAT 84-Poseur/22 COCK SPARRER-Run For Cover/23 THE 4-SKINS-Plastic Gangsters/24 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Leave Me Alone/25 THE LAST RESORT-Held Hostage

    VOLUME 8-01 GONADS-Joya of Oi!/02 MENACE-Last Years Youth/03 ACCIDENT-Blitzkreig Bop/04 THE BLOOD-Napalm Job/05 SHAM 69-Tell Us the Truth/06 SPLODGENESSABOUNDS-Wiffy Woman/07 THE PARTISIANS-Change/08 THE BUISNESS-Outlaw/09 CHRON GEN-Living Next to Alice/10 BLITZ-Youth/11 COMBAT 84-F82123/12 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Never Return To Hell/13 COCK SPARRER-Teenage Heart/14 THE PARTISIANS-Come Clean/15 THE BUISNESS-Product (live)/16 CASE-Smiling My Life Away/17 SECTION 5-Street Rock N Roll (live)/18 GONADS-Gonads Theme/19 INFA RIOT-Emergency/20 SPLODGENESSABOUNDS-Delerious/21 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-When Will They Learn/22 ACCIDENT-Garageland/23 BLITZ-Escape/24 COCKNEY REJECTS-Dead Generation/25 BLOOD-GEstapo Khazi

    VOLUME 9-01 FRANKIE & THE FLAMES-On Yer Bike/02 CRACK-You Kept Me Waiting/03
    ANGELIC UPSTARTS-I WOn't Pay For Liberty/04 CRIMINAL CLASS-Soldier/05 SHAM 69-The Cockney Kids Are Innocent/06 INFA-RIOT-Schools Out/07 GONADS-Eat the Rich/08 THE PARTISIANS-Time Was Right/09 THE BUISNESS-Chasing Rainbows/10 PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Transvestite (Live)/11 THE EXPLOITED-Computers Don't Blunder/12 THE 4-Skins-Summer Holiday (live)/13 BLOOD-Stark Raving Normal/14 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Twist And Turn/15 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Brighton Bomb/16 THE BUISNESS-Disco Girl/17 CASE-Oh!/18 SECTION-5-Every Saturday (Live)/19 THE LAST RESORT-Eight Pounds A Week/20 THE LURKERSI'm On Heat/21 PETER & TEST TUBE BABIES-Jinx (Live)/22 CRACK-Cum On Feel the Noize/23 COCKNEY REJECTS-It Will Only Ever Be/24 FRANKIE & THE FLAMES-Dick Barton

    VOLUME 10-01 THE SEX PISTOLS-Land of Hope and Glory/02 ATV-Splitting In Two/03 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Woman In Disguise/04 CHAOS UK-Finger Up Bum/05 DISORDER-Fuck Your Nationality/06 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Gloria/07 JOHNNY THUNDERS-Born T(o)o
    L(o)ose/08 UK SUBS-Self Destruct/09 THE VIBRATORS-Judy Says (Knock You In the Head)/10 THE ADICTS-Fuck It Up/11 TV SMITH-Expensive Being Poor/12 CAPTAIN SENSIBLE-Smash It Up/13 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Goat Fuckin Virgin Killerz From Hell

    That's a bunch of stuff there,half of a set in particular.... in what you guys think of these recent comp you agree with me that certain (radio-friendly, I guess, or singles-based) genres make for MUCH more listenable comps (nugget-rock, punk/new wave, power pop) than some others (say, metal, glitter/glam, stoner)......maybe I'm just full of shit, could be that too. Have a good rest of teh day and Gabba Gabba Hey!

    Just got to longer with us, off the top of my head: Three of the four original Ramones,
    Joe Strummer, Sid Viscious, WIlly DeVille, Johnny Thunders, Darby Crash, Ian Curtis......many more too I am sure. Rough era in which to be a "rock star", but then, there are always depressed and sad people.....anti depressants, which have come into vogue only so recently, could e made a difference for some of those fol if they'd found the right ones......take it, truly, from one who knows (Celexa, Ativan, thank you for all you ahvce done for me......Efexor, thank you for what you ahve done for my wife!)

    Ten discs and doing some stuff today, LINKS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL THIS EVENING, at least all of em.......patience.

    0 0

    As with many other sets with so many discs involved, by the time they get to this point, we can
    espect some rarities, some dross, and some WTF? moments as I stated before, this "history" of punk is not NEARLY as "complete" as the creators would like you to believe (a "history" of punk that omits the Ramones, Clash, and Elvis Costello may be good and listenable but certainly is NOT complete)......anyways, this is for fans of the genre. The obvious stuff (,mostly) out of the way, maybe you'll come across something you've not heard before on these SECOND ten discs.

    Well, let's start out at Disc 11......the Dead Kennedy's "I Kill Children"and The Only Ones "Baby's Got a Gun" are the only truy "obvious" selections, otherwise, we get Alen Sex Fiend's "Dead and Buried", and a bunch of folks who have already turned up on the set: GBH, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Vice Squad.......newcomers include One Way System, Screaming Dead, and Paul French.

    Disc 12 starts out with a real, uh, "treat", Sid Viscious' "Belsen was a Gas", followed Beki Bondage's take on "Because the Night".....Brix Smith also gives us a Patti Smith cover, uh, "Rock N Roll Nigger"( I remember playing it on the radio once, chickening out at the last moment and referring to the title as "Outside In Society", wonder what would ahve happened had I referred to it by its real title (with a listernership of about 12 probably very little), and wonder what would happen NOW, if someone merely PLAYED it and made no mention of the title? I truly DON'T know, just a ponderance), other than that, a bunch of repeaters from earlier, Attak, Anti Pasti, The Boys, Lurkers, Riot Squad, etc, etc......

    Disc 13 starts as obviously as can be with the Pistols "Anarchy in the UK", gives us a couple of surprises with the Runaways very cool (shut up) "Eight Days a Week" and Johnny Thunders tackling his old band's "Personality Crisis".......The Barracudas, Last of the Teenage Idols and Steve Diggle (from the Buzzcocks) are new additions to the set, repeaters are many, Disorder, Exploited, Adicts,
    Redskins.....understand I mean nodisrespect to most of these oft-repeated acts.....the Redskins and Exploited, in particular, had lots of good material.....I'd have preferred more variance, but I have no clue what they had to work with.

    Iggy Pop starts out Volume 14 with "No Fun".....we get a live track from Chelsea, newcomers (to the set) in Long Tall Texans and Red London, and, again a LOT of repeaters.....Chron Gen, Sham 69, the Boys, Newtown Neurotics......nothing wrong with ANY of this, it is very listenable if u be a fan of punk, just seems a bit oddly programmed.....

    Volume 15 newcomers include the Cortinas ("Fascist
    Dictator"), and the MC5,  whose "Kick Out the Jams" as legendary as it is, serves ZERO purpose in being on this set. Check the cool live Stranglers ("Go Buddy Go") and Chaotic Dischord's "Who Killed ET? (I KIlled the Fucker)", also should mention Long Tall Texan's oddball cover of "Ballroom Blitz"

    Couple live tracks highlight Volume 16, the Advert's "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" and "Suspect Device" from Stiff Little Fingers are winners. Other than Knox ("Streetheat"), I think everyone else here is well-known to anyone who has ventured this far into the series.....Cock Sparrer, The Boys, Adicts...Sham 69's "Borstal Breakout" is a legit classic, as is Iggy Pop's "Search and Destroy", which, sort of like the MC5, REALLY is kind of out of place here, but oh well.......

    Couple classic tunes on Volume 17, The Three Johns "Atom
    Drum Bop" and the Dead Kennedy's great "California Uber Alles" ("Zen fascists will control you, you will jog for the master race")....we get a live track from Captain Sensible, the Vibrator's take on "Jumpin' Jack Flash" which I don't think I've ever heard anyplace else....newcomers to the series include (I think, tired of checking) Bomb Party and Scarehead, if you've enjoyed the set up until now, no reason you won't be down with more stuff from Theatre Of Hate, Beki Bondgae, Eater, the Lurkers, etc, etc, etc......

    Home stretch time, Volume 18.....leading off with a pair of live tracks, Angelic Upstarts "Murder of the Liddle Towers" and the Pistols "Pretty Vacant"....also Chelsea gives us a live "Last Time".....also, another MC5 track (the great "Motor City Is Burning") which really has LESS buisness than (the at least ANTHEMIC "Kick Out the Jams") on this set, couple tracks from Iggy ("I Got Nothing" and "I Got Shit")..I think the Macc Lads and Resurrection Experience are making their virgin appearances in the marathon.

    Volume 19 seems to be a bunch of oddball covers,
    ("For What It's Worth" From Hugh Cornwell? "Space Oddity" by Brix Smith? "As Tears Go By" by the Sex Gang Children? How about "Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" from Crazy World of Arthur Brown who is less "at home" here than is the case you don't already own a copy, here is Sid Viscious taking on "My Way" as well.

    The final disc (20) seems to have been something of an afterthought, I don't think ANY of the bands featured here have appeared yet on the set, very, very odd programmng......anyway, Demented Are Go, Coffils, The Batfinks, Tailgators ("Should I Stay or Should I Go", geez) are all welcome additions, as are live cuts from Highliners "Wooly Bully", and "Bambooland" from Batmobile, that is B A T M O B I L E, not bRatmobile you skank whining bitch (aimed at no one in particular!)

    OK, twenty discs is a HELL OF A LOT......there is
    good stuff, bad stuff, common stuff, rare stuff, it all be here......again I stress this is NOTHING like "101 Punk and New Wave Anthems" which is essential, this one is MUCH more for fans/specialists......and taken in THAT light it's a success for the most part.......if you aren't a fan of this music, twenty discs are gonna be fairly unbearable for ya, I'm sure, but gimme a couple more days to get this outta my system.......(maybe at least long enough to finish the Clash quote I'm so cleverly using as title?)

    VOLUME 11-01 DEAD KENNEDYS-I Kill Children/02 EATER-Get Raped/03 ALIEN SEX FIEND-Dead And Buried/04 GBH-Pass the Axe/05 999-Boys In the Gang/06 ONE WAY SYSTEM-Stab the Judge/07 SCREAMING DEAD-Angel of Death/08 PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES-Up Yer Bum/09 VARUKERS-Massacred Millions/10 VICE SQUAD-New Blood/11 PAUL FRENCH-Locked In a Room With Betty/12 THE ONLY ONES-Baby's Got a Gun/13 KIRK BARNDON-Psychowoman

    VOLUME 12-01 SID VISCIOUS-Belsen/02 BEKI BONDAGE-Because the Night/03 ATTAK-
    Murder in the Subway/04 ANTI-PASTI-Burn In Your Own Flame/05 BLITZ-Razor in the Night/06 THE BOYS-Sick On You/07 THE PARTISIANS-17 Years of Hell/08 CHANNEL 3-I've Got a Gun/09 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Rape and Pillage/10 RIOT SQUAD-Riot the City/11 LURKERS-Just Thirteen/12 BRIX SMITH-Rock N Roll Nigger

    VOLUME 13-01 THE SEX PISTOLS-Anarchy In the UK/02 THE BARRACUDAS-Codeine/03 STEVE DIGGLE-50 Years of Comparative Wealth/04 DISORDER-Victim of the NHS/05 THE EXPLOITED-I Beleive In Anarchy/06 PATRIK FITZGERALD-George/07 999 ABSOLUTION/08 THE ONLY ONES-Silent Night/09 LAST OF THE TEENAGE IDOLS-(She's Got) Big Boots/10 THE RUNAWAYS-Eight Days a Week/11 PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES-I'm the Leader of the Gang/12 JOHNNY THUNDERS-Personality Crisis/13 THE ADICTS-Smart Alex/14 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Police Oppression/15 ATV-Action Time Vision/16 THE REDSKINS-e No Heroes

    VOLUME 14-01 IGGYP-No Fun/02 NEW MODEL ARMY-Christian Militia/03 CHELSEA-Right
    To Work (Live)/04 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-Get Up and Fight/05 LONG TALL TEXANS-Should I Stay Or Should I Go/06 CHRON GEN-Pretend/07 THE DAMNED-Gun Fury/08 THE BOYS-First TIme/09 SHAM 69-Hersham Boys/10 PENETRATION-Firing Squad/11 ELECTRIC SEX CIRCUS-Spanner Badge/12 CAPTAIN SENSIBLE-Happy Talk/13 RED LONDON-No War No Hate/14 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Great Rock N Roll Swindle

    VOLUME 15-01 LONG TALL TEXANS-Ballroom Blitz/02 ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE-So What (Live)/03 UK SUBS-Living Dead/04 CORTINAS-Fascist Regime /05 THE DAMNED-Generals/06 ANTI-PASTI-I Wanna Be Your Dog/07 THE ADICTS-Ode to Joy/08 THE MORGANS-Teenile Dementia/09 THE STRANGLERS-Go Buddy Go (Live)/10 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Who Killed ET? I Killed the Fucker/11 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Last Night ANother Soldier/12 MC5-Kick Out the Jams/13 VARUKERS-Bomb Blast/14 THE BUSINESS-Harry May

    VOLUME 16-01 COCK SPARRER-Argy Bargy/02
    SHAM 69- Borstal Boys/03 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Suspect Device (Live)/04 THE 4-SKINS-Low Life/05 THE BOYS-I Don't Care/06 BLITZ-Warriors/07 JOOLZ-Jackanory/08 THE ADVERTS-Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Live)/09 SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS-Where Have All the Bootboys Gone/10 SPECIAL DUTIES-Police State/11 KNOX-Streetheat/12 IGGY POP-Search and Destroy/13 MORGANS-Antishoo/14 THE ADICTS-Shake Rattle Bang Your Head

    VOLUME 17-01 BOMB PARTY-Ray Gun/02 SCAREHEAD-Ha Ha/03 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-Blitzkreig Bop/04 CHRON GEN-Chronic Generation/05 CAPTAIN SENSIBLE-Wot (Live)/06 THEATRE OF HATE-Rebel Without a Brain/07 RED LONDON-CND-08 BEKI BONDAGE & LIGOTAGE-Coming For You/09 DEAD KENNEDYS-California Uber Alles/10
    PAULINE MURRAY-Mr. X/11 THE VIBRATORS-Jumpin Jack Flash/12 EATER-Fifteen/13 DRONES-Be My Baby/14 THE LURKERS-Cynaide/15 THREE JOHNS-Atom Drum Bop

    VOLUME 18-01 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Murder of Liddle Towers (live)/02 THE SEX PISTOLS-Pretty Vacant (live)/03 CHRON GEN-Reality/04 CHELSEA-Last Time (live)/05 MC5-Motor City Burning/06 THE ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE-Let's Break the Law/07 THE RESURRECTION EXPERIENCE-Do What I Do/08 THE LAST RESORT-King of the Jungle/09 CHAOS UK-Kill Your Baby/10 THE ADICTS-You'll Never
    Walk Alone/11 THE MACC LADDS-Nagasaki Sauce/12 IGGY POP-I Got Nothing/13 IGGY POP-I Got Shit/14 GONADS-I Lost My Love to a UK Sub/15 THE 4-SKINS-One Law For Them

    VOLUME 19-01 HUGH CORNWELL-For What It's Worth/02 SID VISCIOUS-My Way/03 BRIX SMITH-Space Oddity/04 GENE OCTOBER-I Fought the Law/05 PUBLIC MENACE-Teenage Kicks/06 SEX GANG CHILDREN-As Tears Go By/07 HAZEL OCONNOR-Summertime/08 SKALETTE OHARA-Barbed Wire/09 SPIKE-Heartbreaker/10 PAULINE MURRAY-Free Money/11 DORK-50 Ft Queenie/12 THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN-Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

    VOLUME 20-01 KING KURT-Slammers/02 GUANA BATZ-See
    Through/03 DEMENTED ARE GO-Transvestite Blues/04 FRANTIC FLINTSTONES-Let's Go Somewhere/05 HIGHLINERS-Wy Bully (live)/06 THE DELTAS-Whip It Up/07 COFFIN NAILS-Coffin Nails/08 SCARED STIFF-Johnny Cynic/09 TAILGATORS-Should I Stay Or Should I Go/10 BATMOBILE-Bambooland/11 THE STINGRAYS-Militant Tendancy/12 THE BATFINKS-Raisin Hell/13 GUANA BATZ-I'm On Fire

    Lotta stuff here.....go for the whole 20 discs or

    program a version that suits your needs/means.....there IS some good stuff here......few more days, I'm going to drag out a bit more. Just think if you are a novice, by the end of the week you will be an expert!

    0 0

    Overlap, overlap, overlap.....that is the main issue here, but if you can get past that OR program it
    your own lazy self to suit your needs, "No Thanks! The 70's Punk Rebellion" contains a lot of essential shit, great songs MANY of which also on "101 Punk and New Wave Anthems", but many DO NOT, again, a fine, listenable singles collection, including a lot of stuff that a novice who took his first hit from the bong of "101" will find this a tasty next buzz.....sorry about the overlap, it's an ongoing issue with comps (these more so than the 60's psych because there is so much LESS avaialble material from this genre)......

    Four Discs here let's investigate. Well,  Disc 1 leads off with the Ramones "Blitzkreig Bop" which is an obvious choice and appeared on the other set, BUT in defense of the programming it is quite hard to omit. Followed up with "White Riot", the very first encounter we've had with the Clash on any of these sets ("Black people got a lotta problems, but they don't mind throwing a brick, white people go to school, where they teach you how to be thick....").....Nick Lowe hasn't been on any of these yet, either, and the Buzzcocks track that appears here is earler (and great) "Boredom", not something off "Singles Going Steady" for a change. Then, one after another they come! The Damned "Neat Neat Neat". The Jam's "In the City", Pere Ubu. Modern Lovers fabulous "Roadrunner". Television's amazing non-LP single "Little Johnny Jewel". Iggy & the Stooges "Search and Destroy" (OK, I wouldn't have put it here, but why pick nits?). Mink DeVille's stupendous "Let Me Dream if I Want to". The New York Dolls "Personality Crisis" (an amazing song that doesn't REALLY fit the theme either, I'd relegate the Dolls, Stooges, MC5, etc to a seperate set, but I am going a little too scholarly on you now.) We get a lot of overlap with the "101" set from Richard Hell & the Voidoids, The Stranglers, and a
    couple more, but the Runaways "Cherry Bomb", The Dictators nutty "Two Tub Man", and Generation X's "Your Generation" make up for that with interest.....also we get a fairly rare single: Patti Smith's take on that rarely covered, virtually unknown chestnut, "Hey Joe"....and that is the FIRST DISC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Disc two leads off with a couple of overlappers before getting to Ultravox!'s "Saturday Night In the City of the Dead"......Blondie's "X Offender" was one of their best, as was "The Modern World" from the Jam. Subway Sect's "Ambition' doesn't turn up that often. The Voidoids give us their "other" good track, "Love Comes In Spurts", the Dead Boys "Sonic Reducer" is a classic punk/metal head blaster, Elvis Costello contributes the fab "Mystery Dance", and X Ray Spex give us the wonderful "The Day the World Turned Dayglo".....all in all I think 9 of these 25 tracks appear on the 101 set, but that still leaves us wth 16 remarkable ones, and honest to God, I don't think their is a single loser in the bunch.

    The first FOUR tracks on disc 3 are repeaters/overlappers,
    before we get to Suicide's awesome "Rocket USA",Devo's "Mongoloid", Joy Division's "Warsaw" The Germ's "Lexicon Devil".....good stuff all. Again, (roughly) count 8 overlappers (of 27, not all THAT bad)....because the non-overlap material is all so good. Some more: The Pretenders amazing "The Wait", "Wasted" from Black Flag, Fear's "I Love Livin' in the City", The Boomtown Rats great "She's So Modern", X's excellent "We're Desperate", and the Dickies fab "You Drive Me Ape You Big Gorilla"......again, this is ESSENTIAL STUFF if you're a novice (ie "kid"), and if the overlap is annoying to you, program it yourself, I would imagine that filtering out the tunes on the "101" set (also those on "History" or "Punk Generation") you'd have right around three discs of "fresh" material you'd want to have.

    Disc four, unfortunately, offers up MORE overlap than the other three discs, so I'll touch on the non-overlap highlights: "Adult Books" by X, The Soft Boys "Anglepoise Lamp", Elvis Costello's wonderful "Radio Radio", "Typical Girl" by the Slits, Joe Jackson's "Is She Really Going Out With Him?', and Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart".....PLENTY of good stuff.

    I guess I could reprogram all these so you wouldn't
    have to, but I don't think that's right....I think I need to leave them as they were INTENDED to be listened to, and if the overlap is an annoyance for anyone, certainly they have the technology to make these sets whatever they want them to be.

    Got some more for tomorrow, try to go a little more obscure so as to get out of essential/overlap land. Hope you guys are enjoying these, lemme know as always.......

    DISC 1-01 THE RAMONES-Blitzkreig Bop/02 THE CLASH-White Riot/03 NICK LOWE-Heart of the City/04 BUZZCOCKS-Boredom/05 THE SAINTS-I'm Stranded/06 THE DAMNED-Neat Neat Neat/07 THE JAM-In the City/08 PERE UBU-Modern Solution/09 MODERN LOVERS-Roadrunner/10 TELEVISION-Little Johnny Jewel/11 THE ADVERTS-One Chord Wonders/12 HEARTBREAKERS-Born T(o)o L(o)ose/13 IGGY & THE STOOGES-Search and Destroy/14 MINK DEVILLE-Let Me Dream If I Want To (Amphetamine Blues)/15 X RAY SPEX-Oh Bondage Up Yours/16 WIRE- 1 2 X U/17 RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS-Blank Generation/18 THE STRNGLERS (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)/19 THE RUNAWAYS-Cherry Bomb/20 NEW YORK DOLLS-Personality Crisis/21 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Teenage Depression/22 THE
    DICTATORS-Two Tub Man/23 PATTI SMITH-Hey Joe/24 GENERATION X-Your Generation

    DISC 02-01 IGGY POP-Lust For Life/02 THE ADVERTS-Gary Gilmore's Eyes/03 ULTRAVOX!-Saturday Night In the City of the Dead/04 BUZZCOCKS-What Do I Get?/05 BLONDIE-X Offender/06 THE BOOMTOWN RATS-Lookin After No. 1/07 PENETRATION-Don't Dictate/08 THE FALL-Bingo Master/09 PATTI SMITH-Free Money/10 THE JAM-The Modern World/11 HEARTBREAKERS-Chinese Rocks/12 THE DAMNED-New Rose/13 SUBWAY SECT-Ambition/14 TELEVISION-See No Evil/15 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Suspect Device/16 WIRE-Mannequin/17 THE VIBRATORS-Baby Baby/18 RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS-Love Comes In Spurts/ 19 THE BOYS-First TIme/20 DEAD BOYS-Sonic Reducer/21 MAGAZINE-Shot By Both Sides/22 ELVIS COSTELLO-Mystery Dance/23 NEW YORK DOLLS-Trash/24 X RAY SPEX-The Day the World Turned Day-Glo/25 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Do Anything You Wanna Do

    DISC 03-01 GENERATION X-Ready Steady Go/02 UNDERTONES-Teenage Kicks/03 IAN DURY
    & THE BLOCKHEADS-Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll/04 BUZZCOCKS-Ever Fallen In Love/05 SUICIDE-Rocket USA/06 DEVO-Mongoloid/07 999-Homicide/08 THE DILS-Mr. Big/09 JOY DIVISION-Warsaw/10 THE MEKONS-Where Were You?/11 THE GERMS-Lexicon Devil/12 HE REZILLOS-(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures/13 THE PRETENDERS-The Wait/14 THE WEIRDOS-We Got the Neutron Bomb/15 MODERN LOVERS-Pablo Picasso/16 ALTERNATIVE TV-Action Time Vision/17 TOM ROBINSON BAND-2-4-6-8 Motorway/18 THE AVENGERS-We Are the One/19 SHAM 69-Borstal Breakout/20 BLACK FLAG-Wasted/21 THE RAMONES-Sheena Is a Punk Rocker/22 FEAR-I Love Livin In the City/23 BOOMTOWN RATS-She's So Modern/24 RICH KIDS-Ghosts of Princes In the Towers/25 X-We're Desperate/26 THE DICKIES-You Drive Me Ape You Big Gorilla/27 THE MOTORS-Dancing the Night Away

    DISC 04-IAN DURY-Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll/02 THE REZILLOS-Top of the Pops/03 X-Adult Books/04 THE MEMBERS-Sound of the Suburbs/05 DEAD KENNEDYS-California Uber Alles/06 THE ONLY ONES-Another Girl Another Planet/07 THE SOFT BOYS-Angelpoise Lamp/08 ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS/09 THE SLITS-Typical Girls/10 THE CRAMPS-Human Fly/11 TALKING HEADS-Psycho Killer/12 THE RUTS-Babylon's Burning/13 SHAM 69-If the Kids Are United/14 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternative Ulster/15 THE CURE-Boys Don't Cry/16 THE POP GROUP-She Is Beyond Good and Evil/17 JOE JACKSON-Is She Really Going Out With Him/18 THE UNDERTONES-Get Over You/19 GANG OF FOUR-Love Like Anthrax/20 THE STRANGLERS-Peaches/21 THE SKIDS-Into the Valley/22 JOHNNY THUNDERS-You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory/23 JOY DIVISION-Love Will Tear Us Apart........

    A little self indulgent on my part, granted, but again, this is MY TURF! I close my eyes an me and
    two of my buds are in the front seat of my 69 Pontiac (The back seat was taken up by huge house-speakers) pounding Michelobs and toking on "mexican" (you pot smokers today have no idea how great you have THAT, another story there but the weed of the 1970's was by my estimate, about 30% (MAYBE) as effective as that of today), dropping 'ludes and cranking the volume max to "Alternative Ulster" or "We're Desperate".......the early 80's had their issues (all era's do) but the Reagan years are the years in which I became a "man" (so to speak) and the sound track of that era will always, simply stated, fucking RULE!

    0 0

    OK, let's get serious about this here thing. No more overlapping singles, I'm sure that two or three
    versions of "Ready Steady Go" or whatever should be enough for ya. What I got today is what some of ya crave, and some of ya probably wanna run from, the legendary "Killed By Death-Rare Punk 1977-82" series.....they used a very "cute" numbering system so I THINK I have them all here, not, calling all friends......if you asked (couple people did) about more obscure shit, here ye be.......let us hear a comment or two, in this case I'd like to request a comment or two from so who HATES this set (quite possible)......I like readig that stuff WAY more than praise anyway (although of course I be liking the praise as well!)

    OK, let's slip on Volume 1 and figure out that Devo and the B-52's won't be appearing here (NOT a dig at those bands, it's just that this is SO much more amatuerish as to be great!) Mad lead off with "I Hate Music", The Controllers give us "(The Original) Neutron Bomb", couple goodies from the Authorities, "Radiation Masturbation" and "I Hate Cop"......the Nuns give us their legendary "Decadent Jew", and best of all, of course are TWO seperate songs about the Hillside Strangler (!)....Hollywood Square's "Hillside Strangler" and The Molester's "(I'm the) Hillside Strangler.......

    Well that was fun. That was just a warm up.
    Volume 2 features a fab return from the Child Molesters "Don Worry Kyoko Mommy's Only Looking For Her Hand In the Snow"), Chain Gang give us et another serial killer song ("Son of Sam"), while the Mentally Ill treat us to yet another serial liller song, "Gacy's Place".....Freestone's "Bummer Bitch", Freeze's "I Hate Tourists", Detention's "Dead Rock N Rollers".......aren't the TITLES even fun? Thought so.....

    Volume 3 (these disc are very short as 2 and 3 will fit on a single disc) features Ambient Noise's "I Was There at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre", we get three tracks from the semi-legendary Queers, plus tons of more classics from NY Niggers (I didn't name em), Ebeneezer & the Bludgeons, Screamin Mee-Mee's, and maybe the best, Shock's "This Generation is on Vacation".....Ready for more? how bout Volume 4, with a couple tracks from the Rotters, FOUR tracks from the Zero Boys, the Mad Virgins "Fuck and Suck", and Kaos' fab "Alcholiday". Capping it is the Jerk's "Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me."....I am just imagining some Journey fan or something stumbling onto this blog for the first time today.......

    Volume 5? Up for the Maggots "(Let's Get Let's Get) Tammy Wynette"? RPA's "Shoot the Pope"?
    "Nazi School" from Cracked Actor?, "White Stains" from the Molls? Point being, there was something here to offend EVERYONE, which was a fucking wonderful thing, its a JOKE damnit, and it's a DOUBLE joke on anyone brain dead enought to actually TAKE offense!

    I Do not think there is a Volume 6 (COULD BE WRONG, often am), as I see it there are TWO Volume 7's, one called Volume 7 and one called (get this) Volume 007. Clever, huh? Let's go with Volume 7 first: Ed Naty & the Dopeds bring home a winner with "I'm Gonna Be Everything", Tampax treat us to "UFO Dictator", The Hated try to offend with "Seize the Middle East", and DDT give us the cleverly titled "I'm Walking Down the Psychopath".....NOW Volume "007" quite the tour de force.....Those Intrisic Intellectuals bring us the cool "Radio Iceland", Flack Off give us "Cocktails at Six", The Cleavers do up "Commie Symph", but the difference here being all the foreign language stuff here.....Les Olivenstiens give us "Fier De Ne Rein Faire, Aqui D'El Rock treat us to "Dedicada (A Qem Nos Rouba)"......cuple more of em to, and I would be remiss in failing to note the Fulham Furies demented take on "These Boots are Made For Walking"

    Well, actually, I just FOUND Volume 6, so never ye mind on it "not existing"'s just as jam packed as the rest, Dirt Shit, Ed Nasty & the Dopeds, Tampax, Psykik Volts, and best of all, Frantix' "My Dad's a Fucking Alcoholic" (for whatever the reason, Tampax has appeared on two volumes with "UFO Dictator", I really kind of dislike when programmers do that), but anyway....gotta love an appearance by Hitler SS with a rant called "Slave".

    OK, I find NO Volume 8......what I DO find is Volume "8.5" (cute huh?)....the hits just keep on comin', The Cosmetics "Twinkie Madness", Dow Jones & the Industrials' "Can't Stand the Midwest", Uncalled 4's "Grind Her Up", and the Matchheads oddball combo "Pearl Harbor/Fat Bitch".....I ask ya what's not to love. 'Course in 1977 I was 15, in 1982 I was 20, so I guess maybe I was "impressionable", but man Iove this stuff back then (often on 45's ordered from Trouser Press or New York Rocker", later on wonderful comps such as this.

    The Numbering system resumes with Volume 9......It's easy to forget how easy it was to start a punk
    band in those days, having been a member of a few of the lost legends of the infamous Springfield/Dayton Ohio scenes (The Homicexuals, Your Left Tit is Huge, sorry no recorded evidence of either exists, including that remarkable bass playing and those Vonnegut-like lyrics!) Point being at the time, you got some instruments, came up with a stupid name, concocted some "shocking" or "offensive" or even "zany" lyrics, and THEN figure out what to do with the instruments....for this reason, punk bands at the time were about as common as Check Cashing Stores are Today........good thing or bad? Well, GOOD for me, those were great times! Volume 9 brings us more fresh meat, The Panics "I Wanna Kill My Mom", Sado Nation's "On Whom They Beat", X Blan X's "You're Full of Shit"....Tapeworm contribute a pair of winners "Break My Face" and "Blues For an Insurance Salesman"....

    Volume 10 (I Can find no Volume 11 OR 12, don't know if they exist or not), continues the tradition of greatness.....The Grim Clone Band's "Heat's Rising Jehova's Witness" which I used to play soley to piss off a buddy of mine of that faith (GOD those people are TOUCHY), Voodoo Idols turn in "We Dig Nixon", The Sick & the Lame give us "Ate Days a Week", and of course there is more.....LOTS more. The next volume I am able to locate is 13, anyone with 11 or 12 please contact me, but according to my database, I've NEVER owned them......13 gives us shit from the Snot Puppies, Waspe Women, Tarts, Der Stab, all mentioned because they get tracks each, (A/B side singles? don't know), also the Fried Abortions, Naked Lady Wrestlers, and Castration Squad....say nothing else for the bands of "my" era but we had it all over EVERYONE else when it came to the simple art of NAMING our bands!

    The final two volumes that I cn locate are "14" and "15.5" (again no clue as to if a straight 15 exists),
    14 features a version of "Elanor Rigby" byVom-Punkmobile Jimi Lalumia & the Psychotic Frogs, Vomit Visions "Punks are the Old Farts of Today" (telling, very telling), The Reactors "I Want Sex", and a couple good ones to close it out, Rock Bottom & the Spys "Rich Girl" and "No Good".....

    OK the final disc I can locate is "15.5".....Psychotic Pineapple, Shitdogs, Snuky Tate, Dow jones and the Industrials, The Panics ("Drugs are For Thugs"), the Plugz, Shell Shock "Execution Time" fill out a disc as good/bad as any of the others......

    IF I don't have all the discs let me know, "blog friends".....with that goofball numbering system who the hell knows? But if I am missing some, lets make sure EVERYONE who wants this entire masterwork is able to obtain some MORE along this line for tomorrow, so be prepped, and be well!

    I bet it is a fruitless motherfucking endeavor finding pictures of 99% of these bands, I may have to resort to my old trick of decorating the margins with various women I'd enjoy having adult relations with, we will see!

    VOLUME 1-01 MAD-I Hate Music/02 HOLLYWOOD SQUARE-Hillside Strangler/03 THE SLUGS-Problem Child/04 VOX POP-Cab Drive/05 THE CONTROLLERS-(The Original) Neutron Bom/06 THE DOGS-Slalsh Your Face/07 GASOLINE-Killer Man/08 KRAUT-Matinee/09 CHILD MOLESTERS-(I'm The) Hillside Strangler/10 COLD COCK-I Wanna Be Rich/11 THE AUTHORITIES-Radiation Masturbation/12 THE AUTHORITIES-I Hate Cops/13 THE NUNS-Decadent Jew/14 THE USERS-Sick of You/15 VICIOUS VISIONS-I Beat You

    VOLUME 2-01 FREESTONE-Bummer Bitch/02 FREEZE-I Hate Tourists/03 CHAIN GANG-Son
    of Sam/04 MAD-Disgusting/05 MACHINES-True Life/06 VAINS-The Loser/07 S'NOTS-So Long the Sixties/08 RUDE KIDS-Absolute Ruler/09 NERVOUS EATERS-Just Head/10 DETENTION-Dead Rock N Rollers/11 EAT-Communist Radio/12 CHIEFS-Blues/13 MENTALLY ILL-Gacy's Place/14 REALLY RED-Crowd Control/15 PSYCHO SURGEONS-Horizontal Actions/16 CHILD MOLESTERS-Don't worry Kyoko Mommy's Only Looking For Her Head In the Snow

    VOLUME 3-01 LEWD-Kill Yourself/02 DEFNICS-51 Percent/03 84 FLESH-Salted City/04 PLUGZ-Mindless Contentment/05 EAT-Doctor TV/06 EAT-Kneecappin/07 SHOCK-This Generation Is On Vacation/ 08 SODS-Television Sect/09 AMBIENT NOISE-I Was There at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre/10 QUEERS-I Don't Wanna Work/11 QUEERS-I'm Useless/12 QUEERS-At The Mall/13 EBENEZER & THE BLUDGEONS-Oh I Love This Weather/14 NY NIGGERS-Headliner/15 SCREAMIN MEE-MEES-Hot Sody/16 VIOLATORS-NY Ripper/17 JOHN BERENZY GROUP-Vice Verses

    VOLUME 4-01 ZERO BOYS-Stoned to Death/02 ZERO BOYS-Stick To Your Guns/03 ROTTERS-Sink the Whales (Buy Japansese Goods)/04 ROTTERS-Disco Queen/05 REALLY RED-Modern Needs/06 FILTH-Don't Hide Your Hate/07 KAOS-Alcholiday/08 HEART ATTACK-God Is Dead/09 BRLBAJZ-EAP/10 ZERO BOYS-I'm Bored/A piece of Me/11 HUNS-Glad He's Dead/12 SUBHUMANS-No Productivity/13 VICTIMS-TV Freak/14 MAD VIRGINS-Fuck and Suck/15 ISM-I Think I Love You/16 JERKS-Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me

    VOLUME 5-01 BLACK EASTER-What the Fuck/02
    NUBS-Job/03 X-TERMINATORS-Microwave Radiation/04 MOLLS-White Stains/05 STALIN (japanese title)/06 DIETER MEIER-Cry For Fame/07 MAGGOTS-(Lets Get, Lets Get) Tammy Wynette/08 COWBOYS-Teenage Life/09 HUBBLE BUBBLE-Look Around/10 NEO PUNKZ-If I Watch TV/11 SHITDOGS-Reborn/12 RPA-Shoot the Pope/13 TEDDY & THE FRAT GIRLS-Clubnite/14 ANONYMOUS-Corporate Radio/15 RIOT 303-Drugs/16 CRACKED ACTOR-Nazi School/17 STIPNOYDS-Afraid of the Russians/18 KIDS-No Monarchy/19 HUBBLE BUBBLE-Sweet Rot

    VOLUME 6-01 KIDS-This Is Rock N Roll/02 FUNERAL DRESS-Army Life/03 DIRT SHIT-Exit/04 NEXT-Monotony/05 INSULTS-Just a Doper/06 ED NASTY & THE DOPEDS-You Sucker/07 HITLER SS-Slave/08 TAMPAX-UFO Dictator/09 REVENGE 88-Neon Lights/10 SCREAMING URGE-Homework/11 SCHUND-Schund/12 GISM-Exclamations/13 FRANTIX-My Dad's a Fucking Alcoholic/14 GLUEARMS-Mental/15 PSYKIK VOLTS-Totally Useless/16 FIRE EXIT-Time Wall/17 MARK TRUTH & THE LIARS-Prisoners of Time/18 SE-Meilla Voisi Tunaau Olla Hauskaa

    Money/02 FIRE EXIT-Time Wall/03 RUDE NORTON-Tits on the Beach/04 CHAIN GANG-My Fly/05 GUILTY RAZORS-I Don't Wanna Be Rich/06 ED NASTY & THE DOPEDS-I'm Gonna Be Everything/07 TAMPAX-UFO Dictator/08 ABSENTEES-Tryin To Mess With Me/09 DOT VAETH GROUP-Armed Robbery/10 CIGARETTES-They're Back Again/11 LOST KIDS-Cola Freaks/12 FRESH COLOR-The Source/13 HATED-Seize the Middle East/14 MAIDS-Back to Bataan/15 DDT-I'm Walking Down the Psychopath/16 SPERMA-Zuri Punx/17 ICE 9-Out Out Out/18 MD-Mnisch Depressiv

    VOLUME 007-01 ELECTROCHOC-Trios Minutes/02 RONDOS-Wanna Go Home Gigolo/03 MALCOLM TENT-Oh Yeah/04 FULHAM FURIES-These Boots Are Made For Walking/05 CLEAVERS-Commie Symph/06 FEATURES-Job Satisfaction/07 HORRORCOMIC-I Don't Mind/08 REMO VOOR-Frogrammer/09 STALAG-Date Limite De Vente/10 AQUI D'EL ROCK-Dedicada (A Quem Nos Roubla)/11 ABKK-Ronny/12 FUNNY FIVE-Life after Death/13 THOSE INTRISIC INTELLECTUALS-Radio Iceland/14 SHAG NASTY-Looking For Love/15 NASTY MEDIA-Winter/16 LES OLIVENSTIENS-Fier De Ne Rien Faire/17 FLACK OFF-Cocktails at Six/18 LE FRACAS-Nun En Avons/19 CARDIAC KIDZ-Find Yourself a Way/20 BRATS-Fuel

    VOLUME 8.5-01 TOXIN III-I Rock I Ran/02 SEIZURE-Frontline/03 COSMETICS-Twinkie
    Madness/04 REACTORS-LA Sleaze/05 HASKELS-Takin the City By Storm/06 DOW JONES AND THE INDUSTRIALS-I Can't stand the Midwest/07 CRUCIFIED-Let the Kids Play/08 UNCALLED 4-Grind Her Up/09 SNUKY TATE-Stage Speech/10 PUBLIC DISTURBANCE-S&M/11 VAST MAJORITY-I Wanna Be a Number/12 STYPHNOIDS-Mom's a Fake/13 TURNBUCKLES-Super Destroyer Mark II/14 SHIT DOGS-Killer Cain/15 JOHN VOMIT & THE LEATHER SCABS-Punk Rock Star/16 LATIN DOGS-Killed In Jail/17 INSULTS-Population Zero/18 MATCHEADS-Pearl Harbr/Fat Bitch

    VOLUME 9-01 TAPEWORM-Break My Face/02 TAPEWORM-Blues For an Insurance Salesman/03 CRAP DETECTOR-Police State/04 CORPSICLES-Big Doings/05 PANICS-I Wanna Kill My Mom/06 NOTHING-Uniformz/07 EPICYCLE-You're Not Gonna Get It/08 ACCIDENT-Kill the Bee Gees/09 JETSONS-Suicidal Tendencies/10 HAMMER DAMAGE-Laugh/11 SHIRKERS-Drunk & Disorderly/12 VAINS-School Jerks/13 GIZMOS-Amerika First/14 LA PESTE-Better Off Dead/15 SADO NATION-On Whom They Beat/16 X BLANK X-You're Full of Shit/17 BREAKOUTS-In Vagueness Deal/18 ICE NINE-Revolting Meses

    VOLUME 10-01 VOMIT PIGS-Useless Eater/02 TRAGIC-Laughing Lover/03 DESCENDENTS-Unnational Lover/04 63 MONROE-Hijack Vicitm/ 05 EXECUTIVES-Jet Set/06 GRIM CLONE BAND-Heat's Rising Jehova's Wittness/07 CRINGE-Spit on Your Grave/08 VOODOO IDOLS-We Dig Nixon/09 RED SQUARES-Time Change/10 GENTLEMEN OF HORROR-God Knows You By Name/11 NORMALS-Almost Ready/12 DISCORDS-Dead Cubans/13 TREND-Band Aid/14 COUNT VERTIGO-X-Patriots/15 UNNATURAL AXE-The Creeper/16 SKINNIES-Out of Order/17 ENDTABLE-Circumcision/18 SICK & THE LAME-Ate Days a Week

    -Berkely Farms/04 CASTRATION SQUAD-The X Girlfriend/05 FRIED ABORTIONS-Joel Selvin/06 SCREAMERS-If I Can't Have What I Want/07 FEEDERZ-Peter Gunn Theme/08 NAKED LADY WRESTLERS-William Tell Overature/09 WASP WOMEN-Kill Me/10 WASP WOMEN-I Don't Need Your Attitude/11 TARTS-Terminal Romance/12 TARTS-All The Girls In the World/13 DER STAB-Tracers/14 DER STAB-It's Gray/15 CITIZEN FEAR-We Need Another Vietnam/16 INVERTED TRIANGLE-White Night Riot/17 TANKS-Manifest Destiny

    VOLUME 14-01 JIMMY SMACK-The Scarlet Beast/02 OPUS-The Atrocity/03 MIRRORS-Mirrors/04 VOM-PUNKMOBILE JIMI LALUMA & THE PSYCHOTIC FROGS-Elanor Rigby/05 VOMIT VISIONS-Someone/06 PLATIC IDOLS-Uncircumcised Twin/07 WIDOWS-Overscrupulous/08 WETNURSE-Bar Wars/ 09 MECANO LTD-Face Cover Face/10 LOST GENERATION-Never Work/11 REACTORS-I Want Sex/12 RAILBIRDS-Go To Hell/13 FEEDERZ-Stop You're Killing Me/14 PUNCTURE-Mucky Pop/15 STONED-Nazi/16 NUCLEAR CRAYONS-Outsider/17 STARSHOOTER-Quelle Crise Baby/18 VOMIT VISIONS-Punks are the Old Farts of Today/19 ROCK BOTTOM & THE SPYS-Rich Girl/20 ROCK BOTTOM & THE SPYS-No Good

    VOLUME 15.5-01 VAINS-The Fake/02 CRAP DETECTORS-Intellectual Morons/03 PLASTIC
    IDOLS-Sophistication/04 PLUGZ-Let Go/05 MATT GIMMICK-Rag/06 SHITDOGS-Calling Dr. Modo/07 PANICS-Drugs are For Thugs/08 SHELL SHOCK-Execution Time/09 STHYPNOIDS-Meat Is Rotten/10 CONTROLLERS-Do the Uganda/11 WAYWARD YOUTH-Do You Wanna/12 PSYCHOIC PINEAPPLE-I Want Her So Bad/13 SNUKY TATE- High Hopes/14 BRAINIACS-Don't Tell Me Why/15 LEPERS-Cops/16 SADONATION-Johnny Paranoid/17 DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS-Ladies With Appliances.

    OK.....LOTTA shit this time. Please let me know your opinions on it, and if indeed there ARE missing discs (no idea frankly thanks to that zany numbering system), if you can help the rest of us out, please take a moment to do so......HOPING this is the whole set, but who ever knows?

    OKKKKKKKK-There ARE other volumes....due to the "clever" numbering system, I have no clue how many.....I see one is called Volume 999, others seem to have numbers in the 20's, seemingly 11/12 DO exist..... if I can get any help, great, of not, we'll still all live long and prosper...

    0 0

    Had a couple of more sets I was going to drag out but the overlap factor was just too great as to not

    render this my choice for today is a "The Stiff Records Box Set", A very great set with SOME overlap with the other sets, but with plenty of unique new wave sounds of the era as to make it all worth the while.....and, since when I was grabbing these off the shelf, I ACCIDENTALLY grabbed an EXTRA disc, unrelated to this, which I hadn't thought about in a while and thought might make a nice bonus disc for today.....more on THAT later.

    The Stiff set is crammed. 25 tracks or so on ech disc, Stiff Records was no joke in their day.....lots of great artists called it home, and this Box gives a good look at a bunch of em. Some well known, some not so much, all worthwhile.

    The First disc begins with a couple from Stiff stallwart Nick Lowe (including overlapper "Heart of the City") comes former oddball-stoner-metal Pink Fairies, who by this time had taken up residence at Stiff, modified their sound a good bit, and present "Between the Lines". Richard Hell's "Blank Genration" and Elvis Costello's "Less Than Zero" turn up, as do Costello standards "Watching the Detectives",and "Allison", Graham Parkers wondersome "Back to Schooldays","New Rose" by the Damned, Ian Dury's "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll", and "One Chord WOnders" by the you may ask, what the hell is here that ISN'T overlap? Good question.....Roogalator, Sean Tyla, Max Wall, Jill Read, Dave Edmunds, Wreckless EriAlberto Y Los Trios Paranoias, some
    LESSER KNOWN Ian Dury, The Yachts, "Police Car" from Larry Wallis (of the latter-day Pink Fairies), Jane Aire, and BEST OF ALL, "Let's Loot the
    Supermarket Again" from the incredible Mick Farren, who passed away, just in the last couple of weeks (he was a brilliant musical mind, a fine critic and as a musician check the great work of the Deviants)

    Disc two goes further "out there" with FAR less obvious stuff.....there is plenty of Ian Dury and Nick Lowe, also a couple more Wreckless Eric, a somewhat-lesser known Costello track "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" layup repeater is Devo's "Jocko Homo", but other than that, hows bout some Humphrey Ocean, Lene Lovich (the wonderful "I Think We're Alone Now"),Jona Lewie, the wonderful Rachel Sweet (remember her?) with a couple of fine numbers ("B-A-B-Y" could melt yer heart!), The Members, The Rumour (without Graham), Kirsty MacColl, Mickey Jupp, Motor Boys Motor, Lewis, Lew & Reformer, Theater of Hate......plenty of fresha material here.

    Disc 3.......gotta point out it includes "Isrealites" by Desmond Deker (!), and a couple Graham Parker
    tracks and not really GREAT (merely good) ones ("Mercury Poisoning", "Stupefaction").....otherwise all kinds of odd stuff from Joe "King" Carrasco (don't even tell me ya don't remember HIM!), Jona Lewie, Any Trouble, Dave Stewart, DirLooks, Madness, John Otway, Tenpole Tudor, Department 5, The Equator, Alvin Stardust, Billy Bremner, Pookiesnackenburger, Via Vagabond, and, of all people, Tracey Ullman with "You Broke My Heart in 17 Places"

    And the fourth and final installment.......nothing commonplace here, we get the Belle Stars, Electric Guitars, Passion Puppets, Jakko, KIng Kurt, The Pogus, Makin TIme, Untouchables, Furniture, tor Feelgood, Tommy Chase Quartet.....nothing spectacular here, really, but a LOT of stuff I bet ya never heard before......and that's kind of what matters?

    DISC 1-01 NICK LOWE-So It Goes/02 NICK LOWE-Heart of the City/03 PINK FAIRIES-Between
    the Lines/04 ROOGALATOR-Cincinnati Fatback/05 SEAN TYLA-Styrofoam/06 THE DAMNED-New Rose/07 RICHARD HELL-Blank Generation/08 THE DAMNED-Stab Your Back/09 ELVIS COSTELLO-Less Than Zero/10 MAX WELL-England's Glory/11 JILL READ-Maybe/12 THE ADVERTS-One Chord Wonders/13 ELVIS COSTELLO-Allison/14 DAVE EDMUNDS-Jo Jo Gunne/15 WRECKLESS ERIC-Whole Wide World/16 ALBERTO Y LOS TRIOS PARANOIAS-Kill/17 IAN DURY-Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll/18 IAN DURY-Razzle In My Pocket/19 THE YACHTS-Suffice To Say/20 MICK FARREN-Let's Loot the Supermarket Again/21 ELVIS COSTELLO-Watching the Detectives/22 IAN DURY-My Old Man/23 LARRY WALLIS-Police Car/24 JANE AIRE-Yankee Wheels/25 GRAHAM PARKER-Back To Schooldays

    DISC 02-01 NICK LOWE-I Love My Label/02 NICK LOWE-Marie Provost/03 IAN DURY-What a Waste!/04 ELVIS COSTELLOS-I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself/05 HUMPHREY OCEAN-Whoops-A-Daisy/06 LENE LOVICH-I Think We're Alone Now/07 DEVO-Jocko Homo/08 IAN DURY-Hit Me With Your Rythem Stick/09 WRECKLESS ERIC-Semaphore Signals/10 JONA LEWIE-I'll Get By In Pittsburgh/11 RACHEL SWEET-B-A-B-Y/12 LENE LOVICH-Lucky Number/13 MEMBERS-Solitary Confinement/14 THE RUMOUR-Frozen Years/15 WRECKLESS ERIC-Take the Cash (K.A.S.H.)/16 KIRSTY MACCOLL-They Don't Know/17 MICKEY JUPP-You'll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those/18 RACHEL SWEET-Who Does Lisa Like?/19 MOTOR BOYS MOTOR-Drive Friendly/20 LEWIS, LEW, & REFORMER-Win or Lose/21 THEATER OF HATE-The Hop/22 MADNESS-One Step Beyond/23 THE RUMOUR-Emotional Traffic/24 IAN DURY-Inbetweenies/25 LEWIS, LEW, & REFORMER-Lucky Seven

    DISC 03-01 MADNESS-My Girl/02 DESMON DEKKER-The Isrealites/03 JOE "KING"
    CARRASCO-Buena/04 GRAHAM PARKER-Stupefaction/05 JONA LEWIE-You'll Always Find Me In the Kitchen/06 ANY TROUBLE-Trouble With Love/07 DAVE STEWART-What Becomes of the Broken Hearted/08 GRAHAM PARKER-Mercury Poisoning/09 DIRTY LOOKS-Let Go/10 MADNESS-Baggy Trousers/11 DAVE STEWART-It's My Party/12 JOHN OTWAY-Green Green Grass of Home/13 TENPOLE TUDOR-Three Bells In a Row/14 JONA LEWIE-Stop the Cavalry/15 DEPARTMENT 5-Going Left Right/16 DEPARTMENT 5-Is Vic There?/17 EQUATORS-If You Need Me/18 TENPOLE TUDOR-Wunderbar/19 DESMOND DEKKER-Allamana/20 ALLVIN STARDUST-Pretend/21 BILLY BREMNER-Loud Music In Cars/22 TENPOLE TUDOR-Throwing Out the Baby With the Bathwater/23 POOKIESNACRGER-Just One Cornetto/24 VIA VAGABOND-Who Likes Jazz?/25 TRACEY ULLMAN-You Broke My Heart In 17 Places

    DISC 04-01 BELLE STARS-Sign of the Times/02 BELLE STARS-Sweet Memory/03 ELECTRIC GUITARS-Language Problems/04 TRACEY ULLMAN-Breakaway/05 PASSION PUPPETS-Like Dust/06 JAKKO-Dangerous Dreams/07 KING KURT-Destination Lululand/08 THE POGUES-The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn/09 INSPIRATIONAL CHOIR OF THE-Pick Me Up/10 MAKIN TIME-Here Is My Number/11 THE POGUES-Dark Streets of London/12 UNTOUCHABLES-Wild Child/13 KIRSTY MACCOLL-A New England/14 JAMIE RAE-Pretty One/15 UNTOUCHABLES-Free Yourself/16 POGUES-Sally MacLennane/17 FURNITURE-Brilliant Mind/18 DOCTOR FEELGOOD-Don't Wait Up/19 TOMMY CHASE QUARTET-Killer Joe (Right Cross)/20 FURNITURE-Shake LIke Judy Says/21 DOCTOR FEELGOOD-Hunting SHooting Fishing......

    Well, there ya go, really an interesting set. A few select standards, but a LOT of fairly
    forgotten/unknown material (when was the last time ya even THOUGHT about Rachel Sweet? Lovich?)......It's a fine set and a testimony to a once great label ("If It Ain't STIFF It Ain't Worth a Fuck" was one of their many great slogans).......there is some great music here, a BIT of overlap, but it does tell the story well of one of the greatest labels of the New Wave Era.

    And since I never got to say it before, this is the perfect time: Rest In Peace Mick Farren, I loved your writings in Trouser Press, and I loved your music with the Deviants, as well as your solo works and even the science fiction you authored! You will be missed terribly and your work made, at least MY life, a little more enjoyable, and I bet some others can say the same........

    MENTIONED......grabbing the "Stiff" CD's and accidentally grabbed the NEXT disc too......haven't thought about this album in a while, glad to see it it is FUN and I'm gonna post it TODAY as a light hearted is the terrific "Saturday Morning Cartoons Greatest Hits"......Oh, where to start.....Liz Phair was probably BORN to sing the "Tra La La Song", the same could be said for Matthew Sweet and "Scooby Doo".....The Ramones turn in a perfect take on "Spiderman", Sublime annihilate "Hong Kong Phooey", Sponge decapitate "Speed Racer" and more.....simply stated be glad I grabbed an extra disc today and WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR with this one?

    SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS-01 LIZ PHAIR/MATERIAL ISSUE-The Tra La La Song/02 SPONGE-Go Speed Racer Go/03 MARY LOU LORD/SEMISONIC-Sugar Sugar/04 MATTHEW SWEET-Scooby Doo/05 JULIANA HATFIELD/TONYA DONNEY-Josie and the Pussycats (might have been more appropriate for Liz Phair, actually)/06 COLLECTIVE SOUL-The Bugaloos/07 BUTTHOLE SURFERS-Underdog/08 HELMET-Gigantor/09 THE RAMONES-Spiderman/10 REVEREND HORTON HEAT-Johnny Quest/Stop That Pigeon/11 FRENTE!-Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sunshine In/12
    VIOLENT FEMMES-Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah (Means I Love You)/13 DIG-Fat Albert Theme/14 FACE TO FACE-Popeye the Sailor Man/15 TRIPPING DAISY-Sigmund and the Sea Monster/16 THE TOADIES-Goolie Get Together/17 SUBLIME-Hong Kong Phooey/18 MURMURS-HR Puffenstuff/19 WAX-Happy Happy Joy Joy

    ANYBODY WANNA SAY BIGSCOTT DON'T GO THE EXTRA MILE? WORKING LIKE DOBERMAN THIS WEEK........Actually getting bored with the punk comps already, got a couple more I wanna put up, after that? Power Pop Comps? Kraut Rock Comps? Back to Garage Psych? Back to profiling a single band/artist? I have (literally) hundreds of live recordings taken from WOXY and KEXP podcasts from thousands of bands you've never heard of, some are SOOOOO great, and some SOOOOO suck....any interest in SOME of them? (NOT hundreds of them!).....think about it, and there's anything you are wanting next week, let me know. As I write this it is Tuesday night, and if I had to decide RIGHT NOW, I'm thinking some comps from some TOTALLY obscure stoner bands (I have a LOT as you may suspect) may change my mind 40 times betwix now and then!

    Enjoy the punk/new wave sets though, it HAS been a blast, and I DO have a coupld more goodies on that front before I wrap THAT up!

    0 0

    I had this thing all written and ready (it was a ten-disc set, more new wave than punk) called "The
    Spirit of 1977", had some of the most bizarre choices on it for a set with that title that you could imagine-THE BREEDERS? L7? ROBERT FUCKING FRIPP? Anyway, there was some really good shit on it too, but two of the discs were cracked and I wound up aborting. Going to replace with a couple smaller sets before wrapping this up tomorrow.....these are much more enjoyable from a "listening" standpoint anyway, play loud.

    First we have the 2-"Faster and Louder-Hard Core Punk".....lives up to it's name for the most part, the Dead Kennedy's "Holiday In Cambodia" is the only ringer here, we get the Bad Brains superlative "Pay to Cum", "One Down Three to Go" (about the Beatles, actually needs an update since GH's passing I guess) from the Meatmen. There's any early Husker Du track ("Statues") which shows off their punk roots (before they became great actually). Lots of stuff you'll love here this is NOT "new wave" shit......The Dicks, Suicidal Tendencies, Angry Samoans, The Urinals.....face it most of these DON'T turn up on most of the comps of this type.

    Volume 2 brings us more of the same....couple
    layups ("12xu" by Wire, The Germs "Lexicon Devil", Agent Orange, X), but how many comps include GG Alin & the Scumfucks? Also here are the criminally overlooked/under appreciated Naked Raygun, Subhumans, Zero Boys, and another early Husker Du track.......personally I'd program this as a single disc and eliminate the oft-repeated stuff, but I think it's my duty to present it as it was "intended" to be heard originally.

    Anyways, here's a weird disc "Trash! The Roots of Punk".......opening with "Personality Crisis" by the New York Dolls and closing with "Search and Destroy" by the Stooges, you'd think they were going for the easy and the obvious......nope. you get unknowns such as Hollywood Brats, Jook, Hammersmith Gorillas, and Count Bishops, as well as some great tunes of questionable punk lineage.....Mott the Hoople's "Thunderbuck Ram" for example, I thik, tends to forsee 1970's heavy metal MUCH more so than punk, the same could be said for "Motorhead" by Hawkwind......The Groundhogs (a favorite of mine) were pretty far removed from the punk scene as well, and CAN?!?! Anyway there is some decent stuff on this, it IS worthwhile.

    And just for fun, let's toss up "Punks On Drugs!", just what it sounds like, a bunch of punk bands
    doing drug songs.....Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers are featured prominently (imagine the odds), and of course the Dolls "Pills" is here, but there are some unusual selections....."I Like Drugs" by the Simpletons, Family Fodder's "My Baby Takes Valium", "Smoke (Skin Up For Jesus)" from Creaming Jesus, live tracks from the Only Ones and the Slits, this is a MOST interesting and fairly rare set, enjoy.

    Again, sorry about "Spirit of 1977" not meant to be I guess, I was listening to some of it today, it has some cool new wave stuff, I really wanted to post it because I wanted so badly to make fun of the programming, but putting up only 8 out of 10 discs after not putting up all of the "Killed by Death" discs.....nah.

    One more set tomorrow, and then on to something else I guess.

    KENNEDYS-Holiday In Cambodia/02 BAD BRAINS-Pay to Cum/03 CIRCLE JERKS-World Up My Ass/04 SUICIDAL TENDENCIES-I Saw Your Mommy/
    05 THE DICKS-Dicks Hate the Police/06 ANGRY SAMOANS-Lights Out/07 THE MEATMEN-One Down Three To Go/08 SSD-Get It Away/09 REDD KROSS-Linda Blair/10 WORLD WAR 3-DOA/11 REALLY RED-Modern Needs/12 THE STAINS-John Wayne Was a Nazi/13 GOVERNEMENT ISSUE-Fun and Games/ 14 MISSION OF BURMA-That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate/15 HUSKER DU-Statues/16 THE URINALS-I'm a Bug/17 BOB B SOX & THE BLUE JEANS-Scavenger of Death

    FASTER & LOUDER DISC 2-01 THE ZERO BOYS-Civilizations Dying/02 HUSKER DU-In a Free Land/03 WIRE-12xu/04 SUBHUMANS-Firing Squad/05 THE GERMS-Lexicon Devil/06 FEAR-I Love Livin' In the City/07 X-We're Desperate/08 AGENT ORANGE-Bloodstains/09 NEGATIVE APPROACH-Nothing/10 NAKED RAYGUN-Rat Patrol/11 THE DILS-You're Not Blank/12 STRANGLEHOLD-She's Not Leavin'/13 THE WIPERS-Romeo/14 DYS-Wolfpack/15 BLACK MARKET BABY-Potential Suicide/16 GG ALLIN-You Hate Me and I Hate You (Public Animal No. 1)/17 CHANNEL 3-Fear of Life

    Calling All Destroyers/03 HOLLYWOOD BRATS-Sick On You/04 JOOK-Watch Your Step/05 COUNT BISHOPS-Teenage Letter/06 THE HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS-Gatecrasher/07 KILBURN & THE HIGH ROADS-Rough Kids/08 DR FEELGOOD-Riot In Cell Block No. 9/09 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-96 Tears/10 MOTT THE HOOPLE-Thunderbuck Ram/11 HAWKWIND-Motorhead/12 CAN-Mushroom/13 BE BOP DELUXE-Sound Track/14 THE GROUNDHOGS-Cherry Red/15 IGGY & THE STOOGES-Search and Destroy

    PUNKS ON DRUGS!-01 THE NEW YORK DOLLS-Pills/02 URBAN DOGS-Cocaine/03 JOHNNY THUNDERS AND THE HEARTBREAKERS-Chinese Rocks/04 FALLEN ANGELS-Amphetamine Blue/05 THE SIMPLETONS-I Like Drugs/06 CHRON GEN-LSD/07 FAMILY FODDER-My Baby Takes Valium/08 JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS-One Track Mind/09 URBAN DOGS-Speed Kills/10 UK SUBS-Killing Time/11 CREAMING JESUS-Smoke (Skin Up For Jesus)/12 EATER-Waiting For My Man/13 THE HEROES-Too Much Junkie Business/14 THE ADICTS-Get Adicted/15 UK SUBS-DF 118/16 BROKEN BONES-Secret Agent/17 ACTION PACT-Suicide Bag/18 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-The Mess/19 THE SLITS-New Town (live)/20 THE ONLY ONES-The Beast (live)

    Been a rough week for the psych comp fans I guess, hope they didn't abandon me forever.....I have
    tons of more stuff in all genres for sharing, as you will see! Stick around, at least I hope so!

    0 0
  • 08/17/13--06:22: I Luckily Got the Boot!
  • OK, I truly AM going to wrap this up for now, not that I don't have a BUNCH more, but I am starting
    to get a bit bored with it, and there are some other things I feel like doing. I'll be back with more of the punk/new wave stuff when I get back in that mood, what I am doing tomorrow, right now, I have no clue.....anyway, the set I'm going to use to wrap up this round is one my younger brother used to play all the time.....personally, at the time, at least wasn't a huge fan of the West Coast hard-core sound, but the kind of all comps of that genre I think would be the "Rodney on the ROQ" series, from the "glory days" of Rodney Bingenheimer's radio show of the same name on KROQ radio......for all I know he might still be on the air, but don't care all that much......evidently he "broke" tons and tons of bands, so he is somewhat heroic to lovers of hearing ANYTHING DIFFERENT on the radio, which, I'd hope, would include all of "US"......

    That being said, I have a personal prejudice against this set, because my damned brother used to play it SO FUCKING MUCH. It has some good, wild inclusions that you have most likely not heard if you are not familiar with the series......but GOD did he HAVE to play it SO much? I know this shit by heart, especially Volume 1 (Grrrrrrrrrr) which I could probably recite. Anyway, my early years hould not deprive YOU of hearing what I think are now relatively forgotten and moderately rare discs, so here we the best of my knowledge there are but three volumes, if I am wrong, please correct me.

    Something WAY different tomorrow, truly hope
    you've enjoyed the last week or so's punk-o-rama, I have, remindng me, after all of some damn good years......but I AM starting to tire of it, and I really wish to do somthing else......if there's anything you want to see/hear, just please let me know and I'll see what I can do........

    Volume 1 of "Rodney On the Roq" contains some really great shit, the fact that I hate it because of my brother's overplaying of it shuld mean nothing to ......after an introduction from Brooke Shields (!), we get legit players such as Agent Orange, The Circle Jerks (killer version of "Wild in the Streets"), Black Flag, and the Adolescents, some lesser-known good ones from David Microwave, El Klan, and UXA, and my surprising favorite on the album "The Outback" by Rik L Rik, a fairly unknown "classic" if that is the word for which I search.

    Volume 2 gives us some more Agent Orange and Black Flag
    ("Rise Above", which of course was featured in an episode of one of television's greatest (and most mistreated/abused) shows "Freaks and Geeks"......we also get the Minutemen, Redd Kross, the Red Rockers, and Social Distortion, and, again, some not-so-common stuff from Unit 3 With Venus, Geza X, and Gleaming Spires with the way-cool "Are You Ready For the Sex Girls?"

    I really didn't even know there WAS a Volume 3 until a few years ago, found it on the web somewhere......The Bangles I know, and Unit 3 with Venus I know from Volume 2, everyone else here is pretty much unknown to me other than from here......Ill Repute, Rudi, Gayle Welch, Pariah, Kent State......worthwhile as a curiosity.

    If there are further volumes I am unaware of
    them.......if you know of them, please let me know, I'm sure I'll listen to them once and my brother will probably wet himself (well, he does that all the time anyway)

    VOLUME 1-01 BROOKE SHIELDS-Introduction/02 AGENT ORANGE-BLoodstains/03 THE ADOLESCENTS-Amoeba/04 CIRCLE JERKS-Wild In the Streets/05 UXA-Tragedies/06 EL KLAN-Pushin Too Hard/07 BLACK FLAG-No Values/08 RIK L RIK-The Outback/09 CROWD-Right TIme/10 DAVID MICROWAVE-I Don't Want To Hold You/11 THE NUNS-Wild/12 FENDER BENDERS-Furry Friend/13 VIDIOTS-Laurie's Lament/14 THE SIMPLETONS-TV Love/15 NEW YORK-Surprise

    VOLUME 2-01 TARGET 13-Rodney on the ROQ/02 SOCIAL DISTORTION-1945/03 SHATTERED FAITH-Right Is Right/04 BLACK FLAG-Rise Above/05 MINUTEMEN-Search/06 REDD KROSS-Burnout/07 CHANNEL THREE-You Lie/08 AGENT ORANGE-Mr. Moto/09 RED ROCKERS-Dead Heroes/10 UNIT 3 WITH VENUS-B.O.Y.S./11 STEPMOTHERS-Where Is the Dream/12 GLEAMING SPIRES-Are You Ready For the Sex Girls/13 LITTLE GIRLS-Earthquake Song/14 LLEVI & THE ROCKATS-Room To Rock/15 TWISTED ROOTS-Snaked/16 GEZA X-e Need More Power

    VOLUME 3-01 KENT STATE-Radio Moscow/02 ILL REPUTE-Clean Cut American Kid/03 JFA-
    Preppy/04 CH 3-Seperate Peace/05 CATCH 22-Stop the Cycle/06 PARIAH-Up To Us/07 RED SCARE-Streetlife/08 NO CRISIS-She's Into the Scene/09 RUDI-Crimson/10 UNIT 3 WITH VENUS-Pajama Party/11 THE BANGLES-Bitchen Summer (Speedway)/12 ACTION NOW-Try/13 THE SIGNALS-Gotta Let Go/14 GAYLE WELCH-Day Of Age/15 DAVID HINES-Land of 1000 Dances

    Comments, requests, praises, hatred, all of it is more than welcome.......even complaints, because I enjoy making those who make them appear foolish (not that they generally NEED my help!)

    And by the way, I have decided on tomorrow/Monday's subject matter (a two-parter). Not going to tell ya what it is just yet but it is totally BAD ASS and you will NOT wish to miss it, guarenteed!

    0 0

    See, it's like this.....I have an old friend, one of "drifter" types.....we go back about 35 years or so, and

    he's one of those guys you'd write a "most unforgettable character" essay about.....I mean, for real.....the guy has probably the highest IQ of anyone I've ever known, but chose to be a burnout/junkie/bum.....a kind of drugged out "Good Will Hunting" in a sort of a way. Anyway, the last few years, he's been drifting into our lives every couple years or so, living all over the country, scrounging for dope/beer money. It's a sad story, really, if you knew the guy back in his 20's you'd have been amazed at the mind he had, and now as he approaches 60.......well, he is pathetic, his mind is basically gone.....

    He showed up at our house the other day, pretty much right on schedule (I think it had been a couple years since his last appearance)......the guy IS an old friend, despite his shortcomings, we drank some beers and listened to some music (he's always been awed by my music collection, a lot of my vinyl in fact I obtained from him years ago when he sold his turntable for....well, whatever).....anyway, his favorite band was ALWAYS the Stooges, a perfect fit. I broke out some Stooges, maybe "Raw Power" and "Metallic KO" or something, and I was amazed by JUST HOW MUCH Stooges shit I have.....and I have never done a "Best Ever" post on them. But I get ahead of myself.....

    My friend is a complete computer illiterate, I was
    trying to show him this blog, I guess he was semi-impressed, as much as he can be...... we were looking at some of my OLD posts, Dictators, MC5, Velvet Underground, Pink Fairies, stuff like that, and he says, "Lemme see the STOOGES!".....I had really thought I had done one, but upon checking, nope. He will never see this, as he has never been on a computer in his life (also has never used a cell phone, an IPod, you get the idea), but there is one thing......

    He's in poor health, with all the drugs and alcohol he has ingested it is amazing he is walking the earth still.....we are ALL getting older, MANY of my old friends are gone now, and I think (he alluded to it as well) that this is probably the last time I will see him. I think that is probably accurate.

    I don't want to mention his name, as it would be of no meaning.....but as long time friends, I think I owe it at least to the memories we share to do the absolute best post on the legendary Stooges that a person could possibly do......

    Dedicated to "my friend", perhaps you have seen
    such a sad case in your life as well.......I wish you well, my friend, and PERHAPS we will see each other again......if not in this life, then, well......

    OK. The great Stooges. Had I not physically checked I would never have guessed how much shit I have by them, rarites, boots, LOTS of, for part 1, let us get the "legit" stuff out of the way, and I'll throw on some rarities too, then tomorrow, ALL rare stuff OK?

    The Stooges did not make "great" albums, necessarily.....they had to be experienced live (I SO wish I could have seen them, videos and etc are at times incredible!)....the problem with their albums was that SOMETIMES the "rockers" didn't really "blast off" as they did live, and sometimes the "dirges" could be, honestly, flat out boring......however, when it worked......the first, self titled album opens with a pair of drop dead classics, "1969" (some of the most lethal wah-wah ever recorded) and "I Wanna Be Your Dog", other stuff is worth a listen, but those two tunes are the fucking shit. Second album "Fun House" has but ONE classic, the knock-you-over "Down on the Street" (maybe "TV Eye" also I guess). The third, and final studio LP gives us two MORE classic rockers, "Search and Destroy" and the title track "Raw Power".....

    So, that is the Stooges "Official" output...but there is so much more. They released a legendary live
    LP "Metallic KO" that sounds like absolute sludge, BUT does encapsulate the Stooges killer live shows pretty well.....the classic ending of "Louie Louie" : "Thank very much to the person who threw this glass bottle at my head, ya nearly killed me but ya missed again, so ya gotta keep trying".....and you hear more bottles breaking. Awesome. Now, later on, a 2 disc CD version of "Metallic KO" was issued, with a different track sequence and some added material ("Search and Destroy" and some others). I do not like it. I MUCH prefer the vinyl version, the sequencing is all wrong on the CD set (for me) but I will include BOTH versions and let you decide for yourself (and I want to know what you think, too, please)

    OK for today's rare stuff.....let's go with the four disc "You Don't Want My Name, You Want My Action", a series of four 1971 concert recordings....sometimes the sound can be almost unbearable, but this i some fiercely intense music, as well as a chance to hear some Stooges concert staples that didn't make the three vinyl discs ("Who Do You Love", "Fresh Rag", "Big Time Bum", more!)....for fans ONLY, of which (obviously) I am one. For today, I will also give ya a couple more, "The 1972 Studio Sessions", again, some material not available on any of the other albums, and "Wild Love-The Detroit Rehearsals and More"), even MORE rare tracks and otherwise unheard tunes.....

    We will leave it at that for today, that is a bunch of stuff, and I got just as much for
    for my friend, I know you won't see this, but know that I am thinking about you.....

    SELF TITLED-01 1969/02 I Wanna Be Your Dog/03 We Will Fall/04 No Fun/05 Real Cool Time/06 Ann/07 Not Right/08 Little Doll

    FUN HOUSE-01 Down on the Street/02 Loose/03 TV Eye/04 Dirt/05 1970/06 Fun House/07 LA Blues

    RAW POWER-01 Search and Destroy/02 Gimme Danger/03 Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell/04 Penetration/05 Raw Power/06 I Need Somebody/07 Shake Appeal/08 Death Trip

    METALLIC KO (VINYL VERSION)-01 Raw Power/02 Head On/03 Gimme Danger/04 Rich Bitch/05 Cock In My Pocket/06 Louie Louie

    METALLIC KO (CD VERSION DISC 1) 01 Cock in My Pocket/02 Gimme Danger/03 Heavy Liquid/04 I Got Nothin/05 Louie Louie/06 Rich Bitch

    METALLIC KO (CD VERSION DISC 2) 01 Gimme Danger/02 Head On/03 Heavy Liquid/04 Open Up and Bleed/05 Raw Power/06 Search and Destroy

    ELECTRIC CIRCUS 5/14/71)-01 I Got a Right (False Start)/02 You Don't Want My Name/03 The Shadow of Your Smile/04 Fresh Rag/05 Dead Body-Who Do You Love/06 Big Time Bum/07 Do You Want My Love?/08 The Children of the Night

    YOU DONT WANT MY NAME DISC 2-(THE ELECTRIC CIRCUS 5//15/71)-01 I Got a Right/02 You Don't Want My Name/03 Fresh Rag/04 Dead Body-Who Do You Love/05 Big Time Bum (Or Over My Dead Cock)/06 Do You Want Love

    YOU DONT WANT MY NAME 3-(THE FACTORY ST LOUIS 5/27/71)-01 I Gor a Right/02 You Dont Want My Name/03 Fresh Rag/04 Dead Body-Who Do You Love/05 Big Time Bum/06 Do You Want My Love?

    YOU DONT WANT MY NAME DISC 4 (VANITY BALLROOM DETROIT 4/13/71)-01 I Got a Right/02 You Don't Want My Name/03 Fresh Rag/04 Deay-Who Do You Love/05 Big Time Bum/06 Do You Want My Love/07 Ron, Scott, and Jimmy Recca play Instrumental/08 Band Talk with Audience (Scott and Jimmy)/09 What You Gonna Do

    1972 STUDIO SESSIONS-01 Head On/02 Death Trip/03 I Got a Right/04 Hard To Beat/05 Cock In My Pocket/06 Rubber Legs/07 Johanna/08 Pin Point Eyes/09 Open Up and Bleed/10 Raw Power/11 Rock Action

    WILD LOVE THE DETROIT REHEARSALS AND MORE-01 Wild Love/02 Pin Point Eyes/03 Hey Baby/04 I Come From Nowhere/05 Im So Glad/06 Ballad of Hollis Brown/07 Delta Blues Shuffle/08 Old King LIve Forever/09 Look So Sweet/10 Mellow Down Easy/11 I'm a Man/12 Move Ass Baby/13 Til the End of the Night

    Remember tomorrow a WHOLE LOT more of this stuff, if you're a longtime Stooges fan, rejoice!

    Perhaps you have anold friend, mind, for whom life, for whatever the reason, didn't quite go the way it should have, regardless of who was at fault (in this case he himself was, not my point)......I dedicate this and tomorrow's post to all such people, if nothing else they certainly make the boring lives of we "adults" more interesting.

    Be a bit patient if you would, please....gonna take a while to get ALL THESE links up!

    0 0

    Who would have thought that after yesterday's mighty onslaught there would be THIS MUCH
    material left? What's there to say? If ya liked yesterday you will like today......

    Let's begin with the two-disc "Head On" be honest I'm not exactly sure what it is supposed to "be", the first disc seems to have a couple of tracks taken DIRECTLY from "Raw Power", along with an alternate version of the SONG "Raw Power", the rest fleshed out with previously unreleased studio tracks, had the Stooges released a fourth studio LP I assume this was the skeleton of it, there are some keyboards (!) on some of the "new" tracks.....the second disc is a fairly horrendous sounding boot, Iggy sounds like he can't wait to get to the methodone clinic, the sound quality is typically bad (as it generally IS on Stooges concert recordings, which "true beleivers" would say drives home the point of the Stooges rawness.....the interesting thing about this disc are some (seemingly) improptu songs such as "My Girl Hates Heroin", "Jesus Loves the Stooges" and more, which exist only here that I know of.

    Next up, "The Complete Raw Mixes", the name just about says it all, tracks from all three albums and more in their crudest format.....this is a French import and is for people (I'm sure they exist) who think "Raw Power" is "too slickly produced".

    Along the same lines is "Rough Power", in which we are treated to all the tracks on "Raw Power" in THIER crudest format, two three versions of each on in fact......according to some notes here the Ashton brothers PREFERRED these mixes over what was eventually released.....sounds about right to me. The Stooges were the real deal when it came to rough, raw, unpolished ugly rock......decades ahead of their time.

    Another raw recording for the "purist" is "California Bleeding", a blending of several concert
    performances from 1973, again, with (at best) "varying" sound quality. A fine version of "Open Up and Bleed" is the highlight.

    Speaking of which, we have the album "Open Up and Bleed" stuff from various shows is compiled courtesy Bomp! Records, includes some bizarre cover material, Bo Diddley's "I'm a Man", Dylan's "Ballad Of Hollis Brown", and Jimi Hendrix' "Purple Haze" (!) these thingsgo, this is one of the "better" sounding live Stooges recordings.

    "Live at the Michigan Palace 10/6/73", is essential, I suppose, were you attempting to collect and devour every note Ig and the boys ever performed, maybe not thier finest moment, there are really only 6 tunes here, all commonly performed on most of thier concert releases, and three tracks called "rants" which are basically a wasted Iggy yelling at the audience.....clearly for the diehard.

    OK, so that is all I got for ya.....I know that they "reunited" and released "The Weirdness" in 2007 (I have a copy, not sure whether or not I've ever listened to it) and in 2013 released something called "Ready to Die" (no kidding), out of respect for the band I'm not going to do it......a Stooges album released in 2007 or 2013 is too much for even my mind to wrap around, and I can't do it, if you want em I'm sure they are easilly available on the Bay or whatever.....but some bands were seemingly "meant" to "die a quick death", the New York Dolls, The MC5, The Darkness, The
    Pistols......due to their self-destructive tendencies and high-speed intensity, they just aren't "supposed to be" releasing material 40 years after their peak, leave that to the Rolling Stones or someone.....a Stooges album released in 2013, REGARDLESS of how it sounds, is, in my view, not the "real" deal.

    HEAD ON DISC 1-01 Head On/02 Death Trip/03 I Got a Right/04 Hard to Beat/05 Cock In My Pocket/06 Rubber Legs/07 Johanna/08 Pin Point Eyes/09 Open Up and Bleed/10 Raw Power

    HEAD ON DISC 2-01 She Creature of the Hollywood Hills/02 My Girl Hates Heroin/03 Hey Baby/04 Jesus Loves the Stooges/05 How It Hurts/06 Born In a Trailer/07 Wet My Bed/08 Rich Bitch/09 I Got Nothing/10 Not Right

    THE COMPLETE RAW MIXES-01 I Got a Right/02 No Fun/03 1969/04 I Wanna Be Your Dog/05 Not Right/06 Little Doll/07 Fun House/08 Down on the Street/09 1970/10 TV Eye/11 Dirt/12 Shake Appeal/13 Search and Destroy/14 Raw Power/15 I Need Somebody/16 Rubber Legs (Long Version)/17 Open Up and Bleed/18 Johanna

    ROUGH POWER-01 Search and Destroy/02 Gimme Danger/03 Hard to Beat/04 Penetration/05 Raw
    Power/06 I Need Somebody/07 Death Trip/08 I Need Somebody/09 Hard to Beat/10 Death Trip/11 Raw Power/12 Search and Destroy/13 Shake Appeal/14 Not Right/15 Raw Power/16 Shake Appeal/17 Search and Destroy

    CALIFORNIA BLEEDING-01 Search and Destroy/02 Need Somebody/03 Open Up and Bleed/04 Johanna/05 Wet My Bed/06 I Got Nothing/07 Head On/08 She Creature of the Hollywood Hills/09 Heavy Liquid

    OPEN UP AND BLEED-01 Death Trip/02 Head On/03 Rubber Legs/04 Raw Power/05 I'm a Man/06 Ballad of Hollis Brown/07 Open Up and Bleed/08 Johanna/09 Purple Haze/10 Im So Glad/11 Radio Advertising

    LIVE AT THE MICHIGAN PALACE 1973-01 Raw Power/02 Head On/03 Rant #1/04 Gimme Danger/05 Search and Destroy/06 Rant#2/07 Heavy Liquid/08 Rant #3/09 Open Up and Bleed

    Wow, been a long time since I've done a "best_______ever" post......I've been wrapped up in those
    comps for a LONG time now. So, what is your poison? Should I do these type of posts once in a while or stick strictly to comps and the like (have several THOUSAND comps alone (various genres) that we have yet to investigate.......what do you prefer? Input more than welcome!

    By the way, the Stooges, as one of the ultimate "cult" bands, have hundreds of boots out there.....if you happen to have any that I haven't posted here (of course meaning the REAL Stooges, don't get cute and put up a link from 2009 or something), please feel free to share them in the comments section, as always!

    I reckon I'll get something figured out for tomorrow!

    Maybe some links up tonight, maybe all links up tonight......maybe NO links up tonight.....after all "Under the Dome" is on.....the show fairly sucks but that Rachel Lefevre.......ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Baby!

    0 0

    GOD I am so witty, sometimes I amaze even myself.....see, other than the last couple days Stooges
    posts ALL I HAVE DONE are comps since.....oh, you don't care? Me either for that matter. This is one ass-kicking comp, kind of/sort of rare, I guess, from the good people at "People Like U" records, "Where the Bad Boys Rock".....this is five discs of basically, ROCK N ROLL......I wouldn't want to try to pigeonhole it TOO much, there's some stoner, some post-punk, some good old metal trash......REALLY a good, hard-rocking set, five discs in all, I wonder how much attention this will even recieve as it really doesn't hit a niche too hard like a psych or punk comp,as I've said, this kind of thing (non-commercial/non-radio friendly stuff) doesn't generally transform to compilation format especially well....BUT this is SO good, though, recommended uses: all night driving, rainy weekend alcohol binge, you get the idea.

    Volume 1 starts off with a great band which I have profiled on this site before, Awesome Machine, checking in with the ass-kicking "Supernova". Now, this disc is loaded with great bands that many of you probably know, such as the immortal Eternal Elysium, Mushroom River Band, Solace, Nebula, Blind Dog.....PLENTY of folks that hard rock n roll fans are hip to, the clincher is the SCORES (there are 25 tracks here after all, so there are no 20-minute drum solos or anything to slow things down!).....don't know about you, but if it weren't for this set I'd personally never heard of The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13, Aerobitch, Mantaray KD, and Zebulon, among others....just hard, fast, loud, total ass-kicking rock n roll, and what the FUCK is wrong with that?

    Volume 2 (the only 2 disc volume of the series) attempts to drop some of the stoner groove and punk
    things up a bit, if you are a longtime follower of this blog of course you know Texas Teri (unquestionably "BAD",JUST AS unquiestionably NOT a "BOY"!) other than that, the names aren't terribly familiar, but the tracks do kick ass. The Revolvers wonderful "No Clash Reunion". The Frankenstein Drag Queens, Daybreak Boys, and the Bones turn up as repeaters from Volume 1, and some lesser-knowns as V8 Wankers, 69-Hard, Trash Can Darlings, and Sixes and Sevens all provide pleasantly surprising rockers.

    Best known performer from Volume 3 is Demented Are Go, other than that, we get a bunch more strangers and they are mostly welcome: Kings Of Nuthin, The Ashers, Angel City Outcasts, and Brain Failures. Volume 4 is perhaps the best as it treats us to a bunch of otherwise unavailable tracks, including but limited to Peter Pan Speedrock, Creepshow, Adicts, and Kings of Nuthin, also some pretty good stuff from Mad Marge & the Stonecutters, Far From Finished, The Broilers, and Black Halo.

    These were released late in the decade of the
    00's.....again, I am unsure how much attention they will garner, I like them quite a bit, but I am just a sucker for loud/hard/fast,ile many folks prefer a tighter genre limit. I DO recommend these, in particular Volumes 1 and 4, but I really enjoy them all......I thank the label for doing a pretty damn good job of compiling these, I for one really like them, judging from the rather complete lack of information available about the releases, I don't think they were probably terribly successful, but take it from one who knows, this is some fucking bomb shit.

    VOLUME 1-01 AWESOME MACHINE-Supernova/02 THE KING CLOUD-Sunride/03 THE BONES-Cheap to Keep/04 MACHINEGUN-I Got a Right/05 ZEBULON-Tempo Gigante/06 SOLACE-Whistle Pig/07 ROCK N ROLL OUTLAW-Shoot Em Down/08 CALAMUS-In Between/09 THE FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM  PLANET 13-Bride of Frankenstein/10 THE GENERATORS-All Night/11 ETERNAL ELYSIUM-Stone Wedge/12 THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND-A Sad Story/13 THE RAYMAN-Adam & Evil/14 SMOOTH & GREEDY-Saturday Night Partys/15 THE SPITTS-Wilddog/16 RED AIM-Lumo Law (Low Lighter Law)/17 ABDULLAH-Conundrum/18
    AEROBITCH-This Situation/19 MANTARAY K-D-High Times/20 THE DAYBREAK BOYS-Another Day/21 SARTANA-Prisoner/22 LOWRIDER-Caravan/23 SPIRIT CARAVAN-Burnin In/24 NEBULA-Anything From You/25 BLIND DOG-When I'm Finally Gone

    VOLUME 2 DISC 1-01 VARIOUS-Intro/02 MAD SIN-Rock Against Ass/03 DAMNATION-Spell On Me/04 THE SPITTS-That's My Girl/05 69-HARD-Gone, Gone, Gone/06 THE DISCONTENT-Let's Rock N ROll/07 THE REVOLVERS-No Clash Reunion/08 AMERICAN HEARTBREAK-Nobody Likes Me/09 THE BONES-Dead and Gone/10 SARTANA-24 Hours Hell/11 V8 WANKERS-Detroit Steel/12 ADAM WEST-Deuce/13 THE GENERATORS-Tranquilized/14 ACCIDENTS-Wild Little Kiddie/15 RICKSHAW-Last Man Standing/16 DISCO VOLANTE-Ol' Dirty Pike/17 THE HEARTACHES-Safe and Sound

    DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13-Planet of the Apes/03 TEXAS TERI-Never Shut Up/04 THE FORGOTTEN-RRD/05 SQUAD 21-Millionaire/06 VENEREA-Make Me Stay/07 SIXES & SEVENS-Rock N Roll Pride/08 SWINDLE A GO GO-Leavin Kariokee City/09 BLOODJUNKIES-This Cursed Place/10 TRASH CAN DARLINGS-So Whore/11 THE SPOOK-Skulls/12 DUANE PETERS (feat. PASCAL BRIGGS)-Suicide Child/13 THE METEORS-U Ain' Right/14 CELTIC BONES-Wild At Heart/15 THE DAYBREAK BOYS-Days Go By/16 JOE COFFEE-Stink of Love/17 VARIOUS-Outro

    VOLUME 3-01 KINGS OF NUTHIN-Over the Counter Culture/02 MAD SIN-Not Invited/03 THE GENERATORS-10 Days Away/04 BRAIN FAILURE-That's What I Know/05 ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS-Another Generation/06 THE BONES-Psycho Dad/07 THREE BAD JACKS-Thrill Me/08 HEARTBREAK ENGINES-Built My Hate Around/09 DEADLINE-Out of Luck/10 DEMENTED ARE GO-Hotrod Vampires/11 DIE HUNNS-The Truth/12 CHARLEY HORSE-Bad Ass Day/13 2nd DISTRICT-19TH SOLDIER/14 THE BLACK HALOS-Last Call At the Toothless/15 THE GRIT-Fear and Consumption/16 US BOMBS-We are the People/17 THE DEEP EYNDE-Devil Child/18 THE METEORS-When Darkness Falls/19 ANGEL CITY OUTCASTS-Keep On/20 SCHLEPROCK-Suburbia/21 BORN TO LOOSE-The Fallen/22 ADAM WEST-Power to the People

    VOLUME 4-01 THE ADICTS-Viva Le Revolution (re-recording)/02 ADLINE-We are Not
    American/03 BROILERS-Geboren Zu Gewinnen/04 CHIP HANNA & THE BERLIN THREE-Wasting My Time/05 P PAUL FRENCH-That's Mean of You Baby/06 ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS-Onec Were Warriors/07 DEADLY SINS-Grey Skies Turn (Previously Unreleased)/08 FAR FROM FINISHED-Roses and Razorblades/09 MAD MARGE & THE STONECUTTERS-Liberation/10 THE KINGS OF NUTHIN-Shitsville USA (Previously Unreleased)/11 THE METEORS-We Wanna Wreck Here/12 THE HEARTBREAK ENGINES-Gunwitch/13 THE GRIT-Surrender/14 THE GENERATORS-Point of No Return/15 FRONTKICK-Like Father Like Son/16 THE PEACOCKS-I'd Rather Be Alone/17 THEE MERRY WIDOWS-I Want Them Dead/18 WHISKEY REBELS-To Be Poor Is a Crime/19 ASHERS-It's Now so Clear (Previously Unrelased)/20 BORN TO LOSE-Old Number Six (Previously Unreleased)/21 PETER PAN SPEEDROCK-(Hangin' With the) Wrong Crowd/22 THE CREEPSHOW-Run For Your Life (Previously Unreleased)/23 DEEP EYNDE-We Don't Care about You/24 THE BLACK HALOS-Love and War/25 MAD SIN-Viva Le Rock

    PLEASE give this magnificent set a shot......I realize it's not what I generally consider a good, listenable comp (it is the exception), this is loud, fast, hard rock n roll, expertly prorammed and sequenced, fabulous sound quality......give it a shot and I doubt ANYONE will be disappointed! It's simply a damn good set of ROCK N ROLL, after all, isn't that what we are all here for anyway?

    See ya tomorrow with???????????????????????????????????

    (Proof positive that Texas Teri is NO "BOY", "Bad" or otherwise"!

    0 0
  • 08/21/13--19:27: The "Best" Kittie post, ever
  • Kittie were a strange band to be certain. HEY, YOU think this shit is EASY? Keeping it REAL and
    FRESH on  a daily basis? I invite you to try it yourself....I fucking enjoyed some of Kittie's early work.....they were basically a bunch of untalented, or semi-talented teenage girls, attempting to play some punk/grunge/metal.....and I ask ya, what better use COULD BE MADE of semi-talented teenage girls? Basically they were the playpen of Morgan Lander and Mercedes Lander, with various other revolving door type members over the years. As they were underage whilst at their peak, "Clever" comments by myself will be off of the funniest things I personally recall about them was that their parents had to drive them to shows.....

    OK, not great, not going to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame or anything, and who gives three shits? Their first album "Spit" is the fucking bomb, with way cool songs such as "Do You Think I'm a Whore", "Get Off (You Can Eat a Dick)", and in particular "Brackish", likely their best moment. My version of the disc tracks on some bonus tracks, some live versions and the wondersome-great rap (!) single, "Da Shit Ya Can'Fuck Wit' "......worthwhile every day of the week.

    Unfortunatley.....well, the rest of these albums do
    not measure up to "Spit", nor do the come close......I will include them here, as I like the girls, and perhaps they have a fanatical following up north or something, but, the remainder of their career, is well, ehhhh.

    Album #2 ("Oracle") includes reasonable efforts such as the title track and thier goodball cover of Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell" (also a couple live bonus tracks here too, am i not THE most generous?), Album #3("Until the End") shows gals really "trying a little too hard", it's a listenable disc (check "Pussy Sugar" and "Career Suicide") but, by now, they were pretty much ignored/forgotten which is about where they SHOULD HAVE been, for my  money.....

    And still, onward they tredged....."In the Black" continues the format, thin attemptbe "shocking"  such as "Ready Aim Riot" and "My Plague", their fifth album "Funeral for Yesterday" is really fairly decent, but,  talk about the
    thrill being gone daddy gone.And, yet, a SIXTH disc in 2011 which I don't beleive I've ever heard anything from but will include for you, just  case you are a life-long "Kittie-Fanatic" (it's Called "I've Failed You",,,,hell gals you haven't failed ME not even a little bit...I wish MY 16 year old would grab the world by the horns and create some kind of rock n roll that becomes a cult favorite at some point......gals, trust me, ya done just fine, while not "great" you were hardly the fuckin Spice Girls
    either......really, all things considered, a respectable run, and had they ever managed to locate a respectable vocalist, this was a band that I honestly think could have been a
    motherfucker....JMO).......a deservedly forgotten band that no question had a moment or two though. Let me Know what ya think?!?

    SPIT-01 Spit/02 Carlotte/03 Paperdoll/04 Suck/05 Do You Think I'm a Whore/06 Brackish/07 Jonny/08 Trippin/10 Get Off (You Can Eat a Dick)/11 Choke/12 Immortal/13 Da Shit You Can't Fuck Wit'/14 Brackish (Live)/15 Charlotte (Live)/16 Spit (live)/17 Suck (Live)

    ORACLE-01 Oracle/02 Mouthful of Poison/03 In Winter/04 Severed/05 Run Like Hell/06 Pain/07 Wolves/08 What I Always Wanted/09 Safe/10 No Name/11 Pink Lemonade/12 Mouthful of Poison (Live)/13 Pain (Live)

    UNTIL THE END-01 Look So Pretty/02 Career Suicide/03 Until the End/04 Red Flag/05 Pussy Sugar/06 In Dreams/07 Into the Darkness/08 Burning Bridges/09 Loveless/10 Daughters Down/11 Into the Darkness (Vocal REmix)

    IN THE BLACK-01 Kingdom Come/02 My
    Plague/03 Cut Throat/04 Die My Darling/05 Sorrow I Know/06 Forgive and Forget/07  Now Or Never/08 Falling Down/09 Sleepwalking/10 Whiskey Love Song/11 Ready Aim Riot/12 The Truth

    FUNERAL FOR YESTERDAY-01 Funeral For Yesterday/02 Breathe/03 Everything That Could Have Been/04 Slow Motion/05 Will To Live/06 Never Again/07 Sweet Destruction Inside/08 Summer Dies/09 Flower of Flesh and Blood/10 Around Your Heart/11 This Too Shall Pass/12 Last Goodbye/13 Witch Hunt /14 The Change

    I'VE FAILED YOU-01 I've Failed You/02 We Are The Lamb/03 Whisper of Death/04 What Have I Done/05 Empires (part 1)/06 Empires (part 2)/07 Come Undone/08 Already Dead/09 Neer Come Home/10 Ugly/11 Time Never Heals

    ALWAYS lookiing to shake some shit up, that would be me.....I bet a LOT of ya think this post
    sucks, so be it......I thought "Spit" was a pretty good album though, so why not......wonder what these babes are looking like today now that they are all like legal and shit? Personally I found them fairly original and fairly listenable, teenage girl metal/grunge/nu rock, what is not to love? Basically a "period piece" which for whatever reason never caught the imaginations of the public......but by all means, check out "Brackish" (for that matter MOST of the "Spit" album, and the thoroughly goofy non-LP single "Da Shit Ya Can't Fuck Wit'", hilarious and perhaps their fines moment! Opinions please, hard to be forgotten as quickly as these yopung ladies were, at least seemingly to me!

    Hope all of them are doing well in this ugly adult world that they now must inhabit!......From the attached photos, my opinion is that I'd do each and every one of them without giving it a thought, and they look freaky enough to me that they might just offer up more than one at a time, if ya get what I'm saying.......OH ya gotta love it when the hottie youngun's turn "legal", it's like a fucking butterfly coming out of a gdamn cocoon!

    0 0

    OK, a couple of comments ( I LOOOOOOVE comments) that I've received of late merit some special
    notice......first, a mild misunderstanding between longtime contributor Jonman and, let me run the whole thing back for ya......

    "Dude, why is it everytime I try to tell you something for your own good, you think I'm trying to argue with you. Not at all I'm just recommending that you give it a chance. You do have a tendency to not even bother with reunions. I'm saying this based on your past posts. You have a tendency to deprive yourself of a lot of good music based on prejudices you developed over the years because you've been burned by reunion albums. We all have, but not all reunion albums suck. Lighten up and stop taking offense where none was intended.I'm not yelling here, I wasn't yelling before. If there was a way to read tone of voice in online correspondences it would avoid a lot of misunderstandings between people. Peace."

    He rasises good points all, I STILL don't wanna listen to a Stooges album from 2012, my loss I guess.....but the main point makes, a very valid one at that, is that unless the writer is skilled ala Kurt Vonnegut or someone, tone/inflection/intent are often time hard to ascertain over the web. For the record, I have ZERO issues with Jonman, he's been a good contributor, and i hope he continues to be one......HE may wish to take under advisement that I'm usually abut 3/4 wasted when I write this stuff.......Peace Jonman, keep on contributing, you are indeed, "good " as they say (The "arguement" to which I referred is in regards to "Jesus Loves the Stooges" say it was on a Bomp! single. I say, "I don't care".....not much of an arguemet, really.......


    From someone called Scott Andridge, (I gather his father was the Seeds cool, man)  comes this masterwork usage of the language:

    Hey Big Scott with a small cock, this is the son of the drummer Rick. Your shit talking fat ass needs to stop and think for a second and realize that your a fucking loser that can't do anything except talk shit. My name is Scott too and if you got a problem with my comment I would be more then happy to meet up with bitch. Get your fucking facts straight too cause it just makes you look like more of a dumb ass then you really are.
    OK.let's examine this a few words at a time....."Big Scott with a small cock".......well, it is somewhat intersting that his opening salvo includes his interest in, of all things, my PENIS SIZE (!), but there ya go, it takes all kinds......I have ALWAYS been called "BigScott" as I am 6'4" and before my gastric bypass surgery in 2008, i weighed in at a grotesque 375 lbs.......265 ever since and loving life, but they still call me "BigScott" and it works for me.....anyway, according to all data that I can uncover, my penis size is just a bit larger than average for a caucasian, I'm not going to include numbers because I'm sure ol Mr Andridge would say, if mine was 10" that HIS is 11"......this does seem to be like fifth grade or something after all. Next "sentence": "Your shit talking fat ass needs to stop and think for a second and realize that your (should be "You're) a fucking loser that can't do anything except talk shit"....well, no, not exactly, I've been married for nearly 26 years, have raised a wonderful 16 year old son, have managed to hold the same job for over 30 years, actually I have done LOTS more than "talk shit".....

    "My name is Scott too"......well, that proves that your parents were as lame as mine were, unfortuantly, when it came to naming their male offspring......hate the name myself, but would never change it due to repespect for my parents.........."and if you got a problem with my comment I would be more than happy to meet up with bitch".....I THINK you mean "with you, bitch", but I can see your literary skills are maybe just a tiny bit behind those of say, a typical fan of Drake and Josh......don't worry, it's forgiveable. "Get Your fucking facts straight too cause it just makes you look like more of a dumb ass than you really are"........well, ok. Anyone want to turn to the Seeds post (way back) and tell me ANYTHING, ONE WORD, which was not "factual"?......I  refer to the seeds as the implication that they WEREN'T?  Sounded it to me, just like  ALL of the Nuggets band sthat I love so much. That is about 90% of the charm of the music.......

    THis is one individual that is in need of some counselling, some anti-depressants, maybe just a girlfirend or maybe a boyfriend, considering his earlier infatuation with the size of my genitilia).....I HOPE he continues to check in, he sounds like he could be LOADS of "fun", one of those people that take music SEEEEEEERIOUSLY (the SEEDS?? SERIOUSLY?!!?)

    Scott, enjoy yourself.....your father was a drummer in a very cool band that i enjoyed a lot. Great for him. I hope you are uccessful, i fear, rather, that send an inorinate amount of your time worrying about the penis sizes of shre-bloggers.....anything that makes your life more bearable cat, is perfectly OK by me. Please check in, your commet (especially the part where you threaten to come beat me up) is the stuff we just CANNOT MAKE UP, this happens only in REAL LIFE where the goofballs runrampant and make the fiction look boring. Hoping to hear from ya REAL soon!

    0 0

    I have not slept a wink since the terrifying threat from Scott Andridge. Each time I hear a knock on
    the door, or a telephone ring, or just footsteps behind me, I just KNOW it's him, coming to measure my penis or whatever it is he wants from me. I hope he knows he has totally ruined my life, I will live in constant fear and terror from here on out.....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED SCOTT ANDRIGDGE. You are one scary, scary individual, and I am sure you are very, very TOUGH! Obvioulsy not terribly schooled in the arts of the English language, but you can't have everything. Now PLEEEEEASE leave me alone? Please? Just so my family can get some peace from your relentless reign of terror? I feel like that guy in "Cape Fear", I have no chance with such a crazed psychopath after me, wishing to, meet up with me and measure my penis.......anyway, stop, I cannot take the pressure.

    Stoner comp today, FULL of unknown hard and loud type stuff. I'm farily certain that none of Scott Andridge's relatives play on any of these, ya never know, but if they do, I am sure they are the BEST performers on the set. We have seven full discs today of "Electric Magic", I cannot locate much information on it, NOR can I recall where I got it from (maybe I knocked Scott Andridge down and took it from him by force?), I suspect an "internet-only" creation, and a pretty good one......most of the obvious references are bypassed, and we have some way, way, out there stuff that stoner fans (you still out there Mark Eveleigh? Been a while!) are sure to love......let's take a sample tour:

    Well, the best known names on Volume 1 are Pater Nembrot (who are great and were profiled on this blog a while ago) and Ahkmed, other great tracks come from  the likes of SEID, Fuzz Manta, and Astrid Proll, lots more too.....again, stoner rock doesn't make for the BEST comps, but this is well done, well programmed, and a must-hear set for REAL fans of the genre.

    Volume 2 gives us a track from on of my all time favorite stoner bands Eternal Elysium (from Japan), also greats like Jex Toth, Black Pyramid, Hypnos 69, and Burning Saviours, fleshing it out with near-perfect selections from Magnified Eye, Earth Flight, and Danava......another very, very good disc, capped by Terraplane's bizarre and nearly 20 minute "Into the Unknown"....stoner ROCK MAAAAAAAAAAN!

    No let up on Volume 3 either, Stinking Lizaveta contributes some fine sludgy-
    doom "Scream of the Iron Iconoclast", happy to see Leather Nun turn up, as do Siennaroot.......if you are down with these bands, a lot of your more dabbling friends won't be, amaze them with the brilliance of some GOOD stoner rock, because there is a LOT of it here......Beehoover, Zed, JJaguar, Blowback, and lots more!

    MORE great stuff on Volume four, including stoner legends the Truckfighters, also the Buffalo Killers, Stonebride, as well as sleepers such as Devil's BLood, Otis Optic & the Option People, and Enjado......honest to God, you love stoner rock? I do.....You want this. Play them all, over and over, this is a fun genre to be a huge fan of both the obvious and the obscure. Good music here, the style I've been waiting for most of my life and I am
    51.......I LOVE this shit, all of it!

    S'okay, Volume 5......what do now, IT leads off with a legend of the genre, one whom I have profiled, the great Radio Moscow. Toner Low is another damn good band who turns up on this disc, as well as Cojones, and the Machine......lesser knowns Highway Child and Zaphire Oktalogue do not miss a beat. I really like this set, as you may notice. If I was still smoking weed I'd roll up a days supply, put these 7 discs in back to back and stare at the ceiling all day......those were the days!

    More second-line Stoner Rock Hall of Famers turn up on disc 6.....Asteroid contributes a great track, as does the legend that is Wino, we even get Seven That Spells (profiled once on this site too I believe)....even if not for those greats, we'd still have Buddah Sentnza, Giant Aquid, Sky Picnic, and Lamp of the Universe.......I have a slack day at work tomorrow and I already know what I AM GO BE DOING most of the day......involves this set and Kratom. Do the math.

    So finally Volume 7 of this wonderful set, the most obscure disc of the set, no "big names" (if that is the correct
    terminology), but again, the music is loud, fast, riffing, a wonderful psych/metal/graunge hybrid, Electric Moon, The Re-Stoned, Samsara Blues Experiment, Da Captain Trips and more all certainly certify their right for inclusion on this wondersome set.

    OK......WHAT DO YA THINK? Stoner rock comps? I've said before they don't seem to take to the comp format that well as they do not repilacte the "radio experience" as well as other genres.....HOWEVER, I have a metric butt-tonne of them......if obscure stoner bands are your thing (obviously they are one of my "things" PLEASE let me know, and I will drag out some stoner comp that will knock your teeth out......if they aren't for you, please say so, it is UNDERSTANDABLE.....but please no matter what you say, choose your words with care or else live in constant fear, as do I, that Scott Andridge maybe that faint set of footsteps you hear behindyou in that dark alley.......his ruler all drawn and ready........

    VOLUME 1-01 CORTEZ-The High Life/02 KAROSS-Shovel/03 THE SETTING SON-In a Certain Way/04 SEID-Swamp Doom/05 FUZZ MANTA-On the Edge/06 AHKMED-T=0/07 GRAVEYARD-Evil Ways/08 MOJO JAZZ MOB-Plasma Jungle/09 SKYWISE-Magic Lantern/10 THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD-Cracker/11 PATER EMBROT-E'Permesso?/12 1000 MODS-Boor/13 ASTRID PROLL-Proll 2/14 DEVILLE-Come Heavy Sleep

    VOLUME 2-01 BLACK PYRAMID-Visions of Gehenna/02 DUSTER 69-Upcoming/03 DANAVA-Where Beauty and Terror Dance/04 JOSIAH-Looking at the Mountain/05 BURNING SAVIOURS-Out of SIght/06 IMOGENE-Wormwood Raindrops/07 MAGNIFIED EYE-Marooned/08 HORE-Stoners Halleluja/09 ETERNAL ELSIUM-Shadowed Flower/10 JEX TOTH-The Banishment/11 HOUSE OF AQUARIUS-Nuclear Child/12 HYPNOS 69-The Eclectic Measure/13 EARTH FLIGHT-Romance of Souls/14 APLANE-Into the Unknown

    VOLUME 3-01 SIENNA ROOT-Waiting For the Sun/02 LEATHER NUN-The Process/03
    BLOWBACK-Insanity/04 BEEHOOVER-Spirit & Crown/05 ZED-13th Floor/06 HOLLYWOOD CONSPIRACY...Central Point/07 OSTINATO-Antiaircraft/08 HYPNOPLOT-Into the Sun/09 END OF LEVEL BOSS-Instinktivitus/10 JET JAGUAR-Eyes of the Sphinx/11 VOODOOSHOCK-Marie's Sister's Garden/12 STINKING LIZAVETA/13 PW LONG-Worst Baby/14 THE SUBCANDIES-Dirty Names

    VOLUME 4-01 DREAMING-The Other/02 THE CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT-Move.../03 RE ERMITANO-El Despertar/04 OTIS OPTIC & THE OPTION PEOPLE-Saints of Sound/05 BUFFALO KILLERS-If I Get Myself Anywhere/06 ENOJADO-Mammoth City/07 STARCHILD-Earthless/08 THE DEVILS BLOOD-The Heavens Cry Out.../09 HEAVY WINTER EXPERIMENTS-Solitude/10 LOST YOUTH-Hypnotized Elephant/11 TRUCKFIGHTERS-Traffic/12 WORLD BELOW- Monsers In the Closet/13 STONEBRIDE-To Flollow/14 DOORAISER-Doomraiser

    VOLUME 5-01 RADIO MOSCOW-Broke Down/02 GRIFTER-Slow Boy/03 IGUANA-Broken Halleluja/04 GOOD DAY TO DIE-Crush the Skies/05 TONER LOW-Two/06 UNOR-Uncouthy ught/07 HIGHWAY CHILD-Love For Sale/08 THE MACHINE-Jam No. Phi/09 COJONES-Clearing Potion/10 THE FLYING EYES-Lay With Me/11 ZAPHIRE OKTALOGUE-Carrion Fly

    VOLUME 6-01 ASTEROID-Disappear/02 THIS IS GHOST COUNTRY-Death Race Driver/03 IRATA-Infinite Eight/04 CAPTAIN DUFF-Witchdoctor/05 DRIVE BY WIRE-Clearness of Today/06 BUDDAH SENTENZA-Kehakeelteekool/07 GIANT SQUID-La Brea Tar Pits/08 SKY PICNIC-HIde and Seek/09 PYRIOR-Venom/10 MANGROVE-Electric Eye/11 WINO-Hold On Love/12 SEVEN THAT SPELLS-Quetzalcoaotal/13 LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE-Freedom/14 EL HIJO DE LA AURORA-Portal A Venus

    VOLUME 7-01 ORCHID-Eastern Woman/02 DA CAPTAIN TRIPS-Down These Gray Clouds/03
    DEXTER JONES' CIRCUS ORCHESTRA-Little Man/4 POOBAH-Live Tork/05 SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT-Center of the Sun/06 URAN-Voice of Uran/07 SIDEBURN-Shining/08 ELECTRIC MOON-Gefahrliche Planetengirls/09 MIDRYASI-Lize/10 THE RE-STONED-Electric Stone/11 SEAMOUNT-The Ancient/12 SARDONIS-Nerdo D'Avolo

    This is a magnificent of the best of all stoner comps, as I said, I THINK it is an "internet creation", it has the smell of one, which is in general a GOOD thing (that old "Labor of love" thing)......if you are a stoner fan, there is enough stuff here that should be new to you......if not, this is a phenominal introduction to the sounds that make up this wonderful and underappreciated genre of the 00's and  10's........"Stoner Rock", in some form, has been around forever, we just decided in the past few years to begin calling it that! But it is worthy, a fine sound and some damn good practicionaires......this is a fine set and it is important that you give me feedback, because if there is a demand for it I have many other fine sets that you will enjoy.....on the other hand, as I've said many times , some genres (notably THIS ONE) just don't translate well to comp, it really needs to be a "singles-based" medium to work REALLY well......but I love this, and I have a few other sets that are just as good better.......If I am still among the living tomorrow (ie the too-tough for words Scott Andridge doesn't track me down and measure my penis or something), I'll guage the reactionbe some more of this, and maybe something else! Peace All!

    Where have you gone Mark Eveliegh, our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you! (woo-woo-woo!)

    I ad to work late Wedensday evenin tus trowin my timing of for posting......trying to fullfill my post/day pledge, just taking  abit longer to get the links up......bear with me. And by all means, BEWARE of Scoo Andridge, the guy is NO JOKE. I have never been so frightened n my life as I have been in these last few days, I have no idea what I am going to do......but don't YOU fall in the same trap. DO NOT say that the Seeds were anything short of Beethoven-esque, in particular that magnificent drummer who begat the world's roughest, toughest, scariest hombre, SCOTT ANDRIDGE.......after he "meets up" with ME (and measures my penis, or whatever his intent, it never really was made all that clear) he COULD BE COMING FOR YOU if you don't heap praises on the drumming on the Seeds albums. Brrrrrrrrr, that is one terrifying indivdual......Ted Bundy......Charles Manson.....John Wayne Gacy.....Saddam Hussein......and scariest of them all, Scott Andridge. If you see him coming TURN AND RUN, it is your only hope!

    0 0

    Well, haven't heard back from ol' Scott Andridge since his intial burst of verbal brilliance, sure hope
    he is tough/scary as he obviously is, no one man could do him any harm, but I guess it's POSSIBLE that he could contract some STD from all the penis measuring he seems to be so interested in each their own, I always say.

    Anyways, I've been having fun with some different types of comps, which ones "work" and which ones "don't", never really thought theydeven attempt a GRUNGE comp, but here we have it......the seven disc "Grunge Is Back".......I loved the grunge scene, so excellent music came out of that period to bury hair-metal in a much easier ending that THAT horrible scene deserved (Scott Andridge: groupie/penis measurement taker for Poison or Ratt during those wretcehd 1980's!).....anway, we get no Nirvana here, (I could BURY you in Nirvana if I hed), these discs concentrate on some of the lesser knowns of the scene, which, in all honesty, is most of them.....sloppy, loud, amatuerish, and often great......hmmmmmmm, something not unlike the Seeds, I hope the sn of the drummer from The Afghan Whigs or someone doesn't decide to stalk me as well, hell they were from OHIO!

    OK, you will enjoy this set I promise, maybe in the same way
    you might enjoy, I don't know, a surf comp, a rockabilly comp, maybe a reggae's not REALLY a "singles" fromat, so you really have to be in the mood, but there are some fine, grungy gems here for the taking! Sound quality varies as these were NOT "official" releases, this is one of those "internet only" labours-of-love that I am so very fond of, and as always, I thank the creator for his time, his imagination, and his LOVE OF THE MUSIC and his desire to share it......I don't have his name or I'd mention it, but this is a worthwhile and unique set of important and lesser known rock n roll from the late 1980's-early 90's,which was quite an important turning point in the story of rock n roll (Personally: I thought rock n roll was ALLLLLL OVER by the early 90's......Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Hole, Smahing Pumpkins and many others showed me how wrong I was, but in it's own way, the grunge movement, while not as SIGNIFICANT as the punk movement of decades earlier, was every bit as NECESSARY in order to keep REAL rock n roll out there for us lovers of the same!

    So, Volume 1, what do we have here? Well, you'll know Mark Lanegan from Screaming Trees and other bands, the Afghan Whigs I'm sure you know from their *****classic "Gentlemen", The Dwarves give us a couple tracks (they have been featured in a full blog post here, check the archives).....Tad were a good and now so well known band of grunge rockers, but the REAL gems are (as usual) the "who is THAT?" moments, from Gree River, The FLuid, Coffin Break, and others. You WILL know by the end of this disc whether you will adore or deplore this labor of love!

    Volume 2 heads a little more for the deep end,
    certainly you know the Go Team at least from their smoking live performances on KEXP, Killdozer give us "King of Sex", followed immediately by Young Fresh Fellows "My Boyfriend is In Killdozer"....Cat Butt, Thrown Ups, and Coffin Break are bands that recur throughout the set, special notice on this set for the Fastbacks and Les Thugs, with solid contributions.

    The legends that are the Melvins turn  on Volume 3 with "Eye Flies", I did an extensive Melvins post at one time, doubt the links are still good but you could check if interested (and how can you NOT be intersted in the MELVINS?).....Mother Love Bone,a highly significant and important band on the scene contribute "Thru Fade Away"......not only these but fine stuff from Love Battery, Screaming Trees (I did a full post on THEM once too, again, check and see if the links are still active), the great Gas Huffer, and plenty of the "regulars" to the set, (Tad, Cat Butt, Fastbacks)......damn fine disc.

    Volume 4 contributes some "Grunge de Femme", from The Lunachicks, Babes In Toyland, and a
    favorite of mine, Frightwig (there stuff is hard to find but their live shows are of legend).....another good disc, as they all are in this series. Babes In Toyland, Lunachicks, and even L7 make appearances on Volume 5, also stuff you'll wanna hearf rom Flop, The U-Men, Supercharger, and Stymie, among the "regulars".

    By volume 6, most of the acts are repeaters, but good material still abounds.The Lunachicks give us "Less Teeth, More Tits" (YEEES!), L7 present the great "Shove", Flop gives us the fine "I'm a Potato".......(Sorry, I just CANNOT resist this one), a cool track called "C-Word" turns up from a band called Dickless, I can find out no information on them except that their drummer might possibly have been named Scott Andridge. And, they are kinda, well, amatuerish........(just joshin ya Scott Andridge, they're CHICKS!)

    Volume 7 is reaching, as sets like this have a tendency to once they reach a point......Dickless appear for a coupld of morunes, The Statics cover "Sooprize Package for Mr Mineo" which was already attacked by Supercharger on an earlier set, other than that, more tracks from The Calabros, Flop, Cat Butt, Vexed.......

    You are gonna love this or hate it, I assume.....if you are something of a novice and it getse you looking into Frightwig, or Tad, or the Melvins, even, say, Screaming Trees or Afghan Whigs, it will hav served a purpose......but taken as a whole, (despite the varying sound quality) this is a good "internet only" set. Grunge was a short-termed musical phase, but a damned important one, and this is a fine package to familiarize yourself with it!

    VOLUME 1-01 GREEN RIVER-Come On Down/02 THE
    FLUID-Black Glove/03 THROWN UPS-Hot Lunch/04 DWARVES-Drug Store/05 COLD WATER FLAT-Magnetic North Pole/06 MARK LANEGAN-Ugly Sunday/07 THE WALKABOUTS-Drag This RIver/08 THEE HEADCOATEES-Girl of Matches/09 AFGAHN WHIGS-Sister Brother/10 GREEN RIVER-Swallow My Pride/11 POND-Agatha/12 TAD-Stumblin Man/13 SEAWEED-One Out of Four/14 DWARVES-Underworld/15 THE WALKABOUTS-Murdering Stone/16 COFFIN BREAK-World

    VOLUME 2-01 THROWN UPS-Fleshy Web Pit/02 STYMIE-Frogs/03 MR EPP-No Rights/04 BUNDLE OF HISS-White/05 LES THUGS-Sunday Time/06 FUZZY-Flashlight/07 THE GO TEAM-Bikini Twilight/08 UNSANE-Bath/09 FIRECLOWN-Big Disease/10 MARK ARM-Masters of War/11 KILLDOZER-King of Sex/12 YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS-My Boyfriend Is In Killdozer/13 UNEARTH-Caught Up/14 COFFIN BREAK-Unearth/15 FASTBACKS-All About Nothing/16 VEXED-Ad Nauseum/17 THE U-MEN-Papa Don't Love His Children Anymore/18 CATT BUTT-Free Base

    VOLUME 3-01 CAT BUTT-3 Eyes/02 MELVINS-Eye Flies/03 SKIN YARD-Start at the Top/04
    THE FASTBACKS-Wrong Wrong Wrong/05 GAS HUFFER-Firebug/06 BLOOD CIRCUS-White Dress/07 MR EPP-Spooky/08 STYMIE-Willy's Gone/09  BUNDLE OF HISS-Rables/10LES THUGS-Chess & Crime/11 THROWN UPS-Person In My Bowels/12 LOVE BATTERY-Between the Eyes/13  MOTHER LOVE BONE-Thru Fade Away/14 SCREAMING TREES-Where The Twain Shall Meet/15 TAD-Nipple Belt/16 H-HOUR-Overlook/17 VEXED-Resistivity of a Highly Viscous Fluid

    VOLUME 4-01 FIRECLOWN-Junkie/02 LUNACHICKS-The Passenger/03 THE U-MEN-Flea Circus/04 UNSANE-Committed/05 BABES IN TOD-Fleshcrawl/06 CAT BUTT-Born Loser/07 MORE FIENDS-Big Tea Party/08 VEXED-Sixes and Sevens/09 STP-25 Miles/10 INSIDE OUT-Blood Red/11 THROWN UPS-Sloppy Pud Love/12 MR EPP-Wild Youth On Money/13 BUNDLE OF HISS-Drown/14 STYMIE-Pretty Now/15 FRIGHTWIG-Hellway To High

    VOLUME 5-01 FLOP-Act 1 Scene 1/02 STP-Hey Bastard/ 03THE CALABROS-In My Room/04
    LOVE AND RESPECT-Fishy Respect/05 BABES IN TOYLAND-Arriva/06 H-HOUR-Medley Part 1/07 MORE FIENDS-Vinyl Grind/08 THE FALL OUTS-Talk/09 THE U-MEN-Too Good To Be Food/10 INSIDE OUT-Cold Sterile/11 CAT BUTT-Zombie/12 DEEP WOUND-Don't Need/13 STYMIE-Systematic Break/14 L7-Scrap/15 MR EPP-Red Brigade/16 EDDIE & THE BACK NINE-Dishes/17 LUNACHICKS-Cookie Monster/18 SUPERCHARGER-Sooprize Paackage For Mr Mineo/19 THE STATISTICS-Hey Hey

    VOLUME 6-01 THE FALL OUTS-Sleep/02 FLOP-I'm a Potato/03 BABES IN TOYLAND-Watching Girl/04 MR EPP-Acceptance/05 EDDIE & THE BACK NINE-Under Ten Handicap/06 LUNACHICKS-Less Teeth More Tits/07 THE STATICS-Don't Mess With Us/08 VEXED-The Good Fight/09 DICKLESS-C-Word/10 H-HOUR-Medley Part 2/11 L7-Shove/12 THE U-MEN-Whistlin Pete/13 CAT BUTT-Maximo/14 INSIDE OUT-Seen and Not Heard/15 THE CALABROS-Problems

    VOLUME 7-01 THE CALABROS-Gonna Eat Me/02 EDDIE & THE BACK NINE-Titleist Too/03
    DICKLESS-I'm a Man (edit)/04 FLOP-The Place I Love/05 THE STATICS-Rhino Chaser/06 VEXED-I Forgot/07 THE U-MEN-A Three Year Old Could Do That/08 BABES IN TOYLAND-House/09 CAT BUTT-Sedwick/10 L7-Bloodstains/11 THE CALABROS-Stupid/12 DICKLESS-Sweet Tooth/13 EDDIE & THE BACK NINE-Pin High/14 THE FALL OUTS-It's a Shame/15 THE STATICS-Sooprize Package For Mr Mineo

    OK, this is something I don't think we see everyday on the web.....let me know your opinions, this is a period piece to be certain, and unlike other genres I DO NOT have tons and tons of other comps of this I said someone did this as a labour of  and I'm happy to keep it alive, I think it is worthwhile. Let me know if you agree. And, if you see Scott Andridge TURN AND RUN. SAVE YOURSELF. He is the toughest of the tough guys and is not to be fucked with.

    Usually when i get an idiotic comment I make fun of it for a few days and let it go........dunno about this one, just TOO EASY........but I grow weary. If little penis-measurer doesn't check back in, I guess I'll have to drop it......I was looking d to inviting him to be a "guest blogger", wouldn't that have been cool?

    0 0

    I've always like the Pretty Things a lot, ever since picking up the double-vinyl Vintage Years
    Anthology ($2.oo if I recall correctly)......still listen to it a LOT today, because it is GREAT. They were a magnificent blues/singls band, later morphing into a wonderful psych band.....I don't really have enough of their material here to demonstrate their complete metamorphasis, but fuck it, there is enough good music here that you will be grateful regardless.

    So, let's start there, then......that double vinyl "Vintage Years" Anthology which fits wonderfully on a single 80 minute CD.......could listen to it over and over, NOTHING but great shit....."Don't Bring Me Down"...."Road Runner"...."Come See Me"...."I Can Never Say"....."Honey I Need"......the incredible "Rosalyn"...the equally amazing "Judgement Day" and "Oh Baby Doll".......this is incredible music, CRIMINALLY overlooked for the most part. "Midnight to Six Man" is one of the 60's greatest singls, "Big City" is amazing as well, then  LP's tryo turn the corner into their more psychedelic phase.......I woe, ppersonally, I'd have saved that for another set (it's practically another band), but let me be clear about this" IF YOUR COLLECTION IS LACKING IN PRETTY THINGS, YOU WANT THIS VINYL ANTHOLOGY. PERIOD. IT IS ESSENTIAL.

    So what else I got? ANOTHER anthology, this one two CD's, with some obvious overlap (myself I'll  ALWAYS prefer vinyl over the antiseptic CD, that is just me though.....)  A lot of the great tracks from the first anthology are here as well, in digital format, cleaned up so they may sound better to you.....again, the set attempts to document their segue inot a more psychedelic sound, not all that sucessuflly, to be honest, which is  give you the WONDERFUL "SF Sorrow".....allegedly some kind of opera or something, I can't make much of heads or tails out of it, but it is just crammed with trippy, great sounds, it's a WONDERFUL album that works well by itself, a (somewhat) unknown classic of the psychedelic/blues personal fave is the brain-bending "She Says Good Morning", but the whole album is kick-ass-essential.....the metamorphasis was complete, and very few bands did it better.

    Last thing I got for yas is some live cuts, "Acid Burns 1964-69"........a hodgepodge of tracks from
    various sources (TV, Radio, Concert), but really, it shows off that these guys were underappereciated and BAD ASS, and could bring the goods live as well......Slip this on and marvel at their live chops, sure as hell wish I could have been there.......these guys were badass.....if history had taken a fwe different turns they might have been the Rolling Stones......they weren't, they were the Pretty Things, and that is that.....a  goddamn great band, blending (early-on) Stonesy-blues with (later-on) tripped out Nuggets-style psychedelia.....GREAT band, not to be overlooked.......I do not have all of their albums, this is my complete collection of their stuff.....but ya know what? They were a fucking GREAT singles band, and their psych shit stands on its own as well. A Fucking Great band that deserves more credit today than they seem to receive. Here's to the Pretty Things, TRULY  a kickass rock n roll band!

    THE VINTAGE YEARS ANTHOLOGY-01 Don't Bring Me Down/02 Road Runner/03 Come See Me/04 Rainin In My Heart/05 13 Chester Set/06 I Can Never Say/07 Honey I Need/08 Rosalyn/09 Can't Stand the Pain/10 The Moon Is Rising/11 Judgement Day/12 Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/ 13 Gonna Find a Subsititute/14 Oh Baby Doll/15 Midnight To Six Man/16 Buzz the Jerk/17 We'll Play House/18 Cry To Me/19 Don't Lie To Me/20 Unknown Blues/21 Big City/22 Tripping/23 Photographer/24 A House in the Country/25 Progress/26 She's Fine She's Mine/27 LSD/28 Pretty Things

    UNREPENTENT ANTHOLOGY DISC 1-01 Rosalyn/02 Don't Bring Me Down/03 Get Yourself Home/04 Roadrunner/05 Judgement Day/06 Honey I Need/07 You DOn't Beleive Me/08 Buzz The Jerk/09 Cry To Me/10 Midnight to Six Man/11 LSD/12 Death of a Socialite/13 Growing In the Mind/14 Defecting Grey/15 SF Sorrow Is Born/16 Private Sorrow/17 Balloon Burning/18 Old Man Going/19 Lonliest Person/20 Scene On/21 In the Square/22 The Letter/23 Rain/24 Grass/25 Parachute/26

    October 26 (Revolution)/27 Summertime

    UNREPENTENT ANTHOLOGY DISC 2-01 Peter/02 Ripoff Train/03 Havana Bound/04 Dream Joey/05 Bridge of God/06 Is It Only Love/07 Singapore Silk Torpedoe/08 Under the Volcano/09 Sad Eyes/10 Remember That Boy/11 It's Been So Long/12 I'm Calling/13 Office Love/14 She Don't/15 No Future/16 God Gave Me Strength (To Carry On)

    SF SORROW-01 SF Sorrow Is Born/02 Bracelets of Fingers/03 She Says Good Morning/05 Private Sorrow/06 Balloon Burning/07 Death/08 Baron Saturday/10 Journey/11 I See You/Well of Destiny/12 Trust/13 Old Man Song/14 Lonliest Person/15 Defending Grey/16 Mr. Evasion/17 Talkin' Bout the Good Times/18 Walking Through My Dreams

    ACID BURNS LIVE 1964-69-(Tracks 1-3 BBC Television 12/24/64) 01 Don't Bring Me Down/02
    Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut/03 Johnny B Goode/ (Tracks 4-8 Danish Radio 1965) 04 Road Runner/05 Big City/06 Sittin All the Time/07 Buzz the Jerk/08 Rainin In My Heart/ (Tracks 9-12 "Blokker'", Dutch TV 4/16/65) 09 Intro/10 Honey I Need/11 Big Boss Man/12 Midnight To Six Man/(Tracks 13-15 Paris France 6/1/67)-13 Children/14 Road Runner/15 Reincarnation/ (Tracks 16-17 Paradiso Amsterdam 3/29/69) 16 Renaissance Fair/17 SF Sorrow is Born

    These few recordings I have from these guys (wish I had more),track their voyage pretty the Stones and the Animals, they transformed almost seamlessly from blues-based, hard edged rock to trippy psychedelia......and were genuine in each phase......I recommend all of the above, but the vinyl "Vintage Years" anthology is essential (It had killer notes as well, wish I could get those to you also, but, alas, too much work........sees ya tomorrow?

    0 0

    I took these a couple years back from the now defunct (I think) site "Fuck the Mummies", a quite a
    fine undertaking, chronologically tracking the genre fro 1963 (!) to present......lots of stuff you may not have heard before from one era or the other, and anyway, the construction of the set makes it a worthwhile listening AND learning experience. As it IS "garage punk", some of it will tend to be a bit on the "amatuerish" side, so I hope know one gets offended, you never know when there might be a pouting, sulking Scott Andridge out there, ruler in hand, ready to measure the penis of ANYONE who dares refer to garage punk acts as "sloppy" or "amatuerish".......the world is a much sadder place since this vision of terror "Scott Andridge" revealed to me that he wants to "meet up with me".....imagine the sleepless nights!

    Anyway, we got twelve discs here, what say we start at "1" and go through 6 tonight, the older stuff, and tomorrow we'll get to the more modern I said, I think most of you will want this, it's a fine example of how a comp CAN BE constructed both as a listening experience AND as a chronological learning experience where you can actually "watch" the genre change and evolve. Really, this is a GREAT set, you'll want to check this one out!

    Disc 1.....THIRTY FOUR (yep) tracks, from the late 1950's-early 60's......It's called "Raw Rockabilly" and lives up to that name...rockabilly being a logical ancestor to the garage punk which would come along later. some of the stuff here is ahead of their times......check Johnny Dollar's "Action Packed", Hasil Adkins "She Said", "Slow Down" by Doug Sham.....chances ar probably know Link Wray's "Rumble" which fits in perfectly here.....the absolute highlight is the last track from Bob McFadden, "Beat Generation".....if you've never heard this, be amazed, Richard Hell basically rewrote it as
    "BlanK Generation", you will be amazed if this is new to you! It's great and it is HISTORY. I love this disc, there are fantastic seeds of the music we would grow to love all over it. PLEASE discuss/comment, this could be VERY interesting!

    As we morph on to disc 2, the names and songs get to be a bit familiar, as a genuine "garage punk" scene was actually formulating.......leading off is the Tamrons "Wild Man" (very common and for whatever the reason I always hated it), and a lot of this is stuff which WILL overlap some of our earlier comps......The Seeds "Pushin' Too Hard" appears, and what a GREAT SONG! The drumming is a bit sloppy/amatuerish, but that could be due to the drummer worrying about his demon-spawn son or something like that.......We get "Cinderella" by the Sonics (not their normal comp contribution), the great "Complication" from the Monks, Human Beinz "Nobody But Me" (FUN FACT: "Nobody But Me" contains the words "No" 113 times in 2:16......the word "Nobody" is also used 46 balance things out, they do toss in the word "yeah" once)....overall the disc is a little too obvious due to overlap with the many other comps of this era, but they really HAD TO DO IT this there are some somewhat rarer tracks to keep us interested.....William the Wild One, The Rats, Outspoken Blues, The's a necessary step in the transition.

    As we get to volume three, the focus is on the 1970's, whose garage punk has not been nearly
    anthologized as much as that of the previous decade. Pleasant surprise is "Bored" by Destroy All Monsters (on whom I did a full post once), and The Stooges "I Wanna Be Your Dog" appears (sorry, Stooges post just the other day, lack of planning?)....other than that though.....great stuff from Death, Little Killlers, DMZ, The Up, Crime ("Piss on Your Dog"), Flesh Eaters, Rocket From the Tombs, and so much more......this is a MUCH more essential set than 2, I would think you'd want em all.

    Volume 4 features stuff ranging from the 1980's to present day, Southern Culture on the Skids, The Cramps (couple tracks), Reverend Horton Heat, and of course, Reverend Beat Man the Un-Believers with the delicately titled "Fuck You Jesus Fuck You Oh Lord" (geez I hope I'm not struck down jut for TYPING it!).....loaded, loaded with good and rare stuff,essential as well as the othres!

    Volume 5 features some incredibly great bands, Lyres,Lime Spiders, Chesterfield Kings, Pandoras, Fuzztones, Thee Mighty Caesars,'s, a fave of mine, the Swingin Neckbreakers......loaded, simply loaded, those are just the "big names", what of King Uszniewicz & His Uszniewicztones, The Shitbirds, Fortune& and the Fabulous can this POSSIBLY be any better?

    The Sixth Volume, and the final one for today, focuses on modern stuff, as do, frankly, all of the
    remaining (tomorrow's) discs......I think it's perfect, keeping the way over-comped 60's stuff to a minimum, but still telling the story! Volume 6 treats us to The Vivian Girls, Black Lips, Exploding Hearts, and a whole spate of unknown giants: King Khan & the Shrines, Hunx & His Pun, Nobunny, Clorox Girls......LOTS more.....this is a wonderful set, you owe it to yourself to grab this one. See ya tomorrow with the other half, you won't be disappointed!

    VOLUME 1- 01 JOHNNY FORTUNE-Dragster/02
    RALPH NIELSEN & THE CHANCELLORS-Scream/03 BUNKER HILL-The Girl Can'tm Dance/04 DON WILLIS-Boppin High School Baby/05 MICKEY HAWKS-Bip Bop Boom/06 JIM FRIIS & THE VALIANTS-Bop a Lena/07 TERRY CLEMENT & THE TUNE TONES-She's My Baby Doll/08 JOHNNY DOLLAR-Action Packed/09 PICO PETE-Chicken Little/10 MYRON LEE & THE CADDIES-Homicide/11 RAY HARRIS-Come On Little Mama/12 BOB CENTER-Lost In the Jungle/13 BILLY SMITH-Tell Me Baby/14 DARRELL FELTS-Too Much Lovin' (Goin' On)/15 JACK STARR-My Love For You Is Petrified/.16 HASIL ADKINS-She Said/17 MORTY SHANN & THE MORTICIANS-Red Headed Woman/18 JIMMY WAGES-Take Me (Garden of Evil)/19 THE MUSICAL LINN TWINS-Rockin Out the Blues/20 MEL SMITH & THE NITE RIDERS-Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox)/21 POLK DOT SLIM-A Thing You Gotta Face/22 THE FRANTICS FOUR-TV Mama/23 JACK STARR-My Baby Don't Care/24 TYRONE SCHMIDLING-You're Gone I'm Left/25 THE SWANKS-Ghost Train/26 DOUG SAHM-Slow Down/27 RON THOMPSON-Switchblade/28 RHYTHM ROCKERS-Madness/29 THE SACRLETS-Stampede/30 LINK WRAY-Rumble/31 DAVE 'DIDDLE' DAY-Blue Moon Baby/32 FREDDIE & THE HITCHHIKERS-Sinners/33 LORD LUTHER-(I Was a ) Teenage Creature)/34 BOB MCADDEN -The Beat Generatin

    VOLUME 2-01 TAMRONS-Wild Man/02 THE SLOTHS-Makin Love/03 THE BENDERS-Can't Tame Me/04 THE WORLOCKS-I Love You/05 THE JESTERS OF NEWPORT-Stormy/06 THE OUTCASTS-1523 Blair/07 THE KEGGS-To Find Out/08 RANDY ALVEY & THE GREEN FUZ-Green Fuz/09 THE ALARM CLOCKS-No Reason to Complain/10 THE DECADES-C'Mon Pretty Baby/11 THE RATS-The Rat's Revenge (Part 1)/12 THE MODS-You Got Another Thing Coming/13 ADIAN LLOYD-Lorna/14 THE GROOP-Alright!/15 THE CHOB-We're Pretty Quick/16 THE HUNS-Shakedown/17 THE SONICS-Cinderella/18 THE SEEDS-Pushin Too Hard/19 WILLIAM THE WILD ONE-(They Call Me) Willie the Wild One/20 THE ELITE UFO-Now Who's Good Enough/21 ROY JUNIOR-Victims of Circumstances/22 THE HUMAN BEINZ-Nobody But Me/23 THE MONKS-Complication/24 THE ELECTRAS-Action Woman/25 THE TIKIS-Show Your Love/26 OUTSPOKEN BLUES-Not Right Now/27 THE BEAUX JENS-She Was Mine/28 THE CALICO WALL-I'm a Living Sickness/29
    FIGURES OF LIGHT-I Jes Wanna Go To Bed/30 SHE-Outta Reach/31 THINGS TO COME-Speak of the Devil

    VOLUME 3-01 SIMPLY SAUCER-Electro Rock/02 THE ELECTRIC EELS-Bunnies/03 ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS-Ain't It Fun/04 EASER MONKEYS-My Baby Digs Graves/05 THE FLESH EATERS-See You In the Boneyard/06 CRIME-Piss On Your Dog/07 THE ELECTRIC EELS-Refrigerator/08 TOKYO ELECTRON-When You Hear Me/09 TYRADES-I Am Homicide/10 DMZ-Don't Jump Me Mother/11 THE STOOGES-I Wanna Be Your Dog/12 DESTROY ALL MONSTERS-Bored/13 THE UP-Hassan I Sabbah/14 GEORGE BRIGMAN-Jungle Rot/15 THE LITTLE KILLERS-99 Cents/16 THE MIRRORS-Frustration/17 KARATE PARTY-Masters of teh Donut Room/18 THE DRILLS-Skate Tough/19 ILDJARN-Dark December/20 THE ELECTRIC EELS-Agitated/21 EASTER MONKEYS-Monkey See Monkey
    Do/22 KARATE PARTY-She's Got Spawn/23 TYRADES-He's So Popular/24 DEATH-Freakin' Out/25 FIGURES OF LIGHT-It's Lame

    VOLUME 4-01 THE CRAMPS-I Was a eenage Werewolf/02 THE SPECTRES-Hot Rod Hearse/03 BATMOBILE-TNT/04 SHERRIFF PERKINS-Black Bowtie/05 THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY-Shadow of a Tiger/06 SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS-I Dig Tunnels/07 THE #3-D INVISBLES-Friday the 13th/08 DEJA VOODOO-Cemetery/09 THE METEORS-I Ain't Ready/10 BATMOBILE-Can't Find My Way Back Home/11 THE A-BONES-Sham Rock/12 THE ZANTEES-I Need a Man/13 CRAMPS-Aloha From Hell/14 DEJA VOODOO-Skeleton at My Party/15 BLOODHOT BILL & HIS BLUECAPS-Can't Go On Livin/16 TAV FALCOS PANTHER BURNS-Hey School Baby/17 SLIM SANDY-No Gasoline/18 THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY-Paralyzed '80's/19 REVERENED BEAT-MAN & THE UNBELEIVERS-Fuck You Jesus Fuck You Oh Lord/20
    MISSISSIPPI GROVER-I'm Buried Alive/21 THE CANNIBALS-Light Bulb BLues/22 THE STING-RAYS-Don't Break Down/23 TAV FALCO'S PANTHER BURNS-River of Love/24 THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT-The DEvil's Chasing Me/25 THE WOLFMEN-I Don't Want No One/26 THE ZOMBIE SURFERS-Pitchfork/27 THE HELLBENDERS-The Big Gundown/28 THE MILKSHAKES-Shed Country

    of Love/02 THE MILKSHAKES-She'll Be Mine/03 THE BARRACUDAS-Next Time Around/04 LIME SPIDERS-Slave Girl/05 LYRES-Don't Give It Up Now/06 THE FUZZTONES-Ward 81/07 THE PANDORAS-You Lie/08 THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS-Green Eyed Woman/09 THE DEL-MONAS-Hello I Love You/10 THE MOD FUN-I Believe/11 THE TELL TALE HEARTS-Won't Need Yours/12 DWARVES-In and Out/13 THE CREEPS-Down at The Nightclub/14 THE STING-RAYS-June Rhyme/15 THE GRUESOMES-Outta My Mind/16 THE ORIGINAL SINS-The Party's Over Now/17 KING USZNIEWICZ & HIS USZIEWICZTONES-Wild Little Willie/18 THE CYNICS-Baby What's Wrong/19 THEE MIGHTY CAESARS-Baby Who Mutilated Everybody's Heart/20 THEE HEADCOATEES-No Way Out/21 THE MUMMIES-That Girl/22 THE'S-Scream/23 THE SWINGIN NECKBREAKERS-I Live For Buzz/24 THE MAKERS-I'm Hurt/25 THE SHITBIRDS-You Said That/26 APRIL MARCH AND THE MAKERS-Sometimes Sometimes/27 FORTUNE MALLTESE AND THE PHABULOUS PALLBEARERS-I Just Don't Care/28 THE SATELLITERS-Make Up My Mind

    VOLUME 6-01 LES PEYOTES-Satanic Rite/02 THE TRADITIONAL FOOLS-Layback!!!/03 BAD SPORTS-Ooh Ooh Ooh/04 VIVIAN GIRLS-Never See Me Again/05 THE SPREAD EAGLES-Up Too High/06 BLACK LIPS-Sea of Blasphemey (Live)/07 HARLEM-Psychedelic Tits/08 THE STRANGE BOYS-Woe Is You And Me/09 KING KHAN & THE SHRINES-I See Lights/10 THE RANTOULS-Little Green Hat/11 LOVE BOAT-Frankie Shampoo!/12 PIPSQUEAK!-My Love's Like a Horse UNtamed/13 NOBUNNY-I Am a Girlfriend/14 UNX & HIS PUNX-Movin On/15 CHEAP TIME-Glitter & Gold/16 TUFF BANANAS-Nitetime (Sha-La-La-La-ooh)/17 THE INTELLECTUALS-Go To The Beach With the Cinnamon Girl/18 NODZZZ-True To Life/19 THE OKMONIKS-Teenage Timebomb/20 THE KING KHAN & BBQ SHW-Tastebuds/21 LOVER!-My Michelle/22 APACHE-Crystal Clear/23 FE FI FO FUMS-Don't Bite Me Baby, I Got the Boom
    Boom In My Blood/24 BARE WIRES-Artiificial Clouds/25 CLOROX GIRLS-Flowers of Evil/26 SONIC AVENUES-Hiding From You/27 THE EXPLODING HEARTS-THorns In Roses/28 THE SAUCY JACKS-Can't Say ANything/29 THOMAS FUNCTION-Snake in the Grass/30 THE ORIGINAL SINS-Red Wine/31 REIGNING SOUND-Time Bomb High School

    OK, guys that is a COMPILATION in all caps.......actually it's only HALF of one, the rest me on this it is VERY IMPRESSIVE and if this is your thing YOU WANT THIS, take it from BigScott62, the world's #2 evaluator of music (after the legend that is Scott

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