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Happy Halloween From BigScott62!

As Brian has provided us with a Halloween post already, and a WAY cool one at that, it's only right that I put something together as well......we'll do a couple of things here, musically first and then some fun photo collections that pervs like myself will appreciate.

First the music. I am going to go with some stuff from a duo from San Fernando California, She Wants Revenge......I have had this stuff sitting around for years and frankly had forgotten pretty much about them until reently (more on that later), they consisted of Justin Warfield (vocals/guitar/keyboards) and Adam Bravin (bass/keyboard/guitar/drum machine/percussion/vocals)....they put forth a post-80's creepy-goth sound, not GREAT but certainly worth a listen.......thier creepy/cold goth sound is reminiscent of maybe The Bauhaus or even Big Black (see previous posts of they are still up),they have released three albums, only two of which I have, and a handful of EP's and stuff........

The self titled debut is a pretty good effort, from (without checking) about 2005-6 or so, I enjoyed it a good bit at the time, there are good creepy tunes like "Monologue" and "These Things", as well as the magnificent "Tear You Apart"......."Tear You Apart" is fantastic, it was recently used to phenominal effect in the season opening episode of "American Horror Story", a really excellent segment in my opinion, which brought this great song back to my memory.......if you watch "AHS" I'm sure you recall it, but it's a GREAT song that can stand on its own anytime.........were it not for this song, She Wants Revenge would be TOTALLY unmemorable instead of only 90% so or whatever....nonetheless is is a GREAT retro-80's dark-goth-alt track, worth the price of admission alone.

The follow up effort, "This is Forever" (2007) is not nearly as good as there is no standout track ala "Tear You Apart", but it's here in all it's glory should you deem them worthy of further investigation.

After "American Horror Story" sparked my memory of that great tune, I checked the Bay for any rarities and such and found a few items.......first and best, we have "Live at Rock Am Ring 04/06/06" which I really enjoyed a lot, the sound is fuller (I assume additional musicians were used onstage), and it concludes with a majestic version of "Tear You Apart"......the tracks are unsplit, sorry, but it's a short set, maybe a half hour or so, and REALLY enjoyable.

"Save Your Soul" is a 2008 EP with four tracks, actually, all four of which are pretty fair, we have the "Tear You Apart" single, which features the original backed with an interesting remix of the same song. The "These Things" EP contains some familiar material ("Tear You Apart" yet again) with a couple new tracks, and finally, we have a single, "True Romance" with both an album version as well as a radio edit.

I just learned that they released a third album in 2011, never heard it, likely never will unless someone tells me of its unknown greatness....

I recommend, if you dabble, the debut, and ESPECIALLY the live set, it was REALLY surprisingly ood, in my opinion, anyway, this is my Halloween post for ya, musically, but don't go way, after I bore ya with the track lists I got some more stuff for ya......anyway......

SHE WANTS REVENGE-01 Red Flags and Long Nights/02 These Things/03 I Don't Want To Fall In Love/04 Out of Control/05 Monologue/06 Broken Promises For Broken Hearts/07 Sister/08 Disconect/09 Us/10 Someone Must Get Hurt/11 Tear You Apart/12 She Loves Me She Loves Me Not

THIS IS FOREVER-01 First, Love/02 Written In Blood/03 Walking Away/04 True Romance/05 What I Want/06 It's Just Begun/07 She Will Always Be a Broken Girl/08 This is the End/09 Checking Out/10 Pretend the World Has Ended/11 Replacement/12 All Those Moments/13 Rachael/14 And a Song For Los Angeles

LIVE AT ROCK AM RING 04/6/06-01 Unsplit Tracks (sorry)

SAVE YOUR SOUL EP-01 Sugar/02 Save Your Soul/03 Sleep/04 A Hundred Kisses

TEAR YOU APART SINGLE-01 Tear You Apart/02 Tear You Apart (Ladytron remix)

THESE THINGS EP-01 These Things (radio edit)/02 Tear You Apart/03 Spend the Night/04 Black Liner Run

TRUE ROMANCE SINGLE-01 True Romance (Radio)/02 True Romance (Album)

BONUS  TRACK (from the "Nightmare Before Christmas" Soundtrack)-01 Kidnap the Sandy Claws
(Don't go out of your way for this one if ya get my drift)......

OK, that is that, hope you enjoy these, it is cool (for me) to rediscover a band I had forgotten about, and in this case I have to thank "American Horror Story" for using "Tear You Apart" to such great effect (even though they did edit out ONE word of the key lyric, "I Wanna fucking tear you apart"....guess which one?) Anyway it was still great, check it out on Netflix or something if you wanna see what I mean, I thought it was freaky-cool.....

And speaking of freaky cool, as a Halloween bonus, let us do a few photo collections....I haven't done this in a while, it really used to be kind of popular. First off, let us begin with a couple of sets of pix of stunning goth chicks, all tatooed and pierced and all ready for Uncle BigScott62.......let me make this clear, at 53 I am old enough to be most of these babe's grandfather, but, should they all decide that they need a guinea pig to determine which could
out-weird the others in bed, I am fucking volunteering.

Next is a series I don't think I've posted previously, "Sexy Halloween", some cool pix here too but not as, uhh, "enticing" as the previous intoxicating batch of goth girls.

We will wrap up the Halloween stuff with a set of pics of "Female Vampires", maybe it's just me, but I find them intruging and sexy as hell also..........yes I'm a sick motherfucker.........just don't tell anyone.

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