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Queens of the Stone Age Part 3

A bit of a delay in getting this ready, but for Queens fans should be worth the wait.......quite a few
live and rare treats for today, quite a bit of material so we'll keep the commentary short and get on with telling ya exactly what is here.....

Let's begin with the "Deluxe" re-issues of the debut and "Rated R".....I forgot I had these or I simply would have posted them in the first place, but I'm NOT going to post the entire "deluxe" editions, just the additional material from each and leave the programming to you......the debut reissue features only three additional tracks, "The Bronze", "These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For", and "Spiders and Vinegrooms", all worthwhile.

"Rated R" on the other hand featured an additional disc, "B Sides and Live at the Reading Festival 2000", the Reading show being a very early effort, quite an interesting find. A fairly short set, but always great to hear a different interpretation of "Feel Good Hit of the Summer", right? Just kidding in case you took me like serious.

That wraps the "official" albums, now lets see what else is on thet shelf......we'll start with a two disc mish mash, "Live Recordings". I don't recall whom I got this one from, not sure if it's a homemade effort or what, but if you check the set list, you'll see that it is fairly career-spanning, and from a BUNCH of different locales (I'll list them in the track list, but the DATES are NOT made available)...as I said, kind of a grab-bag format, definitely for fans only.

Along the same line is "Live and Non-LP Tracks, for which I have even LESS data, no locales OR dates, there are some nice rarities here, though, and it's not nearly as sprawling as the previous set.

From 02 comes a Full set from Stockholm, pretty tight show, and also from 02 a good 2-disc live set from Wasahington DC......the Queens keep there set lists pretty regular, but they seem like they'd be a good act to see (I never got to)a more recent live example of the Queens in action comes from 2013, from the Brazil Lollapalooza, nice to have a live version of "My God is the Sun", also an undated but fairly recent set from the KCRW studios, which features the same tune, a good bit of "Like Clockwork" material, and a Josh Homme interview........anyway, that's what I got, this stuff is more for fans than dabblers I'd say, but the response to the studio albums was good, so maybe a few "dabblers" have become "fans" due to that?

Hope I can dance around the World Series (GO ROYALS) this week and get MY Halloween-kinda
post up, likely Thursday or so, I think in the past, other than some appropriate music I may feature a photo set of either hot Goth chicks or Vampire women........maybe even both. We shall see.

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE DELUXE (Additional Tracks Only)-01 The Bronze/02 These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For/03 Spiders and Vinegrooms

RATED R (Bonus Disc)-01 Ode to Clarissa/02 You're So Vague/03 Never Say Never/04 Who'll Be the Next In Line/05 Born to Hula/06 (Reading Set)-Monsters in the Pairasol/07 Feel Good Hit of the Summer/08 Regular John/09 Avon/10 Quick and to the Pointless/11 Better Living Through Chemistry/12 Ode to Clarissa/13 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret/14 You Can't Quit Me Now/15 Millionaire

LIVE RECORDINGS DISC 1-01 Regular John (Melkweg Amsterdam)/02 Little Sister (Earthlink Atlanta)/03 Better Living Through Chemistry (Belgique Belgium)/04 Monsters in the Parasol/05 Quick and to the Pointless (Vintage Vinyl)/06 Avon (Mean Fiddler)/07 No One Knows (Earthlink Atlanta)/08 Another Love Song (Belgique Belgium)/09 Tension Head (Mean Fiddler)/10 Long Slow Goodbye (AOL Sessions)/11 The lost Art of Keeping a Secret (Earthlink, Atlanta)/12 A Song For the Dead (Earthlink Atlanta)/13 I Think I Lost My Headache (Earthlink Atlanta)

LIVE RECORDINGS DISC 2-01 God Is In the Radio (Stubbs,
Austin)/02 Mexicola (Bob's Garage)/03 No One Knows (Belgique Belgium)/04 If Only (Bob's Garage)/05 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret (The Troubador)/06 Do It Again (Melkweg Amsterdam)/07 The Sky Is Fallin' (Belgique Belgium)/08 In My head (Earthlink Atlanta)/09 Regular John (Earthlink Atlanta)/10 Ode to Clarissa (Vintage Vinyl)/11 Hangin Tree (Melkweg Amsterdam)/12 Auto Pilot (Belgique Belgium)/13 A Song For the Dead (Mean Fiddler

LIVE AND NON LP TRACKS-01 Tension Head/02 You Can't Quit Me baby/03 Avon/04 Ode to Clarissa/05 Song For the Dead/06 Better Living Through Chemistry/07 Monsters In the Parasol/08 If Only/09 Green Machine/10 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire/11 Who'll Be the Next In Line/12 Two Tears/13 You're So Vague/14 Never Say Never/15 Infinity/16 Born To Hula/17 Morocco

STOCKHOLM (6/11/02)-01 Regular John/02 If Only/03 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire/04 Quick and To the Pointless/05 Gonna Love You/06 Hangin Tree/07 Auto pilot/08 Song For the Dead/09 No One Knows/10 Go With the Flow/11 The lost Art of Keeping a Secret/12 Mexicola/13 Ode To Clarissa/14 Feel Good Hit of the Summer

WASHINGTON DC 2/6/02 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Monsters In the Parasol/03 Feel Good Hit of the Summer/04 Quick and to the Pointless/05 Ode to Clarissa/06 You WOuld Know/07 Song For the Dead/08 Hangin Tree/09 I Think I Lost My headache/10 Avon

WASHINGTON DC 2/6/02 DISC 2-01 No One Knows/02 Gonna Leave You/03 Walking on the
Sidewalks/04 Mexicola/05 Tension Head/06 Regular John/07 Do It Again/08 God Is In the Radio/09 You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire/10 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

BRAZIL LOLLAPALOOZA 2013-01 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret/02 No One Knows/03 First It Giveth/04 Sick Sick Sick/05 Burn the Witch/06 Monsters in the Parasol/07 Hangin Tree/08 Make It Wit Chu/09 My God Is the Sun/10 Little Sister/11 Better Living Through Chemistry/12 Do It Again/13 Go With the Flow/14 A Song For the Dead

KCRW STUDIOS-01 If I Had a Tail/02 My God Is the Sun/03 Like Clockwork/04 Keep Your Eyes Peeled/05 Josh Homme Interview/06 The Vampyre of Time and Memory/07 I Sat By the Ocean/08 Smooth Sailing/09 I Appear Missing/10 Jam/11 Little Sister/12 Make It Wit Chu

Lotta stuff if all the links aren't up tonight (I'll try) check back tomorrow!

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