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Cliff is BACK!

(Scott): Cliff has had some health issues and has taken some time away from blogging here, but once
a blog-brother, ALWAYS a blog brother, and he, as my ultimate reggae "go to guy", has decided to treat us to another wonderful reggae post..........I am glad you are feeling better cliff, that is the main thing, and I appreciate the effort you (and ALL my guest bloggers but into helping me out!) LOVE you all, no fucking joke!


Studio One Ska: The Original.

This is a cool collection of ska tunes from Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd's legendary Studio One Records, Jamaica's foundation label of reggae music.
Ska was a forerunner to Reggae; it was a fast popular music which had a strong offbeat. The 1960s was when Ska became the most dominant form of music
in Jamaica. Featuring classic cuts from the originators of Ska – The Skatalites, Delroy Wilson, Jackie Mittoo, The Maytals, alongside other greats.
Sir Coxsone led the way in Jamaica at the time and The Skatalites and Studio One turned out on a daily basis an endless stream of blistering, scorching
classic tunes. There is nothing bad to say about this, impossible to keep your feet still to

Track List: 1. El Bang Bang - Jackie Mittoo 2. Arte Bella – Ken Boothe & Stranger Cole 3. (I’m Gonna) Put It On – The Wailers
4. Addis Ababa – The Skatalites 5. President Kennedy – Roland Alphonso 6. (I’m The) Song My Enemies Sing – Joe Higgs
7. Beardsman Ska – The Skatalites 8. I Want Justice – Delroy Wilson 9. Sampson – Tommy McCook’s Orchestra 10. I’m Gonna Take Over Now – The Ethiopians
11. Freedom Sounds – Tommy McCook 12. Marching On – The Maytals 13. Exodus – The Skatalites 14. Look Away Ska – roland Alphonso
15. Don Cosmic – Don Drummond 16. Scambelena – Roland Alphonso 17. You’re Wondering Now – Andy & Joey

Link: http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/XR6Gl5dO/file.html

Third World – 96 Degrees In The Shade

Third World received critisicm in their early days because some wankers felt they had a couple
of members who came from priviliged backgrounds. What the fuck does it matter what backgrounds they came from as long as what they produce is fine.
And on this album the music can be damn fine, although some tracks are a bit over produced. They were one of the best self contained reggae bands
in Jamaica at the time and for me I think 96 Degrees In The Shade is the best piece of work they ever released. Pick of the tracks has to be the stunning Human Market Place
and the 1865 (96 Degrees In The Shade)

Track List: 1. Jah Glory 2. Tribal War 3. Dreamland 4. Feel A Little Better 5. Human market Place 6. Third World Man 7. 1865 (96° In The Shade) 8. Rhythm Of Life
Link: http://www79.zippyshare.com/v/ElmAZObt/file.html

Dillinger - CB 200

Dillinger was one of the most famous reggae deejays back in the 1970’s. Probably best known for Cokane In My Brain,
which is included on this album, he had a style similar to that of Big Youth. However his has a slightly more mellow feel than Big Youth delivered
and this is a great album to kick off your shoes, pour a cold one and light up a smoke. Although Cokane In My Brain is the best known track there
are others that are at least its equal. None more than the superb No Chuck It. The riddims throughout the album are flawless and with Dillinger’s
exuberent and joyous toasting over them with backing vocals supplied by Trinity this album can not help but bring a smile to your face.

Track List: 1. C.B. 200 2. No Chuck It 3. Cokane In My Brain 4. The General 5. Power Bank 6. Plantation Heights 7. Race Day 8. Natty Kick Like Lightning 9. Buckingham Palace 10. Crankface

Link: http://www87.zippyshare.com/v/zxhfk5F6/file.html


Thanks millions and millions to my wonderful guest posters.....you are great and have allowed me to keep the blog alive........I hope my loyal subjects enjoy the stuff from other sources, ya know I REALLY DID hafta go back to work and all, as I keep saying, wait till my winter layoff, you ain't seen SHIT when you see the stuff I post then......Just go NOWHERE, enjoy the (great) guest material, and my own occcasional post (when I can, it IS also FOOTBALL SEASON/BASEBALL PLAYOFFS TIME, ya know?)........seriously, I LOOOOOOOVE my guest posters and I HOPE more of you will be inspired to do the same....in a couple months or so I'll be back to my everyday posting thing for a while, but the guests have been and ARE fantastic......hope I NEVER lose them, you guys are truly LOVED, at least by the BigBoy!

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