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Couple of Brian projects

(Scott) Hello, all, I have been really busy of late, I thank the guests that keep the blog alive until I can
get back to it, should be soon, at least I think......anyway, Brian is much more ambitious than myself (wasn't his last project the fucking shit?).......well, here he is with a couple more which I'm glad to post.......remember, his blog is gone, so if you wish to comment, leave it here and he will see it! Haven't listened to these yet, hope to tomorrow, but until then, I'll let him do the talking:

I got the Bob monkey off my back, but I've been using those same tools to find more cool things. First off, a response to Jonder's great "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" covers comp...

On The Beach is my personal favorite Neil Young album. Part of his drugged-out 70's Quartet, it's an essential release. Spare and haunting, yet nervy and threatening. If you don't have it, you're cheating yourself.

1. Widespread Panic - Walk On
2. Colleen Rennison - See the Sky About To Rain
3. Cowboys On Dope - Revolution Blues
4. The Be Good Tanyas - For The Turnstiles
5. Wooden Shjips - Vampire Blues
6. Radiohead - On the Beach
7. Swaggrangers1 - Motion Pictures
8. Pat Nevins - Ambulance Blues

This collection of covers keeps the spirit of the album, I think. I had to dig to find a good "Ambulance Blues". I found Pat Nevin's live version on Archive.org. He's also got an album out called Shakey Zimmerman. Does anyone know the source of Radiohead's fantastic"On the Beach"? A perfect match of song and singer, isn't it? Widespread Panic do a great, jammy "Walk On". The Be Good Tanyas give a harmonious, even more country"For The Turnstiles". Colleen Rennison's "See the Sky About To Rain" has a lot of soul in it.

Regarding "Revolution Blues" - my fave NY song, by the way - Bush's version (yes, them) was originally here... but it just didn't fit. And for me, it didn't feel at all like the same song. So, with some digging I found The Cowboys On Dope's great live version of it. They're a German country/blues rock band. Goddamn! Now, that's a cover! Wouldn't even know it was ripped from a YT vid unless I told ya (oops). Back to actual releases, Wooden Shjips (real spelling) deliver a very Suicide-ish "Vampire Blues". I like it.

"Motion Pictures" was a problem. Nothing as an actual release, and any YouTube vids were just guys with their acoustic guitars. I don't usually go for that, but I was stuck. So I ended up going with this guy's performance. His YT username is "swaggrangers1". While I admit his range is a little limited, the performance is faithful and very well recorded. Here's links to the two videos I sourced from:

Cowboys on Dope video - http://youtu.be/29r3agrEy4U

Motion Pictures Cover - http://youtu.be/zH1aJd0gTUk

Hope you guys like this. And look, Jonder...you inspired me back. What do you wanna do next? Harvest? Maybe Zuma? Trans?


Some may remember that great Fantomas album I put up here awhile ago. Mike Patton is a madman! He releases a lot of stuff of his own, not to mention his work with other people. That's what I put together here. Had some covers he'd done sitting around, so I decided to beef it up with collaborations, some soundtrack stuff, and an infinitesimal sampling of his many projects. No FNM or Bungle here though...I didn't want to make it a multi-volume post. When it comes to that, go get Angel Dust and Disco Volante....like NOW, kids.

This is only a small introduction to the breadth of his music. I didn't really sample his soundtrack work, or much from his work with John Zorn (I heartily recommend the Moonchild trio albums). NOTE: Though it says "with" such-and-such artist, it's MP that's guesting on their albums. He is in demand as a guest artist because he has such a distinct voice that can suit any song. This comp swerves from orchestral pop to avant-garde howling to rap to splatter metal....so be ready! Allow me to give you a walk through...


1.) Chelios - ringtone (from Crank 2)
2.) The Man In The Lower Left Hand Corner Of the Photograph - This is my favorite track off of his man-and-a-mike gonzo classic Adult Themes For Voice. A strange ride, but great on headphones!
3.) Dracula Cha Cha (w Tango Saloon) - yeah, do that undead tango! Sounds like it could've been on a Bungle album, doesn't it?
4.) Six Pack (w Mother Superior) - from the great Rise Above West Memphis Three tribute. He rips through this one!
5.) I Am the Dead (w Eyvynd Kang) - this is a great, gentle atmospheric track. Kang is an Icelandic classical guy who's done some unique work.
6.) Prairie Fire (w Guano Padano) - reminds me of latter-day FNM.
7.) Julia (w Carla Hassett) - proof that he's a great supportive voice, even in another language.
8) Kool Aid Party (w Team Sleep) - a great shrieking dirge of a track. He reminds me a bit of M. Manson on this one. Don't hit me for saying that!
9.) Putting On the Blitz (from Bunraku OST) - some steampunk-ish big band, anyone?
10.) Seule (w Kaada) - from their great duo album Romances.
11.) Ballad Of A Thin Man (w Jamie Saft Trio) - from Saft's Dylan tribute Trouble. This is a great cover! It almost made the BD Covers post, but ended up being the inspiration for this compilation.
12.) Lost Weekend (w Qemists) - a good one. Don't know what you'd call it exactly.
13.) Procura O Cara (w Sepultura)
14.) The Waste (w Sepultura) - he suits Sepultura, especially the more tribal-sounding stuff. This is from the Freddy vs Jason soundtrack.
15.) Are You Down With It? (w Handsome Boy Modeling School) - this is a great grooving rap song.
16.) Untitled (w DJ Skizo) - from the 3/16/02 boot. He gets into some almost Mongolian throat singing at the end.
17.) Come to Daddy (w Dillinger Escape Plan) - Aphex Twin cover from DEP's first release. He was the perfect singer for them! Even better than what's-his-face off of Calculating Infinity.
18.) Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - from his group Fantomas's stellar Director'sCut album.
19.) Il Cielo In Una Stanza - one of the loveliest songs off of his Italian pop album Mondo Cane. This is a live version from The Holland Festival. Check out the organ and that trumpet solo!
20.) The Ballad Of Hank McCain (w John Zorn, et al) - from the great Morricone tribute The Big Gundown.
21.) Bird's Eye (w Serj Tankian) - from the Body Of Lies soundtrack. I like it, it's almost like a James Bond tune.
22.) Chariot Choogle - T. Rex cover. A Fantomas rarity...from the Tzadik Records Marc Bolan tribute.
23.) Did You Miss Me? (w Young Gods & Laussane Sinfionetta) - a great indescribable live track. Is this a cover?
24.) No Flag (w Dub Trio) - Doom metal as all hell!
25.) Untitled (w Rahzel) - from a live boot. Great beatbox improvisation.
26.) La Chanson De Jacky (w Secret Chiefs 3) - otherwise known as "Jackie". Jacques Brel cover, maybe you've heard Scott Walker's version. I think this was from a 7 inch. It's great. Would fit with the MondoCane stuff.
27.) Mayday - from his group Tomahawk's awesome MitGas album.
28.) Across 110th Street - great live version by his rap/rock/pop group Peeping Tom. Check out the album - some great crossover stuff there. This version has better sound than the similar MP3 that's floating around. And that violin is live, not DAT! One of my favorite covers ever, and a good closer for all this madness.

Sorry for being wordy, but MP is one of my favorite artists. Hopefully you like this. And it's great that Faith No More reunited and stuff, but please give me one more Fantomas album, Mike! Ten years I've been waiting...
As always now with posts I put up here at Growing Bored, there's a Funny Bonus for the Comedy Minions. Remember this guy? I'm reposting his funny first release from 1986, along with a self-titled effort from 2001 that I believe is his only other CD. Enjoy, and don't forget the coleslaw.....

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