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Mega-Stranglers, Part 4,the EP's and Singles

OK, hope like hell you've been enjoying the Stranglers greatness, as promissed there is quite  abit
more to come, lets just see how bad ya REALLY want it !!!!!!!!

Let's begin with an unusual 9" disc, evidently given away for free to fans of the band,,,,,,,hey, don't quibble......three fine tracks ("Tits", "Walk On By", and "Mean to Me") are al great, I wish I would have tripped over one f these great bands in 1993 or so.......

The also released a fine EP, "Don't Bring harry", has some good stuff, not available elsewhere.....there are English and French versions both of the title cluster, but in betweeem there are semi-Stranglers classics such sa "Crabs" and "In the Shadows"......this is a worthwile EP, I'd appreciate yur givin it a chance

Next a 2-sided single from 1982, nothing spectacular, except, there's a special 12" mix of :Midnight Summers", as well as multiple versions of "Vladimir and Olga"......

The "Paradise" single has some good stuff on it as well, no undiscovered classics, but three Stranglers tracks with which you MAY feel are essential (I don't really), but ya try to put ALL yer cards on the table.

Another 12' Single is 1984's "Let Me Down Easy".......three intruging tracks (one an instrumental) as I continue to TRY to get you your radiohead FIX, I know that by now they are considered a litle dated, but WHEN DID I EVER CARE ABOUT THAT? Nope, not my mindset, I am just trying tonight to to HELP these people with the disabilites........PLEASE support the discs that are posted in honor of some disabled soldier or something, lets continue, through small steps, to try to make the world something of a beter olace on which we can ALL Live

The next mega-single (as best as I can determine, is 1984's "Skin Deep", with a tremendous extended version of the title track here......I'd LOVE to show up and play catch with them at one of thier preactices, but that;s just that..........I

Thier classic reworking of "96 Tears" gets a lot of lve, no need to worry,,,,this was put together by
my cousin Eric, also a military man .....there are also a couple more tracks here that are worthwhile
it's the STRANGLERS for God Sake.....you know NOW, without hearing if this is for you,but lemme tell ya......this is yet another version of that oft-covered clasic, and the rest of the shit here is great as well.......
Last One I got for ya is "Sweet Smell of Success".....I THINK this gives us all the Stranglers non-lp stuff, I could be wrong.......anyway, look for some LIVE stuff tomorrow (or next time I post)!)

FREE 9" EP-01 01 Walk On By/02 Mean To Me/03 Tits

DON'T BRING HARRY-01 Don't Bring Harry (english)/02 Wired/03 Sveriege/04  Crabs/05 I the Shadows/06 Don't Bring harry (French)

MIDNIGHT SUMMMERS DREAM-01 Midnight Summers Dream/02 Vladimir and Olga

PARADISE-01 Paradise/02 Prwsher/03 Permission

LET ME DOWN EASY-01 Let Me Down Easy/02 Achilles Heel/03 Place De Victores

SKIN DEEP-01 Skin Deeep (extended)/02 Here and There/03 Vladimir and the Beast (Part 3)

96 TEARS-01 96 Tears/02 Instead of This/03 Poisonality

SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS-01 Sweet Smel of Success/02 Motobike/03 Something

Kay, these are kinda sorta rare, hope you appreciate em.....as I said, next up is LIVE material hopefull tomorrow.......until then enjoy the remainder of your weekend

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