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Apantabapanta and the latest Encyclopedia Submission

(Scott): As I've said before thi guy go all out to expand the bases of our musical knowledge, selecting
defunct rock bands of various genres, linking to Wikipedia for complete (such as it is) info on the bands, followed by generally a link to a classic album or a compilation from the band in question,,,,,,sometimes it's hard to fit these in BUT DO NOT EVER FORGET.......DAMN NEAR ANYTHING GOES HERE, as log as YOU GUYS benefit something from it.....and I think you will from at least some (if not al), of his submisssions this week.


OK, this weeks submission from Apantabapanta are as follows:

A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
Post 007
a) The idea is to know the music of the bands all around the world that their music style is
close to – Pop / Rock-Folk / Rock-New / Wave-Punk / Rock-Hard / Rock-Prog / Rock
b) I’ll try to post 5 bands every week.
c) Some bands have been reformed.
d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post please do.
e) Volunteers needed for finding & posting bands starting from letter ‘’B’’.
f) If you play the songs with Windows Media Player you will see info about the bands.
Next Week Post 008
Arti e Mestieri ITA
Asfalto SPN
Ash Ra Tempel GER
Ashra GER
Ashton, Gardner and Dyke UK
 (Scott):, thank you Apanta for another winner.........Argent? Art Bears? Artful Dodger? Some GREAT and LONG FORGOTTEN bands here......trust me, rock n rollers, there is stuff here you will LOVE, you have nothing to lose by checking it out..........thanks, Apantabapanta, hope to see you next week as ususal!
Great submissiones he creates I am LUCKY and honored he chooses to do so HERE!

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