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Brian Rides Again

I am so lucky that I have a steady supply of guest posts (sorry guys, I'll take Nikki Corvette over ANY of you, ANY TIME), I havene't had to do much of late since the Yo La Tengo epic, I've been starting a new job, trying to getmy son's college visits organized, dealing with the fallout from my son's breakup with his girlfriend, and also, early Friday morning, I took a fall and bruised my ribs pretty bad.........and, of course, if was FRIDAY, so the doc wasn't in to perscribe me something to make a fall worthwhile........I've got lots of posts on the back burner, but gimme a LITTLE time to get into the groove with my new job, and things will get back to normal.......Brian has submitted some more GREAT stuff, of course, you can always find his stuff at rustbeltoutpost.com, or download it from here, I personally don't care a lick.......anyways, Brian is a LOT more enthusiastic about this stuff than myself of late, prolly cause of the new job and etc, but I hope you guys dig the guest stuff while I be going through my lifestyle changes and stuff.......I think for TOMORROW I have another post from Apantabapanta, which means ANOTHER day that I don't have to do much except for copy/paste, but that is cool, the guest contributors are more enthusiastic, more energetic, more knowledgeable (in thier specialized fields), and (matter of opinion), more entertaining/interesting/informative than myself. Such is life.

OK, here is what Brian requests I give a bump to today........first we have some comedy recordings, which I will comment on ("Scott") as needed, as I will with anything anyone submits:

(Scott): Okay, let's be honest, I have at the very least always been honest, NEVER have I heard of anyone in this "Mystery Comedy Post"......in general, when Brian (who is a recorded comedy expert) sends me stuff it's something I've heard before and have some kinda idea about, (Firesign, Lenny Bruce, Pryor, Carlin, etc), but these folks I have never heard of.......does that say something about ME? Well, perhaps, but I really couldn't care less.......as I've said 1,000,000 times here, ANYTHING goes on this site, and I mean ANYTHING.

Mystery Comedy Post- Three Smartasses
Three of my favorite current smartass comics...I miss Patrice - he's been dead almost 4 years.
A nerdy wiseass with about the driest wit there is.

Drunken, nihilistic, cynical, and fucking hilarious! Doug does the kind of jokes that make you feel guilty at laughing at.

Patrice was the best black comic going when he died. A hilarious guy, and this is his only album
(Scott): as always I will download and listen as I do (by rule) with ANYTHING ANYONE sends me, but I can't tell ya WHEN.......I just know Brian knows what he's talking about when it comes to comedy recordings, so if they are your "thing", the line forms here!
(Scott): Oh, hell, yes, though, I do know A LOT about the 5 6 7 8's, I MIGHT have done a post about them before (don't feel like checking) but even if so, it's about time thier brilliance was posted once again......they were a legendary Japanese female rock trio, they were nothing short of brilliant, and Brian sends us three of their albums....I guess I will have to wake up, see if indeed I HAVE posted thier stuff before, and, also, check out what OTHER stuff (other than Brian's submission) I might have.......we'll see later this week but for now, Brian submits some fucking KILLER shit with these discs, DO NOT MISS THESE, especially if ya did the FIRST time (If there WAS a "first time")....this is badass shit that you will cheat yourself of if you don't jump upon........
The 5,6,7,8's - Three Great Albums
The 5,6,7,8's. Everybody knows them from Kill Bill, and legions of us loved - then got sick of - their track "Woo Hoo" once it got picked up for commercials. Did you actually know that it's a cover? Always thought it a little sad they didn't get a bigger chunk of that money!
Whatever you may think of Quentin Tarantino's musical exhuming for his film soundtracks, I thought his making the 5,6,7,8's the bar band in The House of Blue Leaves in Kill Bill was a nice touch. A Japanese female rock trio, with beehives and their own instruments, pounding out savage early rock and roll! For me, they're one of the very few groups other than The Cramps to do old rock songs well. What I'm giving you is their first three albums. The link is at the end of the post.
Their debut Can't Help It! is the most energetic and punkish of the lot. Things start out racing on "Ah So!". "Pinball Party" has some great echoing guitar, while the song "The 5,6,7,8's" just burns! Their take on "Wooly Bully" is a helium-voiced, lo-fi joy. "I Was A Teenage Cavewoman" is a brilliant nod to The Cramps, while the song "Bond Girl" has a ripping version of the James Bond theme.
Then came the EP "Bomb the Twist". The title track is completely gonzo, with Yoshiko's unhinged vocal alongside the harmony and all those handclaps! They do Duane Eddy and Dick Dale proud on their original "Jane In the Jungle". "Dream Boy" is a sweet number. And yes, "Woo Hoo" is on here. If it annoys you, just delete it and listen to the other stuff.
My favorite is their third album, The 5,6,7,8s. It's their most accomplished release, featuring more great covers ("Tallahassee Lassie", "Rockin' Rochester", "Arkansas Twist"), all of which give singer/guitarist Yoshiko a few phonetic hurdles. There's also good instrumentals ("Cat Fight Run", "Highschool Witch", "Harlem Nocturne") and several great originals: "I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield", "Oriental Rock", and the devastating"I Don't Need You No More", which contains the best rock and roll scream outside of The Cramps'"Goo Goo Muck"!

Really, check 'em out. It's not the kitsch factor, it's not Shonen Knife. A great girl group/rock band.
(Scott): And for his third submission of the day, Brian gives us some rarities from Nick Cave, if you know what is good for ya JUMP on these.....I'll just say, I have a FAIR amount of Cave's stuff and I didn't have any of these.........don't cry to me if you miss these, it's something MOST OF YOU would want, trust me if you think I am trustworthy......
Nick Cave/Birthday Party Rarities!
In honor of my occasional Australian readers - as well as the rest of the world that needs to hear this awesome rare stuff - I present three Nick Cave rarities. The first two come from his time in The Birthday Party....
The John Peel Sessions Download

In and out of print over the years, these are great sessions. I actually bought my copy the last time I was in a Best Buy years ago. Hear the Party's version of The Stooges'"Loose" and "Funhouse" here.
The Birthday Party Live 81-82 Download

This was actually reissued a year or so ago. This is the best live document of The Birthday Party - much better than Its Still Living. While their albums were never short on musical chaos, these live versions are even more unhinged. Just listen to "King Ink": Nick rising up out of the band's swamp groove to attack the audience with his screams. An essential live collection. If you're a Cave fan, you need this!
The Secret Life of the Love Song & The Flesh Made Word Download

I coveted this one for years until I found it gathering dust somewhere. Consists of two long spoken word pieces (with some music) in which Nick talks about songwriting and the themes of Love, God, and Death that permeate his work. An engrossing study of the myth of The Song. Rare as hell, too!

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