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A Little Bit 'o' CLIFF

I forget who, someone suggested I should rename this feature a "little bit O Cliff", or, fuck maybe it was something else, this is probably the only time I will opt to use it anyway, but, here's the bottom line.....it's CLIFF and his badass reggae submits, fresh off a retrun from his music festival visit.......so, without further jibberjabbering, let's see what Cliff has for us this week......


Heart of a LionThis is a good reggae album, nothing special, pretty standard fare but worth a listen. Despite being backed by such wonderful musicians as Robbie Shakespeare, Augustus Pablio, Tommy Mc Cook and ‘Horesemouth’ Wallace the deejay seems content to go just coast through.
However the album is still entertaining and I Roy is in good voice but it just never really seems to get going and only on ‘Move Up Roots Man’ does he seem to notch it up a bit. He turned out better albums than this one and I’ll cover those sometime in the future but I already had this ready and couldn’t be arsed to change it.
Track List: 1. Heart of a Lion 2. Sister Nelly 3. Casmas Town 4. Tonight 5. Catty Rock 6. Jordon River 7. Fire Stick 8. Peace In The City 9. Tiddle Le Bop 10. Move Up Roots Man
Link: http://www81.zippyshare.com/v/vy2MsiDd/file.html
http://www.jah-lyrics.com/artwork/albums/279.jpgGregory Isaacs had the sweetests soulful roots voice in reggae. For a few years in the late 1970’s there was no better singer in the reggae world. He wasn’t known as ‘The Cool Ruler’ for nothing.
This album has some real killer tracks played by some marvellous musicians and for me was his greatest piece of work. ‘Universal Tribulation’ is worth the price of the album alone but every track is worth lending an ear to. Isaacs’ vocal style was equally suited to offering songs of love and also those of the sufferah’s lot and this album contains equal measures of each. Even if you are not into reggae I implore you to give this a chance, you won’t be dissapointed.
Track List: 1.Universal Tribulation 2.Mr Brown 3.Down The Line 4.Lonely Girl 5.Bumping And Boring 6.My Relationship 7.Slave Market 8.Black Liberation Struggle 9.Jah Music 10.Soon Forward
Link: http://www33.zippyshare.com/v/2f9FAvd8/file.html
Wa Do DemYou will either love or hate this album. You will have to listen to make your own minds up; but that is what you should do with all music. Eek-A-Mouse had a unique style of delivery; coming from the middle ground between singng and deejay style and offering scatting through tracks.
Eeek-A-Mouse’s delivery is backed by some wonderful deep bass that compliments his thought provoking lyrics. Eek-A-Mouse was an important figure in the history of dancehall music. He showed that words, flow, delivery and "style" are as important as, and sometimes more important than, what you have to say. Nevertheless, with Eek-A-Mouse, dancehall fans were offered both style and substance as his lyrics were both interesting and exciting.
Track List: 1, Wa-Do-Dem 2. Ganja Smuggling 3. Operations Eradication 4. Noah’s Ark 5. Long Time Ago 6. There’s A Girl In My Life 7. Georgie Porgie 8. Lonesome Journey 9. One Hot Summer 10. I Will Never Leave My Love 11. War Don’t Pay 12. Slowly But Surely 13. Too Young To Understand
THANKS Cliff, hope you continue to submit wonderful reggae stuff to us for as long as you desire.......ABSOLUTLEY fantastic stuff, in particular for a guy who's only "semi-reggae interested" like myself, this shit thrills me every time you send it........I have to look high and low for some rock I haven't heard, but reggae? There's a mountain of it out there that this guy ain't heard yet..........thanks again, and PLEASE conitnue to contribute your wonderous stuff!

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