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More Stuff From Brazil compliments of Old School

Old School previously contributed several UTube links, today, he has offered up more UTube and some albums.......I will print his email in whole because there is quite a list of UTube/albums/links here:


Great Big Scottt! I know that a different language is a big issue,too bad because some of their lyrics are also amazing.But Brazil has a big musical diversity,from bossa nova to psychedelic rock and it's own local rythms and styles,you can find a very good stuff from 60's and 70's..
I'll post some links of full albuns

Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Fruto Proibido

Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes (1968)

Os Mutantes - Jardim Eletrico - 1971

O Terço - Terço (1973)

Secos e Molhados - Secos e Molhados (1973)

Secos e Molhados - Secos e Molhados II (1974)

Vímana - On The Rocks = 1977

Novos Baianos-album 'Acabou Chorare'.
This album from 72 shows a mix of rock, bossa nova,samba,and brazilian popular music.Their guitarrist,Pepeu Gomes,was invited by Dave Mustaine to joy (join) Megadeth,but he refused the invitation..



And while at it, let me throw a few more of my Brazillian gems out for ya in case your interested......

From 1964, we have the album "Los Incredibles" from Os Megatons, quite a good pop-rock thing, check this one out for certain: 01 Voo Do Besourou/02 Infinito/03 Lawman/04 Aloha/05 Adios/06 Torture/07 Baledo de Homem Sem Rumo/08 Miserlou/09 A Lenda De Beijo/10 Gunslinger/11 Temptation/12 Xahrazad

This is a real favorite of mine, see if you don't agree......

From 1968 comes the self-titled, semipsych album from Os Canibais, which has some moments on it as well.......I always enjoy non-original language cover versions.......

01 O Prego (Love Me Kiss Me)/02 Felizes Juntinhos (Happy Together)/03 Lindo Sonho/04 Um
Milagre Aconteceu (Magic Potion)/05  Garota Teimosa (Time Wont Let Me)/06 Quasi Fico Nu (Everything You Do)/07 Ao Mue Amor/08 A Praca/09 Descubram Onde Meu Bem Esta (Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight)/10 Se Voce' Quer (See Me Back)/11 Nosso Romance

And, lets do up one more, from 1969, Avenco 5's "Somos Jovens"........great, spacey pop-psych, this is one you will want to hear if you've enjoyed the rest of the post.......give this one a couple of hard listens.
01 Stormy/02 Bobo Nao Soul/03 F....Comme Femme/04 Shut Up/05 First of May/06 My Little Lady/07 Nem Mesmo Voce/08 Nao Sou De Ferro/09 New Um Talvez/10 Precisco Esquecer Voce/11 Lost Friend/12 Good Bye

I've got a good bit more, but let's see if Old School has anything else to contribute........good stuff here, don't miss out due to the language thing!



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