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Rare Punk Singles and EP's Part 2 and OUT

As I said before my homeboy gary sent me this HUGE torrent, with some GREAT singles and EP's,
90% of which I have never heard of.......had a GREAT response to the first part, and as I've listened to them, this stuff is NO GODDAMN JOKE, rough, raw, loud, AND obscure (also from ROUND THE GLOBLE!).......what more do ya want? broken down into original singles/EP's format, I hope you LOVE this as much as I did listening to and reconfigurating it, this is a KILLER find that you shitty old punk rockers (like myself) are going to go apeshit for......

KAKA DE LUXE-(Spain 1978) 01 Rosario Toco El Pito/02 Viva El metro/03 La Puma Electrica

KOLLAA KESTA- (Finland 1979)-01 Kirjoituksia Kellarista/02 Kuumat Raiteet

LA PESTE-(USA 1978)-01 Better Off Dead/02 Black

LEGAL WEAPON (USA 1981) (NO SORROW EP)-01 No One Listens/02  Live My Way/03 No Sorrow/04 Hostility/

LES FELES (France 1978)-01 Mon Lycee/02 Rouge Comme Le Sang

MAGIC DE SPELL (Greece 1981)(NIGHTMARE 7")-01 Sweating All Over/02 Virgin Freedom/03 Poor Johnny's Lonely Blues

LET IT OUT (VARIOUS ARTISTS EP) (Sweden 1980)01 THE MODERNS- Tell Me Where the
Action Is/02 WARHEADS-Today/03 2760- Viva Le Rock/04 CHATTERBOX-Sista Chasen/05 STOODES-Psychotic/06 2760-Rocky Buys a Record/07 CHATTERBOX-Illusioner/08 THE MODERNS-She Said Go/09 WARHEADS-I Lost My leg In the War/10 STOODES-Gunfight

NEGATIV (1982 Switzerland)-01 Glitter Hair Creme/02  Terrorist/03

SPLIT EP (USA 1983)-01 NICE LAWN-American Cheeze/02 NICE LAWN-Tearas For the World/03 NEW FUN QUINTET-Spying On the Neighbors/04  Master TV

SF UNDERGROUND (VARIOUS ARTISTS EP) (1979 USA)-01 NO ALTERNATIVE-Johnny Got His Gun/02 FLIPPER-Earthworm/03 TOOLS-Sexuality In the 80's/04 VKTMS-Ballad of the Pincushion Smith

THE OUTLETS (1982 USA)-01 The Best Friends/02 The Bright Lights

PEGGIO PUNX (1982 Italy) (DISAASTRO SONORO EP)-01 Pubblicita/02 Scemo/Non Siemo Come Voi/04 Rumori

THE PERENNIALS (2011 USA)-01 My Side of the Mountain/02 The Savannah/03 This Whole Town

POPTRONIX (1981 USA)-01 TV Programmed TV Set/02 War of Crime

SCHUND (1983 Austria) (LAUT SPELEN EP)-01 Schund/02 Schiesse Drauf/03 Terror/04 Aufstand

SIZE (1980 Mexico)-01 Tonight/02 Daily Matrix

THE SQUAD (1980 Denmark) (BORN IN THE CONCRETE EP)-01 Born In the concrete/02 The Polythene Chicks

STATE (USA 1983) (NO ILLUSIONS EP)-01 Subvert/02 New Right/03 The Bad Is Good/04 Hard
Line/05 No Illusions/06 Police State/07 Violence

THE STEVES (1981 USA)-01 In a Room /02 Over the Phone/03 Bad Is Good

THE STEVES (1980 USA) (MAKING TIME EP)-01 Making Time/02 The Mechanical Friend

THE SUZANNES (1978 Holland) (NEW DISEASE SELLS IN EURPOE EP)-01 Hippie/02 Naughty Young Girl/03 Listen To My Heartbeat/04 Teenage Abortion/05 Deepfreeze Boy/06 Organisation

THE TAKE- (1982 USA)-01 Tonight/02 Four Dollar Date

THE BLADES (1980 Ireland)-01 Hot For You/02 The Reunion

THE HENCHMEN (1982 New Zealand)-01 I Got a Right/02 Rock N Roll Attack

THIRD WORLD CHAOS (1984 Pillipines) (MADE IN THE PHILLIPINES EP)-01 You/02 We Are the One/03 Quitter

VIOLENT TUMOR-01 (1986 USA) 01 Abortion/02 Basket Case/03 Problems/04 99 Floors/05 Welcome Home/06 Welcome Home/07 Tool Box/08 Army Song

Just as a personal note, this is one of my favorite posts I have ever offered up......for one I hadn't
talked to Gary in sometime and for him to unleash a treasure chest like this upon me was just incredible......this is music you CANNOT just find "anywhere", it is obscure, it is great, it it continental, it is comprehensive.......THIS is why I do this stuff, as well as the stuff I get from the others out there (more to come tonight yet)......I have over 20000 CD's in MY stash, still have a LOT of rare and great ones to share with you yet......sometimes it gets to be a pain, I HAVE cut back from the "daily" grind (and will a bit MORE once I start working), but to have the privlege/honor of being able to share something INCREDIBLE like this amazing collection, all I can say is thanks to Gary, and thanks to the readership out there.....I know this will be popular, aas it SHOULD BE because it is BOTH rare and great.......enjoy it, and if you REALLY enjoy it, maybe just say thanks, and if you super-double enjoy it, maybe dust something rare that YOU have off, and contribute it for the rest of us...........come on I KNOW some of you have some raritites out there that the rest of us would love to hear........as a matter of fact, I have one coming up in just a few minutes, but thanks so much to Gary and thanks so much to everyone who wastes a minute or two reading this blog whenever I happen to get around to it.

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