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The Dickies Part 2

So, one enquiring mind wanted to know whether "In the US, did "Dawn of the Dickies" come out
before "The Incredible Shrinking Dickies?" Answer: FUCK I DONT KNOW, I think I bought them at the same time, geez the stuff people worry about......I am usre "Incredible" came out first, and I am ALSO certain, WHO GIVES A FUCK? It's all HERE, and that is what matters........SO, nit-picker, the first album we shall lead off with this evening is 1979's "The Incredible Shrinking Dickies", a classic among classics......another great 5-star classic, includes the classic version of "Paranoid", also, "You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)", "Eve of Destruction", "Poodle Party", "Mental Ward" and plenty more short, fast blasts of power-punk greatness.......a MUST HAVE!

Next up another single, this one I think I've already made both tracks available, but here we have "Fan Mail"/ bw "I'm Stuck In a Pagoda (With Tricia Toyota")......it's here if you want it , a fine single. Also from 1980, we have the "Gigantor" EP, which has the (I think) only version of "Bowling With Bedrock Barney"......1980 also saw the release of the single version of the (previously available) "Nights In White Satin", which does contain a unique B-side, "Waterslide".

Next up we have a true rarity, the 7""Dawn of the Outtakes", which features three tracks that I think are available only here (See track list).....yet another 7" from 1983 is the "Out of Sight" b/w "Communication Breakdown" disc.......another one that, if you are a TRUE Dickies fan, you NEED.....next up we have (finally) another full length, "Stukas Over Disneyland", which has some repeat material (ie "Communication Breakdown"), but also the fab "Pretty Please Me" and several live tracks........also essential.

I think I'm going to leave it at here for tonight, I'll put up some more tomorrrow.....this is one of the
great "forgotten" bands of the 1980's, and each morsel here needs to be SAVORED. There is lots more to come, but I wanna go hit the sack for tonight.......see ya tomorrow with a bunch MORE Dickies, some rare as shit, so stick around!

THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING DICKIES-01 Give It Back/02 Poodle Party/03 paranoid/04 She/05 Shadow man/06 Mental Ward/07 Eve of Destruction/08 You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)/09 Waterslide/10 Walk Like an Egg/11 Curb Job/12 Shake & Bake/13 Rondo (The Midgets Revenge)/14 I'm OK, You're OK/15 Silent Night/16 Sounds Of Silence/17 Banana Splits/18 Hideous/19 Got It at the Store

FAN MAIL 7"-01 Fan mail/02 I'm Stuck In a pagoda (With Tricia Toyota)
GIGANTOR EP-01 Gigantor/02 Eve Of Destruction (Censored Version)/03 Bowling With Bedrock Barney
NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN 7"-01 Nights In White Satin/02 Waterslide
DAWN OF THE OUTTAKES 7"-01 Cross Eyed Tammy/02 Monkey See Monkey Do/03 Why Do
You Do
OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND 7"-01 Out of Sight/02 Communication Breakdown
STUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND-01 Pretty Please Me/02 Wagon Train/03 If Stuart Could talk/04 Stukas Over Disneyland/05 I'm Ok You're Ok/06 Bedrock Barney (Live)/07 Gigantor (Live)/08 Rosemary/09 She's a Hunchback/10 Out of Sight, Out of Mind/11 Communication Breakdown
Savor every bite, the Dickies were the fucking shit.......this is a slice of my young life here, and every second of it is fucking awesome........more tomorrow and the rest of the weekend!

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