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Finally, Part 1 of the DICKIES!

The Dickies were fucking great. Period. fun, fast, humorous, rocking, stupid (in the BEST
way)......they were tremendous. this is goig to take me a few days because a while back I found a huge Torrent with all thier great stuff, singles, EP's and the like, and I am going to post ALL of it, they were a fantastic, fun, and great band, and they deserve to have thier legacey cemented HERE.

Something, maybe, of a "west coast Ramones", they had the humor and the good sense to NOT take themsleves seriously, which made for some classic moments. This torrent is pretty damn comprehensive, so, I guess we'll just go chronologically........no matter, they were great, super fast (thier cover of "Paranoid" is long one of my favorites)., and I hope you enjoy all the scraps and rarities this torrent consists of.....I might even have an boot or two back in the back I'll have to throw on here, we'll see, but for now this is gonna take at LEAST 2-4 days, and it will be worth it trust me.....

BTW personal note to my homeboy Anide James, please send me the name of your new blog again so I can link to it, I lost it somehow, (yes, I am a fuckup, or at least a drunken stoner).....

First thing we got here is a 1977 demo....it's primitive and punky, and has four wonderful tunes here, al clocking in around 2 minutes or so.......hey, if I were you I'd grab THIS rarity, remember we are going chronologically as best I can anyway.

Next we got from 1977 a 7" promo that had something to do with that "Saturday Morning Cartoons" comp, I think, in which the lads take on "The Banana Splits Song" ("Tra-La-La-La").....backed with "Sounds of Silence", WHAT THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Do you fucking think I'm JOKING here? YOU WANT THIS!

Our next 7" is the aforementioned "Paranoid", which is done in an incredible high-speed version, (the bass playing is simply to die for), with B side "I'm Ok, Your'e OK", another one which you may never have seen before, this is your chacne to snatch this classic single.

How about another 7" single? No? well, blow me.......this is thier remarkable 1978 take on "Silent
Night" b/w "Sounds of Silence", (yes I know it's a repeater), this one belongs on every shelf as well, this was a one of a kind band, my earlier "West Coast Ramones" referencec is perhaps the best I can come up with in form of comparrison, but let me tell you.........THE DICKIES WERE FUCKING GREAT. PERIOD.

Next up we have an EP from 1978, "Banana Splits", which reprises the earlier classic version, ane adds on the great "Hideous" and "Got It at the Store".......ya don't wanna miss this one EITHER....yes, I COULD HAVE created an "album" with ALL this stuff on it, BUT I am showing respect to the band and presenting thier material as released.........I WANT newcomers to appreciate the picture as a whole.

OK, so now it is 1979 (My year of High School Seniorism!-"The Dudes are Sharp, the ladies are Fine, we are the class of 79!", beleive it or not, we actually DID chant that, I apologize to the world), and thier first full length "Dawn of the Dickies".....one of the greatest albums of that great year, it is loaded with gems (randomly, "Where Did His Eye Go". "Infidel Zombie", the amazing "Nights In White Satin", the classic "I'm Stuck In a Pagoda (with Tricia Toyota"), "Attack of the Mole Men"......but why quibble.......5-star album, on of the greatest soundtrack memories of my senior year in High School.......fantastic set.

To this first batch, I'll add the "Nights In White Satin" singel (b/w "Waterslide"), and I think we'll leave it here for now, thusly we can lead off the next post with ANOTHER classic album "The Incredible Shrinking Dickies"..........there is PLENTY of stuff here to scale your fins, trust me, make a damn comment or two, because this shit is DESERVED of our memories as rock n roll kids of the 70's and 80's.......see ya tomorrow with the next chapter!........Tell "both" of yer friends about this mega post!

1977 DEMO-01 Hideous/02 OK/03 Ape/04 Egg

BANANA SPLITS 7" PROMO-01 Banana Splits (The Tra la Song)/02 Sounds of Silence

PARANOID 7"-01 Paranoid/02 I'm Ok You're Ok

SILENT NIGHT 7"-01 Silent Night/02 Sounds Of Silence

BANANA SPLITS EP-01 Banana Splits/02 Hideous/03 Got It At the Store

DAWN OF THE DICKIES-01 Where Did His Eye Go/02 Fan Mail/03 Manny Moe And Jack/04 Infidel Zombie/05 I'm a Chollo/06 Nights In White Satin/07 I'm Stuck In a Pagoda (With Tricia Toyota)/08 I've Got a Splitting Headache/09 Attack of the Mole Men/10 She Loves Me Not/11 Gigantor

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