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Some submissions from outside on a Monday........

Didn't post over the weekend, sorry, sometimes I just need a break for a day or two, even being
retired (LOOKING for a damn job though, I am so damn bored)......I have a few submissions and odds and ends I think I'll put up for today, let us see what you think.

First, I recieved a very nice email from David Dietze of the band Marytre, whom I did a post on a year or so ago, they are quite good, Nirvana-style grunge stuff, (what ever could be wrong with THAT?).....anyway, they have a new single/video out and they as that I share it with you, which I am certainly glad to do......if you check it, be sure and go back and check their album which (I assume) is still available. This is a YouTube link, the song is called "That Much Is Certain", these seem like (from the email chats I've had with them etc), like a bunch of great guys, and I do love me some Nirvana-style grunge every day of the week.....



Next up I received a submission from a band called Kiss Is Kill for thier new album "Imposter Syndrome",  they are a sort of techno-metal outfit, I HAVE checked this out and it is not bad at all, you can access their new album as follows:

use thier bandcamp link


and then use code 


as with all start up type bands, it's imperative that we listen to them......if we like them we SAY SO and share them, if we don't care for them, we be honest about that as well.......I think this is a decent band, kind of remind me maybe of Chemlab or something like that, do you have nothing better to do than to review a free album? it does rock out hard, too trust me


And as great as it always is to hear from my brother Dave Sez, here are a couple of links I've posted before from Linton Kwesi Johnson, in case my blog has gained some new reggae fans thanks to the greatness of contributor Cliff.........remember these are from the great Dave Sez, so issue thanks to the proper party......




Dave Sez is without a doubt the greatest human being on the planet when it comes to his generosity!


I have a couple more soundtrack links from Brian that I'll put up later tonight or tomorrow, for those whom have asked about Brian and his blog, I will just say he is taking some time away from it and we will see what happens. That's really all I can or need to say about that, he's a good friend and a great contributor, hopefully we will see some of his work again soon (I will say that "Swans" thing was nothing short of EPIC)

Anyway, I'll probably post again later this evening, not sure what we'll go with, I just found some Soviet Punk, maybe that, or maybe some total other direction.......I DO try to keep it fresh and varied, but do me this favor and check Marytre and Kiss Is Kill, they are out there JUST WANTING TO BE HEARD BY YOUR EARS.........I want up and comers to contribute here, and I will continue to post whatever they wish to send me........PLEASE give them a listen and submit your (HONEST) critique of them.

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