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Platinum Blonde

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Don't know if you know this one or not, I had forgotten COMPLETELY about it (hint: it's SORT
OF forgettable), this is album #2 from the Canadian band Platinum Blonde....as happens to me once in a while in my bored, retired state of mind, I thought of this 1985 release today and popped it on, honest to God, I wouldn't have been able to tell you the first detail about the album (from memory), but I must say, it's really pretty damn good......

The first album was "Standing In the Dark".......have never heard it, never seen a copy of it, know ZERO about it, sorry.....what I have here is album #2, "Alien Shores", which, for my money, is an underappreciated disc from that decade that contains so many of them, the 1980's, when the gap between the Clash and Nirvana was a HUGE void that was filled with thousands of great and unknwo albums, if you were in college in these years, you know EXACTLY what I'm saying, if not, well, likely there are still some wonderful experiences here that might just wake up your ears to soemthing new...hell at the very LEAST you can impress your friends as being smarter than them.

"Alien Shores" is somewhat notabale for the borrowing of Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson (you know the one member of Rush who is NOT in need of a full lobotomy) on a couple of tracks.......I won't tell you which, because it is so INCREDIBLY easy to figure out.

Sort of a minor-league Rush effort (geeez it's funny even to try to TYPE it!), there are a bunch of sci-fi themes and the like here, not that the concept really holds together well or anything.......this is maybe a 2 star album, being generous too, and I post it here as one of those UNKNOWN efforts that to you or Jim or George just might become something of a treausred favorite, you never know.......

Thoughts please....come on, I have to "think" each day about what albums might interest you zoners, the least you can do is listen and report back....other than that, you guys are great, and I love you all......obviously, the chicks, much, much  more!

ALIEN SHORES-01 Crying Over You/02 Situation Critical/03 Red Light/04 It Ain't Love Anyway/05 Somebody Somewhere/06 Lost In Space/07 Temple of the New Born/08 Holy Water/09 Animal/10 Hungry Eyes

Come on guys, let me know your thoughts......I drag this stuff out on a daily basis and listen to it, and make highly informed decisions (a JOKE) about what I will present to my rabid followers.....anyway, tonight, let's talk some nazi-rock, some 2nd-generation Blue Cheer, some goofball once-removed Rush, and God knows what else I may think of before I go to bed.

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