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While I'm out bar hopping, Brian is creating more posts for ya......

As you certainly are aware by now, Biran is mu go-to comedy/soundtrack guy, he seems to work round the clock to get these WONDERFUL comedy  posts up so often.....as I have told you a zillions times, I am no expert on comedy albums, I will leave that to Bran, the reaction to ALL of his comedy album posts have been simply spectacular......as he continues on, I will continue to post all of the stuff he shares with me for my minions, he is REALLY into this comedy stuff and knows his shit about it........if he says it's funny, I am sure it is, ande you hosers oughta be clicking away to aedd these to your collection......what we have here is the FIFTH part of Brian's George Carlin monster-mega post, as I have said before, I have not heard (probably) any of this post 1980's stuff, but I am sure that the Comedy Kid (Brian) can fill you in on any details you may need.........so here they be, and as always, if you prefer, you are free to download them from HIS blog, you are under no obligation to do so here.......his blog of course is


But if yous just wish to hang here, feel free to grab em from here as well, we don't care WHERE ya get em from, it's the fact that ya GET EM!.....I am sure Brian would agree........


George Carlin Project Part 5 - the 80's

A Place For My Stuff   DOWNLOAD
This was George's first album after taking a post-heart attack break of 2 years. And it is unique amongst all his stuff, because part of it is skits recorded in a studio. The album is anchored by two long routines ("Stuff" and "Fussy Eater"), but interspersed throughout are fake ads, announcements, and some interview skits. This whole thing is hilarious! The Jesus Interview, and oh man, "The Book Club"!
Carlin on Campus   DOWNLOAD
He had an HBO special with this name, but the album is about half different from that material. "Cars and Driving", the "Leftfielders" bits, and the "Incomplete List of Impolite Words"...this is a funny one.
Playin' With Your Head   DOWNLOAD
This was his last album where he indulged in the softer, observational humor. This is just classic - "Hello Goodbye", "Love and Regards", "Losing Things". I still laugh at this one. Sorry, the tracks aren't titled, but that can be an easy fix.
What Am I Doing In New Jersey?   DOWNLOAD
This is where George became topical. Opening with both barrels against the Reagan administration and the hypocritical 80's, and he doesn't let up. Also includes the great "More Things About Cars and Driving". This is a turning point in his career.
Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics   DOWNLOAD
When I was a kid, this was the first non-70's album of his that I'd heard, and it was like a slap to the face. It's weird - he lived another 20 years, but he never sounded older than he does here.
80's Bootleg Video   DOWNLOAD

Some good stuff in this one.

1. The opening monologue of the Tonight Show that George hosted in '83.
2. An appearance on Arsenio from '89. He talks a lot about old R&B and even goes to the piano to sing a little!
3. "Cars and Driving" from the Carlin on Campus special. Some of the best physical comedy he ever did.
4. Several good parts from "Carlin at Carnegie", including the cartoon interstitial.

I think that's all that's on it. Enjoy!

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