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And Brian back again, with some more Pryor this time....

I know you comedy fans have to be loving Brian's tireless efforts, posting up the giants of modern comedy (Carlin, Pryor, Bruce, Firesign Theater, National Lampoon, whatever else he has in store).....used to listen to Pryor quite a bit as a lad, thought he was pretty damn funny, but as I've said 4356 times now, comedy records were never my thing, so much as obscure rock music......which is why I am thrilled to have a lieutenant that is happy to help with HIS field of expertise, that being comedy.......as I always feel the need to state, these links can always be found, along with others that he doesn't share with me, on HIS blog


you can get em either place, makes neither of us not difference that I know of, just so ya get em....according to Brian the Pryor stuff is HOT HOT HOT so you will want to be getting some of this golden stuff......I am not qualified to comment on it, so take it away, again, Brian......


Richard Pryor Discography Part 2 - The Warner Brothers Albums

I am not going to analyze this stuff or write paragraphs for each. Pryor's discography ended after 1983, unfortunately.

They're all funny, they're all essential. It'll fly out the door, I'm sure. I also included an interesting extra at the end.
That Nigger's Crazy   DOWNLOAD
Bicentennial Nigger   DOWNLOAD
Is It Something I Said?  DOWNLOAD
Wanted: Live In Concert
Live On the Sunset Strip   DOWNLOAD
Here and Now   DOWNLOAD
George Carlin '97 and Richard Pryor '72   DOWNLOAD
Lenny Bruce Misc   DOWNLOAD

This is a trio of interesting stuff. The first thing is a fascinating interview with Carlin about his early days. The last half is an appearance Pryor did on public radio after the Attica riots. He philosophizes, reads some poetry, and plays several awesome Last Poets songs. Definitely give this a listen

The Lenny file is a 15 minute video of him in the Steve Allen show. Then is "Lenny Bruce Comes Clean", a 35 minute recording from a gig where Lenny talks about drugs and is very forthcoming about his habits. Fascinating. Never heard of it til I found it.

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