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Brian the Comedy Kid is at it again

First of all we have part 4 of his George Carlin extravaganza, as always, I am no comedy recordings expert, but he is, so I am sure there is some wonderful material here for you comedy fans........I will be checking these out because likely I have never heard the bulk of them....anyway, if I haven't heard em, I'm certainly not qualified to comment upon them, so  Brian takes over here........and of course, you can always access this stuff (and LOTS more on his blog


, or here, matters not to me at least, but if you do sample, please extend all thanks to him for these comedy classics, as I am the mere middle man here.......remember? I am the stoner rock/obscure punk/unknown nugget rock/psycho-metal expert?)


The George Carlin Project Part 4 - The 60's

Allow me to toot my own horn for a minute. I wanted to be complete with this Carlin project, and I knew the 60's stuff would hang me up. I've had both of these on vinyl for a long time, had no way to convert them. So, this post ended up involving money: an iTunes purchase for the material with Jack Burns, and $40 for a CD copy of the long out of print "Take-Offs and Put Ons". I looked at it as I'm giving these to the fans, so I hope they are enjoyed. Both albums are in one file.

For those that are interested, HERE is a well done timeline of George between 1960-69.
George Carlin & Jack Burns (recorded in 1960, released in '63)   DOWNLOAD

This early album recorded with George's comedy partner Jack Burns has seen a lot of releases over the years. First this....
then this (which I have on LP)....

then this version in the early 80's....
then this ugly-covered version on iTunes, which is what I've uploaded...

This album is sneaky. It starts out with some safe media spoofing bits, then comes "Captain Jack and Jolly George", where the boys are hosting a kids show and selling junkie kits and Lolita manuals to all the little boys and girls. It's hilarious! And the lampooning of beatniks on "The Cool World" is good too. And being a Lenny Bruce fan, hearing George do Lenny's "Djinni" bit is a treasure. As it goes for two man nightclub acts in the early 60's - and I've heard a few - Carlin & Burns were good.

Take-Offs & Put-Ons

I've always loves George's debut album. I've had it on vinyl for a long time. His spoofing of media, commercials, radio, was always dead on. This is a largely ignored (and VERY out of print) album. And it's not like he completely gave this stuff up when he changed at the end of the 60's.   This kind of spoofing showed up here and there, even into his post-2000 audiobooks.

Anyway, I still laugh at this. I can see how he needed to change his style - this kind of comedy would've died onstage ten years later. But it is fascinating to hear how assured he is. And now that you've heard all this, NOW go back and listen to "FM & AM".

Hope this one is popular. It was a labor of love - believe me when I tell you this audio material is NOWHERE ELSE on the internet!

Here's the link again - DOWNLOAD

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