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Brian Parker continues the comedy deluge

Evidently working around the clock to provide you with the best in extensive comedy/soundtrack posts, Brian Parker returns today with the second part of the epic Lenny Bruce post.....as I've stated befoer I am not very knowledgeable about recorded comedy, but I always did like the ahead-of-it's-time work of Lenny Bruce.....note you can download it from here or visit Brian's blog and sample them from there.....


So, I don't have much to add, I haven't heard these things yet, so I will allow Brian to comment on these, enjoy them......

The Genius of Lenny Bruce Part 2

Took me awhile to put this together. And someone kindly pointed out to me that my "Originals Vol 1" link in the first Lenny post was actually Vol. 2, so I'll be putting that back up in the next post. I'm also resurrecting "To Is A Preposition, Come Is A Verb" from awhile ago. And even though "Carnegie" and "Curran Theater" are 2 disc sets, they only take up one file each. And for those that like this stuff, there will be a Lenny Bruce Part 3. I bought this recently....

It'll take me a week or two to rip and catalog all 6 discs of that, so keep checking back. I can guarantee that box set won't be found anywhere else!

I realized after 15 or so posts that I'm hellbent on presenting comedy albums. It's something I love, and there are almost no blogs doing it. I'll still post other genres of stuff, but I intend to do a post on every comic I like: George Carlin, Mitch Hedberg, Patton Oswalt, Richard Pryor, Steven Wright, National Lampoon, Stan Freberg, Bill Hicks, Cheech and Chong (fuck off, they're funny), Doug Stanhope, Woody Allen, Joan Rivers (yeah, I said those last two)....anyway, off we go.

The circumstances of this concert are the stuff of legend....a midnight show at Carnegie Hall, in the middle of a blizzard. Lenny achieves full flight onstage. Nothing is taboo - homosexuality, oral sex, obscenity, Vegas, the KKK, titties, the Clap, Christ and Moses, child molesters...
Unfortunately not released til after Lenny died - and originally in a very butchered form (a 35 min. LP) - one could call this the defining moment of Lenny's career. One of the best comedy albums ever.


Another great 2 disc show, and the other centerpiece Lenny concert on tape. A free-flowing show, anything is fair game. I'd even put this a bit above "Carnegie". It's calmer, a bit more incisive. See if you notice the nasal-sounding cough-tic in Lenny's voice.

BUSTED! LIVE 1962 Download

This one pushes the envelope. Never mind the bust at the end - it's actually a quiet affair - the whole gig itself is in your face. Maybe Lenny sensed the bust coming (I've read about how many cops were in the audience) and just said "hell with it!"



For any who've actually seen the film, which is about all the footage there was of Lenny, you might remember it being a sedate gig of him going over his law woes. It actually works better as audio. Also contains "Christians and Jews", Lenny's other great religious routine.

As I said, there'll be a Part 3. Lenny was a genius, and when I'm done you will have EVERYTHING.


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