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Cliff is back with more reggae

A few weeks ago I posted the legendary "The Harder They Come" soundtrack (an obvious classic) and
stated at the time that I am more of a reggae "dabbler", I really don't have a lot of reggae stuff in my collection.......don't get me wrong, I DO love the music, I am just really not an expert on it, far from it, if you've been around here for any time at all, you know where my so-called "expertise" lies, and it ain't reggae......but as I said I DO enjoy listening to it, always have, thusly Cliff is a perfect fit here, because he IS a reggae expert and is able to turn us on to some of the classic reggae in his collection.......if you share anything from Cliff's posts, please thank him so he stays around for a while, his previous posts have been hit pretty hard (were quite popular), and as long as I am around, Cliff will ALWAYS be welcome with his amazing reggae posts.....I wish I could think of a clever title for his contributions, hell, maybe by next week I will, but for now, take it away Cliff, and thanks again for the great posts and music!
1978 album from a legendary roots tri-part harmony combofamous for their close harmonies and promotion of the Rastafari movement in their lyrics. Consisting of the Manning brothers; Donald and Lynford and Bernard 'Satta' Collins, The Abyssinians serve up a solid piece of laid back roots vibes, with an insistent, conscious message, and crisp, rolling grooves supplied by Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare., Tommy McCook to name but a few.  Although not quite reaching the standard of their legendary Satta Massagane this album is worthy to be in anyones  record collection. Arise comes  at a different pace, the rhythms are more forceful, they take more of a lead in the total sound of the Abyssinians but the lyrics still reach right inside you. 
1.Oh Lord 2.This Land Is For Everyone 3.Mightiest Of All 4.Meditation 5.Wicked Men 6.Jah Loves 7.Dem A Come 8.South African Enlistment 9.Hey You 10.Let My Days Be Long


This is seen as U Roy’s  stand out piece of work . The sound is so classic, the original dancehall vibe, a US RnB inspired rockers riddim with U-Roy’s timeless toasts laced perfectly through the mix. The man’s tone and timing are impeccable.U-Roy popularized and gained a wider audience for "toasting"; rapping over "versions" of popular songs remixed by King Tubby.  The standout track “Runaway Girl" features the DJ pioneer "rapping" over an instrumental version of Ken Boothe's "Just Another Girl". " His lyrics run the gamut of Rastafari concerns,(Dreadlock Dread) to troubles with females (I Can’t Love Another) and royalist run-ins (Chalice In The Palace). “Chalice in the Palace” was a reworked version of the Mighty Diamonds'"Queen Majesty" and became his signature tune.  The uncredited musicians generally stay out of the way but get their own instrumental track at the arse end of the album, “Trench Town Rock” Some may not get what this album is about straight away but give it a few listens and fuck it you won’t be sorry.  And what a record sleeve!!
1. Runaway Girl 2. Chalice In The Palace 3. I Can’t Love Another 4. Dreadlock Dread 5. The Great Psalms 6. Natty Don’t Fear 7. African Message 8. Silver Bird 9. Listen To The Teacher 10. Trench Town Rock

I’ve not been the greatest fan of Peter Tosh’s solo work, the once upon a time member of the Wailers with Robert Nesta Marley but this is a good solid and varied album. The album moves from tracks with a heavy roots feel of “Comin In Hot” to the bounce of “Wanted Dread & Alive” to the soulful sound of “Nothing But Love”, a duet with the Jamaican Singer Gwen Guthrie. The outstanding track for me is “Fools Die” a quiet and mediatative ballad on wisdom and life.  Wanted Dread & Alive is characterised by some beautiful playing by Sly and Robbie (who else)the wonderful horn arrangements of Mickey Chung and tight harmonies provided by the Tamlins, all  featured in an eclectic mix of soul , pop and roots reggae.
1. Coming In Hot 2. Nothing But Love 3. Reggaemylitis 4. Rok With Me 5. Oh Bumbo Klatt
6. Wanted Dread And Alive 7. Rastafari Is 8. Guide Me From My Friends 
9. Fools Die
Bonus Tracks: 10. The Poor Man Feel It  11. Cold Blood 12. That’s What They will Do 13. Rok With Me (Alternate Long Version) 14. Nothing But Love (Long Version)


Thanks so much Cliff, really great shit, thrilled to have you on board.........wonderful contributions!

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