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Got a LOT of stuff to do tonight, lets start with guested links

Been away from the computer this weekend and Monday for the most part, my son had a college visit, my
wife "celebrated" her 49th birthday, which, as always, fell on the date of my father's passing away (this being the 25th anniversary of it actually), so both a busy and emotional time.......I have enough guest posts and guest posted links to fill up a LOT of blog space and I'm gonna do it, Brian has part 4 of his amazing Swans post completed, Cliff gives us another reggae masterpiece, Apantabapanta has started a new, intersting, and unusual project which we will see, but first, let's continue the tradition I started a couple of weeks ago of bringing guests contributed links to the forefront......it came to my slow-witted attention that when one of my great friends like Andie James or Dave Sez  adds a valueable link to the comments section, it may go unnoticed as I shouldn't expect you folks to go back and re-read my comments sections each day......a couple weeks ago I brought a bunch of contributed links to the front page, I have no way to track the download numbers as they are technically not on MY Zippy account, but I don't care.....it makes it EASIER for you guys to get MORE quality music, and THAT is what I care about......btw, the response/reaction to my attempt to better highlight the contributed links was quite favorable, and it is something I will continue to do every couple of  weeks.......hey, I have good ideas sometimes, it just takes them a while to burst through all the sludge......(oh, you say "why is there a picture of former NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WINNER JIM TRESSEL OF FORMER OHIO STATE GREATNESS pictured here? Well, because my son Grant's college visit was at Youngstown State, where Tressel is now the University President, I got to meet him and talk to him for a few minutes, which, to me, was a thrill, a privlege, an honor, and a pleasure, and I sure as HELL did thank him for teh great years at OSU, specifically the 2003 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

OK, first let's start with the last thing I posted, Saturday, the Mo-Dettes "The Story So Far".....my always eager to please friend Andie James comes through with THIS great comment and link:

Hi Scott,

Four Mo-Dettes singles were also released and make up the bonus tracks on the 2008 Re-Issue of The Story So Far...

But that's no fun, so here are the four singles with cover scans 

White Mice/Masochistic Opposite
Paint It Black/Bitta Truth
Dark Park Creeping/Two Can Play
Tonight/Waltz In Blue Minor


Great stuff Andie, I have a vinyl single of "masochistic Opposites/White Mice Disco" here somewhere, finding it would be quite another issue.......again, you do a FANTASTIC job of supplementing my posts with stuff from your stash, which we will all see IN SPADES here in a minute........


OK, a couple days before THAT, we did a post regarding Public Image Limited, it was quite popular, MUCH more so than I expected, and we had some great submissions to compliment the stuff from MY collection:

First my GREAT and generous friend Dave Sez contributes a pair of rare live Jah Wobble links, which if I were you I would RUN not walk to get these, very rare, very unique, and very great, thanks Dave!

Hi Scott! Yuh, I also went off PiL when Jah Wobble left, but here's some rare goodies:



Cheers, Dave Sez.

Also, in regard to PIL, my buddy simonthecat reminisced (as did I) about the look on Dick Clark's face as PIL performed on American bandstand, 1980........so, what the hell, I dug up a YouTube clip of it, here it is in all it's glory, have you never seen this, your life is lacking just a touch.......I STRONGLY recommend giving this a look if you are in the biz of "understanding" what PIL were trying to "accomplish" at the time.....



And one more HUGE contribution from Andie James.......I'll let him explain it to you, but this is as close as we can get to the original vinyl recordings of the classic "Metal Box", YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS, I am not kidding, this is an amazing sonic listening experience.....DO NOT contact me a year from now asking me to re-up this, get it NOW, it is almost impossible to find in this format and is a MUST HEAR experience.......Please, please, please, if you have never heard the original recordings, here is your chance and I advise you take it on........Andie, again, you are the MAN, and I mean that, of course, in multiple meanings (in case you don't know the story, I once thought Andie was a chick, and he was cool enough to have a sense of humor about it rather than get pissed as so many would......a great DUDE Andie james is, and this is a SOLID GOLD contribution, again, don't miss this one:

Hi Scott,
Please excuse me while I blow your ears clean off...

Ripped from a triple 12" vinyl set released on Virgin Records (METAL 1) in 1979 to high resolution and high quality lossless 24-96000 FLAC audio then converted for playback to MP3 @ 320kbps


The full FLAC file is 1.2GB and Zippy completely freaked out, but this amazing rip at 320 is sonically awesome in comparison to my CD rip...

This is Scott, again, and once again, do not underestimate how badly you REALLY DO want to hear this, quite an experience for what is normally a high dollar collector's item..........


So, next up, Comedy/Soundtrack afficianado Brian Parker was pondering what he should do for his next post.......anyway, someone asked for some Martin Mull (I personally do not have much of a comedy stash, really other than what I've gotten the last few months from Brian), anyway, the SPECIFIC Mull recording that was requested wasn't in Brian's arsenal, however, he did contribute a vinyl rip of "Sex and Violins" (I know NOTHING about it, I'll defer to his judgement, which on comedy recordings hasn't let us down yet (fantastic Firesign Theater and Lenny Bruce stuff notably, and more, so logically this is likely a winner as well:

Sorry, the only Martin Mull I have is on vinyl. I did find this rip of Sex & Violins though...


And, remember, Brian doesn't send me EVERYTHING he does, he has other stuff on his own blog, 


recently even highlighting GG Alin, which I did years ago........but please patronize his blog as well, check it out and look around at least, he does a fine job and is trying to find his niche.


OK, that is it for THIS post, but NOT for tonight, by a long shot.......I have a gaggle of guest posts (FULL posts, not just link submissions) that will rattle your gums, trust me.........but for now, enjoy these fabulous links, if you pick off any (or all) of them, PLEASE thank Andie james, Dave Sez, or Brian parker, or all three, they are all GREAT friends of this blog and REALLY help to expand the spectrum of stuff I can help to provide and share!

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