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The Restarts

Ok, I was fucking around with the Pat Boone thing, as I will be with the "Star Trek" shit when I get it
ready (Anybody have thte 4 disc "Golden Throats" compilations, MORE truly awful recordings, can you even imagine Phyllis Diller's "Satisfaction"?)

Anyway, let's go back to some legit shit for tonight as well.....The Restarts were a punk band from London, pretty frantic and noisy......they arrived a little late at the prom, I don't have thier earlier stuff, but these albums here are pretty damn good (also included is a rare split with them and Fleas and Lice)......

The Restarts were Kieran Plunket (bass/vocals), Robin (guitar/vocals), and Bram (drums/vocals).....actually I like these albums quite a bit, not classics or anything like that, but certainly respectable, latter-day punk........I know they are FAIRLY obscure, and you know I love shit like that anyway, so fans of 70's/80's punk, PLEASE try these out (at least one of em!) and gimme a full report, as you know, I be WANTING MORE COMMENTARY as I work tirelessly, and just hearing a word or three about the quality or lack of in the posts makes me smile (not much does, unless it intoxicates me or makes me orgasm)........

Come on, take a shot.......lotsa punk rockers here, got FIVE albums for ya here, check em out, it's loud, it's fast, it's short/explosive blasts.....ya know, kinda like punk is SUPPOSED TO BE......

Seriously, pretty good, and a full report (or at least a few words) will be greatly appreciated, in fact, much more than you will ever know.......please......I offer thi stuff up in hopes of interesting you, the download numbers seem to indicate that it DOES interest you, so why not just tell me what you think about it......it won't take ya but a minute, and it RALLY WILL make yer uncle feel like he's  "making a fucking difference!"

Note: the first album listed here "Actively Seeking Work" is a collection of thier older tracks, and is the one I recommend if you desire only one.......also the split mentioned before, Fleas and Lice are not too bad, either........"All you young punks, laugh your life, there ain't much to cry for.....all you young cunts, live it now, there aint much to die for".......

ACTIVELY SEEKING WORK-01 Delirium Tremens/02 Frustration/03 Fuck the Lottery/04 New Way/05 No Confidence/06 Disconnected/07 just Gets Worse/08 Mind Yer Own Buisness/09 Dysfunction/10 Boozin/11 Gang Mentality/12 Hate You/13 Victimization/14 Contempt/15 Exterminate/16 State Rape/17 Divide and Rule/18 Fare Evasion/19 The Ladder/20 Drunken Voices/21 Tinpot Hitler/22 Parasite Monarchy/23 Times hard

OUTSIDER-01 Outsider/02 On To You/03 Enemy's Enemy/04 Cluster Bombs/05 No Escape/06 Blown It/07 Running Out of Time/08 Intelligent Design/09 Wake Up/10 Still Bored/11 Mindless Violence/12 Koyanninquastsi/13 Bolloxology

SLUMWORLD-01 Fuck That Shit/02 Legacy of Bigotry/03 Labelled Inferior/04 Genetic Code/05 Prophecy/06 Terrorbreed/07 Humane/08 B.R.C.M./09 Screaming City/10 Your World/11 Same Old Shit/12 Static/13 Jihad/14 Skint/15 Better Off Dead/16 Does Your Mother Know

SYSTEM ERROR-01 Time Waster/02 Walk Away/03 Breaking My Balls/04 System Error/05 X228/06 Crucified/07 Age of Fear/08 Double Standards/09 Wouldn't Want To/10 Never Know/11 Frustration/12 Hows yer Father

SPLIT WITH FLEAS AND LICE-(Tracks 1-12 Fleas and Lice, Tracks 13-20 The Restarts)-01 Harsh
Realities/02 Breaking the Law/03 I Need a Drink/04 Big Brother/05 Forced To Eat Shit/06 Rest In Punk/07 And Again/08 Delirium Tremens/09 Paranoid World/10 Shit For Brains/11 Lie to Myself/12 The pain/13 State Rape/14 Divide and Rule/15 Fare Evasion/16 The Ladder/17 Drunken Voices/18 Tinpot Hitler/19 Pasrasite Monarchy/20 Times hard

Please give these a shot for me if you are unfamiliar, as you are certainly aware by now, I dig deep into my stash to bring you the music I have spent my life listening to, be it great mainstream shit or relative obscurities such as this.......really, I hope you enjoy the format, rather than "all punk", "all psych", "all grunge" or whatever.......it's not like that, it's just the stuff I've listened to whenever, I listen to music everyday and it gives me great joy to share it with the rest of the world.....when I recieve a comment thanking me for allowing someone to discover something new (to them), it is a joy to me, better than if the reader/listener had sent me an envelope full of vicodins (even though, should you wish to do so, I'd happily end you a mailing address!)

As always, love to all.........really hope you enjoy the music, and especially, the variety/free-form style that I try to use to keep things somewhat unique........thanks for reading/

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