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Hello and a good (I think) guest post

haven't been posting that much of late, busy holiday season and we've had some guests and
etc......after New Years I will be back in force, have a lot of things I want to do, not abandoning you, trust me. Let me take this opportunity to remind you that as a general rule I cannot do a reup on all the requests I get for them.....I'm sorry, I just can't, I get FAR too many, either in comments or by email......let me say again, if you want something reupped, it is up to YOU to offer up something to make the blog better FIRST. As you know I appreciate contributions, and I appreciate them SO MUCH that I will bend the rules and either reup the requested link or simply send it to you via email.....I just get SO MANY of them that if you can't so something to help out the rest of us, I just can't do it.......(obviously this does not go for Davae Sez or ApantaBapanta or Jonman or some others, who are longtime contributors for whom I would do ANYTHING!)

I had an email from a guy requesting something, and he did include an album with his request, if you are HIM, (right now I forget what he requested OR what he submitted), I will hook you up in the enxt few days (the guy expresseed interest in being a semi-regular contributor, and I hope he does become one, the more the better.....btw whatever happened to that guy who was going to create a 3-4 day comp series on the history of bands from the Washington DC area? I forget who he was, but I was really looking forward to that one).

Anyway, be well, I will take care of biz as best as I can, please contribute anything you may have to make the blog better, doesn't even have to be music, can be photography, short stories, movie reviews, sports talk, ANYTHING that might be of interest to anyone else/me.......YOU guys are the life blood of this blog, sometimes I feel like I'm letting you down if I don't post like EVERYDAY, but lately I have just been swamped.......after the start of the year I'll get back to a fairly regular posting schedule.

ANYWAY, here's a good one for today, a fine email from Thomas aka Indigoinsf, a NEW blogfriend whom is making (I think) his first appearance here:

I have been enjoying your blog .. Growing bored for a living .. finding some very tasty treats... thanks
David Baerwald - Triage.zip

Essra Mohawk - Essra Mohawk.zip

Essra Mohawk - Essra.zip

Essra Mohawk - Primordial Lovers.zip

sandy hurvitz (essra mohawk) - (1967) sandy's album is here at last.zip

Thomas aka indigoinsf
for all your work and dedication ... I could not find two very important albums , from my world anyway ... but I think you would find a lot of pleasure in them .. The first is David Baerwald's album Triage hailed by the critics but ignored by the public.. The other is the artist Essra Mohawk - Primordial Lovers it is a 1970 lp that in 1977 Rolling Stone Mag listed as one of the 25 all time best albums . I am currently on the hunt for other Essra albums as she has continued to record thru the years...


This is wonderful as I am unfamiliar with ALL OF THESE, I hope someone will shed some light on these albums, but THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR.....send me obscure stuff and I WILL get it out there to the world.....thanks Thomas, I will be checking these albums out ASAP.

As always, Happy New Year to all of you, and if you want to make old Uncle BigScott happy, send me a loaded email like the one above!

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