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Murder City Devils

The Murder City Devils hailed from the Pacific Northwest in the mid 1990's, and they did NOT
really fit the current scene.....while the grunge stuff was the happening thing at the moment, these guys reveled in garage punk/stupid rock, ala the Swingin' Neckbreakers, as though there was something wrong with that.

The Murder City Devils were vocalist Spencer Moody, guitarist Dann Gallucci, bassist Derrick Fudesco,drummer Coady Willis, and later on, keyboard whiz Leslie Hardy.
In 2000 they released their self titled debut.....not bad, it includes thier single "Dance Hall Music", as well as "Get Off the Floor", "Broken Glass", and "Murder City Riot".....a pretty good album, fairly comparable to the Swingin' Neckbreakers or something like that.

Thier followup, after Hardy joined on fulltime, was "Broken Bottles Empty Hearts", which is a fine disc, Hardy's organ play makes it sound somewhat like The Miracle Workers (NOTHING wrong with THAT, RICHT?), it's a good album, perhaps thier best, with good stuff like "I Want a Lot Now", "Dancin' Shoes", and how can we not love a track entitled "Johnny Thunders"?
The next album thye released was "In Name and Blood", which was basically thier finale (full length anyway), it's a prettty damn good disc as well, check out "Press Gang", "Blunkhouse", and "Rum to Whiskey", every bit as solid as the previous effort....."stupid rock" will NEVER die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before disbanding, they released an EP ("Thelma"), which is pretty good and likely is the backbones of what would have been thier next album, had it ever taken shape, and in 2003, Sub Pop relesed a disc with thier 2001 Halloween show (appropriatley entitled "R.I.P. 1996-2001")....this album serves as a sort of "live/greatest hits" disc, and if you are nfamiliar and want a sample, this is likely where I'd go before checking out all the albums.....sounds like they were a hall of a live band, wish I coulda seen em.....

A good, underappreciated band, lemme know whatcha think bout em.......got lotta stuff planned out
for the next few weeks, I'll be more enthusiastic about it if some of you hosers would comment on this stuff now and agqain!

MURDER CITY DEVILS-01 Dance Hall Music/02 It's In My Heart/03 Boom Swagger Room/04 Get off the Floor/05 Flashbulb/06 Broken Glass/07 Murder City Riot/08 Sick of Dreaming/09 Make It On My Own/10 Tell You Brother

BROKEN BOTTLES EMPTY HEARTS-01 I Want a Lot Now (So Come On)/02 Dancin' Shoes/03 18 Wheels/04 Left Hand, Right Hand/05 Ready For More/06 Cradle to the Grave/07 Dear Hearts/08 Hey Sailor/09 Johnny Thunders/10 Stars In Her Eyes

IN NAME AND BLOOD-01 Press Gang/02 I Drank the Wine/03 Blunkhouse/04 Idle Hands/05 Rum to Whiskey/06 I'll Come Running/07 Demon Brother/08 Lumeria Rising/09 Somebody Else's Baby/10 In This Town/11 No Grave But the Sea/12 Field Of Fire

THELEMA (EP) 01 364 Days/02 That's What You Get/03 Bear Away/04 One Vision of May/05 Bride of the Elephant Man

RIP-01 Bear Away/02 I Drink the Wine/03 One Vision of May/04 Midnight Service in the Mutter/05 I Want a Lot Now/06 Rum To Whiskey/07 Dancing Shoes/08 Waltz/09 Dear Hearts/10 That's What You Get/11 Idle Hands/12 Boom Swagger Boom/13 Murder City Riot/14 Press Gang/15 Broken Glass

As usual, I implore you to let me know what ya think bout these....I gotta LOTTA ideas for the next
month or so, I TRY MY DAMNDEST to come up with shit that maybe the bulk of you are unfamiiar with......That's the point round here......talk to me about Murder City Devils, if it is something you appreciate.......coz I got a BUNCHA more shit lined up for you REAL rock n roll fans, perhaps at least a YEAR's WORTH (not kidding), but I need you guys to continue to mshow interest, and that means not just doownloading, but commenting,,,,

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