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The Ultimate Velvet Underground Part 4

The wrap up of this series documenting a lot of music from one of my very favorite bands of them
all.....no need to keep on elaborating about them, I've been raving enough about their greatness the past three days, so allow me to clean off the shelf and wrap this up.

I know there have been a bunch of FLAC files which are just a bit of a pain (think they are a pain to DOWNLOAD? Upload them sometime), but I always leave stuff in the format in which I recieve it, so here comes the final set of FLAC files...first up we have three discs, "The Ultimate Mono and Acetates Album".....the four studio albums, compresssed onto three discs, mixed in mono, basically.....this might be reaching just a bit, but I said I was going to dump everything I had on ya....Finally, another acetate album, "1966-4 Scepter Studios, Norman Dolph Acetate", which includes a variety of remixed early stuff......it's here if ya want it at least.

Next up (and NOT in FLAC) are a few "rarities" discs...."Another View" is a fairly commonly seen rarities comp, I'm sure that between this, the other rarities discs, the stuff on "Peel Slowly" and "Fully Loaded", there will be a good bit of overlap, but probably not too much as to make it redundant. "Another View" contains an instrumental version of "Guess I'm Falling In Love" which I don't remember seeing elsewhere, "Ferryboat Bill", likewise.......worthwhile if your trying to grab every note they ever recorded.

Which is where the four disc "Ultra Rare Trax" would come in...lotsa alts and demos, an extremely
early version of "Walk on the Wild Side", and plenty more (see track lists)......I do believe that even with the bonus tracks on the earlier sets, this is the ultimate in VU rarities........again, if there is MORE out there, that some of you may wish to share, please share it here in the comments section, or send to me and I'll post it, thanks......so thus ends the Velvet Underground marathon, hope you've enjoyed it......if anyone sends me anything anonymously to add to these I will addit HERE in the comments, so be on the lookout.

ULTIMATE MONO ACETATES ALBUM DISC 1-01 Heroin/03 Venus In Furs/04 I'm Waiting For the Man/05 Run Run Run/06 European Son/07 Black Angels Death Song/08 All Tomorrow's Parties/09 I'll Be Your Mirror/10 All Tomorrow's Parties/11 I'll Be Your Mirror/12 Sunday Morning/13 Femme Fatale

ULTIMATE MONO ACETATES ALBUM DISC 2-01  White Light White Heat/02 The Gift/03 Lady Godiva's Operation/04 There She Goes Again/05 I Heard Her Call My Name/06 Sister Ray/07 White Light White Heat/08 Here She Comes Now/09 Jesus/10 I'm Set Free/11 Beginning to See the Light/12 After Hours/13 What Goes On/14 Jesus

ULTIMATE MONO ACETATES ALBUM DISC 3-01 Who Loves the Sun/02 Sweet Jane/04 Rock and Roll/05 Cool It Down/06 Head Held High/07 Lonesome Cowboy Bill/08 I Found a Reason/09 Train Round the Bend/10 Oh! Sweet Nuthin'/11 Who Loves the Sun/12 Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

1966-4 SCEPTER STUDIOS NORMAN DOLPH ACETATES-01 European Son/02 Black Angel's Death Son/03 All Tomorrow's Parties/04 I'll Be Your Mirror/05 Heroin/06 Femme Fatale/07 Venus In Furs/08 I'm Waiting For the Man/09 Run Run Run

ANOTHER VIEW-01 We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together/02 I'm Gonna Move Right
In/04 Hey Mr. Rain (Version 1)/05 Ride Into the Sun/06 Coney Island Steeplechase/07 Guess I'm Falling In Love (Instrumental)/08 Hey Mr. Rain (Version 2)/09 Ferryboat Bill/10 Rock And Roll

ULTRA RARE TRAX DISC 1-01 Sister Ray/02 Who Loves the Sun/04 Beginning to See the Light/04 Some Kinda Love/05 Who Loves the Sun/06 I Found a Reason/07 Walk and Talk/08 Ride Into the Sun/09 Ride Into the Sun/10 It's Just Too Much/11 Oh Mickey/12 Radio Ad

ULTRA RARE TRAX DISC 2-01 I Love You/02 Wild Child/03 Ride Into the Sun/04 Lisa Says/05 She's My Best Friend/06 Hangin''Round/07 Walk On the Wild Side/08 Kid/09 What Goes On/10 Sheltered Life/11 Sheltered Life/12 Here She Comes Now/13 Here She Comes Now/14 Temptation Inside Your Heart/15 I'm Gonna Move Right In/16 Rock And Roll/17 Andy's Chest/18 Index

ULTRA RARE TRAX DISC 3-01 Andy Warhol Speaks/02 Venus In Furs/03 Heroin/04 Guess I'm
Falling In Love/05 Heroin/06 Venus In Furs/07 White Light White Heat/08 Jesus

ULTRA RARE TRAX DISC 4-01 Radio Ad/02 What Goes On/03 Jesus/04 All Tomorrow's Parties/05 These Days/06 I'll Keep It With Mine/07 Little Sister/08 All Tomorrow's Parties/09 I'll Be Your Mirror/10 Femme Fatale/11 I'll Keep It With Mine/12 Jessie James/13 Little Queenie/14 Little Sister/15 All Tomorrow's Parties/16 Somebody/17 Child's Christmas In Wales/18 Chelsea Girls

Hope you guys have enjoyed these, and hope at least one or two of ya has an addition you can tack onto it!

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