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The Ultimate Velvet Underground Part 3

Yeah, it's gonna take four days, can't get all of em up today....of course if you'v been enjoying these
to the degree that you SHOULD be, that can only be good news.....a few more bootlegs today, get em while ya can!

First up is a fine four disc "bootleg box", "Caught Between the Twisted Stars".....I haven't seen many of these around, I assume it's fairly rare. it is comprised of snippets of various bootleg shows, some of which have been posted here in their entirety, but some not, with the VU there's always SOMETHING unique to check. Disc 1, "Exploding Plastic Inevitable bw Poor Richard's" takes a bunch from the Columbus Ohio show, but tacks on a track from Poor Richard's Club in Chicago, labeled as "Poor Richard's" (although it is actually "Heroin"/"Venus In Furs"/"Sister Ray" and was used in some Andy Warhol film or other.

Disc 2, "The Chic Mystique of Nothing Songs" utilizes four longer tracks from four different shows (in order: Columbus, NYC (1), NYC (2), and Philadelphia.....highlight being Track 3, "Chic Mystique" which was fairly rarely performed. Disc 3 is entitled "Sweet Sister Ray's Heroin", which culls a track from the already posted "Boston Tea party" set, also a version of "Hey mr. Rain" from Wembley England, taken from an ill advised (IMO) 1993 (!) reunion (btw there is an official double disc set from those reunion shows, if you have it and wish to post it, knock yourself out, I don't have it and am not going to look, but there WERE some surprising late reunions that were fun to listen to (Love, Roxy Music), so you never know.....might be interesting at that.

DISC 4 is a real mishmash, contains another reunion cut, "The Gift" ("The Gift" performed live? hmmmm), also including the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame introduction (Patti Smith)......my thoughts on this box set are that it isn't that great....a track here or there that may be unique, but it is SO snipped together, and so much of the material is available in better company, and the fact that it is four discs, in FLAC files, and you know what (long tracks + FLAC Files)=.....yep multiple splits to get the uploads within Zippy's limits.....I think I got this one from T.U.B.E. a while back, and I appreciate the effort they made to even locate it, but there ARE better boots out there than this one, frankly.
From 1970 The Springfield Paramount Theater, a fairly rough-sounding recording with a fairly standard set-list, the ending "Heroin" is given an energetic workover.

One more boot and it's an odd one, but a classic too, "The Sweet Sister Ray Bootleg", which is two discs that contain four epic versions of that classic, clocking in at: 39:23, 25:48, 24:12, and 21:51......What you will want to do is listen to these four versions BACK TO BACK for maximum effect......I think I got this one from Voodoo Wagon (maybe) and I assume they may have assembled it as well, but it's a fine idea and the results are stunning.

Might as well tack this one on today, it's called "Loaded: The Fully Loaded Edition", the "Loaded" album stretched to two discs flush with bonus tracks.........a metric tonne of alternates/demos from that album, also a demo of "Ocean" which I think was my favorite track they ever did that never wound up on a "proper album" (see stunning version on "Live 1969")

Tomorrow we wrap this up with a four disc "Ultra Rare Trax" and some other treasures, and anything else YOU guys may wish to contribute is welcome also.......this is the sign of a fine band, when their demos/outtakes, etc, are nearly as interesting as their "official" releases.......here is that band.

CAUGHT BETWEEN THE TWISTED STARS DISC 1-01 Melody Laughter/02 Femme Fatale/03 Venus In Furs/04 Black Angel's Death Song/05 All Tomorrow's Parties/06 Waiting For the Man/07 Heroin/08 Run Run Run/09 Poor Richards

CAUGHT BETWEEN THE TWISTED STARS DISC 2-01 Nothing Song/02 Venus In Furs/Heroin/03 Chic Mystique/04 Train Round the Bend/Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

CAUGHT BETWEEN THE TWISTED STARS DISC 3-01 Sweet Sister Ray/02 Sister Ray/03 Hey Mr. Rain/04 Heroin

CAUGHT BETWEEN THE TWISTED STARS DISC 4-01 Searchin' (Swan Mix)/02 Lady Godiva's Operation (Mono Mix)/03 The Gift/04 Run Run Run/05 What Goes On/06 Guess I'm Falling In Love/07 A Short Lived Torture of Cacophony/08 Black ANgel's Death Song/09 The Biggest, Loudest, Hairiest Group of All/10 A Distant Mirror

SPRINGFIELD PARAMOUNT THEATER 1970-01 01 Intro/02 Waiting For the Man/03 Some Kinda Love/04 Sweet Jane/05 Lisa Says (cut)/06 Oh Gin/07 Foggy Notion/08 New Age/09 Beginning To See the Light/10 Candy Says/11 Heroin

SWEET SISTER RAY BOOTLEGS DISC 1-01 Sister Ray 4/30/68, 39:23/02 Sister Ray 12/12/68 25:48

SWEET SISTER RAY BOOTLEGS DISC 2-01 Sister Ray 3/15/69, 24:12/02 Sister Ray 7/11/69

FULLY LOADED DISC 1-01 Who Loves the Sun/02 Sweet Jane (Long Version)/03 Rock And Roll (Full Length Version)/04 Cool It Down/05 New Age (Long Version)/06 Head Held High/07 Lonesome Cowboy Bill/08 I Found a Reason/09 Train Round the Bend/10 Oh! Sweet Nuthin/11 Ride Into the Sun (demo)/12 Ocean (Outtake)/13 I'm Sticking With You/14 I Love You (Demo)/15 Rock And Roll (Alternate Mix)/16 Head Held High (Alternate Mix)

FULLY LOADED DISC 2-01 Who Loves the Sun (Alternate Mix)/02 Sweet Jane (Early Version)/03 Rock And Roll (demo)/04 Cool It Down (Early Version)/05 New Age (Full Length Version)/06 Head Held High (Early Version)/07 Lonesome Cowboy Bill (Early Version)/08 I Found a Reason (Early Version)/09 Train Round the Bend (Alternate Mix)/10 Oh! Sweet Nuthin' (Early Version)/11 Ocean (demo)/12 I Love You (Outtake)/13 Satellite of Love (Alternate Demo)/14 Oh Gin (demo)/15 Walk and Talk (demo)/16 Sad Song (demo)/17 Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall (demo)

Sorry for all the links but you know how FLAC files can be!

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