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Super Mega XTC Part 4

Hope you are grooving on the XTC classics and rarities, LOTS of good and unusual stuff
here....thanks to Julian Porter for contributing the "I'd Like That" single, check yesterday's comments for link (another minion came though with another vintage Tom Petty concert, check comments for link to that one.......ALSO, thanks to my cyber-brother, DaveSez, for sending me something (not for share) that proves how much in tune with each other we are........thanks brother!

So today, let us start on the pile ofin-concert stuff from the band, never saw them (they ceased touring in 1982), but in the meantime, it seems they played live quite often and varied their set lists quite a bit (something that wins points with the BigBoy)......I'm gonna throw these out really not partcular order, should take to days to get them out.....still looking for the dub album by "Mr. Partridge" (can't recall the title) but it's a good/rare one I'd like to have (paging fellow Buckeye Doug Wofsey).

Lets begin with a 1980 simulcast, not sure from where, but a VERY good one, nice job of hitting on the career highlights as well as the smash-up finale "Radios In Motion"/"Are You Recieving Me"......good set. Please identify the city origin if you can  may be noted in the audio, haven't listened in quite some time.

"Drums and Wireless" are a collection of various BBC tracks, most, if not all, of which appeared on the "Transistor Blast" set. If you already picked up on that one, please procede with caution, if you wish to avoid overlap.

Up next, the imaginatively titled "XTC LIVE 1980", a nice set, again, and yet another which I never took down the location of origin......very good peformances throughout, though, including a fried-out "Living Through Another Cuba".

Now I THINK is one is somewhat rare, at least I haven't seen too many of m....."3D-CD" contains a live set fom Rebecca's Birmingham from 1977....considering the age, a VERY fine performance, and I've always loved XTC'"All Along the Watchtower" (inclded here and seriously one of my favorite covers ever, especially for a cover-of-a-cover.) This disc also includes a 1977 set from Eric's in Liverpool, highlighted by a frantic "Neon Shuffle"....the disc also includes a couple Helium Kidz demo (including "Neon Shuffle), XTC Demos (all total obscurities unfamiliar to me), as well as a brief interview and a pair of "Go2" outtakes, also extreme rarities......this is an ESSENTIAL rarities collection for the XTC fan.

From My Father's Place, Old Roslyn NY, 1980 comes a good live set, a lot of "Go2" and "Black Sea" material, probably highlighted for me by "Crowded Room", an old, underappred favorite of mine, a relative cross-section of the classic albums and singles, but, to nitpick. where is "Radios in Motion", can't have everything ya know....

"Rainbow Drops and Finger Pops" is a fine set fom 1979, London, a few tunes that didn't generally
pop up in the set lists suh as "Instant Tunes", and "Roads Girdle the Globe" (these guys had SO VERY FEW poor tunes that they had always interesting and varied, surprising set lists.......the "Statue of Liberty" finale smokes!

"Fab Four I Philly 1980" is a nearly completly differnt set lit from the other 1980 sets here.......they took chances and did no play it safe......"Generals and Majors" as encore? Not a single track om "White Music?",.....and you harly notice, THAT is how much excellent maerial the boys had at thier disposal. "Living Through Another Cuba" generally works well on stage, and this is no exception.

What else, what else.....as I said before they stopped touring in 1982 (Amsterdimo Holland) here is a show from August of that year, I assume at least one of their final shows, glad to see "All Along theWatchtower" turn up, and "No Thugs In Our House" was rarely done live. This set is from Amsterdam Holland.

From 1980, a WBCN simulcast, from the Paradise Rock Club in Boston MA...a good long set, pretty frentic......rave-ups of great live standards "Radios in Motion", "Crowded Room", "Statue of Liberty", as well as, in XTC fashion, some lesser performed live shows, "Complicated Game", "Homo Safari".......really do like this one, for what it's worth.

Just by chance, recorded the day before in Boston, we have another set......very similar in content to the above listed show, quite similar indeed, other than the replacement  of the opener "Homo Safari" for "Looking For Footprints/Beatown"......stilll a good high enegy set, from one of the great bands of the era.

1980 RADIO SIMULACAST-01 Real By Reel/02 When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/03 Life Begins at the Hop/04 The Rhythem/05 Roads Girdle the Globe/06 Ten Feet Tall/07Helicopter/08 This Is Pop/09 Battery Brides/10 Instant Tunes/11 Crowded Room/12 Complicated Game/13 Making Plans For Nigel/14 Radios In Moton/15 Are You Recieving Me?

DRUMS AND WIRELESS-01 Opening Speech/02 No Thugs In Our House/03 Runaways/04 You're the Wish You Are I Had/05 Poor Skeleton Steps Out/06 Crosswires/07 Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her/08 Real By Reel/09 Into the Atom Age/10 Meccanik Dancing/11 Ten Foot Tall/12 Scarecrow People/13 I'm Bugged/14 Dance Band/15 Jason and the Argonauts/16 One of the Millions/17 Roads Girdle the Globe

XTC BBC LIVE 1980-01 Life Begins at the Hop/02 Burning With Optomism's Flame/03 Love at First Sight/04 Respectable Street/05 No Language In Our Lungs/06 This Is Pop/07 Scissors Man/08 Towers Of London/09 Battery Brides/10 Living Through ANother Cuba/11 Generals and Majors/12 Making Plans For Nigel/13 Are You Recieving Me?

3D-CD-01 Hang Onto the night/02 Crosswires/03 Let's Have Fun/04 Radios In Motion/05 I'm
Bugged/06 New Town Animal/07 Atom Age/08 All Along the Watchtower/09 She's So Square/10 Do What You Do (1-10 Rebecca's Birmingham 11/17/77)/11 Dance band/12 Science Friction/13 Neon Shuffle/14 Traffic Light Rock (11-14 Eric's Liverpool 11/26/77)/15 Yabber Yabber Yabber/16Neon Shiffle (14-15 Helium Kidz Demos)/17 Refrigeration Bues/18 Quicksilver/19 Saturn Boy (17-19 XTC Demos)/20 Cheap Perfume/21 I Overheard/22 Bonus Inerview (20-21 Go2 Outtakes)

MY FATHERS PLACE NY 12/2/80-01 Intro/Outside World/02 Life Begins at the Hop/03 Helicopter/04 Love at First Sight/05 Respectable Street/06 No Language In Our Lungs/07 Mccanik Dancing (Oh We Go)/08 This Is Pop/09 Scissor Man/10 Towers of London/11 Real By Reel/12 Battery Brides/13 Living Through Another Cuba/14 Generals and Majors/15 Making Plans For Nigel/16 Crowd/17 Crowded Room/18 Are You Recieving Me?

RAINBOW DROPS AND FINGER POPS-01 Beatown/02 Real By Reel/03 The Rhythm/04 Roads Girdle the Globe/05 Science Friction/06 Life Begins at the Hop/07 Helicopter/08 Battery Brides/09 Making Plans For Nigel/10 Scissor Man/11 Instant Tunes/12 Outside World/13 Life Is Good in the Greenhouse/14 Crowded Room/15 Radios In Motion/16 Are You Recieving Me?/17 Set Myself On Fire/18 Meccanick Dancing/19 This Is Pop/20 Dance band/21 Statue of Liberty

FAB FOURSOME PHILLY 1980-01 Real to Reel/02 Life Begins at the Hop/03 When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty/04 Respectable Street/05 Sgt. Rock/06 No Language in Our Lungs/07 Ball and Chain/08 Paper and Iron/09 Love at First Sight/10 Roads Girdle the Globe/11 Scissor Man/12 Towers of London/13 Burning With Optomism's Flame/14 Making Plans For Nigel/15 Living Through ANother Cuba/16 Generals and Majors

AMSTERDAM HOLLAND 8/3/82-01 Ball And Chain/02 No Thugs In Our House/03 Senses Working Overtime/04 All Along the Watchtower/05 No Language In Our Lungs/06 Towers of London/07 Making Plans For Nigel/08 Living Through Another Cuba/09 Generals and Majors/10 Real By Reel/11 Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)

BOSTON 1/29/80-01 Looking For Footprints/Beatown/02 Real By Reel/03 When You're Near Me I ve DIfficulty/04 Life Begins at the Hop/05 The Rhythm/06 Meccanick Dancing (Oh We Go!)/07 Ten Feet Tall/08 Helicopter/09 This is Pop?/10 Battery Brides/11 Crowded Room/12 Complicated Games/13 Making Plans For Nigel/14 Radios In Motion/15 Are You Recieving Me?/16 Outside World/17 Dance Band/18 Statue of Liberty

BOSTON 1/30/8- WBCN FM-01 Homo Safari/02 Beatown/03 Real By Reel/04 When You're Near
Me I Have Difficulty/05 Life Begins at the Hop/06 The Rhthym/07 Meccanik Dancing/08 Ten Feet Tall/09 Helicopter/10 This Is Pop?/11 Battery Brides/12Crowded Room/13 Complicated Game/14 Making Plans For Nigel/15 Encore Break/16 Radios In Motion/17 Are You Recieving Me?/18 Encore Break/19 Outside World/Dance Band/20 Statue of Liberty/21 Radio Announcer Outro

We'll see if I have some stuff left for tomorrow, I think I at least have the "Dukes of the Stratosphere" albums, we'll just see......this has been a little bit of work to be honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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