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Super Mega XTC Part 3


NOTE-Sorry, a couple days away, some family issues came up......still should be worth the wait, some good and rare stuff tomorrow......start the live shows tomorrow!

A lot of the stuff in his post is not "my" original stuff, I checked Pirate "XTC Discograpy" and there was a good bit of stuff I din't have that I though I'd add to both MY collection, and to yours as well......fo now we will deal with the HUGE demos package that the original poster created......tw dics worth of stuff (thoe originl post was not split into discs or parts, some fine and rare stuff here, I hope you guys like stuff......

After that we have a lot of exended singles all of which contain additional tracks that are kinda hard to find, you should enjoy these as well......what else, what else,........Well, Andy Partridge has  a 4-disc demo set, "Fuzzy Warbles", lots of odd-ball tracks you will be wanting to check, as well as an album, "Monsterance", which has a few interestin tracks to say the very least......

Finally up is "Homegrown", afin setof demos which will eventually be incorported into the "Venus Apple" thing.........so little detail here....know WHY? Cause I wrote the whole thing up andmy computer "ATE", so yu get the Cliff Notes Version as I wanna go beddy bye.....

5 SENSES SINGLE-01 Smokeless Zone/02 Officer Blue/03 Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down/04 Don't Lose Your Temper/05 Strange Tales, Strange Tails

BALLAD OF PETER PUMPKINHEAD SINGLE-01 The Ballad Of PeterPumpinhead Album Version/02 The Smartest Monkey (Home Demo)/03 My Bird Peforms (Home Demo)/04 Always Winter, Never Christmas (Home Demo)

DEAR GOD-01 Dear God/02 Homo Safari/03 Bushman President/04 Eyptian Solution/05 Mantis On Parole/06 Frost Circus/07 Procession toward Learning Land

DISAPPOINTED (SINGLE)-01 The Disappointed/02 The Smartest Monkeys (Demo)/03 The Smartest Monkeys/04 Humble Daisy

KING FOR A DAY SINGLE-01 King For a Day 7"/02 King For a Day 12"/03 My Paint Heroes (Home DEmos)/04 Skeletons (Home Demo)

THE BALLAD OF PETER PUMKINHEAD-01 The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead (LP Version)/02 The Smartest Monkeys (LP Version)/'03 My Bird Performs (Home Demo)/04 Always Winter, Never Christmas (Home Demo)

THE LOVING (SINGLE)-01 The Loving/02 Cynical Days/03 The World Is Full Of Angry Young Men

HOMEGROWN-01 Playground/02 Stupidly Happy/03 In Another Life (Excerpt From Original)/04 In Another Life (Jugband Version)/05 Some Lovely/06 Boarded Up/07 I'm the Man Who Murdered Love (Early Other Song)/08 I'm the Man Who Murdered Love (Tamala Version)09 I'm the Man WHo Murdered Love/10 We're All Light (Early Cassette Demo)/11 We're All Light/12 Standing In For Joe (Lounge Version)/13 Standing I forJoe/14 Wounded Horse/15 You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful/16 Lie For a lie (Cassette Demo)/17 Church of Women/18 The Pot Won't Hurt Our Love (Early Cassette Demo)/19 Everything Decays (Early Cassette Idea)/20 The Wheel and the Maypole

DEMO COLLECTION DISC 1-01 Where Have All the Ordinary People Gone (Colin Moulding)/02 Bags of Fun With Buster/03 Blue Overall/04 Books Are Burning/05 Brainiac's Daughter/06 Broomstik Rythem/07 Bungalow/08 Candymine/09 Cherry In Your Tree/10 Church of Women/11 Didn't Hurt a Bit/12 Down a Peg/13 Dripping Basin/14 Dying/15 Everything Will Be Alright/16 Gangway Electric Guitars/17 Glow/18 Goodbye Humanosaurus/19 I Don't Wanna Be Here/20 I Overheard/21 Jump the cup/22 Monkeys in Humanskin Suits

DEMO COLLECTION DISC 2-01 Moonlit Drive/02 My Bird Performs/03 My Train is Coming/04 Now We All Dead/05 Poor Skeleton Steps Out/06 Prince of Orange/07 Purple Haze/08 Raising a Family In a House Full of Mice/09 Rip Van Ruben/10 Rook/11 Someone's Been In my Room/12 Spare a penny/13 Strawberry Fields Forever/14 Supidly Happy/15 Summer' Cauldron/16 Susan Revolving/17 The Beautiful People/18 The Smartest Monkeys/19 Then She Appeared/20 Visit to the Doctor/21 Where Have All the Ordinary People Gone/22 Young Cleopata

ANDY PARTIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 1-01 Dame Fortune/02 Born Out Of Your Mouth/04 Don't Let Us Bug Ya/05 That Wag/06 That Wave/07 Ocean's Daughter/08 Everything/09 Mogo/10 Merely a Man/12 Epns/13 Summer Hot as This/14 Miniature Sun/15 I Bought Mysef a Liarbird/16 Compicated Game/17 Wonder Annual/18 Space Wray/19 Rocket (as recievd this disc had no track 4)

ANDY PARTRIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 2-01 Ridgeway Path/02 I Don't Wannae Here/03 Young Marrieds/05 Obcene Procession/06 Miller Time/07 You're the Wish You Are I Had/08 Ra Ra Rehearsal/09 Ra Ra For Red Rocking Horse/10 Everything Will Be Alright/11 25'O'clock/12 Goom/13 Chain of Command/15 Summer's Cauldron/16 Then She Appeared/17 It's Snowing Angels/18 Ship Trapped In the Ice (As received this disc hadno track 4 or 14)

ANDY PARTRIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 3-01 My Train Is Coming/02 Light Headed/03 Goodbye Humanosaurus/04 Humble Daisy/05 You Like Me/06 Great Fire/07Work/08 Mopti Fake 1/09 Colleideoscope/10 Mopti Fake 2/11 When We Get To England/12  Train Running Low On Soul Coul/13 Holly Up On Poppy/14 Strawberry Fields Forever/15 Autumn Comes Around/16 Child's Crusade/17 Little Lighthouse/18 This is the End/19 Put It On Again

ANDY PARTRIDGE FUZZY WARBLES DISC 4-02 Bumbercars/03 The Art Song (Somthing Good With Your Life)/04 I'm Playin' My Fano/05 Zonked Right Out On Line/06 All I Dream of is Friend/07 Peck the Ground Like a Chicken/08 That's Really Super, Supergirl/09 Brainiac's Daughter/10 Blue Beret/11 Gangway, Electric Guitar is Comng Through/12 Mechanical Planet/13 Helicopter/14 The Ugly Underneath/15 Omgo/16 Where Is Your Heart/18 Season Cycle/19 Countdown to Christmas Partytime (As recieved this disc had no track 1 or 17)

ANDY PARTRIDGE-MONSTERANCE D1-01 Lovely Cosomonaut/02 Winterwerk/03 Black Swam Black/04 Mig/05 Oodoo/06 Ur Tannoy/07 Little Field

ANDY PARTRIDGE-MONSTERANCE D2-/01 Pagoda  Tailfin/01 Chain Gang/03 Torturetainment
04 The  Floating World/05 The Priapple

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