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Another minion contributes!

In keeing with my tradition of doing as little work as possible I thought this would be a good chance to share a couple of albums that I've never heard of......from Australia, I recieved this very kind email from  a nice sounding lad named Justin Cognet:

Hi Scott, I've been following your blog for a while now and recently discovered some very cool stuff on there including among others, some of the Hendrix material...

Firstly I wanted to say a BIG thank you for your efforts and for sharing what is obviously some very special music from your collection, which no doubt you spent a considerable amount of time collecting over the years.

It's so great to have people like you keeping this music alive and sharing the rarities and lesser known music that exists out there.

Typically I am an AOR / melodic rock fan but also LOVE hard rock, glam, hair metal etc and I'm especially excited about discovering the really rare bands within these genres. One such band are the Aussie group 'Call of the Wild' who released two ultra rare ACDC influenced discs back in the 90s.

I know this music isn't the usual type of thing posted on your blog but I thought who cares, I bet there's a few people reading this, at least, who don't mind a bit of acca dacca inspired rock.

So here are links to my own uploads of this bands two and only releases. I hope you enjoy it and if you like them maybe I can drop by from time to time with a few more rarities to share with your blog followers.

Keep up the excellent work, it's a splendid blog.


Fire & Ice EP:


Such is Life:


OK, NEVER have I heard of the band Call of the Wild, Justin claims these are rare, so no reason to
doubt him....let's all check them out togther and evaluate them, and PLEASE leave comments, I will leave mine also, and thanks to Justin......THIS, RIGHT HERE, is exactly what I want.....people sharing rare/lesser known stuff for the more common good..... if it sucks, then at least we'll know THAT right?

Thanks again to our newest blog-friend/contributor Justin, please contibute as often as you like and whatever suits your fancy........let me round this out with my favorite Aussie, experienced readers, of course know that would be one of my leading objects  slobber, Emile de Raven......goodnight Emile, call me!


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